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Hydrate and nourish oily skin with the right serum and skin care for your skin type Posted on June 13, 2019 Written by: 100% PURE®

Do you tend to have oily skin? Adding a serum to your skin care routine is the perfect way to deliver hydration and nourishing natural ingredients to the deepest layers of your skin, without that sticky or greasy after-feel. We’ve carefully formulated the best serums for oily skin, and are here to break you down on which ones can work for your skin type.

What Is Oily Skin?

Are you wondering if you have oily skin? It’s true that our hormones, diet, stress, and environment can affect our skin day-to-day. But you’ll fall into the oily skin camp if you have any combination of acne, open pores, a shiny complexion, blackheads, or pimples. If you’re wondering why you have oily skin, it’s usually a result of our sebaceous glands producing too much sebum.

While sebum, which protects and hydrates our skin, is essential for keeping our skin healthy and happy, too much of this waxy, oily substance leads to clogged pores, oily skin, and acne. Managing oily skin can be a tricky task but with the correct products for your skin type, you’ll be able to get everything under control.

How Serums Help Oily Skin

Did you know that serums are specifically formulated to penetrate the deepest layers of our skin? By formulating with extra small molecules, a serum is able to deep dive into our dermis to deliver much-needed nourishment and hydration. They’re able to penetrate deeper than any moisturizer could, because their molecules are much smaller than that of an average face cream.

When you add a serum to your skin care routine, you’ll instantly get the benefit of extra hydration. That’s because these tiny, hard-working molecules are getting deep below your lipid barrier and surface of skin – to deliver water directly to those hard-to-reach layers. It might seem counterintuitive to add more hydration when you’re leaning towards oily or shiny skin, but maintaining proper moisture levels is actually an important step in helping to combat excessive oil production.

Using a serum is easy! You’ll want to start by prepping your skin with a natural cleanser, then priming it with an oil-balancing toner, like the one from our Fermented Rice collection. This will help to purge and purify your skin of any remaining dirt, debris, or oil. By clearing the way with a cleanser and toner, your serum will be able to smoothly pass through your skin, without any blockage from unwanted buildup.

Now for the new hero in your lineup: serum. The proper way to use a serum is by applying a pea-sized amount onto clean, dry hands after toning. We recommend having slightly damp skin, to help with better absorption. Press (don’t rub) your serum into skin with open palms and gentle fingers, making sure to extend the application to your neck and decollete. Allow your serum to fully absorb for 90 seconds before applying your daily or nightly moisturizer.

Choosing the Best Serum for Oily Skin

100% PURE serums are always formulated with the highest quality ingredients. We will never sacrifice potency and effectiveness for cheap base ingredients like water or low-quality oils. Our product development team works hard to research and source the absolute best ingredients for our serums to work with a purpose. Our serums for oily skin are expertly made to deeply hydrate oily prone skin and deliver nourishing skin beneficial ingredients.

For AM Oily Skin: Vitamin C Serum
Not all serums are created equal. Our potent Vitamin C Serum has a lot to offer, and we didn’t hold back when we formulated the best serum for oily skin. We started with an ultra-soothing and anti-inflammatory base of organic aloe gel. Aloe was the perfect base for delivering skin-healing vitamin e, and of course the incomparable vitamin c. To help even out your skin tone, which can often be a result of acne scars, sun damage, or aging, we’ve also included green apple extract. This fruit is an incredible source of malic acid, and Alpha Hydroxy Acid that helps to brighten and naturally enhance the vitamin c content in this best-selling serum.

If you’re looking for a boost of antioxidants (frankly, who isn’t) you’ll find it in our serum for oily skin; Vitamin C Serum! We formulated with a naturally derived superoxide dismutase, which is found in broccoli, as well as Alpha Lipoic Acid (aka ALA). Both of these powerful ingredients are critical when helping to reduce inflammation and support youthful collagen production.

PRO TIP: It’s important to note that during the day, concentrated Vitamin C serums (like ours) should be worn under SPF to avoid the risk of photosensitivity. Sensitive skin types however should avoid Vitamin C serums in the daytime altogether (PM is fine), unless otherwise advised by their dermatologist. If you’ve got sensitive skin, lean towards oily-to-combo skin, or simply want an extra punch of skin-brightening in your serum, opt for the equally oily-skin-friendly Fermented Rice Water Serum.

For PM Oily Skin: Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Potent PM Serum
We knew we couldn’t just stick to daytime serums when it comes to oily skin – especially for those extra oily skin types who prefer to wear less product during the day. So we went back to the lab to create the perfect PM counterpart.

After researching the best of the best, we created the perfect nighttime serum for oily skin focusing on a 10/10/10/1/1 formula. A high concentration of vitamin C (10%) was an important feature. We wanted to make sure skin was getting the maximum amount to support collagen production, while working to diminish the subtle signs of aging. Adding in niacinamide (10%) would help boost this serum’s potency to help battle signs of aging, even skin tone, and support ceramide production. Vitamin E (10%) was added to deeply moisturize, gently heal scarring, and support skin elasticity.

The last two 1% ingredients in this PM serum were critical addtitions, though seemingly small. 1% retinol was added to support cellular turnover and firm the skin. The last 1% of CoQ10 was the perfect addition to help minimize the appearance of fine lines, support collagen production, and help diminish spots and scars from UV and acne damaged skin.

We’re hoping that for you oily skin types out there, NOW it seems like a no brainer to add a serum into your daily routine, both day and night! We’re passionate about the serums we create, and work tirelessly to formulate the best serums for oily skin (and all other skin types, too!). It’s clear that serums have superhero powers, because they’re packed with superstar ingredients that can greatly benefit your skin. Follow our blog for more skin-type specific coverage to learn how to heal, nourish, and maintain beautiful skin!

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Using our own fruit pigmented® formulas for reference, we’re listing the top 10 concealer tips you need to know! Posted on June 12, 2019 Written by: 100% PURE®

When diamonds aren’t available, people often say that lipstick is a girl’s best friend – and to those people we say: you’ve obviously never owned a great concealer! Concealer has so many benefits for our complexion; from covering blemishes to highlighting the skin, concealer helps make our days (and nights) flawless.

Like all things, concealer comes with a teenie tiny catch: applying it isn’t totally foolproof. A concealer cheat sheet can do wonders in upping our natural concealer game, for longer wear and better coverage. Stay tuned for 10 must-know concealer tips, plus a full rundown on three diverse formulas!

How to Shop for Concealer

What do you look for in a concealer? Most require full coverage to hide imperfections and damage we’ve done over the years. That could mean hyperpigmentation, sun spots and freckles, or acne and acne scarring.

Many popular concealers on the market will dry with an extremely matte finish, which only enhances imperfections. That’s why it’s important to shop for a concealer product with a realistic, skin-like finish – satin and dewy finishes are ideal.

Finally – and this is most important – you should always nurture your delicate skin with a natural concealer that’s made with nutritious vitamins and antioxidants. Lucky for you, we know just the formulas to do the job, and will introduce you below!

10 Concealer Makeup Tips

Tip #1: Always apply concealer over moisturized skin.
One thing to remember is that some of the areas where we might be applying concealer, such as our under eyes and around our mouths, is delicate skin that needs more moisture. Therefore, whatever formula you put on these areas will be more quickly absorbed. Applying moisturizer first ensures smooth application, longer wear, and more balanced skin.

2nd Skin Concealer
7 shades of fruit boosted perfection by way of a sleek skin concealer. This baby didn’t get its name just by looking pretty. Well… actually, it kind of did, since this concealer quite literally wears like second skin. Lightweight and seamless, this olive squalane based concealer blends easily with your preferred brush or fingertips, for covering what you want to see less of to enhance your overall look.

Tip #2: Skip foundation and go full concealer.
What, you’ve never considered it? Sometimes concealing out a blemish or two makes your entire face glow. Why bother with throwing on foundation that isn’t necessary? If it works for your desired look, blend in foundation under the eyes and over blemishes in a shade slightly lighter but nearly your natural skin tone. You’ll love the fresh and dewy, glass skin finish (totally trending at the moment, btw) that can be achiever with just a damp makeup sponge and your 2nd Skin Concealer.

