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Indiegogo and Kickstarter are top crowdfunding platforms that have raised tens of millions of dollars for startups, proving that there is an entire market for crowdfunding.

If, these days, you are also thinking about launching a whole new crowdfunding website, which could compete with Kickstarter or Indiegogo, on your favorite CMS, look at the WP Crowdfunding plugin.

WP Crowdfunding is a feature-rich, user-friendly and easy-to-use WordPress plugin. This WooCommerce-based plugin lets you develop and launch a highly versatile and advanced fundraising website based on WordPress. You will get all necessary functionalities from this tool.

The best part of the WP Crowdfunding plugin is it’s free to use, which is great for developing a basic fundraising website. For developing advanced and large-scale fundraising websites, you can choose the premium version of the WP Crowdfunding plugin.

Benefits of using WP Crowdfunding Plugin

WP Crowdfunding Plugin gives you full control over your fundraising website while saving you tonnes of money. You can customize your website’s functionality as per your requirements. You can protect it against misuse and control everything, from the signup process for withdrawal requests and more.

Some of the top benefits of using the WP Crowdfunding Plugin are:

  • WP Crowdfunding Plugin gives you the total control of everything, from your website design and the method of funds processing to SEO and data collection.

  • It provides deeper insights into all activities on your fundraising website so that you can make necessary changes accordingly, to make your campaign a success.

  • You can perform A/B testing to experiment with copy, designs, rewards, etc., to get the best return on your campaign.

  • You can interact with investors as well as those interested in the progress of your campaign. You also get to add an event calendar, incorporate exit-intent pop-ups, collect leads, etc.

  • Once your campaign goal is met, you can convert the campaign site into a live site for the finished product or organization.

The WP Crowdfunding plugin comes with a Native Wallet System. This system constantly tracks the funds raised on the fundraising website. You can initiate a withdraw request after raising a particular amount of money which you also get to define.

Step by Step process to use the WP Crowdfunding Plugin to set up and manage your fundraising website

Step 1: Choose A WordPress Theme

Remember that you are not just developing a website that features a few contact forms for lead generation. In fact, you are creating a money-generating machine. Thus, your website theme must be fast, agile, and secure.

There are numerous non-profit and fundraising WordPress themes to choose from. Ideally, you should select a high-quality and lightweight theme that is easy to customize.

Step 2: Choose and Install your WP Crowdfunding version

Choose between the free, basic version and the paid, premium version of the WP Crowdfunding plugin. The free version is best for non-profit organizations and simple campaigns with basic requirements.

With the free version, you can:

  • Set your funding goals

  • Create beginning and ending dates

  • Create a submission form for lead generation

  • Manage user registration

  • Set recommended minimum and maximum donations

  • Add your payment gateway

On the other hand, choose the premium version to launch a massive crowdfunding campaign from your website. With this advanced version, you will be able to:

  • Define the rewards system for investors

  • Choice of a native wallet system or Stripe Connect

  • Email alerts

  • Analytics

  • Social shares

  • Access to premium themes

Step 3: Add Your Payment Gateway

If the WP Crowdfunding plugin includes a number of popular payment gateways. However, you can also add your own. Ensure that your desired payment gateway works when it’s connected to the submission form.

Step 4: Install All the Other Plugins You Need

To make your crowdfunding site run smoothly, make sure you fully optimize it and install plugins you absolutely need.

The most common and useful plugins, you may need are Hummingbird for speed, SmartCrawl Pro for SEO, WP Smush Pro for image optimization and Defender for security.

Security and performance are important for the success of any fundraising campaign. So make sure you have everything to ensure its security and expected performance.

Step 5: Install an SSL Certificate

Because you will be actively receiving payments from investors and donors from your crowdfunding website, an SSL certificate is important. Install an SSL certificate before launching your website live. 

Step 6: Get a CDN

If your platform accepts payments from investors around the globe, you will need a CDN to ensure no friction or sluggishness when international investors try to donate money on your website.

Step 7: Using the WP Crowdfunding Plugin to Create Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Look at the following demonstration based on the free version of the WP Crowdfunding plugin:

To install your WP Crowdfunding platform, go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.

Then, search WP Crowdfunding and click Install Now.

