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Unravel Pediatric Cancer by Unravel Pediatric Cancer - 2w ago

Jonathan,Nicholas, Charlotte and Bridgette

final blog continued from this entry..

I love you.

I screw up with you guys. I know that. I have all these plans and thoughts in my heads of how I am going to do and be so much better. And I screw it up.

Lately its been because I have been scared. Its hard work to be sad. Its hard work to allow yourself to hurt. Big. Real Hurts.

Losing your sister is my biggest hurt. And I hope so much it always is. *make smart choices I need her to always be my biggest hurt*

But you will have your hurts. Big. Real hurts in your lives. So I hope you learn from me. I hope you learn what it means to be brave and strong. Its not what most people think.

Its allowing pain. Its dealing with it. Its embracing it. Its learning from it. And when you are ready its standing on it. .. instead of letting it stand on you.

I love all five of you. And it just makes me really sad one of you is missing.

But the truth is I love all 5 of you crazy kids.

but you four this is about you. This is about the absolute joy you bring to my life. I guess thats the part about losing Jennifer I don’t often share with you, I am able to feel that joy in a whole different way. Because I know what a gift your smile, your touch, your heartbeat is.

I don’t think I say thank you to any of you for that. For being you. For letting us all learn from each other. For mistakes and lessons learned together. For baking and jumping in puddles, For reading books and shooting baskets. For popcorn and movie dates on the couch.

For allowing me to be sad. And forgiving me for fighting to be sad because I am scared of it.

I love all five of you. And it just makes me really sad one of you is missing.

And that’s ok.

I am seriously so grateful to be your Mom. Even when you make bad choices. Even when I am really upset with you. .. Because even if I don’t like you so much in the moment. I love you. A lot.

Thank you for forgiving me. Over and over again. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for being mine.

Man you guys make me really really happy. I wish there was a better stronger word I could use for how you make me feel… Because I have been sitting here crying harder than I have in a long time. I have a headache out of this world now..

But then I think of each of you.. and its like my heart lifts. I can taste. I can breathe again. I am better.

And because of each of you.. the perfect and imperfect pieces of you I am happy. (but insert a way better word than happy)

Thanks lovey doves.

Love you always,


…for your future. Until there is a cure..

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Unravel Pediatric Cancer by Unravel Pediatric Cancer - 2w ago

Jennifer Lynn,

..continued from this blog.. which is continued from this one.

I love you.

I miss you.

Its hard to feel both of those things. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m not always strong enough to do that.

Do you know how sorry I am?

I have so much I would have done differently for you at that end of your little life.

I’m sorry baby girl. Im sorry I was selfish. I didn’t even realize it at the time.

I know you are here. Jennifer. I know it. Right now. I know you are right here with me. I can somehow know you are next to me on this couch. But I don’t know how to feel you.

I don’t know how to embrace you without my arms.

But I know you are here.

I know you are so much wiser than me. I know you forgive me. But I don’t know how to accept any of that.

I’m sorry.

Sorry for more than my words could ever say. But I think you know. I think you know the depths and unending sorries I have. About when you were here and healthy. When you were here and dying. And when you are there.. Whatever there really is.

I know you are so beautiful. In ways I can’t imagine.. but only feel.

I know how happy it makes you to know that I know that.

I know you love me. I know .. I know so much. But my heart struggles to feel it.

I never want to stop crying. Because its only when I am like this that I really trust that I know all those things.

Jennifer. I would give anything to have you back. Mama just wants to feel your arms around me.

To kiss the top of your head. It’s a physical ache. It’s a literal pain.

To smooth your eyebrows. To look into your eyes. To hold you. So tight. so so so tight.

You are mine and I am yours. We were meant for each other.

Thank you for that. Thank you for making me a Mama.

You are worth this. This downpour of emotion. I wouldn’t trade it. You are worth it.

We are worth it. Mother and daughter. We are worth it.

Love you sissy,


…even a cure can’t fix this..

