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How to throw a fabulous minion party

These cute goggled yellow marshmallow looking men originating from the movie Despicable Me have become a popular little mascot. They make for a fun blue and yellow coloured party theme.

Party Décor:

Make minion cups with yellow party cups by glueing googly eyes onto the cups and drawing hair and a mouth on them.

Get blue or yellow plastic cutlery and place on opposite colour blue or yellow table cloth. Find dishes that are blue and yellow. Black as a 3rd colour can also be added. Alternatively use a white table cloth – this will also make the yellow and blue accent colour pop.

Blue and yellow streamers / balloons can be hung up all over the place. Especially cool if you alternate the colours which can create a nice backdrop for a food or gift table.

Yellow Paper Plates crafted with googly eyes and black strip paper to make Minion faces stuck on the wall.

party invites
  • Assemble the Minions, Reegan is turning 7.

Reegans Lab: Address

A great DIY Party Invite sourced here:


party food:
  • Yellow and Blue jelly beans in a glass dish – also makes for a great décor centre piece.
  • Dipped Marshmallow in yellow coloured chocolate
  • Blue Energade bottles with minions printed labels
  • Blue Suckers and Fizzers
  • Yellow and Blue Macaroons
  • Fruit: Bananas, Pineapple, Blueberries
party packs and favours

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Pamper Party theme idea

The ultimate girls fantasy of being spoilt and pampered for her birthday. Great thing about this theme is that it can be tailored for any age be it a 3 year old all the way to a Teen.

Not only is it versatile in age but also in terms of incorporating a few different themes into it. Whether you do a winter wonderland using the frozen theme or a runway photoshoot incorporated theme it will all work great towards throwing the ultimate pamper party for the special lady.

One thing to consider with this theme however is that it is best suited for a small gathering of friends. Keep it under 10 girls. Also, if they will be sleeping over one needs to consider the availability of space. Also the smaller the number with this theme the better for the pampering part. The TeePee tents are such a hit for sleep over options. I think these always look really cool.

There are loads of mobile pamper party providers that bring everything to you and will help with décor and even the food.

However here are some ideas to get the ideas flowing if you are the diy type.

Colour scheme & Décor

There can be various shades of pink and other soft colours. However a great mix of pink and black balloons also works wonders.

Have soothing music playing in the background.

You can set up various pamper stations for activities. There can be “tatoo parlour” – using glitter tattoos, a “foot-spa” section, a “nail bar”and a “make-up” station. If you don’t have a great pamper party organiser to help, make sure to get a few of the moms to stay for the party to be the beautician helpers.

A red carpet will make the girls feel extra special. If you are using a photo-shoot type theme then once the girls are all pampered and make up done they can then walk the red carpet. Hire a photographer for this and create an awesome photo-shoot. The photos can then also be used as part of the thank you gift. click here for listings of fabulous photographers.

A dress up corner with feather boas, heel shoes, hats, jewelery and dresses will add a great touch to the red carpet theme.

Other Décor Ideas:

  • Chinese Lanterns
  • Candles
  • Fairy Lights

Pamper Party Games:

  • Spin the Nail Polish – Place various colours of nail polish in a circle. Using a nail polish bottle or appropriate bottle for spinning. Have a girl give it a spin and which ever colour it points to they need to pain one finger or toe nail in that colour. Continue until all nails are done. 


Wording can be:

Manicures & Pedicures with Sparkles Galore

These are the things we most adore

Lets get pampered and celebrate!

You’re invited to a party that’s sure to be fun

We’re getting our hair, nails and make-up done!

Manicures, Pedicures and Facials Galore

What a fun day we have in Store

Manicures, Pedicures and Facials Galore

What more can a girl ask for

  • shower sponges,
  • small soaps and creams,
  • face cloths,
  • nail polish,
  • nail files,
  • bath bombs
  • Lip Gloss
  • Hair Accessories

You can ask the guests to each bring their own gown and slippers (sometime these can be provided by the pamper provider that you use). Or as part of the gift pack one can get cheaper bath slippers from the crazy stores.

food and drinks:
  • When guests arrive you can serve mocktails or non-alcoholic pink champagne.
  • Jugs of flavoured water with lemon, cucumber or strawberries.
  • Pink & White giant marshmallows in a bowl or large vase (great as décor too)
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Chocolate dipped marshmallows
  • Chocolate Fountain with various fruit
  • Finger sandwiches (high tea style)
  • Hot Chocolate for the Sleepover
  • Pink and White Candy Floss
  • Fruit Kebab Platters
  • Decorate your own cupcake station
  • Veggie & Dip or Crackers & Cheese

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Having fun with construction

Most Little boys love building things so what better way to indulge in this by creating an amazing Construction Themed Party.

