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Make it brilliant: ecommerce photography by Blend Studios

You’ve seen boring ecommerce photos by the bucket-load.  Scroll, product, scroll, product, scroll, yawn.  Want to make yours pop out of the screen?

Then you need Blend.

In ecommerce, there are many areas where you can slash the budget, but shooting your products isn’t one of them.  Why?  Think of DIY product photography, homemade GIFs, your mate’s Insta: if it’s amateur, you can tell.  While that’s charming for a start-up or a social entrepreneur, in the big league you’ll want to invest in your product.  Photography is the surest way to give your website a professional look – so it’s probably time to give yours an upgrade.

We’ve produced exquisite ecommerce photographs for brands including The Body Shop, Debenhams, and ASOS.  Our small team offers the full service, from styling to retouching – from our luxury photography studio in North London.

Luxury ecommerce product photography

Taking a product shot is just one slice of the process.  Here’s what else we do:

  • Work closely with you to understand your brand image
  • Book models (if relevant) who appeal to your audience profile
  • Suggest a setting, if you don’t want to use the studio
  • Bring in a stylist (if required) with expertise of your demographic
  • Unpackage, stage, and light your products (with your supervision, if you’d like to come)
  • Retouch your ecommerce photos to enhance details and effects
  • Add creative flourishes, if you like
  • Help you to storyboard GIFs for your social media
  • Shoot and produce professional GIFs of your ecommerce photos
Planning an ecommerce product photography shoot
  1. Make a comprehensive plan – first catalogue the products that you want us to photograph.  Next, listing the details for each product is essential.  Before you arrive at the studio, assess each product and write down the angles and details that should be captured.  Does your customer need to see the reverse, the inside, any details on the sleeve/package/lid, buttons, or variations?  The day will run more smoothly if you’re armed with a list to tick.   Pack up your products for travel or despatch.
  2. Relax. You’ll enjoy attending an ecommerce shoot at the Blend studio. Our ecommerce photographers are friendly and highly experienced.  They’ll direct your shoot and check all the details – resulting in professional, high-res ecommerce photos that you’ll be able to upload directly.
  3. A consistent background and lighting scheme gives your ecommerce photos a cohesive look. Before starting your shoot, the photographer will set up a bespoke lighting plan to highlight every detail. This will also help to ensure colour accuracy – which is absolutely vital if you’re selling online.
  4. Ecommerce photography can be beautiful: as well as the shop-shelf ecommerce product photos, you might want to commission additional creative imagery – for front-page web banners or social graphics. These photographs are less about detail and more about mood. This is where a thoughtful brief and styling notes come into play.  The more you can tell us about your brand and customer profile, the better photographs we can create for you.  (Your in-house Pinterest boards make a good starting point.  Ask your designers or team members to help add to your inspiration boards.)
  5. Clothing product photography for ecommerce can be done through a fashion shoot, or we can simply shoot products without models. Maybe you need both. Give us a call to talk about the options for your clothing line.
  6. What makes a good GIF? It doesn’t have to be daft. A GIF can be something as simple as a jacket being removed to show the blouse underneath; two models relaxing in your clothing behind the scenes; a reusable cup in different settings to represent its day (squash court, office, car); or a ring box being opened.  We have loads of ideas to help you create a fantastic series of GIFs that bring your products to life.  In social media, a GIF or video will attract more views every time – as content becomes more and more interactive.  As always, just pick up the phone to talk to one of our ecommerce photographers.
Ecommerce product photography and photos made simple

Did you know?… you don’t have to attend your ecommerce photography shoot.  Despatch your products via courier and we will unpack, shoot and return them.  This is helpful for clients with a lot of new updates, especially after the initial shoot of the season.  It’s also a great option if your company is based outside London.  We’ve worked with a global clientele.

If you want to give us a trial, ask for the rate card.  You can brief us by telephone and we’ll plan your shoot.  We’re confident that our sleek, gorgeous ecommerce photographs will give you an impressive ROI.  Ready to commission some luxury visuals by Blend?  Get in touch.

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If you’re considering using a photo studio in London, you might have a few questions racketing around in the old grey matter.  So this blog post is just for you.

Blend is a photo studio in London.  Our friendly team specialises in creative and professional product photography.  We’ve photographed practically everything – from chickpeas to tailored shirts.

