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In the competitive world of motor vehicle batteries, one name is often said to be synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability: Century Yuasa Batteries

Century Yuasa Batteries is Australia’s oldest and most recognised battery manufacturer with a proud history of designing and manufacturing batteries in Australia since 1928.
“Our reputation for quality and innovation has been refined and demonstrated over many decades,” Century Yuasa Batteries Marketing Manager – Automotive, Andrew Bottoms said.
“In this time we have developed the manufacturing expertise and technical know-how to develop a range of batteries better suited to Australia’s extreme climate and harsh conditions.
“Our philosophy is about more than just supplying market leading products, we are a complete power solutions specialist. We invest heavily in programs and initiatives to help grow your battery business and ensure you are ideally positioned to meet the demands of the changing marketplace.”
When it comes to why you should consider partnering with Century Yuasa Batteries, Andrew says there is a host of reasons.

Australian Made since 1928
Originally founded in 1928, Century Yuasa says it has grown to become the undisputed market leader in the Australian Automotive battery market.
“With more than 600 employees across Australia and New Zealand, 46 distribution centres and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Century Yuasa delivers the very best in stored energy solutions to over 7000 resellers throughout Australia,” Andrew said.
In addition, each battery has been especially designed to satisfy the extreme demands of Australia’s climate and conditions.

Innovation and technology
“Century Yuasa invests significantly in research, development and our manufacturing facility to ensure we continue to meet the needs of the marketplace and the next generation of vehicles,” Andrew explained.
A recent investment of more than $3 million has been spent on our Queensland manufacturing facility, with a further $6 million investment to further enhance our manufacturing and technical facilities by 2020.

Extensive product range and market leading brands
As vehicles become increasingly more complex, incorporating advanced electronics and engine management systems, the needs of the marketplace are ever-changing.
Thanks to its investment into research and development, Century Yuasa says it product range continues to meet these changing requirements.
“Our product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of technologically advanced products, designed to satisfy the demands of Australia’s changing car parc,” Andrew said.
“We pride ourselves on providing our customers with one of the widest selections of products available, which continue to set new standards in performance whilst delivering what motorists really want: longer life and superior performance.”
As the Century brand name continues to be the most widely recognised battery brand in the marketplace, it is also further complemented with some of the world’s leading battery brands including Yuasa and GS Yuasa, says Andrew.

Locally placed products and battery specialists
Century Yuasa has the largest battery distribution network in Australia with regional agents, metro distribution centres and state offices strategically located across Australia, ensuring access to locally held products and battery experts.
Century Yuasa has the largest battery distribution network in Australia with regional agents, metro distribution centres and state offices strategically located across Australia, ensuring access to locally held products and battery experts.

Online training program
Century Yuasa provides its partners with access to a comprehensive online battery training program. Regularly updated with the latest battery technology, the training program ensures your workshop is powered with the most up-to-date information and skills when it comes to batteries.

Battery Finder
The Century Batteries website includes a leading interactive battery finder, which pulls information from a large vehicle database, and is designed to efficiently respond to the rapidly changing marketplace demands.
The battery finder covers all applications, including car, bus, truck, commercial, heavy equipment, motorcycle, powersports and marine, helping you identify the correct battery required for a specific vehicle.

Managed battery testing program
Century says its extensive range of battery testing and diagnostic equipment eliminates the guess work when it comes to battery testing.
“The equipment can deliver an on the spot diagnosis of the battery’s state of health and this can lead to increased sales through pre-emptive replacement,” Andrew explained.

National recycling program
“At Century Yuasa we are committed to environmental sustainability and believe all scrap batteries should be recycled responsibly,” Andrew said.
“Our National Battery Recycling Program provides customer credit for all used batteries collected, and is designed to assist with the storage and collection of used batteries.”

Marketing activities
Century Yuasa invests significantly in building brand awareness through advertising, sponsorship and promotions. The latest initiative has seen Century Batteries partner with Supercars to become the official battery of the Supercars and securing naming rights of the Century Batteries Ipswich SuperSprint.
“Through these activities, Century Batteries has remained the most recognised battery brand in the Australian marketplace,” Andrew said.

For more information on Century Yuasa’s extensive range of products and to understand how your business could benefit from becoming a stockist, contact your local Century Yuasa representative on 1300 362 287.


