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Francesca Oddie by Francesca Oddie - 3w ago

Hello Friends and welcome to May, the most glorious month of the year (IMHO.)  The first half of May is charged with the continuing developments that are challenging all of us living on earth in these turbulent times.  The energetic push to CHANGE, bin, upgrade and generally dispose of outdated ways of living continues.  We are living through a point in history, or “her story” that will be talked about forever. 

If the future does contain history lessons, people will complete projects on Brexit, Breakdown and the British Revolution.  However, odds on that the education system is going to be so radically altered in the next 10 – 20 years that “projects” might be a thing of the past.

The structures that hold us all in place, namely the patriarchal structures are having a major revamp and that fact that there is no temporary accommodation does not bother these workmen.  There’s a job to do and it’s happening today, so grab what’s essential and be on your way.  It’s time to look at the script and tear out the bits you don’t want to be part of your story anymore.

This is not necessarily doom and gloom, all the best stories involve a rags to riches element.  We are at the crisis point, but it can feel brilliant to see your resilience shine through.  It helps us to prioritise.  What really matters?  If it’s not integral, then we can must forget it.  Put that broken bit of your life down, throw it out and move on. I am referring to your psychology too, it’s time to address your outdated beliefs.

In a group therapy session it’s always the person telling their story who is last to spot their pattern. It’s obvious to other people. We can be too close to our dysfunctions, so entwined with them that we don’t know how to disentangle and create fresh ways of doing things. It’s a challenge. With Saturn and Pluto now retrograde and chasing the south node we are untangling the creepiest ivy that has wound its way into our lives. It’s FRESH, not easy, but liberating.

The past is being dredged.  The plastic in the oceans is being cleaned up but there are years and years of damage so we need to be patient with progress (that’s a metaphor!) How does this affect you? Don’t forget to read for your ascendent!


April 21st – May 22nd

Taurus in Taurus Season is exploring new horizons and reinventing themselves at the speed of light! Those of you born in April are speaking out, shaking things up and you are more liberated than you have ever been before.  For the rest of you, the excitement is felt but the disire for change is less urgent.  On the 4th of the month there is a New Moon in your sign, a marvellous time for setting intentions and focussing on what you value, enjoy and love.  

As the month rolls on and the Sun moves away from maverick Uranus the tension will ease.  This New Moon is an opportunity for you to luxuriate in all the glorious softness that Taurus offers.  

With Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your travel and belief sector for the rest of the summer, you can use this time to reconsider your next moves.  Revelations are appearing for everyone and for you what you  express, understand and teach is the big question mark overhead!  These Capricorn placements encourage us all to reconsider things that have been handed down to us from the generations before us and for you this is connected to your belief system.


May 22nd – June 22nd

When the Sun swims through your subconscious all sorts of ruminating ideas float to the fore.  Especially this month as the intense Capricorn collective encourages you to dive deep and explore your subconscious.  May the 11th to the 14th will be a particularly poignant days for asking yourselves some questions about the some of the things you believe to be true. Handled properly this could be an amazing time of breakthroughs and illumination, exploring the ideas you hold to be true and addressing your finances.  

Mars remains in your sign until the 16th and could lead you into some rather grand head to heads with the people in your life.  Relationship issues are enhanced or exacerbated at this time, dealing with bombastic partners or benefiting from the belief of another could be on the cards.  Make sure you work it to your best advantage!  

The Full Moon on the 18th brings your health, habits and daily routines into focus, are you feeding yourself properly?  Making time to rest?  Is it time for a bit of a detox or perhaps time to get some therapy?  You are articulate and witty Gemini, but this month is ripe for getting to know yourself and your needs on a deeper more emotional level.


June 22nd – July 23rd

Cancer continues to reconsider their relationships, partnerships and their relationship with themselves.  The Moon starts the month in Aries so you hit the ground running this May and are more than ready to make things happen.  Followed in quick succession by it’s monthly meeting with Uranus this month begins with inspired action.  The New Moon on the 4th offers delightful respite from the tensions that are circling all of us this year.  As we all ask who we are, what we want and where we are going this is an opportunity to seek out pleasure.  

Mars moves into your sign on the 16th and you could feel more energetic, argumentative and assertive (depending on the mood!) Friends and get togethers are paramount for you now especially between the 15th and the 22nd of May.  These would be great dates for you to enjoy socialising with some people you love either IRL or online.

The Capricorn collective is asking you to address your relationships as they sit in your 7th house of projections and the other. Remembering that the reflections we see from other people, even if only subconsciously, can strike chords inside of us that are sometimes faint and other times roar very loudly. With each mirror comes the divine chance to dig deeper into ourselves to call forth something better within us or to bandage a broken piece.


July 23rd – August 23rd

Leo loves to be adored and this is a great month for you to take to the stage and show off some of flair and beauty. The beginning of the month offers you the opportunity to express your ideas with both power and gravitas, particularly the 3rd as you feel emotionally connected to your ideals.  The next day there is a New Moon in Taurus, how do you want to be valued?  What do you want to be known for? What do you enjoy?  What do you want your legacy to be?  

From the 15th to the 22nd the focus is almost entirely on your professional life.  However all of us are experiencing some rather major renovation works at the moment, and for you this is in the area of your life connected with your daily habits, routines and health.  To thrive we must emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and energetically declutter.  There are accumulated beliefs, habits, legacies, ancestral patterns and conditioning that lurk everywhere.  This summer is a time to consider how those old ways could be unhealthy and in need of an upgrade.

The Full Moon on the 18th brings the focus to your home and family life. Asking you to readdress the balance between your need to rest and nurture despite your ambitions.


August 23rd – September 23rd

Your ruler Mercury begins the month by pairing up with Mars in a highly supportive and quick witted aspect, spend the morning putting plans into action or cutting back on the superflous. However a few days later Mercury comes head to head with both Saturn and Pluto where our thoughts and words are scrutinised. This can feel irritating but has the potential to be illuminating if you open our minds to a new perspective.

 Your old way is not necessarily the right way.  The New Moon on the 4th is a magical day to plan your holiday or to set an intention about what you want to learn.  

On the 16th the focus shifts from your career to your friends and how you connect with your tribe.  Mercury moves to Taurus on the 7th and zips through there for two weeks initially you will feel energised and inspired but otherwise you can attend to the practical matters in your life.  The 14th is a wonderful day for you when you might feel inspired and energised to balance what you need and desire to change, you might feel very much in control.


September 23rd – October 23rd

Venus stays in your love sector until the 16th of May so continue to enjoy that if you are not already, whilst remembering that all is fair in love and war!  How many ghosts of exes past are with you in your relationships?  Is it time to exorcise them? 

The New Moon on the 4th of the month is in your finance sector, how do you feel about money?  This is a great time to put a sensible financial strategy together Also a time of empowerment and  a time to think about intimacy and what you share of yourself with others. As the sun transits your 8th house, themes around clearing out psychic junk are also relevant.

Mars moves into your career zone on the 17th of May and you might feel more determined and decisive around some career choices. This could involve some frictions and irritations from your managers, but use as energy to fuel a focus on what you really want.


October 23rd – November 22nd

All aboard the relationship ship.  Scorpio relationships can be liaisons but until late contain an intensity that is characteristic of the sign.  With Uranus electrifying / electrocuting your relationship sector the changes in status, experience and perspective you are receiving are quite astonishing!  The New Moon on the 4th is your time to focus on your partner, what they need and what you need from them.  Themes around contentment, gratitude, dependability and attachments will be observed and addressed. On the 7th of May, Mercury heads to your relationship sector for a brief two week soujourn, talk to people!  On the 16th Venus arrives and this is time for you to enjoy and charm the people you love.  

There is a Full Moon in your sign on the 18th and this which will call you to focus on the balance between your needs and what you give in a relationship.  Venus will be closely aligned with Uranus so love at first sight or a sudden end to a relationship could be on the cards.  

Sometimes we just feel inspired to act and you more than most understand how to trust your instincts, so whilst it’s important not to be too hasty (especially whilst your ruler Mars is out of bounds and a tad reckless) it’s also important not to fear change. With Mars in your travel and education sector it is a great time to focus on how you want your life to expand.


