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​One of the more popular features that custom home builders are asked to include in custom designed homes is a fireplace, which you have included in your most recent home building design.

If you do have a fireplace, when is the last time you had the chimney cleaned?

Before you use your fireplace again and create a potential health and safety risk, it might be time to call out a contractor to clean it out so it’s safe to use.
Chimney Fires A Significant Cause of House Fires
The Chimney Safety Institute of America or CSIA estimates that there are more than 25,000 chimney fires every year.

Chimney fires customarily start in the chimney and then expand to the exterior and/or interior of the house in various ways.

These fires that can burn extremely hot and even produce small explosions in the chimney cause more than $125M in damage each year.

Fortunately, preventing them and protecting your custom designed home is easy; just have your chimney cleaned and inspected regularly.

How Do Chimney Fires Happen?
Although it may seem contradictory that using the fireplace installed by your custom home builder and designed to burn wood could result in a dangerous chimney fire, it happens rather frequently.

These fires happen when the chimney is not clean enough and is instead coated on the inside with waste material from the burning fire itself.

Wood burning fires give off soot that coats the inside of the chimney, damper, and flue as well as expels creosote, a flammable substance that glazes the inside of the chimney vents.

Over time, the amount of creosote caked onto the inside of these vents can increase to the point where it can ignite if it gets hot enough in the chimney or a tall enough flame from the fireplace reaches where it is located.

Characterized by loud popping or crackling sounds coming from the chimney and very black soot escaping from it, the heat of a chimney fire will gradually degrade the masonry structure that surrounds it.

Once that starts happening, the next fire could be the one that makes contact with the structural materials in your roof and ignites the whole house.

Chimneys Also Need Maintenance
To protect your custom built home from the dangers of a chimney fire, the CSIA and National Fire Protection Association recommend a yearly chimney inspection whether or not you use your fireplaces.

Chimneys are also favorite spots for birds and rodents to nest and potentially gain entry into your home.

If you do use your fireplace, it’s recommended that you have it cleaned once a year by a professional chimney sweep before you start using it for the season.

The chimney sweep will scrape the insides of the chimney and remove the layers of soot and creosote that have built up after last season’s use, so your fireplace and chimney are clean and safe to use once more.

Don’t Start Off This Winter With A Bang
You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your custom home building project.

The fireplace your home builder has installed should always remain a source of warmth and pleasure for you and your family.

Keep it safe and avoid a dangerous chimney fire with a yearly chimney inspection and cleaning.

A clean chimney will give you peace of mind that your custom designed home is protected from an unexpected and highly destructive accident!

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​If you’ve gone through the effort of building a home with custom builder in Texas, the best thing you can do to protect your special home is keep up with seasonal maintenance.

As annoying as it may seem, part of that maintenance is gutter cleaning.

Since it’s colder out these days and all the trees have shed their leaves, the time to clean those gutters before winter sets in is now.

Clean gutters keep  custom built homes safe from the damage that clogged gutters can cause.
Leaves and Roof Gutters Equal Home Damage
Even though your custom builder has likely protected your home by installing gutters around the edges of the roof, it’s important that those gutters be maintained and kept clear of leaves and other debris.

Leaves are the most common debris found in roof gutters and it doesn’t take many of them to start clogging up the path of draining water.

If there are trees around your house, whether on your property or not, those leaves will find a way into your gutters.

Clogged gutters may not seem like much of a problem; however, they can end up being the cause of extensive damage to your beautiful custom built home:
  • Roof Damage - Water pooling in clogged gutters can saturate the edges of your roof, causing the shingles or underlayment to soak up water. Eventually, this can lead to shingle rot, leaks, structural damage due to rot, and even ice damming causing significant shingle damage in the winter.
  • Foundation Damage - A gutter left clogged with leaves can also cause substantial damage to your home foundation if that water spills over the sides instead of flowing through the downspout to the intended drainage point. When the ground surrounding your home stays wet from gutter spillage, you could experience foundation shifting which is an expensive problem to have repaired.

Clean As Soon As Leaves Have Fallen
Home Builders and roofers agree that fall is always the best time for gutter cleaning; just be sure to wait until the last of those tree leaves have fallen.

Waiting until the trees are bare ensures that all leaves can be cleaned away and your gutters will be ready to function properly throughout the winter.

Fortunately, cleaning your gutters to prepare your home for winter is not that hard to do as long as you have the right equipment.

