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Wrinkles are one of the biggest and irritating skin problems and can affect a lot of people from skin problems to old age, the reasons for wrinkles are many.

Forehead wrinkles can be caused due to low nutrition in diet and due to stress in many people, young and old alike. The decrease in rest time and constant work and strain can also cause them.TV commercials often advertise products for getting rid of forehead frown lines and some of them can be harmful in the long run as well. Apart from ageing, engaging in certain facial movements can have a long-lasting effect on the skin pattern and lead to semi-permanent marks in the form of wrinkles.

Pollution and smoking can also cause forehead wrinkles in some cases. High exposure to sunlight can also affect the skin structure and lead to such marks in the long run.

Many people tend to resort to botox treatment/surgery to get rid of wrinkles and ageing marks. The treatment is considered safe due to quality and safety standards with modern technology.

It is done by using a chemical prepared from botulin and is cosmetically injecting it. Though the source of the chemical is very dangerous in nature, proper safety measures are taken to render it safe for application.

However, with research and practice, there are 25 alternatives to botox treatment have been developed which work with great efficacy.

  1. Some anti-wrinkle creams work quite good to remove forehead wrinkles. Alpha Hydroxy Acid is often an ingredient in those along with chemicals for vitamin A and vitamin C which help in rejuvenating the skin.
  2. Using certain facial exercises can help in removing such marks over time and it is a very safe technique without the use of any chemicals or external elements.
  3. Coconut oil is an excellent remedy for forehead wrinkles. It moisturizes the skin and helps in protecting the skin from damage caused by the sun.
  4. Reducing, or better, quitting smoking can help in reducing such marks to an extent.
  5. Like coconut oil, olive oil can also help in repairing damage on facial cells and help in the process.
  6. Some have even suggested applying lemon juice on the forehead to reduce marks.
  7. Steps must be taken to ensure adequate sleep and rest to reduce stress and help in removing those marks gradually.
  8. Hydration is also necessary. We must have water frequently to keep our body hydrated and the skin fresh.
  9. Forehead massage can also go a long way in easing the muscles and making the marks go away over time.
  10. Some people have had good results from scrubbing the skin and exfoliating it, thus leading to the marks getting removed and the dead skin replaced with good skin.
  11. Petroleum jelly is also considered a great remedy for forehead wrinkles through its moisturizing properties.
  12. Applying honey on the forehead can rejuvenate the skin and get rid of many skin problems.
  13. Castor oil is also used by many for improving blood circulation and removing marks. Castor oil is also an antioxidant and has a lot of nutrients for the skin along with hydration properties.
  14. Flaxseed oil also works great in repairing skin with Omega-3 fatty acids which are antioxidants.
  15. Jojoba oil contains B-complex vitamins and vitamin E which can help in healing burns and also reduce wrinkles.
  16. Almond oil also has Omega-3 fatty acids along with other nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamin E which help in skin repair and freshening.
  17. Syn-ake: It’s the leading wrinkle-free ingredient that mimics same effect of snake venom. It’s been commercially sold under name Bioxin Cream and has been great success in keeping skin resilient and firm.
  18. Masks made with egg whites can help in removing dead skin from the forehead and also remove excess oil. The protein in the egg helps improve the elasticity of the skin and cleanse it. Egg whites also help in slowing down skin ageing to a great extent.
  19. Known for its healing and good cooling properties, Aloe vera gel contains vitamins A, B, C and E and together and is an antioxidant. It helps in increasing the elasticity of the skin and moisturizes it. And with all these combines, it helps in reducing frown marks on the skin.
  20. Dead cells can also be cleaned with masks made from yoghurt which contains alpha hydroxy acid and by adding aloe vera gel and brown sugar, it can be made into a good combination for exfoliating the skin and promote collagen production which is an essential part of increasing the elasticity of the skin and thus, reduce wrinkles.
  21. Vitamin-rich food items and fruits help in skin damage repair and are one of the essential components of the diet for not only the organ system but also for keeping the skin fresh and young and slow down ageing.
  22. Chemical peels are also available which contain many essential chemicals for the skin and remove the outer layer of the skin for promoting new growth which also results in removing the marks on the skin and remove traces with the production of new skin. However, while it is a good process, it can be very expensive and require great professional expertise to ensure proper application and that safety measures are taken.
  23. Retinol is a vitamin A compound and is used as an anti-wrinkle serum in many treatments and even, at times, in-home remedies. It helps in skin repair and removal of marks and wrinkles caused by stress or ageing.
  24. Tea extracts are also great for the treatment of wrinkles on the forehead. Grape seed extracts are also used for the same purpose in many serums. Both of these have skin healing properties and are rich in antioxidants. Apart from these, they are also anti-inflammatory in nature and keep the skin soft over time through their application.
  25. Avocado oil is used by many as an ingredient of masks for its hydrating properties.

The above techniques and home remedies for removing wrinkles from the forehead. Their application is not limited to forehead but can also be used in a wide range of problems such as skin damage and burns and even just for skin maintenance.

With time and patience and with the application of the techniques, wrinkles can be removed and not be fretted over. It is a very common problem and can be solved.

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Is it possible to do Pedicure at home? Yes! it can be done easily at home.

What is a Pedicure? How to do pedicure at home?

A pedicure is a therapeutic therapy for our feet it will help remove dead skin cells, remove dust dirt and also soften harden skin around your heel. Women’s feet are mostly exposed to the environment as the type of footwear are mostly open and not covered as in case of men. Thus pedicure becomes a regular must do on our list, otherwise, how can we flaunt our footwear.

Always visiting a salon from our busy schedule is not possible, so let’s discover some of the easy ways to do a pedicure at home as per our own comfort and easily available products.

