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How can we protect our homes and offices from pests?

Are there reliable pest control companies in the USA?

To start with, we can protect our homes and offices from pest with pest control.

Luckily, these days there are a lot of pest control companies in the USA that are regulating and managing species defined as pests.

In addition, we can all notice that there are pests present in our homes or offices once we detect that there is damage done.

It is when we start searching for the best solution.

Regular Pest Control Inside the Home (Part 1 of 2) - YouTube

Yet, the best solution seems to be calling for professionals who are well trained to solve this type of problems.

In general, pest control measures are performed as integrated pest management strategy.

But how are pest control companies fighting with pests?

Well, the actual control of pests is being performed with repulsion, physical removal or even chemical means.

Now if we get back to the pest control companies- we can notice that their number is increasing. So, straight proportionally, it leads us to another question- “Which are the preeminent pest control companies for 2018?”.

If you take a further read you will find out more about the top 10 preeminent pest control companies for 2018! So, let’s take a look!


TERMINIX is definitely one of the pre-eminent pest control companies in the USA.

Moreover, this pest control company can help solve your home or company pest problems. Take a read how this leading pest control company can help you with.

Thereupon, TERMINIX is offering the following pest coverage services:

  • Clothes moths;
  • House ants;
  • Mice;
  • Rats;
  • Spiders;
  • Scorpions;
  • Silverfish and so on.
Source: www.twitter.com

So, if you decide to use the services from this pest control company then expect that their service will consist of three aspects. Further, you can take a read of the three aspects that this leading pest control company will cover for you, and leave you to stay safe at your home or office.

The very first aspect is the initial visit. During the initial visit, one of the pest control company technicians will treat the inside, as well as the outside of your house.


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The second aspect includes a full year of service. The full year of service includes treating your home every quarter. In total, you will get 4 treatments.

The third aspect is the treatment after the first year.

So, if you want to experience the ultimate quality and great customer service, then I would highly recommend you to use the services that this preeminent pest control company is offering.


ORKIN is one of the best pest control companies in the USA, but as well one of the oldest ones.

This leasing pest control company was founded in 1901. Back then its owner was just 14 years old. Luckily throughout the years, ORKIN make it out in the pre-eminent pest control companies in the USA.

Source: www.yelp.com

Additionally, this pest company is specializing in protection against common pests. Starting from termites, insects up to rodents.

Thereupon, not only that ORKIN will offer you home pest services, but also this pest control company will provide you with insulation as well as moisture control services.

To continue with, ORKIN’s headquarter is in Atlanta, GA, and it counts nearly 8.000 employees.

Nonetheless, it has more than 400 other locations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and many more.

Source: www.orkinng.com

Speaking of which, ORKIN is serving approximately 1.7 million customers.

Further, as one of the leading pest control companies, ORKIN is providing exceptional technician training.

When it comes to their training certification, ORKIN’s award-winning certification program includes credited class work from Purdue University.

3. Local Exterminators

If you have an urgent need for a pest control company, then you should take into consideration, Local Exterminators.

Undoubtedly it is one of the pest control companies that can leave your house or office and leave you feeling safe.

Source: calllocalexterminators.us

Local Exterminators is one of the best pest control companies. In addition, this pest control company is offering affordable pest control solutions.

Therefore, this pest control company can offer you the following:

  • Eco-friendly extermination;
  • Commercial pest control;
  • Residential pest control;
  • Mosquito extermination;
  • Rodents extermination;
  • Ants extermination;

Well, without its great customer service Local Exterminators would never be achieved to be amongst the 10 preeminent pest control companies in the USA.

4. Arrow Exterminators

Arrow Exterminators is a family owned and operated Pest Control Company since 1964. As such, throughout the years it has left behind numerous satisfied customers.

This pest control company through showing a never-ending dedication to its customers has achieved to become one of the 10 preeminent pest control companies in the United States.

Moreover, Arrow Exterminators can help you in protecting your homes as well as businesses.

Source: www.yelp.com

What makes them one of the best is the fact that they are using the most effective and environmentally responsible pest control methods.

Although Arrow Exterminators is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, it is still providing pest control services to 11 more states.

In addition to their successful story, Arrow Exterminators is also QualityPro Certified by the National Pest Management Association.

Source: www.youtube.com

Nonetheless, besides providing exceptional service, this pest control company shows expertise in environmental stewardship, training, business operations as well as training.

Hence, if you do not want to share your home with different types of pests, then it is time for you to call Arrow Exterminators.

Arrow Exterminators can help you with pest control of:

  • House crickets;
  • Pill bugs;
  • Millipedes;
  • Spiders;
  • Earwigs, and many more.
5. Western Pest Services

Western Pest Services is one of the pest control companies that have one of the best-educated team in the industry. Simply, their team knows how to drive better pest control.

Source: ne-expo.com

On the other side, Western Pest Services are showing yet one more positive fact- they are providing to their clients a written, pest-free and money back guarantee.

Their guarantee is featuring a 100% money back.

In general, they are offering a wide variety of services that can help you protect both your home and business.

Source: www.youtube.com

Nonetheless, this preeminent company as one of the 10 leading pest control companies in the USA can offer you with solutions for the following types of pests:

  • Roaches;
  • Bees;
  • Termites;
  • Rodents;
  • Ants and whatever is bothering you;

Simply said, the team of Western Pest Services will provide you with superior knowledge of local pest conditions.

6. Ehrlich

We are all well aware of the fact that termites are capable of bringing harm to properties’ structure. That is why everyone should enjoy the benefits that preeminent pest control companies can offer.

Additionally, Ehrlich is one of the leading pest control companies in the USA. As such it can safeguard your home and business from any type of harm.

Source: Pests.org

Moreover, Ehrlich has more than 100 local offices, serving the:

  • Eastern U.S.;
  • Pennsylvania;
  • New Jersey;
  • Delaware;
  • New York;
  • Maryland;
  • Virginia;
  • West Virginia;
  • Ohio;
  • Maine;
  • Michigan;
  • Vermont;
  • Florida;
  • Georgia, and many more.

The principles that its establisher Mr. Ehrlich has set in 1928 are still kept by the present leaders and employees. These principles that were set by the establisher of this leading pest control company have turned out to be very successful.


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So, Ehrlich can be seen as an initiative, in genuine, and a pest control company that is exceeding customer expectations.

As previously said, this company has kept its old spirit and is still focused on different types of industries.

7. Critter Control

Critter Control is going way beyond the traditional pest control programs.

By implementing pest prevention and exclusion services in the most reliable way, Critter Control has achieved to become one of the preeminent pest control companies in the USA.

Source: www.crittercontrolhamiltoncounty.com

Moreover, this pest control company is offering as well non-chemical tools and tactics.

So, that means that they will perform the old fashioned property inspection, both inside and out. But, where their pest control services differ is in the actual pest control process.

Actually, the Critter Control is continually attracting new clients due to their proven pest management techniques. So, an effective, efficient, as well as sustainable pest management result, will be inevitable if you choose this pest control company.

Source: www.franchising-today.com

Henceforth, Critter Control is offering a solution for the following pests:

  • Ants;
  • Fleas;
  • Bed bugs;
  • Crickets;
  • Cockroaches;
  • Flies;
  • Spiders;
  • Scorpions, and so on;

In the first place, their pest treatment options are reviewed for appropriateness. Yet, their variety of control strategies can be additionally integrated into a written plan of action.

Still, its services are founded on the Integrated Pest Management- IPM. Which in addition that means that it has an environmentally sensitive approach to insect control.

8. Sprague

To continue with one more amazing pest control company. Luckily the US residents these days do have the advantage to use the services from preeminent pest control companies.

Hence, Sprague is one of the 10 preeminent pest control companies.

Simply said, Sprague can definitely transform your home or business, and make it a safer place to live in and to work in.

Source: co.foodmarketmaker.com

Moreover, if you are fighting with the following types of pests, I would recommend you to call Sprague:

  • Ants;
  • Flies;
  • Stored product Pests;
  • Rodents;
  • Birds;
  • Insects and many more.

When speaking about the exceptionality of Sprague, I must not forget to mention that at the same time it is an innovator in the prevention and eradication of pests.

So, call on this pest control company and enjoy your life without fighting with pest on a daily basis.

9. Cats USA Pest Control

Cats USA Pest Control is present on the US market since 1972.
This pest control company is serving commercial and residential customers mainly in Southern California.

Correspondingly, Cats USA Pest Control as one of the best pest control companies has a comprehensive line of termite and pest control services.

Source: facilityexecutive.com

Their pest control services are going to effectively solve any type of pest problem or threat you might have.

So, here is what Cats USA Pest Control Has to offer you:

  • Detailed termite inspection;
  • Escrow report;
  • Wood repair;
  • Annual termite protection plan;
  • Prompt, clean, efficient, and affordable rates;

Additionally, this leading pest control company is serving customers in 5 counties. Starting from Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, up to Ventura County.

All in all, Cats USA Pest Control keeps its focus on inspection, as well as an introduction to the least amount of pest control materials into the environment.


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10. American Pest Control Company

So, we’ve come to the 10th preeminent pest control company- American Pest Control Company.

Since this pest Control Company is in the business for more than 20 years- it is well experienced in providing various services.

All of these services are customized to fit different types of pest control needs.

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Along with the rise of technology, the GPS tracking device makes an appearance as well.  Thus, employers have access to their employees.

However, the question is: Is monitoring employees right, and more importantly, legal?

As an illustration, it may sound a little strange but you will learn that it is for the well-being of the employers and success of businesses.

For several years, since the appearance of the GPS devices, the employers are able to track their employees in vehicles.

Due to technology advancement, GPS has gained a complete overturn, and it is connecting smartphones and business vehicle tracking.

Using GPS fleet tracking features is the smartest thing a company can do. The reason for this is that it creates progress in the productivity of employees, management of the fleet as well as profit increase.

However, in certain cases, employees have dilemmas about the GPS tracking device installation and tracking of their movements.

In order to keep their privacy, they might oppose to the possible benefits which outweigh the risks in transportation.

Understand State Law and Privacy Statutes in the Workplace

Although vehicle tracking rollout is considered an efficient tool, a surveillance, for instance, may evoke concerns among the employees and their privacy.

Even when tracking the vehicle’s location only, there are employees who are rather skeptical on this matter.

Most of the courts addressed with this matter stated that employers can use GPS tracker for business but only if the employee does not expect privacy in use.

Source: www.climbingbusinessjournal.com

Having said this, there are states which highly prohibit mobile tracking without the person’s consent.

In order to prevent the violation of a law, it is highly important to ensure employees to know the expectations for privacy in the office.

Furthermore, the employees need to understand that their privacy at home is far different than the privacy they get at work.

Distribute the GPS Tracking Device Policy in Your Business

If you want to implement vehicle GPS tracker in your business, you need to carefully explain the purpose.

Moreover, write the circumstances as well as the reason for legitimate business management and fleet tracking software.

Continually, your staff needs to know about your right to monitor their locations while using business-owned property.

Source: www.lifewire.com

Further, as a company owner, you need to explain that while using the property of the company your staff should not expect privacy.

These kinds of policies should also notify employees about their capability of business GPS.

Additionally, each employee needs to know the following information about the GPS tracking device:

  • How the GPS tracking device will be used
  • Under what circumstances
  • In or outside the business hours
  • The purpose of monitoring
  • The extent to which information
Source: www.itproportal.com

After the policy is written with applicable laws by an attorney, the next step is to obtain authorization in a written form by your staff that they understand it.

