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Guest post, courtesy of Top50Ranches.com, reprinted from the original, 

Traveling alone? You may be surprised to find out that dude ranch vacations are the perfect getaway for solo travelers! Here’s why…

Dude ranch vacations are becoming increasingly attractive to solo travelers of all kinds, from those who want to meet new people and make new friends, to those who wish to retreat from the world and enjoy some serious ‘me-time’. Haven’t considered ranch vacations for single travelers yet? Read on and find out why this is one solo adventure you don’t want to miss out on.

You’ll enjoy the freedom to be you

Guess what? If you take the plunge and book a singles vacation, you only have one person to please – that’s you! No more traipsing around museums when it’s not your thing, or spending hours persuading your other half that a day in the saddle taking in beautiful scenery is exactly what you both need. Compromise is a thing of the past – well, at least for a week or two!

It’s time to focus on your needs and dude ranch vacations are some of the best vacations for single travelers – you can choose what YOU want to do without having to worry about anyone else! For example, head to Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming and relax in the company of nature, explore rustic and varied landscapes, challenge yourself by trying new activities, or indulge in a spa day – the beautiful C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado has the luxurious ‘Lazy U Spa’ you’ll be pampered in. Go on, you deserve it!

Want to ramp up the adrenaline? Ranch vacations truly embrace the outdoor adventure! Go mountain biking at Gros Ventre River Ranch, conquer your fear of heights on a tree-top obstacle course at Red Horse Mountain Ranch, or take a once-in-a-lifetime pack trip to Patagonia, Estancia Ranquilco has some truly life-changing trips available to the adventurous solo traveler. Or why not try all the exciting heli-adventures at Auberge Resorts Collection’s new resort, The Lodge at Blue Sky? Opened in May 2019, they offer unique, customized outdoor adventures, including heli-skiing, heli-snowboarding, heli-hiking, heli-fly-fishing and more! 

It’s a chance to reconnect with ‘You’

Practising yoga or meditating, is a great way to re-connect with yourself, and offers self-reflection and heightened self-awareness. Many dude ranches, like Rancho Las Cascadas, have dedicated yoga, meditation and wellness courses and classes available, offering solo travelers the perfect opportunity to open up to the possibility of connecting to what we already have; to who we already are.

You’ll benefit from trusted advisors

One of the scariest aspects of travelling alone can be knowing who to trust. Ranch vacations are different from your average hotel or hostel – expect a warm, genuine welcome from families, like the Rankin Ranch family, who are dedicated to making you feel at home and safe. There will be no wandering around aimlessly accidentally missing the good stuff either, as you are staying with the best tour guides in the area; for example, Red Reflet Ranch offers off-ranch trips to interesting local attractions should you want a day out. Those who are seeking smaller ranches and a safe feeling will also feel comforatble at Deep Canyon Guest Ranch as they welcome quite a few solo travelers, mostly women who have a natural affection for horses and nature. They come to ride horses in beautiful country and to get to know the family.

Ranch owners and their wranglers know the best tracks to ride for the views, what time to visit the local rodeo to get a front row seat and where you can source the most authentic local meals at reasonable prices. Plus, when you decide to engage in any of the ranch-specific activities, from fishing to cattle drives, you know you are in the best possible hands.

You’ll easily meet new friends

Travelling alone doesn’t mean you have to be alone (unless, of course, you want to be). It’s actually a great opportunity to meet new friends with similar interests. If you want to be ahead of the game, why not contact the ranch you are interested in and ask who else is currently booked on your preferred week? You might find that there are other solo travellers visiting at the same time. Solo travelers feel very comfortable at boutique ranch, Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch and find much in common with other guests; starting with a love of horses and nature. They average around eight guests at a time, which is a perfect size for bonding.  

Traditionally community-minded, most ranches have cozy, comfortable areas – both indoors and outdoors – where guests can chat, read, have a drink and socialize. For those particularly interested in the total ranch experience and spending time with fellow guests, look for ranches with communal eating areas – Rainbow Trout Ranch pride themselves on serving meals ‘family style’. From outdoor rustic breakfasts to luxury evening fine dining, you’ll find a ranch that caters for you.

