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Soul Lesson Of Scorpio Ascendant - YouTube

.For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. ~Kahlil Gibran

A cycle in a cycle in the bosom of infinity…and yet, we are afraid…afraid of death. Afraid of dying.

I mean how can we fear death, because when we exist in the sense of I AM, then how can there be any death? How can there be any obliteration of consciousness? Consciousness never dies, even when the body you are using now is discarded by your soul. Yes, this is all an act, you and me, the actors. Welcome to the simulation!

As Da Vinci said…While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die. Each day, each moment of our borrowed time in 3D is dying. One small step at a time…

A blessed Wesak festival as this is the energy of the Buddha, this is the energy of Shamballa, this is the energy of the Ascended Masters. and eternal Buddha energy is pouring out from the heavens for us! There is stardust everywhere!

Mars in Cancer should add to the compassion as well as the Wesak energy. We need to consciously ground that expansive, enlightening energy. The Wesak celebrates the attainment of Buddhahood by Shakyamuni and the Sun in fixed earth and the Moon in Taurus which is fixed water is about embodying the now!

The Moon is in Scorpio, making Mars in Cancer its worldly ruler, and Pluto in Capricorn its Spiritual Ruler. Both very intensifying energies.

This Scorpio Moon with Mars in Cancer and Saturn, Pluto, Ketu together in Capricorn feels like a sojourn through the Bardo stages. Scorpio ruled by Mars/Pluto is the realm of death, all things occult, sex, obsessions, taboos, passions and ultimately the rebirth! Yes Actor, you have been assigned a new role. Maybe things were getting slightly stagnant anyways and you needed a change.

Pluto rules not only death, it also rulers the underworld and the time spent in it before the rebirth. We can see the play of the trinity here, Death, Afterlife and Rebirth. Reminds me of the three stages of the sign of Scorpio- the Scorpion, the eagle and finally the Phoenix. With Pluto so close to Ketu and Saturn, I think we are still wading through the afterlife. The surreal landscape of the death and destruction caused the the Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn era. All structures are falling, yet there is a tremendous impetus to control the global population, especially women. Just like livestock!

I think the Divine Feminine has been killed and mutilated by the patriarchy and she is swimming in the Bardo stages, just like us. Reflecting on where it went wrong! The antarabhāva or the Bardo stage is of utmost importance because there are three primary stages that occur between life and death, again a play on the triple vibration!

There are six Bardo stages, but I will discuss the three Bardos of dying, experiencing the “reality” and finally rebirth and link it to the stars above. You know why I speak of the Bardo Thodol today, because this ancient text is to help people deal with death and its aftermath. As Emily Dickinson said, Dying is a wild night and a new road…” and we’re on a wild ride with this intensifying Scorpio full moon glimmering in the skies above to remind us that she too will wane. Because what else is left after waxing? Inevitability of the waning stage!

Scorpio Moon/Taurus Sun - YouTube

During a Scorpio FM we have the Sun in Taurus. But wait there are numerous planets in Taurus adding an extra emphasis on what we hold dear. What we treasure. Our earthly possessions. Our material wealth.

What we think we treasure. What we are addicted to. What we cannot absolutely do without. But if we know anything, we know that Scorpio lunations are about LETTING GO. Yes in all caps. Couldn’t be expressed in any other way!

The thing is that the Moon always tries to shine a light on our inner feelings, thoughts and emotions which is why the full moons are always volatile and dangerous. Amp up the energy quotient when this FM happens to be in Scorpio. And the traditional ruler of this sign has just entered Cancer. This is the fall position of Mars which means actions can be thwarted but it will be for our own betterment, whatever happens.

Remember at this time, with Mars going into an opposition with Saturn/Pluto/Ketu over the next weeks, there will be much changes in the way you perceive things to be. This will depend on the aspects transiting Mars is making with your natal Mars and if you are a Scorpio ascendant, then Mars your traditional ruler will be opposite your relatively new ruler Pluto and this will change you in ways which serve your best interests. Definitely will make you more spiritual as when planets get touched by the South Node, there is always an inner lesson which leads to spiritual awareness.

Angel of Scorpio- archangel Jeremial and camael - YouTube

Mars is your desire impulse, so relationships can seem very karmic. Ketu is also about past incarnations and Mars opposite can do that. Propelled by karmic life force you can find yourself face to face with someone you feel you’ve known for ages. Maybe even before you speak. Water signs be mindful and allow this to happen.

Uranus, Mercury, the Sun, Venus are in Taurus, the polarity of Scorpio and they are clashing with the Moon. Oppositions are energy vortexes. Powerful tug of war games played by the celestial bodies. Who will win? Practical Taurean logic? Or the passionate emotions of the Scorpionic Moon? The sun is also conjunct this notorious Fixed Star Algol who brings misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence, and gives a dogged and violent nature. With the Sun: Violent death or extreme sickness.” ~Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.41, 124.

The Moon is conflicted in Scorpio and as I have said a hundred times, this is a turbulent placement to say the least. Here, we have a flood-gate of emotions breaking creating a tsunami capable of tremendous destruction. For some of you, this will be the first stage- the death experience. You are now in the first Bardo and you’re confused. You are worried.

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins? Edgar Allan Poe

Everything your ego has known and held onto is now crashing down. Like tumultuous waves on the ocean floor. There is no respite, just the violence of the waves on your fragile psyche. The Bardo of dying draws on you and you are scared, to lose what you hold dear. All the planets in Taurus are stubborn, if you are experience them in hard aspects and they are making you want to cling on even more. You cannot let go. Your desires and cravings for worldly objects and soul-less sex is driving you to schizophrenia.

Esoteric Astrology- Scorpio - YouTube

The need of this Bardo is you abandon these cravings. Do it now before their toxicity engulfs you. Listen, merge your awareness with something higher, something transcendental. The time has come to let go of the shell of the Scorpion and the body underneath of flesh and blood. Your physical body is just an empty shell, so be mindful of what you sow in there. For what you sow, you shall reap, Saturn, Father Time reminds us. Karma is all encompassing and you can never avoid it.

Just walk through this Bardo stage, with your head held high, love in your heart and the sound of OM on your lips, you are now on the path to soar high. High up in skies…Now listen and listen carefully, if you allow fear and confusion to rule your heart right now, as you walk through the Bardo of death, then you will wander aimlessly through the intermediate realms. Lost and abject. Here, you will find dark entities, born as a Tulpa from your unconscious that are akin to demons. They will frighten and intimidate you, only if you let fear reign supreme. Why are you afraid of death? Why are you afraid to let go?

We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will. ~Chuck Palahniuk

I think this is what Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and Ketu is trying to tell us. What will you create that will last forever? I mean this statement is juvenile in a sense because nothing lasts forever, but you cannot expect Chuck Palahniuk to spew out metaphysics like a Buddha. I mean after all he wrote Fight Club. Not Dhamma Texts.

What will you create? You have all this Wesak Wisdom pouring forth. But if you do not allow the creation of new space by letting go of the old, then there is no space for new thought forms embedded in wisdom and light to take shape. Saturn is also widely sextile Neptune, which contains elements of magic, sorcery, serenity and enchantment. And Neptune himself is separating from a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius.


The second stage of death to rebirth is the afterlife. Let us link this to the flight of the eagle in the archetypal understanding of this sign. This Bardo is the Bardo of visions and what do you think an eagle sees when they fly. Visions of life. Unattached, aloof, aware. The eagle sees the inherent wisdom in what we call civilization.

There is no awe or terror as the eagle views activity on earth from the skies. The eagle watches. Be that eagle. For some of you, this will be the Bardo stage you will experience in the full moon in the sign of death and rebirth. If you are in this Bardo, remember to never let these “visions” inundate your psyche. Understand them to be projections of your own mind. Watch them like a film.

Never identify. Keep that flight of the eagle in your mind. Remember if you successfully traverse this Bardo, you will be allowed to choose your next incarnation. Think logically, now after you conquer these projections, you will be free to choose to live the life you have wanted to. Be circumspect, just this once and do not let your unconscious fears swallow up the process of your rebirth. Do not rush into the creation of a new you, this rebirth is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Stay with conscious intention.

Death is like a mirror in which the true meaning of life is reflected. Sogyal Rinpoche

Here I will link something very exquisite in the Bardo visions to the sign of Scorpio which deals with death yes, but also sex. Stay with me on this. It will be worth it. Now in this stage of the Bardo which is the rebirth stage, individuals see the visions of copulating couples. Yes they see men and women copulating. The divine feminine and masculine polarities are at play and this is the most literal symbol of it all.

And this is why the ancients linked Scorpio to death as well as sex. Because the ultimate vision of this Bardo is the sexual process being played out through time and space. This is why you are now ready to rise up as the Phoenix. You have chosen your next incarnation. I mean not literally, but you have now decided on the new you that will be born at this time. The New you is the Phoenix now about to be born under the watchful eyes of the Scorpionic full moon. Watching us play out the archetypal dance below as they do above.

Pluto in Scorpio - YouTube

What can you do? Do not identify with either the male or the female. Feel no aversion or attraction to either, just be a watchful observer of the simulation. Believe me the simulation likes to be watched. Submerge your consciousness with the ONE ALL and allow the rebirth to take shape.

O friend! Hope for Him whilst you live, know while you live, understand while you live:
for in life deliverance abides.
If your bonds be not broken whilst living, what hope of deliverance in death?
It is but an empty dream that the soul shall have union with Him because it has passed from the body:
If He is found now, He is found them,
If not, we do but go to dwell in the city of Death.
If you have union now, you shall have it hereafter.
Bathe in the Truth, know the true Guru, have faith in the true Name.
Kabir says:
It is the spirit of the quest that helps;
I am the slave of the Spirit of the quest. Songs of Kabir

The Moon in opposition to all the Taurean crew including Algol, called Satan’s head will have you wandering aimlessly in the netherworld without the resurrection of your phonenix soul. Take control back, because Scorpio/Pluto is about control and learn to let go of control. You cannot even control your own mind. Try it and see how difficult it is to numb the monkey brain! The non stop chattering in there has us going nuts as we are churned round on the nauseating giant wheel of modern life.

All this happening in DECAN 3 of Scorpio, which is ruled by Venus and the Moon (Cancer triplicity) which means that a heavy emotional oeuvre dominates this decan. Will they be dark or will they be creative? You decide. The challenge from the opposition planets in Taurus especially Algol tells me that the rebirth process might be encumbered with difficulties. Yet there is persistence to fixed watery Scorpio. Guess who has his Sun on this decan? Our favorite Psychonaut, Terence Mckenna.