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Research, testing and analysis is a major priority for Filpro Automotive

Filpro Automotive has re-introduced the world renowned FRAM Filters brand to the Australian automotive aftermarket industry.
FRAM Filters have been selected by vehicle manufacturers all over the world to ensure premium quality engine oil, air, fuel and cabin filtration.
The company says there are several reasons why FRAM Filters quality stands out from other automotive filtration products.
Research, testing and analysis to constantly improve the FRAM Filters range of products is a major priority before any filtration product is manufactured to vehicle manufacturer specifications or for the independent automotive aftermarket, it says.
Product testing and analysis forms an integral part of FRAM’s quality management system, underpinning the performance of each and every FRAM Filter product.
The company’s sophisticated multi-million dollar test machines and rigs are sourced from Europe, Asia and North America. These are commissioned by FRAM engineers to provide advanced testing capabilities that meet and exceed international standards.
It is far from a re-badging process for the FRAM Filters range of premium quality automotive aftermarket products.
Rather, FRAM is said to ensure that:
• All incoming raw materials are assessed to ensure that they meet the brand’s specifications and quality standards before production;
• Each FRAM Filter product is tested for its performance at different stages of production; and
• Research and development is conducted to ensure that demanding vehicle manufacturers’ custom requirements are met, and in most cases, exceeded.
FRAM also extensively tests its range against the various International Standards Organisation (ISO) and vehicle manufacturer performance standards which include testing for separation efficiency, dirt holding capacity and resistance to fluid flow.
Indeed, those behind FRAM Filters explain the filters surpass the following ISO manufacturing standards:
• ISO 2949 – Element integrity
• ISO 4548-12 – Filtration efficiency
• ISO 19438 – Filtration efficiency
• ISO 4548-4 – Hydrostatic burst pressure
• ISO 4020 – Pressure impulse fatigue
• ISO 4548-5 – Hydraulic pulse durability
• ISO 4548-9 – Inlet and Outlet anti-drain back valve
• ISO 4548-2 – Element by-pass valve characteristics
• ISO 4548-1 – Resistance to flow
• ISO 5011 – Dust holding capacity and efficiency
FRAM Filter products also undergo rigorous testing in simulated engine operating conditions to ensure product integrity and performance capabilities meet vehicle manufacturer recommended service intervals.

Filtration efficiency (ISO 4548-12 and ISO 19438) – oil and fuel filters
This test simulates extreme engine operating conditions, such as those required for high performance and competition engines. It determines the filter’s capacity and efficiency at removing contaminants from the oil or fuel.

Element Bubble Test (ISO 2949) – all filters
The element bubble test is a measurement of the filter element’s integrity. It tests that the filter media is not damaged, that there is sufficient adhesive in the end caps and that the filter media joins are correct. In addition, this is a quality check to ensure that the element has been manufactured with the correct grade of filter media.
When performing the element bubble test, one side of the filter element is pressurised with air while being submerged in a test liquid until the first bubble is released through the element. The corresponding air pressure is then verified with the relevant specification.

Air Cleaner Restriction / Pressure Drop, Dust Holding Capacity & Efficiency (ISO 5011) – air filters
Air borne contaminants such as soot and dust are harmful to the combustion process. Without adequate protection, the air flow sensor can be blocked causing havoc to the engine management system. Of course, dust entering the engine will damage the pistons, rings and liners. A blocked air filter affects the service interval of the filter and also has a considerable impact on engine fuel consumption.
This test assesses the overall performance of an air filter to establish its efficiency and filter element dust holding capacity.

“The dedication to constant testing, research and product development is pivotal to the long term success that the FRAM Filters brand has gained globally over several decades both in the Original Equipment and automotive aftermarket sectors,” Filpro Automotive Managing Director – Australasia, Roger Lassen, said.
“As is always comprehensively proven to be true, nothing transcends quality.
“The only way to ensure product integrity and quality is to constantly engage in testing and development in line with the advances made with automotive vehicle engine technology and performance demands.
“This is particularly important when it comes to filtration.
“When you select FRAM Filters for your customers’ cars, you are selecting world class replacement filtration products that are at the absolute leading edge of innovation, technology, testing and development.”

