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Rough, tough and a whole lot of mud; Round 3 of the WAMX Make Smoking History State Junior Motocross Championship Series turned pretty slick at Cranbrook District Motorcycle Club on the 6th of July. A day to be had by many with a few looking over the track and the facilities for the first time. Cranbrook have been preparing themselves all year to make the day unforgettable. Tremendous efforts being put in by the officials, volunteers, families, parents and riders to make Sukey Hill superb. While Collie was impressive it was time for Cranbrook to come in and charm the mx riders with their country style. A long straight that saw competitors’ gun it out to push past others, while unfamiliar jumps and turns caught some out and saw others in daring positions. While we hoped the day was phenomenal, we wish to thank all those for the smooth running of the weekend and wish all everyone safe riding and awesome times ahead!

Girls 12-U16 Years

Out to start the day, the girl’s class was fit and flaring. In the beginning for moto one saw Hannah Stewart race out to take the lead but had Jaylee Rimbas closely on her tail; by the end, Jaylee managed to squeeze past Hannah to take first position. Summer Mills, Phoebe Bronwin and Laura Featherherst-Dawes took it simple and calm through moto one. Moto two saw Hannah and Jaylee at it again with a cross-over of positions with Jaylee securing first and Hannah second. By the end for moto three everyone was quite content with their positions however there was a position change in the last lap with Laura overtaking Summer to take third place. On the podium at the end of the day was Jaylee Rimbas in first, Phoebe Bronwin in second and Summer Mills in third.

1st Jaylee Rimbas #826
2nd Phoebe Bronwin #730
3rd Summer Mills #301

65cc 7-U10 Years

Cool, calm and collected the 65cc class were. Despite some few rough starts, everyone managed to find their footing and enjoy the track. The first moto saw a few karate kid chop ‘n’ changes however most riders decided to pair up and overtake one another throughout the race. However, from position thirteenth onwards was where the action was at. Lots of riders pushing through to make the top ten but many had to battle it out with their fellow mx riders to make those positions. Moto two of the day for the younger 65cc class saw Mason Brown and Devin Buckley keep it straight with only a swift move here and there with also Jai Errey and Luca Novello coming through from the back to secure fifteenth and thirteenth. The last moto for these young guns, saw many who started in a certain position finish in that exact position. Maybe the track got to them in the end or it was a cool trick musted up by the riders…The final podium for the class was Mason Brown in first, Devin Buckley in second and Luca Novello in third.

1st Mason Brown #658
2nd Devin Buckley #518
3rd Luca Novello #276

65cc 10-U12 Years

Taking into consideration being a combine 65cc class, the first moto for the older 65cc class saw Kayden Minear and Patrick Butler keep a stunning straight line to finish first and second respectively with Sonny Pellicano pushing past Connor Wise to make fourth while Connor finished fifth. The second moto of the day pushed many to their limits and contained a few position changes (from the combined 65cc class) with Patrick moving from third to second, Indy Radcliffe from eighth to sixth, Rohan Schmid from eighteenth to twelfth and Kaidan Freight from twelfth to ninth. The last moto saw a cross over from Kaidan Freight and Chantz Napier, while many of the other riders seemed happy to plod around in the respective starting positions. The final podium was Kayden Minear in first, Patrick Butler in second and Sonny Pellicano in third.

1st Kayden Minear #104
2nd Patrick Butler #218
3rd Sonny Pellicano #111

100cc-125cc 13-U16 Years

The EXP Resources 100cc-125cc 13-U16 Years class saw fantastic racing by its competitors. In the first moto there was a battle between Cody Chittick and Liam Atkinson as they went back and forth at least three times. Brock Flynn and Camball McMahon changed twice while Jake Turner rode from the back of the pack to land in sixth position. Zac Saffioti managed to keep his own with staying with his starting position and was the only one to do so throughout the whole of moto one. Moto two saw Seth Manuel rise and take fifth spot with Jay White reached for tenth and landed it while Kaj Radcliffe battled it out with Ben Cook and West Reid to secure eighth position. The final race for this class saw Hayden O’Leary and Kayne Alexander have a little tough out of their own with a slight position change; Jay White pushed from the back to secure ninth with Bailey Smith landing eighth and West Reid keeping it cool with a seventh. Final podium placers for the day was Brock Flynn in first, Jake Turner in second and Cody Chittick in third.

1st Brock Flynn #60
2nd Jake Turner #604
3rd Cody Chittick #39

Quad Comp 250cc 13-U16 Years

The Quad comp class tore it up out on the track with Joshua McQuade managing to keep his first position all throughout moto one with Deegan Lough following in second. Amba Boland and Jack Sawyer had a slight shift with Jack coming through and taking third position over Amba. Amira Schmid, Keenan Murphy and Bailey Langridge all kept tail on one another and stayed secured in their own positions. Race two for the Quad comp class saw the positions of first from fourth keep it straight but from fifth to seventh it was on like Donkey Kong. Amba moved from fifth to last to then come back at a sensational fifth position over taking both Amira and Bailey throughout the battle. The last moto and mud might have got to all of the riders with all of them keeping the same position throughout. Final podium placers were Joshua McQuade in first, Deegan Lough in second and Jack Sawyer in third.

1st Joshua McQuade #14
2nd Deegan Lough #34
3rd Jack Sawyer #122

50cc Auto

A day for the 50cc Auto class that was for sure. A new track to test their skills and also the mud for which many sure had fun in. Moto one saw Mason Brown and Ollie Birkitt keep their first and second place positions throughout all laps while Deegan Fort literally fought through the pack from eight to finish third. But not without a fight from Nate Tomerini and Brax Johnson. Van Haberley came from the back to secure tenth position over Brax Chetwynd, Kai Sheahan and Noah Thomas. The second race for the class saw positions first to fifth as still with no cross- overs at all. Some action though between Charlie Butler, Albie Reeve and Sol Pellicano with Dylan Robinson keeping his cool throughout the battle. The last moto was all or nothing with Sonny Fiford pushing himself into eleventh position while Van Haberley moving into ninth, Dylan Robinson into sixth, Deegan Fort into fourth and Ollie Birkitt into second. The final podium for the day was Mason Brown in first, Ollie Birkitt in second and Nate Tomerini in third.

1st Mason Brown #658
2nd Ollie Birkitt #610
3rd Nate Tomerini #437

85cc/150cc 12-U16 Years

Eager to get their bikes out onto the new track many of the riders kept their bikes in good standing throughout the first moto. A slight shift in the beginning between Deacon Paice and Dylan Walsh for first and second; a change between Kai Pratt and Mitchell Ackland; Max Devery pushing from the back into eleventh and Brodie Taylor finding motivation to secure tenth place. The second race saw Bailey Smith keeping tails on Deacon Paice in second position while Elijah Thorn came from last into thirteenth. The third and final moto for the class for the day saw Isaac Atkins and Bailey Smith have a little battle with Isaac moving down a couple of places while Jordan Minear moved up into fourth. Noah Thorn got some grip and moved into tenth about Charlie Bartlett, Max Devery and Brodie Taylor. On the podium at the end was Deacon Paice in fist, Dylan Walsh in second and Bailey Smith in third.

1st Deacon Paice #621
2nd Dylan Walsh #61
3rd Bailey Smith #51

85cc/150cc 9-U12 Years

What a whirlwind of a race between the top riders of the 85cc/150cc 9-U12 Years class. Kai McGinty and Kayden Minear got into it at the beginning with both of them going back and forth at least three times for position changes. Jake Rumens and Patrick Butler had a battle of their own while Sonny Pellicano fought it out with Connor Wiese; Charlie Weightman took over Indy Radcliffe while Skye Graham moved up and over Jake Hosking to take sixteenth.  The second moto saw Lara O’Leary and Chloe Collis had a battle of their own at the back with changes of positions twice, however Lara got the better and finished above Chloe taking eighteenth. Jet Keenan pushed past Jake Hosking while Declan Caldwell managed to race his way into eleventh above Nate Graham, Indy Radcliffe, Skye Graham and Brayden Upperton. The final moto for the class saw a few probably getting a little tired and so kept their positions straight at the end. Taj Moore went straight up into fourth position while many others had little pass overs, but nothing to the extreme. Final podium placers for the day were Kayden Minear in first, Patrick Butler in second and Kai McGinty in third.

