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If you think you’re a big Justin Timberlake fan, you might wanna slow your roll. New York mom Maddie Putrino says she’s a “huge” fan, has been to multiple concerts, and has loved him ever since his Mickey Mouse Club days.

Oh yeah, and she recently got him to be a part of her gender reveal at his concert in Albany, New York — NBD.

“I noticed that Justin is pretty interactive with his audience,” Putrino tells Babble, adding that “he’s been known for taking selfies with fans at his concerts and the Super Bowl.”

So, before heading to the concert on October 20, she made a large poster that asked the pop star a simple question: “Justin, gender reveal selfie?” Then, on a smaller piece of paper, Putrino wrote her baby’s gender in all caps, intending to hold it up herself if she was able to snap a photo with the singer.

Image Source: Maddie Putrino

If she couldn’t get a selfie with JT, Putrino says she would have still been psyched if he took a photo with the sign. But she never predicted what actually wound up happening — and it was straight-up AWESOME.

While standing in the audience, not too far from the stage, Putrino held her sign up, and quickly caught the attention of Timberlake.

Image Source: Maddie Putrino

Sadly, JT wasn’t close enough for a selfie, but he did reach down to grab the slip of paper Putrino had written her baby’s gender on, and alert the rest of the audience as to what was happening.

And then …

Image Source: Maddie Putrino

He proceeded …

Image Source: Maddie Putrino

To spill the beans! Before a stadium packed with thousands of excited fans.

Image Source: Maddie Putrino


The incredible moment, which was captured on video by Putrino’s friend and later posted to her Instagram page, revealed that the mom-to-be is having a girl — and the audience went WILD.

“I was in complete shock!” Putrino says. “I thought he was going to just take a picture with me, but he really just stopped the whole show to tell the whole audience.”


Putrino tells Babble that she’s no stranger to fun gender reveals — she threw a gender reveal party for her first child, a boy, that involved cutting into a cake to reveal blue frosting inside.

But that’s clearly child’s play compared to this one. Good luck topping it for Baby No. 3, Maddie!

The post Justin Timberlake Helped One Fan Reveal Her Baby’s Gender Right on Stage appeared first on Babble.

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Acrylic nail art has been making a major comeback in the last few years, and you don’t have to scroll through Instagram for long to see how impressively intricate many of the designs are. But amid the thousands of nail selfies with glitter and hearts and holiday motifs, you may come across a few with painted images that hold a special meaning: nails painted black, with tiny white swirls that recreate ultrasound photos of babies in the womb.

Sara Peterson, a California-based nail artist and former owner of the salon Nails by Sara, says she was first inspired to create an ultrasound photo manicure last year, and did some research to figure out how exactly it could be done.

“There are some nails done as far back as 2013 that have sonograms on them,” she says. “They were not hand-painted, though. Instead, the actual ultrasound or a small photocopy of it was printed out and then applied to the nail and encased in acrylic.”

So Peterson set out to hand-paint her own, and proudly shared them on Instagram:

For Peterson, this was far more than just a unique manicure — it was a way to honor the baby she had recently lost to miscarriage.

“I don’t know what it means for other mothers,” she tells Babble, “but for me, it made me so happy to look down and see my baby and have him with me for a little while. People would see it and ask what it was, and that allowed me to share about him and spread awareness for miscarriage.”

“This manicure has been a long time coming,” she shared in her photo caption at the time. “After three years and numerous fertility treatments, my hubby and I finally conceived in April. On May 30, my heart was broken when I found out my baby was no longer living and growing, and he was taken from me the next day. I lost all inspiration as I struggled with the grief. I learned how to love him and his brief life and move forward with renewed hope.”

She then ended her post with a sweet message to the baby she lost, writing: “I love you jelly bean, and seeing you on my nails makes me smile.”

Peterson says many people she knew were touched by the moving tribute, and that in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, she’s currently offering to paint a sonogram photo on the nails of other women in her area who’ve experienced a loss.

Since Peterson’s post last year, she’s noticed more and more hand-painted ultrasound nails popping up across Instagram.

Some, just like hers, are done in honor of a loss; others are done as a creative way to announce a pregnancy.

“It’s so hard to tell these days ‘who was first’,” Peterson says, when asked if she thinks she started the trend. Either way, she’s just happy to see it catching on, and to do her small part in raising awareness for pregnancy loss. In fact, she’s since launched the blog and online store Invisibaby, with the mission to “empower parents of pregnancy and infant loss, honor and celebrate our babies, and break the silence.”

So far, it certainly seems she has.

The post Ultrasound Nail Art Is the Latest Beauty Trend, and a Heartfelt Way to Honor Unborn Babies appeared first on Babble.

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For all the long, exhausting days of tantrums and butt wiping and breastfeeding at the park on a 90-degree day, there’s one thing I know to be true about parenthood — kids are a gift. I was blessed with three healthy babies, and I will never take that for granted. And perhaps no one else quite understands how miraculous a gift it is like newlyweds Renee and Anna McInarnay. Both women are expecting babies at the exact same time, and remarkably, they’re both expecting girls.

