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To be successful in anything usually requires at least some trial and error. Unless you are smart and learn from the people that have gone before you, that is. Luckily, I’m here to tell you all about precisely what not to with marketing do if you want to be a rip-roaring success, so learn from the mistakes and the alternatives below.

Don’t worry about what your demographic is and what they want.

If you are looking to make a royal mess of your MLM marketing then, you can do no better than ignoring your target demographic. Of course, if you would rather succeed and live your dream life right now without being stuck in a soul-crushing job, then you may want to take the advice below.

First off, familiarize yourself with the term demographic and that it refers to a particular group of society, and then consider carefully which groups your products will appeal too. It is this specific groups or sometimes groups that you are going to match your marketing with for it to be effective.

Of course, for the most part, MLM reps have this easier than most because your parent company should be able to give you good info on the type of people that will most benefit from what you are selling.

For example, if you are selling a health and wellness item, it may be partially useful for alleviating certain conditions, losing weight, or improving energy, so you would look to find people with those needs to inform about your product.

Now, it is essential that you identify the correct demographic for your product, because not only will have a much better chance of selling to that market, but it will also help you to pick the right methods of marketing as well.

For example, products that are primarily targeted at the female 40-50 markets may do better on Facebook, and by email than Instagram or Youtube. The latter having a more significant following from the younger generations.

Don’t use more than one platform to maximize your returns.

If you want your MLM to go down the drain, as fast as you dreams can carry it then feel free to stick to just one digital and social media platform. However, if you are looking to make a legitimate income, you need to be open to diversifying the platforms that you use.

Yes, you do need to match the demographic to the platform as you can read about above, but the point here is that if you are only seeking a single demographic and targeting them, you are probably missing out on a lot of businesses.

Although, do remember it’s not about being general and placing the same thing on blogs and social media and in videos. It’s about knowing your audience and producing something specific for them for each group, across a range of platform. Then you will be able to maximize your income and make your MLM a real success.

Don’t change up your content regularly.

Too many emojis can put potential customers off immediately.

A major mistake that many MLM uses is that they get stuck in a single form of content and even style. Sadly, that means their customers and potential customers can quickly get bored and can stop responding to their online messages.

To that end, it can be super helpful to mix thing up as much as possible. Not only with the words, you use, but also the way you format things, and the images you choose as well.

For example, it has become something of a cliche for MLM sellers to overuse emojis in the social media posts, as well as use highly filtered pictures with inspirational type messages typed across, them.

Therefore, If you are going to continue to draw in a new audience for your product and build you sale figures you will need to go about things in an entirely new way, that still grabs your audience’s attention.

This is exactly the type of content to avoid.

Of course, that new way of doing things isn’t always the easiest thing to come up with. However, you will be pleased to note that there are digital marketing professional out there like Vine Digital that can help you with everything from content marketing, to paid advertising and more besides. Something that could very well give your business the edge when it comes to consistently making those targets.

Don’t worry about independent testimonials.

If you just don’t care how your MLM business does then, by all means, feel free not to pursue or make a big deal about independent and objective testimonials. After all, they are only trustworthy evidence of happy customers, pleased with the products and service you have provided them.

However, if you plan to jack the day job in and live solely off of the profits you MLM generates then testimonial may be worth a second look.

The reason for this is that although we all do it regularly now, buying online is a very different process than buying something that we have seen demonstrated or held in our hands before we part with our money. In fact, we just don’t get any of the reassurances we would if we were to go to a shop or a physical MLM demonstration.

This is vital to realize because it leaves a vacuum in the customer’s’ experience, a gap that can, if you are not careful cause the loss of a sale. Happily, this is where testimonial come in, and the more trustworthy they are, the better.

What this means is that you copying and pasting a testimonial on social media doesn’t look half as good as one that is written and displayed on an independent and trusted website. To that end, it’s a fantastic idea to offer little incentives and rewards to happy customers for leaving these and then letting you know.

Then you can link them in with your other marketing material, and this should make convincing those that are still on the fence about your product that little bit easier. Something that can help you hit your monthly target and make your MLM a successful and viable business.

Thanks for reading!


Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

All articles are solely used for educational purposes and merely the opinion of the blog writers. Please refer to the Disclaimer page for full disclosure.

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The Difference between a MLM Leader and a Distributor

At least 80% of people who try MLM wonder why it didn’t work for them. Here’s the difference between a MLM leader and a distributor.

Are you frustrated about your network marketing business?

I was too when I started.

I had no idea what to do, except for spam my opportunity links on social media.

Then, I took matters into my own hands and started to learn everything I could about MLM as a new profession.

This is where many MLM beginners fail.

They don’t it seriously enough to want to learn how to do it.

See, network marketing is a $180 Billion dollar industry. There’s 20 million distributors in the U.S. alone.

Therefore, it’s obviously a real industry and profession.

And, what do people normally do before they enter a new profession?

They go to “school.”