Pedicure Tools

Things you will need

-Tub of warm water
-Bath salt/rock salt/shampoo
-Foot Scrub
-Nail clippers(1)
-Cuticle pusher
-Pumice stone/foot file
-Nail filer/scrubber
-Nail polish remover
-Cuticle cream
-Cotton pads
-Dry towel

Pedicure at home steps

Let’s see the steps involved in a simple yet easy pedicure

  1. Cleaning or remove acrylic nail (Nail polish removing)
  2. Nail shaping-file your nails as per your choice
  3. Soak your feet
  4. Scrubbing
  5. Moisturize your feet
  6. Glam your nails

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How to do pedicure at home | Step by step procedure | SensationalSupriya - YouTube

Cleaning: remove nail polisher already applied with help of cotton pad and a polish remover. A huge range and variety of nail polish remover are available in the market, Go and explore as per your choice. Shape your nails as per our choice in round or square shape. Whatever is easy for you to maintain. In the meantime add some bath salts or rock salt to the tub of warm water along with few drops of shampoo. A quick tip if you have some infection or just having a malodor add up few drops of the original Dettol liquid In this way, it will kill all the germs and give a better protection.

Soaking your feet in the tub filled with warm water, before soaking your feet apply cuticle softener cream, honey on your nails. now you’re ready to soak in the tub. Sit back and relax for 20-25minutes. Adding rock salt can also help you get rid of inflammations.

Exfoliate your feet after soaking, just before exfoliation removes off the cuticle cream. With the help of cuticle pusher. Gently push back your cuticles. Scrub your feet with the help of pumice stone. You can also use a foot file. Exfoliation or scrubbing will help you get rid off dead skin, rough and dry flakes.

Homemade Pedicure scrub recipe

Coconut and salt scrub mix 1cup of sea salt or rock salt, with 1/4cup of coconut oil and 1/4cup of vitamin E oil. Here you can substitute coconut oil with olive oil also. If vitamin e is not available just use a vitamin E capsule. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. This scrub will remove dead skin along with giving a moisturizing effect.

You can also use a marketed foot Scub. Explore according to your requirements.
Now that dead skin is removed from feet, we need to lock it with a great and heavy moisturizer. The skin around your feet is usually drier and needs more moisturizing thus we have a different range of foot cream available in the market. You may use any marketed foot cream for massaging into your feet. other than this you can use a heavy moisturizer such has Nivea cream or a body butter.

Glaming your nails, its the most trending beauty trend today. Add a pop of fresh color to our nail make them look vibrant and trendy. Right from shiny to matt all various effects can be achieved with the huge range of products available in the market.

Always give extra attention towards your feet as its the base of your body you have to stand every day on your feet. Due to various stress and dry condition you might also get cracked heels. Cracked heels can be painful at times. Few quick tips to get rid of crack heels:
1. Always clean your heel with a pumice stone or a foot filer.
2. use good and heavy moisturizer or your feet
3. Melt a candle in a double boiler and when slightly cool, brush it on the heels and allow it to solidify.
This remedy is best followed at night. Put on cotton socks and go to bed. In the morning, remove the socks and peel off the layer of wax. Follow it daily for a week and you will find a huge difference in the way your feet look and feel.

Chipped nails are also a sign of excessive dry feet(2), overexposure to nail polish or due to vitamin deficiency. Coconut oil is very nourishing for weak and brittle nails. The saturated fat in coconut oil works as a great moisturizer. It will also prevent many kinds of nail infections. Often the main culprit behind brittle nails is lack of moisture. Vitamin E oil is a great remedy to keep your nails moisturized and hydrated. It will also help strengthen and nourish your nails and cuticles. If you notice your nails turned yellow due to regular use of nail color, please let them breathe. A quick tip: rub lemon slices on the toenails on a regular basis and allow the juice to soak in. This will help you gain the natural color of your nail.

Pedicure at home/salon style/step by step pedicure/INDIANGIRLCHANNEL TRISHA - YouTube

Pedicure at home service

Now that you have a bunch of tip and tricks do pamper your feet and let us know about your experience. Have happy feet!

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Tips Every Man Needs to Enjoy Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Most of us men assume that having healthy and supple skin is a preserve of women. But the truth is that men need to take care of their skin the same way women do. But how do you maintain your skin’s health? Before even taking time to tell our writers do my paper cheap, our men’s beauty and skincare specialists will share out secrets to enable you enjoy enviably healthy and smooth skin. To discover how, remain with this post up to the end.

Quit the Smoke

We start our discovery journey with one of the hardest parts, lifestyle adjustment. One of the leading adjustments you need to make is quitting the puff—smoking. But how does smoking affect your skin’s beauty and health? First, smoking can decrease the circulation and secretion of collagen. When this happen, your skin loses its natural coloring and becomes pale. Moreover, this condition leads to wrinkles and premature skin aging.

Be Careful with Your Shaves

The second tip to enable you enjoy healthy and beautiful skin as a man is being careful with your shaving processes. The reason is that careless handling of your skin during shaving can expose it to damage. In this section, we shall look at different ways of doing this.

●       Multitask

The first way of getting the best out of your shaving is doing it in the bathroom. The reason is that when you shave in the shower, your skin is always moist, making your pores open and your skin softer for easier beard removal. This ensures that you don’t hurt your skin.

●       Prepare for shaving

Another way of ensuring you don’t hurt your skin during shaving is preparing for it well. One way of doing so is by splashing your face with warm water after cleansing. This way, its pores open, allowing for the deeper penetration of pre-shaving cream.

●       Don’t rush

If you don’t want to damage your skin while shaving, take enough time when shaving. The reason is that if you rush through the process, you are most likely to damage your skin. So, take your time to avoid such damage.

Lather Up

Do you want to maintain healthy skin? Then pay attention to this tip. It is beneficial to splash your skin with cold water when you wake up. This splash helps with the removal of dead skin cells that hold together to make your skin look duller. It is also advisable to wash it glycolic acid in the morning and before bed. This way, you will enable your skin to stimulate the growth of new cells.

Don’t Forget Moisturizer

For most men, the very idea of moisturizing sounds like a “lady’s thing.” But your skin needs moisturizing the same way your wife’s skin does. You can get the best results by applying it when your skin is still moist to lock in more moisture. However, you need to use a moisturizer that suits your skin type. For instance, if you have normal skin, you will need oil-based moisturizing lotions. If it is oily, then it is ideal to use water-based lotions.

