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Boryeong Mud Festival is happening from July 19 to 28! Aside from the crazy—and we mean CRAZY—party at the Festival Zone that’s packed with inflatable slides and pools, there are other events you shouldn’t miss when you go.

From concerts to product fairs, here are eight awesome events that Boryeong Mud Festival 2019 has in store for you:


Mud Beauty Products and Mud Souvenirs Sale

July 19 to 28
Mud Plaza Mud Village Zone/Citizens’ Plaza Mud Museum

via Boryeong Mud Festival

Discover proudly local beauty products that highlight the many skin-healing properties of Boryeong’s prized mud at the Beauty Product Sale. While you’re at it, pick up premium souvenirs such as soaps and bath sets for your folks back at home.



Colored Mud Experience

July 19 to 28
Mud Plaza Mud Village Zone

via Boryeong Mud Festival

Who said Boryeong’s mud is comes only in the bleak shade of gray? Paint your face (and body) with colored mud that makes for great pictures before hitting the Mud Square.



Mud-Night Mob Scene

July 19 (8:00 PM), July 22 (8:00 PM), July 23 (8:00 PM), July 25 (9:00 PM)
Mud Special Beach Stage

via Boryeong Mud Festival

After all the mud and mess, party the night away at the hot beachside party that is Mud-Night Mob Scene. The special stage will see professional DJs spinning EDM tunes for everyone to dance to. 



Yacht Parade

July 20 (11:00 AM), July 21 (2:00 PM), July 27 (11:00 AM), July 28(2:00 PM)
Daecheon Beach

via Boryeong Mud Festival

Aside from organizing fun street parades, the people of Boryeong are also taking the festivities to the sea! Watch yachts set sail gracefully on the deep blue waters of Daecheon Beach. 



Black Eagles Air Show

July 20 (4:00 PM), July 21 (11:00 AM)
Daecheon Beach, Mud Plaza

via Boryeong Mud Festival

Witness a marvelous aerobatic show, as the Korean Air Force’s Black Eagles tear up the summer skies in T-50s. Trust us when we say that this is a sight you don’t want to miss.



Mud Night Stand

July 23 (8:00 PM)
Mud Plaza Special Stage

via Boryeong Mud Festival

Boryeong Mud Festival has a lot of events planned out for K-Pop fans! If you’re one or if you have an adventurous taste in music, head on over to the MudPlaza Special Stage for a night of music with Korean pop music acts GFRIEND, Wanna One’s Kim Jae Hwan, and Teen Top.



K-POP Super Concert Show! Music Core

July 27 (7:00 PM)
Midland K-POP Stage

via Boryeong Mud Festival

One of South Korea’s biggest music shows will be held at Boryeong during the mud fest. Catch top K-Pop artists perform their latest and biggest hits at MBC’s Show! Music Core.



Closing Ceremony and K-Pop World Concert

July 28 (9:00 PM)
Mud Plaza Special Stage

via Boryeong Mud Festival

A massive celebration like Boryeong Mud Festival sure knows how to wrap up its festivities with a bang! On the last day of the fest, join thousands of attendees and watch K-Hiphop stars Jessi, Baechigi and Rhythm Power, as well as girl group 9Muses set the stage on fire with their electrifying performances.


Don’t miss all the excitement happening at Boryeong Mud Festival 2019! Book your tickets here now!

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Picture this: Gigantic pools of gray mud that look surprisingly inviting, massive playgrounds fit for children and adults alike, and grand beachside parties that last till midnight. That’s Boryeong Mud Festival for you. 

Perhaps South Korea’s most iconic summer celebration, Boryeong Mud Festival began in the late 90s as a local effort to promote the city’s prized mud, which is believed to contain skin-healing properties. Today, it is one of the world’s most sought-after festivals, drawing in attendees by the thousands annually. 

If you’re ready to get down and muddy, here are the things you should know if it’s your first time experiencing Boryeong’s biggest party:


Book Your Ticket In Advance

There’s no better way to kickstart your Boryeong Mud Festival adventure than by booking tickets in advance. Countless tour groups are being arranged around the world yearly just for this fest, but if you want to cut some costs and DIY trip (which will always be the most exciting way to go), then you may purchase discounted tickets right here


Know The Venue and How To Get There 

You will find the main site of the mud fest at Daecheon Beach, a beautiful resort that boasts a 3.5km-long stretch of fine shell powdered sand and, of course, mineral-rich mud that’s essential in making the festival happen. 

The best way to get there is by taking the KORAIL. Simply board the Saemaul or Mugunghwa train to Daecheon Station and you’ll be in Boryeong in just a little over two hours! For your convenience, you may purchase your KORAIL Pass online—it’s a lot cheaper that way, too!



via Boryeong Mud Festival


Dress Comfortably

Boryeong’s Mud Square is not a place to flaunt a flashy #OOTD. You’ll get all mudded up here, in case that hasn’t sunk into you yet. So don’t wear your favorite pieces of clothing and accessories on your chosen day. To give you an idea, most attendees wear bathing suits, sportswear (like what you’d slip into for your workout), or tees and shorts they wouldn’t feel bad about tossing into the bin once the party’s over. For your feet, you can wear flip flops (make sure they won’t snap off) or wet shoes—whichever you have. You’ll be taking them off anyway before entering the play area.


Slather on a Good Layer of SPF

Sure, you’ll be covered in mud in no time once you join the festival, but that’s not enough an excuse to skip the sunscreen! Since Boryeong Mud Festival takes place in July at the peak of summer, protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun is a must. So pack your trusty sunscreen for your trip and slather on a good layer of SPF before you play.



via Boryeong Mud Festival


Stay Hydrated

Being part of the mud festival is fun, yes, but don’t forget to take care of yourself while you’re at it. Since it gets extremely hot in Korea during the summer months, make sure to drink water regularly. Do have a go at some local snacks as well to fuel your body. 


Waterproof (er, mudproof?) Your Stuff

If you’re taking your valuables with you, see to it that you pack them in a waterproof bag to protect them from any potential damages. It would be smart of you to buy a small clear zip pouch for your phone and cash. Want to snap pictures for the sake of memory-keeping? You can do that straight from the transparent plastic pouch!



via Boryeong Mud Festival


Get a Locker

Needless to say, you can’t head back to your hotel looking like a muddy swamp monster! Bring a fresh set of clothes and towels then rent a locker to store all the stuff you brought with you but don’t necessarily need in the Mud Square. 