1st Kayden Minear #104
2nd Patrick Butler #218
3rd Kai McGinty #407

128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U16 Years

The Boxline Industries 128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U16 Years class was action packed in the beginning. Jake Turner in the beginning of moto one overtook Cody Chittick for first place. Seth Manuel rose above Brock Flynn to take second while Haiden Hills, Corey Smith, Cameron Carter and Liam Atkinson all fought hard to keep their positions at the back of the pack. Moto two again saw all top positions change throughout with Liam Atkinson taking the lead with Cody following closely behind while Jay White went from eleventh to eighth to beat Haiden Hills, Will Rush and Ross Harron. The last race might have got to the riders with many not bothering to fight the mud and but keep themselves on the bike to see the chequered flag at the end. There was some battle between Jay White, Ross Harron and Mitch Killeen with Ross overtaking the majority to come out with a seventh place. The final podium for the day was Jake Turner in first, Cody Chittick in second and Liam Atkinson in third.

1st Jake Turner #604
2nd Cody Chittick #39
3rd Liam Atkinson #27

Quad Comp 8-U12 Years

A steady race in the beginning for the competitors in the Quad Comp 8-U12 Years class. Jack M Lobb, Rohan Schmid, Sari Lough and Riona Schmid all kept it clean with all riders testing out the track for the first moto of the day. However, the next race saw some action between Jack, Riona and Sari with jack moving into second, Sari third and Riona fourth. Rohan kept it good with his first-place position in the second moto. While the mud got to a few, the quads kept it at bay with all riders keeping their same starting positions. Final podium placers for the day was Jack M Lobb in first, Rohan Schmid in second and Sari Lough in third.

1st Jack M Lobb #16
2nd Rohan Schmid #262
3rd Sari Lough #134

A great that was had, and the Junior riders put on a show despite some fog and mud. An awesome atmosphere all around the venue and many laughs shared on the day. Thank you to Cranbrook District Motorcycle Club who put up a good effort to keep the day going and also for their first state round. Now onto the next…The next round for the Juniors (Round 4) is at WAJMCC in Chidlow. A favourite among riders and it will test some new comers who have yet to see what they are in for. Be sure to keep up to date with WAMX by following us on Facebook, Instagram and even watch our YouTube videos. We will see you all out there!

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The 7th of July was an action-packed day for the Seniors who competed at Round 4 of the WAMX Make Smoking History State Motocross Championship Series. From a literally mud slide that kept pushing riders to their limits to unfamiliar territory with some riders not knowing the track layout on the day. Fun was had though with many enjoying the extra dirt and atmosphere that was all around on the day. A great effort put in by Cranbrook District Motorcycle Club, fellow volunteers, officials, families and riders for making the weekend of motocross awesome.


Home sweet home for champion MX rider Tahlia O’Hare and she made it sweet too; finishing first in all of the races for the Cully’s Yamaha Women’s Class. The first race saw a steady pace between Tahlia O’Hare, Kara Cats and Hannah Bagnall while Megan Bagnall and Storme Green had a battle of their own. In a pack of their own Teleisha Outram, Tahlia Lang and Charlie Blee pushed hard to make it through but Teleisha came out on top. Not to be outdone, Jasmin Clark found motivation and went through the second race to find herself securing eight position above Tahlia Lang. Megan Bagnall moved herself from sixth position to fourth while Hannah went from fourth to third place. The last race saw the women keep their pace and many choosing to keep their calm as well with all of the riders keeping the same positions throughout. The final podium placers at the end of the day was Tahlia O’Hare in first, Kara Cats in second and Hannah Bagnall in third.

1st Tahlia O’Hare #625
2nd Kara Cats #655
3rd Hannah Bagnall #623


Impressive racing from the NR Metal Recycling MX1 class. Not to be outdone and while also putting on a tremendous show for all the spectator’s, Regan Duffy claimed first place in all of the races. The first race saw an incredible effort by Josh Adams and Luke Davis to place second and third however it was David Birch in the end who made a quick shift and overtook Josh Adams to win third place in race one. Grand effort by Dylan Sexton who came from thirteenth to secure seventh while the mud in the first race might have got to Anthony Rubotham and Steven Pocock with those riders dropping a few positions. Racing was ideal in the second moto with those riders in first to at least ninth getting a grip on the track to keeping it real. Others further down the pack though seemed to have struggled a little. Chris Errey though pulled himself up and came from twenty-first to twelfth while Cameron Willsher and Caleb Mills kept a splendid straight eighteenth and nineteenth. The last race of the day saw a few struggling to get through the last laps, but many were still happy to finish and see the wave of the chequered flag. Final podium placers were Regan Duffy in first, Josh Adams in second and David Birch in third.

1st Regan Duffy #72
2nd Josh Adams #5
3rd David Birch #1


While having the extra set of wheels meant a little more stability for the quad riders on the heavy track, that doesn’t mean that they still didn’t cop it. Racing was striking for the Brutum Logistics Quad Class, race one saw Connor Owen rise from the depths and move up by three positions; Anthony Case and Flynn Burton shifted around a few times while Justin Langridge and Ashleigh Curedale fired it out between themselves. The second race saw Chris Bosnakis keeping it grand with no complications to his first place, while Jakob Bosustow had a few problems but easily redeemed himself to came back to second. Sienna Comito and Connor Owen had a riff, but Connor succeeded to secure seventh and Sienna in eighth. The last race of the day might have claimed a few however all were still holding their strength for the last bit of racing. A few Passovers between Michael Murphy and Flynn burton while Caelan Campione managed to not get into any drama and place sixth. Zane Gregory might have come seventh but that doesn’t mean he didn’t put up a fight with Connor Owen who claimed fifth position. Final podium placers were Chris Bosnakis in first, Jakob Bosustow in second and Michael Murphy in third.

1st Chris Bosnakis #1
2nd Jakob Bosustow #20
3rd Michael Murphy #41

Amateur Cup

Dynamic racing from those who competed in the Amateur Cup Class. The first moto put Declan Hepworth in first with Jaxon Hawily and Jarrod Smith fighting for second and third. Jayden Francis and Jacob Jones kept it easy with a steady sixth and seventh position while Daniel Wright pushed himself to the front, with Andrea Monti and Barrie Baynes followed suit. In the second moto Jarrod Smith rode in front and claimed first place while Stefan Weiszbach maintained third. Judd Spurling found motivation and pushed into twelfth while Barry Murphy kept seventeenth with Jack Fuller closely behind. The third and last race of the day saw the pack of Taine Kings, Ben Treloar, Jayden Francis, Jacob Jones, Brandon Campbell and Judd Spurling change positions quite a few times while at the back Matt O’Loughlin, Daniel Wright, Jack Fuller, Barry Murphy, Jayden Comito and Andrea Monti had battles of their own. Final podium placers were Jarrod Smith in first, Declan Hepworth in second and Stefan Weiszbach in third.

1st Jarrod Smith #246
2nd Declan Hepworth #273
3rd Stefan Weiszbach #319


The Motul and Pirelli MX2 Class did not disappoint with breathtaking racing from those riders hitting the new track. Regan Duffy and Rhys Burnett kept to themselves in moto one on the day with first and second position while it was on from young and old from the position of third onwards. This class made for spectacular viewing if you were a spectator on the day; who knows who would have come where in the end! Great effort from Corben Weinert who accelerated himself to third position from eleventh. Dylan Hennessey had some trouble securing his fourth position while Braydon Baynes and Brayden Hahn had some fighting to get to their desired places. Race two saw most of the riders ease themselves onto the track without difficulty but some did have trouble in the mud. Dylan Fernihough and Tom Lilly got onto it and rose above to move up a few positions while Jamie Higgs, Benn Atthowe and Erhard Pajewski had a hard time maintaining their places but still saw the chequered flag at the end. Fighting to the very end for all riders in the MX2 Class, the last race saw a few struggling to keep up their good posture in the mud, but all pulled through and gave it their best to see the day end at Cranbrook. Final podium placers were Regan Duffy in first, Corben Weinert in second and Rhys Burnett in third.

