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Being a virtual assistant demands a lot of hard work and planning, without a doubt.

They make sure to deliver you the best in shortest TAT, de-burden you from time-consuming tasks, stays online for communication anytime, do regular chores of life, make time for their friends & family and all this without losing the chill.

If you, as a professional and entrepreneur, have wondered how these super humans have been doing that all in a day, we’ve done the homework for you.

The following section will show you everything that a virtual assistant does within a day.

Work Responsibilities

Well, a day in the life of virtual assistant includes phone communication, reading and answering emails, doing regular research, and social media postings. There may also be clerical work such as data entry and bookkeeping jobs for a virtual assistant to complete.

Not only it is vital to deliver the tasks on time but also adhere to the quality expectations. The virtual assistants are experienced and skilled personnel who makes sure every job is completed with ultimate precision.

Also read: 5 Essential Tasks to Delegate to Professional Virtual Assistants

Learnings & Earnings

With a range of tasks in the plate of virtual assistants, it certainly helps them learn paperwork, presentation editing, Internet research, claim verification, verbal and written communication skills, etc., to enhance your knowledge and expertise.

Apart from regular learnings, a virtual assistant can earn between $7 to $40 every hour. However, the price will be determined only based on experience and skills.

Social Enlightenment

Virtual assistant jobs can be daunting in terms of social life, if not appropriately managed. It can eat-up your personal space and family time in bits & pieces.

But with professionals, they know their job well. Those who take up the responsibility of making your life easy, won’t put their personal life to back seat. Virtual assistants extend their working hours clearly, before commencing on the services. For clients who need assistance all time, the tasks are assigned to another person.

In short, virtual personal assistants are well-known for their commitment, but they also pay keen attention to their rejuvenation and social enlightenment.

A short demonstration of a VA’s life. – Begin with routine. Do the tasks of clients. Communicate. Take lunch. Get back on work with more assignments. Grab a coffee. Receive client’s email. Send an email response. Update to-dos for tomorrow. Sign-off for the day.

Taking Feedback

Being in the industry of outsourcing, customer satisfaction is taken as the prime concern. Despite displaying strong management skills and performing assigned tasks, virtual assistants expect honest feedback of the work done.

Call it as a part of the day, but virtual assistants spend a significant chunk of time in working on the feedback. It certainly helps in improving the quality of deliverable.

This it is!

Can you relate? Or do you think you wish to connect with such optimist for your mundane and administrative tasks?

Take a plunge with virtual assistant services. Having the ability to perform a range of back-office operations, they show you the way of rapid growth.

Connect with our team of proficient virtual assistants at support@fusionfirst.com


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In the event of a looming slow down, the challenge is to keep your business running.

Often you and similar business strive to opt-out of outsourcing services due to its high cost. However, the modern outsourcing (offshore outsourcing) is way different than you think.

With the means of offshore outsourcing, you can get the desired help by paying a nominal fee. It is like keeping your business tasks unaffected at a reduced cost even with a small in-house team during financial downturns.

To learn how offshore outsourcing can help your business sailing through the tough winds, keep reading…

With outsourcing, you get flexibility and efficiencies, and you aren’t in burdened with the need of hiring an in-house employee. Today, businesses rely heavily on outsourcing. Every department you had in-house can exist virtually, right from IT and HR to accounting and marketing.

Potential benefits of outsourcing are: Reduced Stress

With slow down comes lay-off resulting in workload for remaining employees. But, if the burden is outsourced, there will be a balanced amount of to-do’s in every plate and improved satisfaction among employees.

Reduced Cost

Outsourcing allows you to cut down extra cost for the jobs that do not require an in-house team. By delegating the tasks to a remote staffing company, these tasks can get completed in less cost and time.

Also, with low-cost offerings, you get a clear idea of the employees that need to be retained to perform other business operations.

Improved Functional Efficiency

When a recession hits, the heap of work tends to get distributed among a small pool of in-house employees. In such a case, the managerial level of employees may end up giving most of their productive to administrative or mundane jobs.

To avoid this, it is suggested to delegate tasks offshore where you receive what you want without lending any technological and infrastructural assistance.

How to begin?

When it is you and your in-house team which has taken care of the business operations, it is difficult to rely on the third party easily. And that’s common!

Moreover, finding a dependable company that will neatly deal with the requirements is quite a task.

