Your life is a direct correlation to the effort you put in – and where you place attention. Let me tell you a story. This is a story of life, and how life gets easier along the way.

A good friend of mine’s son just started driving. Within the first three weeks of getting his driver’s license he got into an accident. Surprised?

He did a move that a young, inexperienced driver does.

He was driving down the right-hand side of the road. There were two lanes of traffic also driving the same direction and he went and decided to get a little aggressive, and of course somebody went and cut him off and went into his lane, and well, it went downhill from there.

For every new thing that we learn in life, there’s a learning curve. Just like driving – and hopefully less dangerous.

I’ve been taking a stock course by a guy by the name of Jason Bond. I talked about him earlier this week.

He runs one of the best stock courses out there.

Every day I watch how he trades. I look at the charts and I try to see what he sees.

He’s an excellent teacher and explains things really well. To find out more about him, click here.

The more I learn, the more I see. The more I see, the more I want to participate and the more moves I want to make.

Granted, I know not every move is going to work out. Thats ok. There’ll be moves where I lose money. There’ll be moves where I make money. But that’s just the odds in life, and as we get older, we understand that principal so much better and by understanding the principals we improve our odds of winning.

We know nothing’s 100%. We know everything, literally, in life has rhythms.

Flows & patterns.

As we learn patterns, we learn it because we have the experience of doing it over and over again, or we found a good mentor that teaches us.

Whenever I do a boot camp with men.

It’s very simple. I’ll look at somebody and I’ll tell them exactly what I’m going to say and what she’s going to say. Why? Because I’ve done that 25,000 times in my life or more. I already know what the probabilities are, already know what she’s probably going to say based on her body language, based on what she’s doing in the moment, and based on what I chose to say.

Tom Brady became a great quarterback why?

Because he understood plays and patterns. The defense had tells, the defense has pattern. Once you study something over and over again, you’re going to become an expert.

There’s a book by Malcolm Gladwell called “Outliers”.

It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. Yet in today’s shortcut society where things are promised overnight, people don’t want to put in the 10,000 hours, shit most people expect to be an expert by watching a Youtube video anymore.

See, everything that I’ve ever done in life has been an evolution.

When my business partner and I started renovating homes, the first four or five homes we really didn’t make much money on. As a matter of fact, they were a struggle.

Contractors, subs.

House going over budget. Interest payments going on longer than we thought. House not selling the way it was supposed to in the beginning. We took shortcuts. We learned not to. I mean, there’s a million things you do. Now, when we do a project, it’s pretty easy. It’s pretty standard. It’s pretty basic, and we pretty much come within budget.

Why? Because we learned our mistakes. We learned them the first time. We learned the second time and the third time.

You see, life has patterns, and everything you’re going to do in life comes from experience. Whether it’s meeting girls or talking to men or having relationships or working something, you don’t become an expert overnight. You have to keep plugging away – see this is how life gets easier for you.

The beauty of today’s society is that there’s lots of people giving out information who are good at what they do, so you’re able to get enough shortcuts, and the shortcut is just to learn what’s right or wrong. You still need to apply it and you still need to do it.

There is NO success, no movement forward – without substantial action.

What I love about getting older is that I understand this principal. I understand it so well that I don’t get impatient at all. As a matter of fact, I embrace it. When I’m learning something new like stock trading, I don’t get impatient. I expect to lose money, I expect to make money, and I expect to make mistakes, and I expect, at the end, to understand all the patterns that the traders are using.

Why? Because it works.

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You know, I’ve watched the self-help industry explode.

I’ve watched every video. Rah rah rah’d, I’ve done the “I feel good & you to feel good too” thing.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of them all?

I’ve watched everybody give you 10 tips to becoming a better person. I’ve seen every inspirational video about loving everything and the law of attraction, but yet the world is more fucked up than ever before. Too much information. Too much hyper-psycho self-help babble from a bunch of fucking people who literally mentally masturbate their days away.

