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   So you started a new business, but it wasn’t what you expected, huh? At this point you might be losing motivation but DON’T. 

It happens to the best of us. In business, the ones who are successful are simple the ones who don’t give in to the pressure of others or to the pressure of making a quick buck. 

When things aren’t going your way, you feel defeated. Mentally you have to be prepared when you start a new business. 

Therefore, I made this blog post to help those that may feel discouraged and want to give up.

Hopefully these 5 bullet points keep you on track to doing some great things for your business. DON’T GIVE UP!

Block Out The Noise

Starting out there will always be those people who don’t believe in you a 100%.

People want to see results first before they jump on the bandwagon and start rooting for you. It’s just the way people are. 

Think of the Golden State Warriors. No one (But me I might add) believe in Stephen Curry. They said he was too small. They said all he can do is shoot 3’s. Now look at everyone else. Everyone wants to shoot 3’s now… 

Just like Steph you have to block out the noise because no one is rooting for you, except your close friends and family maybe. 

Heck, they might not even believe in your business. 

You know what will turn non-believers into believers though? The fact that your not willing to give in to the pressure… Just keep going. 

There’s no secret formula to being successful in business. Running a new business is a trial and error game. That means you are going to mess up, especially in the beginning. 

Think about every successful businessman or woman you know and how long it took them to be successful. 

It wasn’t no walk in the park.

Set Small Goals

  Setting small goals are important. It keeps you focused on the mission at hand. You have to have a plan. 

Setting small goals are good because you take a lot of pressure off your shoulders. Bigger goals are harder to reach, of course. 

But, you can’t reach that bigger goal without a plan. Letting everything fall into place simply won’t work. 

Accomplishing these small goals will help your confidence skyrocket. If you set that big goal and you don’t reach it, you will feel discouraged. 

Then, most likely you will be thinking about giving up. Once this happens you can count yourself out of the race because you won’t be as motivated. 

Starting a business is tough. 

Motivation is what keeps us going, so set up small goals that are easier to complete. 

In no time you will be closer to reaching that bigger goal of yours.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

  I learned this from Raelyn Tan’s article about her 10 biggest lesson she learned. 

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. DO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS. This is a big no no! Doing so will definitely discourage you. 

You will start thinking what am I doing wrong? Is starting a business the right decision for me? And all types of other nonsense. 

But, you have to realize you don’t know what that person knows. You don’t even know what that person has been through to get there. 

He or she probably started 2 or 3 businesses before they got that 4th one to be successful. So, don’t focus on anyone else’s success. 

You build your own journey. And, don’t follow anyone else’s blueprint. What worked for them may not work for you. 

Like I said earlier, starting a business is a trial and error game. 

Try something different. Something that will help you stand out of the crowd.

Forget About The Money

   I know. I know. A lot of you may be thinking what am I even talking about. 

Yeah, we all start a business in hopes of making money and being financially independent. But money shouldn’t be what you’re doing it for. 

Start a business because you have a passion for what you’re doing. I started my blog because I wanted to help others with the things I’ve learned. 

Honestly, I feel that there are not enough people starting their own businesses, so I’m here to convince them too. 

I also want to help people who are clueless to investing learn more about the subject and be able to quit their miserable 9 to 5 jobs. 

That’s what keep me going, and that’s what makes me wake up everyone morning and continue to write. 

That’s why you have to find your passion. 

What do you love doing? 

If you start a business just to make a quick buck, you will definitely be disappointed. People will see right through your money hungry ways and feel less compelled to support you. 

Yea, we all are a bit money hungry. 

But when you start a business you have to do it for the right reasons, and the right reason is to help out others.


Keep Learning

  I saved this one for last because implementing new strategies and things you will learn are a must. 

Keep thinking of trial and error. I know I stated it a couple times already but it’s that important.

If your not learning more then how will you and your business grow? Invest in your education.

No, you don’t have to go to some expensive university. You can buy some online e-courses. Read more books. Anything! 

Just keep learning. 

The more you learn, the more you can implement into your new business and quickly get it off the ground. 

That old strategy you’ve been using just may not work after all. Don’t dwell on it. Try something new. 

Experiment with the things you’ve learned and see what happens. Learning new things will keep you motivated because you will be eager to test them out. 

If something doesn’t work, you won’t get discouraged because you have new ideas in the vault waiting to be tested. 

Starting a business is stressful, but starting a business could be fun at the same time. 

You just have to persevere, and sooner or later your business will get some traction. As long as you don’t give up you will see results. 



All In All

Starting a new business is not easy. That’s why I felt the need to make this blog post. There are a lot of people who give up on their business in the first year. 

Small Business Association, states that 30% of new businesses fail in the first 2 years of being open.

I don’t want one of those people to be you. Stay passionate in what your doing and stay focused on helping others. 

Don’t do it for the money and you will definitely see things starting to pay off in the future. 