With a strong, sturdy ladder and someone to hold it steady for you, your gutters can be cleared out in a few hours or less.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, there are numerous contractors you can hire to do it for you.

Protect Your Custom Home with Clean Gutters
Your beautiful custom built home is your pride and joy; keep it in great shape by handling all seasonal maintenance at the right times.

Now that it’s late fall and the trees are bare, it’s the best time for you to clean your gutters or hire someone to do it for you.

Heading into winter with clean gutters means your roof and entire home built by custom builders is protected from the expensive water damage that clogged gutters can cause!

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​If you are having a custom home built, you’re probably thinking about all the great features and amenities you want to include to make your life easier and more comfortable.

As you do, are you also considering the features that will make your home safer and more accessible as you age?

Custom home builders find that if you think ahead when planning your custome designed home, you can make your life easier for aging at home.

Your house will remain just as accommodating for you in the future as it is today.
No-Step Custom Home Floor plan
Tripping and falling are one of the biggest risks older people face. To reduce falls, plan your custom designed home with a no-step, level floor plan.

Eliminate steps within the house, including those at entryways. Even if the home will have multiple stories, design it for living on the lower level with all amenities, including a lower-floor bedroom and bath.

Design for easy wheelchair accessibility now so that it won’t be a problem if someone ends up needing one in the future.

Consistent, Slip-Proof Flooring
An important element in a safe, no-step floor plan for a custom home is consistent flooring.

Choose non-slip, level flooring and use it throughout the entire house. In doing so, you can eliminate the need for thresholds that normally cover the seams where two types of flooring meet.

You will also eliminate slight level differences due to flooring thicknesses and the slipperiness of different flooring types.

Doors and Drawers
In general, doorknobs ;and doors can become a major problem for some people as they age.

Work with your custom home builder to find ways to reduce these difficulties by using levers instead of doorknobs throughout the home and sliding pocket doors where convenient.

Wider doorways are also more appropriate for older people who may rely on walking aids or wheelchairs.

As for cabinets and home storage in your custom designed home, be sure to include just as much lower storage under the counter-tops as you do overhead.

You may be able to reach those high cabinets now; however, it's the ones closest to the floor that will get the most use as you get older.

Similarly, avoid building cabinets above the stove or kitchen appliances. Create more usable lower storage with a big, multi-purpose kitchen island.

Bedroom and Bathroom
A single story home or a master bedroom on the main floor is a great plan for a custom home when looking to the future.

Within the bathroom, include things like a walk-in bathtub or large walk-in shower, grab bars, and an adjustable shower head with shower wand.

Incorporate a seat into your walk-in shower as well and install a level floor throughout.

Additionally, equip both with lights and lamps that use toggle switches or switch banks, as the twist switches on many lamps and bathroom lighting fixtures can be difficult for older hands to operate.

More Open Space
When designing your home, a spacious open floor plan is most effective when planning for the future.

The more open space you can work into your home, the more easily you will be able to get around when you are older.

Open floor plans are extremely versatile and popular right now anyway.

Although they may seem like little details that may not matter much, including them and other accessibility features in your custom designed home can make it a safe home for the rest of your years.

On A Final Note
When you think about easy mobility and overall safety for older people in your planning stage with your builder, you’ll reduce the chance of accidents as you get older.

You will also reduce the chance of needing to sell your custom home in exchange for somewhere more senior-friendly!

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Building a new custom home can be an exciting project, a way for you to get the home of your dreams.

Still, the project itself can be a challenging endeavor since custom designed homes take time and involve a lot of effort on the part of both the owner as well as the home builders.

Are you ready to tackle this type of project? If you have questions about what the custom construction process could involve, read on.
The Upside of Building A Custom Designed Home
The beauty of working with new custom home builders to construct the home of your dreams is that you have control over just about every little detail. In the end, the benefits can be many:
  • A Personalized Home - When you hire contractors to work with you to build a new custom home, you end up with a house created just for you with the look and amenities you want.
  • A Partner in the Design and Building Process - Unlike buying already completed new construction, you are a prime decision maker in the design and building process. You will work with experts like builders and architects who will create plans to your specifications, making many of the building and design decisions on your own.
  • No Tiresome Home Search - Building a custom home means you won’t have to go through the traditional search for a realtor and spend countless days looking for just the right house. There is no traveling all over to see different houses, no long negotiation process, and no losing out to higher bidders.
  • Better Home Efficiency - When you build a custom home, you have the option to use the best materials and most updated home efficiency technology out there. You can choose components that will keep your house more comfortable and efficient for years to come, rather than end up with outdated technology or the stock systems that builders of mass-produced houses use in their units.
The Downside of Building A New Custom Home
As significant as the benefits can be to building custom designed homes, doing so comes with its share of negatives.