So you’re here right now. 1.7M people come here every single month.

Why? Because you’re tired.

You’re sick and tired of all the BS. You know that you’re only BSing yourself.

You know you haven’t been able to get this stuff done.

Any bits and pieces you’ve been able to do.

Maybe you’ll be able to lose a few pounds. Maybe you’ll be even able to stop drinking the alcohol. Maybe you’ll be able to meet a few people. Maybe you’ll be able to make a few extra bucks, but you’re not where you want to be.

And that’s where I take you. I cut through all the bullshit stories.

I listen to who you are and I give you a fucking hard solution right away.

None of this 10 steps BS. I give you the two steps you need to have to really fix your life immediately.

You don’t have to wait 30 days, 90 days, 3,000 days. You don’t have to sit there and do chants non-stop and go to yoga classes and twist yourself in a pretzel and listen to some person who doesn’t even know what they’re talking about at all.

Real solutions for people who are fed up of all the BS of self-help

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This is a warning that could save you millions of dollars. Beware of Great Sex!

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you need to read this article and you need to pay attention.

First off, a confession.

I truly believe throughout my entire life that there was magic in a woman’s vagina.

I was addicted to sex, even more so to great sex. Addicted to a woman’s body. Addicted beyond all control.

I truly believe that some of the vaginas that I have been with in my life were magical.

I’m not saying this to sound like an asshole. I’m not saying this to make you cringe. I’m just telling you that I truly fell for the beauty of a woman. I fell for the sex with a woman. I fell, as Al Pacino said in Scent of a Woman, “I fell for the scent of a woman”.

And now I can tell you something.

Some of the woman I fell for were nothing more than just debit cards. That vagina could & did accept anything down there. Literally, could have taken my credit card. Literally could have taken anything.

And men are the same way. There are women out there who make lots of money, fall for men because the sex is so great because they’ve got the magic cock. The magic cock makes a woman feel really great, and then the woman gets stupid and blind and accepts a sub-par relationship.

When you accept a sub-par relationship, there is no where to go but down… and not even in the good way.

When you’re addicted to somebody’s sex and their smell and all other things, there’s no where to go but down, meaning you bank account will go down. Your emotions will go down. There’s a lot of things that are going to go down when you fall for somebody based on more of a physical side.

Some of the most costly relationships are the ones that are based on our physical nature. The ones were you become sexually inundated with somebody, and you become so infatuated with them, and you can’t stop thinking about great sex. You become so blinded to who the person truly is.

The worst relationships you can have because those are the relationships that drain your bank account. Not only your physical bank account, but your emotional soul bank account, which sometimes is worse. Because money can always be recouped if you’re successful, but your peace of mind when ve been raped by somebody who is not your emotional equal, somebody who doesn’t care about you, can take years of therapy or repair.

Money, sucks to lose. Especially money to those type of people. You can always make money back. So be careful of what you get involved in. And I’ve said it many times. Sex is something that you would think, being an adult, you would understand by now that great sex can certainly get in the way and cloud your judgment. Because of this I would think there would be some brains, that we would learn from the lessons and get smarter and smarter as you get older.

But in reality, so many people spend so much time not being smart.

Be smart. Become smart. Hold off on sex. You need someone whose going to be your best friend, not your best lover.

You need someone who’s going to be your equal, not somebody who you’re catering to.

And you need somebody who is going to be not only your emotional equal, as stated above, but your financial one as well.

Someone who respects your money, and you respect theirs. Doesn’t mean you make the same.

But as we get older, we should be really not falling for the magic vagina or the magic penis anymore.

Whenever we fall for the magic vagina or the magic penis, we lose all sense of reality.

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Do you ever wake up in the morning and you’re just tired? Let me tell you about the #1 reason this probably is…

You can’t figure out why because you haven’t really done much of anything. You’ve woken up, you’ve stimulated your brain and body with some caffeine. You got yourself to work, you had your usual work day.

But yet, you’re tired, always.

