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Two years ago was a special turning point for the Mimi team. We discovered Kiki, a magical private meditative yoga master. 

Mimi Holliday HQ is nestled in the heart of Primrose Hill, the team are tucked away at the back of our debut store. I met Kiki personally as our daughters were at nursery together. I heard she had her own private yoga studio, perfectly named, ‘Primrose Hill Yoga’. Her classes were for up to five people.

Yoga is something that I has tried about twenty times over 20 years and, I feel awful to say I just didn’t like it. I kept trying to go back but it just didn’t ever click with me. Squashed classes in smart studios, with bottoms literally back to back, and back to face, might have stretched my ligaments and shrugged off some stress, but it was actually exhausting emotionally, rather than meditative and relaxing.

However, what I knew of Kiki at this time, was her incredibly calm, magical and approachable presence, a cheeky sense of humour and beaming smile. This left me feeling that I would like to try a class, with my team from Mimi. Maybe some of this magic would brush up on us.

We chose Wednesdays at midday. The Mimi Office is crazily busy, 12 women and one man running their errands and managing their deadlines, always meant that Kiki was waiting for us-a terrible trait but I must apologise now. Every week, we would arrive bursting with pent up energy and would simply gossip for about 20 minutes... until Kiki would say, ‘Ok. Ladies, lie down’. And then we began.

During those first few breaths Kiki would guide us into a clamed state, almost immediately. We could now breath, slowly… we aloud ourselves to breath.

This tuition fed all of our strengths and weaknesses with a powerful message throughout which enabled us to be any level, and to embrace that, and enjoy it. Energetic or meditation, all, or both. Her class doesn’t have a fixed routine, luckily as this wouldn’t have worked for me. I like to be kept guessing, to be kept on my toes, literally. I like and thrive on variation in sports, and love to be pushed mentally and emotionally.

 The team at Mimi have loved our special classes with Kiki and I know its worked, not just for the body movements as this is physical, but I recently had a two MRI’s in succession and amazingly, I meditated my way through the 45 minutes. It’s a wonderful gift to teach someone self control, without them realising it is being taught to them.


What is your p*** star name? (The name of your first ever pet & your mothers maiden name.)
Moo Rosenius

What skill do you have that not many people know about?
I am very good at overflowing baths.

What is your favourite word?

If you hadn’t trained as a Dr, what career would you have chosen?
I would have worked at Greenpeace

Finish this sentence: I wish I had…
Lots more babies.

If you could spend one hour with anyone past or present, who would it be?
My mummy, she died 5 years ago and I still think of her every day.

What did you last dream about?
Come back to this….

Thong or knicker, or none? 
Thong during yoga and the rest of the time, anything goes!

Most influential moment in your career so far?
Whilst a young Doctor, I was fortunate to meet and work with Professor Andrew Shennan, a pioneer in supporting women who go into labour early. He was incredibly humble and incredibly empathetic.

What is Luxury?
Having time to sit around the table with all my family, laughing and being together. Life can be so busy, but it is these moments that are a luxury.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
I went to a Catholic convent, and Sister Goddard advised us never to write down something unpleasant about anyone.

Where is your favourite place?

What is your guilty pleasure?
I don’t really feel guilty about anything I do.

What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done and gotten away with?
I’m not very naughty.

One book you must ready before you die?
War and Peace – Tolstoy.

Final comments....?
I love Damaris and her family.

Thank you Kiki, from all of us at Mimi.
Dr Kiki Morris, private Tuition, Primrose Hill London, NW1




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It is All Hallows Eve, and we have a treat in store for you.

Mimi’s debut store is gearing up for Halloween in our home of Primrose Hill with the interiors dressed by Sera, the wonderfully eccentric interior designer of Sera of London.

We will be having a late opening on 31st till 8pm to celebrate our latest in store collaboration, and all things scary. All are welcome so please come along to our store and have a look around and a have a spooky Jet-Black cocktail or two on us with a revolting orange pumpkin candy floss.

I am an intern working at Mimi Holliday, currently with the team for 3 months, having a fantastic time working in the press office, arranging the merchandise on our website and making sure the store looks beautiful for all our lovely customers.