Millions of kids start college every year and know exactly how many credits they need to get their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees.

Network marketing should be no different.

But, what fools people into thinking MLM is a “little hobby thing” is the price tag.

For as little as $100 a month, you can own a legitimate, turn-key home-based business.

This little price tag makes people believe it’s not a serious business endeavor.

There’s thousands of distributors who earn over $20,000 a month would disagree.

It’s a real business with the potential to give you life-changing income.

Along the way, you learn about self-development to help empower others in this lucrative profession.

Learn your business as if. . .

Learn MLM as if you have $10,000 invested. . .

Learn MLM as if it’s your last shot at six-figures a year. 

Learn MLM as if you can believe that your job is a couple years from extinction.

Most people join network marketing and wait to be told what to do.

No one was there for me in the beginning, but I found plenty of resources to learn the profession.

Take matters into your own hands.

No one else is responsible for your success, even the sponsor that got you in network marketing.

They can’t do it for you.

They can only lead you to resources.

You have to do the work.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but 97% quit MLM because they didn’t find a perfect situation that was easy, instant and automated.

You can’t play in the NBA because you thought about doing it a few times.

Here’s what MLM leaders do:

  • They learn the profession inside and out, without being told to do so.
  • They create a “burning desire” to succeed no matter what and no matter how long it takes.
  • They write down their goals and work daily to achieve them.
  • They create company training if there isn’t any available.
  • They prospect thousands of people to find a handful of like-minded distributors who want to become successful.

That last point I want to discuss in detail.

MLM Leaders learn how to prospect large numbers of people.

They don’t get hung up on one prospect or distributor.

They understand that not everyone is meant to be in network marketing, and that not all distributors who join will do anything.

Leaders understand that 1 out of 60 to 100 distributors will do nothing.

Leaders ignore the big talkers and work solely with the action-takers.

If a distributor doesn’t do anything, doesn’t return emails or phone calls within the first month or less, they are cut off.

It’s nothing personal, there’s too many distributors out there to waste time hand holding one inactive one.

There will be plenty of drama and headaches.

This is the price of being an Entrepreneur.

That’s why there’s exciting shows like the Apprentice, because being an Entrepreneur is frickin’ hard.

Slapping your company’s logo up on your social media doesn’t make you an Entrepreneur or even a distributor.

Don’t get hung up on anyone.

People do strange things.

They will tell you “I want to make $30,000 a month with this business” and disappear two weeks later.

Network marketing is truly a “numbers game.”

Sort through all the hobbyists, talkers, and the game-players.

Leaders are efficient in sorting through the numbers to look for a few leaders.

More important articles about MLM:

The Efficiency of Network Marketing

Most leaders have to bring in 100 to 200 distributors to find 1 to 4 leaders that make 90% of the money.

This means thousands of leads and hundreds of distributors.

The good news is you only need 1 to 4 leaders on your MLM team to make a lot of money.

This can be achieved by going back to “sorting” through a lot of people to find your rockstars.

Quick story:

The founders of Amway brought in 500 distributors in the beginning.

Years later, only 5 distributors remained.

But, out of those 5 people, they built Amway into a 10 Billion a year business.

Those 5 were able to build a huge empire because of duplication.

Amway taught those 5 distributors how to bring in 5 people who brought in 25 people who brought in 100 people.

MLM is magical when you have exponential growth like this.

And, exponential growth happens when you have a couple rockstars on your team.

It sounds hard, but your dead-end job is harder.

You probably understand that you will work for another 20 to 40 years at a job.

Most people retire with nothing and depend on Social Security.

Network marketing can change this scenario.

The timeframe you’re looking at to build a successful network marketing business that can give you $10k to $50k a month in passive, residual income is 5 to 10 years.

So, compare:

20 years minimum at a job with annoying co-workers and boss with no retirement saved,


10 years max in network marketing to retire with 10k to 50k coming in each month whether you work or not.

You decide.

But, your decision needs to be focused, inspired and devoted.

Be consistent and learn this profession because it’s a real profession.

Don’t let the cost of membership fool you.

Thanks for reading. Please comment below. Would love your feedback.

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Discover a Simple Business that Pays a Full Time Income from Home


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5 Shocking Ways You’re Wasting Time with your MLM Distributors

One of the biggest stressors of MLM is dealing with distributors. Here’s 5 Shocking Ways You’re Wasting Time with your MLM Distributors.

Are you frustrated trying to build your MLM team?

Don’t worry. That’s common and there’s not much you can do about that except keep looking for better distributors.

People quit or do nothing in your business for a million reasons.

99% of the reasons are empty excuses and it can unhinge even the best network marketers sometimes.

Here’s 5 Ways You’re Wasting Time on Your Distributors:

One – Playing Phone Tag or Ignoring Your Email

When I get a new distributor into my business, I want to connect with them in the beginning to see what their needs are and what they expect to get out of this business.