Some of the primary ingredients in this concealer include lightweight olive squalane for enriching vitamin E and deep moisturizing, the brightening power of succulent peach, and calmed skin all thanks to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich coffee beans.

Tip #3: For a skin-like finish, use skin to blend it in.
If you love to play in makeup, this is just another way for you to enjoy your beauty products as you use the warmth of your fingertips to smooth the concealer into your skin. Apply very light product and use gentle tapping motions with the pads of your ring fingers until well blended. Once the concealer sets, you won’t even be able to tell that isn’t your naked skin. A soothing blend of herbs including lavender, thyme and rosemary keep skin calm and fight deep rooted inflammation while you enjoy brighter, more youthful skin as a result of the fruit-filled blend featuring raspberries, pomegranate, wild cherry and apricot.

Long Last Concealer with Super Fruits
Hello vegan, hello natural, and hello fruit pigmented®! Potted in a sleek compact, and possibly one of our favorite concealers, this product is designed to outlast your hottest of summer days. We’ve built the formula to be water, sweat, and oil resistant meaning longer wear time. Easily take it with you in your beach bag or daytime tote, and touch up as needed.

Tip #4: When it comes to concealing, less is more.
The entire purpose of concealer is to appear as our own clean, naked skin. The more layers of it we wear, the less likely we are to get this result. Keep it light and fresh, and avoid those cakey mistakes that totally give you away.

Our Long Last Concealer only needs a single layer to deliver full, opaque coverage. This formula is a floral fiesta with rose hip, chamomile, and lavender all playing starring roles. These soothing florals communicate with the skin to decrease redness, balance out sebum production for less of that unwanted shine, and soothe inflammation including anything from breakouts to burns. We couldn’t forget about nutrients – they’re right here in the formula. Look for vitamins C and E to tone and moisturize the skin while you wear, for better looking skin underneath.

Tip #5: More grease means more crease.
Creasing is one of those issues commonly associated with concealer. The areas we apply our concealer often move, fold, and stretch, working against our careful application. To avoid creasing as much as possible:

  • Use products that help neutralize oil (lavender, charcoal, tea tree)

  • Use concealer in matte finishes, or be sure to set with a translucent powder

  • Set the skin with setting spray and refresh throughout the day

  • Use blotting sheets to wick away excess oil

  • Apply as little concealer product as needed for your desired result

Tip #6: Are we compatible?
Sometimes in the search for what we want, we overlook what we need. In the case of concealer, always prioritize how compatible the formula is with your skin’s natural composition and behavior. This means the concealer will work with you and for you, rather than disrupt your look all day.

2nd Skin Corrector
We’ve officially completed the trifecta with three color boosted concealers! Just like Lucy had Ethel, everyone loves a good dynamic duo. Your regular concealer over top of this undercover angel works like a dream to give you an airbrushed complexion straight out of a magazine.

Tip #7: Tap in a green concealer for red, inflamed acne and rosacea.
End your redness woes with a green corrector that neutralizes that irritated complexion. While this concealer looks scary, we promise its green but not mean. Medium to full coverage means that even freckles will fade into the well concealed abyss.

Tip #8: Balance blue with a yellow concealer.
Finally, a way to be rid of those veiny eyelids and under eye bags! Yellow tones help to neutralize blues and purples, for healthier tone and a bright, awakened glow.

Tip #9: Balance tone with a peach concealer.
A true transformer, our peach color corrector is purely heaven sent. Real pigments from peach, apricot, goji berry, and carrot correct even the darkest forms of hyperpigmentation, like those often associated with melasma and sun damage. Peach concealer also helps to brighten sallow skin, and illuminate deep complexions.

Dark circles? Gone. Clear skin? She’s just arrived.

Tip #10: layer your concealers, with caution.
Remember before, when we said to add a single, thin layer of concealer? That’s still essentially true – except, in the case of using color correctors. Feel free to layer your regular concealers and foundation over your color correcting concealer. Just be sure to lightly dust with powder to set between layers, and use a very light hand. It also helps to apply your concealers with the same tools (brush, sponge, or fingers), to get a similar level of coverage and finish while keeping your entire natural concealer look consistent and fresh.

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These 5 products are lifesavers for shine-free summer makeup looks Posted on June 11, 2019 Written by: 100% PURE®

We want this summer to start off with a splash! Just one problem: the face-melting heat of summer means that “splash” is usually happening on our face – especially for oily skin types. TBH, a ruined makeup feels as bad as it looks; all that time invested, all of those flawless finishes ruined by excess oil + excess heat.

Stop summer shine in its tracks with 5 key products, designed to keep skin looking (and feeling) surprisingly flawless in the heat. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that will rescue your summer makeup looks from a serious heat wave. Keep reading, those of you with oily or combination skin – for you, it takes twice as much work to keep makeup flawless, so these tips are designed with you in mind.

5 Products + Tips for Shine-Free Summer Makeup Looks

Oil Blotting Wipes
A first line of defense in the wild, oil blotting wipes are slim and fit easily into a purse or belt bag. What are they? Think of tiny, super absorbent napkins that you press firmly into the skin to preserve your summer makeup look, while also wicking any oil right off the surface. The result leaves makeup virtually undisturbed, apart from the absence of unsightly oil creeping through the high traffic T-zone.

Most oil blotting papers are made of a mystery wax paper material. At 100% PURE, we make it a point to use superior alternative ingredients; case in point, our Antibacterial Wood Pulp Oil Blotting Paper. These thin, vegan oil-blotting papers are made from wood pulp and hemp, which means instant absorption for you without a mess on your hands. Don’t forget to keep a pack in your back pocket (literally) for those long beach days splashing in the waves with your crush. They’ll come in handy to keep makeup from melting like a marshmallow during that beach bonfire.

Natural Setting Spray
We shared our step-by-step guide earlier this year on how to DIY your own setting spray, so check it out again for your reading pleasure – it will help with the beauty tip to follow!

A setting spray can help your makeup look and perform way better throughout the day, and DIY customization can keep your skin flawless all summer long. How, you ask? Rehydrating your skin from the outside sends the message to your skin that it doesn’t need to produce so much oil throughout the day. This also provides a quick temperature refresher and rehydrates your makeup, to avoid any caking or flaking.

Think about how your skin feels under your makeup, and choose your DIY setting spray ingredients based on that. Here’s a quick guide below:

  • Orange, Lemon - brightening, balancing for oil

  • Tea Tree - soothing, balancing for oil

  • Lavender - neutralizing, balances oil, soothes inflammation

  • Rose - calming, soothes redness

  • Aloe - hydrating, healing for blemishes and inflammation

Matte Blush
Spring and summer months are our favorite months for playing up the cheeks. That usually means more vibrant blush shades, to pair perfectly with our just-back-from-the-beach glow. Depending on the finish of products that you gravitate towards, or based on the look you are going for, you may be reaching for those cream blushes and liquid cheek tints at the wrong time. We don’t think of the cheeks as a place where our makeup is likely to melt off, but unfortunately we’ve learned our lesson the hard way!

If you want vibrant, buildable color in your pick of shades, switch it up with a powder or matte blush instead of a creamy one that contributes to creasing and melting.

You know what looks as fruity and fun in the pan as it does on the cheeks? Fruit Pigmented® Blush, of course! This formula comes in a versatile range of 12 shades, which means you’ll never be short a color that suits your look and skin tone.

Light Setting Powder
Setting powder is a godsend for oily skin types, as it magically keeps makeup looking the same way at the end of the day, as it did when we left the house. It can be hard to find a foundation for oily skin, so finishing and setting powders seriously come in handy. Wait – are you saying you haven’t tried setting powder for keeping your face in place? Have we got a treat for you!

This tip is essential for preserving summer makeup looks for oily skin types, without adding too much weight. One of the ways this powder prevents oil, sweat, or heat from taking over is with its high bamboo content. This ingredient is absorbent and helps lock your beauty products into place with ease, while serving a soft-focused matte finish.

In addition to mattifying bamboo, this powder includes papaya a lovely ingredient for assisting with new skin cell production. Cocoa bean, peach, and green tea round out the ingredients for the most nutritious skin powder you will ever try. Finish your beauty look with a light sweep of our Bamboo Blur Powder and a fluffy or angled brush for getting around the curves of your face. You’ll love how this product feels like powdered silk, with incredibly fine milling that allows it to glide onto skin easily without caking up.

