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When starting with a recovery offroad, many people jump straight to their 12,000lb winch, this is a good idea as a high torque high powered, quality winch has the ability to pull your 4WD free of just about anything.

Using the unbelievable pulling power of a winch is a good idea, however with the extreme loads put on the motor, gearbox and your vehicles electrical system when your vehicle is sitting on the chassis rails deep in mud the pulling force required is up to 300% of the weight of your 4WD.

Doing some quick calculations, a fully loaded GU patrol with a GVM of around 3000Kg you are looking at up to 9120Kg of pulling force required. This is well in excess of the 12,000lb (5443Kg) provided by some of the top tier winches including the Domin8r X 12,000lb Winch and the Grande MKIII 12,000lb Winch!

There is a simple method to instantly double your winches pulling power, by getting your hands on either the Hercules Recovery Kit you’ll be equipped with the tools that all the pros use!

By setting up your winch with a strong mechanical advantage, you can rig up an 8,000Kgs rated snatch block to double your pulling power to up to 24,000lb of pull this is over 10,800kg of force!

When doubling the pulling power you also half the pulling speed setting up a double line winch pull is as simple as any block and tackle system by running your winch line out to a snatch block pulley, and back to the stuck vehicle and directly to a rated recovery point.

With the decreased overall load on your winch you use much less amperage and drain your battery by much less, a double line pull recovery is one of the best ways to get a heavily stuck 4WD free from trouble!

The awesome thing about using a snatch block is the ability to combine multiple rated snatch blocks to create even more mechanical advantage. By adding a second snatch block and anchor you gain the ability to pull up to 36,000lb of pulling force which is equal to 16,300kg of pulling force this far exceeds the bogging forces of around 300% of the GVM of your vehicle! By pulling with over 16 Tons of force, you can easily free any stuck vehicle.

The advantages of a double or triple line pull are undeniable, but not without perils, there are a few extremely important things you must do to ensure that your 4WD won’t get broken by the forces you are imparting during recovery!

If your vehicle is stuck, it is important before doing anything to recovery your vehicle that you inspect exactly what is holding your 4WD back. If for example, you are stuck behind a rock or a deep mud puddle, you may bend suspension components or steering components and get your 4WD really stuck.

Before undertaking any 4WD recovery in any situation, you must try and make the recovery process easier and smoother, this involves a little bit of elbow grease, but by breaking out a shovel so you can clear the path in front of your tyres to allow your 4WD to roll out of trouble much more freely resulting in less likelihood of damaging your vehicle!

Along with getting the shovel out, when setting up your recovery, you need to consider factors of safety when rigging up your recovery anchors you must think about all the factors of safety that could put spectators or other 4WDers into danger.


For the safest setups when, rigging up your 4WD winching recovery anchor points. The first thing is to look for a stable, and solid anchor point to fasten your winch cable to, this is usually a sturdy tree trunk with deep roots, to make the anchor extremely stable! When mounted to a solid anchor point it is considered poor practice to simply wrap your winch cable around the tree, with the immense forces described above, you can easily ring bark the tree causing it to die.

When choosing a solid anchor you must use a rated tree trunk protector like the one from the Hercules recovery Kits, this not only preserves the tree for future winch recoveries but it gives you a sturdy and solid foundation for which to attach your winch cable that is free to pull from different angles and directions without damaging your winch cable either!

The next rule for winch safety is by only unspooling enough winch rope to complete the recovery, there is no reason to unwind more winch cable than you need. This is where the Hercules Winch Extension Strap comes in handy. By adding an additional 20m of reach for your winch without requiring your winch motor to wind up even more than it is required to!

The natural reaction is to, connect either end of your tree trunk protector together with a shackle, some may even use an additional shackle to attach your winch extension strap. The issue we have here is that we end up connecting metal to metal, this risks the metal components within the recovery system from breaking!

This is where the Bright orange weighted Recovery dampener comes in. By placing a weighted dampener over the top of the metal components of your anchor, you can rest assured that in the case of a catastrophic failure of any sort, the heavy metal components will have both an airbrake and a heavy anchor dropping them to the ground and making the failure, less likely to result in catapulting the metal components dangerously through the air.

Extra pro tips for safer winching;

  1. Use the 30 second rule – that means that every 30 seconds of winching along with your Domin8r X 12,000lb winch, you need to let both your winch motor and control box cool down, you should be winching with your engine running, whilst winching as this will provide more amps to your battery and prevent damage. The 30 seconds off will allow your crank battery to recharge a bit and prevent losing too much voltage!
  2. Keep your winch line off the ground – by dragging your rope through the mud, rocks and dirt – You will force sharp grains into the core, instantly weakening the fibers sawing through from the inside out – additionally any rocks and sharp sticks cause small nicks in the fibers causing issues when the lines are under tension.
  3. Every anchor point needs at least 1 recovery dampener – this will keep safety at the forefront!
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When looking at all the reasons you should upgrade your 4WD with a 12,000lb heavy hitting winch, you could easily think to yourself “I don’t really need one”, “the tracks I hit aren’t tough enough” but here are some awesome reasons why you should upgrade your 4WD with an Adventure Kings Winch for trouble free recoveries anywhere on the tracks!


When driving offroad, there are plenty of reasons to use a winch to get your 4WD free from trouble. The golden rule of 4WDing, is to always bring recovery gear no matter how “easy” the track is supposed to be. By heading out unprepared, you risk leaving your vehicle wherever you get stuck, particularly if you head out alone!

By fitting a winch to your vehicle, you can simply flick a switch and slowly control your vehicle all the way out of the sticky stuff.

A winch means you can easily pull your 4WD free, even by yourself – the added benefit of a winch means that when you are hitting more popular tracks, you can even turn a tidy profit pulling people free, whilst they may not pay you in money, you’ll be rich in refreshing beverages!

A winch makes a massive difference when you hit the tracks and will become your go too recovery gear!


Installing an Adventure Kings winch takes just a couple of simple hand tools, and you don’t even need to solder any wires or crimp any terminals. A winch requires 4 bolts to fasten it into place and tightening nuts on the ring terminals on 5 separate screw posts.

Many winches on the market use a standard bolt pattern which is 10″ X 4.5″ (254mm X 114.3mm) which makes fitment extremely easily. The Domin8r X and Grande MKIII both also include all fitting fasteners as well as a hawse fairlead all they really require is to be bolted in.

Once the winch is bolted into place, you can mount your relay control box into a convenient location and run the wiring to the battery, and test everything to ensure it operates safely!


Essential Accessories

You cannot use a winch on its own, every winch recovery needs a handful of essential rated recovery accessories. Every recovery requires a handful of recovery accessories, just like the accessories Hercules Complete Recovery Kit. With a rated recovery kit, you can easily setup complex double line pull recoveries for up to 24,000lbs (nearly 11,000kg of pull) which is capable of pulling most 4WD’s free from nearly any situation offroad!

Whilst your winch is permanently fitted to your 4WD, you should always make sure to bring at least a rated tree trunk protector.