November 22nd – December 21st

Jupiter continues his retrograde motion until the 11th of August!  That combined with Saturn and Pluto retrograde means we are retracing our steps and taking our time.  Mars however continues to blaze through your relationship sector and as he is still out of bounds, he might bring all sorts of contentious relationship issues to the surface with his abrasive edge.  Baby + Bathwater!  The general focus for you this month is your health, habits and routines!  Are you stagnating?  With Uranus involved it is time to shake things up!  Always consider the mind body connection and consider incorporate some meditation with you new diet and exercise programme.

 The big Capricorn detox is the section of your horoscope that connects with self worth, value and possessions so with Saturn and Pluto in retrograde motion Sagittarius can consider the beliefs that simply need to go and do not belong to them.  When Mars moves to Cancer on the 17th of the month you have a fantastic opportunity to redress the balance and make some positive steps forwards towards financial security.  This peaks in June so consider the second half of May a practice run.  The skies are tense but ripe with opportunity to make this the most transformational time of your life.


December 21st – January 21st

Capricorn! We are all feeling it and you are leading by example! Tensions in the sky continue to mount but with your ruler retrograde until the 18th of September a less strenuous reexamining of your identity is taking place.  The first few days of the month see you expressing yourself with more clarity, however you may potentially end up feeling a little frustrated by some the challenging people you encounter.

Both Mercury and Venus will move into your creative sector this month and this might inspire a little romance, some fun, some creative self-expression or is a great time for you to have fun with kids, your own or someone else’s. The straight forward approach of children and their ability to live in the now is a quality to embrace.  

On the 16th Mars will move to your relationship sector so be prepared for irritations from the people around you, but also embrace the opportunity to make a decision about something, time to jump in with both feet or cut someone loose?  Mars in Cancer can be sulky and is the master of passive-aggressive power play so watch out for that.  The Full Moon on the 18th spells fun with your pals.  That’s right, you heard the word “fun.”  Keep surfing!


21st January – 19th February

Friendly Aquarius loves to talk it out and the first half of May sees you enjoying the company of others, chatting, creating, planning and experiencing life to the max.  The New Moon in Taurus is in your home and family sector and as it is connected with your ruler Uranus you might see some changes to your abode and family members this year.  Or it could be that you introduce some new tech into the home that facilitates more comfort.  Improvise! 

 For the first week of the month it’s all chatter and excitement but as the month progresses you will become more focused on your home and family life.  The Full Moon on the 18th of May will enhance the tension between your home and professional life which could be a welcome relief as the demands of the people around you may have felt like too much of late. 

The planets in Capricorn are in the section of your chart connected to your dreams and subconscious. Do you write your dreams down?


February 19th – March 21st

Dearest Pisces, this month is getting you thinking!  The New Moon on the 4th sparks your curiosity and you may start chatting to your siblings, neighbours, colleagues and the like about your ides, what you value and your ideas for the future.  At this New Moon you may want to ask yourself questions about how you value yourself, what you enjoy, how you handle money, how much you enjoy nature and how thorough you are.  All good questions and

As the month progresses your chattiness and inquisitiveness only peaks and from the 16th you may begin to channel your ideas into creative pursuits, cooking, dancing, painting or simply spending time with children could be on the cards for you.  

The Full Moon on the 18th asks you to consider how much time you put into your own education and adventures.  Also, how much do you share what you know?  Sometimes we learn best when sharing our ideas with others. Food for thought especially as you have such a unique and creative expression style.


March 21st – April 21st

Active Aries the first half of the month is full of activity and with Venus still in your sign this is a great time for romance and getting flaunting your charms.  

The New Moon on the evening of the 4th is a wonderful opportunity to address your personal value system and set some intentions about what you enjoy and how you derive pleasure.  

On the 16th of May the attention will shift to your home, family and domestic life. We know you like to be busy but every adventurer returns home to camp for some hugs and great grub. Your focus now could be on the family, your desire to spend time with them or their need for you.  Your ruler Mars is out of bounds for all of May so you might be extra zealous in your activity and opinions.  

The Full Moon on the 18th of May highlights your personal value system.  This is the time of year when your finances receive extra attention.  Are you splashing out or hoarding your cash?  The Full Moon reminds you to balance your finances, hold yourself accountable and to also find value in your intimate relationships.

I hope you found some insight in these horoscopes. They take an inordinate amount of time to write. It’s like writing my “sentences” when I was in primary school!!

To book a reading here is my link:


Thanks so much and please credit if you share anything.

F xx

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Francesca Oddie by Francesca Oddie - 1M ago

A strange thing is happening.

It started out as VERY exciting, when Astrology became a trend but now suddenly everyone is an astrologer and it’s a little bit perplexing.

I’m so used to reading and writing diluted astrology for non-astrologers that I’m almost accepting it as truth.

Astrologers don’t like to change their mind and think they are right… at all stages of career progression! I guess it’s the same in all academic worlds. There’s that blustery self righteousness of people are so very connected to their opinions.

Studies into the charts of astrologers show a strong Uranus / Jupiter emphasis – pomposity and a refusal to change our minds is perhaps a “thing” for astrologers!

All I will say is that whilst the Memes are brilliant – and actually take some real understanding to create… there is lots of stuff out there at each New and Full Moon that is rehashed nonsense… but when dealing with the esoteric arts we can claim that it was “downloaded” and the story ends there.

Who are we to question intuition?

And we are not… this is a subjective world of holograms and nothing really matters!

However, it’s worth considering that astrology can seem much more straightforward than it is. I 100% thought I knew LOADS before I enrolled in astrology school and I 100% knew nothing and probably still don’t.

I had a really good understanding of the zodiac archetypes – which is like knowing the alphabet. There’s a long way to go before you write the novel!

What do you think? Am I being precious? When we write blogs, we do them with passion and conviction. I am sure plenty of nutritionists feel a similar irritation as online wisdom infiltrates everywhere.

Don’t believe everything you think… or read! This is the Fake News generation and we are here to shake things up!

The post A Little Bit of Knowledge appeared first on Francesca Oddie.

