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There are three categories of the general build of the human body which include the ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Your body type can determine a lot of things about you, from the kind of activities you can engage in to the kind of foods you can eat and gain weight significantly. A good example is ectomorphs who can consume anything without gaining weight fast while the endomorph body type is more sensitive to whatever they take. Endomorphs may find a difficult time observing a proper diet and regular exercises. Let us have a look at what the endomorph body type is all about.

What is endomorph?

This is a body type that is somehow solid and normally soft. Those with this body type have a wider build, wide hips, thick rib cage, and small limbs. Those with the endomorph body type gain fat very fast which makes them find a hard time to keep up with the count of their body fat percentage. Endomorphs also tend to experience slow metabolism. Being endomorph does not mean you must gain weight or become naturally obese. You must put in a lot of effort to ensure your body maintains the right shape. Make sure you come up with an exercise schedule that will see you maintain a good body. If your metabolism rate is somehow slow, then you should eat foods that are best for speeding up your metabolism.

Endomorph women

The female endomorph body type tends to be somehow different from that of men in that they do retain more fat. They also have a slender body which is curvaceous. Endomorph women have a smooth, glowing skin which can gleam with vitality when fit. The goals of most ladies with the endomorph body type are is to tone down and slim to define their body shape which includes the waist, legs, and curves. Endomorph ladies will actually look good once they shed off some extra pounds. They can lose weight without undoing their femininity.

Fat loss secrets for endomorph women

There are several things endomorph ladies can do to acquire the right body shape or their dream bikini body. They include:

Boosting metabolism– Metabolism is simply the different chemical processes that happen in your body which help convert the food you eat or what you drink to energy. The calories contained in the food the food you consume or what you drink mixes up with oxygen to give out the energy needed by the body for its activities. Basal metabolic rate is the least amount of energy or calories required by the body to retain its weight. Speeding it up will help burn more fat. Thermogenic foods like pepper can help boost your metabolism. High-intensity training will also help boost your metabolism. You can try the cycling machine or hit the treadmill for a couple of minutes. Fat burning supplements will also help boost your metabolism.

Regulating calories intake– Endomorph women should watch on the amount of calories they consume. If you take in a surplus of what your basal metabolic rate can take, then you are likely to gain more weight depending on the types of exercises you do. There are special devices you can use to keep track of your calorie count.

Healthy eating– The kind of food you eat is also responsible for the shape or size your body. Take in a balanced diet with minimal fat. You should also be in a position to differentiate good fats from bad fats. There are healthier fats in fish, avocado and olive oil that are good for your body.

Endomorph celebrities

No matter how much you might not feel comfortable in your body type, there are a few things that will make you feel you are not alone in it. There are a lot of celebrities or famous people who have the endomorph body type. Some of them are actors, musician, models and even prominent businesspersons.

What might encourage you more is the number of celebrity models with the endomorph body type. A good example is the late Marilyn Monroe who had the endomorph body type but knew well how to flaunt her body. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are other endomorph celebrities who show off their bodies by how well they can twist their hips.

Other female celebrities with an endomorph body type include Oprah Winfrey, Queen Latifah, Kate Winslet, Sophie Dahl, Sophia Loren, Rosanne, Minnie Driver and Beyoncé. Male celebrities with an endomorph body include John Goodman, Jack Black, Danny DeVito, Robin Williams and Russell Crowe. These celebrities will give you all the reasons to feel comfortable in this body type. In the end, it is not what you have but what you do with your body that is essential.

Endomorph men

The male endomorph body type is said to have a high probability of gaining muscles when the right bodybuilding exercises are observed. Losing fat in male endomorphs can be at a fast rate compared to female endomorphs. The male endomorph body type retains fat, but not more compared to that of women. They tend to experience minimal endurance because of the extra body fat. This may make it hard for one to observe a strict workout routine. There are several workouts male endomorphs can engage in to lose body fat.

Best workout for male endomorphs

There are a couple of exercises male endomorphs an engage in to gain muscle mass and reduce body fat. They include:

Cardio– Endomorphs have to stay in motion each and every day to keep their workout rhythm going. Cardio training is essential in that it helps burn calories in one’s body. Highly-intensive cardio training for about five days in a week in 30 to 60 minutes will be of great help.