H2: Stay Hydrated

Healthy skin requires sufficient hydration. Therefore, befriend water is you want to enjoy it. To do this, stick to the recommended ratio of six to eight glasses of water daily. This way, you will deal with most of the dehydrating effects.

Beware of Sugar

Do you want to protect your skin and maintain its glow? Then be wary of taking excess sugar. The main idea here is not abstaining from sugar, but rather, keeping off its abuse and excesses because excess sugar exposes your skin to inflammation. Consequently, this leads to breakouts. So, it is prudent to avoid all foods and beverages that will expose you to high sugar intake.

Take Care of Wrinkles Early

Another thing you need to pay attention to as you pursue healthy skin is how you deal with wrinkles. The reason is that if you don’t balance this, you could end up building with one hand while destroying with another. This is what I mean: when using anti-wrinkle products, they help to improve your skin’s tone. However, their ingredients can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. So, how do you draw the balance here? You need to use them at night to get optimal results and do facial at your home.

 Beware of the Sun

To continue enjoying healthy skin, you have to be careful how you expose your skin to the sun. The reason is that unprotected exposure to the sun exposes it to damaging UV rays. These rays accelerate your skin’s aging process by slowing down its collagen production. Moreover, they force your skin to lose its elasticity, leading to unsightly sagging. To avoid all these issues, you need to get the best sunscreen that will shield you from these degenerative effects of UV rays.

 Manage and Avoid Stress

If you still want to maintain health and beautiful skin, it is beneficial to avoid stress. If you are facing stress, then it is advantageous to manage it well. The reason is that when your body and mind are stressed, they affect your skin too. Why? Because stress interferes with your hormonal balance, leading to the damaging of healthy skin cells. This breakdown exposes your skin to breakouts and wrinkling.

Sleep Your Way to Healthy Skin

After doing all the things we have discussed above, you need to take time and do nothing at all—in bed. You should crown your efforts with adequate and quality sleep every night. It is healthy to go for the recommended seven to eight hours daily. This way, your skin replenishes and recovers from wear and tear. Consequently, you will keep off possible breakouts, wrinkling, and fine lining.

The secrets are out. It is now within your power to take control and enjoy beautiful and healthy male skin. Will you take the challenge?

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Are you among the one who wants to experience drastic change by having an incredible Short haircut? Then, you are at the perfect place. we will give the list of trendy fashion for Short haircuts for girls

Short haircuts look very trendy on girls and became a vogue today.Short haircuts require very less maintenance and minimal efforts to make your hair look attractive.  Many stunning hairstyles can be featured on short hair.

There is no wonder to say that haircut adds flavor to our beauty. But choosing the right haircut is very important and difficult task.Here we are to take you on a headlong dive to explore the haircuts that are suitable for you ..

Short hairstyles for girls Round Edges

This haircut is quite manageable and doesn’t require much styling.It gives very sleek and elegant look.Girls with thin and long face cut can opt this haircut.


Short Layers

Girls who have thin textured hair can prefer this style.This hairstyle has lots of layer in it and produces beautifully shaped silhouette that will fall in to shape very easily after washing

Adorable Pixie

Pixie with an unsymmetrical bang on forehead gives a stunning look on girls.It is a great look for girls with thin hair as it gives good full length to your hair.

Rainbow Pixie Dust

Pixie with rainbow colors results in an incredible hairstyle.You can go with this haircut to look more trendy.

Cotton Candy Lob

It is one among the hottest haircuts going as it comes halfway between a bob and pixie.You can make it more artful by sporting a vivid fantasy color.


Short with a Fringe

Steal this incredible haircut with the fringe, the on-trend faded denim color. Take advantage of your close crop and play around with fabulous hues.


Victory Rolls

This hairstyle keeps your hair out of your face highlighting the face cut. Steal this hairstyle by creating the short hairdo.


Sassy Spirals

Sassy spiral makes you look adorable by making your locks appear shorter. Give your tresses a twist using a curling iron, a straightening iron, or hot rollers.Use your fingers to tousle the hair and run your fingers through the curls to make a fantastic finish..

Coconut Oil Does Wonders For Hair


Girls can go for Buzz cut if they have strong bone structure.This looks super stylish and required very low maintenance.


Cute Pixie hairstyle

Cute pixie haircut looks stunning on any girl.



This haircut is more suitable for girls with round face cut.Using contrasting hair colors underneath lighter colors will give the dramatic effect.


Choppy Long Crop

A choppy long crop has become a popular style. With unsymmetrical length strands make the hair look incredible on you.


short haircuts for women Flyaway Style

This hairstyle looks cute and lovely on the woman.Women with thin hair can opt this haircut.


Crop with Highlights and Lowlights haircuts

Pixie with a  hint of Hollywood style by adding highlights and lowlights makes it look phenomenal on women.


Crazy Volume

Recreate this amazing style with styling products and pull your hair upwards from the roots to give volume that holds all day.


Spiked Up Crop

A short punky crop hairstyle like this one is the perfect choice for women who want to have punk rock style.

Short hairstyles for women Stylish Headband

Use a stylish headband to keep any short hairstyle out of your face. The best thing about this is look is that you can easily change your headband to keep up with the latest fashion.


Messy Pixie

A pixie crop with messy spikes will make your hair voluminous. Messy hairstyle provides the earthiness and modern feel to this hairstyle.


Extremely Choppy Cut with Heavy Side Fringe

An extremely choppy cut is one where the hair is cut at a lot of different random lengths.This gives dramatic look and makes you look adorable.


Latest Hairstyle: Fohawk and Mohawk

Hint of Pink

Pink is a super stunning color. Coloring your hair will give you a lovely soft look, whichever short haircut you choose.


Swept Back

Swept back updo is a fantastic way to fake a short hairstyle. Not every woman wants to chop off all those inches, so fake it until you make it.


Short Gothic Hairstyle

A classic gothic style with a bob flatters your facial features and makes you look cute.


