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How to Wash a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are becoming increasingly popular these days as they are an ideal solution for anyone struggling to get a comfortable night’s sleep.

These blankets have numerous benefits and they proved to be effective in reducing anxiety and stress and helping people fall asleep easier and stay asleep all night long.

Taking a good care of your weighted blanket and keeping it clean will ensure that you will enjoy all the comfort it provides for a long time, but the whole process of washing and cleaning it can turn out to be a bit complicated.

Keep reading and learn how to do this in the right way and avoid damaging your blanket.

Preparing a Weighted Blanket for Washing

Before you can wash your weighted blanket, you should prepare it for washing. First of all, you should read the cleaning instructions. Check the tag on your blanket and see if there are any special instructions on how it should be treated and washed.

Most weighted blankets can be washed in a washing machine set on a gentle cycle with cold water, but this can differ depending on the material of your blanket and how dirty it is.

See if your blanket has a removable outer layer. If it does, this layer functions like a duvet cover and it can be treated and washed separately.

Once you do this, you should inspect your blanket thoroughly. Search for any signs of a damage or stains that may require a special treatment before you wash the whole blanket.

If your blanket has visible stains, treating these prior to washing can stop them from getting even deeper into the blanket during washing or drying process. Treatment will depend on the type of a stain and whether it is a stain from a food spill, juice, body fluid, etc.

How to Remove Stains from Your Blanket?

You should remove the stain as soon as you notice it. If it is a fresh stain, you can try to remove it by exposing the stained section of the blanket and holding it under cold running water.

Water will loosen the fibers of the fabric and wash off most of the stain. Make sure you use cold water because hot water may sometimes damage the fabric and cause the stain to set into the blanket’s fibers.

To spot clean your weighted blankets and remove stains from beverages or bodily fluids, you can use a special spray for this that does not contain harsh chemicals that could possibly damage the gentle material of your blanket.

This means that you should avoid the products that contain bleach or other whitening agents and pick a stain remover designed for the type of a fabric from which your blanket is made.  

Place a stained section under a cold running water and hold it for there for some time and then spray the stain remover directly on the stain. Gently rub the spray with your fingers or a very soft brush. If the stain is visible on the underside, repeat the same process on both sides.

If the stains come from food or anything containing oil, you should use dish soap and apply it directly on stained places after holding them under a cold running water again. Gently rub in the soap with your fingers or a soft brush such are soft bristled laundry or tooth brushes. Use upward rubbing motions to remove greasy stains.

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket?

Once you are done with removing stains, you can proceed and wash the whole blanket if it is necessary. Start by washing the outer layer first if it has it.

This layer serves to protect the inner material of your weighted blanket and you can unzip it and take it off and then put it in a washing machine, set on a gentle cycle. Wash it with cold water and small amount of liquid detergent.

After you wash the outer layer, you can tumble dry it by setting your dryer to low heat. Avoid drying it completely in this way to prevent crumpling and hang it outside to complete the drying process.

Washing Your Blanket in a Washing Machine

Check the fabric of your weighted blanket and what it is made of as different materials should be washed differently. You should also check the size of your blanket and its weight.

If it weights more than 12lbs and if your washer doesn’t have a capacity to wash it, then you should take it to a professional laundering service that has large commercial machines.

Once you decide where you will wash your blanket, put it in the washer. Set the washer according to the instructions given on a tag on your blanket and use a gentle detergent that does not contain any harsh chemical such as bleach or other whitening agents.

Hand Washing a Weighted Blanket

Fill a tub halfway with water that is neither too hot nor too cold. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can use a large laundry basin as well, just make sure it is large enough for a weighted blanket and the amount of water you need to wash it.

If you are washing it in a tub, make sure you don’t fill up the tub too much to avoid spilling the water over the edges while you are moving and washing the blanket.

Use an appropriate amount of a mild detergent for hand washing  and avoid harsh chemicals that can damage a gentle fabric of your blankets.

You should submerge the blanket completely in water and use your hands to gently knead the blanket in sections. In this way you will know where you have cleaned it. Don’t try to lift or squeeze your blanket as it may be too heavy. Leave it in a bathtub and drain the water.

Pour fresh water again and rinse the blanket. Repeat the process until there is no soap residue left on it and until the rinsing water appears to be crystal clear.

Once you are done with this, drain the water from a tub and try to squeeze out excess water as much as possible by rolling the blanket tightly without lifting it. Regardless of this, you won’t be able to get all the water from your blanket and this is totally normal.

Avoid wringing it as this could misshape the blanket or redistribute its weight.

Drying a Weighted Blanket

You may need help to get it out of a tub. Put it in a dryer if it has the capacity and size to dry your blanket and use a low heat setting. Consider throwing in a clean white towel to help fluff your blanket up while it is drying.

If you don’t have a dryer or it doesn’t have a capacity or size to dry your blanket, you can take the blanket outside and lay it out in the sun or over a banister. Avoid hanging it to dry as this can cause weight redistribution again and stretch the material and ruin the blanket.

 Shake it regularly to get rid of excess water and make sure its weight is evenly distributed.


So, a weighted blanket can be a great addition to your bedding. It can help you relax, increase your comfort and the quality of your sleep, and you need to take a good care of it so you can enjoy its soothing comfort for a long time.

To take a good care of your weighted blanket, you need to wash it regularly. Although washing a weighted blanket may seem a bit complicated, it is not impossible. There are many ways how you can do this and we have listed some of them above.