Image Source: Ginny Sims Photography

The couple, who first met as teenage camp counselors in 2001 and wed just last year, both work as teachers and live in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Married, happy, and ready to become parents, Anna and Renee first began the process of conceiving through a fertility clinic.

“We entered into motherhood hesitantly,” Anna tells Babble. “We knew that the laws surrounding adoption for same-sex couples in Mississippi were difficult, so we decided to go into fertility. After reaching out to fertility clinics in our state, we felt the most love and openness from a fertility clinic when we called Audubon Fertility in New Orleans. After initial testing, we were told we could both conceive.”

However, the couple feared that the path wouldn’t be a smooth one for Renee, who has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Ultimately, both women decided to try to get pregnant using sperm from the same donor, and throw the rest to fate.

Although Anna had three healthy eggs, Renee had only one; but the couple moved forward. It wasn’t too long after that they received the incredible news: Both women were pregnant and due at the exact same time.

Image Source: Ginny Sims Photography

“You can’t imagine the joy of that phone call,” Anna tells Babble. “They started by telling us that Anna was pregnant. After that shock settled, they said, ‘But wait … so is Renee.’ That joy; that overwhelming moment where you learn that nothing will ever be the same again … it all felt miraculous and funny at the same time.”

Because the babies were conceived just 15 minutes apart with sperm from the same donor, the girls — who will be named Avonlea Grace and Emma Reese (and nicknamed Avi and Emmy) — are thought of by their moms as “paternal twins.”

They will also be arriving into this world at pretty much the same time, since the couple has chosen to give birth 36 hours apart so they can both be present at the birth of their babies.

If that isn’t a love story, I don’t know what is.

Anna also tells Babble that she and Renee have received tremendous love and support from colleagues, students, and family.

“Parents from students from years past have reached out to us, delighted that we are having children,” she says. “We have so many babysitters already lined up from former students who have volunteered. (Teacher perks!) We work with so many wonderful people who have volunteered to do anything they can to help us and offered up countless mom tips. They gave us such a generous shower at school and have all tried to predict gender, due date, and which mother they will take after. They laugh at the chaos that is coming our way, but then offer their services to rock our sweet babies anytime we need them.”

Their families are just as excited — at the gender reveal party, relatives “jumped with joy as we all screamed and celebrated together. It was such a special moment that we will forever cherish surrounded by our family.”

Image Source: Ginny Sims Photography

When asked what they wish others would take away from their story, Anna says, “Hope. It is such a powerful thing, especially now. It is not lost on us how rare our experience is and how long some couples wait to have families of their own. This has deepened our gratitude for this double surprise. We hope our story brings someone else hope.”

So what does the future hold for this family of four? Not much is certain in parenthood, but one thing Anna and Renee can absolutely anticipate is laughter and joy, as that’s what brought them together so many years ago.

“The summer after I lost my father to cancer, I met Renee,” Anna shares with Babble. “She had no clue the loss my family endured, but she made me laugh through the biggest heartbreak. Oh how we laughed together! We still laugh together, and imagine our daughters doing the exact same thing.”

Image Source: Ginny Sims Photography

h/t Scary Mommy

The post This Couple Discovered They’re Pregnant at the Same Time — and Are Both Expecting Girls appeared first on Babble.

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When 28-year-old Nicole Berkley of Aubrey, Texas first learned she was pregnant with her fifth baby, she knew she wanted to announce the news in a big way. She just wasn’t expecting to go viral for it.

But hey, it’s not every day that a family of six dresses up in dinosaur costumes and stages an epic pregnancy announcement photo shoot, right? So maybe the viral fame was somewhat inevitable.

Image Source: Susan Garrett Photography

Berkley tells Babble that the idea for the dinosaur costumes actually came to her back in January, soon after she learned she was pregnant.

“I think I stumbled across a meme or a photo of this inflatable dinosaur costume,” she recalls, “and I just thought it was hilarious!”

Knowing that her 5-year-old son is “obsessed” with dinosaurs, and that her whole family are big fans of the Jurassic World movies, she thought it would be perfect.

Sadly though, Berkley miscarried in February, and kept the idea to herself.

Image Source: Susan Garrett Photography

When Berkley once again learned she was pregnant in July, she finally shared the unique (and hilarious) idea with her fam, who gave her … somewhat mixed reviews.

“My husband was actually NOT on board at all,” Berkley admits. “It took some convincing to get him to agree, but he eventually did and he was such a trooper! I think now, he’s glad he did.”

Her kids, on the other hand? They were more than game. (Okay, after 10 minutes of trying to sell them on the idea.)

“When they saw the costumes on each other, they thought it was the funniest thing they’d ever seen in their lives!” she says of her four children, which include Myleigh, 10, Montana, 6, Lane, 5, and Hannah, 4.

The photos themselves were taken by Susan Garrett Photography, and believe it or not, the whole thing took just about 15 minutes.

“The day we did the photo shoot, it was actually really rainy and and stormy in Texas,” Berkley explains. “If you’ve ever been to the state, you know that when it rains it gets super muggy and humid, so the costumes were actually really hot!”

Still, during those fun-filled 15 minutes, Berkley says her whole family could not stop laughing (for obvious reasons).

