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The Life Less Lived – how remote working is helping this woman buy her dream home

Jane Holmes is a marketing manager for a workplace technology specialist based in London. This is not the stereotypical start of a great adventure – but if you want to find Jane at her desk, you’ll have to head more than 500 miles north, to a car park overlooking the inimitable Scottish Highlands.

Jane has lived here in her Volkswagen LT van for more than 18 months with her husband. They’re saving to buy the land they need to build their dream home: a three-bedroom stone house in the Highlands.

“We know it is unorthodox,” said Jane. “There was a lot of toing and froing before we decided to go and live in the van while we considered what other people might think, as we knew there would be a stigma around it.”

Downsizing to a £2,000 van meant making sacrifices at first. With no access to running gas, water or electricity, Jane and Stephen were unable to turn on the heating on a cold day or to get a drink from the kitchen tap. But now they’ve adapted to their new way of living, Jane now feels that she’s got everything she’s ever needed. The couple visit a local gym whenever they need to shower and use a wood burner to keep warm.

“I live in a place with stunning views, I have my health and my loving partner, and the ability to fit my working life around what works for me,” she explained. “We live in a world where everyone is trying to keep up with the Joneses, but we are the makers of our own destiny. What more could you want?”

Jane works five days a week for Cloudbooking, which provides workspace management technologies to companies worldwide. Despite their offices being based in London, the company’s ‘practice-what-you-preach’ approach let Jane keep her job despite her change of lifestyle and location. All she needs is a laptop to remain connected to her team, which stretches across the UK and beyond.

It’s not the first time that Jane has taken the path less travelled while working for Cloudbooking. She and Stephen went on a four-month road trip across Europe in a Citroen Relay in 2013, with Jane using a portable Wi-Fi router to stay connected to the office as she travelled through Spain, France and Portugal.

‘I handed in my notice to my boss, but to my surprise he turned around and said, “Why do you need to quit? You could just work on the road?” said Jane. “I’m very lucky to have a boss who understands that it doesn’t always make sense for everyone to be based in the same place when it’s just as easy for people to work remotely with all the technologies we have today.”

“In the summer we will be going to France for a two-month working holiday, something we’d never have been able to do if we’d been skimping and saving in rented accommodation,” said Jane. “You can’t spend your whole time saving up your money because life is short and it’s there to be enjoyed.”

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Hiroo Chothia –  Success: Based On Knowing The End Game!

By Fatima Gorezi

Hiroo Chothia is a highly experienced, internationally recognised Strategist, Business & Executive Coach, Speaker and Author, who has helped countless business owners and leaders in over 4 continents over the last two decades, to develop strong businesses.

She is fiercely committed to guiding entrepreneurs and independent business owners to double their revenue growth and their free time, whilst they enjoy the journey with the support of a guide who cares about their success, as if it were her own.

With over 20 years of experience of working with amazing and talented clients with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, her mission and commitment is to see her clients succeed and grow with joy, ease and speed.

How do you remember the beginning of your career?

Like a lot of people, I rather fell into my first career, which was in the Civil Service in the UK. Whilst deciding what career choices to follow, I initially took up a temporary contract and before I knew it was taking on other challenges on a more permanent basis. I was very fortunate for two reasons: firstly, because the Civil Service is a very large organisation with many government departments, thereby, offering numerous choices, in terms of posts and lots of developmental opportunities, if you wanted to take them up and grow!! I used these opportunities to move and gain different experiences. I was blessed to have some incredible mentors, who helped me to develop to succeed and take on roles with greater responsibilities. Over the years, I managed large diverse teams and had recognised the value of coaching. Initially, I informally coached colleagues and then formally trained at Ashbridge Business School, as an Executive Coach. A few years later, I realised that I wanted to build on my business knowledge, so I embarked on doing a MBA part-time, whilst holding down a full time role. This was a tough call, as I was in a very demanding job with long hours and travelling, however, this opened up new doors and gave me the opportunity to collaborate and set up own management consultancy and coaching business.

What career achievements are you most proud of?

There have been quite a number of achievements that I have been proud of, however, the three that stand out most are: firstly, transitioning from my salaried career into co-founding a successful international business consultancy and coaching firm, after gaining a distinction in the MBA. I am proud to be celebrating 24 years in the business, where my primary objective has always been to help my clients achieve their objectives. Secondly, I have used my success to mentor and coach others, to help elevate them and fulfill their potential. I am particular proud to have mentored female global entrepreneurs, from emerging markets, as part of the CB Foundation for Women, to help them succeed. Finally, I was privileged to be commissioned to conduct a review and make recommendations relating to institutional racism, following a high profiled public enquiry by Sir William Macpherson on the unfortunate death of Stephen Lawrence.

Do you have a productivity philosophy?

My productivity philosophy is based on a couple of issues – the most important one for me is being focused. I find that if I have a mindset of being focused, I can achieve many goals and remain highly productive. I achieve this focus, firstly, by ensuring I create habits. Some time ago, I read about the benefits of creating habits and realised pretty quickly that it is a key factor for so many successful entrepreneurs. Habits don’t have to be cumbersome. I have found that small daily habits can be very beneficial and can have a compound effect. So I have a morning ‘habit’ that consists of meditation and exercise, help me to get me into the ‘right mindset’ and set me up for the day. Once I am in this mindset and ready for work, I review my workload and create priorities for the day. I try to keep really focused on the prioritisation list, ensuring I do not get diverted by the many distractions around. Whilst, social media can be both a helpful tool and fun way to catch up on news etc, personally, I find that it also one of the greatest distractions during a working day. The same is true of emails. So when working, I try to check my social media platforms and emails at set times and limit my time on each – as it is so easy to lose an hour or two, if you are not careful!

Who or what do you look to for inspiration and why?

There are several people I look to for inspiration, some closer to home than others. First off, would definitely be my mother, who is a really strong character and has been a huge influence in my life. She is very determined and imbues kindness, perseverance, forgiveness and understanding. External people who inspire me are firstly, Nelson Mandela, who was very much a presence when I was growing up, for achieving his ambitions against all odds and adversity and latterly creating a framework for reconciliation and collaboration. Closer to home, I am truly inspired when I see my clients succeed and realise their goals and this inspires me to do more.

How do you keep track of your progress during a project?

For me tracking and progress of any project is based on a few simple but very effective issues. I always like to know what the end outcomes are going to look like, as this definitely helps me to plan out the process; define distinct goals and determine early on where some possible problems might occur – so that I can have a strategy in advance of how to deal with them. Finally, having a good system to manage the project is vital for me – it does not have to be complicated or expensive, even a simple Gantt chart on a spread-sheet will suffice, maintaining is a system to be able to monitor progress.