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Left Handedness, Astrology and Water 
Here is an article I wrote for Celestial Vibes Magazine in November, sharing it here with Ashwin’s permission. Do check out the mag, it’s ace!
As a lefty, south-paw, cack-hander I have always had a radar for other left-handers.  “Are you left handed?” is a question I throw out almost as frequently as “what time were you born?”  In the same way that astrologers can see how someone might be “very Leo” I have always been able to see that someone is left handed (before they pick up a pen!)  
My Dad put my left-handedness obsession down to self-absorption (as he used to refer to my astrology obsession!)  However, for me it was the pattern, the similarity and sense of sameness I feel with my lefty brethren.  This research is something I have been looking at in earnest since 2010 when I noticed that people who were either Cancer Sun or Rising were often left handed. I completely ignored the fact that I was neither of those things!  However, I have subsequently learnt that I have the moon rising, close to my ascendent, so the receptive, lunar personality is alive in me.   However, since I have been looking at charts in more detail the most common astrological signature I see is a hard aspect between Mercury and Neptune.  
My personal research and the information in books and various online journals indicates that left-handed people demonstrate an extra sensitivity, a watchful eye, insight, thoughtfulness and a quiet emotional intelligence.  It also corresponds with forgetfulness, sensitivity that erupts into total overreaction and creative living that most people understand as chaos.  Researching left-handedness I have learnt that:
  • 10% of the population are left-handed with the majority of them being men.
  • 40% of astronauts are left handed.
  • 40% of schizophrenics are left handed.
  • Homosexuals are 40% more likely to be left handed.
  • Scientists usually leave left handed people out of their tests because their brain works differently.
  • Left handed people process things faster than their right handed friends when playing computer games or sports.
  • Lefties have greater trouble completing tasks.
  • Lefties are prone to emotional outbursts.
  • Left-handed boys often wet the bed for years when growing up.
  • Left handed people have increased cognitive flexibility, switching quickly between concepts.
Facts and figures, ideas and concepts that boil down to this; there is something different about the 10% of society that writes with their other hand.
Who is Left-Handed?
This is another big debate because we are not just defined by the hand we write with.  One can be “left-handed” but play golf with right handed equipment and be right footed.  Very often I meet people who are right handed but I have the feeling they have some right brain dominance and will push to see if they were an ambidextrous child, or forced to switch when they were younger and often they are left-footed or have some ability with their left side.
Brain Functioning
Modern science asserted that the right brain rules the left hand side of the body and the left brains rules the right.  More recent research is contesting this idea, but there is still something alternative in the cognitive function of the lefty.
In his book Right-Hand, Left-Hand, Chris McManus of University College London argues that the proportion of left-handers is increasing and left-handed people as a group have historically produced an above-average quota of high achievers.
Writing in Scientific American, McManus states that,
“Left-handers’ brains are structured differently from right-handers’ in ways that can allow them to process language, spatial relations and emotions in more diverse and potentially creative ways. Also, a slightly larger number of left-handers than right-handers are especially gifted in music and math. A study of musicians in professional orchestras found a significantly greater proportion of talented left-handers, even among those who played instruments that seem designed for right-handers, such as violins. Similarly, studies of adolescents who took tests to assess mathematical giftedness found many more left-handers in the population.
The Astrology
The key attribute of the left hander is their sensitivity and I this is certainly seen in the astrological signatures I have noted.
In Sue Tompkins book, Aspects in Astrology, she writes the following about Mercury – Neptune, “Music is perhaps the language that Mercury-Neptune can understand. 
Neptune commonly undermines the rational, objective function of Mercury but in return enhances the individual’s non-rational perception and ability to communicate, especially non-verbally.”
“The typical Mercury – Neptune person is exceptionally sensitive to external influences. They can often seemingly infiltrate other people’s minds.  The boundary between their thinking and everyone else’s seems very weak.”
Returning to the rising Moon, Sue also writes, 
“The individual with the Moon rising, rather like Neptune rising, can be so receptive and sensitive to everything and everyone they meet that they absorb whatever they encounter.” 
Those people I have studied who are left handed but have neither a Mercury-Neptune aspect nor the Moon or Cancer rising will usually have the element of water pronounced in their chart.  As we know, it is the most receptive element.  So a Sun, Ascendent or Mercury in Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio will reveal the same “left-handed” tendencies.  I have not yet measured the extent  of left-handedness against the type of aspect, however in the charts I’ve been collecting at least 65% have a Mercury – Neptune or the Moon Rising. 
Another left-handed fact is that eight presidents of the USA have been left-handed.  I have just had a look at their charts to put these theories to the test.
Barack Obama: Mercury 2 degrees of Leo square Neptune 8 degrees of Scorpio.
George Bush: Sun in Cancer in the twelfth house.
Bill Clinton: Mercury in Leo sextile the ascendent conjunct Mars, Venus and Neptune tight stellium in Libra.
Ronald Reagan: Mercury 19 Capricorn opposition Neptune 21 Cancer.
James Garfield: Mercury at the anaretic degree in Scorpio.
Gerald Ford:  Sun conjunction Neptune at 21 and 25 of Cancer.
Harry Truman: Sun conjunction Neptune at 18 degrees and 20 degrees of Taurus, Mercury widely conjunct at 1 degree of Gemini.
Herbert Hoover: Mercury at 0 Leo square Neptune at 0 Taurus.
I appreciate this is not a huge sample size and politicians are certainly known for their silver tongue!  However, their charts do reflect my general observations.
Summing Up
To be left-handed is to be a creative thinker who responds to subtle cues in their environment.  This can make for someone who is emotionally unstable and chronically concerned, but also someone who is helpful, encouraging, insightful and able to identify a song from the first few beats of a track! 

I will continue to collect the charts of my left handed brethren and look forward to exploring this topic more in the future.  If you are (or were) left handed please do contact me on hello@francescaoddie.com with your birth data.  
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The energy out there is RIPE!

First of all we have the Sun conjunct Uranus and even though I know that, I still have the urge to burn bridges!  Nuke them actually!

The Moon in Libra is so givingggg, so kind, so bend over backwards for you.  But she’s expanding in light and ready to meet the Sun Uranus conjunction.  Even Libra is scratching her head and thinking, is this too much?  Perhaps it’s time for a refresher.

I am surging with this snappy energy and don’t feel like writing a super long post.

Questions to ask yourself about your RELATIONSHIPS.  Libra is all about relationships and the other.

Do you do what you want because you love it, or because it’s habit?

Are you in a relationship routine that has become stale?  Can you SURPRISE someone you love – it can be a nice surprise!

Or you could leave!

How are you AUTHENTICALLY expressing yourself?

Do you not do what you want because you have to fit in with the set relationship pattern?

Is it time to cut that pattern loose?

How can you remain an INDIVIDUAL with your own goals as a part of that relationship?

Are you co-dependent or in love?

Do you need to tell someone to leave.

Is it time you put yourself first.

HOW ARE THE EXPECTATIONS OF YOUR PREDECESSORS, the patriarchy “I studied medicine because my parents wanted me to” accepted as a OK?  At what point do you say, that was pretty f&cking strange that you give me the gift of life and then told me what do to with it.  It’s SO EMBEDDED that we think it’s normal and it is not normal.  You are in individual in all of your relationships and you are free to do what sets your heart on fire.  So – how have you absorbed what society expected of you and rolled with it?

There is a MAGIC in being alone and whole, then relating.  In fact it is the key to relating and this Full Moon is bringing the theme to attention.

The square to this lunation from the HUGE SOUTH NODE COLLECTIVE of Saturn, Pluto (at their own south nodes) and it is a portal that’s letting old energy in.  Did you see Notre Dame burn?  Did you read about all the other churches and mosques burning to the ground?  If you sew a picture of Notre Dame on fire from a distance you can see the fury and ferocity of the fire.  The skyline of Paris was dominated by an inferno that was capable of destroying something that takes years to build, in seconds.  It is so relentless, powerful and energetic. YES, water puts fire out but right there in that moment, when fire is holding court, it is very intimidating.  Water may put fire out, but fire will devour everything in its path when given the opportunity.

This fire raises ALL SORTS of questions.  Especially because so much money has been donated to rebuild it, whereas after Grenfell Tower fire here, big law firms who sneeze £4k at a dinner were mentioned in papers for donating their pocket their pocket money to this cause. The patriarchy supports the patriarchy.  The big dogs scratch each others back.  The money and power stays in a closed loop.

With the Sun at the critical degree of Aries – SQUARE – i.e. forming a very pushy and challenging aspect between the two and the individuals are speaking UP!  As I sit here at my desk in London town I can hear the “Extinction Rebellion” – if you didn’t read my Notre Dame posts and are interested in this avenue of thought… please read this + all the comments!  The link between the two is intersting.

The nodes of the chart are amazing and if you don’t know about yours then you need to… I will write about them.  I’m going to put a note in my diary now!  The nodes are our karma and destiny, where we have COME FROM and where we are going. Saturn and Pluto at the South Node are doing a major demolition on old structures, the old ways of being.  They are also reflective of the pains and set backs of the past karma.

Collectively, I can’t say that I KNOW what it means but I have been asking questions because the conversation of psychic attack, entity attachment and some freaky energy has synchronistically entered my life over the past few weeks.  I think that there’s some dodgy energy around and I think that people with planets around the mid to late cardinals are taking a bit of a hit.  There are some big shifts out there and this Moon should see us release and realise the changes we need to make in the way we express ourselves both as individuals and in our relationships.

This is also a release of outdated karmic energy.

Ancestral karma is flooding in and we are upgrading to a new level of perception.

This is my hypothesis but I would be very interested to hear what you have to say!

This is a Full Moon to CUT CORDS.

Set yourself free from the limited relationships of the past and become your own author, your own authority.  It will only improve your relationships.

Big love,

F xx

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9.50 BST

4.50 EST

1.50 PST

Here we are at the edge, at the pinnacle, at the pivot point.  Equinox is one thing, but the New Moon in Aries is my most key date for manifesting and setting seeds for the future.

Simply because, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so we have some seasonal fire.  Plant the seeds you want to see harvest and remember that this is about YOU.  It’s Aries and linking back to the post I uploaded on instagram yesterday, if you’re not choosing yourself and putting yourself first then you’re showing the universe you’re not important and that’s what will be reflected back to you.