Perform research

Make a simple internet search of outsourcing companies with a range of services. Also, look for its year of establishment as experience plays a major role in rendering high-quality services.

Schedule a trial or demo

Once you have listed the name of companies that falls within your parameters, take a service trial. An initial trial or demo of task completion will give you a clear picture of the working process and delivery of the potential service provider.

If you are happy with the quality, turnaround time, and approach of completed tasks, go ahead and hire them.

Extend your expectations

To avoid any misconceptions, convey everything right from working hours, means of communication, and list of jobs they are supposed to perform.  It is one simple way to maintain long term serviceability and give assurance on every penny that you pay is worth it.

Fusion is one outsourcing company which take cares of your business during happy and unhappy times. If your small, medium or large organization is finding difficulty in managing the overhead cost, opt for offshore outsourcing. With less expense and improved efficiency, they let your business remain joyous ever after.

And, happiness comes with assurance. Schedule a free trial.

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Without a doubt, unstructured data can be very challenging for analysis. And to keep the data unorganized can be hazardous and thus, organizing it on a regular basis is vital. 

The advantages of structured data are many. They provide you with aligned, organized, and specific fields of data that you can analyze and share with stakeholders with a lot of ease. The structured data is extremely valuable for those who need to transfer it every day or very frequently and make the most out of it.

So, here is a list of suggestions on how to deal with unstructured data:  Clear the Unstructured Data

When the objective is to turn unstructured data into structured data, a pattern of clearing can be followed. A specific process of cleaning the data can be helpful. You can refer to it and do it for the entire set of data.  

Overall, you will be able to generate structured & useful data and keep it for future analysis. 

Evaluate on Keeping or Deleting the Data

Not every time you need to clean your data into a usable format. There are types of data from which some of them are not worth analyzing or keeping it.  

If you gather and store data for a purpose, you must be aware that it costs money to put it further in a specific format. Thus, think before you invest time and money in sorting it. And if it doesn’t appear to be valuable, consider deleting it for good.  

Work with Data Experts

When you think dealing with unstructured data is difficult and feels the requirement of technical expertise, the right way is to collaborate with data experts. Those who have experience of scrutinizing and cleaning unstructured data should be approached.  

No matter what budget a business owns, it is easy to join hands with data management services and make it more efficient.  

Create a Reference Guide

It is evident that analyzing and cleaning the data manually is an impossible task or perhaps, time-consuming.  

Observe a pattern of cleansing or mining the data and list it down for future reference. This pattern can be referred to every time you want to analyze and generate structured data from the remaining unstructured data.  

Final Thought

The structured data helps further the business process of various types or say structured data facilitates decision making. Therefore, whenever it is possible you can lean on one of the above ways for managing your data. And, when you are surrounded by time and other constraints, you can rely on expertise and turnaround time of data experts.  

Fusion’s data management solutions work sophisticatedly on your raw and unstructured data and help you reach your data goal. Our data experts have served over 100+ clients for their custom data structuring requirements, right from data mining to data verification & validation.  

For more info regarding data management solutions, click here.  


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Every business revolves around customers.

Connection with the customer remains throughout the purchase, before as well as after the purchase. But, real customer support is rated based on factors such as promptness, effectiveness, and complete customer satisfaction.

Sometimes, even if you take care of the above factors, the ever-increasing competition can pull you down. And thus, earning loyal customers becomes challenging.

It is the time businesses need to adapt new ways to woo them…

improve their customer satisfaction… or may be move toward customer delight

and earn loyal customers.

A virtual assistant is one new thing that business needs to be adapted to rejuvenate the customer experience.

Improved Customer Retention

Customers if not attended or offered reliable support, can move to other competitors.

It is the art of virtual assistant by the way they talk and respond to the queries. The virtual assistants simply add a human touch in the calls and emails by speaking out emotions and stays in touch with the customer until their query is resolved.

The virtual assistants are pro in dealing with the customer queries and understanding the right way to do it. This way, the customer will always remain satisfied with the product and services, making the business grow.

Improved Response Rate

Various customers calls-up during the whole day and the in-house team has got a limit in handling the number of calls. And when there is a small in-house team, it is truly going to be difficult to provide a quick response.

In such a case, a virtual assistant can offer the right help, those extra hands to serve the customers.

Since business calls are the way to respond to the customers, and thus, they should always be attended. Here virtual assistants can jump in taking calls, processing payments, generating leads, and giving an overall customer support service for the business effectively.