The first indicator that they might not be a good fit in my business is if they ignore my initial call or email.

Don’t get me wrong. That’s not always a “deal breaker.”

In fact, I ignored my sponsor when he called me.

I had a lot of ego mixed with a social phobia problem and just didn’t want to hear someone potentially tell me what to do over the phone.

I relaxed a few months later and reached out to them and took the necessary steps to learn leadership myself.

But, no email or call back from your new distributor should be a warning sign.

Don’t invest too much more time on them unless they make themselves known, or take the action you required of them when they signed up.

Two – They Expect You to Build Their Business

Since my business is a Binary, I build my left leg and the new distributor only has to build their right leg (after they personally sponsor one IBO on the left leg)

Some people see my Leads going down their left leg and think that I’m building their business.

They don’t understand that they have to build their right leg by bringing in their own Leads.

Some novice distributors get “turned off” when they realize they have to do some work.

They thought that I would simply build their business and that they would get paid.

Funny, but NO.

Here’s a few more important MLM articles:

Three – They “Cross-Promote” You

Maybe 1 out of 10 of my new distributors will join a new MLM after signing up with mine.

They think that they will improve their chances of success by adding a new company to their plate, even though they can’t get Leads for their first MLM.

Adding more businesses doesn’t improve your chance of success, it in fact makes it even harder.

I will get an email a month or two after they sign up with me about how their new business is so awesome and I should check it out.

Luckily, I learned early on in my MLM career that Leaders stick to one business and give it laser-focus until it grows and flourishes.

It’s okay to add a second business if you’re generating thousands of Leads per month.

If not, adding a second business is like cheating on your spouse. Two is definitely not better, both in MLM and in marriage.

Don’t take it personally.

Wish them the best of success and move onto the distributors on your team who are 100% committed to your business.

There’s too many fish in the sea to get worked up about one misguided distributor.

Four – They Want You to Buy Leads or Their Position

Some distributors don’t know how to generate leads, so they think it’s a brilliant idea if you buy them Leads.

Don’t fall for this no matter how good the idea sounds.

If they can’t get Leads or they don’t have the money, cut them loose.

Once in awhile, a distributor will tell me they love the business but they need help financially to keep going.

Bottomline: If they can’t afford $75 a month (the price of my business) then they aren’t meant to be in business.

People will do whatever it takes to become successful.

If they have a lame excuse why they can’t afford something it means they don’t truly believe in the business and want you to float the bill.

No Bueno.

Five – Keep Recruiting

Whether your MLM business is growing consistently or stalled, you need to always be bringing in new distributors.

Distributors come and go, no matter how excited and devoted you think they are.

Even if you have one leader bringing in 100 people a month, you need to still be recruiting.

97% of distributors will quit MLM within a year or two.

Recruiting fresh distributors keeps your business alive and fresh.

Never depend on one person to build your team. They could fall ill, die, or move their entire team over to a new MLM.

Stay consistent year in and year out and always be recruiting.

Once you realize that MLM is a “numbers game” and learn how to bring in the numbers, you will become bullet proof.

Thanks for reading. Please comment below.


P.S. Network Marketing doesn’t have to be hard. Check out my simple business which could get you earning fast. Click the button below for a FREE Tour.

Discover a Simple Business that Pays a Full Time Income from Home


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How to Become Resourceful Beginning MLM

Many new MLM distributors don’t know what to do when they start their home business. Here are some tips on what to do.

Do you feel lost and scared as a new MLM distributor?

I was.

I had never heard about network marketing and MLM before.

Sure, I had made a little money doing Affiliate Marketing in the past, but never in MLM.

Two weeks after I started my MLM business, my phone rang.

I didn’t like picking up the phone, I only liked calling people, but never answering it.

Kind of like Brad Pitt in Fightclub.

He didn’t like receiving calls, only making them.

Anyways, I ignored the call but listened intently to my new MLM sponsor on the other end welcome me into my new home business.

I thought I knew enough about business in general and didn’t call him back.

Pretty soon, reality slapped me in the face.

I STILL had no idea what MLM was.

How to Become Resourceful and Take Action with your Home Business

Since I was too introverted and insecure, I wasn’t going to call my sponsor back and ask him anyone questions about what to do.

A lot of new IBOs and Distributors in network marketing do the same thing.

They feel embarrassed about sounding amature or novice or green.

So, what do you do?

You take action.

You treat your new business as if you spent $10,000 on it.

You treat your new business like a Freshman in college treats their courses to earn a beginning position in a professional career.

You don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do.

Most people wait to hold somebody’s hand.

Sometimes the hand doesn’t come being an Entrepreneur.

Being an Entrepreneur is defined as “managing risk.”

You took a risk becoming a Independent Business Owner.

You took a risk starting a new home-based business.

I congratulate you just for taking the first step.

Too many people stay in their comfort zone and slowly rot away.

You see them in hospitals, too young to be there, but too sick to live life.

