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As digital nomads, we know how annoying and exhausting packing can be, especially if we need to bring many things with us and we don’t know enough packing hacks to make them fit our bag.

It doesn’t matter if you have to bring your laptop, tablet, pet pictures, 10 pairs of socks, and a pillow, no suitcase is too small if you know how to arrange your things to fit in.

So we at DeftNomad decided it is about time to give you all some packing hacks; maybe you travel light, but you will come back home with many souvenirs for your friends and family, would you like to know to travel with all those things in your bag? Let’s find out!

Does Size Matter?

This is an old joke, but it certainly applies to many situations in our life. When it’s about packing, it truly becomes determinant in our trip.

Not so long ago we reviewed small backpacks for frequent travelers, we talked about design and utility. Now it’s time to talk about size.

We do not want to travel with heavy and big backpacks, mostly because as nomads, we love to walk around the city, and traveling with a huge backpack makes it incredibly uncomfortable.

Not only our backs hurt, but it will also be hard to move around crowded places with them. And let’s not even start with the airport’s security topic, many times we will have to undo our suitcase to pass security checks, and putting it all back again can be a real nightmare.

If you truly consider you need a bigger backpack or suitcase, then go and get it. Just remember, you will need it to be as light weighted as possible.

If you feel happy with the small backpack you already have, then let’s review some packing hacks to get the most of it.

1 Be The Backpack

No, really. That old trick our mothers had of wearing the heavier things on her instead of packing them, works.

Most airports in the world have air conditioners, in fact, most of the times the airports have a nice temperature to be in independently of the season, so waiting for your flight or connection with a leather jacket or a winter coat won’t be troublesome.

Even if you are traveling in the best economy class cabin, the plane will have a place to hang your coats.

The trick here is not to over exaggerate, you can wear a t-shirt, a sweater, carry a coat, and heavy boots to get weight out of your backpack without feeling uncomfortable. But if you go to an airport with 10 layers of clothes, it can be suspicious to the authorities and you will certainly feel tired and hot within minutes.

2 Start with The Heavier Items

When choosing what to take on a trip, we don’t need to tell you to carry only the essentials. But sometimes, those essential items tend to be the heavier ones in our backpack.

We recommend starting with those because that way you can actually see what could fit in the suitcase, and what you can wear to travel.

But of course, this depends on where you are going and how you are getting there. If you really need a hair drier, you can put in the suitcase, but a raincoat can go outside it.

If you travel by bus or car, then things change. It will be more difficult to enjoy a trip if you have extra clothing layers in a bus, but you can fold it under the seat if you feel more like it.

Once you have classified the essential heavier items, then you can move on to the rest.

3 Roll Before You Fold

Our mothers won’t like this one because you will need to iron after the trip, but rolling saves more space than folding.

For example, if you need to carry many socks, you can roll one inside other instead of having ten folded pair of socks occupying twice the space they should.

You can also roll up to four t-shirts together; all this rolling will save space and protect the more fragile items in your back. Simply put the rolled clothes surrounding the fragile items, and forget about the common worries of getting your things smashed in transit.

The only inconvenient with his packing hack is that, after you try it once, you will go bonkers trying to roll all your clothes, but some fabrics are not meant to be rolled this way. Leather for example, do not roll or over fold your leather jacket, you can damage the tissue.

Anything that’s made of cotton, spandex, polyester and such fabrics can be rolled without a problem, though.

4 Shoes and Corners

After picking the heaviest shoes you will need for this trip, leave them out to wear on your way to your destination.

If you carry two or three extra pairs, it will be better if you put them in the corners of the suitcase (making the sole face the inner corners). It will protect the shape and the content of the case, besides, you can roll some socks or tiny bottles to save even more space and protect fragile items.

And to save you some cash about to be spent in a laundry service, please put your shoes in plastic bags, this way it won’t leave dirt in the suitcase or worst, your daily clothes.

If you are carrying another pair of boots, the packing hack works the same way, only you have extra space to put a shampoo bottle or perhaps two pairs of socks and a small bottle inside.

It’s like playing Tetris, but with your clothes.

5 Duct tape Is Your Best Friend

Now that we have mentioned bottles a few times, many pack their shampoo and perfume bottles or liquorish souvenirs without protecting them properly.

The journey of your bag or suitcase in airports is turbulent. They get kicked, dropped, and smashed against many other packs, so whatever is inside, ends up a little flat… and sometimes broken.

With liquids, the story is no different. The plastic container may survive, but if you don’t buckle the cap, chances are it will spill all over your clothes accidentally.

To fix this before it happens, you can use duct tape to cover the cap entirely, it will ensure the cap stays where it is and significantly reduce the chances of getting the liquid spilled all over the suitcase.

But just in case, if you can put the bottles in separate bags before sealing the caps, it will be better.

 6 Use Packing Cubes

Just like the name suggest, packing cubes are small pieces of semi-soft fabric that are supposed to separate and keep your clothes organized.

They are usually square or rectangular, and just like those old LEGO bricks you had when you were young, you can build small compartments inside the suitcase to actually see what’s inside it without making a mess.

You can organize by side, color, type of clothing, or however you want it. They won’t occupy much space in your luggage, and they are not heavy at all.

If you are staying a long time in your new destination, you can re-use the packing cubes in the drawers you will have to keep things organized, but if you end up in a place without many commodities, you can use the suitcase as a drawer and still use the packing cubes.

7 Compression Sacks

If you don’t really have much time to pack or organize your things in the suitcase, you can buy some compression sacks

They are heavy-duty plastic bags with a zipper and a valve that squeezes the air out of the bag; it avoids you the final squeezing to get more space.

They are actually quite useful to pack clothes, but it won’t work with more solid items like books, bottles, combs, or phone chargers.

The only problem we found with these compression sacks is that, if you need to unpack for the airport’s security to check your bag, you will definitely have a hard time putting everything back to where it was.

8 Leave Electronics for Your Hand Bag

We are not fans of taking many electronic devices on our suitcase, we already talk about how many times your bag will get smashed in the airport, and even though if you try to keep it safe with many layers of clothes around it, it still may not be entirely necessary to travel with them.

Items like your phone, laptop, and tablet should be in your handbag at all times to protect them. Also because they will need to be scanned separately at the airport’s security check.

We recommend to leave adapters and electric cigarettes at home; there are certain destinations that, for example, do not allow the entrance of e-cigarettes, and you may end up losing your device and liquids without needing to.

And you can buy adapters once you arrive at your destination, so no need to bring that extra weight with you when it can be fixed really soon.

Other extra things you really don’t need to bring with you in your luggage are soap bars, shampoo, body lotions, and such things, unless you have a specific medical condition that requires you to have those items with you at all times.

9 Use a Belt Pouch

A lot of people think about the hand luggage when they are going to travel, but they forget about one of the most important packing hacks: using a belt pouch.

They don’t really count as handbags, so you won’t have to pay an extra fee for it. And if it’s big enough, you can store there the most essential items like your smartphone, passport and IDs, digital camera if you have one, mp3 player or iPod, earphones, pens, money, sunglasses, tiny snacks, and more.

It not only gives you extra space in your real hand luggage and suitcase, but it will also make things easier for you during the trip because, on short routes; all you will really need is the small space of the belt pouch instead of a small backpack.

And since it will be attached to your hip, the chances of forgetting it anywhere are incredibly small.

10 Re-use Mint Containers

There are many plastic and metal containers that can be re-used in our daily life, especially when it’s about packing hacks.

Old or new mint containers can be used to keep smaller items safe, like collars, buttons, piercings, earrings, SIM cards, threads, needles, rings, and more.

The idea is to have them all in the same compartment and to avoid losing them; but the best part of this trick is that if you need to show airport’s security what’s the metal they see in the machine, you simply get it out and show it to them instead of searching all over the backpack.

If you care too much about them to leave them in the suitcase, you can also carry it with you at the belt pouch or the hang bag.

11 Get Sample-Sized Toiletries

Some destinations and travel purposes may not allow you to travel without toiletries, for those scenarios, we strongly recommend you to bring samples instead of the regular bottles.

If you can’t find sample toiletries where you are before traveling, you can simply use the shampoo you already have and place..

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We are not kidding, you can actually learn how to free travel around the world. There are many people like you who love offering their homes to adventurous travelers, and you can find travel friends on the road to share expenses.

Of course, to get in touch with those people, you need to know where to look, it can take some time in the beginning, but we promise you, once you learn how to travel for free, you will not spend another penny on tickets anymore.

We present you the ultimate travel free guide, so get ready to take notes and to save some cash.

Table of contents What Is Free Travel About?

For those who have never heard of free travel, let’s start right from the beginning.

When we talk about traveling for free, we mean spending the less possible on plane tickets, hotels, local transportation, and similar expenses.

This kind of traveling does not count clothing, food, and other commodities expenses. The main reason is that it’s harder to find people willing to pay for your food or to give it away completely free, on the other hand, it is completely possible to find a bed or a ride with no cost.

Despite this, there are cases where you can find amazing people willing to share their food with you no matter what, but just remember, you are being really lucky.

Now, going back to the topic, being a nomad does not imply that you have the budget necessary to fulfill your dreams and to know the world, therefore, other nomads around the world have gathered to offer affordable solutions.

And, of course, many companies, organizations, and travel agencies have noticed that there are more and more people interested in free travel, so they have adapted their business model to get some benefit that does not imply monetary incomes.

What are we talking about? There are language schools scattered all over the world who need language teachers for specific communities, for them it’s better to pay for your expenses (including plane tickets or transportations) than to pay for a local teacher.

The same thing happens with farmers, local enterprises, and hotels who could use an extra pair of hands on tourist seasons. Usually, they offer free accommodations, one meal, and travel expense for a few hours of work per day.

What Free Travel Isn’t

Being invited to stay in a stranger’s home for free does not give you permission to walk around the house interrupting others, or making significant changes in the house.

The same rules apply when you get free accommodations in a hotel or an organization’s headquarters; when you travel free you get a benefit that must be appreciated and treated with respect.

We wrote a post about beautiful places in the world ruined by tourists, we don’t want the same thing to happen to free travel.

Remember that free travel exists thanks to other digital nomads that have made contacts, and even offered their own place for similar people to benefit from it.

Being rude or pretending to bend the house rules like it was actually your place not only can make you be kicked out, it could ruin the plan of other free travelers.

To travel for free is about bonding, meeting new people, and living new experiences, but of course, every organization, house owner, or hotel has its rules, and you should follow them.

When you free travel, essentially you are giving up to luxuries during the trip and while you stay in a house. Don’t get us wrong, you won’t end up feeling awkward or left out, but please understand it’s a sacrifice that pays off with unforgettable experiences and new friends that could last forever.

