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Seminar Philippines | Empowering you thr.. by Sha Nacino, Inspirational Speaker A.. - 5d ago

Happy Tuesday!

Today is another beautiful day, another day to experience God’s goodness.
Another day to get to know yourself better…

Another day to find something fun and amusing…

Another day to express your love to yourself and to the people around you.

Just want to send this quick email to remind you that All is well.

Everything is working for you. Yes, everything!

Every good thing is working for you.
And yes, even the problems and difficulties, too.

Everything is working together for your good, Kim.

Keep that in mind.

Looking back, I can see that most of my breakthroughs came from my biggest problems.

I thank God I got buried in credit card debts when I was in my first year as an employee. 
Because that led me to invest in my financial education, which led me to zeroing out the debts,

and then it led me to writing books and giving talks. One of my biggest problems became one

of my biggest blessings.

So how do you turn your problems to blessings?

How do you contribute to making everything work together for your good?

Here are my 3 tips for you every time you encounter a problem or a difficulty:

1. Run to God!

Make Him your #1 go-to Person/Being whenever you feel happy or sad. 
Give your concerns to Him and ask Him to help you deal with it.

Trust that every time you invoke His name, something good happens.

2. Love yourself.

Take everything as an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and love for yourself.

Be kind and compassionate to yourself.

3. Find solutions to your problems.

It can be by reading books, seeking mentors, attending seminars, talking to friends, or talking to experts.

When you do this, every problem will give you three things:

– it will deepen your trust and relationship with God

– it will lead you to have a healthy self esteem and healthy love for yourself

– it will make you better and stronger

Everything is about perspective, Kim.

Keep going.

Last Saturday, I met a very inspiring person. He was born to a poor family. To support himself in college,

he used to be a scavenger. Even the food he ate came from garbage. That was how poor they were.

Today, he owns 200 stores and he remains very humble.

He has a beautiful heart and most of his employees are PWD, people who didn’t finish school, and little people.

You would think he doesn’t have problems. That’s far from reality.

During our lunch with him and with some of the new students of The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge, he shared the challenges he is facing. They were big challenges.

You know what makes him so inspiring? It’s the way he handles his problems.
He is grounded. He remains cheerful. He has faith in God and he is resilient.

Cheer up!

Find something beautiful about today.

Count your blessings.

Do your gratitude walk.

Find something amusing about your problems today.

Take time to smile and laugh.

Take time to dance if you can. Hehe! (Hint: There are youtube videos.Here’s one)
You deserve to be happy.

All is well, and things keep getting better and better.

Everything is working together for your good.

You are enough. You have everything you need to be happy and to succeed.

God is with you. Always remember that.

I wish you love, joy, and peace!

Sha Nacino

P.S. Are you on Instagram? Let’s connect https://www.instagram.com/sha_nacino/

P.P.S. Want to learn how to speak effectively in public? In my more than 10 years as a Toastmaster and 7 years as a professional speaker, I discovered the 5 Cs necessary for a highly effective speech.

When you have the 5 Cs in place, you’d be able to deliver a speech that would captivate your audience from beginning to end. Your speech will be authentic with a clear message and it will have a powerful impact on your audience. You can download the checklist here.

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Happy Wednesday,

How are you? Hope you’re having a beautiful week so far.

I was in India last June 10-13, 2019 and it was magical. It almost felt like Aladdin.

Let me share magical lessons with you during my recent trip in India.

1. Keep planting… harvest is coming!

Last June 12, I was awarded by the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council as the Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Philippines. The awarding ceremony happened in Chennai, India. More than 15 countries participated.

I learned that there were about 3,700 applications and nominations and only 50 people were awarded. I was one of the two Filipinos who were awarded. The other one was Ram Olandesca who received the Edupreneur of the Year award.

I asked the organizers, “How did you learn about me?”

I asked because I didn’t apply for the award. I was nominated by the organizing committee.

The person I asked replied, “We’ve been following you for the past 6 months. We see what you do. We love what you do. Someday, we’d like to invite you to teach kids how to write books.”

So the lesson I got there was this, “Keep planting… harvest is coming!”

God is working behind the scenes. He has your best interest. Just keep serving people through your gifts and talents. And God will surprise you with a bountiful harvest.

The reward I got was so prestigious and I am very grateful. But with or without the reward, I’ll still be doing what I’m doing. The reward is great because it’s an affirmation that what I do matter… not just in the Philippines, but on a global scale.

2. The Right People Will Come To You.

On my last day in India, I met two people who floored me.

The first person I met is a trainer and an owner of a training company in India. He said that he had about 500 unread messages in his inbox but for some reason, he got inspired to open my message to him.

He said, “One word caught my attention. Gratitude. You speak on The Power of Gratitude. I like Gratitude.”

He’s been in the training/speaking industry in India for over 20 years and he has over 1,200 corporate clients.

He said, “I’d love to work with you. I speak on Leadership. I can recommend you to speak on Gratitude to my corporate clients.”

You don’t have to please everyone because you can’t.

Focus on your message. Focus on doing what your mind and heart tell you to do. And the right people will come to you.