Check Out The Side-Events

Don’t channel too much of your time in the Mud Square! There are tons of special activities happening during the festival that are worth checking out—from parades to concerts. So go and explore the other zones at Daecheon beach! 



via Boryeong Mud Festival


Just Have Fun!

Well, isn’t this the whole point of attending the festival? Just have fun, make new friends, and collect unique experiences along the way! 


Book your Boryeong Mud Festival adventure here now!


Boryeong Mud Festival

Address: 897-15, Daehae-ro, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
Phone: 041-930-3882 / 3557
E-mail: boryeongmud@gmail.com
Website: boryeongmudfestival.com 

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US President Donald Trump recently made headlines following his visit to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea, where he met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un last Sunday, June 30. He also marked history as the first American president to set foot on North Korea, having crossed the border briefly.


Widely known as one of the most heavily guarded borders in the world, the DMZ was established in the 1953 Korean War Armistice Agreement. Located about 50 kilometers north of Seoul, it is a 4-kilometer wide buffer that stretches to 240 kilometers, dividing the Korean Peninsula. 

Tension permeates the air here. Surprisingly, though, it is also a popular tourist attraction that draws more than a million visitors each year. 

Ready to take a trip to the DMZ? Here are some of the highlights of a visit to what is considered one of the world’s most dangerous places:

Dora Observatory via Shutterstock

Situated right at the northernmost point of the Military Demarcation Line, Dora Observatory invites you to peer through binoculars to catch a glimpse of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK; North Korea). If you visit on a clear day, you will be able to view notable locations in North Korea, including Gaeseong City, DPRK’s light industry center; the statue of Kim Il-sung, the first president of North Korea; and Geumamgol (Cooperation farm). The observatory was opened to the public in 1987 and features 500 seats, VIP rooms, and a vast parking space. 

Third Tunnel of Aggression via Shutterstock

Not too far from the observatory lies the Third Tunnel of Aggression. Discovered in 1978, it’s one of the four tunnels dug by North Koreans found running under the DMZ. It is believed that these tunnels were created to enable DPRK to launch a surprise attack on the Republic of Korea. This particular tunnel stretches over 1.6 kilometers and has a height and width of 2 meters. What’s even more impressive is that it is capable of mobilizing 30,000 troops in one hour.  

Joint Security Area (JSA) via Shutterstock

The Joint Security Area (JSA) at Panmunjeom is where the peace talks between North and South Korea were held on October 25, 1951 and July 27, 1953, when the Armistice Agreement was signed. In October last year, the rifting countries and the U.N. Command agreed to withdraw firearms and guard posts from the border as part of the effort to improve the relationship between the two Koreas. 

Imjingak Peace Park via Shutterstock

Also known as Imjingak Resort, this park lying 7 kilometers from the Military Demarcation Line was built in 1972 as a landmark of hope for the two Koreas to be unified someday.

Mangbaedan Altar via Shutterstock

This memorial marks the place where Koreans were separated from their families in the North. During special occasions like New Year’s Day and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving), families flock here to perform ancestral rites as a sign of respect. 

Bridge of Freedom via Shutterstock

South Koreans crossed this historic bridge as they returned to their home country after the signing of the Armistice Agreement. It is located right behind Mangbaedan Altar.

Dorasan Train Station via Shutterstock

This railway station on the Gyeongui Line used to connect North and South Korea. As it’s not in regular service, it was restored as a symbol of hope for unification. 

Book your DMZ Tour here now!

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Singapore will enjoy a total of seven long weekends in 2020, and you know what that means: It’s time to plan your holidays!

Now, we understand that vacation planning can be exciting or stressful (or somewhere in between). So, to make things easier for you, we took the liberty of coming up with a list of awesome activities you can try in 15 countries for the best long weekend getaways in the coming year!

January 26, Sunday
Chinese New Year
via KKday

Escape the sunny tropics and chase down winter in South Korea or Japan! Play in the thick white tufts of snow, soak up and rejuvenate your senses in hot springs, slurp down a good bowl of ramen, or, if you’re up for some thrill, head on over to a ski resort and give skiing or snowboarding a try to get that sweet rush of adrenaline. Starting your year couldn’t get any more exhilarating than this!

Book your experiences now:
Elysian Gangchon Resort 1-Day Ski Tour

Day Tour from Seoul: Korea’s Yangji Pine Ski Resort
Vivaldi Park Self-Guided Ski Tour from Seoul

2-Day Hokkaido Niseko Ski Resort Tour
Day Tour from Tokyo: Norn Minakami Skiing & Strawberry Picking Adventure
Snowtown Yeti Ski Tour from Tokyo

April 10, Friday
Good Friday
via Fotolia

April remains to be one of the best months to visit Thailand. The weather is dry and clear, which makes for a great exotic retreat. A country that has topped must-visit lists left and right, the Land of Smiles sure has something for everyone. Bright Bangkok never fails to excite with its lively shopping scene and thriving nightlife. The city also has a lot of dog cafes, where you can play with super cute doggos! If you’re more into nature-tripping, the mountainous area of Chiang Mai is the place to go. Catch the most breathtaking views in the country from the Doi Inthanon National Park, which is awash with greenery and stunning architecture. Need some vitamin sea? Phuket will always be a fantastic beach destination for you to sink your feet into the sand, frolic in the water, and breathe in the salty breeze.

Book your experiences now:
Day Tour from Chiang Mai: Doi Inthanon National Park
Bangkok Private Tour: Amphawa/Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
Day Tour from Phuket: Phi Phi and Khai Islands

May 1, Friday
Labor Day
May 24, Sunday
Hari Raya Puasa
via KKday

In May, Vietnam enters its lengthy summer season. Although there are occasional showers, the weather is generally pleasant during this time of the year. Hop on a moped and tour the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh. Try your hand at cooking local specialties in Hanoi. Or, treat yourself to lush vistas from the Golden Bridge in Da Nang.  