Who Is Suitable For Free Travel?

Essentially, everyone can join the travel free movement. However, because of the lack of luxuries and the need to connect and empathize with others, some people may not have such a good time.

For example, people who are extremely introverts may have a difficult time when bonding with the house owners and other travelers.

And those who have issues with sharing space (particularly bedrooms, bathrooms, and recreational spaces), may also find it hard to mingle or to repeat the free travel experience.

Authoritarians are rarely welcome, when you travel for free may times the schedule will change dramatically; if you depend on someone else’s ride or house, you basically depend on their lifestyle and routine, which not always matches ours.

Our personal recommendation is to have patience, and simply enjoy the ride. Wherever it will take you, we guarantee it will be awesome and that you will come back home with amazing memories.

Now that the basics of traveling for free are covered, let’s get down to business and mentioned all the ways you can make the journey of your life without spending money.

House-Sit And Travel Free

There are people who also like to travel but can’t afford to let their house empty for a long time; sometimes because they have gardens and plants that need to be taken care of, but most of the times because they have pets or house routines that can’t be stopped.

These are one of the main targets for free travelers, because you have a house all by yourself in a city you really want to meet, for free!

Usually, what you do is contact the owner through a site (we will mention some in a few lines), create a profile describing who you are, and then you choose a house that needs sitting.

Most of the sites are very complete and tell you all the details about the house and the owners, including where the house is located, what you can can’t do in the house, for how long they will need you to be there, how many pets there are, and what your responsibilities will be.

Please remember that almost 99% of the owners will not allow you to take friends over, if you have a travel friend you must communicate this to the owners.

Trusted House Sitters

Here is one of the top house sitter sites, all you have to do is sign in, create a profile, choose your destination, and find people who need a sitter for their house and pet.

The thing with these sites is that, they can’t run for free, after all, they need to maintain the web and to offer support for sitters and owners, so they will ask you pay for an annual fee (which usually is less than $100, so don’t worry about spending much).

Trusted House Sitters works more or less like TripAdvisor, owners and sitters get reviewed, it’s a way of keeping the community safe and to earn trust.

Some will ask you to send daily updates, especially if it’s the first time you do this.

This site is open for house sitters from all over the world, so finding a house in the city you want to travel to won’t really be a problem.


This site has more than 130.000 members, and the dynamic is the same as Trusted House Sitters; you create an account, update your profile, and start searching for homeowners who need a house sitter.

The main difference is that Nomador is cheaper than Trusted House Sitters; while the first one’s subscription costs $100, the last one charges only $80 per year, and to attract new sitters they offer a 3 application subscription completely free.

Please notice that, since owners have all kinds of houses, you will find farms and country houses with special pets, like chickens, pigs, horses, turtles, and occasionally you will find snakes, spiders, and even bats.

Our recommendation is not to compromise with any of these owners if you truly haven’t interacted with these kinds of pets; while you may think it’s only feeding them, you will also have to clean their area, interact with them to see if there are unexpected injuries, and so on.

Now, if you are brave enough, you can always mention to the owner that you would prefer to interact with these animals first and learn from the owners themselves how to properly take care of them.

Mind My House

They have been up since 2005, and have done nothing but to match owners and free travelers from everywhere in the world.

The way Mind My house works is a little bit different from the previous sites; they will only charge sitters an annual fee of $20, and it’s completely free for homeowners.

What we like about Mind My House is that you have more options to choose from; while the other sites allowed you to find a house in a city that needs to be guarded, here you can search by country, city, type of pet, the time the owner will need you, and specific keywords.

They have a very strong community of pet owners and even have a place on their site for you to meet new friends, and possible new homeowners to mingle with.

In fact, it is not strange to find sitters that are also offering their house in exchange for someone else’s house.

Become an English Teacher and travel for free

Many digital nomads are native English speakers, and some others have adopted it as their second language. If you have an exceptional English level, you can become an international teacher and travel for free anywhere you can think of.

But before showing you where you could apply to do this, you must remember that schools, universities, and organizations look for people to teach this language for, at least, six months.

So if you don’t think you would like to travel for that long, maybe you should consider other options.

Some language centers will demand you to have the TEFL certificate, which is the document that certifies you as an official English teacher as a foreign language. Some others don’t really mind about this, especially English education centers in conflictive countries from Asia and Latin America.

The TEFL certification also allows you to access a huge database of places that require English teachers all over the world.

We recommend you to have this certificate, even if you find a job as a teacher in a school that doesn’t require it. The main reason is offering you the chance of traveling to those places who actually require you to have it, and to have better offers.

Keep in mind that many places will only cover your expenses in the country while you are teaching, that may or may not include an official salary as an extra, it all depends on the school, honestly.

Besides the TELF site, here we mention some similar webpages where you can find a job abroad as an English teacher and travel free.


Diverbo is quite popular in Europe, they have a huge database of traveling nomads that offer their English skills in exchange for spending a season in a village or city.

They offer us the opportunity to teach almost anywhere in the world, including bed and transportation for free.

The site is available for adults and teens, which is an amazing opportunity to travel around the world and learning from new cultures.

It also welcomes Spanish teachers for English speaking countries; basically, the more languages you know, the easier it will be for you to find a school or program to join.

Please notice that, just like many other programs, Diverbo will require a full immersion from you, that means, even if you have other volunteers that speak your language, you should not speak it during working hours or in the campus.

This is a rule that guarantees the students to learn the new language easier and faster, it also makes you and the school look professional.

To join them, you fill out the application. The process is entirely online, and the more you talk about yourself in the form, the more it will show your English skills.

We can’t tell you how long it will take them to answer back, usually a couple of weeks since they receive hundreds of applications per month.

Teach Away

They are an English teacher database that was born in 2003, they believe that teachers move the world, therefore, they have strict selection processes, but don’t feel overwhelmed, they will also guide you through the entire process and help you train for your TELF.

At their site you can see the job board, where hundreds of institutions all over the world request English teachers.

You can do the search by type of job, destinations, featured programs, and request help at their community.

It is easier to find you a free trip to Taiwan, India, Dubai, China, Qatar, Japan, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and Las Vegas.

They are not exactly limited to those cities and countries, but they do get a lot of request from those places, so if you were already thinking about traveling to Asia, Teach Away is your partner in crime.

You can also find in their courses section some international certificates that could help you build your teacher profile, some of them are the child protection certificate, digital learning for the K8 classroom, disciplinary literacy, and culturally responsive teaching.

Is not mandatory to take them, but trust us, they will open the gates of international English teaching for you.

Go Over Seas

This is an open program for those looking forward to teaching English and do other kinds of volunteering, but mostly focused on Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

Go Over Seas will take you to the most needed areas in the world, therefore, if you want to travel for free but have no intention of doing a complete volunteer experience, this may not be the program you are looking for.

Neither they or their allies can pay for every volunteer’s travel fees, however, if you show them you can not only teach but to assume coordination and research tasks, the higher the chances of being elected for a free program.

Their offers are mostly centered in South Africa, Brazil, Costa Rica, Thailand, Nepal, and Ghana. There are many other locations, but those are the most popular ones.

You can do the location search by country, program type, and time availability. Again, we encourage you to contact them, but do not offer you English skills if you don’t have, at least, six months of your time available.

They will put you in contact with high school programs, colleges, small educational institutes, and public schools. But also with conservationists’ organizations, so get ready to volunteer for animal and children’s protection, wildlife and sustainability, and so on.

TIE Online

This is probably in the top 5 sites to find English teachers to travel for free, not only for the travelers, but for schools and organizations. And most of their reputation comes from being more than 30 years offering the best international teachers.

TIE online works pretty much like the previous site, but it’s a little more formal. This international job marketplace is focused on all kinds of teachers, and 90% of the times will request a teacher certification.

Usually you don’t need to worry much about a working permit or visa, once you get accepted into the program, TIE and the school or institution will provide you the complete information you will need to get your paperwork done.

Since TIE is in contact with so many universities and institutions, you may find bigger opportunities to travel free and to get paid a little extra for your teaching skills.

Please keep in mind that TIE is interested in people who can travel for a long time, they usually ask volunteers to have one or two years available to work in another country, which is the expected time a contract in an international school lasts.

You not only get to be included in their teacher’s database, you also get to know other nomads like you, and find all the information you need in their community blog.

Work As An Au Pair

This is an option highly demanded by women, and it works quite well, however, not every family is willing to pay for a plane ticket.

An Au Pair is an international nanny, usually they are men and women who travel abroad to study or to spend a holiday season in a different country and need extra cash.

Working as an au pair means you will leave in a family house and help them to take care of their children, you choose if you can take care of one,..

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Whether you are looking to expand the reach of your start-up, extend entrepreneurial ethos or boost your business, Coworking Spaces in Sydney are paving the way to growth for the new millennials. With each passing day, more number of people are getting attracted to the new trend of coworking in Sydney. Coworking spaces have been on the rise around the world as more and more individuals are living their entrepreneurial dream and Sydney is no different. Being said that, there are more than 300 coworking spaces in Australia itself, catering to the needs of different business of all sizes.

However, deciding on the right coworking space can be a tedious task as there are way too many things to factor in – like location, cost, amenities and membership fee. In this article, we will be looking at the best coworking spaces in Sydney along with their membership fees and the different amenities that they have to offer.

Coworking Space in Sydney

Following is the list of some of the best coworking space in Sydney that we have curated to help you make an informed choice while selecting the most suited coworking space for your business requirements.

1. Hub

The founder of Hub, Brad Krauskopf believes that collaboration and coworking are going to change the Australian economy forever. Getting a membership at Hub provides access to numerous benefits and impressive perks. There is no minimum term that you have to serve along with zero exit fees. Use of all equipment, refreshments, and cleaning is all inclusive your membership plan. In addition to this, a membership at Hub, Sydney will grant you access to any of their other coworking spaces in Australia, including other partner locations in Singapore, London, New York, and Santa Monica.

This is as good as you get if you are a digital nomad who is always traveling around the work exploring new places and working at the same time. Apart from this, space offers amenities like printing facilities, access to shower space and bike racks – Hub is a good bet for your desired coworking space in Sydney. Space is assumed to be 30% cheaper in comparison to some of the other leased spaces in Sydney, for over a course of one year.

A private office can be accessed at $600 per month that can accommodate around 20 people. Whereas, a dedicated desk at the Hub Coworking Space can be availed at $650 per month with 24×7 access to meeting rooms and mailing services. On the other hand, flexible desks can be accessed for $300 and $550 as per your requirements.