This Orange, Yellow, Brown, Black and even some red bonanza can be quite exciting to set up. I’ve come across some awesome party set ups and ideas from our listings. These are sure to get your juices flowing and ideas rumbling in. This theme can also be done with Bob The Builder Party.

The Construction Theme is timeless and can be set up with a limited budget.

We’ve put together a few great ideas and photo gallery from providers / venues that have had construction parties. Remember that just because a provider / venue might not be listed within the post for the construction party it does not mean that they are unable to do the theme. Make sure to ask the venue of choice or one of the amazing party providers.


Invitation can say something like:

– Grab your Hard Hat and come to [name] Construction Zone –

– Join the Crew for loads of fun –

party decor

The colour scheme will consist of: Yellow / Orange / Black / Brown and even Red.

You can print out little construction type pictures and stick them onto toothpicks or straws and use them around the table as part of the décor. Get a black table cloth and edge it with a caution yellow tape.

Labels for various stations can be:

– Gift Table: “Dump gifts Here” –

You can create a banner or write on a chalk board to go at the entrance of the party:

– “You are now entering the Construction Zone Area” –

– “Party Under Construction” –

party food

Sweets and Food can be served in large Dump Trucks or Excavators or even Hard Hats – great way of gifting these to your child afterwards too or even use them as party favours.

Wording to use for the food table can be: “Dig In” and “Refuelling Station” can be for the drinks table.

Have a “Build – a – Burger” station.

Cheese Balls can be labelled as “Wrecking Balls”

Whispers become: “Pepples”

Chicken or Fish Fingers: “Building Bricks”

Chocolate Wafer Biscuits or Chocolate Brownies: “Boulders”

Apple Juice: “Diesel”

Lemonade: “Gas”

Plastic Knives and Forks in a container: “Tools”

Chocolate Fingers: “Logs”

Vanilla Wafer Cookies: “Lumber”

Rice Krispie Treat dipped in orange or yellow coloured chocolate: “Wet Paint”

Liquorice Sticks: “Rope”

Chocolate covered oreos: “Truck Tyres”

If you adding juice or water into a big canister / dispenser: “Crew Punch” especially great if the jug is Orange of course.

party games and party favours

For party games / activities you can create work stations in the sandpit: “Digging Area” – use lego blocks for a “Building Area” or have a cardboard box tunnel. A Sand quarry if space permits. A toy hammer and nail station or have toothpicks and marshmallows bridge building station. These are all sure ways of keeping the kids entertained and busy constructing things. You can even have a cardboard house for kids to paint and make additions to.

Party Favours can include Hard Hats / Vests / Small Toolsets or use these as part of the games give-aways.

Or a bag with a miniature digger, small yellow spade and a mix of yellow/brown/orange smarties tied together with a note saying: “I Dig You!” or you can add a note saying: “Thanks for being part of my Crew” or “I hope you dug my party”

A bag of chocolate coins with a note: “Days Wages”

Make sure to follow our Construction Party Theme Board on Pinterest for more ideas.

Have fun constructing your next party with your crew!

If you would like to receive an awesome party planning template please complete your details and opt into our newsletter:


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It’s been blogged and posted about a lot but herewith my version of the best tips n tricks I have come across for planning a party.

Main questions to ask when having a party:

  1. What is the date?
  2. How many people to invite?
  3. Where will the party be held?
  4. What is the budget?
  5. What entertainment will be needed e.g. music, clowns, jumping castle etc

Planning a kid’s birthday party may seem like a stressful occasion but it doesn’t have to be.

