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There are thousands upon thousands of people who are achieving success through network marketing or MLM.

Many of these network marketers have been making a serious income for years – but their success is not based solely on the number of years they have been in the industry.

Of course, the longer you are involved, the more money you can make. But it takes a lot more than just time. It also takes more than a great product line and a great MLM company (crucial as these factors may be)! It takes sheer determination and a conviction or a belief in yourself that you will succeed.

Finding Determination When You Are Inexperienced

A logical question to ask is, “How do I find the conviction I need to succeed in my network marketing business when I’m new have not yet sponsored anybody?”

No matter what we decide to do in life, we will never excel at anything unless we have the willingness to learn and the right training to teach us. This willingness and drive come from the courage you have in your own convictions – your certitude that you have made the right decision.

The Secret to Fostering Security

Let’s talk about feeling secure for a moment. First of all, let me state that you will never find conviction, you will never find security, and you will never feel secure, if you look for these outside of yourself. There isn’t anything else. So don’t look outside. Don’t look for an upline or a downline to give you security. Don’t look to the MLM company or a new release of products for security. That’s not where security lies.

But there is something that does foster security – and that is ability. When you look at your results and you see that you are getting results, this confirms that you have made the right decision. And certainly receiving a healthy monthly paycheck absolutely confirms your decision every month!

So what do you do until you have made that first sponsor and you’re making some money, or enough money to justify your decision? Well, until such time, the only thing you can actually focus on is the decision.

Security is absolutely about two things: Your decision to be successful and your undying commitment to learning.

Depend on Yourself First

Job security belongs to a different age and a different mindset and does not exist in the company that you work for. Network marketing success is not dependent on one particular company (yes, some are more successful than others). The only thing you can ever be secure about is your drive to be successful and your conviction that you will be.

Furthermore, security is never guaranteed, even if you have been in the MLM business for a long time. Think about this for a second and you will realize why I am saying this.

I’ll say it again: security is never guaranteed, even if you have been in the MLM business for a long time.

I have a lot of evidence to back up this fact since I know a number of people who have been in the network marketing business for a very long time, and they are no more secure about what they do than a person who started just a week ago.

So you will not find security just because you have been in the MLM business for a long time. The only place that you can ever find security is in your decision to be a success. And it is here where you find your conviction.

Self Improvement Is Key

I have met a ton of people who have made the decision to work in network marketing. They’re at every single meeting. Not with many guests – but they’re at every single meeting. Perhaps you have met some people like this too.

Applaud these people if you wish, for their sheer determination and persistence – because they have made a decision not to quit. However, they have not made a decision to learn. What they have made is a decision that they will stick to over time – but not a decision to improve. They will therefore not become more successful.

The Anatomy of Network Marketing Success

The only way to improve your success in your network marketing business is to work at it: train and study in your chosen area.

So you find the conviction to succeed in your network marketing business by first making the decision to be successful. Second, you need to decide to follow the right training, and study the things you need to know in order to succeed. The ensuing result will clearly justify your decision, both through that check that comes in every month and the realization that you are helping other people in the process. That is the anatomy of network marketing success.

Next Steps: Need more help with inviting and getting your prospects to say yes to your business opportunity? Check out our great opportunity to buy Professional Inviter and Get Professional Presenter free!

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The reason I chose “booby trap” is because the subjects I’m about to discuss can in fact catch you off guard and be a hazard if you’re not knowledgeable about their existence. There are three phases that one goes through as they advance (if they do) in network marketing – each can be a booby trap to the individual.

Booby Trap No. 1 – Introverting

Introverting is defined as “concentrating upon oneself or what one is doing.”

So how can we use this definition in network marketing? Normally introversion occurs in the very beginning of one’s career in network marketing.

The indicators of someone introverting are when one is greatly concerned with what he or she LOOKS or SOUNDS like to others.

