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What Is Technical Support? Definition and Meaning

It is hard to imagine any online business today without reliable, stable tech support. What is technical support? This term stands for a range of services aimed at providing website or app users with fast help with any issues that may arise. In most cases, such services should be available around-the-clock so that the visitors can ask questions and solve urgent disputes at any time.

You may also ask, “What is virtual technical support?” Its functions are the same with the only difference: while you may get traditional technical support by visiting the physical office of the enterprise, a virtual does not require you to leave your home. You can access it remotely having an Internet connection.

Unfortunately, not all modern companies understand the significance of tech support, and that is why many of them fail to satisfy their clients. Also, it is essential to avoid common confusions: technical support is not to educate users, but rather to assist them with their queries.

Technical support can be of several different levels. These levels predetermine the obligations of its reps and purposes of the teams:

  • Level-one tech support
  • Level-two tech support
  • Level-three tech support
  • Other levels (less popular)

So, what is the role of technical support? What are the significant differences between those levels? How should one know which one to use? The sections below will explain why technical support is important.

What Is the Role of Technical Support and Its Purposes?

Technical support reps should fulfill several responsibilities. The main one is to meet the customer’s needs in the most effective and fastest possible way. Creating a waiting line on the phone or in chat is a bad habit. Being rude or impatient is a bad habit too.

Thus, one can conclude that being a tech support representative requires more than advanced technical skills and knowledge of the product or service, it demands outstanding communication skills.

A technical support rep must train users and consult them on the product or service, but they are not offering tutoring in the specific field.

To work more efficiently, such specialists should test the goods themselves to find out how easy and convenient they are for an average person. They can suggest some improvements and fixes. So, why is there a tremendous need for technical support? These experts alone may either improve the company’s reputation or fully destroy it by failing to cope with their responsibilities. Thus, businesses should be cautious and selective when hiring such staff.

What Is L1 L2 L3 Support? Compare and Contrast

Many people wonder, “What Is L1 L2 L3 support?” To tell you more, even level-zero support exists. As you may guess, it refers to the process of trying to figure out everything on your own by reading manuals offered by the company. All websites provide some kind of support web pages such as how-to guides, product descriptions, and FAQs. In the case of L0 tech support, a client has no other choice than to look for the solutions to their problem alone. If a user does not manage to get the answers, they may contact the company’s reps using emails, social accounts, and other communication methods. However, once they get a reply, it stops being an L0 tech support.

What is the meaning of level one support then? Level-one support offers the basic assistance desk resolution. Such type of technical support deals with the smallest issues like little bugs or usage problems. L1 support is provided by the junior specialists able to cope with the known issues and lack creativity and professionalism to handle force majeure. So, what is the difference between L1 and L2 support?

The next, L2 support, is the responsibility of the skilled technicians with solid experience that are trained enough to handle the problems unknown to the previous level reps. The client will obtain a more profound knowledge of the good or service. However, these experts are not still the developers of the product, so they will escalate the case to the upper level.

The next stage is L3 support. The main features of it include:

  • Professional good and service support (perhaps, even the creators)
  • Access to the highest tech resources
  • New feature creation to get rid of the issue
  • Usage of advanced tools such as product designs and codes
  • Preparation of documentation for the low levels of tech support

What if even L3 is not capable of finding the solution? Keep on reading to find out what the next level is.

L1 Outsourced Technical Support for Emergency Cases

If nothing listed above helps, an organization along with the client can only count on the help of so-called L1 outsourced technical support or other levels of the third-party technicians. It means turning for help to the external agencies or freelance experts. If the company has no other choice, it can obtain contracted support from the services that specialize in the same field. On the whole, outside support is associated with:

  • App support
  • Vendor support
  • Printer support
  • Machine maintenance
  • Depot support

Usually, companies have their preferred parties to provide outsourced tech assistance. They agree on the fees and tend to cooperate on a long-term basis.

If the organization wants to avoid using any outsourced, third-party support, it should learn how to improve the technical support department. The most common recommendations of the experts are:

  • Add a live chat feature

This tool effectively removes barriers between the user and support, allowing to type a quick message and get a fast response. It appears user-friendly and convenient.

  • Work round-the-clock

Some companies fail to meet the needs of their clients by refusing to include 24/7 support. It is vital as various customers come from different time zones.

  • Cover all the channels

A company should provide its clients with an opportunity to move across channels for fast help. Another goal is to supply staff with the auto-technology required to pull the client info and history.