What Employees Need to Know When Being Tracked

If you consider implementing GPS tracking device in your business, you need to listen to the employees’ concerns, if they have any.

This is important because, as mentioned above, not every employee is comfortable being tracked and understand the expectations of the employer.

Source: www.ultimatestealth.com

When it comes to choosing the way you will monitor your employees, there are several basic factors that you need to consider, and they are the following:

  • What do your employees consider a privacy in the workplace?
  • Who is the owner of the vehicle that you want to track?
  • Is the equipment authorized and whether the employee is allowed for personal use?
  • What information will you provide your employees with?

In particular, telling your employees the way they are going to be monitored is necessary.

Further, they are probably not expecting invasive monitoring types during or after hours.

Source: www.thebalance.com

In some cases, staff consider a violation its right to privacy and therefore, they often seek legal action to GPS tracking device.

The implementation of GPS vehicle tracker is a legal issue and it is important that confident business owners and fleet managers approach the matter ethically.

Having a Written Policy

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) when monitoring your employees with GPS tracking device, it is obligatory for you to provide notice to your staff.

Source: www.huntersure.com

Before you write the policy, you need to consider the characteristics that make a good-written policy and they are the following:

  • Write the policy in plain language
  • Cover types of monitoring (regular monitoring, the info collected etc.)
  • Require employees to acknowledge whether they have read the policy
  • Include legal provisions

In addition to this, you could show the employees what they need to do in case of policy violation or improvement.

Use of GPS Tracking Device in Business

Technology is redefining its use in so many ways, and it has gone to a way where employees are monitored.

Nowadays, employers are able to monitor their staff and they can do it in so many ways.

Starting from emails, their internet searches, log time, conversation length, employee’s location, and the list goes on.

In this way, by checking on big data analytics, employers can collect information in a much easier and an effective way.

Source: www.agitano.com

Consequently, this follows the question: “When to draw the line”?

If nowadays, monitoring employees becomes inevitable, then the best and less conflicting way is probably with GPS tracking device.

According to the law, there are legal precedents that state employers can track their staff and mostly, it is beneficial, for efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Is it Legal to Track Your Employees?

When it comes to tracking employees, the laws are sometimes gloomy. As mentioned above, there is no state privacy law keeping businesses to monitor employees with GPS tracking systems.

In addition to this, there are states which forbid this, however, they are only a few states in the United States that put restrictions on this.

In states like the following: Minnesota, Virginia, as well as Tennessee, tracking employees with GPS is illegal and is considered ruining employee’s privacy.

Source: www.sweetsounds.com

To continue with, tracking a vehicle or a human, follows penal code in California.

However, in any other USA state, employers can track their employees even if they declare their basic rights to privacy.

Regarding their privacy, the court will make a decision based on two factors:

  • Employee’s consent on being tracked
  • Whether the GPS tracking device belongs to the company
Source: www.linkedin.com

With regards to GPS vehicle tracking, it is still hard to tell how widespread it is in the USA. This is due to the fact because businesses do not always have to notify their employees they are being tracked.

A study on employee monitoring showed that a 3rd of employees said their employers are tracking them with GPS tracking device.

On the other hand, 22% of employees said they were not informed they were being tracked.

Source: www.tsheets.com

in addition, a GPS tracking device is able to track employees location at any time.

This includes the movements, the idling time and so on.

Although GPS tracking is considered legal in states, the number of employees who object to this remains unknown.

Best Practices for Tracking

Companies are using fleet tracking devices for many reasons, efficiency increase, safety, or obeyance of traffic laws.

If a business owner wants to install the best GPS, the first thing to do is to consider obeying the following practices:

  • Use GPS in company-owned vehicles or devices
  • Make sure you have a written GPS tracking policy
  • Monitor employees by business need only
Source: www.medium.com

According to a case law, tracking employees is permissible when using company-owned GPS tracking device, and when the employee is notified.

Notifying employees about GPS tracking is a must for business in order to avoid employees feeling that they are violating their privacy.

However, employees have the right to ask the employers to be tracked only for business and work needs.

Source: www.360logica.com

This will definitely outline the reason for using GPS tracking device so that they are familiar with the process and time intervals of tracking.

More importantly, an employer needs to notify employees of the consequences of disabling the GPS tracking device.

What to Do to Legally Monitor Employees?

in order to take this, I must say big step of monitoring your employees with GPS tracking, as a company owner you need to communicate with the employees.

For instance, before you hire an employee, communicate the policy with them. Moreover, acknowledge them to understand the policy.

In this way, not only they will be responsible and considerate employees, but they will also start respecting this approach.

Source: www.linkedin.com

To continue with, you can only monitor the active working hours of employees, as well as their location. In this way, you will comply with the GPS tracking policy.

It is also important to store the GPS tracking data safely because information is easily accessible nowadays.

Furthermore, you need to explain to your employees that GPS tracking is not violating any law or their trust. Moreover, you need to encourage yourself first to take this step, and then your employees.

Monitoring Vehicles for Safety Increase

Regarding the safety, an employer is obliged to know and use the GPS tracking device state laws.

To put it in a different way, there is an example of Illinois statute in 2014, considering employee monitoring a crime.

In addition, a vehicle should not be tracked without the vehicle’s owner consent unless it is lawfully done by a law enforcement agency.

Source: www.novinite.com

According to the law, employers do not violate the law by tracking a vehicle the company owns.

Other states like California, Connecticut, Delaware and Texas laws also apply to GPS tracking device use.

Continually, there are state law violations regarding tracking. For instance, if an employer does not notify employees of monitoring, then it will respond to invasion of privacy.

Source: www.mapmyindia.com

In addition to the above-mentioned, there are courts indicating rules on a vehicle’s privacy.

For instance, an employee does not have rights to privacy invasion if an employer uses GPS tracking device on a vehicle the business owns.

Another law which allows employers to install a GPS tracking device to their business vehicles is by the Illinois statute.

However, despite the employer’s right to monitor company vehicles, he is obliged to inform employees on..

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Just a simple glimpse into the past can reveal us the importance of the International Fuel Tax Agreement- IFTA and IFTA stickers.

Back in the day, before IFTA was introduced to the U.S. trucking industry, drivers were required to purchase fuel permits from each state in which they were traveling.

Prior to that, truckers were losing time to stop and purchase permits, which was beginning to cause additional route miles.

And we all know what that means in the trucking world.

So, in order to improve the overall trucking industry, at the beginning of 1980’s officials from Washington, Iowa and Arizona made an agreement to start using a single permit.

Source: www.2290tax.com

That way they improved the workflow of many trucking companies back in the day, just in the same manner as the International Fuel Tax Agreement- IFTA is helping the trucking industry nowadays.

Nonetheless, just 15 years later, all 48 States including 10 Canadian Provinces joined the IFTA Agreement.

The overall idea that stands behind the International Fuel Tax Agreement and IFTA stickers was to have a single permit. That way the taxes were enabled to be accessible by one authority. Which later on distributes it to States and localities.

This leads us to the following question.

1. Which are the advantages of the International Fuel Tax Agreement and IFTA stickers? Source: www.plateshack.com

Since the International Fuel Tax Agreement has been designed to reduce the administrative burden of reporting fuel taxes, straight proportionally it is offering numerous advantages, such as are the following:

  • Trucking companies get to use a single fuel tax license. This fuel tax license is being issued by the base jurisdiction authorizing travel in all IFTA jurisdictions;
  • Fuel tax audits that are being performed by the base jurisdiction;
  • Quarterly tax report. This report is being filled only with the base jurisdiction for reporting operations;

So, let’s learn how IFTA and IFTA Stickers are helping trucking companies in improving their workflow!

2. How Does the International Fuel Tax Agreement and IFTA Stickers Work

Every now and then we meet people in the trucking world that often question IFTA.

To begin with, the fact that the International Fuel Tax Agreement is helped by the International Fuel Tax Association.

Source: s.hdnux.com

As such, IFTA was primarily created to simplify the fuel reporting process.

So, this is how the International Fuel Tax Agreement and IFTA stickers actually work.

Once the trucking company undergoes the application and approval procedures, straight away they get to enjoy the convenience.

Source: info.roadvision.com

In other words, the fuel taxes that IFTA is distributing are based on the miles driven in a particular state.

That is to say, at this point, you can see how IFTA works more precisely.

For example, you have a truck driver that fuels up his truck and pays tax in Illinois, and then he drives to Oklahoma.

Regardless that, IFTA will transfer the taxes from Illinois to Oklahoma, including each mile driven in the state.


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Hence, not to forget, all IFTA certified vehicles should have two IFTA stickers all the way. Further, you can find more details about it.

To get back to the taxes. Regardless of how many States the truck driver has driven, all fuel taxes will be issues on one fuel tax license.

3. IFTA License Application Procedures

So how can your trucking company become IFTA licensed?

To continue with, in order for your trucking company to issue IFTA license, you will have to have:

  • Qualified motor vehicles registered in your State;
  • You have already established a place of business in your State;
  • Have 2 axles and a GVW of more than 26,000 pounds;
  • Have 3 or more axles regardless of weight;
  • Operate in more than one jurisdiction;

So, if you cover all these points you can apply for your IFTA license and get your IFTA stickers.

Source: i.redd.it

Note that you will have to fill out an application at your home State.

Once your application is being processed and approved you will be issued with IFTA license and two IFTA stickers for each qualified motor vehicle in your fleet. In addition, the role of the IFTA stickers is to allow your vehicles to travel to any jurisdiction by a qualified vehicle.

Yet, you should pay attention to renew your IFTA license and decals annually. As well as to file quarterly reports. It is the only way how you can maintain valid IFTA credentials.

4. IFTA rules to follow

First and foremost, once you are being approved for IFTA license you will have to pay special attention to the following 5 rules:

  1. IFTA license and decals are valid for one year from January 1st to December 31st;
  2. Make sure that you renew your IFTA license and IFTA stickers on time;
  3. Display the IFTA stickers on both sides of your truck cab– that way the authorities will stay informed that your vehicles are IFTA licensed;
  4. File IFTA tax return and pay all fuel taxes in a timely manner;
  5. Keep in mind to inform all your truckers to carry with them in the cab a photocopy of your IFTA license at all times;
5. Renewal of IFTA Annual License and IFTA Stickers

As previously mentioned, in order to stay IFTA complaint, already IFTA licensed trucking companies will have to renew their IFTA licenses and IFTA stickers on a yearly basis.

Hence, the easiest way for trucking companies to renew their IFTA accounts is by doing it so online.

Source: fleettaxservicesblog.files.wordpress.com

Also, you can renew your IFTA annual license and IFTA stickers by mailing the completed renewal notice.

Yet, when are trucking companies eligible to renew their IFTA license online?

There are two points that trucking companies should fulfill in order to renew their IFTA license online. Starting from having an IFTA account that has been active within the last 6 months, as well as to have IFTA account not delinquent for any Tax Quarter.

Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com

Nevertheless, if your trucking company needs to renew your IFTA license, yet you as a company owner are not in the position to do so, you can send someone else.

Still, that other person will have to have a valid Power of Attorney POA with proper notarization as well as a copy of their driver’s license to match.


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6. IFTA Stickers

Furthermore, once your IFTA license application has been processed and approved, besides being issued with the IFTA license you will be issued with IFTA stickers too.

