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Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,
Hath had elsewhere its setting,
And cometh from afar:
Not in entire forgetfulness,
And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory do we come
From God, who is our home:
Heaven lies about us in our infancy! ~~ ~~William Wordsworth
The infancy of this cycle of humanity emerged from the astrological sign of Cancer, the sign of cardinality, flux and change. Cancer is the sign that signals the beginning of the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and this FM happens in its opposite sign of Capricorn which is all about completion.
This lunation happens on the 6th degree of Capricorn, Decan 1 and is the last before the eclipse portals open up! And the name Strawberry moon comes from the fact that this is the  perfect time to go hunting for wild, ripe strawberries and make love in the fields. Yummies!
Let us explore what this 1st decan of Capricorn has to offer in terms of energy signatures, because this decan has produced some of the sharpest wits and determined hard working individuals. Nostradamus had his sun in this decan! And also Sir Anthony Hopkins! Can you believe it?
I’m devious, cruel, cunning and addictive. ~~Anthony Hopkins
Yay baby! That is Cap Decan 1 energy! Do you like it? It is definitely a challenge! And definitely addictive!
Capricorn decan 1 is ruled by Jupiter and Saturn (Capricorn triplicity). It ascends through the constellations of the Archer, the Telescope, the Shield and the Serpent from December 21 – 31. Capricorn decan 1 combines the ambition and authority of Capricorn with Sagittarian enthusiasm and zeal. They have a strong and honourable work-ethic and are so religiously dedicated to whatever path they choose in life, that every business deal they make is sacrosanct. Everything in their life is a crusade, no matter how run-of-the-mill the situation might be. But we are still in tropical Capricorn so this crusading is all very serious, even the comedians among them work incredibly hard to get a laugh. ~~Darkstar Astrology

Working hard is the ethos of this energy. Keep at it. Continue treading on our chosen path and fear not. There will be a tendency to make everything sacrosanct, but remember to draw the line. Do not take your zeal and make it an obsession. Your truth is not the only truth!

Work with being honourable, work with enthusiasm and eagerness, but remember to keep smiling. Saturn can freeze the smile off of those lips. A frozen pair of lips is no good for anything. Not even kissing.

Gaze at the Two of Pentacles and find the right balance between seriousness and fun! Keep a smile on your lips, no matter how isolated, detached and cold you feel. Remember that someone has it harder than you. Harder than you can ever imagine.

And maybe it is time to let the warmth creep right back into that cold heart of yours. It is spring after all. At least in the Northern hemisphere.

Saturn, the ruler of this lunation is in his homesign and is RX! Without a doubt, if you stare out into the starry skies, Saturn is the most spectacular planet you will ever see. It looks glorious with its bevy of moons and rings!
Yet, astrology fears Saturn the most…the karmabringer does have a grim reputation!
According to Svoboda, Saturn (Shani) is “the planet in charge of fate, which forces you to experience your karmas whether you want to or not”. Saturn is the brother of Yama, the god of righteousness and death. The great sage and father of Vedic astrology, Parasara, linked Saturn with Brahma!
It is from Bramha, this Bramhand or Universe arose.
Just think, Vishnu sleeps in the cosmic ocean, and the lotus of the universe grows from his navel. On the lotus sits Brahma, the creator. Brahma opens his eyes, and a world comes into being, governed by an Indra. Brahma closes his eyes, and a world goes out of being. The life of a Brahma is 432,000 years. When he dies, the lotus goes back, and another lotus is formed, and another Brahma. Then think of the galaxies beyond galaxies in infinite space, each a lotus, with a Brahma sitting on it, opening his eyes, closing his eyes. ~~ Joseph Campbell
There are infinite Bramhas and infinite Saturn on various planes of manifestation!
As I think of this polarity of Cancer and Capricorn, my 11th and my 5th house, some patterns begin to form. This FM conjunct Saturn, the reaper is about karmic retribution and I am ready to see what is being served in karma cafe.
Think of the classical Newtonian, every action has an equal and opposite reaction…yes, that my love is Saturn’s domain. Even a butterfly flapping its wings will have karmic repercussions. Are you ready yet?

As she has planted, so does she harvest; such is the field of karma. ~~Sri Guru Granth Sahib

There is a seriousness to this vibe and for me, this cycle is of utmost importance and this speaks of completion. Think of the Cap NM that brought about the energy of Capricorn like its not been around for the last few hundred years.
There is so much going on in Cap with the FM standing in juxtaposition to the Cancer seas of emotive brilliance. First let us speak of the retrogrades in the sky. This is officially retrograde season and in Capricorn, there is Pluto and there is Saturn, both now retrograde, closer to the earth and inundating us with their heavy lessons.
Death and rebirth becomes more apparent when you touch Pluto and Saturn RX in Cap! Death can leave you with a heart that needs to heal and with La Luna’s love you can create memories that no one will steal. Special memories made this fm in Cap!
“Fawkes is a phoenix, Harry. Phoenixes burst into flame when it is time for them to die and are reborn from the ashes.”~~ J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
These volatile Plutonic and Saturnine lessons are reset buttons. The pain they mete out is for the rebirth process that is being initiated. Yes we are born and we die. Even our physical bodies are reborn every seven years. The cycle of Saturn!
The heaviness and dreariness of the sade sati or the seven and a half years that Saturn tests you! Get rid of that insolence before Saturn fucks you.

Vikramadityaa, the ancient king of India, was put into the sade sati or the Saturnine tests and he lost everything! Through the various trials and tribulations that Saturn or Shani set up for him, he managed to pass all his tests and he learned many lessons and was grateful for his experience. He was a better person for it, “a wiser and much more sober man”.

Saturn tells Brihaspati, his guru, “O Guru! Anyone who is free from arrogance has nothing to fear from me, but everyone who harbors arrogance within will have to suffer as you have suffered.” Yes his Guru also suffered because of arrogance and Saturn’s impartial attitude actually drills more fear and reverence in our hearts.

If you are harboring useless pride and false insolence, then you will fall too. I guess that is why our ego driven society is so scared of Saturn. Can we ever give up our arrogance? Our blatant insolence and disregard for anything but selfish purposes and gains?
There is always heaviness when we speak of Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto, because all of these archetypes destroy the ego. Both these planets are also in touch with Black Moon Lilith, who is a feminine mini Pluto, so this is sure to be one serious, atomic, yet,  restrictive energy which we might find hard to digest. And with BML, there is the need to release and balance the primal feminine within and without.
Saturn RX in Cap conjunct the FM will bring issues like family, home, mother, children into a conflicting tussle with our social prestige, our work commitments and our life’s purpose, so it is important to find balance.
I spoke about my 5th house being activated. 5th house is the house of romance, creativity and children. And guess what I have been spending all my time on? Well, not all, but loads of it anyways; that is the area of my creative work. My Youtube videos and this FM I am seeking completion. Maybe a touch of magick to go viral with all this content!
Having the energy of Cancer focussed in my 12th house from my Leo Sun, I feel the necessity to break away from the madding crowd. In the Nov of 2016 while the Gemini fm had taken form, I visited Goa, a place of madness and magick!
This was one of the most transformative experiences of my entire life. And it was not the first time I was there. But that time, 2016, was different. It was an awakening of mammoth proportions!
I was alone and after a day of working with clients, I found myself strolling alone, staring at the full moon an thinking of when I will be back here next. Will I be back again? And now…the time has come.
I am returning to culminate that trip and this time I plan to take a dip in the magical seas charged by the vibe of the Cancer season! The fm illuminating the depths of the seas and the seas of my own mind.
After a long day…after I have given my mind, body and soul to the people who are waiting to meet me, I will spend the night all alone by the beach. Yes, with spells and tarot, incense and crystals. Who knows which spirit I will meet? There are many dead souls who need help passing over and that is what I am here to do. There are many trying to communicate with me there, I know it and what a better way…may take the pendulum as well and my Ghostcommunicator app!
There is sadness with this energy and you might feel restricted, confined and unable to move. Do not let claustrophobia incapacitate you. Allow yourself the liberty of movement in these restrictive times because that is what Uranus wants you to do.
There is a trine with Uranus which suggests that we can expect something unexpected! What does that mean? Think of something random, something bizarre and something totally abstract and then reverse the scenarios. Well that might happen or something on those lines. You get the point. Unpredictability looms large, almost like an ominous harbinger of doom if you are not grounded in the Saturnine vibe.
The key to all of this is to just be. Restriction is as needed as freedom. For if we do not feel the trappings of confinement, how will we appreciate the preciousness of freedom?
Saturn is the last of the visible planets and signifies a limited space, whereas Uranus dominates the transpersonal space and with both these heavyweights active, we can expect quite the tug of war. Will it be internal? Or external?
Look as Saturn RX conjunct the FM can be restrictive, it can also give you tremendous discipline and perseverance. Look where Cap falls in your chart and do some work related to that area.
I am going to make tons of videos while I am in Goa, live shows as well as work with two clients. Deep, penetrative body, mind and soul work which is why I am being called to Goa, concluding that 2016 November trip! And what a journey 2017 and 2018 have been so far!
That trip basically facilitated my blog, live shows and videos. I was working with a foundation that deals with Indo-Japan diplomatic relationships. It was this trip that cemented my life’s purpose. What do I want to do with my life? Where do I see myself ten years hence? My work as Tinaheals was going on for over a decade, but it was never official. It was not my bread and butter. The stars told me to abandon everything else and to embark on my mission as a facilitator of consciousness. To become an artist of consciousness!
Yes, that diplomatic job had come with some level of security and a very high salary, but this trip made me take the ultimate risk. It was the Scorpio season and Mars had just entered Pisces I remember to join Venus!
My mind made up under the starry skies, I now return back there as this FM happens in Capricorn which is my house of creativity or the 5th house. I have worked slowly and steadily on my artwork, on my psychic abilities, on my spirit work and in ways unknown to me, people have been touched and soon I will be standing under the same skies that started it all…I wonder what kinda culmination this will be.
I know there will be answers…maybe more than what I bargained for…
5th house is also the house of romance, so if your 5th house is charged with this Cap FM, trining Uranus, then you might meet the Perfect Stranger. Yes, torrid and steamy chance meets are possible. You might feel an intense attraction to someone who is ethnically and culturally very different from you. Celebrate the diversity this earth has to offer.
And if you’re already hitched, then bring in more of the oomph component. It is time to work that sexual mojo. Capricorn is very lusty and this FM will have your libido going bonkers. Time for serious sex magick!
Break away from disturbing codependent relationships. Uranus trining this Cap FM gives you the ability to suddenly erase or delete something that has ceased to serve you in your spiritual path.
This energy can be powerful to release internal discords, not just external ones. If there are habits you need to rework, then do it. If there is more commitment that is needed from your end, then take authorship of that situation and make that commitment. Keep your word, just as Saturn likes it.
Capricorn is the leader, so during this lunation, you might find yourself being thrust into a leadership position that you feel less inclined to shoulder or you might find people doubting your leadership skills. If either happens, then just use your internal compass to tune right back into cosmic flow.
Capricorn may sometimes be cut off from the cosmic flow, because they tend to take the 3d world very seriously. It is after all Saturn’s domain and they are Saturn’s chosen children, so this might result in them not looking beyond the proverbial rings of Saturn.
But look and stare in wonderment at the larger picture. Yes, the mountain goat and the sea goat work hard, but the Unicorn, which is the ultimate symbol for Capricorn is all about magick and transcendence. People do not realize this, but there is a lingering fairy tale to this lunation.
I know there are crazy twinflame vibes in the air…something you do not associate with Saturn and Capricorn!

It isn’t possible to love and be part. You will wish that it was. You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. I know by experience that the poets are right: Love is eternal. ~~E. M. Foster

Yes, yes…Saturn RX is conjunct the Moon, so what? Why do you fear Saturn so much? In fact, all my life I have run from the lessons of Saturn, but now in my late thirties I can finally appreciate what he brings to the table and I must confess, he brings a lot.
A book I found useful in my Saturn research is The Greatness of Saturn, where Dr. Robert Svoboda says, “If pleased he will give you a kingdom, but if irate he will snatch everything away from you in a moment. His grace makes you happy, while his wrath so thoroughly ruins you that your name is completely forgotten in the human world.”
He finds his information after studying for years what the Indian astrologer have spend their lives trying to figure out. The role of Shani or Saturn in human evolution and growth and it is no small role this archetype plays in our individual and collective psyches.
Fixed star Kaus Borealis at 06°34′ Capricorn will also help you break free. It gives initiative and resourcefulness, an active mind and sense of justice. It helps in the promotion of idealistic and humane ideas. Dr. Eric Morse says this star conveys a sense of strength and flexibility combined, allowing you to put great force behind your reasoning while still being somewhat flexible.~~AstrologyKing
If anything, we need flexibility right now and that is available with the trine from Uranus, although the orb is quite wide. Uranus teaches us flexibility, a lesson we need to learn. Be functional and not too critical, because you might feel like criticizing everything and everyone around you.
Now a bit of a doomsday vibe with this bit from Marina…there is a diabolical fixed star in question here. And he is bringing some serious discord! Hopefully not for you.
Facies  ~“The nebula in the Archer’s Face is of the nature of the Sun and Mars, and causes blindness, defective sight (all nebula can cause blindness), sickness, accidents and a violent death.” So says Robson but Eric Morse goes into much more detail and gives a positive side. ” Much blamed for accidents and broken limbs and so on. The Latin name is from the verb “Facere, to make or do something”, and it is often said to portend accidents due to the victim’s own careless actions. ~~Darkstar Astrology
This may feel scary, but remember to leave your ego at home and Saturn should support you! Saturn does not punish you if you do not deserve it. Actually it is not even Saturn, it is the Saturn within that manifests what you have sown.
Now before I sign off, let us discuss the Sabian Symbol of the 6th degree of Capricorn and it is ~~A dark archway and ten logs at the bottom~~
What do you think this symbol alludes to?
Before we explore this, let us look at the symbol of 6 degree of Cancer, it’s polarity and that is “Game birds feathering their nest”. Here the dark archway leads to a path, but the logs are obstructing you from entering? But are they really? Or are they material for you to build with maybe or roost on? Who knows? The decision is yours. The polarity has nested and now will you enter the alchemical pathway to realize your life’s purpose. And to nest in a safe, secure spot. Maybe the logs have been kept there to keep intruders way? What could be the purpose of these logs? Nothing happens in vacuum. Everything has a meaning. Even the fluttering of the wings of a butterfly…
Check out everything you can on the hashtag adulating! Because that is what you will be expected to do. I hope I can hold onto some good old adulating myself as I find myself solitary and alone in a far away, quaint little magickal place by the sea!
Maybe I will become the mermaid I am and will swim away…
And please stop trying to control everything…

Love is space and time measured by the heart….Marcel Proust

Saturn rules space and time and..

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All About Cancer - YouTube

Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance. ~~William Wordsworth

The Sun enters the feminine, cardinal, water sign of poignant, impassioned Cancer where the soul learns about emotions and connections. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is the sign of the mother and the child and according to esoteric knowledge, this branch of humanity has emerged from a Cancer ascendant! If Cancer is the origin of the energetic grid, then Cap is the culmination. Every cycle must begin and end somewhere.

