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10 Pros and Cons of CRM Outsourcing Customer Services for Your Company

Previous year shows that overall customer relationship management (CRM) usage increased up to 74%, showing an 18% growth annually. Almost 90% of corporations with more than 10 workers on board are actively using CRM nowadays.

Almost 75% of these businesses report that CRM tools have significantly improved access to client information, and, as a result, helped to expand and retain the customer base. In its turn, more than half of those respondents admitted the significant role of outsourcing customer services to improve CRM.

These statistics alone should be enough to try the CRM approach to developing business. A customer is always the heart, but many companies set their priorities in the wrong way. Sometimes, hiring an external expert may solve issues with costs and resources as well as improve customer relationship management. CRM, in its turn, assists with controlling and maintaining sales.

The goal of this article is to list the advantages and disadvantages of implementing CRM for your business. After analyzing it, you can decide whether you would benefit from this practice or not.

Brief Facts about Customer Relationship Management

Before we move to the arguments for and against, we should answer the question, “What does CRM stand for in business?” This term stands for the computer software developed to compile client data (e.g., contact info, preferences, industry, website) from different sources and store only those pieces related to your business in one location so that it is easy to access and analyze at any time. Such an approach helps to improve customer retention rates.

By outsourcing CRM, you obtain only benefits in most cases. Indeed, many companies are out there, claiming that their services are the best. Based on the feedback of small businesses and start-ups, during the last few years, some of the outsourcing customer services have shown their best in terms of CRM and client support. If you have not tried CRM solutions before, it is better to hire external experts than take all the risks on your own. Anyway, have a look at the pros and cons of such solutions first.

The Benefits of Using CRM for Support

We would like to start by listing the advantages of using outsourced customer support. They are more obvious than cons. In any case, a proper CRM allows generating sales and expanding customer base. You should be well informed about the various types of customer relationship management to make the right choice. Here are the reasons to pick CRM for your business.

  • Auto data entry.

CRM outsourcing solutions include automatic data entry. Entering big amounts of data manually can be both time-consuming and tiring. While having other core business activities, it makes no sense to waste valuable resources on secondary tasks like this. One that can be delegated to outsourced staff — a great variety of top-of-field CRMs developed from existing on the web today. Instead of research and data monitoring, you may dedicate more time to selling.

  • Increased profitability.

Right, custom Relationship management costs money. You will need special tools and labor. However, CRM is directed on boosting revenue. If you outsource CRM specialists, you save money on both labor and resources. Equipment and tools then become the responsibility of the chosen outsourcing agency. According to the official statistics, for each dollar invested in this type of management, a company can gain something around $5-6 RoI.

  • Hurray for automation.

Not only the data entry process can be automated through implementing CRM and support outsourcing. Almost every secondary task and even some core activities can be automated. It will help to generate greater revenues during a shorter period. For example, one can log phone calls, save message templates, respond to emails, schedule meetings, and special events, and do more automatically. What is more important, the team then can auto-prioritize leads.

  • Opportunity to scale.

The fact remains the same: customer relationship management is scalable. Along with business development, CRM increases as well. The customer base keeps on expanding when implementing CRM. While in the game, this approach allows for adding new users/customers and opportunities.

  • Improved collaboration.

So, you have used customer relationship management to have client info stored in one place. Now, it is way simpler to keep in touch and up-to-date with everything going on in your company. Moreover, businesses may save various marketing data in a single library. It makes it possible to enable sales through quality content.

  • Effective dashboard streamlines sales.

One more reason to think about the best CRM for SAAS companies the boosted sales activities. Customer relationship management makes it possible to organize and monitor the order in which data shows up. The system will prioritize the information necessary for your business. It will also point to the role of sales representative in processing that data. CRM makes many assignments simpler and quicker to accomplish thanks to reports, dashboards, and more. In other words, CRM assists both sales reps and managers.

  • The faster conversion process.

Companies who deal with e-Commerce especially benefit from this one. Nowadays, most of the clients prefer gathering as much information as possible about the company before becoming its customer. With the help of customer relationship management solutions, the process of such research becomes easier. As a result, when the time comes to contact the sales rep, a client possesses already 90% of the necessary info to make a final decision.

The pros of CRM for support are time-proven. More and more businesses benefit from using various types of approach. Still, there are always two sides of a coin.

Cons of Implementing CRM Solutions

The importance of CRM in sales has no doubt, but there are some things that a business should be aware of before selecting the right approach and implementing it. If you know these obstacles, you will not fall into the trap.

  • Replaces the human element.

As the activities become automatic, the demand for human labor goes down. It is bad for overall economics, but it is good for the company itself. Besides, people are still needed to manage the data. The lack of personalized help might be a problem, though.

  • Tech support dominates.

It is possible to recruit experts to handle the apps and basic programs or get outsourced support. Obtaining third-party support may come at a higher price than you’ve expected. Some businesses tend to ignore the ongoing support expenses, but, in most cases, such investments are covered pretty fast.

  • Security problems.

You should not worry much about this point, but it is still better to be warned. The info stored at a centralized location may create a certain risk for a company. One thing that may happen is a worker who will add inaccurate data. When the database obtains all the power, there are some threats to pop out. However, if you deal with an outsourced company, it will guarantee encryption safeguards and take care of the safety in general. Just make sure the service offers reliable supervision systems and covers its costs.

Why Choose the Best CRM for Small Business

Some may say that other disadvantages include the necessity to go through a learning curve, potential loss of data, and some other pitfalls. That is why one should better find the best CRM for small business. If you pay to the outsourcing agency to create a team of CRM experts for you, you automatically avoid most of the cons mentioned above.

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Call Center Outsourcing Cost Comparison to Help You Pick the Best Service

Many businesses today choose to outsource call centers for several good reasons. They wish to cut costs this way as well as expand their team to serve clients better without any delays. The cost for call center outsourcing is way lower than of in-house staff.

WOW24-7 is one of those outsourcing agencies that make it possible to pay less for labor and serve clients faster and more effectively. The company became a hub for many corporate call centers and client care services. The question is how much a customer will have to pay to make a call. It is as important as how long should one hold on in a waiting line – in some cases, every minute counts. That is why WOW24-7 did its best to satisfy both its clients and clients of its clients.

Before we prove that WOW24-7 offers the most affordable prices, we should compare and contrast its pricing policy to other known outsourcing services. To have a clear, accurate call center outsourcing cost comparison and estimations, we have analyzed some of the top agencies offering such experts.

