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Process Analysis & Prototyping: We develop individual, web-based software solutions for you by first analyzing your specific work processes and deriving a concept and prototypes with the necessary features from them.

Software Architecture & Development: We implement your individual software concept into digital reality: we create data models, model database structures, provide necessary interfaces and develop strategies for successful data migration.

Software Maintenance & Extension: We ensure that your web-based software is technically always up to date and also covers security-relevant requirements. We will gladly develop your systems according to your wishes and requirements.

WHY WITH US? BECAUSE WE FACILITATE YOUR WORK With customized software solutions

At BlazeDream, we help you digitize your business with customized software and web-based process solutions.
With tailor-made applications, we map exactly the functions that you and your employees need in their day-to-day business. We adapt the software to your business processes and to agile development that can react flexibly to changing demands.

Our claim is to provide you with an intuitive software solution that will make your working life lastingly easier.


Individual & Customizable: Adapt your software to your company – not the other way around.

Often standard software is simply not the right solution. Either you buy expensive functionalities that you will not need in the foreseeable future, or the application simply cannot be tailored to your specific needs and integrated into your company. Instead, rely on an application that perfectly reflects your work processes and is easy to use. And that integrates seamlessly with your existing IT.

Flexible & Networked: Stay flexible & connected.

In today’s business world, projects are becoming more complex and the network of work processes and data more complex. Quick and transparent information, including the involvement of external business partners, is therefore essential for making smart decisions, at anytime and anywhere with internet access, regardless of operating systems.

Budget-Oriented & Optimized: Cost reduction & process optimization.

With lean IT structures into the future: investments in expensive hardware and their operation do not have to be, because web-based software is centrally implemented on a server and then fully supported by the software provider. An installation on local computers is not required. Your employees can be accessed anywhere via the Internet via laptop, tablet or smartphone. The entered data is stored continuously and securely stored on the server. By custom-programmed individual software, you get real business solutions that effectively support you in daily business. For accelerated work processes and more competitiveness.


ANALYSIS and WORKSHOP – Together we determine your needs and project objectives

DRAFT and PROTOTYPE – First impressions of your future software

CONCEPT and DEVELOPMENT – project management and programming based on your individual concept

WE LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU: 96000 88447 | 98401 90624

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Advertising accompanies us throughout the day. In the morning it starts with the clock radio and the newspaper, billboards adorn the way to work, and even there arrived is no end in sight – at least for those who work on the Internet. All of this means that most of our advertising messages are “cold”, we still see them, but we do not record them anymore. If they are too clumsy, they hardly have a chance these days anyway. We show you what is important and how you can stand out.


That’s the most important! There are advertisements that we can remember for a very long time, although we have already forgotten the advertised product. This is called the vampire effect.


To tailor advertising to the audience, you need to ask yourself the following questions:Who is your target audience?

  • Where can you find your target group?
  • What information is relevant to your target audience?
  • Market research is important to get a detailed picture of your target group.


The more precisely the target audience is defined, the more potential customers you should address to increase the chances of reaching the right people. Advertise where there are many people. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will definitely help you! If you know exactly where your target audience is, advertise where you can be found or where your customers might need them. Talk to customers multiple times to create reminder effects. Advertise in different places. You should also give a clear message with all the important information for the customer.


If there was a recipe for success, then everyone would benefit. Therefore, there are many different concepts and approaches to the design and implementation of advertising. Regardless of the many different advertising concepts, every type of advertising has one goal: to keep the advertised product in mind and, at best the advertisement should convince the customers to buy your product.

As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in India, We hope that we could give you a little insight into the advertising world with our contribution. If you have any questions, we are happy to assist, we have specialists at hand who will gladly serve you with information.

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With a mobile app, you enable the customer to use your Mobile Application from anywhere without Internet access. Apps are useful whenever the user either regularly uses your service or does not have a desktop PC at their disposal. We accompany you from the conception, to the design and up to the delivery of your mobile app.


Native iOS apps

These are available on Apple’s App store for all owners of iPhone and iPad.

Native Android apps

These are available on Play store for all Android device users.

Hybrid apps for iOS & Android

These are platform-independent technologies. Your advantage: We develop the app once and it runs on both iOS and Android.