Short shag haircuts

Shag haircuts are done at the top and sides.Few women like to have metro look while others prefer to have modern look.Shag haircuts can be opted to have either metro and modern look.

Short and Wavy Blonde

Shag with a bob by using highlights gives an amazing look.Highlights can bring your hairstyle to life.This combination produces a look that communicates class and elegance.


Short and Chic

Recreate a very chic style gives an astounding look.

Short, Shaggy, and Glamorous

Women with this hairstyle look phenomenal and flatter the crowd.

Shaggy and Curly Bob

Curly hairstyle with bob gives a very classy and elegant look.With little effort, you can have a great look.


Short, Shaggy, Messy, and Extremely Cute

The short and shaggy hairstyle can produce extremely cut results.  Shorter bangs and hair on the back will move the focus off of her hair and on to her.


Bad Girl Shag Haircut

This haircut is the most trendier one which involves many layers and gives flattering look.


Short, Shaggy, and Straight

This haircut involves bangs and straightened hair.It frames her face well and draws the attention into those alluring eyes.


Short haircuts for girls Curly Loose curls

By curling your hair, you can fabricate an illusion of having gorgeous short hair.With tightly rolled curls, you can even fake a bob!


Curly Bob Haircut

Curly hair looks amazing on short hair. It is the most trendy and consumes less time.


Curled Fringe Hairstyle

Add a unique signature feature long curl fringe to your short hairstyle.You can have simple hairstyle by leaving the rest of our hair.


Curly Long crop haircut

If your hair has a natural curl, long crops are suitable for any face shape.Special curling hair product can be used to enhance the long crop hairstyle.


Curly top with edged side hairstyle

Hairstyle with wild curls and shaved side of zigzag design.  Girls who want to have creative hairstyle can best opt this one.


Vintage cropped curls hairstyle

With few strategic curls, a vintage style can be created which looks feminine and eye-catching.We can use mousse to add volume around the crown of your cut and to secure the curls around our face.


Short Weave hairstyles Ride the Waves

You can make our hair look incredible by adding waves.It is another way to make our hair look short.

Beachy Waves

Beachy waves give a cool look to your hair.It is made a few inches away from the long locks. It will be a permanent fix.Braid your hair the night before, blow dry your plaits a bit the next day and then free your mane.


Soft Wave Bob

Bob with soft waves looks amazing on women of different face cuts.


Short bob hairstyles or haircut for girls Pointy Short Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks fantastic constituting a medium length Bob with the hint of perfect highlights. Sharp edges create a very sleek look to your personality.


Basic Bob with Side Fringe

It gives a classic look to anyone.Pep up the look by teasing in a side parting and sweeping your fringe over to one side.


Rounded Bob with Copper Hues

Copper tones look really good on a short, rounded hairstyle. To make the most of your rounded style you should smooth your hair with straightening irons.


Short Bob with Flicked Fringe

Flicked fringes are super cute. Use a curling wand or straightening irons to give you fringe a gorgeous little flick outwards.


Bob with Layers

Bob with layers is another new trend to follow.This gives a feminine vibe.


Sexy Short Straight Bob

This is the perfect hairstyle when you have silky and less hair. It has a lot of layers making it a perfect cut to make some height on the top.


Short haircuts for girl with bangs Side Parted Short Bangs Hairstyle

Most women prefer the short side-parted hairstyle as it is easy going. It looks elegant with a bit of highlight.

Bob with Layered Bangs

This haircut is one of the classic and most trending looks among women nowadays. It doesn’t require a lot of styling, but if you style them right then it has a high shine on your personality.


Messy Short Bob with Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs can look very severe. Take some of the edges off of this hairstyle by cutting in lots of crazy messy layers which brings it to life.


Short Pointy Bangs

This look is perfect for those girls who are facing hair fall issue. It not only ends your hair fall but also gives your hair a comprehensive look because of short layers on the top.


Bob with Symmetrical Bangs

Symmetrical bangs on the forehead are the look preferred by people who have a long face or big forehead. These symmetrical bangs hairstyles cover your forehead quite nicely.


Thin Bob with Heavy Bangs

Girls with natural hair can make it look voluminous by cutting heavy bangs.A blunt cut will allow your bangs to look heavier.


Choppy Bob with Light Bangs

Choppy  Bob is an ideal choice to have trendy look.


Hope you had a great ride with us.Make sure to choose the right hairstyle thoughtfully by giving importance to your outer frame.

Thanks for reading.

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Beautynbridal Blog by Vaijayanti - 5M ago

Facial at home with complete steps

Skin is the largest organ of human body. It acts as a barrier between environmental pollution and internal organs. Skin acts as Protection of the body from harmful effects of the sun and radiation. Clear skin is happy skin. One of the ways to take care of your skin is by including facial at home in your routine.

What is facial?

A facial is essentially a multi-step skin treatment that is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. A facial consist of cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing the skin. thus promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion and can help your skin look younger.

Benefits of facial at home

Relaxed and refreshed skin.Exfoliation helps to smooth the skin, lighten discoloration from sun and breakouts. Exfoliation also leads to new cell renewal. As dead skin cells are removed which encourages new cell formation.
Manual extraction of blackheads and clogged pores to create smoother and less-bumpy skin. This makes sure all the pores are cleaned.
Intensive hydration to repair the skin’s moisture barrier to keep skin looking plump and moist.
Facial massage to increase circulation to encourage brighter, glowing skin that’s why for bridal it started with three months earlier tips for bridal
Help for maintaining youthful and healthy-looking skin.
Professional guidance for your home care routine. Stress release.It’s not compulsory to visit a salon for facial. It can be done at home easily. We can use some of the natural ingredients to make it more beneficial. Now question is

How to do facial at home

There are some steps for doing facial at home which includes:

Every skin needs pampering. We need to refresh and clean our skin regularly. Facial at home is one of the easiest ways to pamper your skin.
Types of skin are, dry in which sebaceous glands are less active and thus have less oil production. Dry skin needs more moisture
Normal skin is perfect. balances oil as very normal. And we can maintain it with a good skin routine
Oily skin has an overactive sebaceous gland which leads to excessive oil on face.


first and most important step. Cleansing is a simple process in which complete face is cleaned with a mild cleanser or any natural cleanser. This process helps remove makeup, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants present on the skin. Dry skin people can use honey to cleanse your face. Oily skin people can use a facial cleanser which is specially formulated for oily control. Normal skin people can use honey or facial cleanser as per your choice.
Coconut oil for skin should be used to remove your make, its suitable for all skin type.