1st Regan Duffy #72
2nd Corben Weinert #42
3rd Rhys Burnett #14


The Beautiful Kitchen Designs and Diamond Designs Masters Class was strong for Round 4 at Cranbrook. The first moto was a test run for some riders with many not even racing the track before, however all were eager to get the engines running. Trevor Unstead had a good run with Brett Graham also not having that much difficulty moving forward positions. Marc Payne dropped behind as well as Michel Drean, but Peter Freight and Barrie Baynes had a good run out on the muddy surface. Race two kept a few busy with most riders finding their feet and pushing to see where they could go. Some changes here and there, however race three saw those who were willing to fight to the end for the top places. Final podium placers were Trevor Unstead in first, Brett Graham in second and Marc Payne in third.

1st Trevor Unstead #142
2nd Brett Graham #375
3rd Marc Payne #576


The Beautiful Kitchen Designs and Diamond Designs Veterans Class demonstrated what they had on the Sunday. While being mixed with the Master’s many proved worthy and found themselves in good positions on the day. Ben Hothersall kept a good pace in race one with Aaron Chircop and Paul Smitherson changing twice for second and third place. Luke Rowe, Martin Costa, Peter Smeathers Timothy Warr, Neil Mahon, Shane McCullaugh and Benji Dawson had a good race while Ben Skidmore fell to the back. Race two saw Aaron Chircop this time out in front, unfortunately Ben Hothersall only managed a lap; Paul Smithson then came in and secured second place. Ben came back for race three and took out first place with Aaron in second. Luke Rowe, Martin Costa had some battles for their respective places. A few less riders in the last race but still some great racing on the day. Final podium placers were Aaron Chircop in first, Paul Smithson in second and Luke Rowe in third.

1st Aaron Chircop #192
2nd Paul Smithson #128
3rd Luke Rowe #223

The track tested the rider’s ability, and many were able to come out alive. A terrific day at the new Cranbrook District Motorcycle Club and sturdy effort put in by the committee and all members. While there are few weeks in between for Round 5 at Beverley Districts Motorcycle Club, it does not mean we won’t see some tremendous racing to come. Round 5 will be on the Sunday the 18th of August at BDMCC. Be sure to keep up to date with WAMX by following us on Facebook, Instagram and even watch our YouTube videos. We will see you all out there!

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The 15th of June brought the second round for the WAMX Make Smoking History State Junior Motocross Championships kindly hosted by Collie Motorcycle Club at Stockton Park. With a downpour of rain earlier on during the week, it was a guess as to what the track would look like coming into the weekend; never the less, a great track prep made the condition look well coming into the weekend. Though what could have been described as out of a horror movie there was fog as far as the eye could see (if you could see), but thankfully clearing up just in time for those juniors about to rip up the track.  A fantastic day for all, WAMX would like to thank those who put their best foot forward and also Collie Motorcycle Club to make the second round for the Juniors a great one and we look forward to the next!

50cc Auto

Positions of first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth were quite stable between riders Mason Brown, Deegan Fort, Nate Tomerini, Ollie Birkitt, Albie Reeve and Xander Conduit in the first moto for the 50cc Auto. Many chop n changes from those racing from seventh onwards however all riders secured themselves coming into the last moto with many staying in the same position. The second moto saw a las minute position switch between Van Haberley and Jaidyn Miles with eventually Jaidyn coming in ninth and Van in eleventh, but not to say that it was definitely good to see a bit of edge with those pushing themselves forward on the track. Mason Brown managed to dominate all moto’s for the day coming in first with Deegan Fort in second and Nate Tomerini in third.

65cc 7-U10 Years

A two for two for Mason Brown who again dominated all of the moto’s in the younger class for the 65cc. It is always spectacular watching both the younger and older 65cc’s combined in the one class as it gives everyone motivation to race their best and it certainly shows, with maybe some future Chad Reed’s in the making for a few! The last moto saw a few coming into the chequered flag with only seconds to spare. All less than a few seconds between Devin Buckley, Deegan Fort and Ryley Fiford. In the end it was Mason Brown in first, Devin Buckley in second and Ryley Fiford in third.

65cc 10-U12 Years

A race pack at that, Kayden Minear, Seth Shackleton and Sonny Pellicano all racing with less than twenty seconds between all of them. The last moto saw Jake Rumens move up to third position to overtake Patrick Butler, Indy Radcliffe and Sonny Pellicano. With it being the second round for the year, it saw some juniors push themselves harder and better with many keeping a close tail on each other all the way up to eighth position with less than a minute between them all. Kayden Minear grabbed first place with Seth Shackleton in second and Sonny Pellicano in third, will these three keep a hold of their positions leading into the next rounds; who will be our champion?

85cc/150cc 9-U12 Years

We could literally copy and paste a couple of the sentences from the 65cc 10-U12 Years section as again Kayden Minear and Seth Shackleton seemed to have won this class as well. But not without a few changes with the first moto seeing Patrick Butler maintain a steady second with Kai McGinty in third and Seth Shackleton in fourth, while there was a bit of a battle between Nate Graham, Chantz Napier and Brayden Upperton. The second moto saw a bit more action with many still trying to find their place with Jack Bakker managing to come from twelfth to eight position and Taj Moore going to seventh to finally fourth. On the podium at the end of the day saw Kayden Minear in first, Seth Shackleton in second and Patrick Butler in third.

85cc/150cc 12-U16 Years

A battle between Deacon Paice and Dylan Walsh on the day with moto one seeing Deacon keeping a steady flat first, then moto two moving into second with Dylan into first and the final moto seeing Deacon and Dylan swap with Dylan securing a first. Massive congratulations to those who saw themselves move up a few positions within the first moto. From changes of eleventh to fourth by Tate Paganini, twelfth to sixth by Mitchell Ackland and from twentieth to seventh by Cobey Brown. A perfect twist of positions in the end for the second moto by Elijah Thorn and Zane Garraway with Elijah coming in seventeeth and Zane in nineteenth. The final chequered flag saw Dylan Walsh in first, Deacon Paice for second and Bailey Smith in third.

100cc-125cc 13-U16 Years

A few rough changes in the beginning for this class with a few nearly clicking boots with each other during the first lap of the first moto, with a lot of cross overs in the end between riders. Just before the final wave of the chequered flag in this class, saw a cross between Jake Turner for third and Seth Manuel in fourth position; Dylan Walsh going back and forth for sixth and seventh with Brock Flynn; West Reid and Ben Cook having a casual change at the end; Brayden Pizzino and Jye Tomerini; Kayne Alexander and Mason Payne and finally Hayden O’Leary and Zac Saffioti all having what seemed to be like drawing a final ‘X marks the spot’ position change, (refer to MyLaps for this reference). However, we didn’t see this fantastic ‘X’ riding material in the second and third moto’s with most knowing where they wanted to be and stuck to it. On the podium at the end was Camball Mcmahon in first, Brock Flynn in second and Cody Chittick in third.

128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U16 Years

The race that many seem to look forward to on the day with those riders exceeding expectations on the track, with them being the ones to watch before they move into the senior classes. Moto one for the class saw many just gun it out of the start gate to pick a line and be stick it for the rest of the day like gum on the bottom of a shoe. A few changes of position between sixth, seventh and eighth by Will Rush, Jordan Johnson and Jay White but they managed to hold steady and keep a straight line for themselves in the first moto. Braaping all the way in the second moto, riders held firm for their positions with finally going all out in the third moto of the day. Liam Atkinson held first for all laps with eventually landing first on the podium, Seth Manuel moved up to second with him securing a second place and Cody Chittick in third on the podium.

Girls 7-U12 Years

A good start to the first round of the Girls class with eight riders on the line. Many excited for what was to be their first round and more so some even being their first state event. Double trouble with Rimbas sisters Leak and Makayla coming through and grabbing first and second and Lara O’Leary on the podium with a third place. Not without a battle between all of these girls, they rode just as fiercly as any boy would with position changes between Chloe Collis, Leah Rimbas and Lara O’leary in the first moto. The second moto saw Leah and Makayla keep a steady first and second while Pyper Kent came from seventh to fourth. A final battle between all of the girls in the end with Darcey Forrest and Chloe Sheahen pushing themselves to make the final wave of the chequered flag.

Quads Comp 60-90cc 9-U13 Years

Keenan Murphy managed to keep it dead straight to land himself on the podium with a position of first at the end of the day. Followed closely by Jack M Lobb, Riona Schmid, Sari lough and Will Rice. The first race saw Riona Schmid push forward into third with Sari Lough keeping it cool with a fourth and Will Rice having fun in the back with a fifth. A nice changeover by Sari Lough who climbed through to a third in the second race over Will, with the third and final race seeing Riona going through into third over Sari. On the podium holding up those fantastic plates were Keenan Murphy in first, Jack M Lobb in second and Riona Schmid in third.

