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Not all 4WD’s are created equal, and if you are lucky enough to be blessed with a small 4WD like a Suzuki Sierra – Vitara or even if a 4WD didn’t fit the bill for your family car, and you got pinned with a sensible SUV like a Holden Captiva or a Honda CR-V, we have a stack of great camping accessories you can add to your 4WD to get out and enjoy the great outdoors with your vehicle of choice.

Firstly, when you are getting your car setup for camping and trips away, we highly recommend thinking about the essentials you need to get your gear packed into your vehicle organised first and then organising the essentials you need for your campsite setup!

Starting with your rear cargo space, the first step is to measure how much usable room you have available for your cargo.

A set of Titan Rear Drawers are the perfect way to get your camping equipment more organized when you are planning on heading out regularly. If your cargo space is 900mm deep (from rear door to the back of your seats) then a set of 900mm Titan Rear Drawers is right up your alley!

Available in both a double-sided drawer, and a single-sided drawer, you can completely customize the rear of your 4WD!

All feature heavy-duty spring-loaded tie down points, and with the ability to fasten your gear safely to the deck in the back of your 4WD without risk of copping a blow from your favorite Throne Camp Chair in the case of heavy breaking or tough sections of bumpy road!

Getting more organised is easy, with a set of Titan Rear Drawers simply chuck your gear inside and roll!

The next must have Accessory for your 4WD is to add an Adventure Kings Steel Roof Rack, these are made to suit gutter mounts, but can be easily fastened to your factory sports rails using rated U-Bolts and offer a massive amount of functionality when packing cargo in the back of your 4WD!

A Steel Roof Rack offers the added ability to mount your Adventure Kings Awning to the side of your 4WD!

Whilst one of our popular and massive Kings 2.5m x 2.5m Awnings may be oversized for the side of your smaller vehicle, you can fit one of the smaller 1.4m x 2m Kings Rear Awnings to the side of your 4WD, these smaller awnings still offer campers plenty of sheltered space, whilst also keeping the overhang out the back of your vehicle to a minimum.

With your vehicle upgraded for shelter and storage, the next step is getting where you need to go – There is no single, more useful GPS navigator available than the VMS Touring 700HDX, this is one of the most capable GPS navigators available on the market in Australia – and is perfect for both on road and offroad navigation, with turn by turn directions, and a clear and easy to read 7” backlit LCD touch screen!

No matter what badge is on your boot lid, a VMS GPS System instantly upgrades your setup into a touring WEAPON, with over 1000+ free campsites and 3000 pre-loaded GPS topographic maps!

You now have your fully kitted out touring machine and can get to over 1000+ free campsites the next step is getting your campsite sorted. With your awning mounted you are also going to need somewhere to sleep if you are travelling with less passengers, then choosing a swag setup is one of the most reasonable choices available.

A swag lets you setup not just at camp, but also in the living room for when unexpected guests come to stay, without a doubt one of the most popular swag setups available in Oz is the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag, this is fitted with a 70mm mattress.

The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag also features a thick and waterproof 400GSM ripstop poly cotton canvas for absolute waterproofing, no matter what the weather does!

With a swag sorted, and an Awning over your head, you are most of the way there, one of the last steps is getting your fresh food to camp, there are 2 ways to do this.

Firstly, you can mess around with bags of ice and one of the high efficiency Icebox’s, or you can get your hands on a 45L Fridge Freezer System which can plug straight into your cigarette lighter socket, or you can take advantage of a secondary 115Ah Deep cycle battery in a battery box coupled with a 120w Folding Solar Panel for cost free and limitless power no mater how long you are on the tracks!

With an Adventure Kings Camping setup you can save heaps of cash and get out camping even in a smaller 4WD or family wagon, without breaking your holiday budget, or upgrading your car!

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Getting organized for trips away, can be a bit of a hassle, and often ends in heartache and tears, but we have a bunch of tips to avoid the pre-trip blues, and from getting in a blue with your better half!

These following pointers will help you get a whole lot more efficient with packing for your trips away;

Don’t buy plastic crates – As a rule plastic crates suck! they are brittle and when stacked, leave lots of gaps between them and when roads get rough you’ll be glad you chose a durable set of Titan Rear Drawers!

– Measure the space in the back of your car – When you head out camping there is very little point on planning to taking everything including the kitchen sink when your 4WD couldn’t even fit the Icebox in, sideways!

–  Tubs – With plastic leftover food tubs, you can stash food items, condiments, utensils, and plenty of other miscellaneous bits and pieces, if you have a set of Titan Rear Drawers when all is said and done, you will have s place for everything and be able to quickly and easily grab what you need!

– Pre-organize your gear – Lay everything out before you go, this may seem silly, but it is actually one of the most sensible thing you could do, by laying things out, you get a better idea of what items are big, what items are awkward, whether or not any of it will fit in the back of your 4WD!

