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For decades, no evening food market in Bangkok surpasses the reputation of the Chinatown’s. Every night (less busy on Mondays) underneath numerous bright Chinese-language neon signs, vendors’ woks are blazed, steam hovers over steel pots, and the aroma of cooked food permeate the air. The whole neighborhood is flocked with local visitors and tourists in search of Bangkok’s best Chinese and Thai street cuisines. If you visit Bangkok, it’s a crime to skip this nightly phenomenon!

With so many vendors and restaurants, how do you know who to eat with? Sure you can eat at any vendors but you don’t want your evening food journey in Chinatown to be just mediocre. Travel blogs and recommendations can be found online but why not hearing insight from a Thai food expert if you can. Join our Chinatown Food Tour (Yaowarat), we will figure it all out for you. Come along and enjoy!

  Why Choosing Our Chinatown Food Tour in Bangkok?

1. We are the first local food tour operator in Bangkok. Our food tour guides are experts in Thai food culture. They have deep knowledge in each culinary neighborhood we take you to and can explain everything you need to know in lengthy detail (Just ask!)

2. We take you to the best eateries in Chinatown, from local’s favorites to Michelin Star awarded places. Some restaurants that we go to are tugged in quiet alleys. Dining at these places offer a different perspective to the bustling main road.

3. At each food stop, you eat smaller portions than regular serving portions so you don’t get too filled up for the next stops.

4. We care about your dietary restrictions. Do not be afraid even if you’re allergic to something. We make sure you don’t consume them.


  What Do We Eat on Our Chinatown Food Tour in Bangkok

Most restaurants in Chinatown specialize in Southern Chinese (Cantonese) food with noodles, seafood and dim sum dominating the menus. We hit it all, dim sum, noodles, curries, seafood, soup, and desserts.


Pink Noodle Soup (Yen Ta Fo):

This is one of Thai’s favorite noodle dishes. The delicious sour and salty pink broth is made from tomato paste. With a type of noodle at your choice, yummy toppings like fish balls, fish meat slices, slices of squid, fried tofu, morning glory, and congealed blood combine to form the flavor. The broth and the toppings here are homemade whereas it’s common for Yen To Fo stalls to buy the toppings from food processing factories.

  Dim Sum:

If you haven’t had these steamed bite-size dumplings served in bamboo baskets, you haven’t arrived in Bangkok’s Chinatown. You will get to try a few types of dim sum. All made with fresh ingredients, the dim sum here has received the best reputation in the neighborhood.

  Chinese Fried Dough (Patong Go):

The stall is always surrounded by customers queuing to get the tasty treat – this is why we bring you here. The dough, crispy after deep-fried is grilled and served with topping dips of your choice such as yellow custard, chocolate sauce, pandan-coconut sauce, or simply just condensed milk. As you munch on the Patong Go, you can see them being made from scratch.


Eating seafood at a pop-up table on a street side is a must-do in Chinatown. People are usually dissuaded seeing a long line of customers waiting for a table. But with our tour, we always reserve a spot for you so our customers are seated more or less right away! What’s on the plate? The tour guides may order different dishes on every tour but the usuals are grilled scollops, crab fried rice, spicy seafood soup, and spicy seafood salad.

  Crispy Pork and Pig Organs in Peppery Soup (Kway Jab)

Another southern Chinese dish, Kway Jab broth tastes soothing and makes you sweat in the same time (because of the black pepper!) The broth comes with your choices of organs, i.e. heart, liver, tongue. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of organs, you can go for crispy pork. Each type of organs has different texture. The cooking process is totally hygienic. They smell nothing but well-cooked meat.

After the several main dishes, we head for homemade ice-cream and a traditional Chinese dessert! The ice-cream vendor offers several choices of flavors. Many of them are special to Thailand like Thai milk tea, and tropical fruits like lichee, coconut, and durian.

The other dessert is sesame balls in ginger tea. Our tour guides nick-name this dessert eye-ball sweet soup. But don’t let the name gross you out. It’s delicious! And there is a reason we pick this dessert to end the tour. Ginger tea works magic on helping you digest everything on this extended dinner.

  What Else Do We Do on Our Chinatown Food Tour in Bangkok?

Bangkok’s Chinatown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Bangkok. Every generation that lives here adds to its cultural richness. Our tour guide will help you understand the fun history and background via visiting iconic and revered sites in the neighborhood. A little sightseeing also serves as digestion breaks between food stops too!

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Boat tours or canal tours in Bangkok often take place in Thonburi neighborhood. With so many tour operators offering similar experience, you want to go with the one that designs the most distinct route and program. Consider our Thonburi Food & Canals Adventures. This tour provides what travelers to Bangkok enjoy the most – a long-tail boat ride in Thonburi district and several delicious Thai dishes!


“Thailand is a food obsessed nation.” The fact has inspired our tours. Our job is to feed you as many tasty Thai dishes as we can. If you’re ready for this food and boat combo adventure, read on!


Understanding Thonburi Area & Its Canal Networks

Old wooden houses that you can see along Bangkok Yai canal

Thonburi is a district of Bangkok, located on the western side of Chao Phraya river. It was a capital of Siamese Kingdom (ancient Thailand) before Bangkok. Once Bangkok was founded, Thonburi was merged into Bangkok. Since Thonburi dates over 250 years, it’s teemed with ancient temples. The area has avoided much of the modern development seen elsewhere in Bangkok. It’s full of greenery, orchards, wooden houses on stilts, and rural rustic atmosphere that contrasts to the landscape of modern Bangkok. Bangkok feels like 50 years away when you’re in Thonburi!


The ancient Kuha Sawan Temple dating over 400 years

Thonburi is home to several canals that the locals used to use for transportation, communication, and trade. Though there are good paved roads today, these canals are used every day by the residents of Thonburi.


Why Choosing our Canal Tour in Bangkok?

1. The program of our canal tour in Bangkok is different from other operators’. It’s unique. It’s a boat tour plus food tour! You’ll be eating and learning about so many delicious Thai dishes within just a few hours.

