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Obesity is a common ailment in dogs of all ages. However, obesity usually occurs in middle-aged dogs and not to mention that 25-30% of the canine population suffers from obesity. Besides an unhealthy diet, one of the most common causes of obesity is the lack of exercise. PetZen Dog Treadmill came to my attention, when I faced it.

Little did you know, your dog may belong to the 25-30% population. Our furry friends also need to get up of their lazy beds and be healthy! I bought the PetZen Dog Treadmill for my little 27 pounds beagle who needs a ton exercise. To my surprise, it helped my pal a lot and we can’t wait to share our story!

Cons of PetZen Dog Treadmill

Let me start from some negative things. Despite PetZen Dog Treadmill was a life-saver for my dog, we also experienced a little bit of inconvenience with it. I listed it here in our PetZen Treadmill review to warn you that you may also encounter these things. Don’t worry, these are not huge problems that you wouldn’t be able to fix!

Awful Instructions

Apparently, the treadmill may be great but it comes with awful assembly instructions! The instructions were very complex, it took me so long to understand the first step. I thought that it might have just been me but when I read the reviews on Amazon, PetZen received similar complaints.

Nevertheless, when I called the customer service for help, the staff were extremely responsive and helpful. The treadmill could be more user-friendly if it didn’t take many steps to set and start it up. I’m hoping that PetZen should fix this problem, or else, they would always have to deal with annoyed customers.


Let’s state the obvious here, the PetZen Dog Treadmill is costly. In fact, it costs a bit higher than the dog treadmills sold by other manufacturers. Nevertheless, its features are far more different from the other dog treadmills! I can testify that it’s design, convenience, durability, and use are worth the money!

For Small & Medium Sized Dogs Only

The PetZen Dog Treadmill was made mostly for the small dogs. The instructions advised dogs with weight up to 30-Pounds. Deal breaker for large dog owners. On the other hand, it is extremely convenient for the small dogs like my beagle.

Difficult Assembly

The PetZen Dog Treadmill comes with the most difficult packaging I have ever handled. I’m confused why it was packed with a lot of boxes. Moreover, the set up was very difficult. It took me hours to assemble the treadmill!

Good thing, the PetZen staff were very nice and patient. They even gave me options to send me a service tech or a replacement. The company got the best customer service but I wish they could fix the assembly issues.

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Pros of PetZen Dog Treadmill Photo Amazon Easier Training

I always find it hard to have the time in taking my beagle out for a long walk every day. Worse, I didn’t have the time to train and exercise him daily. A study has discovered that in most cases, owners are unable to provide their dogs with enough exercise to significantly control the weight that comes off and stays. Those cases would often lead to obesity.

Guilty, I decided to purchase an accessible training equipment that my dog can use indoors. I discovered that a dog treadmill is a great addition to my dog’s training. Plus, it’s very convenient and accessible!

Time constraint probably plays a huge role in maintaining my dog’s weight. Since the day we installed the PetZen Dog Treadmill at home, my beagle has been getting the exercise he needs!

Dog treadmills are still not a great substitute for outdoor walks. Whenever our canine companions play outside, their mind and senses became more engaged. It’s also important that dogs could get mental stimulation from time to time, which they least get indoors.

To help my dog lose weight, have enough exercise, and get mentally stimulated, I take him out for a walk during the weekends. Whenever I have the time to do so during weekdays, I would take the chance to exercise him outside.

However, there are chances that I cannot take my beagle out for a walk nor train him in the backyard. This is when the PetZen Dog Treadmill gets useful. Whenever I would do a housework or chore, I would just hook up the treadmill then watch him do the work!

Closer To The Fitness Goal

The main reason why I purchased the Petzen Dog Treadmill was to help my beagle lose and maintain his weight. My beagle weighs 30 pounds, which is over the required weight of a beagle.

To achieve his doggy fitness goal, I put him on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day and controlled his diet. With the love and help of his dog parent, controlled diet, and the PetZen Dog Treadmill, my beagle lost 5 pounds! Only 3 pounds more and we’ll be achieving our goal!

For once, my beagle is getting the exercise he needs and is becoming healthier than ever! We were so excited when he got weighed at the vet! Well, who wouldn’t be motivated to use the treadmill if it was a huge investment?

Indoor Exercises

Another major reason why I bought the PetZen Dog Treadmill is that I wanted to have a training equipment inside the house. So whenever it gets too cold, wet, rainy, or icy outside, he wouldn’t miss his exercise at all!

The treadmill is also very useful when it’s too hot outside, it can be too exhausting and dehydrating to go out for a walk or even visit the wellness center. Indoor exercises are now in our reach with the PetZen DogTread!

Portable and Space-saving

One of the biggest advantages of PetZen DogTread is that its portable! The treadmill is built with transportation wheels so you can move or store it in any location. Its portability is a great advantage to me because my beagle and I are traveling to my grandmother every summer vacation. Grandma spoils him a lot of treats so I would definitely need the treadmill!

The PetZen Dog Treadmill doesn’t only have a unique and nice design, but it is also space-saving! I can securely rest the treadmill on its nose for easy storage. It can be put up against the wall, store inside a closet, or under the couch!

Motivating Exercise

The PetZen DogTread has a recessed treat holder that provides a convenient way to dispense and hold treats during the initial training! It is very useful for dogs who are just starting to use the treadmill. I place a treat every once in a while to keep my beagle motivated.

However, make sure that your beloved pooch isn’t getting a lot of treats! Our main goal is to make them lose weight right? What I do is make my beagle enticing healthy treats that he can eat every once in a while during training. It helped a lot!

Sturdy and Durable Design

A lot of clients testified that the PetZen treadmill is sturdy enough to last for years! I have been using the PetZen DogTread for half a year now and it works perfectly than ever! Note that my dog is always on it every day!

PetZen Dog Treadmill Final Summary

Despite the difficulty with the installation of the treadmill, I was still very happy with the outcome. It was all worth it after all! I’m not regretting that I spent my time, effort and money on the PetZen Dog Treadmill. The treadmill was a great investment, especially that I want to keep my precious beagle with me longer.

  • Price: about $700
  • Amazon Reviews: 4.4/5


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Are you having a terrible time during your dog’s bath time? Aquapaw dog bathing glove can be your lifesaver. We included this bath tool for dogs to our list of 8 Cool Things You Need for a Dog Under $25. Every dog owners’ main goal is to give a positive experience of bath time to their fur babies so they won’t feel stressed and develop a fear of being bathed. Our dogs may love water and enjoy lakes, rivers, and even the garden sprinkler but there is always something about bath time that gives them dread. They are not the only ones who encounter difficulties during bath time; it is also the toughest activity dog owners face. 

Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove
Quick Review
Amazon Reviews4.6 out of 5 (over 150 reviews)
Technobark Review9.8 out of 10
Who is the dog gadget for? For dog owner who wants to shower their dog

We often worry about not getting them completely cleaned especially with thickly-furred dogs. It is essential for my Chow Chow to maintain his appearance, but bath time is a no for him. As a dog owner, I have to make sure that he gets adequately cleaned from his outer to inner coat and standard showers don’t seem to help me with that. I had trouble with finding a perfect dog indoor shower that can help me with my problem. Good thing, I found this Aquapaw dog bathing glove that became my ultimate problem-solver. I’ll tell you why my dog and I loved this product.

Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove Pros Photo Amazon.com 1. Stress-reliever

Bath time is now trouble-free for me and my dog with this dog indoor shower! Aquapaw dog bathing glove is not just a shower; it’s a combination of sprayer-scrubber with a flexible 8ft. hose that can operate with the use of only one hand so you’d always have the other hand to comfort your dog during bath time.

It helped eliminate stress and time during bath time and even made it fun! My dog likes to run away from my grip when I’m washing him up, but with the use of Aquapaw dog shower, I can now hold him while cleaning. One client said that their two puppies cringe at the sight of the water coming out of the shower. But when they used this product, their puppies were less anxious during bath time!

2. Magic Wand Cleaner

Do you also have a thick-furred dog that is very hard to clean? Worry no more, this dog shower will be your magic wand! It helped me drench my dog’s undercoat and really get the shampoo onto his skin. A client said that it accomplished a lot more than a standard shower did.

The Aquapaw dog bathing glove allows me to get the water and shampoo get close to my dog’s undercoat. Now, he’s so much cleaner and not so much like the smell of shampoo. After using the Aquapaw dog shower, my dog looks very clean, and his coat looks softer, unlike before. It seems like we went to the groomer!

3. Gentle and Calming

My dog and I both agree that bath time is generally upsetting. Before getting inside the bathroom, we would have a little game of chase. During bath time, he will eventually try to escape from my grip and run away. I was worried that I was causing his anxieties.

I didn’t know what to do to prioritize my dog’s comfort during bath time while also keeping him clean. I was somewhat skeptical with purchasing the Aquapaw Pet Shower because all the dog showers I’ve tried before didn’t help me at all. Nevertheless, I was very hopeful that this product works as intended. Luckily, it has exceeded all my expectations!

The Aquapaw pet shower gave my dog a more comfortable bath time since the water is closer to his body and easier to control. Because the shower is also a scrubber, my dog feels like he is getting a massage! Having the tool attached in my hand was more like petting my dog, rather than having to hold a shower in my hand, and him getting afraid of the shower.

Now, my dog stays calm because the shower gives him the sensation that I’m petting him. It also makes him more relaxed because the scrubber was absolutely massaging. Thanks to Aquapaw, there’s no more anxious dog and stressed pet owner!

4. Uncomplicated Set-up

The most common problem I encounter with usual dog showers is the installation process. Because of my experience, I was somewhat skeptical with purchasing the Aquapaw pet shower. Luckily, the Aquapaw pet bathing tool begs to differ! The installation process was uncomplicated and only took me a few minutes, with no tools required!

For outdoor use, I only grabbed the adapter, screwed it onto the hose, and connected it to the Aquapaw hose. At only three steps, my dog and I can already enjoy a fun outdoor bath!

Installing the Aquapaw dog shower indoor has more steps than outdoor installation. The first step is threading the diverter adapter onto the shower diverter. Next is I removed the shower head and wrapped pipe threads with the included teflon tape three times.

After wrapping the teflon tape, screw the shower adapter onto the pipe snugly but not too tight. Lastly, screw the shower head back until it’s snug, attach the aquapaw quick connect hose, and flip the switch. I was very delighted to see that the Aquapaw was very easy to connect to the diverter, it clicked within a second!

I can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate that all the necessary things to install the shower are included in the package. I don’t have to run to the hardware or find a tool while installing. I read the feedback of a client saying that he was impressed because the set included everything necessary to establish the unit in their home shower including a y-valve and Teflon tape. It shows that Aquapaw prioritizes their customer service!

This video might help you as well:    

How-to Install the Aquapaw® Pet Bathing Tool Shower Adapter - YouTube

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5. For Indoor and Outdoor Use

The Aquapaw dog shower is not the first dog bathing tool I tried. I used many dog showers before, and none of them are as versatile as the Aquapaw dog bathing tool. Some of the dog showers I purchased before have the same price as the Aquapaw dog shower but can only be used indoors. The best part about Aquapaw dog bathing glove is that you can’t only wash your dog indoor, you can also choose the best spot outside by cleaning him using a garden hose!

That’s not all; you don’t have to worry about connecting your Aquapaw with your shower or hose because adaptors are included in every Aquapaw Pet Shower. There is a separate adapter for a standard shower and another adapter for your garden hose. The shower adapter is designed to fit behind every shower head and is also compatible with multiple handheld shower attachments.

6. Money Saver

You’ll pay extra dollars with Aquapaw compared to other similar products but it will help you save money by saving water and saving trips to the groomer! My main problem with using the standard shower and garden hose is the running water. Because I am holding my dog while comforting him during bath time, I’m unable to turn the faucet off when not in use. Sometimes, bath time would suddenly turn into a game of chase, resulting in me leaving the water running.

I wonder how much water I unintentionally wasted before using the Aquapaw Bathing tool. Now, I can quickly turn the shower off when not in use even while comforting my dog. No more guilty dog parent and wasted water this time!

The Aquapaw pet sprayer will make your dog feels like he is in a grooming salon! My dog enjoyed the shower since the first use. The Aquapaw provides a professional-quality wash, so we have already eliminated the trips to the groomer. The product is truly worth every penny!

7. Lifetime Warranty

When buying products, especially online, I always look for the products backed up with a warranty. I’ve always had problems with my previously-owned dog showers because they are not backed up with a warranty. Hence, the showers ended up in the trash after malfunctioning.

Even after my experience, I was still eager to look for a dog shower that will truly help me with bathing my dog. Fortunately, I found the Aquapaw Pet Shower Sprayer and Scrubber in-One that is backed up with a lifetime warranty! Yes, you saw it right! This product comes with a lifetime warranty, and that explains why it has a reasonable price.

You won’t have to worry about buying another product if it has been damaged, the manufacturer will instantly replace it with original parts provided it has not been abused, purposely damaged, or repaired by someone else. One client had a similar experience with mine. She said that she was glad she paid extra dollars for the product because she bought similar products that didn’t work well unlike Aquapaw.

8. Money Back Guarantee

Aquapaw guarantees that our dogs will tolerate bath time more when bathed using the Aquapaw Pet Sprayer Shower and Scrubber in one. If one client is not satisfied with the dog shower, Aquapaw will accept product return and will send a full refund. All you have to do is visit their website, enter your order information, describe the reason for your return, print the pre-paid shipping label, and drop off at any USPS location. It’s that easy with no questions asked!

This is one of the reasons why I purchased the Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool. I was hesitating at first, but when I read that it has a money back guarantee, I immediately ordered online! This product is certainly a safe choice!