Build your brand and gain the trust of your customer and you will be on the right track to accomplishing big things. 

If this article has helped you I would love to see your comments below and would really appreciate it if you Re-Pin this blog post.

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The US and China have been going back and forth at one another for about a year, threatening to raise tariffs on 360 billion dollars worth of products.

As of late, this trade war has been getting worse for both sides, especially for the US and its markets.

Tariffs are a tax on imports or exports, for example, cars, clothing, shoes and technology, which makes things higher priced for the consumer and for the businesses that handles those items.

With the higher prices on goods, sells drop making it more difficult for the business to market and sell its products.

I know some of you maybe thinking what does this even have to do with the Stock Market? Well, it has everything to do with it. Let me show you how.



In April of last year, Trump brought up a thousand Chinese exports he threatened to put tariffs on.

But why would he do that?

Most thought this would be for good reason, but now business owners are not looking at it that way.

Trump thought that this would be a win-win either way because the US could start producing their own goods for companies like Apple if China did not come to an agreement with the US.

China made it where Americans would not be able to invest in Chinese markets. Trump did not appreciate this at all. 

And we all know that when Trump says he will do something it is most likely going to happen. He was the first to raise tariffs, so America basically started this war. 

Being the business man he is I can see why he thought this would be a good idea. 

But, are raising  tariffs the best way to go?

Absolutely not!

China hit back with tariffs on a list of American exports the next day, which started the US and Chinese Trade War.

Ever since then, America & China have been in a tic-for-tac battle that has been going on for more than a year now, but things still things aren’t looking so great. 

Neither side showing no signs of giving in.



Auto Industries, such as Ford, are taking a huge blow to their profits, hindering growth for the Auto Industries you may have investments in.

With the 25% global tariffs on steel and 10% on aluminum, things aren’t looking so good for the auto industry. 

Ford lost a billion dollars in profits, and sells in China dipped dramatically. This caused Ford’s second quarter earnings to drop by 50%. 

If that isn’t a huge blow for a company, I don’t know what is.


Here’s a timeline of everything that has happened in the trade war, so far.


“China is the Assembly plant of the world”, in the words of Yukon Huang, former world bank director for China.

These tariffs are also hurting american businesses. So why would he do this? While Trump was thinking about hurting others he didn’t think about how he could hurt auto industries and its investors.

With the global traffics on steel and aluminum, the auto industry is in shambles. Especially auto makers such as Ford. Do you know what this means? 

It means 400,000 less jobs for Americans according to CNA Insider.



To avoid tariffs, Trump recommended that companies such as Apple make its products in America. 

He also promised tax incentives by giving Apple a tax break, which would be good for the US because of more jobs. 

More jobs equals more spending, and more spending could mean a stronger economy. This would also be good for investors.

But, how much could the US actually gain from this? Apple is only in charge of design, marketing, and distribution.

That means Apple does not assemble their phones.

“China is the Assembly plant of the world”, in the words of Yukon Huang, former world bank director for China.

The touchscreen, microprocessors, and memory chips come from American, Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese companies. These parts are not made in china.

Parts are shipped and they assemble them, so iphones appear as imports from China. This means China will be able to impose tariffs on Apple making iphones (if made in america) cost 25% more.

According to IMF, the cost to make a iphone is $237.

With American parts as the largest share of the total, imposed tariffs will make it worse for the US and not as much for China.

China is only responsible for 3% of the iphone’s cost.

Galaxy would soon be the ones who benefit from this because iphones will be 25% more from tariffs.

iphones are already expensive as it is, so a lot of people will stop buying them.



“60% of China’s high valued exports are actually managed by American Companies.”

So, this war on tariffs is actually worse for American Companies, which may be the companies you may invest in.

Dividends you receive on stock investments would be lowered and your return on investment is going to be hindered.

All of this affects the way we look at American Companies. American companies have been losing profits, which hinders their ability to invest in themselves and grow. In the markets, investors react to news.

Therefore, we see massive sell-offs of major blue chip stocks in reaction to bad news.

Companies that you are invested in as a long-term investor may be the stocks you have to worry about.

The stock market hasn’t seen a major drop in value thanks to ongoing negotiations.

But, you can’t help to be weiry about the markets cause you could never be 100% sure about what is going to happen.

Both sides are not giving in and Trump has stuck to his word and is doing everything he said he was going to do.

With Trump’s recent threats, we could start seeing the prices in stores we visit everyday go up dramatically.



Trump thought that raised tariffs would bring more wealth to the US and help its companies and its farmers, according to a tweet he made on Twitter.

I disagree and so does lead economist.

Tariffs lifts up the prices on everyone.

No one wins.

Chinese President, Xi Jinping isn’t giving in… not even a little bit.

According to this Business Insider’s article, China is ready to wait this thing out.

The trade war is not as bad on his side as it is for America and it’s consumers and this could be bad for businesses, stock prices, and the electronics we love if an agreement isn’t reached.

