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Coming Soon: A Mid-Engine Corvette

Is the world ready for another Corvette?

Rumors have been swirling the industry for quite some time about the anticipated 2020 Chevy Corvette — also known as the C8 Corvette.

While we anticipated its debut at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, it sounds like we can expect to see the mid-engine Corvette later this year or early 2020.

With the upcoming 25th Anniversary celebration at the National Corvette Museum in August 2019, a debut of the 2020 Chevy Corvette at the event would be perfect. As of right now, we can only hope this will happen.

The reason for the minor production delay is somewhat unknown, though some consumers think it is because of the Chevy C7 ZR1 launch.

No matter the reason, the C8 Corvette will be a welcome addition to the Chevy model lineup.

What We Know About the Mid-Engine C8 Corvette

While the sports car has been heavily camouflaged and kept under wraps, documents appeared on Jolapnik that could reveal a few spoilers — including technical details.

The documents appear to be order guides for the mid-engine Corvette. While we can’t guarantee the accuracy of these details, they certainly seem legitimate.

2020 Chevy Corvette Powertrain

The powertrain details potentially reveal that the sole engine option on this document is coded as LT2.

The LT2 engine appears to have a high output aluminum eight-cylinder engine with direct injection, variable-valve timing, and Active Fuel Management.

We can assume that this is an update of the current LT1 engine, which means that it will be the base option and could offer up to 500 horsepower. This is, of course, based on the specs of the current model.

The anticipated horsepower will mean more aggressive valve timing as well.

Earlier rumors suggested that the C8 will be the first Corvette with a dual-clutch transmission, and the leaked documents seem to be a confirmation.

The sheet shows a transmission code of M1L, which is described as an “Auto 8-Speed, Dual Clutch.”

This would certainly be exciting for consumers as dual-clutch, or twin-clutch transmissions offer more control and superior performance.

The Mid-Engine Corvette

The documents allude to the C8 Corvette being similar to the current Corvette model in many ways. But the biggest differences between the models would be the dual-clutch transmission and the engine placement.

The newest Corvette model will be equipped with a mid-engine design which could play a significant part in high-performance handling.

With the engine weight between the front and rear axles, engineers are able to design a sports car that can maintain stability and performance in all four wheels. This could mean handling corners and tight turns with complete ease.

Production is set to take place in Bowling Green, Kentucky — home of the Corvette.

General Motors has made updates to the facility and has stopped giving tours to the public. Can we suspect that tours have been suspended so that the public doesn’t catch an early glimpse of the C8 Corvette?

Until the latest model from Chevrolet hits our showroom, we will watch as the rumors, hopefully, turn into reality.

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Chevy Electric Vehicle to be Manufactured in Michigan

Michigan is about to get even more electric.

General Motors announced recently it is investing $300 million into an assembly plant in Orion Township, Michigan.

Not only will this investment create more jobs, but it will also give Chevrolet the manufacturing operation it needs to create an all-new electric vehicle (EV).

While it doesn’t have an official name, this new electric car could be a replacement of the current Chevrolet Bolt EV.

The Bolt EV is General Motors’ first long-range all-electric vehicle

The Orion Township assembly plant currently builds the Chevy Bolt EV, Chevy Sonic, and the Cruise AV test vehicles.

The All-New Chevrolet Electric Vehicle

The all-new Chevy electric vehicle (EV) will be produced in an effort to further the manufacturer’s commitment to an electric future, while also producing vehicles consumers love to drive.

“This new Chevrolet electric vehicle is another positive step toward our commitment to an all-electric future. GM will continue to invest in our U.S. operations where we see opportunities for growth,” said GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra.

Originally slated for production outside of the United States, the decision to bring production of the new Chevy EV to Michigan was based on factors that includes:

  • The plant in Orion Township currently builds the Chevy Bolt EV and the all-new Chevy EV car is based off the advanced version of the Bolt EV.
  • Moving production to the United States supports the rules of origin provisions proposed in the United States, Mexico, and Canada agreement.