2. This tour is a value for money! Most canal tours in Bangkok start at 55 USD (2019) for one person. Ours cost only slightly more but we feed you until you drop! We got your breakfast and lunch covered.

3. Our tour guides are Thai food experts and they are fun. They can give you useful pieces of advice for your holiday in Thailand.


Book This Tour

  Where We Go on Our Food & Canal Tour in Bangkok

Wat Klang Temple and Talad Phlu Train Station

Simply put – one food market at the start, another at the end, a boat ride and sightseeing in between. The rhythm of the tour is like a classic score, several slow pacing notes then a climax towards the end! We start in rural and quiet neighborhoods and finish at a busy bustling market, leaving you still in awe.


Salacca fruit and a pork vendor in Talad Phlu Market

The first market sits deep in the Thonburi district, sandwiched between a train track and a canal. Such wet market is the best place to see what ingredients go to Thai kitchens: tropical herbs, spices, vegetables, and exotic fruits. Colorful produces, vendors calling for customers, and trolleys pushing their ways through busy alleys are as real as a Thai way of life can get. The area is home to Bangkok’s best few Thai-Chinese dishes thanks to these restaurants which have served their old family recipes. For Thai foodies, this market is clearly the Chinatown of Thonburi.


A variety of Thai street food you’ll find at the second market!

The second market is the best day-time street food market (if Chinatown crowns as the king of Bangkok’s evening street food markets) The market is a maze-like alleys full of traditional Thai ready-to-eat dishes, snacks, and sweets offered by street carts and street-side restaurants. Our of our customers described the market and the tour experience as

I have never been exposed to this many street food in a single place. And never eat such variety of Thai food within few hours” (Amit Tripuraneni from India, 2017)


A monitor lizard (right)

Between the market, a long-tail boat takes you onto the snaky Bangkok Yai canal. You can feel tranquility reign the community as you drift past wooden homes on stilts, old-fashion shops, Buddhist temples, and the locals going about their routines. If you have never seen a monitor lizard, you might see one here.


The Artist House Art Gallery

We stop at The Artist House, a charming art gallery/souvenir shop with laid-back atmosphere. The wooden house on stilt itself is a sample of how houses in the neighborhood looked like 200 years ago. Then we leave the canals of Thonburi to Chao Phraya river. The busy traffic on the river draws you back to the reality of Bangkok metropolis, like an alarm waking you up from a tranquil dream.


Grand Palace (left) and Wat Arun Temple as seen form the long-tail boat

  What Do We Eat on Our Canal Tour in Bangkok?

The food part of this tour ranges from soup and noodles, to curry, to hot and spicy Northeastern Thai dishes the country is so famous for!

  • Stewed beef soup with rice. The meat is so soft it almost melts on your tongue. The delicious flavor owes to the pot burned for generations!

Stew beef soup (left), Red curry with prawns (centre), pig organ in rolled flat rice noodle soup (right)

  • Chinese fried dough and traditional coffee or tea in an old-school cafe in the middle of a wet market. This is where seniles and retirees socialize and spend sumptuous time on their breakfast.

Traditional Thai coffee and Chinese fried dough

  • Award-winning red curry with prawn on steamed rice

  • Stewed pork organs in rolled flat rice noodle soup.

  • Spicy (or not) raw papaya salad, deep-fried pork, grilled chicken, and sticky rice

  • Super refreshing dessert: mung bean threads and water chestnut balls in iced coconut milk syrup

Grilled chicken (left), Raw papaya salad (centre), Mango & sticky rice (right)

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We are at Navatas Travel Store

14/9 Soi Mooban Wandee, Suthisanwinichai Rd., Samsen Nai, Phayathai, Bangkok

Our office is located inside of “Atria Aree-Intamara ” Townhome village.

1) By MRT (Subway): Take the train to Chatuchak MRT station. Then take Exit 2 and take an escalator to BTS Mochit Station.

2) By BTS (Sky Train): Take the BTS train to Saphan Kwai Station

3) By Taxi: From BTS Saphan Kwai Station, you can tell the taxi that you would like to go the “Soi Mooban Wandee”. However, please prepare for the travel time as the traffic can be unpredictable. After taking off, the office is in the building number 14/9 on your right.

You can check Google Map for your reference here

Call our office if you need assistance: 095-943-9222

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Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Bangkok

Bangkok is home to one of the best Chinese New Year celebrations out of China itself. The New Year is based on Chinese lunar calendar. In Gregorian calendar, the first day begins on the new moon that appears between 21 January and 20 February. In 2019, the first day falls on February 5th. It will be the Year of the Pig, according to Chinese Zodiac represented by 12 animals. If you are in Bangkok at this time, be prepared for crowds of worshippers and Chinese descendants, fireworks, lion and dragon dances, and signs of pigs everywhere!

Workers installing lanterns over Yaowarat Road

Though the festivity is at its heights in Bangkok’s Chinatown (Yaowarat), the celebrations take place nationwide as there are Chinese communities throughout Thailand. You’ll find the celebrations in Chiang Mai, Nakhon Sawan, Phuket equally exciting. Note that in 2020, 2021, and 2022, the New Year’s Day fall on January 15th, February 12th, February 1st respectively.

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What Happens on Chinese New Year in Thailand?  

Though New Year celebration lasts 16 days, from New Year’s Eve to the 15th day of the New Year – the Lantern Festival, it features 3 important activities, nicknamed as “Shopping Day”, “Praying Day’, and “Going Out Day”. The Shopping Day is the day before New Year’s Eve when people go shopping for food and god offerings. Markets in Chinese communities across Thailand are packed as people stock up the supplies they will need for the feast.

Ang Pao envelopes

Praying Day falls on New Year’s Eve when people pray to the gods and ancestor spirits. Families have sumptuous dinners at home. Adults give pocket money to children in red envelopes called ang-pao as a gift.