So, what is the cost of a call center outsourcing? In most cases, the average cost per call at a call center equals to $1 per minute. The price depends on various types of costs, such as indirect labor expenses.

We can estimate that a thousand calls lasting 5 minutes each will cost something around five thousand dollars. The amount of money you invest in outsourced call center impacts the fee per call/minute. That is why we should understand what influences that amount.

It is critical to understand that the call center agents should receive the proper training and knowledge about the product or service offered by the company. They should also speak several languages to serve customers from different regions. Sure, it is important to provide the team with the necessary equipment, tools, and some place to work.

Even if you hire outsourced specialists, the responsible company will have to take care of them. However, not all outsourcing agencies include those expenses at a cost per call. You can view more what WOW24-7 offers in terms of call center support, and it is time to focus more on call center outsourcing costs.

How Much Do Different Call Centers Cost for Outsourcing? Which Is the Best Option?

The next question is, “How much do different call centers cost for outsourcing and which service is the best to choose?” There are several factors to consider when estimating call center outsourcing costs.

  • Understanding an “agent hour”

When you choose outsourced staff, you pay just for productive agent time. There is no need to pay for breaks or training. A call center agent is usually productive for 80% or more of an hour.

  • Assuming a decrease in FTE

Companies like WOW24-7 possess enough expertise in predicting, recruiting, and managing for max efficiency. Experienced outsourcing agencies will provide their client businesses with the necessary technology, ongoing coaching and personnel retention, and utilization of shared pool options. That is how a decrease in FTE can be noticed. However, the quality of customer care service remains at a high level.

  • Realizing “All-In”

Most outsourcing agencies include project management and training expenses in agent hour/per minute rate. In most cases, on-going tech expenses are included. It is a perfect solution for businesses that wish to try new tech platforms as they mitigate risks then.

So, usually, the outsource call centers costs are way lower than the price of in-house experts. Not all outsourcing companies offer loyal prices, of course. If you wish a perfect price-to-quality balance, you should try services from WOW24-7. Their fees are way more affordable than those offered by most of their competitors.

Let’s take the average price range on the market first. If the number of client requests per month is up to 200, and the service should work 24/7/365 in English only, it would be the minimum price, which usually starts at $1,500 monthly.

If your business wishes to use phone channels in multiple languages for a longer date ASAP, it may cost up to $7,500-8,000. WOW24-7 promises lower fees meaning starting at less than $1,500. It is way less than many similar outsourcing companies offer. You save more than 30%! For more details, you should fill out the form suggested on this page and contact the company reps.

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 Everything You Have to Know about Business Process Outsourcing

Before we discuss all the essentials of business process outsourcing, we would like to share some impressive facts and statistics with both experienced entrepreneurs and young startups. To begin with, the industry had increased by $12 billion in 2016-17. Second, such giants as Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, and other world-known corporations do not deny the fact that they are using such services. They prefer companies with a good reputation from the US and Eastern Europe just like WOW24-7. In most cases, companies from the IT sector benefit from outsourcing their teams, but more and more sectors get involved in the game with every new year.

This article will prove the effectiveness of outsourcing practices to you. The primary thing to discuss is a business process definition. Without understanding the meaning of the term, you will not realize its usefulness. We will also talk about this industry in general, purposes, and provide tips on how to pick the best outsourcing services.

BPO Meaning, Definition, and Purposes

So, one may ask, “What is BPO?” The best definition would be – the process of outsourcing some of the organization’s core or secondary activities to a third party to obtain a certain list of benefits. Businesses rarely trust core tasks to someone else, so, in most cases, outsourcing refers to non-core responsibilities. The best example would be customer support, as well as back-office support and data entry. The top-rated companies come from the USA and Eastern Europe.

The so-called outsourcing model assists businesses worldwide by focusing on their research & development as well as new initiatives instead of wasting time on paperwork or manual data entry and processing. Outsourcing is also a great tool for sustaining in competitive industries.

Most commonly, businesses involved in information technologies (IT) use outsourcing agencies. Those are web and app developers as well as other experts. You may also wonder what IT business process outsourcing typically includes. The services are:

  • Back-office support
  • Client care service
  • Invoice support
  • Call center
  • Data entry & processing
  • Content creation
  • Accounting & finances
  • Infrastructure management
  • Human resources management

All of these are considered non-core competencies of a company. Think about your own business. Could you benefit from delegating some of these functions to external experts with rich experience and impressive skills? We will give you more reasons to trust BPO outsourcing agencies. Just know how to pick them correctly!

The Results of Business Process Outsourcing Industry Analysis 2018

Isn’t $343.2 billion in 5-6 years an impressive market worth? We believe that yes, and those statistics relate to the BPO outsourcing industry. This number was obtained from the business process outsourcing industry analysis and study by Grand View Research Inc. Currently, the market is something around $90 billion, but it keeps on increasing with the speed of light!

The idea is to help companies cut their operational costs. That is why this industry is in-demand. Such type of costs usually stands for the significant extra expenses that are usually wasted on tools and equipment. Instead of focusing on core activities, businesses have to spend plenty of time on supporting duties. When hiring people via outsourcing agencies, organizations experience cost efficiency as well as saved time and resources. It results in improved resource management.

Experts forecast further growth of CAGR by 7.5%. The business outsourcing market players deal with a great variety of fields. They include:

  • BFSI
  • Manufacturing
  • Software development
  • Retail
  • Web development
  • IT & telecommunications
  • Agriculture
  • Automobile
  • Healthcare and nursing

These sectors realized the effectiveness of BPOs first. They incorporate such practices as part of their overall business strategy. It allows increasing revenues much faster than with in-house teams dealing with the secondary tasks.

On the whole, any company can classify its responsibilities into three categories. They include critical/essential, core, and non-core (secondary). The last ones are a great obstacle on the way to increased profitability and efficiency. They simply distract businesses from what is really important. To gain a strategic advantage, a company should delegate secondary activities to someone else. They are still important, so it should be someone trusted.

As industry analysis shows, the major reason for the BPOas a sector to grow rapidly is the fact that non-core activities are the key to successful relations with customers. Without these activities, the company would not be able to gain and expand the customer base and retain clients effectively. Placing greater emphasis on core activities should not harm the secondary duties. That is when (and why) business process outsourcing BPO services come in handy.