This is not to say it’s not worth it; the end result will be the perfect home for you to treasure indefinitely. It is just important that you understand what you are getting involved with and what the potential pitfalls are before you make the commitment:
  • Must Buy the Land First - Not just any parcel will do, either. In a sense, you trade the home search for a land search to find a construction lot with the qualities required for building. Then once you find the land, you may need it cleared, septic and utilities installed, and all the other requirements for your new custom home.
  • Time-Consuming - Building a home from scratch including the lot search, the designing, the financing, getting all the required permits; then working with the builder takes time. Usually a lot more than it might using an available plan or even contracting a new home in a development. Delays are common as well and should be expected so you aren’t disappointed.
  • Higher Cost - Custom building a house costs more than buying a house for sale. Your house will show its worth after the fact in the amount of enjoyment you get from it. Once it’s built, you will find the extra expense to be well worth it because it will be designed to your specifications.
In The Final Analysis
There’s a new year right around the corner. If you’ve been thinking of building a custom designed home, this might be the perfect year for you to do it.

Start your research today and find a great new custom home builder to help you through the process.

It may take more time and effort than simply buying a new house that’s already available; however, the rewards of living in a new custom home are endless!

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Video doorbells have become quite popular in recent years, with many owners of custom built homes or any homes for that matter installing them.

They offer a lot of conveniences, making them an attractive option over a standard doorbell.

They can also be a bit expensive for a doorbell and might require your home builder or an electrician to do the installation if you can't do it on your own.

That said, there are many benefits to adding a video doorbell to your new custom designed home.
How Do Video Doorbells Work?
A video doorbell is can be installed at the front door of your custom built home to look outwardly and work like any other doorbell.

People ring it and it chimes in your house. Yet the doorbell itself has a tiny video camera and audio speaker built inside that records the sound and video of your front door area.

Video doorbells also have motion sensors that can activate the camera whenever something moves within the programmed range of the sensor or left on for constant video monitoring.

Video doorbells also connect to your wireless phone or computer through an app so you can view the video being recording and see who is at the front door of your custom designed home.

You can speak to that person through the speaker right from your phone without ever going to the door.

The doorbell will also send push notifications to your phone or device to let you know there is activity.

Why Install A Video Doorbell in Your Custom Home?
Asking your custom home builder to install a video doorbell on your new definitely offers you some convenience.

Still, the most important reasons why you should consider one is home security.

Consider these various ways that video doorbells can enhance the security of your custom designed home while also being convenient:
  • Know Who is There Before You Open - You can see who has rung your doorbell by watching the video on your phone
  • Talk to Your Visitor - You can talk directly to your visitor without having to open the door or even having to be there. You could be out in your car and talk to a person at your door.
  • Record Video of Your Door Area - Considering the number of home burglaries and package thefts that happen today, having the ability to visually monitor the front of your house is an important security feature. Depending on positioning, you may even be able to record the entire front area of your house.
  • Crime Deterrent - Because video doorbells are becoming so popular, many would-be thieves or vandals look for them first before they act. Doorbell videos can be great evidence. While they don’t stop every package thief out there, some would-be robbers now think twice before stealing or causing any trouble when they see a video doorbell.
  • Great Quality Video - When correctly installed these tiny hidden cameras day or night record high-quality sound and video.
  • Programmable - Better video doorbells give you broad ability to control things like motion detector ranges, when the camera activates, time schedules, and more so you have the security and convenience you want when you want it.
  • Battery Operated - The doorbell itself is run using a strong battery that keeps it functioning independently of your home’s power supply.
With these great features, it definitely makes sense to have your home builder or electrician install a video doorbell at the front door of your custom built home.

A Final Thought About Video Doorbells
You will gain the convenience of being able to answer your front door from wherever you happen to be and have the ability to monitor who is there and what's happening at your door.

After going through the time and trouble to build a custom designed home, a video doorbell is one great way to protect you and your beautiful house!

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First Christmases are special, particularly when they happen inside a brand new custom home.

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting spending the holidays in your newly finished custom designed home, make sure it’s a happy time by making certain it’s ready for decorating.

