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Your socks are one of the most fun, important parts of your outfit. You don't just want any old pair of socks to go with your outfit, whether you're headed out for a formal event or going on a date with someone new for the first time. If you want to make the most of every outfit, make sure that your socks coordinate perfectly with your clothing to ensure even more fun. These strategies will help you find more ways to style your socks along with your outfit, bringing a smile to your face every time you look down. P.S. You can always join our fun sock of the month club to get fun socks delivered each month. 

Formalwear and Your Socks

You're getting all dressed up for a fancy occasion--perhaps wearing a suit and tie, perhaps wearing a fancy pair of boots underneath your favorite dress. The fact that you're prepared for black tie, however, doesn't mean that your socks have to be boring! Try some of these strategies to make sure that your socks are the best part of your outfit. 

Coordinate. Are you headed off to prom with a big group of friends? Standing as a groomsman in a good friend's wedding? Coordinate your socks! Choose a theme that's important to all of you and make sure that your socks match. Or you can buy all the groomsmen men's sock subscriptions.

Get a little silly. You look your best--and if you want formal pictures, your socks will never have to show. Wearing a silly pair of socks, however, will be sure to bring a smile to your face--and the face of anyone who happens to catch a peek during your event. 

Match your date. Is your date dressed up in a gorgeous ball gown? Is he wearing that suit that you've always loved? Match your socks to your date's outfit to draw a smile when you show them just a peek of your socks later. 

Heading Out on a First Date

First dates are always nerve-wracking. You put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect outfit--but have you taken the time to consider how your socks could transform your date night best into something even better? Take the time to choose the perfect pair of socks to go with your date night outfit, including:

Wearing a pair of geeky socks to showcase your favorite fandom. This is a great way to discover whether or not your date is into the same things you are. Consider flashing them subtly or even bringing it up in conversation, then showing off your socks!

Wear your lucky socks. Sometimes, you just need an extra boost of confidence--and that's something that your socks can provide! Whether it's the socks you were wearing when you got your first kiss or a pair of socks that never fail to bring you a fantastic day, those lucky socks can get your date off to a better start. 

Show off your funky side. If you're dressing up for a date, you're more likely to choose classy clothes that you think will impress your date. Your socks, however, can give them a glimpse of your fun side. Wear a pair of funky socks, especially if you're headed out to the park or another location where they're more likely to get a look.

Those Cozy Nights In

Fun socks aren't just for your nights out on the town. If you're curling up on the couch and getting cozy, whether with someone special, a group of friends, or by yourself, your socks can make you even happier. Choose a pair of socks that:

  • Is comfortable. No too-big socks or socks that don't quite fit on your foot for a night in!
  • Is warm, fuzzy, and fluffy. You want to curl up on the couch and get cozy!
  • Makes you smile. There's nothing better than looking down at your feet and smiling bright to make your quiet night in even better than ever. 

Taking Mom Shopping

You're headed out with your mom--and that means you're dressed appropriately. That doesn't mean, however, that you have to go stiff and formal with your footwear. Whether you're wearing a pair of boots that fully cover your socks or they're peeking out at the tops of your flats, a fun, funky pair of socks can add an element of fun to your day. They can:

  • Bring a smile when you're tired of a day spent in your mom's company.
  • Make you giggle together over an inside joke, especially one that's represented on your socks. 
  • Brighten your mood as you head into changing room after changing room together. 
  • Help you mix up your wardrobe: hey, it might be the same pair of jeans and t-shirt that you always wear, but at least you have new socks!

Heading to a Sporting Event

Whether you're the one competing or you're just cheering on your favorite team, game day is the perfect opportunity to show off your style--right on down to your socks. You might not have socks that bear the logo of your favorite team, but chances are, you have some that are just the right colors. As you're planning out your game day outfit, consider these options for your socks.

Wear your team's colors with pride. Show your support from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet--literally--when you show off your favorite team's colors in your socks. 

Wear the opposing team's colors. Don't have anything in the colors of the team you're supporting--at least not in footwear? Find a pair of socks in the opposing team's colors--because you're walking all over them!

Display your mascot. What item, animal, or other design represents your team? Your socks are a great way to show it off. 

When your friends and family members learn that your socks are one of the most important parts of your outfit, they'll start clamoring to take a look. You may find your shoes coming off more and more often as you show off how your socks can be the perfect addition to any outfit. Your personality shines through, your creativity is high, and your socks are great: it's a winning combination for any day of the week.

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Socks! We know you love em, and we do too! Pop culture's new favorite word is 'socks' and you can tell this by the number of times you hear the word sock in popular hit songs. Really, it's true, many recent and even historic songs mention the word socks and some even use socks as the soul-topic of the song. Socks have been a favorite clothing item for years; they keep your feet warm and toasty, they keep your ankles and toes from getting sores and blisters, and they come in a variety of colors and patterns to keep your outfit fun and entertaining. Just ask some of our sock of the month club members. To see just how much of an impact literal socks and the word 'socks' has had on our culture just take a look at the following 'sock' centered songs:

1. Black Socks

A timeless classic is what you can call the 'Black Socks' song. Think back to your Boy Scout days and you may remember this fun and popular little ditty:

"Black socks, they never get dirty, the longer you wear them the stronger they get. Sometimes I think I should wash them, but something inside me says No, no, not yet. Not yet, not yet, not yet..."

Song found on scoutsongs.com. This song was a fun way to pass the time while sitting around the campfire, waiting for food to cook, or even while trudging along the 10-mile hike. Why was it so popular? Because it was short, sweet, easy to remember, it highlights socks, and it is so completely and undeniably true! Black socks never get dirty! And let's be honest, to a 12-year-old boy, saying "not yet" to washing your socks sounds like a great idea. That is why a lot of moms out there are buying a boys or girls sock subscription.