When they’re studying or practicing scripts, they’re so focused on the actual words that they don’t communicate the meaning or concept to the prospect. What they say sounds stupid- like they’re scared or uncomfortable. Their voice shakes and they sound very unsure of themselves, which communicates, “I don’t believe in what I’m doing” to the prospect.

See, they’re not focused on the prospect – they’re focused on SAYING the right thing. Therefore, the concept of what they’re saying doesn’t REACH the prospect.

How to Get Past Introverting

If you are constantly thinking about what other people think of you, you must get past it! Here’s how:

  1. Drill – This means to  repeat what you’re going to say over and over BEFORE you get in front of a live person.
  2. Focus all of your attention on the prospect.
  3. Create so much activity that you don’t have time to focus on your fears.

When you confront what you fear enough times, you fear it no more. As you CONTINUE to do this, you will focus on DOING IT instead of worrying whether you CAN do it or not. Then, something bizarre will happen. You’ll sponsor someone in the business. And on that day you’ll realize you really CAN do it.

What Happens if You Don’t Confront Introverting

Distributors who don’t get out of introversion end up trapped by it and either quit or don’t succeed. They are also the ones who say, “The business just isn’t for me.” Or they will claim the WHOLE industry doesn’t work.

Every time I see or hear this I think, ” Wow, should I send my bonus check back to the company EVERY MONTH because somebody says the industry doesn’t work?” Of course, it works. But you have to get past what other people think of you.

The Secret to Overcoming Introversion

Okay, so for this discussion, pretend that you actually get past yourself (introversion) and into activity. You start bringing people into the business and you feel wonderful. You get real confident, and it almost seems effortless to bring people into the business. The people that are still in introversion are mesmerized by your abilities and want to know your “secret.” When they hear the secret, they’re shocked to hear there is no secret.

The difference in you and them is that you have stopped worrying about what people might think and DOING IT. The others, they are just worried and TRYING to do it right.

Booby Trap No. 2 – Doing It All

The success of sponsoring people eventually becomes a booby trap as well, it’s very well concealed.  You can spot this trap if you when you have sponsored several people and have been praised so much by your peers for your ability to sponsor so many people that you identify yourself as “the person who can sponsor a lot of people.”

Your identity gets stuck on that one activity. I’ve seen people sponsor 30, 50, 100 people and just keep on doing it. The booby trap lies in your “waiting for someone to be as effective as you are.” The symptoms of DOING IT ALL include phrases like:

  • “None of my people are doing anything!”
  • “How do I motivate my downline?”
  • “I keep sponsoring duds.”

If this is you, you’ve watched very valuable, very capable people fall through the cracks. You’re adding people as fast as they’re dropping off the other end.

You are doing yourself, your team and the industry a disservice if you let yourself fall victim to this booby trap. Let me explain:

You are doing your team a disservice because they will need your help to get past introversion and other road blocks. You’re doing the industry a disservice because the drop-offs you’re sponsoring generates a higher failure rate in the industry. And above all else, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It can be very disheartening to sponsor all these people, thinking you’re going to be making a ton of money on them only to see them quit within a month or two.

How to Overcome Doing It All

You must train the people you sponsor. If you’re unwilling to make a leader out of the person you’re sponsoring, don’t sponsor them! It takes great patience to train people. You have to sit through the pain of listening to them present.

WARNING – don’t do this on an empty stomach. You want so badly to save them, and you can’t – if you ever want to make a lot of money in network marketing. Doing it for them only handicaps them. You cannot do it for them – you must train, train, train. And when you think they will never get it, you train some more.

They will get it when YOU get enough patience. By the way, don’t stop your training until you see that your distributors can properly train THEIR distributors. If you don’t do this step, your organization will not move past the third level. You won’t build a Christmas tree (which is a better description than pyramid), you’ll build a diamond. All your volume will be up in your first 2-3 levels.

Booby Trap No. 3 – The Velvet Rut

The final trap is what I call the VELVET RUT. It’s when you’re making between $3,000 and $7,000 a month and the thought of going back to recruiting again is daunting.