2. Exfoliation/ Scrubbing:

The second step is exfoliation. Exfoliation is commonly known as scrubbing. In this process, the dead skin cells from your skin surface are scrubbed out. This allows the new cells to come up and give you much clear skin. Dry skin people can use honey, sugar and few drops lemon for scrubbing the dead skin. Oily skin people should use ground coffee along with yogurt this will help to reduce oil and also remove dead skin cells. Normal skin people should use fine sugar with rose water or oil of your choice, this helps to maintain your skin moisture and also remove the dead skin cells.


The third step of the facial process, this process includes taking steam on your entire face. Steam helps to open your facial pores, improves blood circulation. This works best for oily skin people as they have huge pores which can be trapped with dust and dirt. opening up the help release dir and dust from your pores. makes blackheads removal very easy. Normal skin people can have steam. Dry skin people should take a note of what suits their skin, an individual may differ. I personally belong to dry skin and take steam for around 2 mins this makes the product to get into my skin for better results.


The fourth step of the facial process,  mask plays a vital role in facial as it can improve your skin immediately. excess oil can be removed, it can hydrate your skin, pull out impurities, tighten your skin and improve blood circulation. Dry skin people should use sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, milk or oil of your choice, this mask will hydrate your skin and also give you a brightening effect due to turmeric. Oily skin the best and most effective mask is fullers earth(Multani mitti) rose water and few drops of lemon, this mask magically pull out your excess oil. normal skin people again should use this traditional mask with gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, yogurt/milk, gives excellent nourishment and results are seen from ages.


The fifth step of the facial process. Moisturizer is necessary to lock all the freshness and the facial process. It is mostly recommended for dry skin, normal and at last oily skin people. Dry skin as lacks moisture its good to apply a light and suitable moisturizer. Same is applicable for normal skin people. Though they don’t lack moisture its good to have some moisture. For oily skin moisturizer is important but choose it wisely. An all-rounder moisturizer suitable for all skin type is Aloe vera gel.


The last step of the facial process, this is most important for oily skin people. Toner is actually going to reduce your pore size this is going to help to reduce your breakouts. Normal and dry skin people this step is going to help you remove your skin impurities and maintain a good level of moisture. A toner suitable for all skin type is rose water mixed with few drops of lemon juice.

Apart from this, you can also try the facial kits available on the market. They come with all the instructions and all the products are packed individually for one-time use. According to needs, the kits are available you can choose from them. If any confusion just read out the instructions and you are sorted.

How to remove facial hair at home

Remove Facial Hair At Home in 10 Minutes | Demonstration - YouTube

If you want to know some more natural remedies do let us know in the comment box.

Facial at home in Delhi NCR

If you not comfortable do facial at home beautynbridal helps you to give the facial services at your home. All types of packages which have facial, Massage etc.    

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Hair spa is one of the best ways to pamper those beautiful locks. It’s basically a treatment which helps make your hair strong, bouncy and shiny, while simultaneously dealing with dandruff, damaged hair, and hair fall control. Today it is one of the fastest growing trends in India. The therapy includes a deep massage using any oil, serum, cream as per hair type. Next up is steaming your hair so that maximum amount of product is taken up by your hair.  Now apply a mild best shampoo followed by a conditioner. At last use a mask as per hair type and concern.

Whatever hair type you have there is a hair spa treatment for you, curly hair, dry hair, thin hair and so on. Many people describe hair spa as hair rebirth therapy. As it deeply conditions, nourishes and minimizes the damage caused due to external conditions. Usually, people go for a hair spa before any big events. So that hair looks at its best. Some also like to pamper themselves and maintain hair health.

Hair spa treatment :

oil mask hair spa: one of the easiest and effective treatment.olive oil is an excellent nourishing oil. Filled with antioxidants helps repair damage.It’s also suitable for all hair types.

Ingredients: coconut oil for hair/olive oil, hot water, towel
Procedure: take 2-3 tbsp oil as per your hair length, texture.
Gently warm it.
Massage gently into your scalp for 10 minutes.
Dip the towel in hot water and squeeze out excess. Place this towel on your scalp. Wrap your hair for 15 minutes.
Wash off with a mild shampoo. Repeat it twice a week.

Hair spa at home for dry hair:

It is difficult to deal with dry hair. Unfortunately, some are born with dry, dull and frizzy hair by nature. Some extra care is needed for dry hair. This banana mask will definitely help get rid of dryness.

Banana mask hair spa at home for dry hair: Bananas are enriched with potassium, vitamins and natural oils. This makes it excellent or your hair. Banana will give your hair a perfect nourishment, and increase its elasticity. This mask works well for dry, damaged hair.

Ingredient: 1 ripe banana, 1 tbsp olive oil, hot water, towel
Procedure: blend banana into a smooth paste.
Add olive oil and make a uniform mixture.
Steam your hair using a hot towel for 15mintues.
Apply the banana and oil mixture all over your scalp and let it rest for 30mintues.
Wash off with a mild shampoo. Which is the best shampoo for your hair? 

Hair spa at home to control hair fall: 

Hair fall can be caused due to lack of nutrition to your hair follicles, stress, lack of care. We need to take special care of our hair if we observe hair fall. The egg mask will give your hair excellent hair nourishment.
Egg mask hair spa to control hair fall: Eggs are a great source of proteins. Which helps your hair grow while also providing strength and preventing any hair damage. A simple tip to always remember is to never wash out an egg mask with hot water. Pair up eggs with different ingredients and you get masks for different hair type.

