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FOX 21 | Cleaning in Cracks- Maid to Shine - YouTube

Video caption is below:

I’m taking notes on this because Lauren teased it

you talked about cleaning crevices

and I have got some filthy crevices

So what can I do

to get out that grim and make it shine?

The crevices in this household…


Are unacceptable.

That’s a dirty crevice.

I want no part of that crevice.

So, yes it is time

to hurt the dirt. That is what we’re doing

we’re live and local with Maid to Shine.

Because Spring cleaning it’s

almost time for it, baby!

That’s what we’re talking about. We’re getting an early head start

this morning. And Jordyn you’re walking me through it.

I am. So, we’ll do our service clean

things will look pretty nice.

Well, spring cleaning though. We’re getting deep!

Which involves a lot of cracks and crevices

You’re gonna find them

everywhere. Indeed. Well, one of the ways to kind of get

your cleaning tool

in there…

If you have your rag you want to just do a single layer.

And for the really tight crevices, we’ve got a putty knife.

You want to have a damp rag. Because you don’t want to scrape anything.

Because it will scrape. So you want to do a damp rag.

Wrap it around there.

And you can really get that corner in to some of that grim.

Oh I see it! WHOA look at that! That’s disgusting.

But we’re taking care of it,

right? We are taking care of it. Because as we said earlier

it’s not just important to have like a clean house

it’s also important for your health.

Right and all this

is kind of build up of grease, things of that nature. You don’t want that to get back

in to your food somehow. So go ahead and get that all clean up.

You’ve got these little guys here. Pop them off.

Hot tip! I recently just learned that.

All of these will come off. You may have to work at it but look

underneath. You’ve got a whole bunch of grease and grim down here.

That you can also care of while you’re at it.

Do you have tips for people who have stoves that

have the pans in them? Do you recommend

wrapping them in tin foil?

They can do that but once you scrub it

Definitely use that dobie pad to get in to those.

Make sure you’re cleaning underneath

those. They can pop up.

Get under them too. A lot of

food falls down. Right! I love all the tips we’ve gotten today. We’ve used

toothbrushes, we’ve used putty knives,

we’ve used the squeechie. All the

hot tips! Scrub a dub dub! And tell everybody real quick

if they want you to clean or they want to have another professional come out and do ti how can they a hold of you?

We would love to serve you!

You can call us at 719-640-3276

and speak to a lovely lady there. They’ll help you out with your needs. Or you can go to


And there you can fill out a free quote and

we’ll get back to ya!

She’s coming for your cracks and crevices!

Good, they’re nasty.

The post Spring Cleaning Tip #7 | Cleaning in Crevices appeared first on Maid to Shine | Your Best & Local House Cleaning Colorado Springs.

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FOX 21 | Deep Cleaning- Maid to Shine - YouTube

Video caption is below:

