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Quizzes are fun! It’s fun to find out what summer beverage you are or which BTS member matches your personality. Viral content sites like Buzzfeed are known for their quizzes. In fact, they have a page just for quizzes.

Apart from being just fun, quizzes help a lot in increasing website engagement, getting social shares, and capturing leads. That’s the reason why viral sites keep publishing new quizzes all the time. And I’m sure you may have also come across a quiz on social media.

If you’re looking for a quiz plugin for WordPress, you’re at the right place. In this article, I have compiled a list of the top 10 WordPress quiz plugins both free and premium.

But first, let us take a look at why do you need a quiz plugin.

Let’s get started.

Why Do You Need A WordPress Quiz Plugin?

Quizzes have become widely popular as they generate tons of social shares. In a nutshell, quizzes are traffic generating machines.

Quizzes can help you in the following ways:

  1. Get more traffic to your website.
  2. Engage your website users.
  3. Capture leads.
  4. Grow your business.

The best part is that you can use quizzes in various scenarios. Whether you’re using a quiz for fun purposes, or as a serious method of growing your business, there’s no denying the fact that you’ll see positive results.

That being said, let’s take a look at the top WordPress quiz plugins.

1. Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is probably one of the best quiz plugins for WordPress. With this plugin, you can create highly engaging quizzes that will help you get social shares, traffic, and subscribers to your email list.

Thrive Quiz Builder lets you create three types of quizzes:

  1. Number: Display the final result as a number.
  2. Percentage: Display the final result as a percentage.
  3. Personality: Display the find result as a category.

You can create complex quizzes in just minutes without any coding. There are three quiz templates available namely:

  1. Build from scratch: Build a quiz entirely from scratch without any predefined settings.
  2. List building: Quiz optimized for building an email list.
  3. Social shares: Quiz optimized for social shares.

You can create beautiful social sharing badges to encourage users to share the quiz. You can also change the background and the overall design of your quiz to make it not only attractive, but also aligned to your brand.

Here are the features available in this plugin:

  • 3 Quiz Types
  • Individual Question Stats
  • Social Sharing Stats
  • 3 Quiz Templates
  • Badge Editor
  • Easy Quiz Builder
  • Question Weighting
  • Dynamic Results
  • Opt-in Gates
  • A/B Testing
  • 2 Question Types: Image And Text
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Beautiful Quiz Dashboard

Thrive Quiz Builder has all the features a good WordPress quiz plugin should have. The plugin costs $67 for use on a single site. You can also get the 5-site license which costs $97 or the 15-site license which costs $147.

2. WP Quiz Pro

WP Quiz Pro is a WordPress quiz plugin by MyThemeShop. You can create awesome quizzes with this plugin.

The plugin lets you create 5 different types of quizzes. These are:

  1. Facebook Quiz: User has to login with Facebook to give the quiz.
  2. Swiper Quiz: Swipe left or right to give your answers.
  3. Personality Quiz: Quizzes based on your personality.
  4. Flip Card Quiz: Flip the card to see the answer.
  5. Trivia Quiz: General trivia quizzes.

The plugin lets you create fully customizable quizzes in minutes. You can create multi-page or single-page quizzes.

You can also embed the quiz anywhere using iframe. With WP Quiz Pro, there is no limit to the number of questions you want to add in your quiz. You can also randomize the questions of your quiz.

One great feature of this plugin is that you can show ads in your quiz. This is a good way to monetize your quiz.

Here’s a rundown of the features available in WP Quiz Pro:

  • Full Customizable
  • 5 Quiz Types
  • Single-Page And Multi-Page Quizzes
  • Embed Quiz Using iframe
  • Add Unlimited Number Of Questions
  • Randomize Questions
  • Show Ads In Quiz
  • Mailchimp & GetResponse Integration
  • Show Image Or Youtube Video In Quiz
  • Randomize Answers
  • Option To Restart Quiz
  • Fully Responsive
  • Show Ads After Every Nth Question
  • Add Quiz Using Shortcodes
  • Integrated Comments
  • Multilingual
  • Secure And Stable
  • Works With Any Theme
  • 23 Animation Effects
  • Countdown Timer
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Facebook Open Graph Support
  • Twitter Cards Support

That’s a lot of features for a quiz plugin. The plugin costs $77 for use on 5 websites.

3. Interact Quiz Builder

Interact is another awesome quiz building plugin in this list. With Interact, you can create stunning quizzes that generate social shares and capture leads.

You can customize the entire design of your quiz with their quiz builder. On top of that, Interact Quiz Builder lets you add your own logo to make your quiz completely white-labelled.

There’s also an opt-in form builder in this plugin which helps you build opt-in forms for your quiz. There are over 100 quiz templates that you can use right away.

You will love this plugin if you’re looking for a plugin to create complex quizzes. With Interact, you can create branching logics which will show different questions based on the user’s answers to previous questions.

There are three types of quizzes you can create with Interact:

  1. Personality
  2. Assessments
  3. Scored (Tally)

The plugin offers detailed analytics including drop-off graphs, individual question statistics, and lead insights.

Here are the features of Interact Quiz Builder:

  • Customizable Design
  • Personalized Branding
  • Free Stock Images
  • Opt-in Form Builder
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Drop-off Graphs
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Works With Website Builders
  • 20+ Email Marketing Integrations

When it comes to the pricing, Interact Quiz Builder is a bit expensive as it costs $29 per month.

4. Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz And Survey Master is a free WordPress plugin for creating surveys and quizzes. You can create different type of quiz questions. These are:

  1. Multiple Choice
  2. True or False
  3. Open Answer
  4. Drop Down
  5. Multiple Response
  6. Fill in the Blank
  7. Number
  8. Captcha

The plugin is very simple and doesn’t have much fancy features. But it still is a great plugin for creating quizzes. Here is a list of features available in this plugin:

  • Social share buttons
  • Schedule the quiz or survey
  • Enable comment boxes for each question
  • Enable hints for questions
  • Keep track of how long the user takes on the quiz or survey
  • Set time limits

There are premium add-ons available for this plugin. These add-ons include URL parameters, Google Analytics tracking, Mailchimp integration, and more.

5. WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

As the name suggests, you can create quizzes like Buzzfeed with this awesome plugin. It’s also the most selling quiz plugin on CodeCanyon which shows how great it is.

You can create two types of quizzes with WordPress Viral Quiz:

  1. Personality Quiz
  2. Trivia Quiz

You can collect emails from the users, display ads, or show sharing buttons with this plugin. The Google Analytics tracking helps track your quiz players and social shares.

Here is a rundown of the features available in this WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Works On Every Theme
  • 2 Quiz Types
  • Random Quizzes
  • Fully Responsive
  • Display Ads In Your Quiz
  • Multi-Page Quizzes
  • Capture Leads From The Quiz
  • Integrate Quizzes Anywhere
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • 2 Templates For Quizzes
  • Multilingual
  • Share Buttons

The plugin is quite affordable at the price of $36 and has some great features.

6. Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow, Form & Story Article

This free WordPress plugin by OpinionStage lets you create quizzes, polls, surveys, slideshows, forms, and story articles. And you can manage all these from one dashboard.

There are premade templates you can use and create quizzes in minutes. You can show sharing buttons, display ads, and capture leads using this plugin.

You can create personality and trivia quizzes with this plugin. The plugin lets you integrate images and videos in your quizzes.

Here are the features available in this WordPress plugin:

  • Personality And Trivia Quizzes
  • Integrate Images And Videos
  • Display Ads
  • Add Pixel Tracking
  • Detailed Quiz Statistics
  • Drop-off Report
  • Export Results To XIS Or CSV File
  • Randomize Answers
  • Add CTA At The End Of The Quiz

The plugin has many features to offer and is free which means you should definitely give it a try.

7. Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat is another free WordPress quiz plugin that promises to help you get more user engagement, social shares, and email subscribers.

You can create quizzes effortlessly using this plugin. The plugin lets you create unlimited number of quizzes with any number of questions you want.

Quiz Cat lets you display custom messages on quiz completion. Just like other quiz plugins mentioned in this list, Quiz Cat also lets you randomize answers to your quiz questions.

Here are the features of this quiz builder plugin:

  • Easy Quiz Builder
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Unlimited Number Of Quizzes
  • Unlimited Number Of Questions
  • Randomize Answers
  • Shortcode Support
  • Multilingual Support

The plugin is free and really simple to use. If you’re looking for a free WordPress plugin, this deserves a shot.

8. Watu Quiz

Watu Quiz is also a free WordPress quiz plugin. Though, they also offer a pro version of their plugin named Watu Pro.

With Watu Quiz, you can create exams and quizzes and display the result immediately. You can assign a grade to each question in your quiz.

You can create single-choice and multiple-choice questions with this plugin. You can also create open end questions with Watu Quiz.

Here is the list of features available in this plugin:

  • Single-Choice Questions
  • Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Open-End Questions (Essays)
  • Randomize Questions
  • Assign Grades To Questions
  • Export Results To CSV
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Facebook Sharing
  • Mailchimp Integration

For a free plugin, these features are really great. This plugin is a good choice for you if you want to create a serious quiz or exam for your audience.

9. LearnDash Quiz

LearnDash Quiz is another great solution for creating engaging quizzes for your audience. There are 8 types of quizzes you can create with this plugin.

These are:

  1. Single-Choice
  2. Multiple-Choice
  3. Essays
  4. Fill in the blank
  5. Sorting
  6. Matching
  7. Survey
  8. Free Text

When it comes to quiz types, this plugin has an edge over other plugins as there are unique types of quizzes you can create.

You can create question banks and organize them into categories. You can also insert images, video, and audio in your questions.

You can randomize both questions and answers. Another great feature of this plugin is that you can limit the number of attempts to the quiz.

Here’s an overview of the features available in LearnDash Quiz:

  • Images, Video, And Audio In Quiz
  • Limit The Number Of Attempts
  • Flexible Question Display
  • Block Pro8 Quiz Types
  • Randomize Questions And Answers
  • Create Question Banks
  • Insert Regression
  • Provide Hints
  • Award Certificates And Levels
  • Display Leaderboards
  • Dynamic Results Display
  • Question Review
  • Answer Statistics
  • Email Results
  • Essay Review

LearnDash is actually a LMS and LearnDash Quiz is a part of this LMS. Due to this, the pricing is a bit expensive. You can get LearnDash LMS with all their features including LearnDash Quiz at $159 for a single site.

10. Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On

If you use Gravity Forms, you’re going to love their quiz add-on. With this, you can create quizzes easily.

You can not create too fancy quizzes with this add-on but it still is very effective. Here are the features of Gravity Forms Quiz Add-on:

  • Seamless Integration
  • Easy to Use
  • Custom Grading
  • Conditional Logic

To use this, you’ll obviously have to get Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms costs $59 for a single site. You can also get the 3-site license which costs $159 or the unlimited site license which costs $259.

So, these are the top 10 WordPress quiz plugins. But how do you decide which one is perfect for you?

Well, here are my recommendations for the best quiz plugin based on different criteria.

Conclusion: Which is the best WordPress quiz plugin for you?
I Want A Free WordPress Quiz Plugin
Quiz And Survey Master is my recommendation here because of the number of quiz types you can create with this plugin.