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Unravel Pediatric Cancer by Unravel Pediatric Cancer - 3w ago


… continued from this post

How is it possible? How is it real that she has been gone for almost 5 years.

Why? I know I know I know. We aren’t supposed to ask that. I am supposed to trust in your reasons. I’m not supposed to wish it to be anybody but mine.

I don’t know how.

She was just a baby. She suffered. So much.

They ask me. So many parents of kids like her ask me if she knew. I don’t even know. Why didn’t you equip me better to help her then? Why don’t you help me more now?

It’s still so hard. Sometimes. Not all the time anymore. But damnit. Its so hard. And I’m fucking pissed off at you for it. I’m still so mad at you. I’m always going to be so mad at you.


Does she know how to read? Does she know how to ride a bike?


Why is she so distant. Why is so hard to feel her. I just want to know what its like. I want to know if she is still growing. I want to know what she looks like. I want to know who her friends are. I want to know.

I want to know.

Damn you. I want to know.

You let me down. More than I ever imagined you would. You let her hurt. you let her be scared.

Damn you.

You let me , let her hurt. You let me,let her be scared.


What the hell God. Why?

Hey. Please hold her for me.

Don’t fix her headband. She likes to wear it in the middle of her forehead like that. Play music for her.. let her dance. She loves to dance.

Tell her I love her. Please. Please. Tell her I’m sorry.

Take her swimming. She loves to swim. Let her help with the babies. She wanted to be a Mama so much.

I’m so fucking mad at you God. I can feel my rage pulsate through me. But I need you. I don’t know how to do this on my own. I don’t know how. I know I can’t survive this on my own.

I’m scared of how powerful these feelings can still be.

I’m scared of the times they aren’t.

I’m scared of the rest of my life. To sort through all of this.

Please. Help me. Be stronger. And patient. Help me be brave.

…help us find a cure.

please God help us find a cure..

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Unravel Pediatric Cancer by Unravel Pediatric Cancer - 3w ago

I say the words that I know I will always grieve her.. but lately.. really this whole past year I’ve just been mad about all of it.. And fighting like hell to deny it all too.. Been doing fairly well at it.. And had a distorted sense of pride about it ..

But not sure I have the fortitude to keep going like this..

Cuz see I know. I know it’s not fair to my kids to be denying my ache anymore because it starts to impact them. I am far less patient than I should be.. I am ready for them to go to bed before bedtime.. I am always squeezing to just hold it together.

I swore I would never ever be like this.. I dug in.. I dug in so hard for so many nights after she died.. And it helped. It allowed me the space to really be theirs ..

Frankly I have been pretty proud of that… thinking I was so much more advanced than other families who ran.. who weren’t able to confront the depths of their sorrow. .

And then eventually the time between needing to visit my grief to that degree spaced out.. and it was natural. But I still made the time for it. .. for her. The time needed to allow the piece of my truth that is dark and cold was gifting me longer times in between.. So I took that time and but still dealt with the blows when they came..

Then I stopped.

… and that became the challenge. How long can I maintain without diving into it. How long can I clench my teeth and force it back down. Refuse to give my pain of missing her a voice.

sorry buggers.. i know i only am so sad because i love you so much..

But its hard. Because its not the same constant loud brokenness. There is a longer respite between the time the waves of grief break .. longer spans of calm waters. And I have found a way to dive below the waves to avoid riding them.

The grief baby has continued to grow .. but I have stopped wanted to parent it. (to make sense you gotta read the link)

I thought it was for them. I thought I was being a good mom to my surviving four. Maybe. Maybe there is some truth to that.. But its also been for me. Because I am stubborn. Because I am fucking tired of admitting through my fingers again and again in so many different ways.

I lost. I failed.

But I don’t lose. I don’t fail.

Still the singular truth of every single word I have written is ..

Cancer beat me.

Cancer stole you.

Its ok to have respites. Its ok to have longer spaces in between the pain.

