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Everyone who watches animes has his/her own set of specific shows which they watch everyday after their long work day. But every once in a while, let’s say in a weekend you decide to switch the ongoing series with some other series and you like it so you watch episodes one after another and keep watching, this repetition is called Binge- Watching, I have been watching anime for a long time now and I’ve come to notice that I binge watch a lot and I’ve noticed that binge watching is great to freshen up your mind .There are some really great animes that I’ve binge watched and most of them are your time-worthy. So don’t make any plans this weekend just sit tight on your sofa and grab some snacks because here is the list of top 10 animes to binge watch.

10. Kill La Kill Episodes: 25 Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, School

Kill la Kill is quite different and rare. It perfectly mixes comedy and action while reveling in taking everything to the extreme. And the fact that it has now ended leaves each week looking a little less bright. When you watch this showtime wouldn’t matter to you. It has got good humor, good puns, the pacing of the show is good and it is “internally consistent”. Me, personally, I loved watching kill la kill. If you are looking for a fun, action-filled with a whole lot of humor this anime is for you.

9. Soul Eater Episodes: 51
Genre: Action, Adventure, and Comedy

Soul Eater revolves around the Shibusen, which is a famous academy and is situated at Death City. The headmaster of this academy is the Shinigami himself. The mission of the academy is to develop “Death Scythes” which is to be wielded by Shinigami to counter the evils of their fantasy world. The Death Scythes are formed from human hybrids who can transform themselves into Demon weapons and they must hunt 99 evil human souls on Shinigami’s list and one witch soul. This show has a binding factor and will make you sit and watch until your eyes hurt.

8. Watamote Episodes: Season 1(13 episodes)
Genre: comedy, a slice of life

The story revolves around Tomoko Kuroki who is a first-year high school girl and very much socially awkward. The story started with her realizing that she has to spend the first 3 months of high school without even talking to someone. Although, she is still very optimistic and believes that she could still turn the tables around and can live a healthy high school life. It’s very much a cringe comedy. If you like that sort of comedy it’s very funny. Although be prepared to pause it a couple of times an episode when things get so awkward and cringe-worthy you just can’t bear to go on without a break, Other than that this show is golden.

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7. Mob Psycho 100 Episodes: 12
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Supernatural

The story revolves around a middle school student Shigeo Kageyama also called Mob, who is pretty average but almost no social life. He may seem like an ordinary person, but actually, he is a very powerful Esper. As he grew older, he came to know that his psychic powers are immensely strong and to keep them in check, he lives under emotional warfare. Mob wants to lead a normal life but a series of unfortunate circumstances comes to him in the form of trouble. All these events are making the suppressed emotions inside the Mob grow little by little, and the thunderstorm that all his power can bring is frightening. When I watched this show I had no intention to keep going but I got lost in it and ended up watching every single one of them. The psychic action sequences are just awesome. If you love anime with good logic and humor, this could be your gateway.

6. Death Note Episodes: 37
Genre: Crime thriller, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

Death Note is one of the most amazing anime that I’ve ever watched. The main character Light Yagami is a high school student who found a book called “Death Note” – a supernatural book which can kill any person whose name is written on it with the condition that writer shall be familiar with person’s face. After using the book on his own will, Light met Ryuk, the original ruler of the book and a shinigami who threw the book from hell out of boredom. Light discusses his superior plan with Ryuk that he wants to rule the earth as a God after killing every criminal and letting only people he deemed necessary to live. Death Note is a series which should be binge-watched as every single episode collides with the other, so that way you fell feel more connected. It is a short series but a great anime totally worth your time

5. Trigun Episodes: 26
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comdey-Drama

I’ve binged Trigun for quite a few times. The series follows around the protagonist “Vash the Stampede” and two Bernardelli Insurance Society employees, Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, to ensure minimum inevitable damage which also causes due to his appearance. Because of the destruction of City of July, there is a sixty billion double dollar bounty on Vashs’ head, the most of the destruction and ruckus is caused by Bounty hunters in his pursuit. I like the comedy in this show because it really does relieve the stress of the harrowing nature of what the main characters endure. It may have mood whiplash due to this at first but gets more serious as the story progresses, when Vash realizes he can’t run from his past or his brother forever.

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4. Kuroko Basketball Episodes: 75
Genre: Comedy, Drama, and Sport

Teiko Middle Schools’ basketball team is the most distinctive one, they have destroyed their competitions with flying colors. So much that the team members are called “Generation of Miracles”. After graduating from middle school, these five stars went to different high schools with top basketball teams. As soon as the OP music starts I have the biggest grin on my face. It was one of those animes I debated watching until there were around 5 episodes out then just went for it out of boredom and I cannot stress enough how glad I was that I did. There are various why Kuroko no Basketball is a fan favorite, it has awesome animation, interesting characters and chiseling, and mindblowing basketball sequences. Whenever there is a power unveiling scene, I get goosebumps. Many think sports-based anime isn’t worth watching and are dramatic and lame but this one is sure a must watch and will change your perception for good.

3. Attack on Titans Episodes: 25( Season 1)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy and Horror

The humongous gigantic Titans have raided the earth and have wiped off almost all humanity. The three survivors – Eren, Armin, and Misaka have been recruited into the resistance and being trained to fight off against them. There is not much known about the Titans to humans and it is not easy to fight them without planning properly. This anime has an insane amount of rage, destruction, and violence and it’s more about the hope that the world can someday become a better place, This show becomes R Rated and gruesome at most of the times and shows the undying human struggle to bring themselves back on track and defend the remainings. This series won’t let you get bored for a moment and that’s why it is a perfect binge-watching material.

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2. Durarara!! Episodes: 60( 2 seasons)
Genre: Comedy, Action, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural, Thriller

There are many rumors and warnings of anonymous gangs and dangerous occupants plaguing Ikebukuro. There is a rumor going around in the city of a rider wearing black with no head and riding his jet blacked motorcycle throughout the city. The protagonist of the story is Mikado Ryuugamine, a small town boy who is completely mesmerized with the urban big city lifestyle. When he received an invitation from his childhood friend Masaomi Kida, he decided to live in Tokyo. On his first day, he already sees theBlack Rider granting one of his wishes. Although, he found himself getting mixed with the colorful characters living in Ikebukuro. Unlike other shows, this anime has that ground connection without any special base. Worthing spending your time into.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist( Brotherhood) Episodes: 64
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller

The story revolves around 2 brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric who lived with their mother Trisha Elric in the country of Amestris. Their father was a well known Alchemist, Hohenheim who abandoned them at a very young age, they were then taught the art of Alchemy by their mother Trisha. Unfortunately, Trisha died of an illness and they started living with their best friend Winry and her grandmother. Under Izumi Curtis’ training, both boys traveled around the world and gathered the alchemy knowledge. When they returned, they decided to bring their mother back via alchemy which is a taboo in the alchemy world as human transmutation is almost impossible to do. The transmutation failed and Ed loses his physical body while Edward lost his right leg. In a last attempt to bring save Alphonse, Edward pulled his soul back and housed it in the nearby body armor but he had to sacrifice his right arm. It is one of my favorite anime series of all time and considered to be as one of the greatest, this series will take you on an epic journey of two brothers and their adventures and their efforts to become great alchemists. So, this is my list of top 10 animes that you can binge watch anytime you want and I hope you won’t be disappointed. Stay tuned for more info on anime shows.

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One-Piece is one of the longest running anime series. It has over 800 episodes and still going on. Running for almost two-decades One Piece has become favorite to many with a brilliant storyline and ever awesome characters. It contains many story arcs that you could enjoy. One Piece is further broken into sagas and arcs. Arcs are smaller stories with their own climax and resolution within larger overarching sagas and adventures. There are so many epic arcs in One Piece that it is hard to choose one so we put up a list of the Top 5 One Piece Arcs so far that took our breath away and made us fall in love with this epic series.