You can’t seem to get motivated after a day at work. You want to go work out, but you’re too tired to work out, so you get to the sofa and you use the old excuse I’m just going to lay down for a few minutes.

A few minutes becomes an hour, an hour becomes two hours and two hours becomes, I’ll do it tomorrow.

This happens to people over and over again.

Eventually what happens is the tiredness turns into fat, the fat turns into lethargy, the lethargy turns into more fat and the next thing you know you don’t really like where you’re at, you’ve gained 20 pounds, you’re really tired now and the next thing that happens is you start to get motivated again to go work out..

So how do we break this cycle? How do we break this cycle? Well first off:

The reason why you’re tired is because you’re not releasing endorphins, you’re not working out. You’re not doing any exercise. Exercise releases endorphins and makes you feel really amazing.

That’s what it does. It makes you feel really good. Actually exercise makes you feel great. It allows you to break of that cycle of becoming lazy and then the next week’s syndrome just stops over and over again.

That’s the solution, when you start working out and you work out on a daily basis you will no longer feel tired because you’re going to start to feel inspired.

You’re releasing endorphins and when you release endorphins you start to feel really good, your body starts to respond to you working out. Your body responds to you feeling good. Your body responds to the exercise and when it responds to the exercise you start to feel energetic, you start to feel good about life, your body feels good, you feel more connected to things, you feel more connected to yourself.

So the next time you’re really tired, get to the gym and exercise, do this for a week or two and watch your energy level rise.

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Do you have any friends that think you’re some emotion dump ground?

You call them on the phone just to shoot the shit, and they just feel the need to let it all out.

You can handle it, they think. They spend the entire 20 minute phone call with you, basically emotionally dumping their life.

Oh, they’ll tell you one victim story after the next.

They’ll even include you in part of it.

Maybe you got involved with them in a deal years ago and it didn’t work out, and they’ll bring it back up again just to make sure that you still know that they’re holding a grudge.

Welcome to the world of being emotionally dumped on.

The problem is, and this is something that I have said and I have coached and told people over and over again, if a friend calls you, or your ex-wife calls you, your ex-husband calls you, your ex-girlfriend calls you, your brother calls you, your mother calls you, your father calls you, and they tell you about their life and their problems, you’ve got compassion for them, absolutely.

I’ve got compassion for everybody who’s made the wrong decisions, the wrong choices in life, and their life is a mess. I have lots of compassionate empathy for them.

But, it’s also not my problem.

It’s not my problem. It’s not my problem that an individual made the wrong choices. It’s not my problem that someone’s in a financial pickle.

It’s not my problem that someone’s in a bad marriage. Those are choices that that person took.

Now, I can be a friend and I can listen and I can have empathy, but you can’t bail people out. You can’t hand them a blank check, you can’t let them take your emotions.

And most importantly, you can’t be their emotional dumping ground.

We all make choices in our lives. That’s the thing about a choice, there’s no guarantee how that choice is going to work out. Just ask every NFL executive who went through the draft the last few days. Think about it. They had to make a choice.

Josh Rosen.

Sam Darnold.

Baker Mayfield.

They live with their choice. Some of their choices will not work out, and they’re on public display. What happens when their choices don’t work out, they get fired, they’re no longer the GM of the team, and the team is looking to go another direction. The newspapers absolutely crucify them, the ESPN calls them the dumbest manager of the year, and they take the organization down.

But they made a choice.

And in life, every choice you make is not going to work out the way that you expect it.

If you decided to try to build a business that didn’t work, that was your choice.

If you decided to live off an inheritance and think it would never end, and it did, that was your choice not to prepare for the future. If you chose to parent a certain way and your kids come back and bite you in the ass years later, that was your choice.

If you choose to do drugs, alcohol, or anything else to escape, that also is your choice.

A friend is not there to bail you out, a friend is only there to listen.