Hold it, missy – don’t sleep on the second half of this tip! While our Bamboo Blur Powder is primarily used as a finishing powder, did you know that adding a super light layer of this as a setting powder for your primer is a great way to make a layer of ‘insurance’ between your skin and your foundation?

How does this work? Start with your normal skin routine up until your moisturizer and/or primer (oily skin types: use Mattifying Primer). You can then use a fluffy brush to pat an undetectable amount of this blur powder over your skin. If you’re combo to oily, press your beauty sponge into the powder pot and transfer that onto your oiliest areas, like the T-zone and cheeks. Be sure to sweet off any excess, then complete your beauty routine as normal, finishing with a final layer of the Bamboo Blur for that naturally filtered finish.

Mascara Primer
Yes, for some of us, even our eye area gets melty throughout the day, but a summer makeup look isn’t complete without bright, doll-like eyes – courtesy of lengthening mascara. Prevent caking, flaking or melting off of your mascara by adding a little Bamboo Blur Powder to the mix.

Start with clean lashes and a tiny eye brush. If you aren’t sure what kind of brush will work best, our Cruelty Free Crease Brush is the perfect size and fluffiness to get the job done. Dip your brush into the bamboo powder until the tip is dusted and lightly tap off the excess. Sweep thi s along your lash line and physically into your lashes.

We know this sounds a little extra, but the light layer of powder provides a base for your mascara to grip onto. Later on, when the oil starts seeping out of your eyelids, the powder prevents that transfer of mascara to your under-eye area. If you use mascara primer, do this before that step. On a hot day, (or a long day at your summer music festival of choice) this trick is an amazing lifesaver!

Need more help keeping your summer makeup look streak-free? Check out our recent post on melt-free makeup tips!

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Must-know causes, contributors, and after care for acne breakouts Posted on June 10, 2019 Written by: 100% PURE®

You know what’s annoying? That in 2019 we’re still suffering from stress and hormonal acne breakouts. What’s worse is that you may not even know what kind of breakout you're having. Pimples and acne are one of those aspects of life that can make us feel utterly powerless. From the occasional t-zone pimple to that recurring mouth area bump that just won’t seem to go away, an acne breakout can be untimely and inconvenient.

With that said, we’re all guilty of a few things that don’t exactly help us avoid an acne breakout. If you are a serial fall-asleep-with-makeup-on offender, or perhaps you haven’t changed your bed sheets for a while (and by a while, we mean not since 2018), this post is going to change your life. We’ve put all our best acne prevention tips right here, just for you!

Factors Contributing to Your Acne Breakouts

There are 3 main contributors to acne breakouts. We all know that the first and probably the most impactful is our diet, and that secondly we should be changing our pillowcases a lot more than we are currently. But other factors such as our habits, vices, stressors, and overall lifestyle can definitely play a part in how our skin behaves.

It’s important to note that some acne breakouts are hormonal, or linked to medical related concerns. If you think either of these might apply to you, be sure to discuss with your dermatologist or doctor for help!

Below we’ll break down exactly what might be contributing to your breakouts, and how you can work with your skin for a clearer complexion.

Factor #1: DIET

We’ll say it once – chocolate does not cause breakouts! BUT, components of chocolate, especially milk chocolate, can cause pimples or recurring acne. And no, you’re not just crazy; PMS or the emotional side effects of being burdened with a period means we as women are predisposed to chocolate cravings during that time of the month. Still, a diet that involves too much sugar is slowly eating away at the youth of our skin.

While a diet including some sugar is almost unavoidable, when sugar is consumed in excess it does all kinds of damage to our skin. This process is called glycation. This process takes place when sugar works against our immune system and makes it harder for our skin to fight bacteria, leading to more breakouts. Worse still, a diet high in sugar feeds on collagen, which breaks down the smoothness and suppleness in our skin, literally eating away our youth. So the next time you’re having a candy craving, smell something sweet instead of snacking on it.

Regular consumption of some dairy products – like milk or ice cream – brings more bad guys into the world of well-behaved skin. While these products are fine in moderation, there are studies that show increased dairy intake can cause more regular acne breakouts. There is some back and forth about if the breakouts are caused by dairy or by the hormones in certain types of dairy products, one thing is for sure: avoiding or reducing dairy consumption is good for the skin.

Factor #2: SKIN CARE

How we care for our skin is paramount in the game of acne breakout prevention. It isn’t necessary to be overboard or type-A about your skin, but it is important to be consistent. Here are some great anti-acne tips that could give your skin the reprieve it needs from breakouts:

  • Wash your face as soon as you walk through the door! It’s tempting to come home after a long day and sit down to relax. Before you know it, you’re caught up in home life – and cleansing impurities and pore-clogging toxins from skin sinks lower and lower on your list of priorities. Give yourself 3 minutes to at least remove your makeup and wash your face as soon as you get home for the night. Later on, when you’re faced with completing the other steps of your skin care routine, your more tired self with be thanking you.

  • Use a targeted toner after cleansing or before your bedtime skin routine (if you washed your face earlier), to ensure pores are free from dirt and impurities. Our refreshingly herbal Tea Tree + Willow Acne Clarifying Astringent immediately soothes and purifies, as it banishes acne causing bacteria with tea tree and willow bark. This vegan toner also features balancing witch hazel and rosemary, as well as neem extract to treat acne on a cellular level.

  • Why is our Anti Acne Sheet Mask something you should consider adding to your regular skin care routine? The base of this mask is aloe leaf juice, which is super reparative for the skin. The other main ingredients also include hydrating hyaluronic acid and visibly brightening grapefruit, for an unbelievably glowing reflection in 20 minutes or less.

Factor #3: HABITS

We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve made some *questionable* life choices (like those patchwork bell bottoms were not our finest moment), but all of those are forgivable when compared to some skin care sins that none of us can afford to commit. These are habits that can make or break healthy skin, such as not changing your pillowcase for weeks to months, or not washing your face thoroughly at night.

Here are some bad habits you might be tempted to maintain, and ways to stop those habits in their tracks to help prevent acne breakouts:

Touching your face
Scratching, rubbing, and touching in general is one of the biggest no-no’s for the face. Every time you touch your face, you are transferring bacteria from your hands right onto your skin. If you must scratch, use a clean napkin to pat or gently swipe instead of scratching with fingernails.

Hair on your face
This is one that everyone forgets about! How we wear our hair means that sometimes our hair is rubbing against our face. If you notice that you’re commonly breakout in one place, like your forehead or along your hairline, it could be because the products and oils in your hair are getting trapped in your skin. Keep a hair elastic or scarf handy to tie your hair away from your face as often as possible. At night, pull the hair back loosely and wrap with a silk scarf to reduce exposure on the skin, and to increase the softness of your hair.

PRO TIP: Want something to freshen up and fight the dirt that could be in the premature phase of causing a breakout? A quick spritz of the Lavender Pore Refining Toner (especially near your hairline) can help keep the skin balances, hydrated and soothed.

Pimple picking
With the rise in popularity of DIY facials and addicting media stars like Dr. Pimple Popper, we’re all just a little obsessed with keeping our skin smooth and breakout-free. We have a list of at least 8 Things to Never Do to a Pimple but we’ll share the gist here: if you are going to address a pimple, do it when the pimple is ready and only using safe methods that are less likely to damage the skin.

PRO TIP: Gone a little too far with the picking? Use a brightening and toning product to bring calm and consistency back to the skin. Something like the 100% PURE Dark Spot Remover uses healing aloe to repair the wound, active lime to tone the skin and papaya extract to support new skin cell renewal.

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There’s a big difference between these two skin-sapping symptoms, but which one applies to you? Posted on June 9, 2019 Written by: 100% PURE®

The distinction between DRY and DEHYDRATED skin is a nuanced one. Often the symptoms and signs are overlapping, interlinking, and self-reinforcing. You might have a little bit of both going on, or one that’s causing the other, or maybe you’re decidedly DRY but not DEHYDRATED. Or maybe it’s vice versa – everyone’s skin is different, so a close look at your skin’s behaviors is essential in solving this mystery.

