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Service Champions technician Joseph saw his Riverside client pushing button after button on her rice cooker with a frustrated look on her face.

“What are you doing there?” Joseph asked.

“This is a brand-new rice cooker,” the homeowner said. “I just want to cook brown rice for dinner, but I can’t figure out how to make it work.”

“Maybe I could take a look at the directions and figure it out,” Joseph said. His client was happy for the help.

Joseph said with the directions he was able to figure it out pretty quickly.

“The key was to find the right mode setting for which kind of rice you wanted to cook,” Joseph said. “I set it for brown rice and got it going for her.”

Joseph also showed her how to do it herself, so she’d know how to use it next time.

The homeowner was happy to be able to use her new rice cooker.

“Oh, thank you,” she said. “Without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to figure this out today.”

Joseph, nice work on another Good Deed For Free!

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Service Champions technician Ivan was at a home in Yorba Linda working on a tune-up and he kept going around a huge box in the garage.

Ivan finally asked about it.

“I see this box here with an air hockey table,” Ivan said. “What are you going to do with that?”

“Oh, that’s going to go in my game room,” the man explained. “But first I need to hire someone to move it and assemble it.

“What?” Ivan said. “No, you don’t need to hire anyone. I’m here. I can do that.”

At first the man objected, but Ivan pointed to his company vehicle with the “Good Deeds For Free” painted on it. “This is a Good Deed For Free I can do for you.”

The man agreed and Ivan got a dolly and wheeled the heavy box inside to the game room.

It was heavy and had a lot of parts and screws, but Ivan had it altogether quickly enough.

There was just one problem. The air hockey table had to be assembled upside down, but you have to be very careful to flip it over without damaging the legs. At well over 100 pounds, this wasn’t going to be easy.

But Ivan had a solution. This service call had required a manager to look at special problem and Ivan knew the manager was on his way. He decided to wait.

Once the manager was there, he and Ivan flipped the table into place.

And, of course, they had to test it out. They got the owner involved in a game, too!

The man was thrilled he didn’t have to hire anyone and that the air hockey table was already up and in the center of his game room.

Ivan is already looking forward to the next time the homeowner calls for service – he wants to find time for a game of air hockey while he’s there!

Ivan, way to take on that heavy project – that’s an excellent Good Deed For Free!

The post Homeowner Says He Needs To Hire Someone To Put Together Air Hockey Table. Technician Says, “No You Don’t!” appeared first on Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning - Orange County HVAC.

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Service Champions technician Frank was scheduled to go on a service call and was told by the dispatcher that it was his client’s birthday the next day.

Frank saw an opportunity for a sweet Good Deed For Free.

“I went to the florist and they were having a 2 for 1 special on carnations, so I decided to double down and get twice as many flowers,” Frank said.

The florist couldn’t believe an AC technician was going to the trouble of getting flowers for his client’s birthday.

Frank showed up to the home with the pink carnations and it was a big hit. The homeowner was happy and gave Frank a hug.

The client had a friend over visiting, and she couldn’t believe an AC technician had thought of doing this for a homeowner either.

Wait, you mean every company doesn’t treat its clients this way? Well they ought to!

Frank, thanks for going the extra mile with a really nice Good Deed For Free!

The post Why Is Everyone So Surprised This Technician Brought Flowers For His Client’s Birthday? appeared first on Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning - Orange County HVAC.

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Service Champions technician Joe was driving on a road in Orange and was passing 3 cyclists. Just as he was passing them, one of them went flying through the air.

“He had hit a rock and went about 10 to 15 feet in the air,” Joe said. “He landed on his face and then slid on his side. It was scary looking.”

Joe immediately pulled over to see if he could help. He brought out his drop cloth and he and the other 2 cyclists used it under the injured biker to help him be more comfortable.

“While we waited for the paramedics, I grabbed my first aid kit and some towels,” Joe said. “I helped them clean him up as best we could – he was bleeding pretty good.”

Joe grabbed some water for the injured biker, too, and then soon after the paramedics arrived. After the man was loaded in the ambulance, his two friends asked Joe for one more bit of assistance.

Joe made some room in his truck for the bike that was in the accident, and then drove it to a meeting point where he waited for the two bikers to arrive and take their friend’s bike.

Joe, thanks for being a Good Deeds For Free Samaritan and stopping for someone in need!

The post Technician Sees Cyclist Take A Serious Spill And Stops To Give First-Aid appeared first on Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning - Orange County HVAC.