New Year’s Day is the rest day. Some people stay home and do nothing. Many go out to visit extended families and relatives. People are dressed in colorful clothes. Women usually wear qi pao. They give each other oranges, believed to bring luck, and wish a happy and prosperous year to come. To maximize their fortune for the year, they avoid arguments, and conversations about illness or death.

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  Where to Observe Chinese New Year in Bangkok

Leng Noei Yi or Mangkon Kamalawat Temple

The best place to observe the celebration is definitely Chinatown, known as Yaowarat in Thai. Celebrations take place day and night! A few days prior to New Year, you will see crowd gathering at at temples and shrine to make merit, praying to Buddha images and statues of Chinese deities. Leng Noei Yi or Mangkon Kamalawat Temple in particular is a very popular shrine or neighborhood residents and visitors. Chinese hot meals and food with auspicious names are sold at multitude of street stalls set up on the main road which is closed off from vehicles and becomes a walking street.

At day and night, there are cultural shows on stages. Beautiful parades of dragon and lion dancers march up and down the road. Fireworks decorate the night sky. Noe that firecrackers are used as a part of loud and boisterous celebrations. Any way, they are generally safe.

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6 Essential Apps for Traveling in Bangkok

Thanks to several new smartphone apps, traveling and travel planning in Bangkok can be accomplished with your finger tips. Let us introduce you to the most efficient apps for dining, getting around, language translation, and finding local friends in Bangkok. With these apps, you’ll find self-guided adventures in the city much more fun. They’ll give you insights into the city and might even help you avoid troubles. (like missing a flight).

Before you read on, check out these blogs about places to dine and go out in Bangkok

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5 Bangkok Best Exotic Bars


#1 Essential App for Traveling in Bangkok Grab

Supported systems: IOS, Android

Grab is the Uber of Southeast Asia including Thailand. This is the best app to get private transportation within Thai cities. When you flag taxis or motorbike taxis in Bangkok, they may refuse to take you (due to heavy traffic), or overcharge you. With Grab, there is no hassle. As you’re informed of the fare before taking the ride, you know how much you’re expected to pay. There is no surprise at the end of the ride. Using Grab is sometimes cheaper than taking a metered taxi. There’re always deals and promotions that significantly reduce the fares.

Once you enter the Pick up location and the Destination, you choose which mode of transportation you want. You can choose JustGrab (taxi or car), GrabCar (car), GrabTaxi (taxi), or GrabBike (Win) a motorbike taxi that will weave you through Bangkok’s legendary traffic. You can schedule a ride if you choose GrabCar Plus or anything under the Advance Booking category. You may phone your driver and he can phone you if you have a local SIM card. Otherwise, use Chat on the app to communicate with your driver.

#2 Essential App for Traveling in Bangkok Google Translate

Supported systems: IOS, Android

Google Translate app is surprisingly smart. It gives pretty decent Thai to English and English to Thai translation results. If the words, phrases, or sentences get complicated, you may have to use your judgement, but the translation is not going to be far from your guess.

The Camera button allows you to take photos of signs to be translated. But this only works with very simple-looking fonts. Fancy fonts and heavy graphic sends the robot to total confusions. Handwriting allows you to write what you want to translate on your phone screen. Hit the Voice button to translate your speeches. You can download languages to your phone before the trip so you can use the app without internet connections. So, install the app before leaving home!

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    #3 Essential App for Traveling in Bangkok Couchsurfing

Supported systems: IOS, Android

Couchsurfing (CS) connects members to a global community of travelers. Once you become a Couchsurfer (CSer), you can request to stay with a local member in cities you’re traveling to, hang out with them, or meet up with travelers visiting the same destinations. And you yourself can host travelers and show them your hometown. Hospitality on Couchsurfing is free. A host doesn’t ask a guest to pay for their lodging, and a guest should not offer.

The CS community in Bangkok is big and is very active. CS Bangkok weekly hang out happens every Wednesday evening at Co-co Walk, a dining area at Ratchathewi BTS Skytrain station. Here, you’ll meet Thai, expat, and traveler CSers. Check What’s Happening Nearby? to see events and activities organized by local CSers, free of charge or with cheap costs.


  #4 Essential App for Traveling in Bangkok Maps.me

Supported systems: IOS, Android

Maps.me is an amazing app for offline maps to navigate cities and places. It uses GPS so internet connection is not required. All you have to do is to download the maps of the places you’re planning to go, region or country maps. You can look up routes and travel distances like you go on Google Maps. You can search names of places and businesses, and browse a business in the Categories.

Maps.me use OpenStreetMap. It’s like Wikipedia for maps. Users can edit the maps or add new towns/roads/business, etc themselves. That means you may run into inaccurate information. Like the business you’re looking for is long gone but its location is still on the map.


#5 Essential App for Traveling in Bangkok Wongnai

Supported systems: IOS, Android

Wongnai is basically Thailand’s Yelp with an emphasis on food and restaurants. There are sections for beauty, spa, hotels, and attractions venues as well. You can set Wongnai’s interface to English, but most of information like names of the restaurants, user reviews, and addresses are in Thai.

Wongnai is the best app to look for local restaurants. You can find restaurants by browsing types of dishes and locations. On each restaurant’s page there are photos, ranks, reviews, and recommended dishes by users. Addresses are in Thai. The on-app maps can be off exact locations by a few meters. So it’s better to find an English spelling of the restaurant name and look it up on Goole Maps, or put your English-speaking hotel concierge to use.

#6 Essential App for Traveling in Bangkok Eatigo

Supported systems: IOS, Android

This excellent restaurant app offers restaurant discounts of up to 50% off during specific, non-peak hours once you reserve your table via the app. Participating bars, restaurants, and eateries are diverse, ranging from neighborhoods, to cuisines, to styles. If you tap ‘here & now,’ you’ll see the discounts offered at that hour by restaurants close to where you are.