Set up your house the right way and safely enjoy your new home at the most wonderful time of the year.
Inspect Where You Plan To Decorate
As excited as you may be to start decorating your new custom home, take a few minutes to do a quick inspection of the areas you plan on decorating.

Get your home builder to show you the location of the circuit panel and explain to you how to work it.

Know where outlets and heating vents are located in relation to each other as well as the furnishings and fixtures in your home.

The lights, electrical cords, and other electrical devices you used in your previous home may not work in your new one.

Develop A Safe Decorating Plan
Leave yourself time to make a safe decorating plan that keeps Christmas trees, wiring, and decorations away from heating vents while still allowing you to hide the cords and wires for a safe yet appealing look.

Replacing or adding to your electrical cords and light strings to reroute your decorations is a much safer idea for new, custom designed homes than is trying to work with what you’ve already got.

You will be much happier with how your home looks by using the right components and will have fewer safety issues to deal with.

Use the Right Electrical Components
Before you start unboxing all your decorations from years past or even buying new ones for your custom home, make sure you’re using high-quality, UIL-safe electrical components that are in good condition.

Inspect everything before you plug it in and only purchase the type of electrical cords specifically required to run your light strings or other electric decorations.

Stay away from cheap items that break after minimal use. A broken wire is enough to start a fire and seriously damage your beautiful new home.

Be sure to avoid overloading your outlets.

Be Careful with Candles
Candles are a traditional decoration that can really create that homey, holiday feeling. They can also be a huge hazard in your new custom designed home if not properly used.

Candles start the majority of home fires at holiday time.

As tempted as you may be to use candles in some traditional ways like on your tree or in your windows, consider your home and the safety of your family and opt for battery-operated or electric ones.

When using scented candles to fill your home with holiday spice or wintergreen, always put them somewhere they cannot be tipped over and never leave them unattended.

Christmas Safety - A Summary
This Christmas, you can have the happiest holiday ever in your new custom home with your family and friends gathered around.

Your home builder would also like to see you get countless years of pleasure from your new home. To protect it, follow these important holiday decorating safety tips.

Your custom designed home will look great while you reduce the risk of having an accident that could ruin more than just your happy holiday!

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Like most other homeowners, you need financing to achieve your dream of having a beautiful, custom built home.

Even though you need a mortgage for new custom homes the same as you would for any existing home, the lending process involves a few more steps.

To make it easier, always work with qualified new custom-home builders that your lending institution is willing to trust with your home building project so you get the financing you need.
Mortgages and New Home Construction Loans - Not the Same Thing
When you decide to custom build a house, the first thing to know is that you must begin by getting a new home construction loan, not a mortgage.

Mortgages are loans on an already existing building. New custom home financing is a loan to actually build the structure.

These short-term loans cover the project while your builders are working on it through its completion.

What Is the Process for Getting A New Construction Loan?
From the moment you contract with new custom home builders until you have a beautiful, brand new custom built home to live in, you will go through a number of financing steps to make it all happen:
  1. Shop for Lenders - Not every lender offers new construction loans. Those that do typically offer them as variable rate loans. Research your different lenders to make sure you find the best one; be sure that you understand and agree with the terms.
  2. Choose the Right Builder - After you find a lender, you need to choose a contractor. Since your lender may not agree to work with all new custom home builders, it’s essential that you first find one that qualifies for lending from your institution before you apply for any money.
  3. Get Your Plans Approved - Once you have a lender and a contractor, you must present your building plans to your lender for approval.
  4. Have Your Home Project Appraised - Before you can borrow money and start work on your new custom home, your lender needs to know how much the home will be worth. An appraisal must be done by an expert who can appraise based on the plans and materials as well as by comparing to similar houses in the area.
  5. Make the Down Payment - After an appraisal value has been established and your lender has approved both the building plans and your contractor as well as worked out the financing details, you must make a down payment. Loans for new construction on custom built homes usually require 20%, which is considerably higher than the down payment of 10% required for most traditional mortgages.
What Happens After the New Construction Loan?
Because new construction loans are short-term loans designed only to finance a building project, you will still need to apply for a traditional mortgage once the house is complete.

You must apply for a traditional mortgage that pays off the balance on the construction loan, which you must pay off like any other mortgage you may have taken on an existing property.

A Final Thought About The New Home Lending Process
If you are considering new construction to build your dream custom home, start researching your financing options early.

