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Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab are often met with hostility, racism and Islamophobia. Looking outwardly Muslim can certainly make life more difficult, but these hijabi women meet their difficulties with positivity and turn any struggles they face into their strength. 

A growing number of women decide to start wearing the hijab every day. Whether it's to please Allah SWT or simply to lead a more modest lifestyle, it is not uncommon for women feel empowered and more confident in themselves. 

Fashion blogger Sana Ishak writes, "I find what helps me restore is to recall why I started it myself and how it makes me a better person each and every day." Wearing hijab can push you to be the best version of yourself. Whether it's through the way you dress, the way you speak or your character and emotions we want to display ourselves in the best manner. 

Wearing hijab displays your strength, your confidence in yourself, and your resilience in this world. Wearing hijab makes women strong because in a society where she is constantly told, "You can't" - she does. This is why we've dedicated our AW18 collection to every hijabi woman out there. 

Gulis Gulkaya

"My hijab makes me strong because it came with numerous challenges. People always make the assumption that it limits women and it is oppressive. It feels amazing to be able to break those stereotypes by helping others understand that it doesn’t dictate me but rather liberates me and makes me confident. I wouldn't be who I am today without it. I am so proud and happy that I have chosen hijab to be apart of my identity. It challenges me to be creative and always reminds me of who I am."

Instagram: @gulis.lifts
Sana Ishaq

"My hijab makes me strong because...

A hijab to me is more than just wearing a head cover. It is a personality improvement as well as attaining the right intentions to commit to it. I believe as a hijabi and fashion enthusiast, it requires constant improvement in one’s Iman and positive influence to make a life long commitment to a hijab. 

We live in an era where Instagram, Twitter and other social media platform have a heavy influence on people of all ages. It is difficult to be able to commit to a hijab especially when you see how easily it can be taken off or how it is not commonly displayed. Including myself, sometimes. I find what helps me restore is to recall why I started it myself and how it makes me a better person each and every day. It makes you question “how can I pull this look off with a hijab”. It needs one’s strength to bring what is not in the norms and create a style with confidence. What’s beautiful is it delivers style with a whole new level individually, depending on one’s comfort and definition of modesty.  

We can always find a balance between fashion and hijab. Of course it may not be easy and there is a constant struggle. However, along the way you find that the hijab becomes an epiphany for endurance. To be able to go through something and still hold on to your commitment of a hijab is strength. To be able to wear the hijab despite the known hardships is strength. To be able to find balance within is strength. I truly believe the hijab can deliver everlasting strength so long as you hold on."

Instagram: @caramelchemist
Website: https://caramelchemist.blogspot.com/?m=1


Yasemin Kanar
“Wearing my hijab empowers me to be a more confident and strong individual because not only does it enable me to be different from what main stream society deems as beautiful, but most importantly it allows me to please my Lord. I love that I stand out as a Muslim with my hijab and it makes me proud to be able to represent our religion with elegance where ever I go.”

Instagram: @YazTheSpaz89
Website: www.YazTheSpaz.com


Zara Asad

"My hijab makes me strong because it allows me to remember my identity in a world that's constantly trying to tell women who they are or how they should be. My hijab serves as a reminder for me to remain emotionally intelligent and to remember that my value as a woman is not measured by the number of men who like me or how good I look for them. My hijab makes me strong because it forms an identity that is modest, but not delicate, graceful but outspoken and commands that I be intelligent in both my spiritual and secular knowledge. My hijab makes me strong because it serves as a constant reminder that God is with me and that no matter how bad society or satan make me feel during the times I mess up - that I am trying. Hijab is for flawed humans who are simply saying everyday to themselves that they are trying. It's not a crown you wear once you've reached spiritual enlightenment nor is it a spiritual destination. It's simply the strongest form of liberation for women because it puts an end to the control societies and cultures have over them."
Instagram: @zaraasad_ 
Zobaida Falah 
"My hijab makes me strong because it pushes me to be a better person than I was yesterday."
Instagram: @ZobaidaFalah 
Hassanah El-Yacoubi

"My hijab makes me strong because it gives me an opportunity to creatively express myself in ways I deem appropriate. It enables me to feel confident and comfortable in being different. Ultimately, what I love most about my hijab is that it is a daily reminder of my religious conviction, which is the essence of who I am."

Instagram: @Hassanah_PFH

Website: www.getpfh.com


How does hijab make you stronger? Share your stories!
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We believe amazing things happen when #womensupportwomen so we have compiled this list of our followers' favorite Muslimah owned brands and businesses! 

Our Muslimah entrepreneurs need your support more than ever. They are accomplishing amazing things and with your help and support we can achieve much greater!

Make sure to drop a comment with your favorite Muslim female owned brands so we can add it to the list!

Clothing Hijabs Jewelry/Accessories Kids Lifestyle Makeup/Beauty




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Salam loves!

As many of you who follow us on Instagram know earlier this month my husband and I visited Playa del Carmen in Mexico and I received a lot of messages about how to do water and adrenaline activities while wearing hijab. I've created this list of hijabi essentials for traveling to beach locations and what we did to make it more Muslim friendly. Hope you enjoy!