With many 4WD recovery kits on the market you can easily be thrown around by all the options on the table, when you choose a Hercules Recovery Kit you score excellent value for money and independently tested and rated equipment, that can allow you to help extricate your vehicle from many of the tricky and unforeseen obstacles on the tracks ahead.

In old days, operating a winch involved a lot of sweat, unless you were lucky enough to have a PTO winch fitted, taking advantage of the torque output from your engines gearbox, a PTO winch required engaging gear sets, and spooling a rope onto the drum. This whole process becomes a very complicated process when compared to the easy and simple push button pull you get with a reliable 12v winch.

With high current relay operation, the wired and wireless control of the 12v winch gives you stacks of pull at the flick of a switch both in and out, meaning you can even un-spool the synthetic winch cable by yourself and then jump in the cockpit and have full control of your winch recovery no matter where you end up getting stuck!

Expedient repair

When equipped with one of the best value 4WD winches, on the market – there is next to nothing that can hold you back on the tracks, however even when equipped with one of the most expensive winches on the market, driving through salty water and corrosive mud for years, you may have to use your head to perform a bush mechanic fix to get you home, so here are our two top tips for winching recovery emergencies where things just don’t go to plan.

The SPLICE of life

With the tremendous forces involved in winch recoveries, if you don’t take precautions and keep your winch rope clean and in the best condition ever you may encounter a rope snap. This can be catastrophic for your recovery, but if you have a winch rope it certainly pays to know how to perform a simple splice – you may not be the best at knots, but you should learn this tip, it’ll give you a professional looking repair and only takes a minute or two.

Start by overlapping, the two ends by approximately 30cm, pick a spot half way along the overlap (15cm or so) you can mark these locations with a sharpie or a marker.  To splice the winch cable you’ll need what is called a fid or a marlin spike this can be a ball point pen sticky taped to the end of the line. The idea with a splice is to weave the tail all the way through by zig zagging about 2 or 3 times to lock the 2 cables together and repeat with the other end. When you are done you need to bury both of the tails, inside the winch cable, this will act like one of those Chinese finger traps. A proper splice should be stronger than the original cable!

So if your winch cable fails in action, splice the 2 pieces back together and get your 4WD out of the muck ASAP!


Sometimes with a lot of heavy usage through muddy water, or unmaintained through salty water a winches control box may end up causing you grief. If this is the case then you can take advantage of those old jumper leads you had laying around under your driver’s seat for years and power your winch directly from your battery, this obviously loses a lot of convenience of being able to control your winch remotely and if you are the one who is stuck you basically shouldn’t try this – However, if you are recovering your mates  this will get you out of trouble until you can get back home to replace the solenoid.

There are 4 separate terminals on your Adventure Kings Winch – the first is the “Ground” terminal, this earths directly to the negative terminal on your battery so you don’t need to connect your jumper lead yet. Then there is the armature terminal which is the red terminal this needs to be connected directly to the positive terminal on the battery – The next step is to jump between the armature terminal to either the yellow terminal or the black terminal to both, retract or unspool.

There are million reasons you need a winch on the tracks – but the insane price of an Adventure Kings winch is definitely one of the best reasons to upgrade your 4WD to be one of the most capable 4WD’s in your convoy!

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If you are looking to improve your ride quality, your vehicles offroad capability, enhance your camp comfort or even just have the best bloody mall crawler in town, don’t worry because we have some of the best bits of advice for making the most efficient modifications to your vehicle, to make sure you are hitting the tracks sooner without blowing the budget and all well within the timeframe of your up coming trip of a lifetime!

There is no doubting the effectiveness of throwing time and money at your 4WD to get the best upgrades completed in next to no time – by simply paying the bloke at the store to fit your selected accessories and upgrades we are certain that you can save stacks of time, but there are a handful of reasons why we suggest you give it a crack and try to DIY upgrade your 4WD by yourself or with some help from your mates!

The first reason you should attempt your DIY upgrades is because when you have the responsibility of turning all the wrenches on your vehicle, you learn how all the pieces go together like a jigsaw puzzle. This means that if anything goes wrong when you hit the tracks you’ll know where every nut and bolt on your 4WD is making that expedient bush repair a piece of cake compared to that guy on your trip who just gives it to “the guy” to fix!

The second reason you should attempt to Do It Yourself, is the massive labour savings – of course time is money, and when you are putting in the sweat equity you are paying with your time, but with all the lessons you’ll learn on the way, you’ll basically be a mechanic by the time you are done!


The first upgrade many 4WDers turn to is a set of LED Driving lights or an LED Lightbar no matter what you like to do with your 4WD the most versatile improvement is equipping your 4WD with the ability to blast out thousands more lumens than the factory headlights can put out!

We aren’t talking about your wimpy old factory fog lights here – When shopping around for high quality LED lighting, many people get drawn into the trap of purchasing the most expensive set of LED Driving lights on the market fooled into thinking they will be somehow brighter, tougher or even just lower power draw than some of the less expensive models on the market – however when comparing some of the nearest competitors for LED Light output with the BRAND NEW Domin8r 9” LED Driving light pair compare almost identically for stats with some brands that are charging near double the price (whilst also having less advertised range).

Fitted with 40x extremely bright and highly efficient Osram LED light diodes, the Domin8r 9” also includes a smart wiring harness which is truly plug and play, having smart sensing circuitry which can sense whether the input is negatively switched or not.

To fit these high-powered LED spotties simply open the packaging and make sure that all the required components are there, fasten your brand-new LED Spotlights to your bull bar, using both of the supplied 3 bolt stainless steel brackets. Fit loosely as you may need to adjust them later for appropriate aiming!

Now the lights are installed, select the appropriate included Headlight adapter plug (*kit only includes H4 and HB3 plugs) remove your headlight high beam plug from the rear of the bulb and insert the adapter between the factory wiring and the headlight, you can now lay out your wiring harness to connect the appropriate terminals, making sure to avoid hot or moving components in the engine bay, locate the position for your relay, and the Hot 12v+ wire and main earth wire near the battery to easily fasten. And run the toggle switch wiring through a convenient hole in the firewall to operate within the cab of the vehicle.

Connect all of your wiring and check the fuse and all waterproof deutsch plugs for security, once confident of the wiring, turn your ignition on and switch your headlights on. For proper operation the high beam operation should toggle the insanely bright LED Spotlights on and off via the wiring harness!

Installed in under 1 hour – you now have reliable track lighting to suit nearly any track at any time of night!


They say “there are a million ways to skin a cat” and many people look to enhance the ride height of their 4WD to gain additional clearance when driving offroad – to get your vehicles body riding high, you can install many components. But when modifying your vehicle you should never take safety for granted, this is why cheap upgrades like “spring spacers” and other such gimmicks shouldn’t be installed!

If you are chasing ground clearance, there is only one real way to do this safely and that is with a complete suspension upgrade kit, whilst you will gain extra height as desired however you will also gain longer travel shock absorbers, along with a purpose designed spring rate for your higher vehicle. With a full suspension kit, you will have better control on road, and will often get a much more comfortable ride offroad with purpose designed components.