So, you will receive two IFTA stickers for each qualified motor vehicle that you have registered in your fleet at no cost.

The IFTA stickers will have to be placed, that is to say, displayed outside of the vehicle. One IFTA sticker on each exterior side of the cab.

Source: i.ytimg.com

What trucking companies should always have in mind is that the IFTA stickers are only valid from January 1st up to December 31st.

Yet, there is an exception when the IFTA stickers can be displayed one month before the beginning of the New Year.

On the other side, if the trucking company fails to display IFTA decals on their qualified motor vehicles- might face legal subject to the license.

7. Additional IFTA Stickers

In the same way, trucking companies can apply for additional sets of IFTA stickers if there is need of it.

The easiest way that trucking companies can get additional IFTA stickers is through purchasing it via email.

Source: cdn.vehicleservicepros.com

So, if it happens that you have the need of additional IFTA stickers you will have to make it on company letterhead by including the Taxpayer ID number, company name, as well as a check for $10.00 per set of stickers.

Nonetheless, there is one more option how you can apply for additional IFTA stickers. You can apply in person at the office, yet it is only possible if your IFTA account is being renewed for the current year.

8. Replacement IFTA Stickers

IFTA stickers can get lost too. Regardless if the IFTA stickers have been stolen or fell off the truck, the trucking company has the option to replace them with new ones. Yet, the trucking company will have to pay $10.00 per set of stickers.

No matter what, trucking companies if IFTA licensed should never leave their trucks driving without IFTA stickers.


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The application for replacement IFTA stickers can be performed in person at the regional office. Still, you have to remember that IFTA stickers can only be replaced as long as the IFTA license has already been renewed for the current year.

Once the application for replacement IFTA stickers takes acceptation, straight away the authority bodies will send you new ones.

9. License Cancellation and IFTA Stickers Return

What should you know about IFTA stickers in case you make IFTA license cancellation?

It is inevitable that you can get your IFTA license cancellation at any time.

When a trucking company gets their IFTA license cancellation they will have to meet all requirements in regards to tax liabilities. In addition, it will have to face with all member jurisdictions too.

Source: www.vma4.com

Moreover, you should make sure to not fail to notify the Comptroller that you are performing a cancellation of your IFTA license. It goes the same when you are failing to file an IFTA quarterly tax report. In the latter case, they will manage to determine your tax liability.

Hence, to get back to license cancellation. You can make the cancellation process via sending a written request or via the cancellation box of the final IFTA quarterly tax report.

Once the IFTA cancellation has been accepted, you will have to return the original IFTA license. The one that your trucking company had received, as well as the unused IFTA stickers. Their things have to be returned to the Comptroller’s office.

Last but not least, you will have to make sure to retain all relevant records for 4 years- count it from the due date of your last IFTA tax report.


All in all, we can conclude that IFTA does work as a “pay now or pay later system”, and as such it makes the work of all trucking companies that are part of the U.S. trucking industry much easier.

IFTA makes the life of all people that are part of the U.S. trucking industry much easier by calculating interest beginning of the day after the due date of the report for each month up until the payment takes place. In regards to IFTA stickers, trucking companies should make sure that all of their trucks have it placed on both external sides of the truck.

So, being IFTA compliant goes hand in hand in having updated IFTA license and IFTA stickers.

The post 9 Important Things to Know About IFTA Stickers appeared first on Fueloyal.

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There are so many choices for landscaping companies in the USA and each of the businesses specializes in different services.

Landscaping businesses are always finishing their top tasks in order to provide exceptional customer service.

The landscaping industry is wide, and you can find different types of services as well as designs.

What is interesting is that the industry has allowed these companies to determine their pricing themselves based on their capabilities and reputation.

To emphasize, there are companies that use GPS tracking in landscaping, some may use tools and supplies which have more quality etc.

Landscaping Companies: How To Choose The Best?

A garden is an important territory to maintain, regardless whether you need long term or short term landscaping services.

Having a garden that is eye-catching is a must for every landscaping company. There are landscaping companies wanting to do what is best for you.

Choosing the right landscaping companies might not seem tough once you see the projects they have previously done.

Source: www.pinterest.com

However, have you asked yourself what it takes for them to make these services available for you?

The thing is, you need to choose the company which will show it cares the most. In other words, the one which will make your home unique as well as different from the rest.

More importantly, if you need professional services then you definitely need to choose the best.


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1. Landscape America

Landscape America considers that having an attractive landscape is always a must. Moreover, it is good for businesses and companies and the community as well.

Their passion for outdoor decorations reflects their creativity of creating a stunning landscape.

In other words, Landscape America loves creating beautiful spaces in order to provide exceptional customer experience.

Source: www.landscapeamerica.com

As one of the top landscaping companies in the USA, Landscape America is offering a lot of services. Continually, the services they offer are the following:

  • Front and Backyard Landscaping
  • Driveways
  • Tree Care and Removal
  • Garden Design and Planting
  • Landscape Maintenance

The mission of Landscape America is to provide every day service of excellence. To put it in a different way, this is a kind of a challenge for the company.

Source: www.landscapeamerica.com

To continue with, their project management is first class and it is all due to their courteous staff.

Moreover, their end results always show smiles on their customers’ faces.

This characteristic of theirs which is creating outstanding spaces makes them one of the top landscaping companies.

2. Landscape Workshop

Landscape Workshop is a landscaping management company providing services on a highly professional level.

Continually, they are considered as one of the top full-service landscaping companies that do not leave a flaw in your outdoor space.

Moreover, they are always working with clients who they help achieve their business goals as well as maintain property value.

Source: www.landscapeworkshop.com

What is more important is that their team always works with professionalism in order to give their clients a peace of mind.

In addition, they provide the following service:

  • Management and executive teams with more than 200 years of combined experience
  • Single point of contact with dedicated and experienced Account Manager
  • Crews are uninformed, full-time employees
  • Landscape Workshop vehicles are neat and clean on your property and they always get their job done the right way.
Source: www.landscapeworkshop.com

In addition to the above-mentioned, they cover Southeastern parts of USA, some parts at Florida, as well as Mississippi and Georgia.

Their title as being among the best landscaping companies in the USA is due to their experience.

Having said this, they have a 30-year experience in maintaining outdoor spaces and creating beautiful landscapes.

3. American Landscape

American Landscapes had the vision to create a successful company and over the years, the vision has become a reality.

Since the day of their existence which is 1972, their projects started to become better and better.

To put it in another way, they are known for their ability to create landscaping projects regarding the budget, and quality.

Source: www.americanlandscape.com

American Landscape is a company that has survived a lot of transformations over the years and aiming at providing their clients with the quality service they deserve.

Continually, they have created a reorganization of their services and always strive for improvement.

Their experienced employees always bring expertise in the field which is why it is numbered among the top landscaping companies in the USA.

Source: www.americanlandscape.com

No matter the number of changes that the landscaping company has been through over the past years, their values remain the same to this day.

  • Commitment to hire, train and retain only the best employees
  • A desire to give their clients the best experience possible, from bidding to final walkthrough
  • Focus on ethical business practices and retaining clients for life
  • Years of experience installing some of the most complicated landscapes
  • Bringing that knowledge with us to the next job
  • Ability to creatively construct beautiful and inspiring environments

American Landscape is maintaining their reputation due to high-quality work and growth of delivery commitment.

4. Liberty USA Landscaping

The Liberty USA Landscaping is a construction firm which has a full landscape maintenance service and tree care as well.

At this company, the employees make a unique living area for the businesses as well as homes of the cities.

Anyone who is willing to invest in the services of landscaping companies, then Liberty USA Landscaping can help you at any time.

Source: www.libertyusalandscaping.com

As one of the top Landscaping companies in the USA, they are committed to creating unique outdoor living areas as well as businesses.

Having more than 15 years experience in all facets of landscape maintenance, design, and construction.

Liberty USA Landscaping always sticks to proficiency and regarding this matter, they are always hiring minimum 5-year experienced staff.

Source: www.libertyusalandscaping.com

In addition to the above-mentioned, they comply with the OSHA’s landscaping rules and regulations.

Having said this, they offer a wide range of services including:

  • Tree Service
  • Landscaping
  • Commercial
5. Mariani Landscape

Mariani Landscape is committed to the first class customer experience. Along with their unique design and maintenance, they got the spot among the top landscaping services.

In addition to this, they are always careful when working with land which is why their clients consider their name as a synonym for class.

Besides keeping the class on top, Mariani Landscape also keeps high standards when landscaping.

This is probably another characteristic making them a leader among the landscaping companies in the industry.

Source: www.marianilandscape.com

With this in mind, Mariani Landscape offers commercial and residential landscaping services.

Their maintenance services include gardens care, snow and ice management.

With their exceptional architecture and design, Mariani has learned their reputation among customers over the years.

This is mostly due to their mission to create quality gardens which will make their customers happy.

Source: www.marianilandscape.com

More importantly, the company is committed to environmentally friendly services and considers environment safety as one of their priorities.

Their principles are placed among their business practice while creating a long-lasting landscaping service.

In the end, every business should be committed to customer satisfaction just like Mariani Landscape is.

6. US Lawns

US Lawns have been providing amazing landscaping services from day one. From the very beginning of their career, their services are based on customer referrals.

By sticking to details and proficiency, US Lawns earns a reputation among the premier residential landscaping companies.

Their full-service landscaping team of professionals is specializing in residential services.

Source: www.uslawns.com

They always assure that their clients are satisfied through the process of proficiency and dedication.

As a full-service landscape company, US lawns provide an entity for all aspects of the following:

  • Landscaping
  • Design and maintenance
  • Woodwork and stonework
  • Hardscapes
  • Water features
  • Residential and commercial lighting

With the years of experience, they learned that each client has specific needs. Due to this reason, they always manage to meet the needs of each client.

Source: www.uslawns.com

Since the year of their establishment, it has maintained its reputation as one of the landscaping companies serving with nothing less than excellence

If you want to use landscaping services, in that case, you will be able to witness that US Lawns does the job with passion.

Despite residential service, US Lawns also provides commercial landscaping which makes sure that businesses have landscaping to catch an eye.


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7. Land Care

LandCare is one of those landscaping companies which proves that the business is more than planting flowers and cutting grass.

Before they start reinventing your garden from the ground up, LandCare is always creating a strategic plan.

Notably, this plan involves minimizing the budget, or keeping your expenses in the budget while creating inspiring landscaping views.

Source: www.landcare.com

Their services are probably hardly ever seen on other landscaping companies. They simply make you think of nature as a stunning appearance and look at it with an impression.

Being involved for 2 decades in the business, Landcare is one of the most reliable landscaping companies.

They are comprehensive and actually proud to receive the title as one of the high ranked landscaping companies in the USA.

Source: www.landcare.com

Once they get on the field, consider that their work on your property will exceed your expectations.

Landcare’s team know they power and they bring in on the field in order to surprise your needs.

In addition, their services involve the following:

  • Landscape Management
  • Landscape Design and Installation
  • Irrigation and Water Management
  • Snow and Ice Management
8. Greening America

Greening America started their journey in becoming one of the best landscaping companies in late 1979.

Since then they are following their goals in order to provide a spectacular service at a fair price.

With this intention, their priorities are always quality and superior customer service above anything else.

With the help of their experienced staff and utilizing modern tools, they never fail to complete an efficient service.

Source: www.greeningamerica.net

Greening America understands that quality is always important to their clients and strictly sticks to that.