2. Trolls Holiday – Double-Down Speed Round

DreamWorks decided to take their hit movie 'Trolls' and make a short holiday special called, 'Trolls Holiday' This came out around the Holidays just this past year. Of course the short featured many great songs and one in particular mentions the absolute fantastic footwear – socks! Take a look:

"It's time to double down

In the speed round

Got a holiday you're gonna like better stick around

Well my favorite's a "Big Hug Ball Day"

That's a big ball of hugs

Or "Shock a Friend Day"

Rub your feet on the rug

And touch everyone you love

Well, there's a very special day

We call an "equinox"

It's a great opportunity

to celebrate socks

Socks socks socks so-so-Socks!"

Music found at musixmatch.com. Let's just take life advice from the Trolls, they are after all the happiest creatures in the land, and celebrate socks, socks and more socks! Sounds like a pretty safe way to stay happy.

3. Your Socks Don't Match

Now let's go way back, back to 1944 and take a look at the song by Louis Jordan (with Bing Crosby) 'Your Socks Don't Match.' Of course, mismatched socks has been a trend as well, but having mismatched socks in certain circles can tell others you are not up to a job, and it used to drive women crazy – and not in a good way.

"We heard a chick just the other day

Cooling out her boyfriend in every way

She kept on a-sking

Full of complaints

Like she expected folks to be saints

She insisted that he be me

So this was her complaint complete

(Report to the nation)

I like the dimple in your chin

I like the tricky way you grin

Still you ain't no kind of cat

(You know why don't you?)

Boy, your socks don't match!"

Song lyrics found at genius.com. Be aware boys! Sometimes girls like it better when your socks match.

4. R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Sock it to me)

When the song 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T' by Aretha Franklin came out, a new term became very popular – Sock it to me. According to phrases.org, "The phrase 'to sock it to someone' originally meant 'to put something bluntly' (and was used as such by Mark Twain)." But later the phrase took on a more crude meaning. Here are the lyrics to some of the song:


Find out what it means to me


Take care, TCB

Oh (sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me)

A little respect (sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me)

Whoa, babe (just a little bit)

A little respect (just a little bit)

I get tired (just a little bit)

Keep on tryin' (just a little bit)

You're runnin' out of fools (just a little bit)

And I ain't lyin' (just a little bit)(Re, re, re, re)

when you come home(Re, re, re ,re) 'spect

Or you might walk in (respect, just a little bit)

And find out I'm gone (just a little bit)

I got to have (just a little bit)

A little respect (just a little bit)"

Lyrics found at songfacts.com. No matter who you are, this song comes on and you will start spelling the word Respect and singing 'sock it to me.'

5. White Socks Flip Flops

If there was ever a fashion no-no it's to wear socks with your Flip Flops. According to Huffingtonpost, wearing socks and sandals is actually the number one fashion faux pas! This song by Super Fury Animals highlights the fact that you will look like an outsider when you are wearing your 'white socks flip-flops.'

"I look like a loser coming from the gutter

Want to be a writer and be a key reader

Listen to my opera now I'm a good listener

Got to make my mind up so go around later

Hey hey hey I'm a red rooster

A real cold killer, a real live wire

Switch it off and start again (x4) I put on my white socks, flip flops

Put on white socks, flip flops"

Song lyrics found at absolutelylyrics.com. Socks are amazing, just make sure to wear them with the right shoes to truly appreciate their look and function.

Socks! Whether you are singing about actual socks or you use the word 'sock' in a phrase like 'Sock it to me' it is a great accessory for song lyrics and your feet!

And now that you are in the mood to buy some awesome socks you can visit us at www.sayitwithasock.com and get a fun sock of the month club membership. This membership provides you with brand new fun and exciting socks delivered right to your door each and every month.

 Love this! Can you just edit the bottom to include something about being in the mood to buy socks, and heading over to www.sayitwithasock.com for a fun sock of the month club membership! Thanks!

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It's no fun being President of the United States, with all the meetings, briefings, conferences, speeches, travel, campaigning for yourself and others, ribbon cuttings, negotiations, trade agreements, barrier-building, social media speculating, infighting, backstabbing and innuendo-grabbing headlines to deal with. Somewhere in there, work actually has to get done.

Our 45th president is a marvel of multitasking; flying to and from golf courses while pontificating online and never letting various dictators and downtrodden countries forget that he's the best, strongest and most smart person in charge, ever. And with a little more free time, perhaps on one of those frequent flights between Washington and Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump could pull out a sketch pad and add another item of high-fashion clothing to the family's current line of goods, including menswear, golf club covers, hats, bottled water, meat, books, and daughter Ivanka's clothing, jewelry and shoe collection.

Let's go with socks. A fine idea, given the current countrywide cold snap. Something warm and fuzzy for your feet, and a reminder every time you take off your shoes or stub your toe that the man elected to this nation's highest office has a genuine feeling for feet. His idea give giddyup to your gait and feeds your hunger for fashion until it's bigger than his comb out.

If Donald Trump designed socks, here are seven things you'd need to know about them:

The color: Sock color matters to the well-dressed individual; it's about how your socks style your outfit, not how they stand out from it. Orange would be the most likely color, in a shade to match his hair. But red is a possibility as well, given his penchant for the power color in his ties. And it's good to go with just one or two accessory colors in an outfit. After all, there's no sense in overwhelming the senses; you want your personality to stand out, not the clothes themselves.

They have their own Twitter account: Socks should be subtle, speaking for their wearer in unspoken accents of creativity and class; if socks had a Twitter account, they would post politely but always make a point without shouting or swearing. Mr. Trump loves Twitter, and even his most ardent supporters wish he would lose/forget his login and password occasionally. He is proud of his Twitter rants statements, and would never share his account. Therefore your Trumpsocks come with their own account, #OnlyICanFeelYourFeet.