Business Process Outsourcing Call Centers. Traditional Call Center

Business processes outsourcing client support is different from a traditional call center. The basics might be the same, but the first option is way more cost-effective. In general, these two terms are used interchangeably, but the major difference is that business process outsourcing stands for the back-office activities (e.g., client care or accounting duties) of a company that chooses this option instead of hiring in-house staff while a call center deals with phone calls only. Taking into account live chats are becoming more and more popular with each new day, the demand for call centers drops.

An outsourced call center can assist with saving operational costs, making it possible to concentrate on the top-critical internal assignments. Hiring an outsourced team of experts includes more than cost savings. Such call centers as CMS are a team of experienced client care reps who possess vast experience and great communication skills to attract new customers and retain the older ones.

A call center is just one of the subsets of a process outsourcing. It stands for voice-based services. Considering the number of operators is usually limited, clients are often scared off by the waiting lines, which make them disappointed in the company services. Inbound and outbound calls are an outdated approach to company-customer communication. It is critical to keep all the customers satisfied, and that is why most of the organizations today choose business process outsourcing call center over the traditional one.

This type of call center comes in all shapes and sizes depending on the business needs: from small appointments to large-scale call-off lines. Thanks to process outsourcing methodology, it is possible to reduce the time customers have to wait on the phone as well as avoid the personnel and equipment costs. Also, outsourcing guarantees improved flexibility and increased the speed of work. When it comes to call center replacement, the BPO business process outsourcing solutions usually include the following:

  • Meeting scheduling
  • Order processing
  • Support services
  • Appointment reminders
  • Corporate/staff call-off lines
  • Financial operations and billing support
  • Disputes and complaints processing
  • Work task lines
  • A new client or user registration
  • Receptionist duties
  • Call routing
  • Field service dispatching

In most cases, business processes outsourcing agencies provide customizable services upon customer request. It is always a good idea to transfer routine business processes like call center duties to the business process outsourcing companies with solid expertise just like WOW24-7.

How to Choose Business Process Outsourcing Companies: Mini-Guide

Now that you understand the BPO meaning, you may wonder how to pick the right option for you. The competition is rather high on this market, so you should be very careful. We have selected the features of the top-preferred and trusted outsourcing companies for you based on the feedback of world-known companies that use such services:

The company should be ISO certified. Any outsourcing agency should guarantee the confidentiality of the client’s information as well as the safety of online data.

Scalable support. A good outsourcing agency must offer 24/7/365 client support as businesses may come from different time zones.

Vast experience and necessary skills. Such services should be present in a market for at least a decade, and the local professionals should have the corresponding skills and qualifications.

Omni-channel services and a great variety of them. It is better to deal with the outsourcing company that has expertise in many fields. Also, it should offer training, tools, and necessary metrics to minimize the job of a client.

Now there, we have listed all the qualities of the WOW24-7 outsourcing service. This BPO company is the best option for companies who wish to delegate their non-core activities to a trusted, time-tested professional without any risks.

This company offers all the services a company may want to delegate to someone else. The local experts scale up to complete business teams in the shortest period (3-6 months). They offer help in multiple languages. The basic services include:

  • Frontline support

The company offers unique frontline support solutions. It can quickly build a call center for any business from scratch to process inbound calls, feedback, and deal with customer upselling.

  • Back-office support

Back-office support involves many non-core activities that are still crucial for any kind of business. It is all about keeping information properly organized and clear. WOW24-7 will find the right people to provide:

  • Content optimization and moderation;
  • Data entry & processing;
  • Virtual assistance (VA).

Also, this leading outsourcing company can help with such activities as e-commerce tagging, lead generation, cost cutting, image retouching, data research, and more. It is time to focus on your critical and core activities by trusting the secondary tasks to credible professionals from a well-known company. If you think about doing so, consider WOW24-7 as the primary option to test.

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Businesses that feel like they need to concentrate on their core activities may think about delegating secondary tasks to so-called virtual office assistant companies. The effectiveness of outsourcing companies has been proven thousands of times so far.

To begin with, the company’s owners should think about the time required for the little, supporting things every day. In most cases, businesses discover that they need an extra hand to assist with such activities as client care and support, communications, research, SMM, SEO, and content writing. Those are not the core business activities, but it’s hard to imagine a successful organization without caring, 24/7 available customer support service or properly optimized, localized content.

Recruiting the best virtual assistant to be a huge step towards your company goals. The heavy workload is often what stands on a way of many enterprises. Developing in-house talent is a good idea, but there are two important things to consider: a) in-house staff will lose the point when having to deal with many different tasks at a time, and the productivity will greatly fall; b) the expansion of in-house employees requires plenty of money, time, and efforts.

Nowadays, there are two known ways to take the weight off your shoulders and get external help. The first option is hiring a freelance expert directly. However, no one will guarantee the proficiency of such worker – you can only trust his or her words and rely on your best guess while choosing. Virtual assistant companies in the USA and the rest of the world are a way better solution to the problem of outsourcing staff.

Both startups and large enterprises benefit from getting external assistance from experienced outsourcing organizations. Without such help and support, young businesses risk failing during the first operational year! You may wonder, but even such giants as Google, Apple, Samsung, Dropbox, and Skype are hiring top-rated virtual assistants to help with their secondary activities. The age of freelancers is long gone – it is time to trust what you do to real professionals. In this article, we will prove that getting help from virtual assistants (VA) is the most effective way to cut your costs and save plenty of time for things that matter more to your business.

Top Reasons to Hire Virtual Assistants According to Statistics

First of all, we should discuss why so many companies try to find a virtual assistant today. To make it short, they do so to become successful and profitable in the shortest period. Just think about how much money you would need to recruit in-house employees, buy a new room or separate premise for them, train every newcomer, and provide all the necessary social benefits. Besides, you cannot reach in-office personnel at any time while it is possible with distant workers.

We have analyzed the main reasons for many famous companies to deal with the best virtual assistant services. Here is what they say:

  • Time is our goldmine, and we do not want to waste it.

It is the most valuable asset, and there is no way to spend it on low-level administrative tasks. For centuries, such term as “secretary” was used to describe all of the secondary and supporting tasks. However, it would be too difficult for a single employee to provide back-office support, customer care, mail management, event organization, etc. without blowing up your cash flow, it is possible to solve all the secondary issues at once by turning to one of the top virtual assistant companies.

  • Such agencies value cost-effective business scalability.