“I am thankful you couldn’t really see our faces well, because we were drenched in sweat and dying with laughter,” she says, adding that the funniest part of the shoot was watching her kids awkwardly walk around in their dino suits. “These costumes have huge rear-ends,” she explains, “so the tails and bottoms waddle and sway when you walk in them.”

Image Source: Susan Garrett Photography

Another reason the Berkleys were probably having a hard time keeping a straight face? They weren’t exactly alone in a wooded forest — the photo shoot was held in the middle of a park in Plano, Texas, where people were passing by and slowing down their cars to capture photos of the dino family for themselves.

“The photographer [Susan Garrett] was amazing,” Berkley shares. “Between laughing, juggling a camera, and [holding] an umbrella to keep her dry, she had her work cut out for her!”

But the hard work clearly paid off. Not only did the Berkleys surprise their friends and family with the hilarious photos, but they’ve also had the whole Internet laughing for days.

Image Source: Susan Garrett Photography

“The reactions have been incredible,” says Berkley, who is due April 23, 2019. “Everyone has absolutely loved our announcement and the attention it has gotten both locally and world-wide has been really exciting!”

While the Berkleys continue to bask in their newfound viral fame, their mom says she already has some fun ideas for the gender reveal. But don’t expect her to spill them anytime soon — just like this incredible photo shoot, she’s keeping the details a surprise.

Image Source: Susan Garrett Photography

The post Family of 6 Goes Viral for Dino-Themed Pregnancy Announcement, and We Cannot Stop Laughing appeared first on Babble.

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image source: thinkstock

If you check the annual Top Baby Name list as a general “What Not To Name My Baby” reference — as many modern parents do — then this is the cool baby names list for you.

You’re looking for a baby name that’s cool and usable, but you’d prefer if your child wasn’t one of many Jessicas/Michaels/Sophias in school — destined to be identified with a last initial. You moan and groan when your favorite formerly unique names (Henry, Penelope, Oliver) creep up into the “popular” zone, and you take your naming seriously.

And so I give you cool baby names that haven’t hit the Top 1,000 … yet:

Girl Names 1. Amalia

Meaning: Work

A less-popular alternative to Amelia.

2. Mabel

Meaning: Lovable

First of all, how about that meaning? Mabel is one of those old-fashioned granny names coming back into fashion — but not fast enough to make it into the Top 1,000. Use this as one of the cool baby names before it starts climbing.

3. Wren

Meaning: A bird

A sweet songbird of a name.

4. Etta

Meaning: Estate ruler

In a world where Emmas and Ellas abound, Etta is a similar yet jazzier cousin.

5. Aurelia

Meaning: The golden one

A more glittering, star-struck cousin to the Disney-inspired Aurora.

6. Emmeline

Meaning: Work

There’s something about “Em-“ names that are especially attractive (Emma/Emily/Emilia/Amelia), and Emmeline has the classic femininity without the modern trendiness.

7. Margot

Meaning: Pearl

Beyond the attractive meaning, Margot feels both classic and exotic, with a trendy o-ending.

8. Faye

Meaning: Fairy

This is an especially cool middle name option, similar to Mae and Rae. It’s also a vintage choice deserving a comeback.

9. Louisa

Meaning: Renowned warrior

Another one of those vintage cool baby names that’s starting to register on our radar.

10. Gwen

Meaning: White circle

It’s not so much “in” anymore, but it’s not so far out that it’s unfashionable. I think Gwen has a classic appeal.

11. Magnolia

Meaning: Flower name

Similar to Lily, Daisy, and Iris, Magnolia is an ultra-feminine flower name with a unique spin.

12. Cordelia

Meaning: Heart; Daughter of the sea

A sophisticated yet stylish name that’s hanging out just below the Top 1,000 list.

13. Rosie

Meaning: A diminutive of Rose

A perkier version of Rose.

14. Poppy

Meaning: Flower name

The spunkiest of feminine flower names, which is popular overseas (Poppy is in the UK’s Top 20).

15. Maisie

Meaning: Pearl

It sounds like friendly Daisy, but with the attractive nickname option of Mae. And it’s all wrapped up with a vintage vibe.

16. Delia

Meaning: “Born on the island of Delos”

A popular nickname for Cordelia (another Outside-the-Top-1,000 pick), Delia has a poetic feel

17. Remi

Meaning: Oarsman

Despite the slightly off-putting meaning, Remi has a modern quirkiness that’s very much in style right now.

18. Clementine

Meaning: Mild, merciful

This is a buzzed-about name in the online naming community, but still completely off the nation’s radar. Read: Your friends will think it’s cool, but your parents will give the stink eye.

19. Florence

Meaning: Flourishing, prosperous

Florence has all the qualities of a chart-climbing name — vintage, exotic, feminine, and it’s even a place name. Will Florence and the Machine give it a boost up? Maybe, but it currently ranks way down in “unique” territory. So have at it.

20. Sally

Meaning: Princess

Well, it means princess; we can start with that. And it’s also a super happy and friendly name — with a trendy mid-century flair.

21. Elodie

Meaning: Marsh flower

This one feels like it should be popular, but it’s totally not. So that’s probably exactly what you want in one of those cool baby names.

22. Maren

Meaning: Sea

Maren is a unique variation of Mary — so you could easily use it as a more modern namesake.