Further information about the new Chevrolet EV is expected to be released as the manufacturer moves closer to production.

The Future of Chevy is Electric

In 2018, Chevy had said that, moving forward, the company would prioritize investing in and creating cutting-edge electric vehicles.

This should come as no surprise as the company has previously said it aims to roll out 20 electric vehicles by 2023 to achieve a zero-emissions initiative.

And it would seem that the currently unnamed Chevy EV is the first of the new electric vehicles, likely to be the next Chevy electric car.

The manufacturer’s electric effort is two-pronged that will incorporate both battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell models to fulfill the variety of needs and desires of Chevy consumers.

Chevrolet has also eluded to adding a battery-electric performance vehicle to the lineup in the future. While it’s not currently clear what the performance model will be, rumors have been swirling that it could be the Corvette E-Ray.

The future of technology doesn’t come to fruition overnight but happens over the course of time through a well-thought-out process. Chevrolet and General Motors are committed to increasing the production of electric vehicles while meeting the needs of consumers.

The post Electric Vehicles Coming to Chevy appeared first on DePaula Chevrolet.

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The Importance of Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

Each vehicle needs proper maintenance, whether it’s a car, truck, or SUV. These vehicles are made up of numerous parts and if properly maintained can run like a well-oiled machine.

Maintenance schedules are typically broken down by mileage and can vary for each manufacturer and model type. Stay informed about yours and what the maker recommends. If even a single component of the vehicle fails, it can create a chain reaction that affects the overall performance of the vehicle.

Putting a car maintenance schedule into place can help avoid unforeseen issues, which is crucial for something that we use nearly every day and is vital to your family’s success and safety. And keep in mind, proper care and vehicle maintenance can help preserve the resale value down the road.

If you plan to sell your vehicle or trade it in for something new, you will be more likely to get more for your next vehicle if the current one is in good condition when you work with DePaula Chevrolet.

Establish a Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Checklist

No matter if you are able to perform these preventative tasks on your own, or you’d rather leave it in the hands of a team of professionals, routine vehicle maintenance is essential.

Monitoring fluid levels, testing the brakes, to changing the oil and understanding the needs of your vehicle is the first step to creating a car maintenance schedule. Once you understand what your vehicle needs and how frequently the maintenance needs to happen, a schedule will be easy to maintain.

Tire Pressure & Alignment

For a vehicle to make it from point A to point B, not only does the engine require the proper fluids, but drivers can’t underestimate the amount of air in each tire.

Tire pressure that is too high or too low can hinder the vehicle’s ability to take corners, braking, and stability.

Low tire pressure means more of the tire is touching the road. This can cause the tread to overheat and become worn quicker than it typically should. An overheated tire can also lead to a blowout, and possibly cause an accident.

Fluid Levels

To keep any engine running smoothly and the metal components well-lubricated, fluid levels and how frequently the fluids are changed is essential.

Dirty oil, for example, can become thick and erosive, which can deteriorate and compromise the engine.

It is equally as important to monitor and change transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and steering fluid. Each of these fluids play an important role in maintaining the integrity of the vehicle’s engine.

Routine Brake Checks

Commute times and how your vehicle is driven each day will have an impact on the lifespan on the brakes, rotors, and calipers. Commutes and trips with frequent stop signs or traffic lights, for example, will use more of the brakes than those with less stops.

Brakes are made of a hydraulic system that requires brake fluid and uses pads that squeeze together when prompted. When the pads become thin, it becomes difficult to slow down or come to a complete stop.

It’s important to monitor the thickness of the brake pads, listen for grinding sounds, and check for leaking fluids. If you notice any of these issues, don’t delay, have your brake system serviced immediately.

Consulting the owner’s manual for your vehicle can help in determining the recommended maintenance schedule for the make and model.

