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Does it ever happen to you that, long after listening to a podcast or an interview, one sentence sticks with you? I spent a few days filling up my “inspiration tank” recently, and that’s exactly what happened to me. One of the speakers (forgive me for not remembering who!) described belonging as a fundamental human need. His message about our need to be hugged by others and to fully express ourselves clicked with me immediately. Women need to be able to be heard, seen and express ourselves.

It is clear to me that my mission on this earth is to hold a space for women to gather together, to feel loved, to heal, and to expand. I know that belonging is an important need not only for women but also for men. But there is something about women coming together that creates a fuller, bigger, and deeper—or maybe simply different—connection than we make when we assemble with men.

For the last few weeks, I have been meeting weekly with a group of women who bond over the same set of goals:

To resist being invisible.

To resist staying small.

To resist hiding in the back.

To turn challenges into opportunities, bring purpose to pain, and live outside their comfort zones.

We meet online through a video call. We can’t physically hug each other, but, in a way, we do. Every week, I’m amazed by how easy it is for these women to identify with each other. Many of them have never met in person, and yet they have developed relationships naturally with ease and acceptance.

One of the topics we recently discussed was the lone wolf syndrome. A lone wolf is a person who spends most of her time alone. This distance from others can feel lonely. What’s interesting, though, is that we can interact with many people in a day and still feel lonely and isolated.

As natural caregivers, women find the strength within ourselves to take care of the people around us and put our own needs on hold. We play the hero, all the while suppressing our frustration about our unmet needs. The result is that, in challenging times, we try to cope by ourselves and focus on giving rather than receiving. Despite socializing with family members, colleagues, and friends, we feel isolated. It is hard for us to be real and say, “I need a hug. This day sucks!” or “I need to be heard! Just listen!”

I believe that isolation is a collective problem for women.

When my husband and I decided to turn our empty nest challenge into an opportunity and move to New York, he was a happy camper right away. I wasn’t. I felt depressed and anxious. It took me months to realize that I was feeling disconnected from my new community. I knew that I was not the first person to feel isolated in New York, and, at the same time, I was a little surprised I could feel that way in a city of millions.

What I really missed was the sense of belonging that was central to my life before the move. My husband knows and understands that, though we have shared a healthy and loving relationship for many years, I still have a fundamental need to feel connected to other women.

One of the ideas that we hold dear to our hearts in the Beacons of Change community is that healing together outshines healing alone. Women ignite the light in one another. No wonder that when we gather in sisterhood, healing happens and courage emerges. There is no greater magic. There is no greater power.

I want to take this opportunity to tell you about this community of women that I have mentioned above.

It is called the Beacons of Change Inner Circle.

The Beacons of Change Inner Circle is a growing community for women who are ready to create turning points in their lives and live at full power.

I have not officially launched the Inner Circle yet because I don’t want it to grow too fast. I want to make sure I deliver the absolute best experience to each and every one of the women in our sisterhood.

Right now, the program is only open to women who have joined as founding members. These women are getting a lot of benefit from being part of this community. They feel loved, hugged and able to fully express themselves through the ongoing support provided by me and by one another.

As founding members, they are contributing to the creation of our Beacons of Change community, and they enjoy an affordable price that won’t change when the rate goes up for the official launch.

I am opening a limited number of spots for more founding members to join now.

You can choose to continue to go it on your own, yes. Or you can choose the magic of sisterhood, of a group of women who will support your journey, guide you through the trenches, and smooth out the trails ahead of you.

Read more about the Beacons of Change Inner Circle and join us as a founding member.

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My inbox is overflowing with emails full of ideas for how to start the year off fresh. I’m sure that yours is too. To be honest, keeping track of the abundant flow of inspiration is a little overwhelming. I had a conversation with a woman the other day who told me that her “Start the Year Strong” folder held 26 emails waiting to be read before the end of the year.

A motivational speaker I adore sent an email with 52 (yes, 52!) questions to reflect on as you transition to the new year. I love her, and I’m sure that her questions are valuable, but I deleted the email immediately because it was exhausting to scroll through that long list.