Ingredient: 1 egg, 2 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp olive oil.
procedure: in a bowl whisk egg, honey, & olive oil to get a uniform mixture.
Apply this mixture to your scalp and leave it for 30minutes.
If you want to have a steam take steam before mask application.
Wash off with cold water using a mild shampoo.

If you want to mask eggy smell you can use, rose water, rosemary essential oil which has anti-dandruff properties.

These are some of the natural masks for hair spa at home. Other than this you can also try out the hair spa kits and mask which are available on the market. Professional brands such as L’oreal, Wella, Matrix, Schwarzkopf have hair masks which are to use at home. they also have different products for different hair type and concerns.

Advantages of hair spa.

A spa is always a relaxing therapy. It will mostly have advantages for you some they are:

1.Strength hair roots: the main and most important purpose of hair spa. Hair spa strengthens hair roots, nourishes hair follicles and revitalizes your scalp. Most of the time hair fall is caused due to the weak hair root. Hair spa will give strength to roots and thus will reduce hair fall gradually.

2.Improves blood circulation: massage during hair spa help increase blood circulation. This enables hair follicle to get more nutrients from your bloodstream. Due to which your scalp health will improve.

3.Protects from dandruff: yes! You can get rid of those white flakes.  Hair spa will reduce your dandruff. Dandruff is caused due to dry scalp, excess oil production, stress, environmental pollution. Hair spa massage relaxes brain nerves to get relief from stress. This will reduce excess dandruff and dryness in your scalp. Beauties with dandruff will have to take few sessions to get rid of dandruff completely. This completely depends on your hair, scalp and dandruff intensity.

4.Balance oil secretion: Sebaceous glands secrete natural oil which is present on our scalp. Too much or too little of anything is always bad. Same is with natural oils. Excessive oil will cause blocking of pores on scalp leading to infections and weakening of hair. Less oil will result in dry scalp and white flakes.

5.Manage frizzy, dry hair: frizz is a big no-no. But curly hair always has a lot of frizz and it is difficult to manage. Hair spa comes to your rescue. Oiling and conditioning will help you tame the fizz. A spa will also add a good shine and texture to your hair. Repairs damage caused due to dryness.

6.Reduces stress: the most advantageous thing. Hair spa involves head and scalp massage. Massage primarily helps to eliminate stress which is one of the reasons for hair problems. Due to massage blood circulation increases which relaxes nerve endings. Hence we get a stressed free feeling.

 Disadvantages of hair spa 

1.Affect colored hair: if you have recently colored your hair. Watch out before taking a hair spa as it might fade away your hair color. Another way is you can consult your spa therapist. Ask them to use products which are specially formulated for colored hair.

2.Heavy on pocket: the cost of hair spa is always dependent on your hair length. Different salon may have a different rate. For long hair beauties, it will be more expensive and likewise for short hair.
We can definitely have a hair spa at home if you are on a budget. Some regular products from your shelf and you are sorted out.

Some general doubts regarding hair spa are

1.How can we do hair spa at home?

It is very easy to do hair spa at home. as explained above the masks can be used for hair spa treatment at home. otherwise, we can get a hair spa kit from the market and use it. the general steps include. oiling using an oil of our choice. steaming using a steamer or a towel soaked in hot water. wash with a mild shampoo. conditioning as per your hair concerns. lastly hair mask this will lock up all nourishment. After mask wash off without using any shampoo. let your hair dry naturally.

Today, we also have some beauty service provider who visits our house personally to give us beauty treatments.

2.Is hair spa good for hair growth?

YES! it will definitely enhance your hair growth. Few sessions are required as per your hair condition. take good care of your hair, maintain them after doing a hair spa.

3.Which is the best product for hair spa?

There are many products available today on the market. according to different hair type, hair texture, hair concerns and so on. explore and find out which suits you.

Comment down if you have any other queries.

Hair spa cream

How To Use Loreal Hair Spa At Home & Get Dandruff Free Hair|Loreal Cream Bath - YouTube

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Wanna have these beautiful nail art like this?  You can get it quick with acrylic nails. With fake nails and applied some glue to your nails, your nails look stylish with various unique arts. The acrylic nails are beautiful and it works quick same as like nail art but to remove it is not easy, how to remove acrylic nails?Apply these acrylic nails also have a high risk, one of the risks is artificial nails fungus and infection. If it happens to you, immediately get in touch with your doctor.This time, we will tell you how to remove acrylic nails. Before the infection will happen to you.

Best Way to Remove Acrylic Nails
While you want to remove these acrylic nails, we have some tips on how to remove acrylic nails.  The best way to remove acrylic nails, you can remove acrylic nails with nail polish remover or you should try these tips on this article. First, if you want to do this alone, you must be careful.  Let your friend or your sister help you if you need it. But if there is no one else, you can remove it yourself. How to remove acrylic yourself, here we go.

Remove Acrylic Nails with Nail Polish Remover

The easiest way to remove acrylic nails is with nail polish remover. How to remove acrylic nails, you should do this to remove the acrylic nail with nail polish remover:

    • First, you must remove any nail polish from your acrylic nails with cotton balls and nails remover.
    • Then, cuts the false nails with fingernails clipper until the length of fake nails just above the skin on your fingertips.
    • Fill the bowl with one inch of acetone nail polish remover and rub it over the skin around your fingernails to help protect them from irritation.
    • Place your fingers into nail polish remover, working on one hand at a time and lay a small towel over your soaking hand and soak it in 10 minutes.
    • Remove your fingers from the bowl, use the cuticle pusher to gently scrape the acrylic nails from your natural nails. To push it, you must start at the base of the nail bed to the tip. (repeat this until the acrylic is completely gone)
    • Wash your nail with warm and soapy water and dried it with the towel.
    • Continue these step to removes the other.

How to Remove Acrylic Nails without Acetone

Acrylic Nail Removal - YouTube

Credits: Nail Career Education

Haven’t a polish remover or acetone? Don’t worry, ladies.  We have some tips, how to remove acrylic nails without acetone here. These steps will help you to remove it.

