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No, crop tops didn’t make the list & yes, I’m well aware that Summer is nearly over and we are busy transitioning into Fall, BUT there’s no better time than now to get your booty in the shops and take advantage of the end of season sales.

I’ll be covering only SOME of my fashion favourites in this post, else we might be here the whole day.

The Culottes Pants

I bought my very first pair in Thailand in 2017. I opted for a straight forward black pair knowing it would be super versatile.

Culottes are amazing! Why? Well, you can pair them with close to everything you already own. A tee & sneakers, a knit & booties, even a button up & mules. The combos are endless.

Shop these styles at Mr Price :

  • If you feel like something with a little colour
  • I actually have this pair & LOVE them!
  • The perfect neutral with some button detail.

Shop these styles at Superbalist :

  • Amazing colour & love the waist belt
  • Classic colour & easy to style
  • The stripes would compliment any body type & you could wear it with heels or sneakers! #bestofbothworlds
The Kimono

I love pieces of clothing that are easy. By easy I mean putting on a denim & cami then adding a kimono to take your outfit from straight forward & plain to jazzed up and playful.

Kimonos also work with a lot of different clothing items – slip dresses, shorts & a plain top, denim & a cami, you can wear it to the beach or next to the pool. It’s can also be a statement piece in your wardrobe. I have some neutral, simple ones, and I have a bold one or 2 as well.

Middle kimono from Mr Price and the other 2 are from The Fix

Shop these at Superbalist :

  • I love the length & colour combo of this beauty!
  • The collar detail is everything & navy is so versatile.

Shop these at Mr Price :

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Even though 2019 is in full swing already, it is never too late for a favourites post. Everytime I sit down to write this post , I get distracted and just don’t get around to doing it. Finally, I’m here, typing away!

I won’t bore you with lengthy reviews, rather just be short and sweet about why these products made it to my 2018 makeup favourites.


HEAN Stay All Day by Glamore SA

One of the primers that probably took me by suprize the most, was this one from Hean Cosmetics sold by Glamore SA. If I tell you it locks your makeup in like no other, I am not joking. I was shook, I still am actually.

GOSH Primers

I don’t think I have tried a GOSH primer that I don’t like. The hydrating Primer Plus is my most loved primer from GOSH Cosmetics, but they are all SO GOOD, making it hard to choose.


Obviously, I couldn’t just pick one or 2, I mean it’s makeup. But these 4 were standout favourites.

L.A. Girl Pro Coverage

It’s a no brainer why I loved this one – everyone loved it. I’m a dry skinned girl and it was just everything, perfect coverage, not too much nor too little. Formula is amazing! So dewy,

Revolution Foundation Stick

This was the first foundation stick I have ever tried, so I cannot compare it to other foundation sticks, but AMAZING! This was probably my ALL TIME favourite and still is. It’s at the top of my list at the moment. Full coverage for sure, not cakey or drying, sits PERFECTLY on my skin. LOOOOOooove!

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation

That was a mouthful. Smells divine, I love that I don’t have to set this one with powder, it dries down semi matte, on my skin at least, has a light to medium, yet buildable coverage and smells like you’ve dipped your face in a luxurious scent.

Setting Powders

Not the best lighting in this photo, oops! And I had quite a bit to choose from here too – I wanted to feature more, but the post is already going to be a pretty long one.

Physcians Formula Mineral setting powder

This one has been a fav for so long, and I’ve also repurchased it, that’s how much I love it. It sets your face FOR THE DAY! It also has an SPF in.

Hello Flawless setting powder

This powder is velvety and dreamy. It also leaves to skin feeling the exact same way. I love using the just on the areas that need setting on a dewy kinda day, like the chin, forehead and around the nose. It doesn’t give an intense matte finish.


This product looks crusty AF, but hey, it’s SO LOVED and you can tell. This is prob a holy grail and 99% of the time the product I contour with, unless I am trying something out. This one always comes out on top!


Physcians Formula Butter Bronzer

BEST.THING.EVER. Adore this bronzer, the smell, the feel, the bronze look it gives to my skin, its perfect, and worth every cent.

Essence Bronzer

A more affordable option and it reminds me so much of the Butter Bronzer. It even smells the same. These 2 are the most used bronzers in my collection for sure.