To have your vehicle maintained by professional service technicians, schedule your appointment with DePaula Chevrolet today.

The post The Importance of Regular Vehicle Maintenance appeared first on DePaula Chevrolet.

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Car Finder Feature Added to myChevrolet Mobile App

Chevy has added another feature to the myChevrolet Mobile App to help consumers find their vehicle or check the location of a loved one in their Chevy vehicle.

It’s called the Vehicle Locate feature and it serves as an extra means of security.

The myChevrolet App is designed to put your smartphone in the command center of your Chevy vehicle, even if you aren’t near it.

This tailored solution keeps you in touch with your vehicle. The newest feature for the mobile app is no different.

Vehicle Locate allows Chevy owners to designate up to 10 people that can check the current location of the Chevy.

Finding Your Car Just Got Easier

Whether you’ve forgotten where you parked your Chevy or someone has borrowed your vehicle and you want to see where they are, Vehicle Locate via the myChevrolet Mobile App is the solution we’ve needed for so long.

Through the app, you or a designated person can pinpoint the whereabouts of the Chevy vehicle. While it isn’t a constant tracking system, it can certainly come in handy if you’ve forgotten which street you parked on while visiting a new city.

Updating the myChevrolet App on your mobile device will show the new Vehicle Locate feature.

Once the app is updated, a boundary zone can be designated for the vehicle.

The custom zone can be as wide as a 20-mile radius, or as specific as an address. A prompt can then be set in the app to notify as many as 10 people when the vehicle either enters or leaves the designated boundary.

Each person you choose to receive these alerts will have to opt-in first before receiving a message.

Compatible with most Apple® and Android devices, the latest feature is available for 2012 Chevy models through the current model year. It also comes bundled with the Remote Access Plan.

The latest mobile app feature will replace the web-based Family Link option powered by the GM OnStar in-vehicle safety system.

myChevrolet Mobile App Features

The Vehicle Locate feature is only a mere glimpse into the capabilities of the myChevrolet app.

Other features and capabilities include:

  • How-To Videos: Learn how the features in your Chevrolet work with tutorial videos.
  • Vehicle Status: Information about tire pressure, fuel range, oil life and more can be monitored in the app.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Management: Control the Hotspot name and password for your Chevy vehicle and keep everyone connected to their devices.
  • Smart Driver: Receive insights about your driving skills and potentially qualify for insurance discounts.
  • My Rewards: Enroll and earn points that can be redeemed for services, accessories, the purchase/lease of a new vehicle and more.

Whether it’s services through the GM OnStar system, or features found in the myChevrolet Mobile App, Chevrolet sets the standard for technological innovations keeping drivers and passengers safe and connected to what’s important to them.

To find the perfect Chevy model for you, visit our showroom on Central Ave in Albany, New York.

The post Chevy Adds New Feature to myChevrolet App appeared first on DePaula Chevrolet.

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The Most Advanced Silverado HD Makes its Debut

The redesigned 2020 Silverado HD has a chiseled appearance, looks tough, and stands above the crowd. The heavy-duty hauler is set to go on sale in only a few short months.

Redefining Heavy-Duty

Built in the Flint Assembly plant located in Flint, Michigan, the all-new Silverado HD has a bold, sculpted appearance that follows suit to the enhanced heavy-duty function, differentiating from the light-duty Silverado.

“We know the needs and priorities of heavy-duty customers are different than those of either light-duty or medium-duty customers,” said Jaclyn McQuaid, chief engineer of the Silverado HD.

In fact, the exterior of the 2020 Silverado HD is only similar to the Silverado 1500 in one way — the roof. This means the other exterior components are unique to the all-new Silverado HD.

“As such, we built a heavy-duty truck tailor-made for them that has more differentiation than ever before from light-duty models, offers advanced towing technologies to improve towing confidence and includes new features such as the integrated Bedstep, which makes it easier to access the bed while pulling a fifth-wheel trailer,” Jaclyn McQuaid continued to say about the full-size pickup.

