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Wave.video launches world’s largest marketplace for video clips and images starting from only $1 per clip.

Did you know? Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year. [Source: Optinmoster].

90% of video marketers feel the level of competition and noise has increased in the past year. But 99% will continue to use video in 2019, with 88% saying they’ll spend more than they did in previous years. [Source: Wyzowl]

Reasons marketers say they are not currently using video include:

  • they lack time (23%), and
  • they don’t know where to start (21%). Hmm. 

Related: 90+ Video Marketing Statistics For 2019 (New Data) by Wyzowl

Our friends at Wyzowl recently conducted their annual video marketing survey and put out their State of Video Marketing Report which you can access here.

On this recent broadcast and slide presentation, I share the latest facts and stats on Facebook video, in particular, and how you can easily, quickly and inexpensively create professional videos to be an integral part of your social media marketing mix this year and beyond. 

I’m joined by Wave.video CMO, Daniel Glickman who shares several exciting product announcements. Daniel joined me streaming live from the stage at our longtime friend Jessika Phillips’ Social Media Week 2019 event in Lima, Ohio!

Wave.video Offers the World’s Largest Marketplace for Stock Video Clips and Images

Wave.video has already made creating high-quality videos easy, accessible and affordable. But now Creators and businesses can make videos at a fraction of the cost and time thanks to the new Wave.video stock marketplace.

THIS IS THE WORLD’S LARGEST marketplace for stock video clips and images:

  • Over 300 million assets from 5 top providers and more to come
  • Over 2 million free assets
  • Prices from only $1 per clip!
  • A new, robust, FREE plan. No watermark with unlimited downloads in any format
Save 25% On Any Wave.video Plan

SPECIAL!! Save 25% on any annual Wave.video plan. Just go to www.wave.video and use code WXA_Creations. Limited time offer, expires soon! (There’s still the free forever plan, too!)

Join the Wave.video Challenge — You Could WIN a VIP Experience Trip To Boston, MA!

NEW!! In collaboration with Wave.video, our latest Video Challenge is underway. There’s still time to join and get a chance to be the lucky winner of a VIP Experience trip to Boston, MA. One lucky winner will be selected to WIN a special VIP Experience trip to Boston, MA in September including 1:1 Facebook & video marketing coaching time with myself and Daniel at Wave.video! 

Be sure to join our special Wave.video challenge group on Facebook for full details and the rules.

I promise it’ll be easy, fun and rewarding!! 

HOW TO ENTER There is really only ONE (3-part!) simple qualification to enter our Wave.video ‘Boston’ Video Challenge Contest!! All you have to do is:
  1. Create one or more videos. Ideally using Wave.video, of course! And, ideally utilizing one of Wave.video’s super inexpensive new marketplace stock video or image clips (starting at $1/each and 100M available at under $5/each!).
  2. Share your videos publicly on your own social channels*
  3. Include one or more of these hashtags on each video post you make: #wavevideo or #madewithwave or #wavevideocontest.

The contest period is 12:01 AM PST on Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 through and including 11:59 PM PST on Monday, July 1st, 2019. FULL RULES are in the Facebook Group.

*Eligible social channels include:

  • your Facebook business Page,
  • your Instagram feed,
  • and/or your Twitter account.

Your Instagram and/or Twitter accounts need to be set to public in order for us to see your entry. Videos posted to private accounts are not eligible. Videos posted to your personal Facebook profile/timeline are also not eligible, due to Facebook’s promotion restrictions (primarily because the privacy settings can be changed and we cannot force entrants to post publicly!).


One person will be drawn from all eligible entries after the contest period has ended. The winner will be contacted privately first, then announced publicly between July 2nd and July 5th, 2019.

VIP Experience with Wave.video and Mari Smith in Boston, MA.

The prize includes a trip to Boston, Massachusetts, United States on September 3-4, 2019. Airfare credit up to $750 USD is included.

The winner will meet with Mari Smith and Wave.video CMO, Daniel Glickman, in Boston to be given a tour of Wave.video’s offices at 2 Seaport Lane, Boston, MA. Plus, receive 1:1 time with both Mari and Daniel for a personalized video creation and Facebook marketing consultation, plus a private hosted dinner with Mari, Daniel, the Wave.video team and a VIP Reception.