– Cull gear before leaving – Before leaving, and before you pack a single thing, you should look at all the gear you took with you last time you hit the tracks and set aside all of the gear you simply didn’t use.

If you are a bit of a minimalist, and your camping gear setup consists of just a Kings Single Escape Swag and a Bedourie Camp Oven for cooking up all of your favorite meals on the tracks!

– Safety is paramount – When packing your 4WD you need to consider any potential dangers that may be present in the case of an accident or be free to bounce around on rough tracks!

This means that any heavy things that could cause you or your passengers’ injury on the tracks should be secured to your tie down points using strong cam buckle straps or even ratchet straps to the vehicles load hooks!

– Soft luggage – Fitting everything is easier when you pack your gear into soft baggage like the Adventure Kings 40L Canvas Duffle Bag instead of hard suitcases! Soft luggage allows you to squash and deform your gear to fit in the smaller irregular spaces in the back of your 4WD when you are packing.

– Big to little! – Fill in the blanks! When packing your 4WD it’s a bit like playing a puzzle computer game like Tetris, if you start with the biggest items first you can squeeze all of the smaller items around making space to fit all of your smaller essentials around.

By packing your Fridge Freezer, Swag, Throne camp chairs, and your other bulky items first, you will find a way to fit all of your smaller bits of gear in between, by working like this you will be surprised at how much gear you can actually fit in the back of your 4WD.

–  ROOF RACKS – By fitting a set of steel roof racks to your 4WD, you will open up a whole new world of packing possibilities – with a set to suit many modern 4WD’s and even a Universal fit “gutter mounting” option, you will have plenty of space to chuck larger items like your Adventure Kings Gazebo and even mount accessories like your side Awning and some 6” LED Lightbars as camping lights!

– Keep the larger oversized gear in the cargo area
! -By not cramping up your cabin, you not only increase your safety on the tracks, you also ensure you have clearer vision on the road for safer driving no matter what the tracks have faced you with. Not only will you see clearer at night, you’ll

-Reshuffle your gear if necessary – If at first you don’t succeed! Don’t hesitate to reshuffle your equipment in the back of your 4WD, it not only makes a difference to your vision and safety but, your passengers will thank you, particularly when the tracks turn rough and loose gear starts bouncing all around the back!

-Give everything a home –
When you are packing take mental note of where everything lives, and make sure you put everything back where it came from, that way, no matter how long you are camping for your gear will fit right up until you pull up in your driveway at home!

-Don’t over complicate your setup
– By installing a set of Titan Rear Drawers you keep everything nice and simple, so no matter how long you are going away for, you’ll know exactly where everything is kept!

Follow our tips and tricks and get out there on the tracks, you’ll have a much better time being more organized, and will be able to find what you need, when you need it thanks to Adventure Kings!

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With a HUGE range of LED lightbars flooding the Aussie market, the choice seems almost endless for how you can set up your 4WD’s driving and work lights!

We’re going to run over, how you can quickly and easily install one or more LED lightbars to your 4WD to blast out more light that ever before for both setting up your camp, and for hitting the tracks safely!

An LED Lightbar is one of the most recent developments to 4WD lighting and takes advantage of what is known as diode technology, which converts electricity into photons of light, the method of light production is extremely compact and allows for a lot of light to be produced with relatively low levels of heat output.

Because of the extremely long lamp life of LED light diodes exceeding 10’s of thousands of hours, these systems require next to no maintenance, being a quick wipe down of the lens every now and then, means they can be fully sealed from the environment up to IP68 dust and waterproof this means they can typically withstand deep water, mud and with the die cast aluminium body are extremely resilient to the stresses and strains experienced on the tracks!

When deciding on your LED Lightbar upgrade, you need to consider many factors such as how much space you have to mount your light, what kind of light output you need for your type of driving, and what is legal in your state/territory with regards to mounting locations, as some states are fairly strict with the way you are allowed to wire and mount your auxiliary lighting!

If you are looking at charging down 4WD tracks, and tackling open highways all through the night, the Domin8r range of LED lightbars are the IDEAL solution for illuminating the road ahead!

Fitted with HIGH POWERED Domin8r LED diodes – These epic LED lights are available in 22” (our most popular), 32” and 42”. All capable of blasting out huge amounts of light 150° to either side of the vehicle and easily connected to your 4WD’s headlights via, the Illuminator LED Lightbar wiring harness – this epic wiring harness simply piggy backs your standard headlight wiring and plugs between your standard high beam globe and your vehicles wiring, to send a signal to the included relay.

This wiring setup will switch your Lightbar on simultaneously with your high beams, without affecting your factory wiring amp draw or risking of overloading your fuses!

Whilst bright whopping Domin8r LED Lightbars are ideal for long range and wide spread LED Light, you may be chasing a simpler LED worklight setup you can install an Illuminator 6” LED Lightbar, easily mounted to your Steel roof rack you can aim this awesome light to the rear of your vehicle, and if you tend to hit the tracks late at night, wire it using the same wiring harness to trigger when your reverse lights switch on, this will ensure that it doubles as a bright rearward facing light bar, Illuminating LED lightbar.