Installing the paid version

On the top right beside the “Add Plugins” click on an “Upload Plugin” button. 

Click on the “Browse” button to upload the ZIP file from your computer and click on “Install Now.”

After installation and activation of the plugin, go to Crowdfunding > License Page. Fill in the license key and click on “Connect with License key.”

You’re done!

  • For building your crowdfunding campaign, go to Products and click on Add New.

  • Enter the title and description of the fundraising campaign in the post editor.

  • Select product type as “Crowdfunding.” Enter all relevant details in the General tab.

  • Fill in all applicable details in the tabs on the left pane and fill in the details. Remember that free users can only add one reward per campaign.

  • Under the product type, write down the short description for your campaign. It will appear under the main image.

  • Enter reviews or campaign updates in the “Reviews” and “Campaign Update Status” fields.

  • Click on the “Set product image” under “Product image” for uploading the main product image.
Step 8: Launch the Campaign

You have created the fundraising website, and now you can launch it. Promote your crowdfunding campaign everywhere. Send email to your newsletter subscribers, share it on your social media pages, announced it on podcasts, get news outlets to cover it, etc.

Pay close attention to everything happening on your website to make sure everything is going as smoothly as expected.

Process For Customizing Your WP Crowdfunding Plugin

The WP Crowdfunding plugin comes with many options to help you customize your campaign. To access these settings, go to the general settings in the “Crowdfunding” found in the left panel.

Go to the “WooCommerce” tab and select the default listing and registration page. It gives you the option to choose if you want to display the crowdfunding campaign on your shop or anywhere else.

Customize the crowdfunding campaign page, by changing options under the “Style” tab.

To enable people to share your campaign on social media, check “Enable Social Share” in the “Social Media” tab. Select all the social media platforms you want to add and tap the “Save changes” button.

Adding Forms for Front-End Submission

To add front-end forms for users, you have to add a relevant WP Crowdfunding shortcodes to selected pages. It is very easy with the help of the dropdown menu in the WordPress editor.

Select the Form shortcode for adding the front-end submission form on your website.

You may customize the form to make it look attractive and match to your WordPress theme. Scroll down to see the fields where you can enter all details.

You can also set up rewards on the form.

Ideally, use a form with multiple pages rather a single long form. Break it into different categories to make it user-friendly. You can achieve it by using custom templates supported by the plugin.

WP Crowdfunding Pricing

WP Crowdfunding can be available for 100% free when developing basic fundraising websites.

The other two premium versions are:

Essential – $49

With this plan, you will get:

  • Use on one domain

  • Unlimited campaign rewards

  • Theme designed for WP Crowdfunding (you can preview the included theme in the demo)

  • Google ReCAPTCHA add-on

  • Email notifications add-on

  • Detailed reports add-on

Enterprise – $89

The Enterprise version provides everything in the Essential version, with another helpful payment integration:


  • Stripe Connect addon

  • Use on up three domains

Wrapping Up

The free version of the WP Crowdfunding plugin is a great tool to get you started. However, if you are passionate about creating a fundraising platform that could compete with Indiegogo and Kickstarter, you should buy the premium version. It will give you access to unlimited reward options, payment gateways, details analytics reports and so on. You will also get access to a special theme ideal for your crowdfunding platform.

For downloading WP Crowdfunding, click here.


You can also check out the free WP Crowdfunding demo to see how it works.

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Over the past few years, there has been quite an uprise in the industry of online education. People want to learn more- faster and without physical barriers. Count on the world’s most popular CMS, WordPress, to be there to provide all the necessities to create courses online. But WordPress alone isn’t enough- you need a WordPress LMS plugin to really create a professional education site. So with that in mind, one of the most recent member to the WordPress LMS plugin lineup is Tutor LMS.

Tutor LMS comes with a tonne of features that make all the complex processes of creating a course much more simplified. If you’re a newbie to WordPress, Tutor LMS is the easiest WordPress LMS plugin to use for you. Obviously, being a new release it still has some way to go, but the existing features are more than enough to pique interest. So, today we bring an in-depth review exploring Tutor LMS.

