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2019 guide on how to select the best beer of the month club

This simple beer subscription guide will help you discover the best beer of the month club for 2019.

In the past few years, it seems that people are always looking to try new beers. Lots of smaller, craft style breweries and beer of the month clubs are popping up all over the place. Even big chain restaurants are shifting their focus to offer more locally made beers in each respective location.

But there are so many new beers, it can be hard to know where to start. That is why I created this guide to help you choose the best beer of the month club.

Luckily, another thing that is also trending is subscription-based services and programs.

There are many beer subscription offerings, beer club choices, and other interesting things like a beer of the month club.

These programs can be a great way to try new beers that you might not otherwise know about or be able to get. Beer of the month club is an excellent way to make this happen for you and broaden your horizons.

One of these subscription boxes is also an amazing gift for the beer lover in your life. It’s an awesome way for them to try new beers and discover new favorites. If you purchase someone a few months of a subscription, it is like several gifts in one as the deliveries continue! Next time a beer lover in your life has a birthday or reason for a gift, give one of these a try.

It can be hard to figure out which beer subscription is right for you though.

Don’t worry though, we have done the work for you with this beer subscription roundup.

The Original Craft Beer Of The Month Club

This Best Beer of the Month Clubs Each month box comes with four different beers, two from each selected brewery in a 12-ounce bottle. You get three of each type of beer, which is perfect for sharing or sampling. Occasionally they feature cans, but for the most part, they come as bottled varieties.

The cool thing about this box is that they also include information about each beer. But not just the name and type, the full story behind the beer from the brewery, how it got started and ideas for what foods to pair with it.

Each box from this club is $42 and shipping is always free. You are also never under any obligation to continue and you can cancel and sign up again later if you desire. This makes the Original Craft Beer box a great gift option because you can send someone as many or as few months as you’d like.

Great Clubs – Beer of the Month

This club focuses on American made beers. Each month, you’ll get 12 beers, three of each of four different varieties. Each month is a variety of Ales, IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Lagers, and Bocks. You’ll never be stuck with all one type. Each beer is a full sized, 12 ounces, and usually of the bottled variety.

Subscribers can customize the length of subscription they wish to receive. Offerings come in two, three, six and twelve-month options. Each month is 42.95 and shipping is always free. If you choose the twelve-month option, you’ll save $50, so essentially you’ll get a whole month and then some for free!

The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club (Our favorite beer club)

This club features twelve, 12 oz. hand-crafted beers each month from two different lightly distributed American microbreweries. You will get four different beer styles, three of each. You’ll also get the monthly newsletter that includes detailed tasting notes, beer profiles, history of the breweries and food pairings.

The beers are selected by a panel of brewmasters and beer judges with a rigid set of judgments, only the best beers from over 10,000 breweries all over the world make it to subscribers.

Each box is $29.95 with $15 additional for shipping and handling. With a three month subscription, you get a free bartender’s bottle opener. This company also offers more specific shipments based on more specialized types of beer.

They offer several different monthly beer clubs to which you can join. Each club offers different types of beer:

The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club

With this beer of the month club you will get:

  • Beers from two different U.S. craft breweries
  • Four (4) different beer styles
  • Twelve (12) craft beers
  • Detailed tasting notes and brewery profiles

U.S. and International Variety Club

Each shipment includes:

  • Beers from three or more different U.S. and international craft breweries
  • Four (4) different beer styles
  • Twelve (12) craft beers
  • Detailed tasting notes and brewery profiles

Rare Beer Club

The Rare Beer Club’s mission is to deliver their customers the “most inventive, and most hard-to-come-by beers out there.”

So many of the beers in this box can’t be found elsewhere including Upright Brewing’s August IPA (IPA/Saison Hybrid with Wild Yeast), American Solera’s The Ground Is Shaking! (Flemish-Inspired Sour Brown Ale aged in Vin Santo Wine Casks), Jolly Pumpkin’s L’épouvantail Noir (Oak-Aged Saison with Pumpkin & Blackberries), and Alesong’s Raspberry Gose (German-Style Gose with Sea Salt, Coriander & Raspberries).

You also get the Rare Beer newsletter which provides each brewery’s history. It also includes profiles of the brewers as well as tasting notes and food pairing suggestions.

You also get beer specs including unique ingredients, recommended serving temperature, and more.

  • Two different limited release, artisanal beers from two (2) of the world’s best brewers
  • Your choice of either one, two, or three 750 ml bottles of each of the two featured beers
  • Detailed tasting notes, beer profiles, brewery histories, and suggested food pairings

The International Beer Club

This club shipment includes:

  • Two (2) different beer styles from international craft breweries
  • Twelve (12) craft beers
  • Detailed tasting notes and brewery profiles

The Hop-Heads Beer Club

The Hop-Heads beer club shipment includes:

  • Three hoppy beers such as hoppy Pale, IPAs, Double IPAs, Sessional IPLs, Imperial IPLs and some Red Ales
  • Two (2) or more beers from U.S. or international craft breweries
  • Twelve (12) craft beers
  • Detailed tasting notes and brewery profiles


The Tavour subscription is a little different from some of the others but gives the user the ability to customize their delivery a bit more. It’s not a monthly delivery up front, but it can be if you want it to be. You only pay for the beers you want to get and you decide when it ships to you.

When you join, you have the access to a lineup for members-only beers through the app or the Tavour website.

Every day, you can see new beers available in the craft beer world. From the app, you can purchase as much or as little of the individual beers as you want. You can also purchase via email, where you’re able to add comments or further information and suggestions.

Deliveries require an ID and signature, so Tavour recommends shipping the deliveries to your work address so it’s not missed.

Shipping is a flat rate of $14.90 no matter how many or how few beers you purchase. In order to make your money’s worth, try a whole bunch! You can also customize when the beers ship so you know when to expect it at work or at home.

Bottoms Up Box

This box is perfect for craft beer enthusiasts looking for merchandise, accessories, and beer related stuff. It’s a quarterly box filled with craft beer accessories, apparel, and merchandise handpicked from around the country.

Though you won’t get any actual beer, you get merchandise that supports local breweries, bars, and brands. It’s a great way to discover new brands and beers to try without worrying about the hassle of getting beer in the mail and having to sign for it.

It’s great for people who you know love beer but you may not be sure what kind. This box is $35 each shipment.

Artisan Brew Club

Each month, this box sends you the ingredients and recipes needed to make your very own beer. You also get all the ingredients you need and you can customize it to match your beer preferences and likes. Beer lovers young and old are sure to have a lot of fun with this box.

If you love to drink beer, you should give making your own a shot and gain a new appreciation for it. This box starts at about $25 for every two months. You may be thinking, why not more often? But home brewing can actually be a very time-consuming process, as there is a lot of waiting in between the steps. But the results are certainly worth it.