With a mechanics service and repair manual for your specific vehicle you will be able to read in fine detail which nuts bolts spacers washers go where, and exactly how tight they need to be to be safe.

A Service manual will come in handy on the tracks anyways so, get your hands on one, for a better idea  on how to make sure your 4WD stays safe!

Equipped with the knowledge you now need a suspension kit, again there are hundreds of brands on the market, with varying specialties from road racing to affordable daily driver suspension, when choosing a suspension brand, get your hands on a kit that is designed specifically for 4WDing such as the Raw 4×4 Suspension kits, with a kit tailored to nearly every application, they will make sure that accessories like bull bars and other constant loads on the vehicle will be factored in to not just the springs but the loads encountered by the shock absorbers.

Once you have your new suspension kit fitted in your 4WD you should head to your nearest tyre shop to get everything properly aligned this will make sure that your steering, tyres and road noise are un-effected, some independent suspension models find that their new suspension wears their tyres on the outside edges, whilst live axle models find their steering wheel may be crooked. A suspension alignment will mend all of this!


The final upgrade no one should ignore is a reliable high powered built in UHF Radio – By fitting a UHF radio to your 4WD you have a reliable source of communication that will be able to talk to anyone with a UHF radio that is within range.

A 5W UHF offers the furthest possible range without requiring a broadcasting license and whilst the standard 3.5dBi – 4.5dBi antenna’s that are included with many UHF radio’s work great at transmitting a signal out to a reasonable range, for ultimate versatility and maximum range, a 6.5dBi antenna is perfect for getting the most from your 5W UHF system.

When looking at the performance of a UHF its hard to look past the value for money and performance you can get from an Oricom UHF380PK UHF unit. Not only does it include a higher power 6.5dBi antenna but it also includes a Z-bracket to install the antenna by your bonnet. Offering much better transmission than other models on the market – and an extremely easy to install with just 2 wires to the battery, and the antenna cable, you don’t even need to know how to solder or splice!

By installing all of these awesome accessories by yourself, you will know exactly how they work, and exactly how to fix anything that may go wrong when you are in the middle of nowhere, out of reach of your roadside assistance service.

So don’t wait, get out and get exploring with a smaller budget, and a better understanding of how your 4WD works and hit the tracks harder!

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There are dozens of rookie mistakes when fine tuning your camping setup, there is a lot of gimmicks, and a lot of brand labels, your friends and that greasy sales person at the 4WD equipment stealer-ship will try and convince you, are worth more than your months pay.

Here at 4WD Supacentre we’ve been there and done that – the end result was our whole team being fed up with exorbitant prices on average quality gear.

One of the biggest campsite must haves is a top-quality SWAG whilst the definition of quality can be misconstrued by price tags and flashy advertising we’ve found through years of experience on the tracks that top quality is defined by performance when the conditions demand it most and even with products you pay top dollar for you may not get exactly what you bargained for! – Our product development team put in the hard effort and came up with our take on a universal swag that has all the features you need to camp in both style comfort and keeping you warm and dry all year long no matter what the weather conditions are doing!

Due to being crammed full of awesome features the awesome Swag that our team developed quickly became Australia’s #1 selling swag – built out of tough breathable rip proof poly-cotton canvas that uses a free standing pole system, the now well renowned Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double swag and the Big Daddy Deluxe Double swag blew the industry away  The Big Daddy Double features a 50mm thick mattress and the now famous Big Daddy Deluxe includes a huge 70mm thick high density foam mattress – these swags also both use a tough PVC bucket stitched floor, to keep water out and trap the warmth in the colder months of the year!

Compared to most other camping swags on the market, the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swags are basically unbeatable value for money – not only are they built from tough and light weight fabrics, which take advantage of double stitching on all of the major seams for the ultimate strength they are one of the LARGEST Double Swags on the market – measuring a HUGE 1550mm wide and over 2150mm in length. To give some perspective on just how big these massive camping swags are, you can even fit your queen-sized mattress from home inside with plenty of internal head room!

With the attention to detail with the design of these swags, it is no wonder that they are absolutely bomb proof – built tough, with overlapping storm proof flaps over the zippers and insect proof fly-screens on all sides to allow the perfect ventilation on high humidity days. When you are looking at one of the best camping setups you absolutely cannot go past the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Swag range for comfort, internal space, and finally BANG FOR BUCK!

Whilst the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag is one of the biggest swags in the range, there are plenty of other Adventure Kings Swags in the range from compact single swags that is designed for fast and light camping all the way through to some of the plushest swags available on the market.

Another MUST HAVE camping essential on a budget is a piece of gear you absolutely MUST do your research on – a reliable car fridge for frosty beverages no matter where you pull up – many manufacturers take advantage of ignorance to blatantly overcharge their customers for features found in many of the camping fridges present on the market today!

The epic Adventure Kings range of fridge freezers feature Secop Compressors which is the same supplier of compressors for camping fridges across the world – including many of the fridge manufacturers who demand the highest prices – luckily for us the Adventure Kings range of Car Fridges use the same internal components and you can pick one up for an incredible price!

The Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer is one of the best priced camp fridges on the market featuring a massive 81 can internal capacity you can keep all of your favorite refreshing beverages frosty cold with the integrated set and forget temperature setting – being able to control the temperature from +10°C all the way down to -18°C.

The build quality of the Adventure Kings 60L Car Fridge is one of the most understated fridge freezers campers can get their hands on – built from tough polycarbonate plastic and using extremely efficient polyurethane insulation, makes the 60L car fridge extremely energy efficient and because of this highly efficient insulation they have an extremely low power draw making them perfect for hitting the tracks for extended periods of time.

Whilst the 60L size fridge freezer offers plenty of versatility on the tracks the Adventure Kings range includes the Adventure Kings 50L Fridge freezer and the Adventure Kings 75L WIFI Dual Zone Fridge Freezer.

Both alternatives of car fridges, offer similar versatility whilst catering to different demands such as the larger dual zones for refrigeration, which can be independently set within the same range of +10°C to -18°C.

The 75L car fridge offers WIFI controllability, this means you can remotely control the temperature from up to 30m away from the convenience of his smart phone. Whilst the 50L Fridge Freezer can operate on a whopping 3 different power supplies with the clever internal circuitry both the 50L and 75L fridge freezers which can operate on 12V DC, 24V DC & 240V AC.

The versatility of being able to run these fridges on both AC and DC along with 12V and 24V DC, means you can pre-chill your portable fridge freezer before you head out on the tracks, saving even more battery charge.

All Car Fridges from the Adventure Kings Fridge Freezers include internal baskets for easy loading as well as allowing the frosty air to circulate more efficiently around the car fridge making sure you have all the bells and whistles without the hefty price tag!

With the highly efficient industry standard components you must get your hands on one of the extremely popular Adventure Kings Fridge Freezers for absolute control over your chilled goods no matter where you are!

Don’t leave home without either one of these unbeatable camping gear bargains from Adventure Kings and 4WD Supacentre!

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When you are new to 4WDing you could easily be let off the hook for being a bit confused and overwhelmed by the options presented when deciding on what your first modifications, upgrades and improvements to your 4WD to make it an unstoppable weapon on the tracks.

