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Are you looking for a chance to explore the open roads? ABCO has a brand new sleeper cabs and is seeking qualified drivers for several positions. These truck driving jobs offer drivers state-of-the-art equipment, flexible schedules and more.

Sleeper Cab Truck Driving Jobs

Make the most of your driving skills with a new career. ABCO is seeking experienced drivers nationwide for dedicated, team and regional positions. All jobs offer customized home time, giving you flexibility with your schedule.

  • Dedicated drivers are assigned to a specific customer. ABCO provides dedicated services to a number of recognizable names in the food, beverage and dry freight industries. You won’t have to worry about having enough freight to keep you moving, as there are products and merchandise to deliver all year long. That means consistent, reliable work for high pay.
  • Team drivers work with a partner to move freight fast. You and your partner will get to travel the country, getting more miles at a higher pay rate. Our team drivers  get more miles and drivers have comfort and security knowing their partner and their company have their back. Team driving can mean traveling coast to coast, logging miles and delivering freight in our brand new Peterbilts with larger sleepers and the most storage space in the industry.
  • Regional drivers work in a prescribed geographical area. Stay closer to home. Do you live in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Texas and surrounding states? How about the Western U.S? ABCO has a regional position perfect for you and your family.

Each ABCO truck driving job offers customizable time at home. Competitive pay, state-of-the-art equipment, great benefits and strong work-life balance make ABCO a premier company for our drivers.

Peterbilt 579 UltraLoft Custom Sleepers

New equipment makes driving comfortable and fun. ABCO has a new fleet of premium sleeper cab semi trucks, making your time on the road an easy ride. These brand new trucks offer top performance and next generation comfort. In addition to performance and comfort, these roomy sleepers promise peace of mind knowing your new truck is safe and reliable.

The Peterbilt 579 UltraLoft cabs let drivers sleep in luxury with premium coil spring upper and lower bunks. Comfort is king and you’ll sleep like a baby on these 42” x 85” mattresses.

The UltraLoft semi truck sleeper cabs boast tons of storage space, with the industry’s largest storage capacity. You’ll find up to 70 cubic feet of storage space, with room for everything you’d need or want while on the road. Enclosed cabinets and an upright wardrobe make it easy to store away your belongings. The sleeper area features an 8-foot ceiling, making the cab feel roomy and giving you the same kind of comfort you experience at home.

ABCO’s new Peterbilt trucks are sleek and aerodynamic, with several semi truck sleeper cab design features to make driving happy. The dash offers all the information you’ll need to safely operate your truck at a glance. The specially molded interior has a custom finish that won’t peel or fade during your time on the road. Carefully thought out design makes the new Peterbilt 579 UltraLoft trucks a pleasure to drive.

You’ll find that form and function meet in ABCO’s new fleet. Take advantage of our commitment to driver safety and comfort and apply to drive with us today.

Qualifications for ABCO Sleeper Cab Truck Driving Jobs

It takes a skilled and qualified driver to join the ABCO family. Team, Dedicated and Regional truck driving jobs expose drivers to all kinds of road condition. Highways, interstates, city streets and rural roads are all fair game to our drivers. Drivers might traverse mountain ranges, see changing weather and face other challenges on the road, too. Working with ABCO’s customers takes skill, too. All of these reasons are why ABCO seeks top-level driving talent for sleeper cab truck driving jobs.

To meet the baseline qualifications for a driving job with ABCO, you should:

  • Have a CDL Class A drivers license
  • Have at least 1 year of documented experience
  • Possess a clean driving motor vehicle record
  • Have a current medical card
  • Be at least 23 years old
  • Be able to write, read and speak English fluently

ABCO drivers are much more than steering wheel holders. Our drivers are responsible, reliable and have strong character. If you have what it takes to be an ABCO driver and are seeking a career, take the next step and apply today.

Why Driving for ABCO is Different

Driving is a great career, but it’s even better with ABCO. Not only does ABCO offer drivers state-of-the-art, top quality trucks, but the benefits can’t be beat.

