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Here at Ellard, we provide an expert service supplying accessories and operators for automatic swing doors to those in the trade. We have years of experience in the industry, and supply a complete range of operators for automatic swing doors, as well as other types of automatic door.

We supply two types of operator for automatic swing doors. Each type is suitable for different applications; from retail units to health care premises, as well as commercial facilities. To help you choose which is right for your needs, you can find a list of each operator’s key features and benefits below.

Reliable, Durable, and Safe Operators for Automatic Swing Doors

The two operators for automatic swing doors that we supply are the ELL 105 and the ELL 205. While both operators are of superior build quality, they also offer unparalleled reliability and value for money. Furthermore, the installation remains simple, whilst using minimal space and ensuring low noise levels.

ELL 105
  • Suitable for doors weighing a maximum of 200kg
  • Mechanical servo-assisted operator
  • Encoder controlled
  • Monitors itself in real time
  • Guaranteed safe operation
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Optional features available

The ELL 105 is available in push or pull varieties. They are incredibly easy to install, maintain, and operate; being powered using an electric motor, they are ideal for all end users, as well as those with disabilities.

ELL 205
  • Suitable for doors up to 400kg
  • Servo-assisted motor with spring
  • Encoder controlled
  • Safe usage guaranteed even after 1 million cycles
  • Ideal for bi-parting doors
  • Suitable for use with fire doors
  • European safety regulation compliant

The ELL 205 offers versatile use, and can likewise be fitted as a push or pull unit. Furthermore, they can be customised with optional features.

Accessories for Automatic Swing Doors

Motion Sensor (Stock code) – 88020

Exit push button (Stock code) – 09088

Wired push button (Stock Code) – 88004 

Disabled Access push button (Stock code) – 09087

Disabled Access door release (Stock code) – 09075

Wired push button with LED (Stock code) – 88005

Touchless Sensor (Stock code) – 88025 

1CH Radio receiver (Stock code) – 15276

2cH Radio receiver (Stock code) – 15277 

Wireless Push button (Stock code) – 88024

 Key Switch LED   (Stock code) – 88018

Accessories for Automatic Sliding Doors

HR50 Uni Motion Sensor (Stock code) – 08999

Optex Dual Action Sensor – activation & safety (Stock code) – 88007

Optex Side Actions Sensor – Safety only (Stock code) – 88009

Learn More on Our Operators for Automatic Swing Doors/Automatic Sliding Doors

If you are in need of operators for automatic swing doors/ automatic sliding doors, please don’t hesitate to call us and discuss your requirements. Moreover, you can view our complete range of products here.

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Ellard now supply sliding door operators for automatic doors worldwide.  Quick turn around and delivery can be assured.

Ellard are renowned for delivering exceptional products. Rigorously tested and manufactured with precision, we take great pride in being a leading trade supplier of components and accessories for industrial and commercial automatic doors.  In fact, motors are tested for up to 1 million cycles.

Strong and Reliable Sliding Door Operators for Automatic Doors

In high traffic premises where automatic doors open and close constantly, it is important to ensure that doors operate safely, smoothly, and efficiently.

The good news is that here at Ellard, our products are expertly manufactured and we supply door operators which provide exactly this.

In fact, the Spider automatic sliding door operator can be easily retrofitted to existing automatic doors and features a sleek design which takes up little space.

Despite its compact design the operator still delivers an optimum level of strength and reliability as it can easily hold a 200kg single door or a 180kg double door and when combined with one of our battery backups, you can still gain access to your facility even in the event of a power failure. Our operators are strong, powerful, and dependable at all times.

Contact Ellard for Automatic Door Accessories and More

At Ellard, we take great pride in distributing a variety of accessories and access control components which make door management and movement easier in industrial and commercial settings. For information about our range of components for automatic doors, please contact us today. One of our sales engineers will be more than happy to help and can answer any questions that you may have.

More information on the training of our products can be found on the website, we offer a one day course that covers the installation and maintenance of our automatic door operator products.