FRAM Filters are available across Australia from SWD (www.swd.com.au) and ADRAD (www.adrad.com.au)
For more information, visit FRAM Filters online at www.framfilters.com.au

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We spend a lot of time at AAAA working on vehicle and product regulations

It doesn’t sound like a particularly important or even glamourous part of the job, but for our product manufacturers, distributors, retailers and vehicle modifiers – it can be the most important thing that we do.
Last year, our phones ran hot with complaints from NSW about tradies that were pulled off the road and fined for vehicles with H-Racks (sometimes called ladder or tradie racks).
These drivers were not fitting home-made racks, they were professionally designed and manufactured by our members as safe and fit-for-purpose, but one particular enforcement officer in one region in NSW presumably woke up one morning and decided that these products are not legal in NSW.
What was the reason given? That they were not part of the original design of the vehicle. The rationale here is that if the designers of these Utes felt that they needed a H-Rack, they would have put one on in the first place. Sounds a little crazy doesn’t it? And yet the fall out for our members was devastating. Local businesses stopped fitting the products and our members that make these products were concerned about their future.
This is a familiar story for us – our reactive work is at least 50 percent of our advocacy efforts. We get a call about some Police action, then we get another 100 calls, and check social media. That’s when we find out that, without consultation, an enforcement agency has decided the time has come to ‘clamp down’ on an activity that they deem to be outside of the regulations. In the majority of these ill-informed actions it is a misreading of the regulations – or in the case of the H-Racks action, no regulations existed either way.
This is how a week or a month can get hijacked: we have to meet urgently with a Government department, a Minister, a local Member of Parliament – whomever we decide is the best way in – and then we start the process of what we hope is logical, sensible, rational discussion. It’s not easy – some of what we encounter is a bias against the aftermarket and sometimes the regulators are of the view that the vehicle, when it left the assembly plant, is perfect in all circumstances and should not be modified. We can normally work around these poorly informed views, but it takes a little time and a lot of strategy.
We believe in good regulations. We don’t want people making their own bull bars – please don’t do that! We also don’t support homemade H-Racks. Our products meet Australian Standards where these exist; our manufacturers design, develop and test products for safety; we are the good guys – we make cars safe, and fit for purpose and we do this responsibly. Now – you and I know that, but government takes some convincing and a lot of evidence and persistence on our behalf.
In the past 12 months, we have responded to over a dozen vehicle standard and regulatory issues. The most high profile was the Queensland Government decision to launch ‘Operation Lift’, whilst we were still in negotiation on a possible amendment to the lift regulations to allow a 50mm suspension lift plus a 25 mm tyre lift without an engineer’s certification. We thought discussions were going well, until the phone rang hot one morning and we put together what we call an ‘escalated’ strategy to tackle this issue head on. One million Facebook hits later and we had a reversal of their opposition to a combined 75mm lift. I say this not to criticise the Queensland Government – indeed we now enjoy a good relationship with the Queensland Transport Department – but it’s a good illustration of how our week can be hijacked pretty quickly.

I don’t have room to detail all of our work on vehicle standards and modification regulations but here is a quick list of our work in the past 12 months: Bull Bars (WA), Aftermarket Lights (NSW), Brake Testing (NSW), Gross Vehicle Mass Upgrades (Federal), Jerry Cans (Federal), Recovery Straps (Federal), H-Frames (NSW), Suspension Lift (QLD), Seat Belts and Child Restraints (Federal).
How did the H-Frame story end? Well the NSW Roads and Maritime Services issued a new Vehicle Standard for Ladder Racks. A sensible and clearly articulated position that requires that rack and vehicle must be compatible, and a ladder rack should be designed and manufactured for the vehicle model to which it is fitted and the mounting structure must be able to support the fully loaded ladder rack; and the fully loaded ladder rack does not overload the vehicle’s front axle.
This is what happens when government articulates clear sensible guidelines in consultation with industry. When we work together the outcome is that the industry can responsibly produce and fit these components, and consumers can confidently purchase and use these products.
Crisis over – everyone wins.

With thanks to Lesley Yates, AAAA Senior Manager, Government Relations and Advocacy

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Right from its earliest beginnings, the founders of DENSO knew that its biggest and most important assets were people: both those who work for the company and those who rely on its systems

Even at its earliest stage, DENSO’s management inherently knew that success relied heavily upon the skills of its people, product development and modern facilities.
DENSO, previously Nippondenso, was established in Kariya, Japan in 1949 primarily as a manufacturer of starters, generators and radiators, which were supplied to the Toyota Motor Co.
The philosophy that all associates should be encouraged to participate in the betterment of the company through collaboration and creative thinking lead to the establishment of DENSO’s first technical training center and its role in sharing knowledge, refining associate aptitude and mastering its machinery.
With the growth of DENSO’s technical prowess came innovation, and in the mid-1950s the company began to expand its business fields beyond the production of electrical components – establishing a competitive edge in the ability to develop and deliver seamless systems instead of single products.
Hard work and persistence paid off and in 1961 DENSO was awarded the Deming Prize for quality control, laying the foundations for the concept and culture of ‘Quality First’.
With this newfound confidence, came new goals and the company looked beyond its shores towards global expansion.
To meet the growing needs of regional car manufacturers NipponDENSO Australia was soon established – DENSO’s first manufacturing plant outside of Japan. In 1972 the company began assembling a range of thermal products, expanding to include radiators, condensers, meter clusters, caravan air-conditioning and a/c tubing.
Due to the decline of local automotive manufacturing, DENSO Australia’s facility ceased production operations and in late 2017 the company’s focus shifted towards the growth of local aftermarket product sales and expanding its Australian based global R & D Engineering.
As such, DENSO Australia continues a legacy dating back to the company’s founding, to embrace change without fear, to confront and overcome every challenge with a view to the future and to continue to create new products and technologies.