Find the best lender who is willing to work with you and your custom home builder and look into how to minimize any potential issues that could affect your project.

Once you have your lending process outlined and underway, you’ll be glad you chose to build the new custom home of your dreams!

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If you are thinking of building a custom home, you have a lot of choice in how to design the interior so it serves your needs.

Today’s custom designed homes can be a great combination of functional and fabulous when you choose the right styles.

Need some inspirational help coming up with the perfect idea for your home? Check out these growing design trends that new custom home builders are being asked for more often.
1. Cement as A Design Element
Cement may be for walkways and patios; however, it can also be made into finely finished home elements.

Cement countertops in the kitchen and bath have been popular in custom built homes for some time.

Now it’s becoming even more popular as a flooring with because of how beautifully it can be finished to create a fine, smooth surface with different natural-looking or even decorative patterns stained or painted on.

Cement planters throughout and around the house are also growing in popularity in some modern custom designed homes because of their clean lines and minimalist look.

2. Sunrooms
Sunrooms are becoming popular once again as many new custom home builders are finding exciting ways to bring more light and nature into their design.

Decks and patios are still very desirable; however, the attached, climate-controlled sunroom is what many people want to enjoy the sun without having to deal with heat or cold.

3. Minimalist Room Design
Minimalist design for custom built homes  is big these days, with the trend making its way into bedrooms, living rooms, and throughout the rest of the house.

A desire to reduce home clutter and open up usable space, especially in the bedroom, has sprouted this trend of incorporating more creative storage options and fewer actual furnishings as well as glass walls, simple window designs, and wall-mounted fixtures.

The less-is-more trend is definitely here with angular, clean-looking minimalist furnishings and room design.

4. Colored Cabinets
Although more owners of custom designed homes are choosing the minimalist design, they are now waking up their spaces with color in areas that usually receive more traditional treatments.

Kitchen and bath cabinets, dining area storage components, and even doors or wall partitions in bold, bright colors are making a splash where white and black have reigned before.

Shades of gray are another option that new custom home builders are working with, adding variation and definition to these areas in more subtle ways while still stepping away from the traditional.

5. Organic Finishes
Lastly, more homeowners are choosing natural finishes to bring a more organic feel into their homes.

From stone and slate tile and countertops to wood cabinets, vanities, and windows, some are opting for a warmer, more natural feel over the stark feel of cement and minimalist design.

Real woods, bamboo, reed, and different types of stone are making their way into many rooms to create a welcoming feeling.

Lots of plants throughout the house finish off the look for those who really want to bring the outside in.

Custom Home Design - In Summary
When custom designing a home, you have free reign to do what you want with it. Rather than end up with something average, look into interior design ideas that can give your custom built home the character you’ll really enjoy.

Today’s new custom home builders can help you come up with great ideas like these and others so you’ll be happy with your new custom home!

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Today, it is more common than ever before to find multiple generations living under the same roof.

With so many extended families now sharing the same living spaces, custom designed home builders have gained great insight on how to plan multi-generational custom homes that can keep everyone comfortable and happy.

If you are looking into custom designed homes for your multi-generational family, consider these potential space-sharing issues in advance.

Discuss your home project with a custom home builder to accommodate for everyone ahead of time.
Providing Enough Privacy
One of the biggest issues that arise in multi-generational households is a lack of privacy.

With children, adults, and seniors living in the same home, the need for privacy so everyone feels comfortable as if they are living in their own home is high.

To accommodate these needs, custom homes can be built with floor plans that include separations in living spaces where needed and constructed from brick and other materials that deaden the passage of sound from room to room.

It’s important to work with skilled custom designed home builders to identify the different areas needed to ensure privacy and incorporate them into a cohesive home plan.

Getting Creative with the Separation of Spaces
Builders of custom designed homes find that providing the required privacy to accommodate multiple families involves separating the right spaces.

Interestingly, other than sleeping and bath spaces, kitchen and laundry spaces are other areas where more privacy is sought.

By adding kitchenettes and stack-able laundry units into secondary living suites, homeowners can provide that privacy fairly easily.

Separate entries can add even more privacy. Individual thermostat controls for the separate areas of the house will give occupants an even greater feeling of privacy as well.

Fortunately, this type of separation of spaces under the same main roof can be easily achieved when designing custom homes to specifically serve these needs.