Website – https://www.hubaustralia.com/

2. WeWork

The largest coworking space company based in America, they have expanded considerably around the world, catering to thousands of individuals and small business. Being said that, they have opened not one, but three offices itself in Sydney. With a huge network of offices from Washington D.C to Amsterdam and everywhere in between, the members get access to over 250+ benefits and perks from their partnership programs that include reduced prices on software like Slack and hosting services of GoDaddy.

Regardless of whether you need a private office, a hot desk or a dedicated desk – each of the three locations in Sydney can cater to your respective needs. Being a member of the coworking space, you will be able to enjoy free coffees and fruits regularly. Apart from this, you get access to business professionals working in a variety of different fields and to its dynamic community. Without a doubt, WeWork coworking space in Sydney is definitely an option worth considering for your requirements.

A private office can be accessed at $1150 per month, which is a bit on the higher side in comparison to other options, but is worth looking at the perks and benefits that it has to offer. The dedicated desk option is priced at $850 per month and the hot desk can be availed at $500 per month.

Website – https://www.wework.com/l/sydney–NSW

3. Gravity

Gravity coworking space offers a lot for young and professional’s entrepreneurs and business owners catering perfectly to each of their requirements. With dedicated room for meetings with clients and boardrooms, Gravity has come up the ranks within a short period of time and is loved by most budding individuals who are looking for shared working spaces for the obvious reasons.

You can get access to different amenities that include access to free and reliable internet services, locker storage space to keep your valuable belongings and bike racks, in case if you have a bike to travel different places within the city. One can also get access to shower spaces if they travel a lot around the world and in the country. In all, this coworking space in Sydney is definitely worth considering.

They offer casual, part-time and full-time membership option that you can choose from depending upon your budget requirements. The casual plan is like a daylong membership that can be availed at $100. The part-time membership costs you around $250 to $600 depending upon your requirements. And the full-time membership will cost you $900 per month, providing access to meeting rooms for 5 times a week. You can access the place 24 x 7 with the full-time membership.

Website – https://www.gravitycoworking.com.au

4. Fishburner’s

Fishburner coworking space in Sydney has been the pioneer of the shared working space industry and is one of the best known in the city. It houses over 337 companies that working in three different locations of the coworking space and has over 500 visitors each day that passes through the doors. It offers some of the best amenities among all the options shared above with free and reliable Wi-Fi services and bike racks. On top of this, you get free wines and beers to celebrate your weekly wins.

This coworking space in Sydney is a non-profit organization that offers members with state of the art facility, excellent networking opportunities with fellow co-workers and an impressive list of numerous different city partners. Perfect for startups and small business, Fishburner is definitely a place checking out to expand your business.

Apart from all the things discussed above, they are pretty flexible with their pricing membership options. You can book a free 5-day trial and check out what they have to offer before you become their paid member. You can reserve a hot desk for $40 per day or go for a part-time option that needs you to pay $300 per month or $400, in case if you want your own desk. In all, it is a great option that you can avail at a reasonable price.

Website – https://fishburners.org/

5. Your Desk

The family-owned business that started back in 2012 with 26 desks and 2 meeting rooms has grown to multiple places and locations around the world. Knowing the needs of small business owners and budding entrepreneurs, Your Desk has provided the right mix of creatives and infrastructure to boost the productivity of individuals. They now have 220 desks and 16 meeting rooms spread in different locations catering to the needs of many businesses.

The coworking space offered by Your Desk provides comfort like no other coworking space in Sydney and yet remains to be one of the cheapest options for many. They currently have 2 offices in Sydney. You can even avail personal offices that cater to the need of at max 10 people, along with other basic amenities. With lightning fast internet access and bike racks, the place is certainly worth checking.

You can avail part-time membership at around $100 per month and full-time membership for $650 per month that provides access to a desk. You can get your own private office for $3000 per month with 24 x 7 access to meeting rooms, showers, bike racks, and internet services. In all, a great place for entrepreneurs.

Website – https://www.yourdesk.com.au/

6. Tank Stream Labs

If you are choosing the coworking space based upon the convenience of locations and accessing nearby places easily, Tank Stream Labs is the most suitable option for you. Just a hop away from ASX building in Sydney’s CBD, it is the house to many budding start-ups and small businesses. It also won the award of Fin Tech best coworking space in Australia for the year 2017.

The place is ideal for productive work and networking with highly qualified people. It offers all the basic amenities like reliable and fast internet services, bike rakes and many others. If you are looking to get your shared working space in Sydney, Tank Stream Labs is definitely an option worth considering.

The part-time membership plan will cost you $400 per person each month, whereas the full-time membership will cost you double the amount, $800 per month while allowing you access to all of their facilities along with a dedicated desk. A day pass can be availed at $60 to check out the facility and amenities that they have to offer.

Website – www.tankstreamlabs.com

7. Stone and Chalk

One of the fastest growing coworking space in Sydney, Stone and Chalk resides right in the middle of Sydney CBD. It mainly caters to the need of startups and budding entrepreneurs who are looking to disrupt the financial services in Asia specific region, they have partnered with several well established heavyweights in the financial sector.

Some of these big names include Optus and Westpac and American Express. Because of this partnering, startups at Stone and Chalk gets an added advantage as they can access different capital investment opportunities rather quickly, thus making the coworking space ideal for networking with industry giants. And like other coworking spaces, Stone and Chalk also provides all the essential amenities to individuals and businesses who are looking forward to expand their business. You can try the place for a day or even have your own business suite, as per your requirements.

If you are in Sydney for only a day or two, you can use the coworking space at Stone and Chalk at $50 per day. However, for people looking to get the place for a longer period of time, can get access at $685 per month that will provide them access to a dedicated desk. A private office can be availed at $820 per month.

Website – https://www.stoneandchalk.com.au/

Wrapping Up

Sydney is house to a myriad of coworking spaces that you can choose from, but we have listed the six most convenient, full of amenities, business and budget-friendly options to choose from, with absolutely no overhead cost involved. If you are looking for a coworking space in Sydney, read the complete guide and each of the options discussed above one by one and select the one that better suits your requirements and budget. From free trial to $3000 per month, we have covered everything depending upon your requirements.

Let us know more about your experiences at following places and comment below in case if you have any further queries which need our attention.

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As travelers, we tend to spend a lot of time thinking about our next destination. Should we take a plane? Hitchhike? Walk our way there? But we often forget to get a small backpack that fits our destination, travel time, and personal needs.

Wouldn’t it be enough if we just take any backpack? Not really, the backpacks we used to go to college or school with don’t have the right fabric to carry that much weight, and sometimes may not even be big enough for all our things.

That’s why today we want to tell you everything you need to know to pick the right small backpack depending on your budget, taste, and travel necessities.

How Do I Pick The Right Small Backpack?

Before going through your favorite shop for a small backpack consider a few aspects to save some money and getting the most out of your purchase.

When we buy a backpack we should see beyond esthetic features, sure, we must like how our new backpack looks, but something equally, or even more important, is how much can it carry and if our body feels good wearing it.

The lifetime of a backpack is 5 years or more (the really good ones), but it depends a lot on how and where you use it.

Don’t expect to have a backpack that lasts 5 years if you take on bumpy travels or if you go under harsh weather conditions with it. Then again, if you are a nomad, you know this is exactly what you are going to do.

Following these thoughts, it’s important to be honest with yourself about the kind of trip you are about to start.

Are you staying in a hotel? Or are you about to meet the most exotic places in Bali? If you know you are going on a trip that includes hiking, kayaking, or going through a stunning jungle, you can’t afford a small backpack that’s not waterproof.

And neither you should pick one with thin fabric, it will scratch in just a few hours, no matter how careful you are with it.

On the other hand, if you just need a small backpack to carry your things between locations instead of becoming your faithful companion, you will be fine with a regular small backpack.

Features Of The Right Small Backpack

It’s been said that size doesn’t matter… in this case, we are sorry to say it does. We decided to start talking about the kind of trip you are making because, depending on your itinerary and travel destination, you may need a small backpack or a big one.

Picture it this way, you may be thinking a big backpack is what you need if you are going to hitchhike up to your destination, because, “of course” you need to carry a lot of things, don’t you?

When in fact, if you are going by foot and depending on other people’s cars and goodwill, the last thing you need is to have a heavy backpack with you.

The same thing could happen with those thinking a small backpack is enough without considering the things we just mentioned; if you know you will bring your laptop, camera, phone, tablet, snacks, water, an extra pair of shoes, and maybe two sweaters with you, a small backpack may not be for you this time.

Now that this is clear, here are the essential features any small backpack (or big if you prefer it), must have for you to fully enjoy your trip.

Water-resistant material

“But I’m not traveling to a rainy location!”, trust us, it doesn’t matter. You never know when a wild rain appears to ruin your day, or when somebody accidentally drops a glass of soda on the backpack that’s casually holding your electronic devices.

Treated nylon fiber comes in handy because it is not only water resistant, but it also helps the fabric to dry faster than others.

Multiple compartments

The times of having a backpack with just two compartments are long gone, the more, the better.

Having a small backpack with multiple compartments makes easier the organization tasks, and it allows our things to stay in the exact spot they should be, no matter how hard the trip is. This way you avoid accidental spillings, and you get to find your things faster.

Padded shoulder straps, hip belt, sternum strap, and load-lifter straps

Not many of us are used to wear the hip belt many backpacks include, sometimes we have even asked ourselves “when on earth will I ever need to use this?”, and the answer is: always.

It can be uncomfortable at the beginning, but hip belts are designed to give your lower back support and make the weight of your backpack easier to carry, because it distributes the load evenly on your back.

Also, padded shoulder straps are better than others because it won’t scratch your skin that easily nor it will rely the entire weight on your shoulders, something quite common when you walk long distances with a lot of weight on your back.

And for lighter loads, you can use the sternum strap. Simply adjust it and you are ready to run or walk faster without feeling how the backpack “jumps” on your back.

But whatever you do, never buy a backpack to travel with if it doesn’t have load-lifter straps. They are used to bring the upper part of your backpack closer to your body, and we do this to feel more comfortable when walking around.

If your backpack doesn’t have a load-lifter, chances are you will be uncomfortable the whole trip because the backpack can’t adjust to your body.

List of the Best Small Backpacks You Can Buy Online

It would be 100% better if you actually had the chance to go to a store and feel the backpack, but we understand that we live in a digital era, so we decided to show you the 7 best small backpacks we could find online.

They are all high-quality, but we encourage you to take into consideration your personal needs as a traveler before making any decisions.

Outlander Ultra Lightweight Backpack

This is one of our favorite options because it come in 13 different colors and only weighs 0.46 pounds.

Besides, it’s actually quite affordable and has many features that are useful for regular travelers. Starting with the water-resistant nylon fabric. It provides long-lasting performance, but this small backpack is recommended for short and soft trips.