Now that the Summer Solstice has come in the Northern hemisphere, we can now begin to discern how our life has taken shape and developed over the last six months! This is a reflective period rife with potentiality to do spirit work. Half of 2018 is over…let that sink in and exactly half the chapter remains to be written. Your script is half written or half not written? You decide. This is your script and your film. This is your life.

This Solstice there is a confrontation between the feminine energies and the masculine! Venus is in Leo and her masculine part, Mars RX is in Aquarius and this is time for fireworks! And what’s interesting is that last year in 2017, on Oct 5th, Mars and Venus started their new cycle which is now midway. Think of what was started that time and remember that Leo/Aquarius are really all about relationships and passionate, impulsive, sexual Mars will be closest to earth. Yes that is what happens when planets retrograde. They come closer  to kiss our auras. We begin to feel them closer to our aura and our whole being gets bombarded by these crystalline energies. This also affects our DNA and the whole spiritual evolution thing, so allow everything to happen. The tears, the smiles, the wild sex…explore whatever works for you now. Get a sex coach if you must. But balance your sexual energies; sex and romance may be at loggerheads. Venus in Leo was just conjunct the NN and this is about creating art with life and existence and also with erotica. Seriously!

Leo rules romance and Aquarius rules philanthropy. Just different expressions of the same vibration if you ask me. With Leo, there is dramatics and power play, with Aquarius, there is cold scrutiny and detached behavior, so this opposition can be fierce, yet, cold. It can be immensely disruptive, yet, it can also heal relationship wounds. Have you never heard that the poison is the antidote! That is how perverse reality really is! Here you have an atom, almost empty, holds form by repulsion and seems to be entangled in quantum field! How freaky is this? Is this some holographic projection? Most likely it is. Unreal and real are just perspectives. We have to go deeper and deeper if we want to penetrate the mysteries of the spirit.

Love and relationships are the topics of discussion, for so many. Mars retro brings in exes, so there is a sense of nostalgia and familiarity with this shift. Mars in Aqua RX will have us question much in a detached way, but Venus in Leo is anything but detached. This is the drama queen position, known to be a wind up merchant and does viciously push buttons. I warned you.

What do you think might happen? Your relationships will come under much scrutiny. I know mine has. Both Mars and Venus retro through 2018 will be so very symbolic for the male/female polarities. For some, this energy will be a breakthrough in the relationship department. If you make it now, chances are high, you will stay together for long. How far are you ready to merge with your Mars or Venus? How badly do  you want them? Will you love them the way they are? Remember to not play into the victim/saviors dynamics. It is time to question everything you have known. The hologram is asking you to recreate love with this aspect playing out in the skies. There is volatile passion and depraved perversions that can surface with this and they too must be integrated.

The veil is thinnest during this time and all sorts of feelings, dejavus, dreamscapes, laughter, all merged as a cacophony of immense proportions is hitting the collective consciousness. There is death and there is birth to scoff right at the face of mortality. Nothing is permanent and that is for sure. Yet, cardinal Cancer wants a level of permanence, at least when it comes to their emotive and connective bodies.

When Pluto was in very late Sagittarius and very early Capricorn, it was squared by the Sun at the Spring and Autumn Equinoctal points, and opposed the Sun at the June Solstice point between 2006-2010. It was close to exact from Dec 2006 through Dec 2009, and June 2010 through Sept 2010. The squares and oppositions of those turning points released a lot of energy, and either blocked or propelled events. Certainly those were seasons of great friction where many seeds were released into our gardens of Life. ~~aquariuspapers.com

Now let me break this down for you. Pluto, the planet of death and regeneration, basically everything occult is in Capricorn for exactly ten solstices and look at the freaky synchronicity! Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac! Are you kidding me? Nopes.

Ten, the number held to be the most sacred by the Pythagoreans, by itself has so much importance here as it symbolizes endings and beginnings! What do you think solstices symbolize? Endings and beginnings too my love. So this is like a double whammy of endings and beginnings. Know what you want ended and what started, because the next 90 days are the time-warp to reprogram this cryptographic hologram.

Think of the Wheel of Fortune card in the tarot. Karmic events have set into motion a new karmic cycle and whatever you deserve will be yours!

Learn The Tarot - Wheel Of Fortune - YouTube

Ten is also the first number to need a second! Again the stress on binaries, male/female, Mars/Venus, Vagina/Phallus! In Sanatan dharma, we believe that Narayana will incarnate ten times this manvanatara and he has already come down nine times. In the kali yuga, we wait for the kalki vatar to come and show humanity light and love! This is the same Maitreya Buddha! This is the awakening of the divine masculine.

Now back to the discussion of how the June equinoxes and solstices of 2006 to 2010 were activated by a Sun and Pluto square! These squares released so much in my energy field that it could be cathartic for my own self to break it down. I remember 2006 was the last time I went to Goa with my partner and it also became a very important year for my cinematic and theatrical education. I remember under these squares, I faced a lot of disappointments at the time trying to produce and act in a play that I had written. We had done so many rehearsals and then everything faded away because of ego issues. But through the problems I learnt so much and really began to write. Long, long hours. Pages and pages. 2008, I think was the biggest year of my life as since them I have been caring for and looking after numerous animals. And this happened because of my natal planets being charged by these squares. I used this poignant, complex energy to make art. Don’t for one moment think it was easy. It was anything but easy. I was not even sure of whether I wanted to be with my partner, but we hung on somehow and today we have completed 17 years! And I have to add that 2008 to 2010 were very challenging times for me as it look a lot to adjust to learnt to caregive innocent kittens and pups. My cat even ate some floor cleaning detergent during one of these squares and that was such a difficult time with him. He was just a kitten and he had to be given drips and IV. I was so in love with him that all I did for a few months was look after him and cuddle him in my lap whenever he allowed me. He recovered, only to be taken from me forever in 2011, but that is the Uranus story for another time. But think back…2006 to 2010. Where were you? There is an ending with this somewhere.

Uranus began to square Pluto from June 2010 and remained till March 2016! Under this influence, my whole life fell apart. I actually managed to come back to some sort of cognitive functioning after 30th May 2015. All the way from May 2014 to 2015, I was in an abject state. At my mother’s trying to find a way to return to a city where I had no home. My home was stolen and all our saving too were dissolved. I had become pregnant in 2013 and I gave birth at the year end. All the tragedy struck while I was giving birth and just after. One day I lost everything and it has taken everything I have to get out of this mess. Still not out, but each day, I am closer to my goals. I have to agree though, that as Pluto devastated me with Uranian thunderbolts, they gave me a fresh start. I finally birth the paradigm I wanted to. I realized that this was the path I had to follow. I had to work in media and Internaltional relations till 2016 and as this Uranus/Pluto convo ended, I launched my blog and my brand. Yes there are problems that I face with this decision, but it is the best decision of my life. When transpersonal planets do such dances, they change our lives forever.

I am sure you have felt these shifts during the timeframes I mentioned. What have you lost? But more importantly, what have you gained? Do not pit them against each other. There is much wisdom to leave winning and losing in the same ring. That way they do not color your objectivity. That was you can look past the illusion, you see.

Uranus now makes a biseptile to Pluto in this Solstice chart, and will remain in that “destiny producing” aspect through the September Equinox. Expect radical events in the coming two seasons! This is a major fork in the road for the entire world, and things may become extraordinarily irrational at times. ~~aquariuspapers.com

The Septile aspects are the first of the ‘infinite’ aspects as when 360 is divided by 7, you don’t get a round number but one that continues forever  (51.42857143..)  Therefore septiles are ‘wisdom seeking’ aspects. Because the septile energy is very finely tuned it is difficult to work with it in prediction as it tends not to produce obvious outward events. ~~aliceportman.com

Uranus and Pluto are now in this wisdom seeking aspect and this can be drastic changes that bring death and endings, but these tragedies in turn will bring forth higher wisdom. Nothing is easy when these two planets are concerned. But ultimately you’ll be glad that all this shit happened because they made you see things with way more clarity than you’ve ever felt. But think of the irrationality that is going on in the world. Separated children in detention camps, bombing, the horrors of war, migration issues. I mean how worse can things get before we realize the futility of our actions? In some way this irrational behavior is driven from fear vibration. We are afraid to lose what we stole. But karma is not in stasis. It is ever churning, ever moving. No one can avoid it. Not even the avatars!

I could not die with you,
For one must wait
To shut the other’s gaze down,
You could not.

And I, could I stand by
And see you freeze,
Without my right of frost,
Death’s privilege?

Nor could I rise with you,
Because your face
Would put out Jesus’.
That new grace

Glow plain and foreign
On my homesick eye,
Except that you, than he
Shone closer by. ~ Emily Dickinson

The Zodiac Polarities - YouTube

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The fish goddesses who have leapt from Earth (Virgo) to water {Pisces} unitedly give birth to the Fish God (Christ) who introduces the water of life into the ocean of substance and thus brings light to the world. Thus does Neptune work~  Alice Bailey – Esoteric Astrology

Neptune In Astrology - YouTube

Life is life–whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage.” ~Shri Aurobindo

Succinctly put in front is the very ethos of Neptune! And when you think of the brand of Neptunian spirituality, you cannot not think of Aurobindo, the great sage from Bengal.

It is Neptune RX season, a time to travel beyond the fragments of time and space, into the unknown. Into the real Twilight Zone! Neptune is a gas and an ice giant, “the eighth planet of the Solar System, and the fourth largest. Although its mean distance is 4.5 billion kilometers away from the Sun, it is at times farther from the Sun than Pluto due to the latter’s eccentric orbit. Neptune has rings like Saturn. Its largest moon, Triton, revolves around Neptune in the opposite direction of the planet’s rotation”.

Popular Astrology often describes Pisces, the sign Neptune rules and the sign he will go retrograde in, as the “dumping ground of the Zodiac”! This might hold some value when you think of all the physical/mental/spiritual debris the soul has carried on from the other signs and all that seeks release where Neptune or Varuna rules, in Pisces and here, this is not impossible. In Neptune ruled Pisces it is possible to release every single bit of accumulated karmic debris by merging into oneness and transcending beyond duality.

“In this world period, and in a peculiar manner …
Neptune is known esoterically as the Initiator”

– The Tibetan

Neptune is the initiator of our spiritual evolution. It is the final call to Source Code or Godhead! And you know, this is peculiar, very peculiar, because Neptune cannot be described. It is so nebulous and its energies so ethereal, that it is impossible for us in this dense 3D to understand what this “peculiar” energy is all about.

Steve Judd, one of my favorite Youtuber and Astrologer had a clear message while doing his video about Neptune through the houses. He started the video by placing a blindfold on his eyes! To cut it short- that is Neptune!

What your 5 senses cannot perceive, that my friend is Neptune. And while Neptune is retro, try making love with a blindfold, try to slip away from the confines of the physical, let the spiritual energies birth themselves as you join in sacred union. Hahahaha! Oh also try to get your partner to play with your feet as Neptune rules both the feet and the pineal gland! Having your feet licked or rubbed can have your body melting, blood racing and heart pounding like sheets of rain on a tin roof! Pineal gland activation. But I digress.

So, I was googling away furiously, trying to find my favourite piece on Neptune Retrograde online and honestly there was not much out there when it came to Neptune. Everything was just a rehashed version of the last one, so it got me thinking, that I want to invest my time and my energy into discovering much more about Neptune as he turns retro on my Moon which is very close to the degree of the event. My Moon is in my 7th house which will be conjunct transiting Neptune, within a 2 degree Orb.

If you’re following my posts on various platforms, in various formats, then you know what the Moon does for you in Pisces and especially if it is being touched by Neptune, the very ruler of Pisces. Think High Priestess activation! Big time!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity really to channel these very esoteric and occult energies and bring them to you for discussion.

Before we progress any further, let me tell you what many astrologers say of Neptune, the higher octave of Venus! Neptune is very much the heart wrenching breakup as well as the “lived happily ever after” fairy tale ending!

Neptune’s surreal energies have given him adjectives like,”unknown; deception; subtleness; dissolution; mysticism.” Sherman and Frank-Manske speak of Neptune as “illogical, impractical, illusion, amorphous, imposing lack of clarity”. They further elucidate how Neptune distorts our perceptive powers and creates “vagueness, camouflage, ambiguity, obtuseness and mimicry, which may lead to confusion, deception, lying, susceptibility and delusion.”

But, while perusing esoteric texts, working with the energies of Neptune and during channeling sessions, I have been made aware of the profound linkage between Neptune and the Moon and this for me has been a great revelation which helped me through the dark night of my soul.

A great mystery is veiled and hidden in the above relationship, for Cancer-Neptune is expressive of the seventh ray which rules and controls the eighth Creative Hierarchy. This is one of the five Hierarchies whose names are unknown to us and this particular one stands upon the verge of liberation. At the same time it is closely connected with the mind principle as it works out through the solar Angels or through the human hierarchy. It is related to the birth of the fourth Creative Hierarchy in a sense not to be understood by anyone below the stage of the fourth initiation, but it is an interesting fact to remember for it is in the connection between the sixth and seventh rays that that potent ‘desire for incarnation’ was aroused which resulted in the fall of the angels in primordial times.” (EA 217-218)

Neptune is related to both Pisces and Cancer, but he is also linked to Scorpio where Jupiter is RX as we speak, bringing forth much disturbance in the world of cryptos, investments, viruses, debts, it is also bringing in much psychic warfare and we will see a very heightened time as we approach the eclipses in Cancer.

There is one point which I would like to make clear and that is that in the two rulers of this sign(Cancer) – the Moon and Neptune – you have the symbols of a close relationship between the Mother of all Forms and the God of the Waters, that is between the two planets. In this esoteric marriage, you have pictured for humanity a major synthesis of form and of desire-sensitivity and, consequently, a true statement of the stage of consciousness which we call Atlantean.  ~~Esoteric Astrology

Cancer is the sign where humanity of this Manvantara appeared and this makes us Neptune’s christened ones and it also becomes important if not absolutely crucial to pierce through the enigma of Neptune.

Neptune through Cancer, births the Christ Consciousness in every man and woman, connecting each of us to the passion of our own initiatic process, crucifying us on the Fixed Cross of Discipleship, and resurrecting us in the loving and wise consciousness of our Soul. ~~EA

Monaural - Pure - Frequency Of Neptune - 211.44HZ - YouTube

Listen to the frequency of Neptune’s cycle as you align your heart with this vibration which transmutes all into one love, which heals all wounds as it increases our capacity for spiritual awareness! Find you balance as you enter the unknown, mystical, surreal; Neptune your teacher awaits you and this lesson is how all forms change, how everything is temporal, how everything in this manifestation is illusory! Form is illusory, it is mayavic.

HPB calls Neptune Mayavic!

“Neptune does not belong to it [our solar system], his apparent connection with the sun and the influence of the latter upon Neptune notwithstanding. This connection is mayavic, imaginary, they say.”