Bottled beer is great, but there’s really something special about having a fresh brew on tap. Hopsy offers to operate a little different than most beer subscriptions they send mini kegs with your beer of choice right to your door. You can enjoy a fresh draft beer right from the comfort of your own home.
While you’ll have to purchase the SUB home draft applicant system to tap each mini keg, true beer lovers can see the benefits of the initial setup. Your start-up cost will include the SUB system, but once that happens you’re ready to go. Most of the packages are less than $200.

The SUB Home Tap is a revolutionary home draft system that lets you enjoy draft beer at home. It’s a plug-and-pour appliance that you can put right on your countertop and all it needs it a plug. No refrigeration, CO2 cartridge or specific maintenance needed: just slide your Hopsy minikegs in the SUB and pour a fresh draft beer, it’s as simple as that.

From there, you can order mini kegs or new beers. Hopsy offers a deal of six mini kegs every four weeks for $14.99 each. You can swap our beers as you like or skip a delivery if you don’t need one. It’s an awesome way to always have fresh beer on tap. This makes an amazing gift for a beer lover as well.


The Belgibeer subscription box delivers between four and twelve bottles of a different curated Belgian craft beer each month. But you don’t just get the beer. Each month, subscribers also receive a glass from the brewery that is selected that month, a magazine with tasting notes, an additional grab bag gift from the brewery. Each month you also get access to exclusive discounts. There are many types of subscriptions available as well. You can get as many or as few as you’d like they include a bottle starter box with 4 beers, an 8 bottle box, and a 12-bottle subscription box. The only downside is that shipping does not come included, as it varies by location.

Craft Beer Coopery

This is an Australian based beer of the month box crafted by the great people at Craft Beer Coopery who’s the goal is to start making it easier for great people to get great beers.
Each month, the box ships on the 15th and subscribers receive nine hand-selected craft beers.

You get two bottles each of four different beers plus one extra surprise beer. You also get tasting notes and a delicious beer snack.

Monthly single box subscriptions can be canceled at any time and start at AU$49.95. Businesses can choose from 4-10 boxes per month for AU$195 – AU$550. Thus the business level is unique and it can offer workplaces a great way to bring some fun into the offices. Restaurants can sign up for it to have staff sample and consider these unique beers for sale in their eatery.

First Sip Brew Box

What goes great with beer? Beer gear! The First Sip Brew Box makes this happen. This box offered, monthly or as a one-time delivery, has three subscription tiers.

Each box features merchandise from a new brewery each month. You can get higher level subscriptions, either second or third tier.

These subscribers receive additional craft beer products, merchandise, and even desserts in their boxes. Subscriptions range between $25-$60. Past shipments have included items such as t-shirts, hats, and soaps and snacks with a beer theme or flavor.

Beer Across America

This drink of the month club started in 1992, they claim to be the original beer of the month club. You can customize the number of shipments you get, they can be as frequent as monthly or as infrequently as every third month.

Each month is selected by a panel of experts who look for the most unique and award-winning brews out there. Every month you’ll get four varieties from two independent craft breweries. All types of beer will show up in this box from ales, lagers, lighter beers, darker beers, seasonal favorites, new releases, and more.

Every order also includes a free stainless steel bottle opener. This beer of the month club is $39 each month with always free shipping.

Flying Noodle

While you may not immediately think beer when you think of Italy, the folks at Flying Noodle hope to change that.

Each month they send twelve full-sized bottles of special, hard-to-find microbrews. Each of these beers is hand-selected by Flying Noodle’s beer experts and brewed in limited quantities by master brewers across the country.

They feature four different and unique kinds of beer each month as well as fun, informative and engaging newsletters with lots of information about the varieties.

You can choose from three, six or twelve-month shipments or try a seasonal offering with the Season Slub. That box ships each spring, summer, fall, and winter. All the boxes always ship free and they make excellent gifts.


Hoppist delivers special unique beers to London’s beer lovers in an easy way.

Every month they source beer from across the city and pack it up into boxes and deliver it to their customers. Unlike other services, they deliver it all personally and pack each box by hand.

They deliver it all from larger breweries to small ones you may have never heard of. Plans are delivered once a month and they start at about $31.

Carve & Craft

This company considers themselves the dude version of a wine and cheese board. They curate collections of unique craft beers and delicious jerky from around Canada.

This is the perfect monthly box for someone who loves both of these items but can be hard to shop for. This company’s goal is to bring new, small business-owned products to people.

You won’t find any mass produced products in any of these boxes. They hope to help people discover new products that are from the best of the best unique things. They start at about $23 a month. This is one of the more reasonably priced boxes and it makes an excellent gift that the recipient is sure to talk about for a long time after they get it.

Our #1 recommendation for the best beer of the month club

Subscription services are up and coming in many areas from food to makeup to drinks or lifestyle products.

Beer drinkers are always looking for new things to try out and a subscription service can be an excellent way to do that. Discovering new things can be a fun adventure. Subscription services like beer of the month club can help you find new beers to enjoy but they are also a fun surprise each month. They can help connect you with smaller, lesser known breweries that you may not otherwise know about.

Most of them cost about the same as a night out and they can help you find your new favorite. There is so much to love about these services and there is also so much to learn. These services can help connect you with new products and knowledge, what’s not to love?

We all get unpleasant things in the mail each month like bills, jury duty summons or recall notices. Why not make the mail a little more enjoyable with one of these boxes? So, join beer of the month club today. Let the mail..

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Things you don’t know about American pale ale.

The pale ale term originated during the early part of the 1700s. Since its early beginnings, pale ale has undergone varying brewing techniques with different hop levels that give it stronger tastes and strength.

Pale ale was a distinguishing ale due to its coloring. Other ales like Indian pale ales were very dark in color because it was brewed from brown malts. In 1790 a local English brewer created a pale ale recipe that became the forerunner of what we enjoy today. He greatly increased the number of hops he used in his beer and he added large amounts of alcohol. The brewer recognized that hops and alcohol together created a preservative element that aided in its being shipped locally and abroad.

American Pale Ale…  Beer With a Strong Taste

What beer drinkers enjoyed when the beer arrived was that the beer taste had become stronger because of the hops content that changed from when it was shipped from England. Bohemian style pilsner beer was created in the early 1800s. Pilsner then became the world’s favorite golden lager, hoppy filled beer.

Pilsner beer has also gone through transformations including how it was brewed in North America, which consisted of a lighter tasting beer. Pale ale finally reached the American shores during the early 1900s, however, its taste was not appealing to many social beer drinkers.

American pale ale did remain in the country because German settlers continued to brew it in the northeastern part of the nation. The pale ale taste was more closely related to other ales already on the market.

American pale ale

A Bit More Of American Pale Ale History

Unfortunately, pale ale beer took a back seat to other ales because during the 1960s and the 1970s (Prohibition Era) pale ales were labeled male liquors which were banned.

American pale ale had a resurgence in 1975 when Anchor Brewing Company created their pale ale version using dry hops and was called Liberty Ale to commemorate the anniversary ride of Paul Revere.