The graphic designs: Like color, sock designs say something about the feet they feature: bold patterns say "I'm a risk taker and world changer" while simple graphics say ""I'm laid back but still busy getting things done in the background." As for Trumpsock graphhics: Himself of course, in full frontal view, wearing your choice of suit and tie, golf togs or perhaps the image of him in those tighty-whities porn star Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels) claims he was wearing when he chased her around a hotel room bed during a 2006 tryst. Other designs include the family jewels: Ivanka and son-in-law Jared making their mark and some side money with their perfectly stitched facial features; daughter Tiffany sporting sunglasses and a bikini, sitting poolside and snapping a selfie and of course, FLOTUS Melania, looking staid and serious as she wraps around your ankles, a face that reminds you how tough it must be to live like a pair of socks: dependable and decorative but never the star of the most mocked show on earth.

Besides pictures...Trump's greatest pronouncements: Why not stock sock sayings? You never know wen you might be at a loss for words at a meeting, look down and be inspired! You can order your socks with Trumpisms printed on them, though you may need multiple pairs of socks for some of his longer statements. The short and sweet ones, such as "You're disgusting," which was spoken to a female attorney during a court case after she requested a break to pump breast milk in order to feed her three-month-old child, Or "Thanks, sweetie, that's nice," said to a 9/11 female survivor, will fit nicely on a single pair of socks. Others, such as "I think I am actually humble", "The beauty of me is that I'm very rich" and "When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything" may require smaller print, longer socks or a matching tie to contain all the magic of those missives. And of course, there's the famous #MAGA (Make America Great Again), a statement guaranteed to make you think "Mah Gawd!" every time you pull your Trumpsocks out of the laundry hamper, sniff them and wonder, "Do these really smell as bad a week-old covfefe?"

The price: Protecting your most precious set of digits down under (the rest of you) is worth the money; well-made, tightly-woven socks of the best materials won't shrink, sag or develop thin spots or holes the way cheap socks do. And Trumpsocks have to be a bit on the expensive side, otherwise everyone could wear them, and where's the country club cachet in that? Mar-a-Lago and other Trump Properties employees on H-2B work visas, recent immigrants fleeing poverty, war and drug cartel slayings, his fellow Palm Beachers wearing Birkenstock sandals that require foot covering in temperatures below 70 degrees, Dreamers and ordinary people could strut the streets and pound the pavement, announcing their relationship to the president through their footwear. This is unconscionable and provides insufficient funds for the family enterprises to boot (or to shoe). So peel off some bills! Load up on lucre! Haul out the cash, checks and credit cards! Your purchase helps support Trumps Inc. in their continued quest to Make (their) America Great Again!  

Where you buy them: Whether you need one pair or a pair every month, we have the finest, most fun socks you'll find at our website, but the best source is Trump's own website and in the retail shops on his golf club and resort properties. You'll pay full retail price, but it's the thrill of being in the very places he might walk, Tweet or smack a Secret Service agent with a five-iron, and that makes it worth the cost. You can also buy them on Amazon, even though the president and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos aren't exactly besties. Bezos owns The Washington Post, and while the president is not a fan of mainstream media, he is a fan of funding his bank account,so Trumpsocks sold on Amazon are just fine.

The packaging: We think even sock packages should be surprising and fun; forget the plastic boxes that practically require an electric saw to open. As for Trumpsocks, those arrive in a tiny little golf bag, of course. The president has spent over one-third of his time in office traveling to or from or staying at his golf club properties, so it is only fitting that your Trumpsocks arrive in a fine miniature golf bag, toted by a very small Secret Service agent. And there's a bonus if you buy a box of Trumpsocks: with a dozen pairs, you get a remote controlled replica Air Force One of your very own, complete with a Federal Aviation Administration rulebook, plus the application to register as a "modeler" in case your aircraft it is lost or stolen. The "modeler" is distinct from a model, who garners attention of a very different kind from the First Designer.

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Socks are an important part of your wardrobe. They are worn with outfits ranging from casual to business or more formal. Yet, losing or misplacing a sock is a problem for many people. Unfortunately, if socks are just thrown into a pile or shoved in your sock drawer without being sorted and folded, you increase your chances of not being able to find two matching socks. That is why folding your socks and keeping them together is so important. While you likely have your favorite way to fold your socks, here five different ways you can fold them.

Fold Over the Top

This is your basic sock-folding method. Place one sock on a flat surface. Place the other sock flat on top of the other sock. Then fold the cuffs over. If you want to make sure the socks stay flat, you want to smooth them down and make sure that they are perfectly aligned before folding the cuffs over. If you just want to get the job done as quickly as possible, you can skip putting the socks on a flat surface and instead simply grab the two matching socks and fold the cuffs over while hold both socks in your hands.

This method works great for people who are in a hurry or if you have a lot of socks to fold. You can fold several pairs of socks per minute. Plus, your socks generally stay together well, even as you, your spouse, or your children are rooting around, trying to find the perfect pair of socks. Some people feel that it stretches out the tops of the socks, but I have never found that to be a problem.

One Inside the Other

If you have a baby or a toddler, you may want to try the tucking one sock inside the other method. This also works well with no-show or ankle socks, which may not fold as well other ways. The basic idea is that you grab both socks, and you place one sock inside the other. This is a simple way to keep small socks together. It does not work well with longer socks, and socks can get separated easier than they would with some other sock-folding methods, especially if socks are being thrown around as someone is trying to find a particular pair of socks.

Military Style

If you need a space-saving method, you likely want to try folding your socks military style. Lay both socks on a flat surface with one sock on top of the other. Smooth out any wrinkles in the socks. Then, starting at the toe, roll the socks tightly together. When the socks are completely rolled, grab the inside of the outer sock with one hand, and hold it down. With the other hand, pull the outside edge of the outer sock around the socks. If any parts of the socks are sticking out, tuck them into the sock ball. If you are unsure how to do this or how it should look in the end, be sure to check out this article on using the military style sock-folding method.