To expand any business, one needs capital. A solid amount of capital. Thanks to the best VA companies like WOW24-7, a business can significantly cut costs as even the top outsourcing agencies set affordable prices. Recruiting personnel domestically is always a waste of funds, and hiring freelancers is a high risk as you never know for sure whether their prices match the quality. Count the ongoing costs of supervision and development. Organizations that offer VAs take care of staff training and development. They prepare the employees for long-lasting, productive cooperation with businesses so you will not get a “raw product.”

Hire Virtual Assistant USA to Forget about Smaller Things

It is a great chance to escape the so-called “admin jungle.” Most of the administrative responsibilities drive large companies mad. Their employees usually have no time and interest in dealing with the paperwork and other types of office job. They are ready to master new heights. It’s like with cooking: if you have all the necessary ingredients, you do not have to waste time going to the shop and buying them. You focus only on the quality of a dish. You invest all of your time and efforts in just one single, and it makes the quality luxury.

The same thing happens with any business: by delegating useless stuff to other people, you have enough time to implement all of your distinguished ideas at the best level. Here are some of the activities that you can leave to other experts:

  • Receptionist duties (e.g., managing appointments and answering the phone calls);
  • Admin and back-office support;
  • Filtering and managing emails;
  • Word processing, presentation creation;
  • Data entry and processing;
  • Online research & analysis;
  • Different types and levels of client support.

These are all tasks that may distract your attention from the most important things. It is better and more effective to leave it all to experts in outsourcing.

Virtual Assistant Companies in the USA for Secure and Confidential Deals

If you build teams with the best providers on the market, you can count on complete confidentiality of your private data and company information. A freelancer does not sign any agreements (typically), and a company cannot be sure whether such person will disclose the details of cooperation to others or no. as for the professional outsourcing agencies that offer VA services, those are companies that sign legal papers guaranteeing the company’s confidentiality in case it wishes to stay anonymous.

For example, WOW24-7 never publishes the cases without approval. These guys always sign an NDA and other documents that their clients may offer to promise the safety of personal information and confidentiality. Not all businesses want others to know that they are using outsourcing agencies when it comes to hiring a 24 7 personal assistant, for instance.

Moreover, you will get full control and high responsiveness. The best personal assistant services like WOW24-7 guarantee full control over the teams that they scale up for their clients. It is a fact that companies possess less control over freelancers. A freelancer does not feel any sort of responsibility. Such people tend to work when they are ready to and when they WANT to, not when their clients need them most. Why should your business waste money on risks and such disrespect?

At companies like WOW24-7, your assigned Team Lead will help to plan the working schedules of the team they hire for you. They will work together with you on your milestones and assist with setting proper business goals as well as timeframes. The formula is simple: less time micro-management = more time getting core activities done (if you hire virtual assistant USA). A client can see the progress bar/status of the project at any time of day or night and reach at least some of the team’s members 24/7.

H2: How to Find a Virtual AssistantOnline

As the number of outsourcing agencies quickly expands, many businesses start wondering where to hire a virtual assistant that one can trust. However, some of them, like WOW24-7, are more experienced than others. It is all thanks to the qualifications of their employees and prestigious companies among their clients. Here is how to find and hire a reliable VA provider online:

  • Put down all the tasks you wish to outsource in a separate document;
  • Come up with the detailed job description and publish it on the web;
  • Find the list of the top-recommended outsourcing services based on your needs;
  • Check out the review and feedback from previous clients;
  • Contact the companies that you find the most suitable;
  • Review the offers and schedule meetings with the agencies of your choice;
  • Test the top candidates;
  • Negotiate the price and decide on the trial period.

Now, you can waste plenty of time trying to pick the best provider of VA on the internet. We can minimize your efforts by proposing one of the leading services.

What are the Top Virtual Assistant Companies?

Out of all top rated virtual assistant companies, you should think about choosing WOW24-7 as your assistant as this service has proven its competence in outsourcing during the last decade. We have admitted the features of the good VA providers, and WOW24-7 has them all and even more. With more than 12 years of experience (!) in the outsourcing market, this service knows how to scale up the most effective, dedicated teams of experts in the shortest period (from 6 months to one year).

No matter what your time zone or business is, WOW24-7 is always there to carry out any of your urgent issues and complete your tasks. They specialize in:

  • Frontline support
  • Back-office support
  • Customer care services
  • Data entry & processing
  • Backline support

Also, their costs are quite affordable, especially when compared to other agencies working in this field. More than 95% of their clients remain totally happy with the teams WOW24-7 builds for them. You can get a quote at any time, and you can be sure that they will team up the experts in the field you need very fast. The company supports multiple languages. Just check out how their service works (consultations are free of charge).

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A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. — Michael LeBoeuf

Perfect customer service and support in e-commerce are crucial for any business. To stand out from the competitors, your brand needs to answer all customers’ questions, reduce their doubts, and build enough trust to convince buyers to click on the right button and purchase.

Flawless user experience will turn your first-time customer into a regular one by establishing customer loyalty and creating lasting relationships with your brand. Unlike physical shops, online stores don’t have assistants who are ready to help customers and answer all their questions right away.

E-commerce businesses should go to great lengths to interact with buyers and meet their needs at every stage. If UX is not top-notch, you’ll find it challenging converting interest into revenue. The support you offer can either make a difference in your business’s success or ruin your brand’s image at one stroke.  

So if your e-commerce customer service leaves a lot to be desired, keep on reading to learn how to turn around the failing customer support strategy using e-commerce outsourcing.

Why Customer Support is So Important for E-commerce

According to Zendesk, 78% of respondents believe that a brand’s reputation for customer care is significant. Today, every online buyer can leave their feedback on products or services on different social media platforms in a matter of seconds. Just by one blog post or short tweet, they can build or destroy a company’s image in an extremely short amount of time.

Customer service has a huge impact on whether your clients share a positive or negative review of your business. In fact, 75% of respondents say that they will return to a brand with excellent customer service and 56% will recommend it to their family and friends. Microsoft’s statistic shows that 96% of customers pay attention to provided customer service as an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a company.

An effective customer service strategy is a must if you want your e-commerce business to grow. The Walker study found that CE (customer experience) will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020.

Let’s have a look at 6 best practices that will help you provide effective customer support with the help of e-commerce outsourcing at every stage of a customer journey.

6 Practices for Providing Incredible Customer Service

Improving your customer service doesn’t need to be complicated, but it can be difficult to decide which practice to use and how to implement it in the best possible way. We’ve made a list of the most effective steps you should make to enhance your customer service strategy. Also, you’ll find out how e-commerce outsourcing companies can help you put all these practices into action.