Also, pale ale beers were now served cold which was different from its earlier history. In the 1980s, the ale beer brewing industry was enhanced through the formation of the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale with its added citrusy hop flavoring that beer drinkers fell in love with.

Dry Give The Beer A Familiar Aroma

Using dry hops to give pale ale its unique flavor is a process where hops are fermented twice to help give the beer a familiar aroma. Hops are not cooked therefore the oil contained within the flowers remain intact giving drinkers its authentic hop flavoring.

No matter which brewery creates American pale ale it is basically made the same with a strong pale ale taste with a caramel feature, it contains yeast and good tasting strong hops. It’s these ingredients that have won over beer drinkers around the world.

American Pale Ale Beer In The U.S. Is A Beer That Changed Everything For Beer Lovers

Ale beer made in America with its hop levels and malty taste is now the standard used and appreciated by beer lovers everywhere. Pale ales in America is a great balance of hops and malts that does not contain any bitterness just great flavor and a soft foam topping.

===> Learn about other pale ale beers:

The difference between IPA beer and Pale Ale

All you need to know about different types of beer

10 of the best India pale ale beer brands and breweries

The post American Pale Ale… A Beer That Changed Everything appeared first on Learn all about beer and brewing.

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We first saw lagering (lager beer) in medieval times!

Let’s start with the very basics. What is lager beer? Lager is simply a term used to describe beer that has been brewed (i.e. fermented,) at lower temperatures than others might be. Sometimes we hear the term, “cold brewed,” in beer ads. All you have there is a marketing department that is trying to hard sell an age-old brewing tradition. The earliest use of cold brewing that we’ve seen as a society is the storing of beer in low-temperature caves during the medieval centuries! This is why people say that it is one of the oldest types of beers.

Lager beer doesn’t have a shade that is specific to it…

Despite what some, more uninformed, connoisseurs might suggest, lagers can come in any shade. While the pale variety of lager happens to be the most commercially supported (i.e. readily available,) form of beer, many shades of lager exist. You might be surprised to find that a lot of the darker options are actually a lager beer. Let’s look at a darker one right now.

Schwarzbier is German for, “Dark Beer…”

Schwarzbier is the most popular of the dark lager beer options sold today. The name literally means dark beer. These types of lagers are often reminiscent of something like an Irish Guinness. There is a very deep taste with quite a bit of after tones. Often, the darker the lager, the deeper the taste. Pale lagers have a lighter taste. This is probably how they took the commercial world by storm.

best lager beer

The Pale Lagers took the Commercial World by Storm…

This couldn’t be truer; this is especially true in North America. The pale options have a lighter taste and are easier to the mass market. These options seem to dominate in Europe as well, however. That ad that you saw for a new European pale lager is probably just that country’s version of Budweiser! It looks pretty fancy sitting on a North American sofa, though.

Pale Options can also be Dry…

A lot of the pale options can also be dry beers. What is a dry beer? Well, in Germany one type of pale lager gets over fermented until the sugars are more fully converted into ethanol molecules. The result is a beer that diabetics can handle easier. It’s not uncommon to see North American branders offer dry options as well.

There’s a lot more behind lager beer than you likely thought…

You might be more of a lager beer head than the average shopper at your grocery store now. A lot of them have no idea that the most commonly available beer (worldwide,) is a pale lager. Many of them are likely unaware of the fact that medieval brewers cold stored in underground caves. They might also not know about dry options or dark options. For most, the knowledge seems to end at cold brewing. At least you can cruise the beer isle while knowing a thing or two about this time-honored brewing tradition!

The post What Every Beer Lover Needs to Know About Lager Beer appeared first on Learn all about beer and brewing.

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IPA Beer or pale ale? The world of beer is a magnificent industry to investigate and become a part of. One of the biggest questions that are asked is about the difference between pale ale versus IPA beer. Both of the beers were created in the land of the British, and both beers also use a fermenting process of yeast filters to make the beer famous. However, each beer is made with a different amount of hops and made with different styles to create the well-known beers of pale ale and IPA beer. Therefore, in order to clarify this inquiry, below is a short guideline to update you on the knowledge of this difference.

India Pale Ale Beer

India Pale Ale Beer, also known as IPA, has a more hop flavor as well as a higher alcohol content, compared to the pale ales. This beer is an evolved version of the pale ale because it had to endeavor longer trips from the UK to India. Since the flavors in an IPA are stronger with a hop like a flavor, it also is known for a more aggressive taste compared to the pale ales. When the IPA’s were being created, the brewers wanted to make a beer that would flow and taste better with spicier cuisines such as the Indian plates.

Because of the increase of hops and alcohol content, this type of beer became a hit, and to top that off, it was able to withstand lengthy trips to get to those that craved beer from their homeland back in the 1820’s. When the people started to crave the IPA’s more than the pale ales, it took off and has over time increasingly become more widely popular.

Pale Ales

A pale ale beer is a lighter version of the IPA. It was created with a lighter malt thus giving it a pale like the color. Pale ale has an alcohol content of 3.8-6.2% versus the IPA which has 4.7-7.5%. They both are fantastic beers. However, it also can determine on a persons tastes buds, to which beer an individual may like. Pale ale was one of the first beers created back in the 1700’s. It was the sanctioned brew of England, known for its spicy like flavors and nutty like flavor. However, it worked wonders with the English cuisines such as their cheeses and other ranges of foods. The pale ale became more and more recognized for its sensational taste and soon started to cross the country.

However, once it reached it pick out destination it was not as tasteful as if you had just received it out of the brewery. This is another reason why the IPA was invented. The brewers wanted others across the sea to enjoy a similar beer. In order for the beer itself to withstand the journey, a few features had to be altered, therefore the created the IPAs. However, each brewery is different, and so are people’s taste buds, therefore both beers stood their ground and proved to be successful in all areas of the world.

Pale ale and IPA beer

Final Thoughts About Pale Ale and IPA Beer

In conclusion, if you are new to the beer industry, or have been a veteran, each beer has its own characteristics. The same goes for the brewery. Each pale ale and IPA beer can have a slightly altered taste to each person. Therefore, it is smart for you to try many different types to find of the one that is the best for you. You will enjoy both and knowing the history or each style of beer will only enhance each sip you take.

The post What Is The Difference Between IPA Beer And Pale Ale? appeared first on Learn all about beer and brewing.

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Do you love beer? Now you can brew your own with automatic beer brewer. Perhaps the only thing that can surpass the consumption of a great beer is drinking one that you brewed yourself. The process of handcrafting beer is fun, rewarding and no other hobby produces a result as likable as this one.

There’s nothing like foaming, cold lager to slake the thirst, or crisp ale, or creamy stout for that matter.

Something is profoundly gratifying about a draught of beer, and this has been true for thousands of years.

Beer comes in many varieties and pairs beautifully with almost any meal or stands alone magnificently as the perfect libation for any occasion.