But its not ok to refuse it. Its not ok to “win” by overriding my emotions. And its not brave or strong. Its not healing. Its not giving or selfless. Its the anthesis of that..

And thats really hard to swallow. But its also freeing. Its also time.

they are worth it


are worth it

…to be continued..

…until there is a cure

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Unravel Pediatric Cancer by Unravel Pediatric Cancer - 3M ago

A common saying I had no idea where it came from .. but its been chasing itself around my head the last few days.. So I had to find out ..

according to wiktionary

Etymology : A common experience of tenement living in apartment-style housing in New York City, and other large cities, during the manufacturing boom of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Apartments were built, similar in design, with the bedrooms located directly above and underneath one another. Thus, it was normal to hear a neighbor removing their shoes in the apartment above. As one shoe made a sound hitting the floor, the expectation for the other shoe to make a similar disturbance was created.

I was kinda the opposite of this. I honestly was walking around fairly confident in regards to my children there were no other shoes that could drop.. I have been more scared of something happening to Tony versus them… but still just in case we started all of Unravel for them because of her. ..

Because I know ..  to my depths I know the biggest danger I can do something about is cancer.

Jonathan had been having some symptoms that made me be a bit more aware. The other morning they came to a head.. sorta.. In a normal situation I would have not taken him to the ER..  wouldn’t have asked about the MRI versus CT but I did… because something was gnawing at me, in me.. to take him..

This moment right after his MRI was so similar to Jennifer.. For both of them I had a hint something was wrong before I knew (spoiler alert its not cancer) For Jonathan the MRI tech asked if he had been hit in the back of the head ..

No. You sure? No injury back here? No.

But then I knew.

I was already fighting desperatly to stay in the present. I was lucky enough to get to be in the room with him during his MRI. I never was with Jennifer. And I watched him.. holding still like a true stud and I had to fight like hell not to dissolve .. to stay with him. The kid who actually needed me then.. versus the one stuck in memories who I can no longer help.

the shoe dropped.  i craved you then jennifer. i wanted you to help. forever 6 but so much more than that now.

But  I knew, with her questions this MRI tech.. she saw something..My boy was there with us as we walked back to the ER room where Daddy was waiting. My number one was Jonathans  worry .. which was actually a huge reason to do the MRI .. to put his mind and Nicholas at ease.

To know he was ok..

Walking back I knew he wasn’t .. at least not totally.. But he didn’t need to know that yet. When Jennifer was diagnosed with the brain tumor..shared here.. when we pieced it together but before we saw the dr Tony and I couldn’t make eye contact. .. And this time I avoided it too.. Because I knew my fear would take over if I looked into my best friends eyes.

Luckily the wait was short.

Ummm mam can I talk to you out here please.

Its not cancer.

This poor doctor, he truly felt terrible for us.

But we did find something.

jennifer.jennifer.jennifer.help us baby.

I tried to really listen .. to really focus.. . No matter what it’s not terminal and not terminal we can do.

I pulled myself back to be present. It’s called chiara malformation. .. not enough room for the cerebellum and brain stem.

are you fucking kidding me. Brain stem. Again.

I wanted to tell you not in front of your son. Do you want to switch with your husband.

Nope. Lets have you tell them both. So he did. We got down to his level to talk to Jonathan and tell him.. they see something not quite right. But it’s not cancer.

Would you like to see the scans. Tony did. So the two of us went out to see. I had a few questions that the ER doc didn’t know the answers, but he would make some calls. But he did tell us right away, you can go home.. it’s not an emergency. He did tell us we would need to see a pediatric neurologist…

Tony went back to Jonathan and I went to make some calls. Bright side I know some people. ..

I was able to call two incredible, gentle and honest physicians we have been lucky enough to build relationships with. One helped facilitate getting him into a specialist quickly. I do not take for granted at all how lucky I was to have their help immediately.

I knew he would be ok.. Somehow I did… but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.