Before completing a project, they always consult with their customers if they have any preferences before they start creating..

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Known as the most exciting of all, trucking always triggers truck driving questions regarding the industry. It is wide-knowledge and answers demanding.

Due to this matter, truck drivers never stop being eager to learn something new about their unique profession.

Whether it is the history in question, trends regarding the trucking or law and regulations, truck drivers possess continuous curiosity.

Besides, the trucking industry is constantly facing changes and is mostly affected by the rules of DOT, FMCSA, DOL etc.

Continually, it also requires you to respect those rules and regulations because there are fees and inspections involved.

With regards to this, down below are the most frequent truck driving questions posed by truck drivers:

1. How Much Does Truck Driving School Cost?

As you begin to consider attending trucking school and how it could change your life, it is important to think about the required financial investment for becoming a truck driver.

First of all, you need to find out how much the truck driving school costs. Second, you need to follow an adequate preparation for this chapter of your life.

Overall Tuition Costs

To begin with, you need to calculate the overall tuition costs. The traditional truck driving schools charge by the entire course instead by semester or week.

However, you need to know the exact sum because, in each part of the country, the costs vary.

Source: www.truckerstraining.com

In addition to this, it is best if you choose the state where you plan on attending the school and then request costs info.

In general, a trucking school varies in costs from $3,000 to $7,000 for an entire program. It mostly depends on whether you opt for a Class A or Class B CDL license, including the endorsements.

2. What Does the Average Over the Road Trucker Make?

If you are thinking of becoming a truck driver then you need to get informed about the average salary.

In general, the salary is one of the most asked truck driving questions.

To continue with, there are different careers in truck driving which are coupled with a short term and long term jobs.

Source: www.wannadrive.com

Even though there is a determined salary of truck drivers, the thing is, it all depends on your knowledge and experience.

For example, experienced truckers together with the professional drivers make more than the new truck drivers make.

Continually, this triggers the truck driving questions like: What is the average salary of truck drivers?

Source: www.bizjournals.com

This is important to every wanna-be truck driver because they want to know whether it is worth it to become a truck driver.

In order to emphasize, the median salary of truck drivers is $40,000. In addition, the salary also depends on the type of a trucking company you work for.

For instance, there are trucking companies which actually pay more than the average salary that other companies offer.


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3. How Long do you Have to go to School for Truck Driving?

Once you start collecting information about the truck driving programs, then you will be able to plan the classes accordingly.

Knowing the exact length of the classes, you can choose which trucking school fits the most into your schedule.

What is important to know is that most of the programs are full-time. The course’s length mostly depends on the state you live in.

Source: www.mctruckdrivingschool.com

If you are willing to dedicate 40 hours weekly to your training classes, you need to finish the course first in order to start working.

There are two programs for you to choose:

  • Class A CDL Program
  • Class B CDL Program

Regarding the truck driving questions: the Class A course lasts for about 7 weeks where the programs run for 5 days in a week.

On the other hand, you can complete the Class B programs in a week.

Source: www.roadmaster.com

As an explanation, Class A programs last longer than Class B because you can drive different types of trucks and haul large loads.

The class B programs teach you to drive straight trucks, dump trucks and other small loads hauling.

The best way to get the answer to one of the frequent truck driving questions is to contact your potential trucking school and find out about the length of the programs.

4. Truck Driving Questions: What is good pay for a truck driver?

In particular, truck drivers belonging to a union receive a higher salary. They have specific rules which accordingly drivers are paid by and also include increases.

When drivers are involved in unions, they have to respect different trucking industry regulations. Moreover, each union is different and each driver of tractor trailers needs to read the agreement before deciding to join.

Source: www.youtube.com Over the Road (OTR)

Over the road truckers probably have the higher salary. This is mostly due to their long stay on the road and mostly providing cross-border shipments.

There are the hours of service involved here as well. For instance, Walmart is the company which offers the biggest pay.

Source: www.crengland.com

To emphasize, the company offers an average $71,500 salary on a yearly basis without the bonuses.

Over the road drivers also haul under higher standards. For instance, they have tight schedules they have to respect while traveling abroad.

Specialty Drivers

The specialty drivers are hauling specialized transportation, overloaded transportation, and hazmat materials.

To put it in a different way, in order for a candidate to take over the job, one needs to have a special training.

Source:  www.businesswire.com

This is due to the weight of obligations the drivers have and the higher salary is one of the reasons why these drivers make more.

More importantly, there are additional rules and regulations to respect besides the regular ones in the industry.

Ice Road Trucker

Ice road trucking belongs to a specialized transportation field including oversized loads and hazardous cargo.

Due to this matter, and the weight of the job despite the cargo’s, ice road truckers are in general, the highest paid truckers.

The danger the job brings, as well as the high risk of accidents, these truckers can even earn an entire yearly salary in a few months.

Source: www.overdriveonline.com

Besides bravery, skill is also required above anything else which is why these truck drivers are considered as the best in the industry.

In order to become a truck driver, you need to know how to handle the cargo as well as the elements coming along with it.

As an illustration, if an ice trucker can last up to three months in a winter weather than the ice road trucker salary would be $120,000.

Dump Truck Drivers

Next in the line of a unique trucking job is the dump trucking. Notably, this career requires patience despite other skills.

In order to load coal from mines, you need to develop a specific manner of handling it while keeping the mine from disruption.

Continually, being careful with the movements is also obligatory because one sudden or wrong move and a collapse in the mine can happen.

To illustrate, dump truck drivers can make up to $78,665 on a yearly basis, however, the average salary of a dump truck driver is $31,000 per year.

Oversize Load Drivers

As shown above, overload truck drivers are also among the truckers who are paid the most. One of the most asked truck driving questions is whether these truckers receive a good pay.

To put it in a different way, these truckers make a good living salary.

Source: www.commons.wikimedia.org

The skills requirements for overloaded truck drivers are the following:

  • High concentration level
  • Patience
  • Keep a large load straight
  • Ability to deal with oncoming traffic

Due to the danger of the job FMCSA has permitted these trucks to stay on the curbs of the highways.

With this in mind, oversize load truck drivers make a $53,000 annual living.

How Many Miles Can a Truck Driver Drive for a Day?

In a 14 hour period, you can legally drive for 11 hours and take 10 hours break afterward.

Not only the driving hours but the mileage is also based on speed.

With regards to this, one of the most frequent truck driving questions might be the following:

How many miles a trucker drives in a day?

For instance, if you drive at 60 mph for 11 hours then the math for your mileage would be 660 mph.

Source: www.adwdiabetes.com

If you add up the entire 24-hour window then the math for an entire day would be 780 mph total.

Whether you need to fuel the vehicle, and logging that, the log will show it legally.

Regarding, this will not make a problem to the mileage although it is shown in the log.

Source:  www.160drivingacademy.com How Many Hours can a Trucker Drive a Day?

The hours of service (HOS) regulations focus on how long you can drive based on the time limits.

Also, how many hours you can drive before the permission of operating the vehicle finishes.

In addition, one of the frequently asked truck driving questions are the hours of service.

With regards to this, you are ought to follow all the duty limits and no exceptions.

Furthermore, they are the following:

  • 14-hour driving limit
  • 11-hour limit

If you calculate this by week, there are 60 hours driving limit and in 8 days there is a 70-hour driving limit.


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14-Hour Driving Window

The 14-hour driving window is considered as a daily driving limit regardless of not being based on a 24 hour time interval.

To emphasize, truck drivers have been asking truck driving questions about the 14-hour driving window.

Source: www.monster.com

Notably, as a truck driver, you are allowed to a 14 consecutive hour period where you drive up to 11 after you have been off duty for an entire 10 hours.

The daily 14-hour limit starts with any type of work and once you reach the limit you cannot drive until you are off duty for another 10 hours.

The driving is limited to entire 14 hours once you take an off-duty lunch break or a nap during the hours.

11-Hours Commitment

In addition to the above-mentioned 14 hours window, the future truck drivers are also posing truck driving questions about the 11 hours commitment.

During the 14 hour window, you can drive the truck also for up to 11 hours total.

Source: www.vansdirect.co.uk

If a driver operates for 11 hours during the 14 hours window then driving is not allowed if more than 8 hours the driver has been off duty.

Once you complete driving those 11 hours, you have actually reached the limit of driving.

Consequently, after this, you need to be off duty for the next 10 hours before you start driving again.

What Truck Driving Companies Pay for Training?

Becoming a truck driver is never easy, and operating a truck requires an insanely wide knowledge.

In order to get the best skills possible, you need to get more than proper CDL training.

The first thing to do before choosing the right trucking company is to learn which of the companies offer free CDL training.

Having said this, this obstacle is the most important among the truck drivers because the wages are really high, to be honest.

Source: www.data.si

To emphasize, an average program costs $3,500 which is, in fact, an average truck drivers salary.

However, the type of school and the training program plays a great role here. In some cases, due to prestigious trucking schools and high knowledge programs, the training costs an unbelievable $7,000.

If you are unable to pay it for yourself, these are the companies that can make you a professional truck driver.

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Generally speaking, the United States has one of the largest automotive markets in the world.

Correspondingly, it is home to the world-leading auto manufacturers.

Moreover, speaking of numbers we can see that the overall U.S. light vehicle production has reached almost 13 million passenger vehicles in 2017.

Straight proportionally, that leads us to the fact that the United States is the world’s second-largest market for car manufacturing and sales.

Nonetheless, the automotive sector in the United States is simply the forefront of innovation. In addition, the Auto Alliance spends more than $18 billion in the United States.

So, further, in this article, you have the exceptional chance to see the pivotal list of car manufacturers of the United States.

Let’s take a look!

Ford Motor Company

On the pivotal list of car manufacturers of the U.S., we can find Ford Motor Company.

The innovation that has been, and still is the core of Ford Motor Company is what contributed in a large scale to its success.

We are well familiar with Ford as a pioneer of the extensive use of high-strength aluminum in the production process of their mass-market vehicles.

Source: marketexclusive.com

For 50 years Ford has managed to create great vehicles that are great for drivers everywhere, not only in the U.S.

When speaking about its production process in the United States we can notice that there are a lot of plants all over the States.

Part of their assembly plants are located in:

In addition to growing their plants, Ford Motor Company is straight proportionally growing without sacrificing profits.

Source: thesocialpeople.net

Also, what places Ford Motor Company on the pivotal list of car manufacturers of the U.S. is its contribution to the environmental sustainability.

Hence, on the other hand, community service has become an important part of Ford’s heritage as well.

Moreover, in regards to the quality, Ford is paying special attention to the design and the overall manufacturing process. In addition, the quality that Ford Motor Company is providing can be seen in the constantly increasing customer satisfaction.

Correspondingly, Ford maintains a sustainability strategy too. It goes way beyond reducing CO₂ emissions.

General Motors

General Motors is yet one more leading car manufacturer that is deservingly placed on the pivotal list of car manufacturers of the United States.

Moreover, the foundational promise that General Motors has made and is keeping up to even nowadays is to earn customers for life.

Source: si.wsj.net

In addition, their foundational promise refers to treating every customer with respect and care. And, not only will that but as well providing them with well-manufactured vehicles that enable them to enjoy high safety standards.

In simple words, General Motors are committed to their customers, not only when they buy a car, but years after that. So, loyalty is inevitable with this car manufacturer.