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We all waste money on items and supplies we don’t necessarily need. Sometimes when you see something in the store you just got to have it. 

We’re human, and temptation has an effect on all of us. 

That’s why when you want to budget you money and save more you have to be strong ! 

Easier said than done right? Well, these 5 tips will help budget your finances and make saving money simple to do.


Spend Less On What You DON’T Need
When you plan on going to the store, make a list of the things that are essential. Of course, you’re going to need food, toiletries, and household supplies. 

Be sure to include them in your list. Forget about all the snacks you been craving for. 

When you eliminate all the unneccasary junk foods you will be able to load up on more food for the house and you won’t have to make your next trip to the grocery store so soon. 

I know it might be tough, but you can do it! 

I went into the grocery store the other day and the first thing my partner did was pick up junk foods. 

They set up these grocery stores to make you spend more money. 

You got to realize that’s how grocery stores market themselves. 

Before you get to the real foods, you would already have spent about 30 to 40 dollars on junk, so make a list and stick to it. 

I cant stress this enough.

Another thing… 

Try to eat out less. 

Yes, it may be more convenient to eat at McDonald’s or Burger King every other day, but eating out definitely adds up…

Especially if you have kids. 

Try to lower eating fast food down to once a week.


Buy In Bulk
 When you shop, buy in bulk because doing so will help you save more money. 

Those yellow and red tags you see at your neighborhood grocery store help a lot. 

Why buy something that’s $5 when it says 2 for for $7.99? 

Get the deal! 

Your just going to come back and buy the same item in the next week or two anyway. 

Stores like Costco are great for bulk buying. 

Their whole marketing strategy is around getting you to buy more for less. But, don’t go to crazy now… 

It can be easy to over spend in these type of stores because everything is a deal. 

Couponing is also an efficient way to budget your finances. 

You find the best deals when it comes to using coupons. 

In your favorite grocery store they may have a coupon book in the front where you walk in. 


You are not going to find these deals on those red and yellow sale tags I mentioned earlier.


Use Groupon

An apps like Groupon is also great to use also. Groupon is a app where you can find coupons ranging from anything you can think of. 

With Groupon you can find a deal on just about anything. 

From store items to your favorite restaurants and hobbies. 

Lately, Groupon has become very popular and now they have commercials and adds everywhere.

The app is legit and will definitely help you budget your money.


Save 10% Of Your Income

Saving 10% of your income is a finance rule I learned while I was in college. 

You can go higher if you want to save more money quickly. That part is up to your discretion.

You know how much you can spend or put to the side. But, I recommend to at least put away 10% of every pay-check. 

As soon as you get you check, do your calculations and put the amount you want to put to the side in a savings account. 

Don’t just leave it in your checking account if you know your going to be saving this money for a while. 

Use a savings account to earn interest on your money while it sits. This way your money will be working for you and not against you. 

If your really serious and want to budget your finances, you must implement this tip in your life when pay day comes back around.


Go Thrifting

Before you say anything, give me a chance! 

When people think of thrifting they think about old and worn out second-hand clothing, but that’s not the case. 

You can actually find quality clothing for way less than what you would usually buy them for. 

A GREAT way to budget your finances! 

I have a friend that models and she goes thrifting all the time. 

You wouldn’t even be able to tell, and she dresses better than anyone I know. 

I went to the thrift store just a couple of weeks ago to give it a try. 

I was able to find two name brand jackets for less than half of the price it was sold for originally.

 They didn’t look worn out or anything! 

You can just search in Google for the thrifts stores near you to begin saving money on clothing items.



Saving and budgeting money could be a hard thing to do. 

You may have to cut out some things you WANT but don’t necessarily NEED. 

But, once you see how much money you’ve been able to save, it will be worth it. 

With these 5 tips you will be on your way to buying that new apartment or car you want. 

If this blog post helped you, PIN IT and LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW.



5 Best Ways To Get A Return On Your Cash

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Have you been wanting to start a blog lately but been unsure. Worrying your self about how much it may cost to do so? 

After you read this post, I bet you would want to start today. 

Want to know why?

These simple steps will make it easy for your blog to start off on the right foot. 

No tech skills will be called for.


Find A Blogging Platform

When you start a blog the very first thing you have to do is find a platform to use. 

The platform you pick is important because you want your blog to look professional.  

You want the people who might come across your blog to take your writing seriously and come back to read more. 

With WordPress all of this is possible because of the endless amounts of plug-ins. 

WordPress has plug-ins that will make your blog look and feel professionally created.  

There are visual and performance plug-ins that make it cheap to run a website. 

You want have to pay for a coder to put something on your blog that you seen on someone else’s. 

This blogging platform has everything you can ask for. 

There is also sites like Blogger and Tumblr, but I really recommend you use WordPress.