The reason I call it the velvet rut is because you’re making just enough money to keep you in the game. It’s kind of comfortable, but because you’re not making the money you’ve dreamed of, it’s still a rut. It’s a trap! Go back to work and sponsor three or four more people. Build them into leaders. GET YOUR DREAM.

Next Steps: Learn and Use the Skills I teach in Professional Inviter.

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Incentives will get your MLM organization moving, producing and excited about their MLM business.

Here are some great ideas to help keep people focused and productive, which are both key items to downline motivation.

The information in this article DOES NOT REPLACE what you learned in A Little Secret about Downline “Motivation” – Part 1.

In that article, I explained the importance of a well-trained downline. Proven MLM training is the backbone of motivation. Nothing motivates a person more than fully knowing what to say on the phone, how to say it, and having confidence that they can do that.

How to Use Incentives to Grow Your MLM Business & Create Downline Motivation

In conjunction with a well-trained downline, here’s how I recommend you use incentives to grow your MLM business and create downline motivation. Think of incentives as games you can play to keep the business fun. I’m talking about dynamic, exciting incentives to increase your downline’s enthusiasm that help them look forward to doing the business. And in turn, have that enthusiasm translate into products sold and new distributors signed up.

Incentives create a fun culture in your organization. As well, it is widely acknowledged that distributor recognition is an effective motivator, and helps to grow that distributor’s MLM Business. 

Recognition raises self-esteem. It shows your distributors that you care about them, and you value and appreciate the effort they put forth. You can’t put a price tag on that. And once they know that you care about them BY YOUR ACTIONS, they will show you something you may not have thought possible. They will give you their best performance ever. 

With incentive programs  you are trying to achieve an increase in production & performance in not only an individual MLM Business, but your overall MLM Organization as well.

These Are the Two Important Factors to Consider
  • What performances to reward
  • What to reward achievers
Performance Worthy of Incentives

Any of the following are performance-based:

  • Any of the 13 activities in Performance Tracker. Such as the number of appointments set, number of presentations, the number of retail sales, etc.
  • Total number of guests at MLM business meetings or conference calls
  • New distributors per week/month/quarter
  • Retail products sold
  • Training steps completed
  • Highest volume, highest increase in volume, and highest increase in volume percentage and pin level achievement
Achiever Incentives

For small achievements, you should recognize your team with thank you notes (handwritten) and or acknowledging them at the next conference call, webinar, or mlm business meeting. When and where appropriate for the achievement made, send flowers or a balloons, or some other fun “thank you” to the distributor.

At every MLM training meeting you do, you should give at least two awards to high achievers. If you do a newsletter, be sure to recognize your achievers in it. Be sure to get pictures of your team members (highest achievers) with their guests. 

Other MLM Business Achiever Ideas: 
  • Weekly, whoever had the most guests at the meeting or everyone who had over three guests gets a free dinner
  • Professionally made certificates in a frame ready to hang on their wall
  • Recognition pins
  • Prospecting leads for high activity. For instance, you could award whoever has the most number of prospects on the MLM opportunity conference calls with 20 free leads.
  • Apparel – such as company shirts or hats
  • Convention tickets are a great one. Everyone who sponsors five new distributors in the next two months get a free national convention ticket.
  • Travel is always a good one – ski trip, beach trip, cruise or family trip.
  • And never hold back on buying MLM training for them as an award – it’s really the best award you can give when you think about it.
Don’t Damage Your Incentive Program or Your Income

Beware of the following problems that can damage your incentive program and ultimately your income.