“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.” ~Terence Mckenna

This is the shamanic magick of this Cancer ruler Decan of the intense sign of Scorpio!

Neptune in Scorpio - YouTube

The Tarot Card for this Decan of Scorpio is SEVEN OF CUPS!

Too many options? You cannot make up your mind and land up wasting them? Maybe let go of that Scorpionic control factor? ALLOW-FLOW-BE

The Sabian Symbol of the 28th degree of Scorpio is

The king of the fairies approaching his domain…

What do you think this means? Returning home. That’s kinda the energy of Mars in Cancer, North Node or Rahu in Cancer and Cancer herself. It’s all about home…home…home…

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. Maya Angelou

There is of course much sexual energy in the air, but I feel very dualistic right now about women’s reproductive rights and abortions and the whole gamut. I am very touchy about this, which is why I do not bring focus to the sexual energy…right now, I am focused on magick! Sexual bliss for women is magick, right?

Sex pleasure in woman is a kind of magic spell; it demands complete abandon; if words or movements oppose the magic of caresses, the spell is broken. Simone de Beauvoir

Uranus in Scorpio - YouTube

Much love and Blessings this Scorpio FM


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Gripped in the claw of the constellation Scorpius sits the reflection nebula DG 129, a~ IMAGE CREDIT NASA

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Esoteric Astrology- Taurus - YouTube

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.”
― Anais Nin

Well, its now time to revive that love…love is not a feeling, it is a state of being…it is a vibration!

This Taurean NM on the 15th degree is all about embodiment, but this time, it is slightly different. About 76 odd years later, Uranus has moved into Taurus. The Sun moved into Taurus and was conjunct Uranus on the 22nd of April and the Moon felt this electrical zap just yesterday. And today we have the NM vivified by their connect to the spiritual awakening Uranus who is on the 3rd degree of that sign whereas this lunation happens in the midpoint of Taurus.

This lunation is harmonious with Neptune and those two right there- Taurus and Pisces are two of the most creative signs of the zodiac. So this makes it a time of beauty, harmony, mystical yearnings and self actualization. To cement this creativity and to truly embody it, we have the Fixed star Almach adding a massive dose of similar vibes. “Fixed star Almach gives eminence, artistic ability and honors, especially in military endeavors. A cheerful nature with a liking for change, diversion and amusement brings popularity and benefits from others…” Love and reconciliation spells are especially powerful under the influence of the constellation of Andromeda.

And this lunation being ruled by Venus, the lady of love and passion, of sex and romance! She will be out of Bounds for most of the month, I mean this is unruly and sexciting. A planet goes out of bounds, it means that it has crossed the normal elliptic which the planets normally travel between and lady Venus escapes the borders May 6th  reaches the furthest distance out of bounds May 21st, then returns back to the border to wait until June 8th. Now there are no rules of fairplay in love and money. Venus if free, free, free…free to love as she wants. But is she? Let’s discover…

Angel of Taurus- archangel Chamuel and Hagiel - YouTube

There is not much going on in terms of aspects except a wide trine to the near conjunction of Saturn RX, Pluto RX and Ketu or the South Node. Mars is disoriented in Gemini and Mercury is in Aries and recently was conjunct Chiron. Venus is in Aries as well, fueling our inner need to venture into territories unknown, no matter who we sacrifice on the pyre of our desires. All is fair in love and war, only if Mars could retain his attention. All this fire and air, it needs grounding, which is why we have this lunation happening in Taurus and is there a sign better suited to grounding? I ask of thee…no there isn’t.

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiacal wheel, but is the first sign of earth. Spring is here and we are awake. Nature awakens…I had this image of Te Fiti, the earth Goddess from Moana, that Disney animated film.

After her heart had been stolen by the demigod Maui, she became Te Kā, a demon manifested of fire and magma, who served as the main antagonist of the film. With Te Kā in her place, the world that Te Fiti created is slowly consumed by a life-killing darkness. Restoring Te Fiti’s heart and stopping the darkness serves as the driving conflict of the film…this is such a powerful allegory this day.

It is us who are guilty of stealing the heart of Gaia or earth and she has become a “demon”, purging and destroying toxic man made structures. I think this NM, let us pledge to return that heart to Gaia and let her be restored to Te fiti, the life giving mother. We call the earth Vasundhara in the Vedas and also Prithvi. She is also known as Bhumi, holding a blue lotus in her right hand and showing the abhaya mudra with her left. Abhaya means no fear. Have no fear as you surrender to the power of this mother matrix. In Indonesia, where she is known as Ibu Pertiwi and is the mother if all Indonesian people.

The earth is delightful in her sights and sounds. Her colors appeal to our senses. Her smells and tastes nourish us and her touch electrifies us. Especially with Uranus making this his home for the next seven years, you can bet, this earth energy will electrify.

Venus In Aries - YouTube

Make this energy work for you as earth is all about that- manifesting. Soon Mercury and Venus will join Uranus in Taurus. This will definitely be some special mojo in the air when this happens. I think it is on the 6th that Mercury moves into Taurus. Till now the Psychopomp was in mutual reception with Mars in Gemini and that might have been a catalyst in having those difficult conversations or creating that piece of art with rigor and discipline.

Jupiter RX is in Sagi squaring Mars in Gemini and of all the planets, it is he who is at the outer most part of the zodiac, so all ethereal energies that are blowing towards us is being magnified by the Jupiterian touch. This NM should be productive as well as relaxing if we allow it to be and is connected to Neptune and Pluto through midpoints and having these connections, I can imagine that the next few weeks will be full of synchronicity and messages from spirit and ancestors. Great for 11.11 meditation and ancestor healing spells.

Venus is the ruler of this lunation in exoteric astrology, but Vulcun or the goldsmith of the Gods who shapes souls for the upward spiral to spirit is the soul ruler. There is pleasure and indulgences of all sorts with Taurus, but pleasures do not have to be defined by excesses.

Mercury In Aries - YouTube

Spiritual practices can bring much pleasure and remember Taurus, this time with Uranus in your sign, nothing will feel like the ordinary. Everything seems abrupt and ever changing, something you folks do not care about. No Taurus does not care about change, especially if it is sudden and unplanned. Taurus does not like speed and here Uranus is going nitro. Because that is what this planet does. It rules Aquarius and the 11th house of community and innovation. And it is the soul ruler of Libra, the other sign ruled by Venus.

Venus OFB does have a special connect going on right there with Uranus. But there could be an innate desperation from the ongoing square with Saturn in Cappy and this is a retrograde Saturn bringing in more potency due to its closeness to the human energetic field as during retro motions, a planet is closest to earth. Venus is also trine Jupiter RX. That is a smooth operator. And I almost forgot, she is conjunct Eris, the discord bringer. The feminine is angry, volatile, sexual and hungry in ways we cannot define.

Remember Taurus is the physical body and this could be a time of vivid lucid dreams, especially if you have your natal Moon at about 3 of Taurus. You can literally connect to people and places. You can literally get an idea about your creative life or you may even reconnect to your mother. If Taurus is your sixth house, then be careful. That will make you a Sag AS. Take care of your throat and what comes out of your mouth. You may restructure your appearance with Uranus on your moon or reconfigure your emotional body. It’s all possible. You and fellow earth sign Cappy are definitely the signs to watch out for in the coming years.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Uranus are ruled by the mutual reception this NM. Many planets are ruling themselves, like Jupiter in Sag, Saturn in Cap and Neptune in Pisces. Saturn also rules Pluto and are very close together and of course Neptune being in rulership for so long has been imbuing the collective with its mystical mists and other worldly vibes. Now Neptune is at 19 degrees of Pisces and he hasn’t been here from 1854-56. And now Neptune can look forward to the latest entry into his domicile. It is none other than BML who is now in Pisces having gone there on May 2nd and their meet will be exact early October.

Mars in Gemini - YouTube

This Decan 2 of Taurus has the energy of Virgo, its fellow earth sign, which is about analysis and hard work. Also with the Saturnian Fixed Star Menkar, we have the possibility of “disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune.”

“Menkar is typical of stars with a Saturnian nature. It portends danger from beasts, disgrace, ill fortune, and illness to all those born under its influence.”

The Sun/Moon are also quincunx Ceres, the asteroid. This energy is like that of Cancer and also a bit like Taurus, because Taurus rules vegetation and agriculture and Ceres rules Nourishment. But Ceres is deeply connected to Scorpio and Pluto. It was because Pluto married Persephone, her daughter and took her to the underworld that Ceres stopped growing food. Finally a deal was struck and half year Persephone lived with Ceres when the earth was green and the remaining months, when she went to Pluto, the earth saw winter. So there is a duality with Ceres and this can bring up issues regarding the abundance in our lives as quincunx is a difficult planetary conversation. Ceres is intimately involved with female liberation movements. So more power to that.

Let us do the manifestation thing by writing down what we want from the Universe. The NM trine Saturn and sextile Neptune adds fodder for that. But remember that the fall side of Taurus is over attachment and hoarding. We do not want to share. And that quincunx to a RX Pallas IN Libra can exacerbate this tendency.

All About Taurus - YouTube

The SABIAN SYMBOL of the 15th degree of Taurus is -Head Covered With A Rakish Silk Hat, Muffled Against The Cold, A Man Braves A Storm

KEYNOTE: The courage needed to meet the crises precipitated by social ambition.

The man with the silk hat has seen some of his ambitious efforts bring him social success; but he learns that often “nothing fails like success.” The storm may be within him, or it may attack his social status. He is ready to face it daringly. This shows a willingness to accept crises and to go through them — and therefore great character, the soil upon which a higher kind of consciousness may develop.

This is the fifth and final stage of this ninth five-fold sequence of symbols. It implies a transition to a new level at which the individual who has learned from experience demonstrates a truly mature mind. What is revealed here is CHARACTER under adverse circumstances. ~Straight woo

Learn The Tarot _ The Hierophant Or The High Priest - YouTube

Much abundance is on the way…blessed be


DONATE PLEASE- PAYPAL tina@tinaheals.com

Taurus Sun - YouTube
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Angel of Libra- archangel Jophiel and Hagiel - YouTube

Why is it a pink moon you ask? Because this is the time of the pink phlox flowers that adorn the earth in all their glory in North America. They are wildflowers that are bee friendly and attract butterflies.

Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. – Dead Poet Society

All of these beautiful things are ruled by Venus, the ruler of this Full Moon at the very end of Cardinal, male sign Libra. Venus herself is in the sign of Pisces, a part of the sky which holds her exaltation and since Libra is about relationships, it is time to re-evaluate what value intimate people have in our lives. It is time to ask the hard questions. Is so and so good for my soul growth? If not, then there surely will be conflict and hopefully, a resolution.

Sometimes when society thinks that a person is bad for us, then we give in. Even if in our hearts we know this to be untrue. And we know everything about the person seems right, even the problems, the challenges and the BS. But often times, we are unable to make up our minds about X or Y and something that could have been beautiful is lost in the static of space.

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever. – The Notebook

Almost an impossibility…but we tread on…

Libra is concerned about relationships, soulmates, twinflames and 3d marriages. We can see how in our contemporary culture romantic love has been elevated to an almost spiritual level. And I say almost because, it is not quite so. Although at the very heart of the twinflame search is the need to find ourselves. A need to connect with our own souls. The greatest homecoming.

Romantic love can be quite a complex thing because often times we fall in love with our own unconscious projection and this creates its own ecosystem of problems. The other person is often overlooked because we are so busy in trying to fill in the gaps with our imaginations. Here we actually project what we want to believe about the other person and this leads to disillusionment.

Because the person in front is a living breathing person, not just some mannequin on whom we can project our unconscious and he or she will continue to keep reflecting all that back to us.

This is a near impossibility which is why romantic love, the way society has perverted it because it has elevated it to such a degree which holds no realism, is not realistic. Libra FMs definitely want to find harmony, which is why they tend to overlook certain issues. They avoid their gut about situations and people and want to believe in the best. Pisces also does that,which is why Venus is exalted in Pisces. This energy of immersing oneself with  beauty and harmony, with this there is an inherent.

Esoteric Astrology- libra - YouTube

“Romantic love not just a form of “love,” it is a whole psychological package — a combination of beliefs, ideals, attitudes, and expectations. These often contradictory ideas coexist in our unconscious minds and dominate our reactions and behavior, without our being aware of them. We have automatic assumptions about what a relationship with another person is, what we should feel, and what we should ‘get out of it.” ~Johnson

This is what Jung spoke of..romantic love has almost subsumed the spiritual experience. We seek to find wholeness and healing, and according to Jung that is what we seek, our deepest soul desire is this. This ultimate wholeness because we feel divided.

As if someone can make us whole???!! And a FM in Libra can fuel this addiction. This addiction to a fallacy we may term love. Is love an obsessive need to possess, because love is not a verb. It is a noun. It is a state of being. You are in love or you are not. Sometimes love may find a face, it may evoke feelings of passion…but remember love is forever, whether you have that love story or not.

I wanted it to be you, I wanted it to be you so badly. – You’ve Got Mail

Esoteric Astrology- a bit on Venus - YouTube

Libra is also the balance point between matter and spirit. This is the sorta tipping point. All the signs before Libra were more about the soul touching base with the physical world and its experiences. Libra is a kind of hiatus. Now the soul has two paths- go back to the more materialistic signs or tip over to the realm of spirit and the unconscious. When the soul has become fed up of meanderings in the material world it decides to incarnate into the more spiritual signs…the ones after Libra.

The FM squares the nodes Rahu and Ketu, in Cancer and Capricorn and we know that Saturn/Pluto are building up to their conjunction and are already pretty close. Both planets go retro this month, so there is much unresolved debris in the air.

A few days ago, with the Venus/Jupiter square and Sun in Aries square Saturn/Pluto, we saw the Notre Dam cathedral burn. Sun and Eris in Aries. Notre Dam was a place of worship of the Goddess. It literally means MY LADY and was built in 1163. The nodes happen to be in Cancer/Cappy just like right now, a couple degrees apart. And natal Ketu is conjunct transiting Saturn. Ketu deals with past lives and it being conjunct Saturn tells me that this fire is deeply fated and there have been fires in that cathedral and Protestants have been burnt at the stake in front of it as well. Where was Mars? In Aries squaring Saturn and Pluto who was in Gemini. Exactly conjunct to Mars now in 2019.

Another freaky fire happened, this time at the Al Asqa mosque in Jerusalem. Another symbol of Saturn in Capricorn and with the square to the Sun and conjunction to Pluto, certain things about patriarchy and the patriarchal system is seeing a shift.

Libra wants balance and is not particularly masculine or feminine. Yes it is air, it is male in that sense, but it is also ruled by Venus, who is a feminine ruler. This definitely affects a male sign when they are ruled by a feminine force. Their energies are more androgynous. Think of the scales, they are cold, they are inanimate. But they know one thing, balance.

Mercury In Aries - YouTube

That is what we need to think about now…balance…and the esoteric ruler of Libra is Uranus who is in Taurus and who was also in Taurus in 1163 when Notre Dam was being built. We definitely see a generational narrative taking shape and seeping through the collective consciousness.

France has a Libra Sun, so the fire at Notre Dam set the stage for this lunation…does that strike fear to your heart…it is not meant to…looking at its natal chart, I would say there is much happening there and the stage is set for some huge change. Pluto is in the same spot as it was during the French Revolution. There is revolution in the air…

Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken. ~Albert Camus

The peak full Moon takes place on the 29th degree and then she enters Scorpio and starts to apply an opposition to Uranus. The Sun will join in the very next day. Venus is also at the very end of Pisces and will be in Aries firing up our desires. With this comes a compulsion, a compulsive attitude that Venus hates, which is why she is in her fall in Aries and of course she rules its polar opposite, Libra.

There is impulsiveness in the air. What else can you expect with all this happening in Aries. Chiron and Eris are there as well.

It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you. – The Fault In Our Stars

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever managed to feel gratitude for a heartbreak? I know it sounds dichotomous, but there is a possibility of that happening. To have loved and known that love is better to have never loved at all.

The FM is quincunx Venus on a lunation ruled by Venus. What might we get from this? We want love and we want transparency. But there maybe secrets. What we give may not be reciprocated. Issues with self worth may show up. Trust is missing, although we do want to trust and we want that perfect love story so badly…but it is evasive. It escapes us and this adds to the frustration.

True love cannot be found where it does not truly exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does. – Kissing A Fool

Asteroid Hybris at 28°47′ Libra is conjunct the full moon. Asteroid 430 Hyrbis is named after the Greek goddess Hubris, representing extreme or foolish pride, dangerous over confidence and arrogance. It usually brings about the downfall, or nemesis, of the perpetrator of hubris. ~Astrology King

We know Libra can be vain and the Aries energy is fueling this dangerous over confidence. Just remember to breathe…

All About Libra - YouTube

+ The Tarot Card associated with the third Decan of Libra is the FOUR OF SWORDS.

This card reminds of me taking time out. Yes there could be a battle raging outside and all your arsenal is ready and you’re good to go…pause right there, if only for a moment. Have you allowed yourself enough time to heal? Remember that your body needs as much love as your mind and also your soul. Have you considered that the hectic busy life you lead is toxic?

Be especially mindful because with this we have the Asteroid Hybris, you know how complicated this can get.

He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man. – The Great Gatsby

Yes when we have such a Pink, nostalgic FM in the sign of Libra, we cannot help but ponder on the Great Gatsby…a love that was never real to begin with..

How else can it end but in a tragedy?





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It’s like I’m reading a book… and it’s a book I deeply love. But I’m reading it slowly now. So the words are really far apart and the spaces between the words are almost infinite. I can still feel you… and the words of our story… but it’s in this endless space between the words that I’m finding myself now. It’s a place that’s not of the physical world. It’s where everything else is that I didn’t even know existed. I love you so much. But this is where I am now. And this is who I am now. And I need you to let me go. As much as I want to, I can’t live in your book any more.

Her (2013) dir. Spike Jonze


Can you sing…It’s my time to shine…for it is here. Your time to shine! Finally, we can pick up the pieces of our broken lives and glue them together. This last month and a half has been difficult for most…so let us channel in a better April. For one and for all.

We begin April with an explosion as the NM happens in the constellation of Aries, the mighty ram, ruled by Mars who happens to be in Gemini. There is new inspiration emerging right now, we are raring to go, but the energy still feels stagnant. Like we’re caught in quicksand. Slowly we’re being dragged into the sand pit, but we are clinging on to all vestiges of life. In a desperate fashion.

There is no avoiding this potent energy storm that is coming, but we do have that Mercury in fall in Pisces just stationed direct which is creating many delays and doubts. I think Mercury retrograde in Pisces has been the most challenging Mercury retrograde in the last few years.

Uranus is in Taurus and we’re just getting used to the energy flow there. Go back to May/June 2018 and you will realize what came your way then. That should help you prep for and understand, or get a whiff of what to expect from the seven year transit of Uranus in Taurus. Now I am super excited about this and rightfully so as it happens in my ninth house of higher knowledge and spirituality and and…travel. And long distance. It makes sense as so much on that end is being mobilized. The Waxing Moon will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus just a day after the lunation. Breakthrough energy right there.

Saturn is now on the degree where it will retrograde in a few days in April itself. Pluto, also in Capricorn is now conjunct the South Node or Ketu which is intensifying world matters and politics and shattering previously held paradigms.

Rahu is now in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn, highlighting these cardinal water and earth signs. Also remember that the eclipses also take place in these signs. We have to understand the world as a family and we have to let go of what has become toxic in the Saturnian structures. Bureaucracy, politics, legislation, corporations…all their misdeeds are seeping out. Rather they are leaking out and for the first time in history we are discussing things we’ve never acknowledged. Yes we knew corruption exists, but we are now truly becoming aware of how deep that rabbit hole goes. We had heard about the abuse of the Catholic priests, but now finally their atrocities are out in the open and some very powerful men are being punished. Like never before. Things are opening up.

Saturn, Ketu/Rahu, Pluto are squaring this lunation and this does restrict some of that Aries pioneering, initiating fire. There are blockages we have to deal with and we cannot sweep them under the rug.