You’ll find that ABCO’s benefits are some of the best in the industry. ABCO offers drivers:

  • Paid time off
  • Medical, vision, dental and life insurance
  • 401k options
  • Exclusive resorts just for ABCO employees and their families

Free use of exclusive resorts draws many drivers to ABCO. Enjoy your downtime on the St. John’s River in Astor, FL, or in the mountains in Sapphire, NC. Both offer endless opportunities for recreation, regardless of if you love fishing, hiking, boating, mountain biking and just kicking back and relaxing in a beautiful setting.

Another great benefit of driving for ABCO is that ABCO is a no-touch freight company. This means our drivers aren’t typically assigned with loading and unloading their haul. This helps our drivers prevent injury, saves time, and makes the job simpler.

ABCO is a family-owned business. Each of our drivers is welcome as a new member to our growing family. Drivers who have their foot on the accelerator to their career will find that ABCO offers a solid, stable environment and a place to excel.

About ABCO

ABCO Transportation offers drivers more than just great jobs and the best driver benefits in the industry. Since 1993, ABCO has been a family-owned trucking company specializing in transporting highly perishable and refrigerated goods. Our nationwide driving jobs mean with have terminals across the country, which builds a diverse network of professionalism and integrity. ABCO is dedicated to the customers and communities we serve.

ABCO drivers enjoy the best in comfort and the latest technology with state-of-the-art equipment. All of the trucks in our fleets are equipped with cutting edge ELD and GPS technology. ABCO’s dedication to technology and service keeps drivers ahead of the curve.

ABCO Transportation is growing. New positions as dedicated drivers, team drivers and regional drivers add many nationwide opportunities to join the ABCO family. If you’re interested in working for ABCO, apply today.

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CDL training is relatively short. Truck drivers can be on the road and earning good money in a short period of time. However, sometimes new drivers may be unprepared for some of the challenges they will encounter on the road.

Starting a career as a truck driver can be a big change. This is a profession with a number of hidden challenges in addition to some nice surprises. Often people who don’t live on the road just don’t understand them. Take a look at our list of tips for people in their first year as a truck driver.

Surviving Your First Year As A Truck Driver

Try to maintain good habits. The road is full of temptations: fast food, smoking and other distractions. If you don’t take precautions, some of these can cause your health to decline. Take simple steps, like choosing healthy options when ordering food. Most convenience stores and truck stops now stock fruit including bananas, oranges and apples. Make these a part of your daily routine.

Be aware of blind spots. Often drivers of smaller vehicles are totally unaware of what truck drivers can and cannot see from the cab. They may attempt to pass in an unsafe way or tailgate.

Be prepared to be out on the road. You’re likely not going to get all the home time you had hoped for this first year. This will mean more days away from home, likely including some weekends. As the newest hire, you can’t expect to get the optimal schedule starting out. You’ve got to pay your dues.

Avoid switching jobs your first year. Your goal is to get a good year of experience under your belt. You’re laying the groundwork for your future. It may get difficult at times, but hang in there and stick it out with one company for at least one year. Switching trucking companies too often can hurt future job prospects.

Avoid accidents and tickets. You don’t want to start off your career with too many unavoidable accidents and traffic violations. Companies are looking for drivers with good records.

Make use of your contacts. Don’t be afraid to communicate with other drivers. Most GPS systems are designed for cars, not trucks. Sometimes you may receive incomplete information. If you have a CB, ask other drivers for assistance. Also, if you get lost, don’t be afraid to call the shipper for directions. Often they will be able to give better details.

Get enough sleep. Being well-rested will make your job much easier. You will be more alert and better able to respond to challenges. A poor night’s sleep will make the next day more difficult, and truck driving is unlike an office job where you can safely zone out. You need to remain focused as you haul a heavy load.

ABCO Transportation

ABCO provides refrigerated trucking services. We are currently hiring new drivers for Midwest Regional and Over the Road (or long-haul) routes. We offer medical, dental, 401k and vacation benefits. We are always looking for qualified drivers and we offer our drivers additional career development opportunities.