Wet ‘n Wild Colour Icon Blushes

I love that they are buildable and it allows you to go for the intensity you want. They also have a very subtle shimmery finish, GORGJAS!!

Benefit Blushes

I got the mini’s in the little blush kit Benefit had available a while ago – not sure if you can still get your hands on it. Full size goes for around R500 per blush, and I don’t have that kinda cash dolla at this stage. These blushes all have a lovely smell to them and are amazing, blendable, pigmented – all rounders really.

NYX Cosmetics Ombre Blush

Lord knows what shade this is, but if you know me you know how I feel about peachy blushes. THIS.BLUSH.IS.PERFECT!


I’m going to say the same about all of these, so lets not kid around, just go buy yourself the damn highlighters and thank me later.


Disclaimer : ALL mascaras transfer on me eyelids – top tip, set your damn eyelids = Problem Solved.

Badgal BANG!

The word BANG is in the name of this mascara – uhm hello!!

Maybelline Push Up Angel

Love the wand, love the formula, LOVE how easy it is to remove compared to the other too and did I say I love it?

Mark by Avon Big & Extreme

Once again it’s in the name! Side note..

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As most of you probably know by now, I have been going for X-Wave treatments at Nix & Tee. First up, a bit of info on what exactly the X-wave treatment is. The X-Wave is an advanced, scientifically proven cellulite treatment. It uses specially modified Acoustic wave pulses. The pulses induce vibration in the connective tissue and make the tissue firmer and tighter.

This treatment is comfortable with no pain. There are no side effects & the treatment also works very fast, showing results 3 treatments in already. This treatment improves the skin’s elasticity and texture and increases bloodflow to the targeted areas. It also reduces the appearance of dimpled skin AKA cellulite.

My experience thus far

I’ve reached the halfway mark with my treatments and so far I am so chuffed. I can see and feel a difference in my stomach and my arms. We are treating both these areas. The treatments go quite quick – about 30 min then we are done. 

We measured and weighed before we started the treatment and we will do so again only at the end of my 6 treatments. I will also be sharing some before and after pictures (a little scary), my body obviously isn’t perfect, but I am quite excited to see the results even if the are just minor. After all, we all are a work in progress. 

I have been training 3 – 6 times a week, staying hydrated, but not following a super strict eating plan. The ladies at Nix & Tee are so lovely and I can’t wait to share my final results and thoughts. 

See you next time! 



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You probably saw on social media that I received a view sample sized Derma Hydrate soap bars to test and review and share my thoughts on. Typically, I am not a soap bar person, I prefer a shower gel. However, I am open for good soap bar options – I love a good old handmade, natural, delicious smelling soap bar, always! And I do enjoy LUX & Dove soap bars too.

“Derma Hydrate Gentle Cleansing Bar 75g is a special formula to gently cleanse and moisturise the skin. Suitable for dry, dehydrated and compromised skin types, it is dermatologically tested, 100% soap free, colour free and Vitamin E enriched.”

About Derma Hydrate

I found it somewhat difficult to find any information on the internet about Derma Hydrate, I don’t think they have a website. However, this brand is designed and created for individuals that suffer with dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin.

Certain ingredients like oils or scents in some frangranced bath and body products irritate certain skin types. I for one have certain body products, even makeup, that my skin just does not want near it. So I know the struggle to some extent.

Derma Hydrate was formulated for people with these type of skin concerns, extreme dryness (I have that too), people with Psoriasis, Eczema etc.

My Thoughts On The Product

So, I used the soap bar about 5 or so times and if I am being REALLY honest, which I always am, I do prefer something with a scent, even just a light scent will do.

I do however get that this product is focussed on skin types that scent shouldn’t be brought near to. For a soap bar, it does leave my skin feeling soft and lightly moisturized, which a lot of soap bars don’t necessarily do.

It did nothing more really, but that.


If you are someone that has all the above mentioned issues, I think Derma Hydrate would be a perfect match for your skin. Derma Hydrate also has other skincare products such as body cream, hand cream & a body lotion. You can use the cleansing bar with the lotion or cream for maximum effectiveness.

Personally, I think I would enjoy the lotion, cream and hand cream more. Only because I am more of a shower gel girl, than a soap bar girl. I think a really great addition to the Derma Hydrate range would be a shower gel. I’ll most certainly be there for it, for sure.