good morning it is time to bust the dust

00:04 that is what we’re done with made to

00:07 shine here with Jordan we are partners

00:10 in grime right that’s right rid of it

00:13 spring is right around the corner so it

00:15 is time to clean now we’re talking

00:17 ceiling fans windows light fixtures all

00:20 about jazz plus it wines right

00:21 that’s crazy sports too that’s right yes

00:24 so I made to shine when we do a deep

00:26 cleaning which is that lovely spring

00:29 cleaning we keep talking about

00:31 we like to hand wipe most things that

00:33 gives you that really nice control over

00:36 that very deep clean we will hand wipe

00:39 the doors you’ll hand wipe your

00:41 baseboards down here get all that nasty

00:43 stuff dust there sure um and we will do

00:47 our blinds and you’ll have a few

00:51 different blinds of course you’re going

00:52 to have some drapes

00:53 anything with fabric we always turn to

00:57 our whisper ohms and we will start again

00:59 at the top right yeah yes that’s right

01:02 we’re gonna try to push everything down

01:05 right so we’re gonna get up there bring

01:09 it all the way down beautiful and then

01:12 you work your way all the way down some

01:14 other buttons

01:15 I notice the yeah you can tell these

01:17 people after the other things in a while

01:19 so let’s get after it

01:21 alright these kinds of lines this is

01:24 what wine yes we get very dirty all the

01:28 time sure so what you’re gonna want to

01:30 do is open the blinds here kind of to

01:33 you know so it levels out with you and

01:36 we’re gonna squirt our towels so you

01:37 don’t want to go directly towards it

01:39 you’re gonna hit your window you’re

01:43 gonna have a big mess knowing all about

01:45 cleaning efficiently that’s right that

01:47 is correct

01:48 yeah because of that one way to do that

01:51 typically the blinds I mean they will be

01:54 flipped to either direction they will0

1:56 get dust on both sides right so how do

01:58 we clean that with one swipe rather than

02:00 two so you are going to take your cloth

02:03 yep you got all squirted in over there

02:05 all right yeah so you take your hand

02:07 you’re going to grasp the blade with

02:10 your thumb underneath yep

02:12 other hand on top and weight across wipe

02:15 across so you’re getting both sides done

02:17 wipe it and swipe it you got it

02:22 shining and you’re gonna want to be

02:25 dining in this kitchen done made to

02:28 shine walking us through all day long

02:30 spring cleaning time to get after it

02:33 I’ve got some work to do in here

The post Spring Cleaning Tip #6 | Deep Cleaning appeared first on Maid to Shine | Your Best & Local House Cleaning Colorado Springs.

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FOX 21 | Pet Hair Removal- Maid to Shine - YouTube

Video transcript is below:

We are local right now with maid to

00:01shine Laura McDonald’s getting rid of

00:03the grime Lauren good morning what nice

00:05tip do you have for us next working hard

00:09for the money today crying hard for the

00:13money so tips hot tips from clean people

00:16we’ve got Jordan from May to shine

00:18you’re walking us through some spring

00:20cleaning tips right so this is for

00:22people who have pets or pet hair you

00:24want to get rid of it that’s correct

00:26yeah squeegee is gonna be your best

00:28friend squeegee is it’s not a tool you

00:31wouldn’t assume would work but we do

00:34find it works quite well and you just

00:37run it across the pillow here huh check

00:39out all that pet hair we can get in

00:41there so it’s gonna start rolling it

00:43together uh-huh

00:44pushing it off sauce that’s right so you

00:47can easy pull that off there and a lot

00:52of people you know they might do the

00:53vacuuming or whatever but that can be

00:54hard on your furniture that’s right or

00:56you don’t have them quite though right

00:58you know connector for and it’s just not

01:00working you’re getting frustrated I know

01:02at my house I just put a cube on there

01:04and I just go to town oh this is

01:07definitely a better way to do it’s gonna

01:09be easier on the furniture probably

01:11easier on you as well that’s correct

01:12that is correct then you have another

01:14tool we do so if that doesn’t end up

01:17working or if you need to get into the

01:18crevices of your couch huh this little

01:21guy is called a wisp room you can really

01:23get in there and bring it through mm-hmm

01:27you know so you can really kind of wipe

01:29that off

01:29it also takes off that hair as well

01:31check out all oh just go right Shh and

01:36the fellows look fairly clean you know

01:38that’s right look like you know it’s a

01:40mess but that’s what we said that’s what

01:42spring played hideout that’s right and

01:44that’s doing a little hiding stuff out

01:45all right so to eliminate the pet hair

01:49altogether or to make sure you’ve really

01:51got a good control over it how often are

01:52you gonna want to do this to the cows oh

01:54that’s gonna depend on the putt and how

01:56often are they on the couch

01:59I would have you know I would say try to

02:01start it just as you’re noticing it if

02:03not before I mean it’s a good thing to

02:05get into routine and sure just kind of

02:07upkeep it a little bit it takes maybe

02:09you know a few minutes out of your day

02:11to just kind of keep up on it more you

02:13keep up on it the less you have to

02:15really work at it I love it I am in the

02:18zone this morning this is right up my

02:20alley02:21this squeegees got me feeling like I’m

02:23on vacation in Fiji okay okay cut up

02:27with elbow grease in there thoughEnglish (auto-generated)

The post Spring Cleaning Tip #5 | Pet Hair Removal appeared first on Maid to Shine | Your Best & Local House Cleaning Colorado Springs.

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FOX 21 | Counter Top Cleaning- Maid to Shine - YouTube

Did you know that there’s a proper way to clean counter tops? See how we do it to get homes in to proper shape for spring!

