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At Conversion Perk, our team of digital marketing experts has been dedicated to helping companies increase revenue, drive sales, and achieve better all-around results for the past four years. We are pleased to report that we were recently selected as one of Clutch’s Top B2B agencies in India on their annual list.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews website based in downtown Washington, D.C. Their mission is to connect clients with vendors who will be the best fit for their upcoming projects. In order to rank the businesses on their site, Clutch analysts interview previous clients about the vendor’s work on past projects. They then use the verified reviews along with market presence, work experience, and awards to rank the leading vendors in each industry and location. Due to the feedback they received from our clients, Clutch considers us one of the best PPC agencies in India.

Last year, we created and managed an extensive Google AdWords campaign for a tourism company. After helping the client boost their sales by 30 percent, they were impressed with our personal attention and expertise.

“They always tried to go above and beyond their duties. They suggested improvements in areas that weren’t involved in their work.” – Owner, Tourism Company

Because of this great reputation, Clutch also features us on its two sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. In addition to publishing business news, insights, and industry best practices to help companies be more successful, The Manifest lists us on their page of the top digital marketing agencies in India. Visual Objects is a portfolio site that allows companies like SEO agencies in India to showcase their previous work to clients currently hiring for a project.

We would like to thank Clutch for featuring us on their platforms and for honoring us with an award in such a competitive industry and we can’t forget to thank our clients who took the time to review us. If you are looking to increase your company’s online presence, don’t wait to contact us. We would love to help!

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Google is helping travelers across 150 countries on Google web and Google Maps browsing hotels on mobile devices and spot hot hotel deals just in minutes. It was started in 2010 when Google first displayed the hotel’s information in a more useful way with sponsored hotel prices in Google Maps and now it has come with Google Hotel Ads. Travelers in the world still prefer search engines majority of the time while searching for a good hotel deal. But as the competition has grown much copious, it becomes harder to get ranked better organically.

You may also have surfed the search engine at least once to find or book a hotel while traveling across long-distance destinations or across your country. So, you may have seen the previous look of hotel ads on Google.

The previous basic search network ads are not so compelling. So, Google comes with a totally amazing solution for the advertisers by introducing a new campaign type for hotels.

In the second week of July 2018, Google announced a cover-up of Google Hotel Ads in the Google Ads platform formerly Adwords. That’s why you are seeing a new Hotel Center in the Google Ads interface. This is meant for managing hotel price feeds named Hotel Campaigns.

The new feature is equally available to you, no matters if you are servicing an individual hotel property or an online travel agent. Hence it is believed to simplify campaign management and optimization just for you because it brings a complete package of hotel campaign features through a single program.

This is how Google itself specify its benefits:
  • Hotel groups to organize hotels by important attributes like brand and class
  • Robust bidding controls that allow marketers to optimize for bidding dimensions unique to hotels like a traveler’s length of stay or check-in day and audience bidding
  • Smart bidding powered by machine learning to maximize bookings at your ROI goal
  • Rich reporting and familiar responsive interface available with the newly redesigned Google Ads

Now come to the question of what exactly Hotel Campaigns on Google Ads are?

The ad process begins by searching hotels and then clicking on the search network listing of hotels. At first, it is hard to tell which of these results are ads because there is no green or blue ad button. The blue or green ad button indicates that the search result is actually a paid Google ad.

Thus it depicts that the above hotel search results are all organic.

Generally, you have to click on a particular hotel name or a hotel that sounds attractive to you and this will pull up a hotel detail card. (Refer to the image below.)

The organic card listing provides those details to inform you of the price, reviews, some features and discounts so you can easily decide whether it would be a good deal or not. The results can further be sorted and filtered by specific areas, amenities, ratings and hotel class.

Now here we come where you have to notice the change. Scroll down and see the green Ad button prefixed with Check Availability.

Those are hotel ads. Here you can find some vital options to book instantly, view rooms or check availability and according to Google studies, they work well.

Why prefer Hotel Ads and Not General Search Network Ads?

Search network ads are really a quick and easy route when we talk about the pay-per-click advertisement for our brand or website.


Yes, because it hardly takes 10 minutes to register and display the simple and basic text ad on the search network. No one prefers to go with a complex structure of campaigns, to do tons of work, management, and optimization that is really a tedious job.

But, is it effortless to produce good results in a shorter way?

When we have to choose PPC over other marketing mediums, basic search network ads are just fine but aren’t you here to generate more of the booking for hotel and produce the higher ROI on the investment done with online advertisements.

To do that, you need to showcase your hotel in a much-elaborated way.