Feature List of Tutor LMS:

  • Drag & Drop Course Builder 
  • Advanced Quiz Creator
  • Analytics & Sales Stats
  • WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads Integration
  • Multi-instructor Ready
  • Custom Gutenberg Blocks
  • 10 Unique Question Types
  • Useful Addons
  • Course Prerequisite
  • Multimedia Attachment Option 
  • Certificates
  • Email Connectivity
  • Earning and Withdrawal options 
  • Course Preview 
  • Multi-Lingual Ready
  • Q&A Section for Students
  • Course Rating Option
  • Dedicated Dashboard
  • Theme Compatibility

You can check out this overview video of Tutor LMS to know the wide creation scope that you get with this WordPress LMS plugin. You can also check out their live demo.

Drag & Drop Course Builder

There are a lot of possibilities that you in the WordPress LMS plugin when it comes to course creation. You get to add a lot of functionalities in one place.

Course Description: Tell students all that they need to know about your course using this WordPress LMS plugin. Add a unique course description to get them really interested to know more of the course.

Course Excerpt: Optionally, you can even add a course excerpt. This is for students or visitors who don't want to read a detailed description. You can just add a short summary of the entire course in this field using the WordPress LMS plugin.

Course Duration: You can tell students how the entire length of the course from the start using the WordPress LMS plugin. That way students know how much time they need to invest in the course right off the bat.

Difficulty Level: Set the difficulty level for your course in the WordPress LMS plugin easily to “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Expert” so that they can easily know if the course is the right one for them.

Benefits of the Course: This is a great text field to list all the benefits of the course in one single place. Students can directly know what they are expected to achieve if they complete the course which acts as a great incentive to enroll. 

Course Instructions: In case you want to add a few instructions or add something informative, you can use this handy little option in this awesome WordPress LMS plugin. 

Target Audience: Specify the target audience within the WordPress LMS plugin so that you get the right prospective students for your course.

The best part about having a course builder in your WordPress LMS plugin is you can effectively add all your lessons, drag & drop them in order and include lesson quizzes. So, that you get all the functionalities you need in one place.

Advanced Quiz Creator & Easy Grading Process

One of the best features of Tutor LMS is the quiz creation process. There’s just so much versatility that you can achieve from the quizzes. You need a great quiz creator in your WordPress LMS plugin because quizzes are the most marketable and shared content. Not to mention the obvious that it judges your student performance effectively.

Moreover, the grading process in this WordPress LMS plugin is extremely well thought out too. Instructors can set answers for predefined questions and the results will auto-update after the quiz is taken. If you want to review answers to questions, you can easily do so from your dashboard and the results will update accordingly.

Five of these question patterns come completely free:

  1. Open-ended Questions and Essays
  2. True/False
  3. Single Choice
  4. Multiple Choice
  5. Fill In The Blanks

The next five questions are included in the pro version of the WordPress LMS plugin.

  1. Image Matching
  2. Image Answering
  3. Matching
  4. Ordering
  5. Short Answers

Another great aspect is that Tutor LMS randomizes the question order. You can also set quiz duration, and choose actions when quiz time is over. There’s also the option to define the passing grade and limit quiz attempts in this WordPress LMS plugin. So that students can see their result status displayed and how many attempts are left for them.

Sell Courses Easily

Students can buy courses from your eLearning platform using Tutor LMS. The WordPress LMS plugin is integrated with the world’s most popular shopping cart WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads.  

Not only that you can set up an easy earning and commission allocation system right in your WordPress LMS plugin. You can set the percentage of commission, fees to be deducted, and other costs right from the settings easily.

Similarly, you can manage all the withdrawals. Define the minimum withdraw amount and the method of withdrawal along with any additional instructions that you want. All of the transactions will be displayed seamlessly in the statements for you to view.

Useful Addons to Boost Functionality

The addons of Tutor LMS are supremely easy to use. It takes one click to enable the various addons. Right now there are 7 addons in the paid version of Tutor LMS. But this WordPress LMS plugin is bound to come up with even more as promised on their home page.

Tutor Reports: The reports addon is filled with useful analytics and sales report that help you monitor course performance and adjust accordingly. There are advanced filter in this WordPress LMS plugin addon that gives you useful stats.