Go join our special group now for the full scoop:
Mari Smith & Wave VIDEO CHALLENGE Group

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Stickers and GIFs make your videos more engaging. Ever since Instagram introduced this feature, people have grasped the opportunity to add a special touch to their videos.

But here’s a question: however lively and engaging the videos with stickers might be, can they really improve valuable metrics for your business?

In other words: do they work well for key indicators, specifically in video ads?

We decided to find out for ourselves how much more “engaging” a video with stickers might be. We tested out a video on Facebook ads with the only difference: one had stickers and another one didn’t.

Pre-test context

We decided to drive traffic to our recent roundup post on video marketing trends and predictions with “Landing page views” chosen as the goal in Facebook Ads. We made a short video and added subtitles.

The video was intentionally simple and had no special effects. This way, we wanted to make sure that anyone can create similar footage without any design skills.

For the version with stickers, we used the same video and added a few gifs from GIPHY for simplicity. Here are the two versions we created for the experiment.

The version without stickers
The version with stickers

Both ads were accompanied by the same short ad text.

Technical details

Time schedule: 7 days

Budget: For this test, we had two A/B test campaigns: for desktop and mobile devices separately, as separating placements in campaigns typically gives us better results. We split the budget for this test evenly between them: $150 for each video ad.

Target audiences: Besides targeting the people who hadn’t seen the roundup post up to that moment, we also targeted Lookalike audience on those who had seen the post.

For our two campaigns with mobile and desktop placements we got this structure:


Our hypothesis was the following: “Video with stickers will be more efficient for the advertisement”.

Hypothesis: Video with stickers is more efficient for the advertisement.

To check this statement, we used several metrics:

  • Cost per result — the main metric for our experiment. For this campaign, the target result was Landing page view or, simply saying, opening the page with our Roundup post.
  • Conversion rate — in our case this was the number of blog post views divided by the number of link clicks.
  • CTR — we also thought it was useful to assess the overall engagement with ads with the help of click-through-rate.
    NB: Keep in mind, that CTR on Facebook is measured not only by link clicks but also by all other clicks on the ad post (e.g. profile page click, “read full text” click, etc.). This is the difference between conversion rate and CTR.
Desktop campaign

Winner: Video with stickers.

(Ad A – video ad with stickers; Ad B – video ad without stickers)

  • Video with stickers became the absolute leader with 33% lower cost per result ($5 vs. $7.5 of video without stickers).
  • The conversion rate for the ad with stickers was impressive — 100%. Wow! The ad with the basic version of the video got 71%, which is also quite good but still could do better ?
  • The ad with stickers also got higher CTR (0,85%) than that without stickers (0,71%).

Stickers on video can help you lower your cost per result by as much as 33%.

The table below shows the comparison:

NB: We got this extra high conversion rate 100% because among all 15 clicks we got on this ad, all 15 were on our website link.

A quick reminder: to calculate conversion rate we divided website link clicks by the number of total clicks made on the ad (including profile page click, etc.)

Mobile campaign

Winner: Video with stickers, but there are some nuances.

Ad A – video ad with stickers; Ad B – video ad without stickers)

The results of the mobile placement experiment were a bit different:

  • We paid $0,9 for each blog post view from the ad with stickers and that was 21% cheaper for us than paying for page views from basic video version ad.
  • The difference in conversion rates was 11%: the ad with stickers had a higher conversion rate than the ad without stickers (75% vs. 66%).
  • CTR results surprised us: it was higher for the videos without stickers.

Here is the summary of the results of our A/B test:

Average results for two placements

Despite the small loss in CTR we saw for sticker ad on mobiles, we can say firmly that the sticker ads win.

On average, cost per result for ads with stickers was almost 33% lower. Assuming that it is one of the main metrics for businesses doing ads on Facebook, this result is quite reassuring. We think it is the most powerful outcome we got from this experiment.

But we also remember two other metrics tested in this experiment: both Conversion rate and CTR were higher for ads with stickers. Interestingly, the difference in CTR for the ads is really tiny, though the sticker ads win. Stickers don’t impact interest in the ad copy so much as generate interest in the advertised product.