We live in a holographic universe and are constantly manifesting our current realities.  The law of attraction is at play and we get back what we put out.  The New Moon in Aries is square to the Nodes and most forcefully, Saturn and Pluto at the South Node in Scorpio.  It’s burning away the old karma with the zeal of a scorned wife pouring petrol all over her husbands clothes and setting fire to the lot of em.

Capricorn and this South Node festival of endings is brewing a storm in a tea cup all around us.  (See Brexit.)  Shit is going down and the patriarchal structures are showing signs of weakness.

Have you ever seen how a tree disfigures a pavement? It grows and it grows until it ruptures the concrete and renders the sidewalk (hi USA) impassable.  With Ceres supporting the New Moon the seeds we plant now are the sorts to effect evolutionary demolition on the existing structures and move us to the next phase.  Think less tree lined streets and more jungle in the concrete jungle.  Life is desperate to grow.

Mars, Man of War and ruler of Aries is in Gemini, CHOOSE YOUR WORDS CAREFULLY.  Mercury, Man of Messages and Ruler of Gemini is in Pisces with Neptune, LISTEN TO YOUR GUIDES AND YOUR HIGHER SELF, it wants the best for you.  The root is intuition. The bridge is an intention to propel yourself forward with clear guidelines that surpass all previous intentions.  The results will be seen later.  For now, it’s about trusting that the future is yours and aligning to that fact.  If it FEELS wrong, it is wrong, can you trust that and as @philgoodlife said yesterday.  Listen to the people who love you.  They aren’t projecting, they have messages for you.  But if we close ourselves off (as we can be tempted to when confronted with Saturn) then we lose the speed with which we can progress.

Don’t worry,  it’s a sin.  It’s a form of self-abuse.   It’s all going to be OK but the more we worry about reaching the destination, the more blocks we put in the way.  

15 Degrees Aries is a power point. It’s roasting hot.  It’s the absolute middle of the most fiery fire sign. So… make your intentions and burn thoughts of failure to the ground.  Aries is about YOU.  Leading, being the best, knowing what you want and asking for it.  It’s not about needing to please others. You do you, baby.  

Focus on:

  • New Beginnings
  • Self- Focus
  • Self-Discovery
  • Independence 
  • Courage
  • Disengaging self-absorption 

I’m lifting some examples from Jan Spiller because legend and it gives you an idea on how to write.

  • “I want the habit of losing boundary of my own identity totally lifted from me.”
  • “I want all fears around my assertively blazing new beginnings with ….. totally lifted from me.”
  • “I want to easily find myself trusting my instincts.”
  • “I want to easily find myself making decisions that are in my own best interests.”
  • “I want to easily find myself being kind and generous with myself”
  • “I want to easily find myself being more honest about who I am in my relationship with….”
  • You got the idea?  ARIES themes of SELF.

The New Moon is square to Saturn, it’s being challenged by the authorities in our lives who have tried to hold us back, criticise the way we express ourselves and to stall out independence in favour of doing things the old way.

Saturn is meeting Pluto, at the South Node – if you don’t really know what that means then just trust me when I say that the old way of doing things, whether it’s a karmic pattern from 500 years ago or from 15 years ago.  It is being pushed and shoved into a new reality and these seeds that are being planted are in soil that is fertile with the detritus of the old.  Cycles.

I hope you dive into this New Moon with a VISION BOARD.  Mercury Neptune has got us all VISUAL and Aries has us FULL of energy to take things UP A LEVEL.


Get to it.

Big love,

F xxx

P.S. Another epic image from @naturabruta

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Francesca Oddie by Francesca Oddie - 1M ago
Hello Spring!

April is a month of two halves.  Intensity is a key word for 2019 and even more so for 2020.  Something that is felt most keenly by Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  Though Taurus are in for a wild ride too!  When we consider that we all have a variety of placements, a Sun sign location, a Moon sign location, a Venus, Mars and Jupiter … then odds on the intensity will be felt by as all at some point.  The “astrological weather” requires some appropriate “clothes.”

We have two lunation in these signs this month, a New Moon in Aries on the 5th and another Full Moon in Libra on the 19th.  With Aries being the first sign of the zodiac, this is an excellent time to make wishes, intentions and time bound goals that will set you up for summer.  In the UK the New Moon is in the morning, so if you can, do get up and give yourself time to meditate and focus on where you are going.

Someone asked me recently what my goal was and even though I thought I knew, it was very hard to articulate and write down!  It’s worth a ten minute ponder, that’s for sure.

I hope you find these ideas useful and that you can connect with your Solar energy.  Spring is here! Enjoy the growth spurt!


Aries season is upon us!  Spring has sprung!  Though we still have a cluster of planets in Pisces until the end of the month so you might be reflecting on your actions before implementing them, which is no bad thing.  With your ruler, Mars’ recent transition into Gemini things might be happening quickly and you might be spinning lots of plates.  Take care not to overwhelm yourself and agree to more things than you can finish.

The New Moon on the 5th of the month is in Aries and is a great time for you to focus your intentions. How do you want to thrive and win?  How are you a pioneer?  How can you channel your energies going forwards?  Amongst other things, Aries is concerned with action, speed, winning and initiating.

The on going pressure from the cluster of planets in eagerly ambitious Capricorn could leave you feeling frustrated and at the mercy of external pressures.  However, this represents an opportunity, in which to structure your goals and ideals. Your love life is in in the spotlight on the 19th with the Full Moon in Libra, get the date in the diary!


This is a month of two halves, from romantic reflections to decisive action.  Your ruler Venus continues her sojourn through idyllic Pisces and with the Sun in the reflective section of your chart you are feeling particularly in touch with your feelings, dreams and remotest longings.

The 5th is a a special day for all of us as mentioned above, but the 10th has you at your most romantic.  Your ruler Venus makes her annual connection to Neptune and invites you to connect to something beyond yourself. Nature might be particularly inspiring this day, or you could dive into a remarkable meditation. Whatever feels like magic to you, drink it in and embrace it!  Taurus usually connects beautifully with nature and hones her a creative outlet.

On the 19th there is a Full Moon that reignites themes from the most recent Full Moon, but this time with more intensity, a power struggle between the need for independence and the need to relate to others on a deeply personal level is the theme.  As Taurus Season begins on the 21st of the month, the Sun will soon meet with Uranus and this will be a great day for throwing caution to the wind and doing something that may have previously seemed inconceivable for you.


Mars is in your sign for all of this month!  This spells action, speed and potentially a few crossed words, though this only provides you with the opportunity to show off your verbal dexterity! (Let’s see how this inspires Boris and Donald!)  At best, you will be more energised than usual and have the ability to spring into action and get the job done.  If your life and work involves writing and communication, you might be more efficient this month.  If your relationship requires some communication, you could cut to the chase.

Jupiter remains in your love sector but turns retrograde on the 10th of the month, so there may be some romantic developments to untangle.

The New Moon on the 5th provides a ripe opportunity for intentions surrounding how best to assert yourself, and this is a superlatively great day to create some focussed goals. On the 7th your ruler Mercury who is retracing his steps from his retrograde phase last month is ready to commit his newfound insights to form.  This phase of proactivity intensifies on the 18th of the month as your ruler Mercury moves into Aries.  With all this speed and heat it will be extra important to take time to mentally “cool down” you can achieve brilliance but will need moments of calm.


The push for you to become powerful in your ability to connect, care and nurture continues.  The New Moon on the 5th is in the career section of your chart and asks you to focus on your legacy and how you want to be seen and known. Taking some time to set intentions is always a magic ritual, especially for you with the Moon as your ruler.

With loving Venus and quizzical Mercury swimming through your sector of travel, ideas and belief you might be reading a romance novel, planning your summer holiday or contemplating your spiritual values.  However, the second half of the month might see you switching your focus back to work or your role as a parent or caretaker (in whatever form that takes!) The 13th is a key date for you as the Moon in Cancer will put the spotlight how you feel, this is a day to really get to strip back, refine and declutter.  Anything that is a waste of time will probably reveal itself to you in the way it makes you feel.

The Full Moon on the 19th draws focus to the balance in your relationships again and the 24th and 25th are great days to put what you have learnt to the test as you spend some time with your significant others.