Quad Comp 250cc 12-U16 Years

Ten great competitors in the higher class of the quads on the day with an equal half being girls and the other boys. The first race saw a cross-over of positions between riders of Deegan Lough and Joshua McQuade; Amba Boland and Jayde Merrylees, Jack Sawyer and Nichole McDonnell and Jamen Harris and Bailey Langridge. It was almost like the first race was a warm up with many pacing themselves getting ready to dominate and give it all in the second with many finding themselves switching back and forth and viewing the back of riders again and again. Jayde, Jamen, Nichole, Jack and Amira all managed to get together and almost (almost) collide to have a chat for a minute but pushed onwards and got themselves into perfect positions which they held onto for the rest of the race. Race three saw most keep it calm and collected with a final podium of Joshua McQuade in first, Deegan Lough in second and Amba Boland in third. Special mention to Sienna Comito who got it out for practice but remained a spectator for the rest of the day.

A great day of racing with the third round for Juniors to be hosted by the new Cranbrook Motorcycle Club on the Saturday 6th of July. A round that many have been eager for with it being a whole new experience for all with a new condition of the track, the surrounds, jumps, twists and turns. Be sure to keep up to date with WAMX by following us on Facebook, Instagram and even watch our YouTube videos. We will see you all out there!

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Awesome racing from swift senior riders who made it to the third round of the WAMX Make Smoking History State Senior Motocross Championships hosted by Collie Motorcycle Club over the Sunday 16th of June. Not to be outdone by the juniors the day before, the seniors were pumped and ready to make their engines roar. After some down time from the Manjimup 15000 a few riders were itching to get themselves back out onto the starting gates and burst through the pack to lead into some holeshots. With a well prepped track riders faced the dirt head on (or face first if they ended up that way). The weather gods were not as kind on this day with riders struggling with the drizzle of rain. Conditions in the end were good and kind enough to let riders ease themselves into positions for when they came home to the final wave of the chequered flag.


Plenty of action for the NR Metal Recycling MX1 class on the day. The first race saw Regan Duffy keep to himself and his number one position while in the beginning saw Josh Adams and Luke Davis have a small crossover. Michael Mahon and John Darroch swapped twice while Dane Cutts and Hayden James crossed positions at least three times. Chris Errey came from the last position to find himself a well-earned tenth and Daniel Guy finished closely behind in eleventh. After sprints saw Regan, Josh and Luke have a small rift with Luke dropping into third and Regan pushing from third to first and Josh keeping it a straight second. With the rain providing a bit of extra dirt to fight and also munch on, it didn’t stop the rides from demonstrating what they had on the day. Final podium was Regan Duffy in first, Luke Davis in second and Josh Adams in third.

1st – Regan Duffy #72
2nd – Luke Davis #143
3rd – Josh Adams #5


We all know who dominated and won the Motul and Pirelli Class. Does it make it extra special if it were in capital letters? Regan Duffy was a superstar in the MX2 class with spectacular racing as always. Following in his tracks was Corben Weinert who managed to keep it steady with his second-place position in the first race alongside Conan Forrester in third. A bunched pack at the start many found themselves locked into crossovers between one or two riders with a few having a rider from behind to overtake them at the end. Erhard Pajewski pushed hard from the back and found himself in fourth position in moto two with also those who revved it up to find themselves in the top places at the end with the likes of Shaun Snow, Daniel James, Jack Hourigan and Lewis Moloney. The final podium for the day was Regan Duffy in first, Corben Weinert in second and Conan Forrester in third.

1st – Regan Duffy #72
2nd – Corben Weinert #42
3rd – Conan Forrester

Amateur Cup

A good start from riders who eased away from a clustered pack at the beginning in moto one. A few changes here and there however most found their footing with the majority keeping a steady line. Moto two saw a cross over from Bryce Durbridge and Stefan Weiszback for first and second and another change of third and fourth between Brandon Campbell and Jaxon Hawily. Ben Treloar pushed his way from sixteenth to twelfth and Jacob Isbel steadily landing into eighth position at the end. Daniel Wright was by himself with no cross overs or pass from anyone and kept his position of fourth at the end of moto three while Taine Kings rised like a King to seventh. The final podium at the end was Bryce Durbridge in first, Stefan Weiszbach in second and Brandon Campbell in third.

1st – Bryce Durbridge #219
2nd – Stefan Weiszbach #319
3rd – Brandon Campbell #232


What a battle between Ashleigh Curedale, Zane Gregory and Darryl Maringoni in the first race for the Brutum Logistics Quad Class. What only could be described as an up and down feature (MyLaps reference), it would have been hard to note what position everyone was in while racing at the time; twelve times Darryl changed positions between the trio. However not to be outdone Flynn Burton went from eight place to a final fourth in the end of the first race but then went from eight place again to finish first after the sprint races in moto two. By the end Chris Bosnakis secured first place on the podium followed by Flynn Burton in second and Jae Dowsett in third.

1st – Chris Bosnakis #1
2nd – Flynn Burton #48
3rd – Jae Dowsett #37 


The Beautiful Kitchen Designs and Diamond Designs Veteran Class did not disappoint. Race one saw the final podium placers of Ben Hothersall, Aaron Chircop and Paul Smithson come in a respective first, second and third with also Luke Rowe securing a sixth place and Shane McCullaugh pushing into twelfth. Race two after the sprints saw Mark Schnierer fight from the back into seventeenth with Peter Smeathers landing into eighth position. Majority of riders were able to hold steady of their positions with a few keeping to calm and collected to see the chequered flag at the end. The final podium was Ben Hothersall in first, Aaron Chircop in second and Paul Smithson in third.

1st – Ben Hothersall #919
2nd – Aaron Chircop #192
3rd – Paul Smithson #128 


While the Veterans had their own riders to fight off the Beautiful Kitchen Designs and Diamond Designs Masters Class brought in some action of their own. Racing was good from the riders with many keeping their positions throughout the races and sprints. Trevor Unstead led the way for his pack with securing first position in all races followed by Brett Graham and Marc Payne switching it up with second and third. Barrie Baynes moved a couple of positions forth going into sixteenth into the mixed class and a final seventh for Masters. A good day of racing that was hard and many enjoyed it with the final podium of Trevor Unstead in first, Brett Graham in second and Marc Payne in third.

1st – Trevor Unstead #142
2nd – Brett Graham #375
3rd – Marc Payne #576 


Twelve women lined up at the gates for the Cully’s Yamaha Womens Class. The first race saw two changes between Kara Cats and Hannah Bagnall, with also younger sister Megan Bagnall having a battle of her own with Storme Green in the beginning. Jasmin Clark made her way from the back to land herself a cool seventh position with Makala Edwards and Charlie Blee fighting it out for fifth and sixth respectively. The second race after the sprints saw Kara keep her cool maintaining her first-place position, with Hannah following closely on her tail. Final podium for the Women’s Class was Kara Cats in first, Hannah Bagnall in second and Megan Bagnall in third.

1st – Kara Cats #655
2nd – Hannah Bagnall #623
3rd – Megan Bagnall #4

An awesome day that was had with riders fighting through the morning fog, light rain and also conditions of the track however all things turned out smooth for a great weekend of riding. Now onto the next with the fourth state round for the seniors to be hosted by Cranbrook Motorcycle Club. A new track for the senior to ride on with many not even having seen it at all. Another double header to look forward to and also plenty of exciting jumps and turns to go wild on. Sunday the 7th of July will bring the seniors to Cranbrook to christen the newly formed track. Be sure to keep up to date with WAMX by following us on Facebook, Instagram and even watch our YouTube videos. We will see you all out there!

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Photos: True Spirit Photos

The cold autumn chill brought forward extra layers and a chance to warm-up for Round 2 of the 2019 WAMX Make Smoking History Senior State Motocross Championships. Sunday the 19th of May, senior riders came out to play…hard. A new track designed at Henley Park in Byford was hardpack and plenty of ruts formed over the racing but at the end of the day there were riders securing a podium finish. With those competitors who were itching to rip up the new track to those who already knew what to do in their moto’s, it was safe to say that it was anyone’s game that day. Tight turns and lots of jumps to accomplish Round 2 brought out the best in all. From a warm coffee to ease the frost forming on the hands to the tasty meat roll for lunch; plenty to do and see at Lightweight Motorcycle Club for Round 2 of the Seniors.