Simply search engine ads are a brief display of text that is not enough to convince a buyer because there is not much to communicate and grab the sale.

Search engine networks play a good job in generating organic traffic until we don’t directly need a deal to be done. But hotels are supposed to be visited not only on search engines but also practically!

Don’t you think Google Hotel ads work as an open window to peek into the inner provision of listed hotels with pictures, reviews, location, and proximity to tourist sites? Do the comparison yourself and decide.

This covers inside and outside pictures of the hotel

  • Exact map location in the city
  • Reviews of the hotel in star format
  • Address and phone number
  • Current discounts
  • Availability check
  • Hotel information including benefits, features and a rich description in detail

Of course, these can’t be covered in simple text ad of three or four lines. That’s why Google Hotel Ads are here!

“It’s a time to leave your mark and land the sale with Google Hotel Ads.”

With 50 campaigns in one go and up to 2000 ad group in a single campaign give tons of room to experiment with your strategies. Bidding and budget, ad groups, geo-location targeting, device targeting, call out extensions, hotel characteristics options are limitless.

How to begin with Google Hotel Ads?

Just like the regular AdWords, hotel ads are easy to start with. Sign up as same or you automatically get a Hotel Ad Centre Account if you’re already into Hotel Ads. The platform itself shows everything you need to be familiar with Hotel Ads Centre from metrics to bidding and settings.

First, come to the home section which displays the key opportunities and auction performance updates even with a suggestion or you can say new opportunity that you can grab.

The tools section in the dashboard displays data feed any potential errors. It is vital to watch the error or the points that need fixing when you have created the data fields manually. Edit your bids based on groups or tweak individual hotels in bulk right from your dashboard.

The interface allows the third-party partners (if they exist) to have their own system of tweaking your bids so that you do not need to minister at all, they can do the account management for you.

Generating more leads and improving conversions with Google Hotel Ads:

Two approaches are there to perfectly establish you hotel ads that will impulsively improve the click-through rate resulting in better ROI.

First thing first…

Refer to the images here. This is how a hotel detail card looks like. Now scroll below till the end of the image. You see “Hotel details” section. This includes features, benefits and a description, as well as your address, photos, and map location. All the information is added or edited by Google My Business account.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can simply set up and complete it with all your hotel details. Use the best images ensuring copyrights. This can help you to drag the attention of viewers.

Another is…

Getting Google reviews, yes, only Google reviews can help you to generate more trust among the newcomers. And only choose genuine testimonials. Ask your existing customers to write a review for you on your Google My Business Page. You can offer them a fairing in return.

Last but not least, always keep your Google My Business page up to date with current deals, information, and promotions.

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New to the digital world? You might be unfamiliar to the buzzing trend! Everyone trying to dodge through, to make their way to the top. Here, we will describe the history of advertising which started from the classified pages of the newspapers to the front page of the search engine giant Google (BTW I have taken Indian context for reference).

This article is to provide you a complete walk-through from the corridors of history of advertisements in India. A quick rundown through the flow of events which lead to this great revolution, this will help you get a clearer insight into this.

What is advertising? How did it all start? The beginning of advertising culture? It’s true essence!

Advertising is a very ancient form of marketing communication, it communicates about the product or a service at the grand level, basically to create awareness and further promote it. Advertising is a medium to deliver marketing strategies. Brief history of advertising (considering Indian context) is starts here:

The birth- Idea of advertising

The concept of advertising came in view around the end of 17th century and got its exposure during mid of 18th century, that time print media was the only form of media used for ads. Although with the advancement in technology, various forms of media were introduced in a short span of time. Although advertising digitally is the latest amongst all. It has created a revolution in the entire industry on quite a great level.

The First Newspaper

The first newspaper in India was “The Calcutta General Advertiser” or “Hickey’s Bengal Gazette” and it was published in the late 17th  century. Publishing a newspaper was an expensive business at that time, so to cover the cost and expenses of the paper, management decided to publish advertisements in the paper. Advertisements used to come under the heading of classifieds with normal informational texts. Those advertisements generally belonged to only high end retailers or patented medicines.

It almost took a century to understand and notice that plain text advertisements were not sufficient. Soon, they realized that they need proper layouts, with catchy lines and attractive images to catch the attention of customers plus they also need to consider the mode of advertising to acknowledge the right audience through the right medium.

The First Ad Agency

To solve this chaos of inefficiency and lack of knowledge, India’s first advertisement agency was born from Girgaum, Mumbai, namely B. Dattaram’s. Introduction of the ad agency brought a revolution in the world of advertisements and recognition was made regarding the importance of advertisements in business world. In no time the whole country got loads of ad agencies from India as well as outside.