This April should leave you feeling empowered, at least for the first half!  With Jupiter’s stay in Sagittarius and the Sun in fiery Aries, your charismatic energy is enhanced and now that Mercury is no longer retrograde, the insights you received last month can be put to brilliant use!  This is your time to shine, perhaps you are publishing or maybe teaching?  Alternatively,  if you possess a goal that involves putting yourself out there, the 5th is the day to make those wishes!

Uranus in Taurus could still be making you feel a little reckless!  Maybe you have recently met someone who has inspired you to shake off the shackles and live a different life?  Uranus makes his presence known by electrifying your life, this is exciting, but potentially destabilising so remember your values.  You could meet someone fascinating who inspires you to approach your life differently, or be offered a job that requires you uproot.  Keeping your options open and resisting the urge to burn bridges will be helpful.  As Mercury and Venus join the Sun in Aries your ability to make waves only increases.

On the 27th, the  Moon enters your relationship sector so after all that hard work you might want to engage in some lively conversation with the people you love.


If March had you feeling a little confused then April is a great time to unravel.  The cluster of planets in Pisces blurring your boundaries and for some of you born in early September a feeling of lethargy and confusion might be apparent if you fail to go with the the flow.

Mars in Gemini is hotting things up however, he is pushing you to perfect your already exemplary eye for detail and this could help you to shine at work.  On the 27th of the month, Mars will come head to head with watery Neptune and his ideas may be dissolved.  This would be a great day to take your feet of the pedal, luxuriate with some deep breaths and remember that the details are always relative.

As the Sun moves into Taurus on the 21st your earthy nature will feel more supported.  An opportune time for stripping back, pruning and getting your house in order ready for the personal growth that awaits you.  Holidays, learning, adventure and new horizons look exiting if you are willing to upgrade your routines.


The highlight of this month is the second Full Moon in Libra on the 19th.  Sometimes called a “blue moon” when there is more than one lunation in a particular sign.  This is another opportunity to explore your relationships under the spotlight of freedom and conventionality.  Both Venus and Jupiter are supporting our need to be free and independent in our relationships, they endorse romance and adventure.  This is going to be a great opportunity to explore our need for independence that flouts convention and our learning to belong to someone.  Liberate yourself from outdated societal expectations and tune into what feels right for you.

Before this lunation the 12th and 13th offer a great window of opportunity to consider your work or career and how you manage to be authentic in your dealings.  Your ruler Venus makes a series of interesting aspects this month.

On the 10th she provides the ultimate in romance but on the 14th and 15th she calls for you to manage your boundaries and watch how much you give in order to please.  Your values and boundaries influence every corner of your life, observe how well you are using them!


Your ruler Pluto remains in the communications section of your chart and your traditional ruler Mars is in Gemini, the sign of connectivity and ideas.  April is a time to focus on your ideas and how to express them. However, on the 24th of the month, your ruler goes retrograde and this gives you the opportunity to reconsider how you use words to assert your power.

With the Sun in Aries, the focus can be on work and how you assert yourself but when the Sun shines into Taurus on the 21st he will meet Uranus and get ready to shake things up. Consistent communication will prevent a showdown when the Sun moves into Taurus.

As Taurus is the sign of your shadow and relationships, the end of April will let you see where you cling on too long and who you are loyal to.  Other notable dates for the month are the 5th of April, when you can take the opportunity to focus on your health, work habits and daily routines, taking the time to do what you do best; eliminate the unnecessary.


Your ruler Jupiter is slowing down and turns retrograde on the 10th of the month.  This can bring a change in fortune as the current period of growth slows down and some plans are matured. Attitude is everything, consider the idea that the best is yet to come and cultivate patience.  This may prove challenging as Mars enters your relationship sector and offers so many options for partnership and romance that you may feel overwhelmed. When we contemplate Jupiter and his movements the general advice would be to not bite off more than you can chew!

The New Moon on the 5th is in your fun, creativity, romance and children section of your chart; any goals around how you want to express your natural flair should be made now.  As for the Full Moon on the 19th, how does your need for creative expression challenge what your pals think of you? The Sun will be shoulder to shoulder with Uranus in the 5th house and your desire to “shake things up,” express yourself and do things your own way will be huge, but with the Moon in the community section of your chart, it’s a time to contemplate your friendships, taking care to only burn the bridges that are seriously dangerous!   Sagittarius is famous for their independent streak and now Jupiter is retrograde is vital not to get things out of proportion.


With your ruler Saturn at home in your sign, life can feel a little sober this only compounded by his approach to Pluto and the Nodes.  This is a transit that is being felt by all the zodiac, but particularly you, Capricorn.  Not one to shy away from a challenge this is pushing you on to new heights and greater achievements.

The New Moon in Aries on the 5th is superb time for you to focus on your home life; the 2019 eclipses are all in Cancer and Capricorn, highlighting this polarity between home and work life.  This New Moon in the sector of home and family is an opportunity for you to create a new reality with a particular focus on your feelings, expression and and how your sense of self worth affects your emotional life.  Your intuition is supported at this time and helpful changes can be implemented.

Mars is transiting through your work, health and daily routines sector for the whole of the month, you might be extra busy, extra active or juggling lots of tasks.  The New Moon a great time to write a plan of action. On the 30th of April, Saturn goes retrograde and this will provide an opportunity to retrace your steps and mull over your plans.  Until then, make the most of these challenges, this is a growth spurt with growing pains to accompany it! Watching you rise is fantastic, keep going!


After the deliberation of March, this month sees some forward motion, particularly the second half of the month!  Mars in Gemini is racing through your fun and creative sector. This is a perfect placement for you enabling your intellectual wit to shine through.  The New Moon on the 5th of April is also in your communication sector so again, your brainy ideas are the theme here.  Setting intentions about how you want to communicate, be heard and focus would be an idea now.

On the 18th of April Mercury moves from Pisces into Aries and some of the ideas you have been seeding will start to sprout.  The following day there is a Full Moon in Libra, raising question marks about how your beliefs, education and sense of adventure reflect your communication style and early influences.  Romantically, the Moon enters your love zone on the 13th of the month, this will be a great day to date, charm and enjoy the company of someone special.  Watch out for the 17th when your charm may get you into a sticky situation!


Although the Sun is in Aries for the first 21 days of the month, Pisces Season lingers on as Mercury, Venus and Neptune are still in your sign.  With Mercury now direct some of the dreams, visions and creative insights you have experienced and been inspired by can be put into action.

The  Aries solar energy boosting the way you value yourself so this is an incredible time to manifest your creative potentials into reality.   Subsequently, on the 21st your finances and self esteem might take a boost.  The 8th of April sees a beautiful connection between the Moon and Mercury in Pisces.  The Moon is in your communication zone and this could be a day to express what you feel artistically.  Also, the connection between your ruler, Neptune and Venus on the 10th could be a particularly magical day. Make the most of these beneficial alignments because the second half of the month sees you keeping with a faster energy that might make you rushed.

The Full Moon on the 21st is highlighting the same themes as the previous lunation with an emphasis on the need to value your personal boundaries and independence versus the intimate needs and desires of your loved ones.  Reaching a compromise on how much of yourself you are willing to share will build bridges will the people you love.

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21 March 2019, 01:42 – GMT

20 March 2019, 21.42 – EST

20 March 2019, 18.42 – PDT

“You can always tell when two people are best friends, because they are having more fun than it makes sense for them to be having.” 

All Full Moons are about relationship but when the Moon is super relational Libra at the 0 degree point, the theme of “me versus you” is heightened.  That’s compounded by an exact square between Mars and Venus who are also at loggerheads.  If you don’t speak astro, this basically spells, passion and friction but growth.

Nevertheless, I get the feeling this is an opportunity to break out of damaged relationship patterns.


There is a “Yod” aspect to Jupiter from the North Node and Mars.  A powerful and transformative finger of God aspect that shoves us from one karmic reality to the next.  In this case the desire to create a homely nest and the yearning for loyalty and steadiness is both catalyst and fuel that taps into and converts optimism and opportunity into a *a new perspective”.  Hopefully a more joyful Jupiter inspired reality with expanded horizons.