Video Caption is below:


and right now we’re here with Lauren McDonald is


and local with made to shine with


to make sure that your space is in


shape for the spring ladies good


ready okay are you stressed


the mess spring cleaning my


we’ve got a lot of hot tips from


to shine and Jordan right and


really kind of diving in with a


clean this is not a surface clean


correct spring cleaning is made


to be
very we’re getting in there that’s


of getting the grind


you brother okay so let’s do this


said wax on wax off is not the way


to go
that is correct most people will


automatically go like this well the


with that is now we are


everything around including on


the surface
that we just clean what


we don’t want to do that so we’re


to take the concept of going from


to forward you want to pull


and drop it to the ground


crumbs anything that you’ve got


is going on in here have it that’s


last week’s dinner whatever it is


we’re pulling it down that way in


end all we got are floors to do and


will take care of all of our


talks about I talked about it


right top to bottom so you should


these guys already died it’s gonna


these yeah all right so we’re gonna


that pulling method and can I


the Cross you can always catch the


especially if you got a good


of that no crumbs that makes


floor cleaning easier later very




well and then countertop


I know you guys use all green


correct so you want to make


that you are using something safe


this is where a lot of food is


that is right yeah you don’t


to end up you know with some kind


chemical base that’s there and you’re


ingest that that’s just not a good


so definitely I mean we really


going that green route I’m


that’s gonna be safe and


for for the whole family which


that’s correct


people don’t want to clean


they want to use made to


how do they get in contact with


guys again you can give us a give


office a call we’ve got some lovely


in the office that will take your


you can also go online at made to


made to shine cleaners come there


can then get a quote for your house


by the
way guys they come in and they do


light switches every time so like


I said
you’re gonna get a very nice and


clean anytime you call these


right you will not have to do a


cleaning again you get it once


and we
will maintain that

The post Spring Cleaning Tip #4 | Counter Tops appeared first on Maid to Shine | Your Best & Local House Cleaning Colorado Springs.

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FOX 21 | The Dobie Pad- Maid to Shine - YouTube

Video Caption:

Live and local right now with Maid to Shine Cleaners. Lauren McDonald, is getting rid of the grim. Lauren, good morning, tell us some more of these hot tips for spring cleaning.

Let me tell you one thing, we are off to the races. Because Jordyn she is the Jeff Gordon when it comes to cleaning.

This morning we are making sure that we’re getting this place nice and clean, right? So we’re in the kitchen which can be a a place that can collect a lot of grim.

You’re going to want something with a little more scrub to it because of dried on food and build up that can happen in the kitchen.

So we’re going to use this miracle worker: The Dobie Pad. The dobie is going to be your new homie. It is!

It’s very safe and doesn’t like to scratch items, but it’s tough enough to get off dried on food and things like that.

And you can get this anywhere? Yup, like Walmart or your local grocery store.

So we’re going to attack this microwave. Hose it down with your spray. Just go to town! And the great thing about this is that we’re using all safe cleaning products. All green. Everything we use is all safe and all natural.

Just start scrubbing? You can start scrubbing! Is there a way I need to scrub? Typically we start with the door. Scrub away and then wipe her down.

And you guys mix all your own cleaning products, correct? Yes, that is correct.

From there again we’re going to start from top to bottom. Start at the top of your microwave, work to the sides and then finally to the bottom.

No matter what you’re cleaning you’re cleaning top down? Yes, that’s correct.

The post Spring Cleaning Tip #3 | The Dobie Pad appeared first on Maid to Shine | Your Best & Local House Cleaning Colorado Springs.

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FOX 21 | Light Switch and Door Knob Cleaning- Maid to Shine - YouTube

Video caption is below:

This place is a disaster. Good thing we’re here this morning because the dirt and grim, it’s here and it’s time to get rid of it. Spring cleaning, we’re in the season, right?

Jordyn, with Maid to Shine, she is our expert this morning, walking us through and right now we’re going to talk about one of the places in your home or office or space wherever ya live, it doesn’t matter, where there’s going to be a lot of dirt and grim and it’s gonna maybe even get you sick so it’s going to be important that you clean it.

That is correct, that would be your doorknobs and light switches. So you don’t typically think about cleaning those kinds of items, but we’re always touching them, no matter what.

And this guy is going to be your best friend? Yes, the toothbrush! You’ll be able to get in all the crevices and cracks plus we’ll sanitize it at the same time. Make sure we get rid of those germs.

So we’ve got a lovely example here. We do take our cleaner, this could be anything, Lysol or any kind of dissenficant, that you would prefer. We go ahead and spray directly on to the light switch plate.

And this is safe? Yes, this is safe. Never any accidents, as far as electrical.

Then you’re just going to go ahead and scrub away. Get the little “on” and remember to flip the switch as well to get the other side. Often times we forget to clean that side. Make it sparkle!

So then we gotta do the door knob? Yes! So door knobs, again, same thing. We’ll go ahead and spray it down. You’ll use your toothbrush to get up in those crevices.

Now Jordyn, you don’t know this about me, but I am a cleaner. I love to clean! So we have that in common, but you I must say, are changing my life this morning.