There are so many choices for upgrades that are available to 4WDers on the market – For all types of setups from interior mods, exterior body panel protection and even high performance mechanical upgrades.

We’ve all got limited budgets and what the salesman at your favorite chain of 4WD accessories may not tell you is that you can tackle the hardest tracks, and tour to the most remote destinations with just a handful of modest priced upgrades!

It may come a surprise to some that you don’t need the biggest, baddest 4WD out there with massive tyres and monster suspension to get out there!

In fact, if you’re just starting out a massive lift and huge tyres can actually work to make your journey into 4WDing a bit harder. With huge modifications you can end up causing a vehicle to become unstable and unpredictable in certain situations.

It’s easy to be fooled into thinking the size of your 4WD is critical to getting you further offroad, but before you start making your 4WD into an imposing offroad BEAST!  – You should first think about how to make your 4×4 more capable in many different aspects, especially for camping.

Here’s our guide to five things you can add to your 4×4 that’ll instantly transform it into an offroad camping machine!


Before you even start to worry about upgrading your 4×4, you should first give consideration to preparing for all types of eventualities, including boggings and breakdowns. A quality recovery kit will include at least a rated snatch strap and a couple of rated bow shackles to allow you to either recover another bogged vehicle or allow another vehicle to recover you if you get bogged. Add in a tyre repair kit so that you have the ability to plug small puncture holes caused by rocks, screws or tree roots. The range of Hercules recovery gear and tyre repair kits from 4WD Supacentre are excellent value and cover everything you need.

The Hercules Complete Recovery Kit includes a massive range of just about everything you could need to get your 4WD out of trouble, including snatch strap, shackles, a snatch block pulley, Kwiky tyre deflator, a winch extension strap and tree trunk protector. With all of these tough recovery accessories there isn’t many things that will be able to hold back your 4WD!


It doesn’t matter what type of 4×4 you have, you will always get the best out of adding more practical storage solutions! If your 4×4 didn’t come with roof racks fitted from factory, then you should definitely think about fitting a set early on.

When looking at the price of a set of roof racks in the current market, it’s easy to be bowled over with the staggeringly large price tags – this is why 4WD Supacentre have released a full range of heavy duty steel racks without the hefty price tags!

Not only are these racks priced exceptionally well, you’ll end up using it all the time, whether it’s for runs to the hardware store, helping a mate move or especially when you’re going camping. Being able to store large but bulky gear like your swag on your roof rack.

By fitting on of the solid steel roof racks to your 4WD, will mean you don’t have to chock the inside of your 4×4 full of gear, and that’ll make everyone much happier! At 4WD Supacentre, we stock a full range of heavy-duty steel roof racks to suit everything from a single cab Ute to a full-sized wagon, with multiple shapes and styles depending on your usage.


One of the extra bonuses of fitting a steel roof rack is that it gives you a solid foundation to easily fit an Adventure Kings Awning! If you haven’t used an Adventure Kings Awning you probably don’t realize that this is one bit of camping gear, that you will use extremely often.

With your Adventure Kings Awning fitted to your 4WD you will find yourself looking for excuses for rolling it out at the job site, down at the park when the kids or the dog are running around, and especially at camp. A simple 4WD awning is easy to use and setup and provides such excellent shelter that you’ll wonder how you ever went camping without one.

Not only will an awning improve your 4WDing experience, when you get your hands on an Adventure Kings Awning Fitment kit, you can easily mount your awning with the included mounting brackets which come at no extra charge unlike the extra costs associated with other brands.


When you start getting out and going camping more often, you’ll want to power camping gear like LED camp lights and a portable fridge. If you try and run this type of 12v camping gear off your starter battery, you’ll flatten it in next to no time and not be able to turn your 4×4 over again in the morning.

This is why you need a reliable and quality dual battery system like the Adventure Kings Smart Isolator Dual Battery Kit along with an Adventure Kings AGM deep cycle battery. These two bits of 12v camping gear will allow you to run a car fridge, LED camping lights and other camping gear like one of the Adventure Kings pure sine wave 240v inverter without risking flattening your crank battery.

A reliable 12v dual battery system is one of the best 4WD upgrades you will install, opening up plenty of versatility when setting up camp.

  1. GPS Navigation

No matter what 4WD you have it is inevitable that you will eventually venture out of 4G reception range. Even with caches and saved maps, when you are further afield, google maps won’t be much help to you at all!

This is the reason why you need to bring a dedicated GPS like the VMS Touring 700HDX – this unit has to be one of the most powerful GPS navigator systems on the market, fitted with a 7” touch screen and preloaded with over 3000+ detailed topographic maps.

By bringing one of these units with you, navigation is as simple as following the screen – most of the challenge of remote area driving is nearly completely eliminated from the picture!

With these 5 awesome upgrades you will be able to hit the tracks more often, enjoy your campsites and learn more about how to take your 4WD further afield without modifications – So save more and get your 4WD out on the tracks!

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There is not a single occupation in Australia that relies on supplying clear vision at all hours of the night anywhere across this vast land more than the job of driving a truck – providing important deliveries all across the country, rain hail or shine!

Over recent years many smart truckies have clued onto one of the best kept secrets in the industry – Kings 9″ illuminator LED spotlights. The Illuminator 9” spotties are some of the best value LED driving lights on the market and making life easier for more and more truckies every single night in every single state of this vast sunburnt country.

With the massive demand for high output LED Driving lights, Adventure Kings Upgraded the circuitry and the LED COB’s inside the illuminator 9” to build the insanely bright Adventure Kings Domin8r 9” LED Driving lights and a brand new smart wiring harness to offer truckies some of the absolutely best value for money driving lights on the market!


As always and unlinke many of the competition, Adventure Kings spotties are always sold as a pair, when looking at competitor’s prices, compared to Adventure Kings ridiculously low cost, you need to remember that typically they only sell theirs as an individual unit, not factoring in the price of a wiring harness as well.

The Advertised price for the Adventure Kings 9” Domin8r LED Driving lights is for two spotties, not one + a smart wiring harness.  Putting a pair of Kings new 9” Domin8r spotties on your truck can save you over $1,000 compared to similar quality and similar output LED lights from other brands.


A pair of truck spotlights need to be bright and reliable so we’ve packed 22,970 lumens of output into each and every pair. They throw off a 6500k white light which is easy on the eyes and won’t tire you after many hours behind the wheel. With 1 lux at over 860 metres, they’re not only super bright, but when fitted with a set of spreader lenses covert instantly from a more focused spot beam to an even wide flood beam, or when using one spreader lens act as both a flood and spotlight for the best of both worlds.

The updated Domin8r 9inch LED spotties contain 40x 4w Osram high output LEDs in each unit, which offer even more light from more efficient LEDs mounted to the integrated chip on board LED!

Getting a combination of a long range throw and a wide spread is especially important when driving on seemingly endless outback roads with the chance of cattle or wildlife being on the road, with a fully loaded truck taking a couple of hundred meters to fully come to a stop – the more heads up of the hazards ahead the more time you’ve got to react, and  with the impressive 1 lux at 860 metres there is no doubting that these are a massive upgrade over standard headlight beams.