Professionalism and Commitment

Being the customer facing position, more & more professionalism is expected.

The virtual assistants wear real professionalism and work in a quiet place for responding to the customers. Also, the environment is equipped with the right infrastructure that is free from distraction during work hours.

In addition to it, they very well understand the cost of missing work, so they always keep a backup ready in the case of sick days or absenteeism.

Improved Service Scope

For offering more than they expect, it is important for businesses to understand the mindset of customers. Virtual assistants during the interaction with the customers can extract real insights. They not only gain the ideas but also communicate the needs of the customers based on time zones and geographical area.

Conclusively, any business that generates frequent customer queries can take help of virtual assistant customer support. If you are looking for heightened customer support for your small, medium, or large sized business, contact us.

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Working for your growing business is like you are trying to achieve things and do as much as possible. Many times, you find it difficult to come off the work cycle and keep doing the same job a multiple time. Also, it will be no wonder when you say, “I juggle between marketing, design, customer relationship management, analytics, development, and making synchronization between them.”  

But, this does not mean you should define your limits. You can always put your hands in the work that you love to do.  

Moreover, you can have an interest in more areas. Let’s say, someone good at marketing can also be a good developer and vice versa. But, to build up your business consistently you should focus on one thing and cut down the hours that you have been spending on other things. And to complete other business tasks, what will you do? 

Hire new people? But, at this point do not want to spend on infrastructure and office space? 

The right thing is to outsource.  

And, just do not outsource it to someone less trusted and inexperienced where big things are at stake such as time, money and trust. Look out for a trusted, experienced BPO services that takes off the burden of mundane tasks and help you focus on what you’re good at.  

Why work on the things that someone charging less money can do it and that too with more perfection. Pick the available experts from BPO and focus on building a business.  

Wondering where you can start from? 

Even if you are pretty good at converting the data into another format is it something that you want to do and spend your time doing? Take the help of data management solutions where you get access to data professionals for handling, optimizing, and taking care of your sensitive data.  

Also, take this example – you want to manage product inventory of your online store, manage receipts or check the product status of your e-commerce website but demonstrating perfection in these tasks can be little tricky and time killing for you. Therefore, delegate product inventory management, order tracking status, etc.   

Remember! Start by analyzing your business deeply. Don’t try to outsource everything that your company does inside. Such a step can drain you financially and keep primary business operations out of your sight. It will never hold the business operations centralized and put you out of control on work.  

Outsourcing = Gaining Focus 

It is the way to focus on what you should do and avoid the rest.  

If it is getting difficult for you to conclude whether is it going to be suitable for your business type and size. Outsourcing can make a sense for nearly any business. Taking less money for the services and availability of staff can intact your business process and help you take the plunge. Outsourcing your work to a BPO in Asia is a cost-effective way to take one step of success and get access to professionals to work for you. They not only have the right fluency to communicate and handle the task but also know the right way to build successful teams around the world.  

Fusion is a BPO to partner, get access to advanced IT infrastructure, delegate your business’s mundane and administrative tasks at low cost.  

To get started with your staffing needs, contact us.  

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Fusion First by Fusion Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - 3M ago

The healthcare sector is wide-spread and scattered all over the world with serviceable nature. And, the growing sector depicts that an external contractor can be better for managing healthcare services in healthcare organizations & hospitals.

Therefore, healthcare outsourcing is the latest buzzword as quality, and cost-conscious healthcare service providers prefer it to the maximal. The outsourcing companies enable healthcare administrators and staff to focus on the organization’s core service of treatment and care to the patients.

To determine why hospitals, decide on outsourcing activities, we evaluated several tasks (services) influencing the reasons to outsource:

Patient Demographic Entry

Since the pre-registration process is confusing and tiring for many patients, outsourcing is a way to ease up the process. Details such as name, date of birth, address, insurance details, and medical history are entered, as provided by the patient at the time of visit. For existing patients, the details are validated and updated, if required.

Patient’s Reconciliation

Within every organization, it is essential to maintain the record of active and discharged patients at a CRM.

Our team manages the CRM, keeps the list of services updated at every hour for the access of all physicians. The service ensures update data related to the patient whenever a doctor from any department or hospital staff needs to see it.

Accounts Receivable

After submission of medical claims to the insurance company, the patient’s responsibility is checked out, and the outsourcing company is responsible for the further processes.