Because these are things, typically, you wouldn’t really think about. We’ve been saying it all morning, “clean on the surface”, but you gotta get in there and get that grim.

One step at a time we’re getting that grim this morning live and local with Maid to Shine. We are gonna have this place sparkling by the end of the morning.

The post Spring Cleaning Tip #2| Light Switches and Door Knobs appeared first on Maid to Shine | Your Best & Local House Cleaning Colorado Springs.

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Video transcription is below:

Right now Laura McDonald is up live and local getting set to clean with Maid to Shine with tips to make sure your space is in tip-top shape for spring. Ladies, good morning Craig and Ivy I am feeling just fine because you’re looking at the newest member of Maid to Shine this morning! So I’m here with Jordyn Reece and we are cleaning, right? We’re at this house and we are getting ready to spring clean because spring it’s technically this week. It’s sprung on us! Weather might not illustrate that but hopefully we’re gonna be looking up at no more snow. That is correct. So we’re gonna talk about top to bottom cleaning right? That is correct. So we’re all about working efficiently that way you can get the best quality of work but also with the least amount of time. So a good way to do that is always to go from top to bottom anywhere in the house. Sure. So starting with any kind of fixtures, whether you’ve got fans fixtures. You may also want to check your corners for any kind of cobwebs all of that is going to be brought down and then you can continue cleaning ultimately getting it to the floor. Which is easy.

Right okay so how would we start with this? So this one you’re going to want to start as high as you can reach. Okay, you want to get up here into the little crevices here. A lot of people they don’t realize spring cleaning is also good for your health, right? That is correct, especially if you’ve got any kind of asthma or anything like that. You want to make sure you get the chains cuz those always like to collect cobwebs. Right. It is up to you whether you want to go into your little bowls here but I always at least try to get those bulbs you know kind of cleaned up there. Makes the lights brighter too? Correct, that is correct.

So moving on from there you would move to your table. Typically we will clean this with some of our disinfectant juice and kind of clean it all up but I will go ahead and just go over it with our duster here. So you would want to bring whatever you had here onto the table to the ground. You guys use all green products? Yes, so we like to make sure everything is green. Not only is it safe for you and your pets it’s safe for your furniture but it’s safe for the environment.

Jordyn’s gonna be walking us through all morning with Maid to Shine. I’ll tell you what, if you guys could see this it might look clean on the surface but there’s still dust here.

Gotta get some of that disinfected juice. Yeah, Lauren she pretends like she doesn’t like spring cleaning but we all know Lauren loves to clean, she loves crafts.

The post Spring Cleaning Tip #1 | Top to Bottom Cleaning appeared first on Maid to Shine | Your Best & Local House Cleaning Colorado Springs.

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March is here, is your home ready? Time to prep for spring. Book your spring cleaning today and get clean this season!

Spring Cleaning Is On the Way... - YouTube

keywords: cleaning, cleaning service, residential cleaning, maid, maid service, cleaning, house cleaning, best house cleaning, best house cleaning in colorado springs, house cleaning in Coloradosprings, residential maid service, residential cleaning in colorado springs, spring cleaning

The post Spring Cleaning Is Here! appeared first on Maid to Shine | Your Best & Local House Cleaning Colorado Springs.

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Maid to Shine is declaring January the month of giveaways!

If you’re interested in participating please read the guidelines below then head on over to our Facebook pages to enter (click here for Colorado Springs, click here for Denver).


-To have the chance of winning you must be an active duty police officer

-You must be within our service area to win (Colorado Springs Service Area, Denver’s Service Area)

-You must like Maid to Shine’s Facebook page and leave a comment in the comment section of the designated post

-You are welcome to nominate your friends if they are active duty police (even if you are not, you can still nominate)

-If you are chosen as a winner your cleaning must take place when Maid to Shine’s schedule has availability within the month of January

-This offer may not be traded for cash

-This cannot be combined with any other offers

We’re so excited to get started on our giveaways for the month! We can’t wait to give a nice clean home to some deserving people. Thank you!

The post Giveaway Guidelines appeared first on Maid to Shine | Your Best & Local House Cleaning Colorado Springs.

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Call now to book your cleaning for this week (12/10-12/14) and take 40% off! Book today, 719-640-3276.

Treat yourself this holiday season to a clean house. Plus, when we do the cleaning you have time to focus on the things that really matter to you!*

*Discount cannot be combined with others, but can be combined with a gift card. Cleaning must take place 12/10/18-12/14/18.

The post 40% Off First Cleaning appeared first on Maid to Shine | Your Best & Local House Cleaning Colorado Springs.

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