Book your experiences now:
Ho Chi Minh City Half-Day Motorbike Tour
Hanoi Home Cooking Class
Ba Na Hills Premier Day Tour from Da Nang

July 31, Friday
Hari Raya Haji
via Disney

Call your friends and take a trip to the happiest place on earth—Disneyland! Meet your favorite characters from your childhood and take home unique and authentically-Disney souvenirs for yourself and your folks back at home. Of course, a Hong Kong Trip won’t be complete without a food trip, so get your appetites ready for an unforgettable gastronomic experience in the ever-so-packed streets of Mongkok.

Book your experiences now:
Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket
Big Bus Hong Kong Tour
Hong Kong Hawkers Center Hot Pot Set Meal

August 9, Sunday
National Day
via KKday

Rich culture, mouthwatering gastronomy, beautiful nature, friendly locals… Taiwan ticks all the boxes that make a destination incredible. In August, stop by Kaohsiung to catch a glimpse of the Taiwan International Balloon Festival, when massive colorful balloons float dreamily in the air delighting spectators below. You can also sneak a peek into folk villages and Taiwan’s treasured aboriginal culture on your visit.

Book your experiences now:
Kaohsiung Meinong Folk Village & Taiwan Aboriginal Cultural Park
Taitung Luminous Hot Spring & Resort: Tethered Hot Air Balloon Experience with Breakfast Buffet
Private Tour from Kaohsiung: Meinong Folk Village and Qishan Old Street

December 25, Friday
Christmas via Shutterstock

While the rest of the world chills in December, the land down under slips into a summer spell. Golden sunlight, clear skies, cool waters to swim in… Australia is an great destination if you want to have some fun under the sun during the cooler months. Watch the famous parade of penguins on Phillip Island, which is about an hour and a half away from Melbourne. Take the Bondi-Coogee beach walk or scale the architectural wonder that is the Harbour Bridge in Sydney. Or if you want to awaken the daredevil in you, sign up for a skydiving experience in Brisbane or Gold Coast!

Book your experiences now:
Phillip Island Day Tour from Melbourne: Penguin Parade and Maru Koala and Animal Park
Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb
Byron Bay Skydiving Experience from Gold Coast or Brisbane

The post The Best Destinations For Your Long Weekends In 2020 appeared first on KKday Blog.

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Swish-swoosh! Hot on the heels of maple leaves season, a new skiing season is here! It’s high time to gear up and get ready for the thrill of speed and frosty adventure. If you choose South Korea as your top destination for skiing and snowboarding this winter, you’ve been wise. As the host of the 2018 Winter Olympic, South Korea has stepped up its game in providing world-class winter sports resorts!

The skiing season in South Korea lies between November and March, and the most sought-after ski resorts are in Gangwon-do and Gyeonggi-do. That being said, we’ll also introduce the winter sports resort near Busan, just in case you’re looking for an alternative travel destination besides Seoul.

If you are an absolute beginner and would like to avoid the embarrassment of looking completely lost on the slopes, we have just the right option for you too! Read on to find out beginner-friendly ski resorts and ski lessons taught by an adorable oppa!

Best ski experiences in South Korea:

Voilà, these are the best picks of all ski resorts in South Korea. The table above gives you a quick peek of them, now keep reading for more thorough introductions of each resort. For the first-timers, since the resorts are not easy to reach and skiing itself can be a strenuous activity, why not join a day tour to keep away all the organizing and travel hassles!



Gyeongsangnam-do (Near Busan)

Gangwondo Ski Resorts 1. Oak Valley/ 오크밸리스키장 Oak Valley, (Source: KKday)

The Oak Valley Ski Resort is located in Wonju, about 1.5-hour drive from Seoul. It is a relatively smaller resort known for being more remote, surrounded by the picturesque oak forest.  

The slopes in the Oak Valley Snow Park was specially built for different levels of skiers, including 2 beginners, 5 intermediates and 2 advanced courses, making it suitable for players of all levels to indulge in thrilling winter sports! Also, thanks to the fast speed ski lifts, you can test your nerves on different levels of slopes in a shorter time. Looking for some guidance? KKday provides both basic and intermediate lessons with professional English speaking instructors.

  • Address: 58, Oak Valley 2-gil, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do
  • Transportation:
  1. From Incheon International Airport 9C: take the bus bound for Wonju Intercity Bus Terminal (원주시외버스터미널), then take a free shuttle bus to the resort
  2. From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal or Seoul Express Bus Terminal: take the bus bound for Wonju Intercity Bus Terminal, then take a free shuttle bus to the resort
  3. Take Seoul Subway Line 4 to Cheongnyangni (청량리) station, then take the train to Wonju (원주역) station. Walk from Wonju train station to the shuttle bus station and take a free shuttle bus to the resort
2. Elysian/ 엘리시안 강촌 스키장 Elysian, (Source: KKday)

Maybe you don’t know much about skiing, and you’re hesitating whether to try this dangerous-looking sport or not. I know, it takes some guts, but perhaps an oppa instructor help you to break through the mental barrier? Come to Elysian ski resort, one of the most beginner-friendly ski resort in South Korea!

The resort is within 1-hour drive from Seoul— perfect for a one-day visit. On top of that, it is the only ski resort in Korea that can be reached by subway. Located in a beautiful valley, this is the place where you can enjoy a safe glide while embracing the panoramic view of nature landscape. Besides the 8 courses designed just for the novices, there is also a group practice zone where you can practice at ease before you’re entirely ready to go. A little birdie also told us that there you can have cute, super friendly oppa instructors giving you an unforgettable ski lesson. So, whatchayou waiting for?

Elysian is also close to the tourist hotspot Nami Island, so why not include it in your itinerary as well?

    • Address: 688, Bukhangangbyeon-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
    • Transportation: Take the Seoul subway Gyeongchun Line or ITX-Cheongchun Train to Elysian Gangchon (Operated during winter season only)
    • Nearby Attractions: Gangchon Rail Bike, Nami Island
    • Official Website
3. High 1/ 하이원리조트 스키장

High 1 ski resort is one of the 3 biggest resorts in South Korea, where the mesmerising view of snow-capped Taebaek Mountains will take your breath away. It has three peaks: Baekwoon Mountain, Valley Top and Mountain Hub. The levels vary from beginner to International Ski Federation (FIS) certified advanced course, perfect for the family or a group of friends with diverse skiing abilities. Not to mention the high-tech facilities such as lift systems and gondola that guarantee you a smooth and comfy journey in the grand snow playground.