But when I listen to my friends, and I listen to people, I listen to them with empathy. But also there’s a phrase that goes through my head, not my problem. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel for them, but I am not going to enable their behavior that got them to the level that they’re at.

And that’s what we do.

When we give money to somebody who continues to borrow and never pays back, we’re just enabling them. When we help somebody out with another job interview but they never seem to show up, or they always seem to screw it up, we’re just enabling their bad behavior.

So you need to take the realm of it’s not my problem. Empathy and compassion is great.

You can’t bail people out of their life mess.

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You know what I really don’t like? When somebody I speak with or speak to blames me for their choices in life.

Now, we can call that person a victim.

We can call that person weak.

We can call that person not evolved.

But in reality, at first I feel a sense of compassion for somebody that chooses to blame other people for their choices that they make in life. And then, they expect other people to bail them out of their choices in life.

First off, the way I feel about it, if anybody makes poor choices in life, I don’t want to bail them out.

I have no interest in bailing them out. It’s like bailing out a child over and over again, except they’re an adult.

It’s an enabling behavior, and a lot of people will get into that enabling relationship. Once somebody knows that they’ll be able to find their way to get bailed out, they’ll continue to get in relationships that will enable them.

I remember when I was younger, a friend of mine was constantly getting bailed out by his parents.

No matter what decisions that he made in life or choices that he made, his parents were consistently bailing them out. Get into a financial pickle, and his parents would just bail him out time and time again.

He would always know that no matter what happened, his parents would bail him out. He made choices based on that.

He barely worked, and when he did work, he was just fooling himself because really, deep down, he knew that he’d always have somebody to bail him out.

But how do you grow as a person if you don’t acknowledge the poor choices you’ve made in life?

Eventually, you’re going to be up against somebody who’s not going to bail you out anymore, and your poor choices are going to come back and literally haunt you.

Now, we’ve all made poor choices in life.

We’re all just human beings having a human experience for the very, very first time as the person that we are. So we’ve all made bad choices.

So today, look at your life. You’re only in the predicament you’re in right now, whatever it might be, because of the choices that you have made on a daily basis.

There’s no one else to blame for your life.

If you’re in poor financial situation, it’s your own fault. It’s your own choices that you’ve made.

If you’re in a bad relationship or you’re getting no where in life, you made that choice. You made the choice to stay in that relationship. You made the choice to be in that relationship.

If you’re at a job that you don’t really like, that doesn’t satisfy you, you made that choice to stay there. Nobody else did.

You notice the pattern here?

You’re in your life right now because of the choices that you have made in your life.

All the choices that you have made, nobody else made for you. If you’re in a financial mess, it’s your own fault, nobody else’s fault. If you’re in a bad relationship, it’s your own fault, nobody else’s fault. If you’re in a job that you hate, it’s your own fault, not anybody else’s fault at all.

It’s the choices we make day in and day out that really constitute what our life is like.

You can play the victim and blame other people, but in reality, it’s your choices that got you where you are. Eventually, the universe is going to teach you some lessons, and you’re not going to be bailed out anymore.

Your choices, your life.

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Are you proud that you’re stubborn? I’ve met a lot of stubborn people and they’re always proud that they’re stubborn.

They’ll even start conversations with, “You know, I’m really stubborn and I’m really proud of it.”

And I think to myself, great, continue to be stubborn, which means you continue to miss a lot of what life presents you.

You see, it’s okay to have convictions about how you feel, convictions about who you are. But stubborn people tend to make the same mistakes over, and over, and over again.

A friend of mine recently wanted to change their workouts. They thought they knew it all. They were stubborn. They continued to do the same workouts because they never grew at all. Not that they were in bad shape at all. His muscles were great, except he wanted to put on a little thighs.

So he continued to do the same workouts and figured if he did them a little bit more, he would grow.

I introduced him to a friend of mine who’s a trainer who finally told him, you’re never going to grow if you’re doing the same things over and over again.

So he gave him different things to do.