Military method best with long socks. Your socks probably would not stay together well if you tried it with no-show or ankle socks or if you tried it with baby or toddler socks.

One disadvantage to using the military style sock-folding method is that it takes longer than most methods. It probably isn't a technique you will want to use often if you have a large family. Fortunately, it is great if you need to fit your socks in a small space, such as for traveling or if you only have a small sock drawer. Plus, the socks stay together really well, even if you have a rambunctious child rifling through a sock drawer.  

The Sock Roll

This method starts out much the same way as the military style. You start out with the socks laying one on top of the other on a flat surface. Then starting with the toe, roll them together. With this approach, your focus does not need to be on rolling them as tightly as you would do with military style. Once the socks are rolled, leave them that way rather than folding one sock over the other.

Like military style, this method works best with long socks. Once completed, you can put your socks in your drawer with each pair of socks placed next to another pair of sock so you can easily see each pair of socks.

The rolling method works best for people who can keep their sock drawers organized. While it will keep the socks together, they will not stay together for long if people are moving socks around, trying to find a specific pair of socks. It likely is not the best method for organizing your children's sock drawers. If, though, you are concerned about the cuffs of your socks being stretched out, this might be the right method for you since you never have to pull one sock over the other.

The Square

One final sock-folding method you may want to try is the square. This sock-folding style also works best with long socks. Lay both socks on a flat surface. The socks need to be perpendicular with the socks crossing in the middle, forming an "x" or a cross. Fold the toe-side of the bottom sock over the top sock, tucking it in under the top sock. Then fold the top part of the bottom sock over the socks. After that, fold the toe-side of the top sock over the socks. Then fold the top part of the top sock over the socks. Tuck in the top parts of the socks, which will still be sticking out. This video will show you how to use the square sock-folding method. You may need to watch it several times to get the method down.

Like the military style, this technique takes more time than most sock-folding methods. It does, though, keep your socks together well, and it does allow your sock drawer to look organized. You can stack pairs of socks on top of each other or line them up side-by-side in your drawer.

Of course, these are just a few of the great ways to fold socks. We encourage you to find your favorite sock-folding method or methods and share them with others. The important thing is keeping your socks together. After all, you don't want them to get separation anxiety, missing their other half.

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Say it with a Sock -Sock Blog by Say It With A Sock Collaborator - 3M ago

Whether you're an average Joe or (almost) the leader of the free world, socks can tell others quite a bit about your persona, about where you've been, where you are now, and, more importantly, where you'd like to go. Much more than a utilitarian way to keep your feet warm or perhaps keep you from slipping around the kitchen, socks can be an outlet to showcase a little panache that can speak louder than your business attire or pantsuit. Enter Hillary Clinton, arguably the person who needs a comfy pair of socks more than any other person on the planet despite being recently named Gallup's most admired woman on the planet for a record 16th straight year.

Though she didn't quite make it all the way to the top of American politics, she still has a massive following that will back her every move from here on out, and if she ever decided to make a statement through her socks, you can be assured that it would resonate worldwide. If Hill was in charge of designing a pair of socks, here's what you might see.

More flair than you would expect.

For someone who was known for deliberate and fact-based decision-making in an election year in which aimless hip-shooting was in vogue, Mrs. Clinton would likely use the sock as a blank slate for her inner persona often hidden on the campaign trail. If her very candid interviews after the election are any indication, the ostensibly retired former Secretary of State wouldn't pull any punches now that the campaign shackles are off, and might even be up for a few pointed jabs at her naysayers.

Forgetting the muted colors that she occasionally relied upon for public appearances in a previous life, bright blue with vivid splashes of red and white – likely with an embedded "H" somewhere – feels just flamboyant enough for someone who seems to have no intention of going silently in defeat. Speaking of votes, 65,844,954 would have to be included in small print somewhere near the seam to celebrate being the first woman in history to win the popular vote during a presidential election. In special edition versions of her original design, a puppet cartoon of Donald Trump with a background of Kremlin red (and a "made in Moscow" sticker) would make a great complement to the official Hillary collection, and likely a best-seller.

Durable and built to last.

Many public figures have withered under scrutiny since Hillary became a national icon as the First Lady of the U.S. back in the early 1990s. After making it through a series of scandals both real and imagined, Hillary's durability in a polarized country suggests her socks wouldn't be the type to spring holes whenever they hit rough conditions. A pair of Hillary socks would be strong and sturdy, made from the wool of only the toughest sheep in the flock and designed to hold up even while being grilled for hours on end by congressional investigators. They may look like fun and fancy dress socks in the packaging, but Hillary socks will keep your toes warm and protected no matter the circumstances, outlasting competitors and potentially plugging along for decades.

How much for Clinton socks?

For a pair of perfectly crafted and long-lasting socks, there is an obvious answer to how much socks designed by Hillary would cost: $12. Ever the politician, even in retirement, Hillary would love to be able to tie in a campaign promise or two while fighting the never-ending battle about whether she's likable or not. For a candidate who advocates a $12 federal minimum wage, you can almost hear the speech she could give along with a $12 pair of socks, declaring that every American worker should be able to afford the perfect pair with just a single hour of hard work. $1 from every pair, of course, would go to the Clinton Foundation, which is much better at providing HIV and malaria drugs to impoverished countries than worldwide domination – despite the murmurs of her critics.

Warm and fuzzy.

To her foes, Hillary is a cold and calculating social climber hellbent on destroying the republic, a persona her critics stitched together over more than two decades in the public eye. With the election over, however, Hillary no longer has to combat that unsavory image and can instead by a master sock crafter who values all things cozy without being accused of contriving a personality. For her routine walks in the woods near Chappaqua, New York, Hillary would need a sock that is soft and warm with a bit of a fuzzy exterior to bring the mood together. Although they would be sharp-looking enough to wear to a finely priced speaking engagement on Wall Street, Hillary's socks would be homey and comfortable with a hint of nostalgia, the perfect pair to throw on and recall the glory days of being one of the most popular senators in the country.