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Cons of Aquapaw Dog Bathing Tool

The Aquapaw Pet Shower Sprayer may seem a perfect tool, but it also has its cons. For this section, I reviewed numerous feedbacks from different clients to find the most common problems they have encountered with the product. Together with my experience, the cons listed below are only the usual difficulties we experienced with using the Aquapaw Dog Bathing Tool. Any problem you may find or encounter can be a result of misuse and carelessness.

Take note that a product’s use and durability still depends on how you use it. It is a crucial step to follow the instructions strictly follow the company’s instructions and have a proper installation. Nevertheless, do not worry too much because Aquapaw’s customer support is always available and your product is backed up with a lifetime warranty!

Inconvenient Use

Unlike other dog showers, you can’t use the Aquapaw dog shower and your regular shower head at the same time. If the Aquapaw bathing tool is installed in the shower, you can only use the dog shower. It is only a slight inconvenience for me but can be a problem to others. Nevertheless, it will also help us to save water!

Small Water Leakage

Another inconvenience that some clients encountered is that when they click to turn the tool off, water sprays all over from the connector by the shower head. When the tool is on, it sprays as well but not with the same force. The issue can be because of the fit of the shower’s wall mount.

Unfortunately, not all wall mounts are equally made. Therefore, the diverter can roughly fit some shower mounts that can result in small water leakage. The diverter is designed to be compatible with many shower mounts. I’m sure that Aquapaw is aware of this problem since a Teflon tape is included in the package.

Aquapaw Review Summary

Aquapaw understands that bath time shouldn’t be an unpleasant experience for you and your dog. It was made for every dog and their owners. With your comfort, proper preparation, and a good dog indoor shower like Aquapaw Pet Shower Sprayer and Scrubber in-One; your dog may feel safe in the tub and bath time won’t be tough for the both of you. Overall, it is a great product to use! And the cost is just $24.99 and available on Amazon

View Product On Amazon And Read Over 300 Reviews 

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The post Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove Review: Worth Buying or Not? appeared first on All About Dog Gadgets.

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If you are new to owning dogs, then you ’d probably heard people tell you that chocolate is poisonous for dogs. I know it sounds silly that something tastes so wonderful can be dangerous for our furry friends. Do you think this is a Fact or a Fiction? We can tell you why and explain the importance of following it.

Dogs easily smell chocolate and crave for it, unfortunately. It is because they have a sweet tooth. As much as we want to give them chocolates, it is a huge NO because of this information that you need to know. Humans and dogs share the same taste for amazing delicacies and food. They see us indulging in a big bag of M&Ms and they probably crave for it. But we can’t share our chocolates with our dogs. It is not safe for them.

Truth is, chocolate is dangerous for dogs depending on the kind of chocolate they will be eating, amount they consumed, and their size or built. It seems surprising that large amounts of cocoa and chocolate can kill your pet. But it may be difficult to estimate how much chocolate they have eaten. So it is always best to know the estimate weight of your pet in case of emergencies like this.

Why Is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

Theobromine is a compound found in most chocolates. Human body easily metabolizes theobromine but dogs slowly metabolize this compound. Slow metabolism of this compound leads to build up until it reaches a toxic level. Around 100-150 milligrams per kilogram of body weight is toxic to dogs. Less than a bar of chocolate can contain around 3000 milligrams of theobromine depending on the type of chocolate.

Once theobromine is metabolized by their body, it creates a chemical called xanthine that builds up in the liver. This chemical interferes with important enzymes that are responsible for maintaining a healthy heart rate and central nervous system. In simple terms, when xanthine interferes with healthy enzymes, it causes irregular heartbeat and breakdown of the central nervous system.

Veterinarians report that chocolate is one of the leading culprits in dog poisoning. But poisoning ultimately depends on the amount taken and the size of the dog. One amount of chocolate may not be poisonous for large dogs, but it can be lethal for small ones. Remember that there is no need to panic, there is still time to get treatment and ease your furry friend.

This is also the reason why dogs are not safe to take coffee and caffeinated products. In take of coffee also produces theobromine which leads to production of xanthine.

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Effects of Chocolate on Dogs Photo Pixabay

As mentioned, the size or body built of your dog plays a role in how fast they will experience the effect of the poison. Larger dogs can eat more chocolates than smaller dogs and feel the effect much later on. The mild effect can be as simple as extreme thirst, hyperactivity, upset stomach, diarrhoea or vomiting.

Eating larger amounts can lead to serious effects like muscle tremors, shaking, irregular heartbeat, panting, internal bleeding, seizures, or even heart attack. The start of theobromine toxicity is marked by severe hyperacidity.

If you think your dog has eaten chocolate, do not wait for the warning signs to show anymore. It may take 4 to 24 hours before the effects show up. Theobromine stays long in your dog’s body. It can even stay for as long as 72 hours but immediate treatment and action can help your dog recover faster.

Once theobromine enters the dog’s bloodstreams, the chemical’s half-life is about 17.5 hours. If your furry friend accidentally eats chocolate and remains alive after 24 hours, it is safe to assume that he will be fine soon.

“My Dog Ate Chocolate” or Chocolate and Dogs Treatment

If you suspect that your dog has eaten a large amount of chocolate, the best way is to induce vomiting within two hours of eating chocolate. This could help release the buildup of theobromine in their stomach and lessen the effects. Veterinarian experts recommend that you give your dog 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide for every 20 pounds size. This could be repeated every 15 minutes. It will help your dog vomit on his own easily. You can use a medicine dropper to give the fluid.

However, if you are noticing some of the serious effects listed above, you better call the veterinarian and bring your dog to the nearest animal clinic. They will ask all the information to help you deal with the situation.

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Medical Treatment for Dog Chocolate Poisoning

If you do not have much choice but to bring your pet to the clinic, the veterinarian will recommend a few treatments depending on the condition of your pet. The most common treatment they perform is through the use of fluids and IV drugs. Do know that there is really no cure for chocolate poisoning on dogs. The veterinarians will just interfere and provide the remedy to remove the toxic chemical and assist in the side effects they are showing. This works well for most cases.

Usually, they provide a drug to force vomiting, flush the stomach with fluids to clean the remaining undigested chocolates, and give medicines to prevent the toxic compound from reaching your dog’s blood. Activated charcoal is usually administered to help absorb any remaining xanthines from the dog’s gut or any of the toxic chemical circulating its digestive system.

If your dog has other illness or is suffering from a heart condition, they are at greater risk of death than healthy dogs. Most dogs who died from chocolate poisoning have underlying conditions that made it harder for them to recover or to fight the effects of the toxin.

Can Dog Eat White Chocolate? (or Different Types) 

White chocolate is the least toxic kind of chocolate for dogs. It is made of sugar, milk and cocoa butter. White chocolate does not contain cocoa solids which has the most amount of theobromine. However, still be cautious. Small amounts of theobromine can still be toxic to our furry buddies. A small amount of high-level theobromine in dark chocolates can already poison a dog. Chocolate chip cookies can even be trouble for small dogs. Experts say that 1 ounce of milk chocolate per pound of body weight can be fatal to our dogs.