My friend was stubborn. He wouldn’t do it. He didn’t like the exercises because they were hard, they were more of a challenge. And he thought that he could, well, get it done on his own.

He continued to be stubborn and nothing changed until finally one day he finally gave in, six months later and decided to do the exercises my friend suggested. And all of a sudden, as if by magic, he started growing. Stubborn.

People are stubborn.

The same things will come at them over and over again and they’ll continue to do things the same exact way, and they’ll continue to be stubborn. And stubborn gets you nowhere.

You don’t grow when you’re stubborn. You’re just in a pattern. You’re in a pattern of, well, content, you’re in a pattern of wanting to make changes, but you have a fear of actually making the changes.

Some of the guys I’ve met, I’ve told them exactly how to go and meet women. I’ve given them the exact blueprint to do it.

And they don’t trust it, and they’re stubborn, and they just continue to do it the other way.

Stubborn kills you.

The more stubborn you are, the more your life remains exactly the same, the less chance you’ll have of growing, and getting where you want to get in life, it’s what being stubborn is.

You’ve ever had the same circular conversations with people.

And they’ve continued to feel like they’re just butting heads with you. You’re stubborn. I try not to be stubborn. I try to be open-minded. Are there parts of me that are stubborn? Sure. Are there things that I know that I’m stubborn about?

Absolutely. But I’m aware of them and I spend a lot of time working on them because I know if I continue to be stubborn about certain things, things will always remain the same. Because if you look at what you’re stubborn about and look at the changes that you’ve always desired and wanted, ask yourself this question.

Have you gotten there? Most of the time the answer is no.

Most of the time you haven’t gotten where you want to get because you’ve been too stubborn to get there.

Look at the calendar right now and look at your dating life.

Is it where you want it to be at this point of the year, as we head into May?

Stubborn. The reason you’re not where you want to get is you’re stubborn. You can’t make the changes that you should make, the suggestions, books that you’ve read, the advice that you got, you won’t implement it because you’re stubborn. The phrase, whatever word you want to use.

Time to start looking at your stubborn characteristic and see how they are holding you back from growing in life.

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I got an e-mail this morning from a man named Brian. He wrote a long e-mail to me because he needed coaching. He needed help.

He has two kids.

And a crazy, narcissistic ex-wife.

They were married seven years.

She’s in a new relationship now.

And she’s done everything to try to replace him with a new man.

He buys gifts non-stop for the kids.

He makes dinner and tries to set up a home.

The woman tries to dominate the children non-stop. She believes that the children are hers, not theirs.

Brian has done every thing he can to rationalize with this woman, everything he can to support her.

But all he gets is parent alienation.

A true hover mother.

A helicopter mother.

A mother who’s consistently working the kids to just be with her.

Every single time that he’s with the children, they’re happy. They enjoy their time.

But there’s always the moment when the mother calls.

The kids feel guilty leaving the mom.

What does somebody do in this situation?

Eventually, the kids are going to have a mind of their own and they’re going to see what the hover mother helicopter mom is actually doing.

They’re going to see all the games the mother has played.

Every single one of them.

I’m not a parent alienation specialist by any means, but I’m well aware of it.

And it’s an absolute disgusting thing to do to another parent.

It’s a fear-based life. They fear that the other parent will actually be loved more.

They fear that the other parent is more fun, that the other parent can provide more.

It’s consistent fear.

Oh my God, what if my child wants to be with the other parent more???

So this parent who’s alienating will hover over the child and micromanage the child’s life and existence.

Throw the new man or new woman on it.

Create a family.

But nothing will ever replace the real dad or real love.

A kid is not yours. A kid is not yours to do what you want with.

Unless the other parent is a drug addict, a crazed alcoholic, beats the kid, molests the child (I’m going down the list of ugly things), that other parent deserves equal time and equal support.

I get e-mails like this on occasion and it makes me sick to my stomach.

I have zero respect for any man or woman who will alienate their child against the other parent. Zero respect.

