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Celery Juice – the Miraculous Superfood

Many people today are looking towards a more organic and natural way when healing their bodies. More and more of us are being health-conscious. There are lots of health regimens recommended by nutritionists and health experts in the market today but you may wondered which one is the best for your own personal health? You might be surprised to know that one of the most miraculous superfoods to juice is right there in your fridge right now — very accessible and readily available… and that is celery juice. Yes, you heard it right! Celery juice is one of the most potent superfoods at all time. It has an amazing ability to treat all kinds of health issues.


It’s not one to be mixed with

To optimise the health benefits of celery juice, its best to drink or consume it alone. Whilst consuming a variety of fruit and vegetable juices has become a trend nowadays and is also known for providing promising results to your health, its recommended that you drink your Celery on its own. Mixing celery juice with other vegetable or fruit juices will dilute its potency, this is because the nutrients and minerals in celery juice are more potent and easily consumed when consumed on their own.

A man called Anthony William who is well known globally as The Medical Medium started consuming this health tonic long time ago. He is also the pioneer of this celery juice movement where pure, straight celery juice is consumed on an empty stomach. It has been suggested by him that some chronic illnesses that have previously been deemed incurable can actually be relieved taking celery juice daily. Some of the remarkable health benefits associated with regular consumption of celery juice are good digestion, liver detoxification, and other significant improvements to skin conditions such as Psoriasis.

How do I make celery juice?


  • 1 large bunch of celery


  • Rinse the celery and run it through a juicer. Drink immediately for best results.
  • Alternatively, you can chop the celery and blend it in a high-speed blender until smooth. Strain well and drink immediately.
How to optimise the healing properties in your Celery Juice.


  • What is the ideal amount?

In order to provide an immunity boost to your body you need to drink the ideal or appropriate amount of it every day. If you are currently in good health and just want to maintain or wish to use Celery for prevention purposes, drinking 475ml of celery juice per day is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you are unfortunately suffering from chronic disease and its symptoms, 710ml to 950ml of celery juice is needed every day to benefit from its healing properties.

  • When is the ideal time to drink?

To fully enjoy the health benefits offered by celery juice, you need to drink celery juice is early in the morning with your stomach empty. But if you are doing water therapy or having a lemon juice routine early in the morning also with an empty stomach, it is best to consume your celery juice 15 or 30 minutes after doing either of those routines. Since celery juice is not a source of energy or a caloric drink, eating your breakfast 15 to 30 minutes after consuming celery juice is highly advisable to increase in your energy levels in order to boost your energy for the entire day. If you were unable to drink your celery early in the morning, the second option to have it is 15 to 30 minutes after a light snack or 30 to 60 minutes after a having a heavy meal.


Frequently Ask Questions About Celery Juice


  • Does celery juice have to be organic?

Everything that is organic is still the best option when it comes to overall benefits, but if there is no other means for you to obtain organically cultivated celery, having a conventionally grown one is still ok. All you have to do is to thoroughly wash the stalk with a drop of natural fragrance-free dish soap, then rinse them well with water. In the absence of natural clear dish soap, another option is to rinse celery with warm water. However make sure that each every single stalk is washed properly before you begin juicing.

  •  Can I make celery juice ahead of time? 

Consuming your celery juice right away after juicing will deliver the best results, it will give you the chance to enjoy its freshness straight from the juicer. But if you don’t have the chance to do so its ok, just do not let it go past 24 hours before you consume. If you opt to drink it using this option, make sure to seal it in a glass jar, and store in the fridge.

  • Do I need to cut off the leaves of the celery as they taste bitter? 

It depends upon your preference. Some people don’t like their juice a little bitter so they cut the celery off but others want to leave them on.

  • Can I freeze celery juice, and make batches ahead of time? 

Consuming celery juice when still fresh is still the best option to make while juicing. This is because celery juice’s potent medicinal properties are at its optimum when fresh. But if you cannot consume it right away after juicing, and you have space in the freezer then this is ok but this should not be relied on, you will see some slight deterioration celery juice so miss out on the wonderful benefits of fresh juice. And it is because at freezing will decrease the nutritional content of the juice.

  • Can I chop and wash celery the night before so its ready to juice in the morning?

Yes, chopping and washing celery the night before gives you ample time to prepare for the next morning. It will speed up your juicing the next morning because your ingredients are now ready to go. If you are using a slow juicer then ensure you cut your celery very small to avoid clogging.