23. Astrid

Meaning: Divinely beautiful

Well she’ll always love the meaning of her name — that’s for certain. The name “Astrid” is pretty popular over in Sweden and Denmark, and it’s heard more frequently in the name-enthusiast community, but your little girl probably won’t have multiple Astrids in her class.

24. Ellison

Meaning: Son of Ellis

She might have to go through her life saying “N-no ELLison, not Allison,”but it’s a unique “Elle”/”Ellie” name.

25. Flora

Meaning: Flower

Flower names are extremely popular right now, but there are a few attractive options that haven’t fully caught on yet, like Poppy and Iris. Add “Flora” to that list. (Also: the Disney connection, obviously)

Boy Names 1. Grey

Meaning: Color name

The more formal version of Grayson/Greyson is quickly scooting up the ranks, Grey is an attractive color name that’s hanging just below the Top 1,000 list. It could be an especially awesome middle name choice.

2. Garrison

Meaning: Son of Garret

A more modern twist to the outdated Gary, and Garrison also has the trendy feel of a place name and/or surname name.

3. Taj

Meaning: Crown

Taj made two brief appearances in the Top 1,000 (1976 and 1998), and it has a cool vibe that consistently leaves it lingering in “unique but usable” territory.

4. Magnus

Meaning: Greatest

Magnus exudes power (and maybe a little ego), so it might require a strong personality. But with the right personality — man, it could soar.

5. Miller

Meaning: Grinder of grain

It’s still pretty unique, but it has the trendy “surname name” and “occupational name” qualities.

6. Ford

Meaning: Dweller at the ford

He might have to live with an association to cars, but it’s becoming a rising surname name.

7. Thatcher

Meaning: Roof thatcher

Another occupational-meets-surname name that’s trendy yet unique. It’s also a modern twist on Tyler and Taylor.

8. Bishop

Meaning: Occupation name

Perhaps following in Deacon’s path?

9. Enoch

Meaning: Dedicated

We all know the extreme popularity of Biblical names (like Noah, Caleb, etc.). And Enoch is a strong Old Testament name deserving of a revival.

10. Duke

Meaning: English rank of nobility

Again, it takes the right personality — but it might be right for you.

11. Judson

Meaning: Son of Jordan

A hybrid of popular Hudson-Jackson, Judson could provide the right kind of alternative. It also kind of sounds like 80s-favorite “Justin”.

12. Otis

Meaning: Wealthy

It’s short and punchy, with a vintage flair and trendy hard “O” sound. This is certainly a good choice of the cool baby names.

13. Baylor

Meaning: “Horse trainer”

A modern upgrade to Taylor.

14. Cortez

Meaning: Courteous

English and Irish surnames are sprinkled throughout the Top 1,000, but this unique Spanish surname could have the unique flair you’re looking for.

15. Cormac

Meaning: Tree trunk

Cormac has never made it onto the US Top 1,000 list, but it’s a traditionally Irish name steeped in Celtic culture.

16. Keller

Meaning: Cellar master

A German surname that has the trendy “two-syllable name ending in ‘-er” thing going for it — i.e. Cooper, Asher, Ryder, etc.

17. Louie

Meaning: Renowned warrior

A friendlier version of Louis — and it makes the French pronunciation easier to recognize (rather than having to say “It’s Lou-ee, not Lou-iss”).

18. Clifford

Meaning: “Lives near the ford by the cliff”

You’ll have to take the Big Red Dog association into consideration — you know, for kids — but Clifford is starting to come back into fashion.

19. Boden

Meaning: “Hill shaped like a bow”

It has the same two-syllable feel as trendy Mason and Owen, but it has a cooler “Bo” nickname.

20. Clarence

Meaning: Bright

Clarence just might have enough old-man charm to climb back into the spotlight, a la Henry.

21. Rocky

Meaning: Rest

Is the name “Rocky” above the Sylvester Stallone association yet? It has the punchy strength that suggests it’s on its way back.

22. Ralph

Meaning: wolf-counsel

Ralph is a name with literary and historical significance — plus a dash of old-man appeal.

23. Langston

Meaning: Tall man’s town

Probably most notable for the Langston Hughes association, this could be an unexpectedly good option for one of those cool baby names choices.

24. Ulysses

Meaning: Wrathful

Ulysses is a heavy name to carry, but the right little boy could carry it high.

The post Cool Baby Names Outside the Top 1,000 List appeared first on Babble.

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image source: thinkstock

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, of reaping in a bountiful harvest. As the days and nights cool down, we all look forward to warm soups, fresh baked goods, fall sports, and the gorgeous, vibrant foliage.

If your baby is due in the autumn, have you considered fall baby names? These lovely, unique choices range from the traditional to the trendy.

In Nature 1. Autumn

One of the most beautiful fall baby names, which for some reason or other has gotten the rep of being a hippy classic. Pshh. Autumn replaced the word Harvest mid 16th Century and has quickly become more popular than Summer.

2. Amber

The gorgeous fossilized tree resin, found in jewelry. I chose it because of its availability in a vivid array of autumn-hued colors.

3. Aster

Of the Aster flower, which blooms in early fall.

4. Hawk (or Hawke)

A strong, unique name; every fall, hundreds of thousands.