Different types of chocolates have different levels of theobromine content. This may give you a bit peace of mind but do note that they are still poisonous no matter what.

The highest level of theobromine is found in cocoa, unsweetened baker’s chocolate, semisweet chocolate and dark chocolate. If your dog so happen to accidentally ate this kind of chocolates, better be on the safe side and follow the recommended treatment action for your pet. White chocolate and milk chocolate has the smallest amount of theobromine, on the other hand.

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How To Keep Your Dogs Away from Chocolates

The best way to keep your dog safe is to hide the chocolate in areas away from your pet’s reach. A high shelf or locked pantry should do the trick. There will be no way for them to sneak and take a bite from your chocolate stash.

We also have to remind other household members to keep chocolates away from tables, countertops or any exposed areas. It should be far away as possible. Holidays seem to be the most dangerous time since Easter, Halloween Trick or Treat, Thanksgiving, and Christmas make us own and keep plenty of chocolates all over the house. Keep those safely stored.

It is also great to train our dogs to “leave it”. They should understand that simple command to keep their paws away from any chocolate in sight.

Some experts recommend Crate Training to make sure they don’t grab anything within reach. The crate should be a comfortable place for him to stay in while he is unsupervised. He should remain inside the crate unless called. You can give your furry pet a blanket, stuffed toy, and treats inside the crate to entertain him. This way, you don’t need to keep watching him because trust will be built and you can have plenty of time to accomplish your tasks.

Keep in mind that chocolate is a delightful treat for us, but it is NEVER  a good treat for our dogs. Most dogs do not know when they are full. They can eat a pound of chocolate easily without feeling anything at first. Even a bite can lead to an upset stomach or worse.

The holiday season is just around the corner. Animal hospitals report that this is the time of the year when they get the most reports of chocolate poisoning among dogs. Good thing that they don’t encounter dogs dying from chocolate poisoning because they can produce immediate treatment to help the animal.

As much as we want them to enjoy eating our favorite chocolate, it is much better to keep them away from any chocolate rather than having to see them experience the ill effects of eating this tasty treat. We are sure there are plenty of other treats available for them to safely eat.

You can still do the sweet treat with treat-makers. Make sure to check our article “Bake-A-Bone: Dog Treat Maker Review and Recipes

The post Why Chocolate is Bad & Poisonous To Dogs? appeared first on All About Dog Gadgets.

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One of the biggest problems in recent history when it comes to pet care is obesity in animals. Worldwide, obesity is on the rise, not just in people but also in animals. While we human beings need to better take care of ourselves, when it comes to animals, we need to take better care of them. As pet parents, we need to be more responsible by taking into consideration the nutrition of our furry families and also discipline them as to how much and when to eat. We live in a household of two cats and three dogs.I love my furry family, and they seem to love each other. But unknown to me and my family, we have a looming health crisis.

I only feed my cats on our table top counter because my dogs would muscle their way into my cat’s food and virtually steal them. And one of my dogs “Arlo” developed an “alpha-like attitude” whenever I am not around and would more or less barge into the different feeding bowls of the two smaller ones. Arlo used to be a fit German shepherd, but after discovering that he can muscle his way into more food he started packing on the fats. After one of our routine veterinary visits, our doctor told us to mind Arlo’s health especially his weight.

A year later, we had an obese German shepherd in our midst and two other dogs who are in the brink of being malnourished, plus cats that can only eat on our countertop because of fear. Luckily, we had an awesome vet who knew an awesome device, the Portion Pro Rx Pet Feeding System. The Portion Pro Rx Pet Feeding System is an automated food dispensing machine for our furry loves. It automatically measures out the portions and the delivery schedules of meals for your pets. Easy and common enough right? So, what is so game-changing and awe-inspiring about an automated feeding system? A lot of companies have it right? In fact, three other companies try to match Portion Pro Rx in the market, it is the Wireless Whiskers, Surefeed and Wagz.

The Portionpro RX Pet Feeding System Competitor Advantages

Wireless Whiskers uses a gravity feed and time system to try and distribute regulated portions of food. The problem with the Wireless Whiskers system is that it simply does not work in multi pet-owning households. The Surefeed, on the other hand, uses a hoop structure system to control feeding frequency and amount. The downside to this system is that pets can approach the system from the side, top or from the back. Another thing about Surefeed is it does not properly regulate the portions of each meal, defeating the idea of controlling your pet’s food intake to be healthier. Wagz is the newest thing in the market. Its weakness is that it jams very easily and pets can easily learn how to access and steal from its bin or storage area.

Plus Wireless Whiskers, Surefeed and Wagz have virtually non-working RFID or Radio Frequency Identification systems. The RFID system is common among automated controlled feeding systems for pets because it is the same RFID system in their collar that would let the system know when and how much your pet should eat. That is where Portion Pro Rx has the advantage. Portion Pro Rx has a surefire RFID system that can be put on the collar of different pets.

Photo Portion Pro RX Website

The cat or dog that is allowed to eat from the system gets the “allowed access” RFID collar, while all the other pets get the “no access allowed” collar.”This prevents stealing as only allowed pets get access to the Portion Pro Rx. Its door automatically closes when a no access allowed collar wearing dog or cat comes near. This teaches our cats and dogs to eat only from the Portion Pro Rx system that they are assigned in or in our case, Arlo can’t muscle his way into any food systems that he is not allowed in. Plus, our cats can eat peacefully on the ground now. After a week or just a couple of days of trying to steal food, Arlo stopped trying to steal food, sensing that it just would not work.

Speaking of stealing, let us not think that Arlo the German shepherd is the only pet that tries to steal from the Portion Pro Rx. The other two dogs, Maxie and Zeus are equally guilty. The two other cats Violet and Zara are also equally guilty from trying to steal from their Portion Pro Rx from time to time. Luckily, the Portion Pro Rx is designed to be claw safe. Even the food storage bin is designed so that you can easily look inside and see if there is still food left, but it will not open easily if our furry loves try to be sneaky and steal food. The closing lid or door has a built-in safety feature detects if a paw or a claw is stuck when it is closing the door automatically retracts back and try to close again. Our pets will have ample time to move back and away before getting pinched or before it gets jammed. The door or lid design is also a unique overlapping design, and the food bin cover requires opposable thumbs to operate making it virtually impossible to be stolen from by even the most dedicated pushy and committed cats or dogs.

The Portionpro RX Pet Feeding System Pros Photo Portion Pro RX Website The Food Does Not Jam

One of the great things about the Portion Pro Rx is that it fits most consumer and Rx Kibble foods and does not jam. The Portion Pro Rx was designed by a top of the line research and development team that has done work for industry-leading names and a company like Black & Decker, Stanley, Stanley Bostitch, and Shark/Ninja with nine different United States and foreign patents under its name. We’ve raved about the Portion Pro Rx so much you’d think we are in love with the damn thing, and yeah, maybe we are. But no product is perfect, and even though Portion Pro Rx is revolutionary and game-changing there are things that we want them to look into in the future. One is the access and no access tags for the collars. It is a bit big and bulky for me. Arlo and the bigger dogs have no problem with it, but I feel as though sometimes the cats find it heavy or cumbersome in their collars. I also have mixed feelings with the one-year battery life for the access and no access tags for the Portion Pro Rx. One year is an ideal battery time but it lacks a system that would remind us or alert us if the Portion Pro Rx access tags’ battery is running out or has run out. God forbid we go on a weekend trip and the battery suddenly dies on their Portion Pro Rx access tags, imagine how scary that would be for our furry family.