Seeing these facts and figures, we can realize the reason why General Motors is on the pivotal list of car manufacturers of the U.S.

When someone says safer, better and higher value cars- they are simply referring to the cars that General Motors is manufacturing.

Hence, in order to manufacture the best cars, General Motors has employed the finest workforce in the automotive world.

Source: fm.cnbc.com

At the moment, General Motors besides the USA is serving 6 continents and has employed more than 181.000 employees.

Besides manufacturing cars, General Motors is as well manufacturing electric cars and heavy-duty trucks.

When we speak about General Motors we refer to the following 8 distinctive automotive brands:

Fiat/Chrysler Automobiles

Fiat is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. This car manufacturer started its work back in 1899 in Italy. Whereas Chrysler Corporation was established in 1925.

Nowadays we can see that Fiat/Chrysler Automobiles are touching countless lives on a daily basis.

At the moment Fiat/Chrysler Automobiles has more than 231.000 employees.

Source: www.driversmagazine.com

Moreover, what places Fiat/Chrysler on the pivotal list of car manufacturers of the U.S. besides their impeccably manufacturing cars is the fact that they create value through the improved livelihoods of both their customers and employees.

In addition, these car manufacturers have made a commitment to positively affect the world. That is to say, Fiat/Chrysler Automobiles is simply achieving sustainable growth by including an expansion of their actions.

Source: fortunedotcom.files.wordpress.com

Thereupon, their work ethic, their accountability, openness, and diversity are what drives a better quality to numerous customers in the USA and around the world.

When it comes to their facilities in the USA, we can see that their location is in:

  • Jefferson North Assembly Plant;
  • Toledo North Assembly Plant;
  • Warren Truck Assembly Plant;
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Michigan;

Further, the pivotal list of car manufacturers in the United States simply confirms that Fiat/Chrysler Automobiles will continue with their commitment to building an organization that can definitely stand the test of time. All that thanks to the constant innovation and due to remaining resilient.

Honda Motor Company

We all know Honda Motor Company as a car manufacturer that makes their customer moving in every sense of the word.

Without any doubt, Honda Motor Company can be placed on the pivotal list of car manufacturers of the United States.

Moreover, this car manufacturer strongly believes in the power of dreams. Yet, they are well aware that only dreaming is not enough in the automotive world.

Source: www.miscw.com

In addition, they are creating intelligent technologies. These technologies are enriching the lives of their customers. They are even making the world more fun to move around it.

Nonetheless, when speaking about driving to a sustainable future we are speaking about HONDA.

Honda is creating sustainable products and while creating it shows a dedication to reducing their environmental footprint. As one of the pivotal list of car manufacturers of the USA, Honda is protecting the Earth for the future generations.

Source: autonxt.net

Therefore, through their sustainable products, Honda is simply helping people to flourish by actively supporting worthy causes and communicates to bring people together.

Part of Honda’s manufacturing facilities in the USA are the following:

  • Honda Manufacturing of Indiana;
  • Honda Manufacturing of Alabama;
  • Marysville Auto Plant;
  • East Liberty Auto Plant;
  • Performance Manufacturing Center;

Moreover, thanks to the car manufacturers such as is Honda collisions no longer happen.

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation has the desire to evolve and innovate. It is in the heart of everything that they do.

Simply said, it is what brought Toyota Motor Company on the pivotal list of car manufacturers of the United States.

When speaking about this car manufacturer, it is important to realize that they simply want to build more than just great cars.

Source: www.valuewalk.com

More precisely, they want to build places to live.

In regards to the environmental preservance, Toyota Motors have set few challenges. Starting with:

  • 1st Challenge– New vehicle ZERO CO2 emissions challenge- this challenge includes a total development of next-generation vehicles that can help a further acceleration point.
  • 2nd Challenge– Life Cycle Zero CO2- this challenge includes reduction of different typed of CO2 emissions including the processes of materials production, as well as the disposal as well as recycling of vehicles.
  • 3rd Challenge– Plant Zero CO2 Emissions Challenge- this challenge aims to develop and introduce low-CO2 technologies with ongoing Kaizen as well as to adopt renewable energy sources;
  • 4th Challenge– Challenge of Minimizing and Optimizing Water Usage- Car manufacturers, in general, are using water in painting, forging, as well as other processes. In addition, Toyota Motor Company aims to reduce the amount of water used and the comprehensive water purification as well as returning it to the earth.
  • 5th Challenge– Challenge of Establishing a Recycling-Based Society and Systems- this challenge helps Toyota on continuing their work on establishing a recycling-based society;
  • 6th Challenge– Challenge of Establishing a Future Society in Harmony with Nature- Toyota is establishing a society where humans and nature to coexist in harmony. As one of the car manufacturers that are ranked on the pivotal list of car manufacturers of the United States, Toyota is promoting several activities to connect regions, the world, and the future.
Source: www.japanbullet.com

Toyota’s Manufacturing plants in the United States are located in:

  • Mississippi- Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi
  • Kentucky- Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky
  • Indiana- Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana
  • Texas- Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas

All in all, Toyota is definitely one of the car manufacturers that is promoting environmental management in all regions around the world.

Nissan Motor Company

When speaking about the Pivotal List of Car Manufacturers of the United States, I must not forget to mention Nissan Motor Company.

Nissan Motor Company is made up of a richly diverse group of people.

In addition, this car manufacturing company is building cars that have the power to change the way that their users are moving in it as well as in the way that they view the world.

Source: www.greenawards.com

Moreover, when speaking about Nissan Motor Company in the USA, that is to say, Nissan Design International in 1979 in San Diego, back then was established as a satellite studio.

Hence, back then the original mission of Nissan Motor Company was to provide a local perspective on the North American Market. In addition to generating innovative design and ideas too.

Correspondingly, nowadays Nissan Motor Company is a full-production automotive design studio. This car manufacturing company is simply handling all phases of automotive design development up to the manufacturing and exploratory process.

Source: www.japantimes.co

Nonetheless, Nisan Motor Company as part of the Global Nissan Design organization consists of:

  • Nissan Design Europe (London);
  • Creative Box, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan);
  • Nissan Design China (Beijing, China);
  • Global Nissan Design Center (GNDC, Atsugi, Japan);

On the other hand, their manufacturing facilities in the United States are the following:

  • Nissan North America, Inc. Smyrna;
  • Nissan North America, Inc. Canton;

In other words, Nissan is designing and manufacturing vehicles with an emphasis on the sensitivity and customer satisfaction.

Subaru Corporation

Subaru Corporation has always been and still is expanding their customer base around the world.
Ever wondered how Subaru Corporation can manage it all?

Well, it is way simpler than you have ever thought. It is enough to know that Subaru has always strived towards excellence in manufacturing.

In other words, this corporation is focused on providing a value. Tha prime aim of Subaru Corporation is to provide enjoyment and peace of mind for all people.

Source: s3.caradvice.com.au

Hence, this car manufacturer knows how to play smart. It is growing steadily.

Moreover, Subaru Corporation definitely provides value to their customers. So, it is no doubt that Subaru Corporation is on the pivotal list of car manufacturers of the United States.

On the other hand, we have their aim on the preservation of the ecosystem of the planet, the sky, nature as well as the future sustainability of the society. They are simply aligning their business strategy with the purpose of enhancing the global goals.

Source: motioncars.inquirer.net

Additionally, Subaru Corporation has made a voluntary plan which consists of the following aspects:

  • Global Warming Measures;
  • Pollution Prevention;
  • Resource Recycling;
  • Environmental Management;

They are also showing initiatives for this plan to get promoted.

Nevertheless, this car manufacturer looks forward with a global perspective to a future that will turn Subaru into a progressive and vibrant car manufacturing company.

Tesla Motors

To start with, Tesla Motors is one of the youngest car manufacturers that are placed on the pivotal list of car manufacturers of the United States.

In addition, Tesla Motors was founded in 2003.

Moreover, this car manufacturing company was founded by a group of engineers who wanted..

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There ain’t a trucking company, part of the U.S. trucking industry, which is not looking forward for risk-reducing and fleet efficient improvement techniques.

In general, there are numerous challenges that trucking company owners are facing with nowadays. Most commonly in regards to risk management in their trucking company.

So, what turned out to be the perfect solution was the well-developed vehicle GPS tracker.

Actually, the vehicle GPS tracker turned out to be the perfect risk-reducing solution because it can enable trucking companies to efficiently face various challenges.

Starting from road accidents, up to causing delays, the vehicle GPS tracker can help you with all.

Source: supplychainbeyond.com

Since the vehicle GPS tracker is a highly effective risk management tool, straight proportionally it provides the needed fleet efficient improvement techniques to all trucking companies aiming towards that.

What future vehicle GPS tracker users should have in mind is that actually having the GPS tracker is not enough.

Additionally, what they should pay attention to do is to take proactive steps into implementing risk-reducing and fleet efficient improvement techniques.

Only when the trucking company owner and a fleet manager will take proactive steps, only then they will be able to manage as well as mitigate any present risk in their business.

Further, in this article, you will have the chance to read and learn more details and aspects of risk-reducing and fleet efficient improvement techniques.

So, let’s take a look!

1. GPS’s Risk Reporting and Communication Features

Vehicle GPS tracker risk reporting, in general, refers to a systematic and at the same time coordinated way of work with risk.

Which means that the uncertainty that is affecting fleets and the overall company can be lessen with a single solution. That solution is the vehicle GPS tracker.

Source: pixabay.com

Since fleet of vehicles is facing with all kinds of risk- straight proportionally companies should take improvement techniques. Amongst the improvement techniques, we find the GPS solution.

In addition, the GPS tracker significantly improves the communication process. Both the actual communication process between the driver and the employer.

As well as the communication process that the employer has with its fleet of vehicles.


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The actual process of implementation of GPS tracker to a fleet of vehicles, do brings increased security and reliability. Also, risk reporting will be available to the GPS user through the real-time tracking feature. In addition to the GPS alerts too.

2. Monitor and Review Your Fleet of Vehicles

On the other hand, we have the monitoring and review process of your fleet of vehicles.

As mentioned previously, you can perform the process of monitoring and review of your fleet through the real-time tracking feature.

Source: www.volvotrucks.com

The real-time tracking feature is at the same time providing increased security but is as well enhancing the risk management system of the company. Yet, it all depends on the risk management objectives.

The user itself can design the monitoring and review process according to his/her needs.

Having said this, once the user gathers all information about his fleet activity, he will be in a clear position to include data evaluation and compliance measurement.

Nonetheless, it is crystal clear that monitoring and reviewing your fleet of vehicles with the help of the vehicle GPS tracker can bring risk-reducing and fleet efficient improvement techniques to your business.

3. Risk Evaluation Leads To Risk Reduction

Many businesses at least “once in a lifetime” have faced with unacceptability of certain risk-reducing and fleet efficient improvement techniques.

Yet, on the positive side, it tuned out that almost all businesses have accepted the fact that risk evaluation does lead to risk reduction.

Additionally, the vehicle GPS tracker has made a “significant boom” when it comes to risk evaluation. That the reason behind the fact that more and more businesses that have a fleet of vehicles are implementing the GPS solution.

Source: financialtribune.com

These days, with the help of the vehicle GPS tracker owners and managers, can use various approaches when it comes to the decision making process. It includes all aspects and approaches that include risk and requires evaluation criteria.

Again, it is thanks to the GPS solution that fleet managers nowadays are experiencing successful management work.