Tutor Multi-Instructor: Most of the world’s leading education sites have multiple instructors dedicated for courses. You can have multiple instructors for your courses just by using Tutor LMS and enabling the addon.

Tutor Course Attachments: Include all the materials your students need to study for a course with Tutor Course Attachments. Upload docs, pdf, or any other WordPress supported format to add attachments for your lessons.

Tutor Email: Connectivity with students are extremely helpful and important to keep them in track with the course. Tutor Email addon comes with customizable email options that you can set right from the settings panel.

Tutor Certificates: Reward your students with beautiful certificates upon course completion. You can personalize the certificates from the rich selection that you get with this addon. Complete the certificate with student name, institution name, and signature or upload your own certificate.

Tutor Preview: If you want to keep a few lessons unlocked for students to try out before they enroll, use Tutor Preview addon. This option in the WordPress LMS plugin allows you to motivate students to join solely based on your course content.

Tutor Prerequisites: Display courses which students need to be done with before joining your course. That way you get the target students who’re suited to complete your course and even let them know about the other related courses you take.

Custom Gutenberg Blocks

There are three custom Gutenberg blocks inside Tutor LMS. All you’ve to do is place the block in any convenient section of your site and you’re done.

Tutor Registration Form: You can include the registration form for students in your courses, post or anywhere you think will catch their attention using the student registration form.

Instructor Registration Form: if you’re interested for more students to join your eLearning platform using this WordPress LMS plugin- then place the instructor registration form block. You can use the form to have more instructors enrolling in your platform without having to spend any time on form creation.

Tutor Student Dashboard: Include a student dashboard with this custom Gutenberg block. Students can check their course progress, courses enrolled and other useful information wherever you place the block.

Final Thoughts

Tutor LMS is definitely a promising WordPress LMS plugin with a lot of potential for the future. It works with any theme and provides multilingual support too. It offers content security without being too complex to use. There are a lot of features in their free plugin that is great to build a professional eLearning site. But their premium version is amazing to use and really take your site up a notch. The best part of this WordPress LMS plugin is that it supports the entire course lifecycle starting from course creation, selling, administering and managing your courses.

Give Tutor LMS a spin and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

Get Tutor LMS View Demo

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When you decide to start an online crowdfunding campaign, the first thing you do is buy domain and hosting. Most often, the next step is installing WordPress. WordPress is so popular because it provides you with a user-friendly environment that’s easy to use. It has thousands of plugins and themes so you don’t need to put a lot of effort into web design.

WordPress offers lots of opportunities for customization. However, when you have to choose a Crowdfunding WordPress theme for your website, it turns out to be not so easy at all. Quite often, new websites change their appearance every few weeks because their owners cannot find the perfect theme. Sometimes, they realize that the chosen theme doesn’t look right or doesn’t have the necessary functionality. It’s easy to get lost in the variety of Crowdfunding WordPress themes, so today we help you how to choose the right one.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme

● WordPress 5 Compatibility

Firstly, you should make sure that your theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. This platform has been around for fifteen years, and it has changed a lot over this time. Secondly, WordPress 5 requires PHP 7.2 for hosting. It’s a minimum requirement that affects your choice of the hosting environment, as well as plugins and themes. If a theme is based on the old versions of PHP, it may trigger errors. You should also keep in mind that as WordPress evolves, some functions become irrelevant. They are called “deprecated,” and such old code is not supported anymore. Before you install a theme, check its sales page or the history of updates to figure out whether it’s compatible with WordPress 5 or not.

● Mobile Optimization

You should also make sure that your theme is mobile friendly. Millions of users access the internet through their smartphones or tablets, so a responsive website is not an option but a necessity.

According to statistics, mobile traffic accounts for more than 60% of the overall web traffic, and its share will continue to grow. Fortunately, most WordPress themes are mobile-responsive but some themes still have a fixed layout, so choose carefully.

● Gutenberg Compatible

The latest version of the WordPress platform also introduced a new content editor, Gutenberg. Now you can easily organize your content using a simple system of blocks, manipulating and moving them as you want. Although most modern themes are compatible with WordPress 5, not all of them are compatible with Gutenberg. Gutenberg-compatible themes should support block editor styles, wide blocks, block elements, and conditional sidebars. Although using Gutenberg is not a necessity, you will certainly appreciate its seamless editing experience.