The service provider will keep track of all the claims and follow-up via phone, email or online is done whenever it is needed. Our BPO company takes all the steps along with the insurance company to ensure processing and recovery of payment. It will reduce the stress and help you from losing a significant portion of your income.

Follow-up with Insurance Companies

When the claims are not paid promptly or have been denied, there is limited personnel to research and determine why the claim has not been paid or denied.

The team at Fusion Business Solutions (BPO company) proactively manages the volume of insurance account’s denials follow-ups and thereby, leading to better cash flow.

Medical Billing and Coding

Creating medical bills has some standards and rules to follow, which the outsourcing company knows well. It implies that assigning this task to an outsourcing company can help to a major extent while reducing the workload for both – healthcare providers as well as insurance companies.

Medical Claim Processing

To render the best healthcare services, continuous flow of information from a clinic or healthcare organization is needed. The patient should get an in-print and online report of his/her health such as medicine prescription. Therefore, an outsourcing company can perform it well acting like the right person to do the job.

Denial Management

Denials are a part of A/R collection in insurance claims. And, it is difficult for a medical practitioner to handle the job. The well-trained accounts receivables executive can easily spot errors on the rejected claim and get it re-filed. The service providers at the outsourcing company will check the medical coding and help in identifying the recurring issues.

Thus, it is required to outsource the task to the team of experienced professionals who can take the pain and handle the flow of denials throughout the workflow.

ICD and CPT Coding

These ICD and CPT codes on superbills are provided for the patient from the hospital. It is then validated by the outsourcing team for preventing up-coding and down-coding, that implies all the denials.

The outsourcing team, here, are proficient in documenting the patient’s medical state, that leads to timely claim payment for a healthcare facility, ultimately saving time & boosting the organization’s cash flow.

Health Claim Transmission

The health-related claims are a part of the healthcare industry and can come from healthcare professionals and carriers. There are several types of claims that include dental, pharmacy, in-patient, and outpatient claims.

The outsourcing company like us can check the errors and rectify the false claims and sent them back to the insurance company. It is recommended to outsource the task to a company to handle medical insurance claims

Reports Creation

The tasks such as creating a detailed and well-formatted prescription, it can be considered as outsourceable. Though one assistant shall be capable of doing it multiple or many reports can’t be created by one.

However, the job can be performed in expected quality and quantity by the trained team of a virtual assistant working in a Fusion Business Solutions (outsourcing company/BPO company). So, why not?

The outsourcing services in the healthcare industry take good care of confidentiality and data accuracy.

Here, at Fusion, we have streamed into healthcare support services that are secure, reliable, and can be customized to match up with the needs of your healthcare organization.

Contact us today! Free trial available.

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No business can function without the involvement of data.  

The data can be in any form like old documents in the insurance industry, internal financial data, list of orders and tracking status in e-commerce, transaction statistics, etc. And, this kind of information needs to be recorded and maintained in the long-run. But it is also hard to deny the fact that, “maintaining data is crucial and time taking activity”.

Every business leverages data management in order to maintain records resulting inappropriate and systematic working.

“Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can take your business from good to great.”  

Outsourcing data entry jobs to a Business Process Company can dramatically transform the working of your organization and boost development pace.

Here’s how: Outsourcing = Time & Money Savings

From all other data entry outsourcing benefits, the top most is time and cost saving feature. To let the completion of data entry tasks in-house, it is required to hire a trained resource to ensure accuracy in performance. For that staff or resource, the company needs to invest in physical infrastructure. With an outsourcing partner you save on hiring cost and office infrastructure.

Also, a BPO can provide a time-saving feature.


Like once you delegate the time-consuming data entry tasks to the company, you will be left with enough time for business’s mainstream activities.

Outsourcing = Higher Proficiency

A Business Process Outsourcing company or a BPO has experienced and skilled employees to perform the operations. Thus, they follow the best practices & processes for achieving more efficiency.

You can not only trust them for entering the data accurately but also storing and managing it efficiently. Resultantly, it brings up logical, indexed, helpful and readily available data on common servers where clients like you can have easy access to it.

Outsourcing = Mitigation of Risk

Outsourcing data entry services is also one way of mitigating risk. With the changing economy and uncertainty in financial condition, it may not be feasible for the companies to maintain infrastructure such as resources or technology – that could become obsolete.