Why use a photo studio in London?

If you want top-end product photography, you won’t get it from a fancy smartphone.  The scope of photography may have changed drastically… but the skill of creating a layout (and lighting it properly) distinguishes a professional product shot.

Needless to say, if you’re in ecommerce then your website is your shop window.  It’s the only place that customers get to examine your product.  So the imagery has to be crystal clear – with every detail on display.  It should be rich and inviting, giving your customer an intense and evocative experience.  Your photography and content will make or break every sale.

If you want sales, you need to get these right.

Do you need a photographer?

Photo studio hire is available in some studios in London.  This means hiring the premises and using your own photographer.  At Blend, we do things differently.  Our service includes all photo studio equipment plus a skilled photographer – because we place enormous value on the skills of the profession.

And while you could pay less for no-frills, photo studio hire, the Blend team adds a lot to the proposition:

  • Generating ideas and bringing in stylists or models – Our industry connections enable us to bring in additional team members, as required by each job.
  • Directing your shoot – The day will run a lot more smoothly with an experienced photographer in attendance. Your Blend photographer will design a bespoke lighting set-up, using our state-of-the-art equipment.  They will also ensure that you get pictures of the product from every angle.
  • Retouching shots – whether it’s just to clarify a small detail, or adjust the colour, or add a dramatic effect: we edit all our photographs in-house. It means they come to you sharp, professional, and ready to use in any format.  Our service is complete, so you don’t need to outsource any part of it.
  • As an interesting extra, Blend photo studio in London now offers the creation of animated GIFs – ideal for increasing exposure on social media. Come in with your idea or let us help you to storyboard it.  This can be arranged as part of your photo studio shoot.
Are photo studio images worth it?

Our creative team doesn’t just shoot products.  We work with art directors, stylists and models to produce top-end creative and advertising visuals.  So if you’re imagining an extreme product image to launch something special, we’re the photo studio you need.

As you can see from the photo studio images on the website, we’ve shot and styled for brands like Jack Wills, TK Maxx and The House of Fraser.  If you want to compete in the big league then you need a top-end photographer… enter Blend.

How to book a photo studio shoot

If you’re planning ahead, that’s great.  Call to book your shoot whenever it is convenient.  If your time has run out, don’t panic.  We can deliver a 24-hour turnaround – our express service.

Once your photo studio shoot is booked, it’s time to do some preparation.  If it’s your first visit to Blend then we ask a lot of questions!

A Pinterest board (or seven) can be a huge help.  You can collaborate with your team to build a board of images that reflect your customer profile; your brand style; photograph layouts and examples that you like; and other products in the market that you’re competing with.  It helps us to understand your brand’s vision and values, plus the colour palette you use on packaging or web design.  This collection of ‘mood boards’ (click to learn more) will help your photographer to understand the creative direction of your brand – which will always give you a better end result.

You’ll also need to brief us on the purpose of your photographs, whether it is a new collection for the online store, an editorial feature in a local magazine, or a social media campaign – or it may be a combination of these, with different formats and layouts being required.

Finally, you need to be really thorough in assessing the shots needed for each product.  Make a list of any features that should be displayed (lids, laces, latches and labels) plus the variations for each product.

On your first studio shoot, it is great if you can attend.  But you don’t have to; many clients despatch their products to us by courier, which we then photograph and return.  If you’re not going to come then it’s important to brief us as thoroughly as possible!

We look forward to seeing you on your first photo studio shoot!

Blend Studios, London.

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If you’re searching London for a commercial photo studio, here are three reasons to choose Blend.

  1. Our team is small, friendly, and adaptable. You can send us your stuff to photograph – or you can attend the shoot and be as fussy as you like.
  2. The commercial photographers in our London studio have impeccable credentials. Having worked on shoots for Debenhams, ASOS and The Body Shop, they know how to get the best angle on anything.
  3. The results speak for themselves. You can see a few of our favourites on the website – ranging from graphic product compilations to fashion editorial and gorgeous cosmetics shots.  Ask if you want more.

Ready to upgrade your visuals?   Want to see if better commercial photography can increase your audience and sales?  Set us a challenge. Our commercial photographer at Blend Studios London is waiting to receive your brief.