  • Lack of MLM training – I’ve mentioned this already but it tops the list as being most important. And the core product that I recommend is the Professional Inviter Course.
  • Don’t extend the award cycle. Make sure the awards are given out as soon as the program period ends.
  • Keep the program simple. If there’s a ton of twists and turns, no one knows what they have to do.
  • Don’t use the same programs all the time. If the same people in your MLM organization win every time, others get discouraged. So change the program so that it rewards the super achievers as well as others.
  • Lack of follow up after the program – Right after the awards ceremony, pass out a 3×5 card and ask for comments.
  • Lack of communication – Someone has to be driving the incentive program. This means constant communication. Send pictures of the destination if it’s a trip. If it’s a car, send pictures of the car. Keep the incentive in front of your team a couple of times per week.
  • Lack of a good rollout. The means plan the program. Plan the promotion. Plan the award.

Let’s say we’re going to do a School’s Out Game that ends on June 1st. The winner gets a trip for four to Disney World for four days. This is a good time to do a contest because March, April and May are the performance months.

The winner is leaving as soon as school’s out! This gets kids involved as well. We start promoting the program February 15th. The awards ceremony will be at a barbecue outing on June 1st and all family members are invited. At this event, we will also announce the next program – Back to School Game.

As you can see, this creates a wonderful unity between everyone within your MLM organization as well as a fun culture.  When the culture is fun, downline motivation is much easier to create and maintine.

Enjoy your MLM business!

Encourage your downline to use Brilliant Prospector (which we’ve recently updated and loaded up with lots of cool new tools) to help them get leads, educate their prospects and handle some of the most common MLM objections. It’s a great tool for you and your team.  

They’ll have 14 days to try it out on me. 

All the best, Tim 

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There’s a multitude of directions, resources, approaches, solutions, and well just “stuff” out there than can easily distract you from your Network Marketing Business Building. . .

Too many options can overwhelm and confuse. That’s when you need to strip back your Network Marketing Business Building to its simple core: your ability to communicate (which includes the skills of reaching out and following up).

Here’s the most basic sequence one must try to adhere to:

1.  Find Prospects: We have lots of resources available for you to do this, on our main website if you need help.  As well, you can always purchase leads if you don’t want to use some of our other resources or training.

2.  Communicate well with those prospects: The key word here is “well”.  Anything you need to do in your business can be done easily if you have good communication skills. Having the ability to communicate well can make ordinary things you do extraordinary.  Using honey instead of spice has a lot of merit you know, but don’t over do it either.  Be yourself, be natural. Show that you care. Above all else remember this:  your business prospers to the degree that you are doing it to help make others lives better.  When you operate that way others see it, feel it, and want to be a part of it.

Think about how good it feels when you know you are cared for.  Now spread that feeling around to others when you are working with them and communicating with them.  They’ll warm up, open up and join up.  It’s human nature to seek for the genuine warmth and caring, interested person to have relationships with (friends, business, even acquaintances — who do you remember fondly?)

3.  Build true relationships:  Be genuine.  Be real.  Do it because you really want to.  Choose people to be in your downline that you really want in your downline as much for their ability as their personality.  Consider yourself in this business for the long haul and choose people who are there with you and for you.  Become friends outside of the business whenever possible. Communicate well.

4.  Follow Up:  This is often a weak area.  Systems to help with follow up are very good to help you keep on top of it.  And again, we have tools to help with that if you need them. But what I really want to point out is that you need an active follow up schedule.  And following up is an art. Having reasons to follow up helps, but the most important reason is that you care and you want to help.

If you are using the inviting formula that I teach in the Professional Inviter Course correctly, then you already know following up is much easier to do with the earlier steps of the formula correctly done.

Why?  Because you established key factors that make your prospect look forward to hearing from you again, wanting to reach out to you in fact.  Especially if you had your “care factor” in place and your prospect genuinely felt cared for and that you were interested in him/her.

5.  Show your new recruits how to do these things in their own business.  Don’t just assume that your new recruits will automatically get right to it and become a success because 95% of them won’t.  Take the time to show them these steps and ensure they do them well. Their success is your success.

Make sure your downline understands that there’s no need to get overwhelmed by all the different, or cool, or new things that come your way with the promises of huge numbers and instant success. Because no matter what they do or where you go, it is the basics, the fundamentals, the simple things that always work.  They are your foundation.