5. Raven

A highly intelligent bird, revered as spiritual figure who forages on a rich assortment of insects, cereal grains, berries, fruit, small animals, and food waste. Harvest … bird-style.

6. Wheatley (or Wheatleigh)

“From the wheat meadow.” Falls into one of the more poetic and elegant fall baby names — making me think of baked goods, warm homemade bread, sugar and spice.

Of Trees, Specifically for Their Turning of Leaves 7. Ash (or Asher) 8. Birch 9. Blaze 10. Cedar 11. Daphne

Meaning “laurel tree.”

12. Forrest 13. Hazel 14. Lennox

A Scottish name related to the elm tree.

15. Juniper 16. Laurel

Of the laurel tree, an aromatic evergreen.

17. Leaf/Leif 18. Olive 19. Willow 20. Woody

I know a couple!

The Colors of Autumn 21. Bruno 22. Browning 23. Copper 24. Coral 25. Goldie 26. Garnet

Those lovely minerals that glitter and shine in tones of deep, rich red, crimson and candied maple. Another favorite group of fall shades.

27. Mauve 28. Redd

My partner’s uncle’s name!

29. Rusty 30. Rowan

Known as a flowering tree with little red berries.

31. Sienna 32. Scarlett
Earth & Harvest Goddesses / Gods
33. Annona

The Roman Goddess of the grain.

34. Dionysus

The Greek god of wine. A glass of red wine on a chilly autumn evening? Perfection. I like Dion for short. Less stately that way.

35. Demeter

The Greek Goddess of grain, agriculture and fertility.

36. Gaia

The Goddess of the earth.

37. Persephone

The Goddess of vegetation.

38. Rhea

Titaness mother of the Gods, and a goddess of female fertility and motherhood.

39. Lugh

The Celtic god of the sky.

Harvest Food & Drink
40. Apple

Made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow, many others have hopped on the Apple naming bandwagon

41. Maize

Pronounced May-zee. This is one the cutest fall baby names! Known in English as corn, domesticated by indigenous peoples, made bright and colorful for many types of autumn decor.

42. Pumpkin

Obvious! A cute nickname.

43. Bean

Most favored as an adorable nickname, harvested in the fall.

44. Saffron

Safi for short. I chose it for its rich golden color and frequent use in aromatic, hearty fall dishes.

45. Kale

In season during the fall.

46. Sage

A popular spice in cooking. It is perhaps most widely known for its use in stuffing. Sage is also one of the four sacred medicines in Native culture.

The post 46 Gorgeous Baby Names Inspired by Fall appeared first on Babble.

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image source: thinkstock

Thanksgiving Day is almost here! Many people associate Thanksgiving with the food, the turkey and family gatherings. It’s also a time to count your blessings and share your gratitude with those you care about the most.

Perhaps Thanksgiving means quite a bit to you and your family as well, or maybe your baby is due around the same time as the holiday. With the holiday approaching, I thought it would be fun to share Thanksgiving baby names. Some of these names are slightly unusual, while others are more common.

1. Maize

This name comes from a Latin and Gaelic origin. Maize is another name for corn, a food that is a staple for most Thanksgiving dinners. It’s one of the more unique Thanksgiving baby names with a nice twist to it. Maisie and Mason sound similar and are good options for those who like the name, but want a variant.

2. America

America was a popular name in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It is a strong name for a girl and was made famous by the actress of America Ferrera, the star of “Ugly Betty.”

3. Pilgrim

The meaning of Pilgrim is traveler; wanderer. It’s a rare name for boys that comes from English origins.

4. Grace

This fits into the classic Thanksgiving baby names category that originates from the virtue of grace. It’s simple, pure and classy. Over 7,300 girls were given this name in 2012!

5. Berry

This is another gender neutral name that has been used for both sexes over the years.

6. Jadon

This Hebrew name means thankful, “God will judge.” It’s an attractive name that is a variant of the popular -en names like Caiden.

7. Apple

Sweet, wholesome, cute and red. Not convinced? Gwyneth Paltrow named her first child and daughter after this fruit.

8. Pumpkin

They’re cute, round, sweet and wholesome! Pumpkin is commonly used as a nickname, but some parents are naming their children after this traditional vegetable. It is a name that could be used for both boys and girls.

9. Chutney

Would you ever name your child Chutney? It’s a name that would have worked well in my hippy name round-up several months ago and offers a nod to the holiday as well as the Eastern culture.

10. Aimon

Aimon is a French name that means “Home.” It’s a handsome name that symbolizes the soul of the holiday.

11. Ginger

This name is commonly used for babies with red hair, but it’s also a form of Virginia. The spice is very warming and used quite often during the autumn.

12. Cinnamon

The autumn season wouldn’t be the same without cinnamon. This warm spice adds sweetness and spice to everything we cook. It’s also a cute name suited for a girl.

13. Asher

Happy and blessed. Two very fitting meanings for this Jewish name!

14. Shakira

This is an Arabic name that means thankful. Most famously used by the singer Shakira Ripoll.

15. Mercy

Mercy means compassion. It’s a beautiful virtue name that fits right in with the spirit of Thanksgiving.