Brew Your Own Beer With An Automatic Brewer Machine

Homebrewing beer is an activity that gains in popularity every year, and with craft-brewed beer becoming a household world, more and more people want to get in on the action. Traditionally, home brewing is known as a complicated process that generates uncertain outcomes based on the skill level of the brewer. Nowadays, however, there are revolutionary new products called automated brewing systems that make brewing beer at home easier than cooking a pot of stew.

Below are descriptions and analysis of the top five automatic beer brewer machines that brew excellent beer quickly and easily.

#1… The Grainfather

The Grainfather is a fully electric, automatic beer brewer that completes mashing, sparging, boiling, and cooling in a single self-contained system.

The machine is Bluetooth compatible, so the brewing process is controllable with an iPhone or Android. The Grainfather has a five-gallon batch capacity, and the grain basket can accommodate up to 20 lbs of grain.

An 1800 RPM pump and a wort circulation pipe function together to deliver uniform temperature in the mash, and there is a pump filter that restricts the grain and hops to the boiler for a bright, clear wort. The counterflow wort chiller cools the wort to five degrees above tap water in 20 minutes.

The Grainfather’s Connect App allows the user to control the brewing process from an iPhone or Android. This app has recipes that download to the machine through XML files, and the Grainfather adjusts the brewing process accordingly.

The Grainfather is easy to use because there is no guesswork with mash temperatures, the pump works great, the recirculation of the mash is perfect, the counterflow chiller functions well, and the cleanup is a cinch.

Homebrewing experts will appreciate the ability to use a large capacity machine like this indoors, and novices get to experience all aspects of the brewing process in a way that is not difficult to understand.

#2… BeerDroid Automatic Beer Brewer Machine

by Australian brewing concern Cooper’s, the BeerDroid is the world’s first fully automated personal brewer and can brew a healthy 10 liters of beer at a time. BeerDroid is a futuristic looking automatic beer brewer, and consistent with that look is Wi-Fi capability that enables the brewer to monitor and control the brewing process by way of an app called BrewArt.

There are pre-set lager and ale brewing programs, as well as a patented end of fermentation technology.

40 different pre-prepared mixtures contain ingredients, such as elements, enhancers, hops, and yeast that combine with 10 liters of water to create delicious craft beer. These mixtures are called Brewprints and go for between $25 and $45 depending on the type of brew.

This automatic beer brewer is one of the easiest to use on the market.

After adding the ingredients, the brewing process starts by using the app or the control panel. Updates display on both the app and the panel during the propagation and fermentation. The app alerts the brewer when fermentation is complete, and it’s time to keg or bottle the beer.

BeerDroid is a slick machine that delivers excellent results with a minimum of effort. All the guesswork and time-consuming tasks that traditional home-brewing entails are a thing of the past and BeerDroid makes great beer for about $1.60 a pint.+

#3… PicoBrew PICO Model C

The Pico Model C brews 5 liters of outstanding beer in about two hours that is ready to drink in 10- 14 days.

This automatic beer brewer is affordable, convenient and precise, enabling the brewer to achieve predictable, high-quality results with a minimum amount of effort and difficulty.

The Model C uses pre-mixed containers that are analogous to the K-cups of the coffee world named PicoPaks.

The PicoPak contains grains, hops, and other ingredients, but the exciting thing about them is that each different type of PicoPak has a coded label that is recognized by the Model C. The machine adjusts the brewing protocol to specific pre-programmed instructions to meet the requirements of the recipe for the PicoPak.

The grains in PicoPaks are malted, roasted and cracked in a way that prepares them to release sugars into the water at precise temperatures. The exact times and temperatures that the grains are soaked determines the content of the wort, and the Model C excels in controlling this process to achieve delicious results.

The Pico Model C is an excellent machine for beginners and experts alike because it is affordable and works well. The device has Wi-Fi capability for monitoring purposes and is foolproof. For someone just getting into craft-brewing, or a seasoned practitioner of the art looking for a no-hassle way to brew a few liters quickly and easily, it’s a perfect automatic beer brewer.

#4… The Beer Machine Model 2000

The Beer Machine may be the least expensive and most user-friendly on the market.

The process is simple – add the mix, yeast, and water to the machine, move it to the refrigerator after four days, and three days after that the beer is ready to drink. Instead of performing all the brewing process at different times, the Beer Machine completes them all at once.

This fantastic little machine is airtight, so the natural carbonation from fermentation remains intact. Also, there is no need to bottle the beer because the machine has carbonation and dispensing systems built into it that use standard CO2 cartridges.

The Beer Machine makes two and a half gallons of beer per batch and fits in the refrigerator, so when someone wants a cold beer, they pour one right out.

The Beer Machine has four different mix options: wheat beer, Dutch lager, Irish Stout, and amber ale. This automatic beer brewer is perhaps the best beginner setup out there, and the fact that the machine is small enough to fit in the fridge makes it even more user-friendly. The selection of mixes is somewhat limited, but the low price of the Beer Machine more than makes up for this limitation.

#5… PicoBrew Zymatic

The Zymatic is a serious, all-grain beer brewing machine for experienced users.

There is a library of proven recipe selections for the Zymatic, or the brewer can create their own. Reputable commercial craft brewers use the Zymatic to test new recipes and ingredients, indicating how well this baby works.

The Zymatic has predictive recipe crafter software that allows the brewer to create custom recipes or select from hundreds to download through BeerXML. All the brewing processes are scientifically managed by the software that is accessible from a computer, phone or tablet.

The Zymatic is an excellent machine for brewers who are intimidated by all-grain brewing. Zymatic takes care of all the processes independently, so that the user does not need to monitor them for the entire time. When creating a recipe that works, this machine is guaranteed to re-create that recipe perfectly through sophisticated data tracking. Zymatic brews beer in about four hours and creates two and a half gallons of drinkable beer in 10-14 days.

The Zymatic is hands down the most state-of-the-art, automatic home brewing system on the market.

There are purists in the all-grain community that have a problem with the full automation of this machine, arguing that the human element is an essential part of the brewing process. However, this automation and convenience are precisely what many home brewers like about the machine, so to each his own. Although expensive, the Zymatic is worth the price for those that want the best.

In summation, the nice thing about all these brewing systems is that they are so simple to use compared to traditional home brewing setups.

There is no more need for outdoor gas burners, mixing ingredients, and hovering over equipment adjusting temperatures.

While these old-school methods may still appeal to some, a lot of folks don’t have the time anymore. Also, beginners that are gun-shy about this pastime can get involved with a confidence level that was non-existent a few years back.

The technology of these home brewing systems is a plus as well, and people like the fact that they can monitor the brewing process from pretty much anywhere.

All these systems have their advantages, and there is one for every skill level and budget.

One thing for sure is that the end-product from any of these models is a great drinking beer.

Endless craft brewing enjoyment awaits the brewer, and they can proudly serve their creations to friends and family for years to come.

The post Top 5 And Best Automatic Beer Brewer Machines appeared first on Learn all about beer and brewing.