  • What if I can’t stand the taste of pure celery juice?

If you can’t stand the taste of pure celery juice for the reason that it is too strong or unpleasant to your taste bud, you can temporarily do a trick to solve this problem. The aim is to train your taste buds in order to adjust to pure celery’s taste. Just add one cucumber and/or one apple with the celery until you will get used to that flavour. You will soon start to appreciate the taste of pure celery alone, keep increasing the ratio of celery every time you prepare your juice.

  • Is it ok to mix my celery juice with lemon or lime?

Celery juice as a stand-alone juice works at its optimum when taken on its own. Mixing it with other ingredients decrease its efficiency and lessen its healing properties. Waiting for 15- 30 minutes after drinking celery juice before consuming anything else is advised in order to fully benefit from its medicinal qualities.

  • Can I just eat celery instead of juicing it?

Incorporating celery to your diet is very beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly you get to benefit from its health properties, but it is now said that nothing can be better for your body than consuming it in a juice. Juicing celery removes the pulp (fibre) and is the most ideal way to soak your organs in its wonderful nutrients without using energy in order to break it down. One of the amazing benefits you will receive is from the concentrated cluster salts that will help you with the following:

  1. Rebuilds your hydrochloric acid faster. Having enough hydrochloric acid is vital to get rid of pathogens entering the mouth. It is also responsible in breaking down proteins properly to help prevent gut rot which is cause by proteins which are not properly break down.
  2. Celery Juice increases and strengthens your bile. Strong bile is important for the break down fats, and for the killing off pathogens that have made their way into your body. Eating straight celery wouldn’t allow you to get enough of celery’s cluster salts which perform like an antiseptic for pathogens.
  3. Restores and boost your central nervous system by eradicating toxins and poisons from your liver.
  • Is celery juice safe for pregnant women?

Yes, absolutely! Since celery juice is natural, it is always safe and healthy for pregnant women. But if you have any health concerns or questions, you can talk to your doctor/physician.

  •  Is it ok to add ice to my celery juice?

It’s not advisable to add ice to your celery juice because it will dilute the medicinal properties of the celery juice.

  •  Is it normal to experience a change in bowel movements after drinking celery juice?

If you have high levels of toxins in the body, you are most likely to experience a change in bowel movement upon starting celery juice routine due to the fact that celery juice is so effective in flushing out toxins in the body, resulting in loose stools. There is nothing to worry if you are experiencing the same while drinking your celery juice because this phenomenon is perfectly normal. Aside from getting rid of those harmful toxins, celery juice is also very effective in killing unproductive bacteria in the gut. It also helps in cleansing the liver as drinking celery juice’s natural sodium content raises stomach acid. As we know, stomach acid is vital for digestion. It breaks down food, especially protein. If the level of your stomach acid is lowered or decreased, it may cause digestive dysfunction that may lead also to liver backlog. But this symptom, loose stools, will not stay forever. As your body heals, you will also notice a remarkable improvement on your digestive function and it is manifested in your bowel movements; they are becoming normal and more regular.

  • Will I experience an increase in symptoms after drinking celery juice?

Celery, as a miraculous superfood, is very healing and widely known for its amazing capability to kill pathogens like viruses and bacteria. This is because of its undiscovered sodium cluster salts that it contains. Viruses such as Epstein-Barr and Shingles and Streptococcus bacteria are the ones commonly killed by celery juice. But the healing process may differ as per individual. For example, if a particular person is already experiencing an on and off symptoms such as extreme tiredness or fatigue, he is most likely to continue experiencing this symptom until the body has already totally recovered. Because the body heals and cleans up quickly with the help of celery juice, these symptoms will be short and brief, therefore temporary. Yes, celery juice can offer potent healing benefits for a healthier you.

  • Is it normal to get bloated after drinking celery juice?

No, drinking Celery usually eases bloating, heartburn, indigestion and other digestion-related problem. But if a person often experiences bloating before having celery juice routine, it is possible that they will continue to experience bloating but that should just be temporary.

Celery contains compounds commonly found in anti-inflammatory herbs and spices called Apigenin and Quercetin. These compounds have been proven to induce gastric relaxation. In other words, it smoothens or speeds up digestion. In addition, celery juice is also responsible in prompting the liver to increase the production of bile and instantly strengthening the production hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Hydrochloric acid breaks down old undigested rotting protein and even old rancid fats deposited at the bottom of the stomach and in the small intestinal tract for a considerably long period. The moment these trapped fats and proteins were dissolved thoroughly, bloating will come to an end.