Create a multichannel strategy

In the past, businesses used a single phone support line to service their customers. And while this channel of communication is perfectly acceptable today, it’s not enough. Modern customers expect to get in touch with a brand in a way that works best for them. Days, when they have no other options but only one communication channel, are gone. Thus, if you want to provide first-class customer support, you should implement a multichannel strategy.

According to research conducted by Aberdeen Group, businesses with extremely strong multichannel customer engagement retain 89% of their customers. Adding more channels has a huge influence on the customer satisfaction rate. Thus, making communication with your brand more convenient for your customers is worth extra efforts from your part.

Are your customers use Facebook or WhatsApp? Do they prefer a live chat over email and phone calls? When e-commerce business can’t determine the channel to use for customer service, it’ll be financially squeezed. Hence, you should find out what channels works best for your clients.

But what’s more important, providing your customers with omnichannel customer service is not the end. You should make sure that you deliver quality support across all the offered channels. Otherwise, it’ll be a total waste of time. If your goal is to provide top-quality customer support without working 50+ hours per week, it’s the right time to outsource e-commerce customer service. Here at Wow24-7, we offer scalable 24/7 support and use the most effective channels to suit your customers’ needs in the best way.

Make the most of live chat

If you’re running an e-commerce business, then you must know how significant live chat is for your website. Forrester’s survey shows that 44% of respondents consider live chat as one of the most important features a website could offer. It helps them communicate with a customer’s service representative who can answer all their questions and guide them during their purchase journey.

Users may leave your website if they experience trouble with purchasing. But with live chat, they can easily reach you and get their questions answered as soon as possible. If you already have this tool on your site, always check its history from time to time to evaluate how effective your chatting with customers have been. Outsourcing e-commerce customer care to Wow24-7, you’ll get effective live chat support implementation as well as regular reports on all interactions with your customers.

Provide personalized support

Every customer is unique, and they want to be treated accordingly. The statistic shows that more than 70% of American shoppers expect personalization from online businesses.

E-commerce has an advantage over physical stores as it can deliver a specific experience to every single client. Personalization includes targeted advertisements, customized landing pages, emails with special offers based on customer’s shopping behaviour, and other methods.

As all activities happen online, it’s possible to track and analyze customer shopping behaviour. That means once a customer contacts for support, the agent will already have access to data about the customer, including purchase history. This allows the support representatives to provide a more personalized experience to each of your customers.

Stay connected 24/7

Fast response time is key to customer satisfaction. While live chat has the benefits of getting the problem solved right away, phone calls remain highly-demanded channel of communication. At the end of the day, there is nothing more engaging for a customer than a live conversation with a real brand representative.

And here is when 24/7 e-commerce call centre outsourcing provider can come in handy. In fact, outsourcing in e-commerce will help you provide your clients with valuable assistance any time it’s needed. Experts at Wow24-7 are ready to meet your customers’ needs in any time zone.

Help your customers help themselves

As eConsultancy claims, more than 50% of customers prefer to find solutions to their issues by themselves. In order to stay ahead of competitors, your company should make it easier for users to find the information they need.

This is where having detailed product descriptions and an accurate FAQ page on the website becomes extremely helpful. Besides, this frees your customer support to handle more complicated issues instead of answering the same questions all over again.

As your business is growing, you may have enough to cover all the tasks your business needs to operate. Today, you are free to outsource e-commerce development as well as data entry and content moderation to keep your website as informative and user-friendly as possible.

Measure customer satisfaction

The best way of enhancing your customer service and marketing strategy is through measuring your customer satisfaction rate. The easiest method is to ask customers to complete a survey about how they evaluate the customer service they received. Also, you can send a follow-up email asking them to their experience or leave a product or service review.

Final thoughts

Top-notch customer service is an essential part of every successful e-commerce company. If the quality of your service needs to be improved, or if you just want to take it to the next level, you can use these steps to achieve your goal.

But if you need expertise that is outside your knowledge base, have no time for all these tasks or have limited resources, turn to e-commerce outsourcing services provider for professional help.

Here at Wow24-7, we specialize in e-commerce full outsourcing and know how to develop the most effective strategy which will help you improve customer experience and earn excellent customer service reputation.

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Why technical support is important and how can an average business organization benefit from having it? It is hard to imagine a positive, overall customer experience without offering quality tech support. If a company working in the field of Information Technologies (IT) like a software developer ignores the importance of this department, it risks losing customers. Technical support is an analogy of traditional client support or customer care service with some major differences. First of all, it is way more expensive as such experts require a higher level of skills and in-depth knowledge of the product. Traditional customer support may know only theory and some general information.

In this post, we will first discuss what tech support stands for and various levels of such support. We will also answer your possible question, “Why is there a tremendous need for technical support?” Then, we will share a list of the top live chat apps that you can use free of charge.

What Is the Role of Technical Support in the Organization?

The next question is, “What is the role of technical support?” Unlike a traditional customer care service, technical support us there to solve issues, not just recommend the possible solutions. It leads the user from the initial stage of a problem solving to the last, taking full responsibility. A user, in most cases, has to do nothing but describe an issue.

So, we have almost answered the question, “What is technical support?” At least, you have an overall idea. To make it more specific, it is a type of communication with customers that good-oriented companies apply to assist their clients with getting the best out of the offered products. In most cases, it is done using:

  • Knowledge of the good
  • Special skills and training
  • Various case studies
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Phone

Among the core problems that tech support solves are the login errors, problems with the setup process, and other obstacles to a way to excellent user experience.

Now, there are several types of tech support. They are interconnected, so each of them matters (depending on the complexity of the company’s product. Thus, the next question is, “What is L1 L2 L3 support?”

What is L1 L2 L3 Support and How They Work Together?

In fact, there are more than three levels of technical support, but these three are the core. There is also a so-called pre-support which is about trying to help yourself with the help of search engines and other sources of information. Knowledgebase and FAQs might be a bit more specific and narrow, but it is still a self-service level. Then, there comes L1 outsourced technical support(or a company can hire in-house personnel, but outsourcing such team is more in trend today).

Starting from L1, a user has no longer solve the issue on their own. It involves a help desk for collecting complaints from customers. The team then analyzes the problem. If it does not require complex technical solutions and the client manages to solve the problem being guided by the L1 support rep (or the support fixes the issue without any obstacles), the case is completed and closed. That is the meaning of level one support. However, if consultation alone or quick manual fix is not enough, and the issue still exists, L2 tech support steps in trying to help.