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Are you looking for gifts for beer lovers? Some of the most important people in our lives can also sometimes be the hardest to shop for. This isn’t always because they are picky, but sometimes quite the opposite. In many cases, we want to get the people closest to us something special, but truly unique and special gifts for beer lovers can be sometimes hard to find.

In other cases, we need to shop for someone we aren’t all that close to and don’t know much about. While there are always plenty of generic gifts available – like a gift card – sometimes we want to be known as a fabulous gift giver! If someone you love – or someone you don’t know all that well – is a beer lover, here is a list of some of the top gifts for beer lovers that can help cement your reputation as a fabulous gift giver – and warm the heart of your brew-loving friend or loved one!

Here are some of the best gifts for beer lovers:
  1. Beer chiller sticks

One of the most common problems for beer drinkers is that their beer often warms up before they are finished drinking it. This is particularly true for craft beer lovers that want to savor every delicious drop. While koozies and other beer bottle insulators might help keep your beer cooler a bit longer, these beer chiller sticks will actually keep your beer icy cold. Just throw them in the freezer for 45 minutes and pop one in the top of your longneck. Press down firmly to create an airtight seal and spend as long as you want savoring your ice cold beer.

Beer Chiller Sticks

  1. Brew Ha Ha! The Card Game For Beer Lovers

From beer pong to quarters, games go with a beer like peanut butter goes with jelly. If the beer lover in your life loves to do more than just enjoy an icy cold brew while watching their favorite team, then Brew Ha Ha! might be just for them. Brew Ha Ha is a beer-themed game that marries Cards Against Humanity with Mad Libs – with a beer-themed twist.

Mix and match your cards to create a funny, accurate or even ridiculously twisted description of each beer you try. Once the sample rounds are done, move on to “character assassination” where you get to describe all your buddies as if they were a beer. Brew Ha Ha is one of the best gifts for beer lovers that view drinking as a social event.

Crafty Game for Beer Lovers

  1. The Beer Bible

While some people find a beer that they love and stick with it, others can turn finding great beers into something akin to the search for the Holy Grail. One of the best gifts for beer lovers that have an almost religious obsession for beer is, of course, the Beer Bible. Available in Kindle and in both paperback and hardback editions, the Beer Bible is the ultimate guide to beer from around the globe. From bocks to stouts to local regional favorites, the Beer Bible is the beer lover’s most comprehensive guide to beer from Abe Erb Das Spritzhaus to Zywiec.

Beer Bible

  1. Craft Beer Journal: A Beer Tasting Journal, Logbook & Festival Diary & Notebook

True beer aficionados don’t just like drinking beer, they love sampling beer, talking about beer and will often even travel for the sole purpose of tasting more beer.

True beer lovers love to pair beer with certain meals the same way wine lovers do. If this describes the beer lover in your life, then this beer tasting journal, logbook and festival diary makes one of the best gifts for beer lovers that love to take notes about their adventures.

Craft beer journal

  1. Yukon Growlers Gift Set

When it comes to enjoying their beer, beer drinkers essentially face two eternal struggles: keeping their beer cold and keeping their beer carbonated. With this Yukon Growlers gift set, you can help them do both! This gift set features a vacuum-insulated 64 oz stainless steel growler with a neoprene case and 4 stainless steel pint glasses.

The stainless steel growler will keep your beer cold and carbonated for up to a full 24 hours and can be filled at any Microbrewery or growler-filling station. This stainless steel gift set is one of the best gifts for beer lovers that love to take their favorite craft beer with them to festivals, concerts, camping, fishing or just enjoy it at the family BBQ.

Yukon Growlers Gift Set

  1. Beer Bites: Tasty Recipes and Perfect Pairings for Brew Lovers

If there’s anything that goes better with beer than games, it’s food. But for true beer lovers, not just any food will do. If the beer lover in your life loves their food almost as much as they love their beer, then this recipe book might be just right for them.

From appetizers to snacks to main courses, this recipe book offers 65 global favorites for beer lovers to enjoy with their favorite ale, pilsner or stout. Available on both Kindle and in paperback, you can send a copy digitally or order one to wrap up and put under the tree.

Best Beer Making Recipes

  1. SEIRAA Beer Lover Bracelet

Not all beer lovers are obsessive about craft beers or finding the world’s most absolutely perfect IPA. For some beer lovers, sitting on the beach enjoying a good old-fashioned American mass-produced beer is their own personal idea of heaven.

If the beer lover in your life happens to also dream of sand, sun, and sunshine to go with their beer, then this beautiful stainless steel bangle bracelet might be the perfect gift to go with a 6-pack of their favorite beer – or tickets to their favorite resort destination.

Beer Lover Gift Beer Me Bracelet

When it comes to buying gifts for beer lovers, the choices abound. No matter what your brew-loving friends love to do while partaking of their favorite beverage, there is a gift that is just right for them.

From simply keeping their beer cold while watching the game to sampling global food offerings or taking notes on their favorite global-inspired craft beers to playing crazy party games with their favorite fellow brew lovers, there is certainly no shortage of beer inspired gifts for beer lovers.

The post What’s The Next Big Thing In The Gifts For Beer Lovers World? appeared first on Learn all about beer and brewing.

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When it comes to beer, there’s always something new to look for. Smoked beer is coming to the forefront of beer attention lately and there’s a good reason for it. While some people are very excited at the variety and availability of smoked beers that are on the market nowadays, others see this kind of beer as a trend that will soon fade. It is also not without its critics.

In this article, we will be going over the different kinds of smoked beers out there, my best recommendations, how the smoking process takes place, and some of the flavors and profiles you might expect when you order your smoked beer for the first time.

Smoked Beer History:

There are die-hard beer lovers who insist that their beer remain unadulterated and unsmoked, claiming that it too dramatically changes the beer and it’s just a silly fad.

However, the idea of smoking beer and other booze isn’t a new one. Researchers have found that smoked malts and beers can be traced back to the 18th century and probably even earlier. Since beer, particularly dark beers such as stouts and porters, already rely heavily on a smoky, malty profile.

While we can trace smoked beer back a few hundred years, the idea of adding smoke flavor to the beer didn’t come until breweries became more commercialized and had the equipment to smoke their own brews.

It was a common occurrence in beer-making a few hundreds of years ago. Now, breweries and beer makers all over the country are harnessing the smokey flavor profile and doing really interesting things when it comes to their beer.

Smoked Beer

How it’s made:

Smoked beer is made using by drying all or some of the malt over an open, wood fire, rather than by way of steam, the more traditional method. This method imparts a woody, smoke flavor reminiscent of bacon and barbecue. The beer can be very smokey by implementing a lot of the smoked malt into the mix or just slightly smokey by using only a little.

As we mentioned previously, porter is one of the beers that has been traditionally married with smokey flavors just by virtue of the brewing process. To this day it is still one of the beers most commonly associated with an extra smokey flavor. This also happens to be one of my favorite kinds of beers, best enjoyed outdoors when it’s cool and crisp out.