Even though celery juice is really great in improving proper digestion and can help eliminate bloating, still you have to seek medical advice from your doctor if you’re dealing with gut imbalances. That is to avoid more serious illness.

  •  What if I am experiencing stomach pain or upset after consuming celery juice? What might be the cause?

Stomach sensitivity can be one of the causes of stomach pain during consumption of celery juice. The vagus, which is considered to be the longest cranial nerve, stimulates an involuntary contraction on the intestines, digestive tract and other organs to help the digestive system function properly. It allows the food to move smoothly on the tract and helps the stomach to function properly. But there are instances that the vagus nerve malfunctions due to low-grade viral infections such as Shingles and the Epstein Barr, creating a lot of neurotoxins that can mildly inflame the vagus nerve. So, consuming celery juice is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of those neurotoxins from the tiny nerve endings in the stomach lining, causing a gentle reaction. And in other cases, if the stomach is filled with bacteria such as E. Coli, Streptococcus and H. Pylori, celery juice has the capability to kill that bacteria, leaving a temporary pain to your stomach.

  • Is there anything that can be added to celery juice to make it more beneficial?

Celery juice, as what we know, is self-sufficient. It is a stand-alone juice, thus powerful on its own. Widely known for its healing benefits, more and more started incorporating celery juice in their health regimen. It is used globally and will continue to be used in healing chronic diseases worldwide.

  • Can breastfeeding women drink celery juice?

Celery juice is ideal for breastfeeding women because is a great source of trace minerals and vitamin C. It also contains neurotransmitter chemicals including the undiscovered sodium cluster salts. This makes the celery juice beneficial for the baby’s overall development. It will keep the baby’s organs healthy and strong. Celery juice also facilitates in the detoxification and purification of breast milk, giving the baby the purest breast milk possible.

  • Can babies and children drink celery juice?

Yes, they can, since celery juice gives extraordinary health benefits for them. It is essential for their overall health and development.

  • How long does it take to feel the benefits of drinking celery juice?

It will vary per individual. Since there are various factors that may affect the person’s health conditions, there are variations in the healing process per person. With the right procedure, amount and time in drinking celery juice, we can fully benefit from fresh celery juice’s healing properties even in the first week of drinking. Some people will experience a improved feeling right after their first consumption. One’s health conditions and lifestyle are among the most common factors that may affect the length of recovery. The amount of toxic or poisons and different pathogens found in the liver such as toxic heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, herbicides and others can also slow down the healing process. In addition, cases in which someone’s intestinal tract are full of bacteria like streptococcus, is experiencing weight issues, or having a lot of putrefied and rancid fats in their colon are other factors that can adversely affect the healing process.

In this information era in which you can do everything in just a one click, stress is becoming more common. Because of the advent of technology, we have access to different information that often will could stress us out. Add that to the stress that we feel due to work-related or family problems and it can often create further complications that can lead to delays in a person experiencing the medicinal benefit of celery juice.

Even if the benefits seem distant, don’t give up. It really takes time to heal everything. Even though the benefits are not yet apparent, it is important to continue as you will benefit from it fully in due time. Remember that your system is still in its recovery stage. Having no tangible evidence doesn’t mean that it’s not working.

  • Is there too much sodium in celery juice?

Celery is a great kitchen staple because of its natural sodium content. It a great addition to soups and stews because it provides savory flavor without the addition of too much salt. It is also a great crunch and salty bite to chicken salads and tuna. From roasted to boiled or raw recipes, celery is an important kitchen staple to have on hand. But does it mean that juiced celery contains too much sodium to the extent that it is no longer healthy for the body? The answer is a big NO.

If you are told that there’s too much sodium or salt in celery juice, then consider this. The sodium cluster salts found in celery juice is great in supporting natural healing. In fact scientific research previously conducted has not even unveiled all the trace minerals and subgroups of sodium contained by celery juice. These sodium cluster salts are needed by our body for natural healing processes and we can’t get have enough of them by just adding celery in our favorite recipes. We need the right amount of it to fully reap its benefit. Taking in 450ml glasses of celery juice daily is the ideal amount that offers outstanding results. It will give as the chance to get this sodium cluster salts our body needs.