Side Note : The Derma Hydrate range is also currently on 3 for 2 at Clicks. But only until TOMORROW, the 21/11/2018. You can also purchase Derma Hydrate from Dischem & Take a Lot.

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Introducing Nix & Tee Wellness and Aesthetics.  By now you probably know I was lucky enough to get invited to the official launch event of Nix and Tee. And I am pretty sure you are dying to know what’s all the hype about? I thought so.

A Bit More About Nix & Tee

Founded by Nicolette Wepner and Turid Stacey, hence the Nix and the Tee, besties since forever, with an intense interest in aesthetics and a deep seated love of helping people, Nix & Tee welness and aesthetics centre was born. This centre is dedicated to encourage their clients on their journey to achieving beauty, healing and living a fulfilling life.

While physical appearance plays a huge role, beauty is far more than just that and we all know this. Putting on a pretty dress, may help you look pretty on the outside, but the inside has to feel pretty too. Beauty encompasses every facet of our being – our body, minds and spirits. Nicolette says that it is so important to look at the PERSON when enhancing beauty. How they see themselves, how they feel about themselves and only then, you can achieve positive change.

There are misperceptions about what medical aesthetics is and how it it differs from regulare beauty treatments. It’s a holistic journey focused on the inner and outer being to achieve visible results and help you feel great!

What Nix & Tee Will Offer

Nix and Tee will offer various aesthetic and therapeutic treatments aimed at enhancing their client’s inner beauty and improving their wellbeing. Nix and Tee offers free consultations for anyone looking to improve their beauty, inside out! After you have been consulted, treatments will be recommended specifically for you, your needs and your goals.

Skin needling, chemical resurfacing, redermalization, skin-booster treatments and body contouring are just a few of the treatments that will be available at Nix and Tee. The centre also offers services of a Plastic Surgeon and an Aesthetics Physician who will perform botulinum toxin injectables, dermal fillers and threads.

This little device is capable of doing a FULL skin analysis. It can even show you the depth of your wrinkles. It’s incredible!

The Latest Aesthetic Tech

Nix and Tee has also invested in some of the latest aesthetic technology to further compliment their services and that also puts them a step or 10 above the rest. Below is a breakdown of a few of the treatments they offer.

Woman’s Intimate Health

Who has time for kegel exercises? To be honest, who even has the memory for that? I’d probably forget them down there! On a serious note though, your vajayjay’s muscles are just as important as any other muscles anywhere else.

The BTL Emsella is a device that have revolutionised the way we are able to treat intimate feminine health. Fully clothed, you don’t have to get naked, phew, you sit on the Emsella chair for about 30min. While doing so, high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology stimulates the pelvic floor muscles. We all know as we get older the pelvic muscles, amongst various other things, loses elasticity.

This treatment restores and strengthens these muscles in a completely non-invasive manner, improving one woman’s life and pelvic floor at a time.

What I like about this treatment is considering I have to remember a 1001 things every day, nevermind remembering kegel exercises, with the BTL Emsella you just go sit on it for 30min & if you really want to, enjoy a cup of coffee while doing so.

Body shaping and fat reduction

You guys, I’ve always been a get up off your ass, go to the gym and eat a salad if you want to lose weight, kinda girl. Now, while I am still a firm believer in this method, we all have stubborn body fat, in my case my belly fat, that can discourage even the most disciplined person. Once again, a non-invasive treatment (no it’s not liposuction, don’t worry – that sh#t’s scary), that helps eliminate body fat and cellulite that just won’t budge, while restoring the skin’s elasticity too.

The targeted vibrations emitted by the device enhances microcirculation and increases oxygen supply to the targeted area. This improves blood supply and eliminates waste build-up for a smoother, tighter and more toned body.

I don’t need this treatment in my life – said NO WOMAN EVER!

Detoxification and well being

We all know how important a healthy lifestyle is. As much as I enjoy sugar and fat and all the not so good stuff as the next person, it is very important to balance it all out. Nix and Tee also offers a targeted detoxification therapy that can be used to either compliment other treatments for even better results or as a stand-alone treatment to promote a healthier lifestyle.

For anymore info on treatments they offer or to contant them, you can visit their website.