  • Top-end product photography. For new launches and relaunches, new collections and a fresh spin on old ones.  You need Blend to transform your product or pack shots into irresistible eye-candy.
  • Go wild. If you want a commercial photographer with a fresh outlook, a modern, graphic-style image, or arresting lighting – reach out.  We love creating something that nobody’s seen before.  We love working with art directors and marketing gurus.  Let’s go off-grid.
  • Retouching shots – we do this in-house, whether to enhance detail, correct colours, or add a creative twist. Your shots will be sharp and easy to use in print and online.  They’ll be delivered in the format you need for your applications.
  • Hey, wait! We can also turn your images into attention-grabbing GIFs.  Perfect for growing your social media audience (they’ll love a shareable GIF).  Fancy seeing peas popping out of the bag, or a parade of handbags?  Think of your own idea, or ask us for suggestions.

All that work developing an amazing product, only to take a quick snap and shove it onto the internet?  That would be a bit like cooking dinner from scratch and then eating it from the dog’s bowl.

Yes, you could hand out your new product to online influencers, who might take some lovely pictures.  What about taking your own shots with a big piece of white card and a HuaWei?

None of these options replaces real, professional commercial photography.  In the long-term, it’s worth investing in a professional brand image right from the start.  We argue (and most successful brands agree) there’s still immense value in professional shots.  Here’s what our photographer thinks you’ll get for your money.  A proper product launch deserves proper, creative and well-executed imagery – don’t disappoint your audience with DIY work.  We’re confident that you’ll be utterly delighted with your Blend portfolio.  Our sensational product shots are worth their weight in sales.


An experienced commercial photographer is a real asset to your brand.  Blend Studios has always specialised in pack shots and commercial photography.  Our photographers understand how to design lighting that will render your products in a crisp, fresh likeness.  We understand the importance of capturing detail and colour (so that the end user is delighted with the product) and we’ll make sure we don’t miss a trick, photographing the product from every angle.  Consistency is vital across your commercial photography, and we can make sure that the shots look just as good from one season to the next.

Of course, you may be looking for something radical.  If your marketing dept has more creative aspirations for your photography, you need to speak to Blend.  Our work in the cosmetics, fashion and perfume industries has demonstrated our knack for creating imagery that’s exciting and unexpected.  If you want a knockout image for your landing page, call the studio.

  • We love a creative challenge. Let us think outside the regular product shots and explore some ideas with you.
  • As well as products we can photograph you or your influencers, including behind-the-scenes shots
  • Props? Ask for advice or bring your own – the possibilities are endless.
  • Need models? We can book them if you brief us on brand and audience.
  • Ask our technical team to advise on bringing your products to life – a perfume being sprayed, a food being served, a drink being poured.

Blend is based in North London.  Are you near?   Great.  Call us any time to book a shoot in our commercial photography studio.  A bit further away?  That’s cool – you might want to travel down for the first shoot but, after that, we are ably equipped to unpack and shoot new products on your behalf.  It’s an efficient and simple way to obtain shots of your latest stock, especially if you make frequent updates.

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Photos that SELL: How to do a clothing line photoshoot (with Ideas)

So you’ve spent months designing the products and now you’re wondering how to do a professional (and successful) clothing line photoshoot.  After all, when your potential customer can’t touch or try the clothing, your photoshoot is crucial to success.

We’re here to help!

Nothing drives an impulse buy like a truly beautiful product shot.  But it isn’t as simple as packing your product into a case and hitting the studio (even at Blend).  Prepare for your clothing line photoshoot with our simple guide, and you’ll have the best shots ready for web launch.

How to do a photoshoot for a clothing line in four simple steps…
  1. The Concept
    Begin with some in-house planning. What is the mood of your new collection? Who is your audience and what are their aspirations?  Get ready to dive into your customer analysis.  Studying your target market enables you to identify their values – and THESE will help you to form a concept to sell your clothing line collection.   There are two types of clothing line photoshoot.

    You’ll doubtless know most of this, but it helps to write it all down. Is it fun or smart, indoor or outdoor?  Where will customers wear your clothing line – and what will they be doing?  Are they facing any challenges (do they want clothing that is robust and waterproof, or clothing that is office-appropriate)?  This may seem very in-depth, but knowing your customer is key to persuading them to buy your product.  Don’t forget to see what they’re seeing.  What are your key competitors doing, and how can you be better?