What does your Best Life look like?

Our minds are wide open because of the right-brained Mercury Neptune aspect that hooks us up to infinite wisdom and eternal truths.  I’ve heard lots about parallel universes in the past few weeks, the idea that there are multiple existences thought the galaxy with different versions of our current life playing out simultaneously.  Out there somewhere is our actual best life (not social media one!) What does it look like?  Do you know?  If you don’t know then you can’t be there.  This full moon is a great time to ENVISION what you want your life and mainly your relationships to look like.  Out there somewhere is a parallel universe where everyone you know (yourself included) is honest, friendly, loyal, kind and loving. 

I KNOW THIS SOUNDS MENTAL, but quantum physics is mental.  And I like the idea.  So, this Full Moon asks us to tap into our most ideal relationship set up, our heart’s wildest ideas, the way you felt in the sweet “honeymoon period” and manifest that.  Somewhere out there is our most ideal reality. Imagine you win the lottery and no longer have any financial concerns or need to do work that you don’t want to do.  This would give you freedom to live. What would you do with your time?  How much more relaxed and patient would you be?  What would it feel like to remove a major cause of stress?

What does that life look like?  Who are you like when you’re there in that life?  Can you move closer to that reality in your thoughts, behaviours and decisions.

So that’s one take on it…!

Mars and Venus

Mars is part of a separating trine from Pluto and Saturn, he’s clear, powerful but tamed, a little more practical and less bat-out-of-hell.  Mars has a reputation for acting without thinking.  At worst this is brute force, at best, it’s steady action.

Venus, is in  ‘mates over dates’ Aquarius. How much will you stand for your values before being seduced?  Venus tells us what we value in ourselves and in others, in Aquarius she loves friendship, equality and truth.   This Venus doesn’t just love her partner, she’s a humanitarian and a friend of everyone.  She confronts bullies and stands up for the underdog.  This isn’t a romantic Venus placement but who doesn’t want a friend that demonstrates outspoken loyalty?

If a person loves only one other person, and is indifferent to his fellow men, his love is not love but a symbiotic attachment, or an enlarged egotism.

She’s not super cuddly and sweet, but she’s your pal and she tells you like it is, because she cares.  It might not feel loving, but her language of love is the unabashed truth.  When we consider the square to Mars, this is oft not well received and can feel rude.  

“If someone corrects you and it offends you then you have an ego problem.”

Which leads us nicely to the Sun in Aries.

Lone Wolf

The Sun in Aries is very close to Chiron, acting independently comes with a caveat. Chiron is the “wounded healer” an overly used term that doesn’t mean a lot at first.  With the Sun in Aries he’s asking us to reflect on what it’s like to be independent and do everything on our own terms.  Our ego decides what we want and we do it, when we want.

To be a single soul that is unwatched by the eye of a loving other. Yes there is a freedom to be decisive and clear, but only the lonely know the relentless silence of no-one. The shadow of Aries is Libra and vice versa. Every Aries hero needs an audience to praise them.  Every Libra peacekeeper needs a crowd to appease.  

An egotist is a person of low taste – more interested in himself than in me.

Every relationship has this wounding too.  “If you don’t want to be lonely, don’t get married.” 

There’s a big ego in all of us that is desperate to be right, to know more, to be the best and to refute anyone who challenges the character that is built around this illusion of identity. It’s a very human thing! Why do some people feel the need to comment on others?  Why are people so concerned with the lives of others that they feel the need to comment and criticise? Besides the fact that they are vacuous, there is an evident ego problem.

Libra is *the sign of comparison.*  It is the sign of relating, everything is seen through the lens of how it is perceived by the other.  It is quite difficult for a Libra to just get on with life without comparing, referencing, discussing and collaborating.  The essence of Libra is to partner and gain an understanding of themselves via other people and because of that they possess an incredible charm.  Their disposition is easy, they want people around and the possess a remarkable talent for peacekeeping.

As I mentioned the shadow of Libra is Aries and something we have to remember that the essence of Libra is to get you to do what they want and you thank them for it.  This is a CARDINAL sign, Libra makes things happen.

We all have Libra and Aries in our charts and these signs rule different parts of our lives.  At this Full Moon in Libra we can explore all these themes, especially taking some time to explore how our relating style stems from a giant ego problem.

The Ego

What is the ego?

As I understand it the ego is the identity we create for ourselves that sits on top of and masks our true essence.  Our soul is who we are, it just is.  The soul is eternal and connects to people and nature and fills us with love.  The ego is a construct that has stories attached to it “I am xyz”

I live here.

I holiday here.

I wear this.

My identity is created out of the things I wear, do, buy, see and post on social media.  We are probably going to have to define another psychological term for the e-ego.  Another sub section of our identity that lives online and has a “best life” that is absolutely unrelated to our actual life.  A story for another day.

Our ego separates us from others and Aries is the sign of the big ego (and Leo, and probably Sagittarius.)  The Sun in the horoscope is our ego and “identity” and the Sun rules Leo and is exalted in Aries.  When the Sun is in these fire signs we can be more confident about who we are and our decisions.  Our spiritual life needs us to connect with our soul, but to be human involves developing an ego that can flourish.  An ego that drives us in to a vocation “I am an astrologer.”  An ego that needs to win, “I am an athlete.”  The ego must be well cultivated to give us healthy boundaries, “I charge this much an hour.”

However, the spiritual life needs us to get past the ego, to meditate and connect with the peace, wisdom and bliss of our eternal soul.

At this Full Moon we are exploring where our ego is blocking us from really connecting with others. If we stay in judgement and grip onto the need to be right or be the best, we stay alone and cannot love unconditionally.

Pisces Season

Pisces season precedes Aries, it is the end of one cycle and Aries is the beginning of another.

This Full Moon takes place on the first day of Aries, at equinox; the Astrological New Year.  We have the last few days of Pisces season to unravel our egos and connect with our soul.  Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is connected to Neptune at the f ull moon, our higher self is talking to us and our higher self doesn’t want to be right or be the best, it wants the truth and to experience connection.

If you read my newsletter you’ll have read more about Mercury Retrograde.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to reflect, rest and restore.  Pisces is the sign of the mystic.  This is the time to read tarot cards, meditate and reflect.

Our life is an evolution and redefining our boundaries from time to time is healthy.  In the same way that we have to constantly clear out and tidy up our homes, cupboards and bins. We have to keep updating and cleaning our energetic boundaries, our spiritual life needs maintenance.  It needs reflection, meditation, prayer, journalling, rest, walks in nature, thoughtful showers, apps, sport or a moment of peace.  We need to be clear and clean to have functioning relationships.  To be human is to err.  We all make mistakes and unless we release the patterns and look the issues in the face we just REPEAT them.


I’ve been listing to Chris Evans on the radio and he’s been singing the praises of a new book that is out called The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did).

I took this from The Times online:

“This is not a straightforward parenting book,” Philippa Perry tells us in the first line of her foreword. She is not going to offer advice about potty training, or quick-fix tips and tricks, or show us how to manipulate our children. Instead she wants us to relate to them, to see them not as chores to be ticked off, but as people with whom we will have a lifelong relationship.

If we slow down a bit, Perry suggests, be accepting of our mistakes and willing to repair ruptures, our children could teach us to be more present. Then we could give them what they need above everything else — a safe, loving and accepting relationship.

In essence that it was this Full Moon is about.  

Venus in Aquarius = truth.  

Square to mars in Taurus = this is difficult to do, but potentially hugely constructive and facilitates growth.  

Sun in Aries with Chiron = we are all injuring ourselves and wearing ourselves out everyday, constantly damaging ourselves with badly received words, actions, beliefs and wrestling to define our ego.  Our need to lead unquestioned.

Moon in Libra = we desire relationships.  We learn from relationships.  Happy relationships are the basis of a happy life.  Assessing the relationships that work for us, what we love about them and bringing more of that in is the dream.  How do you want to love VERSUS how to they NEED to be loved.  That is the art of RELATING.  An adjustment of VALUES.

Mercury in Pisces = trust your gut, listen to your higher self.

Yod to Jupiter = GROW.  New relationships, with yourself and with others. Change the future.  Re-write the karmic pattern. Expand your horizons by committing to the security and “family” you want to build.