Nix & Tee hopes to create a sanctuary where every single person that steps foot through their doors, feel loved, accepted and understood. Where each and every client feels comfortable to address all their hidden imperfections. 

I can’t wait to share my journey with Nix & Tee with you all going forward. We all have imprefections we choose to hide perfectly.

See you next time, same place!



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About 2 weeks ago I receive the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour correcting range to try out. Being a blonde & always wanting my blonde to look as silver as possible, I ALWAYS use a purple/silver shampoo.

Throughout my years of being blonde I have tried so, so many different purple shampoos & the only brand I’ve ever repurchased is the Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde shampoo.

I was very excited to try out the John Frieda Range because it’s always exciting of knowing you might find an even better product than the ones you have tried or are using. Here’s what the John Frida website says about the range.

” Get salon-fresh style. With ground-breaking Colour-Correcting Technology, this purple shampoo revitalises and re-balances blonde in just 3 washes. Optical Brightening Technology absorbs UV light and emits white-blue glow so colour-treated blonde tones appear brighter. Suitable for all shades of colour-treated or highlighted blonde hair. ”

What I liked about these products :

I really liked how my hair felt after use. Clean, fresh & soft. These products are also Sulphate free, which is as big plus point because Sulphate (simplified, salt) serves no purpose in hair care products other than to extend their shelf life. Sulphate also dries out the hair – not good. You know how your hair feels like after swimming in the ocean? (Salt water) Yes, thought that would be your thoughts – understand why your hair are shouldn’t contain sulphate?

Even though this product made my hair feel soft and fresh. Here’s what I didn’t enjoy.

What I didn’t like about these products :

It’s main purpose is to remove brassy & yellow tones from your hair. For me, it didn’t really do this. My hair kept all its warmth.

Before I started using this range, I used another purple shampoo from another brand that actually keeps my hair cool toned. This shampoo actually washed out all of that instead of maintaining the coolness.

Above is a picture of my hair after before 3 washes on the left side & on the right is after 3 washes. One wash with my purple shampoo, before I received my John Frieda products & then 2 washes with my John Frieda products.

For a moment here I though, hey, it does work!

But then I took this picture after my 4th was with John Frida :

While my hair looks and feels super healthy on this picture, it has lost all its coolness.

So, unfortunately I have to say that is doesn’t remove yellow undertones & brassyness from my hair.

My Final Thoughts :

I have a warm undertone – so naturally my hair has warmth to it. My ultimate goal is to not showcase that, LOL! I prefer cool tones. If you already have a fill undertone and you are a blonde, this may work better for you, maybe.

If you are already happy with your blonde & you just looking for a really good shampoo & conditioner to keep your hair looking & feeling healthy, then these products are a good option. It is hydrating & nourishing which ALL blondes need, especially if your hair is bleach or chemically processed to achieve your blonde.

Hope this was helpful! Till next time city girls!



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Today marks exactly one year of being a business owner if you don’t count the unknown amount of months of planning & preparing I might add.

The path to success is to take a massive, determined action.

City Girl Beauty turns 1

How crazy it sounds to even say that! ONE YEAR old. I can’t believe it’s been such a short while. I feel like I’ve been a business owner for 10 years. With the amount of stress, worries & uphill climbs I’m sure I look 10 years older too.

As much as it has been fulfilling and rewarding, and as much as there has been happy tears & as proud as I am right at this moment – there are also just as much stress, sleepless nights, failed plans, not knowing what’s coming next & tears of everything but joy.

What it’s really like being a newbie in the big, BIG ocean of online businesses

It’s scary as hell, for one. Trying to not compare your chapter to the next’s chapter, has to be one of the most challenging things to me. Constantly having to remind myself not to ask “But how does she do it?” or “Her content is so much better than mine!” is tough. Trying to not lose all your marbles along the way because of overthinking, overanalysing, overplanning, or not being prepared at all.

A few months ago City girl beauty had quite some quiet time, for also quite some time, with little to no orders coming through. Suddenly, I had 9 orders in just ONE weekends and a bulk order of 12 gift boxes I had to pack and send off before the end of the week. I thought to myself, “Jessica, why weren’t you prepared for this?” Being irritated with myself because now I am under so much pressure to have everything ready to go so soon.