5. Jaya/Skypiea Arc – Top 5 One Piece Arc

The Jaya/Skypea arc is one of my most favorite One Piece Arc. Skypea really represents what One Piece is about History, Adventure, and Inherites Will. Skypiea focuses on these 3 things. We start off the arc by visiting Jaya which has some of my favorite One Piece moments. With moments like The giant “Sea monster” scene, Luffy vs Bellamy, and Blackbeard’s Speech to Luffy. Also Blackbeard was first shown in this Arc although his identity was still behind the curtains.

After that the strawhats meets Old man Cricket who has been trying to find the Lost city of gold to redeem the name of his ancestor Mont Blanc Nolan who was killed because he lied about there being a “City of Gold.” So the Straw hats seek to find the city of gold. This is the main plot for the Skypea arc. Next we get to Skypea where we have so many amazing moments like the appearance of God Enel who I think is the coolest One Piece antagonist and his godly powers, the badassness of Wiper, Sanji’s Sacrifice, zoro learning how to do the flying blade attack, Luffy vs Enel, we find a Poneglyph and much more. This Arc is so much entertaining and one of the best One Piece Arcs.

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4. Eniess Lobby Arc – Top 5 One Piece Arcs

Eniess Lobby is the 16th arc in the One Piece anime and the third in the Water 7 Saga. This is an epic arc because this arc also serves as a point of advancement for each of the Straw Hats, as almost all of them become stronger in some way and because the Straw Hats also say farewell to their beloved ship, the Going Merry. Enies Lobby is an island, the eighth island for the Strawhats in the Grand Line. It revolves around the straw hats facing one of the navy’s strongholds in order to save one of their crewmates, Nico Robin. In this arc we get robins back story, Frankys’ backstory, Usopp-Luffy breaking up, etc.

We see a lot of character development like Robin being a woman who only cared for herself to her relying on others to save her, chopper becoming a monster to save his friends, Usopp realizing that he’s weak and he needs to get stronger Luffy sacrificing his life and body for his friends, etc. This arc was also important considering every character gets a new power or a new ability as an add-on while fighting with the super strong opponents. The action sequences were so badass I still consider Luffy Vs. Luccy is one of the greatest duels in One Piece. Everybody’s bounty goes up as the crew becomes a serious threat to the World Government. This Arc also added two new Nakamas to the Strawhat crew Franky the Cyborg and their new ship The Thousand Sunny.

3. Alabasta Arc – Top 5 One Piece Arcs

The Alabasta Arc is the eleventh One Piece Arcs. This is also Albasta Saga’s final arc. In One Piece the Alabasta arc was the first big world-shaking battle arc that unfolded in the series. This arc was one of the best because it really set the stage for a lot of other conflicts including Ennies lobby and thriller bark.

This arc revolves around straw hats helping a new companion Nefertiti Vivi take back her kingdom from the corrupt Shichibukai(warlord) Sir Crocodile. Crocodile is the reason behind this arc being so famous he was the first major opponent Luffy had to face. Crocodile was an opponent like none of us had ever seen before, he was a logia type in his own element. Crocodile was a ruthless warlord but a very clever one and amazingly strong. He was something that straw hats never had to face before. He pushed luffy to his breaking point almost killing him. Crocodile along with Nico Robin introduced us to the ponyglyphs. The other amazing things about this arc is the development of the other strawhats. Zoro learned how to cut through steel which was a great leap considering his dream of becoming the finest swordsman in the world. Ussop and chopper fought and won a hopeless battle with Ussop finally stepping up to protect his friends in full confidence. And Nami’s first big fight of the series that she handled without any help. This arc also helps strawhat gain worldwide recognition and gaining some respect as the pirates with morales from Smoker and Tashigi. This arc also introduced us to the infamous pirate and luffy’s elder brother Portgas.D.Ace and the first reference to Whitebeard.

2. Dressrosa Arc – Top 5 One Piece Arcs

So, in the 27th Arc we were introduced to the Dressrosa and the final of 2 arcs of Dressrosa saga, it is also one of my favorites One Piece saga ever, continuing from the Punk Hazard Arc. The Dressrosa arc is great because it revealed too much sure it was long but is that a bad thing when the arc was so good? I mean you got the revelation of Sabo still being alive who’s now one of the most popular characters in One Piece. Gear 4 which people speculated he had for years and brought so much hype to the One Piece fandom.

Well Dressrosa includes many things and gives us more insight on what kind of monstrous proportions are out there in the grand line. This epic arc also revealed one of the four yonko The hundred beasts Kaido. Apart from all the revelations this arc also contains the most epic fights like Doflamingo Vs. Luffy along with the revelation of luffy’s strongest asset yet The Gear Four. I think this is the best duel in the entire One Piece saga yet. Also the fight between Franky and Senor Pink was manly epic as it was emotional too. We also get to see the epicness of the glorified God Usopp and Yeah new and improved bounty posters for all the strawhats. Is there any reason not to love this arc. I think Doflamingo is the most epic villain yet. Everything about him is villainous i mean every time I look at him he gives the chills he is that creepy, he’s mean and evil, he kills innocent people plus his Devil fruit powers were pretty amazing too. And his origin story was very authentic showing us why he turned the way that he is.

The Best Adult Anime Shows in English Exclusive

1. Marineford Arc – Top 5 One Piece Arc

Well to each his own but for me Marineford is the and will be the all time favorite One Piece arc. This arc show us what marines are capable of and set up the story for the new world. The epic clash between the Whitebeard pirates and the Marines to save their crewmate was just simply awesome. The epic and immeasurable strength of the strongest man in the world Edward Newgate a.k.a The Whitebeard and Akainu was a fine display of what exactly the Yonko and the admirals are capable of. Something that we had never seen before. I really enjoyed watching Whitebeard beat the shit out of Akainu and Marineford.

We also get the great insight into the power of the Whitebeard’s commander, especially Marco the Phoenix. It is hard to forget about the display that the Warlords had put up although they had kept their strength to a minimum.

This arc also features one of the most saddest moments in the history of Anime, The death of Ace. I mean it was pretty unthinkable and very sad for me and then there was the appearance of Blackbeard and his crew and them tearing the Marineford to pieces. And then he witnessed the death of Whitebeard by the hands of Marshall.D.Teach (Blackbeard) his own former crewmate. His final speech sent shivers down everyone’s spine. Even after his death he did not fall such was his grace and persona. There was also an appearance by the other Yonko, Shanks who instantly made an impression and clashed with Akainu who was going to murder Coby for his speech. Then he declared that the war has ended and promised to make funeral arrangements for the death of Whitebeard and Ace.

Some Noticable/Epic moments from Marineford Arc:
  • Whitebeard displays the power of his devil fruit Gura Gura No Mi or Quake Quake fruit and created huge tsunamis.
  • Vice Admiral Aokiji freezes the waves
  • Mihawk Hawkeyes slashing the icebergs that Aokiji had created
  • Doflamingos’ speech.
  • Luffy uses conquerors Haki and the reactions.
  • Luffy’s entrance into the Marineford from the sky.

It helps to push Luffy to get stronger because after Ace’s death he was completely broken and Jinbei helps him to realize what comes next. In the end, Luffy learned a valuable lesson, that he wasn’t nearly strong enough to run with the big dogs. So he was trained for 2 years by The Pirate King’s right-hand man Silver Rayleigh.


One Piece has over 880 episodes and there are still many great arcs to come. Although this post was the top 5 best one piece arcs so far. We will provide details regarding the upcoming episodes and arcs of One Piece. Anime Keen is your best destination for the latest updates from the anime world. Check out the latest articles and blogs with us on Anime Keen.

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Okay, so when we all heard the news that the most badass and “hero for fun” Saitama is making a return with the most anticipated One Punch Man Season 2, it instantly swept many of us die-hard fans off our feet. We are actually here with the One Punch Man Season 2 Review.

But then the trailer arrived and we came to know that a different studio is producing OPM season 2. With a completely different approach and let’s just be honest, a shitty animation.

But really, if you are on a fence about watching the second season since you’ve seen the trailer, don’t be.

After making us wait for eternity, One Punch Man is finally back with a second season and the huge interruption between the first and the second season has ensured that there won’t be any fillers considering there is plenty of material to adapt from the manga.

But when the trailer arrived, it made a lot of fans skeptical with the animation quality considering season 1 is widely known for its sleek and chiseling animation out of everything.