16. Farmer

Would you name your boy Farmer? It’s a rare and unusual name, but depicts honesty, hard work and wholesome living.

17. Hunter

The meaning is just as it sounds. A Hunter is “one who hunts.” It’s a very strong, manly name.

18. Prudence

Prudence is a good Puritan name meaning prudent. Try and say that sentence ten times fast!

19. Oceanus

Oceanus Hopkins is a name you may recognize from your history books. He was the first and only child that was born on the Mayflower ship as it made its way to America.

20. Cheyenne

Cheyenne is one of the Algonquian tribes of the Great Plains in America.

21. Cherokee

One of the largest American Indian tribes.

22. Pepper

If your baby is feisty, this is the perfect name. Spicy with a punch!

23. Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the many savory spices used to cook a delicious Thanksgiving meal. The Latin meaning is “sea dew.”

24. May

May is a nice short version for Mayflower. It is also the name of May, the Greek goddess of Spring.

25. William

William Bradford was one of the men who travelled to America on the Mayflower. His recorded experiences and the voices of those who came to this country with him can be found in his book “A History of Plymouth Plantation.”

26. Samoset

Samoset was one of the Native Americans present at the very first Thanksgiving celebrations. He was said to have spoken English. A variant of this Native American name is “Sam.”

27. Dakota

Dakota is the name that was given to the tribes of the northern Plains Indians, more commonly known as Lakota and Sioux.

28. Catori

Catori is a Native American name for girls that means “spirit.”

29. Autumn

Back-to-school, mild temperature, exquisite colors, pumpkins and Thanksgiving. Those are just five of the many things you can look forward to during this season!

30. Hazel

This American baby name means commander.

31. Ruby

Ruby reds, bright oranges, stunning yellows. The leaves show off their beautiful colors in the fall. Cranberries, leaves and apples come in many shades of Ruby.

32. River

A natural beauty and wonder. River is a name that can be used for both boys and girls.

33. Kuron

Expressing our gratitude and giving thanks is what we do during Thanksgiving. Kuron is a name that originates in Africa and simply means “thanks.”

34. Asante

Asante is a boy’s name that comes from Africa, meaning “thank you.”

35. Charmaine

Charmaine is of French origin and means “bountiful orchard.”

36. Rain

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for everyday blessings and Rain meaning “abundant blessings from above,” does just that.

37. Matteo

Matteo is of Spanish origin and it means “gift of God.” A fitting name for a boy born during or in and around Thanksgiving.

38. Demetria

Demi Moor’s first name is Demetria. It’s the name of the Greek goddess of harvest.

39. Jonathan

This is one of the very traditional Thanksgiving baby names that means “God has given.”

40. Jendayi

I think Jendayi is one of the most beautiful Thanksgiving baby names! Coming from Egyptian decent it means “thankful.”

The post 40 Baby Names Inspired by Thanksgiving appeared first on Babble.

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image source: babble

Around this house, we LOVE musicals. OK, maybe my husband doesn’t love them quite as much as the rest of us (i.e. at all), but my toddler and I are big fans.

When I was a kid, my favorite movies were Annie and The Sound of Music. I still have the words to all the songs memorized, and I have a feeling that my little one may follow in my footsteps. She loves to sing, and while she’s still too little to sit through a musical, we definitely listen to the soundtracks to our favorites quite often.

Lately, it’s gotten me thinking that Broadway musicals would make a great source of inspiration for a baby names list! These names would be perfect for musical-loving parents, but even if you aren’t, there are some pretty great names here. Here are 30 musical baby names to consider!

1. Clara

This is the name of a character from Porgy and Bess, and although I’ve never actually seen it, I’m a big fan of Gershwin’s music and many of the songs from this musical. I think Clara is one of the sweetest musical baby names for a little girl and definitely a bit off the radar.

2. Penny

The quirky best friend to Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray, and makes for one of the more adorable musical baby names for a little lady.

3. Amos

I’ve always loved the name Amos, and while making this musical baby names list, I remembered that it was the name of Roxie Hart’s husband in Chicago.

4. Nellie

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific is another musical that I have on my “to see” list, and Nellie is one of the main characters. I’ve always thought Nellie was a fun name and could be a nice nickname for those who like the name Eleanor.

5. Emile

Emile De Becque is the name of the French plantation owner who falls in love with Nellie in South Pacific. This is a great gender neutral name, although I think I’m partial to using it as a boy’s name.

6. Jet

The name Jet comes from Westside Story as it is the name of one of the gangs: The Jets. A cool boy’s name with a “tough guy” vibe.

7. Cosette

The daughter of Fantine, an unwed mother in the musical Les Miserables. A very lovely and feminine name.

8. Annie

My all-time favorite musical. Couldn’t leave out Annie!

9. Pepper

One of the orphans in the musical Annie. This name would definitely be fun and unexpected.

10. Molly

One of the orphans in the musical Annie. I’ve always adored the name Molly. Sweet and simple and so cute!

11. Frankie

As in Frankie Valli of The Four Seasons in the musical Jersey Boys.

12. Larkin

Who could forget the dreamy Link Larkin of Hairspray? Last names as first names are a great trend and work for musical baby names!

