Hi all, hope you enjoyed our previous blog on the 15 Destinations in India That are Popular amongst Foreigners. Today, we’ll take a look at some important pointers pertaining to traffic rules in India, i.e. the things you do v/s the things you should do. So, let’s dive in!

It is crazy, but the laws and regulations pertaining to the traffic rules in India, are rarely if ever, taken seriously.

What most people fail to understand is that these traffic rules and regulations are in place for a reason. And when people, both the driver as well as the pedestrian, waiting to cross the street, don’t follow them, it leads to complete chaos.

In this post, we bring to your attention Top 21 things you do v/s things you should do when it comes to following traffic rules in India.

Further, make sure to share this traffic rules in India guide with your loved one’s so that they too can be aware of the traffic rules in India and adhere to them.

Traffic Rules in India Guide

The below mentioned traffic rules and regulations & road safety rules are just a handful of stuffs that we all – drivers as well as pedestrians need to work upon.

Following the traffic rules mentioned here will make road travel a safe & happy experience or all. So, without further ado, let’s get started now!

1. Crossing The Road In spite Of The Signal Being Green For The Vehicles

Almost all traffic signals today have a timer attached to them and if you pay attention, you’ll notice that for a signal to turn red from green, it takes at the most 140 seconds.

Yes, you read that right!

140 seconds, which when calculated, is less than three minutes. So why is it that even waiting for such a minuscule amount of time seems like an eternity? Why is it that you would rather risk your life or someone else’s than wait for the signal to change before crossing?

Besides would a three-minute delay, really going to affect your life?

Probably not!

Still, more often than not, we blindly cross the street, without checking on the traffic lights, but this attitude needs to change and here’s what you should do;

  • Wait for the signal to turn red – red signal is an indication for all vehicles to halt.
  • Check in both direction – make sure that there is no moving vehicle coming your way from either direction. Then quickly cross to the other side of the street.
2. Cutting Lanes: Attempting To Take A Right Turn From The Extreme Left

Probably one of the most unsafe things to do, as well as a source of much chagrin for other drivers, attempting to take a right turn from the far-left lane is the craziest thing you can do while driving.

Not only is this impulsive action against the traffic rules in India, but it is also irresponsible and can jeopardise the life of people inside the vehicle with you.

So what is the right way to go about it?

  • Drive on the right-hand-side – if you want to take a right-hand turn at the next intersection, keep driving on the right-hand-side of the lane.
  • Use an indicator to signal – turn on the blinker, to indicate you are waiting or about to take a right-hand turn.
  • Check your rear gate and blind spot – Stop, check your blind spot to see if there is any vehicle coming up behind you, check the intersection ahead and then proceed to complete your turn.
3. Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol

The most reckless of human behaviour, it doesn’t matter how much alcohol you have consumed, what matters is that driving while under the influence of alcohol, should never be considered an option by anyone.

Studies have shown, that even one drink is enough to impair your judgement and affect your driving skills. Thus, it is best that you;

  • Do not drink and drive – Call a friend to pick you up or rent a cab.
  • Always assign a sober person to drive you back when partying with a group.
  • Do not allow friends, family or colleagues to drive after drinking. Instead, call for a cab or drive them yourself.
4. Driving On The Wrong Side Of The One-Way Lane

Driving up a one-way street from the wrong side, though an innocuous transgression, is still something that makes life while driving unbearable. Not only does it cause undue traffic jams, but it also creates chaos, with people yelling, incessant honking etc.

What can you do about it?

  • Check for road signs – Before you enter a lane, check for road signs. One way traffic signs will be placed at the beginning of the road and at intervals along the way to inform motorists that the lane is one-way.
  • Install a GPS on your phone – In cases when there are no road signs readily visible, a GPS would keep you from going where you shouldn’t go.
5. Exceeding The Legal Speed Limit

One who thrills in speed often bleeds!

In spite of knowing the consequences of over-speeding, people still risk their lives by choosing to ignore warnings and go against the posted speed limit while driving.

Suffice to say, that such people have little regard for their own safety or the safety of others and as a result, the number of accidents due to over speeding have increased tremendously over the last few years.

So what can you do?

  • Always adhere to the speed limit – Speed limit is not a target that you need to achieve and hence, it is wise to drive at a safe speed.
  • Highways are not meant for racing – Just because the road is empty, does not give you the right to over speed. Strictly follow the permitted speed limits.
  • Don’t over speed to make up for lost time – If you are slowed down by traffic, it doesn’t mean that you should speed over at the next available opportunity.

Remember, sometimes it is better to be late than never reach!

6. Honking Unnecessarily, Especially While In Silence Zone

So you are in a hurry and you think that honking incessantly will clear the roads ahead, guess what?

It won’t!

Not only are you further aggravating a problem caused by traffic, by continuously honking, but you are also adversely harming your own health. Because, apart from creating noise pollution, non-stop honking can lead to several health problems such as hypertension, panic attacks, etc.

Thus, to tackle this unnecessary evil, here is what you should do;

  • Honk only during an emergency – such as, if there is a patient in your car, who needs to be rushed to the hospital or in case your brakes fail.
  • Strictly adhere to the silence zone ruledon’t honk at all in silence zones, which include place of worship, hospitals, educational institutions and courts.
7. Jumping Traffic Signals

Half of the traffic woes would be solved if you would just stop jumping traffic signals.

Not only does jumping traffic signals lead to complete disorder and confusion, but it also causes undue traffic jams, which, in turn, cause the occasional road rage resulting in incessant honking.

Moreover, it’s just a two-step process

  • Follow traffic signal rules: Traffic lights are set-up as a means to direct vehicular traffic, with red for stop, green for go, and yellow for slow down or pause.
  • Await your turn: Wait for the signal to turn green, before moving your vehicle forward.

Simple, isn’t it?

8. Making A Sudden Turn On The Road Without Any Indication

Indicators or hand & arm signals, work as a means to inform other motorists, what you intend to do while driving so that they can make adjustments accordingly. Thus, when you fail to indicate your intention and make sudden turns, change lanes or use handbrake suddenly, it can create confusion among other drivers as well as cause your vehicle to skid and can lead to a collision.

Thus, here are some road safety rules that you should follow;

  • Use indicators– to let other motorists know your intention.
  • Give correct indication – Do not confuse the other motorists. Give correct indication, before you move your vehicle forward.
  • Hand signal – If your vehicle’s indicator or brake lights are not in working order, make sure you signal with your hand or arm, before proceeding further.
  • Check that the way is clear – Giving indication does not mean the road is clear, check before you act.
9. Making Kids Walk Between You And The Traffic

Though you would never intentionally put your child in danger, it happens sometimes that you forget this basic road safety rule while attempting to cross the street.