Top 10: The Best Adult Anime Shows in English

But now with 3 episodes being aired, it is safe to say, there is nothing to worry about especially the animation.

There are certainly some differences but overall it is still as phenomenal as the first season. The fight sequences are still spooky, chiseling, visceral and amazing to watch.

The hand to hand combats still feels like coming to life. While the complex techniques and cannon blasts or laser blasts are just simply extraordinary.

There are some differences in characters designs and their expressions but not certainly in a bad way. They are still crisp and clean just a bit different. We still have the scenes where Saitama and others jump to the reminiscent poses and hilarious facial expressions. Saitama with his pun-face amidst the battle ready scenes is still as hilarious as ever.

Yes, there are some times when animation can get a little sloppy. Especially with the off characters and even stiff sometimes as we saw in the trailer but unlike the trailer that content is scattered throughout and if you view with an open mind you might even not notice that.

And I personally feel that soundtracks and the background music could be better but that’s it. There are no drawbacks with the other elements of the show. Whether the story, character development or the jokes, One Punch Man is still full of wit, sharp and uplifting as ever.

The first three episodes show us that nothing has changed. Saitama is still the adorably unconcerned hero for fun. Genos is still the same cyborg seeking revenge for the destruction of his home town. And King, opening up to Saitama that he owes everything to him as he always took the credits for his deeds.

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All the jokes and goofing around with escapades have so much impact that all the bad thoughts regarding the second season of One Punch Man have been dusted off and now I am excited for more.

No need to say more, all you guys must watch One punch Man season 2 review yourselves for the amazing fun, wit, and action. If you are still skeptical, there is one more reason to watch it. For the ongoing story arc – the Hero Hunter Arc, which introduced us to Girou (self-proclaimed monster ).

The show is going the way we expected it to be. Monsters Association will be making an entrance with increasing threats and frequent monster attacks.

Also, Saitama is being highlighted now. With the rise of monsters, the Hero Association is looking for a way to tackle them. But still not many know our bald-headed superhero and his role in stopping the biggest calamity in the first season.

Now more people are coming to Saitama. Some to enlist him with them and others to challenge him just to prove their might. Overall, Saitama is getting engaged in a series of conflicts regularly which is a good thing.

The hype is very real and very accurate. One Punch Man has still got it. Whatever we expected after the first season ended is happening. It’s good to see our Pun faced caped crusader blowing up opponents in a punch without giving it any thought.

To all the people and fans of OPM, who are still skeptical after watching the trailer. I would like to say all those concerns are misplaced. OPM has still got it, it is still as epic and will remain for the rest of the season and others to come.

The post One Punch Man Season 2 Review – Don’t be Skeptical and watch Season 2! appeared first on ANIMEKEEN.

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Watch the best adult anime shows in English: Entertainment industry is amongst the most booming endeavors right now especially considering all these sci-fi and movies with unbelievable graphics content, all thanks to the modern CGI and VFX.

If someone says they don’t like movies, you would look at the person with sceptical eyes and think maybe this guy is lying or maybe he still hasn’t find his niche becasue there are many less all-round entertainment sources as movies and same can be said for Japanese anime.

Anime industry is so wide today and Japanese thinks anime is not just for kids but for everyone. That’s why you will find shows from kids, comedy, supernatural to family saga.

Anime can be ranked from Rated G upto any level of Rated R and in this article, we are going to talk about the best adult anime shows in English. These adult anime are filtered according to obscenity, nudity, strong themes and violence. Check it out below.

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10. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop consistently being called as one of the greatest anime shows of all time is not at all a kid show. If you are an adult and want something quality for your weekends, you can binge-watch Cowboy Bebop – many many times. The story follows four bounty hunters traveling across the solar system fighting off and capturing wanted criminals and revolves around constant poverty, personal redemptions, and existential dissatisfaction. The show itself gives a cowboy wild wide west vibe and aura with genius artistic screenplay and with soothing Jazz playing behind. Personally, I consider CB one of the best adult anime shows in English. If you are an adult otaku and haven’t seen this, you will thank us later.

2. High School of the Dead

Highschool of the dead is famous for its certain things. One of them is its super mature theme, sex drive, and extreme violence. There is a teacher in the above-mentioned Highschool who is like a super pervert and he exploits scared and timid kids in the ways your regular teachers wouldn’t have. He is an extremely self-centered and selfish guy who would never help anyone else other than himself. There are scenes that literally involves child on child violence ( doesn’t really matter, the kids were zombies ). It is one of the best anime for adults and could make many viewers uncomfortable so kids are advised to stay away.

3. No Game No Life

No Game No Life is an anime for adults and has two protagonists, their names are Shiro and Shora and they have achieved master skills in gaming. They love their games and doesn’t have much to do with the real world. They hate it because they think real world is boring. One random day, they received a mysterious anonymous email inviting them to a game of chess. Suddenly they transported into another world which is ruled by the gamers playing games at unbelievable wages at stake. The show follows Shiro and Shoras’ quest to become the new rulers and follows some very dramatic scenes mixed with explicit sexy content. It is also in our mature anime recommendations.

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4. Attack on Titans

Most of you may have seen this but for those of you who haven’t, attack on titans is an anime filled with blood, filth, and gore. It is an r rated anime series. The world has been raided by the titular titans and they have devoured almost complete humanity. The remaining survivors are forced to live behind humongous walls so that they don’t become titans’ snacks. This show is an amazing joyride of flesh tearing, titans chomping and crushing people like mosquitoes. Almost all of the resistance is obliterated, the three young cadets are fighting off against these monsters. If you have a heart condition, maybe avoid watching it as it is an anime that shows everything.

5. Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai is actually super popular. Afro Samurai is not exactly meant for children as it contains really terrible violence and graphic content. If you are a fan of bloodshed, you will definitely like Afro Samurai. It is one of the best adult anime shows in English. The story basically revolves around a young ‘Afro’ whose father was brutally killed by a guy named Justice who claimed the no.1 headband. Afro Samurai world consists of fighters wearing headbands with no. on it which represents their fighting prowess with no. 1 meaning greatest. Only no. 2 can challenge no. 1 but other than that any one can challenge anybody. Afro is in the quest to avenge his father and on the pursuit of no. 2 headband so he can challenge Justice and because of that this is a certified anime for adults.

6. Heavens’ Lost Property

From the Image above you can figure that this is an anime that shows everything, and you are right. Heavens’ Lost Property is an anime show based on the manga with the same name. The series has a protagonist named Tomoki Sakurai who is a young lad looking for some peace and relaxation accidentally met Ikaros, who is an Angeloid who fell from the heavens, followed by other angels who fell as well later during the series. The anime started in 2019 and it has been more than a decade with each season having 13 episodes. There’s a hell lot of exotic stuff to watch, especially kinky and sexual and a lot more in this r rated anime series. You must watch it yourselves for the rest.

7. Berserk

Berserk is one of the most popular action anime and all the bloodshed makes it an r rated anime series. Most importantly, the show has it all, supernatural stuff, demons, overpowerful humans and guess what? The series’ hero name is – Guts. He was born of his mothers’ corpse and so he is as much badass as his name. He is no stranger to bloodshed and weilds a huge sword and works as a mercenary. He has fought in many battlefields and so he is a relentless and formidable warrior. He only lives to fight and kill. Eventually, he lost a fight against the head of the “Band of the Hawk”, a famous mercenary group and ended up joining them. It is one of the best adult anime shows in English and you have to see this epic series to witness all the epic fight sequences and the bloodshed.

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8. High School DxD

This name is also in our mature anime recommendations. It is an insanely famous anime basely mostly on sexual drives. The story revolves around Issei Hyodo who is a dull, dimwitted 2nd-year high school student. He was killed at his first ever date and reincarnated as the devil and serves as second-in-command to Rias Gremory who is a “higher level devil” and also the hottest lady on his campus. The show has 3 seasons with 12 episodes in each season. This is an anime that shows everything and is easily one of the best adult anime shows in English. You can follow this series for all the vulgar and sexual content.