Identifying your skin moisture status is not a straightforward task, but it’s absolutely essential to sleuthe out what’s going on with your unique set of symptoms, in order to make informed and healing decisions about how to get back to glowy-supple-nourished skin status.

First, let’s do a basic breakdown of the symptoms that define both dry and dehydrated skin. Take notes – we’ll be quizzing you down below!

DRY Skin

DRY skin is a condition that you’re predestined to have (or not have) at birth. It’s a skin type which is defined by having a low or reduced level of lipids present in your epidermal layer. Naturally, dry skin doesn’t produce as much sebum (that waxy substance we know as ‘oil’) as other skin types do, and as a result this skin type will be chronically flakey and papery to the touch.

Dry skin sufferers will also be more prone to symptoms on their hands, neck, and scalp. Because of this lack of lipids, this skin type is in constant need of oil-rich moisturizers and skin protectants. The natural lipid barrier exists to protect the skin from external toxins and impurities, so dry skin, with its compromised lipid barrier, is more prone to inflammation and dermatitis.

The takeaway? Dry skin needs MORE OIL. Try incorporating a clean, pure facial oil like argan oil into your daily routine, and use the ‘sealing’ method. This means pairing moisturizing product applications with a protective layer of facial oil as your final step (e.g. after moisturizer, seal it in with an oil). The idea is to make sure the moisture (oil + water) stays locked in.

For those of you dealing with chronic dryness, we’ve crafted a dry skin routine that you can use year round – make sure to get the full scoop!


Dehydrated skin on the other hand isn’t so much a skin type as it is a skin condition. It occurs when the epidermal layer seriously lacks WATER. Skin that’s dehydrated is often simultaneously oily, leading to congestion, dullness, and combination symptoms. It will appear to be greasy and dry simultaneously, may experience breakouts, and will come and go based on a variety of external factors. These factors can include sun exposure, weather, hydration, diet, and caffeine and alcohol consumption.

Dehydration can be the culprit behind the bags under your eyes, general dullness, and premature wrinkling on your forehead. Makeup application over dehydrated skin can be a nightmare, as even the best products tend to sit in fine lines, and emphasize problem areas.

Your game plan for dealing with dehydrated skin needs to be all about WATER. This means using organic aloe water, floral waters, cucumber water, coconut water – opt for products that integrate plant-based waters and hydrosols (like our Rose Micellar Water) that are naturally amped up with antioxidants and minerals. Exfoliation is also key: dead skin buildup can be one of the culprits behind your skin’s inability to retain water, so try incorporating a weekly slough-off. The idea is to make sure that your water based hydrants are properly absorbing into your deeper epidermal layers.

And of course, lifestyle and hydration are absolutely key here. Make your water bottle your favorite accessory, and aim to fill and refill the liter at least twice a day. Water rich fruits and vegetables can also make a serious difference for dehydrated skin. You know the drill!

Ultimately, because dehydration is a function of external factors, it’s key to know what habits are helping it, and what habits need to be nixed. Peep our roundup of ten ways you might be drying out your skin with everyday habits.

Quiz: Is Your Skin DRY or DEHYDRATED?

With this knowledge, how can you be sure if you’re dealing with DRY skin or DEHYDRATED skin? In the spirit of helping you get to the bottom of it, we’ve put together a quiz to help you determine whether or not your skin is DRY or DEHYDRATED.

On a day to day basis, you wake up in the AM with:

  • a) Itchy, scaly patches around the nose and mouth
  • b) Oiliness, roughness, and dullness that you hadn’t noticed the night before

When you apply foundation or concealer to your skin, you usually struggle with:

  • a) The existence of rough patches where the makeup flakes off
  • b) Makeup settling into fine lines and creases

After a hot shower, skin on your face and body typically feels:

  • a) Itchy and inflamed
  • b) Sensitive and ‘squeaky’ feeling

Facial oil:

  • a) Absorbs well into your skin, and makes it look radiant and plump
  • b) Seems to sit on your skin’s surface, making you feel oily and dry simultaneously

The tightness and flaking you experience:

  • a) Feels like a constant problem that affects your face and also your scalp, neck, and hands
  • b) Seems to come and go depending on changes in the weather, your diet, and the products that you’re using

Your general level of preventative care when it comes to sunblock and UV rays is:

  • a) Very good: You religiously apply sunblock and opt for shade when you can
  • b) Shaky at best: sometimes you throw caution to the wind and try to get your tan on

Products with anti-aging active retinoids in them generally:

  • a) Leave your face red and sensitive, verging on chemical burn status
  • b) Are well tolerated by your face, and temporarily reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles

When you apply a moisturizer to your skin in the AM, it will:

  • a) Soak up quickly, and your skin will want more of it by midday
  • b) Take a while to absorb and definitely tide you over until the PM routine

On a day to day basis, your natural oil production:

  • a) Is left with a red mark and some sensitivity, but bounces back to its original shape
  • b) Wrinkles even with gentle pressure and doesn't immediately bounce back to its original shape

Go through the quiz and tally up your answers. If you’ve checked more A boxes then B boxes, you’re suffering from chronically dry skin. Make OIL your mantra with creamy daytime moisturizers and rich nighttime moisturizers.

If you checked more B boxes, things are a little bit more complicated. It’s time to find a water based toner and serum, add a Deep Hydration Mask every other day, up your daily H2O intake, and make a plant-based facial mist your new friend.

If you’re still stumped, come find us in a 100% PURE store – we’ll help you pinpoint your symptoms in a one-on-one consultation.

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The safest way to shimmer, the healing properties of gemstone luminizers, and more! Posted on June 7, 2019 Written by: 100% PURE®

Glowing, radiant skin – a struggle to achieve, and arguably the most desired effect of yesterday, today, and forever. There are plenty of products that can get skin sparkling, but sadly, most are unsafe for your skin. Glittering, shimmery materials in cosmetics might look amazing, but it’s good practice to think twice (and read the label twice) before applying.

We’ve developed healthy shimmer in our collection of luminizers by using natural minerals and gemstones – get outta here, plastics and heavy metals! You’re not welcome on our skin! No need to choose between looking gorgeously glowy or keeping your skin safe; we’ve made it easy to get away with both.

First Things First: Is Glitter Safe for Skin?

“The first step in determining what type of glitter to use on your skin is knowing what you’re getting. If you’re buying craft glitter from the art supply store to stick on your face, you’re willingly putting yourself at risk. Craft glitter is made from actual shards of metal, which can be easily ingested if applied to your lips. Thinking about putting craft glitter on your eyes? Might want to reconsider: these microscopic shards can scratch and cause irreversible damage to corneas. Bottom line: NEVER use craft glitter on your body, especially near your face.

The glitter and shimmer used in makeup is essentially made of plastic/ PET, which is labeled as “Polyethylene” on a product’s ingredient list. Here’s where it gets tricky: the FDA does not currently allow PET in cosmetics, but they also do not consistently regulate this ban. That’s why you still see this ingredient in thousands of shimmery, pearlescent, and glitter cosmetics. Let’s talk about those shimmery lipsticks you love so much: did you know that by wearing them, you run the risk of ingesting (aka EATING) plastic?

The FDA claims to regulate “composite pigments”, which are additives combined with other approved color additives. For example, if a brand slaps an approved color additive – like aluminum or heavy metals (yep, those are still allowed by the FDA) – onto a microscopic piece of Polyethylene to create glitter intended for cosmetic use, that’s a no-no. But because of the FDA’s currently flexible ban (they are giving brands undefined ‘grace periods’ to remove these composite pigments), you won’t see this enforced in the majority of shiny cosmetics.

Safe Alternatives to Synthetic Glitter

Instead of using plastic glitter in our cosmetics, we looked to nature for the answer (as is our M.O.). What’s more sparkly and fabulous than natural minerals and gemstones?! Check out the responsibly sourced shimmer we’re working with:

  • Mica
  • Labradorite
  • Moonstone
  • Australian Opal
  • Pyrite
  • Sunstone

A quick google search of these beauties will have you going ga-ga over their natural shimmer, shine, and luminescence. Who needs metal or plastic in their natural makeup and luminizers when you have GEMSTONES?