We hope this article can help you wash your weighted blanket and keep it clean without damaging it.

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Tempur-Topper Supreme Review

There are many reasons to get a mattress topper. It can add to the height of your mattress, change the feel of your mattress, make it softer, and even extend its lifetime.

There is a wide range of mattress toppers available on the market these days, and if you opt for some of the best, then you should definitely take a look at the Tempur-Topper Supreme that we will be reviewing here today.

Tempur-Topper Supreme

The Tempur-Pedic has been around for a long time and they became popular for bringing memory foam to the mattress world. They released many extraordinary sleep products such as the Tempur Cloud Luxe Breeze mattress, pillows and the Tempur-Ergo Premier adjustable base that we have already reviewed, and this mattress topper is not an exception either.

It is a good way to get that classic, dense memory foam feel typical for Tempur-Pedic products without buying an entirely new bed. The Tempur-Topper will add some thickness to you mattress, increase its overall comfort, and help keep it clean.

Read our review to find out how this mattress topper would work for you and learn why it may be the right pick for you. Last updated Jul 12, 2019 @ 12:24 am


Construction & Materials

The Tempur-Topper Supreme comes in different sizes and is shipped compressed in a box.

Make sure to unpack it right away, as it will need some time to decompress and air out, much like a bed-in-a-box mattress. It may need some 24-48 hours to fully expand after you remove it from the box as it is made of the unique Tempur material that remembers its shape.

The slight off-gassing smell that is present with this mattress topper will disappear as it expands. It is totally normal given the memory foam construction of this mattress topper and the fact that it comes compressed and wrapped in a plastic package.

The Tempur-Topper Supreme is a 3” thick topper made of the same material that their mattresses are made with. This means that it is made of a special proprietary Tempur material featuring millions of cells designed to cushion your body and prevent the appearance of pressure points, provide appropriate support to those areas where it is needed most and distribute your body weight evenly across the bed.

Tempur-Topper Supreme construction and materials

The topper doesn’t have any attachment supposed to keep it from sliding off the bed, so you just need to lay it on the top of your mattress and then secure it with a fitted sheet. Click here and find out how to keep your mattress topper from sliding.

The cover of this topper is soft and breathable and extremely pleasant to the touch. It is also hypoallergenic, which means that it is suitable for those susceptible to allergies caused by dust mites.

Besides this, the cover is also removable and machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about keeping it clean. All you will need to do is to unzip the cover, take it off and wash it in your machine on a gentle cycle and with cold water and mild detergent.

Firmness and Comfort

As we have already mentioned, toppers are meant to change the feel of your mattress, and how they will feel completely depends on the beds you put them on. The same goes for this mattress topper.

As it is a memory foam mattress topper, its firmness will entirely depend on the type of a mattress you are using it with. So, if you put it on a soft all foam mattress, it may make your bed feel a bit firmer. But, if you put it on a particularly firm mattress, it will make that mattress feel softer. That’s why we can freely say that the Tempur-Topper will provide you with a medium to medium-firm feel.

Tempur-Pedic is known for their unique, super dense memory foam that allows you to sink deep into it while contouring to your body. As soon as you lay down on it, you will feel how soft and comfortable it is.

It will react to your body heat and weight and allow you to slowly sink into it. It will provide you with that classic memory foam hug and feel, and as it is made of a thick memory foam, it may cause that feel of being trapped in foam, especially if you tend to frequently change positions during the night.

Tempur-Topper Supreme firmness and comfort

The good thing about this mattress topper is that its special memory foam construction brings the amount of motion transfer between the partners to the minimum, so you won’t have to worry that your restless sleeping will disrupt the sleep of your partner.

Your weight will also have an effect on how deep you sink into the topper. So, if you are a heavier sleeper like Andrew (230 lbs), you will sink down into this topper more, while lighter individuals will lay more on the top of the material and won’t sink too much at all.

The Tempur-Topper works perfectly for most sleeping positions and types of sleepers, especially for side sleepers as it perfectly molds to hips and shoulders and eliminates any possibility of the appearance of pressure points.

Besides this, the Tempur-Topper doesn’t have any special cooling technology apart from a breathable cover, so it may cause the retention of heat at times. Therefore, it is recommended to use this topper on either hybrid mattresses featuring pocketed coil systems, or mattresses that incorporate some special cooling technologies.

Price & Warranty

The Tempur-Topper is priced a bit higher than most other toppers currently available on the online market and comes in at $319 for a Queen.

However, this is quite a reasonable price given the quality materials used in the construction of this topper and the ultimate comfort and luxuriousness that it offers.

Twin $239.20
Twin Long$239.20
CA King$359.20

It also comes with a 10-year warranty which covers any manufacturer defects on it. Given the personal nature of this product, the company doesn’t accept returns. But, rest assured that you don’t need a trial period and that you will fall in love with this mattress topper as soon as you lay down on it.

This product ships UPS Ground, and Tempur-Topper Supreme is not available for expedited shipping. It can be delivered to AK/HI and US Territories for an additional $50 shipping fee.

Click here to buy the Tempur-Topper Supreme at the best price. 


Is the Tempur-Topper Supreme Right for You?