9. Hellsing

Hellsing is a supernatural based anime with vampires lurking around as the main theme. The hero of this anime is quite popular. The story revolves around a world where supernatural being exists and they wreck the cities down and the police is obviously incapable of dealing with such beings. Thus the Hellsing Organization is responsible for protecting humans and wipes out the supernatural threats.

When an event took place in the nearby village where humans turn into ghouls and started eating up other humans, the police wasn’t enough, therefore, Hellsing sent his most commendable guy – Alucard who is a vampire. He neutralized the threat and saved a young policewoman life by turning her into a vampire. If you are a fan of blood, rampage and vampires, this r rated anime series is on our mature anime recommendations.

10. Shinmai Maou no Testament

This is amongst the most dirtiest and anime that shows everything. You may not know about this anime but this is included here because of the intense nudity that this show is filled with. There are multiple uncensored shots of women breasts and because of that, it is an r rated anime series. The story revolves around a female demon Succubus makes the hero the story make a master-slave deal with various characters of the story. If a slave tries to disobey their master, he will get uncomfortably excited and to get this torture ended, the master must take the slave to climax. These scenes are usually filled with explicit nudity, chest groping, licking and ……better if you see the rest by yourselves. This show is on our must-watch mature anime recommendations.

The post Best Adult Anime Shows in English {Exclusive} appeared first on ANIMEKEEN.

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Anime has been the lifeline of teenagers (most of them are adults now) since 1990s. The kick and overall aura that it creates is still to match by any other entertainment industry.

Japan’s creation in real, anime is available easily to anyone either through Television or online streaming. There is something in intense Japanese dialogue delivery that runs chills down the spine.

There are thousands of anime shows to watch from. Some of them are short and fresh while the others have been going for decades and have a long list of episodes.

The real fun is watching them in Japanese but many viewers thinks otherwise and want these anime shows English dubbed. While there are many shows that has been dubbed officialy, there still are the others that are not.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the Top Sites to Watch Free Anime in English Dub, so stay put and read the whole article.

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Top Sites to Watch Free Anime in English Dub 10. Netflix

The number 1 on our list is none other than the newly proclaimed king of entertainment showbiz – Netflix. Since its inception, Netflix has focused on Anime more than other sources of fun. Going so far as to produce a live action Death Note movie (it didn’t go very well though). You can watch many anime series in English here and they are adding more and more everyday. They have some of the best rating when it comes to English dub/sub anime. Although, its’ paid but you can explore free for first 30 days.

  • Awesome UI and UX.
  • Humongous collection to choose from.
  • Thumbnail Images
  • Choose quality from 480p from 1080p
  • Legal Way to Watch
2. 9anime.to

9anime.to is the best site to watch free anime in english dub. For past couple of years 9anime has grown in popularity and become one of the best source for dubbed anime in India. There are all the genres like Action, Adventure, Horror, Comedy, Romantic for you to choose from. Okay, you must be thinking if its so vast, finding your favorites must be hard? But 9anime comes equipped with a filter option where you can filter through your desired quality, anime, season, resolution etc. You can watch and even download the videos from 360p to 720p resolution.

  • Beautiful, catchy interface
  • Massive video collection
  • Stream in quality from 360p to 1080p
  • Can watch in Night Mode and Light off, Auto Play Mode
  • Easy to download videos from 360p to 720p
3. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a big name and probably one of the most recognizable name when it comes to watch free anime in english dub. It also has a massive collection of the best anime series in English dub. At the top, there is a show tab where you can watch anime shows and next to it is the manga tab where you can read your favorites. You can select your desired tab from Popular, Simulcasts, Updated, Alphabetical, Genres, Seasons. Although, Crunchyroll is a premium paid service, it provides 14 day free trial. Overall Crunchyroll offers an awesome experience.

  • Stream HD video quality
  • Huge Collection of Best Anime
  • Available in Free + Cheap Premium Plans
  • App also available for Android and iOS

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4. Funimation Now

Funimation Now is the online anime streaming company from the very famous Funimation Studios that remastered and produces anime shows. It is only available to USA and Canada viewers and the rest of the world can’t access it.

Funimations’ tagline “Discover Extraordinary Anime” comes with a sleek, colorful and uniquely designed website. Funimation is the best and most used website to watch free anime in english dub in USA and Canada. They offers free services as promotional offers to the new users for like 14 days to explore their anime library and after that it is $5.99 per month. It is avialable in many platforms like Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, Windows Phone App Store, Playstation Store, Xbox Store, Roku Channel Store. You can also buy from anime merchandise to apparel, DVDs and Blu Rays on their website. They are one of the well crafted premium anime streaming site which provides all type of anime in HD quality.

  • One of the best UI in business
  • Only Available in USA and Canada
  • Available in 14 Day Free trial and then Premium
  • All videos available in HD quality

Note: If you are a user outside from USA and Canada regions then FunimationNow.com is not available in your area. You can still use it though. Download Opera Browser for your PC and enable the virtual location to USA or Canada and use FunimationNow.com.

5. Twist.moe

Twist.moe is one of the best Sites to Watch Free Anime in English Dub in the business right now. You can stream from a wide range of anime available in this site in HD. There is a lot you can do with this website like there are many preferences which are inbuilt in the website like you can stream alternate English title anime series and much more you can do with this website. The website has a very simple and clean UI with dark background and streaming anime is extremely easy. Even as we are speaking, they are making it better.

  • Very simple and user-friendly UI
  • Huge Anime Collection
  • No thumbnails
  • Only Support 1080p HD quality
  • Can download using downloading tools
6. Kissanime.ru

Kissnaime.ru is a great website and has been in the game for a long time. It is personally my Top Sites to Watch Free Anime in English Dub. Here you can watch anime in Japanese as well as English dub/sub. It contains anime form every genre – Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romantic, Horror, Kids etc. You can find your favorite anime by clicking through alphabetical order or just directly searching it. Although, it contains adds but you can watch any video by just clicking on it and entering captcha. You can also download the video from 240p to 1080p resolution.

  • Find your desired videos easily
  • Big thumbnails for you to identify
  • Huge anime collection
  • Stream videos from 240p to 1080p
  • Operates on 3 different servers.

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7. Animexd.me

Animexd.me is also a great website. The layout of this website is pretty dense but there is one problem. This site crashes most of the time so sometimes you won’t be available to access it. But it has all your favorite animes like One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and new popular anime like One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho and others. On the top there are tabs like Anime List, Latest Updates, Popular and if you scroll down you will see genres like Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sports, Magic, Horror and many others, so finding your favorite show is quite easy. Go ahead, simply click on any anime and enjoy.

  • Search any anime through Search Box
  • Thumbnail is available
  • Stream through 360p to 720p video quality
  • User friendly and easy to stream
8. AnimeSeason.com

When it comes to online anime streaming animeseason.com is amongst the top names. It comes equipped with a vibrant dark theme and UI. The design is pretty good. It grows on you and is pretty much user-friendly. It has a list in columns of “Full Series List” and “Ongoing Series” at the left and in the top right, it shows the list of the top 10 trending anime. Below that there are numerous ads from the sponsors. It has an Episode no. No of views columns where users can track the top trending anime shows. At the extreme bottom, there is a list of “Recent most watched anime dub episodes” to help newbies with what’s going on. This website has a lighter interface so it loads faster and operates on three different servers.

  • Clean and easy to use interface.
  • Collection of most popular anime
  • Stream in HD with english subs
  • Download access
9. Chia-anime.tv

Chia-anime.tv is also one top sites to watch free anime in english dub. The major factor to this site is it has a .tv extension subdomain and the special thing about this domain is that it provides premium featured content for specific stuidios or films.

It has a classic and user friendly interface with a few ads displaying throughout. With a search bar at the top, you can search for your desired anime. You can watch every anime ever made, from old to new and the best thing is you can even download the episodes via your laptop, pc or mobile. It highlights some of the most popular anime shows of all time like – One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, High School of Dead. They update new episodes and content as soon as possible. If you are into watching dubbed anime, you must give it a try.