It’s free and there are a lot of features that will help you create quizzes that can go viral on social media.
I Want A Quiz Plugin That Lets Me Create Sorting & Matching Quizess
There’s a reason why LearnDash Quiz is mentioned in this list. And that’s because you can create sorting and matching quizzes.

If you’re bored with the traditional quizzes you see everywhere on social media, you should definitely try out LearnDash Quiz because you can create unique quizzes with it.

Yes, it’s a little expensive but it’s all worth it.
I Want A Quiz Plugin With A/B Testing
This one surely goes to Thrive Quiz Builder as it’s the only plugin here that supports A/B testing. By split testing quizzes, you can learn a lot about how you should create your quizzes and what attracts your audience the most.
I Want A Quiz Plugin That Displas Ads in the Quiz
WP Quiz Pro is the best WordPress quiz plugin that lets you display ads in your quiz. Apart from this, it’s also one of the best plugins mentioned in this list.

So, I would highly recommend it.
I Want The Best WordPress Quiz Plugin
My vote again goes to Thrive Quiz Builder. It’s the best. At the price of $67, you get all the great features you would want in a quiz plugin.

There are different quiz types available, multiple quiz templates, A/B testing, and what not. If you’re looking for the best quiz builder plugin, it is Thrive Quiz Builder.

So, these were my recommendations on the best WordPress plugins you should be using. If there’s any suggestions for a quiz plugin, feel free to mention it below in the comments.

Also, let me know what quiz plugin will you be using for your website.

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Are you planning to sell digital products in WordPress site?

If yes, you are in luck. There are a good number of WordPress themes available for selling digital products.

But don’t sweat yet, because I won’t let you go and search among the hundred of themes to choose one that suits your taste and need. To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a list a top 18 themes to use to sell your digital products on WordPress.

There are different options that you can choose depending on your business needs. Check the ones that suit you and then compare them to find the one that works best for you.

This is absolutely 10x easier than checking the hundreds of themes available which are lower quality or doesn’t offer the best value.

Without further ado, let’s start with the first one.

1. Olam

Choose this theme if you are looking for a theme that supports both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Olam is a premium theme available on ThemeForest marketplace, with a 4.77-star rating. This indicates how much it is loved by its customers.

There are many plugins to help you sell your digital products. The two most popular are Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and WooCommerce.

This theme works perfectly with these 2, but it takes the pride in being one of the top themes to support every extension for EDD to modify your store as you need.

With the use of Easy Digital Downloads, you can easily sell anything that is created digitally like audio files, video files, stock images, software, icons and fonts, and prepackaged services. You could also easily build a marketplace to be the biggest known source when it comes to selling the type of product you are selling.

By default, it supports single vendor digital stores, but if you plan on having multiple vendors, then don’t worry because I told you they support the extensions related to Easy Digital Downloads. One of those is EDD Front End Submission which helps you to make a marketplace easily where anyone could submit their products to be sold on your site.


  • Pre-installed Unyson Page Builder.
  • Dark Theme Mode.
  • 3 Listing Styles.
  • Changing The Column Numbers.
  • Slider To Display Featured or Latest Products.
  • Sticky Header.
  • Custom Built Product Search Bar.
  • Video & Audio Previews.
  • Alternate Heading for Blog Posts, Pages, & Downlaods.
  • And much more.

You are literally getting a beast if you plan to use Easy Digital Downloads to create your digital store, whether it’s for a single vendor or for multiple ones. And for only $54, it is a no-brainer, considering the fact that you get future updates and 6 months of support.

2. Marketify

Choose this theme if you want to create a digital marketplace with Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

Marketify was created to be mainly a digital marketplace to help you get buyers and sellers in one place to get or sell their products.

It is sold on the ThemeForest marketplace, and it has an average rating of 4.2 stars. Not to mention that it was sold 4400 times, so it is safe to say that it’s good choice.

You can use it to sell any type of products like photographs, fonts, audio and video files.

And it is EDD supported, which means you can add their different extensions to create your powerful marketplace. You can also use it as a single vendor site.


  • Responsive Design.
  • Tons of Pre-Designed Templates.
  • Pages Built On Widgets. (No need to use a page builder)
  • Extensive Theme Documentation.

It is created by a power elite author, and you can get it for $69, which includes 6 months support and future updates.

3. Stocky

Choose this theme if you are going to create a stock photography marketplace.

Stocky is a premium theme to help you create a stock photography marketplace theme.

It is sold on ThemeForest and has an average rating of 4.47 stars and has over 1400 sales.

It is built on Easy Digital Downloads which you can easily get for free. This means you could also use the premium extensions to get more out of your marketplace, like allowing other users to post their stock images and so on.

You can also demo the admin page before purchasing to know how things will look like for you, the administrator.


  • Converting Adobe Lightroom Keywords to WordPress Tags.
  • Dedicated Pages for Home, Vendor Profile, Login/Register, & Contact.
  • Selling Multiple Images in one time.
  • Gravity Forms Styled and many more.

It is a great theme if you plan on creating a stock photos marketplace. And with the power of Easy Digital Downloads, it is easy to create a powerful marketplace without much technical info from you. You can get it for $62 with 6 months support and future updates.

4. Publisher

Choose this theme if you are going to sell eBooks.

Created by the team at Templatic, this theme is created for the people in the writing industry — from writers to publishers — to help them sell their books easily online.

Since it focuses on one niche, it provides you with the best possible solution if you are a writer or a publisher. Not only does it help you showcase your work, but it makes it easy for your to sell your ebooks online.

With the power of their Templatic Digital Downloads and Tevolution plugins, you can easily handle the process of receiving money and selling your products. You can also use the popular WooCommerce plugin, which comes with the theme.

Oh, and did I mention that they already come with your purchase, so no need to purchase anything extra as with the above themes. You can also sell using Amazon, if you want to.


  • Custom Registration Page.
  • Users Comments & Reviews.
  • Color Customization.
  • Blog Section.
  • Coupons & Promotion Setups.
  • Order Management System.

This theme is a beast for authors. It covers all their needs, making it easy to get your site up and running and selling your eBooks even if you don’t have much of a technology background.

You can get the 1-site licence for $59, the 5-site licence for $99, and for $299 you get access to all 99+ themes created by Templatic, which is not necessary unless you have other blogs to play with.

5. vApp

Choose this theme if you are going to sell Apps.

Sold on ThemeForest, vApp has a rating of perfect 5-stars.

It is created specifically to help you sell your app, with 29 pre-built pages already available and different styles to choose from.

You can also customize it even more using the built-in Elementor Plugin that helps you optimize your landing page with the easy to use drag and drop feature + the unlimited customizable options. You also get access to 39 custom Elementor add-ons that fit this theme, so you get a completely flexible theme.

It also integrates with WooCommerce to sell your products.

You can update everything in the Elementor plugin, including the header, and the edits will be live in minutes.

Not to mention how fast it loads, with 98 speed rating on Pingdom.

You also get support from their experts with a 24-hour response time.


  • MailChimp Integration.
  • Integration with Contact Form 7.
  • 15 Different Demos.
  • 14 Different Inner Page Designs.
  • 3 Blog Layout Styles.
  • 2 FAQ Options.
  • 3 Slider Variations to show your testimonial.
  • And much more

And it sells for $49, and includes 6 months support and future updates.

6. Scorilo

Choose this theme if you are going to use EDD with Elementor.

Scorilo is a theme created by the team at Wow Themes. It is an easy digital downloads theme that helps you sell your products. It also fully integrates with Elementor page builder, my favorite front page editor, with the easy drag and drop feature.


  • Easy Color Customization.
  • Different Element for Easy Customization.
  • Different Page Templates.
  • Slider.
  • Built-in Contact Form.

Having Easy Digital Downloads with Elementor is the ultimate option to customize the front end and the back end, so you can easily customize how your site displays, how you sell your products, how to accept payments, and so on.

And with the extra features you get from the paid add-ons on Easy Digital Downloads, you have a lot of customization options to create a full-fledged store or a marketplace.

You can get the theme for a one-time payment of $49.

7. Mayosis

Choose this theme if you are going to create a digital marketplace with EDD.

Created recently in 2018, this theme already has a 5-star average rating and over 160 sales. It is available on the Themeforest marketplace.

With Mayosis, you can easily create a store to sell anything from art, templates, music, fonts, courses, graphics, software, services and other kinds of digital products.

It is a Easy Digital Downloads supported theme, which means they integrate easily with their free or paid extensions.


  • WPBakery Page Builder.
  • Support for Contact Form 7.
  • Front End Submission Support.
  • One Click Demo Installation.
  • Live Cart Functionality.
  • Stats & Counter for Downloads.
  • Sticky Header
  • And many more.

This theme is a great one to check at $59, and includes 6 months of support and future updates.

8. DGWork

Choose this theme if you are looking for a theme with EDD and Visual Composer support.

DG Work is another powerful theme that is available on the Themeforest marketplace. It has a rating of 4.56 stars.

It is a perfect solution to help you sell your digital products like videos, audios, photography, graphic designs and more.

It deeply integrates with the Easy Digital Downloads theme, which means you can add any of the integration that’s available for free or for a fee to help you run a full-fledged marketplace.


  • Product Page Customization with Visual Composer.
  • Product Templates.
  • Support Subscription Based Business.
  • One Click Demo Import.
  • Detailed Documentation.

You get access to all of this for $56.

9. Edigital

Choose this theme if you are looking for a freemium theme that supports EDD.

Edigital is a theme created by the team at Mystery Themes to help you create your digital store.

The best part about this theme is, they have a free option to try it, and a premium option that comes with extra features. But I got to say that I am impressed with the quality they give in the free theme. You really need to check it out as they over delivered here.

It is Easy Digital Downloads compatible, and that means you can use the plugin to sell your products easily and even use the extensions to create your full-fledged store.

You have different skin color options to choose from and color palette to suit your taste. You can customize it even more if you want to.

You get access to the WooCommerce plugin, edit top header section, change the header or footer layouts, have sticky header feature and much more with the pro version. You get access to it for $55.

10. Digital Products

Choose this theme if you are looking for a free theme.

Digital products is a free theme that is available on the WordPress theme directory. It is created by the team at WP Digi Pro.

It already has 200+ installs, and is used on many sites to create their digital product store.

It can help you sell your software, graphics, PDFs, or other product types. You can even create your membership for people to get your product.

It comes with the SiteOrigin drag and drop page builder to customize your site. You can easily sell your products using their premium WP Digi Pro plugin or even use the Easy Digital Downloads, but it is not deeply integrated.

It has a detailed documentation to check out.

Great option, but if you want more options, then check other themes available.

11. Digital Downloads Theme

Choose this theme if you are going to sell unlimited digital items.

Created by the team at Premium Press, WordPress Digital Downloads theme enables you to create your digital downloads site today with their responsive design.


  • You can easily have free or paid products to download.
  • You can easily have the option for people to share to download your product.
  • Easily sell unlimited software items, with unlimited categories
  • There is also member profile already available.
  • You could also show your users their order history & invoices.

It offers different options from other themes that integrates with EDD, but it’s still not a full-fledged theme like others, IMO. It may save you some money on some of the features that are available on paid integration in Easy Digital Downloads, but in the end, there are more features you desire to add but can’t.

You can get it for $79.

12. SalesJunction

Choose this theme if you are looking for a theme that supports both eCommerce and Digital Items.