Buy the Tempur-Topper Supreme if you like:

  • Memory foam feel – This topper is made entirely of the proprietary Tempur material which is a dense memory foam that offers that classic memory foam feel and hug. It contours to your body and allows you to sink into it for excellent pressure relief, which is particularly good for those who prefer side sleeping as the foam will comfortably mold to their shoulders and hips to prevent the appearance of pressure points or any other kind of discomfort.
  • Hypoallergenic materials – The cover of this mattress topper is made of hypoallergenic materials, which means that it will keep allergens at bay and make sure your sleeping surface will stay clean and cozy.



If you like a memory foam feel but you can’t get an entirely new memory foam mattress, then the Tempur-Topper Supreme mattress may be the right solution for you. 

It will add an extra layer of 3″ to your bed and increase its comfort without affecting the overall amount of support you are getting form your mattress.

It is made entirely of the proprietary Tempur material which is a unique, dense memory foam known for its ability to gently hug your body while allowing it to sink into it for a perfect pressure relief. It will mold to your hips and shoulders and cradle your body while at the same time it will provide enough support to those areas where it is needed most.

The special memory foam construction of this mattress topper will also reduce the amount of motion transfer between you and your partner, while its luxurious cover made of hypoallergenic materials will keep allergens at bay and allow you a peaceful sleep. 

It is a durable and long-lasting product that comes in with an amazing 10-year limited warranty and you can use it either on the Tempur Pedic mattresses or any other standard size mattress.

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July 4 Mattress Sale and Discount Coupons 2019

July 4 is a great time to shop for mattresses, as just about all the mattress retailers both in-store and online offer limited time specials. Many companies have July 4th mattress sale specials on their products and offer great deals that are not normally offered during the rest of 2019.

Take advantage of this year’s 2019 discounts by using the codes below so you can get a great deal on a mattress during July 4th.

Check back to see coupons as they are added, we are updating them daily.. Jun 28, 2019 @ 11:35 pm

Sale DetailsHow to Apply Discount
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Read our Tempur Pedic mattress review.

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$200 off + 2 Free Dream Pillows on any order of 1,750 and moreUse code: FOURTH200
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$100 off + 2 Free Dream Pillows with any mattress purchaseUse code: FOURTH100

Click here to get your discount! Get the best prices on Helix products!

Read our Helix Midnight Luxe mattress review.

Read our Helix Nightfall mattress review.

Read our Helix Moonlight mattress review.

Sale DetailsHow to Apply Discount
$175 on every mattress + verified military save of additional $50!Use code: ORGANIC175
Save $150 on a bed frame with mattressUse code: BED150
2 free pillows with any mattress purchase (A $198 value)Use code: 2FREEPILLOWS
Save $50 on an organic mattress pad protectorUse code: NONTOXIC50

Click here to get your discount! Get the best prices on Avocado products!

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Save 20% on Bear products and get 2 free Cloud pillows with every mattress purchaseUse code: JULY20

Click here to get your discount and the best prices on Bear mattresses!

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Read our Bear Hybrid mattress review.

Sale DetailsHow to Apply Discount
$400 off a new Cedar Natural Luxe mattress Use code: CEDAR400
$200 off a Brentwood Home Oceano Use code: WAVES200
$175 off a Brentwood Home Crystal Cove mattressUse code: LUXURY175
20% off Crystal Cove Yoga CollectionUse code: YOGA20
20% off pet bedsUse code: PETBED20
15% of the Brentwood Home products with the sprcial Memory Foam Talk couponUse code: MFT15

Click here to get your! Get the best prices on Brentwood Home mattresses!

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Read our Brentwood Home Cedar mattress review. 

Sale DetailsHow to Apply Discount
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Sale DetailsHow to Apply Discount
$300 off the Nolah 12" Signature mattress + 2 free AirFiber pillows $158 valueClick the link below
$125 off the Nolah 10"Original mattress + 2 free AirFiber pillows $158 valueClick the link below
$100 off the any size Nolah Adjustable Base Click the link below
$20 off the any size Nolah mattress protector Click the link below
$50 off the Nolah organic cotton sheetsClick the link below
$20 off any Nolah 2-Pack AirFoam pillowsClick the link below

Click here to get your discount! Get the best prices on the Nolah mattresses and more!

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Read our Nolah Signature mattress review.

Sale DetailsHow to Apply Discount
$75 off the purchase of the Zenhaven mattressClick the link below

Click here to get your discount! Save money on the purchase of the Zenhaven mattress!

Read our Zenhaven mattress review.

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How to Store Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Down mattress toppers can give a new life to your old mattress and make it more comfortable and luxurious. They are a very type and can be very expensive, which is why it is important to take a proper care of them and clean them carefully.

Down mattress topper requires more careful and infrequent cleaning than other types of mattress toppers because it contains down and too much cleaning or not caring about it properly can damage gentle feathers, cause the growth of mildew and shorten the overall lifespan of the topper.

Read our article and find out how to wash your down mattress topper properly without damaging it.

Cleaning a Down Mattress Topper

As the feather mattress topper is the most unique type of all, its cleaning procedure is also a bit different. You should clean it properly in order to maintain its integrity.

Such topper usually just requires hanging it out in the bright sunlight for at least once every 6 months. This will help you get rid of any unpleasant odor from it and keep it smelling fresh.

However, the job isn’t done here and you need to give it a deep wash too at least once a year.

So, How To Wash Your Down Mattress Topper?

First of all, you should check the care instructions label on the topper. Down toppers are sensitive and that’s why you should read all the cleaning instructions given on the care instructions label that is usually attached with one end to the topper.