1. Ditch the resorts and find an Airbnb.

I never understood why Muslims love to go to resorts. Unless you have kids and want to just make life easier and never leave the hotel while you're on vacation, in my opinion resorts are waaaay overpriced, they treat hotel staff terribly and if you're a hijabi woman there is really not much for you to do at a resort. Whenever my husband and I travel we always opt for an Airbnb. Here's what Airbnbs can offer you at affordable rates that hotels do not, unless you're looking to spend $500-$600 per night.

  • Private swimming pools

Whenever we travel to warm locations we always try to find hosts who have private swimming pools or plunge pools so we can soak up the sun, and I can swim comfortably. It's way more fun and comfortable than lounging at the pool deck in front of strangers wearing your burkini and hijab - trust me.

  • Accommodating hosts 

One of my favorite parts about booking an Airbnb is that you usually have amazing hosts and on site managers to help you with everything you need. From finding local gems like restaurants and activities, to picking you up from the airport, these hosts are like having a private travel guide with you during your entire stay. When booking try looking for 'Superhosts'  - these guys are experienced hosts who make your stay even that more memorable. 

  • More space

There are some Airbnb's where you can just rent a private room, but whenever we book a stay we opt for booking an entire home/apartment. This means you usually have your own kitchen, bathroom(s) and bedroom(s) to make your stay even more comfortable. It also means you can travel with your entire family or large groups and all stay in the same place and even split the cost between families to make it more affordable! 


2. Be adventurous. 


I love adventures and adrenaline activities. I know most people go on vacation to relax and sleep in, but when I go on vacation I want to have fun! We love to try new activities and visit new places when we are in a new country. It's the best way to meet new people including locals, and foreigners who moved there. Some of my favorite activities include - scuba diving, jet skiing, rappelling, white water rafting, cliff jumping and horse back riding. And yes - you can do all these things while wearing your hijab!


3. Dressing for activities

Here are some essentials that I take with me to make water sports and activities easier and more comfortable as a hijabi:

  • Sport leggings/pants

The reason why I opt for leggings rather than loose sporty pants like I typically wear to the gym is because when you're in water your clothes tend to float and move around if they aren't tight. So I always opt for leggings so they stay put while I'm swimming and I know I won't get exposed. I recently bought these compression leggings here for my Mexico trip and they worked great while swimming!

  • Long dri-fit tops

If you're a hijabi girl who works out you'll know just how hard it is to find long sleeve tops that are both long enough to cover your behind and loose. When shopping for these kind of tops I usually always get lucky in the men's section at Marshall's or TJMaxx. You can typically find long sleeve Nike Dri Fit tops for around $20 which are long, loose AND affordable! I have a bunch of these tops in basic colors for when I travel.

  • Jersey hijabs

For any kind of activity I always opt for jersey hijabs. The material is great in the water, they aren't see through and they are comfortable enough to wear all day. I definitely can't go without my jersey hijabs! I recommend taking some older hijabs that you don't care about ruining in water or getting them dirty. 

  • Caps/hats

I know some of you may think wearing a hat on top of your hijab is a strange trend but it is especially useful while doing activities because it keeps your hijab in place and you don't have to worry about it sliding or flying off if you're doing high speed activities or something that requires you to be moving a lot. Another alternative is wearing a one-piece hijab but I just hate how those look on my face so I go for this instead!

4. Plan ahead!

Before I go on any vacation I usually have done a decent amount of research of the area we are visiting and what there is to do. I love planning my trips on TripAdvisor because they have thousands of trusted reviews from around the world of all different kinds of activities, restaurants and hotels. I usually make a list of activities I definitely want to do in each area before we get there to make coordinating our schedule easier and more efficient. This way when you get there you have more time to enjoy your travel and less time on planning your days. 

Pro tip: Try searching for "secret" or lesser known beaches in the area you are visiting for a more private experience. When we visited Costa Rica we were in an area where we pretty much had the entire beach to ourselves which was incredible!


Lastly, no matter where you are wear your hijab proudly and confidently! Even if you feel people stare just know that the only limitations you have are the ones in your mind!

Hope you guys enjoyed this read! Let us know what your top tips are in the comments!


Much love xx

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Salam loves!

We get a lot of questions from our customers and friends on how to wear an abaya when the weather is getting colder so we decided to make this list to help give inspiration for your winter wardrobe!


1. Choose heavier fabrics.

Everyone has an essential wool coat in their closet for the winter time. But what about a velvet or tweed abaya? These fabrics are much heavier and thicker than the traditional abaya material (Nida) and can help keep you warm during these colder months.

(Black Velvet Abaya, Veiled Collection)


2. Wear knits. 

Wearing heavier knit clothing underneath an abaya can give you the warmth you need without having to wear a big bulky coat on top. Try trendy knit skirts, wide legs pants and especially knit sweaters. We love stocking up on these in neutral colors to match any abaya we choose to wear over! 