  • Remain social

Forget about the days of helplines – they are smoothly dwindling. Organizations should actively invest and incorporate social into client support programs.

Team That Meets All Requirements of the Excellent Tech Support

Now that you know the answers to such questions as, “What is L1 support in networking,” you may want to know more about our support. No matter at which time of day or night you turn to us, we promise to provide you with the top-qualified technical support. We hire only senior tech experts to represent our services. Our goal is to reply to all of your queries, help you fix bugs, or solve urgent disputes as fast as possible.

Yes, you can reach us via phone and email. We also have that 24/7 live chat. Typically, our reps respond in several minutes or even seconds no matter when you decide to contact them. We have enough tech support representatives on board to serve you. Thus, do not hesitate to contact them in case of any questions, complaints, or suggestions.

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Customer Service Strategy

Each of us has dealt with unprofessional customer service at least once in our life. Thus, we know perfectly well how damaging a frustrated and angry customer can be for a business.  At the same time, great customer service can make true miracles and turn a furious customer into a loyal one, according to 2017 Global Distribution and Marketing Consumer Study by Accenture 49% of consumers say high-quality customer care increases brand loyalty.

There are many different reasons why companies fail to establish high-quality customer service. Instead of searching for answers to these questions, it is better to focus on how to improve the situation. Remember, even small changes in your customer service strategy can lead to significant positive changes in your business.

Next, we will give you a bunch of useful advice on how to design a powerful customer service strategy and create wow-experiences for your customers if you decided to outsource customer support.

People Come First

People you hire are extremely important. If your employees are between 20 and 25 years old, then you must understand that these people might have never witnessed great customer care and need to be trained accordingly.

Another important thing is motivation. Let your employees feel special and encourage them to do their best. People that work for you must be deeply involved in the process and become as devoted and passionate about what they do as though they are business owners.

Dismiss ineffective employees. Pay attention to industry leaders like Apple. When Steve Jobs returned to his position as CEO, he immediately dismissed most of the employees as their level of productivity was simply unacceptable.

Remember, the main reason why top companies succeeded is that they put customer service in the first place.

Rules are Good But Learn to Feel Your Customers

Try to make your business as easy and convenient as possible: simplify rules, procedures, and processes. Complicated rules and long-lasting procedures only make your customers angry and able to kill your brand. It’s a well-known fact when a client is unhappy or pissed off, the last thing he wants to hear from you is an apology for having such rules and that you cannot do anything.

Most managers think only with their heads and are not able to understand in-depth customers’ needs. Instead, train all your reps, including outsourced customer support agents to perform according to your company’s principles and mission, not policies and rules.

Delegate to an Outsourced Customer support team

No matter what you do – launching a small startup or facing a major business expansion, you will unlikely become an industry leader without the ability to delegate authority. Delegation is the key to creating a service culture and training is the key to a delegation.

Hiring an experienced outsourcing customer support team can help you not only reduce costs and deliver high-quality customer care but also develop useful guidelines for your customer support reps. As a result, your team will be able to solve customers’ problems without seeking permission from top management.

Never Stop Improving

Always strive for improvement. Dream big, set global goals and engage in self-development. Set up a list of KPI’s and constantly evaluate and analyze your employees’ results:

  • Measure their soft skills
  • Get rid of unproductive employees
  • If there are no changes, let these people work for your competitors

At Wow24-7 we stand for focused improvement. This approach implies uncompromising elimination of ineffective workflows and constant improvement of performance. As a result, we have already helped SaaS, E-commerce, Retail, Tourism, and Software Development companies to drive customer satisfaction and achieve their ultimate business goals.

For more than a decade we’ve been delivering wow customer experiences and chosen as a customer support outsourcing agent for:

Please, feel free to ask questions, we’ll be happy to share our experience and best practices with you.

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Congratulations! After a thorough research and weighing up pros and cons, you’ve finally decided to outsource customer support services. This was a long way to go but the most crucial is yet to come; you need to ensure your new agents will perform as well as your in-house team and help you scale up your business.

No matter how many agents you outsource, it’s always important to instruct them in an appropriate way and make sure the onboarding process went successfully, otherwise, instead of focusing on more important things you risk to get stuck in an endless troubleshooting.

Below, we will give you a piece of useful advice on how to onboard a business process outsourcer.

Infect Them With Your Brand

This part of onboarding is essential. If you want your reps to deliver great customer service they must have an in-depth understanding of the product and who‘s willing to study something he’s not passionate about? Thus, in order to encourage your agents to do their best and make your customers happy, you must tell them about your company’s mission, voice and emphasize that each one of them is basically a brand ambassador.