But the introduction of larger agencies having global presence created a downfall for the local small ventures, either they disappeared or merged with the big bulls of industry to remain in the work. Once India got independence, chips started to fall in its bowl as the business started to flourish.

Digital Marketing- Reaching on the front page of Google

These turn in events brought a new branch in the working commonly known as digital marketing to people. This branch is in itself an entire tree if looked closely. The other forms of advertising still exist and are booming on their own level. However, the branch of Digital marketing has not only covered a larger area but also has to a great extent overshadowed various other forms of marketing.

Digital marketing has its own quirks where it not only enhances your visibility through SEO and SMM activities but also increases your sale through PPC campaigns. Isn’t that pretty overwhelming? The small box on the side of the Google search page is enough to catch the eye of millions of people. As per a report by Google, “Search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.”

The other report by Google says, “Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in Adwords”

Statistics never lie and the above numbers well explain the statistics of the advertisements on digital medium.

As the business sector grows, advertisement industry is walking parallel to it. Step by Step advertisements are becoming the need of the businesses all over the world. Advertisements have the power to create a brand within no time. Now, Ads are not just limited to print media rather they have taken a 360 degree circle and you will find ads everywhere in every form, from newspapers to radio to televisions. The presence of advertisements can be felt in each turn and corner of the world.

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Have you heard the news? Not yet!! Then you are about to be surprised. Sometime in last week Google has made a decision to bring an exquisite change in its overwhelming amount of ad products. The search engine giant has now consolidated its enormous number of ad products in three vast categories, namely, Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ads Manager. The news has brought mixed emotions from the market as well as businesses in which majority of the people are appreciative towards the change.

As per Google, they have recognized the shift in the market about the behavior of consumers as well as businesses. It understands the need of the hour, which is offering product or brand which can bring better and more productive solutions to businesses and easy access along with better experience for customers.

Google Ads – Not Adwords anymore!!

It is been said that Google Ads is replacing the 18 year old Small Business Marketers’ favorite Google Adwords effective from July 24, 2018. However if you keep a close eye then you will understand the change is just a little tweaking with the words not much with the environment or the way it works. Google has the idea to ease the process of marketing and offering more under one brand umbrella. For this we quote, “Google Ads brand represents the full range of advertising capabilities we offer today—on Google.com and across our other properties, partner sites and apps—to help marketers connect with the billions of people finding answers on Search, watching videos on YouTube, exploring new places on Google Maps, discovering apps on Google Play, browsing content across the web, and more.”

As per the company, the campaign types included in Google ads will definitely be a stress buster for small businesses, which from now can concentrate more on running a business instead of working on their online advertising strategies. Rest the time will tell but this has given extra burden to Conversion Perk because we are going to update our meta tags of Google Adwords service page.

Google Marketing Platform- The collaboration of DoubleClick and Analytics 360!!

Before moving ahead we must say that the new logos of the three brands are no doubt an amazing mix of something old with something fresh. The tweaks haven’t gone un-noticed. The new platform as the title suggest is the collaboration of DoubleClick advertiser products along with Google analytics 360 suite. Since a long time, marketers have been suggesting that a mix of ads along with analytics can bring out better results.

The company took the suggestions and added their own point of view into it to bring a new platform and brand in the market. Here we quote again, “The platform helps marketers plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place.”

Along with this brand the company is also bringing a new tool on the table namely, Display & Video 360. The said tool as per the company will enable, “creative, agency, and media teams to collaborate and execute ad campaigns end-to-end in a single place.”

The marketers are pretty appreciative towards this new change however as per them the platform might not be useful for every business altogether.

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Google Ads Manager- Blending of DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange!!

Google has always been eager to bring more on the table to offer efficiency and easiness in the working. This time they have gone beyond by introducing a “unified programmatic platform” as they explained it. The platform is more of a step towards providing more to the partners in terms of money, efficiency and what not. The verdict is still in bags for this one. The partners are still waiting for the ball to drop.

Why this re-branding?

The platter is served and no doubt it is looking quite tempting and hopefully tastes better as well; however the main question is why the platter is served. Most of the critics have brainstormed and discussed about this sudden idea of re-branding and come with the conclusion that the main idea behind this re-branding is to bring simplicity as well as ease in the vast world of online advertising. If you have noticed this re-branding is also done to update the strategies and tools as per the need of the hour.

All the three products if analysed deeper then will bring out the result stating that it will bring transparency along with efficiency in the world of advertising.

Exclusively for Small Business Owners: 10 Common Adwords PPC Mistakes that Small Business Must Avoid

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