Internet Connected

Another thing is that Portion Pro Rx is internet connected, I worry a lot about our internet connection all throughout the day that it scares me what would happen to my furry loves if the internet connection goes out. I want the future versions of the Portion Pro Rx to be protected from a bad internet connection or at least operational memory in the system that I can rest easy knowing my pets will eat no matter if the internet goes out. And one last minor thing, I wished the door would be quieter when closing or opening, it scares some of the smaller cats away. Other than that, we have a revolutionary, game-changing, miraculous material in the Portion Pro Rx Pet Feeding System. You can learn more about them at the official website.

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Keeping your dog healthy can encompass many aims, ranging from monitoring for hazardous situations to checking that your pet stays active enough. Fortunately, technology can help with these things and other health-related needs.

It Can Help You Track Your Dog’s Activity Levels

If your veterinarian was concerned about your dog weighing too much at a recent visit, it could be time to help your animal companion get on the move more often. When dogs stay active, they enjoy numerous advantages such as reduced joint stiffness, a lower risk of developing health problems and even the possibility of a longer lifespan.

Outside of the physical aspects, you probably know that when your dog gets bored, you may come home to a chewed shoe or something else your canine destroyed to keep itself from getting bored.

You can use an activity tracker like the FitBark, a small, waterproof device that attaches to your dog’s collar. You can get measurements for overall activeness, distance traveled, sleep quality and more. The FitBark also links to several fitness trackers for humans, making it possible to track your activity along with your dog’s.

It Might Reunite You With a Lost Pet

When dealing with the events that happen after you discover your dog is lost, it’s often difficult to concentrate on anything. Your mind keeps wondering if the worst has happened, and there is probably an incredible amount of anxiety building up inside you as you determine what to do next.

Various companies sell pet trackers that show real-time locations of the animals or allow users to set boundaries and get alerted if the dogs go outside of them. Such technologies relate to your pet’s health, especially if you consider the dangers they could encounter by wandering around for too long.

Before purchasing a tracker, research the options to know which ones are most suitable for you and your pooch. For example, some work in multiple countries and others require paying subscription fees to keep the devices active.

It Could Notify You of Hazardous Situations When You’re Not Home

We often have no choice but to leave our pets unattended, such as when going to work. Being absent used to make it impossible to know if something went wrong while being away.

For example, what if a pet knocked over and broke a large vase and is now in danger of getting sharp material in its paws? A similar threat could arise if a puppy digs through the garbage the day after you celebrated a birthday with chocolate cake, a food humans love that’s poisonous for dogs.

The Furbo Dog Nanny offers technology to prevent those issues from escalating by letting you know when certain events happen. It’s available as a 90-day trial when you buy the Furbo Dog Camera. The camera allows you to see and talk to your dog and even toss treats to it. However, the Furbo Dog Nanny goes further by giving activity notifications.

It also knows when people arrive at your home. That feature could be helpful for avoiding the possibility of your dog getting stolen. There is a known problem called “pet flipping,” too, whereby someone takes a dog and attempts to sell it soon afterward for profit.

The Furbo Dog Nanny could help you breathe easier when there is no choice but to leave your pet alone at home.

It’ll Interpret Your Dog’s Emotions

Owning a pet makes most people relatively skilled at deciphering how the animals feel. But, sometimes even the most tailored observational skills fall short. Then, you could miss out on signs indicating your pet is emotionally distressed. Excessive, prolonged stress could lead to health complications.

The TailTalk is a product in development by DogStar Life. It’s a gadget worn on a dog’s tail that picks up on motion, analyzes what it means and sends alerts via an app to the owner. You can’t buy it yet, but it may soon be possible to purchase tech that acts as a window into your dog’s mind, thereby helping you keep tabs on both mental and physical health.

Scientists are even working on artificial intelligence-based projects that could use the technology to translate what dogs say through vocalizations and facial expressions. That progress likely won’t become a reality for about a decade, but it’s exciting to think about what’s possible.

Technology Could Complement Dog Ownership

There are downsides to becoming too dependent on pet-centric technology, such as to make it occupy your dog so that you don’t have to take it for walks as often. However, as this information shows, there are various ways tech could help you become a better-equipped and more confident pet owner.

The post How Tech Is Beneficial for the Health of Your Dog appeared first on Technobark.

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As what they say, play is the key to a dog’s happiness. Did you know that play is the key for our dogs’ well-being, as discovered by a recent study of Bristol University? The study showed that dogs who don’t engage in a lot of play suffer from behavioral problems. In fact, puppies learn basic manners through playing because socialization is a critical aspect of a well-balanced dog. More specifically, the study also found out that dogs favorite toy are tennis balls, followed by rubber balls. Our dogs keep us entertained and happy at all times, now it’s time to give back. The GoDogGo Fetch Machine for Dogs is the perfect gift! Listed below are the reasons why my dog and I loved this product.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine for Dogs Features

1. Keeps your Dog Happy and Entertained

The truth is we don’t have all the time to play with our dogs. Even at weekends, sometimes, we don’t have the energy to run around with our dogs. However, play is essential to your dog’s well being. Worry no more as the GoDogGo Fetch Machine will be your solution.

The machine can either be an independent dog or owner-controlled with remote control. Even if you’re busy at home, the device allows your dog for an independent play. If you want to play with your dog without spending too much effort, the machine features a remote control. Now, you would keep your dog busy all the time!

2. 100% Dog-Friendly

The GoDogGo Fetch Machine features a “Safety Arc” that keeps your dog out of direct launch pattern. The balls will be launched in an upwards & out launch pattern, preventing from directly hitting your dog. When set in an automatic play, the safety sensor with auto stop doesn’t let the machine run continuously. Even if my dog is playing by himself, I’m assured that he is safe.

Do not operate this product indoors as it launches balls high into the air. You wouldn’t want to stand in front of it and don’t want your dog sticking his face into the hole to see when the next balls are coming out. I trained Bailey to patiently wait for the balls to come out, so he’s got used to it now. Take safety precautions when using and be attentive.

3. Simple Set-up

I’ve always wanted to buy fetch machines, and finally, I got one to try for myself! I was first worried that I wouldn’t be able to figure how to set the GoDogGo Fetch Machine. You know, the common problem when there’s a new tool or machine at home. Luckily, it was an easy set-up!

All I had to do was to take out the machine out of the box and either plug it or insert batteries, depending on your preference. It was such an advantage for me; I was able to take this machine anywhere! The machine has a power cable, so if you want to utilize batteries, then you’re going to need 6 x d8 batteries.