Next, you can think of motivation. Benefits always work; remember, if you truly strive to engage your outsourced customer support representatives you must treat them as though they are your own in-house team.

Conduct Effective Training

If building a team spirit is a warm-up, an effective training session is the next important stage of onboarding. Experienced outsourcers are able to process your existing guidelines and even turn an informal session into a hands-on script, however, it’s better if you take control over the negotiation process and cover the following issues:

  • Your company’s mission, values, and voice
  • Customer persona
  • Product features and metrics
  • Ticketing system

Those are the key aspects which must be discussed in the first place; however, this is not a complete list. For instance, if you’re using some extra software you need to talk it over and provide additional training if necessary.

Set Up Measurable Goals

To turn customer support outsourcing into a win-win situation setting up KPI’s is a must. Usually, there are two common groups of KPI’s, the first one is used to measure a team’s productivity, for instance: call abandonment rate, follow up time, etc.

The second one serves to estimate customer satisfaction, this includes:

  • Query age
  • Call frequency
  • First call resolution
  • Number of escalations

Additional indicators vary depending on the business niche.

If you haven’t experienced outsourcing customer support before and don’t have a set of indicators to measure your agents’ performance, collaborate with your outsourcer and define a set of KPI’s along with the expected period of time when they must be reached.

Ask Outsourced Customer SupportFor Reports

Having worked for multiple projects we’ve learned that reporting is an extremely powerful tool. It helps you monitor the progress, make more evident-based decisions, increases productivity and simplifies the overall collaboration process. Plus, it enables to you provide on-time changes and prevent critical mistakes.

As you can see outsourcing implies major changes. Thus, to make the transition smooth find an experienced outsourcer and make him a part of your team as successfully onboarded customer support representatives are able to increase your brand’s trust and leap-frog your business.

Wow24-7 team has been leveraging startup’s success for 12+ years by providing:

  • General technical support
  • Inbound and outbound  calls
  • B2B calling
  • Virtual assistant
  • Content moderation and  more

We’ll be happy to share our experience and best practices with you. Please, feel free to ask questions and we will give you professional answers.

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The primary goal of every startup in the early stage is to make the world know about their innovative idea and kick-start selling a product or service with a bang. If done right, marketing can do miracles for your startup and bring hundreds of customers making your company the next big thing.

Although marketing is crucial for company success, effective customer service is what sets your startup apart in the crowded marketplace. Most business leaders agree that poor customer care is a business killer, which causes customer disloyalty and profit crunch.

Importance of strong customer service

Customers are quick to share negative feedback online when they had a bad experience with a brand. If you think that people don’t pay attention to reviews on social media, you’re wrong. According to research, 88% of respondents have been influenced by online reviews when making a purchasing decision.

Besides, almost 95% of respondents generally tell at least one person about their poor customer experience. People must be treated with respect. Thus, finding out what it takes to provide the highest-quality service is the first and foremost task of every startup owner.

Providing killer customer support isn’t a simple task. As an inexperienced entrepreneur, you may not know where to start. Sometimes, the best way to cope with the business processes in the most effective way is to outsource customer support. But if you can’t do that in the early stage, consider the following 5 tips on how to maximize your customer service:

Make customer support a part of the company’s DNA

State a clear support vision that builds a foundation of the customer service mindset of the team. This means that every member — from CEO to the receptionist — should consider customer service as an essential part of business success and play a significant role in helping clients.

Write down your vision making it understandable and strategic. To make it practical, add some regular measurements and metrics which will help you evaluate the effectiveness or provided support solutions.

Use the most effective tools

Early-stage startups often experience difficulties with meeting customers needs, exceeding their expectations and providing customized service primarily because of limited resources. Luckily, there are various cost-effective tools, — including survey tools, live chat and social media, — that you can use to manage customer service department without breaking the bank.

The survey tools are generally used to establish healthy relationships with customers. With the help of instruments like Google Forms, companies collect feedback, measure customers loyalty as well as a level of satisfaction, and, as a result, determine clients needs. What about live chat, it’s an efficient way to interact with customers real-time, which is a critical element for business success. Social media is another powerful tool to help customers reach out to your business with ease.

The decision what tool is better to choose for your brand depends on your customer service goals, your targeted audience, and budget. You can also hire outsourced customer support to find the best option for your business needs.