Donating socks to where they're needed the most.

Socks represent some of the most needed items around the country for homeless Americans. Although Hillary edition socks would certainly find their way into dorm rooms and places of work as well, they might actually be at their best on the most unfortunate Americans, which is why they would make the perfect donation. With a design focused on longevity and warmth, Hillary socks would be a great companion for cold nights and would help the owner persevere through the elements.

Given Hillary's well-established career of philanthropy, teaming up with an agency like Lava Mae would be as natural to Clinton as a campaign rally. Much like the Clinton Foundation, Lava Mae directly addresses the everyday lives of people in need, specifically by providing mobile showers and various clothing items. With socks by Hillary, proud owners would be ready for the day no matter their starting point.

The most polarizing socks in the world.

There is one thing you could guarantee would happen if Hillary ever decided to design socks: an enormous controversy. Considering Starbucks can't design holiday cups without being accused of everything from witchcraft to ruining Christmas, socks designed by Hillary Clinton would certainly be the most divisive footwear in history. But with a brightly patriotic color scheme, cozy materials, and proceeds going to a good cause, there's no doubt that Hillary socks could be a big hit even in a non-election year.



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We all know that look—the look that our parents get every now and again. Maybe something is not going quite right. Maybe it is a high-stakes situation. Maybe it simply looks like it is going to rain. Whatever it is, it causes our parents' eyes to bulge or maybe a grimace comes across their face or maybe they start ringing their hands. The manifestation is different from parent to parent, but it means one simple thing: They are stressed. And nine times out of ten, they are stressed for no reason. Usually, the best thing to do is to give them a hug. Other times, featuring them on a pair of socks will do the trick, which is exactly what Aly Raisman did. 

Where The Stress Started

Aly Raisman is 23 and she is on fire. Not only did she manage to be a part of the U.S. women's Olympic gymnastics teams in both 2012 and 2016, but she was selected to captain both teams. And on top of that she won a gold and silver medal for floor exercise, a silver in all-around, a bronze medal for balance beam, and she led her team to win a gold medal in both 2012 and 2016. 

But these massive victories were no coincidence. Raisman has made personal sacrifices for the sport since she began pursuing it when she was only two years old. In fact, she was willing to prioritize gymnastics to such an extent that rather than enjoying her senior year of high school with all of her friends, she chose to take online courses that would allow her to receive her high school diploma and train for the Olympics at the same time. 

And Raisman's parents are only too aware of what a hard worker their daughter is. They always attend her competitions and, due to the faces they pull while they are watching her from the stands, have garnered some attention from Raisman and her fans. 

The running joke of the stressed out Mr. and Mrs. Raisman is nothing new. They become well-known for their faces, tightly gripping each other's hands, and even vigorously rocking back and forth during Aly's routines. And this was just at the 2012 Olympic games. From the start of Aly's performances in 2016, it was not just the gymnast and her fans who took note. NBC Olympics' Twitter account posted a video of the couple, Boston.com posted an article, and TIME published a piece about the adorable pair. 

But while many of us might be embarrassed to see our parents acting this way so publicly, Aly Raisman came up with a very clever and amusing solution. 

Stress Solution

Once Aly had won her Olympic medals and returned home, in between hanging out with just about every celebrity in Hollywood, she decided to poke some fun at her stressed out parents. She designed her very own pair of socks. The socks are cartoon versions of her parents from their most anxiety-filled moment of Aly's all-around routine at the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

Aly then took to Twitter, posting a side-by-side picture of the socks and the actual picture of her parents with the caption:

For all the loving, crazy, embarrassing parents that can relate.

Other Stars Who Rock Crazy Socks

Aly Raisman is not the only well-known individual who has embraced crazy socks. This fun and quirky way of showing off interests and jazzing up an outfit has spread across sports, politics, and entertainment. 

In the world of politics, it is the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who has become an ambassador for crazy socks. He has been seen wearing Star Wars-themed socks, socks emblazoned with maple leaves, and simpler versions of hosiery with bright polka dots and stripes. And Trudeau is starting a trend. In an effort of show diplomacy, other world leaders, such as Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, are beginning to wear crazy socks while with Trudeau or at least use them as a talking point, such as Germany's Angela Merkel. 

Moving into more athletes with a penchant for crazy socks, Dwyane Wade is another global star who regularly shows off what he puts around his ankles. If you browse through Wade's Instagram profile, you will see nearly as many pictures of the basketball star's feet as you do of his face. This is because he adores crazy socks. He has socks in every color with every pattern--pink, blue, yellow, squares, stripes, and images—he's got it all. He has even posted a picture of about 30 recently-purchased pairs of crazy socks. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes the love of crazy socks to a whole new level. Not only does he always wear crazy socks, whether a crazy print, a crazy color, or an interesting theme, he also wears two very different ones. On his right foot might be a sock with pink and blue stripes and on his left foot is a cartoon character. But Gordon-Levitt makes this choice for a very personal and sentimental reason: His brother. The actor's brother passed away about seven years ago. He had had a routine of wearing mismatched socks. Gordon-Levitt decided to carry on the tradition to honor his loved one. 

A final celebrity who has shown his adoration of crazy socks is the global pop star, Justin Bieber. Pictures of this musical icon are taken day and night. He is followed constantly by his crew, his fans, and the paparazzi. In many of the photos taken of him, the infamous young man can be spotted sporting crazy socks. He's been seen with pink marijuana leaf socks, purple tie-dye socks, and multi-colored striped socks. He wears them with shorts or pants. He wears them while playing golf, going out to a club, or performing in front of a crowd. 

Crazy socks have become a way of life for many in the public eye. It is an easy way of showing the world who they are and what they like. Whether designing their own socks, like Aly Raisman, or simply modeling the socks for Instagram, celebrities are showing their fans their whims and fancies with crazy socks.