If you want to build a career in logistics and transportation, we want to hear from you. Apply online today.

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When the majority of your time as a trucker is spent on the road in a truck, it is important you are working for a company that takes care of its truckers. The company you work for should always be investing in good truck equipment and have policies in place that keep you comfortable and safe. Our ABCO Transportation recruiter Art Gahagan answers the top 10 questions drivers need to ask about truck equipment.

1. How Old is the Truck Equipment?

Always make sure the trucking company you work for provides newer and modern truck equipment.

“Our equipment is two years old or less. It’s important to keep our equipment up to date for our drivers.”

2. How Often is Equipment Replaced/Upgraded?

Drivers should look for a company that is consistently upgrading and replacing its equipment to keep your truck equipment up to date.

“Every two years. Upgrading and replacing equipment on a regular basis shows we care about our drivers.”

3. Do You Offer Automatic Only Transmissions?

These days, drivers prefer driving automatic only trucks. Who can blame them? The days of spending long days working a manual transmission truck are over.

“Yes, we only have a limited amount of day cabs with a manual shift. Automatic only is important for drivers today.”

4. Do You Offer Electric or Diesel APU?

Auxiliary power units, called APUs, operate accessory equipment such as air conditioning and heating systems for sleeper cabs. Diesel-powered CPUs have almost unlimited power when fuel is helping to run the APU.

“Diesel APUs. They produce a lot of power for cabs.”

5. Where Do I Need to Park the Equipment While on Home Time?

Sometimes it’s difficult for truck drivers to park their rig at their home. They might get a threatening letter from the homeowner’s association or not have the room to park the rig on their property. At ABCO, you don’t have to worry because trucks are parked at conveniently located terminals and facilities throughout the country.

“At ABCO, terminals are located throughout the country.”

6. What Speed Are Your Trucks Governed?

At ABCO, our trucks are governed at higher average highway speeds. It’s more difficult for truck drivers to pass slower moving trucks and vehicles when trucks are governed at slower speeds.

“Sixty-nine and 70 miles per hour.”

7. Are Your Trucks Equipped with E-logs?

A federal rule now requires truck operators to use electronic logging devices, which are also known as E-logs or ELDs. These devices eliminate paper logs. Learn more about the ELD mandate and how ABCO is equipping its systems for a smooth transition.

“Yes, all of our trucks at ABCO are equipped with E-logs.”

8. Do Your Trucks Have Inverters?

Inverters provide power from a battery bank quietly without idling the truck engine to supply power to your cab.

“Yes, our trucks provide inverters for drivers.”

9. Do Your Trucks Have Dash Cameras?

ABCO trucks do not have dash cameras.

10. Do Your Trucks Have Driver Cameras?

ABCO does not utilize driver cameras that watch drivers while they drive, eat and sleep in their cabs.

Drive with ABCO Today

ABCO Transportation Is looking for new CDL drivers. ABCO embraces diversity and offers generous driver benefits, including competitive wages through a tier-based structure based on experience. We also offer safety and referral bonuses, mileage incentives and fuel network bonus opportunities. Drivers can also enroll in the company’s 401K plan after one year of employment.

ABCO drivers also have exclusive use to three company resorts in Fort Myers, FL, Astor, FL and Cashiers, NC. These resorts are available to drivers after six months of service.

Get in the cab of an ABCO truck today and work for a company that genuinely cares for its driver family. Contact us today so we can discuss our truck equipment and driving opportunities.

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Are you a driver looking for a good offer from a reliable trucking company? Here at ABCO, we are looking for reliable drivers whom are responsible and have good character to represent us well. Our ABCO Transportation recruiter Art Gahagan answers the following truck driver interview questions you need to ask. We think the answers he provides make driving for ABCO all the more enticing.

How Long Do Drivers Stay Out on the Road?

“Ten to 14 days.”

Currently, ABCO is recruiting CDL drivers in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri Kansas, Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee. ABCO is not targeting drivers in New York City and other high-traffic areas in the Northeast.