Healing Properties of Natural Minerals and Gemstones

Our shimmery, fruit pigmented cosmetics are more than just a safe alternative to conventional glitter makeup. The real gemstones that are pulverized then formulated into our natural luminizers and natural makeup are said to have restorative properties for mind and body, too: don’t believe us? Read on to get the inside scoop on the history and healing properties of the minerals and gemstones we use in 100% PURE makeup.

While we use plenty of gemstones to add varying iridescent color, this resplendent natural mineral is the star element in each of our shimmery natural cosmetics (like our Fruit Pigmented Satin Eye Shadows). Mica originates under a variety of conditions, namely as a crystallized byproduct of magma, through displacement from geological fluid, or as crystals found within igneous rocks and pegmatites. This natural mineral is said to tout healing properties including improved clarity, recognition and elimination of negativity, and recognition and acceptance of flaws.

Labradorite in its raw form may first appear as grey or black, but upon closer examination you’ll see that it reflects blue, green, and even red iridescence: perfect for complementing our vibrant fruit pigmented® makeup. As its multi-color iridescence might suggest, Labradorite is said to represent transformation, and can help to cope and persevere through periods of change.

Said to be the physical embodiment of a moonbeam, it’s easy to see how this ethereal gemstone got its name. The light refracted by Moonstone’s finely layered structure is a phenomenon known as adularescence, and is specific to only certain gemstones. Moonstone offers a milky blue iridescence (offering the perfect cool tone to our Moonstone Glow Gemmed Luminizer), and its healing properties are said to include feminine wisdom, lunar energy, and calming. Moonstone is also thought to bring balance and strengthening intuition.

Commonly referred to as fool’s gold, Pyrite is easily mistaken as gold by novice diggers and explorers given its yellow metallic sheen. Worthy of its Greek namesake pyr (meaning ‘fire’), pyrite was used as a firestarter before flint was widely developed, since it emits a spark when struck by steel. Pyrite is said to remove negativity and promote open, honest communication, balance hormones, and stimulate thoughts into intelligent action.

Named from the Sanskrit upala, or ‘precious stone’, this rainbow-riddled gemstone hails from one of the largest opal rich countries in the world. The Australian opal gives off a multi-layered iridescence that includes colors from fiery pinks and orange to sky blues and vibrant turquoise. Said to be a stone of inspiration, creativity, and change, Australian opal is also associated with water, as it correlates with deep feelings and desires.

This variety of Labradorite is a crystalline gemstone formed as a result of slow cooling lava flows. Raw, unrefined sunstone is similar in appearance to Himalayan sea salt; when faceted and polished, it reflects a glossy array of orange, yellow, green, and red. Along with pyrite, this gemstone lends its warm tones to our Rose Gold Gemmed Luminizer. Sunstone is said to inspire joyfulness, energy, confidence, and a cheerful disposition.

Tutorial: How to Strobe and Highlight with Real Gemstones

While highlighting is about creating a contrast to contouring, the effect of strobing is meant to stand alone on skin. When strobing with makeup, the goal is to bring out skin’s natural luminosity and glow; you’ll be catching the light at every angle like a mystical goddess. Wondering what foundation to use when strobing? While it can look fabulous on both matte and dewy finishes, we love using BB Cream, our original Fruit Pigmented® Tinted Moisturizer, or Full Coverage Water Foundation to compliment the glow of the gemstones in these opulent luminizers.

Want a foolproof way to get your skin glowing and radiant with safe alternatives to plastic or metal glitters? You’re in luck: we’ve created 2 simple, 6-step makeup looks for our strobing how-to. Choose from cool toned silver (best for cool or neutral undertones) or warm toned gold (best for warm, olive, or neutral undertones)!

Check out the easy step by step tutorial below, to learn how to strobe with real gemstones (only the best for you, darling)!

Strobing with Cool Toned Highlights

What You’ll Need for This Look:
Cruelty Free Kabuki Brush F40
Cruelty Free Flat Shader Brush E30
Moonstone Glow Gemmed Luminizer
Fruit Pigmented Satin Eye Shadow: Halo
Luminating Creme: Moonlight
Gemmed Lip Gloss: Rose Quartz

Step 1 Apply your fruit pigmented foundation and fruit pigmented blush as desired.

Step 2 Using Kabuki Brush F40, apply Moonstone Glow Gemmed Luminizer all over bridge of nose, eyelids, chin, and cheekbones.

Step 3 Using Flat Shader Brush E30, apply Halo Satin Eye Shadow to inner corner of eyes, brow bone, and tip of nose.

Step 4 Dot wand applicator of Moonlight Luminating Creme gently onto cupid’s bow and cheekbones, then pat with fingertips to blend.

Step 5 Apply Rose Quartz Gemmed Lip Gloss to clean, dry lips. Finish by blending a single dot of Moonlight Luminating Creme onto center of bottom lip.

Step 6 Finish with Ultra Lengthening Blueberry Mascara, and voila! You’re glowing, Gorgeous!

Strobing with Warm Toned Highlights

What You’ll Need for This Look:
Cruelty Free Kabuki Brush F40
Cruelty Free Flat Shader Brush E30
Moonstone Glow Gemmed Luminizer
Fruit Pigmented Satin Eye Shadow: Star
Luminating Creme: Starlight
Gemmed Lip Gloss: Rainbow Aura

Step 1 Apply your fruit pigmented foundation and fruit pigmented blush as desired.

Step 2 Using Kabuki Brush F40, apply Rose Gold Gemmed Luminizer all over bridge of nose, eyelids, chin, and cheekbones.

Step 3 Using Flat Shader Brush E30, apply Star Satin Eye Shadow to inner corner of eyes, brow bone, and tip of nose.

Step 4 Dot wand applicator of Starlight Luminating Creme gently onto cupid’s bow and cheekbones, then pat with fingertips to blend.

Step 5 Apply Rainbow Aura Gemmed Lip Gloss to clean, dry lips. Finish by blending a single dot of Starlight Luminating Creme onto center of bottom lip.

Step 6 Finish with Ultra Lengthening Dark Chocolate Mascara, and voila! You’re glowing, Gorgeous!

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100% PURE Beauty Blog by 100% Pure® - 1w ago
Pamper your favorite guy with a super soothing gift set that’s curated for hardworking hands and skin! Posted on June 3, 2019 Written by: 100% PURE®

Father’s day is coming up soon – what better way to show Dad that you appreciate all his corny jokes and oil change reminders than soothing and pampering gift sets. He’ll always tell you he doesn’t want this day to be a big deal, but we all know he deserves a little moment in the spotlight! Celebrate all your favorite father figures and guys in your life with gift sets that’ll show him you care, while helping inspire relaxation and rejuvenation!

Dad’s Spa Day Gift Set

The usual BBQ or golf-focused gift sets are fine and dandy, but once in a while try giving Dad the gift of quiet downtime and much-needed #selfcare. We haven’t invented self-cutting grass yet, ya know? Our new gift set soothes, relaxes, and restores your hard-working guy’s aching body. Enter the perfect gift set: the 3pc Dad’s Spa Day set. This trio was curated with your dedicated dude in mind, and pulls together thoughtfully selected natural products that will bring the spa home to him.

Charcoal Clay Cleanser

Impress Pop with a gift set featuring skin care hero charcoal, complete with all of its detoxifying benefits. While it might already be a staple for a grill master dad who loves to BBQ, expand his charcoal use with our Charcoal Clay Cleanser. He’ll appreciate activated charcoal’s benefits of helping to pull out toxins and any pollutants hiding out in his skin’s surface. While he might not admit it at first, he’ll notice a difference in his pore size too, thanks to charcoals abilities to help pull out dirt, oil, bacteria, and debris, which help make pores appear tighter and smaller. There’s an added skin benefit of gentle exfoliation is in our sustainable bamboo charcoal so his skin will feel smoother and his skin’s texture appear evener. Not to mention the jet black color of this natural charcoal cleanser will make him feel extra cool during his at-home spa session.