After this, you should inspect the topper and look for signs of wear and tear and make sure that there is no major damaging of the material, because feathers can escape through the torn areas during washing and ruin your mattress topper completely. If there is any damage or opening, make sure that you treat and mend them first before taking the topper for a wash.

Place your down mattress topper in a large washing machine if you have one, but if you don’t, then you can take it to some professional or commercial cleaning service.

Measure a small amount of gentle detergent and pour it into the washing machine. Liquid detergent is the most suitable for washing a feather type. It will keep the level of oil presence in the feathers the same and won’t damage your mattress topper. Use it as prescribed and advised by the company.

Set the water temperature to cold and the wash cycle to gentle. Using cold water can help you maintain the original form of the topper.

Allow your washing machine to finish the cycle and then reset it to perform an extra rinse. Reset the washing machine twice to spin the mattress topper several times as this will ensure that you remove as much water from down as possible.

Once you finish this, you should remove the topper from your washing machine and place it in the dryer. Set it to low or medium heat setting and dry it thoroughly.

Add one or two tennis balls to the dryer to fluff the down during the drying process and reset your dryer as many times as necessary to ensure the feathers are completely dry and prevent the appearance of mildew in the feathers.

After you take it out of a dryer, you can also hang your mattress topper from the clothesline for a few hours to ensure the down dries completely.

Follow these steps and your down mattress topper will always be clean and smell fresh without losing its original form, comfort and luxuriousness in any way.

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How to Store Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Mattress toppers can be a great alternative to buying an entirely new mattress. They can increase the comfort and support of your existing mattress and are easier to handle.

However, no matter how small they may appear to be compared to your mattress, they are often heavy and complicated to store, especially memory foam mattress toppers.

In this article we will share the best ways to store a memory foam mattress topper without damaging it even if you don’t have a lot of space available.

Cleaning a Mattress Topper

Before you put your memory foam mattress topper away, you should clean it. Don’t store your mattress topper with dust or stains as this can cause the growth of mold and mildew, and with the accumulated dust and skin particles, who knows what might happen by the time you decide to use it again.

Roll Your Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The first thing you should do after you clean your mattress topper and let it dry is to roll it up. Avoid folding it because folding puts too much pressure on the creases, which will eventually damage a delicate memory foam structure of your mattress topper.

Once you roll it completely, place it in a plastic bag and vacuum seal it to make it easier to store.

Find Storage Bag

To store a mattress topper, you can one of the plastic bags for moving mattresses. They may be a bit bigger, but they can work perfectly well for mattress toppers as well.

You can also use one of those vacuum sealed bags. These bags are usually smaller than bags for mattresses, but if your memory foam mattress topper is of the smaller size such as Twin then you can use them.

In addition, memory foam mattress toppers usually arrive compressed in their own vacuum storage bag. So, if you can find the original bag, you can reuse it and store your mattress topper with the help of it.

Do not store you mattress topper unless it has some sort of a protective wrapping around it. Without it, dust, bugs and other things can reach your mattress topper and get trapped in it.

This is especially true if you store it in a basement, attic, storage unit, or even a closet. No matter how clean it may seem to be, it is never clean enough and that’s why you should not risk storing your mattress topper there without properly protecting it previously.

So, How to Store a Mattress Topper With the Help of a Plastic Bag?

Once you remove your memory foam mattress topper from the bed, roll it up and place it in the bag. You can also remove the mattress topper cover if it has one and if it is removable and store it in a separate bag.

Use ratchet straps or the tie down straps to secure the mattress topper after you roll it up. They are not expensive, and they can help you have something to grab on when you take the topper to place it in a bag.

They will ensure that everything will stay in its place even if the bag and vacuum seal job doesn’t hold up.

Also, if you decide to use a regular mattress bag instead of the special sealed vacuum bag, you can use a duct tape to seal it. Choose one that is sticky, but not too much. It has to be high-quality enough to hold, but it should not be too sticky as this will make unwrapping the topper impossible without damaging the plastic bag.

Attach the vacuum hose to the valve on the vacuum storage bag, if you decide to use special vacuum bags, or put the hose through the opening in a bag. Once the vacuum cleaner sucks out all the air from the bag, remove the hose, quickly twist the bag and use some tape to seal it properly and prevent the air from getting back inside it again.

How Long Can You Store a Mattress Topper?

To prevent large plumps and crevices from developing, you should remove the memory foam mattress topper from its bag every 6-7 months and allow it to air out and inflate.

But, most memory foam toppers will be just fine even if they stay compressed for longer periods. They are designed to withstand the pressure, and even if the crevices form on your mattress topper while it is stored, they will disappear after some time after the topper is inflated.

The post How to Store Memory Foam Mattress Topper? appeared first on Memory Foam Talk.

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How to Keep Mattress Topper from Sliding?

Mattress toppers are ideal if you want to achieve the right level of firmness or softness on your mattress without buying the new mattress as this can turn out to be quite expensive.

However, the problem occurs when they can’t stay in place and keep sliding off. Most people complain about their mattress toppers sliding to the bottom of the bed as they sleep or move to either side as they get in and out of bed.

This can be really annoying, but luckily, there are some helpful tips that can help you keep your mattress topper from sliding and save you from all the frustrations of waking up to your mattress topper near the bottom of your bed.

Read our article and find out what are the best ways to keep your mattress topper from sliding off the bed.

Sheet Suspenders/Straps.