● Browser Compatibility

Although Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, with more than 60% of internet users, many people also use Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Test your theme on different browsers before finalizing.

● Simplicity

Some themes have complex and colorful layouts, with lots of unnecessary javascript that prevents the website from working as intended. “Even if you like flashy colors and complex layouts, think of your visitors. The design of your website shouldn’t distract them, its main purpose is to deliver your message and call to action,” explains Julia Morgan, a web designer at College-Writers.

Top 5 Crowdfunding WordPress Themes of 2019 1. Backer

This Crowdfunding WordPress theme has everything you need for a crowdfunding campaign. It has two templates for different purposes, and it’s compatible with WordPress 5 and Gutenberg. You can easily customize it as you like and use a Visual Composer plugin to build your page. This Crowdfunding WordPress theme not only allows you to create your own design but also offers Stripe and PayPal integration so that you can easily collect payments. The package also includes a WP Crowdfunding plugin so you can access a powerful dashboard and check the progress of your campaign any time you need.

2. Patrios

This Crowdfunding WordPress theme is optimized for all browsers and all kinds of mobile devices. It’s based on the most popular fundraising plugin WP Crowdfunding Pro and allows you to modify your website in real time using WP Page Builder Pro. In addition, you can easily manage your money with Stripe integration and the Native Wallet system. The system automatically calculates funds and provides you with actionable statistics.

3. Backnow

Backnow is Crowdfunding WordPress theme that enables you to create a platform similar to Kickstarter, working with multiple fundraising ideas. The layout is customizable so it will fit both general and niche-specific fundraising campaigns. This Crowdfunding WordPress theme is integrated with PayPal, WP Crowdfunding plugin, Contact Form 7, and Google Maps. No matter what is the purpose of your campaign, your website will be responsive and look professional.

4. Caritas

This Crowdfunding WordPress theme is a great choice for charity firms, free schools, crowdfunding campaigns, environmental protection, child care, or other social websites. It has all the necessary functionality, including PayPal integration for easy donation. This Crowdfunding WordPress theme is based on WP Page Builder so you can easily adjust your website to your needs, trying different layouts and playing with blocks. In addition, there are over 30 functional add-ons. You can also create a Cause page, providing details on donation causes and adding calls to action, images, and videos.

5. StartupIdea

This Crowdfunding WordPress theme has everything you need for a crowdfunding campaign. It has two templates for different purposes, and it’s compatible with WordPress 5 and Gutenberg. You can easily customize it as you like and use a Visual Composer plugin to build your page. This Crowdfunding WordPress theme not only allows you to create your own design but also offers Stripe and PayPal integration so that you can easily collect payments. The package also includes a WP Crowdfunding plugin so you can access a powerful dashboard and check the progress of your campaign any time you need.


When it comes to choosing a Crowdfunding WordPress theme for your crowdfunding site, it’s easy to get lost in the variety of available options. The main thing is to understand what is the purpose of your website and to make sure that the chosen Crowdfunding WordPress theme supports all the latest WordPress functions. Your Crowdfunding WordPress theme should also be optimized for mobile devices and different browsers. Fortunately, there are many Crowdfunding WordPress themes that allow you to not only customize your page easily but also manages your funds and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign. However, the top 5 Crowdfunding WordPress themes that we've included in this post are loved by users and proven to be a hit time & time again.

About the Author

Ester Brierley is a QA Engineer in a software outsourcing company, but thinking about her own entrepreneurial journey. She knows the secret for balancing freelancing as a seasoned content creator for College-Writers and her full-time job. You can find Ester on Twitter.

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Attracting customers and readers to your website begins with beautiful looking pages, designed to target the audience you’re after specifically. Choosing the perfect theme for your WordPress site can be a difficult task, especially with so many options out there.

But, it’s not just about the look of a website that makes it appealing to readers. Your information needs to be easy to access and navigate, as well as relevant to your readers. Making it easily sharable and giving them a glimpse into your entire online presence in one place is also a great feature to include in any online blog or magazine. There are some great WordPress themes available that can offer all of this, and more, to you.

These are the top 5 best designs for blog and magazine WordPress themes available to you in 2019, to help make narrowing down the best choice much easier.