Eucalyptus Shower Gel

Scents a dad will enjoy vary from Pop to Papa but there’s one universally loved father-approved scent we knew would be a hit in our gift sets; eucalyptus. Maybe it’s the refreshing tingling feeling or the vibe of bringing the beautiful outdoors in, but eucalyptus is not only a safe bet, but it’s also the best bet for any Father’s Day gift sets. Maybe Dad has a hard day at the office, his favorite team didn’t make the playoffs, or he’s just overall feeling a little less-than-stellar. Turn those major buzzkills into a self-healing moment with our Eucalyptus Shower Gel. Our soothing shower gel is here to rescue him from sluggishness and stress. This multi-tasking scent from down under has the powerful ability to help relieve tension, sinus pressure and aches of any kind. Next time he totes this healing gel into the shower, he’ll be overcome with the therapeutic herbs (rosemary, thyme, and oregano), nourishing seaweed and superstar eucalyptus essential oil working harmoniously to lift his mind and spirit.

Eucalyptus Nourishing Body Cream

He’s tough and strong but that doesn’t mean Dad can’t have well-cared for skin. No one wants him to have dry, cracked hands or itchy, flakey patches. We knew if we were creating the perfect gift set for Dad we’d have to include a skin softening Eucalyptus Nourishing Body Cream. The invigorating scent of eucalyptus paired with skin moisturizing cocoa and protecting avocado butter make this extra rich formula a new go-to for all Dads. He’ll be surprised at how fast the rich body cream tackles extra rough or dry skin, especially those knees and elbows.

Supercharged with antioxidants, vitamin E and rose hydrosol are included to nourish and soothe tired hands, feet, and minds. You’ll also feel great about giving Dad a gift set that is free of any artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, toxic preservatives, or any other unsafe ingredients. Made from only the highest quality ingredients, you’ll be protecting your Dad just the way he tries to protect you.

Gift Set Add-Ons

If you’re looking to add a little something extra into your Father’s Day gift sets, look no further than our additional gift set add-ons. Dad always goes above and beyond, so why not spoil him a little more on his day in the spotlight?

Konjac Sponge

Simple, quality ingredients can be appreciated by all Dads, so we know he’ll love our Konjac Sponge. This facial sponge is made with only two ingredients: super powerful bamboo charcoal and the gently exfoliating konjac plant. A gentle exfoliating sponge will help your guy get into those nooks and crannies to banish oil and toxins, and perfectly pairs with his new Charcoal Clay Cleanser.

Bar Soap

If your Dad enjoys working outside or in the garage, you know his hands get extra dirty. Top off his gift set with a pure vegetable soap! The skin healing base of shea butter and coconut oil will help to moisturize and protect any hard-working hands while the rich and creamy triple-milled bar will long outlast any current projects he’s tinkering on.

Eucalyptus Body Butter

Dad’s no stranger to long hours or brutal elements – which can all take a toll on even the toughest skin. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, working hard or playing hard, the environment can damage and dry out skin. Tuck in a little Eucalyptus Whipped Body Butter tub so he can take his skin healing lotion on-the-go to quickly soothe dry, flakey skin.

Burdock & Neem Hair Care

Lackluster or dry, flakey hair can be the first sign that Dad might not be taking as good care as he might need to be. Pair his special gift set with Burdock & Neem hair care to soothe dry or itchy scalps and revive brittle, thinning, or dull hair. A healthy scalp means healthy hair – and this purifying formula will unclog pores, stimulate circulation as well as getting rid of dry, itchy flakey scalps. He’ll feel glorious and uplifted with his flake-free scalp and healthy hair care that doesn't contain any synthetic chemicals, sulfates, detergents or other harsh ingredients that can strip or dehydrate his precious locks.

Whether it’s your dad, your hubby, your bro, or just a good friend, it’s important to remember that guys should be pampered, too! Check out more recommendations for men’s skin care that are simple, powerful, and pain-free for the favorite fellas in your life!

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How to pamper your skin and senses with six DIY bath soaks Posted on May 30, 2019 Written by: 100% PURE®

Before the hustle and bustle of summer arrives, take a step back and recenter yourself by introducing more self-care into your routine. Self-care might look different from person to person, but one of our tried and true methods for de-stressing is a mind and muscle relieving bath soak. This luxurious spa experience can be recreated right in your own bathroom, with six of our favorite body-nourishing bath soak recipes.

The Supremely Relaxing Benefits of a Bath Soak

Before we get started, we’ll first go over HOW a hot bath soak can be beneficial for you. More than just a source for beauty and skin benefits, soaking in warm water also has soothing effects for the mind. This state of equilibrium allows us to quiet the senseless chatter of responsibilities and stress, and escape into a mini sea of our own making. This mental relaxation then translates to a soothing effect on the body, quieting inflammation that may have been causing you (or caused by) distress.

Beyond that, sinking deep into warm water provides the correct temperature and pressure to aid in better breathing and lung expansion. After your soak, revel in your balanced internal body temperature, relaxed muscles and joints, and enjoy the increased chance of a better night’s sleep. Did you know that soaking in a warm bath for only 20 minutes can also help regulate blood sugar in the same way that a moderate workout does? Stay tuned for more benefits of these sumptuous dips below!

Floral Bath Soak

Picture a steaming tub, laden with fragrant rose petals, softly crackling candles and all the natural body wash your heart desires (might we recommend French Lavender Shower Gel, milady?). Make it a reality by infusing your bath with real rose petals to soften and condition the skin. We already know that rose has the power to soothe skin inflammation. Appreciate less redness, less itching and irritation, and overall calmer skin after soaking in your rose water bath.

As rose is healing by nature, your rose soak will also promote healthy skin cell generation. In addition to being healing and antibacterial, one of the amazing qualities of rose is to help balance the skin’s pH levels. You can boost your bath with rose by adding in fresh organic rose petals, by adding pure rose water to your bath, or organic rose essential oil to your full tub. Our personal favorite? A medley of all three.

Milk Bath Soak

We’ve all heard of milk and honey baths. They aren’t just a phrase, and we wish we indulged in these skin treats more often. Suffer from dry skin, itchy skin, or dull and tired looking skin? We know the feeling all too well, especially after surviving a brutally cold winter where outdoor extremes and constantly running heaters have wreaked havoc on our skin.

Milk naturally contains lactic acid, an ingredient that is a mild chemical exfoliant for skin which organically occurs in milk (also found in some other fruits, vegetables, and plants). Lactic acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid that is amazing for removing that dead layer of skin that just makes us look dull and dry. Just remember to hydrate and protect from the sun after use of this AHA (very important)! After you see how smooth and hydrated your skin looks and feels, spending an extra minute or two applying a natural sunscreen will feel well worth it.

PRO TIP: Short on time? Try a ready-made bath soak that’s full of floral essence, like our Lavender Sea Therapy Bath Salts.

*Vegan* Milk Bath Soak

This list wouldn’t be complete without a vegan milk bath option, so of course we looked to coconut and almond milk alternatives to fill the void. These milks are particularly hydrating for the skin, as both nuts they are derived from have high protein and vitamin E quantities. This means they’re super conditioning for the skin! However, to get that same brightening quality as a traditional milk bath, add lime or lemon juice, ginger, or a bit of baking soda for the same gently exfoliating effect.

ACV Bath Soak

Three little letters – one major game changer. If you haven’t already started incorporating apple cider vinegar into your beauty routine, now is the perfect time to start. This elixir is amazing for hydrating, toning, and boosting glow. Look to ACV to detoxify the skin and restore pH, literally making you glow from the inside out – and say bye bye to summertime B.O. which tends to strike during that time of the month. Another benefit of apple cider vinegar bath soaks is that they can soothe sunburn and for some, soothe bacterial infections (consult with your medical professional to learn more about this little-known tip!). ACV can even brighten and tone your hair! Simply add a cup or two to your bath, and enjoy sunny looking skin post bathing.

Herbal Bath Soak

Essential oils are a great addition to your bath and makes this DIY spa experience easy and to the point. Be sure to balance essential oils with a carrier oil such as grapeseed, almond, or coconut oils for the best results. Here are some of our favorite essential oils for bathing based on their beneficial properties:

  • For calming: Lavender, chamomile and bergamot. While lavender soothes itchiness and helps prepare you for a restful sleep, bergamot is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

  • Reducing soreness: Peppermint and clove oils. These two stimulating essential oils help support balanced blood flow to reduce any tightness and soreness around the body. This blend also works well for headaches!