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Indutrade signs UN Global Compact (UNGC) Thu, Mar 28, 2019 Indutrade today signed the UN’s Global Compact sustainability initiative. In doing so Indutrade has committed itself to working with the Global Compact’s ten principles for sustainable development in the four areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. With more than 9,500 companies as signatories based in more than 160 countries, the UN Global Compact is the world’s largest strategic sustainability initiative for companies. The initiative was started 1999 and urges companies to take global responsibility and adapt their strategies and operations to the ten principles. These are derived from the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the UN Convention Against Corruption. Once a year Indutrade will issue a Communication on Progress (CoP) that details how we are conducting our operations in accordance with the 10 principles and outlines our responsibility. The Communication on Progress will be published on the UN Global Compact’s website, available to the general public. “The Global Compact’s principles have guided Indutrade in its work with sustainability and corporate responsibility for many years, and I am proud that we are now formal signatories and participants in the Global Compact,” comments Bo Annvik, President and CEO of Indutrade. “Managing business in a responsible manner is critical for long-term sustainable growth, development and profitability.” Read more about the UN Global Compact and the ten principles on: www.unglobalcompact.org.

Stockholm, 28 March 2019


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Ellard News by Administrator - 3M ago

Operators for entrance doors Ell205

The Ell205 is the ideal automation for any application, offering power and control for a safe and reliable performance on doors weighing up to 400 Kg.

The use of operators for entrance doors is ideal for all commercial and public environments, including hospitals and airports, if required customisation of functions can be made using batteries, safety sensors, program selectors and bi-parting door controls.

  • The push arm version can move doors up to 400 Kg in weight; the servo assisted motor with spring guarantees a reliable closing movement while the encoder offers perfect control of the kinematic movement
  • Strong steel mechanical components and long long lasting motor offer exceptional operator reliability
  • The ELL205 has been tested for up to 1M cycles
  • Perfect dynamic control also for bi-parting doors, with a range of selections for managing movement – overlap, contact, no contact, double exit
Easy to use
  • Easy to configure; single operator suitable for all applications and 2 different arms, push and pull also for fire door applications
  • Many mechanical accessories, like shaft and arm extensions to adapt the operator perfectly to wall and door positions
  • Other functionality modes are available; push and go, power assist to meet the needs of the customer
  • The ELL205 complies with all European standards and directives, including standard EN16005
  • Safety is also guaranteed with the use of safety sensors
  • In the event of power failure a battery kit is available to guarantees continuous operation
  • External LED shows the status of the door.
  • The ELL205 also has certification for use on fire doors (SP SITAC)

Ellard offer  motors for both automatic swing doors and automatic sliding doors

Contact our helpful sales engineers to discuss your requirements for automatic door operators of any nature.  We also host regular training sessions specifically on the products we sell to assist you when installing and maintaining our openers, more information on these courses can be found on our training page.

Information about our supplier can be located here.

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Dear valued customer,

Re: Merger between NRG Automation and Ellard LTD

All NRG employees are moving to Ellard Ltd in Manchester and the NRG building will close on Friday April 5th 2019.

Marketing: On a day-to-day, it’s business as usual only now we have new resources and capabilities to continue driving your business forward.

Regarding your marketing literature. Ellard Ltd are now responsible for distributing  newsletter campaigns for both companies.

Many thanks

The Marketing Team

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any Ellard or NRG Automation information please contact us immediately.

More information

NRG Automation are one of the leading UK trade supplier of products used to automate and control industrial doors, garage doors, roller shutters, gates , powered blinds & awnings & LED lighting.

Ellard Ltd is an industry leading supplier of door drives, controls, and accessories for automatic doors and gates.  In addition we also offer a wide range of gate automation, barriers, and access control solutions. Ellard have recently expanded their portfolio introducing automatic door systems for pedestrian access.

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Ellard News by Administrator - 3M ago

Automated Entrance Doors

The ELL 105 offers a smart automation solution making life easier for anyone entering any business, retail outlet, hotel, care home or or similar.

Discover its unique features that ensure access without barriers and ease of operation that our operators for automated entrance doors provide.

Performance of automated entrance door operators
  • High performance with up to 200 kg door weight and mechanical servo-assisted operator, encoder controlled
  • Reliable operation; strong components and real time self monitoring of operator status
  • Safety is guaranteed by the opening control system and motion detection safety signal
  • Low noise level
Convenience and flexibility of automated entrance door operators
  • Easy installation, set-up and maintenance
  • PUSH and PULL versions available
  • Easy program selection to expand functions (with card) if necessary
  • One operator matches specific installation requirements – double leaf doors, installations in presence of wind, key controlled access)
  • Power assisted; entire opening operation is carried out by low, motor assisted power, making it an ideal solution for users with or without disabilities
Safe and reliable automated entrance doors
  • Several operating modes to match different demands – push and go, power assisted, key impulse
  • Low energy mode and battery kit available
  • Convenient operator control via sensors, switch, program and key selectors
  • The ELL105 has obtained SP SITEC and EXOVA Warrington test report certification for use on fire doors.