Last but not least, the ski resort is well-known for its effort in environmental preservation, keeping the captivating mountainscape and river view beautiful for generations to come.

    • Address: 265 High1-gil,Sabuk-eup, Jeongsun-Kun, Gangwon-Province
    • Transportation: From Incheon International Airport / Gimpo International Airport / Song Seoul Bus Terminal— take the bus or train to Sabuk station / Gohan station / Singohan Bus Terminal, and take the shuttle bus or taxi to the resort
    • Recommended tour: Korea High One Resort Skiing 2 or 3-Day Tour 
    • Nearby Attractions: Kangwonland Casino, Hwaamdonggul Cave
    • Official Website
4. Vivaldi Park/ 비발디파크 스키월드 Vivaldi Park, (Source: KKday)

Remember the very moment in the K-drama, “Legend of the Blue Sea”, where Joon-jae fell into the beauty of Shim Chung while lying side to side on the crystal bed of snow? Vivaldi Park is the very shooting location of the hit drama. Hop into the scene and spark your own romance here!

Within 45 minutes drive from Seoul, Vivaldi park is the perfect ski resort for a one-day trip. However, if you seek to stay for one or two nights, the resort also offers a wide range of accommodations and amenities. As for the skiing itself, the resort has 12 slopes that cater to all levels of skiers. It opens from 8:30 am until 5:00 am, making it a perfect place for night skiing!

5. InterContinental Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort/ 알펜시아리조트 스키장 The Alpensia Resort (Source: KKday)

The Alpensia Resort allows you to take in the alpine beauty of Daegwallyeong. Besides its natural endowment, the resort also hosted the ski jumping competition for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Although there are only 6 slopes in the Alpensia Resort, it is still a good fit for family or beginners, since most of the slopes are cater to the beginners and the intermediates. It is also a not-to-be-missed spot for snowboard enthusiasts for its slope dedicated to just snowboarding!

    • Address: 325 Solbong-ro, Daegwalnyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
    • Transportation:
  1. Take the Daewon Express bus (Purple color bus) from Incheon International Airport or appointed locations in Seoul directly to the resort. Please check the official website for detail
  2. Walk from Seoul Subway Gangbyeon Station Exit 4 to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. Take the bus bounds to Hoenggye Bus Terminal. Afterward, take the taxi to the resort (10 minutes drive)
6. Yongpyong Resort/ 용평리조트 스키장 Yongpyong Resort, (Source: KKday)

The world-class Yongpyong Resort lies in the so-called “Korean Alps”, and is the designated venue for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Yes, the slopes are steeper than the ones in other resorts. Therefore, it is suitable for the experienced skiers for heart-pounding  speed and excitement!

The sunrise from Dragon Peak is another view not to be missed— you can take the gondola to the Dragon Peak and be rewarded with the magnificent view of morning sunlight stretching out from the eastern sea.

Also, attention please, K-drama fans! Yongpyong Resort other than being a Winter Olympics venue, it is also the place where Ji Eun-tak from “Goblin” was saved by Goblin’s heroic rescue! You can also find tributes to another classic drama, “Winter Sonata”.

To help you avoid the hassle of transportation, we provide the perfect self-guided ski tour for you. We’ll get you there so you can focus on getting the maximum level of winter fun!

  • Address: 130 Daegwalnyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
  • Transportation:
  1. Take the direct shuttle bus from Incheon International Airport. You can make a reservation here
  2. Self-Guided Ski Tour from Seoul 
  • Nearby attractions: Woljeongsa (Also a shooting location of “Goblin”)
  • Official Website
7. Phoenix Pyeongchang/ 휘닉스 스노우파크

Located in the township of Bongpyeong-myeon, this snow park is the designated venue for freestyle skiing and snowboarding contests in the 2018 Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics. There are 21 slopes, offering an array of choices for all kinds of skiers and snowboarders.

The biggest reason why it is beloved by both locals and tourists is its well-equipped resorts— restaurants, supermarkets, spa, fried-chicken shops, shopping mall, indoor swimming pool, bowling alleys, and golf courses— you name it! They sure do everything to keep you entertained.

    • Address: 174 Taegi-ro, Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
    • Transportation: Take the shuttle bus from Myeongdong Station or Sports Complex Station. Check the schedule on the official website
    • Nearby attractions: Country Herb Farm, Lee Hyo-seok Culture Village
    • Official Website
Gyeonggi-do Ski Resorts 8. Jisan Forest Resort/ 지산 포레스트 리조트 스키장 Jisan Forest Resort, (Source: KKday)

Moving to Gyeonggi-do, we have Jisan Forest Resort which has 6 slopes with 3 different difficulty levels, 4 ski lifts and a few sunkid lifts for beginners and children.

It is a perfect resort for both skiers and non-skiers, with a wide variety of restaurants and cafes for skiers who need a warm food break and those who are just there to chill! It is located not far from Seoul (about 1-hour drive), perfect for a one-day trip too.  

9. PINE Resort/ 양지파인리조트 스키장 PINE Resort, (Source: KKday)

This is another resort for all family members to enjoy, giving 7 slopes of different inclinations, and great lighting for night and early morning skiing. The most challenging slope in PINE resort is also where the “National Alpine Ski Competition” takes place every year, drawing professional skiers to come to test their skills!

    • Address: 112, Nampyeong-ro, Yangji-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
    • Transportation:
  1. Take the intercity bus from Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal to Yangji. Then take the shuttle bus or taxi to the resort
  2. Take the shuttle bus or taxi from Yongin Intercity Bus Terminal to the resort
  3. The reservation is needed for the free shuttle bus  
    • Nearby Attractions: Korean Folk Village, Everland, Yongin Daejanggeum Park
    • Recommended tour: Day Tour from Seoul: Korea’s Yangji Pine Ski Resort
    • Official Website
10. Bears Town/ 베어스타운리조트 스키장

Despite the longest and steepest slope “88 challenge”, Bears Town is good for those progressing to intermediate. It is settled on the biggest hill for Seoul with plenty of gentle terrains, providing a relatively safe area for learners to practice and get familiar with skiing.