You may wish to use a model for your clothing line photoshoot, but you will also need to create product shots.

Your fashion photoshoot provides the aspirational basis for selling the collection.  It features your hero products and on-brand styling in an appropriate location.   It should harmonise with the vision and values of your brand.

Photoshoot ideas for clothing line

To keep costs down, you can shoot your products using an ‘invisible mannequin’.  That’s a mannequin that is removed from the shot during production.  It gives shape to your clothing but needs no makeup or hairstyle.  This type of clothing line photoshoot is extremely popular at the moment, because it is efficient but also because it presents products in an unbiased way.  (In other words, your customers are able to visualise the product on themselves more easily.)

  1. Be Creative. Be different.
    Draw inspiration from your fellow brands, but don’t be a copycat. Looking for the very best clothing line photoshoot ideas? Try brainstorming with your closest colleagues.  Have you considered movement?  Background?  Even animated GIFs?  There’s no such thing as a bad idea.  Bring in some unusual props (we have used bright vegetables when photographing kids’ clothing – and wooden hands to suspend hangers!).   For inspiration try street style blogs, Instagram product shots, and Pinterest.

Tired of searching for clothing line photoshoot ideas? At Blend we’ve worked with a portfolio of top brands and our experienced photographers really know what works.  So if you’d like a fresh opinion give us a call – we can supply creative direction for your photoshoot, or work with you to create something amazing.

  1. Make it Perfect – sell it better.
    Remember the little extras that will help your clothing line photoshoot to run smoothly. You’ll need to steam, style and arrange your product to display it at best advantage. Arm yourself with a steamer, polish, brushes, needle and thread and spare buttons.  At Blend we do this as part of our shoot.  As well as shooting each clothing product in isolation, you may wish to consider assembling some outfits, which will help you to upsell on the website.  (That’s when a customer adds extras to their basket because they’ve been inspired by a complete look.)  You can arrange your ensemble on an invisible mannequin, laying flat, or on a model.
  2. Don’t forget the details
    Now that you’ve done the preparation, don’t rush through your photoshoot. Remember that the customer doesn’t know each product as well as you do. And they might not read your carefully-prepared description when they’re browsing on a smartphone.  So it’s your job to photograph every detail, no matter how insignificant it seems: a quality button, unusual lining or a neatly stitched cuff will help to close the sale (or reinforce the perception of quality).  Don’t leave your customers with unanswered questions.  A drop of water on a lapel is a nice way to show that your jacket is water-resistant.  A shoe might need to be propped up to display the sole or depth of heel.  It can be useful to prepare a list of features for each product, and tick them off as you photograph each one.

We hope we’ve given you some helpful tips for running a photoshoot for your clothing line.  If you’re looking for expert and affordable clothing line photography, Blend is available to manage the entire photoshoot.   Give us a call or read all about it here!

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The secrets of success: Cosmetic product photography

At Blend, we’ve produced compelling cosmetic product photography for big brands such as The Body Shop and Dove.  Our experienced photographers understand the requirements for a successful cosmetic photography shoot – creating images that sell straight off the page.  Do you want to know their secrets about cosmetic photography lighting?

Why you need cosmetic photography that delivers

People don’t seem to read as much as they used toThat means that they might not read all of your 500-word description on an innovative new lipstick.  They’re browsing for a new cosmetic product, and they’re scanning pictures on social media to help inspire their purchase.  They might read about the scientific benefits once they’ve identified a potential purchase but until then, they’re browsing at super-fast speed.

Those people rely on imagery to obtain a one-second dose of information about the product that you’ve taken months to develop.

This means that your cosmetic photography is more important than ever.  What does it take to create a successful cosmetic product shot?

The very best pictures are inspiring and informative.  They tell the customer why they need this product in their life and how it will perform when they use it.  And all in just one shot?  Cosmetic product photography isn’t as straightforward as it first seems… let’s dive in.