This is the perfect example of a chunky knit sweater that would keep you nice and cozy. Pair it with an abaya on top for the perfect modest winter outfit.


3. Wear scarves.

Aside from wearing a hijab, which helps to keep our ears and necks warm, we love layering with chunky scarves for double the warmth! Keep it simple with a solid colored knit scarf to match all of your outfits!

(Chunky knit scarf paired with our Gem Open Abaya)


4. Get the boot.

Quite literally. Get those boots, girl! You think you can't wear a maxi skirt, dress or loose pants with those boots? Think again! Pairing boots with a maxi skirt is one of the trendiest looks of the season, and it'll keep your feet and legs oh-so-toasty. 

5. Keep it comfy.

We all love that winter dressing usually means being comfortable and cozy, but that doesn't mean we can't also look cute! Keep it comfy and put together with matching separates and by wearing colors in a similar family. 


What are your favorite things about fall and winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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In a world full of Kylie Jenners and Gigi Hadids, it can be tough to find modest style inspiration that works for you. Like most of us, sometimes you simply want to grab a pair of jeans or leggings and call it a day, but these tips are here to show you that dressing modestly can be so easy when you keep it simple. Everyone has their own definition of what ‘modest fashion’ is, which is why these tips are simply a guide for you to tweak and tune to your own style. Here are our top 10 tips for dressing modestly:

1. Stock up on basics.

Modest basics are the foundation of every stylish girls’ wardrobe. Without proper foundation it’s like highlighting your bare face (NEVER, I know). It’s crucial to see how important basics really are to your wardrobe, and why once you have a few amazing, solid colored basic items - you’ll be good to go! Some of our favorite basics include our long modest tops, every day dresses, and kimonos.

Source: @hajra_aaa wearing a nude pleated skirt and a light blue hoodie

Neutral & solid colored dresses/skirts : Basic dresses can be an instant lifesaver on a day you’re too lazy to put an outfit together. We’ve all been there, writing a paper until 3 am and you have to be up in 2 hours. Trust me no one will even notice your lack of sleep if you trade those sweat pants for a simple modest dress. Not only are basic dresses and skirts essential if you’re in a rush, but they’re the perfect piece to wear underneath almost anything. Our favorite is pairing these long sleeve dresses with an open abaya or even a sweater for a super chic and put together look.

Source: @allthingsfatima wearing a Veiled Collection Khaki Basic Dress
2. Layer over not under.

Unless you’re wearing a see-through top and need to wear something underneath, opt for layering over your tops and dresses, not under. For example, if you’re wearing a sleeveless top instead of wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath, throw on a cute cardigan, open abaya or jacket.

Source: @sohamt wearing an elegant lace maxi jacket over a top and jeans

3. Mix up different textures.

To avoid a boring outfit but still look elegant and put together try mixing up different fabrics and textures, instead of different prints. The highlight about modest fashion is you have the opportunity to layer so many different fabrics. From modest tops underneath an open abaya, to wide cut pants paired with a modest high cut top - the opportunities are endless! 

Source: Pinterest

4. Find your colors.

Not everyone can pull off hot pink palazzo pants, and you shouldn't have to. Find colors that you love to wear and that work for you. 

Source: Pinterest 

5. Don't be afraid of wide cuts.

Many people are afraid that wide cut pants or boxy tops will make them look bigger, but that's almost never true. When paired with the right pieces wide cuts can make you look slimmer and hide areas you don't want to accentuate. 

Source: Pinterest - @hajra_aaa looking chic in wide cut palazzo pants and a longline top

6. Less is more.

Sometimes, especially for occasions we try to go overboard - lace, sequins, embellishment and the whole works - however, by keeping it simple your outfit can say a lot more. 

Source: Pinterest - This simple nude outfit is so simple yet heavenly

7. Co-ord.

Co-ord sets or matching sets can make your life a lot easier on days you can't seem to find an outfit that goes together. Matching pant or skirt sets always look so chic.

Source: Pinterest - We love this elegant kimono, pant, and top co-ord set

8. Simplify your hijab routine.

Having pins everywhere and tons of folds can knock on some serious time to your hijab routine. Keep it simple and wearable so you're comfortable all day and not worrying about your hijab slipping. Try our ultra chic Luxury Chiffon Hijabs and super soft Cotton Crinkle Hijabs, at only $10 a piece you can't go wrong.

Source: Pinterest - Ruba Zai keeps it real with her super helpful hijab tutorials

9. Find clothes that are versatile.

We've all wasted money on a dress we could only wear once, or on cheap clothes that won't hold up in the wash. Save your money and invest in pieces that will last you forever, and are versatile enough to wear different ways.

Source: Veiled Collection - Reversible Lavender Kimono

10. Tie it up.

By adding a small belt or waist tie you can instantly elevate your outfit. Even something as simple as tying a small scarf or piece of fabric - try it out!

Source: Pinterest.


Did you enjoy our 10 tips for dressing modestly? Please let us know what you thought by emailing us at contact@veiledcollection.com. Have any ideas for future blog posts? Let us know as well!


Lots of love,

Veiled Collection


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