What is the difference between L1 and L2 support? Well, the second one is more based on product support and technical support. Most of the modern users are quite sophisticated and can solve problems on their own or along with L1 support. L2 support possesses a deeper tech knowledge and can provide better guidance or solve the issue without a user’s involvement. If even more expertise is required, L3 support is then the only way out.

An L3 supports is a pinnacle for most of the users. It is usually done by the designated superuser or someone from the Research & Development department who has tech expertise. Such solutions may require plenty of time. Anyway, all of the levels are equally important as you never know how complex the issues might be. That is why it is critical to know how to improve the technical support department. We have checked and tested several special applications that were designed especially for these goals.

Top-Preferred Tools to Help with L1 Outsourced Technical Support

“What is L1 support in networking?” Now that you know the answer to this question, you may want to know if you can avoid in-house agents or remote teams to save costs. If you are not a large business with high revenues yet, or just an individual offering your goods online, you may benefit from using different tools for providing technical support.

  • Olark

This software is known for being simple to use and fun. It has 12,000 clients around the world. Earlier, clients could only count on 14 days of the free trial, but now it is possible to select the forever-free package with some limitations, of course. The main features involve chat automation and opportunity to hide chats for certain geo locations.

  • Userlike

Yes, you can pay something starting from $29 to get access to all Userlike features, but, in general, it can be used for free. It is a solution from Germany which is relatively young but has 1,000 loyal customers. Mostly, the company is preferred by the members of the EU. A free plan offers unrestricted chats, and that is great. The developers have established a chatbot, Chat Butler.

  • Pure Chat

It is a company located in Arizona. The local team has made both chats and operators unlimited. The mobile version is well-optimized for both Android and iOS devices. If you wish to pay for the upgraded plan, you will obtain access to some useful features like real-time visitor analytics and automatic chat alerts.

We hope that we have offered only use free tools as well as the clear answer to the question, “What is virtual technical support?”

  • Tidio Chat

If you do not plan to use a tool for tech support having more than three users, you may benefit from setting up Tidio. This one was developed by Polish smarties. The unlimited chats are included. The visual automation workflow of this software is impressive. However, it is impossible to turn off automation, so you can only delete it.

  • Smartsupp

This team managed to take live chat analytics to a completely new level. They come from the Czech Republic. The product helps to keep records of your user’s actions on the website to let you know which things could be optimized or improved in any other ways.

  • MyLiveChat

These guys are very generous: unlimited chats for a single agent with a three-year chat history are included in this free app. The free plan also offers canned replies and proactive triggers. It’s just that the interface may first seem a bit confusing.

These applications may improve live chat experience as well as entire tech experience for your customers. If you still need better results, a good option is to outsource technical support to a professional outsourcing agency. It helps to save costs without damaging quality.

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What Is SaaS Customer Service: Everything That You Have to Know

Today, many entrepreneurs keep on asking, “What does SaaS solution mean?” This abbreviation becomes more and more popular every year. Software as a service is what it stands for. It is software hosted, guaranteed, and controlled by a specific provider. Clients can access it online. The main building blocks are the product developers/engineers and customer support department.

In other words, the days of unwrapping CD-ROMs are gone. Now, one should not break the head against the wall trying to install the necessary programs.

The main benefits of this service are:

  • Lower entry costs
  • Faster installations
  • Simpler upgrades
  • Improved integrations

As SaaS team requires only the experienced, skilled staff with the perfect knowledge of the product, outsourcing SaaS support is a popular trend nowadays. Many companies keep asking, “What is SaaS customer service?” The goal of the company is to deliver an advanced and evolving product or service, and customer service is the one that should guarantee excellent support. It is a team that consults the customers, responds to their questions, and solves disputes or any other issues. Every member of customer service is the face of the company, so it should carefully select its reps.

Without proper customer service, no software company will be profitable. If you are looking for the answers to the questions like, “How to define SaaS business sales” or “What is SaaS customer support experience,” you will find the responses below.

What Is SaaS Business Sales? Definition and Meaning

One of the primary questions to answer is, “What is SaaS business sales?” It is the process of selling web-based applications to customers. The main responsibility of the salesperson working in this field of business is to expand the customer base and retain the existing customers. This process is supported and developed by an external agency, as a rule. The process usually requires high expenses and longer sales cycles. Sales and marketing teams should be equally involved.

Marketing “feeds” every generated lead to make them “sales qualified.” After that, a representative of the sales team should come up with the prospect to gauge the further stages. It is critical to deliver the messages listing the software benefits in an effective way. As the competition is rather sharp, one has to do their best to present the new or upgraded app in the best possible light. Experts name service and attention as the key to a successful prospect.

The best SaaS customer support would know everything about the product to be able to consult the clients regarding any issues that may arise. Failure to build a dedicated, responsible, user-friendly support team leads to the failure of the project in general. Every support rep should be aware of how to troubleshoot the software issues and advertise it properly. To generate the most effective ideas and find proper solutions, engineers, product managers, and executives should have regular meetings with the SaaS team.

 What Is SaaS Pricing and How to Define It?

Many people get it wrong, so the primary question to answer is, “What is SaaS pricing?” Your price should be the figure you insert in the spreadsheet that will define profitability, making it possible to estimate the further growth and revenue. Price should be an input!

The client should be the priority when it comes to pricing, especially if you are selling something expensive. Clients care just about the outcome of their purchase: whether the offered solution was effective or not. Thus, the company must emphasize results instead of the features.

The best method to use when setting up prices for SaaS is value pricing. It is about applying a fee to a service that is congruent with its value instead of underlying prices to develop the SaaS, particular margins, etc. Value pricing works equally well for SaaS and web applications. One should realize the service value as perceived by the target audience as well as industry segments.

How to Build a SaaS Sales Team: Tips to Success

The products and services just do not sell themselves no matter how great they are. SaaSosphereis full of different products, and one has to try really hard to be the best. A lot depends on the approach to building a successful SaaS team and supporting its efficacy.

The best way to hire the most qualified SaaS sales team is to search for the right staff on Fortune 500 or at least professional services that specialize in this field. The good idea is to reposition personnel from within the existing organization. You may even find the corresponding personnel on the support team. Customer support reps usually possess in-depth knowledge of the good or service.