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Service Champions Delivers Supreme Air Conditioning Service in Laguna Hills

When it comes to supreme air conditioning service in Laguna Hills, always work with Service Champions. Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Orange County. We lead in air conditioning service in Laguna Hills and have thousands of happy homeowners because of it.

Why choose us? We combine expert technical care with superior customer service. We are dedicated to making your home better with genuine air conditioning service in Laguna Hills and we aim for your total satisfaction.

Air conditioning service in Laguna Hills covers a lot of ground. Homeowners like you can choose from traditional services like:

  • Heating and air conditioning installations
  • Heater and air conditioner repairs
  • HVAC maintenance

In addition, today’s HVAC technology allows greater control over heating and air conditioning, in or out of the home. You can have air conditioning service in Laguna Hills that:

  • Scrubs the air clean of 99.9 percent of germs and particles
  • Maximizes energy efficiency
  • Collects data on heating and air conditioning usage
  • Heats and cools only parts of the home
  • Allows access to heating and air conditioning when away from home

With so many choices available to you now, there is no reason not to choose exceptional air conditioning service in Laguna Hills with Service Champions.

Choose High Quality and Careful Air Conditioning Service in Laguna Hills for Installations

The day your air conditioner is installed is the most important day for your home. The quality of service and the attention your technician provides determines many things like:

  • Heating and air conditioning performance
  • Value of the new unit
  • Longevity of the unit
  • Likelihood of future repairs and damages
  • System reliability
  • Energy efficiency

For these reasons homeowners should always choose technicians they absolutely trust and know can handle the job.

At Service Champions we take the time to incorporate additional steps to ensure air conditioning service in Laguna Hills for installations.

First, we determine what new air conditioner and furnace works for your home. A bigger unit does not necessarily mean it is better. Likewise, the same unit does not fit two different homes. It is crucial that you and your technicians take the time to determine what units work for your particular home.

Also think about what you want most out of your home heating and air conditioning and what your last unit was unable to deliver. Do you want the greenest option to HVAC? Do you want powerful heating as quickly as possible? Do you need pristine indoor air? Would you like the ability to heat and cool the home while you aren’t there?

The more you share with your technicians, the more they can do for you and find the unit that best fits your home and lifestyle goals. Once we have found that unit for you, it is safely transported to your home for installation.

Before technicians even step a foot inside your home, they wear covers over their boots to avoid tracking in dirt from outside. Next, we lay out protective film over all floor areas we plan to access. This aids in easy cleanup and catches all fallout that may occur during your air conditioning service in Laguna Hills.

Next, the old furnace inside the furnace closet is removed. The area is then swept clean, removing any debris, buildup or other obstruction. Once the closet is perfectly clean, your new unit is carefully installed.  Your technician double-check each connection, attachment, button and setting. They run the air conditioning and heating to evaluate its performance quality and make all the adjustments necessary.

All garbage, including the old units, are collected onto our service van. Your unit is taken off-site for proper recycling and disposal. There is absolutely no clean up for you. Your Service Champions team handles every bit, from beginning to end.

Once your air conditioning service in Laguna Hill is complete, your technicians make themselves available to teach you how to best use your new unit. They also answer questions and address any concerns you might have. Most importantly, we do not leave your home until you are absolutely satisfied with your air conditioning service in Laguna Hills.

Air Conditioning Service in Laguna Hills for Restorative HVAC Repairs

Repairs are vital to healthy and reliable heating and air conditioning. At Service Champions, we put in as much care into our repairs as we do for our full-service installations. It’s why homeowners trust us for all air conditioning service in Laguna Hills.

HVAC repairs come in all different shapes and sizes. Likewise, they happen for a number of reasons. You may need air conditioning service in Laguna Hills for repairs because of:

  • Spoiled equipment
  • Incorrect repairs
  • Preexisting damages
  • Old age and overuse
  • Abuse to the system
  • Physical trauma to the system
  • Buildup
  • Negligence
  • Obstruction
  • Natural wear and tear

What types of HVAC repairs might you need?

If you have trouble with low indoor air quality, you may need air conditioning service in Laguna Hills for:

  • Tears in the air ducts
  • Overused air filters
  • Broken vents and registers
  • Buildup

If you have trouble with reduced or low air flow, you may need air conditioning service in Laguna Hills for:

  • Stalled blower motors
  • Blown capacitors
  • Low pressure settings

If you have trouble with the temperature of heating and cooling, you may need air conditioning service in Laguna Hills for:

  • Inoperative thermostats
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Sticky fire exchangers
  • Dirty flame sensor
  • Loose gas valves

Prompt air conditioning service in Laguna Hills restores proper heating and air conditioning and lowers the cost of service. Simply be sure to recognize when you need repairs and call quickly.