What do you wish someone had told you at the start of your career?

The best advice I received in my career, was ‘know the end game’. I wish I had known this at the start of my career, as I would have achieved things so much more efficiently and effectively. I mentioned this in response to tracking projects but I have found this to be a fabulous tip for everything in life and work, whether it is a key business decision or an everyday task. When you know where you want to get to and what that might look like, the path and ‘course correction’ are so much simpler!

Can you share your three top tips for building a company/brand?

My top three tips for building a company or brand, would be:

  1. Target Market – niche down as much as possible in terms of your target market. This may sound counter-intuitive as you are narrowing down your target market but it can prove to be very profitable, especially in a competitive market.
  2. Ideal Customer – be crystal clear about your ideal customer: by gender, occupation, interests etc. – create a really detailed picture, as this will help you target your

products to the “right people”. This will make a crucial difference between prospects “looking” versus “ buying” your products and services.

3. Scale Your Business – make sure that you are not merely thinking of growing your business but put in place, ideally from the start, a strategy for scaling your business, so that you are set up to develop your business not just work in it.

In your opinion, how has the role of women changed in the workplace over the decades and are we in a better place today?

The role of women in the workplace has definitely changed for the better with more women represented in the workplace as well as entering a much wider range of occupations. There are some really inspirational examples, however, a huge glass ceiling still exists, where there is lack of pay parity for the same roles; many are prevented from receiving promotion, especially to higher levels, within their organisations. This is not just for women to resolve – engagement and active buy-in from men is vital and both genders need to engage in the debate jointly for real and lasting change.

What does gender equality mean to you?

For me, gender equality is so much more than equal representation at a Board table or on the shop floor – it is about respect and not just about quotas – ensuring that women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all areas of society, including pay parity and decision making. Men, clearly have a vital role to play in trying to achieve gender equality but equally important is the role of women, who have made it. Both men and women need to feel empowered, self-confident, and independent in order to achieve real and lasting gender equality.

Contact: hiroo@growyourbusinesssuccessfully.net / https://growyourbusinesssuccessfully.net

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Be A Global Woman with Style
Afternoon Tea & Catwalk

Diane Von Furstenberg, Mayfair in London has officially invited Global Woman community for a special afternoon tea on Monday, 27th May 4pm -6.30pm

By Mirela Sula

Have you been in that position that as a woman entrepreneur you get so busy with your business and you find yourself running to a meeting but you don’t know what to wear?

Sometimes we get used to the reality: no make-up, not dressed up, we just get up and get some work done. Also, many women that we meet tell us that once they start the business, they don’t have time for parties anymore, no time for friends and fun. Well, welcome to the world of entrepreneurs

At Global Woman we all have agreed in one principle: The Business should be easy, fun and profitable. This is what we have created in our reality and many women get curious to know: What is Global Woman Club about? How does it work? What is the model and the purpose of the meetings? It is very simple: We meet to connect with each other, to get to know about other women’s stories; how did they succeed and how can we do the same. If we already managed to succeed how can we help others find that direction?

So, once we understand this, then we want to make our business work as well, and therefore we start exploring ways of doing business partnerships, joint ventures and collaborations. At the Global Woman Club, it is not only about learning but more about being, doing and taking actions.

In order to enjoy this journey, we don’t want to simply to show that we are strong and smart women. We often hear that sometimes people say: “Oh she needs more feminine energy – or she lost the feminine energy”. Do you think that sometimes the best way to connect with that energy is when we look in the mirror and we loudly tell ourself: “You look great, you are beautiful, you are trendy … etc”. Perhaps we can’t do this all the time but if we find reasons to wake up, stand up, make up and show up to some events/meetings that make us feel beautiful but also at the same time we do some business, this can become our lifestyle. Business and Fashion can definitely be connected together.

We may invest a lot in our education, qualifications, trainings, self-development. We become experts, an authority in our fields. But we should never overlook our own resume as part of business.
We should never underestimate the power of our own image. The way we dress conveys more confidence within us and also we give a positive message to other people who potentially can become our clients. The right image gives us the sense of security and present us in a professional manner. This can make a huge difference.
We always emphasise the importance of the investment from inside and that is the most important one, but if we are in business, people are always going to judge us how we look, how we dress and how we present ourselves to the outside world. I remember a few years ago, when I had just started my business I was food shopping in my local area and a friend of mine called me saying:
“Hey guess what, I came at this event and it is really good, it is not far from where you are, why you don’t join us?. It has not started yet, you can make it in time”.
“But I am not dressed up for meetings. I just came to do some shopping” I replied.
“Come on, she said, don’t worry about that. You always look great”.

I don’t know how she convinced me but I ended up with no make-up and with my trainers. I never remember feeling so embarrassed. People didn’t show that much interest to network with me because they may have been thinking “not important – not interested” and just before I left I saw someone that I knew, and I was so happy. I smiled at her and we started talking. Guess what she asked?
“Are you taking care of yourself?”. Oh dear, I had to explain the whole story. Since that day I never went out of the house without make up and dressing up, even if I am going to the supermarket. You never know who you are going to meet there, and perhaps a phone call can change your plans.

So here we have a special invitation. If you are a woman entrepreneur, this is your time to connect, have an afternoon tea, some fun and joy, and, show your style with a photoshoot and catwalk. You can also try the latest women’s fashion clothing.

Be A Global Woman with Style
Afternoon Tea & Catwalk

Diane Von Furstenberg
Mayfair, London
27th May, 4pm – 6.30pm

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Jennifer Abel  Challenge your status quo and unleash the inner genius

By Fatima Gorezi 

Jennifer Abel is an empowerment specialist and entrepreneur passionate about technology and innovation.

With a mind wide open, ready for adventures and driven by curiosity, Jennifer was always eager to follow her heart and make her aspirations a reality from a young age. After figuring out for herself how to bring dreams to life and working together with many ambitious people on making their visionary and passionate projects a reality, she wanted to do more.

Therefore she started a business around empowering people to successfully realise thrilling projects and achieve great things in life. She help them develop skills, grow as individuals, become empowered in everything they do and ultimately – to thrive!

Tell us about your childhood and upbringing. How did it help you to become who you are today and how would it reflect on your future?