Great introduction to singles travel

Always wanted to travel alone, but not been brave enough to try it? Head to a ranch like Vista Verde Ranch, where they accommodate ranch vacations for singles by offering adult-only times, dedicated to encouraging solo traveler trips. These adult-only-type ranch vacation getaways, also offered by Rowse’s 1+1 Ranch, are the best vacations for single travelers as you’ll meet with other solo adventurers and enjoy being with like-minded people. The small size of the Circle Z Ranch, Arizona lends itself to those who find that traveling solo is a reality or a preferred way of travel. The inclusiveness of their horseback riding and nature program, plus the family atmosphere at social hour and dinner creates a welcoming atmosphere. Also, their rates are per person and do not penalize for single occupancy. 

A dude ranch vacation is the perfect introduction to singles holidays, they’re safe, welcoming and you are living with on-site experts. However, should you be seeking alone-time, they’re the perfect destination in which you can immerse yourself in activities or nature. Will a ranch vacation be the beginning of your solo travelling adventures?

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Guest Post by John Brooks

With the increase in digital technology, travel photography and videography are increasing rapidly. There are multiple projects that deal with a picture to video maker. It means you can make a full-fledged video by using pictures only. Almost everybody has tried it at least once in their lives and some of them are doing travel videography to earn their livelihood. It has proven to be a profitable and very healthy profession. But here are some tips and tricks which you must know before starting travel videography. These tricks will help you to excel in your profile and to become famous overnight. I am going to mention some of the important steps on how to become a travel videographer here :

1- Learn the Video Making skills

There is no need to get admission in any college or university to learn videography when you can do it for free. There is one thing very clear, videography is all about skills and you get skills by practicing. This is not rocket science for which you have to take regular classes and learn the concepts.

To learn video making, take a camera and start making videos. Try all the features of the camera one by one, combine them together. Try making a video from different angles.

2- Get Quality Tools to make good quality videos

Good tools matter as much as the skill. You can have the world’s best skills but if you do not have the good quality tools to show is to the world, your skill will be wasted. So make use of it as long as you have time. Get yourself some good quality camera, lenses, reel, etc. If you are short on a budget right now, it is okay. Get a camera, start making videos and get experience. You can upgrade your videography tools with time.

3- Travel a lot in order to understand the beauty and hardship

To start travel videography first travel a lot and know yourself. Do you love traveling? Can you do it for a living? Will, you not get fed up with traveling? If you have traveled and got the passion to travel more and capture the moments in your camera then welcome to the new world of videography. You will experience different scenes every day. Nature is very mysterious, if you keep on traveling the same place for years you will still not get up of it as every time you will see a new thing.

4- Analyze the background noise of your travel video

Sometimes the background noise is worth keeping while at other times you may have some custom music to add in your video. If the background noise is of parrot’s voice, rain’s sound or the music of the wind then you can add it if it complements your video. But if you are planning to add your own voice or some music behind the video then make sure it does not look awkward or absurd.

5- Take Various Shots

Take shots as much as you can. Long shots, short shots, in dark and in light, from the top or from the bottom but take as many shots as you can. You never know which shot can impress you and everyone who will ever see it. Sometimes you will have to wait for several hours or days to capture something but it is quite worth it as long as your video attracts viewers. Some very famous videographers and photographers have allegedly spent months in order to capture a specific shot.

6- Keep Following the story throughout your video

Every video has a story to tell and if there is no story to tell the viewers then the video is not worth it. A content without meaning is no content at all. So make the story in your video, show it beautifully and make sure you are following the story throughout your travel video. You can even tell the story to your viewers in your video. It can be a story about yourself, how you traveled to how this video was captured. People like to hear from daring and skillful people. It will not be wasted for sure.

7- Capture the Golden Light to create a glittery video

Golden light or golden time is the most beautiful time of the day when everything looks beautiful. Nature shines bright at that time. Golden light spreads at the particular time of the day at sunrise and sunset. Travel photographers know the value of this time and if you see the travel videos you will get to know that there is at least one scene from the golden hour of the day.