Weight training– It is essential in building up that lean muscle mass and burning body fat. Weight training also helps speed up your metabolism rate. An active muscle will help speed up your rate of metabolism and also burn excess fat in your body.

A healthy diet is also essential for males with the endomorph body type. Lower your intake of carbohydrates by going for non-starchy foodstuffs. Proteins like fish and chicken will also help keep you free from unhealthy fats. Observing all these will make you achieve the right gains.

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Jeff Seid is a twenty-three year old famous bodybuilder who has been officially training ever since he was just twelve years of age. He offers a wide range of online personal training options. He isn’t just passionate about the bodybuilding field, but he also like helping others live a healthier, longer life. Anybody who has observed the before and after pics of Jeff Seid knows that he has made some very serious gains throughout the years.

Jeff is additionally a very accomplished writer. One of his published books is called the guide to aesthetics. In this book he discusses his own personal fitness journey and shares his private story of entering the world of bodybuilding. Additionally, he provide special access to his own nutrition and fitness tips, along with unique supplement advice.

Jeff Seid Height is 6 feet and weighs around 210 pounds. He has a body fat of just 7 percent. It comes to no surprise that most of his weight is due to this muscle mass.

Is Jeff Seid Natural  ?

When so many individuals observe Jeff’s incredible physique, they tend to wonder whether or not he is natural or manipulating Jeff Seid steroids. There are so many bodybuilders out there that make use of steroids to enhance performance and stimulate their look. Jeff Seid, however, is probably not one of them.

Jeff Seid Steroids – Strong Proof Against It

1) Jeff Seid Transformation

If you’ve observed Jeff Seid’s transformation, then you probably are well aware of the fact that it was a gradual process for him. Jeff certainly did not transform into such a big bodybuilder overnight. He began lifting heavy weight when he was only 12 years of age. This basically means that he has already been training for over 10 years. A primary sign of steroids is a rapid transformation.

2) Zero Acne

Acne is a common side effects of using steroids. Jeff has all-clear skin. One can also observe by taking a look at his photos that he hasn’t had an issue with skin acne since starting to train. Interestingly, however, Jeff mentioned that he did indeed suffer from some skin acne before entering the bodybuilding world. He didn’t actually exercise before starting to workout. He mentioned that he would just play video games throughout most of the day. His skin began to drastically improve after he began his training program.

Steroids enhance the probability of acne appearing on the skin by encouraging the body’s sebaceous glands to create oil. Remember however that not everybody who uses anabolic steroids experienced acne. Genetics is a major factor that affects the probability of developing acne.

3) Hair

Few people can argue with the fact that Jeff has thick, nice hair. People who make use of anabolic steroids tend to suffer from drastic hair loss. The use of anabolic steroids also enhances dihydrotestosterone production. If one has elevated levels of this, then he is much more likely to experience hair loss. DHT directly destroys one’s hair follicles, making them shrink is size and ultimately die.

4) Young-appearance

People who take anabolic steroids tend to look a bit older than their actual age. Anabolic steroids have a strong tendency to learn to sagging and wrinkled skin. They may lead the fat located in the cheeks to decrease and get distributed in other body areas. Steroids may also lead the body to reduce collagen synthesis. Jeff has a pretty young-appearing face, which is one of the numerous things that may indicate no steroid use.

5) No Bloating

Bloating is quite a common adverse effects of anabolic steroids, as they lead the body to retain lots of water. Jeff doesn’t seem to have an issue with bloating.

6) No Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a medical condition that leads to breast development in men. Men who use steroids are much more likely to experience gynecomastia.

7) No Red Skin

Elevated blood pressure and an enhanced heart rate are a few of the most harmful adverse effects of using steroids. Steroids increase one’s blood pressure by causing retention of fluids. Steroids may enhance one’s metabolism, which raises your body temperature.

The Verdict – Jeff Seid Natty

There isn’t anything about Jeff Seid that could suggest steroid use. A good training program, great genetics, and a good diet are some of the reasons that Jeff Seid has been successfully able to maintain a good

The post Is Jeff Seid Natural or on Steroids appeared first on Healthy Self Programs.

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