Neptune is known as Varuna in Vedic Astrology and as Poseidon in Greek and there are commonalities in their mythologies to suggest this. Varuna and both Neptune(Rome) and Poseidon(Greek) were Gods of the Sea. All three systems had a god of the sea, a god of the sky and a god of the underworld. In Rome, this was Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto. In Greece, it was Poseidon, Zeus and Hades. In Vedic this was Varuna, Indra and Kubera. Varuna was worshiped in the Shinto religion of Japan.

Varuna is often depicted carrying a noose, he is the Great Equalizer. This symbol teaches us “that life and death are under the purview of God, and we need to respect that and act ethically while we are on Earth. One of Varuna’s themes, both astrological and mythological, is the punishment of liars and those who do not honor contracts.

Varuna is not patriarchal, but rather, an energy that works on our own frequency and responds in a direct way to the process of our soul evolution. Varuna or Neptune, like any other planetary body is a force that we can invoke and it responds. It reveals itself to us from the invisible world beyond phenomena.

The Planetary origin of the Monad (Soul) and of its faculties was taught by the Gnostics. On its way to the Earth, as on its way back from the Earth, each soul born in, and from, the “Boundless Light,” had to pass through the seven planetary regions both ways. The pure Dhyani and Devas of the oldest religions had become, in course of time, with the Zoroastrians, the Seven Devs, the ministers of Ahriman, “each chained to his planet”; with the Brahmins, the Asuras and some of its Rishis — good, bad and indifferent; and among the Egyptian Gnostics it was Thoth or (Hermes) who was the chief of the seven whose names are given by Origen as Adonai, genius of the Sun; Tao, of the Moon; Eloi, of Jupiter; Sabao, of Mars; Orai, of Venus; Astaphai, of Mercury; and Ildabaoth (Jehovah), of Saturn. The Astral Rulers of the Spheres (the planets) create the monads (the Souls) from their own substance out of the “tears of their eyes, and the sweat of their torments,” endowing the monads with a spark of the Divine Light, which is their substance. ~~HPB

Do you see how we are star stuff contemplating star stuff?

Have you ever wondered why we use myth to describe astrology? How is that relevant?

As we anthropomorphize or humanize the Gods, we might see their condition as utterly degrading. And how does that help us?

Annie Besant notes that this anthropomorphism is an inspiration for us mere mortals to work through our individual experiences. The rise and fall of the Great Heroes serve as a metaphor to the human’s journey through the rigors of life.

That one who falls thus may quickly rise again is encouraging. That old Greek allegory in which every time that the hero falls to earth, worsted in the conflict, he gains new strength from it, applies to man. ~~Annie Besant

In the myth of Poseidon, he was swallowed whole by his father Kronos at birth, “but Zeus later enlisted the aid of the goddess Metis who fed the Titan a magical elixir causing him to disgorge the god”. Kronos is Saturn and here we see the linkage of Neptune and Saturn.

“Sirius influences our entire solar system psychically via the three synthesizing schemes—Uranus, Neptune and Saturn.” (C.F. 378.)

But the energies of Neptune and Uranus are often “swallowed whole” by Saturn!

When a planet is retrograde, it is closest to the Earth, so as Neptune goes retro, his energies will be seeping into the collective consciousness way more than it usually does. We in the 3D assimilate Neptune through the Moon as explained above, so once in a while, when these psychic vibes penetrate our etheric field, we tend to escape more into dreamstates and fantasy.

As Neptune begins to tread backwards, there is an increase in our hearts and bodies to connect with that someone special. Because everything has that extra spark of magick! The way he moves, the way he speaks, the way he smiles at you can drive you crazy and why not? Neptune himself was quote the lover. Do you want to know his love story? It’s quite mesmerizing, I promise.

One day Neptune saw the water nymph Amphitrite dancing in the island of Naxos and fell in love with her. He promptly asked her to marry him but unfortunately she refused. However, not discouraged by Amphitrite refusal, Neptune sent one of his servant, a dolphin to look for her. The dolphin found her, and pleaded Neptune’s cause so persuasively that she changed her mind. As a reward for finding and returning Amphitrite to him, Neptune immortalized the dolphin by placing it in the heavens as the constellation Dolphinus. Neptune and Amphitrite had several children. Among them was Triton whose name was given in 1846 by William Lassell to the principal moon of the planet Neptune. ~~windows2universe.org

I have seen people randomly fall in love with this influence and it can seem absolutely real, until Neptune goes direct and reality hits you in the face. Hahahaha! Just joking. Take it easy and just let the love vibes permeate your consciousness for now. Who cares about tomorrow right now?

There is no tomorrow. Everything is NOW and let that experience enrich you this Neptune retrograde. If you decide to pursue a love interest which ultimately feels defeatist, then never forget that there was a reason for that love to take shape. Nothing happens in a void. Think of the Great Gatsby.

While speaking with some young people about it recently, I had a revelation. I was always heartbroken about what happens in the novel and the film. What is love? Did Gatsby love Daisy, the flesh and blood woman or did he just project his concepts of romantic love on her. Did he fall in love with the wealth she represented? Her voice smelled like money to him, she was everything he wanted to be, rich, cultured, sophisticated.

“Daisy obviously is human and fallible and can never realistically live up to Gatsby’s inflated images of her.” His obsessive love was not for her as a woman, it was a delusional projection of his convoluted mind which ultimately resulted in tragedy. But aren’t we all like Gatsby in some way? Aren’t we all scurrying around, projecting our dreams, hopes and wishes on to other people and then getting disappointed if they do not stick to our impossible expectations?

Why not evaluate this premise as Neptune dreamily sojourns in reverse motion, churning up deep feelings, desires and longings for a love that does not exist. For a man/woman who exists only in your imagination.

Think for an instance, if you were to exist only in someone else’s imagination and you could only communicate with him through dreams, telepathy and astral travel. What would your relationship be like? Use this to journal. Draw the image of the most perfect love interest you can think of. And no, this is not someone you need to wake up with. That could happen.

Create this person as your greatest creation, kinda like your Pygmalion. Can you not fall in love with your creation? I know I did. The characters of my stories inhabit spaces of my reality and now this will go into hyper drive. Nitro baby! I might get back to working on my fiction.

Neptune…Is an absorbing or abstracting planet. Is connected with the perfecting process.” (C.F. 899.)

And I think, this is about perfecting the creative process in some way. We have to look at how we create things, how we create reality. What can we manifest as so many celestial bodies will intensify the energy by coming so close to our energy fields.

The photonic bombardment never stops. It is this process that helps with the crystallization of our DNA to take us to Christ Consciousness!

“Transform the divided individual into the world-personality; let all thyself be the divine. This is thy goal. Transform the Animal into the Driver of the herds; let all thyself be Krishna. This is thy goal.” ~~Shri Aurobindo

Neptune rules over “Drowning, drug, enemies, dishonesty, illusion, asylum, deception, doubt, tears, telepathy, intuition, ocean, poison, kidnapping, secret society, sudden and mysterious death, odor, dream, aquarium, rain, ice, mystery, fairytale, fog, secret, lie, deep space, dream, mission, magic, illusion, smoke” as well as Viruses and oils, alcohol too! Think of anything that dissolves boundaries, that is ruled by Neptune. Do you see how hypnagogic, anything dreamlike, that is the vibe of Neptune.

I don’t want to scare anyone, but this was revealed to me in my study. Neptune RX trining Jupiter RX in Scorpio can definitely bring in some news about the outbreak of a viral epidemic. We faced a deadly outbreak a few weeks ago in Kerala India where a deadly virus killed many people.

Neptune rules over virus and bacteria (and white blood cells that help fight off infections of any type). It is always implicated in a global epidemic. This guy has to be present in order for an epidemic to become just that. Also, Neptune can also point at a virus that escapes the lab test tube and gets loose among the world population. It can also be a terrorist putting a germ into the air or water or food we consume, too. When Neptune is strong in an epidemic, there’s questions of a terrorist scientist deliberately creating a ‘new’ virus with different DNA structure so it will infect a LOT of people and kill them. Neptune has many facets to itself and it will be impossible to say for SURE that nefarious means are a reason for an epidemic. But, as always with Neptune, it may well come out later with the truth. ~~medicinegarden.com

Do not panic! Just be aware and take necessary precautions.

Neptune also has a violent temper, so tempests, earthquakes can be expected. The thing with Neptune RX in Pisces can bring about the contamination of the seas. We need to stop eating the fish and stripping the seas bare because we love sushi.

Water in occult terms represents the waters of the womb of existence! Look at Masaru Emoto’s experiments with words and chants on water. See for yourself how water reacts to intention and thoughts. Then discern how we should work with the oceans.

Because of the soil depletion and the thawing of the ice in the polar regions, we may see the advent of bacteria and virus we have never seen. Neptune also rules the immune system and the RX motion can cause immunity disorders. And disease only attacks when the immunity is down. Humans are attacking the immunity of Gaia everyday by their irresponsible ecological decisions.

If you have a strong Neptune signature in your natal chart, then you could become a swimmer, fisherman, actor, magician, drug dealer, fortune teller, shoe maker, anesthesiologist, psychologist, pharmacists or the Head of an asylum! But honestly, when Neptune goes RX, it is the best time for musicians and writers who deal with the occult and the metaphysical, also fantasy.

When we speak of Neptune, we speak of entropy and chaos, so there is the chance for you to get lost somewhere. But there are new vistas that are opening up, new worlds, new dimensions. Fuck that, information from parallel universes are bleeding into one another. They will challenge the way we experience reality, but there what is real and what is the fairytale. How do you know the life you live is real? What makes you real? Don’t ask me. Ask Neptune.

“So we drove on toward death through the cooling twilight.” Chapter 7, the Great Gatsby

Soul Lesson Of Pisces Ascendant - YouTube

Donate to a Youtube Creator today by Paypal- tina@tinaheals.com


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Sagittarius Ascendant - YouTube

Her lips touched his brain as they touched his lips, as though they were a vehicle of some vague speech and between them he felt an unknown and timid preasure, darker than the swoon of sin, softer than sound or odor.” ~~James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

There is seduction and there is an ominous threat of war looming in the air as we poise to let the lunar energies inundate the sign of Sagittarius, 8 degrees and 10 minutes to be exact. However, this degree in the heavens is directly conjunct the fixed star Antares, the heart of the Scorpion and is opposite the red eye of the bull which is Aldebaran in Taurus.

There are four stars that are known as the Royal Stars or Guardians of the Sky. Zoroaster/Zarathustra, the founder of Zoroasterism, around 3000 BCE wrote in The Bundahishn Chapter 2 that the stars (visible to the eye) number 6,480,000 and he calls Antares, Vanand (Av.) Venant.

“…four key stars in the heavens, also called archangel stars. Michael (Aldebaran) watcher of the East. Gabriel (Fomalhaut) watcher of the South. Raphael (Regulus) Watcher of the North. Oriel (Antares) Watcher of the West. At one time they marked the two Equinoxes and two Solstices.” ~~ Eric Morse, The Living Stars

Interestingly, Michael is considered an agent of light and love unanimously by all the three Abrahamic religions. In her book, “The Miracles of Archangel Michael,” Doreen Virtue writes that Michael’s aura is royal purple and is so bright that it can be considered cobalt blue and he responds very quickly if called during a crisis. This is the energy you need to work with. Yet, Aldebaran is war and strategy and we see that archetype play out in this angelic being.

The association of Michael with Aldebaran, a Martial star, is also appropriate as Michael is the archistrategist, the general of God. In the Book of Revelations it says, “And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels…” Revelation 12:7.~renaissanceastrology.com

Don’t get confused because I am speaking about Scorpio and Taurus here, whereas you know the lunation to be in Sag. I am speaking of Fixed Star astrology using the sidereal system in Vedic astrology which counts the degrees and signs comparative to these fixed stars. In Western Astrology, what is 8 of Sag becomes 15 of Scorpio in the Vedic sidereal system.

The Tropical system takes into account the movement of the Sun into Aries when it calculates its astrology. Vedic sidereal system bases it on the fixed stars and constellations, which move and this movement is taken into account when calculations are made.

In fact, the red eye of the Bull or Aldebaran is in Taurus constellation, but here we will take it as Gemini. What you need to remember is that two very powerful forces- Aldebaran and Antares are taking center stage this lunation. It is all about power, sex, victory, lies, deceit and finally, a moment of showdown and betrayal, after which, everyone gets eliminated, except the cut throat! What to do when the energies herald war? Yes, that is what Antares does and you know I had a devastating dream and that may have to do with a superbly powerful water trine involving Jup/Venus and Neptune. Oh boy!

I woke up in my dreamscape and it was the 6th of the 6th month(coming up soon) and I saw my partner dressing up to go out. I am still dazed, staring at him, when suddenly I hear a thunderous explosion. After which the dream starts pixilating and there are horrific screams and shrieks. I feel heat, like fire is raging through me and I look around as the whole scene begins to disintegrate and it got me looking into the history of the 6th of June and what can I say. It is a day when many wars have started. And another moment of epiphany struck when I realized how Antares is being activated during this lunation.

Also this decan of Sag is called ‘Poison Arrow’ by Austin Coppock who writes, “the essence of this decan entails the swift emergence of a motivating vision and the attainment of a vehicle to move one toward the pictured goal,” as the “fire that enters the mind enflames it, purging the grosser levels of being as it descends” (p. 193-4).

The first decan of Sagittarius is represented by the 8 of Wands tarot card which is all about frickin’ quick and swift action! Time to go says the tarot. Meditate on this and the Fool.

Antares is a red supergiant star that is nearing the end of its life. Once there is no more fuel left to burn, the star will collapse and explode into a supernova — “at which time its brightness will rival that of the rest of our galaxy put together,” NASA

Think of the deep symbology! The war-like power of Antares is at its end, but nearing the collapse, and then it explodes for us all to see(not now, don’t worry); it is at the moment when its power is most potent. As it nears its end, it waits to go out with a bang! Are we humans like this? Burning away our lifeforce just to go out with all guns blazing? Food for thought?

Alpha (α) Scorpius, Antares, is a red binary star, fiery red and emerald green, near the center of the constellation Scorpius and was sometimes called “the Heart of the Scorpion”. ~~constellationsofwords.com

Antares is called so because Ptolemy thought of this star as one that would rival Mars. Ante Ares. And of course Antares is bright red and many ancient astrologers considered it to be associated with humanity and how it strives to reach power and eminence.

This star Antares (α Scorpius) alone constituted the 16th manzil (Arabic Moon Mansion), Al Kalb, the Heart, one of the fortunate stations which goes to show that there is the possibility of something fortuitous for some, but for the others, not so much.

The Chinese associate it with sin and shame and the Hindus call for this the Jyestha, Oldest, also known as Rohini Nakshatra, associated with fertility, agriculture and growth. This is the womb energy, like the dark night and the sacred space for seeding what you want to manifest.

If this star features prominently in your chart, and you are tuning into the higher vibes, then you will become an environmentalist and recycler. You will know how to use the pure and untainted resources of Gaia for sustenance, but on a more materialistic level, I have seen that people display an interest in makeup and cosmetics. Makeup artists and makeup creators do tend to have Rohini in their charts. Also remember, that say your Sun/Moon/As is conjunct Rohini or Antares, it will be opposite to Aldebaran. The energies of both these nakshatras will touch you if one does.