How to Get Rid of Whiteheads

Using Laminated Card

You must prepare :

  • Laminated card
  • Orange sticks

You must do :
– Gently, pry up the entire bottom edge of your acrylics nail
– With the corner of the corner of the card, slide it up and down and slowly work your way across your nail bed
-Work on the side then switches it to the other side, so that it doesn’t rip your natural nail under the acrylic.
-Repeat all these steps until all your fingernails are done
-Used nail buffer to clean them
– Finally, apply the cuticle cream and moisturizer to restore your fingernail skin back.

DIY Removing Acrylic Nails

Besides, above ways, there are other ways that should you choose to remove acrylic nails. DIY Removing acrylic nails, you can do it yourself at home. This way is safe and you never get hurts.

You must prepare :

  • Acetone polish remover
  • One glass blow
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • One 80-Grit file
  • One buffer file
  • One Cuticle pusher
  • A timer (You can use your phone)
  • Nail food or vitamin for nails or olive oils

You Must Do :

  • Erase all your nails from nail polish, make sure it completely clean.
  • File your nails as short as you can.
  • Pour the acetone into a bowl, filling it about one inch deep.
  • Cover your nails with the petroleum jelly to protect your skin from the drying acetone. Then set your timer on phone for 10 minutes.
  • Soak your fingers in the acetone, on one hand at the time. Take them out once the timer ringing (10 minutes). Look, the acrylic will look swollen, but this is only one layer of many.
  • Take your cuticle pusher and use it to scrape it off the melted layer.
  • Be careful, maybe some products are harder to get off than others, it seems to be not responding to the acetone. Then use your 80-grit file to thin some of that hard to remove the product.
  • Reset your timer for 10 minutes again and continue repeating this until the product has completely thinned out. (less more take up to five times).
  • After there’s no one layer on, wash the petroleum jelly off your hand.
  • Take your buffer to make your nails smooth.
  • Finally, polish your nail with nail food or olive oil that makes your nails health. Now your nails will grow with minimal to no damage.
Artificial Nails Fungus

The acrylic nail fungus causes bacterial and also there is an allergic product which that reaction develop itching redness and swelling.The poorly fitted acrylic can also cause the nail fungus infection.If you have your nail get the fungus, these are the right treatment option of the acrylic nail fungus :

  • Vinegar
    White vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar are very popular to get rid of artificial nails fungus. You can soak in your affected area for 30 minutes daily. It really works and effective treatment of artificial nail fungus. Do this treatment with these home remedy repeatedly.
  • Listerine
    Some people said that this mouthwash is the effective treatment of artificial nail fungus. The way is also same as the vinegar. Do this treatment for 30 minutes daily and don’t forget to repeat this treatment.
  • Essentials Oils
    You can use lavender oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc to eliminate the fungus off your nails. Apply it in your affected area for several minutes. In few days, you can see the essential oil also work well for artificial nail fungus.

How to Remove Acrylic Nails Tutorial Video by Naio Nails - YouTube

Best Shampoo for Oily Hair

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Hydrogen peroxide ear is a liquid used to help remove ear wax. However, excessive use may cause ear effectiveness. In this discussion, we will discuss hydrogen peroxide in ear side effects also the infection of it. You can also find about how to remove the hydrogen peroxide in your ear. With this discussion about hydrogen peroxide ear, may help you to fix your problem.

Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear Wax Removal Drops

It is true that a liquid called hydrogen peroxide is a liquid that helps to clean ear wax. What kind of earwax can be cleaned up? The fact in medicine is explained that this liquid serves to clean the hard earwax. After we drop 2 or 3 times the liquid hydrogen peroxide in the ear, this liquid will soften the liquid to make it easier for us to clean it. The use of hydrogen peroxide ear is very safe if we follow the instructions as well as correctly.

Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear Side Effects

In some cases the use of hydrogen peroxide ear is safe and there are no serious side effects. However, if you have sensitive ear skin then this should be a worry. Some cases of people who have sensitive skin will have some side effects. These side effects can include, pain, rash, itching, and even dizziness. All these side effects are only experienced by some people. If you are concerned about the side effects of hydrogen peroxide, you can consult with your doctor or medical staff. 

Can Peroxide Hurt Your Ear?

Some people who do ear treatment use hydrogen peroxide, and also some research, say that hydrogen peroxide is the right choice for people who have mild issues in the ear, such as the accumulation of earwax. From the experience of many people, hydrogen peroxide is a safe liquid and does not hurt your ears. But some cases say only a few people after using hydrogen peroxide have a more severe disease and the wound does not go away within a few days. Maybe this can happen if you have dry skin. If you have dry skin in your ear canal it can cause an infection or dizziness. So, this is that you must to do, you can clean your outer ear canal with a clean washcloth. It can reduce your skin of your ear from dry skin.

Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear Infection

Ear infections can occur by anyone including children. Ear infections occur due to several things such as the buildup of earwax, excess mucus, sinus infections, allergies, and colds. Hydrogen peroxide is not only used to clean the ears, but it can also treat ear infections and help ease the pain in your ears. Some signs of ear infections are fever, bad odor from the ear, earache (severe), dizziness, and hearing loss. Below is a way to treat ear infections using hydrogen peroxide. All you need for this treatment is hydrogen peroxide, a cup and a water in equal amounts and cotton ball.

You must do this :

  • Take your cup, mix the hydrogen peroxide and the water. Then, mix it all.
  • Dip your cotton ball into the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and the water.
  • Before you use this, you must turn your head to the side.
  • Squeeze a few drops with gentle of the mixture into your ear (if you can not do it alone, you may be assisted by your family or friends.)
  • Keep your head position until 10 minutes, let the mixture do its work.
  • Then, you can turn your head in the opposite direction so that the liquid hydrogen peroxide can flow out of the ear canal.
  • Do this way repeatedly it is necessary.
White Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol for an Ear Infection

If you are afraid to use hydrogen peroxide to clean your ears. You can think of some options like the home remedy for an ear infection. One of them is white vinegar and alcohol. The benefit of white vinegar and alcohol for your ear is it can help you from the minor of ear infection such as ear wax and the entry of water in the ear. These home remedies are an alternative way besides the hydrogen peroxide. However, if the home remedy cannot help you within three days, you must see your doctor immediately. Below this following are the steps of these remedies to help your ear infection.