For those easily troubled by the transportation, this might be the right one for you too, since it can be reached just by subway and bus! The last thing worth mentioning is that the resort is kid-friendly too, as it has 400-meter-wide sledding slope for children to indulge in winter fun.

    • Address: 295, Sohak-ri, Naechon-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
    • Transportation:
  1. From Subway Gangbyeon station Exit 4, turn right and take the No.11 bus at A bus stop to Bear Town Resort, then walk for 15 minutes.
  2. For shuttle buses please click here for information
    • Nearby Attractions: National Arboretum, Pocheon Sanjeonghosu Lake, Garden of Morning Calm
    • Official Website
Bonus: Busan Ski Resort! Eden Valley Resort/ 에덴밸리리조트

Visitors going to Busan, weep no more.  Although most of the ski resorts are too far away, you have a great choice too! Eden Valley Resort, with various types of slopes cater to all, is just a one to two hours drive from Busan. It is also known for scientifically-designed slopes to disperse skiers and avert overcrowding. For the beginners, be sure to take the lesson with a professional coach to get a hang of it. Your hard work will pay off!

  • Address: 1206, Eosil-ro, Wondong-myeon, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Transportation:
Here’s a few tips and tricks to make the best of your skiing experience 1. Waterproof clothing and dress in layers
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The annual festival of South Korea’s most celebrated live performances is back!

Now in its third year, the Daehak-ro Performing Arts Festival—named after Seoul’s most vibrant theater district—is returning with well-loved and internationally-acclaimed Korean musicals, plays, and non-verbal shows. Running from September 2 to October 27, the main festivities are set to take place in the areas of Jongro-gu and, of course, Daehak-ro.

Need some help with deciding on what show to catch at the 2019 Daehak-ro Performing Arts Festival? Here are KKday’s top picks:

Musicals (with subtitle services)

Delighting local audiences for over a decade, these musicals will surely tug at your heartstrings!

Love in the Rain

Prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster ride because that’s exactly what “Love in the Rain” will give you. A moving musical about family and sacrifice, it follows the story of two brothers who reunite after seven years. Tagged as the quintessential Korean musical, this show saw its first run in 1995 and hasn’t stopped inspiring audiences since.

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Only You

“Only You” brings on the nostalgia with the beats of ‘90s Korean pop hits to tell the marital journey of a married couple through the years. Join them as they discover the true essence of falling and staying in love.

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Finding Mr. Destiny

Fans of hallyu superstar Gong Yoo will probably find the title of this musical familiar, since he starred in its 2010 film adaptation! Nothing quite compares to the original musical and the experience of watching it live, though. “Finding Mr. Destiny” tells the story of Seo Ji-woo as she searches for her true love. Relatable and light-hearted, it will remind you of the butterflies that fluttered in your stomach the first time you fell in love.

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Non-Verbal Shows

With larger-than-life effects and rollicking performances, it’s no wonder why non-verbal shows are crowd favorites at the festival!


This new action-comedy gives you a glimpse of the lives of firefighting trainees told through heart-stopping stunts performed by highly energetic actors. Be stunned by a series of flips, lifts, and amazing choreography featuring parkour, B-boying, and even pole dancing, while learning about the rigors of becoming a fire fighter as well as some fire safety tips.

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“Let’s Dance CRAZY!!” SACHOOM2

The word “crazy” is in its title for a good reason: This show is darn right CRAZY awesome! “Let’s Dance CRAZY!!” is the coming-of-age story of three friends’ love affair with dance. Watch them as they dance their way through their young life with unparalleled passion, showcasing various dance styles including hip-hop, jazz, disco, tango, and K-Pop—among many others.

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The Painters HERO

This innovative art performance show combines the process of art-making, 3-D videos, dance, and comedy to be presented by four painters, who will draw live using 10 art techniques and sophisticated stage language. “The Painters HERO” attracts over 1 million audience members yearly, so you can trust us when we say that art has never been this entertaining!

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Sun & Moon

“Sun & Moon” marries traditional music styles with contemporary genres to bring a powerful Korean music performance with dynamic rhythms backed by jaw-dropping hologram videos and a fantastic play of lights.

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Inspired by the popular Korean drama “King of Baking, Kim Takgu” comes this highly interactive show held, in which audience members can participate in baking bread or simply enjoy the Pang Show that features mime, B-boying, and catchy music. And to make the experience even more memorable, everything takes place on a Hangang River cruise!

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Chef (new brand of BIBAP)

“Chef” cooks up a whole new level of a culinary high through beatbox, acapella, B-boying, acrobatics and more! This fiery showdown among chefs, who are set to make dishes from all over the world, is a mustn’t-miss if you have a huge appetite for food and a good time.

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Korean myths “Jamyeonggo” and “Arirang” are given a romantic twist in this non-verbal musical based on traditional Korean music. Get to know the story of two families beyond time and space with heart-thumping percussion, alluring strings, pansori, and dancing altogether! Cited by Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in 2012 as an excellent performance, “Musical FANTA-STICK” has toured the world and entertained millions in over 4,000 shows to date.

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Think martial arts infused with comedy—that’s what “JUMP” is! Since its premiere in 2003, this comic martial arts show demonstrating various moves from taekwondo and taekkyeon has received much love from audiences and critics in 180 cities around the globe. They’ve even staged performances in London’s West End as well as Broadway in New York!

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Cookin’ NANTA

When three cooks are tasked by a tyrannical manager to prepare 10 dishes for a wedding banquet, chaos, music, and entertainment ensue! “Cookin’ NANTA” takes on the hustles and bustles of a kitchen with powerful percussion and acrobatics that are sure to bring the laughs.

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Don’t let the dread that comes with applying for a South Korean Tourist Visa stop you from living your dreams of flying to the land of K-Drama, K-Pop, and K-Beauty because the whole process is actually easier than you think!

Here’s our simplified guide to applying for a Single Entry Tourist Visa for employed Filipinos. If you don’t fall under this category, you may find your visa type by visiting the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Republic of the Philippines. 