How can you tell if you need air conditioning service in Laguna Hills for repairs? Your furnace and air conditioner let you know by showing certain signs of distress.

  • Have there been sharp increases in your energy bill?
  • Has heating and air conditioning changed in any way?
  • Is indoor air quality lower than usual?
  • Does heating and air conditioning turn on and off frequently?
  • Is HVAC temperature inconsistent or inaccurate?
  • Does the unit make loud noises during operation?
  • Does air from the vents smell bad?

If you experience any of these signs, turn the unit off. Call your technician for air conditioning service in Laguna Hills.

Air Conditioning Service in Laguna Hills for Total Home Comfort

How comfortable are you in your own home? How hard do you have to work to get your home as comfortable as you would like it to be? Heating and air conditioning plays an enormous role in peace of mind, home comfort and quality of life. Having reliable and consistent air conditioning service in Laguna Hills is important to most, if not all, homeowners. While Service Champions definitely helps with air conditioning service in Laguna Hills, we also have so many options available to elevate home comfort to another level.

Today’s HVAC technology aids modern homeowners in achieving superior home comfort. There are advanced solutions for almost every need and want.

Do you want total control over heating and air conditioning at home? Consider air conditioning service in Laguna Hills such as:

  • Smart thermostats
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Zoning

Smart thermostats allow you to program your own settings and turn HVAC on and off on a prescribed schedule. Many models also connect to your smart phone, so you can control heating and air conditioning while away from home. Additionally, these smart thermostats collect data on usage habits and energy spending, providing insight otherwise unavailable to homeowners.

Another option is zoning, which allows you to heat only parts of the home. Your technicians install motorized discs inside the air duct system. These discs rotate as commanded by the thermostat, directing air only to the zone specified. Zoning literally cuts air conditioning service in Laguna Hills in half.

Do you want healthy and pure indoor air? Consider air conditioning service in Laguna Hills such as:

  • AirScrubber Plus
  • BioCide Chamber
  • UV lights/lamps
  • Super air filters
  • Central humidifiers

These advanced systems attach to the central air system and work alongside heating and cooling. They require minimal maintenance and remove up to 99.9 percent of all airborne particles and germs in home air. Some options even aid with household cleaning. Others destroy germs before heating and air conditioning even begins. To determine which air conditioning service in Laguna Hills best fits your home, consult your technician.

Do you want to maximize energy efficiency? Consider air conditioning service in Laguna Hills such as:

  • Home insulation
  • Attic insulation
  • Air duct insulation
  • Heat pumps split system

The best way to maximize energy efficiency is to keep heating and cooling from leaving the home. That is why technicians recommend insulation for every home.

The Importance of Maintenance Air Conditioning Service in Laguna Hills

Ask any HVAC technician and each will tell you that the best air conditioning service in Laguna Hills is maintenance. Maintenance is a preventative service that helps protect your home, air and central air system. While not mandatory or urgent like repairs, maintenance is elective but delivers a host of good.

When homeowners choose air conditioning service in Laguna Hills for maintenance, they routinely experience:

  • Better and reliable performance
  • Accurate heating and cooling
  • Elevated indoor air quality
  • Improved home comfort
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Fewer repairs and damages
  • A longer lasting system
  • Healthier and cleaner equipment
  • Lower cost per use
  • Peace of mind

What is another practical reason to choose maintenance air conditioning service in Laguna Hills? Regular maintenance prevents 90 percent of all expensive repairs and permanent damages.

During maintenance air conditioning service in Laguna Hills, your technicians focus on restoring:

  • Health and cleanliness
  • Safety
  • Performance quality
  • Energy efficiency

Your technicians start by thoroughly cleaning the entire unit, inside and out. They focus on removing debris, buildup, water and microbiological growth. Using precision tools, they sanitize fins, blades, wires and tubes.

Next, they make technical adjustments. Any wires that may have fallen out of place are reconnected. Motors are tightened, and attachments and connections are secured. Any parts that shifted over time and use are corrected. Your technicians run exams and tests to ensure that every aspect of the unit works properly and safely.