The wiring harness will require some minor modifications but once you understand how the wiring harness works this job is extremely easy to do. We’ve found that nothing quite beats the ability to blast clean bright, white light out the back of your 4WD when you hit reverse, and if one wasn’t quite enough, or you needed a bit more, light spread, you can double up and fit two lights on the rear for massive amounts of LED Light output.

Mounting your LED Lightbars is one of the quickest and easiest upgrades you can add to your 4WD, all Adventure Kings LED lightbars take advantage of easy to fasten end brackets and include all necessary hardware you need to mount your LED lightbar wherever you would like to mount it.

Installation is quick and simple, beginning with your end brackets and associated hardware, you should loosely mount all the fasteners finger tight this will give you a good idea on how far apart the mounting brackets are when the lightbar is mounted, if you are mounting to your vehicles, depending on what size LED lightbar you are mounting to your 4WD – you should measure the distance between your two mounting bracket fastener holes.

Once you have the distance between the two mounting holes, you can begin installation by dividing the overall length by two, you can now measure out from the halfway point of your car and mark out ready to drill your mounting holes, keeping the holes spaced evenly to make sure your light will point straight ahead!

When you have your drill holes lined up you should line up your LED Lightbar and make sure your mounting brackets will line up perfectly with your pre measured drilling marks, once you are certain take your drill, and pre drill both sides ready to accept your LED lightbar mounting bolts!

With the mounting brackets bolted into place, you can tighten the end brackets into place and aim your lights to point perpendicular to the front of your 4WD then plug your lights into your wiring harness!

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When thinking about escaping this summer you are probably sweating the price of upgrading all of your camping gear – with a quick visit to your local chain camping store you’ll easily forfeit the idea of heading out camping on the beach this warm season!

But what if we rekindled this idea for you and told you that you can upgrade your WHOLE CAMPSITE for well under $1000!

You heard right for under $1000 you can have a beach campsite of your dreams!

Starting with shade and shelter, by getting your hands on one of the hugely popular Adventure Kings Awnings you can easily add an Awning Wall and an Adventure Kings Mesh Floor for all weather, all terrain shelter. The Mesh flooring is perfect for letting sand fall through when you are beach camping and with the Awning wall set at an angle you double your sheltered space whilst also deflecting wind up and over your campsite, all three accessories are available for under $200 – in our opinion that is a steal!

Simply add an Illuminator MAX LED Strip Light – powered by your vehicles battery, you can run this handy 12v light all night long, with enough light to see all the way around camp and dimmable to set the mood, this handy LED Strip light is perfect for nearly any camping setup!

But hang on, don’t go anywhere yet! There are more savings to be earned!

Start Building Your Dream Campsite with a Kings Awning! - YouTube

If you are heading out this spring you are more than likely going to head to the beach to get in on a couple of sneaky beach escape weekends – if this sounds like your plan then getting your hands on a Kwiky Tyre Deflator is one of the best ways to get stacks more traction on the soft stuff off road!

The Kwiky Tyre Deflator captures your tyre valve core, and dumps air quickly and in control using a large evacuation valve – coupled with its integrated gauge you have control and speed of tyre deflation on the tracks!

On top of dropping tyre deflation, you will need to get your hands on a Thumper MKII air compressor to re-inflate your tyre in no time at all on the tracks! this pair of tyre pressure tools can easily be yours for under $125. This is incredible value for money and can be used on all terrains to Improve your 4WD’s grip on any offroad surface – perfect for slow speed offroad traction!

How to use a Kwiky - YouTube

The next ESSENTIAL that no good spring beach trip is good without, is a reliable 12v Fridge freezer – able to keep your drinks icy cold even on warm days, whilst using minimal amperage on your system!

This is where an Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer takes the cake! Built with industry standard Secop internal components, the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer is powerful and efficient and can be yours for under $570! Not only is it extremely efficient, but it can fit an insane 88x 375mL cans inside and chill them down to a frosty -18°C at the push of a button!

So kick back in the shade of your Adventure Kings Awning, with a beer from your Adventure Kings 60L Fridge freezer…. But wait, we haven’t forgot the most important bit of camp where you actually park your rear end to watch the waves roll in! there are a handful of brilliantly comfortable camp chairs within the Adventure Kings range but our favorite is clearly the Adventure Kings Throne, compact when packed, but built with a wide frame that is rated to carry up to 300KG of force, there isn’t a chair we’ve found that is as strong as this, or anywhere near as comfortable, and it can be yours for UNDER $45!

With your dream campsite setup around your Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag with everything costing less than $1000, and if you didn’t already own a swag, you can add your own Big Daddy Deluxe under $220.