That’s it for today.

I hope this email inspired you in a way.

I wish you success and happiness!

Sha Nacino

P.S. Are there days when you don’t fully accept yourself? Are there days when you’re not at peace with yourself? Do you sometimes feel insecure?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I can relate with you.Here’s something for you. 

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Happy Monday!:)

How are you? Hope you’re having a great start of the week so far.

I remember In January 2019, I went to Chennai, India to give a talk for the Professional Speakers Summit in India. It was my first time to go to India and I was so happy to talk about “How to Write a Book.”

It’s such a beautiful experience to share book writing to a global audience. I was the only Filipino in that event. 

This is a photo from that event.

Do you have dreams of writing a book, too?

Surveys say that a lot of people want to write a book. However, only very few actually wrote and published books.

Why is that?

This could be a reason:

Yes, I really want to write a book. But I don’t think this is the right time. I’m still busy. Maybe when my business takes off. Or when I quit my job. Or when I’m not busy anymore. Or when I have more time.

Guess what?! You’ll never run out of things to be busy about.

When I quit my job, I thought I’ll have more time in my hands. True. I did have more time. Since I work from my home-office or my office walking distance from home most of the time, I didn’t have to brave the traffic which used to eat up about 3 hours of my time each working day!

But here’s the thing. More projects kicked in. More training opportunities for our training company. Speaking engagements. Travels. Toastmasters activities. Meetings. Etc.

In other words, I became busier than ever! So busy that sometimes I had to make a conscious decision to stop working and just be still. Relax. Recharge. Spend some quiet time in the Blessed Sacrament. Or go on a day trip to Tagaytay to breathe…

If you keep putting off doing the things that really matter to you, one day, you’ll look back and say, “I wish I did this years ago.”

Kim, there is no perfect time to write a book or to start that business or to do what you really love to do! There will always be challenges — like lack of time or lack of confidence or lack of skill or lack of money.

But you know what I learned? You have to decide to do it.

And then you take the first step. You just need to take the first step. And as you take that step, the next step unfolds, and then the next, and then the next. And before you knew it, you’re done writing your book.

if you’ve always wanted to write a book but you don’t know where to start, here’s a FREE mini-online course I created on “INTRODUCTION TO BOOK WRITING.”

You can register here

Here’s what you’ll get when you register for the FREE mini online course on Introduction to Book Writing:

1. Introduction to Book Writing (video)

2. Ready, Set, Write! (eBook)

3. Why You Need to Write a Book (eBook)

4. 8 Habits of a Highly Effective Author (video)

You can register here

I wish you success and happiness!

Sha Nacino

Founder, The 90-Day Book Writing Challenge

Founder, Write University and Global Authors Summit

P.S. Here’s the link again where you can enroll for the FREE Online Course on Introduction to Book Writing.

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Seminar Philippines | Empowering you thr.. by Sha Nacino, Inspirational Speaker A.. - 2M ago

Keynote Speaker on Gratitude Sha Nacino: "Introducing... The Gratitude Walk" - YouTube

Hi, this is Sha Nacino! I’m here in the beautiful Canyon Woods in Tagaytay in the Philippines. And today I’d like to talk about a habit that will help you to become healthier. Not just physically but also emotionally and I call this the gratitude walk.

And this is how the gratitude walk works. Set aside maybe 10 minutes a day wherein you just walk around preferably in nature. And for the next 10 minutes what you need to do is think of all the things that you are grateful for. So for the next 10 minutes just be grateful, you can go wide or you can go deep.  So this is how it goes. If you go wide, you can say something like, “Thank you Lord for the sky. Thank you for sun. Thank for my nose. Thank you for my ears. Thank you for my eyes. Thank you for my family. Thank you for my work, etc.”

You get it?  So you go wide. Just random things that you’re grateful for, or you may also go deep. So go deep means that you may say something like, “Lord, thank you for the sun, because the sun, when it shines it makes me happy. Thank you for the sun because the sun makes my bones stronger. Thank you for the sun because it gives color to the day. It gives light to the day. Thank you for the sun, because of the sun there are flowers, there are trees. Thank you for the sun, because of the sun I’m healthier.” Right? So things like that.

So the idea of the gratitude walk is just think of all the blessings that you are grateful for. And just thank God for the next 10 minutes. So you may do this every day. I actually do this twice a day. I do 30 minutes in the morning, and 30 minutes in the afternoon. But as a start, you may do it for 10 minutes until you get used to it.  So again just random things that you’re grateful for and thank God for it. And it will really change your perspective because you will train your eyes to see the blessings in every situation, because you will be forced to look at the blessings and see the blessings for the next 10 minutes. Alright. So I hope you do that. And let me know in the comments below how’s your experience in doing this gratitude walk. Thank you and I wish you success and happiness. Again this is Sha Nacino. God bless you!

PS1: Please do subscribe to my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-bKpj_Xv6k5ftg-vbzkBSw

PS2: The next 90 Day Book Writing Challenge will start on June 10, 2019. For details, join the waitlist at http://www.shanacino.com/write

PS3: Download your free ebook at http://www.shanacino.com/ready

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