Find A Hosting Site

Hosting sites make it able for you to put your blog on the internet. 

These sites also provide storage space for your blog to be saved. 

Right now I’m using Bluehost

Right now they are charging $2.95 a month, which includes a free SSL Certificate. 

SSL encrypts you data so it won’t be easily stolen when traveling through different servers. 

Some other hosting sites are SiteGround and HostGator. 

I would advise you to do your research to choose which hosting site will be better for you.


Buy Domain Name

Before you buy a domain name, use an availability checker tool. 

That domain name you been thinking about may not be available, so you got to have a backup. 

Choose wisely. 

Usually the hosting site you choose will give you the opportunity to choose a free domain name or buy one. 

But, remember you want to look profession. 

Choosing to use a free domain name will include the hosting site’s name in your URL. 

It looks tacky and simply means you do not fully on your blog. 

If you choose to host with Bluehost now, you won’t have to buy a domain name. 

That’s another reason I high recommend using their hosting site.


Customize Theme

With WordPress you could build your site up the way you want it.

The plug-ins for Wordpess are the best. 

(Read about my top 10 plug-ins I recommend for your blog.) 

You can use a free them or you can buy a theme. 

It’s really up to you at this point and what is right for your bank account. 

Wordpess gives you a set theme, but there is a way you can still add small widgets to your site. 

I used Tyler.com for its FREE templates. 

You can add headers and footers to your blog, with various call to actions templates to choose from.

 Make your blog unique. 

I wouldn’t go to crazy with the plug-ins. You don’t want your site loading in slow. Keep your website simple and easy to use.

Most importantly, make it easy to read.


Add Post

After you have your site ready to go, add post to your blog.

Have a couple of post ready to go. 

That way if someone stumbles across your website and are interested in your work they will have more to read. 

Make sure that the work you are putting out is well thought out and written. 

Tip: Don’t write in large paragraphs. 

Break up your sentences. 

Starting out you won’t be the best writer, but on down the line you will always be able to go back and revise your work. 

But, the most important part of your post will be your heading. 

You want a heading that attracts the readers attention. 

The heading is the first part your reader will see, by the way. 

If your title is not well thought out the reader will keep scrolling. 

Another thing, be sure to add sub-headings to your post.


Register With Popular Search Engines

First, you have to optimize all of your work using SEO. 

SEO stands for search engine optimization. 

It makes it easier for search engines to rank your blog.  

The better the SEO is the better chance you will have ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. 

To make this process more simple you should just download Yoast SEO

This plug-in makes it easy to add metadescriptions and keywords. 

It even gives you a readability check by pointing out steps you missed, giving you a better chance to rank up on search engines. 

After, your SEO is ready to go, register with search engines. 

This process is free and easy to do. 

All you have to do is use Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

Just to name a few.


Get The Word Out

After you complete the last five steps, start to get your blog some traction. 

Make a couple social media sites for your blog. 

Don’t use your personal Instagram or Facebook. 

Start Fresh. 

Try to Network with other bloggers, and get your name out there. 

Comment on other bloggers post if you have some related content. 

Most importantly, USE PINTEREST. 

I can’t stress this enough. 

Use tailwind to plan your post and join tribes that are in your work.  

Tailwind makes it easy to connect with others in you niche and get your post shared on Pinterest.


From here you will be starting the tough journey of running a blog. 

Getting started is just the easy part. 

With these 6 steps you will be ahead of the game and ready to go. 

If this post helped you, comment below and let me know how.

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Downloading plugins for your blog through WordPress is the easiest way to add new widgets to your site. 

From performance plugins to visual, there are an endless amount to choose form. 

But, you want to use the plugins that are going to help you succeed in blogging. 

I’m going to give you my TOP 10 WordPress plugins for your blog you should be using.

The simplicity of these plugins makes it easy for a beginner to make a good looking website. 

Just click on plugins in the dashboard of WordPress and go to add new. 

From their search any plugins you find out about or just so happen to come across.  

Download and be sure to activate the plugin. 

From there, WordPress will take you to the steps for setting up your new plug-in. 

And another thing… 

They’re free! 

And, what’s better than free things? 

Nothing right? 

If you are on a budget and want your blog to look and feel like a professional’s, keep on reading.


Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is taking an advance skill in “search engine optimization” and making it easier for everyone.

You may have heard me mentioning SEO in my older post. 

SEO is just optimization your blog post and photos for google search. 

Everyone wants their site on the first page of Google. It leads to endless traffic. 

Making it easier for you to make money from your blog, but doing this is not an easy task.

It may take your site or blog months before it shows up in a Google search. 

With Yoast SEO, you even get tips on what you should fix in your blog’s post.

This wp plugin even points out where to fix mistakes in the way you formatted your blog post. 

You also can add a meta description to your work. 

Making it easier for Google to read and understand because the search engine will have a better idea of what the post will be about. 

Even your pictures will use SEO. 