Each User Has A Profile

Your users can sign up. 

Registration takes place via e-mail or existing accounts from social networks.

Platform and cross-device synchronization

 You have a web application next to the app? No problem, the user data is synchronized between the systems.

You Manage The Mobile App Via Your Own Back Office.

A user-friendly administration and administration interface

Your employees can independently maintain all content and functions offered in the app.

Powerful tools like Google Analytics

Your mobile app is an ongoing process. Use Google Analytics to evaluate the behavior of your users. This is how you develop exactly those jobs that give you the most revenue.

Different user groups

You organize the content of the mobile app itself. In larger teams, you coordinate the individual user roles that work in the back office. Assign any sections to individual editors.

Monetization: How To Make Money With Your App

Option 1: The mobile app is free for your users, but advertising is displayed. 

You make money when a user clicks on an ad.

Option 2: Your app is chargeable. 

The user pays in the app stores, you get a share.

Option 3: Purchase options within the apps allow paying users to enjoy premium features. 

In-app purchases are a great way to make free users paying customers.

You Can Trust In Our Service

  1. We offer a contracted Response & Fix Time.: Within one working day you’ll receive feedback. We solve serious problems within 2 working days.

  2. Personal contact instead of call center: Get an impression of our team yourself , with whom you will work together later.

  3. We also solve problems that are not directly our responsibility: With the pure development of the mobile app it is seldom done. We support you on the various ancillary construction sites that can occur. We generate legal texts, help with SEO & SEA issues, license fonts and images, etc.

  4. Maintenance and IT security are not a “can” with us, but a “must”: By means of updates we keep your system up to date.

  5. Hosting on servers supporting our in-house system administrators: If you would like to synchronize user data between different devices and platforms, then we will store them in a data center with DIN ISO / IEC 27001 certification. Better safe than sorry.

Reach US: https://www.blazedream.com

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BlazeDream, a leading Web & Mobile application development company in India has been developing solid apps for businesses across the globe. Our proactive app development team focuses on designing and developing stunning apps that are delivered to our clients on time and on budget.

Planning & Software Design

For a robust, safe and maintenance-friendly system, planning and architecture are important. Our approach is the sustainability of your ideas and thus it requires a professional planning, analysis and software architecture. We are happy to advise you on this point.

We Work With:


C# JavaScript


AngularJS NodeJS

FirebaseDB ArangoDB

Software Development

Software development is accompanied by trust. With our many years of experience and flexibility in various technologies, programming languages, databases, tools and methods, we offer you a foundation for your ideas.

We Work With:

.Net Visual Studio

jQuery PostgreSQL

Css3 HTML5

APP Development

We transform your ideas into mobile applications with real added value for your customers, employees and your company. Benefit from our technical know-how. Whether you are a large company or an innovative startup, whatever your mobile project, we are there to customize the mobile application of your dreams.

We Work With:

Android iOS

Java Code Objective-C

Swift Xamarin

Google Maps Codeigniter

FacebookAPI Core Data

Integration & Monitoring

Software testing, integration, implementation of software / software code elements as well as software monitoring, are part of our service. We close the circle of the agile software world and offer after-project support.

We Provide:

24*7 Support & Service


We stand for specially developed solutions that meet the highest demands on performance, quality and usability. We master the wide range of system and programming languages ​​and find the right answer to every new challenge in close cooperation with our customers. This gives our customers the opportunity to be at the forefront of fast-changing markets.

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You’ve been working hard on a new website for the last few months, spending countless hours and an unremarkable amount of patience – and now the time has finally come: you can finally publish your new website! So that everything runs smoothly and without any problems, I have prepared a small checklist for you. First and foremost, this checklist is based on TYPO3 or WordPress websites, but it can also be applied to other CMS-based websites.

The tasks are not only aimed at the developers, but also at the content maintainers and / or project managers. If, for example, content is to be taken over by the customer, it is advisable to inform the user regularly which points are currently still open or missing. This gives you the opportunity for your customer to support you in the final fine-tuning.


Of course, if you work locally in your development environment, you will have configured the software or components used quite differently than is the case on the production system. For example, debug mode runs locally, but not productively. So that nothing goes wrong here, I’ve put together a small checklist for WordPress, which you should pay attention to.

