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Celebrating Patriotic Holidays in the Office
As Memorial Day approaches, we have been brainstorming ideas for bringing our appreciation for this wonderful country into the office.  Many, if not all of these ideas will also work for Veterans Day, Independence Day, President’s Day, #NationalPoliceWeek- ok, all patriotic holidays! The United States of America, was founded as “One Nation Under God” and we celebrate that every day.
Dress to Impress Uncle Sam
Invite employees to come best dressed in their best “red, white and blue” and have a special prize ready like this executive massage chair or Amazon gift card.
Remember These Brave Faces
Find a decorative U-S-A banner or even some twine will work for your patriotic holidays. As you hang the string across an entry, corner or on a wall, you can invite coworkers to participate.  When office mates bring in photos of military family members and loved veterans, conversation ensues. Don’t be surprised when internal communication and morale is boosted as coworkers share stories from their history.
Mini-Celebration, Major Appreciation for Patriotic Holidays
Never underestimate the power of a free lunch or a patriotic cake and ice cream party. Kick it up a notch and make it a potluck extended lunch in the conference room.  You can always buy a last minute strawberries and blueberries with whipped topping as a patriotic and nutritious snack for your office pals. A nice little afternoon break will encourage conversation of what it means to live and work in the United States.
Do something nice for veterans as a group. Take up a collection of money for a local nonprofit.  Or have everyone write a note of gratitude on the thank you notes (that you have provided and will mail) to current military with an organization like Operation Gratitude. You can also take registrations for an upcoming 5K or volunteer event to benefit veterans.
Many vets, especially those who are infirm or disabled, have trouble making it to their doctor appointments. If you have a driver’s license, you can volunteer for the Department of Veterans Affairs (DAV) Transportation Network, a service provided by all 197 VA medical facilities. To help, contact the hospital service coordinator [PDF] at your local VA Hospital.  – Mental Floss
Insta-USA for Patriotic Holidays
Use quotes, images, and other posts on social media to show your support for those who have lost their lives for our country.
What did we miss? 
How do you celebrate being a proud American?  Let us know in the comments below.
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Buying cubicles can quickly feel like a chore.

There are  many things to consider as to how cubicle choice can impact employees and productivity.  Workstations can have a big impact on the vibe of your office space and with the culture of your coworkers. There are many options when buying cubicles and we hope this article will help you choose the right one for your office space.  In addition, we would love to help you design your cubicle set-up and office space. Get a no obligation quote here.


The first question any office furniture store is going to ask you is, “How many cubicles are you looking for?” If you are looking for a smaller amount to start off with- definitely mention that you are looking for a set-up that can easily grow. There are many modular furniture options that well help you achieve your goals when buying cubicles.

Size & Shape

How big do you want your cubicles to be? Do you want a standard set-up or a tiled set-up?  Will be employees need to focus more on interaction or do they need to optimize for private accounts conversations?

Height & Sound Buffer

Cubicles come in a variety of heights and each serves its own purpose.  The tallest cubicles feel most like a private office with the most privacy and more sound buffer.

The medium height cubicles give coworkers an option to work in privacy seated, or stand up and peer over the top of the cubicles to collaborate with coworkers.

The lowest heights are good for interaction and easiest for managers to monitor.  Great for collaboration if the noise level is not a problem.

Watch owner, Tom Doane explain cubicle noise reduction below.

Cubicles and Panels: Noise Reduction with Tom Doane - YouTube

Material & Color

Most cubicle options will start with a metal frame while allowing the walls to be a variety of materials and colors. Consider adding a dry erase whiteboard for a wall or just go with the standard fabric. Solid wood, laminate and glass are also options. If you decide on buying cubicles with fabric you will see that you have a wide variety of options including bright colors and bold patterns.


Once you’ve decided on a cubicle style in design you will need to think about which accessories to include. We often recommend that our customers route their electrical outlets through the cubicles for more mobility and convenience. In addition, cabinets, shelves, chairs and lighting are also good to consider.


Like any office desk – the price of buying cubicles has a large range.  When buying cubicles, the setups are usually bought in groups. You may ask about to minimum quantities or a price break for buying a certain amount.  Also, on occasion we have some in our used office products section.

We hope this gives you some better ideas of what you should be thinking about before buying cubicles for your office.  Please know that we offer free space planning and would love the chance to earn your business today and in the future.

The post Buying Cubicles: What To Consider Before Your Purchase appeared first on Smart Buy Office Furniture - Austin Texas.

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Easter Recipes To Share

Any time of year is a great time to bring snacks to the office. Sliding a box of donuts across the conference table is always a crowd-pleaser, but if you are willing to branch out just a bit- we think the following 5 Easter recipes will be appreciated by your coworkers on a whole other level.

1. Coconut Easter Nests

These coconut macaroon Easter nests are made from simple and natural ingredients like coconut, eggs and vanilla. Add some cute chocolate eggs for the center and place them on the reception desk for people to coo over as they start their day.