8- Short is Better

In this era, our attention span is getting smaller. All of us prefer short and centered content rather than a long and meaningless one. So cut all the extras out of your video. Tell the message you wanted to tell in short. Make your content beautiful and attractive by cutting out the extras. Make multiple short videos of the same location with a different message. You can have more content with less effort and your content will generate more traffic because of its nature. As it is short and focused on the message.

9- Get the Feedback regularly

If you keep on making videos and do not get to know the good and bad points of your videos then how will you ever get better? The key to foster in life is to get better with the requirements. The world is changing rapidly and you too must. Cope up with the world. And to get to know if you are moving in the right, just get the feedback of people around you.

You can also make a youtube channel, get subscribers and also their feedback. You will also become famous. Besides, putting self-made videos on youtube can become your source of income.

10- Editing is the key to perfection

No matter how good or perfect your video is, you always need to edit it. There is always something that needs to be edited.

Have you ever seen the most beautiful videos on the internet? Well, trust me when I tell you that they have been edited. There are multiple features, transitions, animations and even sounds to make your video look perfect. A couple of video editing software is available free of cost while some of them can be bought. If you are newbie, with lesser or no skill it is better for you to get some free software to learn video editing skills.

Stay passionate and keep working to better your skills.

Image Source:

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Boating Safety for Solo Travelers. Although I have had a lifelong love of boating, I am no expert. After two tries at sailing lessons, my skill set is limited to “manning” the winch handle.  The most important thing I learned was don’t drop it over board.  However, I have come to appreciate that for both experts and those of us amateurs, the real key is staying safe. In recent press accounts in the Washington, DC area, there was one drowning when a kayak flipped over and three others missing while out boating.

Here are our 6 tips to consider.

Boating Safety for Solo Travelers-6 Updated Tips: Plan Ahead:

Tip One:

If you are going out on the water alone, let friends/family know where you will be and your likely time returning.  As solo hikers find, in a second, an accident can put even very fit, real athletes in trouble.

Tip Two:

Pick an area where there is at least some traffic back and forth. Communing with nature can be great, but it also makes it unlikely to find help when needed.

Tip Three:

Don’t assume your cell phone will rescue you. If you can’t get a signal, you need to have a backup. Larger boats will typically have a marine radio. Absent that, at least have flares or some means of attracting attention, especially if you get stuck after dark.

Boating Safety for Solo Travelers-6 Updated Tips: Expect the Unexpected:

Tip Four:

Even strong swimmers can get knocked out and overboard when hit by a swift moving boom. When going below in a sailboat, always keep one hand free to hang on.

Tip Five:

Treat boating as seriously as when you drive a car. So save “Happy Hour” for when you will not be at the helm.

Tip Six:

Know the rules of the road.  Be sure to check out carefully both state and federal regulations. Typically, there must be a life jacket for each person in the boat, including children. In addition, boats of 16′ must have a device that can be thrown if someone has gone overboard. 

Check out our additional blogs on safety: 10 Solo Travel Safety Tips and 10 Single Traveler Safety Tips on Cruises.

For more Coast Guard information, click here. For state laws, click here.

For a comprehensive overview, see this online 45 page brochure.




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Airline Security Procedures-Important Updates. By chance, I found out about a huge travel issue that is coming up fast. Although there has been not much press, Oct 1., 2020 is key for all travel. After many extensions, that is the date that a new post-9/11 law goes into effect. At that time, to board a US airline to fly within the US or abroad will require a “Real ID”, passport or other valid form of ID. 

When I went to renew my DC driver’s license, I found out what that meant. Right now, a valid US driver’s license or passport has been enough.  However, for a Real ID, it is much more complex. Although states can vary, the DC rules are a likely guideline for what to expect in the 50 states. As a result, we want to share our tips while time remains to obtain the Real ID with a star.

Airline Security Procedures-Important Updates: Know Before You Go:

Tip One:

Go right away to the Internet for details on the process in your area. If your driver’s license is valid for many years, find out how you get it upgraded to a “Real ID”.

Tip Two:

Read very carefully what is required. In DC, a birth certificate and passport were two of the documents accepted. Of course, very few adults are likely to have a valid copy of their decades old birth certificate. 