Celery juice contains medicinal sodium responsible for destroying pathogens. It also helps in maintaining a healthy immunity by detoxifying the body and restoring electrolytes and neurotransmitter chemicals. This amazing sodium is called sodium cluster salts. It is meant for our bloodstream and body to remain healthy and even heal ourselves from chronic diseases. In fact, even consuming the highest quality salts will not provide us the same medicinal benefits that sodium cluster salts can offer in our body.

  • Can I juice celery root instead of celery?

No, juicing celery root will not provide you the same healing benefits that only celery juice can provide.


Which juicer do we recommend?

Love Your Health Australia is committed to offering the best range of Juicers in Australia. Some juicers are better at making Celery juice than others however. With that in mind we suggest the following:


Omega NC902HDC Nutrition Centre 

The very same juicer recommended by Anthony William. This machine from Omega is fabulous when it comes to making Celery juice.

  • An all-rounder machine for all your needs and allows you to be as creative as you can
  • Performs quietly even in high power
  • Has a large feed tube which means lesser cutting time before juicing
  • Has 5 settings for different types of food to maximise juice volume output
  • Features continuous juicing and pulp expulsion
Omega J8227 (Silver) Cold Press Juicer

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Drinking water is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to improve your health.

Perhaps you are already doing that and if so then great! However, are you aware of the benefits of drinking Alkaline water?

Based on studies, drinking alkaline water not just improves our overall health but may also assists in curing various diseases. It has been proven also by several studies that alkaline water has a positive impact on the body as a whole. Among these top benefits are:

1: Alkaline Water serves as a potent antioxidant

Free radicals are harmful groups of atoms that ruin the immune system, damaging our body in general. These are among the main causes of various health problems. This is because when our immune system is compromised, infection and different types of diseases ranging from minor illnesses to serious degenerative diseases may occur.

Environmental pollution, common household products and cigarette smoke are some of the common sources of free radicals. To efficiently combat these free radicals, the body needs a full-strength source of anti-oxidants and one source is alkaline water.

And since alkaline water is in liquid form, it is easier for your body to absorb. This leads to a better result compared with most products and capsules available over the counter. In other words, by just drinking alkaline water, it may help protect your body from many different diseases that lead se serious health issues.

2: Assist in balancing the pH levels of the body

Maintaining the acid-alkaline balance of the body is quiet challenging yet a very important factor to consider in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is extremely vital to maintain the proper functioning of almost all systems in the body. Unfortunately, if your body is already over acidic, your system will be stress in maintaining that balance your body requires for optimum health. Ultimately, over acidity can adversely affect the cell activities in your body. Today’s modern diet that often consists of processed fatty foods such as Red meat, butter and cheese cause acidity levels to soar. Bad habits like drinking carbonated drinks, alcohol and coffee; smoking; and consuming processed sugar can lead to excess acid waste deposits building up in your body.

One way to prevent this undesirable situation is drinking alkaline water. It primarily works as a preventive measure but also helps in expediting the healing process. Its neutralizing capacity is so potent that really works even if you are already acidic.

3: Alkaline water promotes better hydration

There are a lot of science-backed reasons why we should always stay hydrated. Among these benefits are hydration facilitates memory and even optimize brain function, improves overall physical performance, and help prevent headaches and migraine. Therefore, it is vital to consider hydration as one of our health goals.

Alkaline water works better than tap water when it comes to hydration. Alkaline water, due to its smaller molecular content, making it absorption easier, promotes better and faster hydration. It also contains a variety of naturally ionised minerals that can assist efficient blood circulation.

4: Helps in detoxifying the body

Detoxification is one of the most important health regimens for a better health. It includes nourishing, cleansing and reviving your body. It focuses on cleansing your system and getting rid of various toxins that may ruin your health in the long run. Hydrating is the easiest, most affordable way to detoxify. Yes, drinking plenty of water every day can wash away toxins in our body that have been accumulated from the food you eat. These toxins, if retained in the body, may cause various illnesses. Thus, if you are thinking of detoxifying, start by drinking plenty of alkaline water every day.

As a foundation of detoxification, drinking sufficient amount of water is very important. Thus, experts stress the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water every day as a starting point. Of course, we can’t disregard the fact that eating a healthy diet composed of lots of fruits and vegetables is also vital.