Rohini, the seed of lunar energy, is represented in the celestial firmament by a very bright pale rose star in the constellation of Taurus. The ancient vedic seers revered this star because this was supposed to be the abode of Brahma and the Prajapatis. “Rohini” translates into – the “Reddish One” or the “Growing One”. The “one” here carries a feminine tone and can be read as “celestial woman”. The colour ‘Red’ evokes notions of warmth, passion and liveliness. ~.vedicencyclopedia

Now there is a myth that Rohini seduced Soma, the lunar God(she was his wife among many) which is why the other wives got super pissed and put a curse on him. Yes, that is why he waxes and wanes! The ancients frickin’ thought of everything, I tell you! Seduction is in the air and everyone touched by Rohini will feel deep, deep desires and cravings crawling through their hearts.

It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce. ~~Voltaire

But there is also that whiff of war…drives me crazy all this conquering and seduction!

Antares or the 16th Manzil in Arabic Astrology says that this energy causes discord, sedition, conspiracy against princes and rulers, and revenge from enemies, but frees captives and helps building.

With Moon transiting here: sow seeds, travel and go to war. [Robson p.73.]

And the FM takes place conjunct this 16th Manzil where Antares is located. So this lunation happens conjunct Antares which is in the constellation of Scorpio, but in Tropical Astrology we take it as 8 of Sagittarius! This means that it is opposing Aldebaran.

Now what of Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull? The name for Aldebaran is Satavisha, which translates to the “leader of the western stars.” And I am ruled by this star in my sidereal horoscope!

Ptolemy makes the following observations: “Those stars in Taurus which are in the abscission of the sign resemble in their temperament the influence of Venus, and in some degree that of Saturn . . . the stars in the head (except Aldebaran) resemble Saturn, and, partly, Mercury; and those at the top of the horns are like Mars.” By the Kabalists Taurus is associated with the Hebrew letter Aleph and the 1st Tarot Trump “The Juggler.” In all the ancient Zodiacs, Taurus is the beginning sign and marked the Vernal Equinox from about 4,000 to 1,700 B.C. [Robson, p.63.]

BTW, the Juggler is now the FOOL! Yay! What does this tell you? A new beginning folks! A new adventure! Be ready for enchantment!

Whenever, we speak of the eye of the bull or Aldebaran, we speak of the activation of the pineal gland. The opening of the third eye!

If you could flick the switch and open your third eye
You’d see that we should never be afraid to die…Muse, “Uprising,” The Resistance (2009).

Sun and Aldebaran conjunct will bring, Great energy and perseverance, high material honors but danger of losing them, danger from quarrels and the law, honor and riches ending in disgrace and ruin, liable to disease, fevers and a violent death. If in conjunction with both Sun and Mars, great liability to pestilential fevers. [Robson, p.120.]

But let us not subscribe to fear, just yet…we digressed while discussing the third eye!

It is literally that simple…as the moon nestles into Sagittarius, she glances at her yang, the Sun who is now in Gemini. She is fertile and brings much to illumination with higher truths and philosophy, whereas her male counterpart Sun is concerned with practical talk and communication at the moment. Do we see an opposition of dreamy ideas, higher truth conflicting with sensible common sense and practicality??? But the spiritual vibe sizzles in the air.

Let us now discuss the Sabian Symbol for this degree of Sagittarius. It is -Rocks and things forming therein…This symbol speaks of things like rocks forming and this does not happen in a day, it takes ages. This time frame is so huge that we humans have no conception of it. Think of how you are like the rock and what is forming within you under this FM? Are you creating a new you through your experiences and interactions. Are new rocks of your soul forming within the soil of your being? How deep is that? Hashtag wokeaf!

Talking of spiritual vibes! Venus in Cancer will exact a trine to Jupiter RX in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, the very next day of the lunation. But this aspect is adding to the dreamy and fairytale-ish vibe we feel. I know I do, although very practical concerns are right in front of me. Like moving home in five days, immediately after the FM igniting such energies like Antares and Aldebaran. I can only surrender to the drama above and know as above, so below. What I am hoping for is a miracle from this trine, activating much in my natal chart. I’ll take a dose of peace for now, thank you!

Before I forget, Jupiter RX in Scorpio, a part of the magnetic and magickal water trine, is the ruler of this FM and he has been busy. On the 25th of May, he had this crazy synchronicity with Neptune and this energy is definitely playing into the collective consciousness. In spite of having much to worry about(standard Virgo MO), I feel an unwavering sense of trust and faith in what may come.

Aldebaran is said to be a portal to the mysteries of the mind and when balanced with the fixed star Antares, a portal to the mysteries of the heart, this creates a powerful stargate axis that is illuminated bi-annally when the Sun passes by Aldebaran at the first of June and then Antares about six months later. ~~souledout.com

And the star gate is now active as the moon is about to reach full lunation conjunct and opposite these two celestial bodies.

There is of course much psychic energy crackling in the air with Jupiter stirring much depth from the quagmire of Scorpio! This is very Scorpionic, this lunation.

And this Aldebaranian third eye is known as the Diamond consciousness or Buddha consciousness from which originates Vajrayana, the tantra side of Buddhistic teachings by Padmasambhava who exemplifies this awareness, this diamond consciousness when he says, My realization is higher than the sky. But my observance of karma is finer than grains of flour! This is what the energies of Aldebaran can do…bring your awareness into the macro and the micro, so you can look at and discern the cryptographic pattern that the hologram projects.

There is only one teaching at the very crux of the Vajra doctrine and it is transitioning duality. That is, the Vajra Guru encourages us to express all facets of our nature without stigma, judgement or hatred. For each path is as pure as the next.

When we speak of war and power in regards to Antares and Aldebaran, it is important to remember to embrace all the vibe we get from the Universe. Embrace your anger as much as your light and if anything, the heart of the Scorpion will teach you that. Embrace the wrathful aspects of the Buddha as well as the benefic ones. And same goes for the planets.

Sagittarius Moon/Gemini Sun - YouTube

Yes, the Sun is fidgety in Gemini. The Moon is wild, untamed and adventurous in Sag. Mars is eccentric and whimsical in Aquarius applying a sextile to the lunation and Mars is in shadow, preparing for the retrogradation. All our impulses are fertilizing in the fecund, community oriented and philanthropic Aquarius. Add a dash of quirkiness and mad genius and you have the recipe for something phenomenal! Unique! An innovation of a lifetime!

Sometimes, you need to get angry. To set boundaries. To define your emotions and that is absolutely healthy. In fact if anger is an issue, find a facilitator with whom you can work to alleviate this, because wrath and compassion come from the same root emotion of protection.

I think the conversation of Jupiter RX, Neptune and Venus, steeped in watery, psychic energy is all about understanding that we as individuals and a collective need to embody both sides of the spectrum. And that should be accepted by society and not repressed like it is. Sexuality is repressed. What happens? Rape. Sodomy. Anger is frowned upon, so what? Is there any lack of rage in the world? Is it not openly paraded for all to see?

Feel free under this lunation to step away from societal conventional modus operandi of divisiveness and separation. Let awareness wash over you with a realization that it is within the dance of duality that you find a sense of what the hologram is projecting. In that moment of silence, you understand that it is you projecting this hologram.

Think of the Vajra awareness or the diamond awareness. A diamond has so many sides and all sides belong to that one diamond. You are a vajra warrior, a warrior of light, a lightworker who is free from all attachment and aversion to her own identity and you can merge with any aspect of reality. Good, bad and the ugly and yet, not identify with anything. It is through this constant shift and flux do we reach nirvana. We are the hologram that we are projecting!

Yes, it is you. Look at fiery red Antares. That is within you. It is you. And Aldebaran? That is within you too and you are within it too. There is no separation, there is only the great merge! Not the purge! But the merge and what a beautiful merger it is. A merger of souls under the pregnant full moon conjunct Antares, opposing Aldebaran.

Meditate on these lines of HPB from one of the most profound esoteric texts of all times- The Voice of the Silence. Oh did I tell you that Chiron also blesses this lunation and I have discussed with you the connection of Chiron and Sagittarius. Their symbol, the centaur. Sadly the modern glyph is just an arrow with a piece of the bow and this is the arrow of intuition and illumination.

The Self of matter and the SELF of Spirit can never meet. One of the twain must disappear; there is no place for both.

Ere thy Soul’s mind can understand, the bud of personality must be crushed out, the worm of sense destroyed past resurrection.

Thou canst not travel on the Path before thou hast become that Path itself.

Let thy Soul lend its ear to every cry of pain like as the lotus bares its heart to drink the morning sun.

Let not the fierce Sun dry one tear of pain before thyself hast wiped it from the sufferer’s eye.

But let each burning human tear drop on thy heart and there remain, nor ever brush it off, until the pain that caused it is removed.

These tears, O thou of heart most merciful, these are the streams that irrigate the fields of charity immortal. ‘Tis on such soil that grows the midnight blossom of Buddha more difficult to find, more rare to view than is the flower of the Vogay tree. It is the seed of freedom from rebirth. It isolates the Arhat both from strife and lust, it leads him through the fields of Being unto the peace and bliss known only in the land of Silence and Non-Being.

Soul Lesson Of Sagittarius Ascendant - YouTube



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“To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only pretended to pretend.” ~~Jacques Derrida

Don’t be caught pretending to follow your heart, although the pretentious act takes you a step towards your goal aka following your heart, my love! Prophetic? Or pathetic? You decide.

The key component of this Mars retro of 2018 which happens in Aquarius, is Uranus. Mars had a tense conversation with Uranus who entered Taurus on the 15th and exactly a day from that, Mars made his move into the dualistic, air, fixed, masculine sign of Aquarius.

Mars, the adrenaline junkie is now in rebellious, freedom-loving Aquarius where he will be present for an unusually long time because of his retrograde which happens every other year. 25 months to be exact and is a cycle of 80 days and it spans 15 degrees of the zodiac. At this time, there will be four other planets retro, thereby amplifying this Martian retro intensity.

Uranus here is the light bringer who is electrifying us all with his energy as he steps into Taurus and as Mars moves into Aquarius, ruled by him, his energy is all assertive. Change, flux, reformation, alteration are all key words and this time Uranus is bringing reforms in the department of finances and the physical body, ours and the earth!

Uranus is controversy. With this cycle, we will see A.I robots not only living with people, but becoming their life time companions. Electricity and all things electromagnetic will receive a surcharge, so be careful with them. New sex toys and dungeon equipment will be developed that makes sex unbelievably pleasurable.

Tech, tech, tech and cryptos of course will be in focus. With Mars RX in Aquarius as well as with Uranus in Taurus after 84 years! Our relationship to money is changing folks. The new human will be bio chipped and will use blockchain and P2P or peer to peer transactions when this is over.

We are taking back our power people and Uranus is egging us on. HAARP and other weather manipulation techniques will be exposed and better earth friendly ones will be developed. Humans will soon control the weather. We are already doing it. Check out the viral video where a man makes clouds and brings rain.

Mars in Aquarius when retro will definitely seek more transparency, Jupiter is digging up enough dirt being RX in Scorpio already! Help! Mars squares Jupiter RX in Scorpio as he wades into the retro. This exacts in Nov 2018, but this influence can be felt all summer. However, this can bring about fundamentalism and fanatical behavior and rhetoric where each group thinks their truth is the only truth. Clashes can happen with polarized ideologies and religious groups.

All medicine from now will be futuristic. The devices we use in the medical world will become high tech and unrecognizable. The future will laugh at our bulky devises. But many ethical queries will pop up with regards to how tech should be used and how much tech dependability can a human sustain. Remember the controversy when Dolly the sheep was cloned? Now all that is ancient stuff. The new innovations will leave you breathless. Yes, it will be a technological utopia! Not necessarily heaven on earth, but it is what is needed right now for our soul growth. Look an era of technocracy is coming, so it’s best we understand and work with it. Tech by itself is not good or bad, just like money. It is how you use it or how it uses you, that will decide whether it is positive or negative for you.

The long period Mars stays in Aquarius signals to us how we may better help and improve our communities. And since Uranus is the Rebel and the Freedom-lover, he will also ask of you where your freedom lies? Do you even think about freedom? Do you think it is an impossibility, only a theoretical construct? Trust me, you will discover for yourself what Freedom means in your particular situation and this will happen sooner than later. And this will offer up a clean break from the past.

Frustrations can appear, they usually do with a Mars retro, but if you manage to channelize that energy and continue steadfast behind the scenes, then there is much success to be had. But here, it will be about patience, perseverance and knowing everything you need to about the particular issue. Do not fear if you need to reassess or redo some tasks, again this is usually the case with Mars retro once again, but maybe redoing all that work is what you need. Maybe mistakes will show up and if nothing, you would have rechecked everything one more time, just to be extra sure.

Having a weak Mars can bring about many difficulties in life. Mars is the planet of action and sometimes if you are born with an afflicted or a retro Mars, then you might face loads of issues and troubles whenever you begin a project or even a relationship.

In Vedic Astrology, a person with an afflicted Mars is known as Manglik and this is probably the worst placement to find a mate in the arranged marriage market. There are many penances you have to perform to remedy this Mars affliction. Sometimes, it might even be a symbolic marriage with a Peepal tree or a Shivlingam. However, this Manglik dasha is very real as I have worked through it all my life. Yes, you guessed it right. I am Manglik too.

Now you don’t need Vedic astrology to tell me that my relationships will pose problems. I am a 7th house Moon in Pisces and the Moon makes some difficult aspects too, so I know a thing or two about Manglik and like maladies.

The point here is to understand if your Mars is afflicted and then find ways to work around it. Having your Mars in Harmonious flow enhances many, many facets of your life. And even in Western Astro, having hard aspects with Mars and Pluto are considered diabolic!

As Mars shifted signs on the 16th, there has definitely been a surge in more unpredictable behavior, because that is what Aquarius does. Think of the time of Mars in Capricorn! Ah! An exalted Mars, making us industrious, gogetters and achievers. But now suddenly, we are not sure and this impending retrograde looms larger than ever.

Uranus is uncertainty and here sits Mars, in Uranus’ home, in Aquarius. Yes, it is excitable here, yes, it is innovative and eccentric, but Mars here lacks necessary grounding after his time in his rulership. Think of you suddenly thrust out with a quirky and eccentric, innovative group after being all comfortable and successful in your own home. How would you feel? A feeling of displacement? And that too Mars has already entered shadow, bringing a sense of foreboding to the collective consciousness.

And Aquarius is fixed. There is no flexibility with Mars here and to top it off, he is totally unpredictable and eccentric, unconventional and original with this energy signature. A Mars retro can kickstart your stagnant life or it can make your life move at a frustrating snail’s pace. It all depends on your astro, but this collective foreboding is palpable as we all prepare for the volcano in Hawaii to erupt; we know, this time we can expect unexpected earth changes. Uranus is bringing a massive cleanse to Gaia. It is time for a reset and I think Gaia is ready and so are we.