Is your cache plugin set up correctly? 

If you’re using a cache plugin, check its settings to see if everything is correct. How and with which tips and tricks you can increase the performance of your WordPress website.

Website should be found by search engines. 

By default, when you start a new WordPress project, indexing (via robots.txt) is disabled to prevent false or erroneous indexing by search engines, this WordPress instance is already publicly available on the Internet. Under the “Reading” settings, remove the hack in the checkbox below so that the site can be crawled and indexed by search engines.

Change WordPress to the new URL or domain. 

Navigate to the settings and change the values ​​for “WordPress Address” and “Site Address” accordingly for the new live URL or domain.

Search the database for dev domains. 

If you use links in your pages or posts, these are mostly absolute links (with indication of the domain). In order for them to be rewritten to the new live URL or domain, the easiest way is to use a plugin such as ” Go Live Update URLS “.  Please remember to uninstall it for security reasons when you are done with your customization.

Is there a WordPress update? 

Make sure your current version of WordPress is the most up-to-date. If there is an update to a newer version, you can do it with one click. (For security reasons it should be noted here that you should always create a backup before an update, in case something goes wrong.)


Allow robots.txt to all bots. 

Check if robots.txt exists on your website – either as a static file or dynamically via rewriting. This provides important information for search engines and provides information on whether and how a website may be indexed.

Remove any password protection. 

Often, you may want to protect your website with a password (for example, via .htaccess) until the time of publication to avoid unauthorized access. It is best to check in an incognito window of your browser, if the website can be loaded easily.

Customize HTML meta tags for indexing. 

Take a look at your meta tags and check if they are set to “index, follow”. So you tell the search engines that they can track links from the respective page further, and may also include in their search index.


Redirect the main domain from non-www to www. 

Choose a variant: would you like to access your website with or without the “www”?
This is important so that search engines then always include this one version in their search index. Otherwise, you risk creating duplicate content, which damages your ranking.
Whichever version you choose, you should make an appropriate redirect in either the vHost configuration or in the .htaccess: either redirect from “www” to “non-www” or vice versa.

Redirect from old to new domain (if applicable). 

If your website was previously published under a different domain then you should definitely configure a 301 redirect from the old domain to the new one. Thus, on the one hand, you maintain your position in the search engine ranking, and on the other hand, visitors with the old domain can reach the new one as they are forwarded accordingly.

SSL certificate installed correctly? 

Do you have your SSL certificate for secure access via HTTPS properly installed, and is this valid accordingly? The easiest way to find out is through the SSL-Labs test tool .
If you use managed hosting for your website , then the provider usually takes care of it, and you do not have to worry about it.

This should cover the most important points that are relevant for the life of a website. If you think of more, which we should complement here, then just contact us: @reach@blazedream.com

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Individual solutions are our special strength. What we create arises as a unique and therefore particularly effective answer to the specific requirements of our clients.

In addition to modern, finely tuned and responsively designed web business cards, you also have the opportunity to operate your website with a content management system (CMS) tailored exactly to you and your needs. The latter offers you the opportunity to have full editorial access with highly professional design.

It goes without saying that both types of websites use the most up-to-date front-end technologies, such as HTML5, jQuery and CSS3. However, web development can be done quite differently.

Customized Web Development

We develop websites that exactly fit your needs and goals. We advise you personally in advance to choose the type of your website. For your decision we would like to give you some tips:

For websites that have substantially the same content in the future and at the same time place the highest demands on layout and programming, we recommend you to use a static website. This is because highly customized layouts are most adapted to the content. Therefore, a change of the content also leads to a new adaptation of the layout and the individual front-end programming. For this reason, the choice only makes sense if the content is long-lasting. Changes can of course be made, but are more complex than with a CMS.

In addition to the correspondingly lower change effort, content management systems offer you the advantage of making the changes yourself without professional technical know-how. For example, you can independently create pages and posts, exchange logos or upload photos. Our web development in the CMS area attaches great importance to a simple and user-friendly operation in the backend, so that you can concentrate on the most important things. You get exactly the fields and controls you need to set your content. However, should something be unclear, we will gladly train you or modify our programs for you.

