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Our son like to watch toy reviews. Then after some weeks, he asked us if he can review his own toys.

We gave him a chance to do what he wanted, and let him learn from his experience. At first, he made a lot of mistakes. He keeps looking at us and did a lot of funny things in front of the camera. But he never stops, never gave up, he keeps making more reviews of his own toys, and learn a lot of things from his previous mistakes.

TJ's Review - Cars 3 Suprise Egg - YouTube


Therefore we #NurtureTheGift of our son by supporting him, letting him express his own self. Also we let him try, explorer, and experience the things he wanted to do. But we put some limitation or boundary to things he wanted. And we don’t spoil him by buying a lot of toys for him to review. He started first from his previous toys, then whenever he received a new toy, he is always make sure he going to review it.

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Last May 26, 2018, Saturday.  The Shakey’s Junior Pizza Master held at Roosevelt QC. 

My son are very excited to make his own pizza ever. We wait until all the participants are completed. 


At first they ask us some free coffee for parents and stickers for children to make them busy, until the time comes. 

He’s busy with the sticker. 

The Moment that his been waiting

TJ and All the Ingredients of Shakey’s Pizza 

Step by step of how my  TJ’s made his own pizza:

Inside the Kitchen of Shakey’s:


My Pizza Chef 

The Pizza that he make and Certificate



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Mommy Comper by Mommycomper - 1y ago
  I got this Recipe from my mother-in-law. She always loves cooking this special recipe/dish of her, mostly when there is a special occasion. We love the taste very much and the combination of every ingredient. Because it’s a complete dish. I’ m always watched her before how she prepares the dish. Because I’ve learned it how do it by myself, I’m going to share with you. Mostly, I cooked this kind of Dish for our special visitor or occasion.  Ingredients


2 tbsp Olive Oil 1 Magnolia whole chicken 3 pcs eggplant 3 pcs potatoes 2 cups chopped tomato 2 cups chopped onions 1 tbsp minced garlic 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper 1/2 Magnolia butter 2 chicken stocks 3 cups rice  






1. Thinly slice eggplant and potatoes. Fried. Set Aside. 2. Boil rice, half cook. Set aside. 3. Heat oil in a large pot, sauté garlic then add onions. 4. Whisk some salt and pepper before adding chicken cuts, cover until it boils for 5 mins. 5. Add tomato, butter, chicken stocks, cumin, salt and pepper. Layer fried eggplant then do the same with the potatoes. Cover in low heat for 2 mins. 6. Add half cook rice evenly. Reduce heat even more until rice is well-cooked. 7. Remove pot from the heat then add 5 pcs of long sili, then cover.   SERVING PREPARATION



1. You need a serving plate bigger than the size of the pot. 2. Remove pot’s cover, and set aside the 5 pcs of long green chili. 3. Cover the pot with your big serving plate. Turn it upside down,
then slowly remove the pot.
4. Voila! Your chicken overload is ready,
place the 5 pcs of long sili on top of your dish.
  Serving size is ideal for 6-10 persons. Depending to the appetite of the persons.




Me and My Family loves to eat. I’m sure nobody does. But we always want healthy, delicious, and affordable food. Therefore, it could be masarap, masustansya at kayang-kaya with SMPC Products.   What I liked and loved the most about SMPC Products? It’s an affordable, delicious, and the whole family loved the SMPC products. 
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Tree Top Adventure’s Website is now UP


Experiencing the extreme is now easier as Tree Top Adventure launch its new interactive website and this website is now up ! 


February 26, 2016, from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM at NIU by Vikings at SM Aura Taguig, Tree Top Adventure already launch their new interactive website in which over twenty participants from the TV and print industries attended.


And I’m one of the Blogger who Happy and Proud to this Big Launching.



This Program Hosted by Respectively People


Left to Right


Marketing & Sales Officer (Subic)    —    Ms. Jackie Dilag Tree Top Adventure’s General Manager    —    Ms. Ma. Camille O. Montejo Tree Top Adventure’s Ambassador     —    Mr. Sam YG  Marketing and Branding Head   —   Engr. Grace B. Nicolas Assistant Marketing & Sales Officer (Baguio)     —     Mr. Jace Mendoza




BLOGGERS  who Attend  Tree Top Adventure Website Launch








Your Adventure Starts Here! See What It’s Like

TREE TOP ADVENTURE- Subic Branch AVP - YouTube



Tree Top Adventure offers the first and the only motorized ziplines in the Philippines. From a zipline that is seated to a free fall from 60 feet above, one can truly appreciate nature at its best while quenching one’s thirst for adrenaline rush. Tree Top Adventure has six outdoor activities which offer a different experience for every thrill seekers. If one wants to relax, then, one might try the Canopy Ride, a ride similar to the concept of cable cars. The Trekking and Skywalk is good for adventurers who just like to walk and appreciate the beauty of nature. Want to fly like a superhero? Then one might want to try the Superman Ride, a horizontal motorized zipline in which you’ll be flying once backwards and once forwards. Or, Silver Surfer Surfer might be for you in which you’ll be standing on a specialized platform and glide up and down diagonally for multiple cycles. 