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Whether you're a seasoned world traveler or you plan for this year to be one of your first excursions to an iconic destination, you need the gear that goes along with your trip. You've gathered up your toiletries and chosen your outfits, but there's one item you may not have considered in your wardrobe: your socks! When you're off on a travel adventure, make sure that your socks reflect all the fun that you're going to have as you head out on your way. There's something special about an outfit that speaks to your destination, and coordinating all the way down to your socks is the perfect way to enhance the fun of your trip. 

New York City: Your Black and Silver Sock Sensation

If you're headed into New York City, it's time to break out your favorite black and silver socks--ideally a pair of black socks with shining silver stripes. These iconic socks show more than just style. They're a sophisticated look that will be perfectly in tune with this amazing city. Make sure your black and silver socks are comfortable and that you've got a great pair of walking shoes to go over them as you check out all the sights of this incredible destination. 

Shanghai, China: Showcase Your Zodiac

Are you headed off on an adventure to Shanghai, China? This is the perfect time to show off your zodiac sign. Whether you have a pair of socks that simply reflects the current year (2018 is the Year of the Dog, so there are plenty of cute puppies to choose from!), a pair related to your zodiac sign, or a pair that showcases the stars, why not wear those great socks while you're checking out the sights throughout Shanghai?

Washington, DC: Red, White, and Blue

Those great flag socks that you got for the Fourth of July aren't just for holiday wear! When you visit the nation's capitol, you want to be sure that your USA pride is showing with flare. Who knows? You might even get in a few pictures of your flag-clad feet in some of the most iconic national monuments. 

Lake Tanganyika: See the Monkeys?

At Lake Tanganyika in Africa, you'll find a beautiful lodge with access trails that will allow you to hike each day into the Mahale Mountains, where you'll be able to view the world's largest group of wild chimpanzees. Pull out your favorite monkey or chimp socks to take along with you as you soak in this little piece of nature--or wear your favorite pair of bright yellow socks in celebration of the banana. 

Vatican City: Wear Your Crosses

Do you have a great pair of religious socks--perhaps a pair with gorgeous crosses, or maybe a pair that display the ichthys (the fish symbol used by Christians) with pride? When you're headed off to Vatican City, you need to show your religious pride. Sure, you might not be able to get the Pope to take a picture with your socks, but you'll still know that you're displaying your religion as you walk through those hallowed streets. 

Hawaii: Shades of Blue

When you head out to visit Hawaii, you're looking for gorgeous white sand beaches and a shimmering blue ocean. While you might spend most of your day barefoot on the beach, a return to your hotel or beach house requires a warm pair of socks in the same shade of blue as the ocean. 

Paris: All the Hearts

Not for nothing is Paris called the city of love--and when you visit this iconic city, you want to be sure that you're spreading the love as you go. Wear your favorite pair of heart-bedecked socks as you traverse these streets with that special someone in your life, or wear them to go hunting for love on your own. You never know what might turn up!

Marrakech, Morocco: Your Brightest Colors

When you visit Marrakech, one of the first things you'll notice is the brilliant colors. Everywhere you look, you'll find gorgeous examples of color in artwork, weaving, and more. Of course, your socks should fit the theme! Wear a pair of your brightest, most colorful striped socks, then have fun seeing whether or not you can find souvenirs to match!

Disney World: Princess Perfect

You're headed off to Disney World for a fun-filled holiday surrounded by Mickey, Minnie, and all of your favorite characters. What could be better than taking along a pair of socks to show off the fun you'll have on your trip? Choose a pair of socks that makes you feel like a princess: pretty frills, bows, or ruffles that make you smile every time you pull them on. If you match your socks to your favorite princess's dress, maybe you can snag a picture!

Tokyo: Display Your Cherry Blossoms

If you'll be traveling to Tokyo, you'll want to make sure that you wear your cherry blossom socks. These delicate pink flowers only last for around two weeks, during which the Japanese people often have parties and other gatherings with friends and loved ones. Luckily, your cherry blossom-patterned socks will last far longer!

Prague: Polka Dot Parties

In Prague, you'll find plenty of opportunities to party along with many tamer pursuits for the less adventurous. Bring along your favorite pair of brightly polka dotted socks--ideally black or white with all the colors of the rainbow--to reflect your desire to have some fun!

London: Lovely Yellow Socks

When you're traveling through London, you'll quickly discover that frequent rainfall is part of the package. When you wear your bright yellow socks, however, you'll quickly cheer yourself up--and a bright smile on your face will help you be more excited about all the fun that awaits. 

Zermatt, Switzerland: Thick, Fuzzy Socks

In Zermatt, you'll find some of the best skiing in Switzerland. This resort town is ready for you to explore in your favorite pair of thick, fuzzy socks. You'll need that extra layer of warmth whether you're hitting the slopes or curling up by the fire at the resort with a fantastic book. 

The Grand Canyon: Brick Red 

You're off to the Grand Canyon for an adventure--and you're taking your brick red socks with you. These socks won't just show that you're ready for whatever your day might bring. They'll also blend in with the mud you're likely to pick up along your journey, making them perfect for sock selfies as you explore. 

Athens: White and Gold

As you explore Athens, you'll see many historic and iconic sights--and your best pair of white socks with gold accents will help enhance the experience and make you feel as lofty as the gods and goddesses pictured throughout the iconic city. 

Matching your socks to your travels is a fun way to get a little extra fun out of your experience. If you have travel in your plans this year, make sure you're choosing the right pair of socks to make your adventure even more exciting. 

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Socks can add a fun pop of color and variety to your wardrobe, all while helping to keep your feet protected and dry throughout the day. Yet, how much do you really know about this fun and functional article of clothing? If you are like most people, you have probably not given much thought to where your socks come from or their fascinating history. To help catch you up, here are thirteen fun, random, and useless things you likely never knew about socks.  