During my childhood, we moved around a lot: I grew up in Germany and the US. When I was six years old my parents got divorced. Due to the fact that my surrounding kept on changing very frequently, I got very good at adjusting to new environments rather quickly. This helped me to be very open minded and flexible. As the eldest of three children, I took on responsibility at a very early age. Being a role model, sharing my knowledge and insights was from early on very natural to me.

Who has motivated and inspired you towards success?

My parents definitely had a strong impact on me, showing us kids the possibilities we have and how to follow our aspirations despite society having its biases. I grew up with the mindset that you have to work hard if you want to get anywhere. Also artists, leaders and changemakers like Marie Forleo, Jason Brubaker, Tony Robbins, Warren Buffett or Tim Ferris, just to name a few, had a strong impact on me. They showed me what else is possible in the world and that there are no limits. Sometimes there are setbacks, but these do not mean that you are not designated to pursuit your journey successfully. They are twists, lessons, tests to check how much you really want it. Especially Marshall Rosenberg and the Dalai Lama taught me how not be too harsh on myself , love myself , take care of myself and then go change the world, break records, be great.

What is your mission in this world?

I strongly believe our purpose in this world is to be happy and create a lot of great memories. Therefore, my mission is to serve people to get into their flow so that they can create memorable experiences for themselves and their loved ones. I see myself as a catalyst creating space for people to grow personally, emotionally and spiritually. This space is equipped with consulting, coaching, training, communities, creating new solutions with a focus on ambitious women and men in corporate jobs or self-employed, who are longing to discover and realise undertakings and ventures that make their heart truly sing. Too often one is stuck in patterns and structures which are not aligned with one’s value system and aspirations. It keeps you busy, covers the basic needs and it is good. My mission is to transform good into extraordinary for those who are committed to challenge their status quo and unleash their inner genius.

You are very passionate about empowerment. Why do you believe that continual personal development is so important for everyone?

I see personal development as a subset of empowerment. I believe that each human being on this planet has the birth right of a free will. When there is no personal development and the human capabilities of reflection and learning new things are not used, the risk of being dominated and repressed is exceptionally high.

Besides, I’m of the opinion that personal development is a human need and everyone should have access to it to fully cherish being human, living in this world, creating things that matter to them. I like to compare personal development with a muscle. The context decides how much you have to train the muscle and the importance can vary. But no training entails many disadvantages, like feeling heavy, stressed or low on energy. Therefore it would make sense to have a continual muscle workout.

In your business, how do you qualify and decide which deals are the most strategic to pursue?

I work very value and vision oriented. So I have a clear picture by checking deals against it in order to qualify them. To make sure that I have enough information about the deal, I make some research to create different scenarios. A particularly big source of information is my network. It helps me to mix my perspective with some external insights to get a more holistic view on a certain topic. When that makes sense and my gut screams “Let’s go!”, then I’m 100% in.

Looking back at your path & how you got to where you are now, what’s one of the things you are most grateful for?

I’m most grateful for the people and challenges I met on the way. Having companions along the way makes the whole journey so much more fun. They support you, challenge your perspectives and approaches or just be there to give you company. Although some challenges I faced in the past were so painful and felt so unnecessary, they definitely shaped me to the woman I am today. For me, challenges have always been a growth catalyst in one way or another. They simply push you out of your comfort zone.

What is your experience from working with women – what is your opinion about their talents and skills?

I have worked with women as co-workers, supervisors and clients. Some experiences have been great and some have been very horrible. But for the majority of my professional life, I actually have worked with men due to being a consultant and coach in the IT industry.

Speaking from my very personal, professional experience what I admire most of women is their social skill and being of service. When a woman is in her true power, no matter what happens, they are ready, driven and creative to find and deliver the best solution. But when fear kicks in and there is a track record of their accomplishments being exploited and devalued, which most often comes by ego-driven colleagues or supervisors, women then tend to turn into a much more rational, cold and bitchy person. In addition to that, they project their negative experience, especially on their female peers. When that happens it is very difficult to break out of this vicious circle. Although this also happens to men, I have the feeling that for women it is harder to find their way back on their track due to the lack of positive role models, which are more congruent to a service-oriented style of working.

What are the qualities of an empowered woman? And how can women be empowered while maintaining their femininity?

I see an empowered woman as a person who is completely aligned with herself regarding her values, beliefs and aspirations, and also lives them in the outside. She is courageous enough to be herself, no matter the resistance she might experience. The tricky part is to actually figure out who you truly are, what you stand for and to be brave enough to live it fully without being restricted by society’s expectations and rules. Another part is that elements of one’s alignment develop and evolve over time. It is not a static concept. Same is with femininity, which is from my point of view very fluent and very individual. It is not a question of how feminine or masculine someone is. The more interesting question is how much of one’s self is present. To maintain one’s alignment and presence, a very powerful tool is reflection. Taking some time for one’s self to check-in on regular basis. You could do that every other week for maybe 30 minutes and ask yourself what happened the past couple of weeks. What did you feel? What were you grateful for? What would you like to be different? What do you desire? What has to happen so that you can have that in your life?

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Anne Goldsmith There has never been a better time for women to make the decision

By Fatima Gorezi 

Anne Goldsmith is a  Positive Behaviour Consultant and Parenting Coach. Anne supports children and teenagers to break through negative behaviour patterns to empower them to reach their full potential – whatever that means to them.  Her unique programme helps prevent permanent pupil exclusion, increases confidence, raises self-esteem, reduces anxiety and aggressive outbursts. Anne’s unique approach, working directly with children helps to reveal the issues and concerns behind negative behaviour and provides practical tailored solutions for lasting change.  Anne supports parents and educators by delivering parenting workshops and staff training in educational settings.

On a personal level, Anne is a black belt 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do, having won silver and bronze medals at the World Championships in 2011 and has been involved with The Oasis Project – a charity based in The Gambia where she visits to train and mentor teachers, teach the students and was involved in the implementation of an environmental project to reduce malaria and water borne diseases on her last visit in November 2018.

What were the challenges and experiences in your life that have influenced who and what you are today?

I was a confident child, despite being raised by a single parent who came to England from Jamaica in 1960. My mum had a very tough life, holding down different jobs to feed and clothe me and my brothers and sister. Having very little money didn’t matter to me, I had a happy childhood.   

My self-confidence changed at secondary school when I was constantly being compared to my brother by my teachers. He was Head Boy, captain of the cricket team, the football team and academically brilliant in every subject. Being compared to him by my teachers made me doubt myself and wonder whether I was good enough for many years to follow. I left school as soon as possible, deciding that university wasn’t for me.

