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With the yesterday`s release of iOS 12.1, the eSIM functionality on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR is now enabled. This means from now onward you can use two mobile connections simultaneously on your iPhone. Etisalat is the first telecom operator in the region who has announced the support for eSIM in latest iPhones.

Let`s have a look what is eSIM and how you can enable it on your iPhone.

  • What is eSIM?

Like its name, eSIM is an electronic, embedded SIM that works as an alternative a physical card. The new technology is built in the phone as a small chip that authenticates the user identity to a carrier just like physical Sim card. It is a re writable chip that is directly connected to motherboard of your mobile device. By using it, you will no longer need removable Physical SIM card.

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  • Benefits of  eSIM?

This new eSIM technology will make physical SIM cards we use today obsolete in near future. eSIM makes it possible to download plans and contracts directly that means you can get connected with internet within seconds and can expect much better connectivity experience too.

In addition to that, it allows you to use multiple mobile numbers on a single phone. There is no physical handling involved, add, delete, configure your mobile network connection from iPhone settings. Switch between private and business numbers quickly and easily while keeping both profiles separate.

Here is how to activate eSIM on your iPhone in UAE?

  • How to activate eSIM in UAE?

Etisalat is only telecom operator right now that offers this service. If you want to get this service then take the following steps

Step 1. Register for eSIM at Etisalat Outlet.

Visit any Etisalat outlet and register the eSIM on your account.

Step 2. Get your QR code.  

 After registration, you will need to get QR code that can either be generated using My Etisalat UAE mobile app for older numbers or can be obtained from Etisalat representative for new numbers.

Please note that this QR code is important especially if you need to change the phone at a later stage, therefore never share it with anyone else.

Step 3.  Scan your QR code on iPhone

.  For New Mobile Number.

First, you should make your iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR is updated with the latest release of iOS 12.1.

    Once you have got your QR code, you should scan it on iPhone. In order to scan you should
  • Connect your iPhone with Internet (Wi-Fi)
  • Once connected, Go to Setting>Cellular>Add Cellular Plan that will automatically launch the camera.
  • Scan the iPhone QR code through the camera.

That`s it your new mobile number is ready to use with eSIM.
For Existing Mobile Phone Numbers.

Again the first thing is to update your iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max has updated iOS 12.1 version.

You will need to generate QR code first. You can generate it by following these steps.

  • First, insert your existing Physical SIM in your iPhone.
  • Connect your iPhone to the internet through WIFI.
  • Log onto my Etisalat UAE app. Here on dashboard choose “activate your SIM”. Click “Activate eSIM”. After this click, your Physical SIM will deactivate. Your QR code will be displayed on the screen. Share this QR code with another device as you will need to scan into your own iPhone.
  • Now scan the QR code Go to Setting>Cellular>Add Cellular Plan that will automatically launch the camera.
  • Scan the iPhone QR code through camera

That`s it your eSIM is ready to use with existing mobile phone number.

  • How much does it Cost to Activate eSIM in UAE?

The charges for eSIM activation in UAE are similar to the Physical SIM card.  That means you need to pay AED 26.50 for already have subscribed postpaid plan. In case you are prepaid line user, the charges will be AED 57.57. For the new account or phone number, the eSIM will cost you AED 131.25.

  • How deactivate eSIM and enable Physical SIM again?

If you want to switch back to Physical SIM card, you will need to go again to Etisalat outlet and ask for deactivation of eSIM. You will need to pay AED 26.50 for the new SIM card that you can insert in iPhone and start using it .

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Apple has made few new announcements related its new models and products in October 30th 2018 `s event. While we did not get to see everything that we expected as there was no nothing about AirPods or AirPower wireless chargers, there were few well deserved major changes announced in new models of Apple MacBook Air 2018, Mac Mini and iPad Pro.

Here is everything Apple announced at its latest event.

  • Lighter, Smaller and Better Apple MacBook AIR 2018.

The first product that was revealed in last night`s event was long anticipated MacBook Air 2018. There was no surprise that Apple decided to revamp its super thing budget line laptops because of its popularity. With at least 100 million Macs sold around the world, the changes in MacBook air were long anticipated. There were no major changes since 2015. As per announcement, the MacBook air is getting beautiful super sharp 13.3-inch retina display with revamped bezel-less screen design.

The New MacBook air has Intel`s 8th generation dual-core Intel CPU with up to 1.5 TB storage and massive 16GB RAM. In addition to that, it comes with improved up to 12 hours of battery life.  Its thin machine that is incredibly lightweight, having Touch ID with a fingerprint scanner and 2 thunderbolts 3 ports. The keyboard with Apple MacBook air has Butterfly keys with Force Touch trackpad that is 20 percent larger. it`s at least 10% thinner and the overall volume of MacBook air has been 17% reduced to its predecessors, as a result, it has also decreased weight that is 2.75 lbs as compared to 3.0 lbs in its earlier model.