  1. Toughest design!

The best truck LED spotlights are built tough and you won’t find much tougher than Kings 9″ spotties. Both designs of Kings spotties are built with the same durable casing!

Built to be absolutely dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, impact proof, the Kings spotties are tested to an awesome IP68 rating!

Built out of cast alloy, the tough housing keeps the LEDs well protected from the hazards of the road. Able to handle tough corrugations, stone chips, animal strikes still outputting incredible amounts of LED light – none of those are a worry for the best value LED driving lights on the market.


  1. Strong 3 hole brackets included!

One of the quickest ways to spot driving lights that aren’t up to snuff is to inspect the mounting mechanism. A set of the Kings Domin8r LED 9″ spotties are pretty much the envy of most other brands on the market because of their heavy duty corrugation proof 3 bolt mounting system. By taking advantage of a a tough-as-nails stainless steel bracket with 3 bullet proof fastening holes these are designed to stay put no matter how rough the road surface.

Because of the stability and intense brightness Many truckies swear by their Kings led driving lights because their incredible anti-vibration properties which have proven to stand the test of time on the earlier Illuminator 9” Driving lights and 7” Driving lights. We’ve had reports of truckies who’ve crossed the Savannah Way and Gibb River Road – over some of the harshest corrugations in Australia – and our spotties haven’t rattled loose even a little bit.

Spotties that don’t stay positively located on their aim tend to flicker and lose their focus and can become a huge distraction whilst night driving by fitting any of the Kings LED spotties you won’t have that problem.

  1. Peace of mind

With the standard Adventure Kings 12 month warranty and 30 day money back guarantee – tens of thousands of happy customers across Australia bought their LED Driving lights with confidence. Now you can shop with confidence too when ordering your new Adventure Kings 9″ Domin8r LED driving lights.

The Kings entire range of led spotties offer great quality products with an incredibly low price, making them absolutely unbeatable value for money.

The long lasting and hardy track tested design offers 4WDers and truckies a superior bright white led light which won’t just keep your hip pocket happy, they’ll keep you truckin’ safe night after night.

  1. Easy D.I.Y. Install

With the included ‘smart wiring harness’ the new Domin8r LED Driving lights are a truly plug and play system. With an included H4 and HB3 wiring adaptors the wiring harness requires no modifications for negatively switched vehicles with an integrated sensing circuit which ensures, the simplest installation you can install in just minutes in your driveway!

The awesome smart harness means that you won’t have to pay an auto electrician hundreds of dollars for something you can do yourself to save even more money!

  1. HUGE range of choice!

If you’re after a smaller set of LED spotties there is a set of Kings 7″ Illuminators which are a much smaller and more affordable option for those who don’t have the need for lighting up the track for nearly 1km down the road, the 7” is the smaller sibling of the 9” Illuminators, and share many of the same legendary specs as the earlier edition of 9″ spotties from range.

The 7” Illuminators offer a more compact unit whilst also offering a respectable 10,500 lumens per pair, this set of spotties pack a powerful punch and fit on smaller bull bars or in tighter mounting locations.

If you weren’t sold on the massive output of the BRAND NEW 9” Domin8r LED Spotties, you can pick up a set of Illumin8r 9” LED spotties these offer an affordable set of 9” Spotties whilst also projecting bright white light 1 lux to over 550m!

  1. Multi-purpose

You may be looking at a new set of spotties for your big rig, but don’t think these are only for trucks. We’ve seen people fitting Adventure Kings LED 9″ driving lights on all sorts of vehicles from fishing trawlers, tractors and combine harvesters and even police cars, SES 4x4s and trucks.

We put all of our LED lights through strenuous lab and real-world torture tests on a regular basis to ensure their technology and rugged design remains at the forefront of LED light development, this is why we constantly update our range, with models like the Domin8r 9” LED Driving lights, so you can rely on your pair of Kings spotties to make it the distance and light up the road ahead night after night.

The myth is well and truly busted that pair of quality truck spotlights needs to cost you over $1,000 – if you bolt a set of Kings Illuminators on your rig you’ll see the results for yourself and never look back!

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When looking at the hundreds of options on the market to upgrade your campsite, there are few items that instantly improve your campsite, the way that an Adventure Kings Awning can.

They are incredibly easy to install at home in the driveway, with a set of an Adventure Kings awning to your vehicle. The entire range of Adventure Kings Awnings include all of the mounting hardware and fasteners required to install them. So in under an afternoon of easy work and with some simple hand tools you can have one of the most versatile and practical camping shelters available on the market fixes to your vehicle.

Along with being able to be unrolled in under 5 minutes, one of the main reasons an Adventure Kings Awning is versatile is because it is sleek and low profile and neatly tucks inside the zip up 1000D protective PVC case whilst in transit. However, when you get to your destination, and even for those unplanned weekend moments, you can unfold your awning in only seconds and be set up underneath a fully waterproof and UPF50+ rated shelter, perfectly safe for even the worst weather conditions.

Adventure Kings awnings are some of the best priced awnings on the market, being priced low enough that you can pick one up and usually get change from $100, there aren’t many awnings on the market that can boast this.

The tough build quality of the Adventure Kings Awning makes them one of the toughest awnings available for any vehicle. Designed with durability and all-weather protection in mind the Adventure Kings Rang was built with heavy duty metal knuckles they don’t snap or shatter like cheaper plastic knuckles found on many of the most expensive awnings on the market.

The horizontal poles and folding legs on all Kings awnings are hard anodized for durability and use a tough internal adjustable twist locking mechanism which lets you adjust the fabric tension and angle of the fully waterproof 170gsm ripstop polyester fabric which is extremely durable due to its integrated rip proof mesh, this mesh also adds plenty of tensile strength to make sure that no matter how wild and wooly the weather is, you will be protected from the elements.

An Adventure Kings Awning offers more than just shelter in many ways, by simply adding an Adventure Kings camping awning to your setup, you create a simple foundation from which you can build and add practical elements to your campsite. By adding an Adventure Kings Awning Wall and an Adventure Kings mesh floor you can double the sheltered usable space underneath your Adventure Kings Awning whilst also allowing sand dirt and water to fall through the bottom without ruining the tidiness of your campsite!

When you have set up your Adventure Kings car awning it is important that you peg it down to the ground, preventing gusts of wind from damaging your awning or your vehicle. The easiest way to secure your 4WD awning is by pegging down the peg loops on the feet of your awning with the included pegs and roping it down using the guy ropes that are included in the kit.

One of our favorite places to setup our Kings Awning is when we’re having a break on a beach run. It’s easy, simply find a section of beach that is a little bit more secluded, and then unroll your awning and take a break from it all, whilst pegging out and running guy ropes prevents damage to your awning on firmer ground.

The challenge presented when setting up on the beach is the lack of firm ground to drive your pegs into the ground, in sand a typical peg tends to not hold at all, this is why Adventure Kings have even developed a set of Awning specific Sand Bags which are extremely handy they are made from a tough and durable 100% Polyester material, they simply fill right up with beach sand and easily weigh down and hold the legs of your awning in the situation of a strong wind gust, making sure your awning lasts much longer!