Your technicians also check for damages. They inspect for refrigerant leaks, gas leaks, air leaks and more. They look for microbiological growth or other harmful conditions keeping the unit from absolute health. These may be found around the evaporator coils, fire exchanger, condensate lines and air filter. Technicians also test and reset the safety switch so that it is prepared to work when needed most.

Last but not least, your technicians note any damages, necessary repairs and areas of wear. This is an important step in maintenance air conditioning service in Laguna Hills. Early diagnosis prevents all the troublesome conditions homeowner want to avoid. Regular maintenance allows your technician to troubleshoot the unit before issues turn into expensive repairs and permanent damages.

To protect the lifespan and service quality of your unit, select maintenance air conditioning service in Laguna Hills twice a year in between major seasons.

Select Service Champions Specialists for Extraordinary Air Conditioning Service in Laguna Hills

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the friendliest and most reliable contractor for homeowners of Southern California. As the top experts, we lead in air conditioning service in Laguna Hills.

Our technicians are absolute experts. Expect that every Service Champions technician:

  • Passed drug tests and background checks
  • Trains each year for 150 hours with a master technician
  • Arrives on time and fully prepared for service
  • Is polite and professional
  • Completes your service in one visit*
  • Keeps and leaves your home clean

From our friendly call center representatives to our on-field technicians, expect perfect air conditioning service in Laguna Hills. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer care for your total satisfaction.

To schedule your air conditioning service in Laguna Hills with our team, complete the form below. You can also speak with our helpful call center representatives at any time.

The post Air Conditioning Service in Laguna Hills appeared first on Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning - Orange County HVAC.

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Homeowners Would Be Shocked To Know What Is Left Out When They Have A New AC System Installed

When a Southern California homeowner calls us because they need a new air-conditioning system installed, that’s a trust we take seriously.

We NEVER, EVER take shortcuts – we train our technicians to do things to the highest standards on EVERY. SINGLE. JOB.

This is not how most AC installation companies operate. In fact, homeowners are shocked to find out what is bypassed when they get a new AC system installed. This happens even with established companies with good reputations.

Here are the 5 ways most AC companies cut corners when installing a new system:
Shortcut #1 – Failing To Properly Size The Ductwork For Each Room/Area Of The House.

If you are having your ductwork replaced as part of your new AC installation, the majority of Southern California air conditioning companies will not first calculate the air volume needs of each room.

Truth be told, many of them don’t even know how to calculate it.

Instead, they’ll just rip out all the old ductwork and replace it with the same size that was already there or whatever standard size they have on hand.

The problem with this method is that it takes absolutely no account of how much air volume a particular room in your house needs.

And that means some rooms are going to get uncomfortable, even with a new AC unit working at peak efficiency.

There’s a specific formula for properly calculating the air flow needs based on several factors: the cubic feet of a room, whether it receives a lot of sun, does it have vaulted ceilings, etc.

At Service Champions, we always calculate this precisely, and then install the ductwork that will supply each room with the proper air volume and flow for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Shortcut #2 – Not Installing Safety Systems To Detect Water Leaks.

Most people know an air conditioning system produces condensation when it runs. What many don’t know is just how much water is produced – it can be as much as 3 to 5 gallons a day.

Because this amount of water is generated, the safe and smart thing to do is to install safety devices that will automatically shut down the AC system if it detects water or backed up condensation lines.

Also, a secondary drain pan should be installed with a new AC system to help prevent damage if there is a leak.

At Service Champions we install these safety features on EVERY new air conditioning installation – NO EXCEPTIONS.

We wish we could say this is a standard practice in the industry, but it’s not. Not even close. This means leaks can go undetected for a long time, creating a lot of damage and unsafe conditions.

Shortcut #3 – Not Replacing The ‘Line Set.’

You are probably thinking, “what the heck’s a line set?”

And that’s exactly what most Southern California AC installation companies count on you saying.

They figure if you don’t know what it is, you probably won’t notice that it wasn’t replaced.

Most air conditioning systems are “split” systems, meaning one part of the system is outside and one part is inside. The line set – which is made of copper tubing – is what carries the coolant between the 2 parts of the system. (A “line set” is also sometimes referred to as the refrigerant pipes or freon pipes). 

Copper is expensive. And these lines are often run in places that are difficult to access, making them a challenge to replace.

So, guess what? A lot of companies don’t replace them.

They count on the fact that most homeowners won’t notice they weren’t replaced and then they cross their fingers that the old line set won’t cause a problem in the future.

At Service Champions, we believe you are paying for an all new air conditioning system, and that includes a new line set. Period.