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4. A Unique Fetch Machine

With a wide range of fetch machines available in the market, I choose to settle for the GoDogGo Fetch Machine because of its distinctive features. One of the biggest advantages of the product is I was able to load a ton of balls once! Playing became a lot more fun because the machine can handle more than one ball load at a time.

Another great feature of this product is that the green bucket is has a wide area to train a dog to drop the ball into. Unfortunately, the ball launchers are only available from the Go Dog’s website. It is available for $149.99, and a “Jr” version that launches smaller balls is priced at $139.99.

5. Extremely Durable and Long-Lasting

The GoDogGo Fetch Machine may seem costly, but the money will be worth it! I have been using my GoDogGo for eight months now, and I haven’t experienced major issues yet. Besides my experience, feedback from clients says that they had utilized the machine for several years after using it daily! Some even plan to purchase again!

6. Great Customer Service

So far, I haven’t experienced any defects with my GoDogGo fetch machine. Nevertheless, when I read the reviews from clients, some said that the device they received had deficiencies. However, the company was very responsive and shipped out a new unit to the clients when only asked for some parts. The manufacturer truly know how to do customer service right! I wouldn’t have to worry too much with my machine experiencing defects.

7. A Safe Choice

Backed up with a six-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee, the GoDogGo Fetch machine is indeed a safe choice! Every device is backed up with a six-month warranty on craft and defects in materials and function from the date of delivery. You just have to present a proof of purchase!

Be at ease even if the warranty expires, you wouldn’t have enough trouble in finding replacement parts. GoDogGo also offers standard replacement parts, just in case your machine would have defects in the future. Standard replacement parts are available for the lifetime of the unit with shipping and handling fee.

8. Compact and Lightweight

I loved how the GoDogGo fetch machine for dogs is travel-friendly! Me and my fur baby travel to my grandma’s house during vacation. I would enjoy using the device in my grandma’s place since it has vast space for a safer and fun play, unlike my home. Luckily, the machine is easy to bring since it is compact and lightweight!

Both versions of the GoDogGo fetch machine is designed to have a wide lip for easy carry and transport. The GoDogGo G4 or the standard size weighs seven pounds and has an overall size of 13 x 13 x 16.75 inches. While the GoDogGo JUNIOR weighs five pounds & has an overall size of 11 x 11 x 14 inches. Even the G4 does not take up too much space!

9. Versatile

The GoDogGo fetch machine has too many features not to mention! The product is one of the most versatile dog products available in the market! The product does not only offer two methods of launching the balls, but it also has 3 “Time Settings” and 3 “Distance Settings.” This way, you will be able to customize your dog’s experience with the fetch machine to suit his/her preferences!

The machine has three-time interval settings. For an even faster game of automatic fetch, the four-second setting is the most ideal for you. The 4, 7, and 15 seconds settings make it effortless to meet a dog’s perfect rate of retrieval and return for the desired type of use. The safest method would be the shortest time interval between launches is four seconds which allows safe ball return before the next launch.

Furthermore, the fetch machine has three distance settings of low, medium, and high. Adjust this setting for use indoors and outdoors in large and small fetch areas. The setting allowed me to select the best ball style for use in any setting! The machine can be adjusted to launch 10’+ on Low with a HeavyWeight ball or on High up to 30-60′ depending on ball style & size.

Please do take note that the machine’s launch distance depends on the ball type, size, material, and condition, outside air and ball temperature. Moreover, the standard GoDogGo machine has longer launch distance than the “Jr” version. Therefore, if you are a pet parent of a small pup, then the Jr. version is the perfect one for you!

10. Works With ALL Balls

For me, the most annoying thing when buying unique products is the prerequisite product that comes with it. Fortunately, the GoDogGo fetch machine works with various balls of all sizes and styles! May it be a tennis ball, rubber ball, racquetball, Chuckit ball and more! This makes the fetch machine so versatile, one of the reasons why my pooch and I loved it so much.

Balls wet with your dog’s saliva or water will not hinder launch. However, launch distance may slightly be reduced. Periodic cleaning is advised when you have a dog that produces heavy saliva or when used for water use for a smoother play.

11. Great Customer Support

The best thing about the fetch machine and GoDogGo is their excellent customer support. It’s no doubt why the company has earned a lot of loyal clients up until now! GoDogGo offers training tips when using the machine and has provided all the necessary information you need to know about the product. To obtain more information, you may visit their website. I beyond impressed with my experience with the company. I am looking forward to trying out their other products!

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Disadvantages of GoDogGo Fetch Machine For Dogs

The GoDogGo fetch machine for dogs seems like a great idea and product, even at first look. Unfortunately, even the best products have their bottom line. A GoDogGo fetch machine review wouldn’t be complete without also stating its cons!

We have compiled and analyzed numerous reviews from verified clients of the fetch machine. By doing this, we found out the most common problems that clients encountered with the product. I also included all the things that I consider negative or a slight inconvenience.

Just a disclaimer that all the disadvantages that I will be listing below may not or may work for you. Remember, each of us has unique experiences on each product we use. Some may have encountered negative things because of the way they handled the product.

1. Disturbing Noise

I came across a client online complaining that the sound produced by the machine. The fetch machine sounds like a quiet gear wind up as GoDogGo prepares to launch. A thwack sound is produced when the ball is launched. There is a quite loud “thud” sound each time another ball was released. During my dog’s first-time use, he was suspicious of the noise but was not afraid.

Based on numerous reviews, most dogs had easily adjusted. However, some dogs took a few initial steps to get used to the product. To help my dog get used to the new form of play and fetch, I started with using the machine myself.

I played with the fetch machine to show my dog that there is nothing to be afraid of. At first, he was only watching me play by myself. But he immediately got more curious, so he tried it quickly. I was enjoying to see my pooch look skeptic at first but was enjoying a lot after discovering how the machine works!

2. May Not Work For Indoor Play

Sadly, your dog may not be able to play and fetch with the GoDogGo machine indoor. The fetch machine is not ideal for indoor play, especially if you have any chandeliers or valuable displays at home. Luckily, I don’t have any of those, so the machine worked out for me. However, the GoDogGo fetch machine launches balls high into the air, even at the lowest setting.

The GoDogGo fetch machine is suitable for use indoors if and only if space and height are wide enough. It is still best used outdoors, especially in dry conditions. Take safety precautions when using the fetch machine inside your home or a room. Play and fetch will always require a maximum space for a safe and fun play. Better safe than sorry!

The product has its downsides, but it won’t stop me from suggesting it to my fellow dog owners! I cannot deny the fact that I encountered inconveniences with the machine. Nevertheless, it won’t overpower the features and advantages of the product!

GoDogGo Fetch Machine Summary Photo Amazon

To summarize the article, the GoDogGo Fetch Machine for Dogs is a first-rate product handled by a first-rate company. I learned that the product was the world’s first fetch machine since 1999. It’s no doubt why a lot of pet owners and pups loved this product! I highly recommend this product as would my jolly little Jack Russell Bailey.