*I say “family” because Venus is in Aquarius and Uranus is in Taurus – blood is not thinker than water.  Also, outdated unbalanced relationships can go now.  Where’s the loyal fam?

Saturn in Capricorn = define boundaries.

I want also want you to be my best friend, not only a person I share a relationship with.

A Full Moon is a great time of release and an opportunity to cut some etheric cords.  LET GO of limiting ideas, relationships and beliefs.  I’ll share some simple meditations but an old classic of writing down what you want to let go of and burning the list is great.  (Burn with care!)  Always replace with optimism and gratitude, especially as there is such a huge potential to manifest a more loving reality.

Thanks very much for reading and I look forward to seeing how this Full Moon in Libra shows herself in our lives.

Big love,

F xx

P.S.  If you’re in London please do check out the events I have this week or if you’re interested in a reading I do have some slots available at the Full Moon.

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Francesca Oddie by Francesca Oddie - 2M ago
Lovely Pisces this is an incredible month for you to tap into your most creative depths.  The New Moon in your sign on the 6th is an opportunity to capitalise on your vivid imagination, the subconscious where all your creative, intuitive and sensitive skills lie dormant.  Your instincts are your eternal source of wisdom and March is a great time to dig deep.  If you trust yourself, you can teach and inspire those around you.  The 13th of March will be a great day for harnessing your insights and putting yourself in a position of personal power.  On the 21st we have a Full Moon in Libra and this is putting emphasis on your investments and intimate relationships, the more you understand the way you feel, the better you can relate to connect with others.
This month sees a huge shift for Aries!  For the first five days of the month, Uranus is completing his seven year stint in your sign.  These are the days to crack on with your plans!  Those of you born during the second half of April will really experience the urgent desire to make things happen! From the 6th Aries would do well by diving into some serious self reflection! As much as you love efficiency and action you might find that slowing down is more fruitful.  Your ruler Mars is in slow and steady wins the race Taurus, that combined with the Sun moving through introspective Pisces you may want to go on a solo adventure that gives you time to hatch some plans.  On the 21st of the month there is a Full Moon in the relationship sector of your chart, if you have been too self focussed then it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the people you love and respect.
Are you ready Taurus?  Do you remember May 2018 and how your life suddenly flipped upside down.  It’s about to happen again but this time there is no going back!  The next seven years are going to be exciting if you find a way to manage change, not just in your life but to the things you love.  Finding a way of organising your life that is more liberating, future orientated and focussed on modernisation will be key to working with this period of time!  The Full Moon on the 21st will bring the focus to your work and daily routines.  How can you change them to suit your needs?  As a Taurus you are probably very connected to your body and the way you feel.  March could see you explore a new diet and a fresh lifestyle.  At least it’s a great way to utilise some of this electrifying energy that is making you feel most unusual.
Whist the relationship sector of your chart continues to shine this March is a great time to get intimate with the workings of your subconscious.  The Gemini mind is always alive with ideas and seeking distraction. The New Moon on the 6th is your opportunity to drop into a guided meditation that lets you create space for clarity and fresh understanding of yourself.  On the 14th you may feel like talking to others about your insights and use these for the betterment of your career.  Your insights could be utterly brilliant at this time. Your ruler Mercury goes Retrograde on the 5th and so whilst you need to take more care than usual with what you say and how you express yourself, your intuition and self-reflection goes through the roof. 
Dearest Cancer, the beginning or March brings continued focus on your relationships, their endings, changes and transformations.  The whole zodiac felt this tremor last month but this is continued opportunity for you to dig deep and think about your needs and values.  The focus is on letting go and being honest with yourself about what is outdated.  The new moon on the 6th is a magical time where you can explore your ideals and potentially connect with some like minded friends!  Meditation, a gong bath, booking a retreat, a trip to the sea side or a long bath, good book and a journal could be the dream now. Some new faces and relaxation might be just want you need now!
With Venus moving into your romance sector on the 2nd until the 27th of March you have a great opportunity to meet someone new (perhaps online) or bring some excitement into your existing relationships.  If work is demanding all your time and you have had enough, the exciting events on the 6th of March may lead to you considering some new and exciting partnerships that are beyond romance and are linked to your career and future success.  Freedom is a key word for you now.  Use the new moon on the 6th to really reflect on how you feel, what you want and how you can maximise your creativity. Some of the best ideas come in the quiet moments, any inspiration may start to manifest at the full moon on the 21st.  Stay open to new ideas!  This could be a transformative month.
With the Sun, New Moon and from the 27th, Venus in your relationship sector.  If you are looking to meet someone new or to bring some sensitivity and sweet connections in your relationships this is the month to manifest with the new moon.  The 6th of March brings us an incredibly introspective and delicate energy that will be spiced up by sudden insights as Uranus shifts to Taurus.  Two more contradictory energies we could not imagine.  This is a great opportunity for you, Virgo, to get comfortable with strategising changes and feeling out what needs to happen.  As Jupiter remains in Sagittarius you might feel inspired to learn new things, explore and maybe even travel.  What is best for you?  Reflect quietly and see what emerges at the Full Moon on the 21st.
Libra Lovely Libra, how have your relationships been of late?  The last few weeks may have been incredibly intense as some skeletons emerged from some closets! These surprises aren’t over yet so brace yourselves! Breathe a sigh of relief on the 6th of the month as you find some sense of closure.  Health, daily routines and your work are in the spotlight this month.  Are you listening to your body? It’s a great time to reflect on what you eat, how you exercise and the conversations and beliefs of others that you “feed” yourself with.  With your ruler Venus in the fun section of your chart from the 2nd of the month, remember to get out, enjoy yourself and work your legendary charm to its full advantage! The Full Moon on the 21st really puts you in the spotlight!  You might feel that others have needed you too much so thus is a great moment to have that conversation and make some time for yourself. Scorpio
Can you feel it coming?  On the 6th Uranus returns to Taurus and brings with it earthquakes, shocks and shakeups of all sorts.  CHANGE is on the cards and this is not your forte, so learning to adapt will be key.  You had a practice run last summer, so try and tap into what you learnt then.  Wonderfully, just a few hours after Uranus changes signs we have a super sensitive Pisces New Moon that will help you tap into your subconscious and creative ideals.  The 13th is going to be a good day for communicating some of these ideas as your ruler forms a harmonious aspect to the Sun. The end of the month brings us a Full Moon and for you this could involve some very revealing dreams and insights, create a routine and keep a journal of what you encounter.
With Jupiter still in your sign this is your year!  There are always challenges along the way and they are potentially financial so curbing your appetite for everything and reigning in the purse strings could be an idea. Particularly after the events in the previous couple of months.  The lunation this month involve your home and your friendship groups.  Reflect on where you want to live and how you would like your home life to be, I suggest relaxing and then channelling your inspiration as soon as it appears. With Mercury retrograde you could be in for some serious confusion and added complications that go beyond having “foot in mouth” disease.  The usual Mercury Retrograde advice applies; reflect, consider and do not make any big purchases that you do not need to make until after the 27th.
Dear Capricorn it has all been happening for you and has possibly not been the most fun! This year, much like the last is about identifying what will last. You are being asked to explore your softer side and how you relate to others; less burying your head in the sand and more brave expression.  This may be an alien concept but you will  feel much better about yourself when you say or do the unthinkable.  Mars in your romance sector is demanding some love, don’t be shy!  The Full Moon on the 21st of March is putting your career in the spotlight and this is something you are much more comfortable with though it certainly brings “me versus you” energy to the fore.  Is there room for compromise or is it time to cut and run?  That’s up to you but watch out for rash decisions and selfishness, it might seem like there is a ‘goodie’ and a ‘baddie’ but there could be a twist in the tale!
Hello Aquarius! Sweet Venus enters your sign on the 2nd there is a gracious blessing to be enjoyed.  The planet of pleasure, love and abundance is in Aquarius and you have a wonderful opportunity to give and receive fulfilment.  That combined with Jupiter in your friendship zone is asking you to get our there, enjoy yourself and chat to everyone you meet.  This is really you in your element, so enjoy it.  If the urge to go away or book a new course announces itself to you around the time of the Full Moon on the 21st just be sure to give yourself a few days to consider the costs your financial situation. Mercury Retrograde could affect your financial thinking and spending so let’s not be too hasty!  Moving home?  Taking up a digital nomad life?  These ideas may also arise for you this month but as before, think it through properly and do not make any decisions until  after the 27th of March when Mercury resumes forwards motion.
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Francesca Oddie by Francesca Oddie - 2M ago

New Moon in Pisces:

GMT 16.04 6th March

EST – 11.04 6th March

PST – 8.04am 6th March

“To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul.  To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of, because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions.”