Esoteric Astrology- aries - YouTube

Aries has come under the spotlight as Vesta, the asteroid just moved in there and met Chiron, the wounded healer. And this can mean a whole gamut of things, especially healing sexual trauma wounds. Even wounds that have to do with us feeling devoid of sexual energy or having too much of it and not knowing what to do. Look Vesta is not some cutesy archetype here. It is of the nature of Pluto and Scorpio. Immediately you know, not everything about Vesta is apparent. There are many layers of meaning here. The sacrificial altar flame where we sacrifice our baseness to transmute it to higher vibrations is symbolic of Vesta. It reminds me of the eternal fire of the Zoroastrians

In Zoroastrianism, the purpose in life is to “be among those who renew the world…to make the world progress towards perfection”. That is what Vesta and Chiron are trying to do for the collective. As above, so below…

Atar (/ˈətər/ (Avestan ātar) is the Zoroastrian concept of holy fire, sometimes described in abstract terms as “burning and unburning fire” or “visible and invisible fire” (Mirza, 1987:389). It is considered to be the visible presence of Ahura Mazda and his aša.

The flame of Vesta is eternal and is the Atar…this fire that we speak of is not necessarily the fire we understand in 3D. It is Fohat.

There is a suppression of the sexual energy with Vesta, because in the myths, she was Jupiter’s sister who was forbidden from conjugal bliss. No marriage. No sex. Vesta deals with celibacy as well as sterility. The fact that Vesta was not allowed to use the sexual energy, tells me that this archetype deals with transmuting the sexual chi into transcendental wisdom. Like the monks and yoginis have done for centuries.

Now what do we get when we bring Chiron into the mix? Chiron is our deepest wound as well as the salve that heals it. Key components of Chiron…it is our primeval wound and if worked upon, it is our greatest gift. Chiron is a maverick and is in touch with the three outer biggies as he moves between Saturn and Uranus, and sometimes even ventures within the orbit of Jupiter. Chiron, the teacher listens to all three and then diagnoses them and then heals them. Then he carries their message to the human realm.

Soul Lesson Of Aries Ascendant - YouTube

In this conversation with Vesta, Chiron is definitely looking at healing some of our deep, inbuilt trauma that has to do with sexuality and sex. They maybe traumas from many previous incarnations.

Vesta also rules the metabolism and the upper intestine. The digestive system and our metabolism is ruled by Virgo and interestingly, many think that Chiron should be given rulership over Virgo. However, if you have issues related to your metabolic and digestive health, you  might find answers with Chiron being conjunct Vesta. If you know the house it is on, then the story becomes ever so more clear.

Another thing I cannot not mention is that Vesta has her influence on keys. And what comes to mind when you think of the glyph of Chiron? It is a key my love. So when these two celestial bodies come into contact in the same sign that is hosting the lunation, then you can expect a divine key to emerge from the cosmos. A key that can open doors to parallel worlds, or affluence, or power, or sexual fulfillment…hey, whatever rocks your boat. Vesta also rules over sisters, so Chiron can facilitate something that heals your relationship with your sister. It could also help you tune into the divine sisterhood of wild women. Especially if this is your 3rd house of siblings and you have your natal Moon there. Call up your sister or someone who was like your sister and heal the wounds. Chiron is Aries is proactive. He does not mope or fantasize. He wants action. Pick yourself up and lets go…

As if this was not enough…recently Mars was sextile Chiron. Chiron has been charged by the ruler of this NM and is raring to go. Hey Vesta, let’s go out there and find ways to heal those wounds that occurred because your needs and wants were ignored. Let us set fire to the wind and fly…come now…

Mars in Gemini is so much better than the sluggish Mars in Taurus. Now we can handle very many intricate tasks without much fuss. But detailing is not the forte of Gemini and Mars also tends to overlook them details. And of course distraction. This is the hallmark of the Martian energy in the airy 3rd sign of mutable Gemini.

Thankfully, Mercury is separating from a conjunction with Neptune in the 12th water sign of mutable Pisces. Just yesterday, I got knocked off base by someone deceitful who tried to hide their agenda and got me to do some work for them. Thankfully, I recognized their lies and snipped the toxic bud before anything could go seriously wrong. Or I spent my time and energy on something that was bogus. People I work with have also been complaining of coming across liars and charlatans.

Thankfully, Venus is exalted in Pisces and we’re invested in beautifying our spiritual, mystical presence on earth. We realize there is something much deeper than what our awareness tells us. The key to absorbing Venus in Pisces is the realization that we are infinite awareness, donning the costume of a particular Persona. When we bring focus, that is Mars and Saturn to this infinite awareness, we create reality and experience the 3D realm as one of divisiveness and separation. It is me and me only. You are different as you inhabit a different body and you have your individual identity. Especially with an Aries lunation, the focus is always ME, ME, ME…

As Steven Forrest calls the goal of Aries to be “Enlightened selfishness…” Right there you have an oxymoron. How can enlightenment be selfish or how can we reach enlightenment if we behave selfishly. This is the finer nuance we have to work through…how can we take this so-called selfishness and transmute it to moksha or liberation. Again talking of transmutation, I am reminded of Vesta and Chiron conjunct in Aires and Pluto/Ketu conjunct in Cappy. All these heavenly bodies are great tools of transmutation…

Angel of aries - archangel Ariel and Camael - YouTube

Now Venus will apply a conjunction to Neptune, which will definitely be less disastrous than Mercury conjunct Neptune. When Merc is in fall in Pisces, our dear lady Venus sits exalted there. See, what is one’s poison is one’s salvation. Again something that comes to light as we study astrology. But keep in mind, these three planets in Pisces, Mercury, Venus and Neptune are definitely adding to the mystical landscape of consciousness.

Spiritually aware people are riding the wave of infinite love and awareness, while deluded, aggressive, selfish people are being confronted with their own lies bouncing back at them. Some may feel victimized by this. Then it is time to evaluate why these lies keep springing up. What are lies anyway?

Can there be any absolute meaning or truth to life or is everything just subjective. Walking this delicate balance can be a challenge in Pisces where everything is drowned to be reborn again…with a mini big bang when the soul enters Aries…Also Jupiter and Neptune are ruling all these archetypes that are playing out their scenes in watery Pisces. Amazingly, Neptune is the higher octave of Venus who is powerful in Pisces and this adds more of the surreal texture to reality.

On April 10th as Venus and Neptune come together, we have Mercury square Jupiter for the last time before the Psychopomp leaves Pisces. And this cognitive, ideating, mesmerizing cycle ends. Jupiter stations that very day. Like hello skies, can you chillax?

Something that is definitely worth mentioning is Jupiter is opposite Juno, his wife. Again we have the masculine archetype opposing the feminine archetype and this has been playing out in the U.S politics. We can see how A.O Cortez, the socialist democratic politician from the Bronx is challenging privileged, entitled people who think it is their birthright to control and abuse the population. I think this is a very interesting dynamic that is so typical of the energies up in the skies.

Aries Moon/Pisces Sun - YouTube

Let’s discuss this Jupiter/Juno opposition because here we have the potential for some hardcore jealousy and evilness to play out. Once again, it is Juno who is the envious feminine who will do anything to control her husband’s affections. And her husband is a lying, cheating bastard. But of course, we will ignore it. Jupiter was a top God and not afraid of anyone except his deadly suspicious wife Juno and very often he would fall in love with nymphs, priestesses and minor deities. He did everything he could to pursue Io, but his wife foiled all his plans. She knew all his tricks and counteracted all his moves. A wife scorned is the best chess player of life. Haha! Finally after all the shenanigans, Jupiter had to give up his crush on Io and he had to let it go. Moral of the story bitches…listen to your wife…no seriously, why did you even get married if you think  otherwise? I could not help but mention, the space probe that was sent to Jupiter in 2016 was called Juno. Yes, this shit is real. I did not make it up. Wives will be jealous or maybe even husbands irate, so just keep calm and do not cheat. Juno is no pushover, she’s a goddamn warrior.

Juno’s own warlike aspect among the Romans is apparent in her attire. She is often shown armed and wearing a goatskin cloak. The traditional depiction of this warlike aspect was assimilated from the Greek goddess Athena, who bore a goatskin, or a goatskin shield, called the ‘aegis’. `Wiki

Be careful of open feuding kids…there could be issues with marriage or marriage proposals gone wrong. However remember that the associated of Jupiter and Juno is age old for they are the symbols of the feminine and the masculine and no matter how difficult be their relationship, they are in this together.

Praeneste offers a glimpse into original Latin mythology: the local goddess Fortuna is represented as nursing two infants, one male and one female, namely Jove (Jupiter) and Juno.` Wiki

Juno is compared to Saraswati in the Vedic pantheon and with Anahita from the Zoroastrian tradition. The peacock is Juno’s totem, as we learn from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, so to invoke Juno, you can work with this bird’s feathers and the peacock ore. Remember the energies tied to Juno are war, fertility and sovereignty, so work on concluding what remains. The war does not need to be a 3D conflict, you can be at war with your soul. I think sovereignty is sublime, because through this metaphoric war, can we claim self sovereignty. That is the goal after all…of Juno/Jupiter and Saraswati/Narayana.

Mars in Gemini - YouTube

Jupiter is sextile BML and this is good news to channel in that dirty, raw and deep sex that never ends. Full bodied orgasms and what not. What this aspect is doing is filling our souls with the concept of higher truth and infinite awareness, bringing to light the stigmas and traumas we have had to face in this world. A very liberating experience if you ask me. Use your intellect to expand your value system and maybe find what does not resonate with you in what you’ve been programmed into. How about teaching how the inequality between sexes leads to oppression and how we can topple the status quo. There is no need to conform. Go beyond and expand like Jupiter.

The new cycle of 29.5 days has been started off with this lunation and the crescendo is about 15 days away, with the Libra FM. Do not be combative for the sake of it. Do not throw a temper fit because you don’t know how to calmly address a situation. Do not give into road rage and violence. Be direct, but considerate. Go ahead with your ambition, but do not leave a field of dead bodies in your path. Remember…the end never justifies the means. Why not? Because there is no end…there is only infinite awareness and its only vibration is infinite love…

Think of the time before the summer of 2018! That era is over. That time is gone. We have to carve out the new world..it is here for us to observe it into being.

This NM happens in Decan 2 of Aries and the Tarot card for this is the THREE OF WANDS. This decan exalts the Sun and is about leadership. Think of the image. The figure is youthful and ale. Bringing to focus that is is the male within us that has to come out to  play now. Wands are associated with the ruling class, so this could be about becoming the ruler of unknown vistas within. It may refer to someone who is urging us to go ahead and chart out the unknown realms that lie. The sky is sunny, so there is success. Young males know how to risk. So there is an element of risk taking. But it looks to be all good. Victory is ours for the taking. The ships have set sail, into dimensions unknown. Maybe we put them there? Maybe they are to do reconnaissance for us. Be that royal and regal part of you and shine bright. Do not let the agitating fores of Aries sink those ships.