Developed and designed as a complete news or magazine WordPress theme, NewsKit provides you with a totally responsive theme perfect for a newspaper, magazine or blog related to any topic. It makes creating a professional looking website completely easy, even if you’ve got zero knowledge about the technical aspects of website design. 

Twelve available widgets make it easy to extend the functionality of this theme. This makes it easier to link the different spots you’re present online, giving readers easy access to videos, tweets and more.

You’ll have the choice between two pre-designed home page layouts, depending on the look you’re going for. The default option has article sliders, images and areas dedicated to video posting, giving it a much more complex look. If you prefer a simpler design, the second option gives you this. 

Customize every bit of this theme easily, and modify it exactly to your specifications. In addition to your home page, you’ll have themed pages for blogs, blog details, categories and contact pages. If you want to get feedback from readers, you can create themed polls on your site, simply by inputting the information on the backend. This is a great way to encourage user engagement and interaction.

It’s just $45 to gain access to this news specific theme, where you’ll also get a full year of theme updates and support. 


When readers are looking for the latest news, they want to have the information presented to them in a simple, easy to digest format, where they don’t have to search very hard to get what they’re looking for. The clean and elegant design of NewEdge give your news themed blog or online magazine that look and format that makes this possible for your readers. 

This multi-page theme is compatible with both WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg, and also allows you to integrate MailChimp right into it, so you can build your online readership through both your website as well as email newsletters, expanding your reach even further and building your mailing list. 

The news itself is up front and center in this theme, and is the essential design you’ll want to have if you’ve got a blog or magazine dedicated to bringing the news to readers. The completely responsive design makes your site Google mobile-friendly, so it’s easily vieweable by your readers while they're on the go.

For just $49, you’ll have access to this theme, along with 6 months of support. For a nominal fee, you can add another 6 months of support too. Along with having this ready for news and magazine website, you’ll get the themed Contact Page and Form, language translation supports and Search engine optimization.


When you’re looking for a more sport-specific theme for your soccer and football WordPress site, Calcio is exactly that theme. Designed with definitive sports information in mind, this theme was exclusively made to display statistical sports information, including recent match results, tournaments and player profiles. 

Manage a soccer tournament or team online with ease using this theme exclusively developed for WordPress. It’s got all of the components you’ll need to clearly and accurately display all sports-related statistics and information. 

Have the ability to showcase club and player profiles, showing their history, honours and any other details. Player profiles can show off their achievements, career stats and other personal information. You can even add social media links to the players and clubs directly under their names. 

Sports enthusiasts want to know match information as it happens, so give them the most up-to-date game results and standings. They also generally want to know all the information they can get their hands on about their favourite sport, team or player. Give them a captivating display of information, saturating them with all of the latest information and details. 

If you’re managing tournaments on the site, you can easily display point tables, and order teams based on the points they’ve got in each category.

Depending on exactly how you want your site to look, and what information you’re focusing on, there are a number of home page layouts available. You’ll also have themed pages to customize for clubs, players, matches and point tables. 

For just $59, you’ll be able to use this WooCommerce ready theme, meaning you’ll also have the ability to sell any soccer item directly through your website.


For your sports news related WordPress blog, Sportsline gives you the ultimate design with everything you could possibly want in a sports-themed layout. Anyone in the sports world, from news sites to clubs and even teams and individual athletes are perfect for this design. 

Without any knowledge of programming, it’s easy to customize any page and add the available 7 custom widgets to make user interaction as simple as possible. Search engine optimization is built right into the theme, giving you increased rankings within search engines. You’ll also easily be able to implement Google Adsense into your online strategy with this theme.

A host of incredible features make this professional looking sports theme the best choice for anyone involved in sports. It’s also been designed with the FIFA World Cup in mind, ensuring that it’s completely functional and customizable to suit this event.

Of course, sport crosses barriers of language, so to make things easier for those speaking other languages, translation supports are built into the theme. 

High quality and features make Sportsline the top theme of choice for those blogging about or involved in the sports world, at just $55 for the theme.

Personal Blog

This theme is designed for the avid blogger who is presenting their website as an online diary or journal of sorts. This premium WordPress theme comes with everything needed to help with SEO. This helps ensure that your blog stays at the top of search engine results, giving you more exposure to readers and helping to push your organic rankings higher.