The new Apple MacBook air will be available in silver, space grey and gold colors.  The price starts at $1199 and can be ordered from October 30th with expected delivery after November 7.

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  • Huge Performance and Design upgrades in Apple MAC MINI 2018

The announcements about Apple Mac Mini have also expected perhaps it deserved this update much more than Apple MacBook Air.

The new Mac Mini 2018 has got major performance upgrade with guaranteed four core 8th generation processor with even advanced 6 core processor. So this will take performance of MAC Mini to next level because it is now 5 x times faster than older Mac. In addition to that, it comes with 6GB RAM that can be upgraded to up to 16GB.  It gives you choice for up to 2 TB SSD storage.

The new Mac mini will be available for $799 with 128 GB and 6GB RAM. It is available for orders with expected delivery after November 7.

  • Major Changes in Apple IPAD PRO 2018.

This year we have seen 2 new iPads including iPad Pro 2018.  As expected, the new iPad Pro 2018 has also changed massively as compare to older iPad. The home button is gone for good, with bezels are also removed. Now the overall look is completely different from older iPad. It comes with same Liquid Retina display as iPhone XR and comes with two sizes of displays 11 inches and 12.9 inches. Both models are 5.9 mm thick.

As the home button is gone it is replaced with fingerprints canner and Face ID.  As this new Face ID system has the ability to detect your face in any orientation.  It also means that the gesture navigation from IOS 12 has also been integrated with this new iPad Pro. IOS 12s gestures are one of the favorite gesture navigations for many users so they may like it in new iPad pro.

With Apple`s new A12x Bionic processor the tablet and Apple both promise it is multiple times faster than its predecessors. In addition to that Apple`s Neural Engine from iPhone XS is also included to it that makes it even much more AI and machine learning enabled.

It also includes Apple pencil that automatically pairs with it and can charge wirelessly. This pencil changes modes with simple taps.

This iPad Pro 2018 has a price tag of $799 for 11-inch display and 64GB. The 12.9 inch model with 64 GB RAM is available for order at $999.

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  • IOS 12.1 will be released soon.

At the end of the event, the Apple CEO Time Cook also updated about IOS 12. The first update 12.1 will be released soon. This update will include Group FaceTime, Dual Sim support for new iPhone models and new emojis.

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If you are a Windows PC users and use Wi-Fi internet then you may have come across situations when you can’t remember the password of your Wireless Internet.  You usually realize it when someone in your home or guest asks for it.  Even you may never know it because some of your relative or friend has configured your Wi-Fi connection. So it`s a problem sooner or later you will need to know this password. What you can do to find your Wi-Fi password?

Fortunately, there are several ways of doing it and we have discussed it in this article.

Method I.   Find out  Wi-Fi password using the Control Panel.

In case you are using Windows 10 computer, laptop or any other devices and you are already connected to the wireless network then it can show your Wi-Fi password.  However, you must be logged in with an administrator account to get this information. In case you don’t have administrator rights, then you must skip to the next methods that I am going to discuss after it. First, make sure you are connected with wireless network then open the control panel. Within control panel, you will need to go to Network and Internet “Network and Sharing Center”

In the Network and Sharing Center, you must look for your active wireless network, it can be found inside section “view your active networks”. For example, our Wi-Fi network is called Home37, you must click or tap on the name or the network shown in connection field. This action displays a new window called “Wi-Fi Status” here you should click or tabs to go into Wireless properties section.

It will open up in new windows that will show all the properties of the wireless network you are connected to. In order to find your wireless connection password, you must go to the security tab, locate the network security key section that has your Wi-Fi password. It will be displayed in the black dots. To see the Wi-Fi password, check option show characters.

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Method-II Find Our Wi-Fi password using Command Prompt.

One of the quickest methods involves getting the Wi-Fi password by writing few commands in command prompt or PowerShell. You must first open a command prompt by opening it through the search bar. You can access it by writing “cmd” in the search bar that appears while clicking windows icon in the operating system.

For example, you must note down the network name and then type this command and press enter netsh walan show profile name=Wifiname key=clear. Here you must replace the Wifi name with the actual name of your network. By entering this command you can

Then, you are shown detailed information about that network. Look for the Key Content field which displays the wireless password.

Method III.  Check WiFi router Box, Manual or Sticker.

Another method that you can use to get the password of Wi-Fi network is that few companies that send their wireless routers with pre-configured passwords. In case, you have not changed the default password then you might find it written on the box. In most cases, you have not thrown away the box of Wi-Fi router; you should check its cover for the wireless key, WEP key, WPA or WPA2 key. If you cannot find it on the box the first two methods would work best for you.