A set of Kings sand bags are one of the most underrated camping accessories on the market, and at less than the price of a 6 pack you add so much versatility to your camping setup – you’d be mad to not get your hands on a set to chuck in the back of your 4WD for the next time you hit the tracks!

Along with some of the more basic accessories for awnings, you can elaborate on any awning setup, there are more elaborate setups you can put together with an awning as a foundation.

Whilst the awning wall offers 4WDers plenty of additional space at camp the Adventure Kings Mesh Flooring offers

Another essential addition to your campsite is the reliable Adventure Kings Awning Mosquito Net for keeping the blood suckers at bay, fitted with completely midge proof mesh, the Awning Mosquito nets will prevent all the creepy crawlies from making their way into your campsite, all the way to a fully-fledged Adventure Kings Awning Tent, which provides well ventilated and fully waterproof shelter, sealing you up away from the wind and rain, no matter where you are, simply slide the tent onto the sail track on the awning frame, Velcro tight the stitched on fasteners and you are good to go!

The fully sealed enclosure uses insect proof mesh windows and a heavy duty PVC bucket flooring to add additional levels of waterproofing and to help keep out all of the creepy crawlers, the awning tent also opens on the vehicle side making sure that you can still easily access the cabin of your vehicle.

It’s hard to look past the absolute versatility of an Adventure Kings Awning, and without one, your camping setup leaves much to be desired. With an unbeatable price-tag, easy fitment and installation, a list of accessories that are affordable and instantly increase the quality of life at camp. There is a size to suit just about any vehicle, the Adventure Kings Awnings are made in 4 different sizes 1.4m x 2m, 2m x 2.5m, 2.5m x 2.5m, 2m x 3m making sure that no matter what your camping setup is there is a size for every vehicle.

If you were on the fence about a quality Adventure Kings Awning, you shouldn’t hesitate any longer – Get your hands on one of the best value shelter systems on the market!

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With all of the handy DIY upgrades available at 4WD Supacentre, you are more than likely considering a few refreshing installations with gear like a new exhaust system, a set of rear drawers or even a suspension upgrade!

But if you’ve ever driven your 4WD offroad, or even the previous owner has, chances are that all the fasteners on your vehicle will more than likely have some level of rust or corrosion helping to hold them in place!

Rust forms because if many different situations which can range from salt water, corrosive minerals in mud, and even from situations such as just being dirty from road grime and rain water, or different metals such as high carbon steel and zinc coatings being present in the same location.

When tackling upgrades, you are more than likely going to hit a few nuts and bolts that will hold you up in your upgrade!

Where rust forms!
The way that rust forms on a nut and bolt, is slightly technical, but to simplify the explanation. When a bolt is tightened, the thread portion of the bolt is stretched a small amount an engineer could elaborate more than us, but the fact of the matter is when the threads have stretched, there is more pressure on one side of the thread than the other. This microscopic gap in the threads means that moisture and corrosive chemicals (salt or other minerals) could wick their way up in between the threads and cause chemical reactions with the metal and eventually seizing the nut or bolt seemingly permanently in place on your trusty 4WD!


Penetrating Spray

If you are new to turning wrenches, you may not instinctively resort to pulling out a can of penetrant oil to break a nut free, and if this is the case, you will be surprised at the effectiveness of certain penetrating sprays at breaking stuck nuts and bolts free from their permanent tomb on your vehicle!

There are some golden rules in making sure that penetrant oils become one of your best friends on the tracks, the first rule is to use plenty of spray, you must now wait a while, if you are installing an exhaust system or something similar, it’s a good idea to drown all the fasteners in a good dose of penetrant oil the night before the easy D.I.Y. install on the weekend, this will allow the penetrant plenty of time to find its way deep inside the labyrinth of screw threads and lubricate the metal on metal corrosion to a point where it can easily break loose.

Once the thread breaks it’s stiction and chemical bond breaks free allowing the nut, bolt or screw to break free!

A Tool for every job

When the going gets tough It is very important to make sure that you use the appropriate tool, for the job. When a lot of force is required to break the nut free, the hex head is more than likely weakened by the rust and because of that the likelihood of rounding the corners of the nut making it even harder to remove.

When getting really held up by a stuck nut, by taking advantage of a ring spanner or socket – or in the case of a screw exactly the correct shape and size of the fastener. By fully engaging all surfaces of the nut, screw or bolt you have a greater ability to get more torque on the head of the nut or bolt or screw giving you super human like strength at getting your stuck fasteners free.

As tempting as it may be to bust out your locking style pliers to “grip” or “Clamp” the fasteners head, this is one of the fastest ways to destroy the head of the bolt!

If in peril, you can even try a size down of tool such as an 11mm spanner on a 12mm nut, this will bind extremely tight on a rounded nut and help you to gain extra purchase. Or in the case of a screw you can use a larger screwdriver to gain better purchase!

Shock Treatment

Whilst a fastener is designed, to be tightened or loosened by a specific tool, like a spanner or screwdriver, by engaging in “SHOCK TREATMENT” you can bust the rust loose and free the fastener quickly!

This is easily done by wrapping the head of the fastener with a hammer like the hammers included in the Adventure Kings Tool Kits, this jolt drives the bound side of the fastener loose!

Be gentle with rusty fasteners, as they are fragile and a sharp hit with a hammer can cause damage making it harder to loosen with the right tools!


Working the threads
This method of freeing a fastener requires tightening and loosening the fastener, you’d be surprised how easily a stuck bolt comes free after you tighten it by a little, this opens and cleans some of the threads and allows you to gain additional momentum on the threads, this simple trick can break free some of the most seized fasteners you’ve ever seen.

By trying to tighten the nut you can clear up some of the rusted fastener to make removal much easier!

Thermal treatment

By taking into account the expansion and contraction of metals we can bust loose any rust on thread by simply heating up or cooling down the fasteners or the metal they are set into!

This works by letting the fastener wriggle itself free.

By hitting the surrounding area of bolt with some heat from a propane torch, or even an oxy acetylene blow torch can allow the threads to simply be undone.

Alternatively, you can use a can of compressed air, and simply invert the can to allow liquid compressed oxygen to spray all over the fasteners this has the effect of rapid cooling “shrinking the part”.

Using heat to expand the general area and then freezing the fastener, you will find the fastener to be unwound with plenty of space on either side of the thread.

A Bigger kind of hammer!
Stubborn bolts or bolts where all other methods of removal have failed require “a much bigger hammer” requiring the head of the bolt to be completely removed, via cold chisel, angle grinder or your oxy-acetylene torch with a cutting head.

By cutting the head off the bolt, you can free the stuck parts and take removal of the stuck threads as an after job. Sometimes the heat of cutting the head free will break the rust free allowing you to simply unwind the threaded shaft from the hole!


The old saying goes “when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail” rings very true with stuck bolts, and now being equipped with more tools to break your stuck fasteners free, you will be able to install more upgrades to your 4WD.