Hospitals are like purgatory, they are filled with people who are between life and death.

Most of these people had poor health because of their bad habits.

I landed in a hospital for drinking and smoking and being hard on my body.

Just like exercising and eating healthy to stay out of a hospital, it’s your duty to make MLM work no matter what, to escape that dead-end job or to improve your life.

Other almost-too-honest-it-hurts articles about life & MLM:

How to Begin on the Path to Success

A couple months after I joined MLM, I decided I wasn’t going to wait for a magician to come to me and wave a wand and presto: I’m instant MLM guru, leader, successful Entrepreneur of the year.

I got off my bed and sat in front of my computer screen and watched YouTube videos about network marketing and MLM.

It took a little while to find the best leaders on YouTube who gave the best generic (not company-specific) advice on what to do.

Here’s the four best trainers I discovered on youTube:

Todd Falcone

Matt Morris

Eric Worre

Ray Higdon

I took lots of notes and even turned my notes into blog posts, which eventually attracted Leads to my business.

I watched a lot of videos.

It was my schooling. It was my training that would eventually pay off.

Too many distributors treat MLM like a hobby.

They think spending one hour a week on it is enough.

It doesn’t work like that.

No profession can be mastered working 4 hours a month!

If you wanted to be the best in any profession, you would need thousands of hours of study and implementation.

Trying to work one hour a week is a death sentence.

The death sentence is you going back to your dead-end job for thirty more years. . .

It’s going back to barely paying your bills. . .

It’s going back to the Foodbank for crappy, sugary pastries. . .

Don’t do this to yourself, or you’ll be back in purgatory hospital land.

You Can’t Outgive the Universe in Business

Randy Gage, one of my mentors, said: “You can’t outgive the Universe.”

What does that mean?

It means that all your work will not go unnoticed.

All the hard work you put into your business will pay off, guaranteed.

It might not feel like that for the first couple of years, but the Law of the Universe does not waver.

It will pay you exactly what you deserve.

You can’t “outgive the universe” means that you can’t give $1000 to charity and get a lesser return from the Universe.

The Universe is subtle and tricky, but in the long-run you will receive much more back from the World by giving that $1,000.

It will be disguised as someone showing gratitude by inviting you to their wedding and you meet their uncle who has a million dollar business proposal for you.

It will be disguised as getting a mysterious check in the mail.

You can’t outgive the Universe.

So, what’s that got to do with MLM?

Put time and effort, blood, sweat and tears into your business for a consistent period of time and the Universe will pay you back 10 times, a 100 times more.


If I told you that you will be making $10,000 a month, guaranteed, if you work consistently on your MLM business for 5 years, you would do it.

$10,000 a month is $120,000 a year.

Doctors and Lawyers make this type of money.

MLM and network marketing allows people like you and I, with no special education or degrees, to make this kind of money.

There’s no income cap in MLM and it’s legal in almost every country.

In fact, 5,500 people per day join a network marketing business in America.

It’s around 30,000 people per day globally.

The time is now for you to get off your seat.

Sitting all day watching TV is a one way ticket to the hospital.

Do what counts in MLM and your life will be transformed.

Thanks for reading. Please comment below. Would love your feedback.

Looking for a new MLM?

Click the button below for a free tour:


Discover a Simple Business that Pays a Full Time Income from Home



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How I Prospected Cold Leads for Only Three Months

Most network marketers quit before they approach their “cold market.” It’s a scary market. One I wanted to avoid at all costs. Here’s what I did instead.

Going back two and a half years, I was holding my $40 cell phone in the hot parked car in our driveway preparing to call “my list.”

I was about to call a list of strangers about my network marketing business and didn’t want to call them from inside our house.

This list of phone numbers was about half businesses that were generated by an internet “scraper” software that scanned the internet for any listed phone numbers.

It was a joke, half of the businesses were laundromats and the other half were churches.

I made it down one page and heard a lot of “No’s” or the phone hanging up on me.

At the end of the first page, I had heard a “maybe, tell me more.”

That guy ended up talking for over an hour about his life, his mansion, and his yacht.

After an hour, I quietly hung up on him and walked back into the house.

The 90 degree car had made my shirt wet with sweat and I had to change when I got inside.

I was upset about the shirt because that meant laundry day was coming soon and we had no money.

Discovering First Lead Generation trick

I knew there was a better way, but I also knew that cold calling was fast and effective, but you had to hear a lot of “no’s.”

I took a chance and threw away that list of lame numbers and started looking at my Twitter account that had about 80,000 followers on it.

I realized at that moment that my tweets sounded spammy about my opportunity. So, I changed them.

I got a few more Leads that way.

I then looked at the direct message I sent out to all my new followers.

It seemed people responded better to a direct message on Twitter rather than from a “tweet.”

I use using a app to send out automated messages called Crowdfire.

It was a good app, but I didn’t like the way that crowdfire put their branding at the end of the direct message. So, I discovered that if I upgraded to a higher package it would be removed.