It’s designed with all types of devices in mind, displaying content properly, no matter what device your blog is being viewed on. Instagram posts linked automatically are highlighted in a dedicated area, easily visible to your readers, that way, anytime you post to Instagram, you don’t have to do anything to have that post reflected on your blog. Readers also won’t have to flip back and forth between your blog and Instagram pages to see everything you’re posting. 

Customize each page and everything within those pages with ease, without the need for any coding skills, and post using any format for your content, including text, audio, video and more. So, you can present readers with your blogs in a variety of formats.

As a complete blogging theme, you’ll have a coordinating Contact Page and About Page, that you can implement to make it easier for visitors to get in touch with you and ask questions, as well as learn more about you. It’s essential to have an About Page for your readers, since at the center of each Personal Blog is a real person that readers will want to know about.

Get access to this theme, as well as a year of updates and personal support for just $45.

When you’re looking to build your online presence and readership, having a beautiful and easy to navigate site is the first step in getting there. The next step is to present the relevant information they’re in search of in an easy to locate and consume manner. Selecting the ideal WordPress them to achieve this is pivotal.

There are endless options available to you, but if you’re looking for the most highly rated, best designed themes, these are the top 5 you’ll want to check out before you go anywhere else. When you take advantage of everything these premium themes have to offer, you can do incredible things to increase your online presence and make presenting information to your readers that much easier.

Be relevant in your industry and to your readers with the help of these most highly rated sports WordPress themes of 2019. 

Harry Conley is a content editor at GumEssays.com. He develops training and manages the work flow to provide writers with supplemental or support instruction.

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Editor's note: This is a guest post sent by one of our visitors. You can find the author bio followed by the post content. 

With the proliferation of WordPress Themes available today, literally anyone can set up a blog in minutes and be ‘published’ online, but that is part of the problem – so are thousands of others and thus the scramble to be heard is on.

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Editor's note: This is a guest post sent by one of our visitors. You can find the author bio followed by the post content. 

There’s no denying that the WordPress platform has revolutionized the way the internet works, especially when it comes to bloggers, small business owners, and basically anyone who’s interested in building a website and getting their name out there to the masses.

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The right WordPress theme is what makes your website stand out between others. That is why choosing the right one is so important. Luckily, there are a lot of amazing WordPress themes available in the market. Choosing a wrong WordPress themes, however, can cause you to lose money, time and potential clients!

So today we have compiled a checklist on how to choose the perfect WordPress theme!

1. Know your needs

When creating a website, planning is key. This means planning what sort of content you want in your website, the aim of your website, target audience and so much more. Your WordPress theme should be a representation of the purpose of your website.

Crete a list of what your WordPress theme should be based on. Some points to consider would be: 

  • Type of content you want to highlight. Do you want your website to focus more on videos or blog posts or something else?

  • The level of customization you require.

  • The kind of message you want your theme to generate. Do you want your website to look corporate or creative or keep it minimal?

  • Gutenberg compatible themes if you use Gutenberg editor.

2. Budget

Once you are sure about what you need in your website, you can decide on the budget. People often look for free WordPress themes. But if the features of the free theme do not match with your website goals then you won’t like the end results.

When setting up a website, consider getting a premium WordPress theme. Even the simplest paid themes tend to give better functionality than the free ones. Premium WordPress themes offer continuous developer support and are thoroughly updated for customer satisfaction. The designs tend to be more intricate. These themes are well-structured and purpose-oriented. WordPress theme providers like Themeum even provide on-trend detailed designs on their WordPress themes.

All in all, go for a budget plan that helps you accommodate most of your needs.

3. Responsiveness

Using a responsive WordPress themes is no longer optional. A large group of your targeted audience will come from a variety of devices. Your site needs to be all device-friendly to stand a chance in today’s competitive market.

When trying out a WordPress theme, make sure to check how it appears on landscape view, mobile and on your desktop. WordPress themes from Themeum are even Retina ready which your users will appreciate. A responsive theme ensures the website is faster across devices with no bad site experience.