By that, we can conclude that GPS risk evaluation is definitely used to make decisions about the significance of risks.

4. Centralizing Fleet Management as a Fleet Improvement Technique

Did you know that centralizing your fleet management can oftentimes be connected with improved fleet efficiency?

Yes, it is. Not only that but also centralizing fleet management is known to be a risk reducement tool as well.

Yet, what is, in fact, the centralization of fleet management?

Well, the centralization of fleet management can be as well seen as an approach to managing vehicle inventory.

Yet, what a better way to centralize your fleet management than with the help of vehicle GPS tracker.

The vehicle GPS tracker has provided help to many companies for the aspect of planning for vehicle capacity and efficiency.

Source: www.pm-partners.com.au

Moreover, if you aim to implement risk-reducing and fleet efficient improvement techniques in your company then you should definitely take into account a vehicle GPS tracker.

On the positive side, the more integral your vehicles are to the transportation process the better your drivers will perform their tasks.

5. Vehicle GPS Tracker & Vehicle Types

Some businesses have a fleet of homogenous vehicles, whereas other businesses have a fleet of mixed types of vehicles. So, this fact leads us to the following question.

Is the vehicle GPS tracker a reliable risk reducer, and a fleet efficiency improver for all kinds of a fleet?

The answer is YES!

The vehicle GPS tracker can be used by all kinds of businesses and all types of vehicles.


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Simply said, everyone can enjoy the risk-reducing and fleet efficient improvement techniques that the GPS solution provides.

Since you have it all clear- do not hesitate more and get a vehicle GPS tracker for your fleet.

6. Fleet Management Services

Without fleet management services businesses would not be in the position to rely on their transportation solutions. So, fleet management is a crucial part of transportation companies.

Through fleet management transportation companies are able to minimize all risks that can be closely interconnected with improving fleet efficiency.

Source: www.smartbusinessfunder.com

The first and foremost concern of all transportation companies is to provide 100% compliance with the FMCSA, ATA, DOT, as well as NTHSA.

The general fleet management services include the following points:

All these points that make up the fleet management services should be tracked on a constant basis. Yet, what a better solution to track all these points than with the GPS tracker.

Simply said, the innovative and intelligent fleet management solutions can improve fleet management services, while at the same time providing a safer working environment. As well it will definitely improve fleet efficiency.

Fleet Administration

On the other hand, fleet management services are closely interconnected with the fleet administration.

As previously said, the fleet management solutions- vehicle GPS tracker can improve many days to day activities.

Source: iqac.primeuniversity.edu.bd

In general day to day activities in the transportation industry require handling a fleet of a vehicle at a corporate level.

So, it means that fleet managers besides running a fleet and drivers, they have to maintain a constant contact and interaction with vendors. Not to forget the establishment of procedures.

Thereupon, the GPS solution can even provide improvements in the fleet administration sector.

7. Fuel Risk-Reducement With Vehicle GPS Tracker

The vehicle GPS tracker can help in fuel risk-reducement too.

In general, transportation companies are faced with fuel misuse on a daily basis. Luckily, the vehicle GPS tracker has changed it all.

Source: www.business2community.com

Since the vehicle GPS tracker is tracking every move of the vehicle/ truck as and by that to the driver as well, it can indicate where companies can cut fuel use and emissions.

In addition, companies can prevent idling times too. Speaking of which- you can also rely on the Smart Way program that EPA has set- you can even customize it to your needs.

Nevertheless, you can always rely on the vehicle GPS tracker as a risk-reducing and fleet efficient solution.

8. Switch to Predictive Maintenance Strategies

Switching to predictive maintenance strategies is yet one more fleet efficient improvement techniques that can take implementation with the help of the GPS.

Thereupon, which is the aim of the predictive maintenance?

Well, simply said, the aim of the predictive maintenance strategies is to predict when equipment failure might occur. This process can be additionally simplified with the implementation of vehicle GPS tracker.

Source: www.adcet.edu.au

It is so because the GPS tracker has the feature that can alert you about preventative maintenance schedules for each of your vehicles. Actually, the GPS is the most reliable solution that will help you plan before the failure occurs.

Hence, the vehicle GPS tracker will make a proper assumption according to time, meter as well as in a response to a particular event.

So, these facts lead us to the revelation that predictive maintenance and preventative maintenance are becoming a must for transportation companies. In the end, the better your fleet is working the better the operational processes will be.

9. Use Vehicle GPS Tracker To Prevent Theft

Well, when we speak about risk-reducing techniques- we often refer to theft prevention too.

To start with, you own a fleet of vehicles- which means that all of your vehicles are at constant risk of theft. Which preventative techniques and measures will you take?

As a matter of fact, all businesses that do own a fleet of vehicles have started to rely on the vehicle GPS tracker.

Generally speaking, the vehicle GPS tracker can mitigate the risk of your vehicle getting stolen.

By that, we can see that, although theft is constantly at rising- with the implementation of the vehicle GPS tracker you will significantly reduce the risk of theft.

Now you must be asking how is that even possible that a “small technological gadget” can provide such security?

Source: dynamicshippingline.com

Correspondingly, the vehicle GPS tracker is featuring risk-reducing and fleet efficiency improvement with the actual quick notification and alerts that it is sending to its users.

For example, if your vehicle gets stolen- you will instantly get an alert to your mobile phone. The GPS tracker, whenever there is an unusual activity going on with your vehicles, is straight away sending alerts via SMS.

In addition to that, the vehicle GPS tracker is featuring the geofencing function.


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This function, later on, can be used as a virtual perimeter for each vehicle in your fleet.

Simply said, every time that your vehicle leaves that geo fencing zone you will be notified.

Tip: Keep your fleet of vehicles safe with the vehicle GPS tracker, and do not forget to train your drivers to safe behaviors.

10. Create Safety Incentive Programs

Once your fleet drivers have completed driver safety courses and are regularly engaged with safety tips, then what you should do is to keep them motivated and to reward them for their good performance.

Of course though safety incentive programs.

There are many ways to motivate your employees. Including payment plans as well as safety bonuses, perks such as additional vacation time, and updated in-cab equipment.

Source: www.oshasafetymanagement.com

These typed of programs can effectively motivate your fleer drivers to not only become and stay safe drivers, but they can also entice them to remain in your company.

Additionally, this will increase your employee retention. Also, it will make for a more efficient, motivated and safe work.


To enumerate, the risk-reducing and fleet efficient improvement techniques that I have included in this article can all be achieved only with the help of a vehicle GPS tracker. By these facts and figures presented in the article, we must acknowledge the importance of the newly developed technological advancements in the field of vehicle tracking.

If you have already applied some of these risk-reducing and fleet efficient improvement techniques, please share your experience with us in the comment box.

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Landscaping as other industries is embracing the technology of GPS tracking. It is widely known that the fleet tracking systems are easing the work of landscape businesses.

Fleet tracking is used by landscaping professionals to monitor productivity and produce additional profits.

Being aware of the crew’s location, their time sheet accuracy and job validations helps managers improve business operations.

Knowing when a crew has completed a job and being able to direct them to the the next job immediately is vital landscape and snow removal fleet managers.

The GPS tracker for business helps with job validation, so that you can improve your productivity.

Being able to validate the work done on a daily basis is vital to knowing that the job was completed and reported accurately.

If you need to know where and when your crews have completed a job, either so that they can be directed to the next one, or for validation purposes, than fleet tracking is the solution you need.

GPS Tracking in Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the industries which must serve the customers with proper care. From trucks carrying the team and leaving them to do the job on the field, a business owner needs to know where his team constantly is.

With the help of a fleet tracking system and managing vehicles, you can maximize the profit of your company as well as improve the services.

Source: www.lmtractor.com

In particular, there are only advantages of utilizing a vehicle tracking system. To put it in a different way, it is simple to use as well as effective in a way of lowering costs.

Besides taking care of work, the fleet tracking is taking care of customers as well.

Having said this, the benefits of using GPS fleet tracking are the following:

  • Providing Customers with Arrival Times
  • Urgent Dispatching
  • Prevent Vehicle’s Personal Use
  • Improve Vehicle’s Maintenance
1. Landscaping Businesses Can Save on Fuel

The landscaping business might seem easy, however if you own a company with more than 100 employees, somehow you need to keep track of everything.

Having said this, reducing fuel is the primary benefit when using fleet management software. As a matter of fact, the landscaping companies can reduce the fuel usage by 50%.

To emphasize, this is done with the help of the effective platforms which are decreasing unaccepted behaviors.

Source: www.deere.com

If you manage to decrease the fuel-consuming performances then you will know when your vehicles are used and where.

By knowing the location of each employee, how fast they travel and idle as well, you will be able to correct them.

In the end, you will finally get the chance to improve their fuel consuming.

Source: www.deere.com

In addition, reducing the fuel consumption leads to reducing of fuel costs.

With the help of your next GPS tracking device, you save on maintenance costs by measuring and controlling the equipment.

It is said that business owners motivate their employees by monitoring their behavior where they can correct them.


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2. Boost Fleet Safety and Security

As any business needs to improve efficiency, productivity, way of working, speed etc, a business needs to take care of safety.

Continually, landscaping is considered as a safe occupation, however, you never know what might happen.

Due to this matter, the technology manufacturers make the fleet tracking systems.

Source: totallandscapecare.com

With the help of these, you are actually creating a safe work environment for the employees.

On the other hand, you are creating safe environment for the customers as well because landscaping is an on-field job.

By implementing a vehicle GPS tracker, you allow your team to use the tools they actually need.

Source: www.deere.com

However, once you decide to take this step, make sure you always consider the safety first and the security second.

Not to mention that the real time fleet system will help you comply with the safety regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

More importantly, by managing safety and security you will then much easier manage the rest of the business.

3. Landscaping Businesses Can Improve Customer Service

Landscaping is one of the industries where customer satisfaction is important same as profit.

As a matter of fact, if you think about it, you will discover that customer satisfaction and trust actually increase the profit of the business.

Due to the work surrounding the landscaping industry, the jobs in this niche are more seasonal.

Source: www.papel.lenguasalacarta.co

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the ground maintenance occupations are available in different seasons.

For instance, most grounds maintenance jobs are available in the spring, summer and fall as well, while the planting, mowing, trimming and cleanup are necessary.

For many landscaping businesses, handling seasonal changes can be a challenge especially without a plan of action in place. Compounding the seasonal issue is the amount of incoming service calls during peak seasons.

Source: www.greenindustrypros.com

Landscaping businesses that don’t take advantage of every aspect of their business may find it difficult to handle high volume calls, making it hard to retain and win new business.

As a result of these challenges, landscaping businesses are searching for a solution to help
streamline their processes.

But how do you win more business in the off-season and maintain business during peak seasons? In order to answer this question, we need to examine the issues you face on a day-to-day basis.

4. Provide an Entire Proof of Service

According to the customer service in landscaping, people assume that there is little space for mistakes.

However, the roads and fields are unpredictable even in the safest areas.To put it in a different way, there are cases where customers are complaining that an employee crew did not appear on their property.

Source: www.iboalandscaping.com

In addition, when this happens it is the customers words against the employees, and you know that a customer is always right.

With the help of the GPS tracking for vehicles, you will provide them with support. In this case, the supervisors can easily generate information from the report and check the location of the employees.

More importantly, this is one of the smartest ways to speed up and increase employee’s productivity.


Hey! I’m George J. Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 100 Things To Know About GPS and Fleet Management.