Making your child walk between you and the traffic is simply not done!

Besides compromising the safety of your child, this kind of behaviour can have fatal consequences, if there is an error of judgement on your part or on the part of the motorist on the street.

Here is what you should do

  • Always walk between your kid and the traffic – its the best way, to keep them out of harm’s way.
  • Hold their hands while crossing – kids can get easily distracted by the smallest of things and might not pay attention to the oncoming traffic, thus it is important that you hold their hands while crossing the street.
  • Familiarize your kids with traffic – teach them some basic rules, tell them what to do in and around traffic, so that they can learn to navigate it, without endangering themselves.
10. Making Your Child/Infant Sit On The Front Seat Or Stand At The Wheel

Another careless and grievous mistake you commit while driving is making your child or infant sit in the front seat of the car or worse still stand at the wheel.

What you don’t understand, is that both these actions can cause severe repercussions, in the case of a collision, with the child being thrown into the dashboard or through the windshield.

Besides, having a child in the front seat or making them stand in front of you while riding a bike, can distract you while driving, which in turn can hamper your driving skills and make you lose concentration.

Bottom line? Follow these safe driving tips.

  • Never make your child sit in the front seat – For safety reasons, children should always be seated in the back seat of your car.
  • Car seat is important – There is a risk of your child slipping from under an adult seatbelt. Thus, it is important that you install a child safety seat in your car, which will ensure that your child is safely strapped in.
  • Follow rules and drive safely – Safety of the child in the car precedes all other concerns. Do not for any reason compromise this rule.
11. Parking On The Wrong Side Of The Road

Another traffic violation, parking on the wrong side of the street is illegal. Besides, parking in the wrong direction is also a dual offence, since it also indicates that you were driving on the wrong side of the road, to begin with.

What should you do?

  • Park appropriately – when you park legally, you avoid getting into trouble. Plus, it prevents from causing undue traffic congestion.
  • Park in the same direction as the moving traffic – because if you park your car the other way around, it confuses other drivers, especially at night, due to the obstruction caused by your reflector lights.
  • Prohibited parking space – refrain from parking in prohibited space such as a sidewalk, bus stop, handicapped zone, etc.
12. Not Giving Way For Ambulance, Fire Brigade And Police Car To Pass

Giving way to the ambulance, fire brigade and police car, during an emergency should always be treated as a top priority because nothing is more urgent that saving someone’s life.

Thus, with this in mind, here are some basic traffic rules in India that you should follow when faced with an emergency

  • Make way – whenever you hear an emergency siren, move left and give “right of way” to the vehicle.
  • Volunteer – If you notice that there is only one traffic constable manning the traffic signal, volunteer to help him out with the traffic, so as to smooth the way for the oncoming emergency vehicle.
  • Be Proactive – Don’t be a mere onlooker, act spontaneously at the first sound of a siren on road.
13. Not Wearing Seatbelt While Driving

“I won’t be in an accident, I am a safe driver. Besides seatbelts are just uncomfortable.”

This is the attitude people have when asked why they neglect to wear a seatbelt.

But what you don’t understand is, that even if you are a good driver, you can still be hit by a car, whose driver is reckless. Thus, for safety reasons and to minimise any potential harm you might experience in case of an accident,it is important that you always wear a seatbelt.

Besides, wearing a seatbelt is not a matter of choice, it is one of the driving rules in India that you must obey at all times.

  • Always wear your seatbelt – whether you are driving or sitting in the passenger seat, don’t forget to put on your seatbelt.
  • Never share a seatbelt – Carry only the number of people, that can each sit in a seat with a seat belt. Do not use a single seatbelt to strap in more than one person, especially small children.
  • During Pregnancy – pregnant women should always wear a seatbelt. Because if you are unrestrained, the risk of injury doubles up in the case of a collision or accident.
14. Overloading Your Vehicle With Luggage Or Passengers

In spite of knowing what the rules of the road are, people still overload their vehicle, completely missing the point that such behaviour, not only affects their driving skills, but it also compromises their safety and that of other motorists on the street.

In addition, overloading also puts a lot of strain on your vehicle’s suspension, tyres, springs and wheel bearing, and can cause tyres to overheat, can cause the clutch to burn out, and in the worse case scenario, it can result in break failure.

Therefore, to avoid any unforeseeable danger it is important that you:

  • Know the weight limit of your car – look for a sticker on your door panel or check your ‘VIN Plate’ under the bonnet or check the handbook, to know the maximum weight limit of your car.
  • Never exceed the maximum permitted weight limit – Driver, passengers and luggage make up the weight of the car. Thus, if the maximum allowed weight of your car is 500 lbs and if you and your passenger weigh 125 lbs each, then you can carry only 250 lbs of weight in luggage or less.
  • Distribute Weight – For equal luggage weight distribution and safe handling, it is recommended that you always put bigger items in first and then pack smaller items around it.
  • Make sure luggage is secure – Items sliding around or tipping over whenever you brake or turn can be distracting as well as dangerous.
15. Overtaking From Wrong Side On The Highway

Life without caution is like a car without a brake!

Most motorists have a field day on the highway, where they completely ignore the speed limit, drive around rather recklessly and try to overtake all vehicles they come across, that too from the wrong side of the lane.

But what you need to remember is that, even though overtaking is acceptable on the highway, you still have to be cautious and follow rules of the road, to avoid any undue mishap. Because even a simple miscalculation on your part can prove dangerous to all motorists on the highway.

Here are a few road safety rules you should follow while overtaking:

  • Be safe – Check for any approaching traffic, check blind spot to make sure no other vehicle is overtaking your vehicle.
  • Give sufficient warning – before you attempt to overtake, signal your intention to all other nearby vehicles.
  • Maintain a safe gap – there should be a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle you are overtaking.
  • Give space – if another vehicle is overtaking your vehicle, give space and do not increase your speed until the other vehicle has moved ahead.
16. Riding A Motorbike Without Helmet And On The Wrong Side Of The Road

Riding a motorbike without a helmet is an utterly foolish venture and even though much has been said on this topic, people still refuse to play by the rule.

In addition, playing daredevil on the street by driving on the wrong side of the lane, is surely not a macho thing to do, but it is the quickest way to race towards an early grave.

Bottom Line?

  • Wear a helmet – It minimises the risk of fatal head injury, in the case of a collision or an accident. Plus you never get fined.
  • Obey rules – ride your bike at a decent speed limit. Don’t drive on the wrong side of the road. Always be careful while making a turn.
  • Zig-Zag driving – Zig-Zag driving on the streets, that too without a helmet is catastrophic, to say the least.
17. Speeding Up When The Signal Turns Yellow

We know that a yellow traffic light does not indicate that a driver should drive fast before the signal turns red. However, in spite of it, why would you accelerate your car at a yellow signal, instead of slowing down as the rule suggests?