Airline Security Procedures-Important Updates: Research Your Files:

Tip Three:

For social security number verification, the standard is very strict. An original social security card works. Again however, if you have worked for years, you may not know where you tucked away your original social security card. If you are employed now, a W-2 could work. If you are not, you might try any correspondence from the IRS, Social Security Administration, bank or mutual fund group that includes your social security number. Of course, because of ID theft, many banks no longer have that on messages to customers.

Tip Four:

To confirm your residence, read very, very carefully. Also note, you may need two forms of documents. A valid driver’s license may serve as one form.  A utility bill, bank statement or lease might work, too.  If you failed to bring the right form, ask the government official if they can pull up your real estate or local income tax form. The former may be a public document that saves you coming back a second time.

If you have a roommate or tenant that lacks the right paper work, once you are certified, you may be able to vouch for him/her.

Tip Five:

For driver’s licenses, some districts may require eye tests and for 70+ certification from the applicant’s doctor.

Tip Six:

If you have had a name change at any time, bring a copy of your court order or other proof. 

This may sound like too much trouble. However, if you have some down time in 2019, you will do much better to get this done before the 2020 deadline approaches.  There is likely to be a long line in every state as word gets out as to the Oct. 1, 2020 deadline.

For more information, go to the official Homeland Security site. 
See also TSA update.

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Top Solo Travel Destination-Sri Lanka: I quickly discovered why Sri Lanka is trending during my summer visit as the guest of NKAR Travel. The great news is that there is a trip that fits virtually every interest and every budget.  Much like I found in Costa Rica, one of the other leading solo travel destinations, is that you can comb the beaches; study the history and culture; explore the countryside and get up and close with a wide range of wild life.

What makes it easy, too, is that you can get a feel for most of the country in one stay. Then you know right away where you want to go back to or combine with an exotic add-on like the nearby Maldives.

If you need more persuading, click this link for this week’s post at Fupping.com on 17 reasons why you should go to Sri Lanka!

Top Solo Travel Destination-Sri Lanka: 5 Tips on Getting There:
  1. Book your airline as far ahead as possible. For best rates, avoid travel June-Aug. and over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.
  2. Check out regional carriers.
  3. Break up the trip with one to two nights en route. I flew Qatar Air which I found out goes to 150 places not just the Mideast. I stayed in the capital of Doha and caught up on my sleep before the 5 hour flight to Sri Lanka. (On return, I booked a room in an airport motel since my flight out was at 4 AM!)
  4. Be sure to apply online for a visa unless you meet a visa waiver category.
  5. Have a passport with at least 6 months remaining after the date ofyour return flight home.
Top Solo Travel Destination-Sri Lanka: 5 Kinds of Trips to Select:

Sri Lanka affords five types of very different trips. (You can customize to focus on your own special interests and to stay within your budget!)