  • Price: $174
  • Amazon Review: 4.2/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 20 Reviews: here at Amazon

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Being a responsible dog parent is not easy and can be extremely tiring. One part is training your canine companion to potty at the right time and place. Potty training your pup can be a frustrating process if you fail to recognize your dog’s potty habits. Having a firm plan in hand is a crucial part in potty training, including a dog potty trainer (indoor dog potty).

Luckily, recent developments of dog potty trainer are escalating the market. This gives you more options to choose from, which can also be confusing. Be at ease as we have gathered all the top five potty trainers for dogs! Below is your guide in choosing the most appropriate indoor dog potty (or best indoor dog potty system) and why are they the best ones.

 Top 5 Indoor Dog Potty Trainers / Best Indoor Dog Potty Systems

DoggieLawn Disposable Real Grass Indoor Dog Potty Photo Amazon

If you would observe, most dog potty trainers in the marketplace uses potty pads, which are disposable. Those types of potty trainers are not environment-friendly. Plus, you may not notice, but other dog products that you may have been using are hazardous in the environment. So for your dog potty trainer, why not go for a disposable yet eco-friendly one?

The DoggieLawn Disposable Indoor Dog Potty is the best eco-friendly alternative to plastic potty pads. It is a disposable potty pad made of REAL grass. DoggieLawn is similar to Fresh Patch but is indeed cheaper. DoggieLawn Real Grass Inddor Dog Potty will save you 10 dollars and 40 dollars for the separately sold plastic tray. Plus, its quality is comparable!

The DoggieLawn Real Grass Indoor Dog Potty provides a comfortable and ample space for your pooch. It measures 24.75 x 21 inches- 25% larger than the other products! I loved how the grass is larger and retains moisture better than faux grass. It spreads and absorbs the urine which eliminates spilling if it gets too full. Plus, the lid of the cardboard box is lined to avoid leakage.

Unlike faux grass, the DoggieLawn’s real grass eliminates order, which is a great plus for me. It’s so easy to use and leaves no mess at all! All you need to do is dispose of the cardboard tray and grass entirely. Once you received your DoggieLawn, simply take the lid off the cardboard box and place the potty in the designated area.

In cleaning DoggieLawn, I just get a handheld scooper to pick up poop once it’s hardened, without getting down on my hands or knees. It will make your box of grass lasts cleaner. Now, the maintenance and upkeep are a breeze now! It will save you from years of having to do all the work and effort in cleaning your dog’s waste.

To keep the grass pads last longer, I spritz them with water at least once a day. DoggieLawn reminds that weather and frequency of use will affect how long the grass will last. Real grass is more ideal in summer, and I will likely use faux grass during winter.

With a little training and cheers from his/her pet parent, your furry friend will instinctively get it right away. The real grass attracts dogs more than faux grass since it is fresher. One of the best things about DoggieLawn is its excellent customer care. Based on reviews by clients, DoggieLawn’s customer service is very accommodating and friendly!

Do not worry if you are beginning to potty train your pup because the company offers free training help. DoggieLawn Real Grass Indoor Dog Potty is available for free training calls during business hours. All you have to do is reach out and set up a consultation! It proves that the product is indeed worth every penny.

Another great thing about the DoggieLawn Indoor Dog Potty is that it’s not only great for dogs but cats and rabbits also! It can be a place for them to lounge on grass for play or nap, while rabbits can find the fresh blades of grass delicious to munch on. I loved how the DoggieLawn is so versatile. Any animal accustomed to indoor life will enjoy DoggieLawn.

  • Price: $29
  • Amazon Reviews: 3.9/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 1500 Reviews: here at Amazon

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Pet Gear Pro Pawty Indoor Dog Potty Trainer Photo Amazon

If you can’t choose between potty pads or grass pads, then the Pet Gear Pro Pawty Indoor Dog Potty Trainer is for you. It is a container system to help train your dog to use a designated area and considered as one of the best systems of potty training a dog in an apartment. It is not only a tray but a stylish unit that has a wall guard. This is the perfect indoor dog potty trainer for those who want to cover potty pads or grass patches!

The idea of Peat Gear Pro Pawty is so innovative and versatile- being the first product of its kind. The tray in the unit acts as a pad holder that can be easily slid in and out of the unit. It is sold in three different sizes- small, medium, and large. Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about potty trays being large and comfortable enough for your dog! It also fits most standard sized potty pads and grass patches.

The Pro Pawty Wall Guard is also available in three different sizes- small, medium, and large to fit any size and breed. However, it is sold separately. The wall guard is still a great addition to your Pro Pawty tray to help protect from messes. If you used potty pads before, you might know the struggle of missing pads or worse, the pad slipping across the floor.

The wall guard is designed specifically for dogs to lift their legs ‘to go’; instead of going off the edge. You will no longer worry about your dog creating a mess on the interior of the tray, on your carpet, or walls. The purpose of the wall guard is to enclose the pad and tray to discreetly hide it and prevent a further mess.

The unit looks like a playhouse or sleeping area of your dog! It blends into any room into your home, apartment, or condo, and is also great for balconies, patios or decks! Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about hiding your indoor dog potty trainer when guests are around!

The Pro Pawty Wall guard features a fabric that can easily be maintained. It is also effortless to set up, and you wouldn’t need any tool. The dog potty trainer is perfect for pups who are currently undergoing housetraining or dogs who have limited access outdoors. Although the price is high and potty pads can be costly too, the Pet Gear Pro Pawty is durable and long-lasting!

The Pet Gear Pro Pawty may seem an innovative idea, but it also has its cons. Potty training your pup using this indoor dog potty trainer can be difficult. I highly recommend giving your pooch his/her favorite treats whenever he uses it correctly. The product is costly and demands time, but it will give your beloved pooch nothing but the best experience!

  • Price: $69.98
  • Amazon Reviews: 4.1/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 100 Reviews: here at Amazon

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SonnyRidge Easy Indoor Dog Potty Training Photo Amazon

If you’re worried about bugs living in the real grass but want to incorporate the idea of grass to your dog potty training, then this is for you! The SonnyRidge is a dog litter box with faux or synthetic grass. Faux grass patches’ biggest benefit is that it does not allow urine to soak through the flooring and provides a natural indoor dog potty trainer. Some people call this model indoor fake grass dog potty.

The SonnyRidge Easy Dog Potty Training is a three-layered system. The outer layer is the synthetic grass that is antimicrobial. SonnyRidge’s faux grass has been treated with a substance that makes it hard for bacteria to grow. It also absorbs odors to prevent nasty smells!

The middle layer is composed of a porous tray that separates the upper and bottom layers. The heavy-duty tray’s purpose is to separate the grass from the urine. The bottom layer consists of the sturdy self-contained tray that holds the urine.

Dogs are so easy to potty train when using grass. My pup easily got the idea of the grass patch. They seem to be drawn to grass instinctively! I highly recommend this for dog owners who are just beginning to potty train their dog. I read reviews from many clients, and they always say the same thing- their dogs easily figured out that the grass was their designated area to potty.