Or drive through a yellow signal as if you have stolen something and are afraid to stop, in case you get caught?

Whatever the reason, having a devil-may-care attitude, with regards to the yellow traffic light, is not in your best interest. And to refresh your memory here is a quick brief on what you should do when the traffic signal turns yellow:

  • if you are far away from the intersection, you need to slow down your car, when you notice that the traffic light has changed to yellow.
  • if you are close to the intersection, you need to keep going.
  • if you are almost at the intersection, then you have to go forward, because if you try to stop suddenly, it could lead to a rear-end crash with the vehicle behind you and would be in the middle of the intersection anyway.

Remember, your safety is in your own hands, take no chances!

18. Stopping Over The Zebra Line

The most common traffic violation you do while driving, stopping over the zebra line can get you fined. Plus it is also a hassle for pedestrians, who then have to cross the street haphazardly, risking their own safety.

Remember, that roads are meant for both the driver as well as the pedestrian, and as such both have a specific set of traffic rules, that they need to follow for their own personal safety.

Here are a few things you should do

  • Be cautious – it pays to be alert while driving. Check ahead before driving as pedestrians are often known to enter onto a zebra crossing with little regard for traffic.
  • Be considerate – pedestrians do not have solid protection around them. Thus, as a driver, it is important that you be considerate and keep a close watch on other road users.
  • Don’t speed – especially at a school crossing, because children sometimes do unexpected things.
  • Don’t take a risk – as a pedestrian, it is your duty to follow traffic rules diligently and not act in any way that might harm another individual. Wait, don’t take unnecessary risk.
19. Talking On The Phone While Driving

Multitasking is never easy and to do so while driving, is a foolish proposition not worth undertaking. Researchers have indicated, that talking on the phone while driving, is akin to driving when drunk.

So the basic question is: Why do you flirt with disaster?

Because when you talk or text on your phone while driving, you are doing just that. For this reason, it is important that you;

  • Never talk on the phone or text while driving – it impairs your driving skills and leads to distraction.
  • About hands-free..
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Have you ever asked yourself, why is India such a popular tourist destination, especially among foreigners? Or wondered why foreigners always seem eager to visit India?

If yes, then I am sure you have wondered what exactly it is that attracts most people to India.

Well here’s the deal!

The reason behind this fascination, lies in its Diversity. And I am not talking only about geographical diversity, but also diversity of culture, religion and ethnicity.

No matter which part of the world you’re from, you will never feel alienated in India, because India has something unique to offer to each and everyone of its visitors.

Moreover, geographically too, India is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich place you will ever travel to. India gives you infinite options to visit diverse landscapes & destinations, all within the same country.

Listed below are 15 most popular destinations in India, which are commonly visited by both locals as well as foreigners.

1. Khajjiar – A Picturesque Hill Station

Nestled between the snowy mountains, Khajjiar is a small plateau town in Himachal Pradesh known for its lush green meadows and pleasant climate. Owing to its majestic beauty, it is often referred to as the ‘Mini Switzerland of India’, and it is one of the reasons why most foreigners, who have a limited budget and can’t afford to travel to Switzerland, flock this place.

Khajjiar also attracts a lot of adventure seekers with sports options like paragliding, zorbing, horse riding and more. And if you truly want to enjoy & explore this natural paradise, then trekking is the way to go!

Nearby Attraction:
There are two temples Khajji Nag & Golden Devi Temple which are famous for the depiction of Mahabharata and the Golden Dome respectively. Besides this, the Nine Hole Golf Course, Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary and Dhauladhar Mountain Range, are some of the other places in this area that are worth visiting.

Best Time To Visit: April to October

How To Get there:
The nearest Gaggal Airport in Kangra, is about 140Km away from Dalhousie and from Dalhousie, Khajjiar is about 26km away & can be reached through cars or mini vans.

There are plenty of budget and luxury hotels available, which offer limited yet scrumptious cuisines and almost all hotel rooms offer a stunning view of the nearby snow-clad mountains.

Must Visit:
Located about 24kms from Khajjiar, is the Valley of Chamba, which is a scenic town known for its mesmerizing beauty, ancient temples and lakes.

2. India’s Sahara Desert – Thar Desert, Rajasthan

Peppered with low barren hills and surrounded by saline lakes, the Thar desert in the incredible state of Rajasthan is covered with sand dunes and sandy plains that seem forever in motion.

Popularly known as the Great Indian Desert; Thar is a sanctuary for many endangered animals like Black Buck, Gazelle, Great Indian Bustard etc and boasts of having 11 national parks in the area, with the largest being the Nara Desert Wildlife Sanctuary.

A chance to experience the rich and incredible culture of this region, alongside folk music, dance and exquisite food is the reason why this place is a popular foreign tourist destination in India.

Best Time To Visit: October to March

How To Get there:
The nearest airport at Jodhpur, an attractive tourist destination itself,  is about 285 kms from Jaisalmer. And from Jaisalmer, Thar Desert is approximately 100 km & it takes about 2 hours to reach there.

Thar doesn’t have any luxury accommodations, but there are family-run guest houses nearby, which provide lodging and food at a reasonable rate.

Must Visit:
Jaisalmer, the nearest city from Thar, has one of the world’s largest forts “Sonar Kila” or ‘Golden Fort’, which is a splendid architectural delight, and a must see for all travellers.

3. The Wettest Place on Earth – Mawsynram, Meghalaya

Blessed with an abundant variety of flora & fauna, alongside breathtaking sights of waterfalls, Mawsynram in the north-eastern state of Meghalaya, is a tiny village perched on the Khasi hills. It is one of the most scenic places in India with tall mountain cliffs, rolling green forests alongside hot sulphuric water springs.

But, the real reason why this place is the most popular tourist destination is because of its Rains. Yes, you read that right!

Mawsynram is termed as the wettest place on Earth, with an annual rainfall of about 11872 millimeters, making it one of the most fascinating places in India.

Foreigners who visit this place are awestruck by its spellbinding beauty and the fact that they are able to witness such a natural wonder, is the reason why they keep visiting this place in large numbers.

Nearby Attraction:
The Mawsmai Falls and the Nohalikalai Falls, India’s fourth & fifth largest waterfalls.

Another astonishing attraction that makes this place famous is the “Living Root Bridges” An alternative to wooden bridges, this natural man-made wonder is formed by trainable roots of ancient rubber trees, that grows overtime to form bridges across various rivers.

How To Get there:
If you are travelling here by air then the nearest airport is in Shillong. From there Mawsynram is about 47 kms by car.

There are a few hotels around this place along with small restaurants and convenience stores.