Check the numbers for desktop and mobile campaigns in total for the big picture view:

Curious insights

We also got one interesting insight, which is not connected with the main goal of our experiment. Men were more willing to click the link to the blog post, that’s why cost per result for men was 57% lower ($10.49 for women vs. $4.50 for men)! This is true for both placements, especially for the desktop:

Perhaps men are more susceptible to stickers? ?

Major takeaway

As you see, stickers on videos can significantly improve the performance of your Facebook ads, some of which are especially critical for business (e.g. cost per result).

Despite the fact that sticker ads were more successful than ads without stickers, we recommend that you apply this information to your business with a grain of salt. While we are hands in for making videos more engaging by adding stickers and GIFs, make sure they will actually be relevant to a particular video.

Use stickers on your videos, but with a grain of salt.

Besides, pay attention to the number of stickers you add. We are pretty sure that “overstickerness” will only harm your advertising.

Aside from it, feel free to upgrade your video ads with lively stickers like we did this month. Till the next cool experiment!

This blog post was republished with permission from Wave.video.

Mari Smith is Chief Brand Ambassador for Wave.video – the easiest platform to create professional videos using your own assets and/or a mix of stock assets. Wave.video provides access to over 200M royalty-free assets, the largest in the universe!

Check out Wave.video‘s new FREE FOREVER plan where you can quickly create 15-second videos and publish straight to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Upgrade to the Creator Plan for only $10/mo or $99/yr and create videos of up to 1 minute in multiple formats and download the mp4 file. See also Wave.video’s Pro Plan and Agency Plan. Mobile app coming later this year.

Plus — come join our two special Facebook Groups for support, inspiration and community: 1) Wave.video’s Community Group and 2) Video Challenge Group.

The post Do Stickers Improve Your Facebook Video Ad Performance? A $300 Experiment by Wave.video appeared first on MariSmith.com.

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If you want to get your audience’s attention on Facebook, you know that you need to use video.

But, what about Facebook Live? Does it offer the same type of value? Yes!

We dug into BuzzSumo’s latest review of 777 million Facebook posts and found that Facebook Live video dominates other post types when it comes to engagement.

And Facebook Live’s impact is not limited to sports stars, lifestyle brands, and politicians.

This data-based look specifically at Facebook Live is one of the first of its kind. Read on to learn:

  • The impact of Facebook Live video compared to all other types of social posts.
  • The optimum length for Facebook live posts.
  • The reactions people have to Facebook video and why we should care.
  • Why B2B and “serious” subject pages should embrace Facebook Live.
  • Observations from the top 500 Facebook Live posts
  • Quick tips for getting over Facebook Live fears.

Facebook Live Engages Audiences More Than Other Post Types

Facebook Live engagement exceeds all other types of posts by a huge margin!

Average interactions for Facebook Live videos this year were 531.11. That’s  68% more than the next highest category — images, with 316 average interactions.

If you broaden the research to all types of video, including, but not limited to Facebook LIve, the average interactions were even higher– 538.

Quick takeaway:

For Facebook, the key to unlocking significant engagement is video! Live or not, you can’t go wrong with video. (Click to Tweet)

Best Length for Engaging Facebook Live Videos: < 7 Minutes

This year’s data shows that Facebook Live Videos between 1 and 7 minutes long get the most engagement, with the highest averages for Live Videos that are 3 or 4 minutes long.

Our sample reflects Facebook posts from Oct. 1 2017 to Oct. 1, 2018. The most recent full year’s data available.

As with any tactic, it’s critical to test the length of video that works best to engage your particular audience.

You may find better results with longer (or even shorter) Live sessions!

If you are just getting started with Live video, start by experimenting with sessions less than 7 minutes long and go from there.

Quick takeaway:

Be sure to identify yourself, your brand, and any relevant calls to action early in your Facebook Live presentations.

Use Facebook Live to “Edutain” Your Audience.

Mari describes “edutain” as the mix of entertaining and educating posts that marketers must embrace to succeed on Facebook.

When we approach Facebook with our business hats on, it can be easy to forget that the platform’s users primarily want to interact casually with friends and family members.

To engage our audience on Facebook, our messages need to match the network’s vibe.

If we post a constant stream of brand-centered content without adapting it to entertain or educate, we will lose our audience’s attention.

A carefully crafted sales message that no one sees is not as valuable in the long run as a less-salesy, more entertaining message that people like, share, or comment on.