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Method IV.   Through wireless router’s administrator Interface.

So none of the above method worked for its, it’s now a bit technical method that is to access the administrator`s interface of your Wi-Fi router. If you know a little bit about computers then it should not be a big problem for you.  You will need a device that is already connected to the network and any desktop PC, Laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. In the web browser address bar you will need to enter the IP address of Wi-Fi router. For most of the wireless routers, the IP address is or

However, it depends on the manufacturer and model. If none of these two works for you then you must check routers manual for default IP address. Once the page opens it should ask you about username and password. This also is usually available on the box or in the manual, sticker on the device and manufacture’s website unless you change it yourself.  Username might be Admin or Administrator and password might be 12345 or something like it. Once you log in to Wi-Fi routers user interface to look for the sections wireless, wireless settings, wireless security, or anything similar to locate current Wi-Fi password.

Still having problems?  Call Whitehats IT Support Dubai to get help from highly experienced IT technicians. or order online through our website and opt for onsite IT support visit in Dubai and we will fix all the problems related to Windows 10 operating system.


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You may have already heard about the news of largest breach of Facebook`s security that allow fraudsters to take over user accounts. So far about 50 million user accounts are confirmed to be at the risk of privacy breach with the potential of increasing this number up to 90 million.

How it happened?

According to Facebook, Hackers managed to exploit the user profile`s “view as “feature. This feature allows users to see how their profile looks to their friends and other users.  Fraudsters were able to find and exploit the vulnerability in this feature that allowed them to steal “access tokens”

These access tokens can be used to allow users to access account without entering a password. That means fraudsters can enter into any account without authentication. After discovering the vulnerability, Facebook automatically logged out the potentially affected users that required users to re login their accounts by reentering the passwords.

Residents of UAE and all over the world are advised to change their passwords to be on safe side, although Facebook claims Hackers were not able to gain access to Password files.

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What`s the Latest?

Although it was a biggest breach in the history of Facebook, the social networking giant was quick to fix the problem and respond to the issue. However the real consequences of the breach were mostly unknown, we heard many users seen complaining about their accounts being compromised. There were also reports of fraudulent transactions from the credit card that were stored in the facebook accounts.

During the last week, you may have seen the posts of the people saying that don’t accept any friends request by their name as their account is hacked etc.  This has further confused lot of people. The reality is people just share what they see online without conducting much research over it.

If you get such messages, it does not mean your facebook account was hacked, it starts by saying Hi, I actually got another friend request from you. In addition to that it also requests to hold it down to forward this message to others.

To all of our readers , This is a fake/scam message, your account has not sent out any requests, by sharing it and following instructions you are just making it spread fast to others.  If in some cases, someone genuinely received friend request from an account that has similar name, it is just because your profile may be copied but not hacked. You should immediately report such profiles.

You might have already changed your Facebook password , here is what security measures you should take to avoid problem in future.

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How to determine if your Facebook Account was hacked?

It`s obvious that users may suspect their account being hacked or compromised after security breach of such huge level. The best way to determine whether someone has gained illegal access to your account is by conducting device audit. The device audit is to track the device that has been used to login your facebook account. Luckily, facebook allows you to see the record of devices that are attached to your account in some way.  On facebook security and login page, there is tab with the name “Where you are logged in “you will be able to see the list of devices that are signed in with your account with its locations.

If you see an unfamiliar gadget or devices with location not known to you, you should immediately click remove button to remove your account from that device.

What to do if your Facebook Account is Hacked?                       

It is definitely very frustrated, however you should immediately take following measures to detect and deter hackers from making any damages to your account.

First you should try to confirm if it is really hacked and this can be done by

Monitor your Login session.

In most cases you will be able to login or reset your password of your account. If you are able to access your account then you must monitor your login sessions.

Go to settings by clicking on top right corner. Click security and Login button. Here on top you can view most recent devices you have used to log on to your account with date and time. Check all sessions carefully to identify if you don’t recognize any of them. Its better you don’t alert hacker as he already has access to your account rather remove the unknown device by clicking on it while selecting option “not you”? . From here you will be asked to take few extra steps to ensure security of your account.

Next step will be as follows

Step-1. Change your Facebook Account Password if hacker has not changed it.

Step-2. If Hacker has already changed the account password then you must try resetting your password by clicking on forgot my password from login page.

Step-3 Report Compromised Account to Facebook.

Step-4 Caution your friends and Family.

Step-5 Remove Rouge applications and Browser Add-ons.

How to Keep your Facebook Account Safe & Secure?

If your account is safe even then you should following these best practices to keep it secure, I am sure you never want your personal security to be compromised. Therefore, you should start taking these measure and be safe than sorry.