This helped a lot. It made my message more real, like I was there asking my new followers:

Thanks! I have a new business and I’m looking for partners. Are you open to other business ventures? Here:(personal link)”

That was the message that would eventually bring in a few thousand leads.

It was the best Lead Generation technique for Twitter.

The only thing I needed to do was unfollow and follow monday thru friday on my Twitter account so that the message would be sent out.

This was my first version of “prospecting” online and it was a lot better than sitting in a hot car, getting hung up on.

Discovering the Second MLM Lead trick

I knew that Lead generation methods didn’t last forever.

I knew that my good time with Twitter would eventually dry up. This is where a lot of distributors give up.

They get lazy and rely on one source until it disappears and instead of researching a new method they walk away instead.

I didn’t want to be a MLM fatality.

But, what would I do that kept these automated Leads coming my way?

Blogging. Yep.

I knew if I wanted to catch my fall from Twitter Lead generation, I would need to start blogging now.

Social media was the short game; blogging was the long game.

I had watched a lot of the network marketing leaders write content and shoot video everyday from their blogs.

Some mentioned that they got thousands of Leads each month on autopilot, simply from their blog.

It sounded like a dream come true.

The term that these leaders tossed around was: Attraction Marketing.

I won’t bore you with the definition.

If you’re on this blog, you know what Attraction Marketing is.

All I knew was that I wanted some Attraction Marketing love my way.

The Blog Journey Rockets forth

This blog had been sitting on the sidelines since August 2014.

I had three other blogs, so I rotated content between them and only got a post or two a month on this one.

That all changed when I decided to do a 90 day blog challenge.

I started blogging every day and saw some pretty good numbers.

I then decided to bag the other blogs and devote all my energy to this one.

Almost 300 posts later, this blog is a Attraction marketing machine.

If you don’t have your own blog, get one.

And, I’m not talking about a premade one or a blogger.com or wordpress.com.

I mean, a self-hosted blog with wordpress running on it.

Now, I don’t need to worry about Twitter so much.

I have this blog as well.

If you truly want to get out of your day job and work on your terms, you need to blog full-time.

Don’t worry, it get’s easier.

This post only took an hour to write.

You’ll get to the point of pumping out a post in under two hours every day.

Here’s the Reality of Blogging

Most people quit blogging.

They go hard for six months and quit because their traffic still sucks.

But, let’s pretend you knew exactly how many posts you needed to quit your day job.

Here’s what I’m proposing:

I’ve heard of bloggers going full-time with their blog after writing 365 blog posts.

I’ve also heard of others where it took 500 to 1,000 blog posts to go full-time.

I’m saying that the magic number is 500.

That’s right.

If you knew that for sure, 500 quality (600-2400 word) posts could get you out of your day job and working from home in your slippers, would you do it?

If you blog once a day, that’s roughly 18 months.

18 months. 500 posts.

That’s my proposal.

I know it works.

Learn how to format your posts, put a “call-to-action” at the end of your posts, decide what network marketing product you want to promote, and BAM!

Retired from job.

18 months.

500 posts.

For real.

Just do it!

I know you can.

If you need a high payout, simple Network Marketing business, check out mine HERE.

Thanks for reading! Please comment below. Would love your feedback.

The post How I Prospected Cold Leads for Only Three Months appeared first on Health and Wealth Tips for Gen X.

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Top 50 Questions and Answers for Network Marketers

With over 4,000 words, this MLM FAQ is the COMPLETE guide for Network Marketers. Here’s the Top 50 Questions and Answers for Network Marketers.

Part A: Answers for Starting Network Marketing

  • How Do I join Network Marketing?

Network marketing is designed to benefit everyone who belongs to a network marketing company. Therefore, you need to join a network marketing business of your choosing through a “sponsor” or distributor of that particular company you would like to join.

However, there may be product of that particular company offered in retail outlets, like Amazon or eBay. That doesn’t mean you become a distributor buying product this way. It merely means you can buy the product as a customer.

If you want to get wholesale prices and become a legitimate distributor for your desired company, you need to sign up under a distributor or sponsor of that company to become eligible for commissions.

  • How do I locate a sponsor?

Finding a sponsor means first finding a product you feel good about using and promoting.

Once you find your ideal product, find out the company’s name who makes that product, then Google the product’s name until you find someone who is talking about it.

Find out if they are a distributor of that company and if they look like a person you could be in business with for the long-term then sign up under them.

  • How do I make money in Network Marketing?

Network marketing, also known as “word of mouth” marketing, is exactly what it sounds like: spreading the word about a product of service that you love through networking with people.

It’s important to use and love your network marketing products or services so that you can be sincere in recommending them to a variety of people.

You make money in MLM by the volume of product that you move. You will make ten times the money if you have a 100 customers than you would if you only had 10 customers.