1. "Socks"- The Origin of The Word: Like many words in the English Language, the modern word "sock" has evolved over time, having come from the Old English word "socc", meaning 'light slipper'. Socc comes from the Latin word "soccus" used to describe a 'light, low-heeled shoe'. The word sock is likely also derived from the Ancient Greek "sykkos", which referred to a thin shoe worn with sandals.

2. Why We Wear Socks: At some point in your life it would be natural for you to have questioned why we wear socks. Is it done out of tradition? Or do socks provide a function? It turns out that the latter is the case. Socks provide an important function by protecting your shoes from your body's sweat, as your feet sweat nearly half a liter a day. Socks also help prevent the bacteria from forming in your shoes that can lead to smelly feet. Additionally, socks provide vital padding to your feet that prevents chafing and rubbing, and socks also help to provide extra cushion to your feet, making them a vital part of your wardrobe.

3. A Brief History of The Sock: Socks have been used to keep feet warm, healthy, and dry for millennia, with the oldest surviving pair of socks that have been discovered dating back to between 250 and 420 CE. These socks were discovered in the ruins of a Greek colony along The Nile River in Egypt and are made of woven wool. The earliest socks were likely made of animal skins gathered and tied around the ankles. Later, the Romans used leather and woven fabrics to make socks. As technology and fashion evolved, so did socks, leading to the variety of styles, designs, colors, and fabrics we see today.

4. Toe Socks: The Original Sock? While it is now often considered to be a fashion faux pas to wear socks with sandals, and toe socks have become more of a novelty item, it is likely that early socks were actually made to be worn with sandals. The oldest socks discovered that we previously mentioned featured a split toe, making it easy and comfortable for them to be worn with sandals, and it is likely that early socks were actually meant to be worn with sandals.   

5. The Greeks Wore Fur Socks: By the 8th century, it was popular amongst the Greeks to wear socks made out of matted animal furs. As you can imagine, these socks were extremely hot and make us grateful for the breathable sock materials we have today!

6. Socks Were Once a Status Symbol: By about the 10th century, socks had transformed from purely functional footwear to a fashion symbol. This was primarily due to the fact that making comfortable, fashionable socks was a time-consuming process only affordable to the rich. Nobles, royals, and kings alike wore knee-high stockings as a way to express their financial and class standings, as long silken socks were considered a status symbol at the time.

7. Socks and The Origin of Knitting Machines: By 1589, socks were a necessity but still took a great deal of time to make. However, an English clergyman named William Lee aimed to scale down the time to produce socks so that his wife, who made money knitting, would not have to work so hard. This led him to invent the first knitting machine that was able to knit eight times faster than hand knitting.

8. Queen Elizabeth Was Picky About Socks: After inventing his stocking knitting machine, Lee approached Queen Elizabeth to patent his invention. However, as legend has it, Lee's request was thrown out as the wool socks he made were not up to her standards. Lee then reworked his machine to produce finer, silk stockings, but his patent was again rejected as the court worried that his machine would put knitting artists out of business.

9. Albert Einstein Hated Socks: Albert Einstein was known for being eccentric. One such eccentricity was the fact that he despised socks and never wore them after giving them up at a young age. He claimed that not only did he not see the point of wearing both shoes and socks, but he said it annoyed him that his socks would form holes because of his big toes.

10. The Sock Capital of The World! Believe it or not, there is actually a sock capital of the world. The Datang district in eastern China is the top producer of socks in the world, producing roughly 40% of the world's socks each year. This has caused it to become known as "Sock City", as it is estimated that in one year they make enough socks to supply two pairs for every person in the world.

11. Sustainable Sock Materials: While recent years have seen a rise in environmental awareness and people trying to take steps to be more environmentally-friendly, you are not alone if you have given little thought as to which sock material is best for the environment. Most socks are made from natural fibers such as bamboo, tencel, cotton, silk, and wool, with cotton being one of the most common choices. However, if you are looking for a sustainable sock option, you should consider switching to bamboo as bamboo grows extremely quickly, requires no pesticides, is completely biodegradable, and it requires one-third of the water to grow that cotton requires.

12. Does Your Sock Have a Clock? While your socks are not likely meant to actually keep time, the area on a sock around the ankle from where a pattern may run up the side of the leg is known as the clock. It is likely that this term comes from the way the stitched or woven pattern can look like clock hands when viewed from far away.

13. You Can Join a Sock of The Month Club! Now that you know all of these awesome and random facts about socks, you may be in the mood to buy more fun and exciting socks to add to your collection. Well, did you know that you can join a sock of the month club? At "Say it with a Sock", you can sign up for a membership that will send fun socks to your doorstep each month. When you sign up, you will even have the option to decide how many pairs of socks, and in what style, you want delivered to you each month for your membership. Contact us to learn about how much fun a sock of the month club can be!  


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    Your socks are one of the most fun parts of your outfit, but they often don't get nearly the recognition they deserve! Whether you're headed to a fun location this year and want to be sure that your socks are included in your pictures or you're simply looking for a few more fun sock selfies to round out your Instagram profile, check out some of these 19 perfect places for sock selfies. 


    1. At the Beach

    It's the first night you arrived at the beach, and you aren't wearing sandals yet--but you have to run down and check out the sand and surf anyway. While you're down there, take a fun sock selfie: step into tree pose with one foot firmly planted in the sand and one sock on the beach, then snap away!


    2. On Your Couch

    You're all curled up for a night in: you have your favorite fuzzy blanket, a great book or movie, your favorite snacks--and a great pair of socks! Pull your knees up, poke your toes out from under the blankets, and take a fun sock selfie before you settle in for your quiet night. 


    3. At the Zoo

    Head out to the zoo with your favorite animal-themed socks. Now, find the animal reflected on your socks. Ready to draw some smiles? Extend your leg out in front of you, propping it on a rail or fence. Make sure to get your new critter friend in the picture, too!