  • Brightening: Citrus oils and extracts including lemon, lime, mandarin, neroli, grapefruit, and sandalwood. Check out how your skin absolutely glows after a bath in all this pure goodness! Toss in fresh citrus peel or citrus zest for an even more authentic spa feel.

Aloe Bath Soak

We’re hesitant to play favorites, but aloe is certainly one of the most skin beneficial ingredients we utilize here at 100% PURE™. A major reason is because of how soothing it is for your skin: it can help to heal and calm scrapes, sores, burns and chapped, dry, or cracked skin.

Not only is it lightweight and hydrating (meaning it’s compatible with virtually any skin type), aloe is also amazing for all over the body, from scalp to toes. That is exactly why we’re naming it as one of our ideal additions to your bedtime bath soak routine! Want to feel calmed, refreshed, and relaxed before taking a snooze? A couple sprigs of lavender and mint, Epsom salt, and a cup or two of aloe will have you feeling right as night rain. Especially useful after a long day at the beach, or to calm symptoms of common skin irritations.

Sake Bath Soak

Skin tightening, brightening, and softening all in one soak? Would hopping into the tub right this second be an enthusiastic enough ‘yes, please’?! Look for increased circulation from this Japanese fermented rice water drink, resulting in super glowing skin and ache relief if you’ve got any lingering post-workout soreness. Kojic acid is naturally occurring in sake as a result of the rice fermentation process, and is a powerful player for supporting tighter, brighter, more youthful looking skin.

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Using expert tips and a natural shaving cream can turn your next shower session into a spa experience Posted on May 29, 2019 Written by: 100% PURE®

America’s least favorite pastime: shaving. Whether you’re shaving just your face or the whole enchilada (legs, arms, back, etc), we can all agree shaving is more of a chore than a hobby. It can also be especially painful when you aren’t using the correct tools, shaving cream, or techniques.

Luckily, we’re here to address your top shaving concerns with ten super helpful shaving tips, to make the whole experience a little less daunting – and perhaps even more enjoyable! We’ll help your skin feel a lot calmer, more hydrated, and infinitely smoother. Keep reading below for our top shaving tips!

Top 10 Shaving Tips
  1. Slow down

    Channel your inner tortoise for this one, using their mantra of slow and steady. This tip seems obvious enough – but it’s hard to slow down when you’re trying to power through a task that you’re not super thrilled about. When rushing through shaving you’re more likely to slip, resulting in nicks on skin and even fingernails, while significantly upping your risk for razor burn. Ouch! If you find this tip difficult to pull off, try putting on your favorite podcast before starting your shaving session, to help you mellow out while listening and multitasking.

  2. Go with the grain

    Just like wood, your skin has a “grain” to it. No amount of shaving cream is going to help when you’re shaving against the natural direction of your hair growth. Shaving against the grain will increase your chances of dreaded razor burn, as well as ingrown hairs and unsightly bumps.

  3. Shower first, shave second

    Our skin needs moisture and craves warmth. By showering first before applying shaving cream, you’ll be setting your skin up for shaving success. The extra water and warm temps help to open up your skin’s pores, exposing the hairs better which make it easier to get the closest shave possible. Showering first also ensures that your skin will be free of dirt, oil, and impurities – which you won’t want hanging around when your pores are exposed during shaving.

  4. Exfoliate for fewer bumps

    The results of a poorly performed shaving session are razor bumps and ingrown hairs. This shaving woe is super common in the bikini area and beards. Help fight bumps and ingrown hairs by taking the time to exfoliate first, to eliminate any buildup of dead skin cells on the skin before applying shaving gel. This pre-shave addition will help stop the hairs from popping out, as they take a proverbial U-turn back into your follicles. You can use the antioxidant rich Acai Pulp Facial Scrub, a DIY body scrub of your own, or even opt for a stimulating coffee scrub to exfoliate pre-shave.

  5. Lightly press

    When it comes to holding sharp razor blades against your skin, GENTLE is the name of the game. While it might seem like a good idea to press down (to get a closer shave), it’s actually doing more harm than good. When you press too hard with the razor, you’re setting yourself up for more irritation or an extremely painful nick. So when gliding that razor across your skin, use a light touch!

  1. Rinse, shave, repeat

    Just like The Karate Kid learned from Mr. Miyagi, there is a repetitive process to all things – and the art of shaving is no different. To get the best possible shave: after applying shaving cream, take one short gentle swipe of the razor. Rinse the razor completely in warm water, then take another gentle, short swipe. Swipe on, rinse off, swipe on, rise off, and so on. By making sure you rinse off the shaving cream after every pass, you’ll have a cleaner blade with no shaving cream or hairy buildup and a less patchy shave job.

  2. Use effective tools

    We love to squeeze the very last bit out of ALL our products – but there comes a point when you’re simply using an old, bad tool. Depending on how often you shave, you’ll need to replace your razor blade about every five to eight shaving sessions. Remember: a razor blade needs to be sharp in order to NOT cause skin irritation.

  3. Use good shaving cream

    What does it take to be a ‘good’ shaving cream? Well, the first requirement is to be a natural shaving cream: made without drying fragrances, synthetic ingredients, or alcohol. The second must is that your shaving cream is chock full of skin beneficial ingredients. Bonus qualities of the perfect shaving cream are that it’s rich, creamy, and not foamy (full of air). You’re looking for the Goldilocks of shaving cream, where a little goes a long way, and the formula can actually benefit your skin.

    Thankfully, your search is over: we’ve got the best shaving cream for any shave job. Our unsung hero, Pink Grapefruit Seaweed Shaving Cream is a super emollient formula that allows for the closest shave ever! Formulated with real seaweed and three moisturizing oils (sea buckthorn, argan, and coconut), our natural shaving cream will leave your skin baby soft. Additions of green tea and natural herbs work to protect your delicate skin, while a boost of energizing citrus essential oils uplift your senses. Yep – pretty sure this one qualifies as more than ‘good’!

  4. Practice proper angles

    To avoid nicks and gouges, start by holding your razor at a ninety-degree angle then slowly angle down to about a forty-five-degree angle. This will help keep your skin safe while shaving!

  5. Apply Argan oil first

    If you’ve got days (or weeks) of regrowth needing a trim, try applying a lightweight oil like argan oil before you shave. Applying this oil post cleanse and pre-shave can help to soften hair and lubricate the cuticle, for a closer, more effective shave and a hydrating leg up for your shaving cream.

Shaving Tips for Specific Areas

When shaving your legs…

Make sure to be generous with your shaving cream, applying a thick layer to make the shaving experience easier and smoother.

When shaving your underarms…

Pull your skin taut with your other hand to help get a closer shave. Only pass the razor over your sensitive armpit area one to two times, to avoid skin irritation.

When shaving your bikini area…

Always start with moistened skin and a generous amount of shaving cream. Work from the outside in with short, even strokes.

When shaving your face…

If you’re starting with a substantial beard hair, first use clippers to trim down the hair before using a razor – this will help to avoid quickly dulling and clogging your razor.

Now that you’ve got a few new shaving tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to tackle your next shaving session with ease, grace, and a skin-softening shaving cream. Say goodbye to those annoying little pieces of toilet paper – soon you’ll be nick-free and super smooth!

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Learn how YOU can help us save dogs from being tortured and eaten at the infamous Yulin Festival Posted on May 26, 2019 Written by: 100% PURE®

Before we begin, a word from 100% PURE™ Founder Susie Wang:

I’m not exactly sure how my deep love for animals came to be. I haven’t always been this immensely compassionate (some would call me extreme) towards animals but one day, I realized we are the ones responsible for all their suffering. If WE didn’t pillage their homes and they weren’t forced to flee; if WE didn’t over-breed them as pets that quickly get abandoned once they stop being cute; if WE didn’t farm them to live their entire lives in filth and confinement, just to get executed for consumption; if WE didn’t shoot animals for ‘sport’ and poach them to extinction for no other reason than for a trophy; if WE didn’t grossly exploit and hurt animals in the millions of ways we do, I wouldn’t bear the burden of my heavy, broken heart that desperately, urgently wants to protect them.