Must Visit:
A visit to Mawlynnong, termed as the cleanest village in Asia is a must. It is located about 106kms from Mawsynram.

4. Alappuzha – The Tranquil Backwaters of Kerala

A hotspot for international tourists, Alappuzha is a beautiful backwater town in Kerala famous for its fresh water rivers, houseboats and beautiful beaches. Adorned with lush green landscape & gleaming backwaters, Alappuzha provides visitors with a soothing and serene environment for relaxing, amid exceptional natural beauty.

Termed as the ‘Venice of the East’, Alappuzha is for sure less glamorous than its namesake, but its extraordinary natural allure, coupled with simplicity and calm surroundings, is the reason why most foreigners prefer this place over the
bustling tourist town of Venice.

Best Time To Visit:
The best time to visit this place is September to March, and the famous Snake Boat Races, that are held every year during the festival of Onam is one that you can’t afford to miss.

Nearby Attraction:
The Mannarasala Sri Nagaraja Temple, devoted to the serpent Gods, is a popular attraction along with the Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum & Statue Of Karumadikutta, which are both an architectural marvel and a major tourist attraction.

How To Get there:
Kochi is the nearest airport to Alappuzha at a distance of 64km.

There are many resorts and luxury hotels available. But, an overnight stay on one of the houseboats is highly recommended.

Must Visit:
Some 98kms from Alappuzha lies a hill station called Vagamon. Famous for its pleasant climate and tea plantation, it is often referred to as the “Scotland of Asia” and is worth a visit.

5. Eternal Symbol Of Love – Taj Mahal, Agra

No trip to India, can ever be completed without visiting this epic monument!

Known throughout the world as the “Symbol of Love”, the majestic aura of the Taj Mahal cannot be described or encompassed in a few words. A magnificent architectural wonder, this white marble monument is a perfect example of the amalgamation of different architectural styles, that were intertwined to create one of the most beautiful & awe-inspiring sculptures of Indian history.

Today, Taj Mahal is India’s most prized historical legacy and as one of the 7 Wonders of the World, it has become the topmost foreign tourist destination in India.

Best Time To Visit: October to March.

How To Get there:
Agra is well connected to most cities across India, reaching here via airplane, train or road, shouldn’t pose as a problem.

There are plenty of accommodation options available, from luxury to budget hotels.

Must Visit:
To make your trip to Agra more memorable, include other attractions such as Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, Mankameshwar Temple etc, to your travel itinerary.

6. Majestic Islands of Andaman and Nicobar

A secluded tropical paradise, the twin islands of Andaman and Nicobar, are well known for their vibrant marine life and beautiful white sand beaches. Referred to as the “Emerald Islands“, this island mainly attracts adventure sports enthusiasts, with water sporting activities like snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, etc. Besides water sports, you can also enjoy hiking and trekking, as this region is surrounded by thick evergreen forests.

Owing to its alluring environs, lustrous landscape along with crystal clear water, these islands like most of the islands around the world, offer the best view of nature. The only difference is that these islands are secluded and away from the maddening crowd, thus making them one of the most sought after destinations by foreign tourists.

Nearby Attraction:
There are many other attractions in this area, such as the Marina Park and Aquarium, which is run and managed by the Indian Navy & India’s infamous Kaala Paani Jail or Cellular Prison.

Other major attractions are the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Anthropological Museum and Forest Museum.

How To Get there:
The Islands can be reached via air with Port Blair being the nearest airport or through passenger ships that runs from Kolkata, Chennai and Vishakhapatnam.

Best Time To Visit: December to April.

This place has many options such as hotels, resorts and even overnight Island camping.

Must Visit:
Situated about 139kms from the city of Port Blair, lies Barren Island which hosts India’s only active volcano.

7. The Mysore Palace or The Amba Vilas Palace, Karnataka


That’s the word that comes to my mind, when you look at this opulent wonder.

Constructed in a distinct Indo-Saracenic style, the Mysore Palace is a three storey stone structure with a series of delicately curved arches and spectacular marble dome, all of which are gilded in gold. Foreigners who are intrigued about India’s past glory, visit this opulent palace that tells the story of India’s rich heritage.

Best Time To Visit:
The best time to visit this place is during national holidays, especially Dussera or on Sundays when the whole structure is illuminated with thousands of lights.

How To Get there:
The nearest airport is at Bangalore, from there you can reach Mysore by train or if you are travelling by car, Mysore lies about 139kms south-west from Bangalore.

There are many hotels, hostels and resorts available in Mysore.

Nearby Attraction:
The Karanji Lake, the biggest lakes in the state of Karnataka and the Mysore Zoo, home to over 90 species of birds, are other two famous destinations in Mysore.

8. The Holiest Indian City – Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

One of the oldest inhabited cities of India, Varanasi or Benaras is situated on the banks of river Ganga or Ganges in Uttar Pradesh and is a culturally rich city, popular for its Ghats, Ancient Temples and Classical music.

Most foreign tourists love the energetic and exuberant vibe of Varanasi, which attracts tourists through its architectural marvels, religious folklore and spiritualism. Early morning boat rides, to one of the Ghats is quiet popular in this area, along with river bathing, yoga and meditation.

Also, one of the most mesmerizing experience that you cannot afford to miss while in Varanasi is the Ganga Aarti. Performed each evening on the banks of the river, Ganga Aarti is a huge & stunning ceremony that is sure to leave you spellbound!

Nearby Attraction:
The Ram Nagar Fort, which is a huge fort on the western bank of the Ganga river. It houses a museum which showcases antique jewellery, vintage cars, war equipment’s, medieval costumes etc.

Best Time To Visit: October to March

Accommodations are available in the form of Guest Houses, Dharamshalas and Budget hotels. The local cuisine of Varanasi is particularly very tasty and delicious.

How To Get there:
A well-connected city, Varanasi can be reached through train, air, bus or car.

Must Visit:
Located 13kms away from Varanasi, Sarnath is a popular Buddhist pilgrimage place. It is believed that Lord Gautam Buddha, after attaining enlightenment, gave his first sermon at Sarnath.

9. Enchanted Mountains of Leh-Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

Termed as one of the ‘Coldest Deserts in the World’, Leh-Ladakh is a stunning mountain town that lies in the eastern parts of Jammu and Kashmir.

Surrounded by snow-capped mountain ranges, Leh-Ladakh is a surreal land known for its enchanting natural beauty. With clear blue skies, beautiful green valleys, sand dunes and pristine streams; this place is God’s own paradise, waiting to be fully discovered.

Besides the breathtaking landscape, this hilly region is also teeming with exotic flora and fauna. International tourists mostly visit this place for its myriad cultures, ancient ruins and adventure activities.