How Does Home Time Work?

“You have two days off for every 10-14 days out on the road. This gives our drivers the opportunity to plan their personal lives around work and have set schedules.”

Do You Offer Dedicated Lanes?

“We offer both dedicated lanes and meet & turn routes. Drivers can travel a 250-mile trip where they live or they can do a relay. It can be a different trip every day and it keeps our drivers alert.”

What Kind of Equipment Do You Run?

“We have 2015 Freightliner Cascadias and 2016-17 Peterbilts, all with automatic transmissions. Our trucks also come equipped with power inverters and APU.

Are Your Trucks Governed?

“Yes, at approximately 69 to 70 miles per hour.”

What is the Pay Structure for Drivers?

“It’s a tier-based structure based upon experience.”

ABCO drivers have the biggest paycheck impact by choosing the routes they select and how much time they are on the road.

How Many Terminals Do You Have?

“There are 160 ABCO terminals and many others nationwide available through affiliated partners.”

How Often do Drivers Get Raises?

“Drivers have the opportunity to receive an annual raise if they meet certain safety standards.”

Are there Bonus Opportunities for Drivers?

“There are referral bonuses, safety bonuses, mileage incentives and fuel network bonus opportunities available.”

ABCO drivers are also able to use three company resorts in Fort Myers, FL, Astor, FL, and Cashiers, NC. These resorts are available to drivers after six months of service. Drivers can also enroll in the company’s 401K plan after one year of employment.

Drive with ABCO Today

ABCO Transportation driver recruiter Art Gahagan is looking for new CDL drivers. ABCO celebrates diversity and offers competitive wages and generous driver benefits to all employees. Get in the driver’s seat of an ABCO truck today and work for a company that genuinely cares for its driver family. Contact us today so we can discuss our truck driving opportunities.

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Taking on the life of a truck driver isn’t an easy decision. Your new lifestyle will consist mainly of you and your truck and you have to work to reduce truck driver stress. Driving can be a rewarding and pleasant career though. For example, think of refrigerated truck drivers as the people who deliver the fresh flowers and candy so that millions can celebrate Mother’s Day.

Even with the reward at the delivery point, getting used to driving the long haul isn’t easy at first. Here are some tips for helping you cope with truck driver stress.

Career Development

Some companies will have “driver assistant” programs for rookies. This is a kind of mentoring relationship where you can turn to a more experienced driver for guidance. Solid trucking companies are always concerned with helping your career. Many will help you get CDL licensed and find the right opportunities for your situation. If your company has such a program, make sure to take advantage.

Time Management

Give yourself extra time to get to your destination. Feeling rushed is one of the chief causes of stress, and every delay or traffic jam is only going to contribute to raising your blood pressure. Arriving early will give you a few minutes to relax. Try to manage things so that you are always a little ahead of schedule and you will have time to stop and enjoy yourself.

Your Truck Is Your Sanctuary

Get used to thinking of your truck as more than a vehicle. It’s your personal haven from the anxiety of the outside world. While you’re behind the wheel you’re in control. Take along any personal touches or gadgets you need to counter truck driver stress. Make that truck your own space and have fun with it.

Enjoy Some Music or Books

Everybody finds emotional release in music, whether it’s country or hip hop. Finding a favorite music playlist or a good audio book is the perfect way to relieve truck driver stress. For some inspiration, check out Today’s Trucking 50 best trucking songs of all time. Turn up the music and sing along. It matters that you enjoy yourself and stay alert.

Utilize Snack Time

Along with your music, take along a cooler full of your favorite snacks and beverages. Stocking up at a grocery store will save you time and money over the prices charged at convenience stores and truck stops. You can also make healthier choices to manage weight or combat the physical effects of stress.

Drive With ABCO

ABCO Transportation specializes in temperature-sensitive freight. We celebrate diversity and provide competitive wages and excellent benefits to all employees. If you’re ready to get behind the driver’s seat with a company that cares about its drivers, contact us today. We offer fantastic driver benefits and would love to speak with you about our truck driving opportunities.

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