PS: It says kid-friendly. Take this time to explain the awesomeness of Easter and The Resurrection while they help you assemble these.

2. Asparagus, Pancetta & Cheese Puff

Pull up your chair for these puffs! How beautiful are these asparagus, pancetta and puff pastry snacks?! Did you know there is cheese inside that’s beautiful food envelope as well? These are quite simple to put together and quite impressive to share. Feel free to substitute the pancetta with prosciutto or choose to omit the meat for the vegetarians in your office.

3. Easy Real Apple Bites

Nice! These apple bites even have the word easy in their name – oh, actually that was me. But they are pretty easy. If you have a big enough office lounge area you could even make these with coworkers and use a small toaster oven. Can you imagine the smell of apple cinnamon and puff wafting in the office?? Either way – we love the use of real apples instead of all can filling. Keep it real. About Jesus and apples.

4. Ham & Cheese Scones

If you decide to mix it up from the standard Tex-Mex breakfast taco- try your hand at these savory scones.

Warning: if you make these (and make them well) you will definitely be asked to bring them to the next office party. And the next. And the next.

5. Strawberry Shortcake Cups

Okay, these you really can make in the break room and it is perfect for a little group assembly project. We love that these cups need such little preparation while looking so cute and special. These are also a delightful and light snack for people to comfortably eat at their desk.

Umm.. Are you going to eat your mint leaf?

Easter is Everything.

What a wonderful time of the year to share the love of Christ with coworkers without even saying His Powerful name. But if you work here- we can talk about Him all day!

What’s your Easter recipe? Office recipe?

We would love to hear your office recipes or Easter recipes in the comments below.

P.S. We deliver in Texas and ship Nationwide.

The post 5 Easter Recipes We Think You’ll Love To Share At Work appeared first on Smart Buy Office Furniture - Austin Texas.

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Office decor matters. We spend so much time at the office- we need things to flow, look good and not hurt our back. We want an office environment that encourages our creativity with its vibe. Whether you work in a large corporate setting or from the comfort of your home office– if you are looking to make a change or many changes, here are 25 ways update your office décor at all price ranges.

1. Declutter.

If you are one of those “neat freaks” then you can skip to #2. But if you are anything like us, you could use a re-organization and fresh wipe down of your workstation. Try taking everything off and then item by item, deciding which things belong back on the top. If it’s the endless paper on your office desk you can’t seem to escape, try using a scanner app like GeniusScan to store digital copies of your important documents online. Then, you can give Mother Earth a hug when you recycle all those papers. Make your workspace a tidy environment, and you will have made a huge change absolutely free.

2. Desk accessories.

The way you store essential office supplies, tools and paperwork doesn’t have to be boring. Make a statement with your office accessories when you break from the standard black or a work-issued beige. Try red or try making your own like these we saw on Pinterest. Adding accessories is always a game changer.

I believe you have my red stapler. 3. Frame a print.

The sky’s the limit with what you can frame. Whether it is a motivational quote or a map of your travel conquests – you will be reminded of what is important to you while giving you your clients and coworkers something interesting to ask you about. Choose from free print downloads to ordering something on a site like Etsy.

4. Paint a wall or use a room divider.

A list about redecorating any room could never be complete without a mention of paint. It is well known that painting the walls, or an accent wall is one of the cheapest ways to give your office space a makeover. If you are in a situation where you cannot paint, consider a room divider choosing a color that compliments, pops or blends with your office décor.

5. Light it up.

Some form of lighting is obviously essential to do your job but the type of lighting is often overlooked. One option is to simply change the bulbs, as in changing your fluorescent bulbs to natural light bulbs. Fashionable office fixtures are an obvious option, but do not hesitate to follow the trend of using a more cozy living room lamp in your office.

6. One fun piece. At least.

What is the thing in your office that people tend to comment on the most? Is it the huge bean bag in the lobby or the Mermaid sculpture on the conference table? Consider a fun statement piece (or 5!) that encourage creativity and connection like this photo of the Airbnb office.

7. But first… Instagram spot.

Any business that does not have an Instagram worthy spots in their location may be missing out on a huge market and some being very influential. Whether you set up a visual background with inspiring words or bring in a giant stuffed unicorn, it doesn’t hurt if your clients feel the urge to check in to your business and share with their followers on Instagram and Facebook. We think the green wall at Irene’s in Austin, TX is a brilliant example.

#instabusiness 8. Change the office furniture.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our favorite kind of office decor update. Restore or alter a piece of used office furniture. Desk chair, office desk, storage unit or anything you can get your hands on at a deep discount. Try Facebook Marketplace, family, friends or give us a call to discuss our used office furniture inventory

9. Mo’ plants.

Not only do plants give us something eye catching to look at, it is scientifically proven that they both calm us and produce oxygen so we can all work smarter. Be sure to ask about watering frequency and if it is a good plant for your sunlight situation. Need some ideas? Here are 20 Indoor Plants That Can Improve Your Office Environment from Small Biz Trends.