The truth is though, you won’t ever be ready. You won’t be ready for the quiet months and you also won’t be ready for the extremely busy ones. You just have to find the balance of knowing it will sometime happen again & expecting it this time around.


Which brings us onto balance actually. I am still figuring this one out. Learning to find the balance between life and work can be so hard. Giving everthing the attention it needs. My blog, CGB, my friendships, my relationships, home chores, social life, time to myself, my normal 9-5’s, family. It’s hard, and I am still trying to find the right balance for everything in my life. Nuturing everything, and giving it the love it needs while trying not to do too much here and too little there.

It’s important to remind yourself to you are just human and you are doing the best you can!

Rewinding to a year ago

I remember the excitement when I finally decided that I’m going to start CGB. All the plans, all the dreams. I thought it would be easier. I thought “How hard can it really be”, “I already have a blog, I already have an audience, I’ve got this!”

Well, time proved me wrong. And fast forwarding to NOW, all I can say was I was wrong & even though it appears I’ve got this, 95% of the time I’m just winging it & going with the flow hoping for the best.

It’s a never ending climb

Whenever you think of success, you should think of hard work too! Now success isn’t ONLY the end result – success is also even having the balls to start in the first place, success is doing it when you sometimes don’t even know why you started AT ALL. It is keeping your head high & pushing through the messy bits too. It is a never ending climb. Sometimes straight and narrow’s, but most of the time up hill mountians.

Every single day you will learn something, you will grow a bit more, you will think of a new idea, a new marketing strategy, a new product. Success is showing up every single day & growing, learning & improving.

After climing a great hill, one may find that there are many more to climb.

Sometimes the road is long & crooked

Smooth sailing – what’s that? It is never what it seems! Social media can paint such a pretty picture, but behind the scenes it isn’t always pretty. The road is very seldom straight without any potholes, cracks or bumps.

Right off the bat I didn’t have any financial back up – like a savings account or a large amount of money that I could start up with so I had to make debt. (Which is all good and well, but such a pain in the ass). I very quickly realized without funds you can’t do much. The real reality, whether you want to hear it or not. You can’t advertise, you can’t bring out any new releases, you can’t have pop-ups (not that I’m there yet) and you can’t work on any new product launches. The financial pressure is sometimes really intense, also knowing you can’t do much about it, can be SO frustrating.

This is one of my biggest struggles to date. This, and staying positive through all the negatives.

Tough roads often lead to beautiful destinations

Being Authentic

When starting, I knew one thing, I wanted to be authentic. I didn’t want to just rebrand eyeshadow palettes & brush sets & now I’m a business owner! No, no, I wanted my brand to be me, to be different, to be authentic & to be a bit of everything I love.

The authentic self is the soul made visible

A work in progress

YOU & your BRAND should always be a work in progress. Always strive to be better & to dream bigger. That’s the only thing that keeps me going most of the time – is knowing that I’m still a work in progress and probably always will be. I will always want to do more, have a bigger variety & along the way create more goals & dreams.

Always be a work in progress

It’s not as easy as it looks

If you think it’s easy, you’re wrong! SO, so very wrong! I can’t tell you how many times in 365 days I’ve wanted to give up. Or just lost all hope. Sobbing because everything just seems foggy & unclear.

Owning & starting a brand/business takes hard work & dedication – yes, what a cliche, but so, so true.

It won’t work unless you do.

Fast Forward 365 days later

I’ve learnt so much. I’ve grown so much. I’m so proud. I’ve got my own business, I’ve got my own brand. I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am right now. Through all the doubt & “Snot en trane” like they would say in Afrikaans, I can’t wait to get through another year & look back on what I have achieved.

The Real, Raw Truth

Nothing is always pink daisies & wine, sometimes it’s dead daises & wine. Happy or not, the role wine plays is important, LOL! You’ll experience highs & be on cloud 9, but you’ll also experience lows and be flat on the cement, face first. You’ll have good days & bad ones. Some months you’ll have orders, some month you won’t have any at all. Some products will be crowd pleasers & others just wont work.

In my 365 days of being a business owner, the one bit of advice I can give you is :

If it’s important to you, don’t give up!

My Business, My Brand, My Baby

As long as the bigger picture is always clear & I don’t lose sight of what is important CGB and I will always keep growing and progressing forward, even on days we don’t want to. Growing pains are uncomfortable for a reason, but at the end of the day once they are gone, they either made you or broke you.