Always Use Strong Password & Change it every 6 Months.

One of the most commonly ignored security measure is creating strong password. Although it is easiest way to secure your Facebook account, Most Facebook users try to keep their passwords as simple as possible so they can remember it. But if you keep it easier and simpler it will easily become target of hackers.

You must also make sure that you change passwords after at least 6 months.

To change password you must follow these steps.
 Setting > General > Password> Use Strong password.

Add Mobile Phone Number Confirmation.

Facebook now use mobile number to interlink your mobile phone with the account for enhanced security. Therefore, whenever you forget your password it can help you reset it with OTP ( one time password) .

To add mobile phone number

Go to Account Setting> mobile number >  and add cell phone number

Prefer Secure Browsing.

Since there are all types of vulnerabilities exist in the operating systems, devices and applications, it is important you always access your Facebook account from browser that is fully secure. You may want to know which browser is secure? it is the one that is fully patched up and updated with latest version. Keep application integrated with facebook account at minimum level.

You can check and manage unrelated devices from facebook setting by following these steps

Settings>open Security> follow recognized devices>check all these devices>confirm identity and remove unrelated devices> save all changes

Make Use of Activate Code Generator and Login Approval Features.

There is new security feature provided by facebook that is related to login approval. It asks for new security pin every time you try to login your account. 

If you want to activate this feature you will need to go to

Settings> Security>Login approval>Edit Link> checkout box to activate approval> save all changes.

While going through these settings , Facebook will ask you to confirm your mobile phone with OTP while will generate a code as well. In case you cannot find this option in the account, you must check if under security tab code generator option is not enabled.

Avoid Phishing Emails and Links.

Most of hacking attempts are made through phishing email or links that are sent to victims once clicked may help hacker to take over on your system. Always be careful on opening the links/URL sent to through messages or web pages.  Many hackers create fake facebook pages that look like exactly the real one. Always make sure you are entering your user name and password on real genuine website link.

Update Privacy Settings.

You can ensure security and privacy settings through security management options in the facebook. One of these is setting up login alerts. These login alerts are shown as a notification in the facebook or even text messages and emails. It will warn you whenever someone login to your account through unrecognized device.  You can activate this alert by

Go to settings>security>activate Login alerts>choose mode of notification

With all above discussed options you will definitely be able to make your facebook account more secure. All of these options will make it very hard for hackers to get your account.

At Whitehats , we offer Antivirus home it support Dubai, therefore if you need any help regarding computer virus infection you can hire our virus protection service.

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Amazon revealed clock, microwaves, subwoofers and nearly 15 new Alexa enabled products in yesterday. It seems all the big technology companies including Amazon are working fiercely on smart home products. All the new products show the Amazon`s strategic approach to the hardware devices.

Here are the new devices that were announced in the event.

Amazon Smart Plug.

Amazon`s smart plug is one of such products that is designed for easy setup of your smart home. This new device, although has a purpose to switch on and switch off connected products, has voice control capability. Any device such as coffee pot, light or anything that can be connected to a power outlet can be voice controlled through it. Contrary to another similar device it does not require a smart home hub to make it operational. This smart plug does not have a microphone in it, therefore, cannot take voice command directly. It will require an Eco device or Alexa app to control it.  This smart plug is priced at $25 available for pre-order from today that will be shipped next month. You can also add routines scheduled on and off for appliances.

Amazon Fire TV Recast.

Amazon also launched a Fire TV Recast that has the ability to broadcast tv shows from digital antenna to any device. This antenna can be placed anywhere in the home that enables the connectivity of devices that may be used watch videos through streaming to your Fire TV, Eco Show, Eco Spot or IOS/Android device etc. it comes with an app that will help you to find the right spot with perfect reception. Stream shows on multiple devices with the hassle and controls it through voice instructions by adding canceling or scheduling the broadcast. Its price is $230 and is open for preorder.

Amazon Wi-Fi Simple Setup.

In order to easily connect new IoT devices, Amazon has announced Wi-Fi Simple Setup. As Amazon is announcing more and more smart devices, setting Wi-Fi credentials with every device is a difficult task. To make it easier Amazon has come up with the device that will enable store and share credential to allow data transfer for inter-connectivity,

Alexa Microwave.

One of the amazing products that were released at the event is Amazon Basics microwave that comes with Alexa controls and Dash functionality. Although initially, it does have any voice control but it has the ability to communicate with nearly Econ so you can ask it to add a time for cooking something if you need. It is priced at only $60 and available for pre-order from today.

Updates to Alexa.

Although it was mostly alexa`s hardware event, however, there was also some new update that are coming to Alexa including Hunches. It is a system that has the capability to learn different behaviors and habits to provide users with new suggestions. For example, if you forget something that you usually were doing related to controlling different appliances like turning off porch lights in the morning it can track it and provide suggestions about it.  Another major update in it is its Guard mode that can be set while the user is away from home can track any unusual noticed like glass breaking and inform the owner.