Here’s the Photo’s and RIDE’s from Tree Top Adventure Camp SUBIC  or  BAGUIO 


The Canopy Ride, a ride similar to the concept of cable cars

Travel through trees 100 feet above the ground using a network of five motorized cable rides, and see nature from an entirely new perspective.





(at Baguio branch only)

Enjoy the cool Baguio weather while strolling through pine trees in the park’s own “yellow road” which takes you right in the middle of nature, lending amazing views of Baguio’s peaks and mountainside 100 feet above the ground.





The Treetop Adventure experience aims to promote a greater appreciation of nature in its rugged beauty, and native ecosystems. Learn how to make a bonfire or drink from water vines while taking a tour of Subic’s remarkably diverse environment at the Treetop trekking trail.





Take off from a tower to a zip line adventure that can launch you into a superhero flight, face first (alone or with another rider) from an elevation 70 feet high in Subic and 150 feet high over a ravine in Baguio.





Surf into the wind with a fellow rider, and glide from one treetop to another, while seeing an unmatched view of the forest wilderness.





Are you brave enough to experience the ultimate rappelling adventure down the side of a 60-foot tree? This is definitely the biggest Treetop free fall thrill! 

one will be suspended 60 feet parallel to the ground and be dropped as fast as 2 to 3 seconds.

Want to try more extreme? The Interactive Free Fall will. You’ll be going up and be dropped down suddenly when you reach the 100 feet mark.





(at Baguio branch only)