After working for 12 years, I finally found the confidence to train as a teacher – something I had wanted to do for some time, but never felt good enough or intelligent enough to embark upon. Remembering that despite some of my teachers, my English, French and RE teachers at secondary school believed in me and my abilities – this inspired me to become a teacher. In 1996 my fiancé encouraged me, saying “…just do it now or you never will!”  

So I did.  In 1997 I left a boring office job and began my journey as a mature student on a 4 year Teaching Degree. Graduating feels amazing – confirming the faith my teachers had in me. It re-affirmed my self-belief and self-confidence. Teaching is something I love especially supporting children with behavioural issues and making it my mission for EVERY child to reach their full potential – whatever that means to them.

Starting a family is a happy time. It was challenging for us, as we were told to terminate the pregnancy at week 15, because our baby wouldn’t survive. Deciding to remain positive to see what was meant to be and ignoring the advice given, I’m happy to say that almost 17 years later, we have the most incredible and inspirational teenage boy, who came into this world against all odds. He is our miracle!

As a parent, struggling with my own children’s negative behaviour throughout 2011-2014 was extremely challenging for me.  Learning to understand their behaviours and help them to identify, understand and express their emotions so that they feel listened to and heard, with those around them understanding, feeling safe and happy, was my sole purpose as their mum.

Things are going well until 25th April 2015 – I have a serious accident at home – falling and hitting my head.  As a result of my accident and unable to drive for a year, I am unable to continue with my teaching job. It is this change that prompted me to start my business – something I had wanted to do, yet put off doing through fear of not being good enough and so opting for easier option. As many of us do…

These experiences are the main ones that have had a significant impact upon my life and in me finding my passion, my calling – my purpose in life. Helping children, teenagers and families who are going through the same thing I went through as a parent and spending years trying to figure things out. I want to help parents solve their problem sooner than I did, because I know how it feels. Also, through my experiences as a teacher, knowing there is a great need for someone to hear the voice of those with behavioural issues and support them with their behaviour transformation to give them back their future that otherwise they might never have.

How do you  help children and teenagers reach their full potential?

I support every child/teenager I work with by truly listening to what they are dealing with – what is going on in their head and their heart, which manifests in their behaviours. I support them in understanding their emotions, accepting them and how to express them ‘appropriately.’ Through open and honest dialogue, I guide them through coping strategies and techniques which they can draw on at any time in their life. My approach teaches them how to change their mind set, improve their self-esteem, increase their confidence and believe in themselves – as I believe in them.

What parts of your job do you find most challenging?

I love my job and in fact I don’t see it as a job. I do what I love and love what I do – which I know might sound like a cliché – but it’s true. I know that I’ve been successful when I see the transformation in the child/teenager and they no longer need me. That inspires me.  

Running my own business can be challenging at times, when I’m the only one doing everything and I am my business. It’s also difficult in the early days, having very little financial freedom to do all the things I would like within my business to move it forward.  

You seem to be very passionate about women empowerment. What developments on the horizon could affect future opportunities for women?

I spoke at the Global Woman Paris event in March and it is wonderful to see female empowerment becoming a global focal point. More women are stepping into leadership roles and positions of status.  The world is taking notice and recognising the value women bring to these roles and that there is a need for more women leaders. There has never been a better time for women to make the decision, take the risk and become someone who leads and inspires.

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Brandon Bays 

 ”The Journey is a process that emerged out of my own healing journey, it evolved from healing my body from a basketball sized tumour in my uterus.”

By Kicki Pallin 

Brandon Bays is an internationally acclaimed transformational leader, a speaker, mind-body-healing expert and the author of the international bestseller The Journey, a book that has sold over one million copies. She has travelled worldwide for 25 years holding seminars, giving lectures and presentations about The Journey. A process best described as a cutting-edge transformation and healing method. Her work has touched and continues to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands. 

How did your spiritual journey start? 

When I was just a little child. I remember looking at a tree, seeing it dissolving into light. And very early on I had a thirst to understand ”what is the life behind life”. It put me on a spiritual  journey delving into the fields of psychology, philosophy, and complimentary medicine. I came to realise there is an infinite intelligence pervading existence responsible for the whole of manifestation. 

I studied with spiritual teachers and philosophers around the world, sitting with the enlightened master Krishnamurti when I was only 19 years old, and I have been on a spiritual path my whole life. The Journey process is what gave me the possibility and method to get in contact with the infinite intelligence. 

Could you tell us more about The Journey? 

The Journey is a process that emerged out of my own healing journey, it evolved from healing my body from a basketball sized tumour in my uterus. It is a process where we go inside and get to the consciousness stored in our cells – to the cell memories. We go through a deep process of release, letting go, understanding and ultimately, forgiveness. So that when new cells are born, they are born free from that old programming as new healthy cells. We clear the imbalance or the sickness, to bring our body back to wholeness. The book itself is a practical guide to healing your life and setting yourself free. We all need to go through our own healing journey and it is all about coming home to the enlightened awareness that is our own self. Clearing what is holding us back. We are all the same divine love and essence. The healing was never about me personally, it was about humanity. I have never doubted the power of the teaching, since we started over 25 years ago, hundreds of thousands of people have healed by using The Journey

What have been the pivotal moments in your life, where change was inevitable? 

Well, there were life changing events that happened during a three to four year period. The first one was in 1992, the tumour I needed to heal from. The year after, our house burnt down in Malibu because of the wildfires. We lost everything and were financially wiped out. In 1994 my husband fell in love with a younger woman and left me for her, and the year after I lost my livelihood. These series of catastrophes transformed me completely. It made me realise what is real and what is not. I am not my body, nor is my life defined by my house or material possessions, I realised I am not defined by my role as a wife, nor am I defined by my job. What I am is infinite love and peace, that is my essence, and it doesn’t come and it doesn’t go. People come, people go. Lifestyles come and lifestyles go. Marriages come and marriages go, even jobs come and jobs go. But this, the I am, does not come or go. It is timeless and eternal. So, I made a vow, to be true to this truth. Because truth had been true to me, when all else had forsaken me. This that we all are is indescribable infinite intelligence that some call God or Divine, and other Timelessness or Eternity. 

You have shared that The Journey work has taken a new course over the last years, could you tell us more about it? 

Yes, The Journey has evolved, the work has expanded and developed. It’s been born from people healing, and it is a living, breathing teaching. It is about coming home to who you really are, to release the judgement of the self and to live honestly as your full potential. 