Created by the team at Ink Themes, Sales Junction is a theme you could use to not only sell your digital items, but also all your e-commerce products.

You can easily add products into the specified page just like adding a new post.

You get access to other features like:

  • A contact form is available for easy reach to you and so you don’t lose any customer.
  • 7 color schemes to choose from depending on the brand you are creating
  • a slider available to use to display your product
  • Can add custom templates
  • 24/7 support available

This is a full-fledged plugin where you don’t need the Easy Digital Downloads extension, but it comes with a hefty price of $97. Check it out. It offers different solution, and it may just be what you need.

13. Marketica

Choose this theme if you are looking for a multi-purpose eCommerce theme.

Marketica is a theme that is available on the Theme Forest marketplace, but it is not focused on digital products. It can help you sell digital products and create a marketplace or e-commerce site.

It integrates with many plugins like:

  • WooCommerce to create a standard shop
  • WC Vendors to create a marketplace
  • Dokan to create a multi-vendor e-commerce site. You can use either the lite or the pro version depending on the features you need
  • WooThemes Product Vendors to create a marketplace using the WooCommerce product vendors plugin

And there is a demo for each one of these that you could check out on the sales page.

Not to mention that it supports other plugins like:

  • Visual composer which is included
  • Revolution slider which is included
  • Ubermenu which needs to be purchased
  • WPML which needs to be purchased

It is a great theme that is..

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If you have an education-based project and wondering what would be the perfect theme for your site, then you are in for a treat.

There are tens of thousands of WordPress themes available online, but most of them are not designed for education-based sites. I am sure you’ve already started surfing some of the marketplaces and struggling to find the right one for you.

To make things easier, I am going to share a list of top 15 education WordPress themes, both free and premium. And this list is updated for 2019, so don’t worry. We got you covered with all the best and most recent themes.

Things To Know Before Choosing An Education Theme

There are mainly two types of education WordPress themes. One for selling online courses. And another one is for educational organizations like schools, colleges, and universities.

You need to be a bit careful to choose the right theme for you. Here are a few things you need to know before selecting an education theme.

Online Courses: If you are going to create a site for online courses, then you need to make sure that the theme is powered by a good Learning Management System (LMS). At the same time, it should support your desired payment methods.

Educational Organizations: If you are going to create a site for education organizations like school, college, or university, you need to make sure that the theme is offering different types of homepage layouts. At the same time, it should be highly customizable.

Now let’s get started with the first theme of our list.

1. WPLMS Theme

If you have a courses-based online education business, then you will need a complete learning management system. And sometimes you pay a recurring monthly fee to have these features on your site, but with WPLMS, you won’t.

Not only will you have a great education theme that suits your topic and that you could customize, but you will also have a complete learning management system that allows you to create an amazing learning experience for people who purchase your courses.


  • Front end course creator to make it easy to create your courses.
  • Course management to easily have a quick look about how your course is doing and easily manage it.
  • User dashboards.
  • Activity recording to know what your students are loving and doing with your course.
  • Collaborate with other constructors and profit.
  • Easily add quizzes and questions.
  • Make it easy to upload assignments.
  • Award badges and certificates to give your course extra credibility.
  • And much more.

The theme is updated frequently, and the team did a very good job with the theme. It has been downloaded 20k+ times and has a 4.51 star-rating, which is amazing for a theme that costs only $69.

2. Education WP

With the new 4.0 version released, this theme is compatible with the latest WordPress update, the 5.0. It is also compatible with the Elementor plugin — one of my favorite page builders.

You can use for multiple purposes like school, university or for selling online courses. They have multiple demos to demonstrate the power of this theme.

It integrates with the LearnPress plugin to offer you the capabilities of a learning management system.


  • Drag & drop course builder.
  • Sell courses directly on your site without housing a full e-commerce system like PayPal, Stripe, authorize.net, 2Checkout and offline payment.
  • Easily integrate with paid membership pro to sell courses membership.
  • Easily manage the commission rate.
  • Create a discussion forum with bbPress.
  • Build a community on your site using BuddyPress.
  • Easily install any of the demos on your site with a 1-click install option.

It is also one of the top selling themes on the ThemeForest marketplace with over 17k downloads and 4.78 star rating. And it will cost $69.

3. Education Themes Bundle

What about not just getting 1 theme, but getting 5 themes instead, and all with multiple demos.

Well, Themes Groove does just that for you, offering you a wide range of flexible options to help you get the perfect option that suits you and your needs.

The theme integrates with the LearnPress LMS to help you create engaging courses and sell them on your site.


  • Support multiple payment systems to accept payments like PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer & Checks.
  • A course analytics to understand what content is helping your students and where are they stuck.
  • Easily add content, lessons, & quizzes.
  • Grade quizzes automatically without much work from you.
  • The ability to drip the content to be shown at a specific time after registering.
  • Track the progress of your learner and see a detailed review.

Did I mention that you can import demo in one click? This way, you have a wide range of options to choose from, and you can easily install the one that you want.

4. Masterstudy Education

Masterstudy Education is created by the team at Stylemix Themes and is sold on the ThemeForest marketplace.

It offers a unique feature where you can import Udemy courses to your site and earn a commission on every sale. It offers amazing different demos that you could easily 1-click import into your site, offering you the different ways to use this theme in different scenarios.


  • Great user friendly interface.
  • Accept online payments using PayPal or Stripe.
  • Easily add questions in a lesson.
  • Easily create quizzes with limited time.
  • A messaging system so users can contact each other.
  • Sell memberships using paid membership pro.
5. LMS WordPress Theme

LMS WordPress theme is created by the team at ThimPress and is sold on the ThemeForest marketplace. This is the same team which created the Education WP Theme.

The LMS WordPress theme uses LearnPress for the LMS capabilities, which is the #1 free LMS plugin for WordPress.

You have access to features like:

  • Create your course using the drag & drop builder.
  • Sell your course directly using PayPal payment gateway, 2Checkout, Stripe, aAuthorize.net, and offline payment.
  • User-focused learning experience like the ones you get on Udemy, Lynda, Teachable and Thinkific.
  • Sell memberships using the LearnPress Paid Memberships Pro plugin.
  • Create your own course landing page and then embed the enroll shortcode to integrate it with your system

With its high loading speed and the features available in this theme, it is a great one to consider.

6. Educat

Educat is a beautiful and modern designed education WordPress theme which is sold on TemplateMonster for $98. This multi-functional theme is a right choice for online class, school, college or university websites.

This fully responsive theme is highly customizable. There are already 71+ homepages created to help you choose the one that suits your need.


  • Built on the KingComposer drag & drop page builder that makes it easy to create powerful pages and powerful courses.
  • Comes with a custom slider, galleries, and events.
  • Comes with 40+ King Composer add-ons, 15+ Educat add-ons to help you create a powerful learning experience.
  • Different shortcodes to make it easy to edit the theme and add the parts you want.
7. School

School is a clean and light design WordPress theme for schools, classes, and other educational programs. This fully responsive theme is developed by the team at MyThemeShop.


  • One-Click Demo Installation.  
  • Users can rate posts/content.
  • Optimized for fast performance.
  • Easily change the color from the dashboard.
  • Different post type like the event post type to share scheduled events.
8. Skilled

Skilled is a great theme sold on the ThemeForest marketplace.

It can help you create a complete Learning Management System. You can do that by integrating the “Sensei” plugin, the best WooCommerce plugin to easily create your courses and sell it on WordPress, which you need to purchase separately and which can be a con for this theme.


  • Easily make it viewable for displaying the progress of the current course for users.
  • Course analytics to provide an overview of the content & grades.
  • Easily allows you to charge for courses with WooCommerce integration.
  • Create quizzes to test your learners.
  • Have the quizzes graded automatically.
  • Get the Sensei certificates extension to help you add certificates for your course.
  • Create badges.
  • And much more.

There are already 6 color skins available to choose from. Choose the one that suits your branding and the audience that you want to target.

9. Academica Pro

Academica Pro is a great choice for educational organization. It offers 3-column homepage layout and event calendar integration. This theme is developed by the team at WPZOOM. The 3.0 update is a huge one because it comes with many new features.


  • 3 menus in the header instead of 2.
  • 4 Homepage templates.
  • Color styles for widgets.
  • WooCommerce support which is huge to sell your courses.
  • Comes with a featured slider that can appear on your pages as well as your posts.
  • Improved mobile navigation.
  • Social icons in the header.

You could also have an events integration with the free The Events Calendar plugin. The 1-click demo importer feature is here as well so that you don’t have to start from zero.

10. Education Center

Education Center is another theme sold on the ThemeForest marketplace created by the team at Theme REX.

It integrates with the LearnDash LMS to easily create your courses, add quizzes to make your courses more interactive, have timing and schedules for the lesson, create certificates & badges.


  • One-click demo installation.
  • Use any of the different headline styles.
  • Change the colors as you want.
  • Get started with the 4 ready-made schemes.
  • And much more.
11. Education Pro

Education Pro is created by the team at StudioPress. It is created on the Genesis Framework, one of the first frameworks that remains powerful until today.

This means you have a well-developed, high-quality theme, fast-loading, highly-optimized for search engines theme, and a top-notch support team.

StudioPress is one of the first companies to release premium themes, and they are really good at what they do.


  • Theme Options & Customizer for better customization.
  • Customizable header.
  • Pre-made templates to build your site.
  • Four widget areas.
  • Fully responsive and optimized for every browser.
12. Ed School

If you want a theme that works perfectly with education blogs, then this theme is one to consider.

It is created on the WPBakery Page Builder, giving you different customization options to edit the theme and have it suit your needs. It gives you access to 23 custom widgets to use beside the 40 content elements already available with the plugin.

You also have access to 24 different pages with different school niches to help you not start from scratch as well.

It also integrates easily with many powerful plugins like the Contact Form 7, Tribe Events Plugin, Mammoth Mega Menu, Revolution Slider (offered for free).


  • Highly customizable.
  • One-click demo installation.
  • 18 custom widgets.
  • Modern & responsive design.
13. Education Academy

Created by the team at Templatic, Education Academy is a great option for many educational institutions.

  • You can easily get started by 1-click installing the demo.
  • You could also customize the homepage to restructure it as you want since it is widgetized.
  • You can tweak the colors as you want easily.
  • There are few page templates that you could use like staff members, courses that you could use to get started, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

It is a great option to get started with.

14. Eikra Education

Eikra isn’t an old theme like many of the ones mentioned here. It was created just a year ago on the ThemeForest marketplace. It comes with a rating of 4.86 stars.

  • It comes with 14 homepage layouts to choose from.
  • It integrates with LearnPress to easily create course curriculum, lessons, quizzes, review your students, payment integration with multiple options.
  • You can also style the course pages as you want.
  • It also comes with 20+ header variations.
  • It has 23 custom add-ons.

It is a great theme to get started with. It is not that old, but it is powerful and the developer is very active.

15. Scholarship Pro

Scholarship Pro is a great educational theme created by the team at  MysteryThemes.

It comes right of the pad with:

  • 10+ widgets to customize the homepage as you want
  • Unlimited color options, so you can make the blog look as you want
  • Compatible with WooCommerce so you could use all the add-ons to create a full-fledged e-commerce store,
  • Easily import the demo with the 1-click option
  • Multiple typography options
  • And much more

It is a great theme to check out.