We have now seen the dr. .. and he is ok. .. We watch to see if symptoms get worse . . If they do we consider surgery.

so why the hell am I more than scared now. why am I terrified? 

I’ve been here before though. With a child that appeared to be doing better than they were. Both pre-cancer (we had no idea the ticking time bomb) and final check up visit Jennifer seemed to be so improved. .. but she wasn’t.. She was weeks from death and progression was starting. But nobody could tell..

Now I have to watch for symptoms for him.. without becoming overbearing.. obsessive and constantly scared…

And I can’t miss something either. I cannot do that again.

his brainstem.. honestly are you kidding me?

I have never felt so damaged after her death as I do now. And certainly never so gut wrenchingly scared.

jonathan leaned in to kiss his sister..

I literally have to watch and wait.. both of which I suck at.

Blood and stitches. Cancer and child loss. None of that has changed my most basic parenting philosophy. Let them be kids. Let them fall and make mistakes. Let them learn young to be better as adults. Figure it out for themselves what they can and cannot do.. That lesson will remain far longer than me telling them ever will.

But now this damn thing has me tying myself up in knots. Unable to do anything to fix the minor issue. But minor when it comes to my kids brain.. to their brain stem is apparently my kryptonite.

I watched him play with his cousins and siblings on our monkey bars and was stricken with fear. And that fear had a lot of layers. I am fully aware of that. But my struggle is to separate the real fear with the damaged DIPG mama fear. Because they are so interwoven with each other.

I don’t want to limit him.. To stop him from living and embracing life. But I don’t want to be foolish and allow him to make choices that endanger him. And right now I have to admit I am feeling pretty helpless at sorting it all out.

So now I feel like I am straining listening for that other shoe to drop.

i know its not up to you

but if you can sissy

catch that shoe for mama …

..until there is a cure..

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Unravel Pediatric Cancer by Unravel Pediatric Cancer - 4M ago
rip cur·rent
noun: rip current; plural noun: rip currents
  1. a relatively strong, narrow current flowing outward from the beach through the surf zone and presenting a hazard to swimmers.
Its October.. the start of my once favorite time of year..

I love colder weather.. Our wedding anniversary.. It marks the start of the coming holidays seasons.. and its the month that I first became a Mama.. I loved this month and everything it represented.

I don’t anymore.. and that fills me with immense guilt.

Because I have an incredible husband.. Because I still have 4 incredible children to watch enjoy that magic that is this time of year.. and I am still a Mama of 5.. I feel like I should be getting to the point of just appreciating the time I was so lucky to have her.. Of all the wonderful memories I have with her..

this man loves his daughter.. tremendously. If love was enough.. she would never have experienced a moment of hurt..

But I’m not.. I want to ask if its normal.. If its ok.. But I am smart enough to know that nobody can answer that for me. I used to be so confident in how I was doing this grieving my daughter thing.. But not so much anymore.. Maybe because its not my constant now..

So I wonder.. and I question.. Shouldn’t I be at the point that it doesn’t still steal so much from me?

i love you jennifer.. i miss you .. but ill gladly take the pain of now for the beauty of everyday i got with you.. you have to know that

I know its not logical.. I know I can’t hurt her feelings.. But I’m still just a Mama of a 6 year old little girl so I worry.. I worry about how she might not understand these big sad feelings I have in regards to her..

So I fight it. I spend almost all of my energy burying my feet in the sand.. and fighting against it. And it drains me. See it’s not my tears or my sadness that hurt my beautiful 4 children now.. its the refusal of my pain.. Its the asinine belief that somehow I am strong enough to not be taken under by it..

You know I didn’t even know I felt this way until today.. — I have had a few people (THANK YOU!!!) go out of their way to text me that thy hate October– But I didn’t really get why they said it.. or why I was just feeling low.. Until this photo popped up on my FB memories.