If you look at an infant, you can see that they feel as one with the whole fabric of the universe. Then with the pains and trials we go through as human beings we start to shut down. So, when we do the healing work with The Journey, and start clearing things from inside, the macro will eventually start to reflect the micro cosmos. The awakening goes out from us to our friends and loved ones, to all our life. Like Gandhi said: ”Be the change you want to see in the world”, and The Journey can give you the tools. When you find the peace within you, you can be a living transmission of that. 

Where do you see the biggest need for healing in the world now? 

A lot of The Journey work today is about healing the feminine. The Me Too movement seems to have brought it up to all of our awareness. There was a lot of wounding that came to the surface then. It is no longer accepted to abuse women just because they are women, punishing them for being ”sinners”, or sexual beings. Right now, for example, I’m working with women in the Jewish community in New York and doing The Journey intensive seminars, to heal the history of abuse. 

How do you see your mission in life? 

For me personally, my mission or calling is serving humanity, with awakening and healing. It means I’m often on the road, almost constantly in motion. This year I will spend only 49 days in my home in Wales, I live in an eco home on a cliff by the ocean. A normal month for me could be, like in April, going to Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Prague, before going back home for a few days. I have travelled to 39 countries in the world, teaching about The Journey and every year I spend three months in the southern hemisphere, teaching intensively down there. 

You have been doing this work for 25 years now, how do you take care of yourself? 

Being on the road can take its toll. I learnt over the time to take care of my body. Tiredness and exhaustion is an invitation to change, to create balance. I do yoga on my wobble board every day, I sit in prayer and meditation. I also have massages and salt baths, and I eat clean healthy food and start the day with a green smoothie. It is part of our Dharma, our path, to take care of our bodies. I’m grateful for being vibrantly healthy. I have never missed an event for 25 years. I am also surrounded by a great team, and in Europe I have a van travelling with me, that provides me with all kinds of material support. I even travel with my own mattress topper and pillow! When I’m off I love spending time with my husband, we’ve been married for 22 years now. I enjoy cooking and having an evening by the fireplace, sharing stories with friends. I also spend a lot of my free time in nature. I love horseback riding, skiing, scuba diving and surfing. My element is in the water and on the snow. But it is my passion to serve life and humanity, and I feel grateful for being able to live my passion. 

Finally, what is your wish for the future? 

My prayer is that The Journey work becomes a teaching in all households, that it can be available for anyone who needs it. So that pain can be released and we can come to a place of understanding and ultimately forgiveness, and live from the truth that is within. And the more of us that are standing up for truth, speaking the truth, the more healing and awakening will take place. The Journey is all about oneness, we are all the same one love. 

“I feel great love in serving humanity, it is my calling” 

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Danna Hoffmann  By respecting  your body, you will empower your mind!

By Fatima Gorezi

Danna Hoffmann is a passionate health and lifestyle coach, fun loving and a mother of two.

She started her entrepreneurship journey with Miso Cute Cooking – offering healthy cooking courses for kids and their parents – over 5 years ago, but has been on a healthy-lifestyle journey since 2010. She is a proud graduate of The Institute For Integrative Nutrition.

While she started studying and investigating, she found some amazing experts to follow, and although it took her a good few years, she has managed to find a diet-free, deprivation-free, hunger-free lifestyle!

She helps women to reach a healthier lifestyle where they can also enjoy the food they eat, the extra energy they gain and live in a sustainable manner!

What was the process like to become a health coach and public speaker? What types of training & massive actions did you take to get there?

I consider many events and periods in my life to have lead me to what I do, and what I am today. I have always had a passion for public speaking; as a young girl I wanted to be an actor, and found myself on stage often. That passion grew over the years, as I found more and more I wanted to say and share with the world.

Health was always a topic that interested me. My grandmother, the woman I spent most of my childhood with, was always in the kitchen, preparing us what she considered the healthiest.

I practically grew up at grandma’s house. During the week and on weekends we would spend every waking hour there. On Friday evening the whole family (somewhere between 20-30 people) would all meet around her dining table. There was hardly any room for the plates, as there was so much food there. Good, hearty, healthy homemade food.

There was always delicious smells of something ready or cooking on the gas stove, filling up the house with scents I’ll never forget. In grandma’s world, food was health. She was always up to date with the latest health hypes, and made sure her family only enjoyed what was REALLY healthy. Little did she know that her “schooling” was in fact big food company propaganda. Butter was soon replaced by margarine, avocado was said to have too much fat, and her own arthritis she “treated” by eating heaps of milk products.

Grandma battled for 4 years with lymphoma. When I was 5 months pregnant, grandma passed away. The strongest woman I ever knew, could not walk alone to the toilet on her last months on earth. She could not taste the flavor of food from all of the chemo.

Losing my grandma was a huge wake up moment for me. I started studying and investigating, following all the top experts in the field. I wanted to know why. Why is it that someone who cared so much about her health, died of a terrible disease, and suffered from many other chronic illnesses.

What I know now, after 8 years of dedication, thousands of hours of studying and investigating, is life-changing. It has changed my OWN life, it has changed my FAMILY’S life, and I have managed to help many families out there along the way.

Did you have a mentor when you were getting started? How did they help you? If you didn’t, do you wish you’d had one?

I consider many people to have contributed in mentoring me. My mother was a big part, mainly motivating me to go ahead and follow my dream no matter what. A dear friend who mentored me ever since I started and has coached me all along the way. Business coaches, who helped and are still helping me develop my business even further. As a coach, I understand how important it is to have someone help you find your path, and keep you accountable to reach the goals which will bring you closer to your dream.

What is the best investment you’ve made in yourself or your work?

Being an entrepreneur was always a dream of mine. I founded my first company with my husband when I was just 23 years old. After having our two boys, and dabbing in other business ideas, I decided to start a business – Miso Cute Cooking, offering healthy cooking classes for kids and their parents. This was the beginning of a beautiful journey. I brought a lot of valuable information to their parents, while letting the kids experience the joy of cooking from scratch, tasting raw ingredients, and coming up with delicious meals.

Their parents asked me to come to their home and work with them one-on-one, a request which kickstarted my coaching career. Since then I’ve graduated IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and became a certified health and lifestyle coach. I’m now continuing my education with IIN, and focusing on gut health and the gut-brain connection. I’ve spent a total of 8 years now, educating and developing my passion into the job of my dreams.

If you could go back & give advice to your younger self, what would you say?

This question is always hard for me to answer. Not because I don’t have that advice, but rather because I think that if I really could get a chance to talk to my younger self, it would change the course I’m on today. Part of success is failing time and time again, and learning from those events in life. Having said that, if I could say just one word to young Danna, it would be: “Patience”.