There are 15 themes already mentioned here in this post. You can get started with some of them for free, while other themes are paid. Now you don’t need to worry about wandering around, looking on all marketplaces to find the perfect theme for your site.

You already have a list of the top 15 themes to create your education blog. They also come with different features, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

Take the time to check these 15 themes and then go with the one that you prefer.

Also tell us below which one you’re choosing.

The post 15 Best Education WordPress Themes In 2019 appeared first on WPLeaders.

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Are you looking for a way to add custom post types with distinct characteristics and expanded layout?

If yes, you are in the right place.

WordPress has inbuilt post types which are enough for a simple blog or website. But if you want to organize your content more efficiently and have more control over how your site displays specific information on each different post type, you need to create custom post types.

Here I’ll be sharing 6 Best Custom Post Types WordPress Plugins to help you to find the right one for you. Before that, let’s talk a bit about Custom Post Types first.

What Are Custom Post Types?
Basically, WordPress stores and displays contents as posts. It categorizes them as post types on your website. Usually, a page on a WordPress site is considered as ‘page,’ and a post on a blog is considered as ‘post.’ When you install WordPress, it comes with some default post types like –

Navigation Menu
Link, etc.

A Custom Post Type is a custom content type. Let’s say you are going to add a Video section on your WordPress site but you don’t want to look the Video section same as the blog. In that case, you can create a custom post type for your Video section.

Here are some more examples of Custom Posts Types.

Testimonials & many more.

Now let’s see the plugin that can help you to add custom post types in WordPress.

1. Toolset Types

Toolset Types is one of the most prolific custom post types plugin in WordPress. It provides a code-free way of creating advanced WordPress websites with varied custom post types.

Toolset offers plenty of functionality that speeds up the development cycle. Creating a post type is as simple as giving it a name and then choosing taxonomies.

The plugin offers a bunch of Post Fields menu and here is the screenshot for making your more understandable.

Using Toolset, you can create front-end submission forms that enable your users to put data into a custom post type. You can create and save those data as many as possible. These options make everything easy for you to accept the user-generated content.

Key Features:

  • Custom Post Types & Taxonomy.
  • Custom Fields & Search.
  • Pagination and Infinite Scroll.
  • WooCommerce Elements.
  • Google Maps.
2. Custom Post Type UI

Custom Post Type UI is a free WordPress custom post types plugin that has a pretty simple interface for its users. The plugin is user-friendly, and it could be grasped easily by any novice user. The company work behind the plugin is WebDevstudios that has always brought us different plugins.

Custom Post Type UI has more than 600,000 active installations, and most importantly the plugin provides a crisp interface for handling custom post types and taxonomies.

The only downside of the plugin is that it lacks description in some cases for its several complex options. But in general, the plugin is pretty handsome and effective in use.

Moreover, the plugin has the ability to export the PHP code that produces custom post types and fields.

This plugin is basically a linear based plugin because it doesn’t have the default feature of adding custom fields.

Key Features:

  • Create and Configure Custom Post Types and Taxonomies.
  • Allow to Attach Built-in Taxonomies as Well to Post Types.
  • Advanced Labeling for Post Types.
  • Get Well support Facility.
  • Bears a Graphical Interface.
  • Doesn’t Display the New Post Types and Taxonomies.
  • Well, Integrated Dashboard.
  • You Can Export Your CPT.
3. Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields

Pods is one of the best plugins to create Custom Post Types and custom fields. For the website users, Pods plugin allows the ordinary user or developer to easily create and extend custom post types, taxonomies, content types, media, or comments and so on.

Pods Custom Types Plugin lets you create advanced content types, custom settings pages, and allows you to implement those content types on your site. You can also add different Pod templates which are very helpful to decorate the content types on your page. These templates are an optional component that can enable you to use for archive and single post pages using magic tags and shortcodes.

In creating Custom Fields, you can select which type of field should use from a drop-down menu.

Admin UI screen of the plugin allows you to use a custom icon to replace the default “pin” icon assigned to posts.

Pods can do perform complex stuff in a simple way. This could be a very smart choice for serving your purposes in creating Custom Post Types.

Key Features:

  • Create and Configure Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies.
  • Multiple Field Types and Customization Option.
  • Advanced Content Types and Custom Settings Page.
  • User-friendly Interface.
  • File, Image, and Video upload media.
  • Integration Facility with Other Plugins like Polylang, WPML and so on.
  • Extend Content Types.
  • Pre Set Field Types Make Things Out of the Box.
4. Post Type Builder

Post Type Builder is a custom post type plugin in WordPress that allows you to create custom post types with a custom meta box, taxonomies, and different post type templates.

Using the plugin, you can create any custom post type that you desire without merely writing any code. All the things can be done seamlessly with the WordPress admin backend with a smooth drag & drop facility.

You can use Post Type Builder with any WordPress theme, and it will also provide you access to all the PTB addons that ultimately boost up the whole process.

Moreover, the Post Type Builder plugin provides you shortcode facility to embed the custom post types and display it anywhere on your site. It’s smart enough to pull the associated shortcode parameters based on the post types and taxonomies.

The plugin allows you to import and export the associated post types and taxonomies.

This could be a great option for building custom post types for multiple sites and clients.

Key Features:

  • Creates Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, and Post Type Templates.
  • Drag & Drop Interface with Custom Meta Box.
  • Gives You Access to All the PTB Add-ons.
  • Import-Export Facility.
  • Allow Different Post Features.
  • Template Layouts.
  • Shortcode Facility.
5. Custom Post Type Maker

Custom Post Type Maker is a simple plugin that will provide you the post type functionality you would need in most cases. The plugin is used to create Custom Post Types and custom in a friendly way.

There are two main sections of this plugin, and they are Post Types and Taxonomies. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to use the plugin. Moreover, the plugin bears a handy interface that any novice users can smoothly operate.

Key Features:

  • Create and Configure Custom Post Types and Taxonomies.
  • Easy to Use Interface.
  • Get Access to All Registered Custom Post Types and Taxonomies.
  • Full Fledge Integration with WordPress.
  • Provides the Parameters of WordPress’s CPT API.
  • Desh Icons Let You Manage the Custom Post Type icon.
6. Portfolio Post Type

As the name implies, the Portfolio Post Types is used to create WordPress Post Types, especially for the portfolio items. You can create standard posts crafting excellent portfolios using this plugin. This is a pretty cool plugin that you can choose for creating and including any portfolio on your site.

If you use the plugin, you would notice that by default the plugin doesn’t show any portfolio items with the content you want to add. In this case, you need to use visual composer to create your Portfolio items. Most importantly the visual composer allows you to build each portfolio items as your choice.

One thing, you should remember before working that is you need to enable Visual Composer for creating your expected portfolio items. Or you can choose the Portfolio types as one of your content types in your Visual Composer.

Portfolio Post Types is the best option for creating the custom template for your portfolio posts. That makes all the portfolio posts look exactly the same and you will able to control the layout of all the portfolios.

The plugin also registers different portfolio taxonomies for tags and categories. In the plugin, if you select featured images, they will display in the column view. You can customize the portfolios in need by using archive-portfolio.php and single-portfolio.php.

Key Features:

  • Easy Custom Portfolio Creation.
  • Custom Templates for Portfolio Posts.
  • It Doesn’t Show Any Portfolio By Default.
  • Working with the Visual Page Builder.
  • Portfolio Post Type Editor.
  • Portfolio Customizer Option.
  • Migrate to a new Theme.
Final Thoughts

By default, WordPress comes with a built-in support system for its users. After adding a few items into custom post types, it will display on your website. You can do much more things with your custom post types.

These all are the best Custom Post Types Plugins in WordPress. I hope this post helped you to find the right Custom Types WordPress Plugin.

Now let us know which plugin you are going to use or if you are already using a plugin, share your experiences about the plugin.

The post 6 Best “Custom Post Types” WordPress Plugins In 2019 appeared first on WPLeaders.

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WordPress now powers one-third of all sites on the web. That shows how powerful WordPress is as a CMS.

The great thing about the WordPress is that you can extend the functionality of WordPress by using plugins.

Because of the availability of plugins, now you can manage everything from WordPress dashboard. Even projects and tasks.

Yes, you can have the functionalities of project management tools like Trello, Basecamp, Asana, etc inside your WordPress site.

There are a handful number of plugins available for that. Here I’ll be sharing a list of 7 Best WordPress Project & Task Management Plugins.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the first plugin.

Also Check: Best Team Member WordPress Plugins

1. WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager is like the ultimate tool to help you with everything related to task management and managing your project without the need for any other tool. I mean it when I say that you won’t need any other tool.

It helps you track tasks online with your team, discuss projects together within WordPress itself, and then there is the reporting page which helps you manage your progress and see where to improve and so on.

What You Can Do With This Plugin:
  • You start by creating a project. You can create as much as you want, and you see them all in one page.
  • There is an overview page for every project to track its progress.
  • Then there is the activity tab to see what activities have been done in that project.
  • You can create a discussion and respond in comments like a forum within each post (discussion).
  • You can create a to-do list within each project and assign them to team members.
  • You could then celebrate milestones to keep your team motivated.
  • A file system is present to share and manage files easily between the members of the project.
  • And much more.

Did I say it is a complete tool?

And there is more to it. You need to explore it yourself to see its awesomeness.


The best part is that you can get started for free. You will have the whole system in place, but there will be some features missing like creating folders in the files system, setting start and date project, and advanced filters for reports.

Then there are 3-tier plans to help you depending on the features you want to get.

  • The personal plan costs $79 a year for 1 domain.
  • The professional plan costs $149 a year.
  • The business plan costs $249 a year.

You choose the plan that’s perfect for you depending on the features you need. There’s also a 14-day money back guarantee if you don’t like the tool.

2. WordPress Project Management by Upstream

Created by the team at Upstream, WordPress Project Management plugin is a great free tool to help you manage your project within WordPress itself.

It can help clients track the progress of the project, and the team can see tasks and bugs that they need to fix based on what is assigned to them.

And you can get access to most of the features in their free plugin that’s already available at the WordPress plugins directory.

Premium Extensions:
  • Calender View: See all things happening in the project with due dates coming and different milestones and tasks.
  • Copy Project: Duplicate any existing project.
  • Customizer: Customize the dashboard with your own logo and colors to match your brand.
  • Custom Fields: Collect extra info from team like bugs, tasks that need to be done, and so on.
  • Email Notifications: Send reminders and updates for the people in the team managing the project.
  • Frontend Edit: Update projects from the frontend, easy for clients.
  • Project Timeline: easily create a Gantt style timeline chart to your projects.

In the $49 basic plan, you get access to copy project extension and frontend edit extension only, which I wouldn’t suggest unless you only need these two.

You get access to all extensions and a licence for 1 site in the professional plan for $75, and a license for 10 sites in the agency plan for $99 a year.

Don’t forget that you could start with the free one first and then move from there.

3. Project Panorama

Project Panorama is another tool that helps you streamline the process of managing a project within your dashboard stored on your server.

They focus more on making things easy so that your whole team can see where the project is currently and what needs to be done to get the project finished.