Today, DENSO Australia boasts an ever-expanding range of mobility related technologies, including:
• Starter motors and alternators,
• Automotive air conditioning,
• Bus air conditioning,
• Diesel products,
• Engine cooling,
• Engine sensors,
• Ignition products,
• Portable air conditioning.
Globally, DENSO has grown from its electrical beginnings into a corporation of 211 group companies in 35 countries and regions and says it is proud to have a global workforce of more than 170,000 employees.
As a trusted Tier One supplier to the world’s automobile manufacturers, DENSO explains its original equipment technologies are present in almost all vehicles around the globe.
To support this, DENSO offers the service and repair industry an extensive range of aftermarket components all with the same OE-standard quality and reliability.
Available locally through its authorised distributor network and the company’s approved partners (a full listing of which can be found by visiting www.denso.com.au), the company says all of the parts it sells are guaranteed by DENSO’s warranty and are made to the organisation’s “unsurpassed quality.”
Further, this comprehensive warranty is supported by the full support of its Australia-wide service network.
From common rail systems that dramatically improve diesel engine performance to night view technology that detects pedestrians – DENSO states its plethora of world-first advances are due to the following three qualities:

Refined manufacturing processes
Innovative products and components can only be realised if they can be manufactured. DENSO claims its technicians and engineers painstakingly refine every detail of its manufacturing systems to enable the creation of the best technologies and products.

Meticulous quality control
DENSO focuses on safety because cars carry people. DENSO was one of the first parts manufacturers to build its own test courses to evaluate its products, ensuring that people could confidently drive cars using DENSO-made components. The company says its local advanced test facilities are comparable with those of major carmakers and include chambers for high/low temperature testing, sunlight replication, a wide range of system diagnostics and noise and vibration chambers that simulate the diverse conditions drivers encounter every day.

Its people
DENSO employees come from a variety of backgrounds, and the company says it views this diversity as one of its strengths.

After 45 years of operation in Australia, DENSO says the decision to close local manufacturing in 2017 was one of its biggest and most difficult.
However, this gave it the opportunity to re-imagine and re-focus DENSO Australia’s mission. By reforming the company as a sales and an R&D division, it claims it was able to build something truly unique.
“It gave us the ability to redeploy assets and knowledge into exciting new business areas, and to take a lead in many advanced R&D programs that DENSO is undertaking globally,” DENSO Australia Chief Executive Officer, Gavan Keenan, explained.
DENSO believes that the advantage of its products over its competitors is simple – quality!
“That quality is the cumulative result of decades of experience, manufacturing prowess, a highly skilled workforce, thousands of hours of research, development and engineering, strict testing and the foresight of our people – who today are working on the technologies we will need to drive our future,” Gavan said.
The automobile industry is undergoing its biggest transformation in a century as a result of rapid evolution of technology. In this period of change, DENSO explains its main goal is working to meet the future mobility needs of society in four major areas of technology:
• Electric vehicles,
• Advanced safety/autonomous vehicles,
• Connectivity,
• Factory automation/agriculture.
DENSO states its future plan is to continue to create value by using its technology and experience to drive further progress in new mobility-related fields, by contributing to the advancement of manufacturing through its factory automation business, and by applying DENSO technology to the agriculture industry.

From its foundation, DENSO has always believed in the benefits of collaboration – combining its expertise and knowledge with organisations from seemingly unrelated fields with different points of view which not only serve to broaden its horizons and scope, but enable it to develop new and exciting concepts for the company’s future needs.
It is no surprise to hear that DENSO Australia is passionate about the Australian automotive industry.
“Our local R & D Engineering group strives to develop technological solutions to meet the challenges we face in this unique Australian environment,” Gavan said.
“Our sales and service teams are dedicated to the needs of our local customers, ensuring that they not only receive the best products and service for their business on a daily basis, but are also represented in DENSO’s global vision.”
DENSO is a proud member of the AAAA, which enables the company to remain abreast of industry changes, challenges and successes as a whole.
“We honour Australia’s proud past and support its strong future,” Gavan concluded.