  • Find any series easily
  • Watch any anime video in HD
  • Best and authentic source to Dubbed anime
  • Download any episode easily
10. TubiTV

The best thing about TubiTV is its awesome user interface and it provides more than only anime series, it also features movies and other series.

Equipped with bright and classy user interface TubiTv.com provides a large list of dubbed anime. At top section, there are different options like, ‘Anime List’, ‘Browse by Genre’, ‘Anime A-Z, ‘Latest Episodes’, ‘Latest Anime’, ‘Popular Anime’ and FAQ. Overall it is one of the sites where you will enjoy Top Sites to Watch Free Anime in English Dub. The best thing is even after having such good services it is completely free to use.

  • Large collection of anime series
  • Regularly updated new episodes
  • Easy to browse and find videos
  • Download option is available
Wrapping Up

This is the list of top sites to watch free anime in english dub. You can also check out the best new anime to watch this season. We have taken over the responsibility to bring you the latest updates from the anime world and upcoming anime series. Keep visiting our blog and follow us on our social media platform to get the latest updates before anyone else.

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Anime Expo 2019 Tickets –Anime has definitely emerged as one of the biggest sources of entertainment to the modern world. With thousands of interesting anime shows to choose from, the show never stops. Read the whole article to know about the anime expo 2019 guests.

With interesting plots, awesome universes, extremely hilarious, super brutal and unbelievably badass fight sequences, anime rules the heart of enthusiasts like nothing else. Anime world is growing even as you read this and in this article, we will share with you how to book anime expo 2019 tickets.

Just like comic books and comic books movies, the anticipation between the fan base has always been top notch. For comic book fans, there are various comic cons around the world where fans can visit to see the merchandise, comic and upcoming details about their favorite comic book character.

But anime fans aren’t forgotten as well. Anime Expo is an event where all anime/manga fans can gather around to meet and greet their fellow otakus and for the premiere and updates about new upcoming anime series.

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What is Anime Expo ?

Anime expo is an annual anime convention held in America for the last 26 years. It is organized every year in Los Angeles, California by SPJA (Society for Promotion of Japanese Animation).

There are many activities and contests organized during the 4+ days of Anime expo, like table top gaming, arcade, contests and other competitions.

There are many top contests which are prime attractions like Mesquerade cosplay contests, AMV Competitions, Battle of the bands and many other contests.

Many big names of the anime industry are also invited as Guests of Honour. Like top anime music artists often perform in large concerts. There are also various focus panels, workshops and various events which are mostly fans sponsored. There are also anime screening rooms where screenings are going on all day long.

Like comic cons, anime expo also has a exhibit hall where fans and visitors can buy variety and a no. of products put into display by exhibitors. In exhibit hall, there is an artist valley as well where visitors can buy sketches, portraits drawn by fans and also other cosplay materials like clothes, bodysuits and wigs.

Anime Expo 2019 Tickets

2019 Anime Expo will begin on Thursday, 4 July and ends on Sunday, 7 July at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It is the largest Japanese pop culture event in America and one of the largest in the world.

Anime Expo 2019 will feature many interesting events this year. With the special on screening of new and upcoming anime series and a chance to cosplay your favorite anime character, this is surely going to be epic.

This is a chance for you to indulge in with tons of anime fans like you in these 4 days of absolute fun ride.

Anime expo is known for hosting the best music artists, voiceover artists from the respective industry with top notch makeovers and cosplays. Anime expo 2019 is going to be the same, you will feel exactly at home.

How To Attend Anime Expo 2019 Get your Badge

So, to participate in the Anime Expo 2019, the first thing you will have to do is to buy the entry ticket or what they call a badge. Badges are compulsory and you would only be allowed to enter if you are carrying your badge. There are different types of badges.

4 Day Badge

A 4 day badge is a complete package for an individual where one can explore everything Anime Expo has to offer.

1 Day Badge

If you don’t have enough time to spend the whole weekend or just want to check out Anime Expo 2019, 1 Day Badge is for you.

4 Day Child

This is for kids between 6-13 years of age. There is no 1 day badge for kids and Kids under 5 years of age are free.

Premier Fan

As the name suggests, this badge is for premier fans and comes with ultimate fan experience. With this badge, you can enter the exhibit hall before the others.

Pre Show Night

With this badge, you can taste what AX has to offer even before it begins. Yes, you can begin your celebrations early on Pre Show Night, which starts at Day 0.

Press Badge

Yes, there are complimentary badges for those who are willing to do press coverage but off courese you have to fill an application first.

Industry Badge

Okay, if you work at the anime industry will get super discount on your badges, though you have file an application first.


These badges will only be granted to those who are confirmed to part of exhibition.

Artist Alley

These badges are only for participants who are confirmed to be taking part in artist alley.

Anime Expo 2019 Black Friday

Every year on black friday for promotional activities on anime expo 2019 black friday, tickets are put on exclusive sales. Most tickets are put upto 50% off sales. The tickets are put on sale during Last month of November when black friday takes place.

Anime Expo 2019 Cyber Monday Sale

Anime expo 2019 cyber monday sale is also executed on November’s last week. During that time, the anime expo 2019 tickets were available for a very low price.

Note: You should buy the badges early in advance as the earlier purchased badges will be mailed out to USA and Canada. Also, as the day of the anime expo gets closer, the ticket prices goes higher.

You can buy the tickets online or onsite of Anime expo 2019. Although, the onsite tickets will be costly compared to online tickets.

Anime Expo 2019 Do’s and Dont’s
  • Check out the schedule first, even if you have already to see what AX has to offer and on what day. Also, don’t forget to download the AX mobile app as soon as it is available for all the necessary and latest updates.
  • Make sure to bring your Anime expo 2019 tickets. Your badges will be mailed out in advance, don’t forget to bring it with you. If you are visiting from outside of USA/Canada, you will have to collect your badges onsite.
  • This is going to be endless activities going around for 4 days, so make sure you come prepared and well rested before the event starts.
  • Southern California is hot during the AX days. Make sure you drink a lot of water and bring a refillable bottle with you. Also, remember to eat even when a lot of fun is going around.
  • You can get exclusive discounts at the local restaurants, AMTRAK and other attractions with your Anime Expo 2019 badge.
  • For any query, problem or information you can visit to information service booths operated at the AX site and also make sure you download the auto expo app ASAP.

This article contains information on Anime expo 2019 tickets, anime expo 2019 cyber monday and anime expo 2019 black friday. We will update the latest information related to the Anime expo 2019 guests on a regular basis. You can contact us for anime expo discount on tickets. Keep visiting us to stay updated with what’s going around in the anime expo 2019 and follow us on our social media platforms to know what’s up in the anime world.

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Okay, so I have been hearing about this show called Hataraku Saibou or Cells at work for a long time but just wasn’t getting the time to watch it.

It was only last week that I decided to give it a go. And after watching the whole of it, I came to a conclusion that – it is freaking awesome. And here I am with a Cells at work review.

Okay, so anime has always broken the barriers and shields and bring us some unparalleled and exotic figures of how the universe works. Even amidst of all these different world, Cells at work is completely different.

As the name suggests, this story is about the cells at work and these are not your battery cells or power cells or even solar cells. The cells of the title are those which make up someone’s body. We are not yet told whose body but the story focuses on the primary cell unit – Red blood cell and white blood cell working as a pair basically.

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The red blood cell in the story is a free minded spirit which is very enthusiastic who has just recently came into the existence and that’s why she gets lost all the time. Whereas, white blood cell is a cold man who doesn’t like goofing around, although his characters develop as the season proceeds. His character is something what Japanese calls ‘tsundere’. They have romantic affection towards each other.

One can consider this show as a educational one as the events that happens in it are biological that can happen to anyone. Like in episode 1, there is an infection which released numerous bacterias into the body and White Blood Cells and Killer T-Cells have to get rid of them.

Whereas, Episode 2 focuses on the impact of a little eating. It may not effect us but its effect on the microorgamisms which are being thrown out of the body to the outside world. The show teaches us many things about biology. Basically, our immune system is the protagonists and other microorganism that harms the body are villains.