  • Multiple compartments, including main compartment, two frontal zipper pockets and one internal pocket for important items (ideal to keep your watch, smartphone, and wallet safe at all times).
  • This New Outlander has a carabiner clip to attach items.
  • A bottle holder
  • A very strong handle and enhanced bar-tacks
  • Breathable mesh shoulder straps and yes, they are also adjustable
  • It’s completely foldable, so you can put it comfortably aside when it’s not being used and won’t occupy much space
  • It’s small enough to fit the airplane under-seat compartment, but big enough on the inside to carry many items

View on amazon

OlarHike Water-resistant Small Backpack

While the Outlander small backpack had a 20L capacity, this OlarHike offers 35L, which makes it a bit bigger and useful for those travelers who keep adding items to the backpack while traveling.

This model comes in 5 different colors and it is also quite affordable.

  • It is completely water-proof, so don’t worry about heavy rains or watery accidents.
  • It has one main compartment that offers enough spaces for a laptop or tablet, and has two accessory pockets that allow us to organize small gadgets like our phone, books, and travel gear.
  • Also includes two mesh pockets, perfect for your water bottle or small umbrella if needed.
  • Has a two way SBS metal zipper, perfect for heavy trips and offer a high zipping performance (this basically means it won’t get attached to your clothes by accident when zipped fast).
  • Displays a reflective stripe on the top of the backpack, and two at the side so you become visible for cars and buses at night (this is perfect for cyclists).
  • Has a two year warranty, we don’t believe you can damage this backpack easily, but if an accident occurs, you can return it and get a refund.

View on amazon

PUMA Evercat Contender 3.0

Puma is a trusted brand we all known, and they have been creating cool and strong backpacks that come in handy for global travelers.

The Evercat Contender 3.0 is one of our favorite small backpacks because it comes in 7 different colors and it’s so light-weight you can almost forget you are carrying it.

This model is not as big as the previous ones, but it has a cool style and allows your back to get some air thanks to its polyester lining.

  • Even though it may look small in pictures, in fact it’s a medium size backpack, so you can carry many things inside it, simply don’t force it, this is not a small backpack for heavy travelers or harsh weather conditions.
  • It has one main compartment with two pocket separations inside
  • An outside pocket to hold a bottle and it is water-proof, but not as resistant as the two other models
  • This backpack is perfect for travelers that move in the city
  • Big enough to carry a small laptop without inconveniences, but it won’t protect it from punches or falls

View on amazon

Amazon Basics Travel Backpack

Here’s a model for those who just can’t travel light. The Amazon backpack comes in three different colors, and even though it’s labeled as a small backpack, it can actually carry lot of things for you on this travel.

Inside looks like a regular travel suitcase, and it only makes it incredibly comfortable when it’s time to organize and unpack things.

  • Has a main compartment, big enough to carry clothes, electronic gadgets like a tablet or laptop, books, snacks, sweaters, and more.
  • Also has a small external compartment with five small compartments, here you can carry pens, your passport, notebooks, sunglasses, your wallet, smartphone, and pretty much anything else that’s small-sized and it’s essential for your travel.
  • It doesn’t have a bottle compartment like the three previous models we just mentioned, but you won’t really need it since it can be place in the front compartment without inconveniences.
  • Has padded shoulder straps that can be unfasten to carry the backpack as a suit case, or you can use the extra shoulder strap.

View on amazon

The North Face Small Backpack

Worried about not finding the right color for you backpack? Well, The North Face has it covered because you can find this model in 25 different colors and patterns.

We are crazy about this backpack because it not only looks cool, it also has plenty of space to carry your things around comfortably.

  • It is water-proof, but we wouldn’t recommend you to use it under heavy rain, it is mostly made of polyester.
  • Has a stitched foam back panel, it allows air to run through it and your back, diminishing the chances of getting t-shirt soaked in sweat.
  • Has one main large compartment, perfect for laptops, tablets, and books.
  • Also has a second compartment with organizational panels
  • Include two stretch pockets at sides, a strong handle, chest belt, and padded shoulder straps.
  • One exterior accessory clip, durable zipper pulls, and weighs one pound.
  • It is a bit more expensive than the previous models, but the way we see it is totally worth it.

Do you have a personal story with a small backpack that traveled the world with you? Let us know! We are fans of funny and interesting stories, and we are sure there’s at least one memory worth telling.

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If you have never been to Bali, you will find shocking how hard it can be moving through the city without taxis. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a marvelous city, but it can become a real nightmare if you don’t know how to move.

We understand that arriving into a new city where your language is not spoken can be troublesome, so we decided to help our nomad friends out there and write down everything they need to know about finding taxis in Bali.

The Basics On Finding Taxis in Bali

Just like in many of the biggest and most tourist cities of the world, you can find taxi apps like Grab in Bali (an app just like Uber), but there’s a minor inconvenience: not many taxi drivers like this sort of competition, so they fought Uber and similar drivers.

As costumers, we love Uber and similar apps because they are convenient. Wherever we are, we simply ask for a driver and in a few minutes, our ride is here.

However, these so convenient apps are making local taxi drivers struggle with their daily incomes, because, of course, it is easier to get an Uber.

There have been many protests and fights between both parts in Bali over the subject; taxi drivers say these apps disrupt their routine and that tourists should support local industries, and it’s sort of true, but our comfort and needs should also be taken into consideration.

Bali is a city full of digital nomads, you can find many coworking spaces there, but how you get to their location depends mostly on taxi rides if you don’t like to walk that much.

The thing with the Bali taxi drivers is that, many times, you will have to bargain the price. They recognize tourists easily, and of course, just like in many other cities, a ride that should cost around $10 could cost $20.

How Do I Find Good Taxis in Bali?

Bali has a lot of traffic, and public transportation is not bad, but it’s not exactly comfortable even though it’s actually quite cheap (less than $2), you will need more time to get use to it and understand it.

Our best option as tourists or digital nomads is to find taxis in Bali, and to find one all you have to do is go out to the street, lift your arm, and get one. However, this won’t happen if you are not in a crowded avenue or close to touristic locations.

This becomes an issue because not all hotels or hostels are close to big avenues, so you will have to walk a little.

The other option would be to get an Uber, nothing wrong with that if you are in a hurry and it’s your desire, however, the issues with Uber and taxi drivers reached its peak last year and it’s officially banned until further notice.

Now, if you want a regular taxi, you can ask one at your hotel’s reception and they will either give you one of their own or call a taxi company to pick you up.

These rides are a bit more expensive from the hotels, especially if the cab belongs to them.

Another great option is getting a Blue Bird taxi; it’s a local initiative like Uber, but cooler and they keep low prices.

All you have to do is download the app on your phone, pick the type of vehicle you will need (from four to six seats), choose your favorite payment method (including cash, T-Cash, e-vouchers or credit card).

Select your destination and wait for your ride! What we like about Blue Bird is that you get to see the fee before accepting the ride, and they are usually cheaper than finding a taxi in the street of Bali.

While some regular taxi drivers may use tricks to charge you more, some others don’t have a taximeter and charge what they think is right, which, of course, doesn’t always match our daily budget.

What If I Need A Taxi From The Airport?

Taxis at the Bali Ngurah Rai Airport work differently from other airports, they are pre-paid. You can find taxi counters in and out of the airport, they have a monopoly of this service at the arrivals gate, hence, the fees tend to be standard and fair.

The service will ask you to confirm your destination and if you agree on the price, which is something we usually do because, even if we haven’t had the Bali taxi experience, prices at the airport are very cheap (depending on your location, it can cost between $10 to $50).

You can also check the official transportation guide that the Bali airport offers, you can book a cab from the site selecting the pick-up location, your destination, and the date. And yes, you can request an airport taxi to pick you up at the hotel and take you to the airport.

If you are moving from anywhere in Bali to the airport, you can still get a Grab, there’s no problem if they leave you there, but do not expect to be picked up by any of these services from the airport to your hotel, it is simply not allowed.

For these drivers there’s no need to leave a tip, even though their fee is not the cheapest in Bali, it’s fair enough. However, if you are using any of the other taxi apps we just mentioned, it’s nice to leave a small tip, after all, they are the ones offering the cheapest service around.

If you happen to get a regular cab and you consider the fee was cheap enough (or fair, if you prefer to see it that way), we do encourage you to tip your driver, especially if he was nice and did his best to give you a smooth ride.

Can I Find Taxis in Bali Online?

So far we have mentioned different apps and regular methods to get a taxi in the city, let’s now talk about different sites where you can schedule a taxi and find a reliable driver for your trip.

When you search for taxi drives in Bali on the TripAdvisor app, you will find many trusted taxi drivers that have offered their services for a while now, and you can see real reviews of previous costumers.

Here’s an example of a taxi driver in Bali that not only can pick you up wherever you are, but also organizes tourist activities in the city.

What you should pay attention to these kinds of reviews is how natural they sound, and of course, the date between them. If they are too close to each other, chances are they are fake, but in the example we just showed you we can see short reviews with different dates that offer enough information about the driver for you to trust them.

Another way to find a reliable taxi in Bali is to reach directly to the taxi companies; we prefer to do this when we go to Bali because they are already trusted companies and offer different packages depending on how many people need the ride or how far they have to go.

You can bargain these details with regular street drivers, but as we said, even though they are only trying to protect their incomes and tradition, can end up costing you more than what you were thinking.

One of the most frequented taxi companies in Bali is Taxi Driver Bali, their website is very simplistic, but you don’t really need a fancy platform to notice that these people love their job and that they offer a great service.

This site also portrays their TripAdvisor reviews, and you can see they have a wide wallet of frequent and new clients that usually come recommended by previous users.

Another great website that offers an outstanding service is Bali Cab, they also offer tours, scheduled pickups, and great deals for big groups.

Bali Cab allows you to cancel the ride if something unexpected has reached your itinerary, but the best part is that you don’t need to pay an extra cancellation fee as some other companies request you to do.

And if you are not fully satisfied with your ride even though you have already scheduled a tour or a pickup, something rarely happens since they are a very good company, you don’t need to stick to that driver, all you have to do is request a new one or cancel the service without any complications.

Tips When Requesting Taxis in Bali

Now that you know the safest options to find a taxis in Bali, we need to recommend you some tips to have a nicer trip.

First of all, if you have a day fully planned, do not wait until the last minute to call your taxi. Bali is an extremely busy city, and you can be stuck in traffic many times, or you can have a real struggle waiting for an empty taxi in the street, especially a night.

Our recommendation is that you think ahead of time and schedule an hour for your driver to pick you up, and take you back.