DId you know why I kept retaking the picture? Did it scare you? Or bother you? Im sorry baby girl 

A birthday party for her friend.. Her eye was turning in.. I remember trying so many angles for this picture.. to try to fix her eye.. To try to not make it obvious .. Because I was so fucking worried how she looked, how she would feel looking at the picture later in her life..

That picture above is the start of it all for me.. It kinda let me give me myself permission to hurt. .. to miss her. To hate that I missed it.. The ticking time bomb in her head.. To have the dread (and still love because of them) for this time of year.. 4 important months .. filled with happy joyful memories.. and horrible suffering memories.. and the memories we have yet to make this year to be added to it all..

A teacher friend was making a bulletin board with pictures for the teachers room.. This was one of my contributions…

Im so glad we got a last birthday and Christmas and Halloween and New Years with her.. but it also makes for some pretty intense flashbacks ..

And somehow this picture made me face that reality.. and allow it to be ok.. I don’t know if I am doing this grieving my daughter thing right.. but I know I am doing it .. I know I have to allow it. I know the biggest way I can cheat my 4 living beautiful souls.. and my 1 forever first daughter is to reject it all.. to not allow myself the dread and hurt.. The refusal of these tears, that would be the biggest disservice. I do know that.

They say the best thing to do when you get swept into ripcurrant is to swim into it.. with it.. until you can swim out of it..

So I will .. I promise. For Jonathan. For Nicholas. For Charlotte. For Bridgette. For Jennifer. I will stop fighting the pull .. and I will swim in and only because of that will I be able to swim my way out.

oh sissy miss

these tears.. this anger .. this pain..

it simply gives me the ability

to get to the place

to thank God for you.


i am so damn thankful

…until there is a cure..

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Unravel Pediatric Cancer by Unravel Pediatric Cancer - 5M ago

You ever been in the water.. and you start to get tired and your stroke gets slower and you sink a little deeper .. or like when you are in the current and you stop fighting it and let it pull you …

That’s what grief is like I think..

Sometimes its too strong and you simply are unable to resist its pull on you.. Especially in the beginning.. because really you are only just learning to swim. But then you learn.. you have to right? So then you feel it happening and you kick against it.. Just a few strong kicks will bring you back to the surface and you can gulp in air.

It happened to me today.

pull. kick. kick. breathe

.. but first I’ll rewind..

Two days ago I took my 4 younger kids with me to go see their sister. .. the living .. growing.. visible part of her. They.. especially our middle two have been asking questions over the last few months.. Hard questions.. The same ones over and over again. ..

mama why did she get cancer? but mama did it hurt her?

Actually the hardest ones aren’t the questions but the statements.

mama when I turn 6 and get my brain tumor. Mama when I die young..

No matter what I said back.. no matter how I fumbled to find the right words.. it was never enough. So I asked if they wanted to go ask the dr. And the answer was an emphatic yes.

So we did.

We parked. Nicholas emotions boiled over.. He yelled.. he doubled over in the car and screamed at me. He hurt. He was scared. I knew that.. but all I saw was a angry hurting little boy. So we waited.. and eventually he was ready to talk.. Simple words exchanged. Understanding.. promises.. and questions.. and then ..

just a few minutes alone ok mama..

ok son.

And he was ready..

They were honored to get to sign the check for Dr. Monje.

We walked together.. each child in their own place .. heart and mind. Me too.. but them first. Today. Them first.

They could see her cells. . And they wanted to.. Charlotte went first, she was so excited. Hand in hand with Dr Monje down the hall. The girl that was just a baby when cancer first entered our world..

Charlotte and Pinkie were her constants… what she needed ..

Bridgette followed .. My on her terms only girl. She too went down the hall hand in hand with Dr Monje.. I had this moment watching them.. knowing this woman had walked a journey with each of my girls..

She never met Jennifer in life.. but she saved her in death.. and in turn all of us..

And so I chased them down the hall to join Bridgette in meeting her sister for the first time on this side of the rainbow.

pull. kick. kick. breathe

I barely took any pictures.. I just lived the moments with them.. rare for me.