Edutaining messages earn us the chance to deliver more content over time. This gives our audiences a chance to consider our products, compare our offering, and ultimately buy from us.

The data highlights the low-key preference of Facebook’s users. The predominant reactions to video this year are Love and HaHa.

Quick Takeaways:
  • Consider whether your audience on Facebook would consider any of your posts amusing or loveable.
  • Adjust your strategy to reflect the number of “touches” it will take to convert customers on Facebook. 
  • Make sure that your posts are engaging enough to keep your leads’ attention until they have time to learn about and purchase from you. 
B2B and “serious” subject pages should embrace Facebook Live. (no kidding!)

I’ve heard a lot of marketers eliminate Facebook from their plans because the business they represent is B2B.

When I saw the data about the predominant reactions to Facebook videos, I was curious to know if companies in more “serious” industries would find less success with live video.

I decided to compare engagement over the last 2 years for a subset of topics that I associate most often with the B2B realm.

I used the Facebook Analyzer to search for “Technology, Finance, and Marketing,” limiting results to posts with those terms in the headline only. I also did some basic screening to eliminate political and celebrity content.

Here’s what I found:

Average engagement across the board for posts in these categories is 76. Average engagement with Facebook Live posts in these categories is 246.

That was enough to get a WOW Reaction from me.

One reason for the difference in engagement could be the volume of Facebook Live vs. other types of Facebook posts for these topic areas. There are more than 5 million total Facebook posts for these topics, compared to just 26,000 Facebook Live videos.

I identify low competition and high interest as an opportunity!

B2B marketers should not rule out Facebook, and particularly Facebook Live, until they have tested the platform and format with their own audience.

Quick Takeaway:

The low competition/high-interest window can close quickly. Take advantage of Facebook Live now, particularly if you can be an early adapter in your topic area. (Click to Tweet)

What the Top 500 Facebook Live Videos Reveal

As part of our research, we developed a list of the top 500 Facebook Live videos published in 2018.

It’s a fascinating (but hard to classify!) group of posts. (If you are curious, you can take a look at the top 20 here).

Because the posts come from such diverse pages–multiple languages, goals, topics, audiences– I decided to go with a set of observations rather than attempt to force conclusions onto the whole set.

Here’s what I noticed:

  1. The top 500 most engaging Facebook Live videos come from all over the world, emphasizing Facebook’s global reach.

    When thinking about what we can learn from data drawn from Facebook as a whole, it’s important to remember that a worldwide platform can produce monumental data sets. BUT, the most relevant research is into what works with our own audience.

    If something recommended in a post like this doesn’t work for you, just pivot toward what does.

  2. Many of the top posts relate to current events. They are either linked to national or international issues.

    For example, there are many Facebook Live videos in the top 500 that come from coverage of the Thai soccer team that was trapped and successfully rescued from a cave in July 2018. Others offer political commentary for national elections, or coverage of sporting events.

    Don’t think the emphasis on current events limits the scope for success. Every industry has its own form of current events. There are always industry conferences or research or news that can be covered “Live” on Facebook. Mari’s own Facebook page is a great example, as she offers footage from Facebook and other conferences to her audience.

    If you are considering Facebook Live this year, consider approaching a journalistic approach for a couple of posts.

    People love to feel that they are getting an inside scoop. If you are somewhere others in your industry would love to be, invite them in with a Facebook Live video.

  3. Humanity seeps out of the seams of these videos.

    When I think about making a video, I often default to the view that I cannot and should not make a video until I am well-scripted, well-lighted, and well-made up.

    There’s definitely a place for that level of preparation, BUT these highly engaging live videos don’t appear to be overly produced. They are easy, identifiably LIVE, with sound issues, awkward pauses and awkward camera angles.

    Notice the selfie-look of this post:

Live!! 22.25 ?. ?????????? ??????? … ???????????…

Posted by PR.Chiangrai ???????????????????????????? on Monday, July 2, 2018

The sound is also what I would call “raw” with lots of background noise.

It has 19+million views and more than 1 million engagements.

The same is true for this post:

The video runs while the drummer walks to his place and gets settled to play.

The reactions from the audience are clear. They paid attention despite the low tech/low editing approach.