You will walk away with change from $1200 – that’s pretty impressive considering how much just one of these item’s costs at many “discount camping stores” in Australia at the moment!

Get out and enjoy the lucky country for much less than you could have imagined, the WHOLE Adventure Kings range is designed to offer campers a reasonably priced alternative that still performs well in just about any Australian conditions – So don’t hesitate,  visit one of our 4WD Supacentre stores or one of our approved Dealers for the best prices on your new camping setup TODAY!

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Beach camping is an awesome Aussie tradition, where the bush meets the sea, it’s got something for everyone – Find out how you can set up a tidy and well thought out fully self-contained beach campsite for much less than you would imagine!

The first thing is first, whilst Aussie beaches are stunning and beautiful, they are also less sheltered than many other inland campsites, with the possibility of strong winds and scorching sun. The best way to make sure that your beach campsite stays sheltered is to add either an Adventure Kings Awning and Awning Wall, this handy combo will deflect wind up and over your campsite whilst also keeping the sun and rain off.

All Adventure Kings shelters, such as the Adventure Kings Gazebo range are all independently tested to be UPF50+ rated which means they keep out over 98% of harmful UV rays!

Not to mention, all Adventure Kings shelters are also 100% waterproof meaning they will protect you and the family even during heavy afternoon rain squalls.

Setting Up an Adventure Kings Awning Is Easy! - YouTube

With shelter out of the way, campsite flooring is your next port of call – having a sand base, being camped out on the sand, may seem romantic to many who’ve never camped on the sand, but in reality, the scratchy, gritty sand gets into every nook and cranny of your clothing, bedding and even your car – we had enough of putting up with sandy shoes and socks, and gritty bed sheets.

To fix the problem we did some research and came up with the Adventure Kings Mesh Flooring, which is made from an extremely durable woven mesh, that is not only cool to touch in the summer months, but also allows sand to fall through without rising back through the weave!

Available in a handful of sizes the Adventure Kings Mesh Floors are an essential for camping on the beach and make spring camping a much more comfortable experience!

With shelter and flooring sorted out, the next essential is your bedding, there are 101 ways to set up your beach campsite with comfortable bedding, our favorite is in one of Australia’s favorite camping setup’s the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swagfitted with a thick comfortable 70mm thick closed cell mattress, you’ll get a great night sleep no matter where you are!

Another alternative to this huge swag setup is a Roof Top Tent setup with a handful of options available on the market, the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent is available with a 4-person annex or without, the setup is a breeze, simply unzip the thick PVC cover, and unfold the setup for 360° views at camp.

The Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent uses a double skinned roof to allow a ‘tropical roof’ natural temperature regulation, along with windows on all sides, fitted with see through insect mesh, the 320gsm Ripstop canvas is extremely durable and waterproof making sure you sleep through the night no matter what the weather does through the night!

Finally is the food and drinks, this bit is critical, and without the right preparation, you could be letting everyone go hungry, and thirsty!

By packing your food and drinks into a quality ice box like the Adventure Kings 60L icebox, you have the ability to keep all your food and drinks icy cold on the tracks and because of the superior CFC-free polyurethane insulation inside you can make a bag of ice last for DAYS on the beach!

If you don’t like having to stock up on ice, every time you hit the tracks, an affordable Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer offers the ability to turn 12v power from your vehicles cig plug into icy cold drinks no matter where you are – they are highly efficient, and offer absolute control from 10°C to -18°C via the push button display, there isn’t much on the market that rivals the value for money!

We haven’t forgotten the most important part – when you are camping on the beach you’re going to need a way to cook up your favorite campsite meals – just like anything else, you have 101 options for getting good grub in your belly, but one of our beach camping favorites is to use an Adventure Kings Camp Oven Stove, it allows you to burn less fuel for the same heat, and also lifts your fire up off the sand, allowing you to keep it cooking close to your shelter.

By cooking over a wood fire you’ll get a double use out of your fire, keeping warm and also having a tasty meal!

Beach camping doesn’t have to be a struggle, and when you are equipped with all the right gear, you’ll never miss out on the good times at camp thanks to Adventure Kings!

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1.SIMPLE IS ALWAYS BETTER – if you don’t need a component, don’t use it!
When setting up your 4WD recovery, less is definitely more, by minimizing the use of unnecessary or excessive components, you reduce the risk of finding a weak link in the chain of recovery gear and reduce the potential for metal components like shackles from turning into high speed airborne projectiles!

When connecting your winch cable to your tree trunk protector or winch extension avoid adding a shackle, simply connect the winch hook directly to the straps end loops and always use a Winch Dampener to weigh down components in case of failure!

A winch dampener will force any stray components towards the ground and away from any spectators vital areas!

2.Anchor your winch off living tree’s – Not only are live trees stronger, and more flexible, but they are also less likely to have rotten or hollow cores or termite damage as with dead tree’s.