Many taxi drivers speak English, so the language may not be a problem as you would expect. Despite this advantage, we strongly recommend you to repeat your destination to your driver just to be sure he knows where it is.

In fact, if you can check how to get there on Google Maps it would be better, because you can see live traffic information and you can let the driver know which is the most convenient route.

However, if he still thinks his route is better, and if you have requested his service from a taxi company, it would be better if you just let him go where he thinks is the best, after all, they are the ones who know the city from head to toe, and the chances of getting scammed are significantly reduced if the service is requested from a taxi company.

On the other hand, if you are getting a cab from the street, never accept a ride from someone who doesn’t have a taxi meter. Many people with cars claim to be taxi drivers but don’t have a proper license, and most of them overcharge you.

Another useful tip we can give you is to accept the taxi’s request to wait for you until your night is finished; nights are as busy as daytime, so if he prefers to wait for you, say thanks but he should not leave the meter running, especially if you plan to stay there for a long time.

In these cases, they usually agree to an hourly fee and it shouldn’t cost you more than IDR 50.000, which is around $4 or $6.

And finally, write down the name and the license plate of the driver, you never know when you may forget your wallet or backpack by accident on a ride, with that number you can call back to the company and ask them to return it or ask if you can pick it up yourself.

Final Thoughts

We know we gave you a lot of information, but trust us, it is exactly what you need to know about how to get a fine taxi in Bali.

Besides the companies and apps we just mentioned, we recommend you to talk to locals and your hotel personnel about other companies they know personally, it’s also a good way to find honest and responsible taxi drivers in the city.

For those who have been to Bali, any stories about the taxi services? We would love to read your own experiences on the subject! It can help new travelers and digital nomads in the city.

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The capital city of Vietnam – Hanoi is evolving at a rapid pace. Not only the country is full of fun and fascination but is also one of the most easily accessible and cheapest countries around the world. Walking through the streets of Hanoi is a true experience to enjoy the true city life. It is a city that wakes up early and right from the dust to dawn, there is so much life happening around, which in itself is a magical experience.

However, with over 150 registered hostels in the city, Hanoi can be an overwhelming place to determine where to stay. And this exactly this article is for – to help you access the most affordable and comfortable stay in the city of Hanoi. This guide of Hanoi Backpackers Hostels will allow you to save a considerable amount of money when you next travel to Hanoi. We have a compiled a list of best hostels in Hanoi for all your different needs. You will be able to book your hostels instantly without any hassle with the direct links to each of the hostel mentioned in this article.

Hostels in Hanoi

Most of the hostels in Hanoi are in the Old Quarter that is a region nearby Hoan Kiem Lake. Apart from being the social center, Old Quarter is an important commercial place in Hanoi. Thus, this is the area where you want to be if you want to experience the true culture of the city. The city has a huge offering of the hostel with all sorts of vibes, facilities, rooms, and prices for backpackers around the world. There is something for everyone including the party backpacker, big groups and chilled couple. Each and every tourist can find the perfect hostel easily accessible in the city.

Most of the Hanoi Hostel provides free breakfast and travel desk services, whereas some hostels also include in-house restaurants and bars. On average, you can expect to spend around $6 to $12 per person for one night, if you stay at a comfortable backpacker friendly hostel. Let us see the different hostels that made it to our list into more details including their prices per night, address and the facilities that you can avail while you stay with them.

Cheap Hanoi Backpackers Hostel 1. Chien Hostel Dorm in Chien Hostel, Hanoi

Located on the square, Chien Hostel faces a Catholic Church making it the perfect location to get the true taste of Vietnamese culture. Being said that, it is one of the cheapest and comfortable hostels in Hanoi that provides backpackers and solo travelers’ cozy dorms at low prices. The hostel has an atmosphere and facilities as great as the view and the location. Make sure to grab thedaily free beer in the evening, as you come exhausted after your daily walk around the city. Head up to the terrace, join travelers from around the world and have a fantastic night.

The Chien Hostel also offers in-house bar and restaurant services that are open until midnight. You no longer need to worry about those late midnight cravings. You can get access to dorms for up to 8 – 12 – 20 people. Each of the guest arriving and staying at the hostel gets their own personal power outlet and access to personal lockers. Apart from this, you can have access to other amazing amenities like luggage storage, tour desk, and rental bike hires.

Things to look out for –

  1. Terrace with BBQ
  2. Free Breakfast
  3. Restaurant and Bar
  4. Individual lockers and power outlets
  5. Bike Rentals
  6. Tour Desk

Location12 Au Trieu, Hang Trong


 Starting Price – $6 per night

2. Old Quarter Hostel Dorm in Old Quarter Hostel, Hanoi

The Old Quarter Hostel in Hanoi ticks all the boxes that a solo traveler or backpacker might pay attention to – including the friendly atmosphere, good beds, fair prices, common areas, and excellent location. The hostel is ideal for families and backpackers alike. It has a good blend of dorms and private rooms. Perfect for Digital Nomads, it has a free, strong and reliable Wi-Fi network that can be used and accessed from multiple places within the hostel, to sit and work peacefully.

The comfortable dorm rooms offer a good night sleep. And even if you want to stay up late working on meeting your tight deadlines, you can get private twin, double or single rooms. Each of the dorms and rooms has private bathroom, allowing you to get ready quickly in the morning. You get free breakfast each morning and with an in-house restaurant, you can get the food as well.

Things to look out for –

  1. Free Breakfast
  2. Restaurant
  3. Luggage Storage
  4. Common Areas
  5. Reliable and Fast Wi-Fi Network

Location 32 Hang Vai, Hoan Kiem

Website http://hanoioldquarterhostel.com/

Starting Price – $15 per night

3. Central Backpackers Hostel Dorm in Central Backpackers Hostel, Hanoi

Among the various Hanoi Backpackers Hostel, Central Backpackers Hostel is one of its kind. Run by travelers for travelers, the hostel is a comfortable, affordable and friendly option for solo travelers. You will never experience a dull moment during your stay at the hostel and will be able to meet and talk to backpackers from around the world. And if you like the word FREE as much as any backpacker on a tight budget, then this is the place where you want to be. Free beers every evening, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and free pub crawls.

For places to mingle and chill with fellow backpackers, there is an outdoor terrace and indoor common rooms. You can even access the computers for free and get cheap rides to the airport from the hostel.

Things to look out for –

  1. Free Breakfast and Beers
  2. Luggage Storage
  3. Indoor Common Areas and Outdoor Terrace
  4. Reliable and Fast Wi-Fi Network
  5. Cheap Ride to Airport

Location – 16 Ly Quoc Su St.[AZ6] 

Website http://www.centralbackpackershostel.com/

Starting Price – $8 per night

4. Nexy Hostel Game Room in Nexy Hostel, Hanoi

One of the best and luxurious hostels in Hanoi at cheap prices, Nexy offers an exciting hosteling experience. Comfy dorm rooms with your very own reading lamps, charging points, and privacy curtains, it offers a unique experience to all of the guests from around the world. With an in-house bar and café, it is a great place to hang out with likeminded people and backpackers from around the world. Like some of the other options in this list of Hanoi Backpackers Hostel, Nexy also offers free breakfast and reliable Wi-Fi services to all of its visitors.

Backpackers can also access the game room during their free time and play games with other solo travelers like pool, foosball and other board games. It is also equipped with a TV room that has free to use computer access.

Things to look out for –

  1. Free Breakfast
  2. Game Room
  3. Outdoor Terrace
  4. Reliable Wi-Fi Network
  5. TV Room

Location 12 To Tich

Website http://www.nexyhostels.com/

Starting Price – $10 per night

5. Republik Backpackers Hostel Stylish Party Hostel in Hanoi

The aesthetics of Republik Backpackers Hostel makes it stand apart from the other viable options for backpackers around the world. If you love stylish and neat places to stay around then this is the place where you want to be. It is created by a traveler for the traveler who knows what backpackers are looking for, as they experience the beauty of the world. With bright and airy dorms along with privacy curtains, personal reading light, fan, and a locker, it has everything that you need to have a comfortable stay.

The hostel is also equipped with a bar facility along with a pool table to hang around with other backpackers around the world. This Hanoi Backpackers Hostel provides free beers during the happy hours along with free yoga classes to keep you peaceful and calm. You can even access the Wi-Fi for free and buy cheap meals to fulfill your food cravings.

Things to look out for –

  1. Free Breakfast and Beer
  2. Free Yoga Classes
  3. Outdoor Terrace
  4. Reliable Wi-Fi Network
  5. Stylish Dorm Room
  6. Personal Reading Lamp and Fan

Location 14 Phung Hung

Website http://www.republikbackpackers.com/

Starting Price – $7 per night

6. 7 Fridays Hostel Pool Party in 7 Fridays Hostel, Hanoi

If you are not the one who wants to live in the buzz of the Old Quarter, this is the perfect place for you. Located around the west lake, the 7 Fridays Hostel is a fun place for solo travelers to have a chilling time. You can rent a bike and explore the places nearby. A spacious hostel that has its very own outdoor pool. You can experience the amazing vibe and hang out with another traveler from around the world. You can get access to free Wi-Fi services all day long and free breakfast that is included in the price of your stay.

It has everything that a solo backpackers need to have a comfortable stay and good night sleep. Check out the hostel in the link below and discover more about the amazing Hanoi Backpackers Hostel.

Things to look out for –

  1. Free Breakfast
  2. Bike Hires
  3. Outdoor Pool
  4. Reliable and Fast Wi-Fi Network

Location 22 Quang An


Starting Price – $10 per night

7. Vietnam Backpackers Hostel Amazing Night Life in Vietnam Backpackers Hostel in Hanoi

It is one of the biggest and best hostels available in the Downtown City of Hanoi. With frequent Pub Quiz, Karaoke Nights and Beer Pong, if you like the hustle and bustle around you, this is the place where you want to be. You get free breakfast and beer during happy hours and even get the food from the in-house restaurants. There are regular free walking tours to the city that you can avail. A great place to meet with fellow backpackers in the city and even plan an impromptu tour.

With free to use Wi-Fi service and computer at your disposal, you can even work late night to meet your tight work deadlines. You can also play games like foosball and pool table in the games room with other solo travelers. And being close to the street shops, you can even enjoy the Vietnamese Street food during your stay at the hostel.

Things to look out for –

  1. Free Breakfast and Beers
  2. Game Room
  3. Reliable and Fast Wi-Fi Network
  4. Computer Room
  5. Local Street Food Nearby
  6. Night Events
  7. In-house Restaurant

Location – 9 Ma May


Starting Price – $10 per night

Wrapping Up

Hanoi Backpackers hostel are a great way to save a few money and yet enjoy your stay completely while having access to all the desired amenities. With average spending from $6 – $12, there are numerous options that you can choose from the list above depending upon your requirements. Let us know your experience about staying in one of these hostels and share the article with other fellow backpackers who are soon planning to travel to Vietnam and Hanoi.