To optimise the result of your detoxification program, it is important that the water you’re taking is 100% free from contamination or impurities. That’s why several detox experts advise purchasing an alkaline water machine or water filter to ensure safety. How could you possibly cleanse your system if the water you’re taking in to detoxify is contaminated?

5: Drinking alkaline water can boost the immune system

In order to guard ourselves against various illnesses, we have to boost our natural defence system and that can be done through drinking alkaline water. Our immune system plays a vital role in fighting against foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases. It can be done through proper hydration with alkaline water. It will naturally neutralise the free radicals in the body and help to cleanse the body from toxins. To top it all, drinking alkaline water regularly can significantly boost one’s immune system.

6: Can help you achieve your weight goals

Are you looking for ways to lose weight naturally without spending too much of your resources? We have good news for you!

Today’s diets are usually unhealthy or health-destructing. Eating junk foods is one of the most common unhealthy diets, which increases acid. To neutralise the acid, the body produces more fat cells that in turn resulted in unwanted weight gain. The good news is drinking alkaline water can naturally neutralise these acids and prevent them from ruining your system. In other words, if you drink alkaline water regularly, you can prevent unwanted fats from forming thus avoids gaining unwanted fats.

Drinking alkaline water significantly helps in weight loss because fat storage is reduced. A body that has a healthy level of alkaline loses weight easier than a body with a high level of acidity.

Indeed, alkaline water is very helpful in solving weight problems.

7: Can prevent the development of diabetes and cure psoriasis

A study released by Dr. Theodore Baroody talks about the significant relationship between alkaline water and sugar intake. His book entitled Alkalize or Die stated that the pancreas is highly dependent on a correct alkaline diet for it to produce digestive enzymes and sodium bicarbonate. All aspects of pancreatic function reduce excess acidity. It also added that maintaining a primary alkaline-forming diet is essential to achieve blood sugar balance. So, if the pancreas is healthy, it will function the way it should which is to regulate blood sugar balance which in turn provides energy in the body. One case that proves that drinking alkaline water has been used for treating diabetes was the one reported in Japan. Keijiro Kuwabara, a doctor, has been using alkaline water in treating diabetes for years now. According to him, even just a month of alkaline water intake could significantly lower blood sugar level. All other studies around the globe also help in proving this claim.

Skin improvements

On the other hand, alkaline water can also help in curing psoriasis, a chronic skin disease that is caused by quick skin cell life cycle. It is incurable but you can lessen its symptoms that include patches on the face, neck, and legs; scaling skin; and dry, cracked skin that may bleed. But symptoms may vary per person. One proven way to assist curing psoriasis using alkaline water is to directly apply it to the affected areas. Drinking enough amount of alkaline water can also help in hydrating and neutralising the skin to reduce the signs or symptoms of psoriasis.


Why invest in an alkaline water machine today?

If you are aiming to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve your health goals in no time with less cost, all you need to do is invest on alkaline water machine. If you want to opt for a one-time investment and save money from buying bottled water every day; then, this is the best decision you could ever make. Why not enjoy lifetime access to the various health benefits that come by drinking alkaline water?

Here at Love Your Health Australia, we personally care for your health and want to offer you quality products that do exactly what they claim.

Your health is our top priority, so we bring to offer the most trusted brands of alkaline water machine and filters you can easily choose from.

Waters Co – BMP 1100 11L Bench Top Alkaline Water Filter
  • The 13 stage filtration and activation eliminates residue, sediment, copper, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, heavy metals and pesticides from your water.
  • Adds 60 natural minerals, negative ions and Ki (Chi or life force) into your water
  • Easy to use, convenient, environment and eco-friendly
  • Long lasting filter cartridges

Waters Co – BMP 500 5.25L Bench Top Alkaline Water Filter
  • Filters out fluoride, chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, other chemicals, and bad odours
  • MineraliSes, alkalinises, ioniSes, and magnetiSes ordinary tap water
  • Easy to use, compact and lightweight
  • BPA-free, environment and eco-friendly
  • Long Filter Life

Waters Co – Mini BMP Waterman 600ml in Black
  • Activated coconut shell carbon bonded with silver reduces impurities – chlorine, heavy metals & bacteria.
  • Up to 99.9% Fluoride removal using activated nano carbon
  • Quickly re-mineralises tap water with alkaline mineral cartridge
  • Portable for hiking, sports, travel, in flight, gym, camping, school and work
  • Compact size, lightweight – no electricity or tap connection required
  • Clean, fresh tasting water