Although we’ve contributed to many different causes and have seen and heard about the worst kinds of animal abuse, the Yulin dog festival is particularly horrifying and one that I'm extremely passionately against because the dogs aren’t just killed – they’re tortured to death. These dogs go through extreme suffering in the most gruesome ways because it is believed that their meat tastes better when they die with high adrenaline. For example, live dogs get thrown into boiling water or get electrocuted while festival attendees stand by, spectating.

My partners and co-founders, Ric Kostick and James Wang, along with our team have made it our mission to help save as many dogs as possible from this atrocity. We’ve curated sets for which 100% of all proceeds go directly to ending and saving dogs from this dreadful mass torture and slaughter. In addition, we, the founders of 100% PURE™, will be making additional financial contributions as we have done so many times before. The benefactors of the majority of my personal wealth is for the ending of animal cruelty, as saving animals is a matter of life and death for me.

James, Ric, our 100% PURE™ team, and myself work tirelessly to do everything we can to help end animal suffering and we are only able to do so because of the support from you, our loyal fans. And for this, we sincerely thank you. 100% PURE™ fans provide the resources and give us the voice to make a huge impact. In the past, we’ve helped intercept trucks that carry the dogs to the festival and have safely placed them into sanctuaries. We produce very healthy, nutritious (and delicious, per our dogs feedback) dog food to feed both dogs in need and the hundreds of dogs we’ve saved.

Thank you for your continued support to help us become a bigger force, so that we can do more and more for animals. For those of you who prefer that our efforts are focused on improving humanity, thank you for supporting us as we also plant trees that have environmental and economical benefits to support impoverished families. As part of our social responsibility, we provide a meal for a shelter dog or a tree for a family needing economic help. We make it our customer's choice to choose the cause, because you are the reason why we can make a positive change in this world.

Susie Wang, Founder and Chief Creative Ambassador

Join Our Fight Against Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty has always been one of our top concerns. Our founder and expert formulator Susie Wang was first inspired to make 100% PURE a reality when she realized that big name cosmetic companies were still testing individual cosmetic ingredients on animals, even when the final product purported to be free of animal testing. Horrified by the cruelty and torture that our furry friends are subjected too, Susie made sure that all of our ingredients and products have been and will always be truly cruelty free.

But our fight doesn’t end there. We’re always looking to take the next step in the battle to end animal cruelty, and our mission this month is to rescue as many dogs possible from China's Yulin dog meat festival. While more needs to be done regarding slaughterhouse abuse, dog-eating, and animal cruelty in the US as well, we want to do all we can to save the lives of thousands of dogs who would otherwise be cruelly tortured and killed at the dog meat festival.

WARNING: Upsetting content related to animal cruelty below.

Stop Animal Cruelty at the Yulin Dog Festival

There has recently been an outpouring of anger – expressed by animal activists all over the world, high profile celebrities, and a crowd sourced petition – over the Yulin Festival. It’s also known as the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, and is held every year in Yulin, Guangxi, China during the Summer Solstice. The festival has been held annually since 2009, and covers a ten day period during which up to 15,000 dogs are tortured, murdered and consumed, along with cats and other animals. The festival represents animal cruelty at its most extreme, and is part of a larger picture of animal cruelty worldwide.

Widespread international digital protests against the Yulin dog festival have been staged since 2014, but the pitch of outrage reached a peak in 2017. Articles condemning the festival appeared in TIME, The New York Times and BBC, and celebrities like TV personality Lisa Vanderpump, George Lopez and the late Carrie Fisher all spearheaded passionate awareness-raising campaigns. Activists from past years released absolutely heart wrenching photos of the abuses and horrors that took place at previous festivals. The Humane Society and other animal charities applied pressure to the local Yulin government, and hashtags trended on Instagram and Twitter, resulting in the largest and most organized protest movement yet.

11 Million petitions later, the vile dog meat festival was allegedly taking dog meat off the menu in 2017, a few weeks before the festival. While animal activists celebrated this purported ban as a victory, it appeared that the traders were only ordered to not publicly display dog meat, and that the ban did not take place. Thousands of dogs are still at risk of being slaughtered and sold under the table at this year’s Yulin dog festival in June.

How to Make a Difference NOW

The senseless cruelty taking place at the Yulin dog meat festival inspires both fury and an urge to take action – that’s why we’ve created a way for you to make an immediate impact. 100% of the profits from the sale of these specially created sets will be donated to saving dogs from being tortured, and into a safe dog sanctuary. We’re working with charities that will save as many dogs as possible. Our founder Susie Wang will also be matching all donations up to $100,000. Please join us in making a difference.

A comprehensive treasure trove for mask lovers, this set is the perfect gift to give or keep in the name of rescuing dogs. This 13pc charitable gift set includes our hydrating hydrogel face masks, as well as our best-selling Korean sheet masks made from sustainable bamboo cloth.

Set Includes:

Green Tea Water Bomb Mask

Hyaluronic acid intensely hydrates skin. Antioxidants in green tea soothe redness and fight inflammation.

Caffeine Mask

Caffeine reduces sun damage and redness, while seaweed collagen plumps skin.

Ginseng Collagen Boost Mask

Korean red ginseng and Vitamin C boost collagen production and brighten.

Collagen Boost Sheet Mask

Revitalizing ginseng, retinol, and Vitamin C improve skin firmness and elasticity.

Deep Hydration Sheet Mask

Cucumber, hyaluronic acid, and plant ceramides lock in hydration for supple, soft skin.

Deep Hydration Sheet Mask

Cucumber, hyaluronic acid, and plant ceramides lock in hydration for supple, soft skin.

Wrinkle Smooth Sheet Mask

Anti-aging retinol, CoQ10, and Vitamin C promote a more youthful skin tone.

Does It All Sheet Mask

Brightens, firms, hydrates, and restores skin with vitamins and antioxidant rich plant-based ingredients.

Anti-Acne Sheet Mask

Purifies, calms, and works to repair inflamed skin suffering from both active breakouts and acne scarring.

Bright Eyes Mask 5 Pack

Caffeine from green tea and coffee brightens dark circles and depuffs tired eyes, while rehydrating skin with cooling moisture.

Fur-Free Vegan Brush Set (In-Store Exclusive)

A stylish and multi-tasking makeup brush set that’s both cruelty-free and charitable? Where do we sign up?! While this exclusive set is only available in 100% PURE™ stores, this gorgeous 7pc brush collection is more than worth the legwork. Each makeup brush features ultra soft vegan bristles, a shiny silver collar, and easy-grip wood handles.

Set Includes:

Cruelty Free Smudger Brush E20

The soft, condensed bristle head of this vegan eye shadow brush seamlessly blends and smudges both cream and powder eye shadow formulas for smokey, dramatic results.

Cruelty Free Retractable Lip Brush

Retractable brush wields a soft and narrow paint brush tip to apply color to lips. For applying lipstick with precision or blending lip liner.

Cruelty Free Dual Ended Eyebrow Brush

Dual eyebrow brush applies brow pomades with a precisely angled tip, then brushes hair into place and distributes pigment with spiral spoolie brush.

Cruelty Free Crease Brush E40

Vegan eye shadow brush fashioned with a small, fluffy tip for effortless blending. Soft bristles cleanly distribute to crease, inner corner, and brow bone.

Cruelty Free Flat Kabuki Brush F40

Ultra soft, cruelty-free brush ideal for applying liquid and cream foundations, tinted moisturizers, liquid highlighters, or cream blushes.

Cruelty Free Powder Brush F50

This plush, oversized powder brush covers maximum surface area with pillowy strokes. Full, vegan bristles evenly distribute both powder foundations and translucent setting powder.

Animals are sentient beings who can feel pain, love, fear, and sadness. At 100% PURE, we don’t believe in inflicting suffering on creatures who have these capabilities. It’s with enormous respect for animals and a commitment to humanitarianism (yes, animal suffering is a humanitarian concern) that we will continue on our mission of cruelty free products that change the landscape of the beauty industry and beyond.

Our efforts to rescue as many dogs as we can from the Yulin dog festival is one big step in our journey towards ending animal cruelty, and we’ll continue to fight until we see it end everywhere as well. Please join us in making a difference!

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