Boys were next Nicholas asked to go alone.. And Jonathan allowed me to go with him.

My daughter a balls of cells.. I could see them this time with my own eyes.. big enough to really see without a microscope. Everything in me sprung to life. She was there.. oh sweet baby.. Every cell of me was on fire.. desperate to grab that flask and hold it to me.. to sing to her.. to whisper to her.. to comfort her.. To shake her.. to beg her..

please please please come back to me. .

please jennifer please

In a moment.. so many thoughts and feelings simultaneously reverberated through me. But it wasn’t my day. This was their day..

They all wanted to know.. to understand.. to learn..

And then they asked her their questions from the list they together had prepared the night before. .. hard ones.. intelligent ones.. and pure ones. And they were kids.. coloring and talking over each other.. becoming entranced with a white out pen.

At one point I sat on the floor and asked her the question that had been tearing me up.. slowly eating me alive since a recent trip I took to another lab..

wait.. rewind ..

(paraphrased from a warped memory) “With the ability to biopsy untreated DIPG tumors we can study the true disease”..  which translated simply to me.. that my daughter may not be useful anymore. .. That she was yet again. Failed by me.

I was going to write to the other researcher.. and ask.. Just ask for honesty if kids tumors that had been treated would be obsolete. .. But I couldn’t seem to do it.. so I just let my stomach eat away at itself .. and my fear steal me of sleep in the night..

With a tantruming Bridgette on the ground in front of me and a pressure in my head pushing me to just ask.. I found the words for the truth I feared.

But with biopsy now .. with those “virgin” untreated cells what does that mean for other treated cells…?? I cant remember what I even said .. but I remember her answer..

I remember in a room vibrating with the energy of 4 kids.. of a crying toddler.. there was a vacuum… that erased everything else going on.. That only allowed for this moment to be happening..

I remember her looking down at me ..

oh Libby Jennifer is so important. Jennifer taught us so much.. about how DIPG progresses.. about how its progressing in these kids..  And Libby we have untreated cells of hers too. .

Jennifer will always matter.

You bet your ass she will.. . this pictures shows that.. But it was so important for me to hear these remaining pieces of hers always will too..

That vacuum held me for a minute more.. and then the room broke open again ..

kick. kick. breathe.

Really breathe.

I exhaled.. maybe really for the first time since I sat in that other wonderful researchers lab… as he shared the hope of the future with me. .. that dissolved her past.

I needed to celebrate silently afterwards so we got cold yogurt and headed to a new park

And back to today.. I am the assistant coach for our schools 6/7 grade volleyball team… Its been a good experience so far.. (maybe not for the girls since I haven’t played since I was their age!!!) Today was our first game..

I was watching these girls..  incredibly nervous during the game.. Emotions that I wasn’t expecting them to have, because I have never had a daughter their age..

Jonathan and Jennifer.. the very best of friends.. what would that look like now?

And in that moment the image of her came to me.. The memory of those cells that looked like grains of sand washed over me. .. And I looked at these girls.. And I felt it .. that current of emotion.. The burn in my eyes.. the itch in my legs to get up and just run. To run. And succumb. . to allow myself to go under the surface for just a minute.

kick. kick. breathe

kick. kick. breathe

kick. kick. breathe

until now.

now buggers i just miss you

now i am pulled below the surface…

until tomorrow when i will




..until there is a cure..

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Unravel Pediatric Cancer by Unravel Pediatric Cancer - 10M ago

This blog all pertains to this interview we recently had .. please watch if you haven’t.

4 years too late for her.

There is more weight to those words than any others in the entire interview for me.. Because I am human..

because I am her mom.

and its all 4 years too late for her. ..

4 years too late.

That’s because I am her mom.. and I struggle to not see things through those lens. But if I step back. And I remember my little girl I know also.

she will wait forever

she will fight forever..