One of my intentions for you and for me, beloved, is to teach you how to feel lighter and freer in the upcoming year. Life can get busy and demanding. We are being pulled in so many directions. We are committed to doing the inner work. We also suffer from Personal Growth Exhaustion.

Let’s make sure we start the year planning to bring more SIMPLICITY and JOY into our lives.

Let’s take some time today to step into our power. Let’s say goodbye to the regrets, concerns, and disappointments of 2017 and hello to courage, strength, and love in 2018.

All it takes is two (just two!) easy steps.

Step One: Become Willing and Ready to Elevate Yourself to a Higher Place Right Now.

Whatever you focus on grows. You can choose to create a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity.  You can choose to focus on success, celebration, and acknowledgment of your goodness and your personal progress.

Develop an attitude of excitement, anticipation, and freedom. Not later, not tomorrow, not next year—NOW!

Step two: Ask Yourself Three Questions.

  1. What is one turning point you created this past year?
  2. How did you step out of your comfort zone?
  3. What was the biggest learning, clarity or spiritual message you received this year?

Tony Robbins says, “Successful people ask better questions, and, as a result, they get better answers.” The process of asking these questions will give you strength and shift your energy so you can start the year uplifted.

But listen closely, beloved: Don’t over think it! Don’t take hours to reflect. Don’t journal your answers.

I promise that I spent no more than five minutes considering these questions for myself! In the spirit of simplicity and joy, let me share my answers.

What is one turning point I created this past year?

I created a turning point when I stopped complaining about not being able to do my regular exercise at the gym due to injury and started to swim instead. My doctor had long been telling me that swimming would be the best exercise for me, but I resisted the idea because I always hated swimming. I took six private swimming lessons this year, and I now swim consistently three times a week. I love it!

How did I step out of my comfort zone?

I stepped out of my comfort zone by deciding to invest in my personal and professional development, despite my financial fears. I worked with a creativity mentor, a business coach, and a life coach this year. This investment in myself helped me to improve my writing tremendously, connect deeply to my unique purpose, and be in service of more women than ever before. When I gathered the courage to stretch myself, I realized my comfort zone was controlled by fear of failure.

What was the biggest learning, clarity, or spiritual message I received this year?

The biggest message I received is that I am meant to serve as a beacon, to share my gifts, and to shine my light in a bigger way. My purpose is to embolden women to do the same.

Now I start the year stronger, feeling more clear and focused than ever before.

And what about you, beloved? How do you start the year? Is your light shining brightly? Or has it gone dim?

I want to help you start the year strong and focused, and I am willing to spend private time with you. I will take you through the exercise with the three questions and we will identify one big challenge you want to overcome in 2018.

Simply back with an answer to one question:

Question: What is one big challenge you want to overcome in 2018?

and I will contact you to schedule a free Discovery Call.

Energetically yours,

Michal Spiegelman

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I was traveling to Florida to teach a retreat. My fellow passengers and I were sitting on the plane; seatbelts fastened when the flight attendant announced the flight would be delayed for 90 minutes because the captain was stuck in traffic.

It was clear I was going to miss my connecting flight—and I was not the only one. I sensed chaos, disappointment, and anger all around me. People were getting really upset.

Later, as I approached the customer service desk to rebook my flight, the woman at the counter next to me was screaming at the airline representative about the disruption to her vacation travel. She was so upset that she looked like she was on the verge of having a heart attack!

I clearly and firmly explained my situation to the representative assisting me, was rebooked for another flight within minutes, and left the counter to buy myself a cup of tea. The woman next to me was yelling all the while.

As I waited at my gate, warm cup of tea and new boarding pass in hand, I reflected on the scene at the ticket counter: Two women, same situation. One screaming like crazy, clearly getting more and more drained. The other (that’s me!), determined, focused, and poised, preserving her power and energy.

But I used to react exactly like the other woman.

I remember once, years ago, when my flight was cancelled, and I exploded. I got so angry; I dumped all my rage onto the poor customer service representative.

Things like that, even when they happen unexpectedly, don’t trigger me anymore. I stay in the flow of the situation, taking the necessary actions, and don’t waste time on anger and resentment. The biggest difference is that I used to feel really drained. I’ve learned not to lose my power to situations like that.