The first place to start when planning your child’s special day is to:

  • See how many people you are going to invite – this will also more than likely be a factor to determine where the party will be held.
  • Pick out a theme – this will form the base for the party and tie everything together. This will mostly be determined by what the child is currently into.
  • Find a party venue if you are not going to be hosting the party at your house.
  • Pick a date on your calendar
  • Make a list of people to invite and send out the invitations once the venue and date have been confirmed.
  • Plan your menu and drinks
  • Create the shopping list for the party
  • Plan the cooking schedule if you are making any items yourself, alternatively make sure to order the required platters, birthday cake etc with the relevant party provider.
  • Make sure to have a list together of the equipment you will need to take with you of all the items that the party venue may not have or provide.

Other options to consider that may be harder when planning the party is what type of activities there will be at the party. Keeping the kids entertained & the parents relaxed is the key to a successful birthday celebration. When the kids are entertained then the parents will also enjoy the party without having to run around their children. Sometimes all children need is a sand pile & a jumping castle and this will keep them occupied for hours, other times especially for older children it may require a little more thought.

The time of year the party is held also influences a great deal on the type of celebration you will have. We all know that the winter months are not very easy. The possibility of it being too cold and/or rainy for an outside party is highly likely. So, what do you do? There are quite a number of venues offering indoor party options. This is a great time to re-introduce those fantastic party games. I remember as a child playing all these fun party games i.e. pass the parcel, musical chairs, egg spoon races, pin the donkey’s tail etc, going home happy and having had loads of fun. There certainly are so many variations to these games now that you certainly will find something. A lot of these games could even be “taylor-made” to suit your party theme. Make sure to have a list of games ready as kids can go through the games in a hurry.

Summer months are easier as anything outdoors gives more options. There are a lot of venues that have a swimming pool which will be a great way for kids to have fun. Safety of course is always an issue when having a swimming party so it may always be a good idea to hire a lifeguard or even a post matric student who has lifeguarding experience to help on the day.

What ever the celebration there are always loads of things to do and to think about when organising the party.

May your next party planning be a little easier with the template.

Don’t forget once the party is over – send out thank you notes / messages!

I’ve set up an awesome downloadable party guide template to use for organising your next event. The template is in excel format and includes sheets for guest list / rsvp list, budget planner, to do list / check list with final check list and guest list sheets etc.


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School holidays are here …..

We’ve put together a list of places to visit, holiday camps / activities and general things to do with kids during the school holidays in and around Cape Town.

kidz get wild holiday camp

When: 18 – 23 December 2018

Our holiday camps are set in Waterval Nature Reserve just over an hour outside of Cape Town.

view more
canvas club holiday club – tamboerskloof, somerset west, durbanville and bellville

When: 13 – 21 December

Canvas Club takes arts & crafts to the next level. We use a wide variety of materials to take the children aged 18 months to 13 on a magical creative journey of building explosively awesome crafts such as rockets, robots, fairy wings, musical instruments and many more! Let your children express themselves at our exciting, creative, messy and colorful holiday club

view more
summer glice rink – cape gate shopping centre

Bring the kids down to the centre over the Festive season to enjoy some neon skating fun!

Capegate will be host to a mini artificial ice skating rink, which is very much like the real thing. The rink is most suitable for kids between the ages of 5 – 12 years old and open every day from 24 November – 13 January, except Christmas day.

view more
paw patrol celebrates christmas – de ville centre durbanville

Paw Patrol Celebrates Christmas
Join us from 19 to 21 Dec for various fun activities at the centre!

view more
pop up theatre – kidz carnival – imaginarium muizenberg

Come join us for magical Theatrics and good old Carnival vibes brought to you by Pop UP Theatre!