Quick Takeaway:

If you have a message, Facebook Live can help you to get it to your audience. This is true in multiple interest areas, languages, and nations.  (Click to Tweet)

How to Get Over Facebook Live Fears  

If you want to jump in on Facebook Live, but feel a bit squeamish about going on camera, remember:

These top 500 Facebook Live videos were all wildly successful with a minimum of 181,000 interactions.  And, many of them have the look of spontaneity rather than intense preparation.

Ian Anderson Gray, Live Marketing Coach offers some great advice.

“The vast majority of us get nervous before going live! Ian says. “The trick is to learn to channel that nervous energy into your communication with your audience.” The way to do this is by practicing. Start by going live just to yourself on Facebook. Get used to being in front of the camera by playing with Instagram stories. (They are only 15 seconds long and expire after 24 hours.) Do some vocal and physical warm-up exercises before you go live – this makes such a difference.

“Set yourself a live video challenge by going live every day in a safe place (such as a Facebook group) for a set time period.  And finally, have a plan – know what you’re going to talk about! Give yourself 3-5 points and stick to these in your live video.”

Stephanie Liu of Lights, Camera, Live recommends a private Facebook group as a great place to practice being on camera. Once you’re comfortable with yourself, you can invite a few trusted friends or colleagues to join the group as well.

I have followed Ian’s advice to get more comfortable on camera by leaving my webinar software open with the camera running while I work. This has allowed me to be more confident when I’m on camera, allowed me to experiment with camera angles and trained me to look directly into the camera.

If you’re ready to go Live but aren’t sure what to say, Stephanie recommends the 10X10 exercise. Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half. On one side write the 10 most frequently asked questions about your product or service. On the other, write the 10 questions people should be asking about your product or service but aren’t. Now, you should have a list of at least 15 – 20 things to talk within your live sessions.

Quick Takeaway:

No more excuses. Make Facebook Live your #1 Resolution for 2019. (Click to Tweet)

The post Facebook Live Should Be Your #1 Resolution This Year. Here’s Why. appeared first on MariSmith.com.

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Facebook and Instagram are going ALL IN on video! Facebook just unveiled numerous new video tools for Creators at its first ever Creator Day held on June 19th, 2018 in Los Angeles. Tools include:

  • Add interactive polls, quizzes, challenges and gamification to both Live and VOD
  • More videos added to the Watch Platform (not just shows)
  • Top Fans feature rolling out to more Pages
  • Video template for Pages
  • Creator App for Android now available globally
  • Apply for the Rights Manager tool
  • New Brand Collaboration Manager – brands and creators, register your interest!
  • Ad breaks coming to more creators
  • Fan subscriptions ($4.99 USD/mo) expanding to more creators
  • Paywall coming to Facebook groups ($4.99-$29.99 USD/mo)
  • Facebook for Creators Launchpad – creators can apply to get cash bonuses

PLUS, Facebook Stories for Pages are coming to desktop

And, autoplay video ads are coming to Messenger. (This was inevitable! Marketers rejoice. Users grumble.)

More info in my Facebook Live below:

NEW! IGTV Instagram TV App

Earlier today, Instagram announced it reached one billion monthly active users.

And, the much-awaited big news is that Instagram now has a standalone video app for watching long-form vertical video, simply called IGTV. The app will be accessible via a tab inside the flagship Instagram app as well.

Just like TV, IGTV has channels. But, in IGTV, the creators are the channels. When you follow a creator on Instagram, their IGTV channel will show up for you to watch. Anyone can be a creator — you can upload your own IGTV videos in the app or on the web to start your own channel. ~Kevin Systrom, Co-Founder & CEO of Instagram

IGTV will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks on Android and iOS.

See more on this Facebook video by Instagram below… or this streaming vertical video on Instagram of Kevin Systrom’s presentation at the launch event. (Uh, the Instagram embed code wouldn’t work for me on the video, Lol! Hopefully you can click through and watch the video.)

Epic Facebook Video Contest!

To celebrate Instagram’s new IGTV Video App and Facebook’s New Video Tools for Creators just launched, I’m teaming up with my friends at Wave.video to launch a fun video contest!

Using Wave.video, you can easily repurpose your videos into 15-20 second Story format and 15 second – 10 minute vertical format for Instagram’s new IGTV!!