How are the current innovations happening in positive psychology influencing wellness coaching?

Positive psychology is a very large part of health coaching. This might sound random, but if you have a rusty old car you really hate, you’re more likely to drive on gasoline fumes, hardly ever check the oil, and simply not take care of that car. If you have a nice car which you love, you’ll make sure to treat it well, and trust it to safely bring you places.

Our bodies are our cars. If we don’t love ourselves, our lives, our surrounding, we will not treat ourselves, or our bodies, with the respect and love we deserve. It all starts with gratitude, self love, and surrounding ourselves with positive people. This is the first work I tackle with my clients, even before talking about what they eat.

What’s one of your favorite memories of something that happened to you after or because you became a health coach?

My favorite story by far would be the one about my dad. My dad suffered from type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol for 36 out of my 39 years on this earth. When dad came for a visit two summers ago, he was in a pretty bad shape. He managed to wound his foot, spend a week in the hospital with back to back antibiotics treatment, and when he finally came out, his foot was still not looking well at all.

When you look at the eyes of your aging 60 year old father – who might get his foot amputated, unless we take action immediately – you give it all you got. I finally managed to convince him that changes need to be made, in order to save his foot, and his life. We’ve put together clear guidelines he and my mother could follow, in order to tweak both his diet, and his lifestyle. I brought him into the kitchen with me, and introduced a lot of vegetables which dad was convinced he didn’t like (but which I proved to him was not actually the case).

Two months after dad took charge of his life, his blood tests came back with an email from his doctor. The email included only three lines:

Dear Mr. Levy,

Your bad cholesterol is good.

Your sugar-levels are within range.

Keep listening to your daughter!

Dad started walking a lot, gained more energy, his foot healed completely, he became diabetes-free and a new man!

So as you can imagine, out of all of the success stories and best memories I have, this one will forever be my favorite.

Looking back at your path & how you got where you are now, what’s one of the things you are most grateful for?

I am most grateful for having an amazing and supportive husband, holding my hand through this whole journey. His ongoing support is what lifts me up during the hard times, and helps me move mountains during the good times. He’s my rock.

What’s one of your favorite quotes, and how has this quote helped or inspired you?

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose” – Dr. Seuss

This is true wether you start your own business, or start on a healthy lifestyle journey. You always have the choice to take the path that’s right for you.

The post By respecting  your body, you will empower your mind! appeared first on Global Woman Magazine.

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Sabrina Rantin Helping women heal broken heart and move on

By Fatima Gorezi 

With over 15 years of experience in the corporate world, Sabrina Rantin has seen first hand what builds a successful team. Today, she is the CEO of Explosive Business, a multimillionaire Business Coaching Company that went from Zero to 5.2 Million USD in 18 months. After becoming one of the leaders of the French coaching industry, Explosive Business decide to expand to the global market beginning by Europe, North America and Australia. As the right hand woman of Eric Behanzin, the founder of Explosive Business, Sabrina became an International Speaker and a leading authority in building teams that will directly result in a profitable business in any industry. Her credo : If you want to have lifetime clients, you must have lifetime employees. On Stage, her fire becomes contagious and her powerful words encourages every entrepreneur to transform any trials in a gift he will use for his teams and clients.

Please tell us about your childhood; where did you grow up?

I come from Guadeloupe an overseas region of France in the Caribbean and I was born in the commune of Morne-à-L’Eau. I moved to UK when I was 18.

Can you please tell us about your career path—i.e., how did you get to your current position?
For 15 years, I’ve been an executive assistant for different multinational corporations, but it was just to pay my bills. I remember that little inner voice that echoed regularly inside me: “Sabrina, what are you doing here? this is not your place!”. Although this decision was very difficult, I left everything to pursue my passion. Since 2009, I had been giving singing lessons during evenings in addition to my job. In 2014, I therefore resigned to work full-time as a singing teacher and choir director in a singing school. I also took care of the administrative and marketing pole.

In 2014, I joined a MasterMind class and met a coach: that is when my life made a quantum leap. I then understood how important it is to know oneself (my core values, gifts or talents, having a vision etc..) the importance of one’s environment, and know what you really want in life. So, based on my personal story, I created an online program to help women recover from a break-up.
In 2016, I became a Coach. In 2017, my friend (for 14 years now) who is a Business Coach called on my services to manage his team and also to support him in the development of his company. After much hesitation, I agreed to take a 3-month trial to see if I could do it. For 2 years, I have held the position of CEO and it is a very challenging and exciting adventure.

Please describe the things you do on a typical day

I wake up at 6am, I grab a glass of water, I do my savers (The SAVERS Method developed by Hal Elrod in his book Miracle Morning), I Work out for 30 min, I shower. This routine help me start my day with the attitude of a lion, help me keep my energy high and stay focused during the day.

At 8 am I call the lawyer, the fiduciary firm, accounting etc… to deal with the important matters, and transactions of the 4 companies in Europe.

I then have a call with the chairman of the Board to make a report, talk about the vision and the results of the company, implement new ideas and strategies…

Delegating to the team.

Following up with our clients.

I deal with urgent but not important matters at the end of the day or I delegate them.

Following my management training and English courses also make up a good part of my day.

You have been named as one of the best leaders in the coaching industry in France. How do you keep the balance in your life while maintaining such high productivity?

To be true, it’s not easy because I have the tendency to push myself to give the best to my mission through the company. I won’t tell my life is balanced because we have a great relationship in my company, and my colleagues became my best friends. After all, it’s all about being energised and happy about what you’re doing. When I get out of bed in the morning, I am full of gratitude for the life I have today. When I hear the results of our clients and how their lives have changed because of our coaching, it inspires me to keep doing what I do and to give my very best each day.

It seems people and businesses must apply your recommendations on their own to be successful; how can they keep themselves motivated?

We have a follow-up Facebook group where we answer every single question of our clients. Our clients took the initiative to create a WhatsApp group to inspire each other. We also recently decided to give them live webinars each month to keep them accountable. We are in total immersion with our clients for three days every three months to help them maintain the right mindset, giving them the right strategy to grow and scale their business, and strengthen their relations.

Recently one of our clients called me because she was feeling down, and overwhelmed. After listen to her carefully, I made her realize that she already had the solution. All she had to do is to change her own perception and change her strategy. The day after she told me that few minutes after our conversation she closed the deal she thought she lost.

What about you? What’s the most challenging moment you’ve experienced?