Waters Co BIO 1000 Black Edition 10 Litre Bench Top Water Filter
  • Guarantees a 99% fluoride reduction in water
  • The 10-L capacity can last you up to 5 years of 250 liters a month of use
  • The multi-stage filtration and activation eliminates residue, sediment, bacteria, copper element, chlorine, fluoride, and bacteria
  • Adds 60 natural minerals, anions, and Ki (Chi) to the water
  • Long lasting

Waters Co AcePot Bio+ Water Filter Jug – 1.9l
  • Fits perfectly in the fridge.
  • Filter included removes Fluoride and other Impurities whilst turning water Alkaline
  • Leaves clean, pure tasting energised water
  • Removes the need to buy mineral water
  • BPA free jug
  • Filter lasts up to 2 years or 4800 Litres and can be replaced here at Love Your Health







The post 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Alkaline Water appeared first on Love Your Health.

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The team here at Love Your Health Australia have been working with and using our Food Dehydrator for over 10 years and we have seen many benefits.

Our Children love dehydrated snacks as do we, we see it as a hassle free, clean and fun way to give our family so vital extra nutrients, particularly from food that may otherwise end up in the waste bin.

Food dehydration is one of the oldest and safest methods of food preservation but maybe you’ve often wondered if eating dehydrated foods, it is actually beneficial to your health.


Well we are positive that it is and here are our 5 few reasons why:


1. You can make 100% natural and healthy food: absolutely preservative and chemical free

In the modern world where almost everything is instant, it is very unlikely to maintain a healthy lifestyle because we are surrounded by highly commercialised commodities. Our lives are literally becoming “instant” and we don’t give enough thought to our food choice.

Many of our foods contain chemicals you will never have heard of and numerous preservatives in our commercially processed food are being absorbed every day. So much of our food is altered and preserved, posing an adverse effect to our bodies which cannot work out what to do with this foreign substance which starts with a 142XXX

Dehydrating will change your perspective on food. Aside from being economical since it requires only one ingredient which is the food of your choice, it will give you 100% natural and healthy food. Unlike cooking and steaming which may result in a reduction of food’s nutritional content, food dehydration preserves the original vitamin and mineral content as well as the natural enzymes of foods.

Next time you clean out the moldy food at the bottom of the Fridge or Fruit bowl imagine those fruits and vegetables heading towards the green compostable bag could have transformed into tasty and all-natural snacks and treats which are healthy substitutes to nasty junk foods.

Based on a scientific study mentioned in the Journal of American College of Nutrition in 2005, most dried fruits are found to have a higher antioxidant content when compared to their fresh version which is pretty amazing.

Here are some examples of items that can be dehydrated into a tasty and healthy snack:

  • Fruit Snacks made from apples, pears, prunes, bananas, oranges, or lemons or commonly known as dried fruits
  • Dehydrated vegetables or veggie chips from kale, carrots, green beans, zucchini, or sweet potatoes
  • Jerky from beef, salmon, chicken, or lamb
  • The beef jerky’s fruit version or fruit leathers made from pureed dried fruits
  • Dehydrated or sun-dried tomatoes
  • Granola and crispy nuts and seeds
  • Raw crackers or breads
  • Meals that can be rehydrated later
  • Dehydrated or dried herbs and flowers
2. Reduces waste and saves money and other resources

Have you tried of buying food in bulk in order to save money? Things like fruits and vegetables are often cheaper when bought in larger quantities but often you end up wasting heaps because you were not able to consume them before they started to go off.

We have all been there, your heart sinks the moment the bin lid opens and you see both your health and money end up in the trash can again. You worked hard for that food, the intention to save has cost you more than you expected and you have thrown out food that should have been eaten. What a Waste!

Next time you are here just think of it for a moment, if you have your own food dehydrator at home, you have all the freedom to dehydrate anything that you do not intend to eat this week therefore preserving and extending its shelf life and saving money, food and your time whilst reducing landfill.

Along with this don’t you just hate it when your favourite fruits and veggies are out of season and the price goes through the roof?

With a Food Dehydrator you can purchase in bulk whilst your favs are in season, eat what you want and dehydrate the rest storing them for those times when the price goes through the roof and chuckle away to yourself at the queue of people in the Supermarket who are paying through the nose for the same produce.