And how about you, beloved?

When you’re triggered, are you responding or reacting?

How much choice do you have about what you put your energy into?

Resisting and fighting won’t get you where you want. You must do the inner work, so you can choose how to respond to tough situations. You are meant to live at full power and not to give it away.

Even when you feel like you are living at full power, there is likely one area in your life where you are still giving your power away. That negative energy can become extremely toxic and leak into other aspects of your life.

The result? You try to escape the pain in unhealthy ways, such as food, TV, social media or alcohol. You suffer from anxiety or depression. Or you try hard to stay positive, and you’re always drained.

Struggle is painful and exhausting. Your internal unhappiness is unhealthy and has an impact on the people around you.

But it just takes one choice to leap out of your comfort zone and begin turning obstacles into opportunities.

I am living proof.

I’d like to invite you to make the same transformation. To dedicate one full day completely to yourself. To doing the deep work, you need to do to identify and break through whatever it is that is stopping you from living at full power. From feeling free, light, and fulfilled.

I am hosting an in-depth, one-day event in Atlanta in January. If you’d like to get serious about reconnecting with your purpose and bettering yourself with me as your mentor and guide, then this is just the event for you.

It will be strictly limited to just five women—no exceptions—and only one spot left.
This is a rare opportunity to work in an intimate, intensive setting with me and just a few of your sisters and peers, so please don’t miss it—respond quickly.

I will hold this VIP Day on Friday, January 19th, from 9 am to 6 pm at the Westin Hotel in Atlanta (Perimeter).

Lunch, snacks, coffee, and tea will be provided. If you are coming from out of town, the Westin is a great place to spend the night.

Worksheets and other training materials (plus special surprises!) are included.

A 30-minute post-VIP Day follow-up session with me is also included to check in with your progress and to hold you accountable.

to let me know you are interested, and we’ll chat. 

Only you can control your own power, beloved!



I’m opening up five spots to a very intimate event in Atlanta on January 19.
Four spots have already sold, so just one left.

For more information on how to create a turning point in 2018 and kick things off right, just , and we’ll chat.

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Something about Carmen touched my heart from the first moment we spoke. When she shared her story with me, I admired her commitment to her self-discovery process—to leaving her past behind so she could start a new chapter.

She had read all the self-help books and worked really hard on creating a better life for herself. Yet she still was not making the progress she hoped for. She was suffering from personal growth exhaustion.

Maybe you can relate to Carmen. You’ve read books, joined programs, attended workshops, and made a lot of changes…yet you still lack that authentic meaning and joy in your life. As if something is missing….

That’s what I call personal growth exhaustion. It leaves you stuck in a rut, trying to do the same things over and over again, and hoping for better results. You can feel so tired, so depressed, or so hopeless that you no longer have the energy to create sustainable change.

When Carmen chose me as her mentor, I was excited because I had a strong intuition that her life was about to change drastically. Through our work together, Carmen overcame some serious internal blocks and a very loud “not good enough” voice that dominated her life. She learned new ways of showing up in her relationships. She reconnected with her feminine power. She was incredibly invested in doing the inner work. Her life did change tremendously, and when she was ready to fly by herself, she wrote me a letter:

“Having you as my mentor helped give me such a profound insight into the things that were holding me back. I realize that despite all the changes I have gone through in my life I still didn’t know what was keeping me from living the way I want fully. I now live my life more bold, confident and aware of myself. You gave me tools and exercises that challenged me but most importantly put my life in perspective. One thing I know for sure is that self-growth and empowerment do not come easily, no matter how many self-help books you read. I am so grateful that I chose you as my mentor”.

The truth is, beloved, there is no magic bullet for personal growth.

The magic happens when you trust and allow a mentor to guide you and give you the structure you need.

I know because I experienced that magic for myself. My mission from a very early age was to lose weight. I tried every new diet, product, book, and weight loss idea I heard. I played the “yo-yo” game, losing weight and putting it all back on, over and over. I didn’t realize that willpower was not enough to help me succeed until I finally discovered in my 40s that I suffered from food addiction. Finding the right program, structure, and mentor became my turning point. I have successfully maintained a nearly 90-pound weight loss for more than 13 years. I wouldn’t be able to do it by myself. I have a strong, solid foundation of support and accountability.