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5 Awesome themed & Instagramable Cafes in Bangkok

Bangkok offers a surprisingly great number of themed cafes. If you’re a sweet tooth or a coffee lover looking for an extra flavor to your brew, you should seek out these quirky themed and Instagramable cafes in Bangkok. While savoring your coffee or tea, and maybe a bakery, you can enjoy ‘the show’ in the same time. Plus, you will have one or two photos to impress your social media followers!


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#1 Awesome Themed & Instagramable Cafe in Bangkok  IceDEA

Looks are deceiving at IceDEA.

Don’t underestimate what this tiny stark white ice cream shop has to offer. At this minimalist ice cream shop, you get the most perverse and photogenic ice cream in Bangkok. Ice cream at IceDEA may look like fruits, set meals, and even teeth and gum! They have both permanent and temporary items which they craft to celebrate holidays and special occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s.

Fruit look ice cream

TO EAT/DRINK @ THIS CAFE: A popular item on the menu is the Steak with Fries. The steak is brownie or hazelnut ice cream depending on how you’d like your steak cooked. If you get medium rare, the inside of your steak will be pink! It’s served with Parmesan Cheese Toast and fries (caramel coated banana slices). Another delicious item is Japanese set menu of fried pork cutlet which is actually fried ice cream (a flavor of your choice) with fruits and candied nuts.

Grandma’s Lemonade (Italian soda, lime)

If you want something smaller than the meal sets, a mangosteen is a good choice. Not craving for ice cream? Get a drink – Grandma’s Lemonade (syrup soda, a slice of lime, and a frozen set of granny’s dentures) is definitely Instagram worthy!

WHEN & WHERE: 11am – 7pm; closed on Mondays | 4th floor, Bangkok Art & Cultural Center (opposite to MBK shopping mall) | National Stadium BTS Skytrain Station | FB: IceDEA 

Pin this poster then read on!

#2 Awesome Themed & Instagramable Cafe in Bangkok  Unicorn Cafe


At Unicorn Cafe, the cute mythic creature and rainbows dominate everywhere from its wallpaper to items on the menu. Unicorn statues, dolls, and My Little Pony toys among sweet pastel-color furniture. There are even rental onesies for you to wear while you enjoy your unicorn experience. An array of Unicorn themed accessories and knick-knacks are available for sale. Kids love it here. But if you’re not a kid, this cafe will make you feel young again!

Unicorn Rainbow Waffle (right)

TO EAT/DRINK @ THIS CAFE: Unicorn Cafe serves both hot meals and snacks. Try Fried Chicken Wings coated with rainbow lava cheese or Unicorn Rainbow Spaghetti Carbonara Bacon. For sweets, get Unicorn Rainbow Waffle or Unicorn Rainbow Crepe Roll.

WHEN & WHERE: Noon – 8pm; closed on Mondays | Soi (Street) Sathorn 8 | Chong Nonsi BTS Skytrain Station | Tel. 086 397 9262 | FB: Unicorn Cafe 


#3 Awesome Themed & Instagramable Cafe in Bangkok  Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe

You can lie in a coffin for a few minutes and contemplate on your life

Don’t let the word ‘death’ in the cafe’s name make you feel depressed or want to commit a suicide. The cafe owner and brainchild Veeranut Rojanaprapa says his death theme conveys a Buddhist philosophy. People should lead a moral life, appreciate simplicity, and be at peace with death. As you walk around the cafe, you’ll see questions like “Are you happy with what you do?” and “What is your goal for which you work so hard?” on framed signs and on walls. The skeletons prop on couches are simple reminders that one day we’ll ALL end up looking like them.

You may also write your last wish, plan your future funeral rites, or learn how to donate your body to medical schools. There is a coffin where you can lie in for a few minutes and contemplate on life, with a hope that once you rise from it you’ll dawn on a new life perspective. If you lie in the coffin, you’ll also get a discount on your drinks.

A skeleton to remind you we will all end up like it one day

TO EAT/DRINK @ THIS CAFE: You may get a cup of typical coffee Last Day (Espresso), One Week Left (Americano), One Month Left (Mocha). Or get their signatures which are non-cofee: Born (Italian soda), Elder (hot chocolate), Painful (jelly, whipped cream, strawberry sauce), and Death (chocolate shake). The price ranges between 50 and 85 THB, very affordable as profit is not the aim of the cafe.

A customer experiencing how it feels like to be an old person (right)

WHEN & WHERE: 9am – 7pm; daily | 1191 Phaholyothin Rd.| Ari BTS Skytrain Station | Tel. 092 261 0150 | FB: Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe 



#4 Awesome Themed & Instagramable Cafe in Bangkok  Little ZOO cafe


You are probably aware off dog or cat cafes in Bangkok. But Little Zoo Cafes take it to the next level. While drinking a coffee or having your meal, you get to play with exotic critters like meerkats, Fennec foxes, raccoons, cockatoo, guinea pigs, etc. Different kinds of puppies roam freely. So don’t be surprised if a furry thing brushes against your legs! There is even a Corgi Room. At particular time, staff bring out Fennec foxes to interact with you for a short time. However, this session highly depends on the animals’ moods. Don’t be upset if you only get to play with them shortly or don’t get to see them at all.

The cafe has two floors. Most of the animals stay on the upper floor. You may place an a la carte order and stay on the lower floor. Drinks start at 120 THB. But the 350 THB package (Jan 2019) provides an entry to the upper floor and includes a drink, a dessert, and a pair of sanitized socks.

Strawberry Lover Ice Cream

TO EAT/DRINK @ THIS CAFE: For the package, you may choose coffee, tea, or yogurt shakes. The desserts include cake, ice cream, and waffles with ice cream.

WHEN & WHERE: 10.30am – 7pm; daily | 420 Siam Square, 11 Alley | Siam BTS Skytrain Station | Tel. 092 448 1116 | FB: Little ZOO cafe 


#5 Awesome Themed & Instagramable Cafe in Bangkok Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok


This is Hello Kitty lovers’ dream come true. If you grew up with this Sanrio character, you cannot miss this 3-storey mansion of cafe, spa, and shop. As you sit in this dreamily pink cafe, surrounded by Hello Kitty furniture and decoration, you’ll hear soft Hello Kitty soundtrack played in the background. If you’re a Hello Kitty paraphernalia and souvenir collector, you can shop until you drop on the ground floor.