The last few weeks have been quiet on CGB, for no apparent reason. Just a little regroup time – gathering all the marbles and making sure they are still there.

I am looking at expanding the handmade part of CGB and making it bigger and better. Physically making the products myself – time is sometimes a bitch, and I need an extra day most weeks, but I am working on balancing it all. I am also hoping to launch another makeup product or 2 alongside the liquid lipsticks early 2019. Later on in 2019 ideally I would like to add more shades to my lipstick range too.

I am also working on CITY MAN, which will be natural and cruelty free skincare products for the typical City man, launching very soon too.

Never give up on your dreams, if you do, they will always remain dreams!

A VERY exciting holiday slash Summer collection will launch December in collaboration with another brand AND CGB will also have a few holiday themed, limited edition items launching mid November.

Keep a peep on the site and on City girl beauty’s Instagram account – I will slowly but surely start sharing sneak peeks, specials and much more.

Remember, don’t compare your chapter ONE to someone else’s chapter ONE HUNDRED!

Hope you enjoyed the read of me sharing my one year of being a business owner journey with all you beautiful people.

Lots of love,


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Can you even believe we are 3 months away from a NEW YEAR?? I feel like once again the year has just completely vanished. It’s actually hard to even wrap my mind around. Onto the point though – today I will be reviewing the much loved Justine Tissue Oil, and I can see why.

I tested it on a small mark I have on my arm caused by a dog bite. The mark is about 2 years old, so it is a pretty old mark.

Somehow I have managed to miss place my before picture but I am on the hunt for it & will make sure I share it as soon as I found it!

There isn’t really much to say about a tissue oil other than stating if it works or doesn’t.

My scar did lighten a bit after 4 weeks of use. Not dramatically though, maybe because it’s an old scar.

However, tissue oil can be used anywhere on your body and face, scars or no scars. It is nourishing, keeps the skin moisturized and smells divine. I used it as part of my skincare routine before I apply my evening moisturizer for a bit of extra hydration. Some evenings, or should I say the lazy evenings, I used just this on my face after cleansing and my skin loved it.

I have also discovered a new mark that I think is a stretch mark – yes, I kinda cried, but completely relying on the Justine Tissue Oil to take it away. I will keep you updated.

Justine is the only tissue oil I have ever tried other than the bio-oil very, very long ago I can’t even remember if it worked or not. So I can’t compare it to anything.

October I promise to be more dedicated to my blog and to City girl beauty and to keep as active on social media as my daily doings allows me to be.

Thank you for stopping by, till next time!


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My very first products from Maybelline. I’ve had these for quite a while – planning a review but just haven’t gotten around to it until now. Believe it or not, some of these products I haven’t even used up until today. So this post is a little first impressions review. Some if the products I have been using for a while now.

Baby Skin Primer

This primer has been a favourite for so long, so I’m a little late to the party. I’ve read and watched so many reviews on this primer and majority said that this could be a dupe for the cult classic POREfessional primer by Benefit.  Both of these primers main purpose is to blur out pores and fine lines, leaving you with a ‘baby skin’ effect. Smooth, soft and even.

Having now tried the Baby skin primer for myself and having used the POREfessional primer too, I can now too vouch for the statement that Maybelline’s Baby skin primer is a dupe for the POREfessional primer by Benefit.

The Baby skin primer plays well under just about any foundation I have used it with. It most definitely blurs out pores and fine lines, especially pores. It is SO affordable. For only R99 for a 22ml tube compared to the Benefit POREfessional at R450 for exactly the same amount of product. If you are on the market for a pore erasing primer and are also a girl on a budget – this is a must have product.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

How long did we all not wait for this foundation to land in SA? And FINALLY we can say “I have this foundation too”!! Foundations or tough to review because we all have different skin types and foundation wears differently on literally EVERYONE! The BEST advice I can give to you when you are looking for a new foundation, ask for a sample first. Because what it does for me, it may not do for you and the other way around.