Pisces is intrinsically connected with introspection but this New Moon takes that mood and amplifies it.  

I hope you have had one of those moments in life where you are overwhelmed with love, whether it’s a magnificent view of nature, meeting your child for the first time, looking into the gentle gaze of the person you love or perhaps a wonderful fleeting sense of love that catches you by surprise on a random day, when you just feel that you are exactly where you need to be and life is beautiful.  These moments are profound because of the connection we feel to an infinite source of love. It’s not words that take us there  –  usually silence and internal magic.

This Pisces New Moon is providing us with the right atmosphere to connect to something higher and bigger than ourselves, but we get there by going within.  What does it mean to go within?  Just be quiet! Stop doing stuff, leave the phone alone.  Slow doesn’t enough to remember that if it makes you feel SAD it’s probably wrong, but if the mood lifts you HIGH, then follow the call of what sets your heart on fire. It’s so easy to forget this simple basic equation.  It is foolproof… 

ALMOST foolproof and I have to say that because we can become utterly delusional under these Pisces skies and falling in love with a narcissist can feel like the most exquisite experience of your life. Also, we can simply create a fantasy out of nothing when Pisces and Neptune are involved.  

“You gave me anxiety and I called it love” 

If that’s the vibe then you may want to reconsider and remember that love amongst lots of other things feels easy, natural and safe.  If you’re having to guess where someone will be and do all the work… it’s unbalanced.

If Pisces and Neptune dominate your chart and evasiveness abounds, this could be the time to dig deep and let inspiration strike!  Uranus forms a semi-square to this lunation and the shifts and insights that arrive could be unexpected and sudden.  Compounded by the fact that Uranus shifts signs just hours before and a square to Venus.  It’s like being electrocuted! So Pisces types could take this opportunity to be guided by their feelings and EXPRESS them.  By pushed by them.  

Affairs of the heart could be edgy, inspired, fresh, come from nowhere, end out of no where. Unexpected.  But managing all those feelings will lead you somewhere new and it could be very healing.  I say that about this New Moon because there are so many exceptional transits and celestial placements.  On the 5th, Mercury turn Retrograde at the final degree of the zodiac!  29 desires Pisces!  What a degree!  The zodiac starts at 0 Aries and goes all  the way round to 29 Pisces, this degree is full of accumulated wisdom.

When Mercury turns retrograde at this position he is making sure he got it right.  ALSO, Chiron remains at 0 Aries so the two are so close, just talking over the fence in a neighbourly fashion.  “Would you just go back and check there is nothing else we need to heal?” Says Chiron, “sure, no prob, I’ll be back at Easter!”

There is a Full Moon on Good Friday, at the 29th degree of Libra.  Another critical degree, and this is when Chiron and Mercury meet again, but this time they are both in Aries and both ready to  radically shake up their relationships.  On Easter Saturday, Venus will be at the 29th degree of Pisces and Mercury and Chiron will make an exact meeting… in a strangly Biblical parallel the events of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday invite is into a well of re-thinking, feeling, exploring, healing, depth, surprises and asks us to explore the spiritual, the cosmic and the collective unconscious that culminates at Easter.  Find the wilderness, explore the temptations.

 I’ll write something else about connecting with our intuition and some tips on how to do that.  But here are some tips for starters.

Ways to do this?

  • Meditate
  • Swim
  • Walk in nature
  • Journal
  • Yoga
  • Listen to Music
  • Read the images of the Tarot
  • Dance
  • Bath time – follow @_wolfsister’s beautiful ritual in her book The Crystal Code
  • If you want to talk to someone first to get the ideas flowing you could book a reading with me or someone else in this field.
  • As ever the New Moon is about setting intentions, making goals, writing them down and letting the magic of the universe bring them to life.

With a Pisces New Moon the focus could be on healing, connection, charity, artistic endeavours, meditation, sacrifice, self-sacrifice, intuition, expanding our intuition, 

This is an opportunity and a half!  But we have to connect.  With mercury turning retrograde at the super sensitive 29th degree people are going to be irritable and overwhelmed. GO GENTLY, with yourself and with them.  There are insecurities and sensitivities flying about all over the place.  OBSERVE and interpret what hurts you, look for the answers inside.  The other people are just reflections of yourself.

There is so much to be gained this week, I look forward to hearing from you.

Big love,

F xx

If you would like to book a reading please email on hello@francescaoddie.com or book in here.

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Francesca Oddie by Francesca Oddie - 3M ago

Writing for Instagram has such a different feel to writing here!  Alas – this is a Full Moon that is strongly focussed on ELIMINATION and focus.

So here is my Instagram post, sans hashtags.  Please follow on Insta if you aren’t already.  It’s my favourite platform for sharing, interacting with positive people and sharing stories.

When I wrote about Mars Pluto during the week  (see post) I didn’t consider how close this message was to the message of the Full Moon in Scorpio.  Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorp and Pluto the Modern ruler.  The two of them together are doing some serious elimination as previously discussed!  With the Full Moon in Scorpio opposing the Sun in Taurus (still with a slight flavour of Uranus as they were together last week) it’s lighting up the possibility you have to surprise yourself!  The Scorpio / Taurus axis is a ping pong of emotion between depth, understanding, loyalty, intensity, dedication, reliability, calm, trust, passion, magnetism, sexual attraction, emotional intelligence, sensuality, money, power, possessions, wealth, true wealth and beauty.  This is not an exhaustive list, but its the sort of crux of the ping pong nature of these signs. Scorpion magnetism can be stronger than the beauty of the Taurus, but both slide along this scale back and forth from each other.

This Full Moon is Supported by Saturn and Capricorn in a big way, so this is about targets.  Where are you going?  You might find yourself asking where your relationship is heading, are you valued?  At work?  At home?  You might feel stressed and emotional about it.  That’s OK but take time to ask yourself; What’s the worst that could happen?  If you take that RISK into the UNKNOWN, and you lose all your money, what would happen?  Would you have people to support you?  Would you just get a new job?  Keep asking what’s the worst that could happen (idea taken from Tim Ferris in the 4 Hour Work Week.)  When getting you to consider a new way of living he asks us to write a list:

What’s the worst that could happen?

I wouldn’t have any money to pay my bills.

So then what?

I would have to borrow money from my friends and family.

So then what?

I would have to go back to another job…

etc… keep asking: So then what?  

Until you realise that the risk of not trying is probably worse than the risk of trying and failing.  Unless you are entirely risk averse and love Routine, Income, Industry, Corporate Decision Making and Subsidised Lunches.  In this case, a small change to your work life balance could be enough.

 Then it’s up to you to decide whether you can move out of the stagnant waters (Scorpio Moon!) and shake things up!  The Moon has also just had a chat with Uranus and feels ready to do something a little different.

For me, this moon is all about getting rid of excess emails, excess stuff, excess food (it’s in my 6th house!) and being really firm in with work boundaries.  I need (moon) to work (6th house) so it’s OK to do that and not get caught up in other people’s plans.  As always, I sort of come to these conclusions before I write all this.  I spent yesterday freaking out about how much I have to do and cancelled most of my weekend plans.  I LIKE it, I have ideas (Sun Uranus) and I need (Moon) to spend time (Saturn) nurturing them (Moon.)

The Full Moon is always a time to balance our needs with the needs of others.  With this particular lunation it’s about our focus, goals, excess clutter and who we trust.

Less is more.

For more info on how this illuminates your chart I’ll be doing some live readings on Monday Morning – so reach for me then!  hello@francescaoddie.com

Big love,

F xx

Cord cutting meditation link:

Meditation to Cut Energetic Cords and Attachment - YouTube

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