Sheet straps or suspenders can be an effective way to make sure your mattress topper will stay in place. You can try to keep your mattress topper from sliding off the bed by using sheets that are tightly fitted, but this will work only for some time and the topper will start sliding again after a few hours, especially if you are a restless sleeper and tend to move a lot in bed during the night.

By using sheet suspenders or straps, you will be able not only to keep the sheet on a mattress the whole night, but you will also make your mattress topper remain in place as they will give it no room to move.  

You only need to make sure your sheet straps are tight enough and your mattress topper will certainly stay in place regardless of your preferred sleeping position or how much you toss and turn in your sleep.

No-skid Mat

No-skid mats are usually used under floor covers, area rugs to keep rugs in place or even in the shower to prevent slipping.

The good thing is that you can also use them under your mattress topper to keep it in place all night. No-skid mats are easy to use; they don’t require much physical effort and work especially well on latex or memory foam mattresses. All you need to do is to insert them between your mattress topper and the mattress and your problem will be solved.

Safety Pins

Safety pins are used to keep bedding in place, but you can also use them to prevent your mattress topper from sliding off the bed. It is the cheapest method of keeping your mattress topper from sliding.

It is not time consuming and contrary to the popular belief, the pins won’t shred and damage your mattress topper. You only need to do it right and your mattress topper will remain in place without any damages.

Use at least five pins on each side to evenly distribute the pressure. If you bed is large, you can use more safety pins and even go for the large ones.

Adhesive Velcro Tape/Strips

Adhesive Velcro tape is also one of the best ways to keep your mattress topper in place. Although attaching a Velcro to your mattress topper may seem a bit complicated, and although it may take you some time, it will be really effective in stopping your mattress from sliding and it won’t loosen up with time.

First you need to do is to attach the Velcro on your mattress topper where the parallel side should face the bed. Ensure that the soft side of the Velcro matches the sharp one when positioning the mattress topper on the bed.

Duct Tape

Duct tape can hold almost anything together, and although it might not be the best option in this case, it will do the job and keep your mattress topper from sliding.

Tape the edges or the corners of the mattress topper to the mattress and then you can use a tightly fitted sheet too.

Avoid using a spray adhesive even though it is easier to use because it will leave some visible marks on the mattress once you remove the mattress topper.

Cotton or Cotton/Polyester Blend Pad

In most cases mattress toppers slide off the mattress because the surface of the mattress is too slick. That’s why adding a simple cotton or cotton/polyester blend pad on the mattress will ensure that the topper is not directly against the slick mattress and it will keep it in place.

You can also put a fitted sheet on the mattress and then place the mattress topper and another fitted sheet over the topper. This, again, will ensure that the topper is not in direct contact with the slick surface of the mattress, and fitted sheet additionally secures the topper to the mattress.


Adding a footboard to your bed could help keep your mattress topper from sliding. However, this will only work if your footboard is long enough and if your mattress topper touches both sides of the headboard and the footboard.

The post How to Keep Mattress Topper from Sliding? appeared first on Memory Foam Talk.

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How To Dispose of a Foam Mattress Topper?

Do you have an old foam mattress topper and you want to dispose of it but don’t know how?

Whether your mattress topper stopped providing you with enough comfort and support or you just want to upgrade to a more luxurious topper, you want to make sure you are disposing of your old mattress topper in the most responsible way.

So, what do you do with it?

Here we have shared some of the best ways to get rid of your old foam mattress topper that are good for the environment and your wallet.

Can You Throw Away a Mattress Topper?

If you want to throw away your old foam mattress topper, you can do it, and the service that collects trash in your neighborhood will take it away.

However, even if you are allowed to throw away your old mattress topper on trash day, you may want to think again whether throwing it away like this is really the best way of disposing of it.

It certainly isn’t one of the greenest choices, as it will get taken to the nearby dump and the landfills in America keep growing bigger with junk with every day.

Also, memory foam mattress toppers are not made of the eco-friendly materials and when you leave them in a landfill or dump them anywhere else, they will begin to decompose release hydrogen cyanide, flame retardants, isocyanates, etc. all of which have an extremely negative impact on the surrounding environment.

This is why you should try to recycle or repurpose your old foam mattress topper with a few useful tips that we will provide here rather than throw it away. Keep reading and find out how you can do this in the most creative and eco-friendly ways.

Recycling a Mattress Topper

Throwing your mattress topper into the trash can harm the environment. Instead, you should try to find local recycling centers and ask them to tell you about the best recycling programs or drop-off sites for your foam mattress topper.

You shouldn’t set it with your usual recyclables because it needs to processed in a specialized facility according to the materials it is made of.

Contact the manufacturer or your mattress and ask about a recycling program. Some manufacturers take old bedding through disposal or buy-back agreements. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website and look there for more details about this, or contact them and ask them directly.

If you purchased your topper from a local store, you can call them and ask if they can recycle if for you.

Call your municipality’s Board of Health or local Health Department and ask about any recycling programs they may sponsor.

Many local health boards public works departments have recycling programs that usually focus on recycling mattresses. However, most of them will also accept any related bedding items, including foam mattress toppers.

Donating Your Foam Mattress Topper

If your topper is still in a good condition and you just want to try out something else, then you can give it to a family member or a friend. Ask around and see if anyone needs it and if anyone is willing to take it.

If no one wants it, you can try to donate it to local charities or online classified sites. Examine your mattress topper in detail and post and ad for it online together with a good picture of any damages or stains, detailed information about its age, condition, materials, delivery options, etc.