Your pivot should focus on powerful partnerships instead of churning out sales that may not change annually. To produce new leads, it is necessary to pick the most enthusiastic employees and feed them with new info.

How much does outsourcing SaaS cost? It depends on whether you recruit freelance experts using various job search platforms or hire experienced staff from a successful, profitable organization. It will not be cheap anyway. To give you an idea, in the United States, SaaS experts earn approximately $69,000 annually (on the average). Many of them earn more than $100,000 per year.

 Specific Steps to Take

First of all, you will need to come up with a SaaS marketing plan so that every member of the team will know their role and responsibilities as well as the company goals. It should start with setting SaaS objectives and explaining them to your team.

To succeed, every team player should know where you are heading. Thus, it is critical to specify the goals and explain how to achieve them. The goals should be S.M.A.R.T.:

  • Specific or simple
  • Measurable or meaningful
  • Achievable or agreed
  • Relevant or reasonable
  • Time-bound

As for the representatives of SaaS team, they should possess certain qualities necessary to recognize and achieve objectives. Those features include:

  • Well-trained personnel
  • Staff with common characteristics and similar life values
  • The same amount of leads to every page
  • Leads that work using the same process
  • Identify the sales process

First of all, the head of the sales team should check whether every member is familiar with the same terminology and objectives. Second, the leader should make onboard all sales similarly, no matter how much time it may take.

If you want to know how to build a SaaS sales team, you should follow these recommendations of HubSpot’s Head of Sales. One should develop a roadmap while generating and closing leads.

It all starts with research as a preparation for the sales process. Then, it is important to schedule the evaluation. Next, one should define the lead’s willingness to demo which presents the software value. The last stage is to close the deal with objections and note them down.

Now you know why SaaS is important to outsource, and it is a great type of service in general. Many call it the present and the future of the market, so you should think about trying this field if you are not already involved.

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What Is Technical Support? Definition and Meaning

It is hard to imagine any online business today without reliable, stable tech support. What is technical support? This term stands for a range of services aimed at providing website or app users with fast help with any issues that may arise. In most cases, such services should be available around-the-clock so that the visitors can ask questions and solve urgent disputes at any time.

You may also ask, “What is virtual technical support?” Its functions are the same with the only difference: while you may get traditional technical support by visiting the physical office of the enterprise, a virtual does not require you to leave your home. You can access it remotely having an Internet connection.

Unfortunately, not all modern companies understand the significance of tech support, and that is why many of them fail to satisfy their clients. Also, it is essential to avoid common confusions: technical support is not to educate users, but rather to assist them with their queries.

Technical support can be of several different levels. These levels predetermine the obligations of its reps and purposes of the teams:

  • Level-one tech support
  • Level-two tech support
  • Level-three tech support
  • Other levels (less popular)

So, what is the role of technical support? What are the significant differences between those levels? How should one know which one to use? The sections below will explain why technical support is important.

What Is the Role of Technical Support and Its Purposes?

Technical support reps should fulfill several responsibilities. The main one is to meet the customer’s needs in the most effective and fastest possible way. Creating a waiting line on the phone or in chat is a bad habit. Being rude or impatient is a bad habit too.

Thus, one can conclude that being a tech support representative requires more than advanced technical skills and knowledge of the product or service, it demands outstanding communication skills.

A technical support rep must train users and consult them on the product or service, but they are not offering tutoring in the specific field.

To work more efficiently, such specialists should test the goods themselves to find out how easy and convenient they are for an average person. They can suggest some improvements and fixes. So, why is there a tremendous need for technical support? These experts alone may either improve the company’s reputation or fully destroy it by failing to cope with their responsibilities. Thus, businesses should be cautious and selective when hiring such staff.

What Is L1 L2 L3 Support? Compare and Contrast

Many people wonder, “What Is L1 L2 L3 support?” To tell you more, even level-zero support exists. As you may guess, it refers to the process of trying to figure out everything on your own by reading manuals offered by the company. All websites provide some kind of support web pages such as how-to guides, product descriptions, and FAQs. In the case of L0 tech support, a client has no other choice than to look for the solutions to their problem alone. If a user does not manage to get the answers, they may contact the company’s reps using emails, social accounts, and other communication methods. However, once they get a reply, it stops being an L0 tech support.

What is the meaning of level one support then? Level-one support offers the basic assistance desk resolution. Such type of technical support deals with the smallest issues like little bugs or usage problems. L1 support is provided by the junior specialists able to cope with the known issues and lack creativity and professionalism to handle force majeure. So, what is the difference between L1 and L2 support?

The next, L2 support, is the responsibility of the skilled technicians with solid experience that are trained enough to handle the problems unknown to the previous level reps. The client will obtain a more profound knowledge of the good or service. However, these experts are not still the developers of the product, so they will escalate the case to the upper level.

The next stage is L3 support. The main features of it include:

  • Professional good and service support (perhaps, even the creators)
  • Access to the highest tech resources
  • New feature creation to get rid of the issue
  • Usage of advanced tools such as product designs and codes
  • Preparation of documentation for the low levels of tech support

What if even L3 is not capable of finding the solution? Keep on reading to find out what the next level is.

L1 Outsourced Technical Support for Emergency Cases

If nothing listed above helps, an organization along with the client can only count on the help of so-called L1 outsourced technical support or other levels of the third-party technicians. It means turning for help to the external agencies or freelance experts. If the company has no other choice, it can obtain contracted support from the services that specialize in the same field. On the whole, outside support is associated with:

  • App support
  • Vendor support
  • Printer support
  • Machine maintenance
  • Depot support

Usually, companies have their preferred parties to provide outsourced tech assistance. They agree on the fees and tend to cooperate on a long-term basis.

If the organization wants to avoid using any outsourced, third-party support, it should learn how to improve the technical support department. The most common recommendations of the experts are:

  • Add a live chat feature

This tool effectively removes barriers between the user and support, allowing to type a quick message and get a fast response. It appears user-friendly and convenient.

  • Work round-the-clock

Some companies fail to meet the needs of their clients by refusing to include 24/7 support. It is vital as various customers come from different time zones.

  • Cover all the channels

A company should provide its clients with an opportunity to move across channels for fast help. Another goal is to supply staff with the auto-technology required to pull the client info and history.

  • Remain social

Forget about the days of helplines – they are smoothly dwindling. Organizations should actively invest and incorporate social into client support programs.