My thoughts on the Fit me foundation :

The shade I got is a teensy weensy little bit too light for me if I am self tanned. I got it when I wasn’t self tanned – oops! Nothing a bit of bronzer can’t fix though. The wear is AMAZING, but the coverage isn’t as good as lots of reviews said they were. For me 2 layers are sufficient but if it is a bad skin day or my cheeks are being EXTRA, then I apply a third layer over the cheek area. It does however sink into all my pores and fine lines without using a pore and line filling primer underneath it. With a blurring product beneath it still tries to get up in there. All round, it is really good, and REALLY AFFORDABLE.

Next on my to buy list from Maybelline is most definitely their Fit me concealer.

Setting Powder

The lightest setting powder, shade 110, same shade as the lightest Fit me foundation is too dark for my not self tanned skin. Which is a little weird – it is most definetely not the same shade as the 110 foundation. It is quite warm toned, which I don’t really like THAT much, I just prefer cooler tones. However, it isn’t like BOOM, in your face. So it isn’t obvious. It doesn’t really make a difference over my pores but sits nicely on the skin.


Love the packaging. Nice having something a little different from the regular same old, same old. Beware, this blush is potent. So pigmented, so have a light hand. It blends out very well too.

Brow Gel

The first few times I used this product I just couldn’t work with the wand. It is the weirdest shape and makes no sense why on earth it was made like that in the first place, maybe for fuller brows – who knows. Now though, I LOVE it and use it DAILY, makeup or no makeup.

After using it a few times and getting use to the odd shape of the wand I have mastered the technique. I first run it the opposite direction through my brow hairs in order for the product to be evenly distributed on my brow hairs and then comb them into place. Works like a dream, everytime! This product keeps my droopy brow hairs put the entire day – most brow gels promise they do this, but don’t. Therefore I swear by, once again the Benefit brow gel. Discovering this gem was a breath of fresh air, knowing I don’t have to save a year in advance before purchasing a new brow gel.

This gel is also tinted, which makes your brows look fuller once applied. Considering I have had microblading done, which by the way, changed my life, all I really need is to run a bit of brow gel through my brow hairs.

The falsies Push-up angel mascara

Another GEM of a product – I really thought I would never ever like another mascara ever again after using the Benefit They’re real mascara. I dedicated a WHOLE blog to that mascara, that’s how much I like it. Then Bad Gal Bang launched also from Benefit and I fell so in love with that too (it does transfer a little on me though).

Every single mascara I tried after using They’re real just didn’t do it for me, my expectations were too high – then I got gifted the this mascara and WOW! For a drugstore mascara and for only R160 (LESS than half of what Benefit mascaras cost), it blew my mind. The wand/applicator is a little weird too, but PERFECT for the bottom lashes too, and once you get the hang of the wand it’s easy to use.

Doesn’t transfer – not even in the gym, volumizes AND lengthens, and the best part, it is SO much easier to remove than the Benefit They’re real mascara.

Diamond Eyeshadow Quad

I got this as part of a free gift when I purchased some Maybelline products. I wasn’t even really phased with it because I honestly thought it is going to be crappy. I swatched it briefly and it didn’t feel buttery and smooth, it looked and felt a little chalky, so I was just like, naaah bruh.

Today was the first time I actually used it on my eyes and I’m shook. I dipped into the bronzey shade, not expecting much at all untill I started applying it to my eyelid. I can’t believe how pigmented and smooth it is. It blended out super easy and I really couldn’t believe the pigment.

Here are swatches of the 4 shades in the quad

I love it when a product surprizes me. For everyday, I enjoy an eyeshadow that I can apply all over the lid, quick and easy, with no fuss. And this is the perfect little quad to do so. The white/creamy colour highlighting shade is perfect for inner corners and brow bone highlight. And even you want to take your day look to night, just pop this quad and an eyeshadow brush or 2 into your handbag and use the darker shade to give you a slightly more dramatic look.

Personally, I prefer an eyeshadow palette than small eyeshadow quads or singles. But these are great to have when traveling or weekend trips & even to keep in your emergency makeup bag in your handbag or car.

Stay On Matte Ink

Too many lipsticks? Said no women ever. I love my matte liquid lipsticks & the Stay On matte ink formula reminds me a lot of the Colour Pop Satin Lip formula. It stays put the entire day, but does feel a tiny bit tacky. Nothing uncomfortable though.

It smells like sweeties & I will definitely be adding more shades to my collection.

What’s your favorites from Maybelline? I have become obsessed with their products.

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe it’s Maybelline



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