That’s why YOAST SEO is the first plugin I recommend you to get for your blog.

Extremely important!


jQuery Pin It

As some of you may know already, Pinterest is the BEST website for online marketing. 

Especially, for those who don’t have the money or the resources to get a site off the ground just like that. 

So, it is crucial that you build up your Pinterest engagement. 

That’s why I’m suggesting you download the JQuery Pin It plugin. 

One of the best wp plugins for your blog.

I promise it is extremely useful.

Pin it lets you add a small Pin it sign to the corner of the photos on your blog. Allowing it to be shared straight to Pinterest. 

When pinned to Pinterest, it will share the link to your blog. 

Making it easier for people to share a post from your page to Pinterest just like that. 

Allowing you to get the exposure your blog needs. 

If you have a blog or are thinking about creating one, it is detrimental to download this plugin. 

With the amount of Engagement Pinterest can give you access to, it would be crazy to ignore this plugin.

That’s why you NEED to download it today!

Let me know in the comments below what you think.



OneSignal is great for adding push notifications to your blog. 

Ever go to a popular website and at the top corner it say allow notifications? 

This is what OneSignal is for. 

It is said to be 10 times better than email marketing. 

So why not use this WordPress plugin? 

For each new post you will be able to notify those who click to allow notifications. 

Its just one click of a button. 

Making it more convenient for your blog’s visitors. 

Make an account for OneSignal, and start sending out post notifications today. 

This plugin is also free to use! 

So, you don’t have to enter any card information when making an account. 

After completion, take your App ID and REST API Key from OneSignal and paste it into your configuration settings in WordPress. 

Make sure to turn on “automatically prompt new site visitors to subscribe to push notifications”.  

This will send the push notification every time someone new visits your site.

Be sure to implement this into your blog right away.



Icegram is sort of like OneSignal, but you have way more options when it comes to popups & call to actions on your blog’s site. 

You can add announcement bars to promote your new product and subscription popups. 

This wp plugin is also free to use! 

There are lots of FREE templates to choose from to make your site just the way you want it. 

After you download Icegram, activate it and select add a new campaign.  

Icegram helps build you email list & subscribers. 

And, Icegram is great for promoting new products, blog post, affiliate links, online courses and more. 

For all of this to be included in one plugin is great for beginners and the less tech savvy.


WP Fastest Cache

Other than writing great post, the key to a great blog is loading performance. 

WP Fastest Cache makes your site faster. If a lot of users are on your blog, a lot of RAM & CPU will be used. 

This makes your site load site slower. 

With all the plugins for your blog you will be adding, you are going to need this plugin.  

WP Fastest Cache is very easy and simple to use, and its also free!  

It also has an upgraded paid version to make your blog even faster.  

But, before you use this plugin, I recommend backing up your blog’s data. 

Which is easy to do… 

Just use the All-in-one WP Migration plugin. 

I will talk more on that plugin a little later.


Smush Image Compression and Optimization 

This app speeds up your blog by compressing your images and reducing the file size. 

The plug-in allows your blog to load more smoothly while not losing any resolution or quality from the photos on your website. 

That means Smush won’t ruin your images and make them blurry, and still free up space. 

Great right?

Yeah I know… 

Your photos would look exactly the same. 

This WordPress plugin is also free to use. 

When I came across this plugin I jumped right on it. 

You don’t want a potential reader jumping off of your blog site because of page performance.  

So, do yourself a favor and download this plugin to your blog ASAP!


Social Warfare

Using Social Warfare helps you to easily add social media share links to your blog in one a click of a button. 

Social Warfare adds a sharing account to let you know how much your post is being shared across all social media platforms.  

This is the easiest wp plugin to use out of the whole list. 

So, I’m not going to spend less time on this one. 

On to the next!



MonsterInsights give you the opportunity to add Google Analytics to your WordPress website. 

After you download the plugin, go make a Google Analytics page. 

Once you set up your account, go into the Monster insights settings and choose to “authenticate with you Google account”. 

Follow the simple steps on the screen and save changes. 

When Google starts to collect date, you will have access to your blog’s page views, sessions, average session duration, and bounce rate. 

Monster Insights even shows the percentage of new & returning users & the countries who view your blog the most. 

I strongly suggest using this plug-in just to have a sense of how your blog is doing.


Wordfence Security

Wordfence adds the security to your blog that is really needs. 

This may be one of the top wp plugins for your blog I will mention in this post. 

No one wants there site to be filled with spam comments. 

Or even worse… 

Your website can be hacked without the proper security.

I don’t want that happening to anybody’s site, so I had to mention this free security plug-in. 

You can set-up firewalls, scan for malware, gives you access to live traffic, and more.


This may be the most important plugin I will mention in this blog.  

No one wants there site to be filled with spam comments.

Or even worse…
Your website can be hacked without the proper security.