This NM in Aries is conjunct the bright fixed star Alpheratz in the Head of the Princess, Constellation Andromeda.

Fixed star Alpheratz gives independence, freedom, love, riches, honor and a keen intellect. It also gives a harmonious nature which brings about good relationships and popularity.

Alpheratz conjunct new moon gives honor, wealth, promotion, favors from others, perseverance, many good friends and business success. Popularity and fame are possible but can also be easily toppled over and become unpopular.

Constellation Andromeda bestows purity of thought, virtue, honor and dignity, but can also cause a battle with chimerical fears and a tendency to become easily discouraged. It gives love between husband and wife and reconciles adulterers. ~~Astrology King

The Sabian Symbol for this degree of Aries is, Nature spirits are seen at work in the light of sunset. There is magick at  play…if you allow the Nature Spirits to complete their task.

Adam: When you separate an entwined particle and you move both parts away from the other, even at opposite ends of the universe, if you alter or affect one, the other will be identically altered or affected.

Eve: Spooky. Even at opposite ends of the universe?

Adam: Yeah.

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) dir. Jim Jarmush

Adam: When you separate an entwined particle and you move both parts away from the other, even at opposite ends of the universe, if you alter or affect one, the other will be identically altered or affected.

Eve: Spooky. Even at opposite ends of the universe?

Adam: Yeah.

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) dir. Jim Jarmush

Aries Ascendant - YouTube

Blessed be

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Esoteric Astrology- libra - YouTube

Eve says:

“I told them I was leaving with you. We are bound to each other, Pierre.”

He stops suddenly, looks at her for the first time and exclaims:

“Bound? But what have we in common?”

She puts her hand on his arm and says gently:

“We have our love.”

Pierre shrugs his shoulders sadly.

“It is an impossible love.”

Everything seems impossible now as we stand under the lunation known as the Super FM in Libra, the sign of the scales. Or balance.

This is the last of the lunations on the 0 degree, the first one being on Jan 21st of 2019 which happened on the Leo/Aquarius polarities. Now there is some culmination. Or is there?

What is impossible and what is possible is debated by the Sun who is meeting Chiron, the wounded healer on the 1st degree of Aries. Aries is the start of the zodiac, a fresh new beginning. The spring time of the astrological clock.

This of course brings focus to relationships. The moon is in Libra, duh? And the Sun is in the fiery agitated sign of Aries and conjuncts Chiron who has recently entered Aries to start a new cycle of how we deal with our wounds and how we heal.

The impossibility of love does come under scrutiny while the feminine wants to surrender to peace and harmony in Libra but the Sun or masculine is in opposition and wants to draw focus on the I. The ME.

Where is the balance? When do you need to assert the ME so the US does not become a toxic subterfuge to hide away the pain? There is no hiding in this new era of understanding the self. Aries makes you see that you are important whereas Libra is emphasized on the we.

Both are important as without developing the I in a healthy way, we can never explore the dynamics of we. And society fails. Either it is all about giving or all about taking. There is no middle ground.

Mars is in Taurus and squares his feminine Venus in Aquarius. Mars is traditional in this placement and wants something tangible too hold onto. Venus redefines relationships and relating while in the iconoclastic Aquarius.

Where do we give into tradition and hold onto what’s been handed down to us through the ages and where do we let loose and chart our new courses? Confusion is rampant in the air and there looks to be no solution.

The lunation does stand opposite Uranus, the awakener, vivifying us with the need to experiment and seek freedom in ways society might find unacceptable. Yet can a Libra Moon truly ever do anything that is unacceptable to society. For all they crave for is acceptance. They want to please people and sometimes this works as a detrimental ideology and self destructive.

The Sun is conjunct Uranus as La Luna is opposite. Remember a fm HAPPENS WHEN THE sun/Moon are opposite. This gives our goals, our self worth an idiosyncratic whiff. It feels like anything is possible and anything is! But that nagging confusion…

The Moon is also quincunx Venus which can be disruptive to say the least. We want to expose ourselves but are afraid. We want to be held and comforted, but we cannot make that clear. For whatever the fuck…ego, intimacy issues and what not. We might find ourselves swayed by someone charming, but having affairs now is not a good idea. Venus in Aquarius is not fucking longterm.

If you’re having a problem with your mother, lover or boss who is a woman, just do not aggravate the situation. You know full super moons can bring out the lunatic in us. You do not want to be scratched, do you?

Unconventional pairings are the go-to thing. Book a shibari session and remain tied up while you work through your issues with guided meditation and asmr suggestions. Can work wonders. Or do you want to do the tying up? May not work. Just saying…

Mercury is in Pisces and is retrograde, derailing all your hopes of finding a middle grond with your lover. But stop speaking with words. Speak with your eyes and your heart. Mercury in Pisces reads intuition and can see through the fractals of your iris. It can sense what you need to say without saying it.

Angel of Libra- archangel Jophiel and Hagiel - YouTube

This Moon opposite Chiron had me feeling so vulnerable, but after yesterday’s rituals and meditations, I embrace that vulnerability and it has kinda transmuted to something else. Maybe not strength just yet, but with time. After all, Chiron has just entered Aries, my 8th house of sex, death and rebirth. What might happen…who knows? I am anxious for what unfolds this next 7 years.

Also Uranus is in Taurus, my 9th house of travel. Who knows what surprises it can kick up? The next few years are pivotal…for me and you…

Chiron the wounded healer - YouTube

Venus and Uranus are in each other’s signs which means they’re experiencing mutual reception. They are sharing energy. Venus is the exoteric ruler of Libra and the ruler of this lunation, but it is Uranus who is the soul ruler of Libra. Now you see how everything falls into place.

You can synthesize both the 3d and the soul energies of Libra if you work with your heart. ALLOW FLOW BE.

Think of how well you play with others…and how much focus do you bring on yourself?

Let the heightened tension subside…

Libra Moon/Aries Sun - YouTube


This Symbol implies something vital and beautiful being “Preserved” so that the passing of time doesn’t age, decay or destroy it. Beauty in shape or form has been frozen in one moment – denying the natural process of decay. An archetypal death is symbolized; a perfection through sacrifice. As inspiring as this process can be, this can bring difficulties in moving on or changing situations. People can feel stuck with this degree, like they have no choice, can’t move forward are trapped or are being used for something that they don’t agree with. However, this degree does bring some wonderful rewards with longevity and a sense of something eternally good attached to it.

Perfection and beauty made immortal. Moments frozen in time. External beauty that’s lacking animation. The “handiwork” of creation on display. Transfiguration. Poster art.

The Caution: People being stopped from growth and change. Not letting go. Surrender and immobilization. Pinned down and unable to move. Appearances being everything.

“A man’s life is always a failure in as much as he dies.”

“Yes, when he dies too soon,” exclaims Pierre.

“He always dies too soon — or too late.”

Blessed be




What the soul has been seeking for eternity,

I think I finally found that,

In your eyes and in your heartbeats,

Finally the soul is at rest,

Emotions and feelings for a new love

Awakens in the depth of my being,

I live again..

A new me,

A new life…

I now know what has caused the flitting of my heart,

Drowning in the ocean of my tears,

I finally found home when you lifted me up,

In your arms and we looked towards a new life.

Who are you?

Are you the rhymes of a poet?

Are you the song of a songstress?

Are you the early morning dew?

An essence that pleasures the soul,

Finally I stood eye to eye,

And it felt like the cosmic gypsy had found her home…

For she never belonged anywhere else,

But with you in your arms.

After all these years the spring of my existence

Has blossomed again,

I feel like a teenager, full of laughs and giggles..

When you play with my hair,

Finally the wayward half-sunken ship of my life

Has found an anchor.

An anchor that stops me from being swayed away

By currents of despair and agony,

He came as the Sun of my solar system

The numbness melted away

His warmth radiated in my soul

His voice a balm to my aching heart

Finally the cosmic gypsy found her home…

Her elusive home…

With you.

In the Universe of our creation.

Why does it pain me when you get hurt?

Why do my eyes water when you feel sad?

Why do I need to stare into your eyes always..

What will happen to me when the dream ends

And I wake up?

Will you still be here.

Like right now.

In my arms…

Will you be home when I return?

The heart can hope.

The mind doubts it.

But you tell me that you are my home…

You tell me the cosmic gypsy has found her home…

In you…

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All About Pisces - YouTube

“I have always preferred the reflection of the life to life itself.” ~Francois Truffaut

Because life can be painful, devastating…horrific. Sometimes it becomes impossible to acknowledge the truth of human suffering. Sometimes it feels safe to run away. Sometimes we drown in despair and alcohol or cocaine to avoid the impending cycle of doom that keeps following us. Sometimes all we can do is cry naked, under the shower, blasting music so no one can hear us drown our sorrows in violent sobs.

You know, this acceptance and acknowledgement of the samsaric pain is the greatest challenge of Pisces. The Christ overcame death and became the world saviour during the Age of Pisces/Fish!

Pisces takes from all the signs.”   (EA, 333) and that can be fatiguing energetically.

So take a deep breath, close your eyes and acknowledge the pain. Acknowledge the hurt.

Angels of Pisces- Sandalfon, Azrael and Zadkiel - YouTube

Invoke Archangel Sandalphon, who directs the music in heaven. Pisces is musical and artistic, just like its angel!

“Evolving currents of force through Sandalphon enable this great angel to govern the earth star chakra of we human beings, which helps give shape to our purpose on earth from a divine perspective, and therefore as we open ourselves to Source energy we restore the harmony of planet earth’s consciousness. Then divine love becomes the earth’s loving force. Through our planet’s life, we see evidence of this chakra awakening in the current human interest of the ecology, and the protection of earth’s sensitive surface and air.” ~~The Angels of Atlantis: Twelve Mighty Forces to Transform Your Life Forever

As the curtain rises to this dark new moon in Pisces, there is a tune of poignancy and melancholia in the air as such as hope and desire(I hope) and much conflict, much like the two fishes swimming away from each other, the glyph of the 12th zodiacal sign of Pisces which also happens to be the most complex. It evokes within us a keen sense of regret and sadness! Do not confuse it with depression. Often times this sadness can feel good. Like a Lana Del Ray song…

Come take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane
So choose your last words, this is the last time
‘Cause you and I, we were born to die…

The power of Synesthesia is yours…to see colors in sounds. The first ever reported case was by John Locke who said a blind man thought of the color scarlet when he heard a trumpet! People with synesthesia can see letters and numbers inherently colored. Maybe the sound of something brings forth a smell or a color in your mind. It is possible…try it…it happens to me, during meditations and visualizations.