The Requirements

You are to gather all the requirements being asked by the Embassy for a smooth application process and to establish your intention of visiting South Korea as a tourist.

  1. Accomplished Application Form
    You may download it here.
  1. One (1) piece of passport-size colored photo
    The standard size is 35mm x 45mm, so make sure to inform the photo studio that you are having your picture taken specifically for your Korean Visa application. Submit a recent photo that shows your entire face against a plain (white or off-white background). Attach it onto the space for it on the application form.
  1. Original Passport
    Your passport should be valid for more than six (6) months in order for you to qualify for the application.
  1. Photocopy of your Passport’s Bio Page
    This is the second page of your passport. It contains all your essential information.
  1. Original and photocopies of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past five (5) years—if applicable only
    If you have been to an OECD country that doesn’t issue a visa on passports or arrival stamps on passports, you may submit a copy of your entry grant as proof.
  1. Original Certificate of Employment
    Your certificate must indicate your position, the date when you were hired, amount of compensation, office address, your HR’s landline number and e-mail address.
  1. Original Personal Bank Certificate
    This must include your account type, current balance, account opening date and average daily balance (ADB).
  1. Bank Statement
    Present an original or a certified true copy of your bank statements or passbook for the last 3 months.
  1. Photocopy of Income Tax Return (ITR) or BIR Form 2316.
    Frequent travelers who have visited OECD member countries in the last five (5) years are exempted from submitting this document.
  1. Copy of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Card or Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Card—if applicable only

Other Supplementary Documents

-If you are personally invited by a Korean, you must include an invitation letter and a photocopy of their Passport or Identification Card. Authentication is not required.
-If you are invited by a company based in Korea, submit an invitation letter and a photocopy of the company’s business permit. Authentication is also not required.

Submitting Your Requirements

On July 1, 2018, the embassy officially announced that they will no longer accept applications from walk-in applicants of Korean tourist visa under normal circumstances. Instead, you must course your application through designated travel agencies.

You may view the list of appointed travel agencies here.

Processing Fee

Applying for a stay of 59 days or less in Korea is absolutely FREE; however, you will have to pay the travel agency that will assist you with your application. For a 60 to a 90-day stay, the fee is set at P2,000 on top of the fee of your chosen agency.

Processing Time

The processing time for a Korean Visa is seven (7) working days. The travel agency of your choice will inform you once your passport is ready to be picked up.

Best of luck and fighting!

The post A Filipino’s Guide To Applying For A Korean Tourist Visa appeared first on KKday Blog.

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These days, staying connected while traveling is a definite must. Not only would you want to keep your folks back at home updated about your adventures and post pictures on social media, but you’d also want to keep in touch with friends you’ve made along the way.

But in a foreign land, how will you get unlimited and worry-free access to the internet during your trip? Easy. Get a local SIM card!

In a country as technologically advanced as South Korea, choosing the right brand and plan for you can get tricky because there’s just so many of them! But don’t fret! In this post, we will give you a breakdown of the SIM cards that are most suitable for travelers like you.

KT Olleh SIM Card

This travel-only network SIM card won’t allow you to make calls or send text messages, but it’s great for staying online, especially if you’re active on app-based chatting services such as Line, Kakao Talk, WhatsApp, and Skype. It comes in 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 30-day packages, making it an ideal option for travelers going on a short trip with a definite period of stay.

Best For: Short-term travel
Internet Speed: 4G/LTE, 5Mbps
Data Limit: Unlimited
Data Sharing: Unlimited
Validity: 1 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 10 / 30 days
Price: From 5.32USD

Get yours here:
Pickup in Korea 

KT Olleh Reachargeable SIM Card

If you are staying in South Korea for more than a month, consider getting a travel SIM card with a good deal for longer sojourns. KT Telecom’s value-added SIM card features a 40,000KRW balance, so you can make calls and send text messages. Should you need to use the SIM card beyond its expiry date, you may extend its service for 30 days by recharging it monthly.

Best for: Long-term Travel
Internet Speed: 4G/LTE
Data Limit: Unlimited
Data Sharing: Unlimited
Validity: 90 days from activation
Price: from 37.88USD

Get yours here:
Pickup at Korea airport 

SK Telecom Prepaid SIM Card

SK Telecom also provides an affordable option for travelers with a short period of stay in South Korea. Basic and easy to use, it entitles you to unlimited data, though data sharing is limited to two (2) persons. Made for staying online, it does not include voice calls and SMS services.

Best for: Short-term Travel
Internet Speed: 4G
Data Limit: Unlimited
Data Sharing: 1-2 pax
Validity: 5 / 8 days
Price: From 12.6USD

Get yours here:
Bangkok Airport Pickup
Japan Kansai Airport Pickup
Taiwan Taoyuan Airport Pickup


Are you an iPhone user? LG U+’s travel SIM card might just be the best for you. Enjoy unlimited data for up to 60 days, depending on which package you purchase. This LG U + and KKday exclusive also includes a Tmoney feature, which is perfect for getting around the cities.

Best for: iPhone users
Internet Speed: 4G/LTE, 3Mbps
Data Limit: Unlimited
Data Sharing: Unlimited
Validity: 5 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 60 days
Price: From 4.89USD

Get yours here:
Pickup at Seoul Airports 

Wi-Fi Rental

If you have multiple devices or are traveling with a group, renting a portable Wi-Fi is a great alternative to purchasing a SIM card, so you can stay online when you’re on the go! You can even share the cost with your companions, so you can maximize its services in a cost-efficient way.

KT Package
Estimated Battery Life: 32 hours
Data Sharing: Up to 8 devices
Data Limit: unlimited
Internet Speed: 10Mbps
Price: From 1.85USD

LG Package
Estimated Battery Life: 5 hours
*Includes power bank rental
Data Sharing: Up to 8 devices
Data Limit: unlimited
Internet Speed: Upload – 37.5Mbps / Download – 150Mbps
Price: From 1.85USD

Get yours here:
Korea airport Pickup
Jeju International Airport pickup

The post Find The Best Korean Travel SIM Card and Portable Wi-Fi For You appeared first on KKday Blog.