When I look back at my life and the many women whose lives I have helped transform, I see this pattern clearly:

In difficult times, you can either accept responsibility for your life or be the victim of it.

Taking complete ownership for creating the life you want to live requires courage. Courage to admit you can’t always do it on your own.

Playing the blame game won’t help you either. It only nurtures your inner “victim.” Personal accountability is essential for shifting from victimhood to empowerment, but sometimes that means you have to change your game plan.

Get honest with yourself, beloved:

  • Are you suffering from personal growth exhaustion?
  • Are you accepting responsibility or allowing yourself to be a victim?
  • Are you ready for some structure and accountability?

If these questions resonate with your heart, what I’m going to share next might be just the solution.

I am hosting an in-depth, one-day event in Atlanta in January for a very small group of women who are serious about reconnecting with their purpose and making drastic change in their lives.

It will be strictly limited to just five women—no exceptions. Two seats are already taken.

This is a rare opportunity to work in an extremely intimate, intensive setting with me as your mentor and guide, so please don’t miss it!

I will hold this VIP Day on Friday, January 19th, from 9 am to 6 pm at the Westin Hotel in Atlanta (Perimeter).

Lunch, snacks, coffee, and tea will be provided. If you are coming from out of town, the Westin is a great place to spend the night.

This event will fill up fast, so please respond quickly. As soon as I hear from you, I will contact you to schedule a time to chat.

Energetically yours,

Michal Spiegelman

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When I was eight years old (and then nine, ten, eleven, twelve and…keep going), I would quietly sneak into the kitchen in the middle of the night while my parents were sleeping. I would quietly take out a spoon from the kitchen drawer, the chocolate spread jar from the pantry, and eat half the jar. After I finished eating, I would wash and dry the spoon, put the spoon back in the drawer, put the jar back in the pantry, and go back to bed, leaving no evidence of my “crime”. Every few days my mom would surprisingly ask why we were always running low on the chocolate spread and I would play the role of the innocent and say that I have no idea.

I was an happy child with an unhappy mother. I remember very clearly that expressing emotions was not encouraged in my house. In fact, my siblings and I would get punished for laughing or crying too hard. At night, I would cry under my pillow so no one would hear me. This along with eating secretly at night had become a habit and were the only things that helped me suppress the pain.

Using food to cope with life was not my invention. People have been doing it for years, there were many before me and there will be many after. Food is probably the most commonly abused substance because eating is a necessary part of life.

Numbing your emotions with food is just one of the many ways to cover up pain.

Here are some other vices people use as a cover up for emotional pain:

Drugs, alcohol, food, social media,

TV, texting, dieting, shopping,

sex, porn, exercise, gambling, gossiping, pills,

playing video games, surfing the internet, overworking, and more.

The reality is that most people, including children, have learned unhealthy ways to cope with their emotions and suffer from one or more types of addictive behaviors.
The Benefit of Numbing Your Emotions

Numbing your emotions is a temporary fix, eventually the pain will resurface and when it does, we tend to feel worse. We all have some emotions that we’re uncomfortable with. Life is hard and unpredictable. Numbing your emotions is sometimes easier than dealing with the reality of losing a loved one, managing a broken heart or simply just dealing with life’s daily challenges.

Escaping into an addictive behavior or simply disconnecting and shutting down gives you the illusion of being protected.

The Cost of Numbing Your Emotions

What we don’t realize is that you cannot be selective and decide which emotions to numb and which ones to get in touch with.

When we numb painful emotions, we also numb positive emotions.

Numbing your emotions means not only avoiding sadness, anger and fear; it also means avoiding joy and happiness!

Another cost of numbing your emotions is risking your health. More than twenty years’ experience with different healing modalities, especially Reiki, proved to me that when emotions are held for extended periods of time, it manifests as a physical symptom.

In other words, numbing your emotions makes your physical symptoms worse and dealing with your emotions contributes to your physical healing process.