I don’t want that happening to anybody’s site, so I had to mention this free security plugin. 

You can set up firewalls, scan for malware, gives you access to live traffic, and more.



All-in-One WP Migration

This is also one of the most important plug-ins for your blog you should be using.

WP Migration is very simple and easy to use, and very important.

It allows you to download and back up a copy of your website. 

In a click of a button!

If you want to move your website this is the plugin for you. 

And, you never know when a plugin you may download affects your blog. 

So, be sure to back up your data with this plugin.



There you go! 

A list of my top 10 plugins for your blog. 

These plug-in have definitely helped me and others. 

Leave a comment below and pin this post if you found it to be help you.  

I’m sure it will!

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What Problem do you Want to Fix?

When you start a business one of the things you have to do when you first start a business is  find your niche is. How is your business going to solve your potential customer’s problems?

That could be a tough question to answer because there are so many ideas to choose from. How could you focus on just one?

Find a niche that you are interested or passionate in. I say that because if your not eager to learn more about your niche you will eventually get bored and quit.

We’re humans. That is why you have to be sure about knowing what your business is going to focus on.

No, I am not saying that you can’t change your business direction, but why waste your time? You could be doing so much more if you are sure about your business focus.

So, you really want to weigh out your options when you are first starting a business.


Do your Research

Study the industry your business will be in. If you want your business to eventually compete with others, you have to know the facts.

Someone might be interested in what your selling and start to ask questions because they love what your business is doing.

If you can’t explain what your selling, that customer will buy from the other business who knows what they are talking about.

Why wouldn’t they?

Know your business like the back of your hand. Get ahead of the competition mentally when you first start a business.

Everything else will kind of fall into place.


Create a Business Plan

The third and probably the most important thing to do when you first start a business is to create a business plan.

Figure out your target audience.In other words, who is your business going to be selling to? What age group are you trying to reach?

The second most important thing when creating a business plan is choosing a way to market your business?

Luckily, we all have access to the internet.

The internet is the number one marketing tool there is, but like anything else you still need to learn how it works.

The algorithms used by social media change constantly. So, your social media planing will be changing constantly.

Business is about learning.

The more you know the better of you will be, so plan everything out! If you are thinking about starting a blog like me, you will even have to plan out the days you will post.

The days I post on are Wednesdays and Fridays, by the way.

But, even after you learn your business you are still going to be learning.

You will be able to study your business audience engagement. Google Analytics will help you track your business’ audience engagement, helping you to plan better for the future.



JUST DO IT! Everything is not going to be perfect, and it doesn’t have to be.

You have to learn from your own mistakes. Learning from your mistakes will make you to be a better businessman or woman, and that will make your business better. Simple right?

Obviously, when you are first starting a business you will make a lot of mistakes, but don’t get discouraged. Keep going and never look back.

When you see your business is starting to make progress it will be that more encouraging for you to keep moving forward.

Just ask anyone else who started their own business. They didn’t start out making money right away. Hard work had to be put in.

Only the strong will survive, when it comes to starting a business. FACTS.




Free promotion is the best promotion when your first starting a business. Your want to make money, not spend it.

You have sites like Pinterest that helps millions connect with potential buyers. 80% of the people on Pinterest are buying from the site.

This is better than Facebook and Instagram. Those site are great also, but I just want you to know how important using Pinterest will be for your business.

With so little followers, your reach could be as great as any other social media site.

So, when you first start a business be sure to create a Pinterest account and any other social media sites you think you would want to use.  

All In All

These five tips are crucial to starting a business so get started on them ASAP. If you learned something from this post pin it and share a comment.

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Investing in stocks is a skill, and one of the best ways to get a return on your cash. Stocks is going to be the hardest way to invest your money out of this list, but its still worth talking about.

You may have to go through a couple of years of learning to actually have an idea of how the markets work.

You could always pay someone to invest your money to take the easy way out, but that wouldn’t be fun would it though?

While working your nine to five, save up your money. Don’t jump right into the markets if you want to successfully invest your money this way.

Sit back and learn as much as you can about the stock market and the language.

Decide if you want to be a long or short term investor. Both of these styles are very different.

There are many factors that also influence the stock market. For instance, macro & microeconomics.

When you are investing in stocks, it may even help to know the person that runs the company.

The more you know the better off you will be when it comes to investing in stocks.



There’s the stock market and then there’s the bond market. In the bond market you could get a return on you cash, also.

This market isn’t has lucrative or exciting as the stock market, but bonds could be a great investment also.

Even though the bonds market is different from the stock market, they both correlate with one another.

When stock prices are down, bond prices are up and vice versa. So, knowing a little bit about the stock market will be a big help when focusing on bonds.

Bonds are also a long term investment, which may be more ideal for the less risky investor.


Savings Account

I know you have all heard of a savings account. You can open up one of these at your local bank.

A savings account is a good investment because the bank actually pays you interest on your money just for not touching it.