Nearby Attraction:
Famously known as “Trekkers Paradise“, the Nubra valley and the Zanskar valley in this area are the two prominent attractions along with the Pangong Lake and the Tso Moriri Lake. There are also magnificent ancient Buddhist monasteries around this region, the oldest and the largest being the Lamayuru & Diskit monastery.

Best Time To Visit: June to September.

How To Get there:
Leh-Ladakh, is well connected with several other Indian cities and can be reached by air and train.

There are plenty of hotels in this region, but for an over-all experience, it is best that you book yourself an all-inclusive package tour.

Must Visit:
The Khardung La pass, which is about 40kms from Leh, is the world’s highest motorable road at the height of 18,380 feet.

10. Goa – For Glorious Beaches and Old Churches

What can one say about the most sought after tourist destination of India?

The smallest Indian state, Goa is a fashionable and people friendly place with the major attraction undoubtedly being its pristine beaches and it is also one of the most popular weekend getaway destination.

Apart from the beaches, Goa’s bonhomie culture, night-life, along with affordable accommodation options and water sporting activities, are the reason why this area has heavy influx of foreign tourists throughout the year

Nearby Attraction:
The Arvalam Waterfall and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, are few places in this region that are famous for trekking, especially during monsoon. Furthermore, there are many magnificent churches and cathedrals, mainly in Old Goa, along with archaeological museums and spice plantations.

There are all types of accommodation that can be found in Goa, from simple homestays and hotels to bed & breakfast style accommodations. But for a memorable experience, a night in one of the beach shacks is highly recommended.

How To Get there:
Travelling to Goa is fairly easy and you can reach there by airplane, train, bus or car.

Must Visit:
The Dudhsagar Falls, situated 60kms from Panaji, is a magical four-tiered waterfall and a must see for all travellers.

11. Splendid Caves of Ajanta & Ellora – Aurangabad , Maharashtra

Take a step back in time!

Boasting a splendid ancient rock-cut architecture, the Caves of Ajanta and Ellora are the world’s greatest historical monuments, dating all the way back to the 2nd century BC.

These Caves are the finest examples of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain temple & monastery architecture in India and have been declared a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO.

A heaven for archaeologists and historians, foreigners visit this place to see the confluence of three different religions, depicted in an awe-inspiring pictorial masterpiece.

Nearby Attraction:

Besides the caves, another tourist attraction in this area is the Kailasa Temple, which was excavated at Ellora and is the largest monolithic structure in the world.

Best Time To Visit: October to March

How To Get there:
From Mumbai you can reach Aurangabad through train or car.

For accommodation, you will find few boutique & budget hotels around this area.

Must Visit:
A four-hours drive from the Caves, lies Lonar Lake, which is the earth’s only hyper-velocity impact crater, formed by a crashed meteor some thousand years ago.

12. Magnificent Rock Island – Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Located about 500 meters from the mainland, in the middle of the Indian Ocean and built on two adjacent rocks, are three of the most important architectural monuments of India.

Popularly known as the “Rock Island” of Kanyakumari, this small island is home to the famous Vivekananda Rock Memorial, the Sri Pada Mandapam and the popular Statue of Thiruvalluvar.

The Rock Island is one of the places in Kanyakumari, that is visited by millions of tourists each year and besides the rich heritage of Kanyakumari, foreigners are attracted to this place for its ayurvedic retreats and wellness centers.

How To Get there:
Travelling by train from Mumbai to Kanyakumari is the best option. But if you are planning to travel by air, then the nearest airport to KanyaKumari is Trivandrum International Airport. From Trivandrum, Kanyakumari is 67kms away and can be reached through car or local buses.

Best Time To Visit: October to May.

There are plenty of hotels available at reasonable rates.

Must Visit:
Located about 11kms from Kanyakumari, is the temple town Suchindrum, which is famous for its Dravidian style temples that are a splendid architectural wonder.

13. The Striking Sculptural Wonders Of Khajuraho Temples, Madhya Pradesh

Located in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho is a small village famously known for its erotic wall carving temples.

Known to many as the “City of Exotic Temples”, these group of monuments with its bold carvings, attract tourists from all over the globe, making it a popular international tourist destination in India

Best Time To Visit:
The best time to visit Khajuraho, is during its annual Spring Dance Festival in the month of February, wherein, you will get a chance to see various Indian Classical Dance performances, with the striking temple of Khajuraho acting as a backdrop.

How To Get there: You can reach Khajuraho by train or air.

For accommodation, there are plenty of budget and luxurious hotels available.

Must Visit:
The Raneh Waterfall located about 22kms from Khajuraho, is a fascinating waterfall, known for its myriad colour canyon and wildlife.

14. An Intriguing Terrain Of Ancient Ruins – Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

A massive fortress, this fort has eight imposing gateways and 87 bastions as tall as 60 feet, surmounted by cannons, rendering it the title of “The Unconquerable Fort”.

Even though, today, this architectural wonder lies in ruins, it is still one of the greatest monuments of India and attracts a good number of foreign tourists, who visit here to see the birthplace of the world’s most famous gems, including the Kohinoor Diamond, the Hope Diamond and the Nassak Diamond, which were once stored in the vault of the Golconda Fort.

Best Time To Visit: September to March

For accommodation, you will find few high-end resorts and budget hotels around this region, along with some restaurants.

How To Get there:
You can reach Hyderabad through air or train. The fort is situated about 11kms from Hyderabad city and be can reached by car.

Must Visit:
An hour’s drive from the Fort, lies the Hussain Sagar Lake, which is home to one of the world’s tallest monolithic statues of the Buddha. Built in the middle of the lake, this huge statue stands on what is popularly known as the ‘Rock of Gibraltar’.

15. The Tallest Brick Minaret – Qutub Minar, Delhi

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That’s all they really want!
Some Fun!
When the working day is done…
Girls – they want to have fun!

So why should boys have all the fun! In this blog, we bring to you weekend getaways near Mumbai where you girls can let loose and kick up your heels! Don’t forget to pack a bottle of wine (or two..three…) and your selfie-stick, cuz this is going to be one helluva weekend!

#1. Twin Bungalows in Khandala

These three bedroom twin bungalows in a secured enclave of Lonavala-Khandala with its swimming pool and private garden will give you a carefree holiday that your have been longing for. Plus, it is located close to Della Adventure Resort, so you can even spend a day trying out some adrenaline pumping activities.

#2. Luxury Bungalow in Alibaug

Merely 5-10 minutes from the lovely Awas beach, this spacious four bedroom Villa with a pool deck, outdoor pergolas and spectacular manicured lawns is perfect for a relaxing getaway with the girls. Can’t resist? Book this marvellous Bungalow in Alibaug now!