Blend’s Top Tips for cosmetic photography
  1. 1. Saving money on your cosmetic product photography probably isn’t a wise idea.  Given that our culture has become heavily visual and impulsive, your ecommerce shots will be worth their weight in gold.  Investing in this aspect of your brand creates a professional, quality perception right from the outset.  If you want to save money, we think there are better places to save it.
  2. Search for a cosmetic photographer with experience. In cosmetic product photography, lighting is absolutely crucial. Only professionally lit and staged photographs will meet the high standard that exists among cosmetic brands.  The basics must be top-notch if you want your cosmetic products to rank in the market.  Lighting can be very difficult because cosmetic products are often high-shine with small details.  Natural light, which is often great for product shots, is probably best substituted with artificial light to get the exact effect that you want.  If you aren’t using a professional photographer then search for online video tutorials which will show you the basics of cosmetic photography lighting.
  3. Think creatively – think, “why not?” Cosmetic still life photography has become an art form. Consider using an unusual backdrop or creating a sense of movement – both of which have been used with great success by some of the top cosmetic brands.  A ribbon of liquid foundation, a splash of sparkling water, or a puddle of glossy varnish: all of these props don’t just look good.  They also show off key benefits, which surreptitiously help to sell your product.  What’s the product’s best feature?  Its rich colour range, its long-lasting effect, or its brilliant sparkle?  Highlight it using a photo effect. (The now-famous ‘water splash’ evokes an irresistibly vivid impression of moisture.)
  4. Show details. Your customer is dependent on the photos to learn about your product. Don’t be restricted to cosmetic still life photography; try showing how your products work.  A loaded brush or a sparkling spray pump showing your product in action helps to convert your customer.  It can be useful to show all colour options in one shot.  How will their new makeup arrive?  If your packaging is luxurious then don’t forget to bring it to the makeup product photography shoot.
  5. Be consistent. Colour palette, lighting style, shadows and contrast levels in post-production editing: make sure that these remain the same across your cosmetic photography. It will give the website a professional and cohesive image which, in turn, enhances the quality perception – and encourages people to buy.
  6. If you’re producing a fashion shoot for your cosmetic line, it can help if you build it around a story. Use characters that your customers can identify with, pick an aspirational setting, bring some props, and have fun with it. These are shots that can be used on social media as well as your website’s landing pages.
  7. Social media – don’t follow the crowd. Successful social media campaigns depend on originality. We’re all swamped with updates and new pictures, in their thousands, every day.  Yours has to stand out.  But here’s some good news: makeup product photography has a vast scope for inventiveness. So do something fun or ask us for something that we haven’t seen before: animate your product shots, choose a unique model, use a striking backdrop, make a rainbow of colour.  Start a trend!
Looking for an experienced cosmetic product photographer?

At Blend we have photographed cosmetic products for Dove, The Body Shop and Aromachologies.  Our prices are realistic and our experienced photographers are ready to provide guidance and inspiration.  For professional cosmetic photography with imaginative vision, give us a call.

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Scent to sell: effective perfume bottle photography

Are you looking for tips on perfume bottle photography?  Blend has photographed some of the world’s most beautiful perfume bottles and our experienced team understands how to distil the product into a perfect image.  Here are our top tips!

Why you need to plan your perfume photography

It isn’t just a photograph of a perfume bottle.  It’s an image of the scent’s style and personality; so your perfume photography needs extremely careful planning.

In an age when people are spending their time and money in the social media arena, enticing product imagery has become vital.  Perfume advertising photography, once limited to magazine pages, is jostling for attention.  The pictures that go viral are original, witty, or addictively inspirational.  So how do you begin crafting perfume bottle photography that will make an impact?

As ever, success hinges on your customer analysis.  If you have a sound understanding of your audience, including their values and desires, then you’re in a great place to start planning your perfume advertising.  You’ve already created a sensational perfume that your customer audience will love.  Now you need to identify the reasons they’ll buy it – and tap into them.  Is your perfume perfect for ambitious women?  Or for those whose confidence needs rejuvenating? If it’s seductive, powerful, or absolutely original, then your photography should leave the same impression.

How do we do that?