This show has perfect symmetry and quite accurate as well. Haven’t seen a perfect A grade for quite a long time but this is pretty much spot on. And they did it with a hilarious representation. Like there are venous system blocking blood cells to move wherever they want, a massive tree to symbolize the dandritic gas exchange system, Oxygen boxes being carried by blood cells everywhere provides a neat and clean totally working environment.

Although, the blood cells job is repetitive, but many cells have different designs and special roles to play. As discussed earlier, viruses and germs are supervillains and it is hinted that more superhero style cells are going to be introduced to fight against them.

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Its a good blend of fighting and education in an anime. You can see white blood cell fighting off ninja styled viruses with a knife. Although, it’s the platelets that stole the show and are my personal favorite. They are so adorable even when they are dealing with wounds. Unlike White/Red Cells they are represented as small children.

This show is epic. It has a lot of things going around. Basically a mirror of how your body works internally. It has a little romance stuff going around, silly illness fully prepared with R&D to raid the body, that turns up and causes disaster, there are also so many unexpected biology jokes that will make you crack up. There are basically so many biology jokes that I burst out laughing at many instances with the effect a minor science fact or occurrence causes serious effect on the plot of the show. If you don’t laugh at some jokes due to the lack of human anatomy knowledge you can definitely appreciate some new lessons.

Overall, this series is amazing and a must watch if you want to spend some quality time also while having some knowledge about your anatomy. Probably one of the best I have seen this season. The second season has just been announced. Now, let’s hope it is as much good as the first one if not better.

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List of anime dubbed in hindi – Anime has been a consistent source of entertainment for us and it is only going to grow with the coming times as the reach of the internet is expanding as well.

After America, Japan and UK, India also has one of the largest anime watching community. From teenagers to many of the adults watch and love anime so much so that they have watched numerous series and have made online channels to promote them.

Anime has been with many Indians since their childhood, we all remember our favorite Cartoon Network featuring Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Doraemon, Pokemon, Beyblade, Bakugan Battle Brawlers and many others especially in our own lanuage – Hindi.

Yes, watching anime in English sucks and most prefer watching them in Japanese as Japanese voice overs are always cool.

But there are many anime fans and lovers in India who would prefer to watch anime in their own language, so they are continuously in pursuit to find sites where they can watch anime in Hindi. In this article we will talk about the list of anime dubbed in hindi and where to watch.

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Watch Anime in Hindi

Personally, I don’t like watching anime in Hindi and I wouldn’t recommend it. But for many, it’s a catch. They love watching anime in their own language because of the kick it gives. You can also watch hindi dubbed anime list.

Although, not many anime series are dubbed in other languages, let alone in Hindi especially the mainstream ones. But still there are many popular anime series that are dubbed in Hindi and we will share the link below for you to check out.

There are many You tube channels who dub anime in Hindi, obviously they are fan dubs and subs but they are pretty good at it. You might find it real good.

Also, there are many sites where you can watch anime series with Hindi Subtitles. We are sharing the link below.

Japanese anime movies in hindi dubbed download

This is the list of best sites to watch and download free hindi dubbed anime. They obviously doesn’t contain every anime that ever made but still, they have a fair share of your favorite anime series like DBZ, Naruto, One Piece for you to enjoy in Hindi. Also, we have already updated the list of sites where you can watch anime for absolutely free, which might help you.


We all are different people living different lives. Anime is the mutual connection that binds all of us otaku together. That’s what this blog is for. We are here to connect with you, to share with you and to keep you updated with the latest trends going on in the anime world. Keep visiting and supporting us for more fun content and if you have some suggestions to make, drop a comment in the box.

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Anime has always been around highlights for various reasons. But nobody can deny the fact that it has encompassed a humongous amount of following in the recent times.

Anime has everything from epic storytelling to insane soundtracks, unreal hypothetical environment, merciless, dangerous and super awesome villains with unique and fascinating abilites, that’s why anime series has always been a center of attraction towards the entertainment community.

But we skipped the most ineteresting and loved factor about anime. Yes, the beloved and super awesome protagonists. Anime has some of the best heroes you will ever see anywhere. Whether in terms of badass persona or their fighting skills, dialogue delivery and morals. Anime world has offered role models to many people. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most badass anime heroes of all time.

Their superpower could be anything, but the best thing about them is they never really gives up. They stood tall even when the hope doesn’t. Let’s see if your favorite anime hero made it to our list.

15. Rock Lee ( Naruto)

Who can forget Rock Lee from the Naruto franchise, right? Although, he does not possess special Ninja abilities as other Ninjas do, he filled the void or destroy his opponents with his Taijutsu skills. Naurto world has some insanely powerful ninjas but his abilites makes him one of the strongest and fastest Ninja in the world.

One of the only few Ninja who could not use either Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, Rock Lee trained thousands times more than any other ninja in Taijutsu. With the help of Gai Sensei, he became one of the most physically dominating Ninjas’ ever.

He knows very well the use of Ninja Gates and when he reach to its peak, he could move faster than bare eyes could see. He puts this speed to good use and that’s what makes him one of the most dangerous Ninja ever.

14. Levi ( Attack on Titans )

So, Attack on Titans is one of the bloodiest and nasty anime series around. With all the blood and gore and titans chewing, spitting and throwing people around, there are very less who could stand in front of them.

The captain of the special operation squad Levi is just the man. At first he could strike you as an extremely cold, antisocial and not very brave, but don’t let the looks deceive you. He is a walking titan killing machine.

From looks, he looks very young but actually is quite old and has killed many “titans”. He is also known as “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” but you can also call him “Humanity Cleanest Soldier”. He is hellbent on killing titans and the people who gets in his way. He is killing titans one at a time and restoring humanity to its glory days, one step at a time.

13. Eren Yeager ( Attack on Titans )

Eren Yeager is another titan killing machine and he is a titan himself, sometimes. See, what’s the main power of titans – that they are big, strong and hard to kill plus some of them has various abilities. Eren Yeager’s power as a titan is pretty much the same but he is a skilled fighter and in control most of the times plus his titan form looks like its been hitting the gym lately.

Yes, as the story continues, he gets some hardening powers, but he was doing just fine with his stamina, strength and speed to knock out hard core titans.

Even after having so much power he is utilizing it for the good, that’s what the trait of a good hero is. Although, his big size and other abilites are still no good if we compare with other anime characters.

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12. Gon Freecss ( Kill la Kill )

Gon Freecss is the protagonist of Kill la Kill. His abilities may not be to the level of Goku’s but his large number of enhanced abilites working together makes him a dangerous opponent.

Gon has enhanced strength, speed, hearing, sight, durability, stamina, endurance, agility and healing. But that’s not all. He is also an incredibly skilled martial artist and can take on even against the best in the anime world.

Other than these, Gon is also expert in tactics, stealth and tracking. Unlike most of the other protagonists, he is incredibly intelligent too, which helps him strategize the battle. When he uses all his skills combined with strength and other abilites, he is easily the strongest hunter of all time and one of the strongest anime characters ever.

11. Roronoa Zoro ( One Piece )

One of the finest swordsman we have ever came across and Monkey D Luffy’s first mate , the Pirate Hunter “Roronoa Zoro” is undoubtedly amongst the finest characters in the anime history. With his badass attitude and funky sword style, he is easily one of the best anime heroes we have seen.

Many thinks that he is overrated but he is not. Embarked on a journey to become the finest swordsman in the world, Zoro is a very persistent, skillful and lethal warrior. He has encountered many formidable enemies who could have killed him in every instance but his will always prevails over them and he wins at last.

His pure dedication to his captain and crew make him do unimaginable things for them. His supreme control over his observers’ Haki and relentless Three sword style makes him a very dangerous warrior. He is one of the only few characters who are not the main protagonist and still loved the same.

10. Guts ( Berserk )

The name speaks for itself. What can you expect from a guy named “Guts”? No dumbshit, straight gutsy behaviour and badass attitude, right. That’s what all our guy Guts from Berserk represents.

So, Guts isn’t a superhuman from anywhere, neither does he possess any kind of power of super ability. He just got Guts and is at the peak of the abilities a human could ever get. He is incredibly strong and has over 2 decades worth of experience of constant fightings, murders and voilence. His fighting and sword skills are unmatched and he has escaped death countless times.