For more from DENSO, visit www.denso.com.au

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AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Accessories

The competition for the AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Accessories award was exceptionally close with nine entries in total from eight AAAA members. In this issue, we take a look at the entrants who vied for this award including the winning HSP 4×4 Accessories Tail Lock.

HSP 4×4 Accessories, Tail Lock – WINNER
HSP 4×4 Accessories says the HSP Tail Lock is a revolutionary product allowing you to sync your tailgate with your existing vehicle remote. The unit works by engaging and disengaging your existing handle when your vehicle locks and unlocks. The Tail lock offers multiple advances over a traditional lock, is easier to install as it is non-intrusive and uses factory mounting points and wiring is a breeze as it is plug and play. The Tail Lock is also not susceptible to damage, as when the handle is disengaged, pulling on it harder has no bearing on the unit. HSP 4×4 Accessories says that as a singular or as an add on product, the Tail lock is remarkable in its ability to fully integrate to a factory remote, provide peace of mind to the user and keep valuables safe in the tub.
For more information, visit www.hsputelids.com.au

Airbag Man, Wireless Digital Airbag Pressure Monitoring Gauge
Airbag Man says its new Wireless Airbag pressure gauge offers new levels of simplicity and features for Airbag Suspension pressure monitoring. A plug and play installation removes the wiring and airline plumbing required in existing systems. The 12v power outlet type monitor connection also removes any display mounting requirement. The system connectivity allows removal and storage of the display as required, with a quick plug-in to check Airbag pressures as needed. The pressure gauge actively monitors the pressures of two airbags independently, updating these as required, while minimising battery draw from the remote mounted pressure sensors. The monitor allows user saveable High and Low pressure alarms, coinciding with Airbag Man’s specific Airbag Suspension systems operation pressure advice and ensuring easy pressure awareness from all operators.
For more information, visit www.airbagman.com.au

Car Immobiliser Solutions, BOLT Padlock
The BOLT Padlock doesn’t come with a key; rather, it mechanically ‘learns’ your existing car key the first time you use it. Now you can have your vehicle accessory locks (padlocks, hitch locks, cable coil locks and canopy t-handles) securely matched to your existing car key. Don’t waste time fumbling with a big bunch of keys – the same key that turns your ignition can now turn all of your vehicle locks with BOLT. The unique, patented mechanism mechanically ‘learns’ your existing key the first time you turn your key into it – no other key will work it. The BOLT locks are designed to work in almost any environment, and give you peace of mind with convenience. The locks have a limited lifetime warranty, and are guaranteed for the life of the vehicle.
For more information visit: www.lsc.com.au/Products/Locks/Automotive-Motorcycle-Bikes/BOLT-Locks

FitMyCar, Bedrock Floor Liners
When FitMyCar realised there was a gap in the Australian market for floor liners it looked internationally for a supplier sourced solution, but says it found availability was an issue for right-hand cars, as was sub-par protection when existing designs were put to the test. As a result, FitMyCar made the decision to enter the market itself under a newly formed brand, named Bedrock, to utilise its existing manufacturing and product design experience from years of making cargo liners and carpet floor mats. It meant FitMyCar could take the existing concept of a durable rubber or similar floor mat and adapt it to the true needs of the customer which were identified as being: protection, durability, value and aesthetics.
For more information visit www.fitmycar.com.au  

Motospecs, Drivetech 4×4 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
The Drivetech 4×4 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an exciting new real-time tyre monitoring system that provides peace of mind to the 4WDer as they can constantly check on one of their biggest ongoing investments, their tyres. The Drivetech 4×4 TPMS has a solar-powered LCD display and four waterproof external sensors for DIY installation. It is also the first system in Australia which can be upgraded to six, eight and 10 sensors, including two spare tyres, without a booster, which is great for RVs. The Drivetech 4×4 TPMS helps drivers stay safe via visual and audible alerts in the case of tyre air leakage, high tyre temperature, and low or high tyre pressures. Installation of the Drivetech 4×4 TPMS is as simple as screwing the caps on, putting the solar panel on top of the unit and the unit onto the dash.
For more information, visit www.drivetech4x4.com.au