The SonnyRidge Easy Dog Potty is ideal  for dogs who live in apartments and condos where they have limited access outside. The grass patches are great for balconies and patios too if you don’t want a waste tray inside. Don’t worry because the grass patch doesn’t get carried away by the wind! The idea of faux grass is also great for dogs who are used to potty outside since it exactly looks and feels like real grass. Plus, it greatly helps if you’re planning to transition the potty training to the real grass outside.

I loved how the grass feels; it is very fine and comfortable enough to step on! It is also easy to clean, but I highly recommend to soak the potty grass in water with a little beach. Simple soapy water will not eliminate the odor. One issue of faux grass is there is no way to eliminate the odor completely. I suggest that you should replace the grass patch every two weeks.

I loved how sturdy and durable the trays are; its quality is worth every penny. The only problem is that spilling can occur when you are cleaning and emptying when it gets too full. I suggest to empty it regularly, every couple or three days. It will cause you time but will save you from more inconvenience from spilling pee.

The indoor dog potty trainer is roughly 16 x 26 inches. It may be small for large breeds, not comfortable enough to pee on. Every dog potty trainer has its cons, may it be potty pads, real grass, litter box, or even faux grass. You just have to choose the best for you and your dog!

  • Price: $59
  • Amazon Reviews: 3.6/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 300 Reviews: here at Amazon

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ANYPET Indoor Dog Training Toilet Photo Amazon

Here’s a indoor dog potty trainer that is entirely different from the mentioned potty trainers above. The ANYPET Indoor Dog Training Toilet is a grated pet toilet. Its idea is having a tray underneath the grate to catch urine with a grate on top to allow urine to drain from the top surface. In this case, your dog won’t have to stand in their urine that leaves smelly marks on your floor.

Keep your pup’s paws dry and away from urine with the high-quality perforated grate, unlike other dog potty trainers. Say goodbye to mops and vacuum cleaners! However, it depends on the dog if they are comfortable in stepping in the grates. But when I read customer reviews, almost all of their dogs seemed pleased with ANYPET indoor training toilet.

You have two options to use the ANYPET grated toilet. Often, they are combined with potty pads inside the urine to absorb urine. Some also put a newspaper, but it is not recommended because it will be messier to clean. For those who want to go eco-friendly or are saving money, they simply provide a tray to hold urine. If you choose only to use the tray, then be sure to check if the tray is full to avoid spilling regularly.

Training your dog with this indoor dog potty trainer is not difficult. You just have to be patient with your dog and do not forget to reward him with his favorite treats when he used the indoor toilet properly! Cleaning the ANYPET indoor toilet is also easy. You only need to lift the crate to pour the urine or snap off the grate system to dispose of pads then wash it with soap! Just make sure to remove the solid waste instantly. If your dog steps on his waste and it gets on the grid, cleaning it can be cumbersome.

One issue of grated surfaces is the comfort because it does not provide the comfort provided by grass patches. It depends on the dog; some may become uncomfortable with the grates that might deter them from using the toilet. Also, it is very prone to spilling so you should always check the tray. This is why putting a potty pad is highly recommended. If you’re saving money, you can put a potty pad only when leaving your dog alone at home.

The ANYPET Indoor Dog Training Toilet is perfect for those who are having issues with potty pads. Since the potty pad is enclosed in the tray, it will prevent pups from getting pads or newspaper in the holder. Much better, it will avoid teething puppies from chewing the paper pads. Some dogs also don’t like to use potty pads twice and would only pee on them once. If you own those kinds of dogs, then this is the ideal indoor potty trainer for your dog. Now, you can use potty pads longer and save more money!

  • Price: $25.96
  • Amazon Reviews: 4.2/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 100 Reviews: here at Amazon

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PETMAKER Puppy Indoor Potty Trainer Photo Amazon

The fifth option in this list would be one of the best best indoor dog potty system a faux grass again but lesser in price yet comparable with the SonnyRidge quality and performance. This indoor dog potty trainer is perfect for dog parents who want to potty train their canine companions but work long hours or live in an apartment. The concept of this dog potty trainer focuses on providing an indoor grass section where dogs can use the toilet without having to go outside. If you ever ask yourself: “my dog is 6 months old and not potty trained”, – you would probably find this option the best.

If you ever heard of “indoor fake grass dog potty” this is the one. Don’t be scared with the word “fake”. In fact, it’s called faux grass. One benefit of faux grass patches is their ability to train a dog to potty in the area easily. Dogs instinctively recognize grass as a place to potty. So this is for you if you are a dog owner who lives on an apartment, condo, or can’t regularly take their pooch outside to potty. Also, the PETMAKER puppy potty trainer is ideal for old and injured dogs since they won’t have to climb too high or walk too far to potty.

Just like the SonnyRidge Easy Dog Potty Training, the PETMAKER version has a three-layer system. The first layer of this dog potty is the fake grass mat which looks and feels exactly like real grass. It provides comfort to your dog while being completely safe and non-toxic! Due to the comfort it provides, some clients said that their pups even sleep on it! 

The second layer of the PETMAKER indoor dog potty trainer is the detachable grid tray. It allows urine or liquid to drain to the bottom base tray. It is also a way to separate the grass patch and bottom layer to keep the grass patch dry and not soaked in urine- always ready to use.

The last or bottom part of the PETMAKER dog potty trainer would be the detachable bottom base tray. This is where the urine goes down which can be easily detached for a simple clean up. When cleaning the middle and bottom trays, all you have to do is detach them, wash with soap and water.

The PETMAKER indoor potty trainer is specially designed to accommodate the potty training needs of puppies that are unable to make it outside. It allows not only your dog but also other pets in your house to have a comfortable place to relieve themselves. It is also necessary to provide your furry friend with a comfortable area to potty, to ensure a cleaner house, apartment, or condo. Based on many reviews, people say that it is the best indoor dog potty system.

The PETMAKER’s durability and quality are more outstanding than the version of SonnyRidge. It also offers two sizes to fit all dog breeds and sizes, unlike SonnyRidge’s. However, SonnyRidge’s faux grass is antimicrobial. Nevertheless, both have the same cons, which is the odor. All faux grasses need to be maintained and cleaned to avoid a nasty smell. Still, the downside in faux grasses is that you can’t completely take off its smell.

  • Price: $27.66
  • Amazon Reviews: 3.4/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 2000 Reviews: here at Amazon
How to Pick The Best Indoor Dog Potty Trainer: Conclusion

Potty training or housetraining your canine companion will be easier if you know his/her potty needs, have a firm plan in hand, and the best indoor dog potty trainer. Potty training your dog at an early age is simpler than potty training a grown dog. Therefore, you need to start training your pooch as early as possible. Do not worry too much because the Top 5 Indoor Dog Potty Trainers above will help you with your journey! You only need to choose the most suitable for your dog according to his/her needs and living condition. There’s no training that can be easily learned, just be patient!

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