Type of Operations – Motor opening, spring and motor closing

Kinematic management – Encoder

Maximum capacity – 200 kg

Duration test – 1m door cycles

Protection rating – IP20

Electrical protection – class I

Operating temperature <20 /+45 C

More information on the ELL 205 Operator for Swing Doors up to 400 Kg here.

Do you need training on the ELL105 operators for automated entrance doors?  Contact us today for upcoming dates on all of our training courses that we host here at Ellard.  Ellard are the one stop solution for your training needs, if you are unsure if we cover the training you require, please ask!

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Ellard News by Administrator - 3M ago
Ellard Flange Mount Motors  – Fact File


All flange mount motors are handed (Left or Right hand)




We also offer motors with a built in brake and motors without a brake

Flange mount motors are driven by a shaft using a sprocket, plate wheel and chain to drive the door in the up or down direction


Ellard Flange mount motor range includes:


  • F100 C GB – 100nm motor, 25mm shaft (non-braked motor) High level hand chain
  • F100 CB GB – 100nm motor, 25mm shaft (Braked motor) High level hand chain
  • F100 CB KE – 100nm motor, 25mm shaft (Braked motor) Low level hand chain
  • F160 CB GB – 160nm motor, 30mm shaft (Braked motor) High level hand chain
  • F160 CB KE – 160nm motor, 30mm shaft (Braked motor) Low level hand chain


  • FT160 CB GB – 160nm motor, 30mm shaft (Braked motor) High level hand chain
  • F300 CB GB – 300nm motor, 35mm shaft (Braked motor) High level hand chain

Single Phase range:


  • W370 C GB – 70nm motor, 25mm shaft (non-braked motor) High level hand chain
  • W370 C KE – 70nm motor, 25mm shaft (non-braked motor) Low level hand chain


  • WT395 CB GB – 95nm, 30mm shaft (Braked motor) High level hand chain

Complete kit would need the following:

  • Flange mount motor
  • Safety brake c/w shafts and discs
  • Sprocket
  • Plate wheel
  • 1.5 metres of drive chain
  • Bearing, plain shaft and discs to suit barrel
  • Top hat bracket if motor is mounted inboard

Ellard Flange Mount Motors – facts about the range

• Available from 70Nm to 300Nm
• Low level or high level override mechanisms
• With or without brake
• Fully pre-wired with 7mtr push button cable length and 8mtr haul chain as standard
• Supplied as Impulse Up, Deadman Down operation as standard
• Easily upgraded to accept all types of safety features or include remote control

• Comprehensive range of safety brakes all TUV approved to latest European standards
• Plug in connector lead between motor and safety brake which enable easy interlock connection
• Wide range of drive gear sets in either 5/8 ” or 1/2 ” pitch (plate wheel, sprocket, drive chain and connecting links)



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Ellard News by Administrator - 3M ago

Dear Valued Customer

After some deliberation I would like to inform you that I have decided to take early retirement for purely personal reasons, and will leave the company on the 5th April.
This decision has not been easy but after 43 years in the door industry it is time to “hang up my boots” as some would say.
I have many personal things I would like to do; I have new roots that await and will move from mainland UK very shortly, a list of household jobs has been prepared, so this will keep me occupied for many months. In addition, and now that I can afford the time I want to travel and visit the many places that are on my bucket list.
The last 11 years has seen Ellard grow from a company in a very dangerous predicament in 2008 to one that is now extremely successful, it has been a pleasure to work with you during this time on what has been a truly remarkable and enjoyable journey that we have shared together and one that I am sure has been beneficial to both our businesses through our strong cooperation
During that period we have had consistently good sales growth and in 2013 moved to our current, prestigious premises, a legacy that gives me great pride.
The company is in good shape with a solid foundation for further growth, backed by very supportive owners in Indutrade. With the exciting recent addition of NRG the future looks very encouraging, so now the reigns are passed into Paul’s very capable hands, to take the business to the next level. I am sure you will all give him the same support, commitment and loyalty that you have shown to me during my time at the helm.
Finally and most importantly I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the business you have placed with Ellard, for the relationships that have been built and that I will always value and I hope  you will continue to work in closely together in the future.
I wish you good health, good luck and success for many years to come.