Shortcut #4 – Failing To Install Plenum Sheet Metal Transitions For Ductwork.

Yes, that’s a mouthful. So we’ll keep this explanation as simple as possible.

The plenum is a box where your cooled air is pushed through on its way to your ductwork. If you are connecting a new plenum to existing ductwork, it is absolutely crucial that the transition from the plenum to the ductwork be created with sheet metal AND that it be done BY TECHNICIANS WHO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

The problem is that many companies have technicians who DON’T know exactly what they are doing when it comes to working with sheet metal. If the fabricating is not done with precision, too much of your cooled air will escape before it even enters your ductwork to be distributed throughout your home.

At Service Champions, we have the best-trained air conditioning technicians in Southern California, and this includes installation experts who know exactly how to fabricate these important plenum sheet metal transitions to keep your system operating at peak efficiency.

Shortcut #5 – Installing A System With Too Small An Air Return

The other big shortcut AC installation companies take is not calculating how big an Air Return your AC system needs to create the right air flow for your specific home.

Our experience is that most air returns installed for Southern California homes are too small for the home’s needs. That can create massive air flow problems – a system with a too small an Air Return has to work harder and less efficiently just to keep you comfortable.

Many companies don’t have the depth of knowledge to take the right measurements and precisely calculate how big an air handler needs to be.  

Instead they’ll take the shortcut of recommending whatever system they want you to buy, instead of calculating the one that best meets your specific needs.

At Service Champions, we take exact, careful measurements before we even think of recommending anything.

What Shortcuts Can Cost You

When AC companies take these shortcuts, they might not think they are doing much harm. But homeowners are the ones stuck with the consequences.

Don’t risk paying for a brand-new air-conditioning system and then being just as uncomfortable as you were with your old system.

And remember that you’ll live with the AC system you install for years. If it is inefficient, that means every month you will pay higher energy bills than you would have with the right system installed WITHOUT shortcuts.

Get the peace of mind that comes with hiring a company that never takes shortcuts. To discover more about Service Champions and are AC maintenance, repair, and installation services for Southern California homeowners, Contact Us.

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Little Girl’s Disney Cruise Wish Comes True And Service Champions Was Honored To Sponsor It Through Make-A-Wish

There’s nothing quite like the fun of helping a child have a joyful experience and create a precious family memory.

So when Service Champions had a chance through the Make-A-Wish foundation to send a special little girl on a dream cruise to meet her most beloved Disney character Ariel, we were thrilled to be able to do it.

Make-A-Wish: Granting Transforming Experiences For Critically Ill Children

Many people are aware of the Make-A-Wish foundation and their mission to grant wishes to critically ill children.

The wishes they grant are transformational experiences that makes a special dream come true for a child facing serious adversity. For Make-A-Wish recipients and their families, these experiences represent tremendous relief and respite.

Meet Rylie: She Likes Pepperoni, Board Games, And Disney

Recently, we had an opportunity to grant a special wish for an adorable 9-year-old girl named Rylie. Rylie likes board games, one of her favorite foods is pepperoni, and she enjoys the ocean and the creatures in it. And she LOVES all things Disney – especially Ariel, the famous Disney princess in the movie The Little Mermaid.

Rylie also battles the rare disease Ataxia Telangiectasia, also known by the acronym AT or Louis-Bar Syndrome.

With the expertise of Make-A-Wish guiding us, Service Champions was pleased to be able to host Rylie and her family at our offices for a special day of Disney-related activities.

This beautiful day was capped off by revealing to Rylie and her family that they would be going on a Disney cruise, where they would be sharing a boat with Mickey Mouse and other famous characters – including Ariel of course!

Her gracious and smiling parents Tim and Erica talked about how much taking this cruise would mean to Rylie.

“This is really an incredible opportunity for Rylie,” Tim said. “It just really means a lot that there’s organizations and companies that give back to kids.”

For our part, we’re honored to be able to give back with this ‘Good Deed In The Community.’ We love Make-A-Wish and its mission. In fact, Service Champions is a proud annual supporter of Make-A-Wish Orange County and Inland Empire since 2010 and has donated more than $100,000, which has helped 18 local children to receive their heartfelt wish.

A Beautiful Day & A Happy Trip (See The Video)

If you’d like to see Rylie’s special day at our offices and the revealing of the wish, you can go here to see the video. And be sure to watch to the end – there are some great photos of Rylie of her family on the cruise – it sure looks like they had a truly wonderful time!