Pro Quip International, Pro Quip 15L Plastic Fuel Can 
The new Pro Quip 15L Plastic Fuel Can is lighter and shorter than the 20L version, and is made in the same style and look as the rest of the Pro Quip Fast Pour Range, making it easily recognisable as a Pro Quip Quality Product. The can retains the 20L ‘footprint’ and girth dimensions but is shorter and naturally lighter than a 20L Can, whilst maintaining the same shape and key accessory features that Pro Quip says have served the company well for almost 20 years. The reduced height makes it perfect for many applications such as in 4WDs where space is often limited and Pro Quip says it will fit all cradle-style 20L Jerry Can Holders that are commonly found mounted on trailers, vans and off-road setups.
For more information, visit www.proquip.com.au

Pro Quip International, Can Caddy Transport Tray and Stabiliser  
Pro Quip’s Can Caddy Transport Tray and Stabiliser accommodates the 4L, 5L and 10L Plastic Fuel Can sizes, as well as the 5L and 10L Metal Jerry Can sizes available in the Pro Quip Range. Pro Quip says the increased ‘footprint’ provided offers unmatched stability for the safer transport of your Pro Quip Fuel Can. Whilst permanent fixing is recommended, the design accommodates the use of Velcro ‘loop’ for carpets, double-sided tape for flat areas, non-slip matting for ute trays or similar and four mounting holes for semi-permanent mounting screws or bolts. The design also includes cut-aways on both sides for the use of a strap. Also included is a cylindrical cavity for the storage of pourers or funnels, ensuring everything is contained within the non-leaking, sealed section of the Can Caddy tray.  
For more information, visit www.proquip.com.au

Redarc Electronics, Tow-Pro Elite V3 Electric Trailer Brake Controller
The third generation of Redarc’s Tow-Pro brake controller continues to set the benchmark in trailer brake control technology, says Redarc. A change to the shape, length, size and depth of the remote head allows for easier installation and ensures the remote head will fit into thicker and curved dashes. It maintains the simple operation it is renowned for and industry-leading selectable modes of braking: ‘Proportional’ for highways and sealed roads and ‘User-controlled’ for off-road driving. Like previous generations, the Elite features proportional braking technology built from a patented algorithm, while the dash mounted remote head has been independently tested to meet stringent ADR21 safety standards. Tow-Pro Elite V3 continues to be suitable for 12 and 24V vehicle electrical systems as well as electric and electric/hydraulic trailers with no user input required to select the mode.
For more information, visit www.redarc.com.au

Yakima, Yakima AceO’Spades
The Yakima AceO’Spades attaches to a vehicle’s roof rack or platform and stores long-handled equipment safely, securely and conveniently. It securely holds handles up to 30-55mm in diameter and is ideal for tools with straight shafts (shovels), “D” handle (spades), and oval handles (axes), as well as sporting equipment (paddles or oars). Its unique “pop and drop” mechanism means you can simply pop open the handcuff-inspired holders and drop your tool/oar in. It is also lockable with “Same Key System” (SKS) locks. Inside each holder, the mechanism has rubber pads with cross-directional ribs that stop the carried item from sliding out or twisting and these rubber pads also provide cushioning and protection for carried loads. The AceO’Spades works with the Yakima LockNLoad roof rack crossbars, Platform and most competitor roof rack systems that feature an accessory T-slot.
For more information, visit www.yakima.com.au

For more information about the Australian Auto Aftermarket Awards, please visit www.aftermarketawards.com.au


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The company hosted the May event at Sandown Raceway

The 20-24 May ‘Sandown Safety Week’ event hosted by Pedders Suspension and Brakes at Sandown Raceway was designed to demonstrate how added weight affects vehicle dynamics.
The event gave a variety of industry and media participants, as well as Pedders staff, the opportunity to participate in a number of driving experiences which provided valuable first-hand experience on how increases to a vehicle’s weight through added load affects handling and braking.
Importantly, the tests also revealed how equipping vehicle’s with fit-for-purpose aftermarket suspension and brake components can greatly mitigate the negative affect added weight has on vehicle performance and safety, says Pedders.
For each test, three specifications of the same vehicle were used. A standard vehicle with no modifications, a standard vehicle with ballast loading it to within 400 kilograms of its GVM rating, and a vehicle also loaded to within 400 kilograms of its GVM rating but fitted with a Pedders GVM+ kit.

There were five tests in total, and each was designed to simulate typical driving scenarios at various stations around the Sandown Raceway:

  1. The Emergency Braking Test had participants performing an emergency brake from 60km/h to a complete stop in a straight line.
  2. The Slalom Stability Test required participants to navigate a series of traffic cones while keeping at a constant 60 km/h velocity.
  3. The Double Lane Change Test involved drivers entering an emergency brake and swerve manoeuvre to avoid an imaginary obstacle, followed by a second manoeuvre to return to their original lane.
  4. The Corner Brake Test was similar to the Emergency Brake test with the exception that the drivers had to continue to navigate a corner with the brakes applied while holding their line.
  5. Finally, the Rough Track Test took place over a corrugated, unsealed patch of road that simulated mild off-road driving, with the drivers required to keep the vehicle tracking in a straight line.
    In all the tests, Pedders says the laden Pedders equipped vehicles demonstrated superior handling, steering and braking characteristics compared to their OE counterparts carrying the same load.