Thank you

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Ellard News by Administrator - 3M ago

Practical and functional motors for balanced and sectional garage doors

 The safety and convenience of being able to access your garage without leaving your vehicle

  • Accurate and safe operation with use of an encoder
  • Sound signalling during automatic closing
  • Control panel with keypad and LCD display
  • Connection compartment protected by a lid
  • Integrated LED courtesy light (400 lm), expandable to 1200 lm
  • Minimum energy consumption when in stand by <0.5 Wh
  • Operation in case of absence of power using the B-PACK battery back up
  • Operation with solar power using the ECO-LOGIC

  • 700Nm and 100Nm versions available
  • UK plug as standard
  • 3 year warranty
  • Chain or belt drive available
  • Accurate and safe operation with encoder
  • Push buttons at the back of the motor for easy programming
  • Control panel with keypad and LCD display
  • On/off light (400 lm) can be increased to 1000 lm with accessory module
  • Use of the MR2 for up to 1008 codes (252 transmitters)
  • Battery backup compatible, allowing operation even in the event of power failure
  • ECO-Logic compatible to allow operation via solar panel (ATRIS—700 BC model ) low energy 0.5 watts per hour

  • Programming via 4 buttons and display
  • Input for photocells or safety edges
  • Output for flashing light 24V with intermittence
  • ADI connection modules for managing Bluetooth V2 App Tool
  • Quick menu for easy programming of device
  • Input for an external start button
  • Self-learning of times, slow-downs and forces both in opening and closing phase
  • Plug-in adaptor for modular radio receiver MR2
  • Input for external stop button
  • Obstacle detection function

Contact us today for trade places and to place your orders.

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Ellard News by Administrator - 3M ago
February Newsletters from Ellard Ellard Battery Back Up Systems


Ellard supply sleep mode battery backup kits to guarantee means of exit,  giving a power supply to door motors in the event of power failure.

Sleep mode on the unit extends battery life from hours to days

Battery backup kit can be supplied with either a single pole key switch or remote control that both wakes the unit and starts the motor

Custom designed and built control panel with plug connectors makes it easy to wire, and contains all cables needed

The system can also be activated by a volt free signal from a fire alarm or other access control equipment

Ideal as a retrofit for existing door installations

Compatible with all Ellard tube motors, up to 350 Nm

Volt Free version available for use on  single phase JM Fire Motors

Genesis Remote Control

Comes complete with two transmitters
100 transmitters memory
Can come pre-wired with 1.5m plug
Fully compliant photocell safety circuit
Large Visual power and signal indicators
Aesthetically designed to blend into most surroundings
Operating range 30m (approx.)
Power supply 230v 50hz, 1ph
Max motor load of up to 500W
Easy to wire in, with more space than the Athena
Volt free version available to expand functions of basic 3rd party controllers (Modification by Ellard)
Dedicated connections for safety brake, external push button station/key switch and photocell
Secure 5-way cable clamping system

Easy Group Controller

Perfect for window shutters applications, due to DEADMAN nature of control

Can be utilised on both doors and windows (e.g. 3 windows and 1 door) DEADMAN control via push buttons, remotes or key switches.

Contactors can be a mix of standard or volt free, please let our sales engineers know at time of order

Units can be linked together (daisy-chained) to increase capacity

150Nm Non Manual Tube Motors

Ellard have introduced the 150 Non manual override tube motor to compliment the 50Nm and 100Nm already in the non-manual range

This 10RPM motor is ideal for use where customers have limited head room and or use on large window shutter applications

Stock Code: 11387

Motors come with 97mm adaptors as standard, other adaptors are available upon request.

Auto Sliding Door Operators

The new Spider controller meets all the requirements of  EN16005 European Legislation ensuring safety is of the upmost importance.

Variety of complimentary products and accessories are available.
Key Product Features

  • Intelligent micro control and precision machinery manufacturing
  • Smart self-learning system
  •  6 mtr double extended aluminium slimline track, with sound reducing unique roller profile for low noise & smooth operation
  • Powerful long life brushless DC motor
  • 3 wheel hanger design to prevent lifting
  • Easy access terminals to allow connection of full range of accessories
  • Monitored battery backup with optional opening programs, working times and limit setting
  • Monitored safety sensor inputs
  • Door cycle working memory
  • Hinged profile fascia for ease of maintenance
  • Service & maintenance alert feature
  • Tested for a minimum of 1 million operating cycles

150NM Manual Tube Motors
All motors CE, MLV and ROHS compliant
All motors electrically tested prior to leaving the factory
Easily adjustable mechanical limits
Full range of tubular motor adaptors available

Our range covers many applications from residential to commercial and industrial

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