With the Reconcilliation weekend as inspiration and theme – three top South African theatre makers and performing artists are collaborating to bring your children an epic 2-day Kids’ Carnival!

view more
peppa pig sing along – v&a waterfront

“Peppa Pig’s Sing-along Surprise” will take place daily at the V&A Waterfront Amphitheatre from 15 – 30th Dec. Admission is FREE. Peppa will also be meeting her young fans and be available for photos from 12 noon – 2 pm at the Lampside Court inside the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre!

view more
ice slide – canal walk shopping centre

A world of frozen fun is back at Canal Walk this festive season! Ice Slide World will transform the Centre Court once more into a chill-out zone with fun for the whole family! It will have a number of zones where you can enjoy ice slides and discover the many different ways in which our planet can be preserved. A fantasy play area will be available for the little ones, with a toddler ice slide, along with a pirate play area and mermaid kinetic sand zones where their imagination can roam free. Bookings at Computicket

view more

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December Holidays are here …
holiday activities gauteng
School Holidays

We all know how difficult it is keeping the kids entertained during the school holidays. We’ve put together a list of various holiday clubs / clinics, day outings, child friendly restaurants and holiday camps in order to organise your holiday entertainment and activities.

Various other events may also be posted in our events calendar so make sure to check by regularly for any added things to do.

holiday clinics / clubs / camps
cricket holiday club

When: 17 – 20 December 2018

Time: 09:00 – 13:00

Cost: R700

Our holiday clinics cover all aspects of the game for ages 4 – 13. Coaches work to a specific programme and cover batting, bowling, fielding, general knowledge and etiquette of the game.

view more
Esperanza holiday camp

Date: 10 – 14 December 2018

Cost: R350/day only (lunch included)  or R450 full day sleep over (all meals included). Children are welcome to only come for 1 or more days.

Experience the farm life with horse riding, farm animals, milking the cow, feeding the calf with a bottle, grooming the horses, caring for the horses, painting horse shoes, making snacks for the horses, swimming, outrides and lots of other activities.

view more
happy acres holiday camp

Happy Acres is probably the country’s most loved children’s holiday camp with up to 40 000 children having passed through the camp a year since 1945.

The holiday camps are a hybrid of American camps, Scouts and good old South African outdoor fun with structures and programs that have developed over the last 75 years. The result is a highly organised system that encourages supportive interactions between children from a wide range of backgrounds.

view more
happily every laughter – little cooks club holiday programme – bedfordview

Dates: 11 & 13 December 2018

We will be decorating Gingerbread Christmas Trees with Little Cooks Club Bedfordview. There will be two sessions to choose from during the day. Bookings are essential

view more
day outings / activities / restaurants
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It seems that the Unicorn Theme is quite the rage right now. Herewith some awesome ideas gathered from the various vendors listed on the website to get the creative juices flowing for your next rainbow coloured unicorn party theme.

The colour palette will usually be full of pastels with touches of gold.

Party Decor
  • jeeks party venue - unicorn theme
  • table decor - polka dot place
  • table decor - silver penny party hire
  • table decor 2- silver penny party hire
  • table set up-playhouse alberton
  • theme photo by kiekiekids photography
  • theme set up - playhouse alberton
  • theme set up 2-playhouse alberton
  • theme set up-playhouse alberton
  • theme set up-silver penny party
  • unicorn banner-silver penny hire
  • unicorn pastel rainbow-playhouse alberton
  • unicorn theme at kidzville party venue
Party Food – Sweets Table
  • sweets table-playhouse alberton
  • sweets table - silver penny party hire2
  • sweets table - silver penny party hire
  • sweets table - polka dot place
  • food table-playhouse alberton
  • food table - playdate superpark
  • colourful sweets-playhouse alberton
Cakes / Cupcakes
  • cake - gumboot parties
  • cake - playdate superpark
  • cake and cupcakes - gumboot parties
  • cake at candle avenue
  • cake by cake boys
  • cake pops-playhouse alberton
  • cupcakes - playdate superpark
  • cupcakes by polka dot place
  • unicorn by polka dot place
  • unicorn cake-playhouse alberton
  • unicorn colourful-playhouse alberton
  • bakers box-unicorn cake
  • cookies = bakers box
  • the mad batter - cake
  • the mad batter - cake2
  • cake at kidzville party venue

You can create some awesome cakes by making a rainbow layered cake. Add a surprise in the middle by inserting coloured smarties.

Other Food option could be to make some rainbow jelly. Use Sugar Cones dipped in pastel coloured chocolate and place them upside down as an edible table decor. https://youtu.be/mwZZjw7GKV0

Party Games

We’ve sourced the web for our inspirational unicorn themed ideas. See more inspiration on our Pinterest Board.