13. Rydell

Inspired by Rydell High School from the musical Grease. A cool option for a girl or a boy.

14. Adelaide

Miss Adelaide of the musical Guys and Dolls might make for a sweet girl’s name – Addy for short!

15. Eliza

If you are an Audrey Hepburn fan, perhaps you might consider a nod to her character Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady as an inspiration for your little lady.

16. Flynn

Another last name used as a first name and a nod to Billy Flynn, the lawyer in Chicago.

17. Roxie

Roxie is a spunky name for a little girl and the name of Roxie Hart one of the main characters in Chicago.

18. Oliver

The namesake of the musical Oliver and a nice vintage name for a little boy.

19. Nessa

Nessarose “Nessa” Thropp is the Wicked Witch of the East in Wicked, and I love the name Nessa for a little girl.

20. Dorothy

Everyone knows who Dorothy Gale of Kansas is in the musical Wicked. A less-often used little girl name with vintage flair.

21. Benny

Benjamin (Benny) Coffin of Rent. I like Benny as a fun alternative to the name Benjamin.

22. Louisa

One of the Von Trapp children in The Sound of Music.

23. Gretel

One of the Von Trapp children in The Sound of Music. All of the Von Trapp children have cute names, but Gretel was always my favorite.

24. Levi

The last name of Dolly Levi of Hello Dolly. Fun fact: My first official date with my husband was the see Hello Dolly. I tried to sell him on the name Levi for a little boy, but I couldn’t win him over. I love it though.

25. Belle

The lovely beauty of Beauty & the Beast and a fun name for a little girl that actually means beauty.

26. Nala

Simba’s lioness best buddy and future love in The Lion King. An off-the-beaten-path baby name option for sure.

27. Finch

One of the characters in the Broadway musical Newsies.

28. June

The name of Gypsy Rose Lee’s sister, Baby June, in Gypsy. It was on my shortlist of baby girl names.

29. Lucy

While the musical Sweeney Todd may be a bit dark, the name Lucy (i.e. Lucy Barker, wife of Benjamin Barker — a.k.a. “Sweeney Todd”) is bright and cheery.

30. Birdie

Conrad Birdie was the dreamboat that had all the girls swooning in Bye Bye Birdie. I love the idea of using his last name as a first name for a little girl.

The post 30 Baby Names Inspired by Broadway Musicals appeared first on Babble.

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image source: thinkstock

Being strong and brave is something that we talk about almost daily in our home.

With three little girls, it’s easy to tell them they’re pretty or cute or adorable. But we make a conscious effort to make sure they know how strong and brave, funny, and smart they are. We don’t want them growing up thinking that looks are the only important thing — we want them to have a diverse childhood. Instead of just playing with baby dolls, we want them exploring. We want them climbing trees and running through fields, throwing rocks, and exploring nature. We want them to be adventurers, and for these types of people there are bold baby names.

If you are hoping for the same, consider an adventurous name for your little one. Here are 30+ examples of bold baby names for boys and girls.

For boys …

1. Huck

The ultimate explorer name, after Huckleberry Finn, of course.

2. Sawyer

Huck’s friend Tom, or if you’re a fan of “Lost.”

3. Jack

Have a lumberjack on your hands? What a fitting name!

4. Bear

This name is rising in popularity!

5. Indiana

Indiana Jones is every little boy’s hero.

6. Blaise

Means “burning fire.”

7. Fox

If you can get past the “What Does the Fox Say?” song, this one might be for you!

8. Rocket

A name meant for a fast & furious boy!

9. Wilder

Sounds like someone who’d love to climb moutons.

10. Colt

Means “from the dark town.”

11. Jett

It’s the name of a mineral.

12. Ace

Means “noble” or “brave.”

13. West

I love this one. A perfectly simple name for a brave soul.

14. Maverick

It means “independent.”

15. Hunter

Another perfect adventure name. This one’s quite popular.

16. Cliff

Got a little mountaineer on your hands?

For girls …

1. Brave

Why not give her the word itself?

2. Matilda

Means “battle mighty.”

3. Rainey

The name means “power.”

4. Merida

The strong-willed character from Disney’s “Brave.”

5. Anne

Name her after Anne Frank, one of the bravest girls the world has ever known.

6. Annie

Another girly name, named after Annie Oakley, American sharpshooter.

7. Helen

Means “bright.”

8. Amelia

Inspired by Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.

9. Harriet

An old-fashioned name inspired by Harriet Tubman, a brave abolitionist during the Civil War.

10. Valeria

A lovely name that means “strong.”

11. Beatrice

Beatrice means “voyager.”

12. Nellie

Inspired by Nellie Bly, a ground-breaking journalist who took a trip around the world.

13. Louise

After Louise Boyd, the first woman to reach the North Pole.

14. Kira

Named after Kira Salak, a professional adventurer.

15. River

One of the perfect bold baby names for an explorer.

16. Jane

Inspired by Jane Goodall, primatologist and adventurer.

The post 30+ Adventurous and Bold Baby Names appeared first on Babble.

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Image Source: Thinkstock

When I was 10 or 11 years old, I saw Gone with the Wind for the first time.