The only gadgets or lets say armory he carries is his Dragonslayer sword ( best sword ever ), berserker armor and his canon arm and with them he can challenge a whole army. Guts is someone you would never wanna encounter with. He may not have any superhuman abilities but with the stunts he has pulled you might wanna rethink about that.

9. Gurren Lagann ( Simon & Kamina )

While the protagonists of the story, Simon and Kamina are both very skillful with umatched fighting spirit and determination, they still are regular human and doesn’t posses any superhuman abilities.

Although, when their big gun, i mean their mech Gurren Lagann comes into the play, they become just different. While fighting together in their mech, they are an unstoppable force to reckon with.

The Gurren Lagann is assembled to perform countless and insane feats. It can produce countless drills for piercing attacks, the Giga drill is the strongest amongst them. Both these Gurren Lagann drivers are very determined, always motivating each other, raising their fighting spirits to overcome grimm situations. If Simon and Kamina’s determination is strong enough, they can overcome any challenge.

8. Edward Elric ( Fullmetal Alchemist )

One of the most famous anime ever, Fullmetal Alchemist offered us a very cool protagonist in Edward Elric. Edward doesn’t posses any superpower but he is an expert in the art of alchemy.

Alchemy is a science and an art of manipulating the matter to transmit it into other substances or materials. And Edward is a good alchemist even without a one mechanical arm. He has the ability to transmute without a circle, which makes him quicker than most of the other alchemists. But he doesn’t have any speciality over a specific alchemy type.

But Edward has still proved that he can used his surroudings and manipulates them wisely to implement their use in a fight. Everything included – from his automail to combat expertise makes him a very tough opponent. His fight against Father is still conisdered as one of the greatest ever.

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7. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo is amongst the best because even despite of his powers, he is still a normal person with normal background. Possessing a cool big ass sword, which has different forms, each powerful than the last makes Ichigo amongst the greatest swordsman in anime world.

Ichigo might have been only put up as a substitute shinigami, but he quickly rose to ranks as the strongest of them all. Although, he already got super strength, speed, durability and stamina of a soul reaper, he also contains blood of a quincy in him, which only makes him stronger even further.

Ichigo has travelled a long way, form many transformations, augmentations to upgrades that have constantly made him stronger and stronger. Although, most of the times, Ichigo isn’t himself aware of his powers. While he might be strong, his powers can be rather vague.

6. Natsu Dragneel ( Fairy Tail )

Natsu is the main protagonist of Fairy Tail. There are many types of magics in the Fairy Tail world and Dragon slaying magic is probably the strongest type. Natsu is a fire type. He was raised by a Dragon who trained him in Dragon slaying magic. He can weild fire in a number of interesting and powerful ways.

Started from the very basic, like the other heroes in this list. Natsu has grown quite a bit. He has quite a lot spells and power up his arsenal. He can wield lightning and fire at the same time and some of his signature moves include fire dragon roar ( basically fire breath ), dragon iron fist.

His spell gets more and more powerful as he combines his abilities together. His ability to recharge his magical powers by eating fire has turned him into one of the toughest anime heroes of all time.

5. Monkey. D. Luffy ( One Piece )

Okay, I think he is placed a little low considering his reputation but that doesn’t change the fact that Monkey. D. Luffy is amongst the greatest anime heroes ever. Luffy is a pirate actually the captain of strawhat crew from very popular One Piece manga and anime, who has stretching abilites, all thanks to his cursed Gomu Gomu No Mi Devil fruit.

With this fruit, luffy initially could only stretch his body parts but it has limitless potential. Basically he can stretch his body to great length and use it to his advantage in fights. But that’s not all. Luffy also has his gear shift transformations, in which he let his stretching which increases the bloodflow into muscles causing them to expand, he also uses his mastery over Haki to harden them and defeat his opponents.

Luffy has defeated many formidable enemies and on terms of raw strength on par with the likes of Goku and Naruto. His motive is to become the pirate king and there is no stopping him.

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4. Saitama ( One Punch Man )

Okay, so you must be wondering why is Saitama at 4th, then you should know that we have only seen Saitama for a few episodes and his impeccable impact has already got him here. Before OPM, Dragon Ball Z had established a power tropes in the Shonen world. But One Punch Man breaking all tradition in power shonen with their pun face ever awesome, bald head and for fun hero – Saitama.

As the name suggests, Saitamas’ most lethal ability is that he can destroy any opponent, anyone period, with one punch only. You can say that he is too powerful to have even a challenge as he would destroy it in one punch.

And in an absolutely comedic-pun way, the secret behind his power is his training regime of 100 push-ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, 10 kms run every day for 3 years straight and in turn he lost his hair and got this strength. Umm, yeah, that’s not acceptable, nobody believes that. The upcoming 2nd season will reveal more about his secret but he still is the most awesome hero we have ever seen.

3. Vegeta ( Dragon Ball Z )

So, technically, Vegeta is a history sheeter. He’s been a menace and started off as a real villain, by the end of the series he was standing toe to toe with our heroes and for the sake of good. Even if you are not an anime fan, you must have heard about Dragon Ball Z and Vegeta. Over the course of time, he has become the second protagonist of the anime.

Recongnized widely as the badass, prince of saiyans – vegeta is a universe level warrior. That mean he could destroy planets for fun even before he was a super saiyan.

He has fought and won against many enemies who could have killed him. But his pride and insane power also interrupts and didn’t let him go down. He has helped save the earth many times and now that he has turned into a Super Saiyan God, he is saving universes. He is also amongst the most badass aime characters.

2. Naruto Uzumaki ( Naruto )

Naruto is the definiton of strength, stamina, will and values to a large majority of anime lovers. Naruto, an orphan shinobi from Hidden leaf village whose body is bound with a powerful creature called the Nine Tail Fox.

Before he awakened and implemented Nine-tailed demon powers, he wasn’t a very skillful Ninja. Instead, he was a dimwit and a class clown. Although, as the series proceeds, his potential was eventually released and he became expert in many jutsu including Shadow Clone Jutsu and a skilled martial artist.

As the series went on, he became more and more skillful as he gained more and more control over nine-tailed fox demon which provide him with huge amount of chakra that he uses for insane jutsu styles. All said and done, Naruto is easily amongst the greatest anime heroes of all time.

1. Goku ( Dragon Ball Z )

Goku is probably the name that is far more recognizable that the word anime itself. Yes, such is his impact worldwide. You must have seen all his powers but his greatest is that he always breaks his limits as a warrior and came out of a fight stronger than he was before.

Goku is probably the strongest anime hero and the good thing is even today, he still keep son evolving. He has defeated the strongest fighters in the universe and even some in the other universes. His ultimate desire to fight and surpass strong guys has took him so far.

He’s been around for decades so his power has practically surpassed almost everyone he has competed with or came across, he has became more than just a mortal saiyan – A super saiyan God to be precise. Goku has sacrificed himself many times for the planet. And that’s why he is also the no. 1 anime hero of all time.

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What is the coolest thing about anime? The ever awesome protagonists and the amazingly cute and hot anime girls with super strong antagonists and unbelievably good storyline, right?

But the most important and probably the most intriguing thing about anime is the amazing and mind blowing fight sequences. Whether by hands, swords, other weapons or superpowers, there is something enthralling about those hours-long dramatic battles between a hero and a villain that mesmerize us just by their sheer awesomeness.

From Bride vs. Bill to Link vs. Ganondorf, each storyline has a satisfactory conclusion with an epic brawl, and in no ways is the anime fight any less than a grand Hollywood movies’ or video games fights instead they are much more grand, authentic and brutal. The brittle awesome animation, insane dramatic dialogue delivery, and epic vibe from the atmosphere. The characters who have mastered multiple skills over the course of series, face off one another to show their skills.

In this article, we will take a look at the most intense and amazing fights in the anime history. Take a look below.