End of the age of Pisces- the feeling of apocalypse - YouTube

It is nostalgic and often times otherwordly information seeps into our daily consciousness, opening the third eye with ESP experiences, telepathy, clairvoyance and bringing all such spiritual experiences to the foreground of reality.

What else can we expect from a NM which is conjunct Neptune who seems to dole out tunes of pain suffering, love lost and connection or re-connection. Neptune is strong in his rulership as he takes us through this trip through murky and achromatic seas of the individual and collective psyche.

Think of the enigmatic glyph of Pisces…The fish is the living symbol of primitive, Gnostic Christianity. The two fish of Pisces linked by a hyphen have a profound Gnostic significance: they represent the two souls of the primordial Elohim submerged within the deep waters of Mother-Night.

In Judaism and Christianity, the Messiah is always connected with water, and with baptism. (II. 413.) ~~The Secret Doctrine

Now this is super special, the sojourn of Neptune through the last fifteen degrees of Pisces because it hasn’t happened for 164 odd years for that is how long it takes for this gas giant to complete a revolution around the Sun.

From 2011, we’ve felt this energy of Neptune in Pisces and if you look back, you will see as to how much things have changed. If it is happening on a personal planet, for me, my natal moon and Ketu, then this has been life altering for sure. For me, mysticism, spiritual awakening, pain and suffering and psychic awareness has been a way of life. And now this is in the mid degree and in Decan 2 of Pisces.

Before anything, let me add, this NM conjunct Neptune, is conjunct my natal Moon in Pisces and opposite my AS/Mars/Venus and Rahu. Need I tell you more on how potent it is for me.

Venus In Aquarius - YouTube

The NM is conjunct the Asteroid Vesta and the fixed star Achernar at 15°34′ Pisces which gives “success in public office, beneficence, and religion. Well placed, it promises happiness and success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to one’s religious beliefs, or a philosophical inclination.”

And Vesta brings in the sensual energy…think of the Vestal virgins and their autonomous sex life. The only women who were not properties of their husbands or fathers. They were priestesses of sacred sexuality and sexual healing. But they were not allowed to fall in love, they had to only serve and heal the men with sexual magick to return them back to civilization. But what if they fell in love? That was not possible…so again, there is a strong melancholia with this energy being conjunct the NM. But Vesta is also the warmth in us when a job is well done. Vesta is the fire of our home and hearth. But there is still the scope of missing someone…Vesta is our internal purity, like the unsullied virgins who had sex not for pleasure, but for healing.

Mercury who is in fall in this sign has gone retrograde by the 5th, so we have the Sun/Moon/Neptune and Mercury in Pisces. The Ketu is in Cappy and Rahu in Cancer. Of course Venus has just entered Aquarius and Mars is in the mid degrees of Taurus as we speak. Venus will be in Pisces within a month and she is exalted in this sign of Neptune.

Esoterically, the reason that Venus is exalted in Pisces is connected with the relation of Pisces to the sign Gemini, of which Venus is the esoteric ruler, and also in relation to the fact that Venus is the Earth’s alter ego and is closely related to the human kingdom.

And Venus semi sextile the NM. The semisextile is 30 degrees difference. It is the embodiment of the relationship of emerging growth. There is a deep connection between Aquarius and Pisces which requires its own article, so here I will mention one thing to keep you thinking. Pisces and Capricorn find balance in Aquarius. Do you know that no planet is exalted or in fall in Aquarius except the Sun whose power is lessened.

…He is held by none of the pairs of opposites but uses them both for spiritual ends. He is hindered neither by earth nor water (Capricorn and Pisces); [Page 147] he has surmounted the tests of both the processes of incarnation and initiation and so stands free, distributing energy and life, symbolized by the two wavy lines. (EA p146-47)

The heavyweight of this championship is Uranus who also happens to change signs that very day. Uranus went into Taurus on the 18th of May 2018 and then retrograded back to Aries. Now finally as this lunation begins the concert of divine play, Uranus reenters Taurus and this time till 2026. Uranus will not be back here for 84 years, so this is the only time we shall experience this transit in our lifetime. Most of us anyways. Maybe some of you will live forever, if you decide to go bionic. If you have the right resources and contacts of course.

Uranus In Taurus - YouTube

Neptune and Saturn have been involved in a harmonious sextile and with the NM activating this connection by being conjunct with Neptune, we have a time of heightened ESP and telepathy which manifests in your world. Saturn is about the tangible and Neptune, intangible. What happens when such dichotomous energies meet? A realistic approach to your dreams. Maybe concretizing spiritual aspirations. It has to be done and it can be. Limitations do not need to limit, if you know what I mean. Look at practical mysticism! What better way to say it?

The Sun is also conjunct Neptune and La Luna. The yin and the yang are joined in sacred union! The Sun being in Neptune’s domain and conjunct means there will be an ethereal and dreamy feel to this lunation. And then Sun is sextile Mars. Time to restructure your goals and ambitions, maybe with a spiritual twist. This can also have you feeling unrealistic, so watch out. Very sensual vibe.

There is a sobering influence with the Sun sextile Saturn. Great for meetings and presentations. Get the job done dude! Mars trining Saturn adds to this work hard and achieve ethics. Use this to wrap up what you need to. Anything that you’ve been avoiding. And that Mars is also sextile Neptune. This is definitely the soulmate twinflame stuff. Your heart is yearning…like the hearts of the Vestal virgins for their lovers who could never be theirs. So romantic…hope you get your amorous interest and it all works out.

Pisces is about conflict and contradictions. Often termed the “dumping grounds” of the zodiac, Pisces is a sign that is much misunderstood. Pisces is the sign of the Christ or the Christos. It is the sign of the Bodhisattva. Here the soul craves for consummation! To be one with Christ!

Ponder on the keywords of Pisces ~ And the Word said: Go forth into matter.

Pisces embodies the logos incarnate and it is about giving…giving love…

The nature of Divine Love is to expand through “giving”.  The Sun gives continually.  To give is to Love.  To forgive is to Love.  Forgiveness stems from the ontological root of ‘for giving Love’.  Forgiveness is “for-giving-love”.  The true meaning of forgiveness then is to “give”, to “give love”.  It is the radiatory nature of Being to give Love.

Soul Lesson Of Pisces Ascendant - YouTube

According to Esoteric Astrology, the soul ruler of Pisces is Pluto so remember, a real Piscean is strictly Plutonic(I can vouch for that) and Pluto happens to be in Capricorn, engaged in a harmonious sextile with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces who is currently in Pisces. Pluto destroys what keeps you as a prisoner.

The skies are surely special right now. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto are all in rulership. Venus and Uranus are in mutual reception, exchanging energy harmoniously as Venus rules Taurus where Uranus moves into after this lunation gets exact and Uranus rules Aquarius where Venus has recently shifted to.

We must remember that Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and Neptune is the modern ruler. When you think of these two heavenly energies, can you imagine them ruling a single sign? Jupiter, if anything is the exact opposite of Neptune, so how does it make sense to give them rulership of this sign? And what of Pluto being the soul ruler?

To understand this apparent contradiction, we have to understand that Pisces is the sign of bondage and captivity as much as the sign of renunciation and detachment and finally it is also about sacrifice and death. All these stages must be synthesized for the soul’s proper development. Here the psychic energy can be polarized and mediumistic. Pisces Moon people are probably the best mediums, they are psychic sponges and come in contact with spirits and the paranormal even if they’re avoiding it.

In Esoteric Astrology, there are three signs of Death and they are Aries, Scorpio and Pisces. In these signs three types of death is experienced. The Anima Mundi passes through Pisces at the end of every great age. This is the culmination and here we stand at the threshold of culminations and new beginnings. Love and the pains of love. It can never be simplistic.

In Pisces, the soul years to tread back home, to source, to the Godhead and this is symbolic when we learn that this sign rules our feet. The feet will tread back home…this coming home is the spiritual symbology of Pisces. Walk back home, slowly but surely…

Death in Pisces through the energy of Pluto is transformation—a transformation so vital and so basic that the … Ancient One is no longer seen. He sinks to the depth of the ocean of life; he descends into hell, but the gates of hell hold him not. He, the new and living One leaves below that which has held him down throughout the ages and rises from the depths unto the heights, close to the throne of God.”

This is a call to transformation if there ever was any…

Mercury is conjunct Chiron this lunation and Chiron has just left Pisces and has entered Aries starting a new stage of dealing with our wounds. There is so much freshness with so much movement!

This Mercury retro of March 2019 happens on the 29th degree of Pisces, the critical 29 degree, the ending of the zodiac which is known as the degree of pain and despair and with Chiron being here, words can wound but they can also heal wounds.

The dangerous fixed star Scheat lies on this damned degree, the last degree of the zodiac. the fated 29th of Pisces! Scheat is a dangerous fixed star embodying some volatile energies! This influence lingers this whole month…

Scheat causes “extreme misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning. According to Robson, with Mercury it causes many accidents and narrow escapes especially by water, many enemies, trouble through writings, and is bad for health and domestic affairs.” The Sun also meets Scheat on the 20th culminating this energy signature.

Life is ephemeral and you need a yearly NM in the sign of Pisces, the sign of the ephemeral that it is so. Think of the texts flitting from cell to cell, think of the theater, think of a photography exhibition or think about a trance party. The beauty lies in the ephemeral. Whether you are high up in the sky or down in the dumps, it is still temporary. It is transient and take this NM as a force to understand this.