Use customer service to guide product strategy

Don’t be afraid to ask clients for help. Your support team interacts with users every day. Once they come to you for assistance, take an opportunity and talk to them about your product or service. For example, you can ask a satisfied client to submit a review on social media or make the potential customer an offer and motivate them to purchase.

Your customers can be a crucial driver of product innovations. Every interaction is a great chance to not only provide valuable customer support but also to make progress on other business goals. Strive to make your product or service better by listening carefully, especially to your most demanding users.

Involve your entire team, empower and inspire

If there was only one thing you could focus your team on, what would it be? Make sure that when it comes to discussing business processes, support has pride of place. Keeping customer service teamwork is the key to staying customer-centric as your company grows.

Involve members of your team in solving customers problems, as well as fixing the faulty processes causing these issues. Empower them to look for new effective solutions and inspire by your enthusiasm and passion.

Build a dream team

When your business affords to hire dedicated customer support representatives, you should make sure to hire the right ones. Find a like-minded people who have required skills and expertise to make serious customer service happen. Provide them with the necessary training, put their knowledge to the test, and give them authority.

If you want to hire a professional customer support department quickly and efficiently, opt for customer support outsourcing. If a provider is chosen right, it may become your lifeline in the early stage of your business development.

A brief afterword

When it comes to choosing the right customer service solutions, an early-stage startup can get into difficulties. As a young business without necessary professional background, you may run a risk of selecting a system that doesn’t work for you. So reaching out to professionals for outsourcing customer support will be a wise and cost-effective decision.

Here at Wow24-7, we can provide your company with qualified customer support, find tools that will work best for your brand, and create a clear strategy to exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers.

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Despite the whole bunch of reasons why mushrooming startups should go for outsourcing, some uncertainty is still emerging every time you start thinking of the third party involved. Thus, the best way to weigh the pros and cons of an outsourced customer support is to find out about the experience of others.

Next, let’s discover several examples of famous startup companies which have once decided to implement customer support outsourcing into their business.

Google’s outsourced customer support success

It’s hard to believe that Google had initially started its way to success with only 60 people employed. While growing into a giant empire, the company has faced some serious customer service issues. 

The salvation came in 2011, when Francoise Brougher, former Google senior executive launched an outsourcing customer support organization which processed calls and collected valuable data from more 60 countries, which ultimately led to significant improvements in customer care. As Brougher said, “People like to talk”. 

Nowadays, Google addresses numerous functions to outsource, so as such corporate behemoths as Apple, IBM, eBay, etc. 

Clearwire’s attempt to escape crisis

Clearwire is a great example of how outsourcing help dealing with financial crisis. The company was struggling with financial issues and searching for a way to reduce operating costs. As a result, telecommunication giant outsourced 700 employees providing customer care to TeleTech Holdings, which helped Clearwire to keep the power for a few more years, until in 2013 it was ultimately acquired by another broadband and mobile service provider, Sprint Corporation.

IBM BPO Services purchased by Synnex

Technological innovations continue to conquer the world and caused major transformations in customer experience. No wonder one of the world’s leaders took an advantage of it when created their famous worldwide IBM BPO organization, and in 2013 sold it to another software company for $505 million. 

As a result, Synnex (an acquiring company) got outsourced highly-skilled global customer care integrated with Concentrix, which has become an IBM strategic business partner. 

According to the recent insight by National Outsourcing Company, 23% of respondents outsource for improving customer experience and 17% go through a transition from IT development to IT as a service, which proves that outsourcing is not only about reducing expenses.

Wrapping up

Researches conducted by Deloitte  show that the number of omni-channel outsourcing centers continue to grow and has reached 51% by 2017. This fact proves, that in the world of on-demand economy outsourcing has become an integral part of today’s reality – it helps you increase customer satisfaction, it’s cost-effective, it uses AI and machine learning, etc. 

If you’re struggling with financial issues, it can be used as a good temporary decision, however, it doesn’t mean that all your problems will be solved. Plus, if you decided to outsource customer support, you need to find a contractor who strives for your success as fiercely as you do; otherwise, it’s a waste of both time and money.

Here, in WOW 24-7, we are constantly focused on self- improvement to deliver wow customer experience. We train our agents to stay committed and enthusiastic and encourage them to perform their duties with positive energy and passion. 

We offer the following solutions:

  • General and technical customer support
  • B2B calling
  • Presales
  • Telemarketing
  • SMM Content Moderation
  • Data Entry Servicing
  • And many other…

Having more than 12 years of successful customer care experience, we believe that customer-centric approach, passion for innovations and desire to support our clients goals make us a reliable partner.