Emotions Are Messengers

Emotions tell us that something needs our attention.

Instead of disconnecting, numbing and escaping, we must learn ways to balance, manage and deal with our emotions so we can stay emotionally fit and healthy.

The Alternative to Numbing Your Emotions

Throughout the years, my self-discovery process led me to a tested method that helped many of the women I work with – stop escaping into unhealthy behaviors and manage their emotions.

When going through an emotional roller-coaster, we must recognize the feeling, feel it, own it, accept it and move on.

If escape or running away is your method to deal with emotional pain and you know in your heart that you keep numbing instead of managing, this is a red flag. It is your sacred responsibility to take care of your health and well-being, so you can contribute to the world and be of service.

Life is short!

Life is short. We need to live it at full power and not escape it.

I’m going to host an in-depth, one-day event in Atlanta in January. If you’d like to get serious about radically transforming your life and bettering yourself with me as your mentor and your guide, this is just the event for you.

It will be limited to only five women — no exceptions.

It is a one-day, intensive workshop that will be held in Atlanta on January 12th from 9-6.
This can be your opportunity to create a turning point, so you can set the tone for a strong year of living, rather than escaping.

I will be happy to share all the details with you, including hotel accommodations.

This event will fill up fast, so please, don’t miss this opportunity — respond quickly. As soon as I hear from you, I will contact you to schedule a time to chat.

With love and light,

Michal Spiegelman

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As I walked into the women’s locker room to prepare for my swim, I heard a beautiful singing voice. I looked around to make sure I was at my neighborhood gym and not my neighborhood bar when I saw a woman with the word “staff” written on her t-shirt. She was wearing headphones and belting out in song as she folded a huge pile of towels. It wasn’t only her singing that caught me by surprise but her passion, her smile, and how totally in the moment she was.

I smiled, put on my bathing suit, and walked to the pool.

Thirty minutes later, as I returned to the locker room to shower, she was still there, singing with all her heart.

Two days later, I walked into the locker room again (proud of being consistent with my commitment to swimming three times a week!), and the same woman was there. This time, she was collecting used towels. Again, her headphones were on, and she was singing with a look of pure happiness on her face.

I got her attention, and when she took the headphones off, I thanked her for bringing me joy every time I walked into the locker room. She seemed surprised by the compliment and accepted it with a big smile.

I have noticed many other staff members at the gym doing the exact same job but without the excitement that this woman exhibits. Isn’t it interesting how different people experience the same situation in totally different ways?

What about you, beloved? What sparks your joy?

I’m not talking about taking a trip around the world or buying a fancy new pair of shoes. I’m talking about the little stuff in life. Does going to work spark your joy? Does folding the laundry spark your joy? Doing the dishes?

Can a simple routine activity spark your joy?

We have all known someone who outwardly seems to have the perfect life but is, in reality, deeply unhappy. And then there are the people who seem to have nothing but are completely satisfied.

Joy is a choice.

In her book Spark Joy, Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo writes, “The real tragedy is to live your entire life without anything that brings you joy and never even realize it.”

Kondo suggests using the question, “What sparks your joy?,” to guide you in deciding whether to discard or keep objects in your home.

Let’s take this principle and apply it to life in general to declutter unhappiness from our metaphorical shelves, not just our physical ones.

Ask it, write it on a sticky note, post it in your space, create an art piece: What sparks your joy?

One of the women I work with has struggled with depression for many years. She tried all the conventional ways to treat it, including Prozac and Zoloft. Her depression got better but was not lifted completely. She learned to give Reiki to herself and started coaching with me. Then she began to focus on the question, “What sparks your joy?,” and realized for the first time in her life that she could stop fixating on how to cure her depression and start trying to experience more joy.

There are five basic emotions:

Anger, Sadness, Fear, Love
and Joy

Depression is too much sadness. But it’s also a lack of joy.
Did you know that Prozac and Zoloft reduce depression but they don’t add joy? 

Throughout the day, pay attention to what sparks your joy and what takes it away.