I can recommend the Black Ridge Brewery smoked porter which has 7% alcohol (woohoo) and begins and ends smoothly on the palate. You should be able to find a decent smoked beer at a brewery near you. Most breweries in the United States and Europe these days are offering some kind of smoked beer.


For those who enjoy smoked beers, they cannot seem to get enough of it. Fans of smoked beer often say they will enjoy a few beers in one sitting just because it’s that delicious! Not all smoked beers are favored by beer aficionados though.

Many critics say that the smoked taste overpowers the natural malt and hops flavoring and prefer their beer as is. However, for those who are open to adding a bit of smoked flavor to their life, you are likely to find many varieties to choose from.

If you have a large brewery near you then you may find a few beer options which have been smoked. This increase in options as the years go on will open up the variety of smoked beers out there for purchase and will begin to appeal to people with a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Food Pairings:

One of my favorite things to do with smoked beer, besides drinking it, of course, is to pair it with my meals. Since this kind of beer has such a smokey profile, it would pair really well with foods that can stand up against that strong a flavor.

For example, if you were braising short ribs over a long period of time, the smokey flavor in the beer would make it taste as though it’s been braising for EVEN LONGER. It would add a depth of flavor that pairs well with foods that need a long time to cook.

One of the more unconventional pairings for this kind of beer is that of using it in baking. For example, a really tasty smoked porter would go well with the deep, dark chocolaty profile of a rich chocolate cake. I would recommend using this porter a bit in the base of the cake mix. It will add depth and smokiness that’s a pleasant surprise in any baked good. The best kind of beer you could use for chocolate baking would be a smoked coffee porter.

Coffee is a natural pairing for any dark chocolate and actually does well to enhance the cocoa undertones in the flavor profile. The malty flavor from the porter will pair with the coffee and cocoa to make a mind-blowing cake.

If you want extra beer flavor, use a little bit in a simple vanilla frosting to create something your guests won’t soon forget.

5 Of The Best Smoked Beers, You Should Try:

1. Dovetail X01 Flanders RauchDovetail Brewery

2. Smoking Wood Rye Barrel AgedThe Bruery

3. SMOKED MÄRZEN49th State Brewing Company

4. Smoked Red AleWest O Beer Brewery

5. Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier MärzenHeller Trum Brauerei

The post The Shocking Truth About Smoked Beer appeared first on Learn all about beer and brewing.

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The Most Objective Review of the Northern Brewer – Goose Island Beer Brewing Equipment Starter Kit Known As Best Beer Making Kit For Beginners.

You have probably landed on this page because you decided you want to brew your own beer. Well, brewing your own beer is one of the most rewarding tasks that you can engage in because the practice is almost as old as humanity. The only thing that you need to have an enjoyable time is to get proper beer brewing equipment.

You have probably tried a few other brands and models and are wondering whether you will find that perfect equipment. Here, is the most objective review of the Northern Brewer – Goose Island Beer Brewing Equipment Starter Kit to help you decide whether it is the brewing kit of your dreams or not.

Features of the goose island beer brewing equipment starter kit
  1. The beer brewing containers

This is a basic beer brewing kit that is ideal for beginners in home brewing. It features One primary fermenter bucket with a lid and a bottling bucket with a spigot. The fermenter bucket has a capacity of 6.5 gallons, which means that you can brew a lot of beer in one sitting. The buckets also come fitted with a lid and a bubble airlock to protect the equipment from bursting from air bubbles.

  1. The cleaning system

As listed above, the kit comes with a bottle brush and an easy cleanse and no rinse cleaner. These are meant to make sure that after the brewing process is completed, you can get everything clean, including the bottles. Everyone knows that the by-products of the beer brewing process can make the area of the home where the brewing is taking place get a terrible stench if the thorough cleaning is not done, therefore, these proper cleaning additions really come in handy.

  1. Bottling equipment

After you have completed the brewing process, you will want to store your beer in bottles for future use. The kit comes with siphon and bottling setup and a twin lever capper for the bottles. These make the bottling process simple and easy to manage without creating messes.

  1. An exclusive recipe

Most of the beer brewing equipment to be found out there is great, but it does not really help when the person brewing is doing it the first time and does not know the best ingredients and process to use to get a perfect tasting beer. This kit comes together with an exclusive Goose Island Sweet Porter recipe, which was previously only available in the company’s tasting rooms.

  1. Instructional manual

The best feature of the kit is the instructions manual. Everything is listed on this manual, from how to assemble the kit when you get it to the brewing process and how to get the perfect taste of the brewing process. Most people that have used the kit have given it raving reviewed the product have attested to the fact that it is one of the easiest manuals to follow.

best beer making kit for beginners

Why should you use Northern Brewer – Goose Island Best Beer Making Kit For Beginners?

First of all, all the parts of this kit are shipped together as a unit to make sure that you have the best experience with your first-time brewing. Secondly, the parts are also made with superior quality materials to minimize incidents and accidents when using the brewing equipment. There is also the fact that all the parts of the equipment have a limited warranty, which is a clear indication that the brewer has a lot of confidence in their product.

The recipe which is included in the kit is another reason to go for it.

As mentioned, this is a recipe which was previously only available in Goose Island’s tasting rooms. However, they have now partnered with Tim Faith to scale the recipe and make it what every home beer brewer would dream to have as part of their beer recipe.

As the manufacturer states, the recipe was inspired by an eggnog cocktail, but the results offer rich notes of chocolate, nutmeg, and a strong malty undertone. The recipe is a favorite among people who have tried it and thankfully, the tanks allow you to brew plenty and savor the taste for as long as possible.

Your best beer making kit for beginners will be shipped free to you when you pay as little as $119. The fact that the product has been reviewed more than a hundred times and rated 4.6 stars out of five by other users also shows that you can trust in the quality of the equipment and also the fact that it will deliver the taste that you are dreaming of.

Most of the reviewers admit that using the kit is the most fun they have ever had brewing and using their beer. The users state that even if you end up veering off the directions of use a little bit, you will still have a great beer in your hands by the end of the process.

Benefits of the best beer making kit for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Comes with own recipe
  • Reliable especially for beginners
  • Easy to clean and reuse as needed
The cons

There really isn’t much that can be said to be wrong with the product. One customer did have an issue with the siphon, but the manufacturers are happy to replace any parts that get ruined in shipping.

Frequently asked questions

Does the product come with a warranty?

It is not stated whether the product has a warranty, however, you can contact the manufacturer directly to inquire about the warranty.

Does the kit include bottles?

Unfortunately, this best beer making kit for beginners does not include beer bottles. You have to source own bottles for beer storage after brewing.

Can I use my own recipes with this kit?

It is possible to use your own recipes with this kit, however, make sure that the fermentation process and raw materials brew the same manner as the recipe for complete processing and great beer.


Best homebrew kit

After looking at the product specifications, the pros of the equipment and everything that you need to know about it’s us. It is safe to conclude that this is one of the best beer-making kits that have ever hit the market, especially for beginners. As the holiday season approaches, you will get many occasions when you can amaze friends and family with homebrew… And what better way to make a beer that they will remember forever, than using the best beer making kit for beginners.