Team That Meets All Requirements of the Excellent Tech Support

Now that you know the answers to such questions as, “What is L1 support in networking,” you may want to know more about our support. No matter at which time of day or night you turn to us, we promise to provide you with the top-qualified technical support. We hire only senior tech experts to represent our services. Our goal is to reply to all of your queries, help you fix bugs, or solve urgent disputes as fast as possible.

Yes, you can reach us via phone and email. We also have that 24/7 live chat. Typically, our reps respond in several minutes or even seconds no matter when you decide to contact them. We have enough tech support representatives on board to serve you. Thus, do not hesitate to contact them in case of any questions, complaints, or suggestions.

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Customer Service Strategy

Each of us has dealt with unprofessional customer service at least once in our life. Thus, we know perfectly well how damaging a frustrated and angry customer can be for a business.  At the same time, great customer service can make true miracles and turn a furious customer into a loyal one, according to 2017 Global Distribution and Marketing Consumer Study by Accenture 49% of consumers say high-quality customer care increases brand loyalty.

There are many different reasons why companies fail to establish high-quality customer service. Instead of searching for answers to these questions, it is better to focus on how to improve the situation. Remember, even small changes in your customer service strategy can lead to significant positive changes in your business.

Next, we will give you a bunch of useful advice on how to design a powerful customer service strategy and create wow-experiences for your customers if you decided to outsource customer support.

People Come First

People you hire are extremely important. If your employees are between 20 and 25 years old, then you must understand that these people might have never witnessed great customer care and need to be trained accordingly.

Another important thing is motivation. Let your employees feel special and encourage them to do their best. People that work for you must be deeply involved in the process and become as devoted and passionate about what they do as though they are business owners.

Dismiss ineffective employees. Pay attention to industry leaders like Apple. When Steve Jobs returned to his position as CEO, he immediately dismissed most of the employees as their level of productivity was simply unacceptable.

Remember, the main reason why top companies succeeded is that they put customer service in the first place.

Rules are Good But Learn to Feel Your Customers

Try to make your business as easy and convenient as possible: simplify rules, procedures, and processes. Complicated rules and long-lasting procedures only make your customers angry and able to kill your brand. It’s a well-known fact when a client is unhappy or pissed off, the last thing he wants to hear from you is an apology for having such rules and that you cannot do anything.

Most managers think only with their heads and are not able to understand in-depth customers’ needs. Instead, train all your reps, including outsourced customer support agents to perform according to your company’s principles and mission, not policies and rules.

Delegate to an Outsourced Customer support team

No matter what you do – launching a small startup or facing a major business expansion, you will unlikely become an industry leader without the ability to delegate authority. Delegation is the key to creating a service culture and training is the key to a delegation.

Hiring an experienced outsourcing customer support team can help you not only reduce costs and deliver high-quality customer care but also develop useful guidelines for your customer support reps. As a result, your team will be able to solve customers’ problems without seeking permission from top management.

Never Stop Improving

Always strive for improvement. Dream big, set global goals and engage in self-development. Set up a list of KPI’s and constantly evaluate and analyze your employees’ results:

  • Measure their soft skills
  • Get rid of unproductive employees
  • If there are no changes, let these people work for your competitors

At Wow24-7 we stand for focused improvement. This approach implies uncompromising elimination of ineffective workflows and constant improvement of performance. As a result, we have already helped SaaS, E-commerce, Retail, Tourism, and Software Development companies to drive customer satisfaction and achieve their ultimate business goals.

For more than a decade we’ve been delivering wow customer experiences and chosen as a customer support outsourcing agent for:

Please, feel free to ask questions, we’ll be happy to share our experience and best practices with you.

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Congratulations! After a thorough research and weighing up pros and cons, you’ve finally decided to outsource customer support services. This was a long way to go but the most crucial is yet to come; you need to ensure your new agents will perform as well as your in-house team and help you scale up your business.

No matter how many agents you outsource, it’s always important to instruct them in an appropriate way and make sure the onboarding process went successfully, otherwise, instead of focusing on more important things you risk to get stuck in an endless troubleshooting.

Below, we will give you a piece of useful advice on how to onboard a business process outsourcer.

Infect Them With Your Brand

This part of onboarding is essential. If you want your reps to deliver great customer service they must have an in-depth understanding of the product and who‘s willing to study something he’s not passionate about? Thus, in order to encourage your agents to do their best and make your customers happy, you must tell them about your company’s mission, voice and emphasize that each one of them is basically a brand ambassador.

Next, you can think of motivation. Benefits always work; remember, if you truly strive to engage your outsourced customer support representatives you must treat them as though they are your own in-house team.

Conduct Effective Training

If building a team spirit is a warm-up, an effective training session is the next important stage of onboarding. Experienced outsourcers are able to process your existing guidelines and even turn an informal session into a hands-on script, however, it’s better if you take control over the negotiation process and cover the following issues:

  • Your company’s mission, values, and voice
  • Customer persona
  • Product features and metrics
  • Ticketing system

Those are the key aspects which must be discussed in the first place; however, this is not a complete list. For instance, if you’re using some extra software you need to talk it over and provide additional training if necessary.

Set Up Measurable Goals

To turn customer support outsourcing into a win-win situation setting up KPI’s is a must. Usually, there are two common groups of KPI’s, the first one is used to measure a team’s productivity, for instance: call abandonment rate, follow up time, etc.

The second one serves to estimate customer satisfaction, this includes:

  • Query age
  • Call frequency
  • First call resolution
  • Number of escalations

Additional indicators vary depending on the business niche.

If you haven’t experienced outsourcing customer support before and don’t have a set of indicators to measure your agents’ performance, collaborate with your outsourcer and define a set of KPI’s along with the expected period of time when they must be reached.

Ask Outsourced Customer SupportFor Reports

Having worked for multiple projects we’ve learned that reporting is an extremely powerful tool. It helps you monitor the progress, make more evident-based decisions, increases productivity and simplifies the overall collaboration process. Plus, it enables to you provide on-time changes and prevent critical mistakes.

As you can see outsourcing implies major changes. Thus, to make the transition smooth find an experienced outsourcer and make him a part of your team as successfully onboarded customer support representatives are able to increase your brand’s trust and leap-frog your business.

Wow24-7 team has been leveraging startup’s success for 12+ years by providing:

  • General technical support
  • Inbound and outbound  calls
  • B2B calling
  • Virtual assistant
  • Content moderation and  more

We’ll be happy to share our experience and best practices with you. Please, feel free to ask questions and we will give you professional answers.

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