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Please don’t have a nice day.
Have a day that matters.
Have a day that’s true.
Have a day that’s direct.
Have a day that’s honest. . . .
Have a day that means something.”

—Harriet Lauler (played by Shirley MacLaine) in The Last Word (2:00)

These words caught me by surprise as I watched The Last Word in the middle of a twelve-hour flight, and they stayed with me for days.

In the movie, Harriet Lauler, a demanding and widely disliked retiree, recruits a young obituary writer from the local paper to help redeem her legacy. At the age of 81, Harriet becomes a disc jockey for a local experimental radio station, sharing her life’s lessons between records, and, in the process, turns from a bitter, controlling woman into a caring, compassionate one.

One morning on air, she gives us this wisdom: “Please don’t have a nice day. . . . Have a day that means something.”

A Purposeful Day Does Not Always Equal a Nice Day.

Since watching the movie, I’ve noticed how many times I say or hear others say, “Have a nice day,” and there is no real meaning behind it!

Reflecting back on the most meaningful moments in my life, I realize I often associate these times with my biggest challenges: giving birth, sending my children off to college, attending my mom’s funeral, and other events that would not make for a ”nice” day. What makes a day meaningful might be a learning moment that helps us move forward with life.

So what if we took Harriet’s advice and encouraged one another to “Have a meaningful day” or “Have a day that matters” instead?

Playing with the idea of changing such an overused phrase led me to a bigger exploration of another oft-repeated message:

Life is short. We should make the most of it, and live a life that matters.

Living a Life That Matters Starts The Moment You Wake Up.

One of the foundational principles I live by and share with the women I work with is the importance of developing a routine that helps you start your morning with a positive state of mind and a grounded feeling that can carry you into your day. The first thing you do when you wake up is crucial. As Louise Hay says in her famous phrase, “Start your day how you want to live your day.”

Rather than allowing your mood and your circumstances first thing in the morning to shape your day, what if you start by focusing on what’s most important to you?

My Favorite Way to Start My Day With Purpose:

I like to start my day with a question, but I don’t force myself to come up with an answer. I let the answer emerge while I meditate and give Reiki to myself.

Asking the same question every morning is fun because the different answers make it interesting. At the same time, it’s nice to change the morning question from time to time.

I recommend only asking one question each morning but to alternate between two or three different questions.

Here are three of my favorite questions to ask in the morning:

  1. What am I here for today?
  2. How do I choose to feel today?
  3. What’s my ONE THING for today?

This last question is inspired by Gary Keller’s bestseller The One Thing, and I will have to dedicate a whole blog to this book because it is a valuable and thought-provoking resource. My question is a variation on the original question presented in the book, “What’s the ONE THING I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

So now I challenge you to experiment:

  • Choose a question that inspires you.
  • Use one of the three options I shared, or come up with your own.
  • Create a morning ritual that allows you to sit quietly with yourself for a few minutes.
  • If you already maintain a morning practice, add the question to your practice.
  • Once you ask the question, accept whatever comes up with ease and no judgment. It might be a word, a few words, a sentence, or even a mental image.
  • Ask the same question for a few days before deciding if you want to switch to another one.
  • You can write down the answers in a journal or a small writing pad (I use a tiny notebook just for my morning answers).

Have fun in the process!
Remember: Living a life that matters means being intentional and deliberate from the moment you wake up. Starting your day with one question will get you started on your quest!

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I have been doing a lot of teaching and traveling lately. It’s exciting! I am so passionate about the transition I am making in my business and my focused mission to help women live at full power.

But, though I love this work, it can also be tiring. I need to take special care to listen to my own advice and give myself time to recharge!

At this time of year, as the days grow shorter and darker, many of us feel the urge to hibernate. But whenever the light around us begins to dim, it is the perfect time to connect with our inner light—to beacon in, by igniting the spark that lives within us, and to beacon out, by sharing our light with others.

Guided meditation is an effortless and enjoyable way to connect with your inner light.

This meditation is an invitation for a PAUSE.

A meditation is an invitation to spend quiet time connecting with the part of yourself that shines strong and bright, regardless of what is happening around you.