Planning your perfume bottle photography shoot – top tips
  1. Research your competitors’ perfume advertising photography, but don’t mimic it – aim to better it.  The very best perfume photographs capture the scent’s spirit. So consider the uniqueness of your product.  List your perfume’s attributes and your brand values.  The image you want to create is vital information for your photographer.
  2. Perfume product photography tends to evoke a mood, which is often done through the use of light and shadow. A rich, sensual perfume may be bathed in a golden glow while a fresh and crisp scent would be suited to bright, youthful lighting. Lighting is the realm of experienced photographers, who can create any effect using professional equipment.  But the style of lighting can be recommended by you, according to the personality of the fragrance.  At Blend, we individually tailor the lighting for each and every product shot.  So give some thought to your lighting needs before arriving at the studio.
  3. Background and selectively-chosen props can help to enhance the mood that you’re striving for. A sultry background suits a night-time fragrance, while a box full of rosy pears might be perfect for a springtime scent. The colours and detail of your perfume bottle should be considered as part of the palette, which must be consistent with the brand overall; remember that the resulting pictures will take their place on your website, so they’ll have to fit in.  While props can add humour and character, it is important that the props won’t become overwhelming.  The star of the show is your perfume bottle.
  4. Be creative: an image that causes people to take a second look gives you more of their time. Perfume bottles have been shot against blooming roses, naked skin, desert sands, and papercut apples. Almost anything is fair game.  Take off the lid, show the packaging, add a surprising prop that reflects the perfume’s ingredients.  Style your perfume bottle as part of a ‘story’: perhaps it has prime position on a dressing table with other treasures, or it has been unwrapped in haste and joy.  Make your perfume bottle look like something else using an optical illusion or disguise – that’s one way to cause the browser to stop and pay attention to your perfume photography!
  5. Having obtained a truly beautiful perfume bottle photograph, a good photographer continues the work in post-production. You can add or enhance colours at this point. Some features can be added, such as an evocative ‘splash’ or cloud to represent the scent.
  6. If you’re using social media, don’t be restricted to perfume product photography. Consider creating photographs that show the inspiration or ingredients for your perfume. For a young market, a fashion shoot might be a good direction, although influencers might create their own imagery that supports your launch.
Realistic and imaginative perfume product photography.

At Blend, we specialise in product photography.  Our experienced team is accustomed to working with an exacting brief to create images that are compelling and refined.

We’ve recently shot perfume bottles for The Body Shop and Sunnamusk fragrance, and our studio is equipped with state of the art technology to give you the most beautiful results.  We design the lighting in consultation with you, to give every product the attention it deserves.  And after the photoshoot our team works on the pictures to perfect them.  If you’re looking for perfume product photography with a high-end finish, you can rely on Blend.  Give us a call or contact us to review our rate card.

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Blend Studios by Barrie Gordon - 2M ago

Over the many years we’ve been trading it’s always pleasing to know that we have quite a few returning customers and brands. These clients understand the unparalleled photographic quality and service we deliver. No matter if it’ your first job with us or your 100th we will always go out of way to enure expectations are met and images definitely achieve the desired outcome.

Rebus Signet Rings is one of our many long term customers. The jewellery photography they require has to have the same values as the brand itself. A high end, exclusive jewellery brand that prides itself on it’s quality of product and this hs to be replicated across their imagery.
Below are recent catalogue shots for the brand,

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New businesses have a lot to think about, but have you stopped to really think about your brand’s visual presence? The photography you choose is one of the most important branding decisions you’ll make for your business — whether that’s online or otherwise.

In this guide, you’ll find out why sorting your photography is so crucial to the success of your company.

Recommended reading: Product Photography – Why Mood Boards Are Essential

Your photography must be of an impeccable quality

Every single business needs to have high-quality photography. Along with other visual and written elements, images determine how your potential customers come to view your company when they first visit your website, read your brochure, or see your ad.

One crucial thing your business needs to do in order to safeguard the quality of the images you use is to get the image resolution right. Online, you must make sure your images are 72ppi (pixels per inch) at the very least, and photos that need to come out well when printed must be very high definition. Always check that any photos you send to print come out well with test runs before committing to them — there is nothing worse than announcing a brand launch with a lacklustre print run.

Online, you can use a tool like Pictorem to check the resolution of your images. If you’re fully committed to visual excellence, though, you should consult a professional studio. Contact Blend today to arrange a great deal for top-quality business photos that will dazzle your potential customers and set your company apart. It isn’t as pricey as you might think, and it’ll guarantee that visitors to your website get the right picture of your business!

Credit: Blend Studios

Using people in your photography improves your conversion rates

Scientific studies have shown that members of your target audience are more likely to become emotionally connected to your business if you have photos of people on your website and/or in your marketing materials. Seeing other people enjoying themselves creates a positive attitude towards products and inspires trust in brands.