I have zero respect for anybody that literally will try to replace the father or the mother with somebody else.

I have zero respect for this type of human being.

As a matter of fact, this type of behavior is absolutely repulsive and disgusting. The person who alienates desperately needs lots of therapy.

How do I know?

It just so happens that I’ve got a lot of great therapists in my life that I’m friend with.

I’ve got great therapists and the like who I’m friends with, so I know all about this, because whenever something comes up, I like to discuss it with my circle of people.

The problem is, the parent is usually doing the alienation…

Well, they’re usually the biggest hypocrite around.

They’ll tell you they’re grateful. They’ll tell you all these things about God and spirituality. But in reality, they’re missing the whole boat. They’re not grateful. They’re takers. Takers are never grateful. They pretend to have gratitude, but they never do.

They’ll talk about the book they read, or they’ll go and talk about how they believe in abundance and everything else. But, in reality, if they actually believed in abundance, they wouldn’t be so fear-based with their children and their life.

It’s a sickness.

It’s a sickness that people engage in to alienate, and it’s full-on lack of gratitude.

But there are a lot of people out there who just don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. Life is all about them 24/7.

Anyway, pass it on to anybody who’s alienating their kids from the other parent…

Because eventually it’s going to come back and bite them in the ass.

Because – and this is the catch – eventually these kids will get old enough and wonder why mom or dad didn’t spend enough time with them when they were younger. What’s going to happen is, when they get older, the mom or dad who’s alienated will share everything about the other parent.

Every detail, every alienation, everything.

And you know what? I agree with that. Because the truth needs to be told. The illusion needs to be exposed to the child when they get older.

Because the only way a child’s going to learn lessons and break free from the grips of the helicopter parent is to learn the truth one day.

And it’s going to hurt the child. It’s going to hurt to hear the truth. But, that truth needs to be out when the child is cognizant, because if the truth is not shared…

…the child can repeat the same disgusting behaviors that their parent taught them.

So, for all of you going through it, you’ll have your day. Fight for your kids, because they’re worth it and they need you.

And remember, when the kids are old enough, and they ask you the question about why you didn’t spent enough time with them, that’s when you tell the truth.

Because let’s say you live 90 years and the kid is 60. The fear-based alienating parents will have maybe the first 10 or 11 years of a kid’s life manipulating and controlling them.

And you’ll have the last 50 as the parent that the kid goes to and trust, and really understands. Because you are the one who’s grateful. You’re actually the one who is willing to share and willing to be fair.

So, your time will come. Your time will come to expose the alienator for exactly who they are.

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I’ve got to tell you.

My girlfriend is beyond self aware.

It’s so wonderful to be in a relationship with somebody who’s so self aware, and is always looking at the bigger picture.

She teaches me a lot of great lessons.

She teaches me to be more accountable for who I am as a person. More accountable for my actions. More accountable for my words.

It’s a wonderful relationship to be in.

When you hold yourself accountable, you’re not blaming others for anything that you are doing.

Your choices, your actions play out exactly the way they should.

You literally become much more in-tune with your life. In-tune with who you are. In-tune with where you’re about. In-tune with your choices.

Self awareness means everything, because it means that you’re fully living your life.

You’re not looking for handouts.

You’re not looking for other people to make you happy.

You’re not looking for anybody to blame for your choices and actions.

You’re just self aware.

You realize that, for every choice that you make, every word that you spit out of your mouth, you will have repercussion, and it will effect not only yourself, but other people.

Your awareness of what you do physically and emotionally will affect not only yourself, but other people.

It really is the key to enlightenment.

When you’re enlightened, you’re self aware.

When you’re self aware, you’re able to really live a more fulfilling left.

It’s holding yourself accountable every single day for all of your words and actions.

That’s so incredibly sexy to me.

That, to me, is what life really is all about.

Holding yourself accountable for all of the actions that you do.

Not blaming others, but only looking at yourself.