From upgraded Domin8r Exhaust Kits to a set of durable Titan Rear Drawers, or a full suspension upgrade from RAW 4X4.

Ounce of prevention

When you are fitting your new accessories, there is a handy compound you can apply to your threads to prevent them corroding and binding up. By purchasing a container of “anti-seize” you introduce a layer of anti-corrosion to your threads, this means when you need to undo your fasteners down the line, for instance, when you want to install a Domin8r Muffler Delete Kit the job takes a few minutes instead of a couple of hours, trying to figure out how to loosen stuck fasteners!

Get Cracking

Now you have all your pro tips for loosening tough fasteners, you can get cracking on all of those top value 4WD upgrades, and make your 4WD one that all your mates envy, when you and the convoy hit the toughest tracks you can find!

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4WD Supacentre News by Liam Arthur - 1w ago

Affordable and easy 1 day DIY Mods – Upgrades you can do in your driveway!

When you are new to hitting the tracks, there are a million mods you probably want to do to your 4WD but till now ‘haven’t had enough time to get around too’. These excuses may work for your mates but not for us, with the right accessories you can upgrade and update your 4WD to get the job done right when you are on the tracks!

Dual Batteries
By installing a second battery into your 12v system you are able to run even more 12v accessories in your 4WD, without fear of running out of juice. A dual battery system isn’t as simple as just installing a second battery and connecting red to red and black to black.

A typical dual battery system also requires a method for isolating your batteries when one or more of your batteries drop below a safe voltage, this will make sure that no matter what accessories you have connected you will be able to keep the party rolling all night long.

The wiring of a dual battery system can be as simple as installing a dual battery voltage sensitive isolating relay like the Adventure Kings Dual Battery Kit or as advanced as the CTEK D250SA DC-DC charger with an integrated MPPT solar voltage regulator, either of these systems simply need to be connected to both batteries and will automatically isolate your accessories battery from your starting battery making sure you can turn your ignition key in the morning!

We all love the sound of a meaty high output engine, but the stock exhaust fitted to many 4WD’s is simply pathetic, designed to be deadly quiet and cheap to make, many manufacturers overlook the easy power gains found by installing a free flowing mandrel bent exhaust.

A Domin8r Exhaust is an extremely easy way to milk those few extra HP out of your engine whilst also getting that meaty tone that makes any gear head salivate!

The Domin8r Exhausts are available in both 409 Stainless steel and Aluminised Steel, whilst the stainless variety is much more durable, the aluminised version is still a practical upgrade which will put a smile on any 4WDers face!

Designed to be an easy DIY install with a handful of fasteners and spanners, a Domin8r Exhaust is what every stock 4WD is missing from the factory!

Suspension Kit

When looking at your saggy stock ride height, you’d be tempted to just pack it in, when comparing your rig to all the big boys setups on the tracks, but don’t fret. You can easily upgrade your droopy factory suspension and upgrade your stock shocks to get a smoother ride better road holding and more articulation. Not to mention a bit of a lift to make those running stock springs a tad bit jealous of your 4WD!

A RAW 4X4 Suspension Kit is one of the most affordable suspension upgrades available on the market, featuring massive twin tube dampeners, taking advantage of both nitrogen and oil dampening, perfect for even tough corrugations, whilst having enough travel for deep rutted sections that require heavy articulation.

Check out which raw kits are available for your vehicle and get a custom 4WD Suspension setup that is perfect for your rig!

UHF radio install (Through a relay)

We’ve all seen the movies, whilst truckies and 4WDers hit the tracks there is no hesitation grabbing the handle of their CB radio, to call in the conditions ahead, and for general chit chat – whilst mobile phones are great, they are illegal to use when behind the wheel, and also don’t work unless you have a tower in the region.  This is the best bit about a UHF radio, once you have one installed on your 4WD you have FREE communications between anyone with a unit tuned to the same channel regardless of their brand of unit!

Whilst handheld UHF units get the job done when in close proximity to others in your convoy, NOTHING and we mean NOTHING is cooler than picking up the handle and hanging slander on your mates over the radio even when they are out of eyeshot!

A quality UHF unit like the Oricom UHF380 outputs 5W of UHF signal and coupled with the right antenna for the conditions can reach out well beyond 25km down the track, this is great in emergencies, and for keeping in touch with your convoy when you are well out of reach of civilization.

Whilst the Oricom UHF380 comes with everything you need to install into your 4WD for easy installation, we recommend grabbing a standard 12v 4 point relay to automatically switch your UHF off when you have the ignition turned off. To wire this up all you need to do is connect your relays switching terminals between your “acc” 12v which operates when the key is turned and earth, resulting in the relay switching on, or off with your ignition and the other 2 terminals from your battery and to your UHF!

This simple addition will mean that even if you wont accidentally leave your UHF running all night long when you aren’t using it, preserving your precious battery reserves!


Rear Drawers

When storage is a premium, a set of quality rear drawers makes a massive difference to how accessible the gear in your 4WD is. Whilst measuring, drawing a design and building a setup may seem like a simple operation, even for a trained chippy this job could take all weekend, and when you are done you may be a little disappointed with the finish!

A set of Titan Rear Drawers are preassembled with durable galvinised steel parts, and double rows of steel ball bearing rollers. This makes them super simple to fit, all that is required is to bolt them straight in for an extremely simple storage solution, and with marine carpet and many models including a wing kit, the finish looks like a factory install when compared to something you built yourself.

Drawer upgrades
Underneath your rear drawers wing sections you have plenty of space to stash spares or even to mount your second battery and a fuse block for all of your 12v accessories. We’ve found this place is perfect for hiding away all the ugly wiring of our rear 12v system setup. With some clever wiring you can install a 12v cigarette lighter socket for your refrigerator, a set of easy to access 5v 2amp USB plugs for charging cameras phones and any other accessories you might need around camp.

there is room for just about all the things you don’t need to regularly access, including bulky spares like hoses, and even a roll of spare wire for emergency repairs.

12,000lb Winch

One of the most essential solo recovery bits of gear you should NEVER leave home without is a 12,000lb winch. With a heavily developed 7.2HP motor through a 218:1 gear ratio the Domin8r X winch has over 5000kg or pulling force, which can be doubled when using a snatch block recovery.

By installing a winch, following the colour coding of the included control box and wiring harness you will be able to get your 4WD out of just about any situation offroad.

It’s as simple as that, just add a Hercules rated recovery Kit and nothing will hold your 4WD back on the tracks!

LED Spotties + Wiring

Even though it is last on the list of one day upgrades, it is one of the first upgrades any 4WDer will do!

A quality set of spotties on the front of your 4WD can mean night and day, whilst the standard globes on your car may seem adequate when you are driving around town, but when you hit the bush tracks your bright headlight globes prove dramatically underwhelming outputting around 900 lumens, where a set of Domin8r LED Driving lights output a massive 22900 lumens of bright white light.

After hitting the tracks with a set of these insanely powerful LED Driving lights you’ll never get in a car without them again.