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Let’s be frank: a trip to Korea cannot be complete without an authentic Jjimjilbang experience. Jjimjilbang, meaning Korean public bath or sauna, is a common spot for the locals to pass time, and a paradise for weary travelers to unwind and revive from physical exhaustion.

How do you pick a Korean sauna from so many places, and what is the difference among them? We’re here to ease all your questions and worries! In this article, we compare 7 best Korea saunas for you to pick from, as well as answering some commonly asked questions and providing handy tips! While you’re on a trip to Seoul, Busan or Jeju Island, consider these jjimjilbangs:

Top 7 Jjimjilbangs at a glance:


Located near Myeongdong and Dongdaemun in Seoul, LK SPA is the biggest jjimjilbang around the nearby area. The two-story spa has a pleasing bright and clean environment, and it’s a perfect place to try the body scrubs! A dedicated Ahjumma will help you sleigh away dull, dry skin from all over your body (don’t worry, it won’t hurt). Then, she will message your softer and smoother skin with hot fragrance oil. What a treat!

LK SPA is equipped with three kinds of sauna rooms—Maifanshi, loess, and fire, with temperatures ranging from low (50°C) to high (100°C). The hot springs are also infused with ginseng, jasmine and red wine flavors, dissolving all your exhaustion from walking and shopping in various ways.  

    • Address: 지하 131 Eulji-ro, Euljiro 3(sam)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
    • How to Get There: Seoul Subway Euljiro 3 (Sam)-ga Station (Exit 7)
    • Opening Hours: 9:00am – 10:00pm
    • Book Here: Seoul LK SPA Sauna Package
2. Hwanggeum Sauna

This bathhouse is also conveniently situated in Myeongdong, Seoul’s shopping hotspot. It is particularly popular among Japanese visitors, and you’ll notice it as you see all the Japanese name signatures on the wall at the reception.

Choose a combo and simply lie down and relax for the following 60 to 80 minutes. The staff will pamper you with massage, exfoliate your facial skin and apply a mask on your face. There are 4 types of masks, each boasting great benefits for your skin Choose chocolate for an anti-aging effect, pearl for silk-like skin, or collagen for anti-wrinkle care. This place is no doubt your best choice to get your glow on.

3.  Dragon Hill Spa & Resort

Praised by CNN as one of the best three saunas in Seoul, Dragon Hill Spa & Resort is an irresistible option to destress in the most glorious way. Why? To start with, it’s the biggest sauna in Seoul, and well-equipped with a series of facilities— spa, sauna, golf, KTV, cinema, you name it! If you come here, you might even have a chance to bump into your ‘bias’ or K crushes, since Dragon Hill is such a popular shooting spot for plenty of K dramas or TV shows.

There are 8 themed sauna rooms with different healing effects. Relax in the beautifully decorated sauna and spa rooms for up to 12 hours. The resort is operated round the clock, so if you come late in the evening, you may also save the accommodation fee for a night!

    • Address: 40-712 Hangangno-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
    • How to Get There: Seoul Subway Yongsan Station, Exit Yongsan Square
    • Opening Time: All day
    • Book Here: Seoul Dragon Hill Spa & Sauna Rooms
4.  Itaewon Land Sauna

If you’re not interested in more touristic jjimjilbangs like those around Myeongdong, then try Itaewon Land Sauna, which is frequented more by the locals. Here, you’ll enjoy the largest traditional oak wood sauna in Korea and the spring water from 300 meters underground. The sauna uses FIR (far infrared) and high temperature to produce the steamy heat. Such heat encourages sweat to come out of your body, eliminating toxins.

After the sauna, have a body scrub by Ahjumma, or entertain yourself in their DVD theater, comic book room, or karaoke room. This is a paradise for you to throw all your worries away.

    • Address: 732-20 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
    • How to Get There: Seoul Subway Itaewon Station (Exit 3)
    • Opening Hours: 12:00am – 12:00pm
    • Book Here: Itaewon Land Sauna
5.  Traditional Oriental Forest Land

The last jjimjilbang in Seoul we would like to introduce is located at the heart of the city center, despite its pastoral name. Not only is it easily reachable, but it also has the outdoor charcoal kilns which you can’t find in other bathhouses.

Purify both your body and soul in the traditional jjimjilbang heated by natural oak wood-fired heating. The female-only sleeping room is also equipped with a salt room. The best thing? You can chow down on hearty Korean BBQ in their canteen!

  • Address: 51, Bongwon-Dong, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul
  • How to Get There: Take No.7024 bus from Sinchon station exit 3 and get off at the final stop
  • Opening Time: All day
  • Book Here: Traditional Oriental Forest Land Sauna
6. Spa Land Centum City

When it comes to jjimjilbang in Busan, Spa Land is definitely on top of the list. It’s the biggest jjimjilbang in the city, located in the Centum City department store. It’s famed for the 5-star facilities, including 13 themed saunas with various temperatures, contents, and effects, so have fun hopping around and figure out your favorite!

Besides the basic sauna rooms and hot springs, there are several services available: face massage, half body massage, sitz bath, even haircut! The cafes and restaurants on the ground floor offer an array of dining options. Since it’s located in Haeundae district, why not come for a relaxing spa session after a full day by the seaside?

  • Address: 35, Centum Namdae-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan
  • How to Get There: Busan Subway Centum City Station, underway to Shinsegae Department Store
  • Opening Time: 6:00am – 12:00am
  • Book Here: Busan Spa Land Centum City Ticket
7. Sanbangsan Hot Springs

If you’re traveling to Jeju Island, don’t miss out the Sanbangsan Hot Spring. From the indoor hot spring, you can gaze out from the glass windows and roofs to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of mountains and islands.

This jjimjilbang is well-known for its carbonated hot spring. Aptly nicknamed, “Beauty Spring”, this type of hot spring moisturizes your skin, as if you’re soaking in a warm tub of toner! It also helps lower the blood temperature, blessing you with both beauty and better health. Other features worth mentioning include their outdoor springs, sauna rooms, body scrub, swimming pools, and restaurants. It is a perfect place to cure your travel tiredness.