Trust is really important to your business because it has a direct impact on your conversion rates and your ability to sell to your audience.

Medalia Art (a website that specialises in selling Cuban and Latin American art) carried out a test on the value of including people in their photography by replacing images of paintings on their website with photographs of people. The result? This one simple switch saw the company increase its conversion rate by 95%.

If you want your new business to maximise its earning potential, then you need to include people in your photography. There are a number of ways that you can do this, including:

Credit: Pexels

Use photography to control emotions

One of the most important parts of a really great photograph is its ability to capture and convey emotions — and this is particularly vital for the images that you will use for your new business.

Your customers are driven by emotions and this informs their buying decisions. Your photography must support you in encouraging your customers to go on the journey that you want them to take (a journey that ends with them buying from you).

The American Express Retail Monitor reported that retailers think that their customers care about detailed product information the most. However, a study by Psychology Today concluded that the best way to tap into a customer emotions is to stick to a product image and some general details.

Keep the product photography that you use as simple and easy to digest as possible. Don’t fall into the trap of stuffing your page full of unnecessary copy and details. Keep any website product pages minimalist and visual. You’ll be much more likely to make that all-important first sale….

Credit: Wikimedia

Your photography must show your brand identity

Brand identity is so important. Companies live or die by the value of their brands, as customers base their buying decisions on what they think about a brand:

  • Using colour in your imagery increases recognition of your brand by 80%.
  • 64% customers won’t trust your brand unless they think you share their values.
  • A consistent presentation for your brand will raise your revenue by 23%.

Stats from: http://info.zimmercommunications.com/blog/20-stats-that-will-remind-you-of-the-importance-of-your-branding

Your photography is a huge part of your brand identity, so it’s important that you get it right. You need to have a clear idea of what your audience sees in you, along with the picture that you want to give your audience of your business. The more you add to your brand, the more valuable it becomes to your core operation.

Something that can be extremely valuable when assessing your visual branding is to assume an external perspective. Instead of the owner of your business, imagine that you’re a hungry entrepreneur planning to take advantage of a pre-existing business with a strong customer base and a coherent brand — can you tell what the brand is all about at a glance? Does it seem consistent? Would you want to invest in it? If not, there’s more work to be done.

There are lots of things that a new business must get right in order to have the best chance of becoming an established brand. Your photography is important — it forges connections, builds trust, and taps into your customers’ emotions.  You can’t take any chances with the photography your business uses. Reach out to Blend Studios today for some professional assistance — it’s an investment that will pay off massively in the long run.

Patrick Foster is a writer and ecommerce expert from Ecommerce Tips — an industry-leading ecommerce blog dedicated to helping new businesses by sharing business and entrepreneurial insights from the sector. Check out the latest news on Twitter @myecommercetips.

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Bad product photography can cost you more than you realise. When we, as consumers, make purchases online, we want to know what we’re buying – but there’s no way of checking out the products for ourselves. Therefore, displaying your products in a way that’s both accurate and appealing is essential. One small detail can be enough to put people off, but get it right, and professional, high-quality product images will pay for themselves again and again.

Here are some ways that your product imagery could be harming your sales, with some potential solutions. However, bear in mind that creating quality product photography is an artform, and it may be best to enrol the premier experts like Blend.

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The images aren’t consistent

If you feature a range of images per product (and you should), it’s important to maintain consistency between them so they appear cohesive. We often shoot against a subdued single colour background, usually white or grey, which will help you achieve this more easily. Inconsistent imagery creates a bad impression and a less seamless experience when scrolling.

Another way to ensure consistency is to use the same focal length and crop for each image. When you have multiple images next to one another, varying the size, orientation, and aspect ratio can be jarring. Keep the overall presentation neat and tidy by opting for uniformity.

They’re not truly representative

It seems obvious, but product photos should quite clearly look like the product itself – otherwise, your customers will feel misled when it arrives and isn’t what they expected. If you make any updates to the product you’re selling, always schedule a reshoot. If you don’t, you may find you start to get some angsty comments in your customer reviews.

 The other mistake that can mislead customers is uploading images that aren’t true to the real colour of the product. It’s an easy mistake to make – some bad lighting here, some over-editing there. Certain customers might not mind, but if you’re selling a red sweater that looks pink in real life and your customer hates pink, they’re not going to be very happy when it arrives. This is particularly important if you’re selling items like clothing or furniture.