You can use some good classified sites to find a new home for your mattress topper or social media pages like Facebook to connect with people and find those from your area who are looking for a foam mattress topper.

If you want to donate it to local charities, many charity organizations such as homeless shelters, women’s shelters, family shelters, etc. will probably accept your mattress topper.

Repurposing into Household Items

There are many creative ways how you can reuse your old mattress topper if you can’t recycle it or give it to someone.

If you have pets, you can cut your memory foam mattress topper to a perfect size that will suit your dog or cat. You can either wrap a piece of a sheet or sew some fabric around it to make sure the foam stays in its place and to make it more comfortable.

So, a mattress topper can serve as a cheap alternative to branded dog beds which can be a great solution for senior-aged pets, especially if your old mattress topper is a memory foam topper since memory foam supports joints.

Besides this, you can also use the foam from your old mattress topper to stuff the chairs or make comfortable cushions for garden benches.

Old memory foam mattress toppers can be used during camping trips for padding under sleeping bags since memory foam reacts according to body temperature and can be a great heating solution when you are camping.

In addition, you can use the foam from your old mattress topper to create lumbar support pillows for vehicles and desk chairs by cutting the foam down to a size that will comfortably fit your lower back while you are sitting. 

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How Thick Should a Mattress Topper Be?

A mattress topper should add to the overall softness, luxuriousness and support of your mattress. It can increase the thickness of your mattress and make it feel more comfortable and even and prolong its lifespan, etc.

When buying a mattress topper, you should determine what is that you need from it and define its basic criteria. By sorting out a few basic things, you will certainly be able to find the best one for you.

One of the most important things you should consider when looking for a mattress topper is its thickness. Decide what thickness would work the best for you and whether it can meet your needs and sleep preferences.

However, many people don’t know how to choose the right thickness of a mattress topper. If you have difficulties making your final decision about the appropriate thickness of your mattress topper, read our guide and we will help you pick the right one for you.

Before we explain how to make your decision easier, we will tell you something more about what are mattress toppers and what they are used for. They can be used for various reasons and your mattress topper thickness will depend on why exactly you need it.

Reasons for Buying a Mattress Topper Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Mattress

As they age, and the more they are used, mattresses can become saggy and develop lumps and depressions in the sleeping areas. To prevent this, or at least slow down the process, you can use a mattress topper.

If you choose the right type and correct thickness, the topper will rejuvenate your sleeping surface and slow down the aging of the mattress and the process of sagging and developing lumps. Depending on the current condition of your mattress, you may need a 3 or 4-inch thick topper.

Changing the Level of Softness or Firmness of Your Mattress

Some people may find their mattress to be either too soft or too firm for them and this can be right after the purchase or due to the long use.

You could change your mattress, but if you are looking for a cheaper solution, then a mattress topper would be an ideal solution for you. A mattress topper is far more economical solution as it will change the feel of your bed without costing you too much.

In this case, a 2” topper may be sufficient, although a thicker topper will provide a more lasting change especially for heavier sleepers.

Changing the Nature of a Mattress

If you want to see how it feels like to sleep on a memory foam mattress without purchasing one, or you already have memory foam and you don’t like it and want to try latex or wool, in each of these cases, you can change the nature of your mattress by using the right mattress topper.

You can use a memory foam topper to get that contouring and hugging feel, or you can use a latex topper if you want to try out something more buoyant and different from memory foam. In such cases you can use a minimum 3” thick topper.

Increasing the Thickness of a Mattress

Some people may find that their bed is too low for them or that it is too thin and compresses pretty quickly under their weight. An extra 2 or 3 inches of a mattress topper could make some difference here, and it is less expensive than purchasing a new mattress.

Medical Reasons

If you have developed a condition that requires a good orthopedic support, then a viscoelastic material on the top of your mattress may be most suitable for you.

If your mattress is made entirely of latex or it is an innerspring and foam hybrid, then a viscoelastic or memory foam mattress topper may be the best solution for you.

A 3 or 4-inch memory foam topper might be enough and it will cradle your body, relieve pressure points and provide the right amount of support to those areas where it is needed most.

Available Sizes and Thicknesses

Mattress toppers generally vary in thickness from 2” to 4” although some may go up to 6 inches. In addition to thickness, the toppers may also be available in different foam densities, but let’s take a look at the available thicknesses and sizes.

So, the first thing you have to learn about is the availability of various thicknesses and sizes.

If you are going to buy a memory foam mattress topper then you should consider both the thickness level and the density of a mattress topper to make sure you get the right level of comfort and support you need.

In most cases, mattress toppers are available in three basic thickness ranges: 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches thick although you can also find some special mattress toppers that are 5 or 6 inches thick as well.

2 Inches Thick Mattress Topper

A 2-inch thick mattress topper is the thinnest topper available. It can introduce more comfort and softness to your mattress and give you an extra plush and luxurious feel.  

You should only buy a 2” mattress topper when you have a brand new mattress and you only want to add an extra soft layer to it and make it feel a bit softer.

2” thick mattress toppers are not suitable for older mattresses as they are too thin and they won’t be able to provide the support that you need and cover sagging or other deficiencies.

3 Inches Thick Mattress Topper

The extra inch can make a big difference. A 3-inch mattress topper is a bit thicker and depending on the material you choose and whether you purchase a softer or firmer topper, it will provide you with greater comfort and support.

It can also make up for certain deficiencies in an older mattress, but this again depends on the type of a topper you choose. If you have a latex mattress and want memory foam on top, then you can use a 3-inch memory foam topper. It will make your existing mattress plusher and more luxurious or just slightly firmer.