Since both solutions have their advantages, we also tailor them to your needs. In this way, we can individually create a website for you that align exactly with your needs and goals in the front and back end

The services you need

BlazeDream- One of the Top Web Development Company in India is happy to take over the content and technological maintenance of your website if necessary. This includes the technical support and the fast, uncomplicated and secure solution of complex problems, as well as the administration and hosting of your system.

Talk to us!!!

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We have been working to empower businesses by providing them with relevant, secure, and reliable IT solutions.

What We Believe In


Deliver products that satisfy, support, and sustain our customer’s business ideas.

We work hard to make sure that our products meet the standard of our clients. Moreover, solutions should be modular and easy to extend.


Seek optimized and automated processes and effectively work as a team to produce excellent results.

Quality work is not only an end product, but it should also exhibit itself in efficient processes, automating part of the workflow to focus on the key aspects of the project.

Our Services


Having a website or a web shop requires a clear business model, and we know it’s never easy in an increasingly competitive world. From day one, we listen carefully to you. We ask questions that help us understand and refine your business to better serve your customers. For every one of our projects, we always prioritize one thing: to tailor our solutions to your needs.


We build webshops that can be highly customized. The project is built in a modular way via Magento, Laravel and WordPress, such that each function of the webshop can be implemented flexibly – like Lego!

Web Development

One of our core competencies is producing quality and maintainable code for your website. Our experienced developer team keeps building and optimizing a knowledge pool that continuously contributes to your success.

Mobile App Development

We are a team of developers, designers, project managers and experts who are extremely passionate about our business and proud of the mobile applications we make for our clients. We develop native mobile solutions that are compatible with IPhone and IOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Web Design

There’s nothing more attractive for your customers than a pleasant, user-friendly website and that’s why we value a modern, easy-to-use website design. Starting from even your brand logo, we make sure to optimize the visual experience of your customers.

Web Analysis

If you already have a website or a webshop, we can provide full analysis that assesses its quality, strengths and weaknesses while pointing out specific steps for improvement.

How can we help You?

We are all ears!

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As a leading Web Design Agency in India, We believe that only the combination of thoughtful design and technical perfection leads to convincing performances and an inspiring user experience.

Individual solutions are our special strength. What we create arises as a unique and therefore particularly effective answer to the specific requirements of our clients. We also believe that a special solution can only be achieved with a special way of working namely with one that is designed with uncompromising quality in every step.


Digital measures never stand alone, but always pursue a goal. They should inform people, inspire or lead to the buy button. In doing so, we see ourselves as consultants who not only have design and technology in mind, but the big picture as well. Our services also include the planning of your online strategy as well as analysis and monitoring.


Every project is unique to us. That is why we attach great importance to a well-thought-out, comprehensible planning and a clear view of the product. How are the target groups of our customers ticking? How does the brand find its clear expression in the design concept, in design and user experience? Which technical conditions do we have to consider? The closer we get to it, the better the result and the more cost certainty there will be throughout the process.


We focus on User Experience and User Interface Design in everything we do, his skills, habits and expectations. Because we are serious, we have our work status repeatedly tested by future users through their paces. This is the only way to create interactions and user interfaces that users value for ease of use and high quality.


One of the biggest challenges for digital design lies in the growing diversity of digital devices and the associated operating concepts and screen resolutions. We never seek the one solution to everything, but the best one for each device and every use case. The responsive behavior of a website or an application must not be left to the layout. That’s why we always think of navigation, content and operation.


Even the best idea can only be effective if we implement it technically perfectly. For this we first define exact requirements and then develop a basic application structure. With HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript frameworks we create a high-performance, stable, maintenance-friendly and individual solution.

We combine all competences from the first idea to the rollout. Depending on your needs, you can get started at any point and, of course, also come to us for individual services.

To have conversation with us, and see what we can do for your business, get in touch with us at reach@blazedream.com or give us a call on +91 96000-88447

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Apart from Facebook & Twitter there are many social media channels you need to focus on for promoting your brand Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube … But what’s relevant? And how can this be recognized? Where does your target audience share and comment? Who are the people who follow your products and services? Here we inform you about relevant channels and what we can do for you.