Get your hands on a reliable 4WD Recovery Kit

By anchoring your winch to a live tree you can undergo your winch recovery with confidence, knowing that the winch will be firmly secured and unlikely to give way, when you are depending on it!

3.Always use a Tree Trunk Protector low on the trunk – Ring barking is a serious problem, and occurs when too much pressure is applied around the circumference of the tree, this can essentially starve the tree resulting in it dying!

The lower you connect your tree trunk protector on the tree trunk, you will find that lesser forces are applied to the tree, which includes less leverage meaning it is less likely that you’ll rip the roots out of the ground, and ruin the perfect anchor point for the next guy who gets stuck!

4.Less cable on the winch means better low-end power!

Because of the effect of additional torque supplied by a smaller effective diameter of the drum, when there is more cable that is unspooled, your winch will have more torque and additional ability to slowly and in control pull your 4WD free from trouble!

5.Snatch straps are not rated as an extension strap!
The dynamic bungee cord ability of a snatch strap means that it is not capable of pulling a steady and stable load, as with a winch extension strap this is because of the bungee effect. You will find that your snatch strap will actually cause a lot of issues when performing winch recoveries and is best left for recoveries that do not require a winch!

6.Winch lines are considered Dangerous once connected.

NEVER Step over a winch cable, this is a very important rule, whether it is loaded or not you should take the long way around a 4WD recovery.

During a 4WD winch recovery, winch cables can become loaded at unexpected moments, and if they are already loaded, can break without warning, meaning you will be right in the firing line in an emergency.

To prevent any injury, never put yourself over a winch cable that is connected in a setup – and always use a winch dampener!

7.Clear communication is critical!

When you have many tons of force involved in an offroad rescue situation, it is critical to ensure all bases are covered, misunderstandings or people not being ready could result in serious injury and even death! By making sure you have a clear line of communication with your spotter, and any other vehicles involved in the recovery you will make sure that all passengers and participants are safe and that damage to your vehicle is completely minimized!

8.Single point of contact-
by reducing the amount of channels the driver has to pay attention to, by ensuring that the spotter is the only point of contact the driver undertaking the recovery has to talk to, there is less that the driver has to pay attention too.

The benefits to using a spotter in the recovery is the ability for the spotter to see things and relay information to the driver that may not be apparent from the drivers point of view – by establishing the chain of command, the spotter can decipher what information others may think is relevant to the driver or things that are clearly not.

The spotter can even monitor the less than immediate obstacles involved in the recovery and only notify the driver when it becomes a relevant issue worth addressing – the chain of command, is important to consider and will make sure too many cooks don’t spoil the broth and confuse the driver!

9.Keep the area around the recovery clear!

Although a recovery can be great to watch, by keeping all spectators out of the way, you make sure that no harm will come their way!

Snapped winch cables can be deadly to a perimeter equaling their full length – by keeping all observers well out of the reach of recoiling cables, and potential projectiles – you make sure everyone gets to go home safe – DON’T FORGET YOUR WINCH DAMPENER to help minimize this risk!


10.There is nothing more dangerous than gear that is poorly maintained!

Some people say “you get what you pay for” but in the modern age of high quality automated manufacturing, the difference between more affordable and “top price leading brands” when it comes to rated recovery gear is practically minimal. With appropriate maintenance even the more affordable recovery gear will last you years on the tracks!

The issue many people encounter with gear failure is by not maintaining their gear. This always ends in disaster and even if you paid top dollar, will end in tears if not worse!

By giving your recovery gear, and even your winch cable, a good scrub down after a 4WD session, you will  make sure all of the mud, dirt & sand that can cause microscopic abrasion cuts to the fibers in your recovery gear are removed ASAP!

By using dirty gear, the sharp particles on the inside of the straps will cut your straps and winch ropes apart from the inside, resulting in catastrophic failures when you least expect it!

How to install a winch - YouTube

Following these 10 PROTIPS to getting your 4WD recovered more safely, you can  make sure that all your mates get home to tell the epic tales on the tracks!



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The rains have finally landed giving some much-needed relief for many of the east coast farmers, but do you know how to tackle the muddy tracks this spring, and if you get stuck, do you know how to get yourself out of trouble?

This is a handy how to guide, on how to get yourself out of trouble on the tracks, so follow along closely and make sure you aren’t relying on anyone else to cover your back when you are on the tracks!

First things first, pay attention to your driving technique – whilst you may have all the mods in the world, a capable 4WD has more to do with the person behind the wheel than the upgrades to the vehicle and making sensible decisions on the tracks, coupled with a mind for knowing just how capable your vehicle is when faced with an obstacle will do you wonders when traveling off the beaten path!

There are a few old wives tales about getting un-bogged on the tracks one of them is to travel with your vehicle in 2WD, that way when you get stuck all you have to do is pop it in 4WD and drive straight out, whilst sound in theory, this will get you stuck sooner on the tracks and will also mean you have to lose momentum when you hit the tricky sections of track whilst shifting into 4WD and subsequently 4WD low range!