I’m sure there were many things about the movie I liked, but the thing that stood out to me was that there was a MAN named Ashley. I knew plenty of Ashleys, but I’d never known one that was male (and now, 20 years later, I’ve still never met a male Ashley).

When I was spending hours poring over the Social Security baby name lists before Ani was born, I was surprised to see how many names that are now considered predominately female names that used to sit on the male side of the list. My husband and I loved checking the Social Security Administration’s lists to see how a name’s popularity had changed over the last 100 or so years.

Here were 25 that surprised me most — which ones catch you off guard?


For girls, Allison is doing just fine. It’s been in the top 100 since 1974. For boys? Not so well. It fizzled in 1937 and made one final gasp in 1946.


Since 1880, this name hasn’t dipped below #106 for girls. But for boys, Anna hit its heights at the turn of the 20th century in the low 300s, and hasn’t reappeared in the top 1,000 since 1930.


This is a staple name for girls, although it’s way down in the 300s now, compared to the top 20 status it enjoyed for decades. It was popular for boys in the 1900s, but eventually fizzled out in 1937.


Ashley didn’t appear on the top 1,000 for girls until 1964, but it was a rock star, jumping all the way to #1 in the early ’90s and continuing to hold strong today at #122. As a male name, it dates all the way back to the beginning of the list in 1880 and hit 282 in 1980. By 1994, though, it was off the top 1,000 for boys.


This is my mom’s name, so it strikes me as strange to see it on the male list. It was a top 5 female name in the 1940s for six years running, then plummeted in the ’90s. In the 1930s, it was up into the 300s for males, but then dropped even faster, until it disappeared in 1965.


This name is wildly popular for girls, never dropping out of the 500s in the last 130 years and continuing to rise (it’s 49 right now). In fact, our baby’s middle name is Claire. For boys it’s been less stable, bouncing around up to #531 in 1905 and then vacating the premises in 1936.


This name hasn’t aged well — it dropped off the list for boys in 1942 and in 1992 for girls. Do you think it’ll make an encore appearance for either?


Dorothy is making a slow comeback for girls (it’s currently #601) after ranking in the top 5 for a solid 25 years between 1909 and 1934. No such comeback looks to be in store for males, as the name dropped off the list in 1945.


Hazel was a solid part of the top 1,000 for males until 1940; it hasn’t returned since. On the female list, Hazel spent 50 years in the top 100, before nosediving spectacularly and disappearing altogether in 1976. Then it roared back in the late ’90s, jumping all the way to #43 in 2017.


Ivy’s been a showstopper for girls, remaining on the list since 1880 and currently ranking at #108. It did less well for boys, though, dipping into the 900s in the ’30s and leaving forever in 1935.


After a 20 year hiatus, June came roaring back for girls, hitting #244 in 2017. For boys, though, it tapered off in the 1920s, departing permanently in 1939. I’m guessing it’s not a hiatus …


Lacy made it into the top 400 at the turn of the 20th century, but lost ground after that and disappeared in 1968. Six years later it appeared on the girls list and held on until 2005. Think it’ll come back for girls? I’m not holding my breath that it’ll come back for boys.


Lauren did well for boys through 1958, then made a brief comeback in the ’80s. It really took off for girls, though, in the late seventies and hasn’t dropped out of the top 1,000 since! (It’s currently sitting at #148).


Lindsay has jumped on and off the list for males as much as almost any other name, all the way back to 1880 and making its last appearance in 1985.


Madison is currently #9 for girls, but it was a boys name through the 1920s, and then made a big comeback between 1987 and 1999. It made one last appearance in 2004 at #857. Do you think it’ll come back for boys or is it firmly entrenched in girl territory now?


Margaret was on the list for males all the way through 1943, bouncing around in the 600s and down into the 900s before disappearing completely.


Marie had its heyday for girls 100 years ago at #10 and has never dropped below 600, but only showed up on the list for males in 1913 and 1926.


Meredith was huge for girls in the ’70s and ’80s and still makes a respectable showing, For boys, though, it lost its place in 1954 and shows no sign of returning.


Poor Patsy. It was up at 371 (for boys!) through the 1930s, but then dropped off entirely by 1949. As a girl name, it also lost ground fast and hasn’t been seen on the top 1,000 since 1975.


Pearl is just starting to creep back into the top 1,000 names for girls, but I was surprised to see that it’d been in the top 600 for boys for most of the 1910s!


Like many old-fashioned names, Ruby has been making a huge comeback in the last few years for girls. It hasn’t made a comeback for boys, though. It hasn’t hit the top 1,000 for boys since 1940.


Ruth was the #5 girls name from 1913-1922, but it was also on the top 1,000 for males during that same time period (although, certainly not at #5).


Sandy hit its peak of popularity for girls in the sixties (topping out at 126 on the list), but it remained a name on the male list all the way through 1982.


Vivian is up to 97 for females as of 2017, but it was a strong presence on the list for males until 1933 when it fell off permanently.


It tried so hard, popping on and off the list all the way up through 1988, but finally gave its last breath for males and hasn’t returned. It didn’t show up on the female list until 1962, but it’s been a strong contender there, peaking in the mid ’80s and currently holding a place at #838.

The post 25 Popular Girl Baby Names That Used to Be for Boys appeared first on Babble.

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