Fruity Pancakes

TO EAT/DRINK @ THIS CAFE: The cafe serves hot meals, snacks, and beverages. Try

Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Fruity Pancakes.

WHEN & WHERE: The cafe opens daily from 10am to 10pm| Siam Square One..

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Wang Lang Market – The Best Street Food Market in Bangkok

Bangkok is a street food heaven. When you travel in Bangkok, you need to eat street food, either get a take-away from a food cart or actually sit and eat on a street side! In this blog, we’ll introduce you to Wang Lang Market. It is the best Bangkok’s street food market that opens during the day. Imagining a bustling market packed with street vendors selling exotic and colorful Thai dishes and snacks? Read on!

Wang Lang - Best Street Food Market in Bangkok - YouTube

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Top 5 Night Food Markets and Spots in Bangkok 

Remember that Bangkok is a big city and possibilities for foodies to dive into local dining experiences. One of the best ways is to take a tour with professional food tour agencies like Bangkok Food Tours. Our Thonburi Food & Canals Adventure Tour takes you to 2 street food markets, one of which is Wang Lang. You’ll be fed with tons of delicious Thai food and a fun boat ride via canals.

Pin this poster then read on!

Briefly about Wang Lang Market

Wang Lang Market is located on the west bank of Chao Phraya river. The area is a part of Bangkok’s Old quarter and preserves a super local vibe. The maze-like market is filled with alleys crossing one another, and cramped with vendors and shops selling clothes, accessories, and fashion items. Good place to pick up cheap and fashionable ladies’ clothing.

Traditional Thai sweet stall

Yet, the main draw of the market is its street food. You’ll find stalls offering hot meals and snacks to be taken away in plastic bags. These are namely meat on skewers, fresh fruits, bakery, fried meat balls, spicy papaya salad, and smoothies. There are plenty of restaurants and street stalls that serve specialty like a variety of noodles, pork rice, Northeastern Thai food, and rice with curries.

100 THB ($3) t-shirts for sale

Wang Lang Market serves early risers. Most stalls close after 2 or 3pm though some restaurants remain open until early evening. Expect the market to be crowded and busy during lunch hours.

  Navigating Wang Lang Market

Fried meat balls on skewers

Wang Lang Market doesn’t have an official entrance. It’s on your left after you leave the pier, opposite to Siriraj Hospital, and stretches about 300 meters on Pran Nok Road. Once you see street cart vendors crowding the footpath, that’s the market. However, deeper through alleyways is where the fun begins. When you first enter the market, it could be overwhelming. But if you’re a foodie, the sight of plenty of food will make you happy.

  What to Eat at Wang Lang Market

1. Khun Daeng’s Kway Jab Yuan (คุณแดงก๋วยจั๊บญวน)

Kway Jab Yuan or Vietnamese Rice Noodle with Pork Spare Ribs. The noodle is round soft and sticky. The soup got thicken during the cooking process. Slow simmering makes the pork meat tender it easily falls off the bone. The broth is sprinkled with fried shallots, onion and parsley. Delicious! Khun Daeng sorts their ingredients from best sources. Some come from Thailand’s upcountry. Their black pepper comes from Pune, India.

Opens 10am – 7.30pm, daily

2. Sai Mai’s Egg Noodle Soup with Shrimp Wonton (สายไหมบะหมี่เกี๊ยวกุ้ง)

Egg Noodle Soup with Shrimp Wonton

The Sarim Tab Tim Krob dessert

This restaurant is best known for their homemade biteful shrimp wonton and egg yellow noodle. The soup comes with bog choy (Chinese kale), sprinkled onion and parsley. You can also add pork meat and crab meat to it. Once here, get a dessert to finish off your meal. Sarim Tab Tim Krob is colorful flour in iced coconut milk loose syrup. Sarim is flour threads in pink and green. Tab Tim Krob is made of tapioca flour and colored to look like pomegranate seeds.

Opens 9.30am – 7pm, daily (till 5pm on Sundays)

3. Yupin’s Som Tam (ส้มตำเจ๊ยุพิน)

Green papaya salad and grilled chicken

Som Tam is spicy green papaya salad with tomato, cow pea, peanut, garlic, dried shrimp seasoned with fish sauce, palm sugar, lime, and lots of chili. You can have Som Tam Thai with all the ingredients mentioned, or order Som Tam Pu (with black crabs) or Som Tam Plara (with fermented fish). Yupin serves other Northeastern Thai dishes too. Her grilled chicken (Yai Gang) is the best. You can get chicken, pork, beef, duck salads. Note that every dish comes with lots of locals herbs, spices, and chili.

Opens 8am – 7pm, daily

4. Frozen Egg Coconut Ice Cream (ไอติมไข่แข็ง)

We are familiar with egg being a well mixed ingredient in ice cream. But this recipe takes raw egg yolk and lets it freeze on the ice cream itself, creating the layer of frozen egg with mild salty flavor coated on the ice cream before scooping to serve. The egg matches well with the flavor of creamy and sweet coconut ice cream. You can choose toppings like jelly, sweeten fruits, taro, plum, red beans, and so on.

5. Pa Tim’s Khanom Tang Taek (ขนมถังแตกป้าติ๋ม)

Tang Taek is sweet crepe with lots of sugar and sweet fillings. The fillings are such as soft meringue cream, corns, sweet egg yolk threads, sesame seeds, shredded coconut depending on your choice. Tang Taek means to be broke. The dessert has earned this name because it’s cheap. It was cheap back in the day and is still cheap! (50 cents/piece) Pa Tim’s Tang Taek are known for their variety of fillings and the generous amount of fillings.