The NR Metal Recycling MX1 class was dominated again by none other than champion rider Regan Duffy. The moto’s and sprints on the day saw plenty of changes between positions of fourth onwards; at least everyone was able to push a front of someone on the day. One look at Mylaps and there are plenty of extra squiggle lines on the lap chart that could be described as a young child’s colouring book for how the MX1 class went. None the less, riding was fierce and there’s more determination as Round 3 approaches.

1st        #72 Regan Duffy
2nd         #5 Josh Adams
3rd       #57 Charlie Creech

Doubling up his podium win Regan Duffy secured another first place for the Motul and Pirelli MX2 Class. While first, second and third place already had a few competitors in the mix, many of the other riders were fighting battles of their own to secure a good position within the moto’s and sprint laps. Changes from eighteenth to ninth and plenty between positions after twentieth saw competitive racing overall, so no matter where you were looking on the day, great racing was all about.

1st        #72 Regan Duffy
2nd         #42 Corban Weinert
3rd       #601 Conan Forrester

The Amateur Cup did not disappoint on the day. From changes of the positions of first, second, third and fourth in moto 1 for the Amateur’s there was no knowing who might be on the podium at the end of the day. Moto 2 saw everyone finally get a grip on how there were racing and what to do to show off their skills finely. It seemed as though the riders managed to group themselves into three’s with each of them chopping and changing positions again, again and again.

1st        #319 Stefan Weiszbach
2nd         #396 Jacob Whately
3rd       #273 Declan Hepworth

The Beautiful Kitchen Designs and Diamond Designs Masters Class saw Trevor Unstead secure another win for himself and also another first place for two rounds so far now, while also managing to fend off rival racers through the moto’s and sprints on the day. Some changes here and there but overall clean racing from the riders on the day. Not to say the ruts were a struggle, but many were able to push through to the end.

1st        #142 Trevor Unstead
2nd         #375 Brett Graham
3rd       #394 Glen Biffin

Ben Hothersall took out the Beautiful Kitchen Designs and Diamond Designs Veterans class. Following closely behind was Ben Shingler and Aaron Chircop. Some amazing racing brought out by the veterans; it is always a class to watch at the state round championships series. More tight turns and certain hardpack sections certainly tested the skills of these riders, however many fought it through and made it to see the ever lovely black and white chequered flag.

1st        #919 Ben Hothersall
2nd         #129 Ben Shingler
3rd       #164 Aaron Chirco

In the Brutum Logistics Quad Class, Chris Bosnakis dominated the day and took home first place and is still the remaining points leader for the 2019 series. The small corners and new track tested the quads with many trying to find their place. A lot of jumps to conquest, but riders brought forward everything that they had to finish the day on a great win for all. If by the end of the day, your quad was covered in red and orange dirt, then it’s safe to say you rode hard and well.

1st        #1 Chris Bosnakis
2nd         #20 Jacob Bosustow
3rd       #37 Jae Dowsett

It was Kara Cats who landed number one position at the end for the Cully’s Yamaha Women’s Class. Hannah Bagnall was close on her tail though with not even a second to spare in the moto’s; Megan Bagnall followed straight up next to her sister eager to catch her to the last minute. The women’s class saw some fantastic racing with those returning for round 2 of the series and also those new having a go at the new track and also racing in a state series. Twelve women lined up at the gates, eager to make their names known and to get more racing under their belt. We are looking forward to more for round 3 of the seniors.

1st        #655 Kara Cats
2nd         #623 Hannah Bagnall
3rd       #4 Megan Bagnall

While many of the classes had familiar winning riders with podium finishes, it was great to see new faces in second and third positions. Don’t forget there are still four more remaining rounds of the WAMX Make Smoking History State Senior Motocross Championships Series, so there is plenty of more competitive racing to come. With probably some new and old faces securing spots on the podium. What a great day to be had for the Sunday 19th of May at Lightweight Motorcycle Club, lots of smiles laughs and holding of the breath moments, but it was all in good spirits to see everyone having an awesome time. See you all at Round 3 of the series at Collie on June 16th.

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The 2019 WAMX Make Smoking History State Senior Motocross Championship kicked off at Coastal MCC for Round 1 on Sunday the 28th with a bang.  With nearly full gates in the converted MX 1 and MX 2 classes and well supported numbers for the Quads, Women, Veterans, Masters, and the Amateur Cup, the day was spectacular. The warm autumn day certainly put the riders to the test and a different sprint format added to the action factor with competitors pushing hard. Lots of thrills and spills to entertain the many spectators who made their way up to Coastal Park to take in the competitive racing for the day.

In the Brutum Logistics Quad class Chris Bosnakis continued to dominate with a perfect run for the day but with Luke Gaisford and Jakob Bosustow very closely snapping at his heels just waiting for Chris to make a mistake.

1st   # 1 Chris Bosnakis
2nd  #14 Luke Gaisford
3rd   #20 Jakob Bosustow

The Amateur Cup class also failed to disappoint with Jacob Whately who is new to the senior class. After coming fourth in the first race, found Jacob found his legs in race two and three and held off Jaxon Haley and Cam Vanstan to take the overall day.

1st  #396 Jacob Whately
2nd #327 Jaxon Hawily
3rd #505 Cam Vanstan

Our 35-49 Years Beautiful Kitchen Designs Veterans also had a strong field with Ben Hothersall, Ben Shingler and Aaron Chircop swapping positions constantly with Ben Shingler pulling a three point lead overall to take the day.

1st  #129 Ben Shingler
2nd #919 Ben Hothersall
3rd #164 Aaron Chircop

The Diamond Design Masters aged 50 + also mixed it up with the Veterans and had their own battle. Trevor Unstead held them off for three solid wins for the day with only six points between 2nd and 4th which made for some great on track battles.

1st #142 Trevor Unstead
2nd #576 Marc Payne
3rd #375 Brett Graham

In the Cully’s Yamaha Womens Class, Hannah Bagnall performed strong all day and with Kara Cats scoring no points for the first race was right on Hannah’s back wheel for race two and three. However it wasn’t enough to push Megan Bagnall and Storme Green from the podium at the end of the day.

1st #623 Hannah Bagnall
2nd # 4 Megan Bagnall
3rd #401 Storme Green

Dean Porter threw his hat in the ring of the Motul/Pirelli MX2 riders and battled it out with Regan Duffy, who was faultless. Corben Weinert and Dylan Hennessy also putting in some great results and making them count.

1st  #72 Regan Duffy
2nd #42 Corben Weinert
3rd #4 Dylan Hennessy

The NR Metal Recycling MX1 certainly put on a show with the top ten riders constantly swapping back and forth in position and watching all ready to pounce if the slightest mistake was made by any of the other riders.  Regan Duffy was just too strong and held Charlie Creech and Josh Adams at bay.

1st #72 Regan Duffy
2nd #57 Charlie Creech
3rd # 5 Josh Adams

In a little under three weeks Round 2 @ Lightweight MCC on the 19th May shifts to hardpack with a new track design and will be certain to test the skills of the riders. Get yourselves there to see all the action live.

Photos: True Spirit Photography

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From a down pour in the previous weekend to clear skies and a touch of warmth, the first round of the WAMX Make Smoking History State Junior Motocross Championship was bright and clear. Weeks of training, determination and self-motivation brought over one hundred junior motocross riders to the gate at Coastal Motorcycle Club. Itching to get on the bike from rider’s meet, juniors were ready to compete for a podium finish. From the first drop of the gate; the ever-refreshing drink; the repair of the bike ready to go again; the hot food to fill a day’s exercise; to the last chequered flag waved, the first Junior MX State Round was one not to be missed.

50cc Auto

The first few laps of the first race from the 50cc Auto’s saw quite a few competitor changes within the ranks. Mason Brown managed to squeeze his way past Deegan Fort and Nate Tomerini to come out with a win for the first race and respectfully win the 50cc Auto class with the most points at the end of the day with Deegan coming in at a close second and Nate with a podium finish of third. Race two saw Xander Conduit jump up to fifth position with Albie Reeve only four seconds behind but managed to secure Xander’s place in the third race and come away with an overall finish of fifth. By lap two of the third race, there was a steady pace of Sol Pellicano, leading the middle pack with a placement of seventh, Jaidyn Miles in eighth, Charlie Butler in ninth position and Brax Johnson in tenth.