4. SEO friendly features

The end destination of all websites is to get as many potential clients as possible. This is why a highly SEO-friendly theme is so important. When your website appears as one of the top searches on Google, you get a lot of potential leads accessing your website.

The WordPress themes that have built-in plugins and SEO features are the ones to look for in this case. That way you can insert the right tags, keywords, and content to improve your SEO.

Themeum offers SEO friendly WordPress themes which is clearly mentioned in their core features list.

5. Browser Compatibility

Along with different devices, your targeted customers will also view your website from various browsers or you might have to use your theme in a different browser. Browser compatibility is necessary for a good website experience.

Before installing a WordPress theme, check the feature list to see which browsers it can support. The WordPress theme should work with not only desktop browsers but also mobile browsers. If you cannot find whether the website is browser compatible, just test it on Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc. and mobile devices.

6. Extensive Customization Options

Customizing the WordPress theme is what makes your website more personalized. This is particularly crucial because another website might use the same WordPress theme. To keep your website unique you need proper customization options. Go for themes that allow you flexible design options, large headlines, multiple call-to-action buttons, layout and styling options and much more to keep your website viewers engaged.

7. Page Builder Support

Page builders plugins are drag and drop tools that lets you build pages and grids with an intuitive interface.

Some WordPress themes come with pre-installed page builder plugins. If they don’t, it is highly recommended that you install one that your theme will support. For instance WP Page builder is compatible with all WordPress themes. Another upside of WordPress themes by Themeum is amazing navigation system powered by WP Mega Menu.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the content of your website is what keeps your clients interested. Themes play a crucial part on getting the initial attention. When building a website, it might not look the way you want straight away. However when you choose the right theme, with some work you will eventually get the best results for your dream website.

What features do you look for in your WordPress theme? Share with us in the comments below!

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Editor's note: This is a guest post sent by one of our visitors. You can find the author bio followed by the post content.

These days creating the very best in HTML marketing emails is something of a challenge, from out of date platforms to time consuming code, crafting that perfect piece takes time, a lot of time. However, just the right email will make a big impression, so anything you put in will come back to you in terms of marketing wins.

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Editor's note: This is a guest post sent by one of our visitors. You can find the author bio followed by the post content. 

Whether you are a small-time blogger or part of a large software development firm with clients across the world, the website you create will reflect that to the world. According to published statistics, WordPress is the most popular CMS out there, powering nearly 32% sites on the internet.

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GitHub is the go-to solution for most of us looking to create a software and share it. However, for the ones who are planning to use GitHub for free, it’s a great time to do so. Earlier today, GitHub CEO Nat Friedman has announced that its free users can now create unlimited private repositories.

Previously, all the free accounts in GitHub required you to make your projects public which might have inconvenienced some of you. For the ones who didn’t want to make their project source codes public, had to pay. That’s no longer the case with this announcement. But there’s a catch.

For all free users, only a maximum of three collaborators can work on the same private repository. But still, it’s a great news for users who wanted to keep their projects private or wanted to work in smaller groups without having to pay. This might be a great move on GitHub’s part in terms of competing with its rival Bitbucket which offers five collaborators on free accounts.

Along with this huge announcement, GitHub also changed its pricing policy for paid users. Priorly the pricing plans depended on whether they were using self-hosted or cloud-hosted services. The Enterprise Cloud (formerly known as GitHub Business Cloud) and the Enterprise Server (formerly known as GitHub Enterprise) have been merged, and sold as “GitHub Enterprise” with one per-seat price.

In terms of team plans, “GitHub Developer” is now known as “GitHub Pro”. The change was done to improve the developer experience as said by the company. GitHub Team is still available for teams and developers for superior coding and collaboration features.

Even amidst all the changes, the fact that GitHub is now offering unlimited private repositories for free users still remains the biggest news. It would be interesting to observe whether the GitHub we know that was full of open-source projects and codes that still required tidying up will remain so in the future. More developers might now be inclined to finish projects, clean codes and even build more projects when they no longer have to share it. Some might also close up their open-source projects with this new option.

As you already know, Microsoft acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion last year. One thing is for sure, the latest announcement is a huge step for GitHub and only time will tell how this affects in the future.

Are you excited about GitHub’s announcement? Comment your thoughts below and let us know!

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