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What is also beneficial is that it creates a bond with the customers. In other words, it is one way of allowing your customers to get inside your world.

Thinking about this, tracking system is one of the best ways to get business advantages and use them to a full maximum.

5. Earn the Trust of Customers

As mentioned above, GPS trackers can improve businesses on different levels.

Having said this, same as it can help improve customer service, consequently, the device helps you earn trust of your customers.

In fact, this is really important because of the different features that these fleet tracking devices have.

Source: www.blog.machinefinder.com

For example, you can choose the device which has a feature enabling customers to track vehicles.

To put it in a different way, once customers are being able to track the crew which is supposed to arrive at their place, they will feel much safe.

Moreover, once the employees know they are expected at a customer’s place, they will be more attentive to the precision and arrive on-time.

6. Improve Driver Safety

Same as improving the safety of the fleet, the safety of drivers and employees is crucial. The drivers of the utility are at risk once they get on the field.

Continually, as good as workers they may be, and respect the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), they sometimes needs help to get the job done.

Having said this, in order to improve the safety, the best solution is to use the GPS tracking system.

Source: www.mountainviewlandscapes.com

As shown above, an important and overlooked benefit of GPS tracking in landscaping is improving safety of driver.

An important, yet overlooked, benefit of a GPS fleet tracking solution is improving driver

As a matter of fact, the function of a helpful GPS tracking is the following:

  • Rewarding best employees
  • Improving the rest of the employees
  • Monitoring driver behavior
  • Create safe dispatching
  • Turn by turn directions and eliminate chances of getting lost
Source: www.idealandscape.com

To continue with, the importance of GPS tracking in landscaping is actually helping in emergency situations.

For instance, if a driver has an accident, is lost, or is stuck somewhere they can contact directly with dispatchers.

Moreover, it is highly crucial for complying with safety rules like DOT, DOL, NHTSA for using cellphones while driving commercial vehicles.

7. Improve Productivity

Another issue of the landscaping business owners is to improve the employee activity i.e. the productivity.

Having hundreds of the crew spread out in different directions it is tough to locate their position.

Even though you have a team of professionals, you never know where they are heading to and to what stuff they lose time.

Source: www.idealandscape.com

Continually, as good as workers and employees they seem to be, they sometimes need help to do their job flawlessly.

A fleet tracking system is the right tool needed to solve the landscaping issues interfering with success.

More importantly, the technology of business vehicle tracking is allowing you to manage the operations efficiently with higher results.

Source: www.idealandscape.com

Once you get the ability to track the machines 24/7, you can locate the fleet operations which actually need improvement.

Protecting the vehicles and trailers seems challenging, however, you need to strive going above the average.

With the help of the GPS tracking you can actually monitor the assets and get location and vehicle usage information.

8. Recovering Assets

When running a landscaping business, the equipment plays the most crucial role. This is due to the fact that you actually invest the biggest sum of money in the machines and equipment.

The other operating costs are just set apart including the repair costs and other parts of accessories.

Although landscaping seems easy as a business to run, the assets are always a thing to put consideration into.

Source: smartchoiceco.com

In addition to the above-mentioned, they are all types of cases possible to happen. For example, a piece of equipment might get loaded wrongfully, stolen or misplaced.

The GPS tracking is one of the most effective tools keeping everything safe and under control.

For instance, if a machine gets stolen, then you can return the vehicle or even stop the theft if possible.

Source: www.peakgm.com

Once it happens this to you, recovering the vehicle is something that would mean a lot to you.

Having said this, this can help you protect or recover the assets which are result of theft. Consequently, this reduces the fuel expenses, the maintenance labor costs as well as insurance.

Despite that, this can help you to easily manage the entire business more efficiently.

9. Coping With the Daily Business Challenges

Additionally, besides doing the above-mentioned, there are other business challenges which your company needs to cope with.

For instance, handling the high volume calls as well as seasonal changes you can keep ahead of the competition in running a business.

Source: www.groundcarelandscaping.com

Another example is the equipment. Keeping the equipment safe is one way to keep the assets safe, mostly in the landscaping industry.

A great role of the daily business challenges plays the insurance.

Continually, managing to arrive on time on the timely scheduled landscaping appointments is another challenge for landscaping..

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How can employers prevent hazardous situations from becoming disasters for their employees and businesses?

Sincerely speaking, in everyday life, there is nobody expecting hazardous situations, neither disasters. Not even the ones that can actually be affected by one.

Yet, hazardous situations and disasters can hit every business.

Still, there are few industries that should pay special attention to improving their employee disaster preparedness.

Such industries that are prone to hazardous situations are the trucking industry, mining industry as well as the construction industry.

Thereupon, what business owners should have in mind all the time is that any possible hazardous situation can threaten their employees. As well as the fact that a single disaster can disrupt the overall operations of a company.

Source: ieltslearningtips.com

Moreover, hazardous situations can come as a result of nature or can be manmade, such as are the following ones:

  • Hurricanes;
  • Fires;
  • Chemical spills;
  • Radiological accidents;
  • Explosions;
  • Floods;
  • Civil Disturbances;

Henceforth, all business owners that want to provide ultimate protection to their employees should develop an emergency action plan. In general, the emergency action plan should cover the designated actions.

Actions, that the employees should undertake in a case of an emergency that is to say in a hazardous situation.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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Nevertheless, there is no one that can predict any possible disastrous event.

But on the other hand, everyone that has the right plan can improve disaster preparedness.

Further, in this article, you can read more about how employee GPS tracking systems can improve disaster preparedness.

So, let’s take a look!

1. Employee GPS Tracking Systems Application in Disaster Event

The importance and the impact of employee GPS tracking systems application in every day should not be excluded.

There is a huge reason behind that fact.

First and foremost, employee GPS tracking systems can provide real-time information on the actual location that has a potentially hazardous situation, from the one that can cause disaster.

Source: www.tsheets.com

It is the very first step that the GPS can provide employees to make in the process of improving disaster preparedness.

Moreover, the GPS tracking system not only that can provide employees with real-time information, but as well can help them in managing each of the processes of any potential disaster event.

Starting from the pre-disaster, up to the during disaster the employee GPS tracking system can provide a great help!

Identify Worst-Case Scenarios

Identifying the worst-case scenarios is amongst the very first steps a trucking company owner should perform.

Only by identifying the worst case scenarios, trucking company owners can determine how to improve disaster preparedness amongst his employees.

Source: activerain.com

So, what can be the worst thing that can happen on your business job site? Is the region prone to earthquakes, fires or floods?

One should take it all into consideration.

Also, the hazardous chemicals should be taken into account as well.

Once the owner identifies the worst-case scenarios he will be able to use employee GPS tracking systems and to prepare an emergency plan.

Prepare an Emergency Plan

By preparing an emergency plan, business owners can assign certain actions to designated individuals. Or more precisely to some of their employees.

So, employee GPS tracking systems can definitely improve disaster planning. Nevertheless, it has been suggested by OSHA that there are employees engaged throughout the overall planning phase.

Source: www.activatefiresafety.co.uk

Moreover, each disaster preparedness emergency plan should have valuable insights of the business work. Only that way emergency and responsibilities plans can be set.

Disaster Preparedness Training

Although employee GPS tracking systems can improve disaster preparedness, still disaster preparedness training is always more than welcome.

That is to say, the more employees have gone through disaster preparedness training, the more they will be able to act quickly in the evacuation process.

Source: mento.ph

Yet, the disaster preparedness training altogether with the employee GPS tracking systems can keep employees prepared for any potentially hazardous situation, as well as to keep them up to date.

Develop a Plan to Ensure Success

The disaster preparedness training is in large scale followed with a development of a plan that can ensure 100% safety on the working site.

Regardless if a company has implemented employee GPS tracking systems into their work, the employees should have a strategy put in place for the development of a plan that can ensure them the maximum safety.

Source: cpgtoolbox.com

As an idea, I would suggest to business owners and fleet managers to make a group meetings with their colleagues who are in the project for which employee GPS tracking systems see implementation.

Select a GPS Tracking Point Person

Amongst the very first steps that companies should do when implementing GPS tracking systems into the daily activities of their business is to select a GPS tracking pinpoint person.

The importance of choosing a GPS tracking pinpoint person is pivotal. It is so because that single person can be well trained and it is the one individual that will identify strengths and weaknesses of the business.


Hey! I’m George J. Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 100 Things To Know About GPS and Fleet Management.

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Also, this one person will know all features of the employee GPS tracking systems, by which will be in the situation to direct all employees on the best practices, and by that to improve disaster preparedness.

Yet, the employee GPS tracking system besides improving disaster preparedness and protecting employees, it can as well enforce the authority over driver policies.

These crucial points make more and more businesses and field employees to use the technology.

2. Introduce GPS tracking to Employees

Employee GPS tracking systems are definitively improving the overall disaster preparedness, but as well are providing ultimate safety and security for both the employees and the business.

Yet, not all employees are aware of the actual benefits that the employee GPS tracking systems can bring.

Source: www.gpsemployeetracking.in

So, speaking in that direction, it is of a crucial importance that the business owner clearly and openly discusses the GPS initiative with his employees.

When employees know and are informed about the actual situation with everything that is going on in the company, including the GPS implementation, then they will be more likely to accept any possible changes.

3. Embrace Modern Fleet Management Practices and Improve Disaster Preparedness

There are numerous ways how employee GPS tracking systems can improve disaster preparedness. That is why businesses should embrace modern fleet management practices as soon as possible. Especially the ones that are operating in dangerous sites.

Source: blog.gpspolice.com

By embracing modern fleet management practices businesses have experienced improved disaster preparedness and have seen a clear difference in how they are managing their operations after its implementation.

Starting from real-time visibility, continuing with increased efficiency and productivity, up to the automatization of the processes, embracing modern fleet management practices and employee GPS tracking systems can provide it all to you.

4. Employee GPS Tracking Systems Application in Earth Quake

As mentioned before employee GPS tracking systems are beneficial for different types of businesses. Yet, there are few industries that can make the most use of employee tracking systems.

For example, construction or mining industries are constantly working on different sites, which sites can be prone to different natural disasters such as is the earthquake.

Source: www.unavco.org

Thereupon, it is the integrated ground measurements and satellite remote sensing that can help meet the safety requirements of sites that are prone to earthquakes.

Moreover, employee GPS tracking systems can play a big role in improving disaster preparedness for employees. Especially for the ones working on sites prone to earthquakes. Due to the fact that the GPS devices are providing millimeter level differential accuracy.

With the GPS systems, businesses will have a clear insight of the inter-seismic ground deformation and co-seismic displacement.

5. Employee GPS Tracking Systems Application in Flood Management

On the other hand, we have the case of work sites that are prone to flood.

Straight proportionally, the businesses that are prone to flooding should take the advantage of employee GPS tracking systems application in flood management.

Source: micromine.com

More precisely, GPS technologies are recommended because it includes integration of inventory mapping as well as a location of surface structures.

So, employees working on location/site where there are chances of a flood can manage any possible hazardous situation with the help of GPS- this system can help users to estimate flood water depth.

6. Employee GPS Tracking Systems Application in Forest Fire Management

In the foreground, there are as well industries operating in fields that are liable to forest fires.

So straight proportionally those businesses should take into consideration to implement employee GPS tracking systems application.

Moreover, the reason why I am suggesting employee GPS tracking systems application in forest fire management is due to the feature that enables companies to gather locational information.