Want to find out more about our services or values? Don’t hesitate! Feel free to ask questions and get qualified answers to all of them.

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Customer Support Outsourcing: From Hi to Buy — More Than Just Conversation

Over the last decade, sales have changed tremendously. In today’s highly competitive markets, any advantage you have over your competitors can play a critical part in making or breaking a deal.

Generating sales online is not a simple task to cope with. Customers are looking not only for better products, but also for remarkable customer care. Thus, instead of focusing solely on selling, businesses should aim to turn the regular purchasing transactions into an enjoyable experience.

Digital transformation provided a new opportunity to chat with a person in real time via an app or website. Adding live chat on your site, especially when your competitors don’t, is a competitive edge. If it’s managed right, this tool can help generate more sales and target specific leads effectively. And outsourcing customer support to a professional team is surely a great way to implement live chat successfully.

Outsourced customer support: live chat in the sales funnel

Live chat and messaging have become one of the most popular technologies used to conducting sales conversations and creating excellent customer experience. An ability to instantly solve clients problems and answer their questions can improve sales significantly.

Unlike purchases made at traditional stores where most shoppers tend to buy impulsively, online purchases are deliberate. The statistic shows that over 81% of customers who purchase online conduct research before making any order.

In fact, they spend a lot of time exploring and comparing products or services as well as reading feedback before making direct contact with a sales representative. Potential customers have a lot of questions in their mind before pushing the desired BUY button.

That’s why the primary goal of every e-tailer is to choose and successfully implement the best online marketing and sales strategies in order to convert prospects into customers.

Here is how a live chat can help your company build a better sales funnel and move potential buyers through it in a more effective way.

Show value and engage

Want to take your business to the next level and boost sales? Outsource customer support hiring qualified representatives who know how to make the most of a live chat. In fact, this tiny tool can make a big difference.

Running a business as a source of useful and relevant information is the primary strategy of modern brands. And live chat is a great way to engage, show value and even educate the leads while they are visiting your website.

Build trust

Though shopping has gone online, people still fear being scammed when it comes to making a purchase, especially on a new website. Practice shows that a lot of potential customers leave their carts without buying just because they can’t find clear contact information.

When used correctly, a live chat can show visitors that you’re easy to get in touch with them. What is more important, it puts a human face on your business and adds a personal approach even to your outsourced customer support.

Qualify potential buyers on the spot

Increasing conversion rate is all about making people end up purchasing your services or products. By adding live chat on their website, companies are opening the door for better sales.

Keep in mind that customers will probably have several options where to make an order. Asking right probing questions will help you find out whether your business meets their needs and identify the criteria they use to make a final decision.

After the regular interactions with users on a real-time basis, it’s easier to predict whether they will turn into paying customers or not. Live chat helps support agents communicate with customers and know at what stage of purchasing process they are now and what issues they face on their way. That means they can effectively lead the potential clients through the sales funnel and direct them towards buying.

Avoid confusion and delays

Customer support representatives always have to be careful in what they type in a live chat window. In fact, misinterpretation can easily happen. Therefore, agents should pay attention to every word they write as well as balance this with leaving prospects waiting too long for a response. To avoid delayed replies and lack of understanding, you should develop a live chat etiquette that sets the standards for online communication.


Adding live chat to your website will bring positive changes to your business processes. It can increase your sales, enhance customer service and improve lead generation. Managing live chat right is all about getting to know your customers, understanding their needs and letting them know you are there to help.

Here at Wow24-7, we always strive to be prompt, friendly and enthusiastic chatting with leads to provide perfect customer experience. No doubt, trusting customer support outsourcing to our team, you will turn a live chat into the successful sales tool.

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The Best 5 Live Chat Etiquette Tips for Making Customer Support Outsourcing Effective

Want to make people fall in love with your brand? Your leads can quickly turn into faithful brand advocates. Just treat them seriously providing compelling customer service.

According to the Northridge Group’s report, 81% of customers would likely stop doing business with a company after poor customer experience. And only 53% of those unsatisfied clients may return.

No doubt, your business would benefit a lot from happy customers. And adding a live chat to your website is a great way of generating sales and meeting customers needs more effectively. And here’s when professional outsourced customer support comes in handy.  