In all the tests, Pedders says the laden Pedders equipped vehicles demonstrated superior handling, steering and braking characteristics compared to their OE counterparts carrying the same load.
In addition to reduced braking distances, less body roll and greater stability being evident by those drivers in the Pedders vehicle, the physical input needed to keep the vehicle controlled was also significantly less, ensuring it was easier for the drivers to maintain control of the vehicle.

For a full run-down of how the different vehicles behaved in the tests, visit www.youtube.com/user/PeddersSuspension/videos for a detailed video.


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The business was recognised as Tasmania’s 2019 Aftermarket & Retailer of the Year

TACC’s Malcolm Little (left) with Repco Hobart Store Manager, Bret Snare.

The Repco store in Hobart was, once again, awarded the Aftermarket & Retailer of the Year Award at the 2019 Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (TACC) Castrol Motor Industry Gala, held on the evening of Saturday 25 May at the iconic Wrest Point Casino in Sandy Bay.
The TACC Castrol Motor Industry Awards event was established in 2005 to formally recognise the many excellent automotive businesses in Tasmania who provide exceptional service to their customers, staff and local community.
“Repco Hobart is delighted to be the recipient of this award. Actually, we’ve won it for five of the past six years. It is the premiere Aftermarket parts award in Tasmania and hotly contested by the industry. We’re honoured to be recognised in this way”, Repco Area Manager (Vic/Tas), Dean Downham, said.
“We pride ourselves on successful non-financial factors such as safety and team training. We are really pleased that the TACC consider these aspects just as important as the traditional ones. We are looking forward to contesting this award again next year and hope to achieve further success as we advance our Connectivity and European Parts offerings throughout the year.”
TACC General Manager, Malcolm Little, said “the TACC Castrol Motor Industry Awards clearly demonstrate member dedication to quality and passion for the automotive industry. Winners of the TACC Castrol Motor Industry Awards really are the best in the Tasmanian automotive industry.”
Awards across 13 categories were presented throughout the evening including: achievement in body repair; aftermarket and retailing; automotive specialisation; new and used car dealer; engine reconditioning; towing; motorcycle dealer; small and large mechanical repair; tyre dealer; auto electrics; and underbody repair.
“TACC was overwhelmed by the number of entries received from businesses all over the state. Judging was not an easy task, as all applications were of such a high quality. It’s fantastic to see members wanting to share their stories and successes. Each entry was evaluated based on the business’s approach to customer service, professional development, industry improvement, and environmental and occupational health and safety, to ensure that only the best of the best would be declared as winners,” Malcolm said.

For more information, go to www.vacc.com.au/TACC

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Greg Wall has received the Order of Australia award for services to business and the community

Australasia’s largest automotive co-operative, Capricorn, together with the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM), warmly congratulates outgoing Capricorn Group Chief Executive Officer Greg Wall on receiving the honoured Member of the Order of Australia (AM) Award for his significant service to business and the community. 
Along with having led Capricorn to record high levels of business success over the past eight years as the cooperative’s first ever Group Chief Executive Officer, Greg is also a Director and founding Chairman of the BCCM.
Greg has been involved with co-operative and mutual businesses throughout his working career which spans almost four decades, leading the sector’s most significant period of resurgence. Aligned with Greg’s outstanding leadership of Capricorn, which included a complete re-structure of all areas of Capricorn’s business, he has also been pivotal in the growth and success of the BCCM.
Some of his extensive achievements include establishing the first national forum for the Chairs of Australia’s top co-operative firms; advocating for the highest governance standards in business; chairing the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives Secretariat in 2012; presenting at the United Nations in New York for the launch of the International Year of Co-operatives; and founding Australia’s national peak body for the sector – the BCCM.
Greg is also recognised internationally as the first Australian to be elected to the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), the peak global body representing co-operatives and mutuals worldwide.
With members from more than 95 countries, in 2013 Greg was the first Australian to be elected to the board of the ICA in its 120-year history. He has also been appointed to the board of Dot Coop Ltd (the internet domain for co-operatives worldwide) and has joined the leadership circle of the ICA. 
According to Capricorn’s new Group Chief Executive Officer (effective July 1), David Fraser, this is a deserving accolade for a truly outstanding individual.
“To say that we are incredibly proud to have our Group CEO of the past eight years receive a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) Award is an understatement,” David said.
“Greg has been at the helm of not only the Capricorn business during several years of unprecedented growth, but he has also been a relentless champion for both the Australian and the global co-operative movement.
“I couldn’t think of a more fitting way for all involved to show their appreciation for his dedication and enthusiasm than this.” 