2020 Chevy Silverado HD Details

Designed to visually encapsulate the power and capability of a truck, the updated model looks like a heavy piece of machinery with modern, chiseled finishes. The third all-new Silverado model in a mere 18 months is designed specifically for heavy-duty truck customers.

Under the hood, consumers can choose between two new powertrains. The first, an all-new gasoline engine with direct injection integrated in a six-speed transmission. Or the Duramax turbo-diesel V8, which delivers 910 lbs. per foot of torque through the new Allison 10-speed transmission.

The 2020 Chevy Silverado HD also offers customer-focused trailering technology with significant increases in towing and payload capabilities.

Dominating the front end is a new mesh grille with “Chevrolet” at its center, so there’s no question what vehicle is dominating the road.

Other features are subtler, like the chiseled hood with a chrome-tipped scoop and easier access to the bed with a rear step integration into the rear bumper.

The interior benefits from architectural updates made to the Silverado 1500, including an additional 3 inches of legroom in the crew cab models. Passengers will also benefit from a taller, more comfortable seating position.

The 2020 Chevy Silverado HD will be in the DePaula Chevrolet showroom later this year. Stay tuned for more details about the all-new full-size pickup truck.

The post Advanced 2020 Chevy Silverado HD to Debut appeared first on DePaula Chevrolet.

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Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure

Maintaining tire pressure to the manufacturer’s recommended pound per square inch (PSI) is a critical part of vehicle maintenance. Tires that have been inflated with the proper amount of pressure can last longer and can attribute to overall vehicle safety.

Many modern-day vehicles will alert the driver if there is an issue, like tire pressure. But, it’s a good idea to know the signs and dangers of tire pressure that doesn’t meet manufacturer PSI standards.

Dangers of Low Tire Pressure

Tires that are underinflated will hinder the vehicle’s ability to brake quickly and creates a less responsive steering and handling. This can be particularly dangerous when the vehicle needs to stop suddenly or maneuver quickly to avoid a collision or another potential danger.

Low tire pressure allows the sidewalls to flex excessively, which can generate heat. Moderate heat will simply accelerate tread wear, while high heat can lead to the loss of tread segments — even blowouts.

Underinflated tires also have a higher rolling resistance, which will reduce fuel economy in the vehicle. This resistance can cause the outer edges to wear more rapidly than a properly inflated tire. Replacing the tires will need to happen faster than anticipated than tires that are inflated to the manufacturer recommendations.

Low Tire Pressure Signs
  • Reduced Gas Mileage: If your vehicle seems to burn through gas quicker than usual, it could be caused by low tire pressure. It’s a good idea to be mindful of how long your vehicle can go before refueling under normal driving conditions. With this in mind, you’ll be more aware of burning through gas too quickly.
  • Alignment Issues: Tires without equal amounts of pressure can push the vehicle out of alignment. While driving, if the vehicle feels like it is out of alignment or drifting to one side, it could be caused by low tire pressure on one side.
Dangers of High Tire Pressure

Modern tires can withstand pressures that exceed the recommended inflation pressure better than underinflation. But that doesn’t mean the higher pressure won’t cause issues or damages.

Consistently overinflating tires runs the risk of damages when driving over a pothole. We all try to avoid them but hitting one or two during our commute happens to all of us. It can also cause the vehicle to feel as if it is bouncing along the roadway.

The center tread is also more apt to wear away quicker if a tire is overinflated. The center wears away quicker because less of the outer edges will touch the road.  Much like tires with low tire pressure, this will mean replacing the set quicker.