Travel through trees 100 feet above the ground in a network of eight motorized cable rides connecting one tower to another, and ending with a funicular ride. See nature from an entirely new perspective as you rush past pine trees in great Baguio weather.




~~~~~~~~~~~  ΤℜΕΣ   ΤΟΡ    ΤΣΑΜ   ΒÚîLÐîΠG   ~~~~~~~~~~~



Adventures for your Family or Corporate Team!



Their Team Building Facilities are Unique and the First of its kind in the Philippines. Tree Top offers 12 Team Games at TREE TOP SUBIC, and 8 Team Games at TREE TOP BAGUIO.

Enjoy Tons of Fun with your Family and Friends, and Build Adventure-Filled Memories under the cover of tree canopies.


The Package Includes Facilitators, Team Building Kits (Name Tags, Arm Bands, and Materials to be used for the chosen activities) and company certificates of participation.




(at Subic branch only)

Synchronize your paddle strokes to the finish line to test your teamwork, and leadership skills while sitting on a mechanized dragon boat.




Hone your coordination skills to accomplish a perfect cube drop using push and pull strategies in the fastest time possible




(at Subic branch only)

Team members join hands to cross ropes. This requires balance and coordination to ensure a safe and quick traverse.




A bar lifting challenge that also requires marbles be balanced in bars; a fun game that tests your team’s patience and coordination skills.




Using only your index fingers, each team member tries to lower a loop until a certain height, practicing team patience and coordination.




(at Subic branch only)

Get in sync in a dancing challenge which makes use of lights, electronic buttons, and pre-programmed dance moves.




Strike a balance in the fastest time using a kamikaze-inspired see saw to test your patience, and communication skills




(at Subic branch only)

Cross a rope bridge with your team in the shortest time possible, a strategy game that will test your balance and trust in your teammates.




(at Subic branch only)

Climb over a 15 foot wall without any equipment except your team’s strategy and problem solving skills.




(at Subic branch only)

Move across platforms using only a metal rod and cross the finish line in the shortest time possible, without landing on the spikes!




Bike your way through a computer-generated trail consisting of climbs and drops. Put your leadership skills to the test as your team races for time or against other teams.




Using wooden planks as feet, race your team through a course in the fastest time. Exercise team coordination, or everyone falls to the ground!




(at Baguio branch only)

Team members are blind folded forming two lines back to back with their team mates. Each member says one letter from the alphabet, as the team tries to recite all the letters in proper sequence.




(at Baguio branch only)

Team members are given pipes which they would use to transfer a ping pong ball from one station to another without letting the ball fall to the ground.




(at Baguio branch only)

Team members must travel from one station to another without touching the floor using only the planks provided.




(at Baguio branch only)

Team members are given pieces of a map that they need to form to see the bigger picture and determine the location of the treasure.






Here’s the Best part 

After All Activities , Families or Corporate they can have a BOODLE FIGHT 

and they can choose what’s the Food. 

I’m sure Everyone will Enjoy it. 

and Even ME will Enjoy it , Co’z  I’ m  a  FOODIE Lover.






Inihaw na Liempo

Shanghai Lumpia

Sayote Tops salad / Chili Eggplant




Inihaw na Bangus with Sliced Tomatoes and Bagoong

Inihaw na Liempo

Steamed or Boiled Okra and Eggplant




Beef Caldereta

Fried Chicken






Beef Brocolli

Fried Fish





Fried Chicken

Fried Fish












Pick the Team Adventure you want to Experience!







Choose Your Adventure PLACE and You can BOOK ONLINE NOW or CONTACT them



Tree Top Adventure Subic

Jest Area, Upper Mau, Cubi Point,
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
T: +6347 252-9425
M: +63922 576-9156 / +63915 838-9354
E: subic@treetopadventureph.com

Subic Online Booking



Tree Top Adventure Baguio

Special Tourism Economic Zone, Camp John Hay
Loakan Road, Baguio City
T: +6374 442-0800
M: +63932 404-1112
E: baguio@treetopadventureph.com

 Baguio Online Booking



Visit Tree Top Adventure Website   



For more Update Like and Follow their  

Social Media Accounts  


Facebook OfficialPpage    treetopadventurecamp


Instagram Official Page     tree_top_adventure 


Twitter Official Page    TreeTopPH 




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Hi fellow compers, bloggers, and readers. I want to share our experiences with my Son’s second year birthday, March 2014. The birthday party was held in Shakey Restaurant – SM North EDSA was a blast. Everybody enjoyed the games, foods, mascots dance presentation. Plus my husband surprised everyone in party with his video presentation of my Son’s growing up from newly born until before his 2nd year birthday. Below you may watch the video presentation shown during the party.

Teejae 2nd Year Birthday Presentation - Vimeo

But the surprises not ended there. There was a special guest for my Son’s birthday party… When they entered the room, everyone got surprise and amaze with the guest. Most of the guest said, M&M Red and Yellow came! About M&M surprise guest, I won it from “The M&M’s Wanna Party with You!” aka “M&M’s Color Your Party” on February 2, 2014. I was surprised when I learned I was the first winner of said event, and because that I got to much excited as well. M&M’s perform a dance presentation and gave us a huge basket filled with M&M Chocolates. Plus they gave some time to our guest to have photo taken with them. We really appreciated all the contributions of our dearest guest, because we’re able to take a lot of photos and videos. Which my husband was able to create a wonderful video presentation from the collection of photos and short videos from the party.

TJs 2nd Year Birthday Compilation - Vimeo

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Wow!!! This is it!!! My Vikings Loyalty Card!

My family & I always dine at Vikings Buffet Restaurant a lot.  Whenever there’s a special occasion (birthdays, holidays, farewell party, & etc.) , we often go to Vikings. Having an endless array of buffet food to choose is always a real treat for us. Now with this card I can enjoy more while eating at Vikings, have great discounts, and a lot of benefits.