  1. Active, hiking and adventure: The highlight is Sigiriya Rock known as Lion Rock. The good news is that you don’t have to be a rock climber to get to the top. There are almost endless steps reaching up to the sky.
  2. Relaxation on beaches: The top choice is Galle. It is a real paradise with tall palms and pounding surf. When the ocean is too rough, the popular infinity pools are everywhere. Many come with a welcome swim-up bar.  For an exotic addition, fly to the nearby Maldives.
  3. Yoga, wellness or spas: Spiritual retreats abound as do high-end spas in 4 and 5 star hotels. (The 5 star Golden Crown was my personal favorite.)
  4. Cultural and historical journeys: The former Ceylon gained independence in 1948 the year after the partition of India. Colombo is its commercial capital while nearby Kotte is its administrative capital. Both have a special mix of colonial and modern architecture. Colombo currently has a grand project to rival the Palm Islands of Dubai with a huge commercial center being built on land reclaimed from the sea. High rises meet high style all along the coast. Highlights ranged from the Dambulla cave temple to the ancient city of Polonnaruwa and the Temple of the Tooth Relic in the last royal capital, Kandy. (Fashionistas will love the shopping and prices for both fine jewelry and clothing while there are also fun, economical gifts for a wide range of budgets.)
  5. Eco-tour and wild life viewing: Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, Minneriya safari and Yala national park jeep safari. The area near Yala has 5 star “glamping”. My luxury tent was more like a private villa with my own terry cloth robe and chic amenities, not like camping at all.
Top Solo Travel Destination-Sri Lanka: 5 Ways to Save:
  1. When shopping for the best airfare, watch out for penalties on bargain online fares.
  2. Besides shopping for low season lodging, look at sites outside of the major tourist venues and large cities.
  3. Make lunch your main meal so eating out won’t add up so quickly.
  4. Prowl the local delis and supermarkets, and make your own picnic.
  5. Shop for gifts for friends and family where local people shop off the major tourist path.
Sri Lanka: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy:
  1. Visit a travelers’ clinic or other medical professional.
  2. Do your own research online.
  3. Be aware of mosquito-borne risks. Purchase “bugs away” tops and pants, or treat clothing yourself. (Pants with elastic bottoms are best.) Wear socks if possible, especially during dusk and dawn. However, remember that insects may be feeding throughout the day as well.
  4. Watch the water you not only drink but brush your teeth with.
  5. Check out your health insurance coverage before leaving home, and plan on accessing additional funds in an emergency.
Sri Lanka: 5 Tips on Where to Go and What to See as a Solo Traveler:
  1. Snap selfies at the elephant orphanage.
  2. Visit the last royal capital of Kandy and the Temple of the Tooth
  3. Explore the Cave Temple.
  4. Hike up Lion Rock.
  5. Kick back and relax on beaches at Galle.
Sri Lanka: My Select Personal Observations as a Female Solo Traveler:
  1. Sri Lanka was incredibly clean, even along public highways.
  2. It is easy to navigate, and English was spoken everywhere. (US dollars were accepted but with an unusual twist: They must be crisp, new bills with no tears or other damage to be accepted.
  3. Crime was almost unheard of which as a female solo traveler made me feel very safe. (It has been said that if two bicycles are stolen in Sri Lanka in one day that would be considered a major crime spree!)
  4. Urban areas such as Colombo are very manageable and lack the intense crowding and challenges seen in much of the world.
  5. Sri Lanka was an intriguing blend of culture and tradition alongside 21st century archotecture and style in Colombo.  Currently, the plan for a massive project in the (commercial) capital looks very much like Dubai with elegant residences and commercial buildings being erected on land reclaimed from the sea.

See also our earlier blog on my travels through Sri Lanka.

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Solo Travel-Avoid Cheap Airfare Mistakes. Is it worth it to “save” with rock bottom air fares? Check out our 5 tips.

Solo Travel-Avoid Cheap Airfare Mistakes.: The Real Costs:

Tip one:

Is the price too good to be true, yes and no.  If you read all the fine print and know before you go, you may avoid extra fees.

With some airlines, your one personal item must fit a small size even if it fits under the seat in front of you.  On a recent flight, i found the height of my tote exceeded limits.  If you reun this risk, you will pay $25 or so in the terminal to check your bag and even $50 if you wait until the gate.

Be aware:

  • That may be for each leg of a connecting flight plus return fare.
  • You need to have planned ahead with a purse or small tote inside your bag. Why? If you are forced to check your sole bag, you will need to grab electronics, medicines, wallet and keys before you watch it go down the hatch!
  • A soft, duffel bag is easier to squeeze down to regulations size. So whether you shop at Old Navy or Louis Vuitton, bear that in mind.
Solo Travel-Avoid Cheap Airfare Mistakes.: Convenience:

Tip two:

The hassle begins before you even get to the airport. Why is that?  You may not be able to check in at home since your bag must be scrutinized to meet the puzzling rules.  That can mean going early and yet still waiting in lines!

Tip three:

Your “savings” may mean no seat assignment until you check in. It may also mean you will have the worst seats offered.  It’s true the back of the plane and First Class get to the same place at the same time.  But, your connecting flight may be a long way from your arrival gate.

Tip four:

Be sure to bring your own entertainment. Like many economy flights, you may, for an $8 fee, be able to log in to a variety of options if you have a laptop, tablet or phone with you.

Tip five:

A checked bag means waiting in line at your arrival. If it is a large plane, you may stand watching 300 suitcases swirl by when all you want is to get to your hotel.

Solo Travel-Avoid Cheap Airfare Mistakes.: Email us at our Contacts page on what you have found. We always like to hear from fellow solo travelers.