What You Can Do With The Plugin:
  • Creating beautiful projects dashboard to see how the team stand on every project.
  • Having a project management page for every project that shows the progress of the project, milestones accomplished, and documents available.
  • Managing the workflow of your team by assigning tasks easily from the dashboard or project pages.
  • Creating threaded discussions under each project to make it easy and less annoying on your inbox.
  • Making it easy for every member to see assigned tasks and deadlines across all projects, to know what each member should accomplish.

You can get the licence with 1 year of support and updates and pay 50% less upon renewal on subsequent years.

The individual plan comes with a 1-site licence for $59. The business plan comes with a 5-site licence for $69.

The agency plan comes with a 25-site licence and the front end editor add-on & sequential tasks add-ons to make it easy for clients to see progress of the project. It costs $119.

The Enterprise plan can be used on unlimited sites and costs $229.

4. Projectopia WP Project Management

Projectopia is a WP plugin to help you manage your project and is sold on the CodeCanyon marketplace. It is the best selling WP project management plugin on CodeCanyon.

  • Manage the workflow and assign roles for every team member with extra or less permissions.
  • A front-end dashboard for clients to check the project progress.
  • Change the login page to suit your brand.
  • Create alerts for invoices, tasks and support tickets.
  • Make the client pay invoices from within via Stripe or PayPal.
  • Create recurring invoices.
  • Set milestones & tasks, and create templates to save time later on.
  • Reorder tasks or milestones and create subtasks.
  • Auto-assign tickets to a team member for a client.
  • And much more.

The core plugin costs $41 for 6 months support and future updates. You can add other add-ons like the 2checkout add-on, suppliers and expenses add-on, reporting add-on, WooCommerce add-on each ranging from $15-23, or you can buy the ultimate version for $120.

5. Kanban Boards for WordPress

Kanban Boards helps you easily see the progress of projects in a quick glance. It is like Trello but on steroids for WordPress users.

  • Assign tasks for team members.
  • Create estimates for how long the tasks should be as well as track hours.
  • Easily filter and search through tasks.
  • Give access to specific users.
  • Easily see the work live as it is done.
Premium Add-ons:
  • Comments: To make it easy for users to comment through tasks and discuss tasks with each other.
  • Colors: Label tasks by colors for priority or depending on type of the task and so on.
  • Notifications: Get notifications whenever things change.
  • Multiple Boards: To extend the work flow on the same site; maybe have each member own a board, and so on.

You can get the core features for free on the WordPress plugins directory.


And you can get access to all the pro add-ons for $149 annual subscription, or $499 for a lifetime licence.

It is my favorite plugin, and it is the one I use here on the site to manage content written on the site.

6. SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project and Pocument manager created by the team at Smarty Pants. It is more geared towards the file management part of data on your server.

You can easily manage unlimited number of documents, records, media and images on your server. It is only limited by your server.

You can make it easy by creating folders and sub folders to organize the files for different clients or different purposes.

It also comes with an easy layout where your clients can add and modify projects with ease.

Not to mention that you could secure documents, so only people with login can access it. You can even assign it for specific users to open. You can easily limit who can do what from the WordPress capabilities.

And each user can have their own file repository.

Premium Features:
  • Add files from Dropbox to your site
  • Add files from Google Drive
  • Comment on files instead of emails
  • Batch manage files and folders
  • Add email reminders
  • View videos from within the file viewer
  • Create text message alerts
  • Have custom forms built so you ask your users to submit data
  • Easily export data from the site to a CSV file
  • Add tasks to files
  • Create shortcode links for files from google
  • See reports for download logs easily from the site
  • Manage groups easily with the BuddyPress integration
  • And much more

You can check all the premium features on the site, and check the features you want to add, and then purchase that.

7. Task Manager Pro

Task Manager Pro is a more straightforward and simple plugin to help you manage tasks within the group.

It is available for purchase on the Code Canyon marketplace and has a rating of 5-stars.

  • Create projects easily and create tasks within each project
  • Ticket management system
  • Assign project or tasks to a specific user or group of users
  • You can also add ticket for specific user
  • You can also comment on tasks giving updates on the project
  • Notify user with task or project updates with a notification
  • Add user task or project list as a shortcode to any post or page.

As I said, it is a simpler solution than many of the advanced features mentioned here. If you just want to add tasks, assign it to a user or a group of users, and see the progress as they are done, then this plugin could do this without any of the complications of other plugins.

You can get it for just $29 on the Code Canyon marketplace.

Conclusion: Which Project Management Plugin Should You Choose?

There are many plugins to choose from to manage your projects from within WordPress, and there are 7 high-quality options to consider in this post. So, which should you go with?

It depends on what works perfectly for you. I like the Kanban Board, and I see it perfect for my workflow. The Task Manager Pro may be the one that works for you.

If you are more concerned with files and managing them, then the SP Project & Document Manager maybe the plugin you need.

If you just want an ultimate plugin to manage your project from within with all the features you may need, then the WP Project Manager or the Project Panorama maybe the tool of choice.

You can always start with the free version of the WP Project Manager plugin and see if you want the premium features, and just upgrade later.

Tell us in the comments below which one you’re choosing and why.

The post 7 Best WordPress Project & Task Management Plugins (2019) appeared first on WPLeaders.

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WordPress has a huge community. And the power of WordPress lies in its community.

As WordPress is evolving fast, more and more people are claiming to be WordPress Experts.

But it’s not easy to find truly legit people to follow.

To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of best 100+ WordPress Influencers to follow in 2019. I call them WordPress Leaders.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the first influencer.

Aaron D. Campbel

Aaron D. Campbell is the security team leader at WordPress. He is also a renowned speaker when it comes to WordPress security & development.

Follow @aaroncampbell

Adam Connell

Adam Connell is best known for his blogs Blogging Wizard and WP Superstars. He shares insightful tips and strategies there and on Funnel Overload. Definitely worth following.

Follow @adamjayc

Adam Preiser

Adam Preiser is best known for his YouTube channel. Adam is an expert when it comes to releasing how-to videos related to digital marketing and WordPress.

Follow @wpcrafter

Adam Silver

Adam Silver is the founder of ConciergeWP and host of the Kitchen Sink WordPress, a weekly podcast about everything related to WordPress.

Follow @heyadamsilver

Adam W. Warner

Adam Warner is a marketing manager at GoDaddy, co-founder at Foo Plugins, and an expert when it comes to growing your WP-powered business.

Follow @heyadamsilver

Adii Pienaar

Adii Pienaar is the co-founder of WooThemes, one of the leading themes and plugins providers in the industry, and definitely an expert to follow.

Follow @adii

Ahmad Awais

Ahmed Awais is a core contributor at WordPress, a trainer at VSCode.pro, and a full-time developer. He is also one of the experts in the Smashing Magazine experts panel.

Follow @MrAhmadAwais

Akshat Choudhary

Akshat Choudhary is the founder of BlogVault, MalCare, & MigrateGuru. He is an expert when it comes to WordPress security.

Follow @akshatc

Alex Cooper

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Gutenberg, the official name of the WordPress 5.0 update has recently gained much attention in the WordPress community. It has completely changed the way people use WordPress.

Although the new Gutenberg Editor is the foundation of the WordPress 5.0 update, a lot of users are going back to Classic Editor.

But Gutenberg is the future. You need to embrace it. Better you do it now.

Whether you are using Gutenberg editor or not, you should not ignore the fact of Gutenberg compatibility of your theme. Using a Gutenberg compatible theme is very crucial to keep your site safe from future potential issues.

Having said that, this post is all about the best Gutenberg-compatible WordPress themes available in the market right now.

So, let’s get started.

Also Read: 10+ Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugin For WordPress

1. Astra

Built to match any website category, Astra is the most popular Gutenberg compatible theme.

With over 200,000+ active installations, this fastest growing theme has some unmatched features in the entire WordPress.org repository.

Known for its speed, Astra theme seamlessly supports Gutenberg editor just like the classic editor. Whether it is a page builder, WooCommerce integration or an eLearning platform like Learndash, Astra’s developers have always been the first to bring a change. And with their latest ready-to-import Gutenberg websites, Astra again proved that it deserves to be at the 1st position.

Not only this, but they are also the team behind popular page builder addon plugins like Ultimate Addons for Elementor, Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg, etc.

Astra’s Gutenberg ready websites coupled with Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is the only thing required for every successful Gutenberg website.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Design Options With Header-Footer Settings.
  • Site-Wide Container Customizations & Full-Width Container.
  • Typography Options With Background Colors.
  • Integrated With Page Builders & WooCommerce.
  • SEO-Ready & Responsive Design.
2. Hestia

Created by the team at ThemeIsle, Hestia is one of the best multi-purpose WordPress themes out there. Whether you’re thinking to develop a corporate website or an eCommerce one, Hestia has solution for you.

This professional and clean looking theme also offers one-page design, blog/news page, widget footer, WooCommerce integration, and more.

The great thing about the theme is, it’s fully compatible with Gutenberg. And it also supports page builders, travel map, photo gallery, etc.

It’s SEO-friendly, retina ready, and uses the material kit for designs.

Key Features:   

  • Material Design Style.
  • Woocommerce Ready.
  • Blog Layouts .
  • Demos And Header Options Available.
3. ColorMag

If you wish to create your online magazine, then ColorMag theme would be a theme for Gutenberg compatibility and other features.

It’s responsive and can also work with Elementor page builder plugin when it comes to designing a variety of web pages.

Whether you belong to a news agency or a blogging website, this theme is good for a content niche. Colormag is available in both free and premium versions; hence, you can choose according to your requirements.

Key Features:   

  • Magazine Style Design
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Category Color Options
  • Advanced Typography
4. GutenWP

When talking about themes for Gutenberg, how can you miss this specific one? Elegant and modern in its appearance, this theme lets you develop an alluring website just within the matter of time.

This theme comes loaded with an abundance of features and aspects which are compatible with the Gutenberg Editor. Whether you want to tweak the style or play with customization, this theme lets you be as creative as possible.

GutenWP theme can be used to create a lifestyle blog, journal, magazine, etc. It has an inbuilt page builder which can be used for advanced styling options.

Key Features:   

  • Stylish Single Page Blog.
  • One-Click Demo Install.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • Easily Customizable.
5. Neve

Another great creation by the team at ThemeIsle. Neve is a suitable option for those who are looking for a basic Gutenberg ready theme. This multipurpose theme is not just easy to customize but super-fast in nature too.

Right from small businesses to blog websites, agencies, online stores, and startups, using this theme won’t pose any significant problems for any of the niche business.

It has a minimalist design and a quick framework with many inbuilt elements and features. It is compatible with page builders like Elementor, Brizzy, Beaver builder, etc.

Key Features:

  • Page Builder Friendly.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Translation Ready.
  • SEO Friendly.
6. Twenty Nineteen

Although being the default theme of WordPress for 2019, this one is lightweight and completely flexible. It’s a basic theme that can be used for portfolios, blogs, photography, and several other domains.

Not just it provides comprehensible Gutenberg compatibility but also has several format styles and heading layouts. Hence, it can help you create a modernized website for your business.

Key Features:   

  • Primary Browser Compatible.
  • Different Form Elements.
  • Multiple Header Styles.
  • Ample Whitespace.
  • Fast & Lightweight.
7. Block Lite

Another on the list of themes compatible with Gutenberg WordPress release is Block Lite from Organic Themes.