4 Inches Thick Mattress Topper

4 inches is considered to be a maximum thickness of a mattress topper and anything thicker than 4 inches would be classed as a mattress rather than a mattress topper. However, some 5 or 6 inch thick toppers can be found as well.

A 4-inch mattress topper is ideal for covering the deficiencies of an older mattress. It will provide you with a smooth and supportive layer and a comfortable sleeping surface for a sleep without any body aches.

It is also a good thickness if you want to feel all the benefits of a memory foam mattress without buying one.

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How to Choose a Mattress Topper?

Sometimes mattresses can’t provide you with the level of comfort you need. It can be perhaps because your mattress is too hard, you wake up frequently because your partner moves around too much, or maybe you just can’t get enough comfortable. One great option is to get a mattress topper for your bed.

It can be a great way to revitalize your bed as it will provide you with extra support and extra cushioning and it will not cost you as much as buying the new mattress.

There are different types of mattress toppers, so it can be difficult for you to determine which one would work the best for your specific needs and sleep preferences. You might find it hard to decide what material to buy, what thickness is right for you, how much to spend, etc.

Some of the most popular types of mattress toppers are memory foam, latex, cotton, wool etc. With some careful research you will be able to get the right one that will give you what you need at a more than a reasonable price.

In this article, we will take a look at the pros and cons of each type of material and at some of the key factors which can help you bring your decision easier.

Key Points to Consider

With so many different mattress toppers, it can be hard to choose one for you, so you should decide what exactly you need from a topper first, then figure out what material will best meet your needs.

Here are some of the key factors you should take into consideration:


A higher price doesn’t necessarily guarantee the mattress topper would be better for you personally. You should look for one that will meet your needs and not simply buy the most expensive you can afford.

Support and Comfort

If you prefer a firmer feel and you like extra support for your back and limbs, then you should opt for a latex topper. However, if you prefer a softer feel and a topper that will cradle your body and relieve pressure points, then memory foam topper would be perfect for you, or a topper made of naturally soft material such as down or cotton.

Thickness and Density

Mattress toppers vary in thickness from 2 to 8 inches. If you have a firm mattress and you are looking for a topper that would relieve your pressure points and allow you to sleep on your side, or if you weigh more than average, then you may need to look for thicker options. The materials with the best range of thicknesses are memory foam and latex.

The density of a topper determines how much support it will provide you. Here again, memory foam and latex mattress toppers usually have the largest choice, allowing you to find just the right level of comfort that you need.

Motion Transfer

Memory foam and latex mattress toppers are also good at reducing the transmission of movement between you and your partner. So if you sleep with a restless sleeper, whose tossing and turning might keep you awake, these toppers are good options.

Sleeping Hot

If you are looking for a mattress topper that will sleep cool and keep you comfortable all night long then you should avoid those made entirely of memory foam as memory foam tends to retain the most body heat.

Latex is known for its natural cooling properties, so latex mattress toppers would be good choice as well as those made of down, wool and feather. The latter are good all year round as they will keep you warm in winter and reduce heat retention in summer.

The cover of the mattress topper also plays a huge role in sleeping cool, so you should opt for those toppers with covers good at wicking away sweat.

Also, the thickness of the toppers can determine how hot or cool they will sleep, and those thicker toppers usually sleep hotter than thinner ones despite the attempts of manufacturers to add some special cooling elements like cooling gel or ventilation tubes.


Also the toppers made of certain materials are better for allergies while other are also more resistant to dust mites, bed bugs, mold and mildew.

Ease of Moving and Cleaning

Be aware of the overall weight of the mattress topper before you proceed to buy it. Remember that you need to remove it from the packaging, put it on the bed and remove it at least once or twice a year for cleaning.

While down, feather and cotton are easier to move than memory foam or latex, they are far more difficult to clean.

What Type of Material to Choose

Mattress toppers come in a range of different materials and styles and it’s important to know what you hope to gain from using a topper and what are the pros and cons of each material.

Memory Foam

Although memory foam mattress toppers can be a bit expensive, they are a popular choice as they perfectly contour to the specific curves of your body, absorb movement and noise.

Memory foam toppers also offer a lot of thickness choices, so you can easily find the level of comfort and support you need. Memory foam will conform to your body and provide you with a supportive and relaxing surface to sleep on. It will also reduce the amount of motion transfer and noise.

These toppers also come in varying densities. A density of most of them ranges between 2 and 6+ pounds per cubic feet. The toppers of higher density memory foam will usually cost more, but they will provide much better support for the body and longer-lasting conformity.

If your memory foam mattress topper has a density of 3 pounds or under per cubic feet, it will  feel softer and be less supportive than those of higher densities. It will allow your body to sink into it faster than toppers of higher densities. They are also lightweight and easier to transport.

Memory foam mattress toppers with a density of 4 to 5 pounds per cubic feet work well for most people as they provide a good balance of comfort and support.

Toppers with a density of 6+ pounds per cubic feet are the best for people who have medical needs and are in need of a high level of support for the body. They will slowly conform to their body shape and weight and provide a good support much longer than those with the lower densities.

The major downside of memory foam mattress toppers is that they are made of a synthetic material that can have a bit of off/gassing but that usually dissipates after a few days.

Besides this, memory foam will retain body heat more than some other materials. So, if you tend to overheat during the night it is better to look for a breathable memory foam mattress topper.