The Moon can teach us a lot. You know why we have such closeness to the satellite orbiting us. The Moon as we call it. It is because, our Moon is a “corpse”, like the other Moons of the Solar System. They are made of cast-off elements from previous stages of each planets’ evolution. So La Luna is ancient, as ancient as she can get! She stores within herself all the knowledge of our previous cycles. Many consider the Moon to be harmful and an eater of energy. Even in esoteric astrology, the Moon becomes a problem in your natal chart after 35. That area is heightened. As everything else, the moon embodies duality. But I still love her…

The wheel of life and the path of man, the divine or spiritual soul, as he passes through the signs of the zodiac according to the mode studied by the esoteric astrologer. This is the Path of Reality as the other is the Path of Illusion. This carries the disciple around the path from commencement in Aries to consummation in Pisces. (EA p58)

Why must twinflames meet? With sound - YouTube

Now let us think of Pisces Decan 2. Pisces decan 2 are ruled by Jupiter and the Moon (Cancer triplicity). So this energy is very similar to Cancer. We know that the esoteric ruler of Cancer is Neptune…there goes an additional dose of synchronicity. Very intuitive and very mystical energy. You know things before they happen. Kinda like my moon in this decan. Very psychic and very very sensitive. Offended easily! Very easily. I learnt to work with this…lol

The tarot card with this decan is the NINE OF CUPS. The wish fulfillment card according to some.

Enjoy your achievement but do not over indulge…very very auspicious…

The sabian symbol for the 16th degree of Pisces is ~The flow of inspiration

What are you waiting for? Get inspired an tune into your intuition…get inspired by art, music, poetry, cinema or just love…

I do not love you except because I love you;
I go from loving to not loving you,
From waiting to not waiting for you
My heart moves from cold to fire.

I love you only because it’s you the one I love;
I hate you deeply, and hating you
Bend to you, and the measure of my changing love for you
Is that I do not see you but love you blindly.

Maybe January light will consume
My heart with its cruel
Ray, stealing my key to true calm.

In this part of the story I am the one who
Dies, the only one, and I will die of love because I love you,
Because I love you, Love, in fire and blood.

Pablo Neruda
Dare you love like this?
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Hi there beautiful,

I am not your usual Doreen Virtue certified Angel Therapist, but I have been working with these celestial beings for a very long time. Call them what you like, they exist and they guide our life on earth. I am truly blessed to have connected with them, maybe because of my connection to Gyanganj and Paramhamsa Vishuddhananda.

I was initiated in the Vedic and tantric systems of thought since childhood which led to me to know about the yogis of Gyanganj. My grandparents were initiated by two if the most known yogis/mystics of the last century, I was lucky enough to have been blessed by the Kriya yogis and also by the mahayogis of Gyanganj in Tibet. And since I can remember I have been channeling them with psychic energy, tarot, astro, automatic writing and mediumship.

I was led to Theosophy at a very young age and from there I started looking up Bailey’s work with esoteric astrology. Of course I studied the Secret Doctrine in detail and still do whenever I can. I began to look at all the systems of occultism and magick in both the traditions of the East and the West.

I work with the Angelic energy and call them by different names as they manifest and work their magick in my life. Sometimes, it is Metatron, sometimes it is Archangel Michael. Sometimes it is Green Tara and sometimes it is Archangel Raphael. Sometimes it is Sangye Menla, Kwan Yin and Yeshe Tsogyal, sometimes Mary Magdalene.

Babaji and Archangel Metatron are my personal favorites. But so is Kwan Yin. As an esoteric Astrologer, it is my job to work with the Zodiacal energies to heal and transform your lives. The mahayogis like Loknath Baba, Trailanga Swami and Lahiri Mahasaya are very close to me and my spiritual teachers. It is their knowledge and wisdom I bring…

The vibe if ancient Tibet dosed with fairydust and Angelic power…glory to the Angels Sandolfon, Raphael and all the others…my heart fills with love for them…undying, unconditional love.

Recently I have been getting a lot of downloads from my guides, so it is time to share and open up about what I see, feel and experience. I have been living with and invoking the Angels from the Judaeo-Christian theology for a while as well and for the last six months, I have connected to them with all my heart and soul. Watch my videos and use frequencies of 741 before you watch and you can also write 44 44 444 on your body which is the best Angelic code to call upon them with love.

BOOK YOUR READING WITH ME/ DONATE towards my new equipment~

Paypal – tina@tinaheals.com

Share my videos so I can be inspired to start channeling on my Youtube channel. Hopefully live for you guys.

Angel of aries - archangel Ariel and Camael - YouTube
Angel of Taurus- archangel Chamuel and Hagiel - YouTube
Angel of Gemini- archangel Zadkiel and Raphael - YouTube
Angel of Cancer- archangel Gabriel - YouTube
Angels of Leo- archangel Michael and Raziel - YouTube
Angels of Virgo- Metatron and Raphael - YouTube
Angel of Libra- archangel Jophiel and Hagiel - YouTube
Angel of Scorpio- archangel Jeremial and camael - YouTube
Angel of Sagittarius- Raguel and Zadkiel - YouTube
Angel of Capricorn - archangel Azrael - YouTube
Angels of Aquarius- archangel Uriel and Cassiel - YouTube
Angels of Pisces- Sandalfon, Azrael and Zadkiel - YouTube

Blessed be


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Soul Lesson Of Virgo Ascendant - YouTube

“Paradoxically though it may seem, it is none the less true that life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” ~~Oscar Wilde

There is definitely a paradoxical vibe in the air as I sit to pen this article and why not, because we have Mercury conjunct Neptune square Jupiter and opposite this lunation. The Sun has entered the 0 degree of Pisces, conjunct with BML! So enough with the nitty-gritty detailing…feel the magick…surprises could be popping up from where you least expected.

When BML is touching the lunation whether in a conjunction or opposition, her energy is fertile. She is the part in us that hates to be dominated. BML hates control. She is the very rawness of femininity you feel, even if you are a man. She is in all of us. She is like Kali, the eternal dark(not evil) feminine creatrix. She is an abomination to society and patriarchy as she does what she feels unfettered by societal teachings and constructs. No authority can keep her down which is why she was abolished from Heaven and Eve, the subservient female was created. Lilith is the dominatrix, not some impressionable sugarbaby. She knows how to crack her whip and she does it good! When she touches us, we get a chance to unleash that unbridled feminine power of the Dark Goddess. She won’t smile for you, she won’t be quiet and sit pretty.

Black Moon Lilith Through The 12 Astrological Signs - YouTube

Be clear to set boundaries if you need to and make sure you get yourself some lovin’…and BML is so very intuitive, oh and she is kissing the Pisces Sun in a conjunction! How mysterious! But a Virgo Moon is not necessarily about mystery…or is it? But then could there be both magick and logic in the air? Can answers be intuited that are precise and logical? Can there be common ground between reality and fantasy?

Due to the procession of the equinoxes, this lunation happens conjunct Regulus, the heart of the lion which marks the Summer Solstice. This fixed star has now moved from Leo to Virgo in 2011 and you already know that a FM happens when the Sun and Moon are opposite in the skies. The axis of Pisces/Virgo comes into focus. Welcome to Pisces Sun solar returns!

The Persian astronomer Al Biruni (973-1048 A.D.) called it the Heart of the Royal Lion! And boy is this energy regal?

Regulus is also central to the tenth lunar mansion Al-Jabhah, or “The Brow,” described in the Picatrix as the head of a lion. It is considered a starry place of recovery, healing, aid, improvement, strength, power, and success according to Christopher Warnock in his book on the mansions of the moon. Warnock described the sound of a mighty lion roar reverberating throughout this lunar mansion, signifying a return to power and strength following a period of sadness or depression. ~~graycrawford Astrology

Are you ready to return to your power? And claim your throne…Oh, interestingly there is a throne in question…read on to find out…

Angels of Virgo- Metatron and Raphael - YouTube

Since I have been working deeply with the Angelic energy, I must tell you that Regulus is protected by Archangel Raphael, the Watcher of the North. There are four Archangel stars; the Persians called then the Four Guardians of the Heavens- Aldebaran in Taurus, Antares in Scorpio, Fomalhaut in Aquarius and Regulus in Leo which has now moved to Virgo. Regulus is a diminutive form of “rex,“ which is Latin for “king, and “is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter according to Ptolemy.

It is known as the Royal Star from ancient times; it brings “glory, riches, and power to all born under its influence; Wyllyam Salysbury, of 1552, writing, but perhaps from Proclus: “The Lyon’s herte is called of some men, the Royall Starre, for they that are borne under it, are thought to have a royall nativitie.” The Arabs called Regulus, Qalb al-Asad.

BTW before I proceed, let me tell you, my own natal Saturn is on the 29th degree of Leo, so conjunct this lunation and Regulus! This is special, look what happens when Regulus and Saturn meet in the sky…”when Mars or Saturn are in conjunction with Regulus, especially exciting events are always recorded e.g. assassinations, coup d’états, revolutions, revolts, demonstrations, overthrow of heads of state and similar events”. Who knows what I can expect with this energy?

All is not fame and glory with this energy…and I can sense it…

Regulus has its negative side. “It gives violence, destructiveness, military honor of short duration, with ultimate failure, imprisonment, violent death” Bernadette Brady associates Regulus with downfall. ~~Darkstar Astrology

I could already begin to feel self doubt creeping in and a sense of doom and gloom as we tumbled through the last legs of Chiron in Pisces and then Mars into Taurus, where he will conjunct my natal Chiron in a bit in my 9th house! Then I remembered that the Virgo energy is never satisfied with anything and this FM is quincunx Chiron who has recently entered Aries to remain there for quite sometime to help us deal with the wounds of identity.

I was not happy with my content, with my meditations, with my makeup….you get the point. I was feeding into the Virgoan dissatisfaction. That is when I began to concentrate many hours a day to energy work, especially Angelic work and with the help of meditations on the Metatron’s Cube, I finally let go. I finally let every worry, every self doubt be released to La Luna as she glows pregnant at the very beginning of Virgo.

Chiron the wounded healer - YouTube

Regulus, a first magnitude star, is the 21st brightest star in our sky. Its estimated diameter is five times that of our sun (our sun is about one million miles wide), with a luminosity of 160 times that of our sun. It is 85 light years from Earth; this means it takes 85 years for the light which is emitted from Regulus, in present time, to actually be visible to us. What we see today is an 85-year old picture of Regulus! ~~Souledout

Virgo Moon/Pisces Sun - YouTube

How sublime and etheric is that? What we earthlings see of Regulus is 85 years old, almost a cycle of Uranus around the Sun! Time flies, but does it? And this star does have an effect on healing modalities and astrology!