You get around 2% for your money being left in your savings account, but with apps like  Marcus.com you could earn more! Just for letting your money sit.

If that’s not a easy investment I don’t know what is.



This might be the most important investment out of the list. Invest in bettering yourself. Invest in your education. You have too if you want to get ahead.

When you invest in your education you are investing in yourself.

A degree will help you get that higher salary you always wanted and so on, after that if you decide to go for a master’s.

You could even be investing in an online course, e-book, or seminar. It doesn’t even have to be in higher education.

Whatever it is… It will be worth it, so don’t be afraid to spend money on your education.


401k / Retirement Plan

A 401k is a great investment is a great way to get a return on your cash too.

If your job is offering a 401k don’t hesitate to go for it. A 401k is basically another form of a savings account.

Also, all of the money in your 401k is tax free! Your money will grow faster this way. 

There is up to a certain amount of money you can take out your earnings and put to the side, but some employers have a dollar-for-dollar match.

This means for every dollar you put in your employer will match you.

Even if you choose to quit or get fired, you can still keep the money you put in and the money your employer match.

Although, if you take your money out in cash you will be forced to pay taxes.

You could always choose to switch over to another retirement plan, such as the IRA if you want to continue to grow your retirement plan.

All in All

Hopefully, these five ways to get a return on your cash helps you out. If you like what you read, pin and leave comments.


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Pinterest is becoming a huge for entrepreneurs, small businesses and large. Therefore, I wanted to prepare 5 simple tips to grow your Pinterest account.

There are many ways you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and sell your product.

From using Pinterest I have learned a lot, and like any other social site you have to plan.

Therefore, I’m going to give out some simple tips you can keep in mind when starting up your Pinterest account.

So, get ready for these five simple tips to grow your Pinterest account.


Pinterest Images

The images you use on Pinterest might be by far the most important thing to take note of.

The colors you choose to use on your pins are a BIG deal. Even the size of your images are a HUGE deal, so don’t take this part lightly.

You want to use bright colors that will catch your reader’s attention. Colors like red, blue, and pink are very popular on Pinterest.

For your images you should be using a rectangular portrait. STAY AWAY FROM BOXED IMAGES!

Furthermore, I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. The website I found to be the best for making Pinterest images is Canva.com.

By far, the most ideal website for creating Pinterest images.

Canva.com even has free templates you can use and customize for everyone out there who is on a budget.


Pinterest SEO

This part is also very important when it comes to growing on Pinterest so pay attention.

SEO is another word for search engine optimization.

This is a marketing tactic that you use for your title, post, and images. By using key words you think your readers will search for.

SEO also helps your post get a higher chance of showing up on Google.

When you go to create a pin on Pinterest, the first thing you will do is upload a image.

Make sure your image is the same name as the title of your post. However, be sure to use dashes in between each word.

That’s just the way Google read it’s images.

In your title you should use keywords that are specific to what your readers will be searching for. This will give your pin a higher possibility of being seen.

In your description you will do the same.

You can use Yoast SEO plugin for wordpess to perfect your site’s SEO, which I highly recommend.

I will talk more about the description later because that is another important point I want to expand on.


Finding the Right Topics to Write On

A quick tip… before you decide what topic to write about, search it on Pinterest.

Doing so will help you target a audience specifically grow on Pinterest.

When you search a topic like business, there will be boxes that pop up at the top showing what people search for the most within that topic or niche.

This will give you a better chance for your post to be seen because more people are searching for that specific topic.

Easy right?


Pin Description Formula

I pointed out earlier to use as many keywords as you can in your description, but there is a formula for writing descriptions on Pinterest.

This is very crucial to getting your audience to click your link and read your pin, which will help grow your Pinterest account.

First, you should ask a question to get your potential readers attention.

If your looking for people who want to start their own blog start off with something such as, “Are you thinking about creating your own blog?”

Then, answer how your post will solve the answer to that question specifically.

Lastly, end of your description with a call-to-action to try and get that reader to want to click your link on Pinterest and read more. Easy as pie right?


Pinterest Boards

Pinterest boards lets you organize all of your ideas to your reader’s interest.

These boards show your followers the topics you take interest in, which will help you grow a specific type of audience that are interested in those niches.

However, if you are starting a blog like me, your blog post should be categorized in one of your board topics.

In my opinion, all of your board topics should relate in some way.

You cant have one board that talks about business and investment ideas then have another board talking about Italian food.

Your followers on Pinterest follow you for specific reasons, and if they see something that they didn’t follow you to see chances are they will un-follow you.

To Sum it Up

All in all, these five simple tips to grow your Pinterest account will be crucial to your business success.

If you like what you’ve read, comment and pin to your Pinterest page to come back to if you forget something.

I hope these five tips to grow your Pinterest account helps.

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Thinking about starting your own business, huh? 

Let me be the first to tell you that you are making the right decision if you want to start your own business. 