Our best tip is to start with dropping your tyre pressures down to offroad pressures as soon as you encounter unsealed roads, by reducing your pressure by about 30% you will increase the amount of traction on the surface of the road and can also increase the comfort of uneven surfaces like rocky graded tracks, and washboard corrugations.

When you drop your tyre pressures you should also engage 4WD this makes it much less likely that you will lose traction on slippery surfaces, and also means when things get tough you are already 90% of the way ready for crawling in low range!

The next step to dragging your 4WD through the tricky stuff, is to know when, where and how to engage your low range gearset, this will usually lock your center differential, and if your vehicle is equipped, any time you are hunting for more traction with low range you should engage differential locks if your vehicle is equipped.

Low range is what makes a 4WD a “REAL” 4WD – effectively binding all of your wheels to spin together with reduced speed, and massively improved torque, when low range 4WD is engaged, you’ll find you increase your traction offroad and your 4WD will turn into a slow speed tractor, capable of hauling itself through some incredibly tough terrain, no sweat!

With low range 4WD engaged, you should drop your pressures down to what may seem like a crazy pressure of around 50% of your highway pressures, this reduction in pressure can increase the surface area of the gripping tread pattern on soft terrain by around 250-300%, as you can imagine this increase in surface area is also a decreased downward pressure on the tracks making punctures and a rough ride a problem of the past!

The most efficient way to reduce your pressures is to use a Kwiky Tyre Deflator, by screwing onto your Tyre valve and internally removing your valve core, you can easily and in control, dump huge volumes of air out of your tyres, not only in control but with accuracy, thanks to the integrated pressure gauge.

How to use a Kwiky - YouTube

Knowing this, you should avoid a lot of trouble when you hit the tracks – but not all trouble, do you know how to get your 4WD free from trouble when you do lose traction?

The best thing to do when traction starts to fade, is to stop trying to drive out- it can be alarming when your 4WD begins getting stuck but one of the worst things you can do is to give it the berries and bury your tyres further.

By stopping and assessing how stuck you are, you can formulate a plan for getting your 4WD unstuck – the first thing to try, is putting your 4WD in low range if it isn’t already, and trying to reverse out of the situation, low range will give you better grip and less wheel slippage, making it more likely to pull your 4WD free.

If this doesn’t work it is time to hop out and have a look at the greater situation, by dropping your pressures down as low as 12psi you can instantly gain traction but by also pulling out your shovel and trying to clear some of the debris out from under your 4WD you can simply drive it through.

Making sure to not spin your tyres more than necessary, you can more than likely drive it through – nice and slowly, but this doesn’t work everytime – particularly if you were a little ham fisted with the throttle when getting into the mess in the first place.

This is were a smart, well thought out self-recovery will come into it’s own! – It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, unspooling your winch cable!

When operating your Domin8r X 12,000lb Winch, it’s a great idea to get your hands on a fully featured recovery kit like the Hercules Essential Recovery Kit or the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit. They not only include a safety Winch Dampener for peace of mind, they also include a tree trunk protector for setting up an anchor, a winch extension strap and even a snatch block pulley for when you need to double your pulling power!

Here’s why you need a winch - YouTube

By deciding on a winch recovery you need to assess whether you have a suitable anchor point in a direct line with the direction your vehicle is pointing, by running your winch cable in a straight line, you allow the cable to respool in a straight line, preventing it from binding on the drum.

If there is no straight line run, you should consider doing a line redirect, using a secondary anchor and your Snatch block pulley to set the line running dead down the middle of the path of travel and anchoring to one side of the track!

With a line redirect established, you can pull your vehicle in a straight line and prevent cable binding on your winch drum – pulling yourself free.

After you’ve rigged up and are ready to rock-N-roll, its time to sit back in the pilot seat, start your motor, engage low range 1st gear and  bring your idle up a few thousand RPM. Now using either the wired in controller or the wireless function, you can begin winching your 4WD to freedom!

Winching PRO TIP: Winches get hot when pulling under load, and if they get too hot can fail on the tracks, we use the 30 second rule, which means 30 seconds of winching to 30 seconds of break. This allows the winch to cool right back down, preventing overheating and allowing you to get the most pulling power out of your winch!

With all of these tips and some common sense, you should be able to get your 4WD free from strife out on the tracks this soggy spring 4WD season!

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You were sick of hitting the 4WD tracks on your own, and through lack of confidence taking the chicken track every time you hit an obstacle. So the time came, you bit the bullet, did your research and grabbed yourself the best value 4WD winch you could find, it was delivered in good time and now is sitting in the box it came in on your garage floor.


This is our best and easiest how to guide, of not only how to install your winch, but also on it’s a basic operation and maintenance guide, for a quick reference!

First thing is first, open up your box and make sure that everything you need is included and ready to go.