This theme comprises an approachable structure and contemporary aesthetics to make your site look attractive enough.

Along with providing an extensive range of font options, this theme is also compatible with the organic Builder widgets, which can be used to make your website more good-looking altogether.

Key Features:   

  • WooCommerce Compatibility.
  • Responsive Framework.
  • Gutenberg Compatible.
  • Widget Ready.
8. Sydeny

Sydney by aThemes is one powerful business theme that can offer you a quick solution when it comes to developing a website. It’s completely compatible with Elementor and offers different possibilities of customization.

Sydney lets you have complete access to color control, logo upload, Google fonts, header image, sticky navigation, full-screen slider, layout control, and much more in the list.

Key Features:   

  • Gutenberg Compatibility.
  • Customization Options.
  • Various Styling Options  .
  • Responsive Across Devices .
9. Ascend

When you talk about versatility and amazingness, Ascend seems to be the synonym of it. Being easy to customize, this WordPress theme lets you create every kind of website.

It’s Gutenberg compatible and multipurpose and offers a variety of features to use. Moreover, you can also use it different page builders, like Elementor and more. It is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

It has a different menu and header layout options to choose from for your website.

Hence, developing a website with this theme wouldn’t be a tough task.

Key Features:   

  • Right To Left Support.
  • Different Blog Layouts.
  • One Click Demo Importer.
  • Page Builder Compatible .
10. Mission News

Out of all the free WordPress Gutenberg themes, Mission news is suitable if you wish to develop a news website. With its amazing page builder support, you can develop any sort of news website you’d wish to.

Being completely responsive, it can work easily on both mobiles as well as desktop. As a result, users who’d use your website, irrespective of the device they’re using, can easily navigate through your content.

Being dedicated to making a news website, it has adopted the design style from famous newspaper sites like the New York Times.

Key Features:   

  • Minimalist & Clean Design.
  • Prompt Support.
  • Social Media Friendly.
  • Featured News Section.
11. Portfolio Lite

Last but definitely not the least, portfolio lite is one such theme that allows you to build professional yet modern websites effortlessly. This theme suits the needs of a variety of domains, like creative, photographers, artists, designers, and more.

On top of that, it also comprises a slideshow page template. Without facing any significant hassles, you can create a WordPress default gallery. Considering its Gutenberg compatibility, you can also customize it with different block elements.

Key Features:   

  • Different Color Options.
  • Responsive Framework.
  • Multiple Column Layouts.
  • Slideshow Page Template.


Although it isn’t completely launched yet, however, still, Gutenberg has managed to make its presence feel in the world of WordPress. With each passing day, its importance only seems to be growing. Therefore, the need to come up with Gutenberg ready themes and plugins also touching the sky.

By now, if you’ve installed Gutenberg and are using it, you’d have found out a compatible theme, right? If not, consider the options mentioned above and begin your experiment.

However, out of all of these options, our primary choice would be Astra theme for its Gutenberg compatibility. Considering its popularity, 200,000+ downloads on WordPress.org, and innumerable amazing features it is a complete package that too for free.

Do let us know which one you’re going to choose.

The post 10+ Best Free Gutenberg Compatible WordPress Themes In 2019 appeared first on WPLeaders.

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WordPress launched their long-awaited Gutenberg editor. This editor replaces the previous TinyMCE editor and brings a totally new way of creating content with lots of features.

With the new Gutenberg editor, each part of your content is a block. You can add or remove blocks in your content. In simple words, Gutenberg editor is more like a page builder where you can drag and drop different blocks in your content.

Speaking of blocks, the Gutenberg editor provides many different blocks such as paragraphs, heading, image, cover, columns, quote, and more. Each block has its individual editing options available.

The best part about Gutenberg is that developers can create their own block plugins for content. These plugins will enhance the functionality of Gutenberg. For example – you can add ‘Testimonial’ to your content using such block plugins. The possibilities are endless with these different plugins.

In this post, I’ll show you the 10+ Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins that will extend the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor and allow you get the best out of this new editor.

Best “Gutenberg Blocks” WordPress Plugins

Here are the best Gutenberg plugins that I’ve collected to help you enhance your Gutenberg editor and bring more blocks.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the first plugin.

1. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

By numbers, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is the most popular Gutenberg Blocks plugin in WordPress repository. It is created by the team at Brainstorm Force, the same folks who created Astra Theme, Convert Pro, Schema Pro, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, etc.

This plugin brings a bunch additional blocks to the Gutenberg editor.

The blocks available in this plugin are very unique and easy to use. There are 17 blocks available in this plugin. These are:

  • Section
  • Multi Buttons
  • Advanced Heading
  • Post Grid
  • Post Masonry
  • Infobox
  • Google Map
  • Team
  • Content Timeline
  • Social Share
  • Testimonial
  • Post Timeline
  • Restauran Menu
  • Call To Action
  • Advanced Columns
  • Icon List
  • Price List

The blocks provided in Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg are very unique and can help you create gorgeous pages on your website.

The plugin is free and optimized for performance so you don’t have to worry about your website speed.

2. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks offers a handful number of custom Gutenberg blocks which are specially designed for bloggers and content marketers. It helps you to create better and engaging contents with Gutenberg Editor.

The plugin currently has the following 16 blocks:

  • Table Of Contents
  • Content Toggle
  • Tabbed Content
  • Star Ratings
  • Social Share
  • Review (Schema Markup Enabled)
  • Call To Action
  • Feature Box
  • Notification Box
  • Testimonial
  • Click to Tweet
  • Countdown
  • Progress Bar
  • Star Rating
  • Button (Improved)
  • Divider

This plugin lets you enable or disable individual blocks to keep your site faster. And the plugin is available for free and new blocks are currently in the making. However, it’s developed by our WPLeaders family.

If you are a blogger or a content marketer, it’s the perfect choice for you

3. Atomic Blocks

Atomic Blocks is another popular Gutenberg Blocks plugin which is created by the team at Array Themes. This plugin includes many different blocks that will give you more control of the Gutenberg editor.

The plugin is free and comes with the following 11 blocks:

  • Post Grid
  • Container
  • Testimonial
  • Inline Notice
  • Accordion
  • Share Icons
  • Call-to-action
  • Customizable Button
  • Space & Divider
  • Author Profile
  • Drop Cap

This plugin is really great and the blocks it provides can help you create beautiful pages and post. Atomic blocks plugin works with any theme.

This plugin has been acquired by WP Engine recently.

4. Advanced Gutenberg

Created by the team at JoomUnited, this is another great Gutenberg plugin that offers some really awesome Gutenberg blocks. Some of the blocks are really awesome and couldn’t find in other plugins mentioned in this list.

The plugin provides the following 19 blocks:

  • Latest Post Slider
  • Latest WooCommerce Product Slider
  • Advanced Button
  • Contact Form
  • Advanced List
  • Map
  • Advanced Table
  • Accordion
  • Tabs
  • Testimonial
  • Counter
  • Advanced Image
  • Advanced Video
  • Separator
  • Social Links
  • Lightbox Effect
  • Image Information In A Lightbox
  • Gutenberg Post Summary

But this plugin doesn’t just offer blocks. You can create profiles and assign users or groups to profiles. The plugin also lets you define Gutenberg icons color. Lastly, you can define custom CSS styles that can be applied to paragraph blocks.

That’s a lot of great features that will help you enhance the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor. The plugin is available for free.

5. Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks

Stackable is another Gutenberg plugin that assists you in creating beautiful landing pages for your website with the help of its awesome content blocks.

The plugin provides over 20 content blocks. Here are these blocks:

  • Container
  • Posts
  • Feature Grid
  • Accordion
  • Image Box
  • Feature
  • Icon List
  • Call To Action
  • Card
  • Header
  • Divider

  • Count Up
  • Video Popup
  • Pricing
  • Testimonial
  • Team Members
  • Notification
  • Number Box
  • Expand/Show More Box
  • Button
  • Blockquote
  • Spacer

The plugin is free and the blocks provided by it are fully responsive and many design options.

6. Kadence Blocks

So far, you’ve seen Gutenberg blocks plugins that add new blocks to the Gutenberg editor. But Kadence Blocks is very different from these plugins. It offers blocks that let you design custom layouts easily so that you don’t have to rely on page builders.

The blocks provided in this plugin let you control your columns and even customize them by editing their background, adding gradient overlay, and more.

Here are the blocks offered by this plugin:

  • Row Layout
  • Advanced Heading
  • Advanced Button
  • Tabs
  • Icons
  • Spacer / Divider

The plugin is free and is a unique way of extending the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor.

7. CoBlocks

CoBlocks claims to be a page builder Gutenberg Blocks plugin. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a page builder alternative, but it does provide some great blocks along with different customization features.

There are currently 11 content blocks provided in CoBlocks plugin. These blocks are:

  • Resizable Rows/Columns
  • Accordion
  • Alert
  • Author Profile
  • Click to tweet
  • Dynamic separator
  • Gif
  • Github Gist
  • Highlight
  • Pricing Table
  • Social Sharing

Compared to other Gutenberg blocks plugins we’ve seen in the list, CoBlocks doesn’t provide as many blocks. But, the plugin offers some really great typography controls that let you set fonts, change their size and weights, and much more.

The plugin is available for free and is a good addition to the Gutenberg editor.

8. Blocks by Templatic

This Gutenberg plugin is built by Templatic, the popular premium WordPress themes provider. It lets you create attractive sections on your pages using their beautiful blocks.

The plugin comes with the following 12 blocks:

  • Profile
  • Alert
  • Drop Cap
  • Social Media
  • Separator
  • Cover Image
  • Heading
  • Text
  • Map
  • Price
  • Button
  • Tweet

Each block has its own custom settings to give you full control over the look of the block. The plugin is available for free.

9. Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks is another Gutenberg plugin that you can use to make the Gutenberg editor better.

The plugin comes with 16 blocks and also lets you disable native blocks in the Gutenberg editor. There also options that let you customize the editor.

Here are the blocks available in Advanced Gutenberg Blocks plugin:

  • Notice
  • Post
  • WooCommerce Product
  • WooCommerce Add To Cart Button
  • Banner Ad
  • Text + Rectangle Ad
  • WordPress Plugin Card
  • Website Card Preview
  • Testimonial
  • Google Map
  • Click to tweet
  • Table of Contents
  • Intro
  • Giphy
  • Unsplash
  • Code

The plugin is free and very lightweight. One great thing about this plugin is that it’s extensible. This means that you can create your own blocks and get them registered.

10. Editor Blocks for Gutenberg

Editor Blocks for Gutenberg is a very simple Gutenberg blocks plugin. It provides a unique collection of Gutenberg blocks that you can use to create stunning pages.

Here are the 11 Gutenberg blocks available in this plugin:

  • Wrapper
  • Hero
  • Pricing Table
  • Author Profile
  • Team Members
  • Testimonial
  • Callout
  • Brands
  • Features
  • Horizontal Feature
  • Vertical Feature

The plugin is available for free and the developers recommend to use ‘full width’ page template if you’re using this plugin. They’ve also built a free theme that works seamlessly with this plugin.

11. Bokez

Bokez is a free Gutenberg blocks plugin that provides the essential blocks along with different customization options.