You earn more money by getting distributors on your team rather than customers, but customers are an important aspect in building a solid organization as well. You will invariably have more customers than distributors on your team, which is common.

*Start a Business from Home HERE

  • What’s the difference between MLM, Network Marketing, and Direct Selling?

These terms all mean the same thing. MLM stands for “Multi-Level Marketing.”

Direct Selling means product goes directly from the distributor to the customer or another distributor without the middleman.

That’s why distributors can earn great money. There’s not a lot of overhead in network marketing, that’s why many companies are switching to this type of business model. There’s thousands of network marketing companies in the world due to this efficiency.

  • Do I need to know how to do sales?

No. Salesman actually don’t do that well in network marketing because it’s about becoming a leader and helping others sincerely using the network marketing business model.

Salesman who are too aggressive and only are in it to make lots of money usually fail miserably.

It’s all about connecting with people on a genuine level and truly wanting to help others before helping yourself.

If you’re sincere and have a great story that can resonate with others, then you will be great.

  • Do I have to bug family and friends?

Although many network marketing leaders suggest starting with your “warm market,” aka friends and family first, it’s not mandatory.

Warm Market is easier to start with because friends and family usually are open to your offer more than strangers because they love and support you.

But, on the other hand, friends and family are worse because they love and support you! If they reject your offer because they are “looking out for you” you could become more easily crushed and this could derail you.

It is possible to do this business all on the internet and solely work with strangers, aka the “Cold Market.”

  • How much does it cost to start?

Most network marketing opportunities are inexpensive, usually for the price of the product you could become a legitimate distributor of that company.

The range of becoming a distributor of a MLM company is usually $50 to $150. In order to remain eligible for commissions, you will have to remain as an “active” distributor by enrolling in the monthly autoship of your products.

  • What is “autoship?”

Autoship is a product setting that the company uses to ensure you keep getting the product on a monthly basis.

Once your autoship is set up with the company, you don’t need to reorder the product. It will simply ship out to you on the day you requested on a monthly basis.

It is also easy to discontinue your autoship by going into your control panel and cancelling it. You cancel the autoship to discontinue being a distributor as well, so there’s no obligation remaining in this business if you want to cancel.

  • How do I get paid?

Depending on your company, most network marketing companies pay through Direct Deposit into your bank account, or they offer a company-provided debit card which will be sent to you upon your request.

  • When do I get paid?

Most network marketing companies pay weekly, bi-weekly and also monthly for the residual income component. You only get paid if you have earned it through sales or bonuses.

  • Do you need a college degree?

No. The beautiful aspect of Direct Selling is that it allows average people the ability to earn extraordinary income. There’s no requirement for any education level. You simply need to be over 18 years of age.

  • Are there any other special requirements?

The only requirement is that you are willing to learn on a continual basis and learn perseverance. This is a real business and should be treated like a real profession.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a life change. Network marketing rewards those who turn this opportunity into their lifelong mission to empower as many people as people, financially, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Part B:Answers about the Business of Network Marketing

  • Do I need a Business License?

No. You only need to become an active distributor to be an “Independent Business Owner.”

  • Do I need an office?

No. Most network marketing companies operate in the “cloud,” meaning they are mostly run using the internet, in the exception of manufacturing, customer support and distribution departments.

When you become a distributor or IBO, you are given your own personalized website and “Lead capture pages” to promote your business.

It is up to you how you want to promote your business, but you don’t need a physical office. You can promote your links using flyers, social media, videos, etc.

*Start a Business from Home HERE

  • Do I need to hold onto inventory?

No. You only need to order your personal supply, which could be as little as one item.

  • Do I need to ship product to my customers?

No. Your company holds onto the product and ships it directly to your customers and distributors when they order through your personal website. (that’s why it’s called “Direct” Selling.)

Most companies can ship globally to most countries with a few exceptions. Direct Selling is nearing $200 Billion in annual global sales and is truly a global industry.

  • How do I cancel my orders?

You would go into your “control panel” by logging back into your dashboard of your company. If you don’t know how to do that, contact customer support. Then, you simply cancel your autoship and you are no longer a member.

  • How do I cancel being a distributor or customer?

Same answer as for “How do I cancel my orders?”

  • Do I need to file taxes?

Most likely. You should get a 1099 tax form from your company during tax season. There are many tax advantages for home-based business owners which you are in MLM.

  • How is MLM better than other Traditional Businesses?

MLM has certain advantages over traditional businesses, such as low risk and very minimal overhead. With Traditional Business, you usually need to pay for a Lease, merchandise, equipment and hire a staff. This adds up to a high overhead and there’s a 90% failure rate within 5 years of a small business starting up.

Network marketing is only $50 to $150 a month, there’s no inventory or employees to worry about and you can cancel anytime.

Network marketing also has a residual, passive income component which allows distributors to make passive income every month without doing any extra work. Not many, if any, Traditional businesses offer passive, residual income.

Part C: Answers for Building the Business

  • How do I grow my business?