I would say the first time I had to fire someone. I hired a person from the accounting department, few weeks after my gut was telling me that this person wasn’t a good fit for the job, even though everything went well at the Interview. Later on, that person wasn’t productive. I realized that my choice cost money and energy to the company and I was the only one responsible. My biggest challenge was to fire that person fast because my EGO got in the way. But I am glad that experience taught me humility and responsibility.

How important is having the right motivation to be successful?

It’s essential and it’s more than just motivation. In our programs, we literally transform our clients by using their souls and bodies in the process.
To scale their businesses, entrepreneurs have to think, feel and speak differently before acting. This is why we put in place a 6 min protocol based on “Miracle Morning” the book from Hal Elrod. It is called SAVERS. Here is the structure : 

S for Silence, Prayer or Meditation, A for Affirmation, V for Visualisation, E for Exercise, R for Reading, S for Scribing

I think everyone needs to practice a daily routine to help them become the Super Hero they meant to be in every area of their life. We need to develop a discipline, and habits that help us change our old paradigm. Because we succeed by change, not by chance.

You are a great advocate for supporting women as well; Can you tell us more about why you choose to do this, and the importance of this in today’s world?

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talents in the world” Hillary Clinton is sooooo right. I think women ought to stop, once and for all, remaining the weak sex. I firmly believe, that as long as they get deep confidence in themselves, women can do it all. They can become whatever they want, with courage and determination.

Every morning I say to myself: “I am on a mission”. I ask myself how far my actions and decisions move the company forward and inspire those who have a stronger desire to change their lives but are still afraid to act. That’s one of the reasons I do what I do; TO INSPIRE and to say that if we want things to change WE GOT TO CHANGE.  I didn’t ask for permission: I did what my gut was telling me to do. I think that sometimes we are waiting for somebody else to walk in our shoes and do what we’re supposed to do. It’s time for women to rise and hunt and fight like lionesses . This world needs women with values, who are ready to fight for what is right. 

It’s about impacting and changing generations. Our mission, or calling, it’s always bigger than us, but it starts with a simple act of decision.


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Katja Schleicher The Importance of Storytelling in Growing Your Business By Fatima Gorezi

Katja Schleicher is a trainer, coach, personal brand builder and keynote speaker specialised in communication, storytelling and intercultural communication.  She trains and consults companies and organisations in finding and telling their corporate stories to emotionalise the public awareness of their brands. Storytelling in business is an integral part of our lives. Stories connect people with other people, businesses, brands, products, and their goals. Katja is passionate about women empowerment as well. She believes that the future of business is female and there is no better time for women to be in business than now.

Tell us a little bit about what you do.

European by heart – in my work as an expert in all things communication, I train executives and teams in developing their dialogue and narrative skills as much as their abilities when it comes to pitching, presenting and speaking on stage. I do that in German, English and Dutch. So Story-Work, Personal Branding & Rhetoric and intercultural communication are at the heart of impact! Regarding communication, I set up the Pan-European-Trainings-bureau in 2006.

I dive into and solve daily communicative and inter-cultural misunderstandings, mostly in business; with mergers & acquisitions, between companies, colleagues, departments, women & men, etc.

I built my personal brand around a direct, practical and zero-nonsense approach, which stays always in close empathy to the person(s) I’m working with and never losing focus towards the goal the clients want to achieve.

You train & consult companies and organisations in finding and telling their corporate stories, aiming to emotionalise the public awareness of their brands. Would you like to elaborate a little more on what that is like?

It’s simply magic to observe when the audience gets the “AHA” moments of their own story and brand. From that moment, nothing, truly nothing, can hold them back to discover, develop and tell their stories. Gone are the things that usually hold them like stage fright, finding excuses or not daring to speak up. The moment they see the tools they can use to reach their goals is making them courageous.

When did you begin to have an interest in public speaking? At the time, were you actively seeking something to help you get better, or was it something you kind of stumbled upon?

If you’d ask my mum, she’d say that I’ve been doing that forever. Since I’ve been in school I realised that communication and public speaking came easy to me. Knowing that you have to nurture your talents and teach others, I studied communication science, linguistics and psychology. From the first day of my corporate career I was in communication and gathered experience in all departments, from Marketing, PR, Corporate communication and even TV production. Thanks to that broad experience, I was able to step into my second career as trainer, coach and KeyNote Speaker.

Did you have a “point of no return” moment around the time that you got into public speaking and coaching, where you had to move forward?

No. I simply had no other choice. I was lucky enough that things I do best and love to do most came early and easy to me. So I could quickly focus on teaching others.

When did you first realise that public speaking and coaching had a positive impact on your career and self-esteem?

Already in school I was the one who could put the most impactful words to the ideas that others had in mind but were struggling to get out properly. That became my professional mission. I strongly believe that talking is gold, while silence the beginning of all trouble. That is always the starting point in the Storytelling, media training or Public Speaking work I do with my clients all over Europe.

What drives you to keep pushing forward even when you don’t feel like it?

I always feel like it. I can’t remember a moment where it was necessary to keep pushing forward. This vision of resolving communicative issues and diminish misunderstandings gives me more than enough energy. I’m rather the woman who needs to be held back.

How have the challenges & setbacks you’ve faced helped you become the person you are today? If you could go back & not have to experience one of your bigger challenges or setbacks, why or why wouldn’t you?

I learnt the most about myself in working with others; in the different impacts I do have on others. It’s not easy to accept when you realise that your personality and ways of doing things are polarising. Not being everybody’s darling, having strong opinions and not being afraid of telling sounds nice, but it is a much harder journey and learning curve than I expected.  It simply takes more time and energy to find the clients that are exactly looking for the strengths you have and the skills you provide. But after that, the collaboration with these clients and seeing their public & brand communication blossoming, is pure joy.

What did you want to be when you grew up when you were a kid? Does any aspect of that relate to what you do now?

I was torn between investigating Goethe’s soul and organising geographical expeditions. Honestly! But it soon became clear that it was the art of teaching I was truly drawn to. And communication has been in my blood all my life anyway. So when it came to choosing subjects when I was 18, the decision was easy: linguistics, psychology, German & English language literature.

The world is being shaken up with some momentous changes coming. How do you see the future, the role of women, and is it bright?

Cleary, we’re entering Feminess – an age where truly feminine patterns will be seen as the way to a re-definition of success and happiness. Everywhere: from collaboration, communication and doing business. It’s bright but not necessarily easy. The male way of doing things has more role models than the female one, and we still lack 2000 year ruling & leading experience. So simply no better time to be a woman and set the pace.