Size matters. Sorry

Most good ecommerce stores offer a zoom feature on product photos that enable you to see them close up and inspect the smaller details. But this will only work effectively if your images are large enough to zoom in on clearly.

Photography needs to be light and bright. Using a white/light grey background will help, and will also ensure that more light hits the product from all angles. Without good lighting, you’ll get shadows and colours that don’t portray the product accurately. Likewise, if you go far the other way, the photos will appear washed out and you’ll lose a lot of detail, which is just as bad. Our photographers ensure that this won’t happen.

There’s too much going on

A few years ago, ecommerce sellers went through a phase of using cluttered product photos – but that phase is well and truly over. The best way to maximise the impact of your product photos is through the use of negative space. Backgrounds are at best distracting, and at worst off-putting. Ultimately, they simply steal focus from the item you’re hoping to sell.

Sometimes there’s a good reason not to have a plain white or light grey background – if you feature lifestyle imagery, for example. This is fine, but it’s still important that the background is uncluttered and brand appropriate.Remember, the most prominent thing on the page should be your call to action.

The quality is poor

Poor quality product photos say a lot about your business – and none of it is good. Sharpness and clarity is an absolute must. That’s why professionals such as ourselves have all the equipment necessary to ensure the high standards our customers expect.

Not only is it necessary to have the right equipment at your disposal, you also need to know how to use it. Having no understanding of how to get the best out of camera and lighting equipment can leave you with terrible photos that make your product appear flat and unappealing. Blend has over 20 years’ photographic experience and a keen visual eye to ensure your photos are as striking as possible.

We can all take some simple steps to improve our photography by using professionals. Given the highly competitive nature of ecommerce, those who invest in standout, beautiful imagery will be rewarded with the highest conversion rates.

Avoid these simple and easy-to-miss mistakes and contact us for a quote, and you’ll quickly find that your online sales improve. Get in touch.

Patrick Foster is a writer and ecommerce expert from Ecommerce Tips — an industry-leading ecommerce blog that shares the latest insights from the sector, spanning everything from business growth hacks, to product development. Check out the latest posts on Twitter @myecommercetips.

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I need my products shot urgently!
Don’t panic – we’re usually able to provide an Express 24hr turn around. It’s best to call our studio as soon as possible, so we can check our availabilities.

Do I have to attend the shoot?
It’s completely up to you! We usually recommend clients who require complex styling or have products which vary in composition to be in attendance for the shoot. Otherwise, you’re welcome to send in your products to us after completing a booking form. Make sure you fill in as much detail and provide quality reference images for us to work by in your form.

How do I send you my products?
You’re welcome to come down to our studio and drop them by, or alternatively send us a courier. Please give us a heads up before sending over a courier, and make sure they have your company name and address before pick-up.

How does the retouching work?
All of our images, unless otherwise asked for by the client, are worked on in-house. Typically, a standard product shot will be placed on a white background and receives a light ‘clean up’. If you’re after something a little more creative – let us know and our retouchers can talk you through the process.

I need my image for large print – is this okay?
Yeswe just need to know how large is large. We’re able to supply image sizes for all application – from web to billboard.

Can you make GIFS for social media?
Of course! We have a lot of experience (and fun) shooting GIFS. If you’re confident in what you’d like your GIF to look like, send over your storyboard and we can discuss how we’ll shoot your idea. Otherwise – let us know your ideas, and we can help create a storyboard with you.

Fashion Shoots 

Can you provide models?
Yes! We work closely alongside agencies, so all we need from you is a detailed description of what you’re looking for. It could be useful to send us a Pintrest board for visual reference of the style and type you’re looking for.

Do you have stylists or Hair & Make Up Artists?
We do – but we’d need a good understanding of the mood and style of your brand before we reach out to a stylist. The best way to do this is using a Pintrest board.

Do you guys shoot on location?
Yes! We’re able to shoot on location. That includes outdoors, studios or in location houses. It’s best to have a chat with us when arranging location shoots.

Do you have any props?
If you’re in need of any specific props, we’d be happy to source them.
However, we don’t store any props within our studio, so please do give us enough time prior to shooting to order any props.

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