Top live chat etiquette tips for outsourced customer support

Like many other communication channels live chat could be misused. In this case, potential buyers become frustrated instead of receiving pleasant customer experience. One of the main factors that impact customer satisfaction is live chat etiquette. Dealing with people can be complicated, so the soft skills of support representatives are instrumental in building meaningful communication between a brand and clients.

Live chat conversations can quickly go public like a conversation between Amazon’s dissatisfied customer and one of the operators. But it’s easy to avoid such a sticky situation. If you opt for outsourcing customer support, make sure that offshore support representatives are trained to treat leads and clients in appropriate ways.

Here are some useful live chat etiquette tips to help your customer care rise to a new level.

Be personal

Many users notice that they feel icy cold when chatting like they are messaging with a robot. Letting them know that the person on the other end of the chat is human is significant. Just a little bit efforts such as uploading a photo or using a real name can change the situation enormously. When lead visits your website, send a customized message with a friendly welcome and short introduction describing how you can help.

Be friendly

All customers want to be treated respectfully. But sometimes chatting with them can turn into a hotbed of conflicts. To avoid controversy, live chat operators should always remember that customers are also humans. So it’s crucial to demonstrate this by staying open and friendly. Listening carefully and showing your interest in customers needs will establish a connection with the person in chat room even if you have to deal with angry and frustrated one. It’s essential to allow a customer to explain the issue in details and show that you are on their side while making every effort to find the best solution to a problem.

Be honest

Playing fair is worth more to a customer than a price cut. If your company promises something such as a discount, keep that promise. Of course, to inform your clients correctly, customer support representatives should be sure of what they are saying about the product or service. Well-trained and qualified staff is an excellent way to impress people.

Use proper grammar and spelling

Make sure your customer support team has perfect grammar and spelling skills. Tons of typos and poor spelling make your entire business look unprofessional. Keep in mind that customers don’t have to know any specific terminology, so avoid jargons. Use precise questions and be as clear as possible.

Never leave a customer without an answer

Customers want you to provide them with a quick and effective solution. But not having an instant answer is normal. Sometimes customers may ask you questions that require collecting much information. Thus, inform that you read the question and preparing the reply. A phrase like “Just give me a second I’ll quickly find this out for you” won’t reveal that you are helpless. They will show your effort to help and take care of the problem.


More and more companies outsource customer support and trust their live chats to remote operators. At Wow24-7, we train support representatives to stay empathetic and enthusiastic chatting with leads and clients.

Being one of the leading companies in the customer support outsourcing industry, we’ve developed unique live chat etiquette to help brands worldwide wow customers and stand out from competitors. Our customer support representatives know how to choose the words correctly. They successfully balance between providing leads with quick response and giving them answers that address their concerns.

Have any questions? Contact us today to get qualified answers to all of them.

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3 Myths About Customer Service Outsourcing

The fast growth of technology has changed the business operations and provided new opportunities for business development in the global market. Business processes outsourcing remains one of the most significant contributors to a world economy. Despite the fact that it’s quite a new concept, outsourcing industry is multiplying.

On the other hand, there are still companies that remain skeptical about cooperation with outsourced services, especially when it comes to outsourced customer support. The main reason for their hesitation is the lack of knowledge of the benefits that such partnership can bring to their business.

Why hiring outsourced customer support is so profitable

First of all, it’s less expensive than maintaining an in-house team, buying required equipment, and paying all rental taxes. Hiring a whole support team can be quite costly and time-consuming. Not every startup can be able to afford it. Besides, it takes a lot of money, time and efforts to train the newly hired customer support representatives.

Outsourcing customer support gives your company an opportunity to spend less while staying flexible and providing your customers with professionals services. The BPO wouldn’t have boomed in the last few years if that was not the case. So let’s break down some of the biggest myths about outsourcing.

Myth 1: It’ll save money but compromise quality

It’s not a secret that the relationship with the clients is crucial to business success. So not everyone is ready to entrust it to a third party. Since customer support outsourcing is much more expensive as creating an in-house customer service, some companies still see it as a low-quality alternative. But that’s far from reality.

Recent research shows that for many businesses the primary goal of outsourcing is no longer cost reduction. In fact, it massively increases the quality of customer care. For the last years, the industry has become a powerhouse of producing qualified specialists. Brands realize that outsourcing doesn’t mean they are compromising the quality — they are actually upgrading it. Besides, this alternative way of delivering customer services can bring even better results than a traditional one.

Myth 2: There is no control over an outsourced team

It’s so easy to feel confident about the quality of provided customer support when you can manage your customer service department from the next door office. But how can you find out what a remote team do and how they speak to your clients?