    4. At the Aquarium

    The zoo is fun enough, but heading off to the aquarium brings plenty of new opportunities for fun sock selfies. Slip off your shoes, put your toes up next to the glass, and get a fun sock selfie as you wiggle your toes at the fish. Luckily, the glass is in the way, so you won't be mistaken for a worm!


    5. At the Movies

    Are you headed out to see a new movie at the theater? Do your socks happen to match the theme? Prop your feet up on the seat in front of you or on a convenient rail and snap away. Just make sure not to take this particular sock selfie in the middle of the feature!


    6. On the Seas

    Heading out on a boat, either on the ocean or at a lake or river? It's another perfect chance for a sock selfie! Put your feet up, making sure to catch plenty of water in the picture, and take a fun sock selfie!


    7. On a Hayride

    There's nothing quite like a hayride for kicking back and relaxing with your friends--and taking a few fun pictures. Bury your feet in the hay, then let them peek out just a little. Bonus points if you're able to get your friends in the shot, too!


    8. Sleeping In Together

    When you're having a sleepover with your closest friends, there's nothing more fun than a little selfie action. Stand in a circle with your feet pointing toward one another in your favorite socks, point the camera down, and snap! You have a fun new memory of your night in with your friends.


    9. At the Campground

    Even on the warmest summer night, you want to bundle up a little when you're out camping. Stretch out on top of your sleeping bag, then wiggle your toes in your favorite socks. Take a fast picture--you can always share it when you're back in range of your WiFi. 


    10. Out with that Special Someone

    You're pretty sure you and your special someone have taken every selfie known to man together, especially where it relates to the attractions in your area--but have you taken a sock selfie? Take a quick snap of your toes pointing in toward each other--or even better, stand with one of you behind the other, your feet tucked around each other. 


    11. Swinging

    Are you swinging high through the air, enjoying that feeling of being just like a kid again? Stretch your toes a little further, balance carefully, and take a fun sock selfie with your toes stretching toward the sky. Disclaimer: this should only be attempted by those who can balance a camera or phone and swing without falling!


    12. On Your Hammock

    There's nothing more relaxing than swaying in the breeze on your favorite hammock--unless it's doing it while wearing your favorite socks. Prop your feet up, cross your ankles, and show off that perfect relaxing day. 


    13. In a Changing Room

    You've been hunting all day for the perfect outfit. Clothes might be failing you, but your trusty socks never will! Let your socks peek out from beneath the hem of a new pair of jeans or stand there in socks alone as you declare your battle done once and for all. 


    14. At the Barre

    Whether you take ballet class or indulge in a barre workout session on a regular basis, it's one of your favorite places--and before the warm-up begins, your socks go along with you. Extend one foot out in front of you on the barre, then take a fun picture as you stretch out over your leg. 


    15. Under the Tree

    The Christmas light are glowing, presents surround the tree, and--what's this? A new pair of Christmas socks? Poke your toes under the Christmas tree in your new favorite socks and take a sock selfie that shows off the lights, too. 


    16. Before You Race

    You're headed for the finish line--but first, you want to show off the outfit you chose for race day. Prop up on your toes on one foot, plant the other one flat, and show off your socks in front of the backdrop for your race.


    17. On Your Balcony

    Hanging out on your balcony, looking over at a great view? Bend your knees a little, prop both feet up on the railing, and take a fantastic picture of your view that shows off your socks, too. 

    18. At the Pool

    When you have a fun pair of mermaid socks that you just can't wait to show off, slide down beside the pool, slip on your socks, and position your feet like fins. It's time to swim!

    19. At the Park

    Hanging out on a picnic blanket at your favorite park? Pull of your shoes, prop your feet on your blanket, and take a fun sock selfie with your gathered friends. 

    Sock selfies are a break from the norm and a fun way to show off your favorite socks. How will you sock selfie today?

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    HAPPY THANKSGIVING—America (and Canada's) national holiday focused on family and gluttonous overeating has finally arrived! It's about that time of year where it really starts to feel like the holidays are here. Get excited to spend the next few days surrounded by family and friends, food and beverages, TV's and couches, Thanksgiving socks (we'll get to this shortly), and obviously a lot more food. But you probably already knew all of this.

    As a super exciting sock of the month club, we feel it is our national duty to educate you on all of your options to win the best Thanksgiving socks award. "The best thanksgiving socks award?"—you ask—"I've never heard of such a thing." Not to worry, this is what our sock subscription service is all about, informing you about all the best types of contests and then teaching you how to win them.  So even if the best thanksgiving socks award doesn't yet exist in your family, just realize that we're giving you a leg up in your family's future annual competition. (We know it's preemptive, but you're welcome.)

    So, this Thanksgiving, we want you to stand out from the bunch, and shine a little brighter after you participate in the Superbowl of all meals. This year we want you to put a little more thought into your outfit—we want you to expand your festive attire options beyond you autumn color palette sweaters and your most socially appropriate pair of waistless stretch pants. This year we want to educate you on socks, so that you show up to your Thanksgiving feast in the best, most festively appropriate Thanksgiving Socks. Check out the list below to find the pair of fun Thanksgiving socks that will make you a shoe-in to win the best Thanksgiving socks award.

    For those of you wishing you could get a different pair of fun Thanksgiving-themed socks delivered to your door every month—in order to go undefeated in the best Thanksgiving socks competition for years to come—we're sorry to say that this unique type of sock subscription doesn't exist. However, Say it with Sock is an awesome sock of the month club that will deliver fun socks to your door every month giving you one of the most colorful and eclectic sock collections out there.


    ***Disclaimer: We're a sock of the month club devoted to the brightest, best, most outlandish, super fantastic socks on the market and believe that sock designs can and should be as out of the box as you'll let them. All of the socks on our best Thanksgiving socks list stay true to the autumn season color palette (shades or brown, orange, green, grey, and black).  While you should get whatever socks look best on your feet, we believe in the motto the bolder the better!

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