For more from Capricorn, visit www.capricorn.coop

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The three day event featured 1,880 exhibitors from 63 countries and 32,414 visitors from 146 countries

Steady growth in both exhibitor and visitor numbers at Automechanika Dubai 2019 underlined a successful conclusion to the Middle East and Africa’s (MEA) largest automotive aftermarket trade fair recently.
The 17th edition of the annual showcase, which took place from 10-12 June at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, registered a four percent year-on-year increase in exhibitors in 2019, with 1,880 exhibitors from 63 countries on-board.
Amongst the exhibitors were a number of AAAA members, including TJM, Tough Gear Trading (including Airbag Man, Tough Dog Suspension, Dwizz and Torqit), Disc Brakes Australia, Dobinsons, Tred 4×4, ACL/SGF Asia Pacific, and Ozcharge (Zylux) who all participated in the Australian Pavilion as well as ARB, Mercury PM, Superpro, and IDrive who also exhibited as part of the show.
Pre-audited visitor and trade buyer numbers from the event’s organiser Messe Frankfurt Middle East came in at 32,414 from 146 countries, nearly two percent up on the previous year.

Automechanika Dubai 2019 covered the six major product sections of Parts & Components and Electronics & Systems (1,181 exhibitors); Accessories & Customising (246 exhibitors); Tyres & Batteries (226 exhibitors); Repair & Maintenance (155 exhibitors); and Car Wash, Care & Reconditioning (72 exhibitors).
Messe Frankfurt Middle East also added the four new sub-categories of Agricultural Parts & Equipment; Body & Paint; Motorcycle Competence; and Oils & Lubricants. The move was designed to make it easier for the tens of thousands of visitors to navigate the vast 63,300sqm expanse of exhibition space.
With 23 country pavilions and 34 international trade associations, and a buzzing Innovation Zone providing informative insights to the auto aftermarket’s future, Automechanika Dubai doubled down on its globally renowned reputation as the gateway to the vast MEA market and beyond.

“The last 12 months have been challenging, but we worked tirelessly to deliver another successful show, where the entire global automotive aftermarket community converged to share knowledge and expand their business networks not only in the MEA, but also the subcontinent and CIS,” Automechanika Dubai Show Director, Mahmut Gazi Bilikozen, said.
“Dubai’s central location between manufacturing countries from the East, Europe, and the Americas, coupled with its reputation as an Emirate that allows access for traders and aftermarket professionals from throughout the wider region means Automechanika Dubai can attract the kind of buyers that no other aftermarket trade fair can.”
The 18th edition of Automechanika Dubai will take place from 7-9 June 2020 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

For more information, visit www.automechanikadubai.com

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Specialising in the automotive aftermarket

myRep Solutions has launched in Queensland and says it offers the automotive aftermarket a fresh approach to sales representation.
Sales outsourcing is common internationally and has gained popularity here in Australia in the food and hardware industries, however there are a limited number of companies tailoring their services for the specific needs of the automotive aftermarket.
myRep Solutions founder Jason Marshall states he has ambitious plans for the business with future expansion into other states and industry sectors.
Whether you are a start-up looking to get established or a large multinational looking to reduce overheads, myRep Solutions says it can offer great benefits including:
• Sales representation at a fraction of the cost.
• Fast results – within months myRep says it will be opening new accounts, growing old accounts, selling through the range and increasing your brand awareness.
• Simple terms with no lock in contracts.
Jason has a long history in the automotive and auto electrical sector with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.
He started out as a mechanic, established Autodata here in Australia from a home office, was the General Manager at Bainbridge Technologies, assisted to commercialise Direction Plus products and has spent the past two years establishing the Australian operation and distribution network for Betta Batteries Lead Crystal Batteries.
Jason’s Brisbane-based myRep Solutions is a division of War Bonnet Pty Ltd, first founded in 2012. Primarily established for the distribution of Jason’s technical book “The Recreational Power Guide” it has now diversified to include sales consulting and sales outsourcing.

For more information, contact Jason directly on 0466 406 200 or visit www.myrep.com.au

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