There are 14 blocks available in this plugin and they are:

  • Video Popup
  • Pricing Table
  • Posts Grid
  • Testimonial
  • Accordion / FAQ
  • Profile
  • Cover
  • Share Icons
  • Button
  • Notification
  • Blockquote
  • Divider
  • Progress bar
  • Separator With Heading

The plugin is great and if you want to add custom blocks to your website, then this is a great option for you.

12. Google Maps Gutenberg Block

The last plugin in this list is the Google Maps Gutenberg Block plugin. This plugin simply a map block in your Gutenberg editor.

The plugin doesn’t require any additional setting or customization. This free plugin is good for you if you don’t want additional blocks in your Gutenberg editor but only want a map block.

Conclusion: Which Is The Right Gutenberg Blocks Plugin For You?

Now, that you’ve seen all the best Gutenberg blocks plugins, it’s time choose one. All the plugins that were mentioned in the list share some blocks while others are totally unique.

Deciding a perfect plugin might be difficult as all are very good. That’s why, to help you out, I’ve made some recommendations based on different criteria to help you decide the right plugin for you.

I Want A Gutenberg Plugin With The Hightest Number Of Blocks
If you’re looking for quantity, then you should go for Stackable  as it provides over 20 unique blocks. But keep in mind that the blocks available in this plugin are mainly designed to help you create beautiful landing pages and not blog posts.
I Want A Gutenberg Plugin To Create Highly Enganing Blog Posts
The best plugin that will help you create highly engaging blog posts is the one that contains content blocks that you can actually use in your content. And, the plugin that provides this is Ultimate Blocks.
I Want A Gutenberg Plugin To Display WooCommerce Products
Advanced Gutenberg Blocks is the perfect choice for you as it provides a WooCommerce product block and a WooCommerce add to cart button block.

Besides these two blocks, the plugin also provides 14 more blocks.
I Want A Gutenberg Plugin That Offers Layout Control
While all the plugins mentioned in the list provide some layout control, Kadence Blocks is a plugin that does this perfectly.

This plugin gives you full control over the row and column layout of your website.
I Want The Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugin
All the plugins mentioned in this list are so good that it’s impossible to declare a winner. Each plugin has some unique block to offer so choosing the best plugin simply cannot be done.

But, I would recommend you to use Ultimate Blocks as it’s our own plugin and we are continuously working to make it better and introduce more blocks.

That’s all for this article. If you have any questions or want to suggest new Gutenberg blocks plugins, do comment below.

The post 10+ Best “Gutenberg Blocks” Plugins For WordPress (2019) appeared first on WPLeaders.

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If you own a startup company, then you are probably encountering a lot of problems related to web development.

You want to build a website, but you don’t have that big of a budget yet, so you have to plan and think about where to put in your cash and do it wisely.

If you’re in the beginning stages of growing your company, it would be unwise to invest too much cash on a custom WordPress theme. Doing so entails a huge amount of money.

It’s not easy to find what you need in most of the available WordPress themes. You need more features and specific design features that can’t be found on most blogs.

So, to save you time, I have compiled a list of more than 35+ Startup WordPress themes that may be exactly what you need.

This will save you a lot of time in narrowing your search, as well as save you from choosing the wrong theme.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the first WordPress theme suited for startups.

1. Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a multi-purpose theme created by the team at ThemeIsle.

Their homepage layout looks awesome and has a lot of widgets that you could customize to make your site look the way you want it to look.

The best thing about Hestia Pro is that you can customize it and see the end results right away. This saves you valuable time. And if you have any of the popular page builders that’s currently available in the market, then it is most likely compatible with it. This gives you another dimension to your pages and unlimited possibilities.

Not to mention the integration with WooCommerce and the fast loading theme, which are essential for you if you plan to sell something and want to get more people to pay attention in this fast-paced world.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a multi-purpose theme with WooCommerce integration)

2. StartIt

StartIt is a theme available for purchase from ThemeForest, and it is the best-selling tech theme on the platform.

It offers an impressive 21 homepage layouts to choose from. This means you have more options on how you want your homepage to look like.

You can choose a predefined template from their beautifully designed templates library, and get started with publishing posts on your blog right away without wasting time creating your own template.

Not to mention that it is compatible with WooCommerce. This means you could sell your items on your site easily.

There are many more available features such as the beautiful layer slider, the drag-and-drop page builder, the fast support, and more.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a multi-purpose theme for tech startup)

3. Starter Pro

Created by the team at Themeum, Starter Pro is intended to help you build a professional looking website by taking one page design creation to another dimension.

With their fast-loading King Composer page builder that makes you see changes live as you do them, you can save more time building your site.

Not to mention the different design layouts that are available, you can choose the one that suits you the most and get a headstart designing your page.

You also get a 1-year of support with your purchase. You can add additional themes and plugins at a lesser price.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…an onepage theme with different layouts)

4. Divi Theme

Divi Theme is called the ultimate WordPress theme for a reason.

We can’t be talking about any kind of WordPress theme without mentioning the amazing Divi theme.

With the 20+ layouts available and the amazing Divi Page Builder, you got everything nearly covered to create the perfect WordPress site, whatever industry you are in.

With over 46 content elements, the ability to do real-time design, and the nearly no loading time, the Divi page builder is a great tool to have in your arsenal. You can even import ready-made pages and templates from other sites like Divi Cake.

With their solid security, smart A/B testing features, and the amazing support team they have, Divi is a solid option to consider.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a complete solution to build your site as Divi theme comes with plugins like Divi Builder, Bloom Opt-ins, & Monarch Social Sharing)

5. Startuply

Startuply is a multi-purpose startup theme that helps you get your startup site up and running as easily as possible.

With its 7 different homepages designs that are conversion optimized, you can find one that suits your business and helps you get more sales and customers.

Not to mention the other pages, like the coming soon page, to help you start getting leads before launching; and the form manager that helps you create forms to start gathering information about your leads, and you can then add them to Mailchimp with just one click.

You can also use it with Easy Digital Downloads to start collecting payments, and even set up recurring payments for your products.

Their customer support is also top-notch with an average response time of 12 hours, which is more than great in the current WordPress community.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a multipurpose theme with EDD integration.)

6. Astra

WP Astra is another name that has started to pop up a lot lately in the WordPress community, and all of that is for a reason.

One of the main reasons is it’s lightweight and it loads fast. With less than 50 kb in size and just 0.5 seconds to load, this is one of the fastest loading themes in the whole industry.

Unlike the other themes I mentioned previously, there is a free version that you can download from the WordPress directory. This will help you have a better understanding whether this theme is the perfect one for your site or not.

The ready-to-import starter web pages give you a head start when creating your theme is astonishing. These are updated frequently, and you can import the theme to any of the popular page builders such as Elementor. And it’s integrated with WooCommerce, LifterLMS, and LearnDash.

Not to mention the ones available already once you purchase the pro version. You really need to not take this theme lightly.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a fast and lightweight WordPress theme)

7. Total

Total is a multi-purpose theme that has already 32K customers on ThemeForest. This is not a small number.

With their front end drag & drop page builder, the demo importer that helps you import from the 40+ available demos already available, and the 100+ page building elements available already in the page builder, you are guaranteed to be able to customize the theme to look exactly as you need without hiring a developer.

It is also compatible with WooCommerce to make it easy for you to start selling your products.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a multi-purpose theme with drag & drop builder)

8. Jupiter X

Jupiter X is one of the most popular themes on the ThemeForest marketplace. It’s currently used by over 100K customers.

With about 150+ WordPress templates available and the inclusion of the Elementor plugin, you have a no-brainer deal to help you build your site as you dreamed it.

Add all of this to the top-notch support, and you will know why they already have 100K happy customers.

Speckyboy’s magazine says that it the best code-optimized and most user-friendly WordPress theme available on ThemeForest.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a multi-purpose theme with free Elementor Page Builder)

9. Business Pro

Business Pro is designed based on the #1 WordPress Framework, the Genesis Framework created by the team at StudioPress.

The homepage is simple and elegant. It can help your business showcase your services, a sample of your work, testimonials for your work, and a call to action for prospects to check your services and contact you.

As I said, it is simple but it is elegant.

You are getting access to one of the best support teams in the field of themes.

And the elegant design of the blog page is something to look forward to. This is a little bit on the high end, but if the theme suits your needs, then you can’t go wrong with the Genesis Framework.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a minimal theme to showcase your services.)

10. Enterprise

Enterprise is a multi-purpose corporate theme created by the team at Tesla Themes.

Enterprise is a clean and modern theme that provides you with tools like forums, knowledge base & FAQs to make your interactions with your customers easy.

Tesla themes is known for their fast loading websites and the top notch support theme that is always there to help you.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a multi-purose corporate theme)

11. Incubator

Incubator is a theme that is perfectly suited for startups.

You get 12 built-in demos for different businesses, like a classic shop, a corporate, a conference/event, a creative agency, an SEO agency, and much more.

It has good loading speed, and features include easy customization options, the Revolution slider for creating beautiful slides, and WooCommerce integration to be able to sell your products or services.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a theme that can be used in different stages of you startup)

12. Illdy

Illdy is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is available for free on the WordPress directory. It has reached over 20 K active installs already.

It is a great theme that is suited for businesses that want to get started without paying extra for a theme. I must say, though, that it might be one of the best investments you’ll make if you choose the right theme. But you can’t go wrong with this one if you plan to have a free theme.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a free startup theme)

13. Jevelin

Jevilin is a multi-purpose theme that is perfect for businesses and freelancers who want to create their website. This is readily available on ThemeForest.

With the multiple unique demos available (that are updated regularly), and the unique layouts and templates available, you have a wide number of options to choose from. All you have to do is pick the right option that suits your needs.

You also get access to the drag-and-drop page builder to edit your site. You also get to see the edits live.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a multi-purpose theme powered by WPBakery Page Builder)

14. Plum

Plum is a free theme that is available on the WordPress directory. It is a multi-purpose theme that’s created mostly for creative businesses. It has support for WooCommerce, so you can easily sell your products.

It has many of the basic features that you would need, so you can customize your site as you want. Some of the features include the slider, custom widgets, and much more.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a WooCommerce compatible free theme)

15. Stratus

Stratus is a tech theme that is created specifically for apps, SaaS & software startup companies.

It’s an Elementor friendly WordPress themes.

You will get access to 40+ widgets and 20+ page templates that can help you design your site as you want.

There are detailed guides available to help you do anything. I mean 100+ how-to guides, so whatever you want to do or try with the theme, you’ll find a guide present already. And if you still can’t find help, their support team is available with an average response time of 3 hours.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a theme for Apps, SaaS, and software based startups.)

16. Cronus

Cronus is a clean-looking free WordPress theme that you could get from the WordPress directory.

You can use the theme for a business site, or corporate, portfolio, or products, restaurants and much more. It suits most businesses because the design is simple and does not have too much complexity.

It is a great theme to get started, and it doesn’t require you to invest too much on a website theme.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a free theme which is clean, simple, and minimal)

17. Unicon

Unicon is a multipurpose and design-driven WordPress theme that can be suitable for almost all businesses. Yes, you can use it on a creative agency site, an e-commerce shop, a portfolio website, a business website, and so much more.

You get access to the drag-&-drop website builder to customize your site. There are over 50+ custom elements available to you. You also get access to the Revolution slider plugin to customize sliders as you want. You also get WooCommerce integration, bbPress integration for forum creation, and a lot more.