Self awareness is exactly how we all really need to live in order to evolve and to grow and to be the most powerful versions of ourselves.

Otherwise, when we don’t hold ourselves accountable, and we’re looking for other people to hold accountable, you’re basically pushing your life, your misfortune, your entire existence in other people’s hands.

Hold yourself accountable for everything.

There’s a client of mine who has trouble meeting with the opposite sex (what a shock).

But I at least tell him that he needs to hold himself accountable for everything.

He’s been given the to be able to approach, to grow, and to meet great women.

He needs to hold himself accountable every single day in order to get past his fears.

Whatever you want in life, you need to hold yourself accountable.

You can go to a coach, a therapist, your best friend can have your back, but you’ve got to hold yourself accountable for your actions. Hold yourself accountable for everything in your life because it’s the only way that we have enlightened growth. It’s the only way that we ever fully grow.

Think about it, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Beware of what you say, because somebody far greater than you is listening: the universe.

It’s amazing how many people will say things before their day starts, which then actually dictate what their entire day would be.

It’s almost like you’re a future projector, and didn’t even know it.

How many times have you woken up after a mediocre night’s sleep?

And thought to yourself, man, I’m really going to be tired today. This is going to be a rough day.

Meanwhile, it’s 7:00am.

You have no idea how the day is going to be.

You haven’t done a thing, yet within the realm of the day to even know what type of day it is, yet you’ve already projected exactly what the day is going to be. It’s going to be a rough day. How do you know that? How do you even remotely know that? How do you even know what today is going to be, you have no idea. You have no idea that maybe you have a lot energy. Maybe you’ll be fine.

So what do you do?

Like most people, you go for some type of stimulant.

You go for coffee.

Maybe you’ve got Adderall laying around.

Maybe you’ve got some marijuana in the house.

Maybe you go for one of those Red Bulls instead, and you give yourself that jolt that you need, because already you predicted inside your brain what type of day you’re going to have. So then you start loading up on any of the stimulants mentioned above.

You start to get a little out of sorts, and a little irritable.

You say to yourself, it must be from the lack of sleep I had the night before. I knew it was going to be a rough day! I knew today was going to be tough for me.

So you continue on that path all day. You see, the stimulants that you put in your body are stimulants that are not naturally there for you to use all the time.

Sure, caffeine might grow and sure, Adderall might have 1% natural something in there, maybe the white coating might be natural chalk. Who the hell knows?

So as the day goes on, you get a little out of sorts.

Your brain is going all over the place because you are over stimulated and over hyped-up on a stimulant, which in turn leads you to become irritable. You blame the irritability on the lack of sleep — NOT on the fact that you’ve been abusing stimulants all day and you continue to take more stimulants, thinking that that’s the reason why you’re going to be able to make it through the day.

But in reality, what you’re doing to yourself and doing to your brain is making it fire in eight million different directions, directions it didn’t need to go.

You see, I don’t take stimulants. If I wake up tired, that means I woke up tired. I have no idea what the day is going to bring. There have been many a day where I’ve woken up very tired.

Had a momentary thought of, today might be rough.

Erased that thought because I knew that I was literally programming myself for the day.

And had some of the most spectacular days on little sleep. I remember when I sometimes travel and get minimal sleep, and yet I seem to make it through the day perfectly fine. Why?

Because the only stimulation you need in life is your life. If you can’t be stimulated by the life, then there’s not a chance in hell you’re going to survive on this planet.

You see, life is really stimulating. Life is really interesting. You never know who you’re going to meet, you never know who you are going to speak with, you never know who might call you, you never know what text might come in.

Life is the high that I choose every single day.

I choose life as my stimulant.

I choose to leave myself to be fully conscious to what life is.

I don’t alter my brain chemistry in any way, shape or form, so that I can literally not be present. Because every time you play with a stimulant, every time you limit, or every single time you push yourself, you use a stimulant. You’re not going to be fully in alignment with what life needs to bring. Because if your brain is going to be scattered all over the place.

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