Opens 7am – 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday

  How to Get to Wang Lang Market

View of Chao Phraya river as you take a river ferry

The easiest and the most fun way to get to the market is by Chao Phraya Express river boats. From Saphan Taksin BTS Skytrain station, take an Orange Flag boat to Pier No.10 (Pran Nok). The fee is 15 THB. It takes around half an hour. From the market you cab walk 2 km to the famous Wat Arun temple.

The post Wang Lang Market – The Best Street Food Market in Bangkok appeared first on Bangkok Food Tours.

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Best Street Food Tours in Bangkok by Bangkok Food Tours

Bangkok is a world’s street food capital. Traveling in the city, you don’t want to miss having a street food experience. Let us at Bangkok Food Tours take you to the heart of the action! Why is it a good idea to come with us? There are a few reasons:

All Bangkok Food Tours guides are locals. If they don’t live in the neighborhood we take you to, then they frequent it because they are after the delicious food themselves. That means your experience is delivered by an insider and Thai food guru. We take you to the eateries that you’re not likely to find by yourself, local people’s favorite ones, and introduce you to dishes that you might not try on your own. Through us, you’ll meet foodies from all over the world, alike-mind travelers. Ready to savor Thai street food, sightsee, and socialize with interesting people? Read on!

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10 Things to Do in Bangkok

Best Restaurants in Sukhumvit, Bangkok (for Budget & Finer Diners)

5 Tropical Beach Paradises & Islands Near Bangkok 

#1 Street Food Tour in Bangkok by Bangkok Food Tours  Historic Bangrak Food Tasting and Culture Tour

Street food on Charoen Krung Road

Bangrak’s street food scene preserves a similar atmosphere to Chinatown’s street food. But instead of night, the street food scene of Bangrak flourishes during the day. A step off BTS Saphan Taksin Skytrain, food carts occupy the sidewalks of Charoen Krung Rd. They line up in front of shophouses operating as shops and restaurants, and even making their ways onto side lanes. You’ll be swimming in the sea of street food, enjoying the sight and smells of cooked-to-order and pre-cooked dishes, snacks, and fruits, as the tour guide walks you through the neighborhood and beyond.

Our guests happy to meet the Duck Rice restaurant owner

Thanks to the neighborhood’s multi-ethnic residents, Bangrak is teemed with delicious ethnic restaurants. In this tour, you’ll get to taste Chinese, Muslim, Northeastern Thai, and royal Thai dishes. These are namely duck rice, curry noodle, Som Tam (papaya salad), crunchy lemongrass, chicken green curry, roti, and coconut ice cream. With small portions, you won’t be too full but are certainly fed enough for big breakfast and lunch.

Duck rice

To ensure you have time to digest between the several food stops, the tour takes you to sightsee iconic sites of the neighborhood such a temple, a Catholic church, and beautiful heritage buildings. You’ll even get to cross the Chao Phraya river on a ferry! Many travelers have recommended this tour on TripAdvisor. See what CK Travel, a seasoned food and travel blogger, talks about this tour here

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#2 Street Food Tour in Bangkok by Bangkok Food Tours   Yaowarat Street Food Tour

Chinatown is the legend of night street food markets in Bangkok. DO NOT SKIP IT. If you don’t visit it for the food, you should for its vibrant and bustling atmosphere anyway – photogenic. On the main road and its side lanes, food vendors busy preparing their specialty dishes as customers queue up to take seats. There are hundreds of eateries just on the main road alone. And all of them undoubtedly serve delicious food. But we’ll take you to the ones our food experts have degreed to be the best.

Grilled prawn at the seafood restaurant

Lining up are Yen Ta Foe pink noodle soup with fish balls, Dim Sum, seafood, pork organs soup (don’t make a face, it’s delicious!), ice cream, and black sesame dumplings in ginger tea. There will be other snack treats too. You’ll be dining on a street most of the time, in a quiet alley and on the main road. In the beginning of the tour, sightseeing the nearby iconic attractions will tune you in to the neighborhood’s history. See what other travelers have recommended it on TripAdvisor

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#3 Street Food Tour in Bangkok by Bangkok Food Tours  Street Food Hunt at Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market has over 15,000 stalls spreading across 35 acres and 26 sections which range from food, art and craft, antiques, fashion and so on. Many travelers navigate it themselves. But why not having a local help you navigate it if you can?

Northeastern Thai sausage vendor

Shopping is the main reason people come here but street food stalls are also an essential part of the market. These are where hungry shoppers turn to. We don’t take you to any of them but the best ones. Along the way, you will walk through what we call the highlighted alleys where you will surely find beautiful souvenirs to take home. While enjoying being fed with delicious food, you can make a list of what you want to buy in your mind!

Pulled tea or The Tarik

The tour includes food and drinks at 7 stops. You’ll eating spicy papaya salad, grilled honeyed pork, Thai sausages, chicken noodle, and pulled tea to name a few. There are other snacks and ice cream along the way. Our tour guide will give you a good overview of the market. By the end of the tour, which is early afternoon, you’ll have more confidence to dive into the market by yourself.

Book This Tour

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Most Recommended Bangkok Night Tours by Bangkok Food Tours

Day tours in Bangkok alone can keep you busy for days. But there are several good reasons why you should take Bangkok night tours. Bangkok offers a different reality after dark, not usually experienced by tourist crowd. The cooler weather and less traffic on the streets are a big plus. Exploring the culture, street food, and attractions of Bangkok at night is an emerging popular trend for travelers. See our recommended Bangkok night tours by Bangkok Food Tours and get ahead of the crowd!

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4 Things to Love in Bangkok by Night

  #1 Recommended Bangkok Night Tour Best Eats Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk

Customers on Best Eats Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk

The most popular night Tuk Tuk food tour in Bangkok, Best Eats Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk combines dining at the city’s best evening restaurants with sightseeing by Tuk Tuk. Food lovers will enjoy authentic Thai dishes as much as zipping through Bangkok on a Tuk Tuk. This is your chance to eat spicy but yummy Northeastern Thai food, crispy chicken fried noodle, and the city’s best Pad Thai that even locals crave for.