You grow your business by learning the proper techniques of prospecting, recruiting, objection-handling and closing.

You connect with your sponsor and attend all company training. You remain coachable and learn the business.

The more you learn about the business the better your conversion rate will become and the higher quality of prospect you will attract.

You begin to implement an easy, duplicatable system that all your team members can easily follow.

  • What is a duplicatable system?

A duplicatable system is used in network marketing to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

This system can come in the form of short business videos, recorded webinars, or a marketing plan from a leader within your company that you can use to prospect and grow your business with, also known as “tools.”

These tools are basic because the simpler people can understand and implement these systems, the quicker your business will duplicate and grow.

  • What is a “capture page?”

A capture page is like a one page website that has either a video or ad copy that entices prospects to leave their name and email for more information, thus becoming an active prospect for your opportunity.

  • How do I promote my business?

There’s many ways you can promote your business, either online or offline. The bottomline is getting your opportunity link or video seen by as many people as possible.

It’s wise to experiment with various platforms to see what works and stick to one or two methods that work and master them.

You might be great on camera, so you should do videos. You might be a great writer, so you should do blogging.

  • Do I need to create a website?

No. Most network marketing companies will provide you with your own personal website that you can promote any way you like in an ethical manner, meaning no blatant spamming or mass emailing.

You simply go into your company’s dashboard and go to your website address, copy and paste that link into a Word Doc so you can use it whenever you like.

You can also shorten the link so it looks nicer by using a link shortening service like Bit.ly, Buffer, or TinyURL.com.

  • How do I start a Blog?

Many network marketing leaders use a blog to attract leads to their opportunity. This method is also called “Attraction Marketing” and is powerfully effective. Although, blogging is easy to do, it takes consistent effort in posting regularly for a couple years for a blog to become effective and to get enough organic traffic from the Search Engines.

  • How do I start making videos?

Video marketing is also another powerful method for attracting prospects to your opportunity. It is easier than ever to shoot a quick video using apps like Periscope and video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

You can also use JW Player on your blog to play your videos without the distraction and recommendations of other people’s videos on Vimeo and YouTube. Never just hype your business opportunity. Provide value by talking about solutions to problems people face.

  • What should I talk about?

Valuable content is king. No one likes someone who just hypes their business opportunity. Your first series of content should be your introduction to the online world.

Talk about who you are, what you do, and what you want to do to help people. What are you good at? You have special talents outside of your network marketing opportunity, that people can benefit from.

Videos which are 5 minutes or less are ideal, since attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Once you establish a following you can mention your opportunity, but only at the end of your content where you add a “call-to-action.”

  • How do I become a Brand and Authority?

You may have heard about “Branding Yourself” online. This means that you become the brand people go to, instead of your network marketing opportunity.

Position yourself as a brand, like Oprah for example, and cover all the topics in your desired niche or market.

For example: Betty is one of the best Vegan cooks online and she has lots of content that helps people cook Vegan foods. Underneath her content, she uses affiliate links and network marketing links to monetize her brand.

Since she is the brand, she doesn’t have to worry about one of her opportunities discontinuing. She simply can transition to another product because her name wasn’t built around one particular opportunity.

Branding yourself creates freedom and reduces risk. I do recommend focusing a 100% on your network marketing opportunity for the first two years, if not indefinitely.

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  • What happens if a distributor quits?

Network marketing is a “people” business and people are unpredictable. You will experience people joining your business and then quitting for a variety of reasons.

Most people don’t like to work. It’s your responsibility to keep recruiting new distributors until you find the ones willing to do the work and actually take action. Anyone can talk about doing something, but focus on the distributors who are actually taking action.

Over 95% who try network marketing will quit. This is common amongst competitive marketplaces. Network marketing is very efficient and can still make a lot of money for you with only having 5 to 10 distributors on your team who are building the business.

Have faith. The more you develop as a leader, the more you will attract leader-types into your business.

  • Why is my business not growing?

There are many reasons, but the most common problem is that you’re not showing enough people your opportunity.

It takes time to develop this business, just like any other business, and the more you test your prospecting methods, the more leads you can attract. Some methods you try won’t work. It’s important not to grow attached to one method, especially if it doesn’t work.

Stop a method that doesn’t work within two weeks and move onto another method. Check your analytics in your company’s control panel to see what is working for you.

In the beginning of my business I thought Facebook would work well, but I actually got more Leads from Twitter.

Always A/B test your methods and adapt. Try to avoid paid advertising in the beginning until you learn how to write effective ads. Buy courses on how to do marketing rather than advertising in the beginning.

Learning marketing is far more important in the beginning instead of wasting your money on ineffective ads.

  • What are “Leads?”

Leads are prospects who signed up on your website to look at the opportunity. These people are just checking it out. This does not mean they will automatically upgrade to a paid member.

  • How many Leads do I need?