The Mimi HQ asked me to write the latest blog on our Halloween event collaboration with Sera. I was really excited to meet Sera “the interior poet” and have a chat with Sera at her London home. Talking all things interior design and Halloween.

Sera and I got to spend a couple days together getting our first seasonal Halloween window and interiors ready for the lead up to Halloween in Primrose Hill. Playing around with house gowns and Victoria Grants spectacular millinery.

Long term friends Sera and Damaris met through an old mutual friend Katy Ariza who makes amazing fireplaces, and it also very good at putting like-minded creative people together.


Dreamy extravagant gowns in heavenly pinks and muted ivory wrap the walls and dressing room. The charcoal Jet gowns hanging the window, drape around the bewitching black polka dot cat lace sets, topped off with Victoria Grants spectacular theatrical hats.

Sera’s house gowns are designed as architectural pieces for your home. Used to replace doors or indeed walls, all suspended from the ceiling. They have been designed so you can live in a free-flowing romantic space. Hand made using muslin appliqued with vintage lace, and hand dyed to the customer specification. They are bohemian mystique, personified.

Halloween with Sera
Getting down to the nitty gritty…

When Interviewing at Sera’s beautiful home, I was able to meet the Sestra Moja, whist Sera and Sestra where in a brainstorming meeting. Sestra actually designs and make the house gowns with Sera and makes dresses with the beautiful muslins and laces that are used in the house gowns.

What is your p*** star name? (The name of your first ever pet & your mother’s maiden name.)
Hector Green

What skill do you have that not many people know about?
I know how to make a room, or an area look very romantic and have a seductive atmosphere. The key elements are the lighting must low, almost dark, then add candle light only, these are actually quite bright when you remove all other light. You should have soft music quietly playing in the background. You MUST have oils burning, aromatherapy is extremely important to this – and a woman walking around Mimi Holliday lingerie and heels.


What is your favourite word?

Finish this sentence: I wish I had…
I wish I had more patience.

If you could spend one hour with anyone past or present, who would it be
Harrold Pinter Playwright – I just think he is an amazing playwright, and just so interesting and soo manly...

Thong or knicker, or none? 
Definitely a thong! That’s what I buy from Mimi.

Hair or make up?I
I don’t like wearing any make up during the day, I like to be natural. But in the evening if I am going out, I glam myself up and do both hair and make-up.

When I say Mimi Holliday - Damaris lingerie what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
For Mimi Holliday – it is Billie Holliday – I always thought that she had twisted it to make it Mimi.But When it comes to Damaris it has always been ultra-feminine and beautiful undergarments. I used to have them in my store and used to sell them really well.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
My best advice is – always be careful who you choose to have children with. You really need to put your head above your heart, when it comes to long term choices. I have always just done whatever and not thought about it. But I think your choice in partner is very important.

Where is your favourite place?
My favourite place is actually in a dream I once had – I hope that counts – I was with a friend and we were on a spaceship and when it arrived on this amazing planet, it was like utopia. It was like an ice age, it was a vastness of white and snow, with beaming hot sunshine. It was infinite. We went on like snow bikes and when we were travelling around, all sorts of flowers and plants were popping out around us. It was stunning.

What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done and gotten away with? 
Too naughty to mention – definitely is too many to say. 
One book you must ready before you die? 
Madame Bovary 
What do you sleep in? 
Not a stitch

 Who is your favourite designer? 
Sestra Moja – Other than that I just wear vintage and market clothes, I have fun with what I wear. 

Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle? 
Both – They’re both fabulous, they are so different. 

What is your favourite piece from our collection? 
The Wild Things – Natural Leopard is my favourite, but I love all the other colours 

What did you dream about last night 
I dreamt that I was with Harold Pinter, I went to his play last night – Moonlight.

Last Word
I have always needed to have my own space and make a space my own from when I was a young girl at home. I still do it now, for instance, if I am in a hotel I take a little bag with me with scarfs in it to put over the lamp shades, to make the place my own for a while. My daughter Anoushka Florence runs a community called “The Goddess Space”; where they have women circles, sometimes in my studio. It is all about meditation – which is very popular at the moment. Bringing good energy into an environment, and giving time back to yourself, which is very important. To create healing practises and a beautiful environment.