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Solo Travel-New Deals to Save from $46: Want to see more great deals and tips?  Please go to our Contacts Page, and subscribe to our free twice monthly newsletter!

We just added 46 new listings to our unique patent-pending software tool,  Solo Travel Pricing Tracker. That link takes you to an introduction how to use the software and a link at the top to skip the Intro and go straight to searches. There is also a Helpful Links page. Do let us know via the Solo Trekker 4 U.com’s Contact Page if you are finding glitches or problems with specific searches as we are constantly making upgrades. So let us hear from you! We are adding multiple new additions weekly so do check back often!

Solo Travel Updates and Tips:

Island Vacations Not Just for Honeymooners

Tips on Being Safer on Travel

High Cost of NOT Traveling Solo

Sports Travel for Singles

Solo Travel-New Deals to Save:

This week we are focusing on more off-seaon deals from $46 in Montenegro. (One exception is in the French wine country as it is only available until the end of Sept.  Rates stay the same but are very well-priced for such an elegant option.)

We also included a Costa Rican top cruise with a solo cabin.  It combines adventure with eco-tourism but may not fit every budget.  For a range of prices in Costa Rica, Belize and the Caribbean, use our search box on the left hand side of the Home Page.  For lodging, see our great discounts using the Booking.com search box on the right side of the Home Page. We offer the same prices there as Booking.com with over 1,000,000 properties to consider.

Check out the following top deals by clicking the links below:

Tuscan Countryside Siena From $90

Kensington, Heart of London at $109

French Wine Country From $175

LATAM Solo Cabin Small Ship Cruise

Past Yugoslavia: Montenegro From $46 

Central America: Belize From $48

Italian Isle: Sardinia From $7

Atlantic Isles: The Azores From $68  

 Costa Rica: Cascata del Bosco Cabinas From $75

Rome: Hotel Villa Pinciana From $131


Didn’t find what you are looking for? Go to our Home Page booking engine for 800,000+ destinations and lodging for all budgets. 

Let me know if you have destinations not on the website. We are global and can help you everywhere.

Please help us spread the word as the larger our numbers the better deals we can negotiate. Thanks!

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Solo Travel Guide to Camping Gear. Nothing is more exhilarating than seeing the sunrise at a national park or from a mountain peak. However, camping, hiking or backpacking can be a challenge for solo travelers. Staying safe is key whether from encountering a foraging mother bear with cubs, a would-be assailant or spraining an ankle in a deep canyon.  Always have a way to reach an emergency contact, especially when your cell phone may not get a signal.  In any case, be sure to leave your itinerary and planned return time with friends or family.

See our guest post below from Mia Clarke, Founder of InvertPro on how to get started!

Solo Travel Guide to Camping Gear:

Mia is the owner of InvertPro.co. As a keen traveler Mia started InvertPro after struggling to find the right kit to stay in touch in an increasingly connected world. Mia has travel every continent and plans to visit them all again.

Traveling alone is a fulfilling experience for many reasons. One of them is that it offers you a time of peace so that you can focus on yourself. However, several challenges exist when you go on a trip by yourself including security concerns.

That means you have to be more careful on these trips than you are when you are traveling with your loved ones. For example, you have to carry your phone, and the battery has to be full. The other critical items in the beginner solo travelers guide to essential camping gear are as follows.

  • Hiking Boots and Maps

Hiking boots are necessary for easy mobility. They have additional padding for comfort. Some of them have waterproof membranes to prevent water from getting into your shoes even if you are moving through a soggy patch of soil. Others come with extra cushioning around the heel to protect your ankles.

Maps are critical because you can lose your sense of direction in a new environment. For example, you can go deeper into a forest when you should be heading the other way. You can also walk for miles for help when a rescue center is meters away. Therefore, maps help you save time and effort.

  • Flashlight, Lantern, and a Headlight

You cannot see the dangers that lurk around you when you are in a dark environment. That makes you vulnerable to attacks from people and animals. You can also step on electrical wires or in holes in addition to walking into thorny bushes. These dangers among others can lead to terrible physical harm so avoiding them is critical.