Tire Inflation Tips

While checking the pressure, remember to check all four tires. Just because one seems to have an issue, doesn’t mean the others are at an optimal level. To maintain proper tire pressure, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Keep a quality tire gauge in the glove compartment. Both digital and dial gauges can give an accurate PSI reading. So, if you’re at work or at home, you can check the pressure without having to find a gas station.
  • Check the tires regularly. Depending on how much you drive will vary how often the tires should be checked. If you drive a high number of miles, it’s best to check once a week. If you’re headed on a road trip, be sure to check the tires again before leaving.
  • Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended inflation pressures. If you aren’t sure where to find this information, or how to check the level yourself, a trained service technician from DePaula Chevrolet will be able to help.
  • If recommended by the manufacturer, increase tire pressures for towing, carrying heavy loads, or extended highway travel.

It’s important to keep weather conditions in mind while inflating the tires on your vehicle.

Tire pressure in the cold weather can drop 1-2 pounds of pressure for every 10 degrees of temperature drop. It is important to maintain proper PSI so traction control and handling during inclement weather isn’t hindered.

Congruently, just as cold weather can lead to a drop in PSI, excessive heat can cause a temporary increase in PSI. For every 10 degrees of increased temperature, tires can potentially increase by 1-2 pounds of pressure.

To equalize tread wear, and maximize the life of the tire, it is essential to maintain proper pressure levels in each tire. Ensuring this can help keep your vehicle in proper working order and keep you protected during your drive.

For more help with maintaining tires, please visit DePaula Chevrolet’s Service Center.

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Reducing Distracted Driving with New Mobile App

With access and overall use of smartphones growing each year, distracted driving has been steadily increasing, too.

Responding to texts and checking emails has unfortunately become a normal practice for many drivers; and Chevrolet hopes to cut down on distracted driving for its consumers.

According to a U.S. Department of Transportation study published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately nine people are killed each day and more than 1,000 people are injured in crashes due to distracted driving.

Of course, this doesn’t just include quick text messages, emails, or phone calls; there are people out there on the road watching videos, going on social media, and a bunch of other smartphone distractions that will truly make you feel worried each time you put your vehicle on the road for a drive.

And, as the number of potential distractions for drivers increase, so do the number of ideas to combat this dangerous and illegal behavior.

With today’s vehicles offering a range of safety features and technological advancements, like Lane Keep Assist and the MyLink® infotainment console, it was only a matter of time until the manufacturer developed something to keep drivers focused on the road.

Call Me Out App: What It is & How It Works

Call Me Out is a simple concept featuring a verbal warning for drivers when they pick up their phone.

Rather than using a robotic voice, or a human voice we aren’t emotionally connected to, Chevy is encouraging family and friends to get involved.

According to Chevy, Call Me Out is the combination of two important factors in our daily lives — technology and the people we care about — in order to change the way we drive.

Once the app is downloaded, drivers are encouraged to have a friend or family member record a callout message that will remind the driver to keep their eyes on the road and off their phone. If the phone is handled while driving, the callout message will automatically play.

Call Me Out uses the phone’s accelerometer and GPS to detect when the phone is physically picked up while traveling above 5 mph. Drivers are given a score and ranking based on how little they pick up their phone while the vehicle is in motion.

While, ultimately, there isn’t a prize based on scores, the Call Me Out scoring system helps to encourage safe driving practices.

Taking Steps to be Better, Safer Drivers

“With Call Me Out we are extending our commitment beyond the technologies integrated into GM and Chevy vehicles and are making the app available for Android phone users who drive other vehicle makes and models,” said Alan Batey, GM’s president of North America.

Become a better driver with Chevrolet and the Call Me Out app.

The app is not yet available for iOS, but it can be downloaded on Adroid devices for free right now in the Google Play store.

The post Become a Safer Driver with Call Me Out App appeared first on DePaula Chevrolet.

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Shifting Focus for OnStar In-Vehicle Safety

It’s been more than 20 years since OnStar was pioneered by General Motors to provide additional safety services for consumers. Over the last two decades, the person-to-person service has become entangled with the emerging digital technology.

As of 2018, OnStar has done more than provide peace of mind for consumers. The service also includes in-vehicle connectivity, 4G LTE WiFi, and ways to shop while in the car.