To discover more about Service Champions and our heating and AC maintenance, repair, and installation services for Southern California homeowners, Contact Us.

The post Little Girl’s Disney Cruise Wish Comes True appeared first on Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning - Orange County HVAC.

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Improves Home Cooling and Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is great. We use it almost every day of the year, especially when the weather outside is too much to bear. Air conditioning allows us to stay comfortable and safe, but it can cost quite a bit. While there are plenty of things we can do as homeowners to improve energy efficiency, sometimes it still isn’t enough. Some homeowners just endure an overheated home, refusing to use the air conditioner altogether. Fortunately, you do not have to be one of these homeowners.

While there are several steps homeowners can take to reduce the cost of air conditioning, there is one big solution available right now. The whole house attic fan is a very practical solution to combat air conditioning costs.

What kind of benefits can you expect?

  • Huge energy savings
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Better home comfort
  • Peace of mind

The whole house attic fan changes the way you cool the home. This unique method to air conditioning is so efficient and cost-effective that you’ll save up to 90 percent off your energy bill.

What a Whole House Attic Fan Does

The whole house attic is a very large fan that is installed in the attic. One end of the fan attaches to the vent of one portion of the house. The other end of the fan connects to the attic vent. The whole house attic fan works to pull cool air from outdoors, moving cool air in and forcing hot air up through the whole house fan. As the hot air passes through the air duct of the whole house fan, it exits through the attic vent, leaving the home.

In doing so, the attic fan removes unwanted heat from inside the home and replaces it with cool air from outside. In order to do this, homeowners must open select windows and doors when using the whole house attic fan.

Because the attic fan pulls cool air from outdoors, outdoor temperature must be lower than indoor temperature. Generally, nighttime is significantly cooler, so utilizing the whole house fan at this time works very well.

The best part of having a fan is that it requires almost no maintenance on your part. And, you can choose whether or not, or when, to use it.

How the Whole House Attic Fan Reduces Energy Costs

What’s the best part about using an attic fan? You may not need the air conditioner at all. Whole house attic fans are that effective at cooling. Additionally, whole house attic fans require only 10 percent of the energy the air conditioner needs to cool the home.

Why is the fan so effective as cooling? Because it physically removes heat from the home, it does not have to work to cool hot air. Instead, it replaces hot air with cool air.

In the case that the whole house attic fan does not cool the home to your desired temperature, just flip on the air conditioner. You’ll still save on energy costs since most of the heat inside the home has been displaced. This means there is less heat to cool for the air conditioner, reducing energy expenditure overall.

How the Whole House Attic Fan Improves Home Comfort

While both the air conditioner and the whole house attic fan work well to cool the home, the fan has one unique advantage for modern homeowners. The whole house attic fan not only cools efficiently, but also ventilates the home, elevating indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality is very important to health, productivity and home comfort. Low indoor air quality affects:

  • Quality of life
  • Asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Productivity
  • Safety
  • Peace of mind
  • Energy costs

How does indoor air quality improve with the whole house attic fan? Indoor air is between five and 100 times dirtier than outdoor air. There are thousands of different particles and germs polluting the air inside of our homes. Unfortunately, we spend most of our time inside, which means we breathe in these pollutants more often than not.

When we utilize the whole house attic fan, indoor air is pushed out and outdoor air is pulled in. This means that the pollutants inside also leave the home and are instead replaced with cleaner and fresher air from outside. Many homes lack this type of ventilation, which is why owners suffer from low indoor air quality, dirty equipment and even higher energy bills.

How to Improve Energy Efficiency with the Whole House Attic Fan

What is the absolute best way to cool your home and save on energy costs and time? Insulate the home. Utilize the whole house fan. Use the air conditioner last.

Insulating the home is very important for homeowners concerned about energy efficiency and spending costs. Full home insulation stops air conditioning from leaving the home, keeping it trapped inside so that you can enjoy every bit of it. On the other hand, leaks and tears around the home, from the attic all the way to the floors, cause all sorts of losses. Basically, air conditioning leaves the house faster than you can feel it. When this happens, the air conditioner must work longer and harder to continually replace cooling.

Instead, insulate the home. Then use the whole house attic fan for cooling. If that isn’t enough, only then utilize the air conditioner.

Get Your Whole House Attic Fan from Service Champions Experts Today

Whole house attic fans are your solution to effective home cooling and Service Champions experts stand by it. Why trust us? We are the only Diamond Certified HVAC providers for Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Thousands of homeowners rely on us for exceptional heating and air conditioning service, repairs and expert advice.