I created this 3-minute “Let Your Light Shine” Guided Meditation to help get centered quickly when needed. You can also use this meditation as a “switching gears” tool when you transition between different parts of your day or need some grounding.

You can download the audio below and you can also access the script, in case you want to read the mediation to your child or your loved one.

Preparing for the meditation, light a candle, sit in a comfortable position, place one hand on your heart and open your other hand in an offering position, like you are giving your light to the universe, and close your eyes.

Pay attention to your breath

With each inhale and exhale, feel your body getting more and more relaxed.

Visualize an opening at the top of your head and a beam of light that connects you with the divine.

Visualize two beams of light growing down through the soles of your feet, connecting you with Mother Earth.

Your connection with the vertical light above and below you makes you feel safe, grounded, and supported, like a tree with roots of light.

Imagine a spark of light buried deep within your heart.

It might be tiny. There might be darkness around it. You might feel removed from the light.

But this spark is always present.

Ignite the spark with intention.

Nurture the light. Feed the light. Love the light.

The light expands through your heart.

Let your light shine.

Feel your light grow brighter and stronger, filling up and surrounding all parts of you, as you acknowledge your own true power, wisdom, and love.

Let your light shine.

Allow yourself to beacon in.

Give yourself permission to become one with the light within you.

Let your light shine. 

Remember that depending on where you are in your spiritual journey, your inner light might be dim, or it might be bright. But it’s there, ready for you to tap into whenever you want.

Connect with your light.

Let your light shine.

You are being carried by the light.

You are being uplifted to a higher place.

You feel elevated.


Stretched out.

Lit up. 

And now, from a place of strength and connection, share your light

with others.

Starting with the people closest to you, let your light shine.

The light extends beyond people who are around you and is now nourishing the world.

Allow yourself to beacon out.

Remember that at any given moment, you can connect with your inner light, bring divine light in, and carry light out into the world. 

With a sense of gratitude and appreciation, take a deep breath.

Come back to the present moment and make a commitment not to let anything or anyone dim your light.

Let your light shine.

If you enjoyed this meditation, go ahead and download it. Share it with a friend, read it to your child before bed, or keep it in your journal, so you can easily access it and connect with your light whenever you need to.

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“Please don’t take this question as a criticism or a negative in any way. I’m only curious, so asking is the only way to understand. Why do you limit your ‘mission’ to only helping women?” wrote John in his email.

After thanking him for asking his question in such a positive way, I responded, explaining that I don’t exclude men, but my calling is to create a space of healing for women together with other women.

John was very understanding. He wrote me back to say that he got it. He knows that women speak a different language and truly open up when they are present with other women.

The following week, I hosted a special live event for women in Atlanta. I don’t know if you can feel it when you look at the picture, but there was an amazing energy in the room and a true sense of connection and healing together.

Are men and women different species?

In his book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, John Gray, Ph.D., shines a light on ways to build better relationships by exploring differences in men and women’s communication styles, emotional needs, and behaviors—and how these differences affect the way men and women “give and receive love.”

I’m usually against labeling, generalizing, and excluding. No, I don’t exclude men. But I am passionate about working with women. I have been helping people heal for over 20 years. In the last few years, it has become clear to me that women need to be in sisterhood with women.

Healing together is like oxygen to women. We can’t breathe unless we share our hopes, struggles, and successes with other women.

Here is what I came to realize:

  • Men think the truth. Women feel the truth in their hearts.
  • Men heal in silence. Women heal in community.
  • For women, healing together outshines healing alone.

Are you isolating, beloved?

“We are each of us angels with only one wing,

and we can only fly by embracing one another.”

—Luciano De Crescenzo

A lot of good sharing happens when I hold my women’s circles and live events. There is always a moment when one woman raises her hand and says:

“I need this sisterhood. I don’t want to isolate anymore!” And when I look around the room, I see many other women nodding their heads in agreement.

I get it! I tend to isolate myself. Big time. I am so comfortable wearing the “mentor hat” and taking women under my wings. I love seeing the admiration in their faces when I speak my wisdom, and it warms my heart to be part of their transformations. But when I have a difficult moment, I try to stay strong and convince myself that I have the tools to handle it by myself. That’s BS! Maybe I have the tools, but none of them can give me the gift of understanding and validation that I receive from connecting with other women who have been there and done that!