GM is now making efforts to shift the OnStar focus away from these technologies and back to its roots — assisting drivers experiencing issues while traveling in their vehicles.

OnStar Connectivity

Shortly after creating OnStar in 1996, GM began to experiment with additional ways to extend the OnStar brand. The efforts included lending the technological platform to other vehicle manufacturers and internet connectivity for vehicles.

Digital capabilities weren’t always related to the OnStar safety and services suite. OnStar was used as a means to brand GM’s industry-first 4G LTE WiFi across the vehicle lineups.

As in-vehicle technologies like WiFi and LTE hotspots advance, this allows OnStar to refocus its efforts on safety. GM hopes the shift in focus will help OnStar reach its full potential and provide superior care for the consumers facing a crisis.

GM believes that OnStar, with dispatchers in both the U.S. and Canada, has something unique to offer consumers. Aiding drivers who are experiencing an emergency from minor fender benders to heart attacks. OnStar offers an automatic crash response, stolen vehicle recovery, roadside assistance, and emergency and crisis assistance.

This shift in priority will allow brands like Chevrolet to tout the connectivity side of things, while OnStar focuses on safety and security, and refocusing on the original initiative — well trained human operators assisting consumers. So, consumers will still enjoy being connected while in their Chevrolet, but through separate entities, rather than OnStar.

OnStar Service

OnStar Advisors are available 24/7 to help you during your time of crisis. Backed by human connection, the service provides consumers with peace of mind when they need it the most. The safety and security services include:

  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation: Access the directions you need from an Advisor.
  • Emergency Services: Assistance in an emergency at the push of a button.
  • Crisis Assist: Critical assistance in severe weather, natural disasters, or other crises.
  • Automatic Crash Response: Get help right away in a crash, even if you can’t ask for it.
  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance: Layers of protection for your vehicle that help make vehicle theft more difficult.
  • Roadside Assistance: OnStar Advisors will get you the help you need.

Emergencies are unpredictable, it’s important to protect yourself and loved ones with Chevy’s OnStar in-vehicle safety.

The post Getting Back to Safety with OnStar appeared first on DePaula Chevrolet.

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2019 Silverado 1500 Introduces Personalization Options

Chevrolet unveiled what the coming year holds for the 1500 pickup truck at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. When the concept lineup is released, the options will allow consumers to accessorize the 2019 Silverado 1500 to fit their lifestyle and personalities.

Silverado High Country Concept

Receiving an extreme update, the High Country will now sit on 22-inch wheels and a two-inch suspension lift which leverages the same components as the factory kit on the Trail Boss.

It is also equipped with a 6.2-liter cat-back dual exit exhaust, cold-air intake upgrade, six-piston Brembo® front brakes, and color-matched rear calipers.

The Silverado High Country is also receiving cosmetic updates and additional convenience features.

Consumers can look forward to an illuminated gold bowtie grille emblem, chrome tailgate handle, under seat organizer, rear-seat infotainment system with DVD player, and a lockable storage box in the center console.

Silverado RST Off Road

Chevrolet envisioned a rugged truck when the Silverado RST Off Road was designed. This is a pickup truck for those who want to take full advantage of the outdoors.

Sitting on 18-inch black wheels, the model features a soft roll-up tonneau cover for easy access, sport assist steps, illuminated black bowtie grille emblem, as well as Baja Designs’ off-road Squadron lamps and 40-inch LED light bar.

Silverado RST Street

Exuding attitude, the 1500 RST Street has a lowered suspension system and is equipped with Chevrolet accessories and performance parts that give the pickup truck an authoritative appearance.

The model includes a 5.3L V-8 engine, 22-inch wheels, front and rear molded splash guards, cat-back exhaust and carbon fiber exhaust tips by Borla.

The carbon fiber accents are carried throughout the design of the pickup truck on the grille bar, mirror caps, door handles, and interior trim.