There are three explosive Mars square Uranus aspects(May 16th, August 1st and September 18th), the first which exacted on the 16th, I think and that influence will remain with us for quite a while and this energy is superbly raw and powerful, but when you deal with so much power, it is important to know how you will use it, this dynamism can be disastrous.

On the same note, this energy speaks of breakthrough like none other. The choice is yours. This energy is also rebellious and suddenly you may find yourself not taking shit from anyone anymore. Even if you take baby steps towards asserting your boundaries, it will still help. Use this energy to break free from whatever restricts you.

This Mars/Uranus when coupled together also speaks of BDSM fantasies. Find a facilitator to understand and work through these deep desires of domination and submission. Do not judge, just allow healing to occur as you face those shadows. The three squares will revisit similar themes and it might take more than one try to sever the ties. Use spiritual chord cutting from people you wish to never meet in 3D. There is a sudden need to shock with this vibe and even act sexually promiscuous. So if you feel like the see through top, then you know why. Astrology King calls his Mars retro article Sexual Frustration! Yes, it’s that bad. lol!

Interestingly, as I speak of healing, I realize that Mars perfects a Sextile today with Chiron at 1 degree of Aries and this speaks directly to engage with the healing process. Face those shadows- Mars and Chiron are functioning so well together in a sextile. Sextiles can be so yummy with all that free flowing synergy.

Now you know who else is sitting in Aquarius? The South Node or dear Ketu! There are three conjunctions that Mars makes to Ketu during his stay in Aquarius. The dates are June 8th, July 20th, September 27th. Watch these dates to see what pops up before you. Karmic connections will show up and you will get a chance to work it out. Start with a clean slate if you can. Some problem can surface from the past, but use Uranian innovation and there should not be any blockages.

Ketu and Mars can bring forth Light Workers and Spiritual Warriors. Ketu is all about spirituality remember? If you remember my previous posts on Ketu, you will see how he is the headless body of the serpent and Rahu is the head. Ketu is from another world, from another dimension and is known as Moksha Karaka or the Spiritual Indicator in a horoscope. Mars conjunct this spiritual vortex will be about us realizing that we are truly spiritual beings encased in flesh and blood. We may not want to face these facts because of the ego attachment we have gathered over the incarnations, but when Ketu activates a certain point, there is no looking back. Think of the 8 OF CUP. Yes, you might need to walk away from someone or something, related to many past lives. Is it easy? I don’t think so. Can we do it? I don’t think we really have a say. Six months Mars will be backtracking in Aquarius and this will create some tense moments for us all, but this can also be about focused spiritual development. Mars in Aquarius is about giving us freedom, freedom to be, freedom to choose and freedom to live.

If you have an Aries or Scorpio strong chart, then this can be the breather you need. Mars, your ruler is now chillin’ and so should you. Aries, especially you. People with Mars retro in their charts tend to suppress their sexual desires and cravings. They may even be confused about their sexual preferences if other challenges are present.

Venus is in tense aspect to Mars and this adds to the romantic drama that you are experiencing. Relationships will be pushed to the brim on Oct 10th as Mars/Venus perfect the square. And then there is a trine, on the 9th of Nov. Trines can swing both ways, so it is really up to you, but the theme here is sexuality, romance, love, jealousy, possessiveness,  unrequited love, obsessions and the like. And control violent behavior and unadulterated rage. Work with someone if you need help.

“All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire.” ~~Aristotle

So what’s your cause to perform the actions you do(MARS)?? Ask your heart and it shall whisper.

The degree of the retrograde is 9 deg and 13 minutes and the Sabian Symbol for this degree of Aquarius is A flag turned into an eagle…

The eagle has aggression and is a predator. There is a dynamic shift in the way we perceive things. An inanimate object becomes sentient life, so there is a sense of resurrection and things coming to life. What can you bring to life in your life? Think long and hard. For it is that time with Mars retro.

A video I made on the Cryptos and Bitcoin

Bitcoin/Crypto Mania - YouTube

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“What if everything in the world were a misunderstanding, what if laughter were really tears?” ~~ Søren Kierkegaard

I must confess, my ideas traverse around these lines of thinking. The contradictory, dualistic dance of reality. What is real and what is not? What exists and what does not? Thankfully, Taurus is all about the material manifestation and the physical world. I don’t think I can take more of living in my head. It is time to step out, into my body and into the heart of the soil where all dualities merge into one, where everything is just perfect. There is no lamentation, there is no sorrow, there is no polarized schizophrenia.

I woke up to horrific images of the middle east and the Gaza strip. It breaks my heart, this Israel/Palestinian conflict. It has to stop. And it can with love and peace. How long will children be bombed? How long will people go hungry? How long will we remain silent? Observers? Is that our only task? To be mere voyeurs in the film of life?

“I felt that I breathed an atmosphere of sorrow.” ~~ Edgar Allan Poe

The energy and excitement is palpable in the air, it is Venus ruled Taurus which rules desires after all, but wait, what is this melancholia? Yes there is laughter; is it the shallow kind? There is also silence. A stillness. Yes my people, we are in the very eye of the storm. This is it! This is what we’ve been gearing towards and preparing ourselves, whether we know astro or not. These cues remain hidden in our DNA and is passed down from our ancestors.

DNA is what makes this physical body and Taurus, my love, is all about this body. This is the time to understand body-awareness. Yes, stop for a moment and touch yourself. No, not down there. Just anywhere. Touch your face. Feel your lips, then moisten them. Feel the tongue run through the lips. Bring awareness to that sensation. What does it remind you of? Hold that thought and read on. Take it slow now…real slow…

Desire in all forms, emotional, astral, spiritual is ruled by Taurus and it symbolizes desire in all phases. Even the lowest expressions. The soul learns desire while progressing from Aries to Taurus. In Aries, it has learnt to start the journey and new things. Desire is the root of all evil, according to the Bhagavadgita, but there is also the Intelligent Desire that Taurus teaches us in higher vibrations. Why does the Gita consider desire to be evil? It is desire that keeps us chained to samsara and suffering. Buddha was born in the Age of Taurus and his soul lesson was to teach humanity the nature of desires an how we can transmute desire into spiritual truth and nirvana.

“There is no fear for one whose mind is not filled with desires.” The Buddha

But how can we mere mortals survive without desire? The key is to cultivate intelligent desire. Desire can be transmuted into Spiritual Aspirations and then ultimate realization! It is the task of Taurus and this NM to help us transcend the most materialistic impulses into love and light. Taurus will reveal the secrets of desire to bring illumination to our souls.

The keywords of Taurus are I HAVE and this earth/feminine/fixed sign is ruled by Venus and Vulcan, in the exoteric and esoteric parlance and VULCAN’s message is clear to us this NM, “Store up treasures in heaven where moth nor rust can corrupt.”

Yes Taurus wants to store treasure, but will only material treasure fulfill our dear Taurus? Is that enough? Or is there something more that the eye of the Bull craves for? Is it Nirvana? But that is a road less traveled for most Taureans as they tend to lose themselves in the sensual pleasures of 3D.

The May 15 new moon is located at 24°36′ Taurus Sign but the astrological influence comes from two stars with Perseus Constellation as shown below. Perseus gives an intelligent, strong, bold and adventurous nature, but a tendency to lying. The constellation is indicative of events affecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena.~~ AstrologyKing

Do not give into gossip and be careful of lies and deception and to do so, make friends with your integrity and compassion. Self love and love for the earth is a must. Be aware.  Think of awareness that is a thousand kisses deep. Be in your body and feel all the sensations around you. I mean feel them, really feel them…

The energy is very sensual and sexual. I feel electrified. Do you?

Taurus is not just about your body, it is also about the body of the being who houses us in her; in essence it speaks of the dual relationship of energy/matter and mind/energy. The Earth! Yes, Taurus is about this very earth you inhabit and also about the soil, foodsystems, agriculture, sustainability, sensuality, seeking knowledge, acknowledging beauty, hard work, self sufficiency and bodyawareness.

However, since Taurus rules desires, it is also her job to stay away from excesses. Taurus must have a steadfast constitution and iron will to persevere and not escape into consumerism and mindless procuring. Retail therapy taken to an extreme!

The Moon is exalted in Taurus, but in the 3rd Decan of Saturn’s rulership, she may feel stifled. Go out there and pamper yourself a bit, don’t let sadness overwhelm you. Wear green and gold.

Saturn’s influence as the decan’s ruler often means there are great obstacles to surmount on life’s testing path. However, Moon Taurus 3 does not totally prevent success. At this new moon, any fame will come with a certain amount of notoriety. The Moon is susceptible to the melancholia of its Saturn rulership. ~~Darkstar Astrology

There is a certain Saturnian coldness palpable in the air. There is also nostalgia and heartbreak. There is definitely melancholia. Tunes are making me teary, memories are making me weak and there is a sense of loss. But, there is a sweetness associated with this loss. Yes it is heavy, but it also has a vibe of bliss.

“Melancholy is the happiness of being sad.” ~~Victor Hugo

Now let us examine the symbol of Taurus to understand its energies better. The Bull. Do you know that the Bull was used in the ancient Indus Valley Civilization?

Terra cotta figurine of a bull from Harappa without a hump. There may have been many species of bulls used in different parts of the Indus valley. BTW, the IVC is now known to be over 8000 years old, making it the oldest known civilization in the world.

It may be time to rewrite history textbooks. Scientists from IIT-Kharagpurand Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have uncovered evidence that the Indus Valley Civilization is at least 8,000 years old, and not 5,500 years old, taking root well before the Egyptian (7000BC to 3000BC) and Mesopotamian (6500BC to 3100BC) civilizations. What’s more, the researchers have found evidence of a pre-Harappan civilization that existed for at least 1,000 years before this. ~~The Telegraph

Do you understand how archetypal the symbol of the Bull is in the human mind? It is ancient and it can be seen present in all the cultures of the world.

The worship of the sacred bull throughout the ancient world is most familiar to the Western world in the biblical episode of the idol of the Golden Calf. The Golden Calf, after being made by the Hebrew people in the wilderness of Sinai, was rejected and destroyed by Moses and the Hebrew people after Moses’ time upon Mount Sinai (Book of Exodus). In Sumerian mythology, Marduk is the “bull of Utu”. In Hinduism, Shiva’s steed is Nandi, the Bull. The sacred bull survives in the constellation Taurus. The bull, whether lunar as in Mesopotamia or solar as in India, is the subject of various other cultural and religious incarnations, as well as modern mentions in new age cultures. ~~Wiki

The symbol of Taurus has been an archetype imprinted in the human consciousness from the beginning of time and there is another esoteric reason for this.

Have you heard of the Pleiades? Or the Sapta Rishis?

Look up at the skies during the winter season and if you see a constellation that looks like sparkling gems, then you have found the Saptarishi. There are 7 stars and according to the Vedic tradition, they are seven wise men who have attained God Realization and are immortal beings. Yet, according to the Vedas, everything must end after a Manvantara, even the constellations in the skies.

As to the mysterious constellation of the Seven Rishis in the great Bear, if Egypt made them sacred to “the oldest genitrix, Typhon” — India has connected all these symbols ages ago with time or Yuga revolutions, and the Saptarishis are intimately connected with our present age — the Dark Kali Yug. ~~HPB

Taurus is therefore very connected to the present age we are living in and this is emphasized by Uranus’ ingress into that very sign! And Mars will be shortly in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus! Can there be more Uranian energy in the air and of course earth with so much going on in Taurus and Cap! Whoa! So innovation in the physical realm of 3D.

In Bhagavata Purana V., xxx., it is said that “at the extremity of the tail of that animal, whose head is directed toward the South and whose body is in the shape of a ring (Circle), Dhruva (the ex-pole star) is placed; and along that tail are the Prajapati, Agni, Indra, Dharma, etc.; and across its loins the Seven Rishis.”

Meanwhile it is they, the Seven Rishis, who mark the time and the duration of events in our septenary life cycle. The Pleiades (Krittika) are the nurses of Karttikeya, the God of War (Mars of the Western Pagans), who is called the Commander of the celestial armies — or rather of the Siddhas (translated Yogis in heaven, and holy sages on the earth) — “Siddha-sena,” which would make Karttikeya identical with Michael, the “leader of the celestial hosts” and, like himself, a virgin Kumara.

The Pleiades are the central group of the system of sidereal symbology. They are situated in the neck of the constellation of Taurus, regarded by Madler and others, in astronomy, as the central group of the system of The Milky Way, and in the Kabala and Eastern Esotericism, as the sidereal septenate born from the first manifested side of the upper triangle, the concealed . This manifested side is Taurus, the Symbol of ONE (the figure 1), or of the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph  (bull or ox) whose synthesis is ten (10), or  Yodh, the perfect letter and number.

The Pleiades (Alcyone, especially), are thus considered, even in astronomy, as the central point around which our Universe of fixed stars revolves, the focus from which, and into which the divine breath, MOTION, works incessantly during the Manvantara. ~~HPB

This excerpt from the Secret Doctrine makes clear that with Taurus, the Spirit is now to move into concrete earth or manifestation and Taurus had to be of Fixed countenance to hold that energy and not move. Kinda like the Bull.

Another ancient Gnostic teaching tells us that our Sun belongs to the Pleiades! There is also mention of the Pleiades in the Bible in the Book of Job. There are many stars in this cluster of course, but in esoteric wisdom we take the Seven Suns that rotate around Alcyone as the group of stars our souls belong to.

If you’ve been doing the rounds in the New Age circles, by now you know there are many who channel the Pleiadians. Like the Leo King or Barbara Goldsmith. Check them out!

Going back to the seven Suns that rotate around Alcyone.

The seventh sun or solar system that rotates around Alcyone is our solar system. That is why when you see the Pleiades you see only seven (Alcyone plus six others; we are the seventh). ~~Gnosticteachings.org

This is why we are intimately connected to the Stars of the Pleiades. Not only us, but our whole Solar System rotates around Alcyone, which effects all the nine planets in astrology!

In the rotation around Alcyone, our sun Ors automatically passes through the whole zodiacal belt. The zodiacal belt as you know is related with the twelve constellations, and the first one is Aries which is precisely, when you see the stellar map, to the right of Taurus. So in its voyage, the solar system passes through the zodiacal belt, or we will say that the radiation of the constellation of the zodiacal belt influences the solar system and the Earth in its voyage. ~~Gnosticteachings.org

Not only do you and me get affected, but Uranus as he moves into this constellation will begin to get activated by the Saptarishi. And every single planetary body, even the Sun or Ors.

The archetypes of the Bull is also associated with the Behemoth, a giant land animal.

Job 40:15-24 King James Version

15 Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox.
16 Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly.
17 He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together.
18 His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron.

If you’ve read the Epic of Gilgamesh, then you might remember the battle of Enkidu with the Bull of Heaven.