The latest release 9” LED Driving lights also include an easy to use plug and play wiring harness that automatically detects whether your vehicle is negatively switched or not making it truly plug and play unlike just about every other LED wiring harness on the market!

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There is next to no denying the importance of a quality canvas swag in a camper’s arsenal of gear. They are easy to set up, offer plenty of all-weather protection, and most modern swags include a comfortable open cell foam mattress for a good night sleep on just about any surface.

With the facts about swag life seeming like they are set in concrete it is simple enough to assume that “a swag is a swag is a swag… Right?” but this is definitely a gross over simplification and when mixing with the wrong crowd could get you really beat up, well maybe not, but it’s worth noting the important differences between a cheap quality swag, and a swag that can hold its own all around Australia!

Don’t worry it isn’t as complex as the marketing genius’ make it sound. We’re going to break down the details you MUST know about your brand new swag!


When considering a new swag purchase you can easily be overwhelmed by the choices on offer with polyester fabrics and light or heavy grades of fabric not even getting into rip resistance.
canvas is an extremely old technology, and is even older than people really remember, predating modern civilization.

Even though the technology is quite old, it is an extremely effective at preventing water from penetrating through, when canvas gets wet it becomes more water proof. When the cotton fibres absorb water they swell up and bind together making all of the gaps in the fabric close up.

Whilst canvas offers plenty of protection from the cold, varying the thickness of canvas also increases its durability. With some of the latest advances in textile technologies, you can now purchase canvas with an interwoven synthetic reinforcement grid. The reinforcement mesh found in modern canvas adds to tensile (pulling) strength and offers much more durability and rip prevention in the case of a nick or tear in the fabric whilst allowing a lighter, more compact and transportable canvas to be used without sacrificing durability or waterproofing!

The Adventure Kings range of swags take advantage of 400gsm ripstop poly cotton canvas, which is extremely tough, and fairly lightweight, making sure the overall weight of the swag doesn’t get out of hand.


Whilst many old fashioned swags simply used canvas on the base, standing ground moisture and flowing rain water offer more penetration than falling rain. Many materials advancements have meant that a more waterproof and durable material such as reinforced 550GSM PVC, an industrial grade fabric have meant that swags can take on much more water before leaking or seeping!

For this reason Adventure Kings Swags are all fitted with a bucket stitched 550GSM PVC floor panel, this extends up all sides preventing even rain water runoff from soaking through, bucket stitching means literally that – the floor is built with keeping water out in mind. In testing our swags for waterproofing, we found that they have enough waterproofing for them to be able to float down a river!

When looking for the ultimate waterproof swag, you can’t look past an Adventure Kings Swag!

Back in the good old days, the perils of camping included getting eaten alive by any insect under the sun. back in the day this wasn’t just at camp but also during every day life. With many of the modern conveniences found today, many people simply aren’t used to insects. This is why insect protection is key to keeping insects out of your swag and away from your better half, and their sensitive skin!

Adventure Kings Swags feature stacks of breathability afforded through large windows and opening panels with fine mesh panels, these panels protect people from insects like sandflies, midges, mosquitos and even blowflies in the desert. This means that even during the heat of summer you can open your swag for maximum ventilation without fear of being eaten alive!



With some of the toughest fabrics around, it’d be no use if they were stuck together in a flimsy way. Many swags take advantage of heavy duty thread to hold canvas together, but there are many ways to skin a swag. The range of Adventure Kings Swags takes advantage of double rows of stitching on flat felled seams.

By taking advantage of two rows of stitching you gain more than double the strength of a standard single row of stitching, on top of that, by using a flat felled seam you ensure that both rows of stitching penetrate all the way through both fabric panels. The way a flat felled seam hides the unfinished edges of fabric prevents the fabric from freying or tearing and is actually one of the strongest parts of the entire swag with 4 pieces of fabric and 2 separate stitches.

Old fashioned swags didn’t have much in the way of protection from the elements with no storm flaps and if advanced design was employed would take advantage of lacing or cordage to stay shut. As you can imagine this doesn’t work out good for keeping out water runoff or insects so a more secure way of sealing your swag is just what the doctor ordered!

Adventure Kings Swags use a durable and robust 10mm wide nylon zipper with tough metal zipper sliders which are perfect for the application, being such a large zipper they are fairly snag resistant, whilst also offering the ability to hold the openings closed even in heavy weather!


Swags of yester-year were extremely simple and offered a solution for solo travelers to bunker down for the night no matter what the weather was doing, whilst this worked pretty good for them, many campers are asking more of their swags. This is why the adventure Kings range has a handful of both double and single sizes of swags to suit every application on the tracks!

Single Swags

The smallest, lightest and simplest swag in the Adventure Kings range is the Kwiky single swag, being light and small it can easily live in the back of your 4WD for emergencies, but for longer trips may be a little cramped, this is why the Adventure Kings Single Escape Swag was created.

Offering more space and more support, the Adventure Kings Single Escape is one of the best all around single swags on the market with 850mm of internal width, you can really stretch out at night!

Double trouble!

If you are looking at getting away with your better half, there is no going past a double swag for comfort, not only does a double swag, pack smaller than 2 single swags, it lets you share warmth at night making cold winter nights much more bearable.

The Adventure Kings Escape Double swag offers many of the same features as the Adventure Kings single Escape Swag,with a massive 1450mm of width, which is as large as many swag manufacturers go, offering a massive 910mm of headroom you’ll be able to even get dressed in the morning inside!

Finally the BIG DADDY DOUBLE SWAGSThese things are absolutely HUGE, just like the name suggests and can even fit a standard Queen sized mattress from home inside their bucket flooring!

The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Swags measure 1550mm wide and a huge 2150mm long giving enough room for the whole family, these swags even feature 1m of internal head height, making living out of one of these swags that much easier!


The first generation of swagmen pretty much didn’t even know what a mattress was, sleeping inside the fold of a blanket, a cushy grassy campsite is the best they could hope for. Whilst the old timers didn’t have the luxury we do today, Every swag in the Adventure Kings range includes a plush open cell mattress. One of these high density open cell foam mattresses can keep you up off the cold ground as well as keeping you comfortable even on rocky ground.

Much of the range offers a cushy 50mm thick mattress, when compared to some on the market which only offer half or 2 thirds of that thickness, the Big Daddy Deluxe includes an incredibly comfortable 70mm thick mattress for a comfy night sleep even in the dead of winter on rocky ground!


There is no doubting that the market offers some pretty you-beaut setups from electric operation pushbutton setups to setups like the Adventure Kings Tourer Roof top tent, which features a zip on annex section offering a mobile fortress that can happily shelter a family of 4 (or more)!

The swag range is just simple. chuck it on the back seat of your car, chuck it in the back of the ute, or up on your Roof Racks.

Depending on your model of swag, you can be set up in under a few minutes, covered with excellent weather proofing, and supported by an extremely plush and comfortable mattress.

The easy setup and simplicity of camping in a swag makes certain that no matter where in Australia you like to go camping, you can setup and kickback at camp with a beer or two, within minutes of arriving, to maximize your relaxation time at camp!

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