Since business process outsourcing means that the employer won’t be present in the remote office, there is a myth that they have no control over the project. That’s also a false statement. When you’re hiring a reliable outsourced company, you have all rights to manage your own customer services any time you wish.

Cooperation with the right provider gives you access to dashboards, core metrics, and other parameters used to measure the success of business processes. You can also ask for a detailed analysis of delivered services, along with customer feedback.

Myth 3: Language barrier is a huge problem

Some business owners are afraid to outsource customer support to a foreign company because of issues with communication. The most significant centers of outsourcing aren’t located in the US. Thus, the common complaint about outsourcing is that the overseas agents won’t have the required language skills.

The myth is busted. For example, Ukraine is one of the most popular outsourcing destinations. Why? Because here you can find not only affordable prices but also highly qualified customer support representatives with perfect English.


Business process outsourcing is a strategic business activity. Today, some companies are surviving only because of their ability to delegate the right business activities to the right providers. A remote customer service that doesn’t keep its promises is not a right partner.

That’s why everything we do at Wow24-7 is done transparently with attention to the tiniest details. We know how to provide our partners with exceptional customer care and make outsourcing effective. Keep your customers excited about your brand. Hire our experts to find the best solutions for your business development.

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Thanks, technology world, chatbots became a mainstream.
Anytime you decide to make a call in order to have an access to any business services, chances are high that you may be greeted by automated software, designed to assist you to access the service. This is an aspect that is gaining prominence in the 21st century.

A chatbot is a technological program that has been designed to automatically answer your queries, in case you want to benefit from the services of a business organization. It is one of the new waves of communication that large multinational companies such as Uber are taking advantage of the technology to provide customer support services.

Uber uses the chatbot technology for purposes of fielding questions to customers and providing an answer to any of their inquiries. Moreover, these automated communication technologies are also programmed to refer a customer for human support services, in case their concerns are not addressed. Moreover, these automated communication devices are becoming popular because it is easy to use them when compared to a phone system that is computerized. Programmed phone systems are not able to understand the basic aspects or needs of a customer.

What the Statistics Say:

The use of chatbot technology to provide customer satisfaction is on an increase and is supported by 44% of American customers; this is according to BI Intelligence.  One of the major reasons for this support is because of the capability of the technology to provide an instant answer to the questions that a customer asks. This helps in saving time and avoids unnecessary delays for an answer to a simple question that has been asked by a customer. On this basis, business organizations are willing to invest more in the technology, with the belief that it will lead to customer satisfaction.

In fact, statistics indicate that the market for automated chatbot technology is set to increase by 2021 to about $ 3.2 billion. As of 2016, the chatbot market had a capitalization of $ 703 million. This statistics indicates the popularity of the technology. Apart from helping to create customer loyalty, business organizations believe that the integration of chatbot technology in their system will result in cost-saving measures.  According to BI Intelligence, the use of chatbot automated technology has the capability of helping American business organizations to save $ 23 billion. This is because it reduces the number of salaries paid to workers.

Not Good Enough

Despite the popularity of chatbot technology, it is not good enough for customer relations, and it cannot effectively replace the role of humans in the provision of customer care services.

In some special circumstances, customers normally want to feel human concerns and opinions about the services provided. On this basis, over-reliance on chatbot technology may negatively affect the quality of customer care support service offered by the company. This will ultimately break your customer care services.

Well, here are some of the ways that can prevent you from breaking your customer care support services:

  1. Do not overuse your chatbot technology: This is a key requirement for you, in case you do not want to break your customer care support service. Use the technology in providing simple and direct answers to the customer. However, when the customer needs complex and detailed answers to their questions, allow the technology to direct them to a support agent. Outsourcing customer support service is one of the best ways that will ensure you do not over-rely on the chatbot technology. You can rely on WOW24-7for your customer care needs.
  2. Know your Customers: It is very important to know the various needs of your customers, before deciding to use chatbot technology to serve them. Some customers prefer a human touch when interacting with your company. Make it an option when deciding to use technology for purposes of providing customer care services. You will be surprised at the results.
  3. Sharing of useful information: Always seek to empower your customers. You can achieve this objective by sharing with some sources of useful information about your company. This includes blogs, social media pages, company websites, etc. This initiative may help in solving the various needs of customers. Try sharing useful information with your customers, and you will be surprised with the results.
  4. Support your employees: How motivated your customer care support staff, will determine the quality of service they offer. Come up with good motivational policies to support your employees. They will reciprocate with quality and innovative service offered to your customers.