Enkidu seized the Bull by the horns. “The Bull of Heaven foamed in his face, it brushed him with the thick of its tail—Gilgamesh followed the bull, he seized the thick of his tail, he thrust the sword between the nape and the horns and slew the bull” (Sandars 1972, 88; ANET, 85, 505). The “thick of his tail” does not mean a dinosaur’s big tail, but the tassel at the end of its tail. The Akkadian is ku-bur zib-ba-ti-su, meaning “thickness of his tail” (ANET, 505). “It refers to the tassele at the end of the tail in contrast to the thin middle part” (Ibid., note 29). The horns of the bull are plated with lapis two inches thick, weighing thirty pounds, and holding 105 gallons each (Heidel, 55). This was a huge mythical bull which is associated with the constellation Taurus, the bull (Black and Green, 49). ~~bibleandscience.com

The energy of Taurus is here to ground us and most of us have never experienced Uranus in Taurus and all this begins with the NM in Taurus exacting as I type.

Pluto is making a Wide Trine aspect to the NM in Taurus which is not very potent, but it is a reminder that Pluto is raking up all the debris from our individual and collective unconscious. Pluto and the Moon combo can be volatile, but this can be great for acting, writing or any other art. This can help you dig deep and understand the dark tones of the character you are playing. If your natal Moon is being triggered, then you might compose a soul stirring tune that can light fires in the hearts of the people. Exploration of the shadow side with a facilitator can be profound. Sexual energy must be balanced.

Mars is square Uranus as this NM exacts in the skies and this is volatile. Expect the unexpected is what I find myself repeating.

The Goddess energy is very active, let me explain why…

Think of the goddess Hathor which is represented with horns, and with the Sun between her horns, which is Amon-Ra, the solar force. The goddess Hathor is the same Isis, because remember that the feminine forces of the cosmos are related, or divided in five aspects; the goddess Hathor is what in Christianity is called Mary. Isis, Maia, Isoberta, Rhea, Cybeles, Maya, there are many names. Of course, those women that in ancient times achieved the Self-realization of their Being had the privilege or the honor of representing that force which has no form, it can take any form. The Mother Earth, the Mother Moon, or the forces in the feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit. ~~Gnosticteachings

Therefore, this Taurus NM, it is time to delve into feminine mysteries. Worship La Luna as Hathor or Kali. Dance naked as you bring body awareness to the forefront of your mind. Nothing exists. Nothing, but you and me, across infinite space, merged as one! The writer and the reader forever engaged and entangled in the torus of quantum consciousness.

Taurus rules the throat. The throat is the area in which Taurus works.  We find that this mysterious sephirah of the Tree of Life called Daath, Gnosis, knowledge, is precisely located at the level of the throat. “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God,” it is written. Here you see Aurus, or Horus, with the Tau, the cross. You can divide them also as Tau, the cross Tau, and Aurus: Taurus. ~~Gnosticteachings

Understand this carefully, words spoken now will manifest. It is as simple as that. Ask for abundance, love or simply peace. That is what I want- peace for one and all.

Mars square Uranus can be a speed demon in bed or can be very innovative. You may want to unleash the dominant side of you or the submissive. Uranus is also about “coming out”, so this energy can support this endeavor. There can be violence as the Fixed Star Algol is in question, so don’t let things escalate. Accidents too. And if you’re lucky, then just some hot-headedness.

Jupiter RX in Scorpio which is the opposite of Taurus is Trine Neptune in Pisces. This is what will bring us a heavy dose of magick and crazy karmic connections. Spirituality, psychic awareness and meditation is the need of the hour with this aspect.

The Moon is conjunct Hephaistos, the club-footed god of blacksmiths, metal workers, sculptors and artisans.  Alex Miller, Alex’s Asteroid Astrology, shows what this might light up: “Hephaistos represents skill and craftsmanship, artistry; lameness or crippling (or problems with arms or legs which fall short of actual crippling); rejection or abandonment, especially by parents; and mismatched unions, between persons ill-suited to each other.” ~~Astrology Hub

You know what, this is happening big time. Huge numbers are caught in codependent relationships which are not sustainable, all in the name of marriage. Marriage and divorce are two toxic systems in the Kali Yuga and so many individuals are now caught in the system with no escape. But there is more to life than just paying bills and being wage slaves! I think this NM heralds the beginning of that questioning. What does it mean to have a healthy relationship to earth and her resources? We may see the return of the barter system in a way.

Since Taurus is about music and the throat, it now that the power of chanting can be applied effectively for spiritual progress. Think of how words make geometric shapes in softwares. Sound actually has a visual representation. You can concentrate on the symbol of the Shri Yantra, again a symbol of the Goddess to bring your awareness to the earth and to your body and all things Taurus.

Fertility and creativity are also keynotes of Taurus, and light, illumination and sound as expressions of this creative force are connected with this constellation. The “interpreter of the divine voice,” as Taurus was called in ancient Egypt, can be paraphrased into Christian terminology and called the “Word made flesh.” The end result of the work undertaken in Taurus, and the result of its influence, is the glorification of matter: the transmuting of the less than perfect parts of ourselves into material that in no way hinders the light of the soul pouring through.~~souldout

I have told you that Taurus rules the throat, it also rules the ears and the neck. This time these body parts will be super charged sexually. Kiss the neck and ears deeply, and this can be surely electric. Taureans love to be kissed and touched on these parts. Rub your hand on your partner’s throat and you may even try erotic asphyxiation. Something that I practice with Shibari. It can be an absolutely exhilarating and wild experience. But please do not hurt anyone in the process.

If you’re feeling a little blue under this Taurus NM, then forget not, that,” suffering and disappointments and melancholy are there not to vex us or cheapen us or deprive us of our dignity but to mature and transfigure us.”  ~~Hermann Hesse

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Time passes, and little by little everything that we have spoken in falsehood becomes true. ~~Marcel Proust

DRUM ROLLS~~Here’s the IT UPDATE on the most talked about CELESTIAL EVENT OF THIS SEASON!! Truth and Falsehoods will come into play and what of the FALSEHOOD that has cemented itself as TRUTH?

Don’t worry, coming up this 15th of APRIL, as the NM becomes exact in TAURUS, URANUS, the planet of revolution and disruption enters that very sign, beginning a new era of us claiming our power and if necessary, revolting with all our might against establishment. You can REVOLT with love…REVOLUTION becomes EVOLUTION.

Earthy TAURUS is not a sign URANUS particularly likes. Why? Because URANUS is ULTIMATE CHANGE and disruption and TAURUS, dear old, feminine, earth TAURUS, ruled by VENUS is not happy with CHANGE. She is not happy with adapting the new. She likes to hold on.

Uranus is electrical energy forms and rules Science and we will see much of that. How can tech really benefit the earth and her denizens? Taurus is very fixed in her work ethics and if they refuse to be flexible, they can definitely find themselves astray, confused, dejected and devastated. Uranus is destroying worn-out values and Taurus cannot seem to let go of those redundant value systems.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” ~~~Lao Tzu

Things will CHANGE like never before for all things TAUREAN. Talk about CRYPTOS, fashion, robotics, the wellness and makeup industry, medicine and of course FEMINISM! Yes Uranus rules the outcasts and the marginalized, heh, heh…so yes, we are going to see a Uranian revival like never before.

This is our time sisters…The HIGH PRIESTESS.GODDESS/EMPRESS and all the archetypes will see a resurrection. Even the way we see the sex industry will be changed. Jupiter has already been making sure of that one. There is a revolution coming and women will have a huge role in it. The mothers and the whores. All together. All stand as one!

Disruptive changes are to be accepted. As we all know that when URANUS comes back to a sign after EIGHTY FOUR years, all he wants to bring is CHANGE. Even if it is  TOWER MOMENT. The TOWER CARD of the tarot? Those people falling off from the tower which is one fire after being struck by a lightning!

I know this appears scary, but following THE TOWER CARD in the TAROT, is the card of AQUARIUS known as THE STAR. This STAR CARD is about healing and letting the cosmic energies flow through the human dimensions. AS ABOVE SO BELOW, this CARD tells us. You are connected very intimately to the stars above and to all of life.

After the EGO crashes with the TOWER MOMENT, the URANIAN THUNDERBOLT will strike down false pretenses and every thing which is redundant. URANUS is SPIRITUAL AWAKENING and it is coming knocking on our doors! Ready to say hello?

Grief does not change you per say, what it does is, it fosters a revelation of your true self. At no point are you to identify with your grief. At no point are you going to allow it to consume you. At no point will you lose your inherent peace and bliss. This is your lesson for now.

URANUS enters TAURUS and he trines a stellium of planets in Capricorn!

You have to know a bit about TRINES and STELLIUMS…

A trine (abbrev. Tri) is an angle of 120° (1/3 of the 360° ecliptic), an orb of somewhere between 5° and 10° depending on the planets involved. The trine indicates harmony and ease. The trine is a source of artistic and creative talent, which is innate. The trine has been traditionally assumed to be extremely beneficial. ~~WIKI

Some Astrologers even say that thank your lucky stars for all the Trine energy in your natal chart. That is where you will find fluidity, but it is not always the case. TRINES can make us lazy and complacent. We have it easy in that department and we do not seek to better ourselves. It can become a stagnant part of one’s natal chart.

In Understanding the Birth Chart, astrologer Kevin Burk cautions that most astrology books tout the trine as wonderful, but he says the trine is not always the best thing for an individual. Burk writes, “For one thing, trines are always working, which can result in ruts and behavior patterns that are extremely hard to change; and because trines are so easy, we generally don’t take full advantage of them. “Trines represent talent that we don’t necessarily have to work for, and talent that we don’t have to work for often remains unexplored and unexpressed,” says Burke. ~~thoughtco.com

Uranus trines a STELLIUM of planets. Now I remember discussing the STELLIUM with you guys in detail, but for new comers, Let me add a few pointers.

stellium is defined as a group of several planets in a single sign of the zodiac or a single house.~~Astrologydictionary

2017 to 2020 will be the CAPRICORNIAN ERA. Look at the lineup of planets- Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Jupiter and they seek to utterly transform the SATURNIAN 3D structures!

CAPRICORN is now home to some planetary heavy weights like PLUTO, SATURN, MARS, BLACK MOON LILITH, all waiting to look at the angular sky and say to Uranus, “So what talk of revolution do you bring now? Because now we want to support this (R)EVOLUTION and each of us will bring to the table wisdom from what we have learnt in the FIRE SIGNS.” Now they are ready to allow harmonious energy exchange. They want to open up the channels of expression and this will hopefully not be abrupt or sudden. Although with URANUS- EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

This EARTH TRINE after so much fire energy of 2017 is now ready to build the structures on our plans. SATURN in CAP is about 3D solidity, very different from his energy when he is in SAG! He is not in his Fall or Detriment, so he should do fine there, however, the rule-breaking Sag, may not be the authority Saturn’s best friend. Saturn is about rules and structure, confinement and boundaries. If we know anything about SAG, we know they will run the fuck way if you try to impose such on them. But it all changes in Cap. Here, Saturn is in his rulership and finally things can take shape and start to structure themselves.

And since Trines are more a way of being than a way of doing, this will help us JUST BE US even in the most challenging SATURNIAN times.

What of PLUTO? Since 2008, his job has been steady. The deconstruction of the CORPORATIONS, BANKING SYSTEMS, JUDICIARY, LEGAL, HOSPITALS and we can see this happen right before our eyes. Read my piece on Pluto for more clarity.

MARS will add fuel to this mix and BML who is in her detriment in Capricorn is also involved in this Trine and she is the unconscious feminine dark energy. So we have quite a mix for Uranus to face as he enters Taurus. Looking across at him are all his buddies in Capricorn. Wassup dudes?

Now Uranus of course has his own baggage he’s had to work through and deal with…let us discuss his journey.

URANUS has been in ARIES since MARCH 2011! You have definitely felt this move, depending on which house this transit happened and what sign it is and what aspects it makes. If you want more clarity, then look it up or seek help.

Let me give you an example, say ARIES is your FIRST HOUSE, so when URANUS ingressed in there, you have probably experienced a total change in your personality. Who you have become after this transit will be someone totally new. Look back at the change and feel how deep it has been.

Have you felt THE ZEITGEIST of the AGE? ARIES is the FIRST SIGN of the ZODIAC and is all about starting new things. ARIES is the baby of the Zodiac and concentrates all his efforts in the SELF. ARES is a MASCULINE, FIRE SIGN!

On the positive side we have seen the birth of YOUTUBERS! Yours truly being one of them! URANUS is TECHNOLOGY and creating a BRANDIVIDUAL is about sharing one’s ideas and creating a public IDENTITY. ARIES is IDENTITY!

Do you see how so many people found LIBERATION by expressing their personal IDENTITIES to the world through TECH(URANUS)! This is too freaky, because I started my Youtube channel in 2009 which really took off in 2011! And as URANUS culminates his stay here, I have managed to create over 288 videos! This is how accurate astrology can be!

Some feel that the rise of Youtubers and Social Media PERSONALITIES to express oneself has given rise to narcissism. Kids feel tremendous pressure to look good in social media and get the likes, hits and comments.

As a CONTENT CREATOR, I can vouch for how important they can be, but that is not the be all and end all of life. SOCIAL MEDIA can be a very useful tool of communication and while in ARIES, he made you discover your identity and now while in TAURUS, he will bring such crazy INNOVATION to the physical body and the Earth, that most will be left speechless.

Yes, ANTI-AGING systems will come into play and humans can live up to 300 years if things go well. THIS CUTTING EDGE TECH IS ALREADY IN EXISTENCE, BUT WHEN URANUS moves into TAURUS, this will be made available to the masses. This is URANUS’ JUSTICE!

Look at the KARDASHIANS, they represent the narcissism of URANUS in ARIES. Negative attributes like bullying, avarice, killer ambition, overt competitiveness and HUGE EGOS are the shadow sides of this energy and we have seen loads of these.

This whole REALITY T.V SHOW idea may have been around before, but with 2011, came huge hits like THE SURVIVOR, AMERICAN IDOL, THE BACHELOR, HELL’S KITCHEN which changed the way we view content. Things became more personal. Interestingly, the age group with which reality TV was popular was 18 to 49! URANUS represents the YOUTH! And this content captivated them because it was UNIQUE and Uranus loves unique.

Even today, the YOUTH prefers INTERNET VIDEO CONTENT over traditional T.V programming! Thankfully, they have begun to question why it is called PROGRAMMING?

URANUS can be cold and impersonal if not allowed to innovate and cogitate. But enough of cogitation already? What about something concrete?

When URANUS comes into TAURUS, it will be time for us to finally ground our consciousness into our BODIES and deep within GAIA. ARIES is the HEAD, so now time to get out of our heads and come into body-awareness.


VENUS ruled trustworthy TAURUS is a FEMININE, EARTH sign and URANUS’ INGRESS has not brought about this immense hope that finally there will be TRUE EMPOWERMENT FOR WOMEN! Whether we are woke to it or not, this is a new chapter. This is a TURNING POINT!

Something we have to keep in mind, is understanding how we have become slaves to the monetary system and URANUS will ask of us, “FIND YOUR FREEDOM. BE FREE WAGE SLAVE!” Do you see when I am going with this? This transit can help you find financial emancipation. ESPECIALLY if this is happening in your 10th house, which is what’s happening with the LEOS, Sun/Moon/Ascendants. They are facing Uranus in their 10th and this can be life changing period for them as they finally get the recognition they deserve.