65cc 7-U10 Years

A fantastic double podium win for Mason Brown who managed to secure first place and overall point leader for the 65cc 7-U10 year class. Again, Deegan Fort claimed his podium win for second place with second place point leadership; safe to say there is definitely going to be a bit of rivalry between these two for the season. Xander Conduit raced in to make third overall for the day. A challenge for all riders with the conditions at Coastal, but some made it through, determined to finish and see the wave of the chequered flag at the very end.

65cc 10-U12 Years

No surprise that young gun Kayden Minear finished first overall and also came first in all of his races. Close behind were Seth Shackleton in second and Patrick Butler with third position overall for the day. Jake Rumens managed to place second in the second and third race and claimed fourth position on the leader board, giving Patrick Butler a little run…Kaidan Freight held his position for eighth in the third and final race with Connor Wiese closely behind, but Connor overtook Kaidan in the end with points. A good eyeopener for the rest of the season for these young superstars.

85/150cc 9-U12 Years

The junior round seemed to have a lucky effect on a few riders, who again doubled their podium wins. Kayden Minear and Seth Shackleton respectively finished first, and second again for the 85/150cc 9-U12 Years, unfortunately Patrick Butler came in fourth with Kai McGinty taking third position overall for the day and couldn’t double his podium finishes however it doesn’t mean that Patrick can’t do it in the future…there is definitely a lot to look forward to in the upcoming junior state rounds with these four riders. There were a lot of changes between tenth and fourteenth position during race one which was exciting to see the motivation for riders Connor Weise, Luca Romano, Indy Radcliffe, Declan Caldwell and Skye Graham. Races two saw most riders keep a steady pace for their positions while race three saw the majority push their limits to make a final mark for themselves for the day.

85cc/150cc 12-U16 Years

Deacon Paice soared through races one and three to finish not only first in both but finish greatly second while Dylan Walsh secured his place as points leader for the class. Not with some difficulty, Dylan raced into first for the second race while coming in second place for races one and three. The first and second race saw riders chop and change positions leaving those watching, wondering who would make it through to the final wave of the flag. From position fourteen and above, there were many riders gunning it through to overtake one another. Brodie Taylor, Jordan Minear, Tyrone McNally, Archie Freegard, Zane Garraway, Kai Pratt, Jye Tomerini and Summer Mills fought off fantastically against each other and demonstrated terrific skills.

100cc-125cc 13-U16 Years

Well…was there a battle between Brock Flynn and Cody Chittick! If you check out Speedhive on MyLaps, make no mistake see it for yourself. Race two saw Brock overtake Cody to take first position and claim his podium win for first and also points leader. Cody Chittick was a close second followed by Seth Manuel for third. Race one saw everyone except the top two, change positions so many times, you would think that anyone could have made the podium. Jye Tomerini and Seann Arrowsmith battled it out for thirteenth and fourteenth position while Dylan Walsh had a few scratches leading him to a safe eleventh behind Bailey Smith.

128cc-150cc/250cc 13-U16 Years

This class saw Seth Manuel overtake both Brock Flynn and Cody Chittick to make points leader and finish first overall, it wasn’t without a fight though. Seth fought hard to keep his position of first all the way through all three races with Brock changing back and forth between fourth and fifth position and Cody going from second to first in the final race. The first race saw Jordan Johnson come from last position all the way back to ninth…self-motivation can get you far! The second race always seems to keep a steady pace for changes within the riders no matter what class, but Mitchell Killeen managed to overtake Haiden Hills and Jordan Smith to come out with a tenth finish. The third and final race for the class saw a change between Will Rush literally rushing into third place, Jordan Johnson managing to get above Jake Turner for a finish in fifth place and Jordan Smith Battling between Corey Smith and Joshua Whately in the back pack for the final race.

Quad Comp 250cc 13-U16 Years

Joshua McQuade came out on top as the points leader in the end, but not without a fight. Race one saw him overtake Deegan Lough while in race two he managed to keep his position happily however race three was where the action was at. Amira Schmid roared through to come in to finish second above Amba Boland who respectively finished third. The last race saw a bit of an overtake with Jack Sawyer and Sienna Comito going head to head to eventually leading Sienna to claim sixth position over Jack who came seventh. With Joshua leading the pack followed by Amba and Amira who knows what is to come for the future state rounds?

Girls 12-U16 Years

The first junior state round saw the older girls class taking part in the championship series. Jaylee Rimbas made her mark with winning the overall class for the day and also fantastically keeping her number one position for all three races of the girls class. Hannah Stewart came in second for the day, but not without some difficulty. A few crashes to be had and a little bit of a head to head with Jaylee, she is sure one to watch for future events. The first race saw all of the other girls keep their positions at a good pace with Summer Mills leading the pack for third position followed by Phoebe Bronwin, Kate Luyten and Madyline Drewett. The second race saw a change in positions between Madyline and Kate while the third race for the girls championship was kept the same as the first race. Awesome racing from the girls within motocross.

A brilliant day of racing by all riders. A massive thanks to Coastal Motorcycle Club for hosting the first round of the WAMX Make Smoking History Junior State Motocross Championship. A greater thanks to all the officials, volunteers and parents for making the day happen. Rest up people, because it will all be happening again for round 2 on the 15th of June at Collie.

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DATE: Thursday 10 January 2019
TIME: 7:00 pm
PLACE: Motorcycling WA offices – 25/168 Guildford Road Maylands

In accordance to the WAMX constitution we will be conducting an AGM as per the above information, all positions will be declared vacant.

As this is the committee responsible for the day to day running and organisation of the State Motocross Championship, we ask that you seriously consider coming on board and lending a hand, we will not ask you to do anything out of your comfort zone. We are looking for fresh vibrant motocross loving people to come along and help, share your ideas, help us promote Motocross in Western Australia, support the clubs and riders.

The positions up for election are:
Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer

Underpinning these positions are the Sub-Committees, these are really valued positions, your support in these positions is really appreciated:
Junior Coordinator :: the intermediary between the committee and the clubs, supporting the club ensuring they have all the information they need to run a successful round, sourcing sponsorship.
Senior Coordinator :: the intermediary between the committee and the clubs, supporting the club ensuring they have all the information they need to run a successful round, sourcing sponsorship.

Nomination forms are available by contacting the current secretary Kerry O’Leary via email: wamxsecretary@gmail.com
For further information the current committee are more than happy to chat to you.
Chairperson: Alison Norton :: wamxchairperson@gmail.com
Secretary: Kerry O’Leary :: wamxsecretary@gmail.com
Treasurer: Meaghan Andrews :: wamxtreasurer@gmail.com

Download the Forms:

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WAMX was asked to produce feedback regarding the riders wants for what they would like to see in the next season. WAMX decided that the only truest and honest way to get this feedback was to survey the riders directly, while keeping it 100% anonymous, a simple on line survey was launched. Over a period of 2 weeks we received over 250 responses. The survey asked direct questions which can only be interpreted one way.
Question 1. How many state rounds would you prefer?

The resounding response was for 6 rounds with 135 people choosing this option.
5 rounds received 55, 4 rounds received 53 and 3 rounds received just 15.
I believe this result speaks for itself.

Question 2. What classes would your like to see in Snr’s?

People could select more than one of the options
Mx1 received 201
Mx2 received 201
Women received 167
Vets/Masters received 172
MxD received 122
Quads received 52

The interpretation of this is that part of our current formula is working. Unfortunately, when you pair up with some of the comments…quads are not looked upon favourably and there is call for them running their own series.

Question 3. What support classes would you like in Seniors?

People could select more than one option.
2 stroke cup received 141
Clubman received 118Junior Lites received 95
Other received 16 – suggestions of snr 125 class, vmx class, post classic class, also various junior classes.

Question 4. What would you like to see in Jnr championships?

Leave as is received 141
Combine jnr girls into normal rounds received 89
Others received 16 but no suggestions put forward other than No Quads.
We also asked for further constructive comments. Out of all the people that participated in the survey only 77 people left further comments.


Below is a copy of all the comments but a general overview is that people are saying Quads should have a stand-alone series and not be included in the 2 Wheel Series.