3. Easy storage and safe preservation

As food dehydration is a natural way to preserve your goodies, the benefits are actually doubled. By dehydrating you are removing the moisture in your food. This causes the item to shrink in size which when storing means you can actually hold more in a smaller container.

This removal of moisture is actually what makes your food last longer as bacteria requires moisture to grow which then causes the spoiling (rotting) of your food. Amazingly dehydrating your food removes moisture but leaves the essential vitamins and minerals and other nutrients behind so you get a nutrient dense healthy food that lasts for a lot longer than it normally would.

4. A perfect option Vegans, Coeliacs or those with other special dietary requirements

Our daughter Lissy was recently diagnosed with Coeliac disease at just 3 years old. The poor little girl had been complaining about feeling unwell for a while and at first we just put it down to her not wanting to go to daycare.

Now all 4 of us are turning to a Gluten Free diet and it really makes a difference. Our days of dining out and allowing the girls to eat healthy snacks from the packet are over. So much of what we eat is processed or packaged on a line that also handles wheat that we cannot take the risk.

When you dehydrate your food, you are in control. You can be reassured that the items you are giving your family are safe for them to consume and it makes picnics or lunch boxes a much easy task to.

Aside from making dried foods at your convenience, there are a lot of ways you can benefit from your dehydrator. You can start making homemade items such as herbal teas, dried herbs, Potpourri and dried flowers, fire starters and dog treats. So, you will not just improve your total health and wellbeing but you also have the opportunity to improve you home craft skills.

5. Convenience and portability

Do you travel frequently?

It can be pretty inconvenient to try and eat healthily whilst travelling. On the go snack food is becoming more popular by the week as brands all fight for your hard-earned dollars. Here is another issue that dehydrating your food will solve. Not only will it save you spending your money on food that we really shouldn’t allow to enter our bodies it will also save you time and money with a simple bit of preparation.

Dehydrated snacks are perfect for travellers, hikers, those with a love of the outdoors and remember with no moisture you get less mess.

So when the kids are screaming in the back of the car don’t pull over to the next Fast Food outlet, reach for that Tupperware box in your bag that has the dehydrated mangoes instead.

Why start dehydrating today?

So there are 5 great examples of how a Food Dehydrator can improve your life. The next step is to make a wise decision and invest in a food dehydrator for yourself and for the entire family. This small investment that will pay for itself over time as you stop throwing out food due that has passed its use by date.

The benefits of having dehydrator are huge, the team at Love Your Health Australia is always here to help you along the way to a healthier journey.

We have chosen to offer the worlds best Healthy Kitchen appliances that are trusted worldwide.

The Excalibur brand has firmly established its exceptional reputation in producing cutting-edge dehydrators. If you’re looking for high-end, cost-effective dehydrators that give back more than your money’s worth, Excalibur dehydrators are what you are looking for!


Here some of the dehydrators that you will surely love: 1. Excalibur 4926T – 9 Tray Food Dehydrator with Timer in Black
  • Perfect for dehydrating fruits, veggies, meats, yoghurt and more
  • On board 26 hour timer so you can set and forget
  • Thermostatic control from 41ºC to 74ºC (105ºF – 165ºF) for safe drying
  • BPA Free
  • Large tray space for heaps of food
  • Removable trays
  • Horizontal-airflow drying system for guaranteed results
  • Made in the USA
 2. Excalibur 9-Tray Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator D902CDSHD (Clear Door)
  • Durable stainless steel trays and exterior case and effective strong polycarbonate inner walls
  • Parallex system and Hyperwave Fluctuation technology guarantees an even, faster and better quality dried foods.
  • Shelf-life, nutritive and taste quality of the foods are not compromised.
  • Safe, easy to use and clean
  • Economic and environment-friendly
  • Made in USA
3. Excalibur 5-Tray Digital Dehydrator 4548CDB – With Recipe Guide Book
  • Designed with bigger families, gardeners and DIY people in mind.
  • The Hyperwave Fluctuation and Parallexx technology together guarantee an evenly and perfectly dried ingredient.
  • Large Drying space for a larger volume of dried produce
  • Free Preserve it Naturally Book worth $39
  • Ensures a nutritious, delicious, and safe food for the whole family to enjoy
  • Safe, easy to use and clean, economical and environment-friendly
  • Made in the USA


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