Espionage and Intelligence groups will be in focus and these systems are related to Uranus. Cyber groups like Anonymous may become mainstream and many more will surface.

I think psychedelic substances for healing will become a thing because URANUS is a technology that we can use to find healing in our 3D body. There will be psychedelic shamans who use techs like AR/VR and Occulus to induce you to the trance state and while on the trip you will be able to actually interact with the dreamscape. Lucid dreamings can be more mainstream because really powerful tech will become available for us to use to induce this state.

Another thing that I will speak of is how FREQUENCY and resonance will be used to bring on kundalini awakening. So all those meditation modules with frequencies will definitely be used by many and we will be able to easily slip into Theta and Alpha states.

Electronic music can also play a huge role. The musicians may(some def will) discover more refined and sophisticated uses of frequencies which can immediately help elevate the vibe of the crowd at a party and literally create a spiral in consciousness. Parties and festivals can become detox camps and consultation places for many people, addicts and trauma victims alike. Shamans and healers will definitely begin to work with frequencies and psychedelics. They will collaborate with musicians to create such healing frequency based music.

TAURUS can be very sensual, ruled by Venus, so there can be new tech to awaken the sexual libido. And I don’t only mean Viagra. I mean real tech that can take you to the very pinnacle of sexual fulfillment. I will write more about this as the period unravels. URANUS is also very sexual, so expect electrical pulses into earthy Taurus. People will definitely be looking up alternate sexual practices and many times it might not even be about ejaculation. Discover your own tantric sexuality.

What I want to emphasize is that, with this INGRESS, we, as individuals and as the collective might suddenly want to become REAL. Keep it real, bro! Yeah! That could be the refreshing part of this whole transition. I mean no matter who YOU are, just be you. Because there is no one who can be you. It is your job and your alone. Taurus, in her groundedness likes to keep things very real and I think Uranus appreciates that. But that does not mean that you force your REALITY on someone else.

Let me give you an example. I worked under a woman Producer for a while and she is a minor celebrity in her own rights. She was an actress and in one of her films, she posed topless. So you know, this is India where sexuality is totally repressed. She was one of the first women to bare her breasts. Now this is very Uranian and all well and good. But this woman tried to poke fun at other women in the office who would come to work dressed conservatively. She thought because she bared her breasts, she was like the ultimate rule breaker and Uranian archetype, but what she did not realize was that Uranus like INDIVIDUALITY. So if the real you likes a burqa, then so be it. If the real you hates bikinis, then so be it. If the real you loves make up and the world tells you its unreal, then so be it. Stand by your truth, because only YOU know it.

Even the way we use social media may change. More people will be LIVE showing you a piece of their reality and unadulterated. Hashtag No filter! An earthy sense of groundedness may creep back into how we use and interact with social media. There was this shift towards a VIRTUAL SELF or an AVATAR with Uranus in Aries, but now this virtual identity will undergo Uranian transformations. It will be changed forever, so let us see what this brings!!

Remember URANUS met ERIS, the GODDESS of discord in Aries and as he leaves this sign, ERIS will apply a Sextile to Venus and Pallas. This is the very KEY moment when so many women will feel the need to purge the shackles of toxic patriarchy. What a moment when women speak up. You thin #metoo was it? Be ready to see what transpires and Uranus never disappoints.

CERES, the asteroid who is “the quintessential Earth Mother, and rules over food, cooking and nutrition.” This can bring single moms into focus and this time we have to give them a ear.

“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.” ~~ Rosa Luxemburg

JUPITER in SCORPIO RX is TRINE NEPTUNE IN PISCES which is about spiritual vibes permeating the atmosphere while this ingress takes place and these two planets are the RULERS OF PISCES. Beautiful Paradoxical Pisces! Pisces, of ONE LOVE!

Water Trines increase love, compassion, empathy and intuition. Psychic awareness can be profound, but of course, this is Pisces. However Trines can be too much of a good thing and some might try to use religion against a group or individuals for selfish gains.

Traditionally Jupiter trine Neptune is extremely idealistic and esoteric. It is the archetypical guru, mystic, healer or spiritual teacher. It can herald someone coming into your life who serves as a great teacher or mentor, but there can be a tendency to idolise that person too. This is a supremely glamourous connection, almost fairytale. The temptation to go full-on fantasy mode with this as a transit is easy and it will prove hard to keep your feet on the ground. ~~Darkstarastrology

There is this sense of Neptunian fog in the air as this transit takes place, so be mindful of what reality you are subscribing too. Remember, all of this, is just another simulation!

SATURN RX will be CONJUCT VESTA, the asteroid of home and hearth. This makes us crave home. Security and comfort with loved ones. This can be a delightful time to do something with the family. SATURN/VESTA in CAP will TRINE URANUS/MERCURY in Taurus and this tells me that stagnant communication with family can be cleared. Speak with them and try to find common ground and stability that SATURN/VESTA offer. Uranus is the HIGHER OCTAVE of Mercury, so you have the communication mojo happening. This is about spiritual exchange between you and your family. Be there for them.

CHIRON and JUNO are squaring SATURN/VESTA and this can make you insecure about being able to provide for your family. You might feel that you lack friends or family to help you with things. Past issues can surface. Issues about money or debts.

MARS will enter AQUARIUS exactly a day after Uranus’ ingress into Taurus and applies a Square to the Rebel Planet and this might bring forth a peculiar brand of inventive genius(Uranus) that can be expressed through action(Mars). But this is volatile with a capital V. I think the Uranian energy will pervade because of he is the ruler of Aquarius where Mars is placed. Uranus is spiritual force and Mars is brutal, visceral force. This is where ego talks to conscience and realizes the futility of his ways. Hopefully.

URANUS in TAURUS will be a revolution of our FOOD SYSTEMS. My favorite! Yes there will be marked shift in the way we use and abuse the environment and sentient life for food sources. We will also realize through TECH(URANUS) that what we need in our physical bodies(Taurus) is pure, organic, sattvik food. Science(Uranus) will back the research on how a vegan lifestyle is actually the best for the body(Taurus) and the earth(Taurus).

HYDROPONICS, AQUAPONICS, AEROPONICS and urban agriculture will surely gain wide recognition. We may see urban growhouses pop up which will provide food, healthy and organic, to the local community. All food will be tested. Devices for consumers for testing foo will become mainstream, because most of us will become super conscious of what we eat and what we put in our physical bodies. Eating disorders will be openly discussed and tech developed to help such people.

Animal Rights will be huge, mark my words. The Youth are not going for the exploitative systems of the past an are gaining untold wisdom by becoming vegan. There is a renewed respect for life and sentience which heralds a new era of peace and compassion. Also of tremendous tech dependency.

Last but not the least- the ENVIRONMENT will be on everyone’ mind. The public will become more real about what is going on with the earth and there will be URANIAN EARTH WARRIORS now who will take center-stage in world activism.

Natural Resources will be harnessed and put to use. There will be reforms in the laws which protect Gaia and people will start taking it very seriously. TESLA and Musk have some new things to announce which will revolutionize the way we experience reality. And all these laws and changes are being supported by SATURN, the maker of the laws himself. He is in a trine to Uranus who is busy with all these reforms. Saturn and Uranus are old friends, they share Aquarius’ rulership. They’re kinda used to working with each other. Maybe not, sometimes.

Now there is of course a shadow side to all this gloriousness. Uranus can be egotistical and destructive. Rebels without reason to create anarchy and chaos. But through chaos comes order, that is the lesson of Uranus. There will be dust storms, earthquakes and massive earth changes. This saddens my heart. So many will be displaced.

Taurus’ shadow is about hedonism and materialism. They can be stubborn, like the bull and sometimes can be insecure.

The last time Uranus was in Taurus…

“The United States had just effectively abandoned the gold standard in 1933, which led right into the heart of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. It was an incredibly hard time for materialism.”~~paetratauchertastrology.com

Over 1000 economists sign letter warning Trump of second Great Depression…yes I got it from the mainstream press. What do you think?

China and Russia have their own plans with their GOLD BACKED currency, let’s see where this leads…

Be interesting, original, & unique! Be the lone wolf, do not follow the pack! Rejoice in your AUTHENTIC BEING and take no shit..

What a liberation to realize that the ‘voice in my head’ is not who I am. ‘Who am I, then?’ The one who sees that. ~~~Eckhart Tolle

URANUS will be on the 1st Degree of Taurus and the SAABIAN SYMBOL for that degree is, A CLEAR MOUNTAIN STREAM.

So precious this symbol! It speaks of purity and the unfolding of one’s natural self. Not forced. Not contaminated. The message here is embrace your dynamic self which has its roots in the spiritual. Wow! Such profound energies!

A video I made ~~

Pisces Moon/Taurus Sun - YouTube




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Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, be fortified by it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it. ~~Hermann Hesse

GEMINI is all about COMMUNICATION and here VENUS is flirty, talkative and cute, but she has no staying power. She is all over the place, all in one go. If you have you natal VENUS in GEMINI, then you are truly lady-like, sweet, polite, genteel and happy to travel, write and express. Yet, conventional education might not be your thing. Local communities and siblings is important to GEMINI. THIRD HOUSE issues.

VENUS rules TAURUS and she loves it there, but TAURUS is so earthy, that VENUS cannot find the lighter and more fun side of her. She is responsible, steadfast and dependable in TAURUS. The homemaker, but now she becomes the flirt.

In GEMINI, she takes on a more fun and games vibe. She may not marry you, but she can certainly wink at you and maybe even a kiss. Who knows? Who has VENUS In GEMINI here and who will be truthful? How many get tired of relationships and people before you can say JACK ROBINSON! Ha! Think sexy MARILYN MONROE. Yes, a GEMINI SUN.

VENUS in GEMINI can be TWO-FACED, flighty, elusive, complicated and contradictory or they can see a situation through a fresh pair of eyes. GEMINI, the TWIN is enmeshed in duality like all the air signs and sometimes, she can see the pros and cons of a money deal or a relationship easily. Only if she observes it long enough!

VENUS in GEMINI, knows that life is not just black and white, it is not 50 shades of grey, but it could be 47 shades of Fushcia! A bubbly thing she is. And this placement of VENUS brings eternal youth! Seriously! These people look much younger than their age.

GEMINI rules the lungs, arms and legs, so a good idea would be to bring HARMONY(VENUS) into those body parts! Quit smoking if you must. EXERCISE YOUR LUNGS. Do breathwork.

GEMINI is an INTELLECTUAL, ANALYTICAL, INFO JUNKIE, so this is definitely a good time to beautify your intellect. It is ruled by MERCURY and you can invoke the energy of them with the color YELLOW in ceremony and ritual.

Since VENUS here is such a cerebral position, she loves CHALLENGES THAT PUSH HER TO EXPAND HER INTELLECT. SUDOKU, puzzles, word games…they will be into it.

You can use the HORSE or the BUTTERFLY as an animal totem and most VENUS in GEMINI’S seem to love butterflies. Just an observation. LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL can be burned or applied on the body. I will be meditating with AGATE, so if you want one, then drop me a mail. AGATE can really aid in stabilizing this dualistic tug of war energy,

Okay, before I say anything more, VENUS in GEMINI loves TRAVEL and will often times be in a career where she can. Another aspect with VENUS here is that she does not pay attention to her heart. She is so busy in gathering bits of info and in communicating them to the world, that she can lose touch with hr heart chakra. She can be cold and superficial and even angry with small things. Although her anger does not last.

VENUS, if aspected properly in GEMINI can have a huge dose of practical common sense. She moves with MERCURIAL SPEED and is like a bullet train. This might help with CRISIS EVALUATION, hacking and other activities we associate with quick decision making.

VENUS in GEMINI is a total fun loving fashionista and she is definitely into new trends and makeup. She is not just a pretty face, she also has her electric mind. URANUS is the higher OCTAVE of MERCURY. Therefore, this URANIAN energy is present in this placement.

If VENUS here gives into the DUALISM of GEMINI, then we might see their DUAL PERSONALITIES come to light, like CASTOR and POLLUX, the GREEK TWINS.

You know what is scary about a GEMINI? One moment you are their bestie and the next, they are spreading the most vicious rumors about you. Which is why a lower example of VENUS in GEMINI could be a dangerous lover or friend. And another vice of theirs is JUDGEMENT!

GEMINI’S often times judge people quite harshly and this can make them turn easily at any moment. They can start things with enthusiasm, but follow through is bad. They can be egotistical and RESTLESSNESS is a key energy signature of this archetype. They may even have RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME! They can be unsure when making a decision and once they make the decision, most times, they will not stick by it.

Basically, words mean everything to the GEMINI, but sometimes their meanings escape him/her and VENUS here can be all talk and no fuck. She loves paying lip service.

The best thing about VENUS in GEMINI is VERSATILITY, but make sure that you are not behaving like a schizophrenic being pulled at from multiple directions. If you feel like this, then just concentrate on the MAGICIAN CARD of the TAROT DECK and you will EXPERIENCE POWER like never before. DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NOW! You can do it!

VENUS in GEMINI is concerned about poverty, illness and other horrors as long as it does not touch their space. Yes, she can be selfish, but not always.

If you’re in love with a VENUS in GEMINI and find yourself wondering if she is only friends with all those women/men he/she goes out partying with? Know this, that he/she is fickle and inconsistent in his/her emotional body and this can result in mindless sex. It may not even be planned but it could happen, because he/she does not stick to anything in his/her life and nothing is taken so seriously.

But this dual energy of GEMINI is needed to fuse, bend, mutate, change, adjust everything we experience, and then pass it on as COMMUNICATION. MUTABLE GEMINI produces changes in space/time to influence our consciousness and that is the soul work of the true GEMINI.

As I write this, VENUS is on the 13TH DEGREE OF GEMINI and the Part of Body ASSOCIATED with this degree is the Pulmonary veins!

The Sabian Symbol: World famous pianist giving a concert performance.

I love this! This speaks of showcasing our talents, skills or unique abilities through some kinda performance! Do not misconstrue this PERFORMANCE and keep your AUTHENTIC SELF locked up somewhere. Sometimes, even you, by just being you can put up a performance. Your truth may be so powerful that it can equate with a performance, because when you speak it, people are as inspired as listening to a piece of classical music.




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“He looked at his own Soul with a Telescope. What seemed all irregular, he saw and showed to be beautiful Constellations; and he added to the Consciousness hidden worlds within worlds”. ~~Carl Jung

Is the life we live a dream for the dead? The SCORPIONIC FM makes you question- what is life and what is death? But how do you get to the crux of it all? ASTROLOGY has the answers…listen and read on…

Things have been intensifying lately, we feel out of whack and kinda crazy and all we need is some therapy. All we need is some healing and the Universe is serving this healing vibe in heavy doses during this SCORPIO FM coming up on the 29th of April, 2018. All the ACTION is in SCORPIO/TAURUS axis bringing the focus to GROUND deep within our bodies and GAIA , ENCAPSULATING our deep, penetrative, psychic emotions and feelings as well.