In the Vedic system this falls under the Magha Nakshatra whose Lord is Ketu or the South Node who is currently in fellow earth sign of Cappy with Venus, Saturn and Pluto. There is a trine energy happening with this and the symbol we use for this nakshatra is the THRONE! Are we ready to play a game of thrones? You see how the story begins to fit perfectly…you cannot make this shit up!

“When you play a game of thrones you win or you die.” ~~ George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Magha literally means benevolent, bountiful, magnificent. It rules the nose and Regulus rules two inches above the kidney. Do they have a connection? I mean the nose and the kidneys? I started to look and see what popped up…

Jennifer Pluznick, an assistant professor of physiology at Johns Hopkins, has found that the odor-sensing proteins found in the noses of mice also occur in their kidneys. The same olfactory receptors may also exist in the human nose, she says. But could it be that the kidney is actually endowed with a sense of smell? ~hopkinsmedicine

The Ancients from both the civilizations were giving physical rulership to the same entity and without knowing, they managed to find a commonality! This is the time to now start linking cultures systems, myths and legends, mores and traditions to see wherein lies the commonality.

Virgo Moon/Pisces Sun - YouTube

There is strong Ancestral energy in the air, with Mercury the ruler of this lunation is in otherworldly Pisces, conjunct Neptune and the Sun is opposite the Moon on the 0 degrees of Pisces. The Ancient Indians considered their Ancestors to preside over this nakshatra. Pay obeisance to the ancestors of humanity. All the people before us and after us.

And Mercury will be retro in Pisces so will make three touches to Neptune. Neptune and Jupiter are engaged in a square and Mercury will heighten that energy. Tension between what we want to communicate, our higher purpose and our position in life. Mercury is in shadow already and within a few weeks will be retro, so do not expect things to be crystal clear before April when Mercury will clear shadow. Lots of things will change as we move through these months.

Mercury in Pisces - YouTube

The Shudras or the common people come into focus with this energy and it works with Virgo. With Virgo the virgin or woman, we will hopefully see women get the respect they deserve. Regulus moving through Virgo will be about the Heiros Gamos between the masculine/King and the Sacred divine Feminine!

Ganesha was the deity to pray to if you need during this FM because he rules over Ketu or the S.N who is the ruler of Magha or Regulus. Read my piece on Ganesha or Ganpati.


There is definitely a strong ESP vibe playing out. It is telepathic, at least for me. With Neptune holding the lunation ruler and being in opposition in rulership may be doing that. Of course the Chironic story continues…

Mars in Taurus - YouTube

The Moon is trining Mars in Taurus, which is thankfully or not(?), a much slow paced energy. Although not swift and versatile, Mars in Taurus is solid and tangible. Mars is also conjunct Uranus, so there is unexpected action? Unseen events and people that show up? This is also very sexual in nature and can make our yearning =s more severe to join in the sacred union. And good news for the kinksters…this is the astrology for all kinds of kink. Find your own.

Venus is heading towards her fated meeting with Pluto on the 22nd. She has spoken to Saturn already and slowly things will become clearer. But it is okay not to be clear, just to be clear…lol

This lunation happens in Decan 1 of Virgo, ruled by the “Sun in the Chaldean system and Mercury (Virgo) by triplicity,” and the Tarot Card associated is THE 8 OF PENTACLES!

What emotions does this image evoke within you?

Hardwork. Skilled craftsmanship. Dedication. Industrious. Diligent. Increasing skill and knowledge by constant practice. Time to apply ourselves and do whatever touches our heart and activates the Lion Star within. And maybe pay attention to detail, but don’t go nuts doing it…


I think it means that while going through life remember to look at the beautiful details instead of the ugly ones. There is so much of beauty but judgmental Virgo can see through it and I think this symbol is a reminder.

Virgo Moon/Virgo Sun - YouTube


DONATE VIA PAYPAL tina@tinaheals.com

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Oumuamua heralds the Age of Aquarius - YouTube

The new moon occurs Feb. 4, at 4:04 p.m. EST (2104 GMT), two days after our satellite makes a close pass by Saturn and a day before it reaches apogee, the farthest point in its orbit from Earth. ~space.com

Seneca says that Epigenes, who studied astronomy among the Chaldeans: “…estimates that the planet Saturn exerts the greatest influence upon all the movements of celestial bodies.” – Naturales Quaestiones VII. 4. 2.

And also affects earth and her inhabitants the most and this lunation happens under Saturn’s watchful eyes as he snuggles close to the action in domicile ruling it from one sign before. Saturn has rulership for five straight years and he is unique in this as he rules two adjacent signs of Cappy and Aquarius. This NM is Saturn ruled, so there is a seriousness out there.

There is a palpable sense of despair as well as a whiff of miracles, lingering somewhere in the airy vibe of this Imbolc Aquarian NM which happens to be at the cross quarter point which lies midway between the solstice and equinox.

Imbolc is the Irish festival celebrating the pagan Goddess Brigit, who is the goddess of all “things perceived to be of relatively high dimensions such as high-rising flames, highlands, hill-forts and upland areas; and of activities and states conceived as psychologically lofty and elevated, such as wisdom, excellence, perfection, high intelligence, poetic eloquence, craftsmanship (especially blacksmithing), healing ability, druidic knowledge and skill in warfare.”

Her festival day, Imbolc is traditionally a time for weather prognostication.

In her English retellings of Irish myth, Lady Augusta Gregory describes Brigit as “a woman of poetry, and poets worshipped her, for her sway was very great and very noble.

So today is a day to celebrate such lofty expressions of thought. Now poetry need not be only in words. It can be in images, like a photograph or in the cards of the tarot. This is a time to activate the community as this lunation happens on the 15th degree of Aquarius which is known for its innovative genius and community activities.

Fear of intimacy with a difficult Saturn in the natal chart - YouTube

This NM happens on the 15th degree of Aquarius, in the second Decan. And the second face of Aquarius is ruled by Mercury, the spirit messenger who is bringing back downloads from the Antahkarana or the Rainbow bridge between spirit and matter.

And this lunation is conjunct Mercury. As if synchronicity grew in trees? What do you think that this means? Every time a lunation happens on Mercury, it is time to connect our emotions to our thoughts. The emotive process is married to the intellectual process.  This can mean that we channel in dark thoughts, because Aquarius does tend to have its fair share of darkness. You know it is said that Aquarius loves humanity but hates humans. That is the very dualism of this air sign which is the 11th sign of the Zodiac and like Pisces, it is otherworldy and futuristic.

The Tarot Card of this Decan is the SIX OF SWORDS and this itself is symbolic of Mercury guiding this lunation. You see the boatman rowing away, it is Mercury taking you to greater awareness. But there has to be a certain vulnerable surrender if we are to be carried.

I sensed this vulnerability strangely with Chiron now moving through the last degrees of Pisces and is octile the NM. This is about realizing that we are the cause of all that is going wrong in our life as well as all the right. It is our choice to feed energy into either pain or bliss. It is us, just us. I wish people were told that it is okay to cry, because crying is probably the most therapeutic thing you can do this lunation which tends to move away from emotion. Aquarius wants emotional detachment being ruled by Saturn and this NM is not too far from where Saturn is sitting. The vibe of Saturn is also brought in by a sextile of Neptune to the grim taskmaster. This sextile is impactual for sure as this is happening after a few years and is not such a common occurrence.

We need to stop being deceived at this time, I think. That is a huge message. Whether we deceive ourselves or whether someone deceives us. I do realize that when someone deceives us, we are not to blame. But if you do some soul searching you will see that the red flags have been there all along. Saturn can ground such deceptive tendencies if you feed that, but Saturn can also solidify your mystical and spiritual urges. You have to see the houses. For me, it is about 5th and 7th. House of creativity, children romance, speaking in harmony with the house of partnerships. You can discover how this works for you by identifying these things. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and is not just about fogginess or lack of clarity or about escapism. Neptune is about reminding us that everything is energy and everything that you can imagine, already exists. If you can imagine it, it can happen. This is the possible power of the Saturn/Neptune. No matter what, trust your gut.

If you read below and reflect on these verses, Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 you might be able to meditate on some aspects of your life this Imbolc NM.

3 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

In life, there is a time for everything…what is this time asking of you? What do you need to do and what do you need to expunge?

There is a sextile between the NM and Jupiter in Sag.

The sextile has been traditionally said to be similar in influence to the trine, but less intense. It indicates ease of communication between the two elements involved, with compatibility and harmony between them. A sextile provides opportunity and is very responsive to effort expended to gain its benefits.

But not all agree…

Sextiles can be quite a pain in the ass. If you do not end up expending the energy of the sextile, it can potentially feel like a square. Everything depends on the personal natal chart of course, but this is something that needs to be researched.

Jupiter can expand whatever it touches. So you might feel very optimistic about a love or plan or a career goal, but in a few weeks, your bubble could burst. Yet if you become aware that this sextile offers you to expand in your emotional domain, then you have to use it. With creativity. You have to consciously make the movement towards your goals. Moon is the mother, so a good time to connect with your mother and find peace. The NM conjunct Mercury octile Chiron can help facilitate that.

Mercury is also sextile Jupiter and again what we’re promised can be more than what we get or for some of us, some magick happens. This is definitely an energy that can be used for studying. Not just for an exam, although that works very well. But this can help us study more obscure philosophies. Because now our mind or Mercury has grown and expanded because it has been touched by Jupiter. There is always a blessing with Jupiter. But blessings can turn into curses into this world of duality.

Black Moon Lilith joins the Sun, Moon, Mercury and this creates a tension and sexual spark this lunation. Women will speak out, whether you want to hear them or not. A good time to be assertive and setting down boundaries. This is the liberation of the feminine voice and the presence of BML in Aquarius adds to the otherwordly vibe. Remember, BML is a mini Pluto. Bring surrealism to the intellectual process and what do you have? Meditation!

BML also represents hidden sexual impulses and desires and coming in contact with this Saturnian NM, such ideas can spring forth from the individual as well as the collective.

Neptune squares Jupiter and we have false teachings that can pop up. There is always an inherent difficulty in dealing with squares. They are celestial conversations that bring conflict and strife, but with this there is the possibility of figuring something out about why we operate our spiritual believes the way do? How much of a role does our familial ties play? How much can we learn from the teacher even though the teacher is ready to teach. Sometimes, the student maybe caught in a quagmire of fogginess because of choosing the teacher. So it is best to be observant and trust your heart and gut.

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Think of those ideas that have been hibernating within you all these months and put them to words and work towards making them real…




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Blessed be my love.




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