Source: www.fs.usda.gov

In addition, since the GPS system is featuring maps, then the user should use the maps to determine the fire perimeter. As well as to dereference the location, as well as the area that has been damaged.

By identifying these facts, the business operating in the area, altogether with the employees can be disaster ready for the use of the GPS tracking device.

So, improved disaster preparedness is inevitable with the employee GPS tracking systems.

7. Employee GPS Tracking Systems limitations in Improving Disaster Preparedness

At the present time, we can witness that the employee GPS tracking systems can improve disaster preparedness. Still, there are few limitations that users are facing with.

To start with, there are 80% of users stating that they were not loose to the degree of precision in finding locations. Yet, this can result in poor activity and low accuracies of employee GPS tracking systems.

Source: www.uctv.tv

On the other hand, users can face GPS signal limitations. Especially if they are using it indoors, under bridge, trees or underwater.

Moreover, as you can see the GPS accuracy might be affected by certain sources of error, and straight proportionally to that, it can pose limitations to their users.

Safe Driving Behaviors

Last but not least, trucking companies should definitely be alerted to the driving behaviors of their truckers.

Moreover, if it happens that you detect unsafe driving behaviors such as:

  • Speeding;
  • Aggressive driving;
  • Distracted driving;

Then you should sit down with that particular driver and start with a training all over again- if it is necessary.

After all, safety is everything.

In addition, it has been defined by the NHTSA that aggressive driving, distracted driving, and speeding are putting other passengers in danger as well.


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Due to unsafe driving behaviors, there are approximately 1.000 deaths monthly in the USA.

Yet, the unsafe driving behaviors can be stopped with the help of GPS solutions.

Nonetheless, the GPS solutions can assist truck drivers in disaster preparedness with the alerts that are sending. Actually, the fleet tracking solutions are offering the most reliable tools that can help trucking companies to combat dangerous and distracted driving behaviors.

On the other hand, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, sudden cornering can be also indicated with the GPS tracker.

Thereupon, the reports that you will receive from the GPS tracking device will help you keep track on the performance of your drivers.

Thanks to these reports you will be in the situation to eliminate dangerous driving behaviors. Just after few weeks, you will notice that fuel efficiency increases- by which you will start improving your company’s bottom line.

Simply said, the GPS tracking solution will definitely increase the safety in your company and will reduce costs- such as is the insurance cost. And, most importantly by improving the flow of your fleet’s work, you will enjoy improved customer service and customer satisfaction.


In the final analysis, we can see that even a single disaster can disrupt the overall work of companies. And by that, it can lead to possible consequences for employees.

Luckily, nowadays businesses can enjoy the benefits that GPS tracking systems can bring in improving disaster preparedness.

These technological advancements are especially recommendable for businesses that are prone to possible nature or human posed disasters. All in all, the GPS tracking systems can bring numerous benefits to its users.

Hence, if you already had any previous experience with employee GPS tracking systems and it improved disaster..

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Equipment plays a great role in construction. With the construction equipment guide, you can learn the most crucial factors.

Being the capital investment of so many businesses, construction requires focus on financial planning.

As a matter of fact, the equipment is a long-term purchase which defines the work of your company.

There are large quantities of excavators, embankment, aggregate which need an expensive pieces of equipment.

1. Construction Equipment Guide: The Choice

The key to finding the perfect construction equipment is to satisfy the requirements, specifications and contract regarding the costs.

As a construction equipment guide states, it is crucial to have a control of the cost and quality of the equipment.

Moreover, the choice of the right construction is mostly determined by the cost of construction equipment.

Source: www.sintef.no

Continually, if expenses are crucial for your business then you need to consider the quality as well as quantity of the equipment.

Crucially, this includes the capabilities of the machines and whether it fulfills the business and job needs.

In other words, the condition of the equipment is mostly determined by the leasing, renting or buying factors.

2. Design and Specifications

A machine is designed to handle the job performance with quality. For instance, a material might require hauling, loading, dumping or crushing.

In the end, as a real construction equipment guide, you need to look for the vehicle which perfectly handles the performance.

All machines are designed differently, some perform better when transporting and storing cement while others may be better at mixing cement and water.


This is the main reason why manufacturers indicate the capabilities of machines. According to CFM, you will know which machine is designed for what project.

To put it in a different way, you can get information about the hauling units, the excavator depths, the weights of pile hammers and compactors etc.


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Specifications also include information about the production rates, the speed of trucks and tractors, the drums volumes etc.

In other words, according to this construction equipment guide, the specifications include overall vehicle capacity in order to help you with the choice.

3. Construction Equipment Guide: Classification

Each vehicle is designed for specific type of project. In order to get the right equipment, you need to do the purposes of a vehicle first.

Second, you need to consider safety a priority. According to OSHA, safety should always be number one priority in construction.

Source: vassallogroupmalta.com

Having said this, each vehicle is designed and classified carefully with its powers and ways of increasing safety as well and those are:

  • Power Units
  • Prime Movers
  • Excavation Equipment
  • Handling of Material
4. Construction Operations

When it comes to operations, they convert the raw materials into a finished type of products.

In particular, the entire process is controlled by manpower while using tools and equipment.

In order to finish a process you need to select the right plant as well as equipment.

This also includes checking on Federal Environmental Requirements for construction.

Source: www.realtor.com

This is crucial because an operation highly depends on the material involved in the job and the process.

In general, a material needs a transport, process, placement or finish. Due to this matter, you need to rethink the entire performance.

In some cases, a material loosening is a must before loading and transporting. Therefore, going by the construction equipment guide, select the equipment wisely and according to the construction operations.

5. Transporting Material

If you want to own or already own a construction company, then you need to know the rules of a transporting material.

According to a real construction equipment guide, a construction material transportation involves a process of loading, carrying and depositing to stockpiles.

For example, your company driver may need to transport crushed aggregate to a concrete plant, or deliver steel to a building site.

Source: www.moorecleantexas.com

To continue with, transporting may include any job regarding the construction field.

Furthermore, there are materials that might require hauling to an embankment, or they may be pallets with cement requiring transportation on the construction field.

Having said this, besides choosing the right equipment and machine for the job, you need to look for certain driver certification like CDL license.

6. Processing Material

Another important thing of the construction equipment guide is the processing of the construction materials.

This process transforms redefined or raw materials into finished.

The processing may include one to few steps an an operation, in order to produce the finished product.

Source: www.sispitches.com

To put it in a different way, each process is different. For instance, during a process of aggregate production, there are few stages involved in order to convert a raw material and bring it to the final stage.

As an illustration, it includes the following actions:

  • Making aggregate
  • Mixing aggregate
  • Mixing additives
  • Making building materials
  • Fabricating steel

In general, each step or process is performed by a different equipment.

7. Weather Conditions

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), construction has a huge impact on the environment.

However, the impact is mutual.

Source:www. lugobastones.com

To emphasize, the weather conditions affect the construction machines performance on the field and run efficiently.

For instance, when the temperature is 100F then the air is less dense, and when very low, it becomes liquidy.


Hey! I’m George J. Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 100 Things To Know About GPS and Fleet Management.

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Continually, in cases of excessive rain, there is a loss of traction on a wet ground. Furthermore, it may cause to wash over the materials which according to EPA Construction Activities, there are coverage permits.

In the end, if you take into consideration the construction equipment guide, you will be careful on the weather conditions, altitude and precipitation.

8. Construction Equipment Guide: Power Sources

The fuel availability is different at every location. The choice is based on the power availability and requirements of a unit.

The most common power units are the combustion engines. In addition, regarding of the performance’s time periods a diesel engine is way more economical than gasoline.

Source: www.globalexpandia.com

However, the availability of these supplies at the nearest industrial area in the USA, varies.

In order to minimize supply inconvenience or delays, it is best to plan the fuel delivery ahead.

To be honest, it is the most economical solution and may be required by the EPA Construction Sector due to environmental reasons.

9. Equipment Versatility

Another significant factor of the construction equipment guide is the versatility of the equipment.

With regards to the type of construction business you are running, a significant number of vehicles can be used for several operations.

Source: www.deere.ca

Having said this, using the same equipment on various operations while changing functions is extremely economical.

For example, such a vehicle is the tractor which can push scrapers and bulldoze earth.

10. Construction Equipment Guide: Costs

In every business, money and profit have a time value. In order to make profit, the investments must be recovered or paid in order to create profit.

A construction equipment guide would state that it is best if you create a ‘use rate’ where you properly use the money.

Source: www.deltaconstructionpartners.com

To illustrate, you need to put time in every single cost. If you sum up the purchasing, the annual machine maintenance and operating costs, you need to have a total sum of recovery.

Continually, if you use brokerage services, then it is best to estimate the time necessary in order to estimate the business economy.

11. Construction Equipment Guide: Cash Flow

The cash flow has the same weight of importance as the costs do. To put it differently, you need to wait for days, months or maybe years for a cash flow.

All of the savings and earnings should be put on a time scale along with the losses and expenses.

Source: www.linkedin.com

According to the Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) the economy plays a huge role in every business.

Therefore, giving everything a time and managing the cash flow properly like in the construction equipment guide, you will create a successful business.

12. Operating Hours

The next crucial thing to consider an important part of the construction equipment guide, are the operating hours.

In order to charge a job for the operating time, you need to estimate the working hours per machine on a yearly basis.

The estimated operating time per year starts from 800 to 2000 hours.

Source: www.credibly.com

The larger the versatility numbers, the longer equipment duration and the lower the numbers, the smaller the opportunities to change job functions.

The working hours are charged as the hours an equipment is assigned to a job.

Having said this, if a machine owner uses it on one shift for 5 days i a year, the estimated operating time determines the ownership cost.

13. Equipment Operating Costs

One of the biggest factors that must be included in the construction equipment guide are the operating costs.

In particular, these costs increase together with the number of operating hours while varying with the operating conditions.

Remember that sticking to the costs limit in business is the same as obeying construction permits by law.

Source: www.plfconstructiongroupllc.com

Regarding the operating costs, they should be the same whether the equipment is rented or owned.

Most of the vehicles run on fuel and as known, the fuel takes the most of the operating costs which is a really helpful information to know from the construction equipment guide.

What is important to know is that this also involves the repairs, overhauls as well as adjustments which need to be reduced or kept in terms of costs.

14. Buying Equipment

The ownership of equipment is probably the biggest investment in a construction business.

In other words, it is the capital investment including insurance, taxes and license fees. According to a construction equipment guide, strictly depend on whether a machine is operated or not.

Source: www.linkedin.com

Buying an equipment has its advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, the main benefit of it is decreasing the operating hours costs whether it is for a short term or a long term.

On the contrary, the disadvantage is that buying an equipment instantly decreases the working capital.

The key thing to remember when buying an equipment is to find jobs and keep the work going.

15. Leasing Equipment

Leasing a construction equipment is like using the machine for a long term while not having to make an initial down payment.

To put it in a different way, a user makes period payments, depending on the vehicle’s utilization.

Before buying or leasing an equipment it is important to play smart and by the rules of Federal Requirements for construction.

Source: www.pixabay.com

In this detailed construction equipment guide, you will learn that leasing an equipment had only advantages regarding costs.

For instance, leasing it for an extended period of time, as a user, you are avoiding the ownership costs which soak up the working capital.

Another example is that, the users monthly payments cover the operating costs and thus, provide a reasonable profit.

16. Renting..
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