Other Products.

There is a long list of products that Amazon revealed yesterday however we have discussed few most significant among them. Here are other devices that are announced.

The post Amazon Announced New Devices At its Hardware Event. appeared first on IT Support Dubai | Home and Office IT Services Company UAE.

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Apple has been a trend setter in the smartphone market from last many years and iOS 12 that was unveiled in June at WWDC. With this release, Apple`s focus will be on improving performance for all of its old and new devices. This new update will also bring new changes to augmented reality to provide users with new experiences. In addition to that, it will have improved Siri that will change from voice assistant to personal assistant, FaceTime and Photo app etc. All of these new features will help Apple to catch up with the competition.  IOS 12 will be a free update for all users who have iPhone 5S or later. iOS 12 installation and upgrade will enhance the speed of your Apple device.

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When will iOS 12 be released?

After few iOS beta releases, Apple set to release these new update on the September 17th, 2018. If you have already installed the beta version then the final beta version became available on Wednesday 12th September 2018. In case you have already installed latest beta update then you will be prompted to get an upgrade.

Which devices support iOS 12?

iOS 12 will be compatible with all devices that run iOS 11. If you have iPhone 5S or later then Apple promises better speed and performance with this new upgrade. That means you can expect decreased times required to launch an app, better multitasking, and smoother browsing. Here is a list of supported devices.

IOS 12 Supported iPhones.
  • All three newly released iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR.
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.
  • IPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5S
IOS 12 Supported iPads.
  • iPad Pro 1st and 2nd generation (9, 10.5,9.7 inch variants)
  • iPad Pro 6th
  • iPad 5th
  • iPad Air 2.
  • iPad mini 2,3,4

In addition to all the above products, IOS 12 supports the iPod Touch 6th generation.

How to prepare your Apple Device for IOS 12 upgrade?

IOS 12 update will not bring a lot of new features but better overall performance and speed. Updating your device will only take a few minutes, therefore if you get the notification in your device. You should know what precautionary measures you should take in order to avoid any situation your data may be lost.

Remove Unused Apps

We all download apps that we only use once or twice, it may be a game or any product related app that mostly goes unused. Before getting this update, we suggest you to go through this entire app and remove apps that you no longer use. This is because each of unused app is just using storage space and keeping overall performance down.

Back Up your Data.

Data is the most important thing, in case something goes wrong during the update process; you would not like to lose any of your photos or videos. The best way to avoid this from happening is you use a cloud backup service. if you don’t have too much data then you may use some free services from Apple or Google to back up your data otherwise you will be buy a subscription for personal cloud storage that will ensure monthly fee for using it.  One of the easiest ways of backup your data is to go into setting and go to iCloud and then choose iCloud backup and then backup now option. As an alternative, you can also use iTunes to back up your iOS device with encrypted backup. This process does not require you to enter account password.

Clean out your storage.

Once you have backed up your data, we will advise you to avail this chance to clean your device for more storage space. For example, you may have downloaded video files that are no more needed but still taking a lot of space in your download folder then it’s time to clear those out. You can do so by opening the settings app and select General>iPhone storage. As the page popup, you can try clear the excess storage that`s being used.

How to Install IOS 12? Method 1: Via direct software Update

The first and easiest method of getting your iPhone or iPad updated to IOS 12 is directly from your device itself. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network then you have no need for a computer or iTunes to get this upgrade. Just plug in your device in power outlet through charger and go to settings>General> software update. IOS will automatically start checking for an update. Once it searches for IOS 12 update it will prompt you to download and install it.

Method 2: Update via iTunes.

If you have access to a computer with iTunes, then it might be even faster to get IOS 12 update. First, you must ensure you have the latest version of iTunes installed. You can check it by opening the Mac store app and click on the updates and see any update is available for iTunes. If yes then you must first install it and then proceed with IOS 12 upgrade.

After you have checked iTune update, you must connect your iOS device to the computer. From the iTunes icon top left the corner, you must click the iPhone or iPad and it will open up a drop-down menu with different sections of iTunes library. Now you must click on check for updates and then download and update. You will be prompted to accept the terms and condition and then just follow the instructions and let iTunes do the job of updating your iPhone or iPad.

The post How to Download and Install iOS 12 on iPhone , iPad & iPod appeared first on IT Support Dubai | Home and Office IT Services Company UAE.

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iPhone XS vs iPhone XR Vs iPhone XS Max: New iPhones compared

You can read our “Apple Keynote 2018 Event Roundup” for an overview of the everything, but here we are taking a closer look at new iPhones and difference and similarities between them. Our whole intention is to make it easy for you to understand the difference between features offered in these phones so can decide which one to buy easily.