With outsourcing, businesses can get relief of mitigating risk. Business Process Outsourcing companies are equipped with the resources and infrastructure that includes technology, office furniture, internet facility, etc, that help in seeking sustainable growth. You can also scale your team with an established service provider per your workflow and needs.

Outsourcing = Data Safety & Security

Security of data is one thing that client company and BPO organization takes very seriously.

With outsourcing companies, they easily ensure the existence of data security management systems. Parallelly, entrusting the outsourcing partner with sensitive information is vital for the company in the long run. Also, it is clear that breach of entrusting information will put the company at risk of compliance fines, breach notification, and corporate reputation at risk.

Therefore, company incorporates data security management system. It is the data security management systems of a BPO company is something that ensures that the data handled is 100% safe.

Outsourcing = Improved Concentration

Businesses are majorly about selling products or rendering services. Thus, it is essential to remain on the top of your game. Understand with an instance – a healthcare unit requires to put all the focus on patients care and not on claim verification or data entry. However, in most scenarios, tasks such as data entry etc, takes away the focus from business development or ways of revenue generation.

With an established Business Process Outsourcing by your side, you can easily delegate the data entry tasks to the experienced professionals and relax. It is the right way to get the work done effectively with the deployment of the latest technologies.

Summary in one line,

“Data entry, data capture, and data processing services can be entrusted with us as a Business Process Outsourcing partner, showing up consistent results every time.” 

Get A Free Trial of Data Entry Services

To honour the beginning of a partnership we will be happy to offer a FREE trial of our data solutions.

Let’s start with a small task or project, and take that to check quality, turnaround time, and support.

Fill the form.

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This write up is interesting if you want to scale-up your business!

What made us write about the transformation that came due to outsourcing company is the “shifted focus from core business”.

Businesses these days, are unable to live up to the revenue and profit standards. The reason is the disorganized system and poor management of regular business tasks. Mostly, the various administrative jobs are poorly allocated. The skilled and business driving workforce is managing emails, creating documents, performing online research which are under-rated jobs for them.

It suggests that blooming businesses shall opt for the outsourcing service provider.

FYI: The best outsourcing companies in the world are making growth and success appear closer.


Following are some of the reasons why outsourcing companies have become popular:

Focus on core activities

An outsourcing company helps any business to concentrate on the key areas of business or mainly the core functional areas such as revenue generation, marketing, acquisition, expansion, etc thus, making it possible to achieve the targeted goals without putting many efforts.

Benefits of Skilled Workforce

One greater advantage of the business in outsourcing is that companies can gain access to a skilled workforce.

There are many successful businesses that owe their success to outsourcing companies as they got access to the skilled workforce. Also, the skilled workforce from outsourcing service provider comes with less expenditure in training and saving valuable time.

Affordable Solutions

After being convinced with opting for help, it is also important to take a chill with the cost it takes.

Some best outsourcing companies in the world benefit organizations with customized service and price plans. It is easily possible to gain a competitive edge within the industry while delegating mundane tasks and without losing the pocket.

More Other Reasons
  • Enhancement of services
  • Easy for business expansion
  • Flexibility in rotation of in-house staff
  • Increased efficiency of in-house staff
  • Business can function even during holidays

If by any chance you are unclear with the term “outsourcing”

Give it a glance…

Outsourcing is referred to as “strategic use of external resources for completion to business-related tasks that weren’t handled by internal staff”. It is a service in which organization contracts functions to specialized outsourcing service provider/outsourcing company capable of becoming long term business partner.

Under the key players of outsourcing companies, BPO outsourcing company can make a big impact on the business due to its features.

Features of BPO Outsourcing Company

Now, after knowing the benefits of outsourcing, get access to more reasons or features for you to outsource. When a busy business venture takes an external help, it is due to the below approach of BPO outsourcing company:

  • Relationship management
  • Clarity concerning goals and objectives of the company
  • Strategic vision and plan
  • Frequent communication
  • Management bandwidth
  • Customized service plan
  • Leaders involvement

Diving a little deeper into two of these requirements that sustains within an outsourcing company: frequent communication and leaders’ involvement.

Frequent Communication

Without a doubt, frequent communication is very important among business to give and take services. No matter, which way the process or requirements evolve in the outsourcing arrangement; open channels of communication should be constant.

Leaders Involvement

Not only an outsourcing company benefits with the regular support and additional time bandwidth but with more others. The outsourcing service provider acts as a consultancy in taking care of the dynamic support needed by an organization.