Comfortable, Yet Efficient Floor Plans
With regard to the common areas of the house, open floor plans are best for providing enough comfort room for the many people occupying the space on a daily basis.

Large living areas and main kitchens are recommended as the central base of the house. Then custom-designed home builders recommend considering the individual needs of each group occupying the home and building accordingly.

Depending on the family, this may mean private living spaces and bedrooms on separate sides of the main living areas, more storage and closet space, extra garage or parking space, and rooms in the main part of the home that are large enough for group use.

The goal must be to cater to individual needs while getting the best use of all available space.

Easy Access for All Ages
Another factor that must be considered when multiple age groups will be sharing a home is access and safety. Seniors and kids have different needs than the average adult.

Providing access in custom designed homes that is safe and useful for all may consist of certain types of storage and hardware, extra-large windows for more natural light, zero-step walkways and non-slip flooring, and overall good, efficient design that makes living easier for everyone.

Multi-Generational Homes - A Summary
Living in a multi-generational household can be a challenge for all who live under the same roof. Reducing the issues that may come up involves great planning and efficiently designed custom homes.

To develop the floor plan that suits your needs, work with custom-designed home builders who will help you consider the potential difficulties and come up with the best solutions.

Skillful planning of custom designed homes means reduced stress as well as privacy and comfort for all!

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Since the beginning of its history, the farmhouse has been an iconic home design that has greatly impacted American architecture.

Today, modern farmhouses are highly desirable for their old-fashioned warmth coupled with important modern conveniences.

For those building new homes, this is a great design that can offer much in the way of beauty and utility.

Modern farmhouse builders are continuously stretching boundaries in their designs while still maintaining that classic farmhouse look.
Why the Modern Farmhouse?
Back in the day, farmhouses were nothing special. More than anything, they were buildings built to be useful and handle large families in a very economical way.

They were plain but held a certain charm that has stayed with this architectural style, making it so popular today.

Modern farmhouse builders find that people love them and their popularity is growing once again.

Why the modern farmhouse though? Most people building new homes to look like these older ones enjoy the comfortable, homey feel this traditional style offers.

They can bring a little bit of the rugged country life into the city or suburbs with a charm that just doesn’t come with most current home styles.

People have been in love with the relaxed, serene feel of farmhouses for generations. It only makes sense that with some updating, it would continue to be a popular style.

Common Design Elements Of The Modern Eclectic Farmhouse
Although the looks of today’s modern farmhouses may stray somewhat from the more classic ones of the past, they all generally have some of the same elements that maintain that farmhouse look and feel:
  • Smaller Footprint - As large as some farmhouses may be, they traditionally occupy a small footprint, usually about 1500 sq ft, many times with multiple stories.
  • Large Rooms and High Ceilings - Farmhouses are traditionally very simple on the inside, with fewer large, open rooms as opposed to more smaller and closed-in rooms. High ceilings are also common, as this trait was found in many old architectural styles, including farmhouses.
  • Tall, Thin Windows - Characteristic of the American farmhouse, these attractive windows appear throughout the house, starting much lower to the floor and reaching as high or higher than standard modern windows.
  • Wood Siding, Windows, and Beams - Whether made with actual wood or faux wood siding, modern farmhouse builders capture this classic exterior look to define the style, even if the overall shape or size may be a bit different. Wood or wood look windows as well as exposed beams within the house itself are other common elements that add to that farmhouse feel.
  • Fireplaces and Wood Stoves - Whether they are working or not, these are classic elements that when included in the traditional style of newly built homes, really increases that classic feel.
  • Modern Style and Convenience Updates - Amidst the more classic construction elements, modern versions of the traditional farmhouse also include many updates that accentuate the look while also offering comfort and convenience. Some of these include: luxurious bed and bath suites; fully equipped kitchens with classic farmhouse sinks, of course; lots of interior wood trim, ceramic tile, and metal-look ceiling tiles transitioned into more modern looks; pale, neutral color schemes; and lots of great lighting. Barn doors and sliding doors are popular as well, as are enclosed patios and modern versions of the classic farmhouse porch.
A Final Thought About Modern Farmhouse Design
Whether building new homes or renovating existing ones, modern farmhouses can be wonderful alternatives to the cookie-cutter homes that seem to pop up all over.

Today’s modern farmhouse builders can bring back the past in a modern version of this beautiful architectural classic!

Want Modern Farmhouses In College Station Texas?
Southwest Homes Are The Modern Farmhouse Builders You Need!

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