The first defense against these hazards is traveling with flashlight, lanterns, and headlights. These devices help you see at night or in dark areas so that you can avoid danger. Having all of them is an excellent idea because you would have a backup plan when one of them fails. You also need one that you can hold in your hand and others that you can place somewhere as you do something.

  • Water Treatment Tablets or Filtration Systems

You need a water bottle when you travel. Fill it to the brim before you go on your journey. Carry extra bottles if you will be traveling for a couple of days instead of one. You also need to prepare for scenarios where you do not have a water bottle, and you are thirsty. That is especially true if you are going backpacking. In this case, you can lose your water bottle, and you have to rely on streams for water.

Unfortunately, not all water sources are healthy even if you find them in nature. You have to filter it before you drink it. Remember, researchers have revealed that a glass of water from a tap contains more than 10 million bacteria. Imagine how much bacteria untreated water contains. One harmful bacterium can lead to an extreme case of diarrhea or even cholera.

At the same time, staying without water for a long time might lead to serious health consequences. They include dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and a dry mouth. It is worth noting that humans cannot survive without water for three days. Therefore, carrying water bottles on a solo trip is critical. Water treatment tables or filtration systems are your backup plan if you use up your water or lose it.

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Solo Travel Unique London Things to Do:

Article written for the exclusive use of solotrekker4u.com

Julianna Dawn

London is one of the busiest cultural hubs on the planet. It’s a place where the last thing you need to worry about is running out of things to do. Here we present some unique activities that London has to offer the solo traveler.

Solo Travel Unique London: Walking Tours:

: Walking ToursJoining one of London’s many walking tours is a good way to discover new parts of the city. There are many different types of tours for those looking for more than just a history lesson. The multi-awarded Muggle Tour, for instance, is for anyone interested in knowing more about the locations used in the Harry Potter films. If you’re keen on learning about London’s famous Soho district, you can also take the Soho Historic Pubs Tour, an unscripted and enthusiastic tour with equal emphasis on the historic Soho and its many famous pubs. Alternatively, you can also install the Detour app, which hones in on your location via GPS to offer audio walking tours of various London locations. This includes famous sites like St. James Park, Westminster, and Brixton. Whether you want to stay solo or make a friend, each of these walking tours is a fantastic way to spend your day.

Solo Travel Unique London: Boating Options:

Most tourists opt for the traditional boat tour down the River Thames to see the famous sites. If that sounds too ordinary then try your hand at kayaking tours on the river. The Telegraph interviewed Kayaking London’s Harry Whilan, whose years of experience in endurance kayaking makes him the perfect guide for paddling through the Thames’ urban waters. Whilan explained that “It’s always different here, always interesting. I’ve paddled in amazing locations but these city waters are still some of the most exciting to kayak on.” Beginners can conveniently launch with the tide and gently ride the waves with their paddles, while veterans can opt to paddle against the tide and row against as much as 4 knots. It certainly lets you appreciate London from a new perspective.

More Things to Do From Sports to Supper Clubs:

London is also known as a sporting hub to billions of sports fans worldwide. Another awesome thing you can do here solo is to visit the city’s most iconic stadiums. There’s the All England Club, home to the Wimbledon Championships, the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. For soccer fans looking to learn about the sporting heritage of England, London is the place to be. A good place to start is Craven Cottage, which Ladbrokes claims has been the home of Fulham F.C. since 1896. Craven Cottage has been used as a venue for various sporting events since it was built in 1780, making it one of the oldest soccer grounds in all of Europe. And if you’re looking for more sporting action, head on over to Twickenham Stadium, the historic home of rugby union. If you’re in the city at the right time, you may even be able to catch a match at one of the above stadiums.

Last but definitely not least, solo travel is also a great excuse for joining one of London’s many supper clubs. These are a great way to experience the London gastronomic scene that only the locals know about. One popular club is The Art of Dining, which has pop up restaurants across the city and country. Past pop ups have included meals based on army rations, and Victorian inspired meals at the London Museum of Water and Steam. Meanwhile, KinoVino merges kino (film in Russian) and vino (wine in French) by offering a meal and film showing that’s relevant to the night’s theme. Check out The Evening Standard’s updated list of London supper clubs that you absolutely cannot miss for more options.