Change the way you cool your home with the whole house fan. It will be the best thing you do this summer. Meet your Service Champions expert by completing the form below. Our team is ready for you.

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Exponentially Improves Home Cooling

You might remember the old whole house fans back from the 1950s. These giant fans were placed in the attic and the only method to cooling the home back then. They were loud, inefficient and ineffective at cooling. Today, technology works in our favor. Quietcool whole house fans are supremely efficient at cooling the home using only a fraction of the energy a traditional air conditioner uses.

Why are homeowners today more interested in whole house fans than before? In times of the year when energy is in high demand, the bill can be absolutely enormous. People need and want an alternative to cooling their homes with traditional air conditioners. That’s why whole house fans deliver for the majority of homes. Their simple construction works to remove heat and pull cool air into the home for efficient, low-energy cooling.

What should you know about Quietcool whole house fans?

  • They are very quiet
  • They help ventilate the home from unwanted heat and indoor air pollutants
  • They cost little to operate and need almost no maintenance
  • They can save you between 50 and 90 percent off your regular utility bill

If you want a new and efficient method to cooling your home, consider whole house fans.

The Quietcool Whole House Fan is Your Answer to Effective Cooling

What is a whole house fan and how does it work? A whole house fan is a large fan installed in the attic. It pulls cool air into the house from outside while pushing hot air out of the home. To do this, one end of the Quietcool whole house fan is connected to the register of a large area of the home. This might be the living room or kitchen. The other end of the whole house fan is attached to the attic vent leading to an external location.

When we turn the Quietcool whole house fan on, it creates a vacuum, pulling in cool air from open windows and doors and pushing hot air up and out through the attic.

How is Quietcool whole house fans different from other attic fans? Quietcool whole house fans are very quiet, elevating home comfort. In most cases, homeowners cannot even hear their Quietcool whole house fans working at all.

Ninety-eight percent of all whole house fan users are happy with their decision to install these fans. Better yet, 100 percent of whole house fan users save up to 90 percent off their AC bill every month.

The Quietcool Whole House Fan Saves You Money

The Quietcool whole house fan saves you a lot of money. Because Quietcool whole house fans use only 10 percent of the energy a traditional air conditioner uses, even using the fan part-time saves a chunk off the utility bill.

But how can it provide high quality cooling at such a low cost? Whenever you use traditional air conditioning, hot air inside the home is cooled. This requires time and great deal of energy use. This isn’t the case with Quietcool whole house fans. With Quietcool whole house fans, hot air is completely removed from the home and cool air is brought in. First, this drastically cuts down on the workload for any type of air conditioner. Second, the air brought in was naturally cooled, so all homeowners really pay for is the fan to bring the air into the home.

For lucky homeowners, using only the Quietcool whole house fans is enough to cool the home. For others, they still need to use the traditional air conditioner for optimal cooling. Even still, using the air conditioner after the whole house fan is highly effective at shaving energy costs. Because the mass of indoor heat has been removed, there is less work for the air conditioner to do. In fact, your air conditioner can get your home to your desired temperature much faster than without a Quietcool whole house fan.

The Quietcool Whole House Fan Improves Your Home Comfort

How does the Quietcool whole house fan improve your home comfort? One unique advantage the whole house fan has over the air conditioner is its ability to ventilate the home.

Indoor home air is increasingly important to homeowners. People care about what is in their air and how it affects home health, personal hygiene and comfort. Low indoor air quality is linked to poor productivity and worsened asthma and allergy symptoms. Most importantly, we feel it in our air, disrupting peace of mind and comfort.

How dirty is our home air? The average home has indoor air between five and 100 times dirtier than outdoor air. This is because of the number of indoor pollutants contaminating our homes and lack of ventilation.

Fortunately, with whole house fan, mass amounts of air are removed from the home through the attic whenever the fan runs. This physically removes heat, germs and particles from inhalation and discomfort.

This is a huge win for homeowners. Improved indoor air quality not only elevates quality of life, safety and home comfort, but it also improves AC energy efficiency, longevity and health.

Get Your Quietcool Whole House Fan from Service Champions HVAC

Service Champions is the most trusted HVAC provider in Southern California. As the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Orange and Los Angeles Counties, we take our position in the industry seriously. We have restored air conditioning for thousands of homes every single year. We have happy customers every day and we continue to deliver exceptional technical service and genuine customer care to every house we visit.

whole house fans are an incredible addition to our services that will transform the way you experience air conditioning.