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by Guest Blogger: Cassie Steele

There are 8 million kids in South Africa and around 900,000 babies born every year which means plenty of birthday parties to arrange! When your baby turns one, the party can be more about the adults than the children as friends and family come together to celebrate your first year as a parent. Having birthday parties outdoors, particularly during the summer months, offers a wealth of options. It is relaxing for the adults, there is space for older children to run around, fresh air to tire the kids out and being outdoors saves your carpets from unfortunate spillages. Here are some ideas to arrange a first birthday garden party.

Garden decorations

If you have plenty of room available in your garden, hiring a marquee tent ensures you are able to shelter undercover if needed and also offers lots of ways to decorate with paper lanterns or helium-filled balloons hanging from the roof. Moreover, one-year-olds love playing with balloons so they will provide a welcome distraction if they get fractious. If you want a more formal sit down meal then coordinating tablecloths, runners and chair covers will add to the overall look of your garden party. Decorate your garden with brightly coloured bunting and lay out picnic blankets on the floor for the babies to sit on.

Delicious party food

The world is your oyster when it comes to catering. To keep the babies happy at all times, ensure a plentiful supply of kid-friendly food such as child-friendly sandwiches, veggie sticks, chips and dips and, of course, the all-important first birthday cake. For the adults, think about something a bit more sophisticated with a hot or cold buffet or a sit-down meal. As a parent of a young baby, time can be limited so to ensure you enjoy the party without spending it all in the kitchen, consider making your life easier by organising an outside caterer to provide the food.

Keeping the kids entertained

As far as activities are concerned, a jumping castle or soft play equipment is a great way to keep the children entertained. Or go for a messy play theme as toddlers love nothing more than getting dirty. Water play is always popular with floating items as well as cups or containers that can be used for pouring and create bubbles and foam by adding dishwashing liquid to the water. And once the kids are in bed, the adults can sit around the fireplace, enjoy a relaxing glass of Cape Red and toast a successful party.

Holding a garden party with friends and family is a great way to celebrate your baby turning one. There are many options for decoration, food, and kids entertainment to create long lasting memories for you and your family.

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Messy Party Theme

What child of any age or gender wouldn’t want to get messy and have fun with it?

In this day and age where kids are more often than not spending time indoors infront of screens it is a great excuse to use their next birthday to throw a Messy Party. Not to mention how good is it to see kids having fun playing outdoors getting messy with goo and other interesting items.


How easy is this décor – EVERYTHING is just EVERYWHERE – nice and easy. No need for tubs for sweets or anything as it can all be strewn all over the table. The cake can be a real flop and completely lopsided. Find a table cloth with spatters on it or use an old table cloth and stain it. Alternatively a plain white plastic table cloth will work wonders as you are going to throw all your edible goodies all over it.

  • Mud Pit Ring – Create this with a black ground cover. Use 4 Poles for the corners and some thick string that you will tie around all 4 poles creating the rink. In the middle you put the black plastic sheeting. Add some sand and water – this doesn’t even have to be a lot just enough to create a muddy pit.
  • Bucket of Slime – Kids use the face to pull out items that would determine what gets thrown over their heads i.e. an egg, shampoo, sugar, cold water, chocolate pudding, shaving cream, slime, custard, spaghetti in tomato sauce, colour spray. And yes I definitely put this over the kids’ heads.

The slime bucket was very gooey and slimey and kind-of-Fear Factor-y! Eeeeeeew.
Other names for the challenge: Bucket with Goo …… Queue for Goo…….In a Line for Slime…….

  • Hanging marshmallows dipped in chocolate. Gotto get them with no hands.
  • Finding the smarty in icing sugar – Use a paper plate or pie tin plate – fill with icing sugar and hide the smarties. Without using your hands dive in to find x amount of smarties.
Colour fun

Kids might want to wear goggles / glasses for this but this is a sure way of getting very messy and having loads of fun with it. The colour powder can either be bought or homemade.