However, I know I won’t be the first or last to tell you that starting a business will be hard work…

Financial freedom is the name of the game, nowadays. Working a regular nine to five job just will not cut it anymore. 

Whether you are starting out your business doing your own blog, fashion line, hair business or even your own marketing company, you can make money from just about anything you desire. 

Therefore, I feel that it wouldn’t be a better time than now to start your own business, so I decided to create this post.


Use of Online Marketing Strategies

In addition, the internet is much bigger and more popular than it has ever been! More and more people are finding themselves joining social media from all ages. 

Do you know what this means? More people to brand your business too.

With social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, your reach business’ reach could be endless. 

These sites have made it easier for your business to target the audience you want to attract or sale too.

No, I am not saying it will be easy to attract potential customers to your business . You still have to put the work in. 

Don’t forget that you are still running a business, which is no laughing matter. 

You have to train you mind to stay focused. 

Your business is not going to pick up as quickly as you think or want it to, but with the use of social media you can speed things up a bit.


Having the Freedom to do What You Want

Furthermore, aren’t you tired of waking up at five, six, and seven in the morning to go work for someone else who comes in whenever he or she wants to?

I know I am. Likewise, you should be able to take off work when you want to, and still have left over money to cover your living expenses and others activities you want to do.

Working a regular job is a trap! A HUGE one at that. It’s a never ending cycle.

For instance, You could never save up enough because you need food and transportation, and not to mention all of the bills that you are still late on.


Do Something you Enjoy Doing

Thus, when you start your own business you have the ability to do something you actually enjoy. 

Starting a business might be hard work, but if you enjoy what your doing and its your passion you can never complain. 

Why would you?

I’ve worked countless fast-food jobs. Do you want to know one word I can use to describe all those jobs? 


Actually I could use more than one word. 

Painful. Agony. Dreadful. 

The list goes on… 

Take my advice and do something your passionate in. The pursuit is rewarding in itself. You would never be truly happy working an endless nine to five job. 

I’ve been there, and the money at the end of those two weeks doesn’t help change my feelings toward minimum wage jobs at all.


Be your Own Boss

No more would you have to take orders from you rude boss who doesn’t know how to treat his or her employees. 

If you start a business you could be your own boss and maybe others, if you decide to go that far with your it. 

Being able to hire others and help them and their family could bring a sense of fulfillment for you and make you feel like your actually making a change. 

Working a nine to five doesn’t bring this sense of fulfillment because you can barely help out yourself.

I can’t count how many times I had to tell a friend or family member I wasn’t able to help them out. 

I just know it was one too many. By starting your own business you could put yourself in a position to change that.


Your Life is in your Hands

When you begin your own business there will be no more room for excuses. No more “what-ifs”. The success of your business strictly depends on you. 

Yes, YOU and only you. 

You know why? Because your business will reflect how much work YOU put in to it.

If you are not serious about starting your own business, do NOT do it. I repeat, do NOT do it. Never will your business get off the ground.

It’ll all just be a big waste of time, and who like wasting their time?

   There you go. These are all my reasons you should start your own business. If you like what you’ve read share and comment below.

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Want to know how to come up with blogging ideas? Well this is the blog post for you. 

Blogging is fun, but sometimes it could be hard finding ideas to elaborate on. 

Especially when you are just now starting your blog. Its just so many things to expand on.

So, where do you start from? I came up with these five tips to make it easier for you to come up with blogging ideas.


1. Find a niche

This is the hardest part. There are millions of things to blog on. 

Therefore, you just have to find out what you are most comfortable with when coming up with blogging ideas.

Try thinking of topics you may already have an interest in. You don’t want to make blogging feel like a job. 

Write about something you and your readers will enjoy.


2. Target an Audience

However, you have to find out who you want to make your blog for. 

This is very important.

When you find out your niche you should be able to tell what type of audience you are going for. 

Do you want to write to single mothers? 

What about fitness geeks? 

Try your best to narrow it down to stay focused on what you are trying to accomplish.


3. Use Pinterest

Using Pinterest is EXTREMELY important when trying to come up with blogging ideas. Using Pinterest will make blogging so much easier. 

You can easily find out the topics your “potential” readers are interested in, therefore making it more convenient for you. 

There are a plethora of topics to choose from. 

Using Pinterest can and will help build up your following, if you follow these few steps.


4. Google Keywords Planner

Moreover, the use of Google Keywords Planner is great for finding blogging ideas. It’s simple and easy.

In the search bar search for keywords related to what your niche is. Just like that, you will have access to a ton of ideas. 

Google even gives you a specific amount people who searched for topics including your niche. Great right?

All in all, these fours steps made it more convenient for me, and this is why I started my blog

Starting a blog can be challenging, but if you follow these four simple steps you will be one step ahead of the competition.

Never again will you have to over think when coming up with ideas for your blog.

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