This varies greatly, but the leaders have learned how to get hundreds or thousands of Leads through their prospecting methods.

This will take time to master. It usually starts slow in the beginning. I remember only getting a handful of Leads per week until I learned more about Marketing.

Be patient. This is a new profession for most people. You don’t just become a surgeon by watching a few seasons of ER. You attend at least 8 years of college.

Network marketing should be treated just as seriously. Your retirement depends on it!

  • How do I find prospects?

There’s a lot of ways to find prospects offline and online. Here’s just a few:

Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Pinterest, Instagram. Apps, like Snapchat, Periscope, Vine. Blogging. Craigslist. YouTube. Vimeo. Email Marketing. Cold calling. Friends and family. Relatives. Google Adsense. Facebook ads. Meetups. Flyers. Business cards. Bumper stickers. Window decals. Anywhere.

  • How do I talk to prospects?

Talking to prospects effectively takes practice. You want to naturally ask these questions at the end of a conversation. Don’t run up to someone you don’t know and ask. Start a natural conversation and tie it in naturally as if to say: “By the way. . .”

Here’s two simple ways to ask:


(btw) “Do you know anyone who is looking for extra income?”


(btw) “I’ve started a new business and I’m looking for some partners. I’d love to work with you. Are you open to other business ventures?


(btw) “I respect the way you do business. Would you be open to a side project?”

  • What is the conversion rate of people who upgrade?

This depends on how well the prospect knows you or how much they trust you. A complete stranger who doesn’t know you will maybe upgrade 1% or 2% out of a hundred leads. If someone knows and trusts you, the conversion rate skyrockets to maybe 20% to 60%.

  • How many people do I need on my team to grow big?

There’s many people who bend the truth when it comes to this number. Most likely you will not get rich bringing in two people into your business.

If you want to truly become a rockstar in network marketing, you will probably need to bring in 50 to 150 distributors.

There’s many factors to this but the most important factor is the quality of your distributors and how well you work with them. If you ignore your new distributors they will probably quit. If you work closely with your distributors and form a strong bond, you will go far.

Don’t let these numbers scare you. If you brought in 2 distributors a month, you would have 24 distributors a year and you would have 120 after 5 years.

5 years is not a long time to potentially earn enough money to retire, compared to a job that barely retires you in 40 years. It’s worth looking at network marketing as a 5 to 10 year career.

Part D: Answers about Income

  • What is residual income?

Residual Income is income that continues to come in after initial effort, whereas a job provides “Linear income” which needs to be worked for on a continuing basis, usually per hour.

  • What is leveraged income?

Leveraged Income is income you earn off of other people’s efforts.This type of income can come from having employees that you earn money off of, like landscapers and laborers, or you can earn commissions off of everyone on your MLM team.

  • How do I earn money from everybody on my team?

For example:

You bring Bob into your business. You get $25. (First level)

Bob brings in Tina and Jay: You get $10 for Each. (Second Level)

Tina and Jay bring in 5 people: You get $5 each. (Third level)

Those 5 bring in 25 people. You get $2.50 Each. (Fourth Level)

The best way to earn income from Direct Selling is to teach your distributors how to bring in their own distributors. That’s why it’s important to have a duplicatable system that everyone can understand and use.

  • How do I get distributors to build their business?

When you get a new distributor on your team it’s very important to lead them to further training, either using a company webinar, a training video, or by calling them if you have enough experience.

Most MLM companies have some sort of training, but speaking one on one with your new distributors is imperative.

If you feel that you are too inexperienced yourself to speak to your new distributors, get your sponsor to speak with them.

  • How much money can you make in MLM?

There’s no income “cap” in network marketing and it is perfectly legal to earn a lot of money. Network marketing leaders earn anywhere from $20,000 to $1,000,000 a month. They got there by helping thousands of people live a better life.

  • Why am I making under $100 a month?

Most new distributors wonder why they aren’t making a lot of money in the beginning.

In MLM, you work very hard in the beginning for little pay and work very little for a lot of pay in the end. This is the normal progression of network marketing in a nutshell.

Once you have distributors on your team who are developing their teams, you will start earning income off of a lot of people, not just by your efforts alone.

In the beginning, you are usually alone trying to develop a team. The income is small until your business starts gaining momentum when your team starts building as well.

Part E: Answers about Self-Development & Leadership

  • Why does self-development matter in network marketing?

Self-development matters because this is a “people-orientated” business.

New distributors go through a lot of personal issues in the beginning because this is a scary new business venture for them and they need to learn how to brand themselves and be helpful to others. Network marketing can reveal your character flaws.

For example: Most new distributors join MLM for the money. This can turn into desperation and greed, which your prospects can pick up on.

The more you work on becoming a “selfless” leader who wants nothing more than to help people achieve their goals, the more your business will grow.

The biggest mistake new distributors make is blatantly spamming their opportunity links in places like Facebook groups and not providing any value whatsoever.

It’s all about relationships and if..

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