  • Address: 192 Sagyebung-ro41beon-gil, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju-do
  • How to Get There: Take bus no. 250-2 from Jeju City Bus Stop and get off at the Carbonate Hot Spring Station
  • Opening Time: Indoor hot spring 6:00am – 12:00am, outdoor hot spring 11:00am -11:00pm
  • Book Here: Jeju Carbonate Hot Spring Experience
FAQ s About Jjimjilbang: Q: What are the fees?

A: In general, the 24-hour saunas have different entry fees for day and evening. Normally, the night time entry fee is slightly higher than the day time. On  weekends, the fee will be the same. Some saunas offer service combos at different prices.

Q: How do I pay for the fee?

A: Nope, all jjimjilbangs are separated by genders. However, after the bath, you can all chill together again at the lobby!

Q: Can I enter the sauna and spa rooms with my own clothes on?

A: Nope again. You will be provided their set of clothes or robes. Full nudity is required at the shower and hot spring areas. Don’t be shy, Ahjummas are all very open and friendly!

Q: Will the free toiletries be available?

A:  Normally at the counter, you will be provided with a set of clothes and two towels. Sometimes soap will be available, but bring your own toiletries if you don’t wish to buy them there. Remember to bring some clean underwear too!

Ready to get that same youthful glow that Koreans are known for? Or are you just looking to unwind and revive your mind, body and spirit in a whole new way? Book your reservations, pack your bags, and fly out to Korea to discover the ultimate jjimjilbang experience!

Other than jjimjilbang, try these cool Korean experiences: Other articles to inspire your trip to Korea:

The post Jjimjilbang Guide: 7 Best Places for Your Korean Sauna and Spa Experience appeared first on KKday Blog.

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Guys, it’s 2019! You know what that means…it’s time to realize those travel goals you’ve been procrastinating on since 2018. We’ve rounded up some of the top destinations Filipinos have placed on their bucket lists, with additional rough estimates of the cost per night. So read up, pick your fave, and book that trip!

Philippine Holidays 2019: Cheat Sheet

Before we begin, keep in mind the official list of Philippine national holidays, so you can plan out those VLs wayyy ahead of time and beat out the rest in booking cheap flight prices.

1. Hong Kong, R.O.C.

Hong Kong is the first choice for many Filipinos traveling internationally for the first time. It’s no surprise, given its flexibility as a family-friendly destination, shopping mecca, or even as a cool hiking jumpoff point. Bringing the kids? Theme parks such as Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park have given Filipino families a big reason to go. Meanwhile, cha chaan tengs, night markets, and premium outlet stores will keep the foodies and fashionistas coming back for more. 

  • Budget per night: check out KKday’s Hong Kong budget breakdown here
2. Beijing, China

The ‘Great Wall‘ may be local slang for the forbidden romance between a Chinese-Filipino person and their local partner, but the real deal is way more dramatic. Climb it, walk along it, and take a postcard-worthy selfie along restored sections of this UNESCO-listed sight. There are also historic attractions unlike any other in the world: Tiananmen Square and Mausoleum of Mao Zedong.

Don’t forget the Forbidden Palace, where Disney’s Mulan saved the Emperor and defeated the Huns! Think you know all these to know about Chinese dumplings based on your food adventures in Manila? Similar to xiao long bao, but fluffier and without the broth, sample baozi (steamed buns) for a taste of authentic Northern Chinese cuisine.

  • Budget per night: Php3,000
3. Dubai, UAE

Dubai is another famous family-friendly destination a lot of Pinoys would love to visit—with or without blood relatives living there. As UAE’s largest city and business hub, its prominence can be observed just by looking at its towering landmark! Marvel as the sun sets over the middle east at the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. Inside, savor a strong brew of Arabic coffee in cafes and view an Atlantis-inspired underwater world at The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Itching to adventure outdoors? Must-try activities include the Desert Safari on a 4×4. Dare yourself to try sand duning, sandboarding, or even just riding a camel!

  • Budget per night: Php7,000  
4. Paris, France Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Ahhh, La Paris! So, it’s definitely not the cheapest option on this list, but we had to place it here. Going to the City of Light is a dream come true for most Pinoys. Included as part of an all-out Eurotrip, this dream vacation typically involves many years of saving up and strategic planning (cheapest airfare, most affordable rooms etc).

Cliche but quintessential, the top things to do include enjoying a romantic cruise along the River Seine, visiting the Louvre (and the OG Mona Lisa), tasting Parisian wine and cheese, and of course, a visit to the world-famous Eiffel Tower!

  • Budget per night: Php5,000
5. Seoul, South Korea

The Hallyu or Korean Wave has taking the world by storm, and the Philippines is no exception to fangirling all over BTS. Whether it be watching Goblin or Descendants of the Sun, practicing Big Bang and Girls Generation moves, or becoming part of the ‘Army’, chances are, you know someone who’s addicted. Or is it you? We won’t judge. *finger hearts*

Every K-fan dreams of the day they can finally visit Seoul and possibly bump into their ‘bias’! Aside from that, shopping in Myeongdong for skincare and makeup, trying out all the trends in Gangnam, and visiting iconic sights like Nami Island are also ideal to tick off your bucket list!

  • Budget per night: we estimated roughly around Php3,000 – Php4,000 (including accommodation, food, and admission)
6. Tokyo, Japan

Not into K-pop as much as you are into Japanese culture? The Land of the Rising Sun and its capital still remain the top destination for tourists in Asia, long before local indie film ‘Kita Kita‘ wormed its way into everyone’s hearts. Aside from the relaxed visa policy, an increase in direct flights, and the oversaturation of Singapore and Hong Kong, it’s simply the food, culture, and people that naturally draw outbound Filipino tourists back to Tokyo year after year.

Relishing authentic kaiseki Japanese cuisine, seeing cherry blossoms and fall foliage, temple hopping, and enjoying Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland are just a few of the main reasons to visit this wonder-filled country.

  • Budget per night: accommodations are likely to be more expensive vs Korea, so at least Php3,000 for accommodations and 2,000 for food/admission. TOTAL = Php5,000

Which are you planning to visit this 2019? Did we miss your dream destination on our list? Be sure to let us know on FB, IG, or Twitter! We hope you achieve all your #travel #goals and have a #blessed 2019!

The post International Destinations for Your Bucket List This 2019: Pinoy Edition appeared first on KKday Blog.

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