Silverado LTZ Concept

The new concept Silverado LTZ highlights the trailering technologies available on the 2019 Silverado 1500. It was designed to enhance the trailering confidence and experience, in addition to the performance of the 5.3L V-8 option.

The pickup truck also features an upgraded 5.3L cold-air intake, cat-back single exit exhaust system, and six-piston Brembo® front brake system with color-matched rear calipers.

Additional accessories for the concept include an illuminated black bowtie grille emblem, chrome wheel-to-wheel assist steps, center console lockable storage box.

A Trailering Camera Package is also available. This removable accessory camera can be viewed through the pickup truck’s center stack display.

Chevy Silverado Performance Parts

Chevrolet Performance parts for the 2019 Silverado 1500 were developed to make the most of what the propulsion, braking and suspension systems can offer while also allowing consumers to personalize their new pickup truck.

Installing Chevrolet Performance parts will not void the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

Which option are you most excited to experience? The new Silverado concepts are expected to appear in our Central Avenue showroom in early 2019.

The post The New Chevy Silverado 1500 Concepts For 2019 appeared first on DePaula Chevrolet.

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The Redefining Return of the Chevy Colorado Pick-Up

The Chevrolet Colorado celebrated its four-year anniversary since returning to the Chevy vehicle lineup in November 2018.

Since 2014, the U.S. market has purchased close to 429,000 units of the midsize truck. In celebration of this monumental achievement, Chevrolet has announced the release of two special editions for the coming year; the off-road Z71 Trail Runner and the street-focused RST (Rally Sport Truck).

These Chevy Colorado special edition trucks celebrate multifaceted lifestyles and boast options to match consumer interests, whether it’s on a trail forged by man, or the street.

With multiple powertrain options, an EPA-estimated 27 mpg HWY, and an astounding towing capacity of 7,000 pounds, and innovative technologies, the midsize truck has something for every walk of life.

Chevy Colorado Z71 Trail Runner

For the first of the two special editions, the Z71 Trail Runner starts with Chevy’s Z71 off-road package but then incorporates the underbody protection of the Colorado Z72. This trim level now offers additional off-road protection and capabilities for the truck, which are ideal for those who take a road that’s less-traveled.

Additional features include stamped aluminum front and mid skid plates, functional rocker protection, and 17-inch Goodyear DuraTrac tires. The traditional returned suspension and locking rear differential of the Z71 will still be featured while the chrome bowtie grille is replaced by the Z72 Bison blacked-out grille.

With this edition, the Colorado’s lineup now offers consumers four distinct levels of off-road capabilities. The Colorado Z71, Colorado ZR2 Bison, and Colorado ZR2 are the other three levels.

Chevy Colorado RST

For the Colorado RST, it’s a midsize truck with an updated look that many search for. The appearance of this trim is similar to what is found on the Tahoe, Suburban, and Silverado models. Available on the LT trim of the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado, the RST incorporates a monochromatic exterior offset by a black beltline and body side molding.

It is also adorned with black RST badges, a black bowtie on the tailgate, and 20-inch wheels with a low-gloss black finish. This special edition is also the first Colorado to offer wheels of that stature.

The Bison Grille

Both of the Chevy Colorado special edition trucks will incorporate the blacked-out bowtie grille insert, which has been aptly named the Bison grille due to its appearance on the ZR2 Bison. Since the grille has grown in popularity, the manufacturer has made it available as an aftermarket accessory for current-generation Colorado truck.

The Most Successful Truck Company

It’s also worth noting that the Colorado has helped to ensure GM was the most successful midsize truck manufacturer for four consecutive years with the sale of more pickup trucks than their competition from 2013 through the first three quarters of 2018.

These models are expected to hit our market in early 2019, until then DePaula Chevrolet is proud to offer the Chevy car or truck to fit your lifestyle.

The post Celebrate the Special Edition 2019 Chevy Colorado appeared first on DePaula Chevrolet.

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