Definite call for return of the clubman classes and graded racing in seniors – as per comments.

Also gave us a view of some things that are concerning some Juniors with Bike compliancy to the allowable modification and what is, being done to some bikes.

Also indicated that people still do not understand that WAMX has no control over memberships, clubs and Licensing, round selection or Championship Regulations.

Comment responses:

  • Would like to see racing go back to the old classes ‘where it was fair and riders had a goal to go from clubman to inter then pro.
  • State rounds on a Saturday for juniors is painful as they miss a day from school.
  • Some more vet friendly tracks
  • Sorry but no quads. I would also like to see all the people that whinge and complain all year put their hand up and help out and get involved instead of bagging the events.
  • Have an C grade / Amateur class for full 6 roundsRun a couple of rounds over 2 days
  • Hey guys, I really think a mx D class would be a good idea. and definitely a 2 Stroke cup support class as everyone loves 2 strokes
  • Helmet cam rule needs to be scrapped holds back development of riders
  • Cheaper memberships
  • Make top 10 seeded riders in mx1 and mx2 be able to use the number they finished if they are racing that same class again! Looks much better with single digit numbers out racing
  • Bring back grading. Once you place an overall 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in an amature cup series, (not round) you must then race mx1/mx2 the next year.
  • Split the Pro classes and Clubman, most clubbies are intimidated by the Pro’s.
  • re-assess the rules on what is allowed to be changed/added/done to the bike in the 85cc class. if i was a new parent watching that race i woudnt even bother to enter my child. the front bikes are clearly modified. numbers are low but maybe add a stock 85cc class and get more kids involved. this class is a waste as only those with money can stand a chance.
  • If you run a double header weekend either combine junior and senior racing over the 2 days or give junior riders and pit crew free entry to the senior racing on the Sunday.
  • Not sure if feasible however as numbers within the Vets class are consistently down at state rounds although thriving at MA club runs & non MA Club’s. As only the top 6 from each class (Guys in the money) care about results there is a requirement to encourage vets with participation by way of a Rec licence to fill gates up, this generally means more family members spectating leading to increased crowds / better spectical. Please do not see this as disrespectful however if you check the vets video on the BSA site 2/09/18 I was involved with a full grid of 40 today, if our sport is seeking to increase its profile we may need to embrace such changes. Thanks
  • I like the MX1 and MX2 format, self scrutineering and that wanneroo junior was part of the 2018 senior series (a new track to the rounds was great fun). Finishing by 2-3pm has also been a big positive, I think more riders will come back if they know they aren’t going to be at the track until dark. Having 5 classes per round is a good number and the day moves well. The quads really changed the track at byford, which was really disappointing. Maybe in future it could be considered they have some stand alone events and only do the sand state rounds.
  • If possible, probably in the distant future, try to have multiple classes of senior quads as it’s always the same pros that dominate. Even if it’s run together but scored seperately
  • More promotion of the events to get spectator numbers up
  • More support for the quads
  • Open pits as we are all set up to pit from van
  • Piss the quads off
  • Masters should be over 50 years old
  • We need to band together and build something to help showcase our MX athletes to the general public and become more mainstream by educating those who don’t get our sport.
  • In order to keep riders and bikes in the sport for longer a Post Classic class would encourage riders to re enter the sport on bikes not ridden for years following kids, house, marriage ect.
  • Cut race time back so spectators can see closer racing. Have three quick sprint races then points added together to get over all points for that race.
  • Double headers hav been great should make them all like that & would rather 2 15min races than 3 short ones in the jnrs
  • Consolidate the championship. It drags out too long over the year.
  • When making a decision on the number of rounds. Please take into account the financial investment by the teams, sponsors are unlikely spending money on a 3 round series, and there no longer being opens, there is only club runs left
  • No more senior state rounds at junior tracks
  • Need to work on better organisation for the yearly race calender so avoid clashes of events, Need to try and build back fun open race events (perhaps one on the easter weekend to get the year going rather than a state round so early on)
  • Would love to see vets run more hard pack than sand tracks
  • Would prefer quads race there own events if possible. Different venues. 2 day state rds 2x races each day for a super round where more points are available.
  • Keep up the good work, no one knows the shit you all go through.
  • Quade state champs Junior and senior should have there own event. Track can be prepped to suit them
  • Include variety of south west tracks
  • I think there should be 4 state rounds, 2 in the city and 2 in the country, each year. Six is too many, the numbers drop off at the last two and it’s just getting unaffordable these days. I have been talking to a lot of people during the year about this and most feel the same way. Regards, Len Butler, MMCC.
  • Add the amateur cup for all rounds
  • A specific location for ALL teams to pit out side of the general rider pit area. A more flexible availability for this option to enter the specific area for the allowance to set up team set ups in the same location (with or with out trucks/ vans). This would definitely be a big step forward, raising the professionalism and over all look and image on the WA motocross community and be a bit more rewarding for the people running these teams to be able to be seperated from the individual riders but equally be able to display their team set ups together in their own area. Especially at these big events here in WA like the state titles. Making the process a more inviting/ easier option for people to look up to might lead to a bigger and better future with the level of effort people put into the sport over here.
  • Seniors on Saturdays and juniors on sundays on double header weekends
  • There needs to be more growth options for junior girls
  • Have double headers more often like the 2018 season
  • I would like to see the state round closer together. Trying to have a smaller time frame for “race season”. where people are having to outlay more money the longer the season is dragged out. I feel if it started Normal time but ended in early August. It would keep people fresh and keen. Instead of waiting for a long time for race days. Plus more maintenance on the bikes and effort to train for extended periods. That’s what I’d like to see after racing the series for 12 years. But very appreciative for what every one dose to keep motocross going in WA. Just my veiw.
  • Prize money More videography for juniors Longer practice session
  • 2 rounds of racing with longer distance. Drop the sprint. 3-4 state rounds will draw more entries and spectators and interest Feature races at each round 2T cup, jnr open shootout, 50cc feature race to show the adults of the young kids coming through. “Double headers” every round will open opportunities to clubs to 2 day events and bring back the king of cross and golden wheel as the calendar will be free especially if only 3 rounds of double headers instead of 12 weekends of the year being filledmof state rounds only 3-4…. Common sense.
  • State Round host club to gain greater support. Governing body officials to BYO flag marshals for Jnr & senior & all track/race officials at no expense which will leave clubs to manage other hosting roles such as canteen, camping/accommodation, track prep, site logistics. Small clubs struggle with man/women power to fill positions for club days let alone for state rounds and tend not to host for that reason. Cheaper state round entry for riders outside Perth metro radius. May encourage more regional riders to travel.
  • Have 8 rounds, and start grading people who should be A grade,
  • be good to change the day to Qualifying and 2x motos, 20mins or longer, to make the day go faster and easier for bike prep before each race. the races should be closer together to help keep bikes and riders fresh, i have found that after round 3 alot of riders are pulling out due to the large gaps and having to stay fit and prepped for months over the state round season. they lose interest and by the 5th 6th rnd the classes are half full. (big gaps between rounds means that we are putting alot more hours on our bikes training to stay fit and fast which ends up costing alot in maintenance and fuel).
  • I would prefer qualifying with two rounds of racing, make the motos two 20mins or longer, this will make the day go faster so people can get home and get ready for work. It also means less work that the faggys need to do. I would like to see the state rounds a lot closer together and not so spread out over the year. This keeps the bike fresher and everyone a lot keen.
  • Please finish the events earlier in the season so riders can have ample time to prepare for Junior Nationals and dont co-incide with National Rounds (junior or senior and supercross events) Keep up the double headers
  • Support your clubmen as they are your bread and butter.They come to each event and make up your numbers. Stop treating them like shit and your veteran as well or you are only going to have your top five riders turn up,boring just like the quads.quads destroy the track,piss them off.
  • Still have the 6 rounds but make the season shorter over like 4 months will save us a lot of money not having to ride and train for the majority of the year. And less chance of burning out with work, might keep other racers who arnt as serious more motivated to do all the rounds.. Also a arena x state championship at the end of the year maybe 4 rounds would be mint
  • Quads should have their own event. The numbers are always low for them and they destroy the track for the 2 wheelers so it doesnt form up properly. Also condense the time period for the state titles to help aleviate costs associated with maintaining a good condition race bike. All the rounds over 2 months max would be awesome. Another point is going to 2x 20-25 min motos instead of the 3. Setting up for each moto takes alot of time and the days would surely progress alot faster and make it more viable for more people to attend
  • State rounds have become as good as most club days. Open events have a better atmosphere an more relaxed. Having so many state championship rounds isnt a true relection of our state champs, just means the people that can afford to do all of them, or travel to them all will see there kids up the top. 9 classes is too many, may aswell get rid of the sprint races in moto two and have two longer motos. The commentary of junior events is poor, at least Nikki use to show a bit more excitement, would run the the whole riders list an not just focus on the same riders up front. Current commentary is boring, doesnt do anything for juniors. Double headers are also good, however the fact the senior trucks getting priority over decent pit spots is rubbish. How bout a few more country rounds, when I say country something that is a bit further than 2 hours from Perth.
  • The price is to expensive
  • Would be best to see A, B and C grades back as it used to be, the numbers have dropped 10fold since the change and it’s dissapointing to see
  • If possible bring the rounds closer together. Like 2 in a row 1 week off 2 in a row 2 weeks off then last 2 rounds. So people can commit to 2 to 3 months for the series without it been dragged over 6 months. Then rest of the year can have more open or club days
  • No more quads. Let them have their own series No one wants them there.
  • Trophies for all placing . Even though there not the top ten they have tried just as hard all championship as the top 3 or top 10 and deserve recognition just as much as the others.
  • No quads
  • Not to have a gap in the middle of the season with no racing. This season was longer but more drawn out
  • Every championship class should do side laps before every moto. Because of the new layout for the rounds we have plenty of extra time and the riders would very much appreciate it.
  • Sight laps for Mx1, Mx2, and girls championship classes. Super pole for top 5 qualifiers in Mx1 with a bonus 5-4-3-2-1 points system. Prize money down to 15th per round
  • Make series entry cheaper than entering all 6 rounds individually
  • I think we should have a no less than 6 state rounds, I also thinks that if a rider is to do a series entry the should receive some benefit (series entry= pay for five rounds and receive the 6th round free)
  • Bring the 6 rounds into a 3 month bracket
  • I feel that a lot more parents would put there kids up into the division 2 50cc autos as soon as they turned 7 if they were maybe a little more leaniant with the 7-9 year old children some of the over the top protocols should maybe be less strict on these little kids expecting these children to have no assistance is ridiculous.
  • Lower prices, or time to pay off through out the year
  • At the junior rounds Quads need to be taken out of the championship.
  • Reward top 3 B graders in the MX1 and MX2 classes at end of the season
  • Have more rounds 8 rounds would be mint
  • Bring back Clubman classes
  • Don’t race senior events at junior tracks
  • Run the series over 3 months, not 6 months. A lot of hard work keeping fit to wait so long between each round. Look at nationals set up!
  • Need to seperate grade classes again most my mates don’t wanna race as Mx 1 is full of pros, yea fair enough having amateur cup but still have b graders having to race with pros
  • Longer races Graded racing as per other states No quads
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Coastal Park in Henderson was the place to be on the weekend, it was a chilly start to the day but things soon warmed up and the sun shined and so did the Juniors, the track was lit and the competition was fierce. All the spectators were treated to some awesome action packed racing from the future of motocross.