To find out more about whole house fans, talk to our expert specialists. Complete the form below. Our friendly call center representatives are also available for any questions you might have.

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Reduce Your AC Costs by 90 Percent

We use our heating and air conditioning almost every day of the year. While we enjoy our cooling and it keeps us safe from extreme heat, we don’t always like the bill we get at the end of the month. Whole house fans solve that problem altogether. In fact, whole house fans reduce cooling costs by 50 to 90 percent. They cost very little to operate and deliver a lot of benefits.

Whole house fans are easy to use, economical and good for the environment. They are efficient, last long and require almost no added maintenance. Whole house fans are an easy choice to create a healthy and enjoyable home through natural cooling and ventilation.

What Are Whole House Fans?

A whole house fan is a large fan installed in the attic. These fans do not work alongside traditional air conditioning but they do aid in reducing the heat load inside of the home. These fans also connect to the attic vent, which is where hot air from inside the home exits. In doing so, whole house fans reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the home.

Generally, there are three different types of whole house fans. The standard fans are the largest but also the loudest. While the standard fan works the most quickly, it also can leak a great deal of energy on the months that you do not need cooling.

Next is the insulated fan. This design works just the same as any whole house fan, the only difference being that comes with an insulation feature. These fans are best for homes in colder climates that need to block out frigid temperatures during the winter.

HVAC contractors’ favorite choice is the inline whole house fan. These are effective at cooling and blocking heat loss during winter months.

Inline whole house fans are made of the:

  • Intake port
  • Fan housing
  • Damper doors
  • Duct

When the fan is on, it pulls air in through the intake port. From there, air travels through the duct. For most whole house fans, the duct is roughly around 10 feet long. This allows your technicians to install the whole house fan with plenty of room to spare, positioning it in the best way possible. They are also connected to the attic vent. Hot air from inside the home is dumped outside through the attic vent. Damper doors are in place to stop warm air from exiting during the cooler months of the year, which prevents unwanted heat loss.

How Do Whole House Fans Work?

The basic design of a whole house fan is very simple. The fan pulls cool air in from open windows and doors and pushes hot air out through the attic vent.

In order for them to work properly for cooling, outdoor temperature must be lower than indoor temperature. This is rather simple to achieve. Most homeowners opt to open windows and doors during the morning or at night when the hottest time of the day is over. Since cooler air is invited in during these times, the home continues to remain cooler despite outdoor heat.

This also reduces heat load inside of the home. What is heat load? Basically, heat load is how hot you let it get inside of your home. For traditional cooling, a high heat load is very bad. High heat load creates more work for your air conditioner, much of which could have been prevented. Additionally, a high heat load prevents the home from reaching the cool temperature set on the thermostat.

With the help of a whole house fan, heat load no longer becomes a harmful issue. They remove excess heat, keeps the home as cool as naturally possible and prepares the home for efficient air conditioning.

Can Whole House Fans Save You Money?

They can and do save you a lot of money. They use only a tenth of the energy your central air system uses. So, for homeowners who can get away with using whole house fans only, they reduce their cooling spending by 90 percent. This makes them the most economical and eco-friendly method to cooling.

What are some other benefits of utilizing whole house fans?

  • Reduces energy costs
  • Elevates home comfort
  • Improves indoor air quality

Whole house fans do a wonderful job of aiding air conditioning from the central air system. Because they manage the heat load, they reduce the amount of work your AC has to do in order to reach the temperature you set on the thermostat.

They also help remove stale and dirty indoor air because they pull in cleaner air from outdoors. How important is this?

Indoor air is between five and 100 times dirtier than outdoor air. Why? There are so many sources for indoor air pollution and not enough ventilation to combat bacteria and particles in the air. Using whole house fans changes that. Because they pull outdoor air and pushes hot indoor air out, you have cleaner and fresher air to breathe everyday in the safety of home.

Work with Service Champions for Major Savings

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is always on the lookout for innovative solutions that improve quality of life for homeowners through superior heating and air conditioning. We believe that whole house fans are an incredible addition to homeowners who want clean and healthy air through economical cooling systems. Why take our word?

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Orange and Los Angeles Counties. We lead in air conditioning service, period. Our experts are top rated specialists who consistently deliver extraordinary results through precision technical care.

Elevate your cooling and energy efficiency with whole house fans and Service Champions experts. Complete the form below or speak to our friendly call center representatives for more information.

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