User interaction works best on Instagram. By displaying the photos in the feed, individual content generates more attention. This is another reason why interaction rates are particularly high compared to other networks. Users are encouraged to engage more intensively with the contents shown.


In principle, Instagram maintains a comparatively young and lifestyle-oriented target group. Themes like fashion, food in general and healthy food in particular, travel and fitness are big topics. The distribution between low and high earners is balanced on Instagram. Eighty percent of Instagramers are not from the United States – making the network more heterogeneous than others.

Instagram is a great way to strengthen your brand and engage with your audience. Through high interaction rates and mostly personal content you start here with a confidence bonus. However, you should make sure that photos on Instagram match the aesthetics and viewing habits of the users.



The Pinterest algorithm ensures that content will reappear in the user’s feed after some time. With Repins, recommended pins and the Pinterest Guided Search, content emerges that users are looking for and consume most frequently.


Whether DIY craft instructions, recipe ideas, home accessories or watercolor tattoos – food, fashion and interior design: Pinterest distributes content not on a recommendation basis in the circle of friends and acquaintances, but on the basis of the interests of users. That’s why you can reach your target audience with high precision.



More than a billion users are on YouTube every day. That’s almost a third of all people on the net. The social network can be important for you. Especially viral advertising messages are particularly successful on YouTube, because users want to be surprised, inspired and collected on an emotional level.


Not only is YouTube the ideal platform for virality but also for product videos, movies, corporate videos or narrative formats like video blogs. Which content is suitable for your project, we decide individually with you. Talk to us.

To know more reach us at: +91-96000-88447

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Our advertising experts create successful, efficient Google Ads campaigns for ads on Google’s search results page.

Your Wishes, Our Expertise We develop a Google Ads strategy geared to your business: We define and optimize keywords and design effective ad copy. We continuously monitor and control your campaign and make the best possible use of the chosen budget.

Google Ads Management Service

Simple decor

In the customer area, you specify the company to be advertised with the associated domain, and select the monthly budget and the advertising radius for your ads.

Professional campaigns

Accordingly, our experts set up your Google Ads campaign with an optimized selection of keywords and professional ad text.

Results in real time

In the customer area, we prepare all important key figures clearly and precisely for you. In addition, we will continuously monitor and optimize your keywords for relevance.

Be Successful By Advertising On Google

Be found on the internet

With Google Ads you will find even better – and win more customers! Your optimized ad text will stand out because our experts are experienced and motivated copywriters who write effective and convincing ads specifically for your target group.

Reach more customers

Attract new website visitors, increase your online sales, and repeatedly attract customer interest. Our copywriters will create personalized ads that will pull customers to your website. We create ads that are tailored to your company and your customers.

Be ahead of the competition

Our experts keep an eye on your competitors and continuously optimize your campaign. So you are always one step ahead.

Google Ads in Detail

Ads & PPC

What is Google Ads and what does pay per click mean?

Google Ads is a paid advertising service, or PPC. This is the most efficient way of advertising. You will only reach people who are looking for the keywords you are using.

You pay only for the ads that users click. This is where our budget and offer management comes in. Bid management means we look after keywords for you and also ensure that your ads are convincingly written. We do this to get the most out of your campaign.


Campaign Setup

Based on your specifications, we conduct research and not only decide on the best keywords, but also exclude all terms that generate irrelevant traffic. We create your entire advertising campaign, including professionally written ads, to convince customers to visit your site. In addition, you know where your customers are and therefore tell us where to put your ads: local, national or global.


Google Campaign Management

Your budget will be assigned to your keywords. Then we start optimizing your campaign, strengthening the keywords that work best, and optimizing those that do not work that well. Our experts evaluate the quality of your ads and make sure they stay visible and relevant to the users looking for your keywords. Keeping your ads cost-effective and providing users with relevant content will keep your cost-per-click (CPC) as low as possible.


Monitor your success

The dashboard shows you all the important information in one place. Your current ads, clicks and budget are instantly visible. From there you can find detailed information about your budget or which of your ads are most frequently clicked. You can also read detailed reports on keyword performance for each device type. This includes information about impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), cost-per-click, and total cost. Your monthly report can be sent to you by e-mail or downloaded directly.

We’re here to help.

We answer your questions about our services and help you to find the best solution for your project.

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