Not to mention, they also have a good support team.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a design-driven multi-purpose theme.)

18. ElitePress

ElitePress is a free business WordPress theme. You can use it for multiple businesses like law firms, digital media agencies, portfolios, and more.

There are some features that you only can unlock when you buy the pro version. Some of the pro features include the boxed layout, 7 predefined color schemes, a slider, and more. I don’t think it is worth it, though.

If you are willing to invest the money, then look for other options available on the market.

(Choose this theme if you are looking for…a free multi-purpose theme)

19. Ultra

Ultra is a..

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Using table is a great way to present data in a comprehensive way. For a huge amount of data, you need to have a tabular presentation to demonstrate all the data in front of your audience.

When it comes to creating responsive tables on WordPress sites, it’s pretty much possible to get stuck as WordPress has a very basic built-in solution in Gutenberg editor. If you’ve tried it, you might have already know the frustrations.

But like everything, we can make it easier by using a Plugin. There are plenty of WordPress Table Plugins out there. However, it’s not easy to choose the right one from hundreds of solutions.

To save your time, I am going to share a list of 10 Best WordPress Table Plugins for creating responsive tables in 2019.

Best WordPress Table Plugins

Now, it’s the time to explain the usage of these awesome plugins so that you can choose your desired one based on your requirements.

1. Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables is a fully responsive plugin that lets you create different types of dynamic tables. The advanced features of the plugin make the users feel very much comfortable when they create tables. And a diverse type of ingredients in plugin interface makes it user-friendly.

You don’t need to use any addons to have a responsive look using this plugin. The breakdown facility of the plugin allows you to solve the responsiveness issue in any kind of device.

It also offers several table design, predefined schema, custom schema built-in, and custom CSS as well. Pagination, Sorting, and Filtering can be found in a very friendly manner. Using shortcode, you can post any of the tables you created earlier on your webpage.

Here are some other features of Ninja Tables:

  • Simple Configuration.
  • Drag and Drop Data Sorting.
  • Pagination Friendly.
  • Duplicate Any Created Table..
  • Import-Export Facility.
  • Filterable Table.
  • Google Sheets Integration.
  • WooCoomerce Integration.

A Typical Table Created By Ninja Tables Looks Like…

While you can create more tables like WooCommerce Product List, League Points Table, Review Table, etc; here’s how an Amazon Product List table looks like created with Ninja Tables. (View All Demo Here)

Things To Know Before Choosing Ninja Tables

  • Ninja Tables is the most comprehensive WordPress table builder plugin. The only downside of the plugin is that it doesn’t have an option to import Excel file.
  • Ninja Tables has both free and premium version. The premium plan starts at $39 for a single site license. You can use the coupon WPLEADERS to get 10% discount.
2. TablePress

TablePress is the most popular table plugin which appeared in the market with the name WP-Table Reloaded. Then it turned into the name TablePress. This is probably the first quality table plugin which grabs users’ attention.

The shortcode facility of the plugin allows you to add created tables anywhere on your WordPress site. And export-import facility allows its users to have the tables from other websites. There are several advanced options like filtering, sorting, pagination with a simple outlook.

The plugin is mostly responsive but you have to add simple add-ons to make the table fully responsive. The plugin offers several add-ons to add extra functionalities to your website.

Noticeable Features

  • User-Friendly Filtering Facility.
  • HTML Table Support For Data Cells.
  • Support Table Caption, Header, & Footer.
  • Customizable In Various Ways.
  • Import from CSV, Excel, Google Sheets.
  • Export to CSV, Excel, and PDF.

A Typical Table Created With TablePress Looks Like…

One of the great things about TablePress is, it lets you create any type of tables. As you can insert HTML code, you can easily make tables more attractive and engaging.

Things To Know Before Choosing TablePress

  • TablePress is fully free and it doesn’t have any premium version.
  • You need to have some HTML coding knowledge to create beautiful tables.
3. wpDataTables

wpDataTables is one of the notable premium WordPress table plugins. The plugin is rich with the perfect display to demonstrate data as charts, graphs, and tables. The plugin comes with many interesting advantages and its correlated features.

Using this plugin you can create tables in various ways. You can upload your file, paste a MySQL query, provide URL, or just input the data manually.


  • Sortable and interactive tables can be created.
  • Tables can read data from CSV, JSON, XML, and Excel.
  • You can create a table with charts and a built-in wizard.
  • You can highlight cells, rows, columns whenever you want.
  • Mobile responsive outlook.
  • You can use conditional formatting in CSS.
  • Real-time table data customization and the end user can edit anytime.

A Typical Table Created With wpDataTables Looks Like…

wpDataTables lets you show data in a comprehensive way. Here’s an example of a table created with wpDataTables.

Things To Know Before Choosing wpDataTables

  • wpDataTables is both tables and charts creator plugin. This is the best plugin if you want create large tables.
  • It’s a premium plugin which costs $55.
4. WP Table Manager

WP Table Manager is a premium WordPress table plugin which is introduced by JoomUnited. The plugin supports extensive functionality with pre-built style themes that actually allows your tables look exception. It has two blocks to insert tables and chart in Gutenberg editor.

The plugin synchronizes automatically with Excel files and Google Sheets. Here are some key features of the plugin given below:

  • You can have an editor like Excel.
  • Table theme style can be customized.
  • Data can be imported from multiple sources like Excel, Google Sheets, WordPress database as well and so on.
  • Excel and Google Sheets can be synchronized.
  • Using this plugin you can have basic formulas like SUM, COUNT, etc.
  • To generate a chart, you can integrate chart.js file.

A Typical Table Created With WP Table Manager

One of the best selling points of WP Table Manager is that it lets you create any type of table. You can create pricing tables, comparison tables, planning tables, etc. Here’s an example of a simple plugin.

Things To Know Before Choosing WP Table Manager

  • The best thing about WP Table Manager is its pre-built templates.
  • It’s a premium plugin that costs $39 for one year support and updates.
5. League Table

League Table is a premium table which was built with sports in mind but later it gets the choice for average table-creator. The interface is simple and handy as you can set up the number of columns and rows, key in the table heading, then you can type away into the cells. The table can be sorted easily using the plugin.

Moreover, you can have an advanced option which reveals a notable amount of customization ability. You can correlate the row to the pixel table dimensions and logo display are all possible.


  • Pretty simple to use and easier to use excel.
  • Easy set-up facility.
  • Sortable table data.
  • Responsive setting depending on the different devices.
  • Widget facility.
  • Adding mathematical formula to the cells, rows, and columns.

A Typical Table Created With League Table Looks Like…

As this plugin is mainly created for showing League Table, a typical table created with League Table looks like this.

Things To Know Before Choosing League Table

  • As it’s mainly created with sports in mind, it’s better to use it on League types table.
  • The plugin costs only $23.
6. Data Table Generator by Supsystic

Data Table Generator is a simple & free table plugin which allows you to create responsive tables. Using this plugin user can have interactive experiences. It renders interactive charts and graphs.

It also provides sorting, pagination, filtering etc. It’s a responsive table builder WordPress plugin.  It has many features and functionalities to make your table more interactive.

One of the great features of the plugin is, Server Side Processing. It allows you to load huge tables.


  • The plugin has Formula and HTML tables support for data at the same time.
  • Table caption, header, the footer can enable and disable.
  • A wide range of customization facility like bold, font size customization, color customization etc.
  • Data importation facility from CSV, Excel, Google Sheets.
  • You can also export the table to CSV, Excel, PDF.

A Typical Table Created With Data Table Generator Looks Like…

Data Table Generator lets you add tables with calculations, sorting, filtering, graphs, and charts.

Things To Know Before Choosing Data Table Generator

  • It’s one of the most powerful table plugins. It has some amazing features like evaluated formulas, data sorting, diagrams, chart, & graphs, etc.
  • It has both free and premium version. The premium version costs $29 for one site.
7. Post Table Pro

This plugin is slightly different than the conventional one, as it provides you a twisting experience as a whole. Using this plugin, you don’t need to enter data into the post manually. Instead of doing so, it generates the tables simply based on existing WordPress posts, pages or custom post types.

This table plugin gives you ample of flexibility while you want to display data as a post or custom post type. Visitors can decide how many rows to be displayed in a page and they also filter the post by tag or category. You can add an additional filter here simply by adding the shortcode.


  • Any kind of post, pages and custom post can be displayed by this plugin.
  • Table columns can be customized including all the standard WordPress data plus custom fields and taxonomies.
  • Tables created by the plugin is searchable, sortable and filterable.
  • The plugin allows its users to add multimedia like audio and videos.
  • The plugin has its responsive look.

A Typical Table Created With Post Table Pro Looks Like…

Unlike other plugins, Posts Table Pro lets you create tables without any data entry. You can easily generate tables from posts, pages, documents, audio, custom post types, etc.

Things To Know Before Choosing Post Table Pro

  • It’s not the right plugin to create tables from scratch. It mainly creates tables from post types. It’s the best choice for document libraries, directories, events, etc.
  • It has both free and premium version. The premium version starts $89 for a single site.
8. Table Widget by Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is one of best add-ons plugins for Elementor. It has 24 Elementor widgets. One of the coolest widgets is Table Widget.

Table Widget lets you create responsive and beautiful tables with advanced styles and features. It has some advanced features like sorting option, merging or spanning of rows and columns, searching option, dropdown entries for longer tables, and more.


  • Responsive & Sortable Table.
  • Row/Colum Span Table.
  • Searchable Tables With Dropdown Entries.

A Table Created With Ultimate Addons for Elementor.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor lets you create any type of table by using Elementor Page Builder. Here’s an example of a comparison table.

Things To Know Before Choosing Ultimate Addons for Elementor

  • As it’s an Elementor Add-ons plugin, you need to have Elementor installed on your WordPress site.
  • It’s a premium plugin. The price starts at $69 for unlimited sites.
9. Magic Liquidizer Responsive Tables

Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table plugin allows you to create a responsive table and transforms the simple HTML tables into a mobile-friendly table on your web page.

To manage data from the small screens where usually data overlap, it’s an easy solution to solve the issue. To give an elegant view of the data, the plugin also can collapse the columns into rows. Navigation and custom media queries are in the pro version but its basic functionalities are free.


  • It provides responsive outlook with images, texts, forms, navigation menu, and the total table.
  • checkProvides advanced features of SEO, navigation, and custom media queries.
  • checkResponsive HTML layouts.
  • checkThe plugin also supports landscape and portrait view.

A Typical Table Create With Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table Looks Like…

Things To Know Before Choosing This Plugin

  • The plugin’s interface is simple and lightweight. It’s a decent solution to create basic tables.
  • This plugin is free.
10. JTRT Responsive Tables

JTRT responsive Tables plugin which is used to create responsive tables without any having any coding knowledge. It’s a beginner-friendly plugin, that can use anyone out there.

It makes you able to convert your CSV files to HTML with a few clicks. It bears many features, here are some of them are given below: 


  • You can customize table cells from the backend.
  • Images and links can be added to the table.
  • Custom breakpoints for each table.
  • You can have three different responsive types.
  • Custom border, alignment for the cells.
  • You can use a keyboard shortcut as well.
  • Multiselect and multi-edit cells.

A Typical Table Create With JTRT Responsive Tables Looks Like…

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