Well, we are done talking about business and chatbots. Despite their importance to a business organization, it is important that you should not overly on the chatbot technology.  It may mess up the quality of customer care support service you offer. Always ensure that you use a mixture of chatbot technology and human customer care support services when dealing with your customers.

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Want to provide effective customer support? You can do this with ease! But only if you have qualified employees who are proficient enough to deliver wow support experience. And it really matters as customer care have an enormous influence on a public image of your brand.

The statistics show that 70% of customers abandon a company due to low-quality service.

Customer support representatives are the face of the company. Hiring the best agents equipped to work directly with the customers is crucial for your business growth. But finding talented candidates is easier said than done. Especially, if you want to recruit outsourcing customer agent/company.

In this article, we’ve gathered some tips on how to select the best experts for this role. Let’s discuss how to hire customer service representative and what characteristics are important to consider.

How to hire customer support agents: what takes into account

What are the main responsibilities of support representatives? To be the face of your brand and increase customers loyalty. But there still are businesses that pass by the importance of hiring expert employees.

The business life is too fast-paced, and the positions need to be filled right away. As a result, the phones get answered by unqualified agents. In fact, it’s better to leave this call unanswered than to let incompetent support representative respond to it incorrectly.

Selecting a perfect candidate for this position is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Thus, we’ve created this article to help you find out how to hire customer support agents. First of all, you should set some criteria to narrow down the pool of candidates. Here’s what to take into account:

  • Professional background. Your potential employee should have experience of working at customer service. It can include anything from answering calls to servicing customers at the shopping space.
  • Skills. Even for an entry-level job, you need to hire a person with some essential customer service skills such as diligence, politeness, understanding of your specific industry, interpersonal skills, etc. What is more, customer support representative must be able to provide support on various channels including phone, live chat, email and social media.
  • Personal traits. To find someone who can take care of your clients in the best possible way, hire polite, empathetic, hard-working person. A potential agent has to be interested in your brand and fit in with your team.
  • Positive attitude. This characteristic may sound obvious, but it’s crucial to anyone working in customer support. A representative of your brand has no right to complain to clients about their problems or bad days. In fact, agents must convince a customer that your company can fix any problem, no matter what.
  • Enthusiasm. Are the candidates just searching for a new job or do they really want to work for your company? There’s nothing bad about a person who just wants to land a job. But between an apathetic agent with more experience and someone less qualified who would be excited to join your team, the choice is obvious.

To make sure that the potential candidates or members of outsourced customer service are a great cultural fit with your company, you should see whether they capable of doing the actual job or not. The most effective way to do this is giving them a test job.

When it comes to customer service outsourcing, sometimes it can be the best approach to organizing your support. For companies with a seasonal operation, support capacity can vary enormously during the year. In this case, choosing an outsourced company that offers compelling customer care using the latest innovative tools is a wise decision.  Especially, when you aim to get a solid support team at the reasonable price and have no time for a long-run hiring process.

The selection of the best candidates, conducting interviews and providing organizational socialization can take a lot of time. Experienced outsource customer support allows to manage the work of the client care without over-hiring or letting agents go in the low season.

What is outsourced customer service and how to find a perfect one

Choosing the best of the best is only a beginning of a long way to an ideal customer support representative. The selected candidate needs to be trained, onboarded, coached, and inspired to deliver powerful customer care. Fortunately, you can outsource customer support to a reliable team that will represent the values of your brand and always make the customer their highest priority.

Business process outsourcing is a large-scale industry that makes $135 billion profit a year. Customer support outsourcing is just one of the various types of work which can be outsourced. If there is a task that can be done much better by a third party, or your business doesn’t have the required number of team members to cope with it right away, outsourcing can come in handy and become a cost-effective solution.

8 tips to choose outsource customer support company

So what is outsourced customer service? It doesn’t always mean cheap out-of-date call center. Modern outsourcing customer services fully integrate online, mobile and landline communications. It can become flexible extensions of your own team or your faithful remote partner.

It’s not a secret that providing wow customer experience is a huge part of your company’s success. So if you’re considering hiring a suitable outsource customer service, it’s significant to do it well. And here are some tips on how to choose a qualified team and outsource support successfully:

Outsourcing is not just about cutting costs. It’s also about completing tasks efficiently and maximizing workforce flexibility. Hiring outsource customer support company is one of the most significant business trends, and there are a lot of services that help you ride the wave. Just choose the right one wisely!


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