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Dual Rear Cameras with iPhone iPhone XS and IPhone XS Max.

It`s pretty normal to see that most flagship smartphones comes with two rear cameras these days. Mid-range phones usually have it but this is not the case with the new iPhone series where extra cameras reserved for more expensive models iPhone XS and XS max.

These two models have two 12MP cameras. While the iPhone XR lacks second camera, it shares the same wide angle camera as other two expensive models have.

IPhone XS and Max with OLED and IPhone XR with LCD.

All the Apple models came with LCD screens before the last year`s iPhone X that was the first ever iPhone that had OLED display pretty much similar to Samsung`s smart phone. Both XS models come with this better quality OLED display however iPhone XR has LCD display. So what’s` difference between OLED, obviously these are richer and look more colorful with high contrast black look. However if we look on the history Apple the LCD is not bad either it still offer excellent display but for extra quality OLED is a choice. We believe XR should not suffer too much due to this reason as Apple`s it`s best LCD screen they have every offered.

Display, Size and Colors.

All the these new iPhones have same design that is inherited from last year`s iPhone X. The screens are pushed to edges with curve on the corners and front/back glass covers. With 5.8 inch screen, iPhone XS is smallest followed by the iPhone XR that has 6.1 inches and the XS Max with massive 6.5 inch screen size. The iPhone XR will be released in 5 colors while iPhone XS comes in traditional colors of grey, black and gold.  The iPhone XR has aluminum sides bands while XS model has stainless steel.

No More Fingerprint Scanner.

We have seen last year that iPhone X ditched finger scanning in favor of FaceID . None of these iPhones have any space for finger print scanner so it’s only FaceID now.

While the iPhone X ditched finger scanning in favor of FaceID, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus kept the old design and features. Unsurprisingly, none of this year’s phones have space for a fingerprint scanner so it’s FaceID all the way.

Apple A12 Bionic Processor.

In terms of specification, all of three phones have latest A12 bionic processor. It has quad core graphics chip and six cores CPU. It addition to that it is loaded with Apple`s Neural Engine for powering machine learning capabilities. It`s what we know to date is the latest technology ever available in smartphone proves Apple`s expertise in developing next generation processors. This A12 bionic processor is the first ever 7nm mobile chip based smart phone that ensure better performance with less power consumption. As a result your smart phone will be 15% faster while using 40% less power. In addition to that the graphics chip used in the processor is 50% faster than iPhone X.


Although apple does not talk much about memory, the iPhone XR probably comes with 3GB RAM as compared iPhone XS and XS Max that have been upgraded to 4GB. We believe 3GB memory is not bad, but 4GB is intended to make user experience little smoother.

Battery Life.

Among all these three, the iPhone XS comes with 5.8 screen is the smallest new iPhone, while iPhone XR has 6.1 while iPhone XS Max is largest one with 6.5 inch screen. As bigger phones comes with larger batteries these last longer as well. Apple has not yet confirmed the battery life of these iPhones however they do claim iPhone XS will last 30 minutes longer than iPhone X. We believe iPhone XR seems have best battery life among them as Apple says it can playback wireless video for up 6 hrs as compared to iPhone X S Max for 15 hrs and iPhone XS for 14 hrs.

Apple`s first ever “Dual Sim” smart phone.

Without any doubts, the most noticeable things about these three iPhones are that, all of them support two SIMS. Although it has been common among smartphones, it is the first time ever Apple has introduced it in its smartphone range. So why it’s beneficial? Perhaps we believe it will be helpful for the businessmen who want to keep their personal number separate from business.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR Comparison
Model iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone XR
Screen size 5.8-inch screen 6.5-inch screen 6.1-inch screen
Processor Type A12 chip A12 chip A12 chip
Screen Resolution 2436×1125 2688×1242 1792×828
Storage Capacity 64GB, 256GB and 512GB 64GB, 256GB and 512GB 64GB, 128GB and 256GB
Colors Space gray, silver, gold Space gray, silver, gold Black, white, red, yellow, coral, blue
Price From AED 4229 From AED 4649 From AED 3179


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Every Thing You Need to Know From Apple`s Big Event

Apple revealed three iPhone on today`s event that are successors to the iPhone X. iPhone X was released last year, a redesigned smartphone loaded with new features like Face ID, all the screen design and removal of home button that existed in previous models.

The new iPhone XS and XS Max have improved, faster processor, brighter screen and better camera technology. Max variant has the biggest display that 6.5-inch screen and a bigger battery that will have 90 minutes more battery life.

You may be interested in our earlier blog post Everything you may Expect at Apple`s Sep, 2018 Event.