#3. Bungalow in Karjat

Don’t want anything too lavish? Then, you must check this superb Two bedroom bungalow in karjat which is more like your home away from home. Massive bedrooms, spacious living area, extensive lawns and plenty of areas to just laze around- this villa is what you’ve been looking for!

#4. Bungalow with infinity pool in Igatpuri

The speciality of this Bungalow in Igatpuri is its infinity pool. What is even more striking is that it is available for rent at a very reasonable price, making it one of the most sought after weekend getaway properties. Enough said, book this stunning villa in Igatpuri now!

#5. Luxury Resort in Bhandardara

This Resort in Bhandardara has a plethora of options. Choose from their one, two, three or four bedroom villas with either the hill view or lake view, or, their newly built fascinating Tree top nest. Whatever you choose, we promise you will have the most pleasing experience.

#6. Wellness Retreat & Spa in Mulshi

There is a bad news and a good news. The bad news is that this Resort in Mulshi does not allow or serve alcohol. But, the good news is that they serve organic healthy food, they have an amazing spa, a library with a tea lounge and plenty many rejuvenating activities. Now, it’s up to you, but we assure you will be back feeling brand new!

#7. Boutique Beach House in Alibaug

Built with care, these two properties in the sleepy hamlets of Kihim and Awas and perfect for an all Girls Weekend Getaway! Take a dip in the pool, sip on a glass of wine, chit-chat and visit the full-service spa… these beach houses are the places for you to be!

#8. Farm Stay in Kashid

A farm in Kashid with an exotic ambience in a sprawling Mango orchard and overlooking the calm and beautiful Nandgaon beach; it may not have all the luxuries and modern amenities, but it will undeniably leave you rejuvenated and revitalised.

#9. Bungalow in Kolad

Completely hidden from the hustle and bustle, nestled in a green grove, with waterfalls, streams, trees and tranquillity aplenty, this ranch in a tiny village near Kolad is an impeccable escape for you girls.

#10. Blissful Inn at Lonavala

This is a cozy little place atop a private hill. The best part of this property is its private lake which only adds to the serenity of the location. One would fall short on words to describe how perfect this place is for a chilled out get-together with your besties.

Go, have fun girlfriend! xoxo

The post 10 Getaways near Mumbai to explore with your girlfriends! appeared first on Homestays.in.

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Boys! We know this is going to make you cry- you are going to get hitched in a couple of months and your life as you know it will change drastically (for good! *Wink wink*). Stag or Bachelor parties are the first event of your wedding-do and you should plan one that your friends will remember forever (even if you don’t, they will surely do!).

So let us help you with the best Bungalows near Mumbai where you can host an awesome private stag do!

#1. Luxury Bungalow with Swimming Pool in Alibaug

This four bedroom lavish Villa with a pool, deck and lawns is a great choice for an extravagant Pool Party that you and your guests can brag about. This opulent villa is also ideal for a quiet and relaxing getaway.

#2. Farmhouse by the river in Karjat

As you enter the farm, the narrow approach road takes you to a villa that immediately gives you positive vibes and a homely feeling. Artefacts and souvenirs from around the world and family photos deck the walls. The rooms are cozy and warm. But the best part of this property is the gazebo and seating by the river making the ambience apt for a superb party.

#3. Budget Bungalow in Khandala

If you are not planning on having a flashy party, this bungalow in Khandala is a good choice. Spacious, homely, clean and within easy reach of the railway station, it also has a vast sheltered verandah and a garden with chairs where you can organise your party.

#4. Pool Villa in Karjat

We cannot think of a better option than this to have a dazzling stag party. The rooms on the lower level open up to a plunge pool and the room on the upper level open up to private terraces and fantastic views. The amenities and the ambience are swanky, but the price is affordable. Quick! Book this Bungalow in Karjat now!

#5. Countryside Farmhouse in Panvel

Spread over 5 acres of land, this humble farmhouse boasts of three outhouses, a bungalow with three bedrooms, two terraces and a verandah, a deck area with swimming pool and a large landscaped garden. Needless to say any more, start planning your boys’ night out now!

#6. Holiday Home in Alibaug

One of the most popular and recommended properties of Homestays.in, this Bungalow in Akshi, Alibaug is known for its food. What is a party without good food? The first thing that your guests will talk about (after the alcohol) is the food of course. Mouth-watering, finger-licking, flavoursome, scrumptous, succulent, delish… Ok, enough said, getaway now!

#7. Boutique Hotel in Matheran

This is a colonial resort in Matheran with Cottages and Bungalows. They have a luxurious Duplex Cottage with two bedrooms and an open plan living area. Additionally they offer a heritage Bungalow with 3 interconnected double rooms and verandahs overlooking the jungles.

#8. Holiday Villa in Igatpuri

Undoubtedly a best-seller, this four bedroom bungalow in Igatpuri is worth every penny, and trust us, it doesn’t cost much! With posh amenities, magnificent views and an infinity plunge pool, this villa is hot property!

#9. Spacious Bungalow in Panchgani

If you plan to take an extended weekend getaway near Mumbai for your bachelor party, why not have a look at this group of bungalows owned by a very hospitable family. Our recommendation is their 7 bedroom villa with a plunge pool and jacuzzi.

#10. Cottages in Kolad

Try taking a semi-adventurous trip to Kolad for a river-rafting getaway with your friends. These Cottages by the Kundalika River are affordable, comfortable and can accommodate up to 5 adults in each. Try kayaking, trekking, angling, riffle-shooting, archery and many more activities at the resort. Have a kick-ass getaway!

The post Planning a Bachelor Party? Check out these 10 awesome private condos near Mumbai! appeared first on Homestays.in.

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Mom & Dad to be, it’s time you take a break, unwind, enjoy some privacy before everything in your life starts getting ruled by Pink and Blue! Mind you, your most crucial decisions will involve bottles, bibs and nappies. And let me tell you something that no has has told you before, your life will change forever! Oh wait! Everyone’s told you that? So why wait, let’s look at some great Babymoon options for you before the tiny little feet enter your world!

#1. Goa #

Needless to say, this is on the top of my list! Goa is one such destination that is apt for any occasion, at any age and any time. Of course, one would think, why Goa, if the expecting mother can’t eat all types of sea food and cannot sip on alcohol. But Goa is probably the easiest destination to get too, especially when road travel is a big no no! That way, Goa fits in well! If you take a flight, the road travel to North Goa is only about an hour and once you have arrived, all you need to do is check-in and rest as much as you can. This is one place, where you don’t have to indulge in any activities. Just sit by the sea at a shack, sip on some Nariyal Pani and you are sorted. Don’t forget to book a quaint Homestay in Goa!