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So you are looking for that one place where you can work without feeling bored or distracted… Then good news for you because we have done the job and we bring you the 6 best coworking space in Berlin!

Being the largest city of Germany, one would think that finding a coworking space in Berlin would be easy peasy, but the truth is it can be a little hard if you don’t speak German or if you don’t know the city that much.

For those digital nomads who need a little help finding the right coworking space in Berlin, here are our personal recommendations.

KAOS Berlin

Let’s start with one of the coolest and most interesting coworking places we have found in Berlin. Kaos is not written that way because they wanted to make it cool, it’s actually an acronym for “Kreative Arbeitsgemeinschaft Oberschöneweide”, which means “cooperative working space in Oberschöneweide.”

Kaos is located at Wilhelminenhofstraße 92, 12459; not that far away from central Berlin. Right in front of the Spree river and next to the Kino Spreehöfe Movie Theater.

What do we like about this coworking space in Berlin? Pretty much everything! They are a coworking space dedicated to product, art, and media design.

What Do They Have to Offer?

The fact that they are such a flexible coworking space means that they have everything you need to start crafting ideas, including workshops, private offices, studios, and event spaces if you need to unveil your last work of art.

At Kaos, you can work with wood, furniture, painting, metal, and more. The limit honestly is yours, as long as you take care of the installations, of course.

Prices vary depending on how long you plan to be there and the type of space you will need; for example, work desks are available starting at €125 ($130), you get to choose between portable and permanent desks.

Inclusive workshop spots start at €250 ($267) plus VAT, every spot at Kaos includes access to the terrace to rest a little, storage box for your personal belongings, bathroom, kitchen, and Wi-Fi.

To discuss the budget for exhibitions, concerts or renting one of their areas for your personal workshop, simply contact them through their website.

House of Clouds

Here’s a coworking space in Berlin that is less artistic but equally efficient. House of Clouds is located at Oldenburger Str 6, 10551, right next to the Saint Paulus Monastery and surrounded by many bus stations, so getting there won’t be a problem.

This coworking space has the looks of a regular office, only you wouldn’t have to deal with annoying coworkers because the space will be only for you.

However, if you are not working alone but with a team, only 300 meters away from the location we just mentioned, you will find the House of Clouds new headquarters with 9 office rooms with all the equipment you and your team need to have a productive day.

The price varies depending on how many workplaces you will need, if it’s only you, the price starts at €210 ($220) plus 19% VAT.

Why Choosing House of Clouds?

This type of coworking space in Berlin is better for those who don’t wish to mingle much with other freelancers or digital nomads, their office rooms are designed for you to completely focus on your task and leave behind any kind of distraction.

They offer you desks, chairs, storage space, LAND and WLAN access, whiteboards if requested, a virtual business address, and computers. However, if you are a designer or work with Adobe programs, we recommend you to bring your laptop.

They work from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm, but their customer service is up 24/7. If you need to stay a bit longer, just talk to them in advance.

For more information about House of Clouds you can check their site.

Fritz 46

They have a retro yet innovate image that could captivate curious nomads around Berlin.

Getting into their offices is like entering a 1970’s corporation, with some notes of crazy art work around the building.

It’s located at Lübecker Str 46, 10559, right in the heart of Berlin. After work you can cross the street and grab a beer or a cup of coffee, it is incredibly close to many bars, restaurants and coffee shops.

Fritz 46 is actually very popular in Berlin, it has a dynamic and creative vibe that people love, and that may be one of the reasons why it booked so often.

Is Fritz 46 Your Coworking space in Berlin?

Not every coworking space in Berlin has the right vibe and dynamic for everybody, except, perhaps, Fritz 46.

They have permanent and movable desks, depending on what you are looking for. Their Wi-Fi is super-fast and they offer you all the equipment you may need in working hours. Including meeting rooms, projectors, catering, and more.

Doors are open 24/7 from Monday to Friday, so it’s the perfect place for those with strange working hours. However, they do not open their doors on the weekend.

Depending on the type of desk you need, you will pay €200 per month. You have access to your work station, storage for your luggage, water, bathrooms, printer, scanner and coffee.

To book one of their stations you can check their site.


Betahaus is quite an interesting coworking space in Berlin, they also have hubs in Barcelona and Hamburg, but the one in Berlin is certainly magical.

Their business vision is to offer a space that works as a Vienna-style coffee house and a home office; this means you will have an office to work in, without the need of ever getting out of it to relax and have a break.

It is located at Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 23, also close to central Berlin, close enough to the Modern Art Museum.

Why Should You Choose Betahaus?

Betahaus is a coworking space in Berlin that has a very strong vibe, people come and go all the time, so it will be very hard to have a room for you alone.

They offer team rooms, which are perfect for your work group or if you have other freelance friends.

Betahaus has five floors; the first one is the coffee area, a huge cafeteria where you can have a healthy lunch and relax for a few minutes before going back to work. You also have the club lounge on the same floor, with a small kitchen a few tables for you to have a quiet lunch or coffee.

There’s an arena with more tables and a foosball table, catering area, and tv. The rest of the building is full with coworking spaces divided by desk size, for example, on the first floor is common to find single desks, while in the second you can find room for bigger groups.

Surprisingly, despite offering so many advantages, Betahaus is not expensive at all. You can join the club and pay €99 per month, or request the early bird professional which costs €150 for the first three months.

Then again, please make sure to check their site to catch a free spot, they are very popular and you may need to join the waitlist.

St. Oberholz

This is one of the oldest coworking spaces in Berlin, it was founded in 2005 and since then, they have been offering a high quality service for many freelancers in the city.

They have quite an innovative look that can attract the most creative minds around. It is located at Rosenthaler Stra. 72A 10437 and Zehdenicker Str. 1, 10119.

As a member, you can choose to work in either station, you don’t have to rent one location only.

St. Oberhoz wants you to feel comfortable, yet focused. So they have decorated their headquarters with coworking spaces and team rooms right next to their café locations; so if you need an extra push to finish the day, you don’t even have to leave the station.

Why Is St. Oberholz The Right Coworking Space in Berlin For You?

First of all, because you can contact them for a guided tour, every single space in their center is wide open for visitors.

Secondly, because they have different kinds of memberships according to each client’s need. For example, you can choose the basic membership for €99 ($105); you have access to the coworking area every day of the week from 8am to 6pm and 10 am to 6 pm on the weekends.

Coffee and tea on the house, print whatever you need and get a 10% discount on any St. Oberholz coffee shop.

Full membership starts on €189 ($199), the difference with the basic membership is that the full one grants you 24/7 access (you have your own key), so you can work there as long as you need to without worrying about the time.

You can also make phone calls from their phone booths and use their small kitchen area to use the microwave, fridge, etc.

If you don’t need a monthly membership, you can grab the hourly or daily ticket, each one costs €4 and €15 (which is $5 and $17). You have regular access to the coworking space, free wi-fi and printing services.

To schedule a tour through their headquarters or to book a desk go to their site.

ESDIP Berlin

This another of our favorite coworking space in Berlin. ESDIP is not only a coworking space, it is also an art school. Hence, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon amazing people and creativity flowing all over the place.

It’s a small building of two floors with stunning decorations and industrial style. Their space works as an art school, art gallery, and coworking space.

They have 50 workstations, meeting rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and even allow pets inside!

It is located at Grünberger Str. 48b, 10245, they have a bus stating right in front of the building and are conveniently located next to a hostel, which is not the same as a hostal and we clarified this here.

Is ESDIP The Coworking Space In Berlin You Are Looking For?

If you are looking for a comfortable, productive, and affordable coworking space, then yes. ESDIP has WLAN and High-speed DSL, plenty desks and chairs, printer, scanners, projectors and meeting rooms, workbenches and many working tools for your artsy project.

You can also count with a foosball table for your free time, access to art-related workshops and events; it is basically the perfect place to start networking.

You can rent a meeting room starting on €20 per hour ($22), get a €16 daily pass from Monday to Friday (10 am to 7 pm), a flex desk for €195 per month ($215), or a fixed desk with full access for €315 ($330).

The way we see it, if you fall in love with the space as much as we did, and if you have a lot of work to do, we recommend the full access pass, they will give you a key and you can stay there 24/7.

If you only need the space a few days a week, the flex desk pass is ideal, or you can request the fixed desk for €285 ($300) to leave you books, notes, and other belongings without being removed.

We recommend you to check their website because they are often offering special discounts for groups and workshops, like 10% less in groups of 4 people or more, etc.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right coworking space in Berlin for you can be tricky, but we have showed the 6 best coworking spaces according to affordability and the type of workers that make use of their spaces.

As you see, the prices mostly depend on the location and how much space you will need, along how many people will use it.

It would be better if you called in advance to book a desk, these coworking spaces are usually crowded because Berlin is a city full of digital nomads.

Have you tried any of these locations? We would love to read some comments about regular users!

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Traveling is amazing, but it’s an experience that, for some people, it’s better when shared. Finding a travel friend can be hard if you don’t have a group of friends with the same passion, luckily for those, the Internet has the solution.

There are many ways to find a travel friend; but it may take a little time, not only to surf the websites that focus on finding a travel friend for you, but also to meet the person and to see if there’s adventurous chemistry.

Going on a trip with someone new is challenging, we are not going to lie. But digital nomads are known for been thrill seekers, so let’s unveil how can you find your ideal travel buddy.

Is a Travel Buddy What You Are Looking For?

When you go traveling on your own, usually there’s a reason behind. Some people just want to be alone for a while, maybe they don’t have friends with the same traveler spirit, or maybe they just feel like performing a personal quest.

Whatever the reason is, is always respected. The same thing happens with those who don’t really enjoy traveling alone and desperately need a travel buddy.

Once you have asked all your Facebook friends, your coworkers and college friends, getting negative answers, it is time to try something different.

But before jumping into that, maybe it’s better to think if you really want a travel friend, and if so, why exactly?

Keep this in mind: when you travel with someone else, destination, expenses, schedules, and routes must be decided together.

If you have a strong personality and do not feel like letting others decide what to do during the trip, maybe you will have a struggle finding the right travel friend.

But if you truly want to go as a duo, better do it because you want to share an experience with somebody, not to stop being alone.

A good reason to look for a travel buddy is, also, sharing expenses, especially if you are backpacking.

Now, once you are fully convinced that you want to travel with someone else, but you don’t know how to find that person, here we show you five online ways to find the right travel friend for you and your dreamed trip.