To enter for a chance to win fabulous prizes, just go to this Facebook post and leave a comment. Ideally, answer this question in the comments on the post: What is your #1 challenge with creating video content?


One lucky winner will receive a Wave.video Ultimate Plan for a year + $1,000 worth of premium clips, sounds and images. Total value = $3,500+

Wave.video is an amazing video creation tool with over 200 million premium assets (photos and video clips) + create multiple video formats at once. All friends of Mari Smith can get 30% off any annual plan at www.wave.video – use code WXA_30SMITH.


Mari Smith Pro Live Video Kit by iOgrapher. Includes a smartphone case, selfie diva light, mini tripod, small lav microphone, lenses and more. Value = $269


Awesome Selfie Stick by Yoozon with Bluetooth, Extendable Stick, Wireless Remote and Tripod Stand. Value = $22 each


This contest is open to all through midnight Pacific time on July 1st, 2018.

How to enter: ALL comments on THIS Facebook post constitute an entry. Ideally, answer this question on the Facebook Post: What is your #1 challenge with creating video content?

Five winners’ names will be drawn at random and winners will be contacted on July 2nd, 2018.

No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win this contest.

All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook or Instagram.

This contest is brought to you by Wave.video and Mari Smith International, Inc. 

Find out more about Wave.video:

Video maker | Wave.video

The post Facebook And Instagram Video Updates, New Video Contest To Celebrate appeared first on MariSmith.com.

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Facebook launched its Watch Platform in the US in August 2017… and should surely be rolling out to more countries soon!

(Watch is a dedicated streaming video platform available on desktop, mobile and TV app. The platform features a variety of shows from all types of creators, including big names/celebs like Oprah, Tony Robbins, James Corden, industry experts, TED talks and more.)

Meantime, Instagram plans to launch a long-form video hub essentially to compete with Snapchat and YouTube.

(Facebook recently slipped into 4th place for the most popular apps among teens, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are the top three apps teens use most. So, Facebook-owned Instagram is aggressively building out features to lure more of the younger demographic as well.)

PLUS, users will be able to post videos to Instagram of up to one hour in length.

This is huge news. Previously, the max video length on Instagram has been 60 seconds. Now, the max will be 60 minutes.

Learn more and join the discussion on my recent Facebook Live broadcast:

This Week’s Top 3 Articles

1. Instagram Plans June 20th Event To Launch Long-Form Video Hub – TechCrunch.com

Instagram has invited journalists to a special event on June 20th. Creators will be able to upload 4K, full-screen, vertically oriented videos ranging much longer than the current 60-second limit on videos. Apparently, users will be able to upload videos of up to one hour. And, rumor has it Instagram is finally going to announce they made the leap from 800 million monthly active users (in September 2017) to 1 billion monthly active users, which is a pretty big deal, too! Keep an eye on my Facebook Page on the morning (Pacific time) of June 20th for more updates. 

2. 12 Simple Tips for Making Your Videos Look More Professional – Animatron.com

Video, video, video! I’ve been saying this since 2013, ha! Seriously, 2018 is definitely all about video content marketing… and now especially with Instagram’s new video hub about to launch. But, it can be a challenge if you’re new to the game. My good friends at Animatron share some super helpful tips here on how you can make professional videos quickly and easily.

Animatron is the parent company of Wave.video – my favorite video creation tool that has 200 million premium assets (photo & video clips). And you can create multiple formats at once (square, landscape, portrait, Story, etc.). Friends of Mari can get 30% off any annual plan with code WXA_30SMITH at wave.video.

Related: 3 Social Video Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

3. 9 Step Guide to Creating a Facebook Ads Funnel – via AdEspresso.com

You don’t need a large ad budget to be successful on Facebook. With advanced customization options, you can create tailored campaigns, connecting with your potential customers at every stage of their journey. Check out this excellent guest blog post by Shane Barker. 

Facebook Video Marketing webinar

I recently teamed up with my longtime friends at AdEspresso to lead a webinar about Facebook Video Marketing. You can catch the replay here.

P.S. Stay tuned for a fabulous new 3-part free gift I’m giving away… Mari Smith’s Facebook Video Marketing Success Kit!

The post Instagram Plans To Launch Long-form Video Hub, Invites Reporters To June 20th Special Event appeared first on MariSmith.com.

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