#2. Kochi #

The reason why I include Kochi in this list is also its easy accessibility. Most of the cities in India have direct flights to Kochi. The city not only has a lot of interesting sights, but also great eating out options and cafe’s, especially in the Fort Kochi area. The city’s culture is strongly influenced by colonisation by the Dutch, Portuguese, Arabs, British and is full of history. You can walk around hand-in-hand in the quaint enclave of Fort Kochi or take an evening stroll on the beach. Kochi also has some of the best Spa hotels and if you are in the land of Ayurvedic massages why not make most of it and stay at a wellness retreat. Pamper yourself, you deserve it now more than ever! Have a look at some of the best Resorts in Kochi.

#3. Luxury Getaways near Mumbai #

For Expecting parents in Mumbai, why not take a quick escape into the countryside? Book a fancy resort near Mumbai at a calm hill station and make most of your time breathing in as much fresh air as you can. Mind you, the roads are not that great, but do mention that you are planning a babymoon so that the travel experts recommend you options that are safe for you. Even better, check-in into a plush retreat at Madh Island or Gorai. This will save a lot of travel time, giving you more to sit back and enjoy the luxury. Weekend Getaways near Mumbai await you!

#4. Jaipur #

The land of Maharajas welcome you warmly to celebrate the best part of your journey. The Palaces will make you feel like royalty and the hospitality will make you feel at home. Just relax in the peaceful ambience of the Palatial hotels or homestays in Jaipur and you will be back rejuvenated and feeling brand new!

The post Once in a Baby Moon!… Before the Chaos ‘Kicks’ in! appeared first on Homestays.in.

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With Love From…

Whether you need to pop the question, or you need to express your love or just plain celebrate love, the one thing that you must have is the ambiance. Now, you don’t need an expert to tell you that a place with peace, quiet, cool winds, nippy air, swaying trees, bonfire, mesmerising views and privacy, of course, wins the award for the best romantic getaway! So, if you haven’t booked your getaway yet, it is not too late. But you better do it now! Here is what we think you should book-

# Peeps in Mumbai & Pune #

A private Chalet, overlooking the waters of a dam, candle lit dinner, delectable food and a tranquil ambiance- if this doesn’t give you the urge to book the property, then nothing will! 45 mins from Pune, this chalet has been built with imagination and affection, and we guarantee that it oozes so much love, that you would not want to return. For other Weekend Getaways near Mumbai & Pune, click here.

# Peeps in Bangalore #

When we say Ooty, we hear you say “Been there, done that!”, but what we are actually suggesting is you stay at around 27 kms from Ooty in a town called Emerald. Stay at an estate with majestic views of the Avalanchi hills and lakes. This 150 year old English Countryside style bungalow will give you the joy of backyard living and cozy rooms to make you feel at home! Here you can truly experience the beauty of untouched Nilgiris.

# Peeps in Delhi #

Delhi has a plethora of options when it comes to Romantic Getaways- from the mighty Taj Mahal to the mesmerising Himalayan foothills. What we are hand picking for you is a combination of history, breathtaking views and a cosy hideaway. These classic British colonial bungalows with typical bay windows, verandahs, terraced garden, fire places are what you need for a long due romantic getaway near Delhi. Don’t forget to try the natural and fresh preserves made here!

# Peeps in Chennai #

One of the most romantic and sought after honeymoon destinations is Tranquebar or Tharangambadi, near Pondicherry. This 17th Century bungalow which stands proudly on the beach amidst a 14th century Temple and 17th century Danish fort is a perfect choice for a getaway from Chennai. The decor, ambiance, views and the exemplary staff will definitely make your stay pleasurable. You may have a look at this Homestay in Pondicherry too!

So wrap you gifts with hugs and kisses and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

The post These Getaway Gifts to your other half will sweep them off their feet! appeared first on Homestays.in.

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A trip to Goa however long or short has to be relaxing and to add to it fashionable. Goa is contemplated to be the most coolest destination to travel in India. With the world obsessed with social media, can you go to Goa and not upload pictures? You can’t. The pictures need to make the world and yourself feel that you have just returned from Goa. Hence, the need for fashion. After comparing the products on Youtellme.com, we bring you the five fashion must-haves for your next trip to Goa.

#1. Hats

Hats are must carry items to Goa! Otherwise, who will protect you from the blazing sun? Besides, hats will add more awesomeness to your look.

#2. Sarongs

You cannot walk down a beach in Goa with anything other than sarongs. Ideally, you can. But, you shouldn’t. Carry at least one sarong on you, you need to raise the temperature of Goa by your hot looks after all!

#3. Sunglasses

Apart from the fact that they will protect your eyes, they will for sure raise your fashion quotient. Buy those trippy, cool blue color wayfarers, they will make you look like a babe in town.

#4. Cocktail Dresses

This is the most essential addition to your bag. If your lucky stars shine bright, you might get asked on a date. And in such a happy moment you cannot afford to have a nothing-to-wear situation. And if not, you can also wear the dress for the special night with the people you’re with. Just wearing the dress will feel you like a superstar!

#5. Red Lipstick

Probably the only makeup item that makes us look from drab to fab in just a moment. Do you need any other reason to carry this little stick of magic?

Goa is a lovely place to travel to. It’s fun and divine at the same time. With the above 5 additions to your bag, the trip to Goa is surely going to rock. Be prepared to get a hot number of likes on the pictures that you upload from the trip. Fun apart, book your cottages or residences on Homestays.in, in advance to avoid dawdling through the streets of Goa with your heavy luggage.

The post Five fashion must-haves for your next trip to Goa! appeared first on Homestays.in.

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Since the inception of the year, 2015, travel dreams have entered many hearts. We’re one month down and not many have traveled anywhere beyond their routines. As we all must have heard that it is easy to dream but difficult to fulfill it. We have all dreamed of traveling, probably even made plans and canceled them. The reason for cancellation may vary but we all can overcome them. What if we told you that it is possible to travel to your hearts content this year? Makes you happy, doesn’t it? It makes us happy to share with you the Top 5 reasons why leisure traveling should be your top priority this year.

#1. Adrenaline rush

Traveling now at the start of the year will give you the much needed adrenaline rush. You’ll want to travel more, see more, do more. Traveling will give you the energy push you need, to live happy everyday for the rest of your life.

#2. Moments to adore, all year long

Believe us when we say this, the trip you take never ends. Even after you come back, its with you. The memories of the trip will keep taking you back to the place, all year long. One short trip will leave you feeling so much happier for a long time.

#3. Planning for your trip will make you creative and organized

Planning a vacation is not a piece of cake. You’ll need to consider all your needs in advance. This will indeed bring out your creativeness. And when you successfully come back from the trip, it will leave you feeling a lot more organized.