This website is fantastic; their mojo is “You have friends all over the world, you just haven’t met them yet” and it couldn’t be more accurate.

Couchsurfing is a platform that connects travelers with people who can share their home with them, the essence of the exchange is creating a community of couch surfers all around the globe, and connect them with the right people.

Here you not only find a place to stay for free (most of the times), you can also find your travel buddy, someone looking for a partner and a couch.

All you have to do is sign in (with Facebook or your email account), fill the profile as much as possible, and start meeting people in your city, country, or at the other side of the world.

It is very important that you keep your profile as honest as you can, remember that you will also have to trust others, a good introduction is saying the truth about your personality and what you like to do, otherwise you may end up traveling with someone oppose to your expectations.

Members also organize gatherings, and we recommend you to attend or to organize one, it’s an easy way to meet people interested in traveling as much as you do, and you wouldn’t have the digital barrier.

Lonely Planet

It has a gloomy name, but trust us, you can find a travel friend at Lonely Planet in just a few hours.

This platform is full of people looking for friends to meet from all over the world; it is, essentially, a digital travel guide for nomads, you can find information about your new destination, book a hotel or a hostel, shop everything for your trip (from books to travel guides and sleeping bags), etc.

But Lonely Planet also has a Thorntree Travel Forum, here you log in, complete your profile, and post in the forum some information about you and what you are looking for.

It is better, of course, if you upload a recent picture and make an honest introduction. Not just say your name and destination, talk a little bit about why you are traveling, why you want a travel buddy, how long do you expect to travel, what kind of music are you into, and so on.

The more explicit you are, the more people will feel interested in contacting you and possibly meet before traveling together.

Lonely Planet does not allow to reveal personal information like emails or phone numbers, the interaction should occur in the platform through personal messages. Just click on the profile you fancy and start chatting.

You can even filter the search by dates, destination and other tags of interest like “budget”, “camping”, or “art”. That’s why is so important to have an updated profile, it will be easier for people to find you and vice versa.

Travel Buddies

This is one of the most consulted sites to find a travel buddy. It works more or less like the sites we have mentioned: log in, edit your profile, and start your quest for the ultimate travel friend.

But here you can also search for travel tours, special events, check for hotels and couch surfers, tell everyone where you have been, upload your recent traveling photos, see the most frequent locations of other members, and more.

You can interact with other members by commenting or liking their pictures, even if you don’t have the same destination they have. It’s a way of connecting with people alike and who knows, maybe even schedule your own trip once the one you have in mind is finished.

The platform looks a lot like the first updates of Hi5 and MySpace, meaning, it looks a bit simple or outdated if we compare it to other sites, but what you care about is the intention of finding a friend to travel, and Travel Buddies certainly delivers.

And just like Lonely Planet, you should not give your private information on anyone’s wall, always contact others through the platform’s private messages.

Miss Travel

Here’s an interesting option for those looking for a romantic getaway. Miss Travel is a site to search for the ideal travel buddy, but also to meet other people in a romantic way and travel together.

It’s a traveling Tinder, just sign up, create a profile and fill it with your information, and start meeting single people around the world with the same travel intentions as you.

They have a data base of 608.540 travel companions, and you can see real testimonies of other members who have found the love of their live, and some just a matching soul for the trip they have always wanted to take.

The platform is safe enough for you to search new friends or companies, they have options that allow you to block users if you feel like doing so, and protecting your photos by allowing you and only you to unlock them for connections you have already approved.

Miss Travel is perfect for those nomads who have a hard time connecting with people in real life, this site is one in a million, so once your membership is approved, take the maximum out of it.


And finally, but not less important, we have Travelfriend. It is another huge platform to find the travel companion you need.

You can sing up and start using the site from their app if you feel more comfortable. Travelfriend takes very seriously the privacy settings, so you won’t be able to see or connect with anyone unless you are an approved member.

Once accepted, you can update your profile and start searching for people who plan to travel to the same location as you, or propose a new trip and ask members to join.

Here you may not leave with just one travel friend, but a whole group.

Consider This Before Choosing a Travel Friend

Now that we have talked about the best sites to meet your future travel buddy, we strongly encourage you to consider the following things before choosing one:

  • First of all, always take your safety into consideration. As you will read on any of the sites we just mentioned, all they do is introduce people, they can’t verify the information they have given. It is entirely up to you to decide who to travel with, so make sure you meet these persons (in real life or online) for a period of time before jumping into a trip with a stranger.
  • After that, make sure you both plan the budget. Neither will want to stay stranded in an island without money, so be honest about the budget and plan ahead to avoid inconveniences.
  • Even if you are both thrill seekers, we recommend both to be empathic with each other. Maybe one of you will feel tired one day and wished to take it easy, if that’s the case, remember that your travel friend is your other half during this trip, so if he or she needs to take it slow, try to be empathic.
  • Respect the other person’s space; even though you two will probably spend a lot of time together, it is appreciated when the other person respects your alone time and your belongings. Have the privacy talk whenever possible, and always maintain boundaries.
  • Prepare to be open minded and leave judgment behind. This doesn’t mean you have to put up with someone else’s bad behavior, but beware that your travel buddy may have some habits you may not share. Showering often, for example, is not a regular practice for everyone in the world, so if natural body smell bothers you, you can either nicely suggest a change or say it bothers you, but not request anything.
  • Have a positive attitude; some trips don’t go as planned, and the last thing you want is having someone who complains all the time about pretty much everything. We encourage you both to see the bright side of the path and try to find solutions together.
  • Plan as many things as possible, where you are staying, for how long, the locations you want both to see, if you are into disco clubs or more like a cup of joe and head back home. The more you talk to our travel friend about the journey, the easier things will be.
Final Thoughts

Finding the ultimate travel friend may not be as hard as you thought when you started reading our guide, but keeping the chemistry and finishing the trip with joy may be.

Don’t get us wrong, traveling with someone new is exciting and a completely new experience every digital nomad should have at least once in a life, then again, it may not be for everyone if you don’t follow our advice.

This is a team task, and if you don’t feel the team vibes with this new person, you may want to go back to the site of your choosing to find a new one.

The good thing about those sites is that you can meet so many people so easily, that if the first try doesn’t go out too well, you can just log in again and start a new route.

Have you ever gone on a trip with a travel friend? Tell us the story! Surely must have been interesting.

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The second most populated country in South America, Colombia is emerging from the dark shadow of drugs and kidnapping to become the highpoint of many people’s stopover to South America. Once famed for being the most dangerous cities to live in – Medellin was the home to the infamous Pablo Escobar. However, it is not the same anymore. If you are traveling to Colombia, then it is certain at some point you are going to visit the city of Bogota. Our recommendation is to go from Bogota to Medellin and enjoy the serenity that it has to offer.

Traveling from Bogota to Medellin

Usually, there are two different options available in order to make your trip from the City of Bogota to the City of Medellin.

Coach Buses

Coach buses are great for long duration travel. The distance between Bogota and Medellin by road is about 280 miles or 450 kilometers. It sounds like a 5 hours journey, but it takes around 10-12 hours on average. The reason it takes so long to cover the distance is mountains. The road connecting the two cities is entirely of 2-lane winding switchbacks that go up and up on one mountain and then down and down another. You have to go through the same set of the road over and over again, in order to reach Medellin.

Pros of Taking a Bus to Medellin
  1. Buses are a reliable mode of transport when it comes to timing and is the cheapest mode of travel in Colombia – which is perfect for budget travelers.
  2. Most of the buses operating in between Bogota and Medellin are air-conditioned, with an onboard Wi-Fi that is completely free to use.
  3. Traveling through buses in the day time is a good way to see parts of the town end route to your destination that you probably won’t otherwise get to see.
  4. If you are looking to save some money on accommodation cost in Medellin, take an overnight trip and sleep your time on the bus.
  5. A number of buses are scheduled throughout the day providing you multiple options to choose from as per your schedule including various overnight buses.

All of the buses traveling from Bogota to Medellin will have one stoppage somewhere along the route. This is a great time to stretch your legs and have some food.

Cons of Taking a Bus to Medellin
  1. Reaching the right terminal in Bogota can be confusing at times – as there are two different terminals for different locations. For Medellin, you can take the bus from the Northern terminal in Bogota.
  2. Since the bus has only one stoppage during the ride of 10-12 hours, make sure you bring plenty of snacks and water for your travel.
  3. If you have a touchy stomach, a bus traveling up and down the mountain would not be an ideal situation for you. As a backup, keep some medicines that can help you through the journey.
  4. Smaller leg room can create a lot of problem for some passenger. As it is journey of over 10 hours, people can face issues at times.
  5. During the night, AC’s are in full swing. Be sure to bring something to keep you warm through the night.
  6. Eating on the side of the road, the quality of food cannot be guaranteed. And since they stop where they stop, you will have no other choice but to eat.
Cost, Safety and Speed

The average cost for traveling from Bogota to Medellin through buses is about $23 USD. The tickets can be bought directly from the bus terminal or through different websites like Busbud. In order to reach the bus terminal, you can book a taxi or get on Uber. It is the most convenient way to reach the bus terminal. Though the buses operate and travel through steep terrains of endless mountains, it is completely safe and secure for travelers. It takes around 10-12 hours on average to complete the distance between the two cities.

Tips and Tricks
  1. Do not get yourself on a small bus. Hop onto a full-size bus with AC, Bathroom, and Screens to watch Movies.
  2. Get packets of crackers and cookies for the journey with plenty of water that can keep you hydrated over 10 hours of journey.
  3. If your bus does not have a bathroom, it is recommended to go easy on the water, as the bus will only take one stop to have food and other activities.
  4. There are two terminals in Bogota. South and North. For Medellin, go to the Northern terminal.
Bus Operators between Bogota and Medellin

There are daily buses operating between the two cities on regular basis from Bogota to Medellin. According to Busbud.com, there are 17 buses that are operating daily with departure time ranging from 5:15 AM – 10:48 PM. You can choose the one that suits your timing and requirements, as there are plenty of options. The different bus companies that operates on this route are Copetran, Expreso Brasilia, Bolivariano and Rapido Ochoa.

All of these bus operators and services comes with features like punctuality, trustworthiness and amazing comfort at all times. And with more than 80% of the buses equipped with Wi-Fi services and power outlets, you can use your electronic devices on the go. This is perfect for digital nomads, as they can make the most of their time while commuting to Medellin.

Flights Bogota to Medellin

The fasted way to reach from Bogota to Medellin is to get on one of the several flights running daily between the two cities. The average flight duration to Medellin from Bogota is around two hours. The quickest flight is about 1 hour. However, you will have to pay a few extra bucks when choosing this mode of transport, as compared to using bus services. Apart from the flight duration, also add the 2 hours for checking in and out from both the airports.