Most delicious Pad Thai in Bangkok!

The sightseeing part includes a famous temple crowded by tourists during day time but empty by then, and the colorful flower market at its full bloom. A flight up to a secret rooftop bar close to the end of the tour, you’ll appreciate the best view of Wat Arun glowing against the dark sky while sipping your beer or cocktail. The sightseeing gives your stomach plenty of time to digest and rest before the next food stop. Best Eats Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk is the most recommended night Tuk Tuk food tour in Bangkok on TripAdvisor. See what bloggers talk about their experience with this tour:

Review by Miles Less Travelled 

Review by Trailing Rachel 

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  #2 Recommended Bangkok Night Tour Motorbike Food Adventure & Amazing Night Market

Motorbike Food Adventure and Amazing Night Markets - YouTube

Motorbike Food Adventure & Amazing Night Market puts the best bits of Bangkok together, a motorbike ride and street food! Riding a motorbike in Bangkok can be intimidating. But with this tour, you don’t need to be brave. You will feel very safe at the back of a motorbike engined by a professional driver. And now that you can relax, you may enjoy Bangkok street lives at night whizz through like fast forward movie scenes. The driver and a guide will take you to neighborhoods untouched by tourists. That’s really a bonus.

Customers on Motorbike Food Adventure & Amazing Night Market enjoying Northeastern Thai hot pot

The tour starts at the heart of Bangkok and ends at the famous vintage Train Market in Ratchada neighborhood. Along the way, you savor Thai style fried chicken, Northeastern Thai hot pot, Khao Soi (Northern Thai coconut curry noodle soup), and grilled fish or grilled seafood. At one point, the tour stops at a Ganesh God shrine where you make a wish and pray to the god or quietly observe local devotees going about.

The most famous night market in Bangkok, Ratchada Train Market

At the final stop, the train market, you’ll enjoy the festivity of the best night market in Bangkok. Rolls of street food stalls, clothes, knickknacks, and vintage bars made out of containers. The tour finishes off at a rooftop bar overlooking the sea of colorful awnings of the market – a fantastic view.

See a Blogger’s review here:

A Dash of Life 

Book This Tour   #3 Recommended Bangkok Night Tour Bangkok Exotic Bar Crawl by Tuk Tuk

Bangkok Exotic Bar Crawl by Tuk Tuk - Bangkok Food Tours - YouTube

The best of Bangkok’s nightlife in a few hours, Bangkok Exotic Bar Crawl by Tuk Tuk takes you into the heart of the actions! The 4 bars to visit all have different characters. Think of it as a themed park for adults. Moreover, you’ll hop them by Tuk Tuk.

You’ll start at an emerging hipster district in a bar where traditional Thai elements have been taken into a new interpretation. Here is your chance to try Thai Moonshine, the herbal alcohol drinks that believe to cure. The second stop brings you to a high life, sipping cocktail on Bangkok’s highest rooftop bar. The 360 degree view of Bangkok at city from the angle cannot be duplicated!

The third stop brings you back in time, to Shanghai’s Forbidden Era in 1930s. This underground jazz bar is furnished by beautiful girls in a bob cut and Qipao. Finally, you’ll explore the red light district of Patpong. In an ordinary go-go bar, a surprise awaits you. You’ll arrive in time to see a bar transformed into a boxing ring. Sounds unbelievable? You’ll see it for yourself. Note that drink bills are on you.

Book This Tour


#4 Bangkok Night Tour Yaowarat Street Food Tour (Chinatown)

Yaowarat Street Food Tour explores the best and biggest evening street food market in Bangkok. In Chinatown, you’ll be taunted with numerous street food stalls and may not know where to start. This tour guides you through the market, giving you insights of the neighborhood, and taking you to the best restaurants known among locals.

Delicious grilled prawns at a seafood street-side restaurant

Though most of the stalls and restaurants are located on the bustling main road where the crowd jumbles, you get to dine on smaller streets and side alleys as well. You’ll be fed with tons of food like Yen Ta Foe pink noodle soup, Dim Sum, pork peppery soup, seafood, and ice cream. So, come hungry! The tour also includes short visits to revered and iconic sites of the neighborhood.

Book This Tour

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Self-Guided Chao Phraya River Sightseeing Trip

The 12-kilometer banks of Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River is home to a handful of noteworthy attractions and places of interest for travelers. Taking a Chao Phraya river ferry and visiting these attractions is one of the most popular things to do in Bangkok. In this blog, we suggest a full-day do-it-yourself Chao Phraya river sightseeing itinerary which covers both famous tourist attractions and hidden cultural neighborhoods in Bangkok’s Old City. If you’re ready, read on!

Which River Ferries to Take on a Self-Guided Chao Phraya River Sightseeing Trip?

Orange Flag, Chao Phraya Express Boat

Inside an Orange Flag boat, Chao Phraya Express Boat

You want to start at Sathorn Pier (Saphan Taksin BTS Station, Exit 2), the major pier on the Chao Phraya River. The bustling pier is heavily trafficked by passenger boats. It serves hotel ferries, the Asiatique ferry, and Chao Phraya Express Boats, all of which have their own piers. You want to use Chao Phraya Express Boat service. The company offers 5 types of boats: Orange Flag, Yellow Flag, Green Flag, Blue Flag (Tourist Boat), and No Flag (Local Line). Each type has its own routes and makes different stops. Look for the tiny triangle flags at the roofs of the boats.

The sign of Chao Phraya Express Boat pier is marked clearly. Just follow the sign


On the pier, you will see the kiosk selling One-Day River Pass (฿180), which is the ticket for the Tourist Boat stopping at major tourist attractions. Tour guides are available onboard. The One-Day River Pass is good if you want to stay on a tourist path. But we suggest you get off the beaten tourist path by following our itinerary and not taking the Blue Flag boats.