The box should include;

– 12,000lb Winch

– Mounting bolts (included; 3/8”UNC x 1-1/4” Dacromet coated bolts and spring washers provided (at least grade 8.8).

– Winch cable

– Winch Hook

– Hawse Fairlead

– Heavy Duty wiring

– Control box

– Controller handle

– Wireless module


The Domin8r X Winch uses 4 Secure footings that can be used to mount it to an approved winch cradle or winch compatible bull bar.

A material thickness of around 5mm is recommended for a winch mounting plate, and specific fitment instructions for your cradle or bull bar should be followed to ensure the winch is secured according to the mounting system manufacturers best recommendations.

When mounting your winch make sure the winch will spool the cable, in and out from the bottom of the spool and that there is nothing on the mount that will foul with the movement of the cable to the fairlead.

Before your winch is bolted into place you may have to remove the bottom 2 mounting bolts to fasten the fairlead in place. However, on some applications a Hercules Offset Fairlead may have to be purchase due to the mounting locations opening for the winch cable, the fairlead’s job is to guide the winch rope onto the drum evenly.


Quick & Easy DIY video on how to install a Domin8r winch onto your 4WD - YouTube


Pay close attention to proper electrical cable connection per the diagram below;

  • Short red cable (B’) connecting to the red terminal (B) of the motor.
  • Short black cable with yellow jacket (C’) connecting to the yellow terminal (C) of the motor.
  • Short black cable with black jacket (D’) connecting to the black terminal (D) of the motor.
  • Thin black cable(a’) connecting to terminal (A) of the motor.
  • Long black cable (1.8m), one terminal (A’) connecting to the bottom terminal (A) of the motor, and the other terminal negative (-) connecting to negative (-) terminal of battery.
  • Long red cable positive (+) connecting to positive (+) terminal of battery.





  • Your battery must be kept in good condition.
  • Be sure battery cables are not drawn taught across any surfaces, which could possibly damage them.
  • Corrosion on electrical connections will reduce performance or may cause a short.
  • Clean all connections especially in remote control switch and receptacle.
  • In salty environments use a silicone sealer to protect from corrosion.
  • Check electrical cables and connections after each use.


  • Ensure the vehicle is secure by applying the parking brake.
  • Spool out the winch rope either with the controller or by releasing the clutch mechanism only as fat as you need to, one way to reduce the amount of cable spooled out is to use a Winch Extension Strap to the desired length and connect to your Tree Trunk Protector on a suitable and stable anchor point.
  • Disengaging the winch clutch allows faster unspooling of the cable for hooking onto your anchor point.

Operating the free spool clutch:

  • To disengage the clutch, rotate the clutch knob to the “FREE-SPOOL” position. This disengages the gearbox and cable brake, allowing your cable to be free spooled off the drum.
  • To re-engage the clutch, rotate the clutch knob to the “ENGAGED” position.
  • Double check your recovery setup to ensure it is safe – the winch is now ready to pull.
  • Plug in the winch hand controller. It is recommended that the winching operation takes place from the driver’s position to ensure maximum safety and vehicle control during operation (steering, brakes etc.).
  • To commence winching operation, start vehicle engine, select 1st gear low range on your transmission, and maintain a steady idle.
  • Operate the hand control using the spool in button until the vehicle gains traction and can drive free.
  • Regularly check the winch to ensure rope is spooling onto the drum evenly.
  • Always use a winch cable dampener on metal recovery components to minimize the risks of recoil in the case of gear failure.


  • Never winch with your vehicle in park or with the handbrake on which would damage to your vehicle.
  • Always use a winch in conjunction with a rated recovery kit to prolong the life of your winch cable.
  • Keep your body parts, clothing, hair and jewellery clear of any components of a recovery to prevent injury.
  • Equipment loaded with weight has a lot of energy, on it, always approach with caution, and avoid if possible
  • Never allow anyone to stand near the cable or in line with the rope behind the winch. If the rope should slip or brake, it can suddenly whip back towards the winch, causing a hazard for anyone in the area. Always stand well to the side while winching.
  • Never use the winch if the rope is frayed, kinked or damaged.
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If you have ever thought about equipping your shed with a high powered 240v generator, there has literally never been a better time!

The range of Adventure Kings 240V generators are designed to offer easy to use, high efficiency power without breaking your beer budget.

To enhance both your camping setup, and as a backup power source at home, an Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Open Generator has plenty of pure sine wave power for whatever you need to keep powered.

The Pure sine wave is perfect for running even sensitive electronics and with the large capacity fuel tank and high efficiency “eco mode” you will get more ‘bang for buck’!


The Adventure Kings 3.5kva Open Generator combines big power with big fuel capacity - YouTube


The first step is to make sure there is enough fuel in the tank, by using the in-built fuel gauge it gives a good indication of how much fuel is left, and approximately how long you have left until you have left until you need to refill!