#4. Variety of food

If you’re a foodie, there is no bigger reason than this one to ensure that you travel. The different types of food that you can taste while on the journey will satisfy your taste buds extremely well. You might also realize that the food that you eat in your routine life is a lot more different and tastier in the alien land.

#5. Online travel coupons!

The most vital reason why you must make traveling your priority are the online coupons. The most stereotyped reason for the cancellation of the trip one plans are monetary issues. With online sites like PriceBurp.com you can bid adieu to your financial concerns. PriceBurp.com provides you with coupons/discounts which you can use before taking the trip and also during the trip. It has coupons which you can use to book your tickets, shop online, book a cab and much more.
Go check out Priceburp.com and start planning the life changing vacation which you were avoiding for a long time now!

Don’t you already want to pack your bags? Wait, before you go pack your suitcases…book! Book a place to reside in, with homestays.in you can book cottages and residence in advance. Wait no more, adventure awaits!

The post Top 5 Reasons why Leisure Travelling Should Be Your Top Priority This Year! appeared first on Homestays.in.

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You don’t need a reason to party, do you? And if you do, we will give you a reason like no other – Celebrate Life! And the best way to rejoice is to celebrate it with people you love, you family, friends, co-workers…! Now, trust us, your pubs, restaurants, resto-bars and cafes are getting boring. You need to start exploring more options. So here we have a list of Getaways in Karjat which could be your weekend party pads. So, Party away… Yo Yo Honey Singh Style!

# Party on my mind #

There’s a Long weekend soon and you’ve had a busy month. Deadlines, presentations, conferences… All you want to do is escape the stressful humdrum and party away to glory! We’ve handpicked for you a party place that you won’t ignore. This Luxury Villa in Karjat is only a couple of hours away and has all you need for a relaxed get-together. With a plunge pool, terraces with marvellous views, air-conditioned rooms and modern amenities, this is the ultimate party pad. Just ask your friends to tag along and make it one heck of a getaway!

# Party all night #

Sometimes all need for catching up with friends old and new are a few drinks, delectable food and music of your choice. But what if you have all this and a river flowing by, soothing wind and a flawless weather? That’s what we have on offer for you. Visit this Farm House in Karjat with its green lawns, gazebo, outdoor bar, hammock has plenty of seating spaces, so, ”Khoob jamega rang, jab mil baithenge teen yaar…” Moreover, since there are no restrictions on time, you can catch up through the night!

# Break-up Party #

Yes, it is the newest trend on the block. You heard it right; it’s a Break-up Party! And why not, it’s possibly celebrating freedom! Planning on having one already? Have a look at our lavish four bedrooms Bungalow in Karjat with a swimming pool. This bungalow is so spacious and alluring that you can host a massive merrymaking event to get over your past and plunge into a brand new future!

# A for Aao re Aao, B for Bhao na Khao… #

Looking for a rather simple villa for a rocking party? We have a two-bedroom spacious Bungalow in Karjat, which we promise you will love. The bungalow also has a huge lawn and a plantation making it a good choice for an open air party. It is also a worthy option for your cheapskate and saver friends- it is light on the pockets too!

# Party with the Bhootnath #

No, we don’t mean that this property is haunted! But what we suggest is that you have a themed-party! This beautiful abode in Panvel, near Karjat, is spread over a large area with three outhouses and a swimming pool. It is a modest countryside house with rustic features. The highlight of this property is the pool-side deck with a state-of-the-art surround sound system. We can already imagine a plan in the making, because you definitely cannot give this one a miss!

Abhi toh Party shuru hui hai!!!

The post Five Cool Party Places in Karjat for you! appeared first on Homestays.in.

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There are plenty many jokes on Gujaratis or our Gujju Bhais and Bens, but you cannot miss the fact that Gujarat is one of the most vibrant and hospitable states in this country. And although, it is a dry state (some of you are frowning at this!), there is so much to do (read as eat) that a visit to Gujjuland is a must! So, wait no more, take a Flying Rani (one of the most popular trains to Gujarat), set on a holiday like never before and experience the sights and sounds of Gujarat! As Amitabh Bachchan rightly says – “Breathe in a bit of Gujarat.”

#1. Visit the Rann of Kutch

A visit to the Great Rann of Kutch is a must between December and March. Apart from being the largest salt desert in the world, it is also famous for its annual festival, the Rann Utsav. Experience local culture and cuisine while you stay in tented accommodation or traditional houses. Kutch is also recognised for its famous embroidered handicrafts. You can visit a typical Kutchi village to experience the vibrant local life and also get an insight into the skill of handloom-making. The captivating and unusual landscape of Kutch has also attracted many Bollywood film-makers.

#2. Go Fly a Kite!

Makar Sankranti or the Kite Flying festival has enormous importance in Gujarat. It marks the transmigration of the sun into Makar Rash (the zodiac sign of Capricorn) on its celestial path. It is celebrated on the 14th of January every year and it also said to mark the beginning of the spring season. Makar Sankranti is celebrated all over India with various local names – in Gujarat it is referred to Uttarayan. Kite Flying is the main activity during the festival where locals have friendly kite flying matches trying to playfully cut each other’s kites – Kaypo Che!

#3. Watch Birds

Gujarat is slowly evolving as a vital bird watching destination. The Gir Wildlife Sanctuary is said to support 300 species of birds. The Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary which is a lake with shallow waters is a wintering ground for many migratory birds – pelicans, flamingos, various types of ducks and coots. The Vansda National park offers shelter to around 155 bird species such as Malabar Trogon, Jungle Babbler, Yellow Black Sunbird and so on. There are numerous other National Parks and Sanctuaries in Gujarat showcasing rare species of birds and animals.

#4. Eat. Sleep. Repeat

Gujarat is known for its delectable vegetarian cuisine and hospitality. Winter is the best season to get most of it! Come winter and all gujarati households will serve Undhiyo until they are sick of it! Undhiyo is a mix of seasonal vegetables with a particular seasoning. A variation to Undhiyo is Ubadyu. You will see many ‘Ubadyu’ signs on the highways of Gujarat. These road side stalls make fresh Ubadyu and serve hot. Ubadyu too like Undhiyo is made of mixed season veggies, but cooked in earthen pots in a pit of fire. It is flavoured with a specific leaf which is used to the cover the pots while cooking giving it a peculiar aroma. Of course and the ‘Fafda’ and ‘Jalebi’ combination is not to be missed on cold mornings. Don’t forget to drink some hot masala chai with it

#5. Sleep under the stars

Mumbaikars, this is one thing you should definitely give a try! Forget all your worries, wrap yourself warm, put on some mosquito repellent cream, gaze at the starry sky and doze off! Good Night!

The post 5 Wintery things to do in Gujju-land! appeared first on Homestays.in.

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