10. Encourage collaboration.

The key to the dry erase board is always having markers readily available. And if you do, prepare yourself for instant collaboration and probably a little bit of laughter. If you don’t like the idea of your company secret brain-storming sessions to be on display, try one of the self contained Conference Presentation Board units that we offer.

11. Bring a pet.

Austin gets it. Dogs are therapy. Depending on the rules in your office or home office – bringing a dog bed into your area can change everything about your office decor and work vibe. Dogs are even better than plants at reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously. For many new tech companies especially, it’s nothing unusual for the office to have a dog-friendly policy. Someone above needs convincing? Send this dogs in the workplace article to your boss for a boost.

12. Give something new life with spray paint.

You can give old things new life with spray paint, says Bob Villa. Even with your office decor, you can create color symmetry between mix match objects or bring a picture frame to life with the extensive variety of spray paints available now in your local hardware store. Consider the metallics if you like all that jazz.

13. Post your mission statement.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee or the head of a big company – it always pays to make sure that everybody is on the same page. Posting your mission statements in a place for many to see means that it may be a frequent conversation about your business goals and what you stand for as a company or brand. Need inspiration? Check out these inspiring mission statements.

14. Keep Austin Weird. #localart

Depending on the size of your business and obviously the size of your budget incorporating a wall of local Austin artists is always an appeal. Take the extra step and include descriptions relevant to each piece of art like the artist name, name of the piece and/or reason for creation.

E. Wildman Gallery –
Energetic Showdown
15. Focus on the windows.

Use as much natural light in your office decor as possible. You may even consider using mirrors on opposing walls to give the allusion of more brightness in spaciousness.

16. Add a fruit basket.

The idea of having a fruit bowl in your office or on your desk is pretty to look at, healthy and friendly. The small cost that it would take to fill the basket with fresh fruit like bananas, oranges and apples would pay back 10 fold. Fruit is one of those things that is not always readily accessible but always a refreshing and appreciated snack option.

17. Computer screensaver.

This probably has more impact from a large screen desktop but the concept works even for your laptop. Set the computer screen saver to something that compliments your office decor. Someone is sure to notice it on a day that you do not, so make sure it is uplifting.

18. Paper wall calendar.

The paper wall calendar or desk calendar will always be in style. While making appointments or planning your quarter, you want to see things at a glance. This is the time of year to add an inspirational desk calendar or a custom wall calendar that suits your personality and office decor. Use this opportunity to show a fresh image or thought to reflect on throughout the month. Or use all those great Instagram photos and create a custom calendar with an online software like Shutterfly.

19. Smellevision.

If you have ever walked into The Westin Austin hotel, you understand the importance of the perfect air freshener. The way that your business smells is an opportunity missed by many businesses. This fact may make smell a more powerful change than you are standard office décor. Start with The Westin’s White Tea scent here.

21. Feng shui.  Or just schway.

Rearranging, Feng Shui or whatever you prefer to call it, just may make be the flow change you need. Get a second opinion from a friend, watch some YouTube videos or hire a consultant to freshen up your existing set up.

22. Sounds like a good idea.

There’s a reason they play relaxing music in a fancy spa and loud heavy stuff at the gym… music changes us. And it can change the feel of the office decor also. Whether you choose Classic Rock, Golden Oldies or Beethoven- you can affect your customer’s mood, as well as your own via music. Click here for some Spotify Playlists that may help boost your work vibe.

23. Desk toys or office game.

There is a reason that ad agencies, like Austin’s own GSD&M have games on site. Try ping-pong, mini-basketball or a small office putting green to help dissipate stress and encourage creativity. The Golf Channel gets it.

24. Double-duty furniture and storage.

Choose an adjustable height desk that can adjust to your liking in a moment’s notice like one of our sit stand desks, mobile workstations or a bench that doubles as storage. If your office feels small, take a cue from tiny apartments in New York City and make your pieces work harder.

25. Add a coffee oasis.

The world loves coffee and tea. By having a cute little set-up in your office with a variety of choices, you are able to offer clients and co-workers an unexpected, but always appreciated treat. Don’t forget to add some water to complete the office decor too.

That’s it. We hope you found this article useful. If so, please share it with your friends and send us photos of your office decor ideas.

As always, if we (Tom and Twyla) can help you with your office furniture needs, please give us a call or send us a message.

PS: We offer free space planning also!

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Haworth Benching Workstations

#usedofficefurniture alert!

120 Used Haworth Benching Workstations

We just got in 120 Haworth Benching Workstations. 38 of which are adjustable height Human Scale Sit Stand Desktop Accessory ($800 value)

We are selling these desks for a mere $399 each station including a pedestal, and 30 x 60 desk work area: add the sit-stand option for only $79. They must be bought in 6 packs or 8 packs.

DM us or call for more info!

The post USED Haworth Benching Workstations appeared first on Smart Buy Office Furniture - Austin Texas.

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