The parts have been tested for quality, and there are virtually no complaints about them. The manufacturer has excellent customer support. They will replace any of the parts that may be found to be faulty after the shipping, which is free by the way. This product is a definite must-try.

Further reading

The post The Most Popular and Best Beer Making Kit For Beginners appeared first on Learn all about beer and brewing.

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Discover the best India pale ale beer brands and breweries. Pale ale is a term that was initially used for the beer brewed from pale malt. Because the malt is lighter in color, the beer had a distinctive pale color. Initially, it was brewed to be exported to India through the East India Company in the 18th century. Later, India pale ale beer brands became widely popular in the United States and Canada where many versions began production by local breweries.

The beer exported to India benefited from the conditions of the voyages on the ships. It used to be slightly higher in alcohol content than today’s beers. The wort was better fermented, and there were less left-over sugars that create a stronger brew.

Within the United States, IPAs are brewed from American hops such as Citra, Columbus, Chinook, Amarillo, Warrior, Nugget, Tomahawk, Simcoe, Centennial, and Cascade. The India pale ales produced on the east coast are stronger in malt while western coast brews have a stronger hops presence.

East Coast breweries use spicier hops from Europe than West Coast produce. Double India pale ales are stronger and have alcohol contents of more than 7.5% by volume. With so many India pale ale beer brands, it is hard to choose from all the individual flavors of the beers.

IPA beer brands

Modern session of the IPA is usually below 5% alcohol. The low alcohol in the beer enables you to drink more. Dry-hopped versions of the beer go through the process of steeping the hops in the fermenting beer instead of adding them as the beer boils. The process results in stronger flavor and scent.

Unlike common misconceptions about IPA, this process makes the beer less bitter. Double-dry hopped brands are actually the same thing, but the hops are more and are used more as a marketing strategy.

Fresh-hopped IPAs are usually brought out once a year when the harvesting season of the hop is at its peak. The hops for this type of beer boil within 24 hours of being picked from the vines. ž

This gives a brilliant and fresh flavor of the beer.

With all the varieties of India pale ale beer brands out there, you can even find fruity and sour beer tastes. The fruity beer brand adds pulp from fruit in the process of boiling and creates a softer and spicier flavor than the classic beer. It is sour, fruity, and has a lighter and more cohesive texture.

Learn more about IPAs and other craft beers.
Here Are Some of The Best India Pale Ale Beer Brands

Although all IPA brands have the root of the same technology that the British used, the variety of names, flavors, and techniques makes navigation through the market and bars all the more confusing. To make this easier, we have picked out some of the most deserving India pale ale beer brands that you can try and compare.

1. Alesmith IPA

Alesmith Brewing IPA

The Alesmith company has been around for more than twenty years. Their It’s Pretty Awesome beer is a classic for the San Diego brand and has been showcased as a versatile American hop concoction. The beer has additional notes of grapefruit and tangerine. The tropical fruit and pine flavors are followed by a bitter and crisp residue flavor.

Full of flavor and presence, the firm malt additionally supports the multiple hop recipe of this beer. With an alcohol content of 7.25%, this is one of the stronger India pale ale beer brands out there. With two awards throughout the years, the beer is great for pairing with the Asian kitchen and varieties of cheeses.

2. Butte Creek Brewing IPA

Butte Creek Brewing India Pale Ale

If you want a beer with a guaranteed quality, Butte Creek Brewing is the company that can deliver the expected and more. The flavor of the beer is strong in hops and has an undernote of flavorful malts. The beer is always hand-crafted with organic Cascade and New Zealand Pacific Gem hops. Brewing into the kettle, the hops are then dried with organic Wakatu and Cascade hops to achieve the distinct floral and citrus notes.

The perfect proportion of hops and organic pale, caramel-60, and malts give the beer its full and solid texture. The best part — the great beer taste with a great quality is made in an ecologically friendly organic manner. The alcohol inside is 6.5% making it slightly stronger than the original single-hopped beer brands.

3. Angel City IPA

Beer brand “Angel City” is the name of the precise production spot of this beer — Los Angeles. The beer is copper in hue and has a high hops count.

The rich taste is achieved with 6.1% ABV. The choice of the recipe came from a blind vote from the people. West Coast IPA won the contest, and since then, the recipe was perfected to achieve the favorite drink of Los Angeles.

4. Belching Beaver Hop Highway IPA

Belching Beaver Brewery Hop Highway IPA

The beer brand that is named after the Highway 78 in Calfornia. Its life began as a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the city of Vista. The hops used in this celebrating beer brand are Citra, Nelson, and Galaxy. The flavor is supreme with a well-balanced overall taste.

The sub-notes of the flavor include grapefruit, citrus, and passionfruit. With an ABV of 7.3%, this beer is one of the stronger India pale ale beer brands out there. The malts include Two-row, oats, pale wheat, and Munich.

5. Bozeman Brewing – Hopzone IPA

Bozeman Brewing Hopzone IPA

If you want something stronger in alcohol content, this beer has an ABV of 7.0%. An American brand, this beer has a distinct orange and caramel aroma that is given off by the citrus hop species. The malts of the blend make the profile of the beer resemble a cake. With a high IBU content, the beer’s malts have a gentle bitterness to them.

6. Brewery Vivant – Farmhouse IPA

Brewery Vivant Farmhouse IPA

The native Michigan hops achieve a fermentation that is naturally occurring. The wild yeast cultures make the beer according to the ancient Belgian traditions of brewing. The blending and experimentation of the beer have given the product that is full of life.

The rustic and unfiltered cloudy appearance has plenty of hop flavor that is not just bitterness. Available all-year-round, this beer has an ABV of 7%.

7. Collective Arts – IPA No. 2

Collective Arts Brewing IPA No. 2

This New England pale ale is distinct in flavor with its citrusy, tropical, and pineal notes of three heavy hops brands — Waimea, Simcoe, and Mosaic. The brand is something that is out for a limited time only, and you should take the chance to try it while you can.

Brewed in Ontario, Canada, this brand has a distinctive American IPA flavor with an ABV of 7.1%.

8. Beer Works – The IPA

Community Beer Works The IPA

This is a brand that brews its masterpieces in Buffalo, New York. The light beer concoction of 6.2% ABV has the distinct hazy orange amber color with a short lived white head. Notably, the flavor resembles the esters of a pine, citrus, and herbs.

The medium body provides a slightly astringent and crisp taste that leaves a slightly bitter finish after drinking.

9. Dogfish Head Craft – 60 Minute IPA

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery 60 Minute IPA

The Strange-sounding names of both brand and beer give a product that is one of the most balanced India pale ale beer brands on the market.

Strong Northwest hop brands are boiled for a sequel of 60 minutes in which 60 hop additions are continually added. This condenses the taste of the hops for an intense and timeless taste. The pungent taste gives a strong hop taste without excessive bitterness and is a product of the crafter’s enthusiasm in creating something unique.