Because that’s who she was.. and by donating her tumor.. By raising money to fight DIPG.. we are still letting that be who she IS.

She did not lose her battle.. because she is still fighting.

I often get caught up in a vicious spiral.. wondering who she would be. What she would be like now had she been able to live. It haunts me and can eat away at me.. But seeing this interview.. the impact those mischievous brown eyes and perfect little smile still has.. Maybe I have been looking at it all wrong.

Maybe I need to be looking at who she actually is today. Because she has grown. She has changed. To be a solid and reliable little girl. To be impactful and powerful.

We’ve done that Tony.

By giving her to broken body to Dr Monje.. we allowed new life to be breathed into her.

And you.. anybody who has supported our family and this foundation along the way.. You helped her grow into what.. into WHO she is now.

They say it takes a village .. and now. In this case it is so very true. For my little girl it takes one heck of a village . And so many people have showed up.

thank you.

She was a nuturer and a caretaker from such an early age.. It came to her naturally more like instinct than anything else. . Jennifer would pick up a crying younger sibling and sing to them.. care for them. She wasn’t always the best at standing up for herself.. but she did for those around her.. in subtly impactful ways.. Jennifer was the little girl who would walk up to the child alone and bring them in to play with her and whomever she was with. .. which was usually a group of kids.

i love her expression of joy looking on as Jonathan opened a present ..

Because she was also a leader.. a protector and simply, purely, good.

I think those cells of hers growing in the lab are doing just that.. silently yet  powerfully protecting those yet to be diagnosed.. The children and their families. Those cells of her are making a difference and making her sparkle known.

I am so proud of you sissy miss

for the girl you were

and the one you are.. 

atta girl Jennifer Lynn..

atta girl

..until there is a cure..

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Unravel Pediatric Cancer by Unravel Pediatric Cancer - 10M ago

Did you know the former first lady lost her little girl?

When she passed away.. (ok the day before I was the dodo that saw the one erroneous posting and shared it!) .. I was overcome with emotion. So happy for her.

In such awe and also such fear.

Awe for the impactful life she was able to lead after losing her daughter. For being the wife of a president and then raising one. If she could do that I can do this.. And for being brave enough to share about her daughter in the days when that was taboo..

and fear..

She lived so long. So long in such heartache. Its only been 4 years .. but its tiring.. Its a grind. The always present undercurrent of missing Jennifer.. Its seems impossibly daunting to keep this up for another 60 years..

And then the immense guilt over that.. Over feeling like I should be able to completely disconnect from it by now and just absorb how lucky I am for her wonderful 4 younger siblings.

But I have read article after article about her.. And even had one of my brothers so sweetly call me yesterday to read me from Bush sr memoir so I could know more about Robin..

*** very important side note.. wanna know how to help .. make that call .. take that risk that you will be shut down. It meant the absolute world to me that my brother saw me post about Mrs Bush’s reunification with her daughter and called to read to me.. those moments are what truly help.. What make the grind survivable .. especially as time marches on***

I can’t help but draw so many similarities to us and this famous family.. She was quoted as saying the death of her daughter is something she never got over, but she felt her love around the family throughout the years. We can’t touch her, and yet we can feel her.

I do. I feel Jennifer. I have to be strong enough to allow it though.. and thats hard for me lately.

At the beginning of the excerpt my brother read to me said they were told Robin had Leukemia but didn’t know what that was.. And I was shocked.. I couldn’t imagine not knowing what Leukemia was.. And that it was so immediately terminal But by the end of the call it had hit me..

We sat in a tiny room too.. And we were told a diagnosis we had no idea the meaning.. or the terminal price tag. We were both given the option to try something that wouldn’t save our girls or take them home and love them.

We both tried. We both lost.

‘I truly felt her soul go out of that beautiful little body. For one last time I combed her hair, and we held our precious little girl. I never felt the presence of God more strongly than at that moment.’  Barbara Bush

I never have felt such love and warmth.. God .. the way I did as I held Jennifer in her final hours. I have struggled HERE trying to explain it to my own children.