Healing together is the only way!

The world is intense right now, and we are being stretched out of our comfort zones! I am ready to take my mission more seriously than ever before and create a sisterhood for healing together. I hold the vision for you, sister, to grow, expand, transform, connect with your divine feminine power, and join me and your soul-sisters in living at full power.

We are truly all in this together, and our togetherness touches each other, heart to heart, and carries us in our journeys!

If you are ready to live at full power as part of this special global sisterhood and want to be the first one to know when we accept new members, click here and claim your seat!

The post The Power of Sisterhood (and why healing together outshines healing alone) appeared first on Playful Transformation.

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English is not my primary language. I am not a natural writer. Until a few months ago, I dreaded writing blogs and was not writing consistently, even though I swore over and over that I would.

Fast forward: Today I write consistently and post a new blog every Sunday. I love writing. In fact, when Wednesday morning comes (which is my sacred time of writing), I dance my happy dance and can’t wait to start.

So, what changed? Two things:

  1. A light went on.
  2. I met Jeffrey Davis.

The moment the light went on for me, it became clear

It was time to stand up for what I believe in. Time to create the next evolution of my work with women to help them live at full power—in a way that I had never done before.

Vulnerability was my middle name. I coached women through it. I read about it. I had sticky notes with the word “Vulnerability” posted all over my house. I brought a lot of vulnerability to my conversations with women. It was time to bring it into my writing.

Can I really ask you, beloved, to make yourself vulnerable when I’m not being vulnerable in my writing?

How can I suggest that you become bolder and more transparent when I’m not?

So…I made it my goal to step outside my comfort zone and change my writing style.

I made a commitment to write more from my heart and tell you what’s REALLY going on in my life.

I made a commitment to invite you into my real world. To share my high and my low points…and the truth about my personal life and growth process.

I’m living outside my comfort zone now, and my writing reflects that!

Meeting Jeffrey Davis

Around the time I made the decision to become bolder in my writing, my friend Lisa introduced me to Jeffrey Davis. Jeffrey, a phenomenal writer, is the founder of the Tracking Wonder, a community of entrepreneurs who are committed to doing business as a creative process for the greater good—people Jeffrey calls business artists.

Jeffrey taught me to explore and wonder, to design a creative process that will make writing super enjoyable, and, last but not least, to help me get clear with my real message and the things I stand for. It’s not that I didn’t know before that I was meant to help women heal and transform. I knew from a very early age that this was my mission. Working with Jeffrey allowed me to design a creative process that is deep, inspiring, and empowering. The evolution of my brand name, the redesigned message, the new titles for the principles that I have been teaching for many years—these elements of my business all emerged from within me. Jeffrey’s creativity, talent, and skills have supported me through the process of realizing them.

My point is…

Making ourselves bolder and more vulnerable is our sacred responsibility.

You and I. Together. We are being stretched and called to expand.

I’m going to shine the spotlight on a few of my most vulnerable posts, hoping to inspire you to become bolder and more vulnerable in your own unique way.

In this blog post about creating a turning point, I share about the exact moment during my mother’s funeral that changed my life and led me from my own path to early death to a life of shining brightly.

Many of our women loved reading about the other side of me (the one that can be mean and nasty!) and what a fight with my husband taught me about loving yourself even when you hate yourself.

Being bolder and more vulnerable requires devotion and dedication to constantly challenging ourselves. The anxiety I felt before teaching a class—even after 20 years of doing it!—triggered this piece about the truth about stepping out of your comfort zone.

For those of you who are becoming empty nesters or dealing with other life changes, read about how I used my empty nest crisis as an opportunity…and think about what spiritual lessons you want your own transitions to teach you.

I’m on a mission to embolden women to create turning points and to become free, light, and fulfilled. I write from my heart. I make myself vulnerable and honest.

I write for you.

Every week, I shine the light on new tips and share resources, strategies, and tools for living at full power.

Visit my blog regularly and if you are not getting my emails – sign up here.
Shine on!

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