The iPhone XR is the cheapest of all these three that is targeted to a price-conscious customer who doesn’t want to buy higher price iPhone. It has the same design, however, has a lower resolution screen and one rear camera instead of the dual camera that comes with other higher priced variants.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR Comparison
Model iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone XR
Screen size 5.8-inch screen 6.5-inch screen 6.1-inch screen
Processor Type A12 chip A12 chip A12 chip
Screen Resolution 2436×1125 2688×1242 1792×828
Storage Capacity 64GB, 256GB and 512GB 64GB, 256GB and 512GB 64GB, 128GB and 256GB
Colors Space gray, silver, gold Space gray, silver, gold Black, white, red, yellow, coral, blue
Price From AED 4229 From AED 4649 From AED 3179
iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max & iPhone XR Preorder & Availability in UAE.

The iPhone XS and XS Max will be available to pre-order from September 14 and will go on full sale from 21st September. You can visit Apple`s UAE website to place an order with them.  The iPhone XR will be available for pre-order from October 19, 2018.

Apple Watch Series 4.

As expected Apple has also revealed new most advanced smartwatch variants that are thinner and loaded with amazing new features.

Apple Watch Series 4 has a 30% larger but thinner so they are lighter as well. It turns on with the stunning new display, the screen is pushed to edges and curved the edges to match the watch. Its speakers are 50% louder. The microphone makes phone calls lot easier. It allows you to include different types of displays on the watch face, for example, you can simply add headshots of your family on it.

  • In addition to that Apple has added breath timer for distressing.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 can now detect a fall, which means if you fell on the ground the watch will know and if you did not respond to the notification within a minute, it will automatically dial to emergency services and let them know your location.
  • Another Amazing feature is related to the heartbeat that not only has ability detect low, high or irregular heartbeat pattern but can also perform EEG scanning making you aware if something is not right.
  • The Watch will generate notifications if your heartbeat is too high or too low or even has irregularities in between.
  • Apple Series 4 watches are first ever over the counter available device that has such capability sold with full approval from US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

 Entry level variants of Apple Watch 4 will be available from $ 299 while models with cellular connectivity options will be available from $399. it will be available for sale in 16 markets globally. The pre-orders begin from Friday, September 14 for the delivery before September 21.

Apple Watch Series 4 Price & availability In UAE.

The different variants of Apple Watch Series 4 are available for preorder. You can place an order on Apple`s website. The price for Apple Series 4 watch starts from AED 1500 up to AED 5999 based on type and design of model you choose.

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iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, Watch ,iPad Pros, Macs & more

Every one of you might already know that Apple season kicks off this week. On 12 September we can expect to see few new Apple products like new iPhone, new and bigger Apple Watch series 4, New iPad pros, New Macs and Wireless charging ( AirPower) that was announced last year.

Although Apple never comments on the new releases, the new rumors are already circulating, for example, there will 3 iPhone releases, among them, iPhone XS  with upgraded processors and camera and a plus-sized version iPhone XS Max that will feature a 6.5-inch display ( largest screen Apple has used so far). In addition to that company is also expected to release a less expensive version that will be named as “iPhone XR” with 6.1 inch LCD screen.

According to reports, Apple will also introduce a redesigned Apple Watch at the Apple`s September 12 event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California.

You might be interested in our earlier blog post “ Major Apple IPhone, Watch & IPad Updates- Every Thing you need to Know”.

Here we have collected all the reports to let our readers know, what new Apple products they can expect tomorrow.

New iPhones.

Apple has always announced its new iPhone release in September every year since 2012. This year Apple is expected repeat this tradition with three new totally new models based on x design. That means it will have no home button and equipped with Face ID.

Here is what iPhone models we can expect.

  • iPhone XS . The upgraded version of last year`s flagship iPhone, that is rumored to be named as iPhone X , will likely to offer better performance, improved cameras and battery life. It is expected that it will have same 5.8 inch OLED screen. The expected price could start at $ 899.
  • iPhone XS Max. New rumors and reports suggest that Apple has developed a larger, 6.5-inch version of iPhone X that will be possibly called the iPhone XS Max. it may have three rear cameras and may include Apple pencil support to compete Samsung Galaxy Note Phone. The price will start somewhere $999 Plus.
  • iPhone It is expected to be the less expensive iPhone version that will have 6.1-inch variations ad may feature an LCD screen and a read camera.it will have an aluminum body. iPhone XR price may start from $699.

In addition to this trio, there are reports of Apple may reveal iPhone SE the most affordable option since 2016.  It will have same A10 processor used in iPhone7 with a 4-inch screen. That price of this phone may start from $349.

  • Apple Watch 4.