You will need this :

-a small bowl or cup
-2 tsp white vinegar
-2 tsp alcohol
-cotton ball

You must do this :

  • Take your small bowl and fill it with white vinegar and alcohol.
  • Mix it well with your teaspoon.
  • Before using this mixture, you should sit and turn your head sideways.
  • Dip the cotton ball and then squeeze it gently. Then, drop it two or three times of the mixture into your ear.
  • Tilt the head to the other side, to hold the liquid inside.
  • Keep your head for a few minutes then let the liquid flow from your ears.
  • Do it the same way for the other side of your ear.

Hopefully, this information about hydrogen peroxide ear can be the benefit for us. The infection, side effects and anything for the problems of the liquid called hydrogen peroxide are completely explained in here. Besides, there are the other home remedies like white vinegar and alcohol to reduce the minor of your ear infection that you may consider. This way is helping you too to remove your earache that you have now.

See Also :

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Coconut is always used as an edible oil, other than that it also has beauty benefits which are not only restricted to hair but it works great on coconut oil for face or skin too. This oil is extracted from dried coconut kernels. The oil has a unique composition of fatty acids which why it’s widely used.

Uses of coconut oil for face, skin

 Coconut oil is widely used as a cooking medium. It aids in digestion and having antimicrobial activity helps to fight any gut infections.
Moving towards the beauty part coconut oil for hair, coconut oil for skin, coconut oil for face it has so many other benefits let’s see what the skin benefits this oil has

  1. Firstly excellent moisturizer.

    Being a composition of a unique fatty acid it provides a good moisturizing effect on your skin. Whatever skin type you belong you can use it. Dry skin beauties it’s one of the most natural and effective moisturizers for you weather its face or body you can use it. For oily skin, you can also use it as you also need moisturizing.Apply a small amount of oil on your face.After 15min remove off the excess with lukewarm water.Initially, you might see breakouts but it will work. If you observe severe breakout discontinue.

  2. As a makeup remover:

    Yes! You can use coconut oil as your make up remover. We all love to make up but when it comes to removal it’s a hard task. We use a lot of makeup around the eye area.Using a chemical based remover is not a great option. So go natural use coconut oil as your make up remover. It works great for eye makeup removal then be it the stubborn waterproof mascara also. Massage some coconut oil on your face leave it for 5 minutes.Wipe off with a cotton pad and this will not only remove makeup simultaneously act as a skin moisturizer. This will also help you to maintain a good and healthy skin reduce fine lines around eye area.

  3. Body scrub:

    A body scrub made with coconut oil, this will help to remove dead skin cells from your body but also give a moisturizing effect on the skin. A very natural and effective recipe for body scrub is.

Ingredients: 2tbsp Red lentils, 1tbsp sesame seed, 1/2tbsp rice, turmeric powder, coconut oil.

Procedure: Mix red lentils, sesame seed, and rice in a mixer pot blend to a coarse powder.Now add ½ spoon of turmeric powder and make a paste using coconut oil as the medium. Use this mixture all over your body as a scrub. It will serve a dual purpose by removing dead skin cell. Turmeric used help in skin lightening. Coconut oil will nourish your body.  This scrub is safe for daily use as it’s completely natural. An easy scrub is to mix fine sugar with coconut oil and use as body or face scrub.

  1. Skin Infections:

    This oil helps to cure Minor skin infections very easily. As it has antimicrobial properties.  Coconut oil helps to treat Small dry patches. Massage the small amount of coconut oil in the infected area and leave it.

  2. For body massage:

    A relaxing massage is always the best way to pamper yourself. Spa and salon have started using coconut oil for body massage it has shown to have the huge amount of benefits. Helps to moisturise your skin, filled with vitamin E and antioxidants coconut oil helps boosts up our skin health. And last but not the least it will tone your muscles, relax you tighten muscles due to physical activities and help in blood circulation. Coconut oil acts as a good medium for massage as it glides on your skin and penetrates deep into your skin.

Is Coconut oil good for skin?

Coconut oil for face or skin is a natural and safe remedy for your skin. Though being natural it won’t be suitable for all skin types. Coconut oil has shown to have comedogenic activity on your skin, as it’s a blend of fatty acids it tends to sit into your pores and clog then resulting in the breakout. Hence this won’t suit beauties with oily, acne-prone skin. Again some oily skin people might find it useful also. This just varies from different skin types and conditions of your skin.

Various types of Coconut oil for face?

Coconut oil is today very easily available in various forms such as organic coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, and extra virgin coconut oil.
Coconut is cultivated under the special condition in which no pesticides and fertilizers are used. Fresh, wet flesh of coconut is used for the extraction process.Organic coconut oil is extracted from Organic grade coconut.
Extraction method incorporated for virgin coconut oil is known as cold pressing. Cold pressing means without any external heat application and thus retains more of the nutrients.  virgin coconut oil does not undergo any chemical processing like bleaching, refining or deodorising.
Extra virgin coconut oil does not exist as per many types of research it’s just a marketing gimmick to sell out the product.So when we talk about coconut oil it’s either processed or untouched.                                                                                                                                 Buy virgin Coconut Oil

Which coconut oil suitable for skin?

As coconut oil is available in various brands and types.
We can explore and choose which is suitable for your skin type. Virgin coconut will give more nourishment to your skin and help retain more moisture on your skin.
Refined coconut oil is light in texture and is great to use if you don’t like too much oily or sticky kind of feel on your skin. Always check for what suits for your skin and then go ahead.

Where to buy coconut oil from?

Today everything is available online which has made shopping very convenient. Read out the information written on the product while buying.

local grocery stores and medical shops also sell coconut oil.

Let us know if you have experienced any other benefits of coconut oil.

                                                                       Buy Coconut Oil

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