That’s just the tip of the Greater London iceberg. Despite being a gigantic metropolis, London is absolutely saturated with cultural, social, and historic finds that await the solo traveler at every corner. Go ahead and get lost in this wondrous city, you deserve it.

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Staying Healthy Abroad: Watch out for wild animals! I found that out in Africa. A board broke under me so I started falling into the river. It was snack time for hungry crocs! At the last second, I was pulled over the side of a boat!

That was my only close call in 66 countries! Here are my tips as you travel.

Staying Healthy Abroad: Tip1: Plan in Advance:


Before a trip abroad, I go to a travel clinic. Why plan ahead? Some shots are a series. Think if:

  • You will be in a big city.
  • You will be gone a long time.
  • You will trek through jungles, or take a cooking class.
  • If you travel with pills, keep them in the original bottle. Take a note from the doctor or pharmacy.  I once took vitamins in an unmarked case. Worse yet,  I did not see it was stuck in the lining of my purse when I sewed up a rip! Think how that looked at customs!
  • Some places have laws against drugs legal at home.  Do check this out online to avoid a jail term.Some have jail terms.
  • Drugs vary abroad. It can be dangerous to use them.
  • Check your health insurance. Does it work on trips? Read the fine print.
Staying Healthy Abroad: Tip 2: Risks from Animals/Insects:


I had a neighbor whose family member was killed by a lion. That is rare. The most dangerous animal tourists see are mosquitoes.  Even Hawaii has had Dengue Fever carried by these wily bugs.  That is also seen in the Caribbean and Central America. Zika and Malaria are borne by mosquitoes.

  • In SE Asia, I was warned about monkeys on the prowl. I thought I would dodge them 24/7.  The reality? I had to look hard to find monkeys for selfies!
  • Watch out for domestic animals. One friend had rabies shots after a cat scratch in a cafe.
  • While Malaria pills are key, they are not 100% effective. Be sure to take bug spray. Cover up. Early AM and PM are big snack times for mosquitoes. Some feed all day though.  On safari, we wore socks and long sleeves and pants for dinner outdoors.
  • I traded fashion for pre-treated shirts.  You can also buy spray-on products.
  • I have rescued 4 dogs. However, when abroad, I don’t pet strays.
Staying Healthy Abroad: Tip 3: Food/Water:


This can be lead to a serious illness.  On a solo trip off the coast of Africa, I arrived in time for a cholera epidemic.  I drank bottled water and did not get sick.  Be aware even tea and coffee may not be safe. They need high heat for a length of time to kill germs. Dishes may have been washed with impure water.


  • Drink only bottled drinks.
  • Choose sealed bottles.
  • Drink from the bottle. Glasses may not be safe.
  • Pack snacks for tours.
  • Order well-done meats.
  • Eat what you can peel.
Staying Healthy Abroad: Tip 4: Airborne Risks:


I arrived in China for the Swine Flu epidemic.  I was careful. However,  I sat near someone with a cough.  Although I did not get Swine Flu, I had a virus for 3 weeks. I missed a night out on the tour while I sat in my room with chills.


  • When I fly, I tuck a mask in my purse.  I have been too shy to wear it. In a crisis, I might!
  • If you can, get away from the problem. On a train, I sat next to someone with a cough. I was able to move. To avoid appearing rude, I acted like I wanted a good view!
Staying Healthy Abroad: Tip 5: Accidents:


Watch out when you drive. Look when you cross the street. Be aware on mopeds. Sports injuries can also wreck a trip.


  • Take it easy when you 1st arrive.
  • If you rent a bike or car, have GPS. Check your route before you head out. If you are lost, you may not drive safely.
  • Check out vendors for special activities. If you go up in a balloon or small plane, find out the company’s record.

How is staying healthy on travel different than at home? There are 3 things that differ: 1. fatigue/jet lag 2. unfamiliarity of local risks and 3. lack of immunity to regional diseases.  My advice: Plan ahead. Use our 5 tips to stay healthy abroad. Be prepared and watch out for leering crocodiles!

The post 5 Solo Traveler Tips-Staying Healthy Abroad | Solo Trekker appeared first on Solo Trekker.

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