Our hearts are tender and bleeding. I know mine is…but we have the potential to tend to that tenderness of the heart. Powerful psychic forces are egging us on.

Remember I told you that every time an eclipse happens in a certain sign, on a particular degree of that sign, then that degree remains active for the next six months or so and every time a planet traverses that degree, it is activated and the energy signature of this degree become palpable

Remember that eclipse we had in Jan in the astrological sign of Leo?


This FM is square the very same degree of that eclipse triggering similar motifs and themes for the individual as well as the collective. This FM is also square the asteroid CERES. I will get to CERES in a bit, but let us discuss the DEEP SCORPIONIC VIBE pervading the air as I write.

The DEGREE of the eclipse in Leo was 10 degrees which this FM opposes. Let us analyze the SABIAN SYMBOL for 11 of SCORPIO where this lunation happens.


What do you think this means? There is a sense of being saved from a dangerous situation. This also shows how the group is concerned about the individual in peril. Think of what makes you feel so helpless, like a drowning individual? What are you doing to save yourself? Are you waving to the crowd? Are you faking your drowning? So many diverse ideas come to the forefront. This also speaks of renewal. A renewal in the way you live. Because once you are faced with your mortality, you realize the beauty of life. What a glorious dawn!

Does this make you ponder about the impossible situations and difficulties you have to deal with? Have you lost all control? Do you feel like you have lost the battle? Do not give up my love…help is at hand.

Look at this with spiritual eyes, yes, even your most mundane issues. Do you feel like you are drowning in your career? Marriage? Friendships? Interpersonal relationships? Co-dependencies? Are you lost on your spiritual path? Why don’t you ALLOW your HIGHER SELF to give a helping hand to your EGO SELF this FM? Only you can help you…resuscitate. Remember, the breath is the key to existence.

In some cases, this can manifest as physical symptoms like ASTHMA, bronchitis and other breathing issues. This can sometimes also signify NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES! Do not let fear or angst overwhelm you right now. REBIRTH yourself. DO NOT LOSE THE SELF IN THE BARDO STAGES!

“What is born will die, what has been gathered will be dispersed, what has been accumulated will be exhausted, what has been built up will collapse and what has been high will be brought low.” ~ Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Remember after any drowning, a human is changed forever. Now will you remain scared and in anguish about this wound that is suffocating you? Or will you embrace it and wear it like a badge of honor?

Let us also look at 10 degrees of TAURUS which is active as the polar axis of SCORPIO. The SUN is in TAURUS and URANUS is almost ready to ingress there.

The Solar degree symbol for the 10th degree of Taurus is “A Red Cross nurse.”

Dane Rudhyar says, this degree is one of “Natural, unrestrained pouring of self in service to one’s fellow-men” and “self-expression through compassionate understanding.”

This service can be done by helping a drowning human, even better, if that is yourself. Serve yourself first. Save yourself first and then think of humanity.

The Full Moon is also aspecting retrograde Saturn still at 9° 01’, only 8 minutes from his retrograde station point.


The GROUNDING and SECURE feeling this FM fosters is due to a SEXTILE between La Luna and SATURN, the planet of KARMA and this is  very encouraging aspect, especially as MERCURY and SATURN have been involved in a tense conversation. There was a SQUARE playing out in the skies that has had us feeling abject and hopeless. We’ve been feeling like we’re going no where. Everything is STAGNANT. A HERMIT moment? Or a HANGMAN moment?

Remember that ODIN received the knowledge of magic and the RUNES after remaining suspended for nine days in the Yggdrasil! Odin describes how he had no food nor drink there, that he peered downward, and that “I took up the runes, screaming I took them, then I fell back from there.”

So suspension is not necessarily a hindrance. You have to wait to get your RUNES and then the time will come for you to FALL BACK into existence. How poetic! The HERMIT moment is as necessary as the EIGHT 0F WANDS moment. Enough of obscure Tarot talk. All you need to take from this is that HAVE PATIENCE.

If you’ve done the karma necessary to built the life you want, then this FM in SCORPIO brings a HUGE RESOLUTION. This is the KARMIC PAYOFF time and everybody gets their due. It’s time to bask in the limelight of our TRUE SELF! NO MORE HIDING!

The Moon is in Scorpio, making Mars in Capricorn its worldly ruler, and Pluto in Capricorn is its Spiritual Ruler. The Sun is in Taurus, making Venus in Gemini its worldly ruler, and TransPluto in Virgo its Spiritual Ruler. Venus in Gemini is ruled by Mercury in Aries, itself ruled by Mars in Capricorn. This makes Mars VERY important in this Wesak Festival Full Moon, and a key component of the Wisdom being poured out to the world at this time. ~AQUARIUS PAPERS

Now let us get deep into understanding this paragraph. FULL MOONS are tremendously potent timeframes to rewire and reboot the whole hologram we experience. If you look at experiences people have during FMS, then you know how everything and everyone becomes SUPER FRICKIN’ CHARGED. The term lunacy originated because of uncontrollable behavior people displayed during such lunations. Now there is of course the theory that we are FOOD FOR THE MOON, but let us keep that aside.

Let us look at the MOON as the repository of FEMININE WISDOM. Patriarchy devalued and perverted the lunar mysteries of menstruation and this FM, with MARS being the initiator, let us reclaim this sacred right of intuitive awareness and awaken the womb wisdom inherent in all us, be it male or female. I know I am due to bleed that time and if you are too, then make this a sacred ritual and ceremonial occasion. SCORPIO LUNATIONS are excellent for magick and spell work!

MOON in SCORPIO is a precarious scenario because the MOON is in her fall in SCORPIO, so this position can bring in discomfort of the emotions. Although the MOON is all about emotions, she hates it in murky and deep SCORPIO where the emotional turbulence can make her feel out of place. If you feel such, then it is time to calibrate with SATURN in a SEXTILE which is so HARMONIOUS and full of potential. In a world of crazy movement and dynamism, STILLNESS and QUIETUDE can be terrifying, but through the exploration of our UNCONSCIOUS, we can learn to work with SILENCE. And then magick happens…

SCORPIO shows you that SPIRITUAL TRUTH is not just ESOTERIC and OCCULT, it is actually a PROFOUND COMMON SENSE.

SATURN will make you feel close to your family as the moon is all about your childhood, mother and how you play the role of a mother. This can make you protective, but sometimes this is needed.

Now going back to the para- MARS and PLUTO are in emphasis because these are the two energy fulcrums that rule this water sign that has to do with the UNCONSCIOUS. Interestingly, both MARS and PLUTO are positioned in CAPRICORN.

Since PLUTO entered CAPRICORN in 2008, it is bringing immense transformation by changing governments and corporations. The change is POWERFUL and we can feel it. Now MARS can bring great force to this equation and give us the necessary power and vroom to execute all those necessary changes.

Our deepest fears are also PLUTO and this is being tested with all things CAPRICORNIAN where the rhetoric is all about MY WAY OR THE HIGH WAY. CAPRICORN holds space for tradition, even when redundant. But PLUTO has no time or energy for stagnancy, you see. Whatever has to die, must die. Naturally or unnaturally. No overt compulsiveness now please. Just ease into metamorphosis.

MARS is quicker than PLUTO as he travels through the ZODIAC and his entry into Capricorn at the end of September, and will be on his way to Aquarius by November 9/10th. This is the quick and forceful window of time that is opening up now. Push through with all the zeal and the gusto, even when you fall flat on your face. This kind of activation of all things MARTIAN and PLUTONIC does not happen very often. But being just RASH and BRASH will not always work. CAPRICORN holds you accountable.

Let me digress and speak a bit about TORSION FIELDS that the planets create that influence every human being. Want to know why ASTROLOGY works? It is because of this force exerted on us by the planets and their TORSION FIELDS.

To quote directly from Dark Mission, Chapter 2: “… changes in one gravitationally-connected system on a large scale, like the planetary scale of a solar system, can therefore have an instantaneous, measurable effect on other bodies in the same system — providing there is a “resonance condition” (a matched connection) between those two objects via hyperspace. Thus, the Hyperdimensional Model argues that everything, even widely separated three-space objects like remote planets, are ultimately connected through this four-space interaction…

These SPINNING BODIES above and we below are connected through this TORSION FIELD which not only stores information but also the same energy signature.

Therefore whether we believe in astrology or not, whether we believe in the occult or not, we will experience these force fields. Pure Science. And the TORSION FIELDS of both PLUTO and MARS are dynamic and HERCULEAN in their own ways.

A Russian Scientist, Dr. Kozyrev discovered that human thoughts and feelings generate torsion waves which interact with the torsion fields of the planets and stars and constellations. He also discovered that EMOTIONAL THOUGHTS created more force in the TORSION FIELD than INTELLECTUALISM. And if anything, by now you know, SCORPIO is not intellectual, but emotional. SCORPIO is EMOTIONAL DEPTH, volatility, turbulence till balance is reached. There is sarcasm and vindictiveness with this energy where lower vibes make themselves felt.

Your EMOTIONS will create what you feel as your torsion field interacts with the planets above. MARS, SATURN, PLUTO and the MOON. The main players of this lunation. The three archetypes have to be worked through- MARS(ACTION/IMPULSE) like the KNIGHTS of the TAROT. Then SATURN, which is about paying our dues and reaping what we sow. Then there is PLUTO which DEATH and REBIRTH and finally the MOON connects our emotional body to these torsion fields and we have a magickal whirlpool of such substantial and solid vibes at play to create something wonderful.

Look for SCORPIO in your chart. Look also at TAURUS and look at CAPRICORN. What planets are there? What aspects do they make? You can find out more with me and in those areas you will have to create magic!

SCORPIO DECAN 2 at that. People with planets here, especially VENUS or MARS will forever look for that elusive soulmate. Even the MOON here is forever seeking the soul connection. The mysterious lover. This becomes the quest of life…often times to their detriment.

The Second Decan of Scorpio is also known as the Pisces Decante and the “Week of Depth.” The motto of the Second Decan of Scorpio is “Transmutation.” The influence of Neptune — this Decan’s secondary ruling Planet — may prompt these talented natives to seek an escape courtesy of some form of addiction, such as drugs or gambling for example. ~~SCORPIOSEASON

What is a DECAN? The decans are associated with traits which reinforce or modify the essential characteristics of the astrological Sun sign and the other planets and ASPECTS of any NATAL CHART.

NEPTUNE is in PISCES and JUPITER is in SCORPIO and they are TRINE this lunation. Now there is more water coming up in this magickal dose of empathy and intuitiveness which can be a salve of healing for all of us. But do not bury your awareness with intoxicants.

SCORPIO decan 2 is ruled by the Sun and Jupiter (Pisces triplicity). The Sun traverses the constellations of the Southern Cross, the Scales, the Crown and the Serpent from November 2 to 11. Here resides the Zodiac’s James Bonds. This is the zone of spies, femme fatales, spellbinders, game players and depth psychologists and occultists. ~~DARKSTAR ASTROLOGY

Astrologers teach that the SECOND or MIDDLE DECAN of any sign deals with EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL themes and this lunation appearing in this decan evokes the PISCES/VIRGO axis. Now we see how the PISCES TRIPLICITY plays out here, evoking mysticism, spirituality and the dissolution of boundaries. Yet, SATURN is SEXTILE to the FM, so boundaries will always be applied.

Themes of DEATH and TRANSMUTATION dance in the forefronts of our psyches with this decan an we feel like we have a goal. A higher purpose in life. I have always seen people with personal planets here are obsessed with finding this reason to exist. Their lives can become all about the pursuit of this purpose.

CARL SAGAN had his SUN in this DECAN of SCORPIO, at 16 degrees I think.

“Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.”~Carl Sagan, Cosmos

When this ELUSIVE and MYSTERIOUS DECAN of SCORPIO comes into play, and with MARS, PLUTO in CAPRICORN, there is an amplification of the sexual energy. There is also IDEALISM in this decan of SCORPIO which makes them magnetic and alluring with all this sexual surcharge. Experiences may be eruptive and volatile, in bed and in board rooms. Mindfulness if the key. The CHIRONIC KEY to healing through the smokes and mirrors of SCORPIO.

The second decan of Scorpio is represented in a Tarot deck by the Six of Cups. STARE at it, MEDITATE AND JOURNAL.

In the film Parenthood there is a scene in which all the members of a large family come together to witness a birth. As the camera moves from person to person, we see as if for the first time the uniqueness of each one. The people talk and laugh, but suddenly their actions seem anything but ordinary. There is a sweetness in the air that builds until we see its very embodiment – the new baby. This is the spirit of the Six of Cups.~~learntarot.com

This SIX OF CUPS also may deal with INNER CHILD work. Think of INNOCENCE and the moment you felt closer to that vibration and you will find peace. This card is about PEACE. Thank Goddess!

CHIRON is CONJUNCT JUNO, the archetype of MARRIAGE and COMMITMENT which speaks about healing any jealousies and insecurities, BECAUSE JUNO was fed up and pissed of about JUPITER’S philandering ways. Look at any toxic systems of use and abuse and sexual disharmony in your relationship. Do not allow feelings of inadequacy to pop up. JUNO reconnects TWINFLAMES and SOULMATES, so many such energies will be reunite through the teachings of CHIRON in ARIES. JUNO/CHIRON will also reveal many powerful women healers who can be found anywhere. It can be your mother who heals you through a hand cooked meal or your wife who can make love to you like a Goddess. Healing will occur.

URANUS and the dwarf planet ERIS, the GODDESS OF DISCORD and STRIFE are SQUARING the RULER of SCORPIO where this lunation takes places, making this a diabolical URANIAN THUNDERBOLT of awakening. Ready to be wokeaf?

Ceres square the full moon and quincunx Saturn means working women, single parents and the environment will come under a lot of pressure during the next two weeks. ~~astrologyking

The MOON is traditional MOTHERHOOD and women, but CERES is the archetype of the contemporary 21st century woman. So there can be a conflict depending on which archetype you identify with. You may feel the mothering instinct, but at the same time, you may crave independence.

“Moon square Ceres can very easily destroy life instead of saving it. It can love so hard and hug so tightly that it ends up squeezing the life out of their loved ones. At the most negative, Moon square Ceres can be the narcissistic mother who engulfs her child to the extent that the child doesn’t even realize she is being abused. This aspect coupled with the devouring nature of Scorpio decan 1, makes the topic of child-abuse more likely to be raised in the media.” ~~Marina MarcarioDarkstar Astrology

Something will DIE within the individual and the collective. Choose wisely as to what you will allow its natural death. Choose also what needs to be reborn and purge away anything that is unnecessary.

Also on the world stage I think it is time for us all to acknowledge that the EMPEROR actually has NO CLOTHES ON…You know what I mean…dig deep.

Now following this FM is the sacred festival of BELTANE which is all about HONORING LIFE. It deals with fertility and renewal of spring. I suggest after dancing away the FM in SCORPIO watch the SUN rise and make love. To yourself and your mate.

“The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our separate ways, I to die, and you to live. Which of these two is better only God knows.” ~ Socrates





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