Due to the involvement of leaders, while offering services to a client, the chances of short-term contracts are too less. Even during in the case of crisis, the management or leaders can identify the problem, solve it, and make efforts for the continued satisfaction.

Conclusively, outsourcing is taking the world by a storm with its powerful and result driving approach. Any business which is trying to scale-up must opt for a promising outsourcing company like Fusion Business Solutions. We assist small, medium, and large-scale businesses with administrative support services and help them climb higher every day.

Begin to scale-up your business with us. Start today with our Free Trial.

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Working for a recruitment agency, you are expected to support multiple customers in identifying talent and making placements.

Typically, you compete against other agencies and have just a small window of opportunity to source candidates who have a specific skill set. The primary objective is to identify potential candidates, get their CVs and then submit it to the client. In essence, the agency like yours plays a vital role in the talent acquisition process, making the introduction between candidate and client.

It certainly demands more time and dedication to comprehend the sourcing of candidates.

Below listed are the problems faced by recruitment/staffing agencies like yours and ways to resolve them using an external help:

Lack of Time for Closing the jobs

Yes! There are a lot of duties to be fulfilled by your team – prescreening, interview scheduling, selection of candidates, identifying viable candidates, verification of information, and balancing the day-to-day operations puts other essential tasks on the back seat.

With the help of RPO, you can outsource all or just a part of your recruitment process. It will free you up allowing you direct focus on operations and HR strategy.

No Cultural and Value-Based Solutions

Certainly, cultural fit is a key component for RPO solution.

By giving the attention towards employer branding, required soft skills, company values, the RPO service provider brings the required things to the table. Not just the right qualification, but also the work style, behavior, and ethics ensure long-term satisfaction for both employers as well as the employee.

No Access to Latest Techniques and Technologies

From the past few years, staffing companies and agencies were after outdated processes and technologies.

It is required to embrace and cope with change in the right way. However, implementing the technology and combining it with the cost of job boards, it will start wiping off even the necessary recruitment budget. Resultantly, it states the need for taking external help that gives access to the latest technology.

It will not be wrong to mention that RPO solution for any recruitment company/agency is a bespoke solution for the latest techniques and technologies.

No Access to Larger Pool of Talent

Your recruitment process majorly depends on the creation of pool of candidates.

With the implementation of latest technology and networks, RPO provider can extend the large pool of skilled candidates for all the industries. Also, the use of the previously created database may be of no or less important for the recruitment process.

The RPO experts optimize the database depending on the existing vacancies and requirements.

Duplicate/Misleading Information

Sometimes, the dishonesty of the applicants in terms of credentials and achievements often becomes difficult for a recruitment agency to examine. There comes the role of RPO solution provider. They act judiciously on shared information and avoid the anticipated troubles for the future.

With expert research techniques and going an extra mile to discover the original data, one can easily rely on recruitment process outsourcing services for authentic information.

Evidently, the recruitment company faces several hassle and challenges. And, with the constant development and growing competition, these things can take a gigantic shape. It is the role played by RPO companies that give a boost to the recruitment sector and people connected with it.

Recruitment process outsourcing is the most sought-after thing in the recruitment sector today. Every recruitment agency & company can reap significant benefits giving an end to the challenges as listed above.

Fusion Business Solutions is one RPO service provider in the industry that can render excellent support while you can focus on other administrative duties. The situation of crisis is well managed by Fusion, where the level of commitment and engagement is much higher.

Drop an email at  support@fusionfirst.com or ping us at US Line: +1-240-979-0061 & UK Line: +44-20-3290-8897

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Did you ever think about the steps you can take to enhance knowledge and expertise pool within your company, or industry or community? If yes, you’ve already made the initial step to becoming a better leader and successful entrepreneur.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur and better leader is a hot topic for a good reason, and it starts here.

Every industry including healthcare, e-commerce, insurance, recruitment is facing relentless, dog-eat-dog competition. Standing apart from the crowd is tough and needs strategic decisions, innovation in business and great support experience for your customers.

However, if you are too stuck in day-to-day business and couldn’t spare time for the planning and execution of next best in industry, you are hindering your business growth. Don’t worry, start delegating, build partnerships, take expert help, and do what you are meant to do. FOLLOW YOUR VISION.