6.  Learn the Professional Inviting Skills I teach in the Professional Inviter Course.

If you are not using Professional Inviter to help you focus on the basics then you’re making your job a lot harder than it needs to be.  Get Professional Inviter and master the skills that make business building a joy and a reality.

There’s no bells or whistles or shiny baubles to distract you in the Professional Inviter Training Course.  There’s only solid information that makes your network marketing businesses grow as you learn these core skills.

7.  Repeat Steps 1 – 6 every day.

All the best,

Tim Sales

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Duane sent in this question:

“I had a chance to review Brilliant Compensation again and found the reference where Tim is talking about ‘How Sales Volume Moves’ using three gears to illustrate (Exploratory, Wholesale Consumption, and Retail). Under retail, he says ‘Also, another way I retail products is I show someone the business and the products and that person may say to me ‘I’m not interested in the business right now but I am interested in the product(s).’

Clearly, Brilliant Compensation predates Professional Inviter where Tim states that you present either the business or the product but not both. So I’m curious as to why the change?”

Thanks for asking this question, Duane – it gives me a chance to clarify this important issue discussed in both Professional Inviter and Brilliant Compensation.  As you will see, they do actually work to support each other.

As a rule, when explaining the MLM business I do not go into detail about the product.

However, on occasion, you can be talking with an individual who needs a full understanding of the product in order to consider the business side.

You will find there are some people who are satisfied with an overview of the products sold, such as, “this company sells plant based nutrition products,” and that’s sufficient information for them to then be able to discuss in more detail the business itself.

Other people really want a full detailed understanding of the products, their value and benefit, testimonials from others, and possibly even to try them personally for a month or two before making that decision to become a rep.

Some People Need to Test the Product

This would be contrasted to someone who believes that the most important thing in selecting a MLM business is that the company is going to stay in business long-term, or the product is in front of large trends, etc.

I found when selling skin care in particular, the comment, “If I like it, then I can sell it,” came up. Therefore the prospect needed to try the products and like (love) them before they would feel right about joining the MLM business. Some of those ended up being customers but not doing the business.

So I have gotten some customers this way. In weight management, I’ve heard similar comments like, “if I get results, then I can sell it.”

In these cases, during the explanation of how to achieve their needs/wants/don’t-wants, if one of these types of comments are made, go ahead and explain the product – but do so without using big words or slang words the prospect doesn’t understand.

And, whenever possible, I prefer to keep the specifics of the product out of the explanation and only explain the general product category.

Understanding the needs of the person you are talking to will help you to find that right level of product information to share.

In Summary
  1. Greet prospect
  2. Qualify – find out what they need/want or don’t want.
  3. Invite them to look at something that will help them achieve step 2.
  4. Handle any questions or objections
  5. Close to action
  6. Follow up/follow through. In the follow through step if they say something like, “I have to believe in the product…” Reply, “I respect that! So let’s get you some products to try.”

If they don’t say something like that, you should suggest it. That’s what leads you to getting them the product.

In Professional Inviter, when I say, “Present either the MLM business or the product, but not both,” what I mean there is, when trying to get a customer don’t explain the product and then say, “You can make money doing this.”

I’ve seen this kill the product sale because you’ve now introduced a LARGE thing for them to decide – THAT THEY NEVER ASKED FOR!

When you were first doing the Inviting Formula (six steps above) and they stated they wanted to “have better skin,” or “lose fat,” or rid themselves of free radicals – that has nothing to do with making money – then you shouldn’t bring it up.

But, if while doing the Inviting Formula they say, “I want to make more money,” and during the discussion they say, “I have to believe in the product,” then you help them get the product.

As I mentioned above, the Professional Inviter Course takes you through thorough training on how to really do this inviting to business or product correctly — expertly even. So if you are not already using what I teach in Professional Inviter, please study that training and start!  You’ll be happy that you did.

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