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10. Shinya Kogami vs Shogo Makishima- (Psycho Pass)

This has got to be amongst one of the most intense anime fights ever. Shinya Kogami is hellbent on taking revenge from Shogo Makishima who has a pretty long list of intense murders that he committed but he also killed Shinya Kogami’s partner back during their detective days. So, Kogami finally tracked down Makishima and was sparing no prisoners, he was in full intent to kill.

This fight was an agonizing and amazing at the same time. The brutal hand to hand combat mixed with gunfight as well was as much physical as it was based on morals. Although, the protagonist Akane Tsunemori tried hard to convince Kogami not to obliterate Makishima, because she believes Kogami is a good guy and that good people follows laws and order and look beyond their aggression and vengeance although the rules of her country are very cruel. But that didn’t stopped Kogami from killing Makishima and Akena left dissappointed.

9. Light Yagami vs “L”- ( Death Note)

One of the greatest fight comes from one of the greatest anime ever. Death Note is considered as cult classic by many. Despite having only fewer episodes it gives us the classic grand fight between the hero and villain. This fight was very unexpected and as much fitting as well. Death Note is ultra realistic as it plays psychological warfare rather than real fights with horror content mixed.

The series focuses on Light Yagami, a teenager determined to rid the world of criminals through a book he found called “Death Note” – whoevers’ name is wrote on it, must die. In his quest, he came across a brilliant detective called “L” and they engaged on their campaign on identifying and eliminating each other. This fight wasn’t really supposed to happen. But when both characters came to the same side, given circumstances. Light became frustrated off Ls’ attitude and the two guys entered in a messy brawl. This fight was perfect at the time and it blows audience as it helped them understand both the characters and their frustrations. This fight remains a classic for the time to come.

8. Ichigo vs Ulquiorra- ( Bleach )

Bleach is one of the most watched anime series of all time. There are many ups and downs for this anime but it still remains a classic especailly in terms of epic fight sequences.

There has been many great arcs throughout the series but the Espada arc is specifically is what everyone would agree as brilliant. Especially the long fight between Ichigo and the bad guy Ulquirorra.

This battle is amongst the longest ever in anime history. And not only it was long it was hella dramatic as well with cold blows coming from both sides. Ichigo and Ulquirorra battles wasn’t limited to bodily attacks but it advances to their very mindset. They attacked each other’s ideologies. The battle is full of action with evenly spread classic Bleach tunes and numerous twists. This bout will be remembered for a long time.

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7. Goku vs Frieza- ( Dragon Ball Z )

Everyone knows this fight because it is probably the longest fight that ever took place in anime history and it comes from the most popular anime of all time – Dragon Ball Z .

The fight between Goku and Frieza, who destroyed the saiyan race took place across a span of 15 episodes. Yes, it took 15 whole episodes. But this fight is also amongst the best. Goku gave it all to Frieza but his tactics seemed incapable and pointless. Eventually Goku transformed into his long awaited Super Saiyan transformation. The battle gave us goosebumps with the universes’ fate at stakes.

In the end, Goku’s super saiyan proved too much for Frieza and he won escaping in a pod shortly. While Frieza shred to pieces off of his own Death Ball while destroying planet Namek.

There is also a shorter version of this clash available after many edits and removing the fillers in the recently introduced Dragon Ball Z Kai’s abridged version.

6. Takamura vs Bryan Hawk ( Hajime No Ippo )

Hajime No Ippo is a very different type of anime. It is solely based on boxing and its technicalities. This series has fights which can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Especially the second season has some nail-biting fights.

Takamura is one of the main characters in Hajime No Ippo and his world title match holds great significance. First, he have to prove to his coach that all the efforts they put in training are worthwile and second, he has to shut down the cocky and voilent champion, Bryan Hawk, for good.

The high efficiency punches thrown from both sides with crisp animation are so relaistic, that you can feel the impact and the scenes are also elevated with the characters’ emotional display.

The whole fight is captivating that viewers wouldn’t be able to flinch an eye with the constantly flickering fight for who has an upper hand. And the moment last punch is delivered is as epic as it should be.

5. Madara vs Shinobi Alliance ( Naruto Shippuden )

Naruto has some of the most amazing fights in anime history but this one specifically is as amazing as it gets. Madara Uchiha, one of the main antagonists proved his finesse fought against hundreds of thousands of allied ninjas from all the Ninja villages.

And that too also includes the worthy opponents such as Naruto, Gara and the other Kages of the hidden villages as well. Madara certainly demonstrates his power but the alliance was not a waste of time. They proved their mettle as well. When Madara threatened them with the very intimidating Fire Jutsu they countered it with a unified water jutsu.

And when Madara shed Giant Meteors on them, they worked together to counter it and proved they are much more than worthless rags for Madara to goof around with.

With all the fuss going around with Madara being one of the greatest ever, this fight was necessary and certainly showed that he indeed was. This fight never gets old.

4. Saitama vs Boros ( One Punch Man )

Okay, let’s just agree, this fight was one of kind. The hero who can obliterate any opponent with just one punch – Saitama, finally found a worthy opponent in Boros. And there fight was just as epic as it should have.

And after Boros punched Saitama so bad that he shattering the earth’s atmosphere went straight into the moon, many were convinced that the invincible superhero would finally see defeat against Boros.

It isn’t easy to create window in a show where hero always defeat villain wiht a single punch but the creators did it magnificently. This fight create suspicion in the minds of viewers where they could watch Boros as a possible winner. Boros’ insane speed wouldn’t let Saitama land a pucnh on him, thus he was blocking Saitama’s main advantage.

After returning from moon, Saitama finally hooked him up with a punch which ruptured him to his core but his healing factor reincarnated him. After that the hero hooks him up with a serious punch and there he goes, Saitama wins.

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3. Goku vs Kid Buu ( Dragon Ball Z )

When it comes to fight scenes, DBZ offers us some of the very best and this is by far one of the best fights in anime history. Fought for the survival of universe between our hero Goku and the menacing magical demon Kid Boo who doesn’t have any goal or obsession, he is just a product of destruction and chaos.

But Goku didn’t do it alone. He needed help of Vegeta and Mr. Satan at times. The fight was long and exhausting. Traditional DBZ fight sequences, invisible to mortal eyes fight scenes and loud shouting while charging up their powers is what this fight is known for.

After much struggle, Goku creates a spirit bomb with the help of Vegeta, Buu and the others and finally defeated Buu. This time he actually killed an opponent for the first time. The battle ends with Vegeta showing respect towards his long term foe Goku and they finally acknowledging each other.

2. Edward Elric vs Father – ( Fullmetal Alchemist )

Edward Elric, our hero from the Fullmetal Alchemist was all game when he fought against Father who proved to be a formidable villain who is actually a sad, pathetic, selfish man who possess an insane amount of power, more than he could control.

Father is a sad, slefish and a person who only cares for himself, not even for his homunculi creations. When this fight started, Edward had already defeated Chimera, homunculi and other state alchemists who were genocidal.

Although, this fight comes with a price. Edwards’ brother Alphonse sacrificed himself to ensure Edward didn’t die by the hands of Father. He used alchemy to restore Edwards’ hand at cost of his soul.

Furious Edwards went all berzerk on Father. He unleashed true fury upon him and hit him with everything form flying iron missiles to bare punches. But he ultimately defeated the wannabe god – mad for power with his bare hands.

This fight gave fans what they always wanted. A nail biting, top-notch action with flowing emotions which bind the viewers to their seats.

10. Naruto vs Sasuke ( Naruto Shippuden )

Naruto and Sasuke developed a rivalry from the very begining of the anime. And we all know that the series wouldn’t end without a final showdown between these two.

Whatever fans were speculating in anticipation was beyond anyone’s reach. So we were convinced whetever we get will not be upto that level. But much to anyone’s surprise, the fight between the 2 prodigies exceeded all expectations.

The fight between the two top notch Shinobi was a litteral pleasure to eyes. The supreme animation and awesome choregraphy combined and delivered what can be called fight-scene-magic.

Overflowing of Shadow clones and Amaterasu surrounding the planet, Rasengan colliding with Chidori and at the end the bare-knuckle fights until they exhausted. It is truly satisfying how well their bitter rivalry comes to an end. It really shows, no other media could show the beauty of a fight like anime can.

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