Contact Sera:
Mobile: 07977534115
Web: www.seraoflondon.com

Contact Victoria:
Telephone: 02072211395
Mobile: 07775755969
Email: info@victoriagrant.co.uk
Web: www.victoriagrant.co.uk

Lots of Love Becky x

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“No matter what you desire, Mimi Holliday has a bra for you!”

From bralettes to push ups adorned with eyelash lace, sheer mesh, high voltage colors, embroidered hearts and swans…the bras in the Mimi Holliday universe are as varied, eclectic and beautiful as the women who wear them.

Designer and brand founder, Damaris Evans, made sure her bras shared two qualities across the board: fit and comfort. This month, Damaris sat down with the Lingerie Journal to walk us through her brand’s core bra silhouettes.

Each of these styles is expertly crafted to provide a specific shape and caters to a customer’s needs and support demands proving that no matter what you desire, Mimi Holliday has a bra for you!


“Small cups already know that they can flip between the different styles, but larger cups may not realize that they too can enjoy a look with no underwire.” -Damaris Evans

Summer is the season of bralettes! Mimi Holliday is celebrated for their comfy and sexy Triangle Bras that provide a more relaxed shape for the warmer seasons. “There are a couple of variations on our Triangle Bra; naughty ones that fasten at the front, ones with a delicate lace creeping up to the shoulder; dainty cups and ones with underbands that wrap the body,” says the company. Damaris recommends trying out their Pina Colada D’or Triangle Bra or their Chi Chi Bleu Triangle Bra.

Mimi Holliday is often thought of as a brand for the small-busted. Damaris explains, “We have many followers for the 34B and 32C sizes, however, we create high fashion bras for sizes up to a GG cup. I understand pattern cutting as well design, which means we can create lingerie that fits for pretty much everyone.” The lingerie designer continues, “Fit is integral to Mimi Holliday. The reason why we are a number one brand is that our formula just works! Function, fit and fashion all rolled into one beautiful brand!”


One bra style that works for bigger busts from Mimi Holliday is the Comfort Bra. The style has been an international best-seller for over ten years and it’s no wonder. “From a 28B to a 40E and up to a GG in-between, this bra is serious business in the most delightfully pretty, sexy, lush, everything way possible,” Says Damaris. “Engineered to fit like it’s bespoke, the Mimi Holliday Comfort Bra is a one part, darted cup crafted from lace and pure silk. Completely supportive and offering gentle uplift and natural cleavage, the breast sits encased and comfortable in the sexily semi-sheer cup.” Ready to get cozy? The Beau Daiquiri Comfort Bra from SS18 will steal your heart!


Looking for a boost? Mimi Holliday also provides padded options with its Padded-Push Up Bra. The padding in this piece is about 1cm worth of natural cotton, so it will smooth without dramatically adding to your silhouette. It also features a deep plunge, which exposes more of the décolletage than other cups. This bra style is perfect all sizes and is engineered to prevent spilling over the cups.

Sometimes more is more, especially with Mimi Holliday’s Maxi bra. The Maxi bra is true to its name and provides “…maximum support, maximum comfort and maximum seduction,” says Damaris. Perfect for the fuller bust, the maxi bra features soft silk wide straps, a tri-panel design, extra hook closures on back and best of all power lace built into Mimi Holliday’s signature pure silk designs. This season, you can brighten up your lingerie drawer with the Coco Loco Maxi Bra, now available in a high-voltage color combo of electric aqua and fuchsia.

These are only a few of the fabulous bra shape options from Mimi Holliday. They have plenty of other exciting style options including the classic Balcony bra shape and their beautiful and supportive Shoulder Bra. Mimi Holliday continues to rule the lingerie universe with its focus on fit and fashion and we can’t wait to see what style and innovations this British brand will bring into the future!

by Rachel O'Donnell at thelingeriejournal.com


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