Pros of Taking a Flight to Medellin
  1. First and foremost, you are definitely going to save a few hours while taking a flight to Medellin. Thus, if you are on short notice for your trip to Colombia, getting on a flight is the best way.
  2. You will get in-flight meals and snacks, so won’t have to carry any of it with you for your travel day.
  3. You will have access to good quality food on the airports and during your flight to Medellin.
  4. If you are worried about the mountains and touchy stomach, you do not need to worry about it when traveling through air.
Cons of Taking a Flight to Medellin
  1. If you have heavy luggage with you then you will have to pay extra cost to the airline to carry it along with you.
  2. You will not able to see the serenity around the city that you can admire while traveling through bus from Bogota to Medellin.

Whether you are traveling in day time or night, you will have to pay for accommodation cost in Medellin.

Cost, Safety and Speed

The average cost of flight tickets to Medellin is around $45 to $80 which is a bit more on the higher end as compared to buses. Additionally, if you have heavy luggage, add another $20-$25. You can book the tickets from several websites including kayak.com. It is advisable to book three weeks in advance to get below average price tickets. In terms of safety and speed, traveling by air is the safest and fastest option available.

Tips and Tricks
  1. Once you reach the Medellin Airport, always make use of approved ticket counters to get access to cabs. Do not go for outside hustlers.
  2. Do remember there are two different airports in Medellin. Main Airport and Central Airport.
Airlines between Bogota and Medellin

There are multiple flight carriers who operates within the two cities of Bogota and Medellin. Flight carrier like Viva Air, Latam and Avianca have nonstop flights with duration of about 1 hour. According to Kayak.com, the cheapest month to fly between the two cities is January. Also on average, morning departures are 10% cheaper as compared to evening flights. 10% can be a lot for budget travelers. So book your tickets accordingly.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of which mode of travel you choose to travel from Bogota to Medellin, do not miss out on the fun that Medellin has to offer to its tourist. Yes, you will have to spend a few bucks when going by air, but you will also save on time. If you have heavy luggage and do not want to spend more money, the bus is the best option to go for, while enjoying the breathtaking landscapes in between Bogota and Medellin.

And if you have already read our post and took one of the options above, share your journey with us. Let us know your experience and share what you loved the most about your time either on road or up in the air.

The post Bogota to Medellin – Bus or Flight – Which one to Choose? appeared first on Deftnomad.

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Embarking on an adventure into the unknown is an experience in itself and has something special about it. Overseas adventure travel can liberate the soul and provide benefit to your mental, emotional and physical state. Adventure travel, as we say – is liberating, enriching, accessible and fun – most of the time. In this article, we will speak about the different ways of how adventure travel can help and the different destinations that must be on your list of overseas adventure travel.

Following are some of the reasons as to why adventure travel is good for your health and state of mind.

1. Reduces Stress

There is a reason as to why everyone has a smile on their face when they come back home after a good adventure trip. Embarking on some of the most stunning places across the world relieves all of your stress and makes you happier. Going out in nature can boost your attention levels. Thus, if you are feeling stranded by city living, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature to get rid of stress and to leave you to feel more happy and free.

2. Increased Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness is one of the bi-product of overseas adventure travel and is the most beneficial part of going into the unknown on an adventure trip. It brings you more close to your inner self, allowing you to challenge yourself in all the possible ways you never thought of. Stepping out an adventure demands risk, which in return enriches your attention to bring about an intense state of self-awareness.

3. Refreshes Your Soul

Do you need to revive your mental state? Spending time outdoors cycling and trekking, immersing into nature can elicit the feeling of awe by releasing endorphins. Adventure travel not only helps in reducing stress levels but being in the lap of nature cultivates a more positive mood. Humans are more attracted to things that are important for their survival. Because of this, natural elements like trees tend to boost our mind and soul.

4. Broadens Your Perspective

Travel adventure challenges your ideas and broadens your perspective. It is one of the most valuable things that you can attain from overseas adventure travel. Learning and getting to know about different people and cultures, trying new flavor combinations and being on the thrill out of your comfort zone – improves your overall personality. Our senses are pushed out of our comfort zone when on the go, improving our cognitive ability.

5. Overseas Adventure makes you Smarter

Outdoor activities tend to make your brain work faster and better. According to a 2015 research study, only by looking at the natural imagery for about 40 seconds improves performance and focus on problem-solving activities as compared to viewing urban or no imagery at all. This study was based on a photo and not the real thing. No wonder why people feel more relaxed and refreshed after an adventure trip.

In all, overseas adventure travel develops skills that you hardly ever recognized you had. As overwhelming as it can be – adventure travel is a fun way to immerse in and to experience your true inner self. We have compiled a list for you to experience some of the best celestial sights around the world, to immerse in.

Following are the top 5 adventure travel destinations to revive your heart, soul, and mind.

1. Sports Enthusiasts Mecca in San Gil, Colombia

San Gil is a small city in Colombian Andes and has a wide array of adventure experiences for tourist that includes whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, skydiving, paragliding, and horseback riding. The outdoor capital of Colombia is the mecca for sports enthusiasts around the world.  Founded in 1689, the place is over 300 years old and in 2004 was named as the tourist capital of Santander. Every year, an increasing number of foreign tourists are discovering San Gil and exploring the beauty it has to offer. Among the many things to do, visiting the Chicamocha National Park located along Chicamocha Canyon is loved by everyone visiting San Gil. It has a depth of 2000 meters spread over 270,000 acres. Chicamocha Canyon is the second deepest all around the world. One of the major tourist attraction because of its amazing landscape and myriad of outdoor activities, the National Park is attracting more and more tourist every year. With so much to do nearby, you can spend weeks at San Gil and still not be able to experience everything that it has to offer. A pure bliss, San Gil is definitely worth adding to your list of overseas adventure travel.

2. Enjoying Pristine Nature in Leh Ladakh, India

There is no place like Leh Ladakh in India. As great an experience as it can be, these places have an abundance of natural beauty for tourist to indulge in. With extreme pristine beauty and unique characteristic, this place is a perfect blend of Indian, Buddhism and Tibetan linings and is definitely worth a visit. Pangong Tso Lake is one of the most popular attractions that is located on the Changtang plateau. One can experience great camping adventure at the place that remains to be the hotspot for every traveler. Another place that is most visited by people when in Leh Ladakh is the Zanskar Valley. The valley is among the most desolate places in the Himalayan Region, where the steep terrains of the Zanskar Valley are covered with pristine snow reflecting heavenly skies. However, it remains closed for the major time of the year due to extreme snowfall. Visit Leh Ladakh during the month of June to September, in order to make the most of your adventurous trip. If you already do not have this destination on your list, it is time to make room for this adventure travel in your calendar. With the myriad of breathtaking views, it has to offer, you can spend more than a week, enjoying the serenity of nature in Leh Ladakh.

3. Visit Santa Claus Mine Longyearbyen, Norway

World’s Northern-most city, Longyearbyen is located on Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard. The polar desert is filled with 60% of glaciers that is perfect for trekkers and trekking adventures. One can also snowmobile and dog sled past arctic foxes and puffins, to get once in a lifetime experience. With tons of adventures to choose from, you can go kayaking and hiking and even venture out in the wilderness. It is one of the best places to find your inner self and truly indulge yourself in natural beauty. You can even visit the most northerly church in the world during your visit to Longyearbyen.

If you are truly longing for an amazing overseas adventure trip, Longyearbyen is the best place for you to revive your soul and mind, by leaving the routine of a city behind and exploring the wilderness. Famous for its coal mine, Longyearbyen has 7 in total, while 6 of them are not operational anymore. In the Southern part of the town, one can spot the ruins of Coal Mine 2 that is also commonly known as Santa Clause Mine. There is saying that Santa Clause used to stay there, because of which people from around the world leave their letters in the postbox nearby, for Santa Clause to see. Need something from Santa this Christmas? Now you know where to find him.

4. Snowboarding Over Volcanos in Leon, Nicaragua

The city of Leon makes it to our list of the best overseas adventure travel that you can experience around the world. You might be familiar with snowboarding, but at Leon, you can experience the thrill of volcanic boarding (a video here). Volcanic boarding is an epic way to start of your morning routine. Invented by one of the Australian who decided to go boarding on a volcano, you will have to hike up for about 50 minutes, to have a very quick descent down the volcano. It is one of the best things to do in Leon Nicaragua.

Climbing up the Cathedral in Leon Nicaragua is also on the list of many adventure traveler around the world. With its insanely beautiful and breathtaking views to offer, it is something you must certainly try out when in the city. In addition to this, people also tend to hit the beaches during the evening and go surfing during their time at Leon Nicaragua. All in all, Leon Nicaragua provides you once in a lifetime experience of volcano boarding which comes with pretty insanely beautiful views and sure bragging rights. Put Leon on the list for your next adventure travel and do something that has never been done before.

5. Climbing the Mt. Everest in Kathmandu, Nepal

In between the Himalayas, Kathmandu is the perfect adventure destination for people who are ready to take up the challenge. Mt. Everest is one the highest point, remains to be an ultimate challenge for a most mountain climber. However, the mountainous region has many more summits that people can reach, if they have the will and desire to do so. However, for people who are not willing to climb up the mountains, yet want to experience the beauty, they can take mountain rides and hot balloon rides. There are many different ways to travel and on foot is just one of them. You can even go for white water rafting, or mountain biking to enjoy the mountains and serenity around Kathmandu.

It is because of this, more and more adventure loving people are traveling Nepal to experience the beauty Kathmandu holds in its lap. It has number 5 on our list and you as a mountain climber – don’t already have it in your adventurous travel places around the world, then you are surely missing something out from nature’s paradise. No better mountain to climb, than the one with the highest height. Put Mt. Everest on your list and start preparing for the hike. It is not easy, but it is worth every effort you will have to put in.

Wrapping Up

As liberating as it can be – overseas adventure travel not only provides you with the chance to see other countries but also ensures an experience of a lifetime. With so many breathtaking places to be visited in the world, not taking a break for your daily chores and visiting these places, you are truly missing out a bigger and better part of your life, failing to know your true inner self. With our top 5 adventure travel picks, you can certainly see the better side of life while exploring yourself and different places around the world.

Let us know what you think about these places and whether or not they were already on your list of things to do. Share your experience and comment on the things you most loved about these places. Tell us how going to an adventure trip changed you and how it made you see the side you never knew about yourself. Share the article with your friends you would like to inspire and take alongside you, on the next adventure trip. Life is once – don’t waste it working on a 9 to 5 job that gives no pleasure and satisfaction. Travel the world around and make the most out of your life.

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