Latex mattress toppers are the most expensive option, but like memory foam toppers, they can provide excellent comfort and support. They can provide comfort and relieve pressure points by making your mattress harder or softer. They feel firmer than memory foam, but are still soft enough to provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep.

Besides this, toppers made of 100% natural latex are also antimicrobial, non-allergic and more durable than any other type of a mattress topper. Latex toppers offer a wide range of thickness and support options.

Like with memory foam mattress toppers, these have some disadvantages too. As we have already mentioned, they can be very expensive due to the complicated nature of latex production. They may not be perfect for people who are allergic to latex.


Wool is a natural material, and wool mattress toppers can be a bit expensive too. Wool is also one of the most durable materials, and yet it is soft and comfortable. It is particularly suitable for those who suffer from allergies and can even keep bed bugs away from your mattress.

That’s why wool mattress toppers make a wonderfully luxurious addition to your mattress and they will also keep you cool in summer and warm in winter and wick away any excessive moisture.

There are some bad sides with toppers of this material as well. They can be more expensive than other toppers made of other materials and they may not provide the same cushioning as memory foam.

Down or Feathers

Toppers made from goose or duck feathers, or even softer and more luxurious down are perfect for those looking for a soft and comforting feel. They are also good at reducing motion transfer between partners and at regulating heat in the summer and winter. These toppers are very durable as well and will last for several years.

However, if you are allergic on feathers or you need a firmer topper, these may not be the right choice for you. They may not be thick enough to disguise an old and lumpy mattress and may need fluffing to keep their shape.

Cotton and Polyester

There is a wide range of mattress toppers made from polyester and cotton and they also range in price. Polyester toppers are very affordable.

The advantages to cotton and polyester mattress toppers are that they are very easy to maintain and are good for those looking for a softer feel, but they are not so durable like the toppers made of some other materials.

Egg Crate Foam

Mattress toppers made of the egg crate foam are the cheapest option available. They are very lightweight and easy to transport. They also provide good cushion, but may not be durable and great for back support.

Just like memory foam, egg crate foam has some off-gassing smell and can retain body heat and sleep hot, especially during the summer months.

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How Long Does a Memory Foam Mattress Topper Last?

A mattress topper is a bedding item designed to be used on the top of your mattress to provide extra comfort and support, improve cleanliness, and prolong the lifespan of a mattress.

Toppers can be made from various materials such as memory foam, latex, down, etc. and there are many different designs and structures that can suit different needs and sleep preferences.

Your topper should improve the support for your entire body and complement any sleeping position. It should also act like an extra cushion for your entire body, especially memory foam mattress topper and allow you to sink into it to prevent the appearance of pressure points and provide you with the peaceful and restful sleep every night.

However, if it causes you to wake up in pain or felling more tired than ever, then it may be that your mattress topper is getting old and that you should get the new one.

Read our article and learn more about memory foam mattress toppers as well as when and why you should replace them.

How Long Does a Memory Foam Mattress Topper Last?

You would think that memory foam mattress toppers can last as long as the beds made of the same material, but this is not the case.

The average lifespan of mattress toppers, including those made entirely of memory foam, is 3 to 5 years. This is only the case with high-quality mattress toppers, whereas those made of cheap materials will only last a year or two.

The longevity of a memory foam mattress topper will depend on other factors as well such as the weight being put on it, frequency of use, the thickness of the topper, the condition of your mattress, and how well the topper is maintained.


Heavier people may speed up the process by adding extra pressure to the memory foam topper. Memory foam mattresses usually contain a highly resilient core and high density base that make the top memory foam layers more durable, but the topper doesn’t have this.

Extra weight can also cause the open cells to crumble quicker than they would do under an average person.


The thicker the topper, the longer it will last. Thinner toppers usually wear out quicker, while the thick memory foam will last longer as it takes longer to break down over time, and it will also provide greater comfort.

The Condition of Your Mattress

As toppers are generally laid over an existing mattress, if the mattress underneath is old and in a poor condition; if it is already worn out and sagging in places, your memory foam topper will simply follow that contour and make the sage even more pronounced due to its soft and contouring nature. This will eventually ruin your mattress topper.

If your mattress looks like new, but you still experience pain while sleeping, even with the new memory foam mattress topper placed on top, then you still may need to replace the mattress.

If your mattress is over 7 years old then it’s time for a new one, even if it doesn’t show any signs of a long use such as cracks, sagging, protruding wires, etc. because, like we have already mentioned, an old and uncomfortable mattress will decrease the comfort of your memory foam mattress topper and shorten its lifespan.

Frequency of Use

Memory foam mattress toppers in guest bedrooms will last significantly longer than those used every night.

The reason why toppers don’t last so long in bedrooms is because they are used a lot more than toppers in guest bedrooms. Spending 6 to 8 hours a night on them each night puts a lot of pressure on them which is why they wear out faster than those mattress toppers used on beds in guest rooms.

Maintaining Your Mattress Topper

Memory foam may be difficult to clean and maintain, but there are ways how you can clean them and prolong their lifespan.

You should clean them at least once or twice a year by vacuuming them, spraying them with water and detergent solution, washing them, spot cleaning or using topper covers and washing these regularly.

Well maintained memory foam mattress toppers will last longer and serve your better than those that are not maintained at all.

If you avoid cleaning your topper, stains from food or drinks, pet urine, dust and accumulated debris and odor will eventually ruin your topper and render it useless.


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