And they also donated their daughter to help other kids that would follow..

‘It wasn’t hard. It made Gampy and me feel that something good is coming out of this precious little life. And today, almost nobody dies of leukemia.’   Barbara Bush. I do want to note here that so many parents that have lost their children to leukemia do not agree with this quote.

But here we part ways.. the day we donated Jennifers tumors was very difficult to do.. Leading up.. I knew we would. We had to. But the day of.. it was so much harder than I imagined it would be… but we did it.

Because of their generosity the terminal prognosis of leukemia has changed.. And that hope that just came out from Stanford. . Means just maybe… just maybe before join I Jennifer I can say those words about DIPG.

In an interview in 1994, she was asked if she ever got over her daughter’s passing.

‘No,’ she responded, adding ‘And that’s okay too, but its true she is a happy part of our life now.’ Robin to me is a joy. She’s like an angel to me, and she’s not a sadness or a sorrow

i will never get over your death


i will never quite the grind

because i will get us to the happy

… until there is a cure..

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Unravel Pediatric Cancer by Unravel Pediatric Cancer - 11M ago

I know I need to write..

But Im scared to.

But then again Im scared not to.

I find myself aching for her.. I find myself wanting to hide and just be with my kids.. (and husband) shutting out the rest of the world.

I am strong. I am the second strongest person I know.

I am broken. I am the most broken person I know.

I am crying constantly it seems.. just a tear.. maybe two.. Then it dries up. My pain burrows deep and hides itself away..

I freeze.

I sat down now to work on our speeches for upcoming Night on the Town in Sacramento.. I started to pull up pictures for Tonys presentation.. and I felt that familiar buzz…

a weight on my chest.. forcing all the air out of my body. an invisible noose tightening quickly around my throat. ..  I exhale.. and its gone.

I freeze.

Its been 4 years.

4 years..

I feel like I should know what I am doing by now.. But each year.. so different from the last brings a whole new set of challenges ..

 i failed you then.. i fail you now.. but its just so hard sissy miss.. 

Opposite ends of the fireplace two pictures stare back at me. Kindergarten pictures.. Jonathan is so different now .. so changed. But she is the same she is frozen too.

Forever 6. Forever. 

forever 6 yet such depth.. somehow also timeless..

I read a meme thing on facebook.. how old will your oldest child be in 10 years.. how old will you be??

6 and 48

add ten more years..

6 and 58..

swallow.. choke and freeze.

Jonathan has grown so much.. changed so much..

But she hasn’t.. We’ve lost 4 years of growth.. of attitude .. of hugs and eyerolls.. 4 years of my daughter..

what would you look like now jennifer… i just want to know you still..

I try to imagine.. wondering if it would give me any relief.. but I can’t. I cannot make my mind stretch to what she would look like now. I try to force it .. that question slamming around in my head.. Holding my heart hostage from feeling.

When she first died Tony could hardly look at her pictures.. certainly couldn’t stomach videos of her.. Her voice.. her laugh.. You could see it physically slice into him.. Now that’s me. I am ashamed to admit I often drop my eyes.. I often have to look away..

Because I wonder … over and over again.. who would she be now? Who we would all be?

i failed you then.. i fail you now.. but its just so hard sissy miss.. 

But now I look. Now I can’t stop staring into her eyes.. remembering her.. allowing my heart to explode. In pain and in love.

Because that’s all parenthood ever really is I guess.. an explosion of love so big it hurts. 

I think she has just been waiting with the patience of eternity for me to embrace my strength to find her again.. To brave the rapids of sorrow over missing her.. to give voice to my questions and dance in the storm again.

i know you now

better than i did before

its the essence of you

that embraces me

that waits for me now

..until there is a cure..

The post with the patience of eternity appeared first on Unravel Pediatric Cancer.

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