My First Vikings Experience at Vikings SM Marikina  

Great news foodie friends!  The Vikings Group just recently launched its exciting loyalty program wherein you can earn points and receive special dining perks!

Earning and Redeeming points on your “Viking Loyalty Card” is easy!

Vikings customers can purchase loyalty card at P300 per card and must fill up his/ her complete and accurate details online.   http://vikings.ph/loyalty-program

General Terms and Conditions  
  1. Vikings Loyalty Program is a privilege granted by Vikings to its customers for their continuous patronage to the store. Other parties except by Vikings cannot render the Terms & Conditions. Failure of Vikings to enforce a particular term, condition or guideline does not constitute a waiver thereof.
  2. Vikings reserve the right to appoint agent(s) or contractor(s) to perform functions related to Vikings Loyalty Program, including but not related to disclosing member information. Accordingly, reference to Vikings under these terms and conditions shall automatically include such agent(s) or contractor(s).
  3. Vikings reserve the right at all times to refuse service to anyone and render program mechanics including perks and privileges previously advertised or offered to any member at any time, without prior notice, and Vikings will not be held liable to for any loss or damage suffered by the customer.
  4. Vikings shall use all possible means to provide customers with accurate and timely information regarding the loyalty program including any changes. However, Vikings will not be liable in any way for failure to do so.
  5. Member of the Vikings Loyalty Program permanently authorizes Vikings, it’s affiliates and subsidiaries, and their respective officers and employees to do the following:
    • Release, disclose, submit, share, or exchange any member information as they may deem fit or necessary for lawful purposes, including but not limited to consumer reporting or reference agencies, government regulatory agencies, financial institutions, loyalty program partners, merchant partners, service providers or third party.
    • Use or share with third parties the information member has provided in order to conduct internal marketing research, surveys, marketing activities, or promotional offers of Vikings, its affiliates and subsidiaries, merchant partners, and/or to develop and make offers which member may receive through email or through other means of communications.
  6. Member hereby agrees to compensate and render Vikings its directors, officers, employees and agents free and harmless from and against any claims, cause of action, suit, liability, loss or damage or whatever nature which may arise as a result of or in connection with the use of the card and the transactions made with the use of the card:
    • Disruption, failure, or delay with the use of the card, which is due to circumstances beyond Vikings’ control, unexpected events such as but not limited to power outages, computer breakdowns and errors, typhoons, floods, calamities, public disturbances and other similar forms of related cases.
    • Fraudulent or unauthorized use of the card due to theft, unauthorized disclosure or breach of security or confidentiality of card information with our without member’s participation.
    • Inaccurate, incomplete or delayed information received by Vikings due to disruption or failure of communication facilities or electronic devices.
    • Mechanical defects or malfunction of electronic devices which caused the card to be declined or not honored, any delay in points crediting due to mechanical failure or malfunctions of electronic components, system or network upon which the card depends on for normal and efficient operations
    • Improper, unauthorized use of the card’s facilities and electronic devices, or recklessness or accident in connection with the use thereof.
  7. In case of conflict between these Terms and Conditions, including amendments, on the one hand, and the terms and conditions, found in any related document or instrument, on the other, the former shall prevail.
  1. Vikings customers may purchase loyalty card at a price of P300 per card and must input up-to-date details about the member online at the application and/or website link provided.
  2. A member must be at least 13 years old.
  3. All members are obliged to keep their information file up-to-date by reporting any change in name, address, status and other data using the Member Data Update Form online. Verbal notification is not valid.
  4. If card has remained inactive, this would mean non-earning of points, for 12 consecutive months will result for non-renewal and cancellation of Vikings Card.
  5. Enrollment process and membership eligibility is subject to Vikings’ prescribed criteria. Vikings will resolve any disputes or questions raised regarding the eligibility for membership of Vikings Loyalty Program at its sole discretion.
  6. Vikings reserve the right to cancel membership and amend the membership rules and regulations with the need for prior notice to its’ members.

  1. The Vikings Loyalty Card Program is Vikings’ way of recognizing and rewarding its client’s loyalty patronage to the company. Each membership tier has it’s own set of perks and privileges. The higher the tier level, the more benefits the member will get.
  2. Each membership level assignment is determined by Vikings and is assessed every year. Thus, each member has a 1-year period to earn points in order to maintain its current status or move up a tier level. Otherwise, if required number of points has not been reached, then the member is subject to a downgrade.
  3. Upgrades occur as soon as you accrue enough Loyalty Points to enter the next tier threshold within a membership year. As multiple status tier upgrades are not allowed, you can only progress (or downgrade) one tier at a time.
  4. Your membership year will change depending on which day you have upgraded from your current tier.
  5. Once members have reached the quota for their next tier status, their Loyalty Points (different from Redemption Points) will reset to zero (0) and a new membership year will start. Loyalty Points will reset to zero every membership year automatically, and card holders must dine at Vikings, NIU or Four Seasons, in order to maintain their status. If the quota has not been met within their membership year, the card holder will downgrade to the lower tier from their current status.