With Google and Samsung offering tough competition in the smartwatch market, Apple is expected to announce Apple Watch 4 that will shake things up. It is expected that the new version will be released with the biggest changes since 2014. It may include a bigger display, high-resolution display and click free buttons. We also know that Apple will debut WatchOS 5 that was revised at WWDC developer`s conference. It was included features for fitness improvements, an instant watch to watch walkie-talkie mode and support for Podcasts.

  • New iPad Pro.

The Apple`s latest iPad with Pencil support and faster processor narrowed the gap between features, functionalities and entry-level tablets. It is expected that the company will try to justify pro version premium pricing with a major redesign inspiration by iPhone Xs design by shrinking the bezels, dropping the home button and adding  Face ID t it.

  • New Macs and MacBooks

A new 13- inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro were released a couple of months ago.  The company was accused by many of its fans that it’s neglecting its Mac line up. Many of Macs versions like MacBook Air remained unchanged for long.

Here is what we can expect with the new release.

  • The long-rumored new MacBook Air that will be featuring retina display will now be released.
  • New iMacs with Intel`s eight generation processors may be unveiled,
  • We may also see a new Mac Mini, that will possibly be targeted for Pro users after a long wait of design changes since 2014.
Everything else we may see from Apple.

AirPods.    Rumors suggest that we can expect that AirPods will be added with wireless charging accessories and few software improvements previously announced.

IOS 12.     As the Public beta was launched in June, We may expect that Apple will follow its normal schedule and release full version alongside new iPhone version on this event.

AirPower.   It was announced last year; however, there was no mention of it very recently. We might finally see this Apple wireless charging pad release on this event.

At Whitehats Support, We offer all support for all types of Mac devices in Dubai, you can choose our IT support for Apple Mac Device Package to get it fixed at your home.

The post Everything you may Expect at Apple`s Sep, 2018 Event. appeared first on IT Support Dubai | Home and Office IT Services Company UAE.

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Windows 10 is the latest version of operating system from Microsoft.  It is loaded with many different features that its predecessors were missing. However, like older Microsoft Windows versions it may also get the problem and require you to fix them. In case your Windows 10 Pc is not working the way it should, you are getting different errors or you just want to reset your Windows 10 PC due to any reason. This operating system allows you to restore your computer to earlier state so you can avoid most of the problems.

Here is a quick summary on how to format windows 10.

Step 1.  Open “Start Menu” and Click Settings.

Step 2.  Select “Update and Security

Step 3.  Click on “Recovery” option on the Left Menu.

Step 4.  Click on “Get Started” option available under “Reset the PC”

Step 5.  Select “Remove Everything”.

Step 6.   Select “Remove files and clean the drive”

Step 7.   Click “Next” and click the Reset Button.

Step 8.    Click Continue after reset process is completed.

Now have a look at a detailed process that explains how to format windows 10 PC.

  • Open your Start menu and Navigate to Settings.

First, you will need to navigate to settings and you can do so from the start menu. You must click on the windows icon that is on the lower left corner of your computer screen. It will open the start menu from here you can easily find out settings.

  • Select “Update & Security Option.

After you have opened Settings, here you will need to locate Update and Security option. It looks like a blue revolving arrow icon. Select and click on update and security option.

  • Click “Recovery” option on the Left.

All the update and security option will open on the left-hand side navigation menu. Here you must locate and click Recovery option to proceed further. This recovery option will take you to the three major options that are

  • Reset the PC. It is a suitable option for fresh starting.
  • Go back to an earlier build. This option will allow you to roll back computer system to a previous OS version.
  • Advanced Startup. This option will enable to boot computer system with a recovery USB drive or disk.
  • Choose “ Get Started “ option under Reset the PC.

As you want to format windows 10, therefore the most appropriate option will be “Reset the PC”. It will allow you to reinstall the windows operating system that will reset the entire PC giving it a new start.

  • Click Remove Everything.

After clicking “Get Started” you will be taken to further options, either “Keep the files” or “Remove everything”. Keeping the files will enable you to keep your data and computer setting intact while removing everything will remove everything leaving you default settings.

  • Remove the Files and Clean the Drive.

Here you will see two options one for just removing files and other remove files and clean the drive. The first option will not completely clean your PC from an older version of Windows 10 operating system. Therefore, you must choose to remove the files and clean the drive. This option will take sometimes to erase all the files.


Now after selecting the option, you must click “Next” if your operating system warns you that you will not be able to roll back your computer from this point. After clicking on reset PC when prompted and that’s it, this is how to format windows 10 PC.

At Whitehats support, we offer home it supports service in Dubai where we offer this service through flexible packages that perfectly suit your needs. Our software and upgrade service is designed to solve your day to day computer problems. You can opt for onsite IT support visit in Dubai and we will fix all the problems related to Windows 10 operating system.

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