10. Ballast Point – Unfiltered Sculpin

Ballast Point Brewing Company Unfiltered Sculpin

The Ballast Point Brewing company is located in San Diego, California. The beer has a rotating availability with a strong ABV of 7%. Classic Sculpin undernotes that resemble apricot, mango, lemon, peach and mango give a stronger haze with less bitterness.

The beer is fresh with sweet notes that do not make it a part of the more bitter India pale ale beer brands.

Everything you want to know about different types of beer

The post Most Recognized India Pale Ale Beer Brands and Breweries appeared first on Learn all about beer and brewing.

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Organic beers are slowly becoming more and more of a household staple. Although Big Beer (Anhauser-Busch, MillerCoors, etc) still make up Lion’s Share of the world’s beer consumption, Americans are increasingly turning to Craft Beer for the improved variety, taste, and experience. Taprooms are becoming community hubs with trivia nights, open mic, and other activities.

For those following the organic lifestyle, there have not been many craft beer options until about five or so years ago. Today, many regional and even local craft, micro, and nano breweries are producing at least one organic beer.

There are essentially 2 levels of organic certification for beer:

Organic: means that the beer is made of at least 95% organic certified ingredients.

100% Organic: All of the beer’s ingredients, Malt, Hops, Yeast, and any other adjuncts, are certified to be from Organic producers.

Whether you strive to live as organically as possible or just want to be friendlier to the environment, Organic Beer offers many benefits for your dollar.

Check out the list below for 10 of our favorite organic beers 1.) Organic Ur Pils by Brauerei Pinkus Mueller

organic beers

(5.2% abv)

Of all the organic beers on this list, only three come from outside the US. While one might not expect an organic beer to be imported into the States, Organic and Gluten Free are popular with breweries the world over.

Organic Ur Pils is a great Pilsner that is beyond refreshing. A slight tartness and perceptible lemon zing are offset by a bread dough flavor from the malt. Nice Hop aroma and flavor from the Old World Noble Hops used.

2.) Organic Apricot Ale by Samuel Smith Old Brewery

Organic Apricot Ale

(5.1% abv)

Sam Smith is known to have quite a few really good organic offerings (including Lager and Cider) and comes to us from across the pond in Britain. This nice, light ale is often described as being good in the spring or early summer months.

Sugary sweet apricot aroma flows nicely into a flavor described as not overly sweet, but you know you are drinking a fruit beer. Their traditional methods of brewing and fermenting leave a lot of English character in this beer.

3.) Wolaver’s Wildflower Wheat by Otter Creek Brewing

Wildflower Wheat Beer

(4.25% abv)

This American Wheat Ale from Vermont is as classic as you could hope for. Brewed with Chamomile and organic Vermont honey, the traditional notes of wheat and citrus all come together to knock it out of the park.

Flavors of wheat and honey that combine with the chamomile flowers and hops to go down smooth. It has been described by some as almost like drinking tea.

An excellent beer with a light meal outside on a nice summer night.

4.) Simcoe Spring Ale by Peak Organic Brewing

Peak Organic Simcoe Spring Ale

(5.4% abv)

Peak Brewing Co is one of Maine’s all organic brewing companies. Simcoe Spring Ale seeks to restrain Malt flavor, unlike some of the other organic beers on this list.

For this one, it is all about the hops (organic) and at 66 IBUs, you’ll know it at the first smell and the first taste.

A true spring beer, citrus, and peppery flavor combine with a slight sweetness to round out nicely.

5.) Brunehaut Amber by Brasserie De Brunehaut

Brunehaut Amber

(6.5% abv)

From Belgium, this Red Ale is gluten-free and organic, a combination rapidly gaining popularity with beer drinkers concerned with the effects of gluten sensitivity.

As a Belgian ale, the yeast is front-and-center here in both aroma and taste. The smell of pine nuts is also present, as is classic bubblegum and grass.

The flavor is somewhat toasty, almost like a Brown Ale with a dry finish. Would be great with stews or other hearty dishes.

6.) Triple Exultation by Eel River Brewing

Triple Exultation

(9.7% abv)

Eel River’s claim to fame is that it is the United State’s first fully 100% organic certified brewery, so all it produces are organic beers.

This Old Ale, similar to a Barleywine or a very heavy and strong beer that is often aged. Flavors include caramelized sugar or caramel, and a spice or juniper berry flavor. This is a complex beer that will change and evolve as you drink it and the beer warms.

Carbonation is low on these styles, and they will feel heavy in the mouth. Great for late fall and through winter.

7.) Hopworks IPA by Hopworks Urban Brewery

Hopworks IPA

(6.6% abv)

Aggressively hopped with all organic Northwest hops, this 75 IBU IPA will start to tantalize your senses as you pour it. The aroma can be described as a combination of dank, but pleasant with citrus, stone fruit and mango.

Those fruit flavors cross over into the flavor of the beer from the dry hops, creating a very “juicy” flavor despite the high bitterness. Munich malt additions bump up the body on this really solid and crushable Northwest IPA.

8.) Kili Wit by Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

Kili Wit

(5.5% abv)

An American Witbier that does good for others, Kili With is a 100% certified organic offering from Oregon. A portion of all the proceeds of Kili With goes to K2 Adventures Foundation to provide community service, medical and educational services children in Africa.

A citrus combination of lemon and orange with hefty notes of spice are on the nose and flow right into the taste. Spice flavors are from generous amounts of African coriander and clove, as well as the yeast used. Carbonation is low for this beer, so don’t expect a hefeweizen-like head when you pour it.

9.) Das Überkind by Jester King Craft Brewery

Das Überkind

(6.10% abv)

Jester King is a brewery known for all kinds of experimentation and great flavor. Das Überkind is a season wild ale aged in oak barrels and naturally carbonated in the bottle instead of forced with CO2.

Funky and tart, with notes of grain and hay, this is definitely a farmhouse beer but is not too far into farmhouse territory to scare away any other would-be drinkers.

Constantly remade, different batches feature different flavors, like Macintosh Apple.

10.) Organic Portland Roast Espresso Stout by Laurelwood Public House & Brewery

Portland Roast Espresso Stout

(6% abv)

For lovers of organic beers and coffees, this one is everything.

A yearly collaboration with Portland Roasting company (coffee), a blend of Mexican, Peruvian and Sumatran beans add depth of flavor and complimentary smells to this beer that is as black as your morning Joe.

Dark coffee flavors dominate the flavor, while the semi-dry finish mimics the coffee experience. This is a beer for the organic coffee lover to unwind with at the end of the day.

Organic Beers Lifestyle

Organic is a lifestyle for some, and an occasional splurge for others. With these beers, craft beer lovers know that they are being kind to the environment, special causes, and their bodies. Many of the breweries listed offer more than one organic certified beer, so make sure to check them out at your local bottle shop.

Further reading:

The post Discover Ten Best Tasting Organic Beers appeared first on Learn all about beer and brewing.

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