If your fuel level is low, you can refill the 13 litre fuel tank with regular unleaded automotive fuel (DO NOT use ethanol or high-octane fuels) ensuring you fill the generator using the fuel filter screen and taking precautions not to overfill to allow fuel room to expand.


  • There aren’t many motors out there that like to run without engine oil, and the Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Open Generator is no different, to check the oil level and make sure there is enough for safe and hassle free operation, you will need to remove the oil filler cap and check the engine oil level on the integrated dipstick, ensuring the engine oil is at the upper line level on the oil level gauge.
  • If it is running low, you should add enough engine oil as necessary to bring the oil level back up to the “high level” when topping up oil, do not screw in the oil filler cap when checking oil level as this will give you and artificially high reading.Over time you may have to change out the engine oil if contaminated, with approximately 450mL of SAE10 W30 rated oil until it is visible at the upper level of oil dip stick!


  1. Ensure any electrical accessories are disconnected from the sockets in the generator front panel
  2. Turn the fuel cock lever to the “ON” position.
  3. Turn the engine power switch to the “ON” position.
  4. Turn the Economy Switch to the “OFF” position.
  5. Pull the choke knob out until it is fully extended. This is not necessary if the engine is already warm.
  6. Pull the starter cord out slowly until resistance is felt. This “Compression” point sets the engine up to start easily. Release all tension on the cord to respool and pull the cord quickly and smoothly to start the motor ensuring your arm/elbow is clear and not going to hit anyone or anything.
  7. After starting the motor, release tension on the starter cord allowing it to retract back onto its spool.
  8. Allow the engine to warm up without a load for a minute or two with normal operation.
  9. Push the choke knob back in to allow generator to enable smoother running.



  1. Check the AC LED indicator to make sure the inverter is producing proper voltage.
  2. Ensure your device/appliance is switched off, if possible before connecting it to the generator.
  3. The economy control switch must be turned to “OFF” when using electric devices that require a large starting current.
  4. Connect the plug of the electrical appliance to your generator


  1. Switch Economy mode to OFF!
  2. Connect the DC output socket and the battery terminals using the supplied charging leads. The leads should be connected making sure red goes to the positive terminal on the battery (+) and the black goes to the negative terminal (-)
  3. Once you have connected the terminals to the battery, reset the DC circuit protector to “LIVE” if the red button switch is found in the “OFF” position.
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Everyone loves a little seasoning, whether it’s on your steak, some marinated chicken or even your chips– however, not all seasoning is for added taste!

One of the first things people will say to persuade you not to get your hands on a swag is that you have to pre-season it to make it waterproof?


Seasoning is an easy process that aims to swell the stitching at the seams sealing the needle holes, making your swag completely waterproof and is able to keep you dry even in the heaviest rain. A little wet weather does not have to put a stop to your plans to head bush, and camping in the rain is just as fun as in the dry!

Besides, even the most reliable weather forecasts can be wrong, so you need to ensure your camping gear is ready for anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe double swag already features a completely waterproof 550gsm PVC bucket floor and the 400gsm ripstop poly cotton canvas that on it’s own will keep you dry but you will still need to season the canvas before use to swell the stitching.

The 400gsm ripstop polycotton canvas is a very strong and super durable and takes advantage of tough double stitched seams but also means that water may be able to enter the inside of your swag through the hundreds of tiny holes created when being sewn together.

 Seasoning your swag fixes everything!

Luckily the process to season your new Kings Big Daddy Deluxe double swag is very easy!

Simply follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Set up your swag outdoors in a location with good drainage. Don’t put the mattress or any bedding inside, and ensure all zippers are fully closed
  2. Use a hose or sprinkler to thoroughly wet the canvas. Don’t apply direct water pressure to the seams, but rather simulate natural rain and allow water to fall on to your double swag. Ensure a complete and even saturation. This water will enter in to the threads in the double stitched seams causing them to swell in size
  3. Allow your swag to air dry completely while it is erect. The material in the seams will contract during this time and bind together to form a water tight seal.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 at least one more time
How to season any Adventure Kings Swag - YouTube

While you’re seasoning your new Big Daddy Deluxe double swag, it’s also a good idea to unroll the 70mm high density foam mattress and set it aside this will allow the foam cells to fill up with air which will make it a lot more comfortable to sleep on the first time you use it.

The entire seasoning process may take a day or two depending on how quickly your swag dries, so be sure to buy your Big Daddy Deluxe double swag with enough time before your camping trip away.

Once the seasoning process is complete and your swag is dry, you will have a swag that will keep you and your belongings dry in even the most torrential downpour.

If you do find yourself camping in wet weather, remember to ensure your swag is completely dry before you roll it up and pack it away. If you can’t get your swag completely dry at camp, set it back up once you get home and allow it to fully dry out, not only will that mean so you have a mould free swag ready for your next adventure. The sturdy free standing design of the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe makes setting up your swag to dry out a breeze!

Handy tip: The seasoning process described above can be used on any of the Adventure Kings canvas swags in the range.

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