  6. Points can only be earned through qualified Vikings transactions. Any violations to the point earning system will render the member’s card invalid.
  7. Members must reach the following points in order to maintain from their current status or upgrade to the next tier level:
    • Basic Level: 0 – 999 points
    • Silver Level: 1000 – 1500 points
    • Gold Level: 1,501 and above.
  1. Members can earn 1 Loyalty and Redemption point for every P100 spent by dining at Vikings and it’s affiliates and subsidiaries.
  2. Dormant members of 1 year or more are required to visit the store if they wish to reactivate it.
  3. The Vikings Loyalty Card must be presented in every Vikings transaction in order to earn points. If card has not been presented, then member will not be able to earn points and can’t earn it on any day after dining.
  4. Points earned for the Vikings Loyalty Card will go to both your Loyalty Points and Redemption Points. Loyalty Points are earned for status (Bronze, Silver and Gold) upgrades, while redemption points are earned for redeeming dining and other rewards.
  5. Loyalty Points determine whether your membership will be renewed, and if so, at what tier. Upon renewal, all loyalty points are reset to zero and a new period of membership then commences. Redemption Points are the currency for dining award redemptions and are valid for one year.
  6. Points earned at Vikings shall expire after 1 year, unless otherwise determined by Vikings.
  7. Points cannot be earned from tax and other government incurred charges in the transaction, and service charge.
  8. Points earned by the member do not constitute property of the member.
  9. Vikings reserves the right to change or adjust points earned or accrued without prior notice or consent to its members, as it sees fit, but not limited to, deduction of points from Vikings resolution of disputes and/or from over-crediting or mis-crediting of points. In which case:
    • Vikings will make the necessary change in points or reversal of points that was erroneously credited the member’s account but not yet spent or used by a member.
    • In the event that the erroneously credited has been spent or used by the member with or without knowledge, or in the event that the member does not have enough balance to settle the erroneous credit, then the member has agreed and undertake to immediately return to Vikings the Philippine peso equivalent value of the erroneous credit.
  10. Vikings reserves the right to cancel a member’s account/membership, or forfeit earned points, in case of the following:
    • Death or legal incapacity of a member
    • Breaching the Terms and Conditions of Vikings Loyalty Program
    • Misuse, abuse, fraudulent or unauthorized transactions made with the Vikings Loyalty Program
    • Other reasons as determined by Vikings
  11. In case member has voluntarily revoke his Vikings Loyalty Program membership, then Vikings reserves the right to automatically forfeit all remaining balance points in the account.
  1. To redeem points, the member simply must present their card to the Vikings employee and have their card or tag scanned by the machine. Machine will ask cardholder to input his/her 6-digit pin to prove his/her identity.
    • The member must have at least a minimum of 20 points equivalent to P20 in order to begin redemption.
    • Points posted online are points available for redemption.
  2. Vikings Loyalty Card must be activated to enable point redemption.
  3. Upon redemption, one (1) Redemption Point is equivalent to P1.
  4. Points can’t be redeemed with promotions or discounts that requires one or more full paying adults.
  5. When redeeming, points will only be deducted from your total available Redemption Points; Loyalty Points will be not deducted since it’s used for status upgrades, renewal and maintenance.
  6. There are no redemption fees involved in any redemption.
  7. Points reflected online in the Vikings Loyalty Program shall be deemed correct and Vikings has the exclusive right to determine the points to be redeemed by the member.
  8. Under no circumstances can the points be transferred, refunded or sold. These points are also not interchangeable for other rewards or privileges unless stated by Vikings.
  9. Missing and invalid points or any disputes related to award points must be reported no later than 6 months from the transaction date for the issue to be resolved. Resolution will be subject to the standard investigation procedures of Vikings.
  10. By redeeming points, the member has agreed to release Vikings from any liabilities, claims, suits or whatever nature (and issue) that might arise from or in connection with the use and redemption of the points.
  11. To redeem perks and privileges, the member’s card whose name appears on the card reader must simply follow the instructions indicated on each voucher and certificate.
  12. Vikings will not be held liable for any perks and privileges not being available or being withdrawn for any reason whatsoever by Vikings and its partners.
  13. In the event that the Vikings Loyalty Card is not accepted or honored by any merchant partners for any reason, the member shall direct any complains of the said matter to the relevant merchant partners, without Vikings incurring any liability from the complain.
  14. All costs, charges, taxes, or liabilities in availing the perks and privileges shall be charged to the cardholder member.
  15. Discounts in perks and privileges can’t be used in conjunction with in house discounts or promotions.
Earning: P100 spent = 1 Loyalty and Redemption Point Earned
Redemption: P1 = 1 Redemption Point
Basic Silver Gold
Receive exclusive discounts with partners and affiliates  none



Access to exclusive Vikings discount  none


(5% cash, 3% card)


(10% cash, 8% card)

Invitation to Special Events  none



Priority Entrance during opening hours  none



One full paying adult requirement for 1 week*.  none



One full paying adult requirement for 2 weeks**.  none


* 1 week birthday promo flexibility: 3 days before and 3 days after actual day of birthday.
** 2 weeks birthday promo flexibility: 7 days before and 7 days after actual day of birthday.
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