Chao Phraya Express Boat route map

Fares of Orange Flag and Yellow Flag boats are ฿15 and ฿20, respectively, per trip. Fares of the No Flag and Green Flag boats depend on distance travelled (between ฿9 and ฿35). The fares are paid at the booth before boarding or to the staff once you’re onboard. Of all the 4 types, the Orange Flag boats are your best bet. They stop at all the most popular piers, and run every 10 to 20 minutes from 6am to 7pm.

One Day Self-Guided Chao Phraya River Sightseeing Itinerary

*Always take an Orange-Flag Boat


Arrive at Sathorn Pier. Take an Orange-Flag boat going north. (If you face the river, the boat will be traveling to the right) Your first stop is Wat Arun. Get off at Wat Arun Pier. The ride takes 15 minutes.

10 am

Take the river-crossing ferry (฿4) to Tha Tien Pier (Pier No.8). Cross the Maha Rat Street to Wat Pho.


From where you enter Wat Pho, head south along the Maha Rat Street for 5 minutes, you’ll see the back entrance of Museum Siam.


Follow the Maharat Street south and turn right before the bridge crossing Rop Krung Canal. At the street’s end, you’ll find Rajinee Pier (Pier No.7). Take the boat going north (heading to your right).


Get off at Wang Lang/Pran Nok Pier (Pier No.10) Explore the bustling Wang Lang Market. Have lunch here and enjoy street food.


Head back to the pier. Take the boat going south (heading to your right) to Memorial Bridge Pier (Pier No.6). The ride takes 10 minutes.


Walk across the Memorial Bridge. Once you get off the bridge, you’ll see the riverside walkway/bicycle lane that brings you to Santa Cruz Church.


Facing the front of the church, you’ll see a small alley on your right with a small sign ‘Baan Kudichin Museum.’ Half way along the alley, there is a shop selling Thai cupcake on the left. Grab a bag or two (3 bags for ฿100). A few meters after, the museum is on your right.


See the museum’s permanent exhibition. Get a coffee and relax at the coffee shop on the first floor. Enjoy your drink with the cup cake.


Head back to the church and to the riverside walkway. Turn left along the walkway for 200 meters until you see a Taoist temple.


Head back to Memorial Bridge Pier and explore Pak Klong Talad Flower Market next to it.


Walk to Yodpiman Pier (Pier No.6/1) which is inside Yodpiman River Walk Mall. Take a boat going south (traveling to your left). Get off at the next stop, Rachawongse Pier (Pier No.5)


From the pier follow Ratchawong Road until you hit Yaowarat Road, the main road of Chinatown. Get dinner and enjoy the lively scene of Bangkok’s most famous street food neighborhood.

    Briefly about Each Attractions on the Chao Phraya River Sightseeing Itinerary 1. Wat Arun Temple

The temple is the most visually striking landmark towering over the Chao Phraya River. The central prang or stupa, standing 80 meters tall, is intricately decorated with colorful pieces of porcelain. The porcelain was used as ballasts in boats traveling to Bangkok from China. You can climb up to the middle level of the central prang and be rewarded with a beautiful view of the river. You can even see the Grand Palace and Wat Pho, your next stop, from here.

Another photo spot is the big giant sculptures that guard the main entrance to the ubosot. These giants are characters from Ramayana, an ancient Indian epic that has a heavy influences on Thai art. If you want to visit this temple, Wat Pho, and other iconic attractions in Bangkok’s Old City on a Tuk Tuk, have a look at The Bangkok Highlights Tour

2. Wat Pho Temple

Wat Pho is one of the largest temple complexes in Bangkok. It’s a 10-minute walk from the Grand Palace. The must see here is the reclining Buddha that measures 46 meters long. The statue is covered in gold leaf. Behind the ubosot, stand 4 looming pagodas dedicated to the first 4 kings of Bangkok. The pagodas are decorated with colorful tiles. Wat Pho is a great place to take traditional Thai massage. It could be a bit pricey. But the service is provided by really skillful masseuses.

Rue-si Datton statues at Wat Pho

In the courtyards of Wat Pho, there are comical looking Chinese statues. They were used as ballasts in boats from China. Rue-si Datton statues elaborate yoga postures used along with Thai massage trainings.

3. Museum Siam 

The museum is set in a beautiful yellow historic building served for Ministry of Commerce. Via fun interactive exhibitions, you can learn about Thai identity, history of the people of Thailand, and Thailand’s relationships with neighboring cultures. Check their website and Facebook page for upcoming events to plan your visit to the museum.

4. Wang Lang Market

Wang Lang is a traditional and authentic market appealing to locals. There are hardly any tourists here. You’ll find stalls selling local clothing, cheap beauty and fashion products, but will be overwhelmed by street food carts and local restaurants. From meat skewers, to rice with assortments, noodles, Pad Thai, Thai-style Sushi, a variety of traditional Thai desserts and more. It’s best to visit before 2pm when the market starts to die down. For a complete guideline of what to eat at Wang Lang Market, click here. Wang Lang Market is featured in our Thonburi Food & Canals Adventure Tour

5. Kudee Jeen Village

The Catholic Santa Cruz Church

This historic village is known as a community where Thai people of 3 beliefs live together in harmony: Catholic, Muslim, and Taoism. Upon arrival from the river promenade, you’ll be greeted by the beautiful Santa Cruz church built around 1770. To your right (facing the church), is a maze-like alleys of the village residential area. You may allow yourself to get lost here or find Kudee Jeen Soi 3 (Alley 3) to visit Baan Kudichin Museum. The house-turned-museum displays an exhibition of Portuguese settlers in Siam, an ancient Thai kingdom, and old artifacts of the house owner. The Catholic residents of this village are descendants of these Portuguese people.

An old wooden house spotted from the promenade

Back on the promenade, there is a Taoist shrine, Kian Un Keng, dedicated to the Goddess Guanyin. The shrine’s courtyard is very peaceful. The Muslim quarter is called Kudee Khao and is located across Arun Amarin road, away from the river. If you want a guided tour through Kudee Jeen Village, check out this tour.

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