It looked like Kayden Minear was going to take all three moto wins again this round in the 85cc 9-U12 years but Deacon Paice had other ideas managing a win in the sprint round.  Minear took the overall round win, from Paice and Shackleton respectively.

The 85cc 9-U12 years Champions are:-

Kayden Minear taking the Championship on 627points
Deacon Paice in 2nd place on 565 points
Seth Shackleton in 3rd place on 544 points.

The Quads Competition 8-u12years, Keenan Murphy was impressive all day although running on a slightly shorter track at Coastal he held his quad wide open all day with 3 wins, the day was his.  Nicohole McDonnell had some bike issues but held on for second on the day.  Riona Schmid who has improved all year came in third for the day.

The Quad Competition 8-U12 years Champions are:-

Keenan Murphy taking the Championship on 625 points
Sari Lough in 2nd place on 494 points
Nichole MCDonnell in 3rd place on 472 points

With Regan Duffy back on board in the 128-150cc/200-250cc 13-u16 years, he dominated racing on the day take the round win ahead of an inform Corben Weinert who managed to hold off Duffy in the sprint round with championship leader Rhys Burnett finishing in third place for the round. Cody Richards and Conan Forrester weren’t far off the pace

The 128cc-150cc/200-250cc 13-u16 years Champions for 2018 are

Rhys Burnett winning the Championship on 516 points
Corben Weinert in 2nd place on 495 points
Conan Forrester in 3rd place on 492 points.

Mason “Mad Dog” Brown did it again showing he can ride on any surface taking straight moto wins in the 50cc Auto 7-U9 years in this round ahead of Nate Tomerini who held on to second place only 2 points ahead of Reece Beenham.

The 50cc Auto 7-u9 years Champions for 2018 are

Mason Brown winning the Championship on 598 points
Deegan Fort in 2nd place on 492 points
Blake Mannion in 3rd place on 440 points

The 100-125cc 13-u16 years class it was Regan Duffy who was on fire! He took all three moto wins to be standing on the top step of the podium for the round, with Corben Weinert in second and Rhys Burnett making in into the top 3 by narrowly holding off Seth Manuel by 6 points.

The 100-125cc 13-u16 years Champions for 2018 are

Rhys Burnett winning the Championship on 516 points
Corben Weinert in 2nd place on 501 points
Seth Manuel in 3rd place on 500 points

The Quads Competition Class 12-u16 it wasn’t a surprise that Jae Dowsett again was standing on the top spot of the podium with wins in all three moto’s, some bike issues saw Brooke Hall miss out on the podium for this round.  But Flynn Burton came second ahead of Ashleigh Curedale in third.

The Quads Competition 13-u16 years Champions for 2018 are

Jae Dowestt winning the Championship on 630 points
Flynn Burton in 2nd place on 566 points
Brooke Hall in 3rd place on 491 points

Seth Shackleton has been the rider to beat all year in 65cc 7-u10 years, however this wasn’t going to happen at the series finale, with Seth taking win’s in all three races over the course of the day, ahead of Sonny Pellicano in second and Connor Wiese in third.

The 65cc 7-u10 years Champions for 2018 are

Seth Shackleton winning the Championship on 630 points
Indy Radcliffe in 2nd place on 506 points
Connor Wiese in 3rd place on 496 points

Deacon Paice kept the pressure on Kayden Minear in the 65cc 10-u12 years class but Kayden would prevail in all three moto’s taking the win for the round, ahead of Deacon in second place and surprise package Jake Rumens who hit some late form in third place with Patrick Butler narrowly missing out on a podium position on the day by 4 points.

The 65cc 10-u12 years Champions for 2018 are

Kayden Minear winning the Championship on 621 points
Deacon Paice in 2nd place on 539 points
Patrick Butler in 3rd place on 507 points

There was some intense racing in the 85cc 12-u16 years class Brock Flynn was another rider on the day that took out wins in all three moto’s, to find himself on top of the podium ahead of Jake Turner in second and Dylan Walsh only 2 points further behind in third place.  With notable mentions to Camball McMahon and Kaj Radcliffe who kept the pressure on the top three riders all year.

The 85cc 12-u16 years Champions for 2018 are

Brock Flynn winning the Championship on 585 points
Jake Turner in 2nd place on 522 points
Dylan Walsh in 3rd place on 511 points

The Series is done for 2018 and was celebrated with the spraying of lemonade and a few shoey’s by the junior champions.

Not to forget our youngest riders that were out there giving it their all in the 50cc Demo 7-u9 years class, these little future champions try hard every round and it was awesome to see Cooper Clayden, Reilly Anderson, Sol Pellicano, Sonny Fiford, Brax Mannion, Charlie Butler and Ryder Bolland on track.

The 2018 Junior Highest Points Award and the 2018 Club of the Year Awards will be presented at the MWA Night of Champions.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2018 Champions – awesome racing all season long and we look forward to seeing you all in 2019!!

A huge thank you to all of our Riders & their families, Sponsors both big & small, our Officials, Photographers, Clubs, Commentators for your help and assistance throughout the 2018 Make Smoking History Series.

Story:  WAMX (Inc)

Pictures:  True Spirit Photos

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