More about Katja Schleicher/ Speaking & Moderation: https://www.katjaschleicher.com/

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Awareness is the key to empower your life forever

By Fatima Gorezi 

Mik Moves is sailor captain, professional coach and counsellor, and water whisperer. Blending her exceptional gifts with gained skills throughout the years, she founded MikMoves® to offer exclusive sailing retreats to change-makers in business and organisations.  With her remarkable capacities and practical insights, she effectively and comfortably takes her clients beyond their comfort zone and help them to reach their full potential. Finding their own truths, her clients can choose to either create an authentic life or manifest innovative projects and business ventures or even end up having both. Mik uses her capacity with water to enhance consciousness on the planet and facilitates the progress of the participants during the sailing retreats.  In addition, she uses her outstanding ability to tune into one’s universe and flawlessly touch on the pain points and teach how to release limiting beliefs in a gentle yet lasting effective way. Living the nomad life, free from the system, she is an inspiration and non-judgmental and non-conclusive visionary, utilising her antennas to pick up on energies creating for the future.

In your life, you have gained a lot of respect as a coach and counsellor. Did your career develop in the way you had planned and expected it to be or was it full of unexpected surprises?

I believe I have been subconsciously and consciously steering this life and my career to where it is today. Sometimes aware of that push in the back, to go in a certain direction, or being pulled by forces we can’t see. Not like following a track towards a goal in the traditional sense. It’s more like the ease of having no conclusive decisions on how it’s meant to be in any moment. Letting the magic happen. It’s about taking each next step intentionally every time, also with the realisation that it’s just a choice and I can choose again in any next moment. It’s not about making calculated cognitive decisions, it’s more like going with what feels good. “Follow your gut”; people say. I trust this awareness of mine that knows exactly what’s okay for me. And that’s personal; whatever is a contribution to me doesn’t have to be to anyone else. It’s my inner compass, no-one else’s. My career has taken interesting turns and it has all come together over time. I see now, how in essence it’s all about creating. And all my experiences and education that I ever received have gracefully blended into my ‘Release & Create’ programs on the sea aboard elegant catamarans.  So, to say I planned that or expected that… no way!

How would you describe your life experience? When did you realise that you have a mission and purpose in this world?

I can’t remember it being any different than wanting to change the world my whole life. And I walked a few paths to try out which way I could contribute. I did it the rebellious way, the peaceful way, the artist way, and eventually just by being me, expanding awareness as much as possible and empowering others to do the same. It was when I had a recurring dream where I was looking over the bow of an assailing boat, moving on a bright clear sea, with a sunny sky overhead. It was persistent and I felt something was going to change. By asking inquisitive questions to myself, the whole sailing adventure unfolded rapidly and with ease, as if it was meant to be. I simply started moving in the direction of where I am today by trusting my inner guide.Today I am a sailor captain with water whisperer capacities and I now use that to facilitate my clients during my exclusive sailing retreats. The coaching and counselling has moved onto the water. Having been born on the water it seems life comes full circle when I stepped out of my so-called comfort zone to find that’s when my life started making sense again. My purpose might be to walk my talk and be an example for others to create their own happiness just like that. I am contributing to changing the world with that too.

Do you think that you are who you are today because of your genes and your destiny or because you worked hard to make it happen?

I believe it’s a combination of a variety of factors. The place in the world I was born, my parents, my upbringing, all have a great deal to do with it. Keeping all options open, maybe I even chose that before I got here on this planet. I believe it is more about being present and aware of yourself. I can work hard as in being committed and invested with all my time and focus, but ‘working hard’ sounds forceful. Being consciously aware in the creation process sounds like way more fun. That’s how I see it and do it. And I have always chosen to do what I was passionate about.

How did you find the direction of your journey; who supported you, and what made you become who you are today?

I found direction by becoming 100% truthful to myself and trusting myself. Blindly. Call it intuition if you want; it’s what I developed like a muscle strengthened by practising daily. I noticed hunches, instinct, sudden ideas, insights… I followed that with much more wonder and eagerness than going over the pros and cons my thinking mind is programmed to come up with. Instead, I ask questions and I wonder truly what will show up. I am immensely  grateful of where that approach to life has guided me. I have been on the most unbelievable adventures that way. All the people on my way have supported that someway or the other. It’s all the experiences combined, with the people and relationships and the content of the adventures that made me become who I am today. My daughter maybe most of all, because she was the one who set me free to go on worldwide sailing adventures; she fired me from being a mom in the traditional way.

What are the best ways to push ourselves out of our comfort zone every day?

Don’t push. Just expand your energy. I have wonderful exercises for that. Best advice is: don’t judge, don’t conclude. Be aware when you do and let it go. It might sound strange, but it is really only your judgments, beliefs and points of view that keep you where you are. When you can observe without reacting that’s when your own walls come down.

Do you believe that we can turn our weaknesses to strengths? And how can we do this?
Well, what if that which is considered a weakness is actually a strength? It’s just a perception, I believe. Again, a place to let go of presumptions, conclusions and judgments, points of view and beliefs about what weakness and strength mean to you. Then start to embrace your capacity by observing how it is contributing to you in real life. Remember always to take care of yourself before others, just like the airplane safety instructions tell you to put on the oxygen mask first before attending to the children.

How would you describe your business? How do you empower people?
MikMoves stands for creating liberating change. Freeing yourself from whatever holds you back in a way that you don’t need to figure out or relive what is keeping you stuck. Within that freed-up space you can move forward to imagine and shape your own new or revised reality. I empower people by showing them the way to reconnect with their own source of knowing. I am not just telling them to do it, I demonstrate how to do it.

What would be your advice for women who also want to be self-employed?
Trust your awareness! And if you can’t or don’t know how to, then learn that before you do anything else. You’ll find your authenticity through self-awareness and when you have that, the unfolding and growth of your business will be so much easier.

How do you see your business from a global perspective?
Global. Haha.

As a businesswoman what are the biggest challenges that you currently face?

I don’t perceive anything as a ‘challenge’. Instead, I am aware of other people’s points of view and their judgments and conclusions that create their challenges, but I refuse to accept them as mine. I focus on possibilities in opportunities and intentionally choosing my next move. I love creating in that generative way. I don’t fear change, as that is merely suggesting that things are moving. What if I keep asking: “How does it get even better than this?” Then what would that create? What I wish for is that I may inspire others to get to the point of seeing and perceiving anything from different angles than they were used to, and that they have a choice in that. It all comes down to that awareness aspect that with practise keeps expanding. From there on, anything is possible.

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