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup water (give or take)
  • Food coloring


  1. Mix the flour and water in a large bowl until it forms a thick paste.
  2. Add your favorite food coloring to the paste and mix it in with your hands. (You may want to wear gloves!)
  3. Scoop the paste from the bowl and form it into a ball with your hands.
  4. Use a rolling pin to flatten the ball into a disc that is about 1/4 inch thick.
  5. Let the disc sit over night, until it has completely dried.
  6. Use a coffee grinder or blender to crumble the disc back into powder. Use a flour sifter to separate clumps. Put any remaining clumps of powder back in the grinder or blender, and repeat until all color is a soft powder
bubble play

Home Made bubble solution: Take 6 cups water with 1 cup dish soap into the water. Slowly stir together until it is all mixed. Try not to create bubbles or let the mixture foam. Then add 1 tablespoon of glycerine or ¼ cup corn starch. Stir until all mixed together.

Create a magic bubble wand by using two dowel sticks or if you lucky enough to collect enough sticks from your garden, two screw eyes, a washer and string. Insert the screw eyes each into a dowel or stick (you may need to drill holes into the ends if the wood is not soft enough), then loop the string with a washer from one to the other to form a circle and tie together. Dip into the mixture and let the kids imagination go wild to try form the biggest bubble by pulling them through the air.

Messy Play with Jungle Slime

[row_inner_3] [col_inner_3 span__sm=”12″]
Slime Play
[/col_inner_3] [/row_inner_3] [row_inner_3] [col_inner_3 span__sm=”12″]

So what type of messy theme will you do at your next birthday party? Feel free to share your ideas with us: info@kidspartyvenues.co.za

[/col_inner_3] [/row_inner_3]

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by guest blogger: Katherine

Emojis have become part of a global language. They’re bright and fun, and there are so many of them! So what better way to celebrate a special occasion than to have an emoji themed party! Kids love them and they will certainly love a themed party. This theme will be sure to have all the guests laughing, so let’s take a look at how you can host your own emoji party.

Intriguing invitations

You can start the fun before the festivities have even begun by sending out emoji themed invitations. Buy them ready-made, get a stencil kit or have a go at making your own; just keep it simple with something like the yellow smiley face. Alternatively you could design a digital the invitation, full of emojis of course, and send it round to the parents. To do this there are plenty of available online programs you can try.


Emoji Party

Emoji decor

Whether you purchase emoji decorations and garlands or create your own, this is another great way of celebrating the theme. The easiest way to make your own is to create stencils of party themed emojis, whether that’s the winking face, party popper, cake, or any others that you want to hang around the home. Once you’ve made one stencil it’ll be easy to replicate. Alternatively print your favourites from the Internet, cut them out, attach with string or ribbon and hang them somewhere they’ll stand out.

Fun food

Depending on how creative you are, you can shape all manner of foods into emojis. Sandwiches, pieces of fruit and even chips can all be made into your child’s favourite emoji.

You can also use containers that match up with emojis, like the chips emoji. Simply use a printed template of a French fries holder or grab a store-bought chips container. Then fill with your home-cooked potato treats and add a dollop of tomato ketchup on top. The kids will be having so much fun that it might get tough to avoid those inevitable party spills. You may find it handy to know how to remove ketchup from clothes!

Emoji cakes

No party is complete without cake, and here’s your chance to go to town with the theme. Again, depending on how brave you are you could make the main cake in the shape of an emoji – how about a French fries emoji cake? That’ll certainly be a lot of fun. Or simply make a vanilla sponge and cover it in yellow icing, then get the birthday girl or boy to draw/pipe on the smiley face.

On a smaller scale you could focus on cupcakes and cookies and get the kids involved in decorating them too. Simply make a batch before the party and cut out some stencils from greaseproof paper. Get out the icing bags and let the kids choose which emoji they like best, then have a go at piping it themselves. This combination of cakes and games will firmly cement your place as a party legend!

Whether it’s knowing how to make emoji food and decorations or simply how to remove ketchup from clothes when the excitement spills over, a little preparation goes a long way in making sure everyone has fun. Take these ideas as inspiration and enjoy your kids’ emoji themed party!

  • cake at candle avenue
  • cake at little rynoceris
  • cupcakes-xpert parties
  • party food little rynoceris

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