Delegation can be by hiring in-house employees, hiring specialized experts and SMEs and delegating to virtual assistants.

This is our third edition of Virtual Assistant know-how series and we will be sharing our thoughts on some most frequently asked questions around Virtual Assistants.

Why hire a virtual assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant has many benefits, certainly. These virtual assistants are cost effective than the domestic employees and offer flexibility to multi-task across different aspects of your business.

Also, it is essential for entrepreneurs to get a grip on the best assets – time & money. The entrepreneurs spend days and hours while locked in time taking administrative tasks such as email management, CRM management, customer support, etc. To keep up the progress, money, & time, you need to consider hiring external help and learning to delegate.

How to find a virtual assistant?

Before you try and find a virtual assistant, you would need to identify your needs. Based on the identified needs you will have to define, what kind of virtual assistance you need. For example, for very short term contingency plans you may want to hire a freelancer. However, for more recurring needs and to have a permanent solution, I would advise going through a managed service provider.

You can get a freelancer from reputed and popular crowdsourcing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr etc. Make sure you take a deep look at the background of the virtual assistant, reviews, experience, and hourly rates.

To work with a managed service provider, focus on parameters like years in business, team size, dedicated staffing solutions, management bandwidth, the flexibility of plans, availability of a trial or demo and most importantly ability to scale with you.

How much does the virtual assistant costs?

Them: “Ron, I’m panicking with business work. I need help.”

Me: “Great! That’s a good place to start.”

Them: “But I’m pretty sure I can’t afford it.”

Me: “Well, my friend, that’s where you’re wrong.”

Them: “Do tell how!”

Often, there is a concern that people cannot afford a virtual assistant. And, VAs have varying cost structures. It is undoubtedly possible to find a VA that meets your needs and remain within the budget. However, there are different types of VAs affecting the overall cost. Below, we are giving close attention to the way it is structured.

Agencies/Companies: The virtual assistant companies bring affordable pricing of hourly and monthly plans. Additionally, they bring support systems and more availability of VAs so that you can scale your business with virtual help.

Freelancers/Independent Contractors: They can be cheaper due to the low overhead, and being a one-person shop, it limits availability and response time.

How can a virtual assistant revolutionize your business?

If you are wondering, “how can someone while performing exact functions that your in-house team performs revolutionize your business”? We have the answer here for you.

The virtual assistant brings precious work experience and training on the table. They have a unique understanding of the needs of a business and day to day administrative activities. Let us explain with the help of a few examples – if there is a project that you have wanted to do, the VA can assist by conducting research, perform the tasks of recurring nature, optimize raw data, schedule meetings and project management while helping you focus on core business functions.

Moreover, if you’re very busy to remember the important dates, your VA can assist by performing calendar management. Having virtual assistants besides can streamline all the business tasks and let you shift the focus towards business growth.

What is a virtual personal assistant?

For those who feel mentally overloaded and work seems to invade the personal time, virtual personal assistants are very convenient. These people with years of experience of learning personal preferences are expert in anticipating the needs. In addition to it, they can work with a variety of individual tasks including appointment setting, making reservations, travel booking, event planning, organizing bills, etc.

It is also feasible for the personal assistant to pay bills of utilities, cell phone, car insurance, etc., and keep everything tracked as well as organized in the spreadsheet for your see. In short, the virtual personal assistants can perform all sorts of activities that otherwise eat up your valuable time.

Which virtual assistants are the best?

As a professional or business owner, you must now be very excited to start working with a VA. But, there must be concerns regarding choosing the “right” person for the job.

Also, in the online work context considering deadlines and deliverables, it is straight forward to creep if the collaboration does not go smooth. Needless to mention, getting VA onboard and up-to-speed can take a lot of energy, time, and even money. Therefore, the virtual assistants that match up to requirements within the portfolio, meet the “must-have” skills, and quickly passes the trial project are eligible to collaborate with you.

Now, it is the time to decide, hire and get a virtual assistant to your business

Okay, so now you have answers of some more questions about virtual assistants, and now it is the decision time.

Though it might appear stressful and daunting to think about the training and onboarding involved in hiring the virtual assistants, you only need to get over the issues and make it happen. In the long run, virtual assistants can save a lot of time spent on admin tasks while helping you focus on existing and new clients.

Oh, and by the way, you can always check the list of other questions in our previous blog, and yes, we will be happy to answer questions you might have!

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